The Junior League of Portland, ME 2022-2023 Annual Report

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The Junior League of Portland, Maine is an organization of women whose mission is to advance women's leadership for meaningful community impact through volunteer action, collaboration, and training. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. The Junior League of Portland, ME reaches out to women of all races, religions, and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to voluntarism.








Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

The Junior League of Portland, ME welcomes all women who value our mission. We are committed to creating inclusive environments for all individuals, organizations and community.

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2022-2023 Annual Report

P R E S I D E N T ' S


Members and Friends:

Recently, I found myself with a free afternoon at the Met(ropolitan) Museum of Art a little overwhelmed, but mostly excited There was a chapter of my young(er) life when I lived in Paris and had ready access to a deeply discounted student pass to the Louvre where I would idle away many a Thursday afternoon. This particular day though in New York, as I wandered through ancient Greece, Egypt, and a particularly poignant (to me) exhibit called “Anxiety and Hope in Japanese Art”, I imagined the life of Mary Harriman (our Foundress), who came of age at a time of great change in New York.

A little bit of her-story: Mary was impressed with the College Settlement in the city-- where college graduates and students lived in community with their neighbors, the immigrant population, and learned about their problems and emerging needs Mary developed what we now know as the Junior League amongst her debutante friendsincluding Eleanor Roosevelt - “entertainment” opportunities to raise funds to benefit the settlement

house movement. Eleanor’s future husband, yes, one President Franklin Delano Roosevelt credited Eleanor and her work with the Junior League in showing him a side of society he had never seen before, thus awakening his social consciousness and leading to their lifelong partnership and commitment to social change (wow, swoon! #goals).

Cut to present-day Portland, Maine, 2023-- the Junior League of Portland, ME has recently celebrated a century of her-story, I am about to pass the gavel to our 101th president, and we are still in the midst of significant change and living in community with our neighbors-- often times with evolving problems and emerging needs. Mary Harriman, then Mrs Charles Cary Rumsey, in the early stages, were credited as “the moving spirit” and the Junior League, despite its name inhabited “no clubhouse we were just a group of girls anxious to do something helpful in the city in which we lived ”

While today our Mission has evolved to read: “The Junior League of Portland, ME is a non-profit organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.” I iterate we are still a group of people committed to do something impactful in the communities in which we live. Within the next few pages of this 2022-2023 Annual Report, you will see this exemplified in the stories of our Members through voluntarism, training, and leadership in greater Portland and beyond.

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This doctype is meant to help our users create various business or project proposals and help them get approved. This doctype is meant to help our users create various business or project proposals and help them get approved. Proposals themes can be categorised per industry or function: marketing, agency (advertising or pr or design), event, retail, social media, website design, etc

My gratitude to you and yours for however you chose to gather with the Junior League of Portland, ME this special Centennial year - may it be one that spurs us into action for the next century of continued her-story

In service, Belle Bocal (she/ her) President ‘22-’23

C E L E B R A T I N G 1 0 0 Y E A R S

In September 1922, the Junior League of Portland was founded. This 2022-year marks 100 years of the Junior League of Portland in Maine and a century of dedication and commitment to the greater Portland area communities. From founding the Children's Theatre to funding community projects that address hunger and food insecurity, prevent child abuse and neglect, and promote environmental stewardship, the JLP is honored to have partnered with numerous organizations impacting our community over the last 100 years.

A Centennial Celebration took place in March 2023 at DiMillo's on The Water in Portland, Maine Members, sustainers, and impactful local leaders gathered to celebrate the history of the JLP

To showcase this historic year, biweekly newsletters included "JLP through the Decades", "Centennial Highlights", and "Centennial Trivia" sections. This was a great way to celebrate the positive community impact and volunteerism with our current membership and showcase all the projects the JLP has led over the last century.

Limited edition JLP Centennial Pins were sold this year to commemorate our 100 year anniversary.



On September 9, twelve charter members met to organize the Junior League of Portland, ME. Since its inception in 1922, the Junior League has been instrumental in transforming greater Portland

The Junior League of Portland, ME founded the Children’s Theatre of Maine in 1924 and the Children's Museum in 1976, which together provide a broad and diverse array of educational and cultural enrichment opportunities for children and their families

In 2010, the Junior League of Portland, ME, along with the Good Shepherd Food Bank, brought the BackPack Program to Greater Portland to provide food insecure children with easy-to-prepare meals during weekends and school vacation

The Junior League of Portland, ME has raised funds to support many community organizations over the decades, including the Portland Museum of Art, Maine Audubon Society, the Center for Grieving Children, and Preble Street Resource Center.



President: Belle Bocal

President-Elect: Christine Babb

Treasurer: Jenney Pentenburg

Recording Secretary: Mackenzie Arsenault

Community Vice President; Emily Machesney

Fund Development & LDME Vice President:

Allie Floyd

Marketing & Communications Vice President:

Jessilin Quint

Mentoring & Placement Vice President:

Lillian Shields

Sustaining Directors:

Beth Peterson & Diane Lebson



Chair: Ashley Fitzgerald


Co-Chairs: Anna Traugh & Kayla



Co-Chairs: Aubrey Baum & Jennifer Higy


Chair: Casey Adams


Chair: Ellen Weaver


Chair: Lily Gilbert


Chair: Allyson Hitte


The Junior League of Portland is committed to making a positive impact in our community. Through our volunteer shifts with Ronald McDonald House, Preble Street Food Security Hub, and My Place Teen Center, we have provided support, care, and resources to those in need. Additionally, we held a supply drive for Maine Needs and collected school supplies to donate to a local elementary school.

1. Volunteer Shifts with Ronald McDonald House:

The Junior League of Portland dedicated numerous volunteer hours to support the Ronald McDonald House, which provides a home away from home for families of seriously ill children receiving medical treatment. Our members actively participated in nine meal preparation shifts for families. By volunteering at Ronald McDonald House, we have helped alleviate the stress and burden on families during challenging times.

2. Volunteer Shifts with Preble Street Food Security Hub:

The Preble Street Food Security Hub plays a vital role in addressing food insecurity in our community. The Junior League of Portland was honored to contribute our time and effort to this important cause. Our volunteers assisted in food preparation and packaging for individuals and families in need. Through our collaboration with the Preble Street Food Security Hub, we have made a tangible impact on reducing food insecurity in Portland, Maine.

3. Volunteer Shifts with My Place Teen Center:

Recognizing the significance of providing a safe and supportive environment for teenagers, the Junior League of Portland partnered with My Place Teen Center. Our volunteers actively engaged with the youth and assisting with recreational activities. By fostering positive relationships and providing guidance, we have empowered young individuals to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. Our collaboration with My Place Teen Center has had a profound impact on the lives of the teenagers we have had the privilege to work with.

4. Drives for Maine Needs:

In the fall, the Junior League of Portland organized a successful sock and boot drive for Maine Needs, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting individuals experiencing homelessness. The drive aimed to provide warm clothing to those in need during the winter months. Through the generous contributions of our members and the community, we collected 40 socks and boots, helping to protect individuals from the harsh weather conditions.

5. League Linens with Love project:

We collected essential household items such as sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels for Maine Needs. These donations aimed to support individuals transitioning out of homelessness, providing them with the necessary supplies to create a comfortable and secure living environment. Towels and linens are some of the most frequently requested (and least donated) items at local resource centers. So far we have collected over 100 pounds of linens. We plan to expand League Linens with Love in the coming years through partnerships with local hotels and businesses.

6. School Supplies Donation to South Portland Elementary School:

Recognizing the importance of education and the need for accessible school supplies, the Junior League of Portland organized a school supplies drive. We collected a wide range of essential items, including notebooks, pens, pencils, backpacks, and more. These supplies were donated to an elementary school in South Portland, ensuring that students have the tools they need to succeed academically. Our contribution to the school community has helped foster an environment that promotes learning and empowers young minds.



Forganizing and confirming speakers for all of the general membership meetings throughout the year, ensuring a to bring value to the membership Hosted numerous member events from Girls' Night Out at the Portland Museum of Art to the Sustainer Panel at the Maine Children's Theater. Rounded out their year by planning and executing a lovely Annual Meeting at the Woodland Club in Falmouth.

sustained This stellar committee rounded out their League year by successfully hosting a centennial celebration that brought, current, past, and potential members together to look back at the previous 100 years and look forward to the next at DiMillo's On The Water

General Membership Meetings averaged 32 members at each meeting and over 30 different members participated in the panels and Girls Night Out.

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The role of the Marketing and Communications Committee of the Junior League of Portland (JLP) is to keep members informed, engaged, and connected. Externally the committee strives to spread awareness, enhance relationships with our community partners, and encourage change where it is needed in the community.

This year the committee focused on two primary social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram. Over the course of the 2022-2023 year the social media following audience grew by 65 new followers We maintained the content pillars established by the previous committee and kept an Engagement Rate of 9 6% We released multiple press releases exhibiting our fundraising efforts, 100-year Centennial Celebration, and new JLP leadership. Internally, we distributed a biweekly newsletter to keep members informed of the latest happenings. This year in the newsletter we started a “League Love” section to highlight achievements and celebrations of our JLP membership. This was a fun way to build morale and connectedness within our League.

Throughout the year we showcased multiple JLP service, community, fundraising, and membership events. This Centennial Year was especially fun as we had the opportunity to show the 100 year history of the Junior League of Portland.

M E N T O R I N G & P L A C E M E N T

This year, Mentoring and Placement Committees worked intentionally as a Council, separating into Committee-based work as was necessary for confidentiality within the Placement process. The choice to behave as a Council has allowed the Council to maintain the integrity of the separate Committees, which have separate intentions:

Mentoring: enrich the member experience and mentoring rising leaders

Placement: place future leaders based on merit and experience), while creating a supportive, future-oriented vision for member engagement.

Our annual work plan effectively leveraged the Council strengths to foster engagement and intentionally seek out and support rising leaders and those looking to find their place in the League.

The Placement Committee focused on intentional placements and discussion with members. First choice placements were prioritized to give members the experience and connection they were seeking. The committee reviewed, interviewed and placed our next PEE as well as the slated organizational chart for the next league year. We coordinated across committees to celebrate our PEE, New Member class and Sustainer group. Our ability to act as a council made placements member focused and utilized mentoring concepts to engage members. Training opportunities were supported such as the Elevator Pitch and Winter Forum which were released to the membership to further grow our skills as a league. This year exemplified how placement and mentoring are connected in the overall support, expansion and personal growth of the League.

The Mentoring Committee actively engaged around the idea that "mentoring is essential to our mission" and we continued to build on work from the previous year as we entered 22-23 Though small but mighty, a goal of the Committee was to ensure at least one member was in attendance at every event, such as packing breakfast portions at Preble Street Food Security Hub, cooking at Ronald McDonald House, and attending the Sustainer Panel We coalesced around the concept that "each member is a mentor" The mentoring team reached out to chairs in order to help identify any members who may want to connect for informal mentoring opportunities Mentoring also took the lead to develop and plan leadership transition training, to smooth the process between outgoing and incoming VPs and Chairs This training reinforces that "mentoring is essential to our mission" by involving sustainers, past presidents, and current leadership.


The start of the 2022-2023 Junior League year started off with several recruiting events for prospective new members over the course of the summer. Muffins with members and putting together backpacks for the children at Skillin elementary were a couple of highlights.

In September we welcomed fifteen women to the League as new members where our focus from September to December was getting the new members familiar with the League. We were able to plan and host our annual Super Saturday trolley tour where new members were able to really see the impact of the JLP in the community over the years. Stops included the Center for Grieving Children and the Children’s Museum & Theater of Maine- always a favorite! We hosted Date your Slate with a “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” theme, where new members were able to learn more about our committees in preparation for their January placement.

The 2022-2023 New Members are a passionate group of women who brought a lot of energy and excitement to the Junior League. It has been fun to watch them become close along their journey and see many natural friendships arise. They are dedicated to our mission and bring great perspective and ideas that will no doubt help shape the future of the JLP. We look forward to seeing them grow and develop with the League!

2 0 2 2 - 2 0 2 3 N E W M E M B E R S

Amy Dumont

Marisa Emerson

Kady Johnsen

Lindsay Ford

Darby McMillen

Olivia Vincent

Jeanna Swindells

Julie Graceffa

Catherine Ter Horst

Lauren Rague

Xenia Ferraro

Christianne Beasley

Sofia Oliver

Laura Allen

Sarah Hostetler

T R E A S U R E R ' S R E P O R T

The Finance Council was led by Treasurer Jenney Pantenburg and Assistant Treasurer Alicia Roberts this year. The objectives of this year included updating and documenting Treasury and Finance Council processes, developing the 23-24 budget that aligns with the League’s strategy and goals, and providing superior finance support to League leadership and membership in their work to carry out the League’s mission.

The Finance Council had representatives from Fund Development and New Member. Our accomplishments for this year include:

Both the Treasurer and Treasurer-Elect roles were filled at the start of the League year with no gaps in leadership; both roles are currently slated for the 2023–2024 League year. Improved business as usual process by transitioning paper forms to be fillable online. Adjusted budget to more accurately reflect a decrease in projected revenue and spending for the League year.

Partnered closely with Fund Development to provide budgeting support for the Centennial Celebration.

Continued to oversee Endowment Fund investments, in partnership with our advisors at Morgan Stanley

Account Balances as of 5/1/2023:

Trust - $6,856.28

Reserves - $56,152.92

Fund - $240,394.49

“I felt fortunate to be able to be a part of the Finance Council this year. The insight I gained into the working budget and areas of improvement have helped shape how I plan for my own committees. I look forward to continuing on this council for added visibility in how even the smallest decisions affect the League long term and how all members play a role in this ” – Jennifer Higy, Finance Council

“ I T H I N K T H E F I N A N C E C O U N C I L I S A V A L U A B L E T O O L F O R T H E L E A G U E A S I T B R I N G S M E M B E R S F R O M D I F F E R E N T A R E A S O F T H E L E A G U E , W E H A V E T H E O P P O R T U N I T Y T O W O R K T O G E T H E R C R O S S - F U N C T I O N A L L Y T O A D D R E S S T H E F I N A N C I A L C H A L L E N G E S T H E L E A G U E F A C E S ” – A L I C I A R O B E R T S , T R E A S U R E R - E L E C T A C C O U N T B A L A N C E S Operating
Account - $18,937.04


Sustaining members took advantage of the return to in-person events, though the monthly book club and Steering Committee meetings continued to be held over Zoom.

In October, the annual Sustainer luncheon was held at the Portland Country Club. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal while catching up on each other's life happenings.

A combined President-Elect-Elect celebration, New Member recognition and Sustainer holiday party was held in December at Grippy Tannins. The combined event brought together a sizable and diverse group of members to celebrate the Junior League of Portland, and Sustainers are looking forward to continuing this event for years to come.

Sustaining and Active members combined forces to organize a snack donation drive for our longtime community partner, My Place Teen Center. Members donated 42 boxes - over 2,065 snacks - to their after school program.

In April, the League presented a Sustainer panel at the Children's Museum & Theater of Maine. Facilitator Anne Dalton was joined by Terri DeCoster, Patti Foden, Katie Clark, and Sally Vanvakias Panelists shared their League experiences with an enthusiastic audience of Active members, who learned how the JLP helped shape and influence their careers, civic and community involvement, and philanthropy. Currently, the Sustaining membership is creating a foundation for the Living Histories Project. The project, along with historical interviews, will be shared throughout the upcoming year