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Leeds College of Art BA (Hons) ILLUSTRATION LAUIL603 Extended Practice






James Moore

Date Rationale Direction to build a self initiated body of work after having little success on live briefs. The work will be tailored to improve upon my shortcomings, whilst also building a more appropriate portfolio that reflects my interests and skills as an illustrator

Themes / Subjects Graphic design – Typography – Layout – Narrative – Character design - 3D modelling A focus on areas applicable to comic book creation and design, how the two could be merged more appropriately

Products / Methods of Distribution Primarily poster designs (responding to live briefs) and book covers Two self initiated zines The design and competition work will be distributed online through social media and sent to those running the competitions The zine will be shared digitally, with a few sent to agencies and people who impacted the work. Practical Skills / Media / Formats

Mixed media, refined digitally. Poster Print Digital painting 3D modelling Animation Sculpture Publication

STUDIO PRACTICE Statement of Intent 2

Brief 1: So young magazine competition


Rationale: Opportunity to practice both design and use of watercolour medium, whilst getting to create art for a band I really enjoy. Quick turnaround for a single image. A live brief that could result in my work being shared by a emerging magazine

Brief 2: Lifting tower Christmas animation


30th november

Rationale: Short animation to be projected large scale within a business complex. Allowing me to continue practice with animation, and the opportunity of my work being shown to business’ and the general public

Brief 3: Penguin student design award 2018


March 6th

Rationale: Design brief to create a cover, spine and reverse for the George orwell book, Animal farm. Chance to hone my skill with storytelling and design, working from a source that I greatly appreciate Brief 4: Playstation shadow of the colossus fan art competition


Rationale: Quick turnaround that again offers the opportunity to hone design and storytelling skill, much like the so young magazine brief. Mixing layout and illustration Brief 5: Self initiated Japan zine (Konichiwa)


Rationale: A zine to express my feelings and showcase experiences from trip to japan. The zine will be an opportunity to strengthen weakness’ as an illustrator and re vamp quality of work, using the different images to experiment with style, tone and voice of work Brief 6: Self initiated Lyric zine (waxing lyrical)


Rationale: A continuation of the themes covered within the Japan zine, the work will build upon the success’ of its predecessor, whilst continuing to build upon those skills.

Brief 7: Work on TV production for AMC’s “Into the badlands “


Rationale: A chance to work within the art department of a show, experiencing all the different areas of production. Opportunity to see what the different jobs entail, and to find if I’m suited to anyof the positions for future work. Brief 8: Brave comic redux


Rationale: A chance to bring skills gained from the zines to an old project that could use a re vamp , showcasing how my work will have changed, and if it will have been for the better.

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Statement 2