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Jamie Hewlett and Ashley wood Working out of a rut

Jamie Hewlett

Notes on Hewlett •

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Jamie has a real knack for creating interesting scenes, using a range of methods (characters within photography, fully illustrated scenes, collage etc..) This skill comes with practicing using each area, something I will do, starting with the Japan zine. Simply having scenes isn’t making the work shine alone, having the characters interact with them in interesting ways does. Examples being the character using the building to hide in the second image, and the character jumping through the windows to catch the band member.

Ashley wood

Notes on Wood • •

The form and posture of the focal figures are exaggerated, giving a real sense of personality to each character Again a mixture of approaches an methods, but also a clearer specific selection, being pen work and oil painting. Honing skills in these specific areas and mixing the two gives the illusion of a wider range. Mixing the methods also showcases that you can do both to the audience/ client. Having the two separated causes a disconnect, which would reflect poorly within a portfolio.

Reflections on both •

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I think I understand why I never tire of these artists, it’s a mixture of two things. First their imagery Is diverse thanks to the ability to use multiple mediums effectively. And they both feature art styles that look good, and work within the different applications and mediums. Their designs are filled with character, be it outfits reflecting the personalities of the characters within Hewlett’s work. Wood on the other hand focuses more on body language, being more lenient with form and proportion to exaggerate the conveyed action/ feeling. Within my own work, I want to have more diverse imagery stylistically, whilst still improving my characters, focusing more on personality conveyed through their design.

Hewlett and wood  
Hewlett and wood