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SSI EDITIORS NOTES Wow, what a ride! When Chuck Neauenbaur, owner of Swimwear Illustrated, suggested I take over Swimwear Illustrated Magazine and its web site, plus the operations I jumped at the chance. (Joe Goodwin and I formed Red Comet Studios earlier this year to take on projects just like SSI.) To have the opportunity to take a traditional T & A genre magazine and transform it into a young-at-heart lifestyle Fashion Magazine. SSI will be devoted to covering beach locations, and beach fun resort wear, vacation activities and young-at-heart adventures. SSI will now be adding men and menswear along with maintaining the traditional beautiful women and their health and beauty tips. We, at SSI, are also creating an outlet for up and coming models and photographers to display their work and promote themselves worldwide. So, we will always welcome contributions from new people and suggestions from all. Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine, is a state of the art, social media friendly, web-based internet magazine with the ability to view it on your social media devices, at home on your desktop or web enabled TV’s. You can also print it on your home computer or have the choice of a hard copy printed collectors edition. Stayed tuned on where you can Order it! Since we are dedicated to you, our loyal SwimSuit Illustrated fans,we will are giving away our first couple of issues! Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine will constantly be looking for new designers, models and photographers, that are on the cutting edge of what “real” active women and men are wearing and enjoying at the beach. Not just the gorgeous vacation beaches of the world. But what is being worn at the rivers and lakes of the Czech Republic, the ponds of Maine, the high mountain streams of Colorado, and the watering holes of the South. Where ever people enjoy the fun beach lifestyle. SSI will now be printed and distributed on the first day of each season to celebrate the coming of change. I want to mention with a heavy heart, the passing of our friend and former owner of Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine, Chuck Neauenbaur. Please see the wonderful tribute that our friend, Lola Estelle, wrote about the special relationship that we all had with Chuck and how much he meant to her. For me, Chuck gave me the chance to take over this magazine and we had fun working and playing together. Chuck had a tough outsider manner to some, but to me he was a big kid who loved to help people and give new people a break. He mentioned to me more than once, that he wanted to open an orphanage in Mexico, to help the street kids get a chance at a good life and career. Chuck, you are truly missed by many and I am impressed by how many life long friends you have. Now more fun news. We, at Red Comet Studios, have decided to start publishing a sister magazine to SSI, JORNH. It will be focusing on the Fashions of a young attitude and style. Fresh new models and a young lifestyle. We will cover club wear to outdoor wear, hiking boots to hip club shoes, designer wear to vintage recycled clothing, plus, accessories and creative fashion tips. Look forward to JORNH in your e-mail. We, at Red Comet Studios and Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine, are proud of this issue and hope you enjoy it. We are pleased to introduce our new advertisers, models, and photographers, to our global market and looking forward to creating this opportunity for our future friends. Have fun at the “Beach”!

The Editor ~ Billy Pegram

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Editor-in-Chief Billy Pegram

Senior Editor Iana Klenze

Creative Director JL Goodwin

Social Media Publisher Karrin Rachelle

Contributing Editors, Writers & Stylists Janice Cotton . Lola Estelle

Staff Photographers

Billy Pegram . Eric Smith . John Cocozza . Ladi Noventy . Milo Yucel . Peggy Rulke . Cliff Hodges . Bryan Crump . Ric Young

Contributing Artists & Photographers Don Poling . Richard Dooland

Design Consulting Gordon Modin


Model: Kayli Focus international Photographer: Billy Pegram Swimwear: Kapu

Model Coordinator

Swan Elliott Bowden - Focus Hawaii International

Featured Models

Blue . Justin . Kayli . Lindsey . Sarah Shannon . Shayla . Taylor . Arriana

Ad Sales

Swan Elliott Bowden . Lola Estelle


Kapu . Focus International . Red Comet Studios . Alpakusi Lima Peru Fish swimwear . Honu Kai Bed & Breakfast . Photoflex Roxy Gunn Project . Blueatelier Prague Czech Republic . Smith & Western


Red Comet Studios

SSI Global Network . SwimSuit Illustrated, llc . Red Comet Studios,inc 4610 Grand Drive #4 , Las Vegas, NV 89169 Las Vegas: 702.371.5796 . Seattle: 206.923.9444 . Phoenix: 480.254.6362 . Image& article Submissions -

Colombia: 317-698-2053


USA: 818-915-7881


BILLY PEGRAM 702.371.5796



Heidi Fish, began designing swimwear in 1999. Self taught, she started her business in her kitchen and began selling her designs at a local beach.

Peggy Riekle recently teamed up with her partner Annetta Lucero to produce a series of images that will be released in a book sometime in 2014.

HONU KAI BED & BREAKFAST Honu Kai B&B, set on a lush tropical 1.3 acre estate, offers a serene, Zen like feel amidst an old growth garden environment ... so relax, rejuvenate .

your senses and feel at one with nature | 15







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own. Hair - Br wn. o r B Eyes 5’5”. t h Heig 111 lbs. Weight - - 32 B. p Bust/Cu - 24 in. Waist in. Hips - 34

ents plishm Accom unity College Comm cise g Hawaii h & Exer Attendin - Physical Heat in Majoring cts ing Fa rs t s e r e oo Int and outd h c a e b e Loves th s Hobbie b lu C e o a Can u p io a K r with r paddle ms Outrigge & Drea Hopes onal trainer Pers ess gym. n it f & h alt Own He | 29

30 | SSIMAG SEPTEMBER 2013 ISSUE | 31 | 33


For the Ginger Simple Syrup: 1C Sugar 1C Water 10inches of Fresh Ginger, Cut into 1inch Pieces Directions: For the Ginger Simple Syrup: Bring the sugar and water to a boil in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, stirring to dissolve sugar. Add ginger; bring to a simmer. Remove from heat, and let steep 30 minutes. Pour syrup through a fine sieve into an airtight container; discard ginger. Refrigerate up to 1 month .

For the Dark + Stormy’s: 3oz Black Spiced Rum, Chilled 1oz Ginger Simple Syrup, Chilled 1 Lime, Juiced & Zested “Extra Ginger” Ginger Beer, Cold (to fill the glass) Cane Sugar, For Rimming (with a leftover lime peel) Candied Ginger Cubes, For Garnishing Directions: For the Dark + Stormy’s: Get a chilled glass and rub the rim with a spent lime peel and dip to the cane sugar. Put in some crushed ice, and then zest and juice the lime on top of the ice. Next, pour in the black-spiced rum and ginger simple syrup. Slowly pour the ginger beer until it has filled the entire glass. Gently stir and garnish with candied ginger cubes and lime wheels

Dark & Stormy Ginger Beer OJ’s Big Day

Luckett’s Coin Toss

Dolphins’ T-Day Scoring Record

Lett Slides Into History

Longley shocks ‘Skins

SWEET CHILI-GLAZED CHICKEN WINGS If you’re adverse to the idea of frying, these wings can be baked on a sheet pan in a 400° for about 20 minutes until they are golden brown. If you decide to fry them, dredging the wings in rice flour before doing so will ensure the formation of an extra crispy crust. If you’re having a hard time finding rice flour, you can omit this step and proceed to frying the wings after you’ve thoroughly dried them with paper towels. Making the glaze is a simple affair, just be careful not to overreduce the sauce to the point of a caramel. You will know the glaze is ready when it coats the back of a spoon. The resulting glaze is especially sweet, so if you want a bit more of a sour bite to your wings, don’t be afraid to scale back the amount of sugar that is called for here. Looking for a bit more heat? Add more chili-garlic sauce. Less heat? Just reduce the crushed red pepper called for in the dish. INGREDIENTS: • 2 pounds chicken wings • 1/4 cup peanut oil • 3 tablespoons finely chopped cilantro • 3 tablespoons soy sauce • 2 1/2 tablesp00ns minced garlic • 2 tablespoons minced ginger • 1 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper flakes • 1 cup rice flour • Oil for deep frying (such as peanut oil, canola, grapeseed or vegetable) • 1 cup rice vinegar • 3/4 cup granulated sugar • 1/2 cup water • 1 tablespoon chili-garlic sauce • 1/4 cup thinly sliced green onions | 35


E , OinLforIanAaiT rbrush tan EfoXre F going applying

Be n or, ooth sessio spray tan b rtant to r, it’s impo self-tanne sloughing y ur skin b o y e ar p re p cells. dead skin off excess ga in d n as sa Think of it g a new in d ad re fo surface be ply u nt. If yo ap r coat of pai go in v o m out re paint with layer ld o e th t ou ipping. smoothing ch d king an ac cr sk ri u yo e skin and goes for th t The same g it withou g. Applyin ven tan -e n u self tannin an can cause rs. exfoliating often occu of the skin g in ak fl as g mend usin ell, I recom w e at at li fo To ex e available s which ar s. bath glove superstore d stores an g l and ru o d tr y n an co m the best e iv g s e v as of the Bath glo liate all are fo x e sh, to y abilit a bath bru n also use ca u o Y y. d bo . washcloth loofah, or

nb nd spray ta Airbrush a bet to get an even are the best ut, they can be b sunless tan plan to get them u o y ckage pricey. If rchase a pa shop u p , y rl to regula re hip,be su or members e who‘s got the se around and nning salons often ta , ls a ckages best de rices on pa p l ia c e sp have erships! and memb

Payot Benefice Soleil Tan Accelerating Serum 125ml $29.13

Decleor Aromessence Solaire Tan Activator Serum for Body 100ml $58.96

E RvIenZ U T S I o y O t M zing will help pre euern

Moisturi g in betw from flakin ers tend sunless tan tann ns. Sunless well so, applicatio in drier as sk e th e ak to m d night. If morning an V exposure ze ri tu is o m ut U scious abo you’re con you are!), in e p o h ainly ith (and I cert isturizer w , use a mo g in rn o m the rum SPF. broad spect


ur spray g in for yo have in o g n e h W ey session, th tan booth alled barrier cream. c something g salons provide in n n ta st Mo ’s a cream f-charge. It oloration -o e e fr is th c prevent dis that helps , drier areas of the h of the roug . y bod e elbows, layers to th Apply thin of knees, back of the k knees, bac e top of the feet. th d n a s d n ha the back k layers to Apply thic the toes, between ls, of the hee ers, between the ng fi s, e to e alms of th beds, and p uld be il a n o fingers, sh The hands the hands. to apply the barrier a the last are you will want to be e c n si m a re c red. e well cove sure they’r

ua ally save yo ssion, ic p ty l il w This er se of money p great deal u go on a regular yo so long as salon ur tanning r or o y If basis. to a v -tan acti offers a pre r, conditione y

g ApplyTiannn Selfe

“I highl end recomm g in it” investin

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion SPF 15 150ml $11.75

Olay Quench Plus Touch of Sun Body Lotion + Gradual Sunless Tanner 200ml - $10.99

ss tan your sunle re evenly lp e h l il w It mo ster, go on develop fa er. ng and last lo

ann lying self-t When app wearing disp d recommen oid discolora v a to s, e v lo g ds. f your han o s the palm . If ss e c ro p the speeds up our bare han y apply with your hand sh a need to w inutes in be m w every fe e nd sometim applying a completel ’t that doesn alms. p d discolore

Million Dollar BLEND UP Barrier Cream 225ml $18.95


er, I posable ation of . It also f you nds you’ll ds well etween es even ly prevent

Epionce Extreme Barrier Cream 185ml $48.00

turizer yer of mois skin, la in th a Apply f the ugh areas o to drier, ro s, the back of the ee like the kn s, and the back of w o lb e tend to knees, hese areas of the T . ls e e the h re o m absorb collect and sulting in these re self-tanner out much darker g in rn and, areas tu f the body irty. o st re e th than even d -even and n u g in k o lo nner, the self-ta se g in ly p p a the When in layer to oid th a ly p p a only or, av rized areas e going tu is o -m re p u’r ether. If yo them altog es darker, then you’ll d several sha ly a little bit to these p p a to t n as everywa to these are re they ly p p A s. a su re a e cation to b other appli r and so they don’t olo get some c t either. gh li o to k o lo whole ew to the If you are n thing or, have had g self-tannin e past, try a selfth in s p a h is has m is tinted or t a tanner th . It will help guide it bronzer in

er elf-tann s e h t t “Le pletely dry com ” ressing before d

nly since lying it eve e color you in app th ble to see you’ll be a ant to apply it as w l and, you’l ssible. Make sure to o p s a do it. evenly don’t over- unt, u b ty n le use p use an can also ca Too much . even finish

Sephora Tinted Self Tanning Body Mist 50ml $18

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs 118ml $13.99

Tan our Sunless tan Y g in in ta Main spray irbrush or If you do a can use a selfu booths, yo tween sessions. e -b in r f your tanne time out o g s e k ta it e nnin Sinc e to your ta day to driv n’t necessarily get a salon and c ly, this is a good te ia d e m It will in im sy people. s you u b r fo n o opti ost a duce the c sessions re lp e h o ls a ny sing as ma won’t be u n. at the salo

St. Tropez Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse 200ml $44.00

This easy to follow step-bystep guide will give you the perfect sun kissed glow this summer season: 1-Moisturise the skin well 2-Exfoliate skin well 3-Shower before tan 4-Do not apply any barriers 5-Apply your tan using a tan applicator mitt, 6-Be sure to apply little amounts 7-Take care around the elbows, knees and ankles 8-Apply tan in circular movements 9-Wait to put clothing n 10-Leave tan to set for approx 8hrs 11-Shower until the water runs clear 12-Moisturise daily for a more even long lasting tan | 37 | 39




CHUCK: An Absolute Legend By Lola Estelle My friend Chuck was a man I could trust to put my life in his hands and not have to think twice about it (I did it numerous times). Mexico was our second home and playground. I fell in love with Mexico and its culture while exploring and learning the areas with Chuck. He was respected in the racing world. And in Mexico, he was well-known. I mean, we could be driving, stopped at a stop sign and someone would drive by, recognize him and stop to chat and catch up for a minute. On numerous occasions! We would drive around and he always had the coolest stories to tell. Ranging from soccer teams and restaurants (he showed me where the first ‘Caesar’ salad originated) to how the color of the flowers on the hill sides could lead you to “El Jefe” (the boss). Yellow meant “caution”, purple meant “royalty” or “Jefes” (bosses), red meant “don’t go there“, and white meant “friendly and welcoming“. Chuck spent the last month of his life preparing for, and from what I believe, what he knew would be his last Baja race. We stayed at a beautiful ranch called Rancho Rincon El Tropical; about 5 miles inland down a dirt road in Rosario. A gorgeous valley of horses, hills, and the weather was always so breezy and warm. I remember it seemed like every time we would drive down that 5-mile road (what felt like an eternity because you had to drive so slowly), a memory would spark up and there was always this one race he would talk about. As he would tell me about this Baja 500 race, his whole being would light up. I knew by the way he looked while he talked about it and the things he would tell me, it was his favorite place to be and his passion. I was fortunate to attend my first Baja 500 race this year, and it was Chuck’s last. We had a race team called Los Maniacos and Las Chikas Malas! (The Maniacs and The Naughty Girls!). Our group included hotographer, Billy Pegram, and close friend, Mo Martinez. What a group of fun, collaborative and cool people! Chuck ran the first leg of our race in awesome timing. Once he finished and passed the baton, you could say, our next rider took over and did his leg. We were in third place at that point. Everything was flowing until I realized that I had the truck keys at the start line and we realized I was supposed to hand them off to Billy, our photographer. Oops. Now they were stranded- I had the keys and we had a race to win! Aw, crap! Well, as usual, there Chuck came to save the day; He pulled up on his

motorcycle like he always would, popped a wheelie and got the keys. I knew I was in trouble! Nope, for some reason that weekend, nothing seemed to ruffle his feathers. Not even being stranded. I was shocked. Anyway, I got into the truck with him and we headed over to our next pit station during our ride. Chuck was pumped and told me that he hoped he’d get to ride one more time! Hoping someone would not want, or be able to, finish their leg. Well, his wish came true, at pit number 4. When we arrived to our pits, our bike went faulty. It was the water pump. Our team came together, fixed it, and at that time, our rider, had heat exhaustion. Chuck stepped up, so excited, and geared up. We took a few photos and he took off into the sunset. In my heart I knew he wasn’t coming back, but I ignored it, thinking that it was just a crazy thought.

Our team raced to where the finish line would be. And, of course, I was supposed to follow behind in Chuck’s truck, but with me being confused in the desert (everything looks the same), I went the wrong way, accidentally following the course and getting the truck stuck in soft sand. Great! Then I forgot the keys and I got the truck stuck where there’s no phone service, 120 degrees, and everyone’s going to be waiting at the finish line and not know where or how to find us. Great, I screwed it all up again! We found a group of nice guys who were willing to help us get un-stuck. Guess what happened when they tried to help us. Oh yeah, they got stuck too! We piled rocks under the tire, it popped and went flat! Someone else came and tried to help and

Finally, after four-and-a-half hours in the heat, thirty men, a flat tire, five broken straps, six trucks (5 out of the 6 got stuck trying to help), two jeeps came side by side, and pulled me at the same time out of that damn sand.

someone came up to us yelling, saying the bike we had in the back was not ours. I thought we were getting mobbed. It turned out that not even 2 miles down the course, Chuck was found dead. And the person, who thought we stole Chuck’s bike (and didn’t know him from Joe Schmo), thought that we were stealing it. I translated, he finally understood that Chuck was part of our team and we had two bikes with the same number on them.

They were pulling us back toward the pits when, suddenly,

He opened the door to his pick-up truck and asked if this

they also got stuck! I wanted to cry at this point, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I counted thirty Mexican men at once, trying to get us out of this hole I’d gotten us into.


was our rider. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There he was, in the back of the truck, lifeless. From what I gathered, the guys who picked him up said they passed him once and saw him leaning against the bike. They’d asked if he needed water and he said “no” and was going to “keep going“. They went around a second time, saw our bike propped up on the kick stand, then found his body about 50 yards away. When they did the autopsy, he was wearing five layers.

They confirmed his death as heat stroke leading to a heart attack. He had a mission, he was determined, he died how he wished, and doing what he loved. After his passing, I remember so many things that he would tell me when he would talk about this race. I added it all up and realized, that he was preparing everyone and everything for his passing. He had once told me “ I would be happy dying out there, don’t ever put me in a hospital, let me go | 49


out in my desert. My death will be bigger than my career ever was”. He had covered all of his bases. He’d gotten rid of his houses and went to live Mexico a month before the race. I later found out that the truck I was driving wasn’t his. It was a rental, the same model as his (thank goodness, because at the end of the day that truck was messed up and had 3 flat tires!). He went out doing what he loved. That day in the desert, his spirits were the highest I had ever seen. He was bright eyed and he was the happiest Chuck I had ever seen. He had an amazing life, is survived by many children, and was someone in my life who touched me in a way that is indescribable. He was unique. He was my friend, confidant, mentor, and inspiration;

Chuck, A True Legend!


THE MEGA PLUSH MATT BURNISTO N Set in the shadows of a gritty underworld, a war is brewing. The Mega Plush, a group of four plush toy vigilantes, are struggling against the uprising of the SOC (Society of Chimps) army. Good vs evil. Bear vs sock monkey. The question is “who has the stuffing to survive?” Watch the first episode of this epic Facebook Twitter YouTube showdown and meet the crew at Music & SFX Get a t-shirt


Part psychological thriller and part provocative character study, A TEACHER explores the unraveling of a young high school teacher, Diana (Lindsay Burdge), after she begins an affair with one of her teenage students, Eric (Will Brittain). What starts as a seemingly innocent fling becomes increasingly complex and dangerous as the beautiful and confident Diana gets fully consumed by her emotions, crossing boundaries and acting out in progressively startling ways.


When it comes to the majority of our clothes, we wear them, clean them, fold them and store them. And we repeat this cycle until they are too outdated too worn to wear – we seldom actually have fun with our clothes. The result? Your laundry never looked so…..lifelike! Click the faces to hear what they have to say!!!


At age 13 B Robin started playing the guitar, after several years of playing the trumpet. A whole new world of music opened up and this new instrument allowed B Robin to sing along to the songs he was playing. His talent in expressing himself with his voice surprised as well him as the people around him. 56 | SSIMAG SEPTEMBER 2013 ISSUE

MEN IN BLACK Operation Homecoming (Writing the Wartime Experience’) from Evan Parsons Men in Black is a true story as told by soldier and writer Colby Buzzell about his experience in Iraq. This project is a six minute portion of the feature length documentary ‘Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience’. The film received an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary, up against ‘Sicko’ by Micheal Moore, as well as receiving two Emmy’s.


Director: Abteen Bagheri Producer: Logan Adermatt Director of Photography: Isaac Bauman Editor: sergei Stylist: Shayoon


This is the official music video from the band “Shiban” for their song called “Reason Dies” Shiban is an alternative rock unsigned french band. Find us here: Facebook page : pages/ShiBan/107018930060 Official website : http://www.

K I D S - Sink or Swim

From the debut EP Sink or Swim, available on iTunes for only $5.94 Download here: album/sink-or-swim-ep/id604156831

Directed by: Joshua Miller
 Featuring: Brandon Baker Produced By Kids and C&I Studios

GRAND IN EVERY SENSE Reviewed on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 SEPTEMBER 16, 2013 For me, Grand Theft Auto V’s extraordinary scope is summed up in two favorite moments. One is from a mid-game mission in which I flew a plane into another plane, fought the crew, hijacked the thing, and then parachuted out and watched it crash into the sea to esc ape death at the hands of incoming military fighter jets.

Max Payne 3 Review Farewell, my hangover. Daniel Krupa MAY 14, 2012 Max Payne has suffered beyond reasonable limits. (It’s all in the name.) Nine years have passed since the last game in the series, yet little has changed for its long-suffering protagonist, who remains deeply traumatised by the death of his wife and child. ‘Trauma’ is the key word – in Greek, it means ‘wound’, and Max is someone who has never let his fully heal. To move on would be to forget – a betrayal of those he loved – and so instead he chooses to wallow in the past and the pain, with the help of brown liquor and white pills.

Top 10 Video Game Intros No one’s ever gonna finish a game if they don’t get past the beginning. and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 video game intros. Join

Team Fortress 2 Review Well worth the wait? by Charles Onyett OCTOBER 9, 2007 Aren’t you glad Team Fortress 2 didn’t wind up looking like this? Valve has created quite a game with the long-awaited Team Fortress sequel, bearing many similarities to its predecessor, though incorporating enough changes to make it feel fresh. The most obvious aspect, which you may have noticed from any of the screens and video posted, is the visual style. Even after getting sucked into probably too many hours of play in the beta over the past few weeks, we’re still amazed at the art design, both in how it looks and how it animates. | 57











Born San Diego, Ca

Occupation Surf Instructor

Life accomplishments Climbed the tallest mountain in the contiguous 48 states when I was 10.


College grad from california lutheran univ. International studies major.

Interesting facts

My twin was lost early in the pregnancy and they thought I was blind because I had what looked like 2 pupils. That and when ants get drunk the always fall over to the left.


surfing, playing ukulele, outrigger canoe paddling, hiking, beach | 67


Milo has worked in the industry around the world since 1995 in advertising, pre-press and press, web design, commercial photography, video production for clients in Europe and also in USA.

Milo’s client list is long... this is only the “short list” of companies: Renault ruck s CZ, Las Vegas Vodka, HST International (Shelby), Valcom Studios, M Models, Headlights and Tailpipes Show, Total/Fina/Elf, Sika Industry, MoTip Automotive, National Theatre Brno, Brno Philharmonic, Ministry of Justice CZ and advertising agencies as Ogilvy, Tom Tjaarda Design, Point, Direct Film... logotypes, corporate identity, catalogues, books, calendars, billboards, handbills, web pages, pre-press, retouching, matte painting. His magazines experience is extensive as well! From 2000 to 2007 Dusk Magazine (graphic design of visual style, logotypes, redesign of magazine, pre-press, print surveillance). He has worked special editions of Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine (for Cannes Film Festival and NBA Special Edition), for one year printed version of monthly magazine Vegas Party Life, from 2010 to 2013 monthly magazine “Lišiak” for publisher of the biggest Slovak daily newspaper“SME”. Milo has received various awards for graphic design, publishing and photography! Good Design ‘99” from Ministry of Industry and Trade CZ, awards in competition “Annual Report of the Year” (1.-10. Place), and for photos it was e.g. Gold, Silver and Bronze Award IAM Tokyo.




Heidi Fish World-renowned Swimwear Designer By Iana Klenz Heidi Fish, began designing swimwear in 1999. Self taught, she started her business in her kitchen and began selling her designs at a local beach. Now, Heidi Fish, is one of the world’s most renowned swimwear designers. Fish’s swimwear has been featured in, and on the covers of, numerous top magazines and fashion publications around the world. Many of her clients are celebrities. She is known for

her creative, unique, and fashion-forward designs. The cutting edge of swimwear. Like several of her suits in her Navaho Collection, featuring sexy fringe and bead detailing. Or, her Goddess of the Sea Bikini, from her Couture Swimwear Collection, with sea shell embellishments dripping down the front of the bikini top. Her designs aren’t simply swimwear, they are a fashion statement.


Designs: Heidi Fish Swimwear, Photographer: Don Poling, Makeup Artist: Tim Peirson, Hair Stylist: Iana Klenz 82 | SSIMAG SEPTEMBER 2013 ISSUE

Models: Brittany Patterson, Kelly Serka, Samantha Vallespi Eyewear: Rock God Eyewear,

RockGodEyewear Jewelry: The Frou Frou Room, | 83

Honu Kai Bed & Breakfast Wendi & Kona Dave Phone: 808-329-8676 Fax: 808-334-1861 MORE ON PAGE 126 - CLICK HERE | 87

Atlantic Coast Photography




PHOTOGRAPHER: CLIFF HODGES Atlantic Coast Photography







Kapu Bikinis translates to tabu in Hawaiian, Hence the name because they are tiny suits and could be considered tabu by some. Kapu Bikinis was launched in 2006; I was inspired as a local boy that grew up on the beach in Hawaii enjoying the surf, girls in their bikinis and photography. We have so much natural beauty in Hawaii why not show off some of the beautiful women that are here and come to the islands. In fact I sold bikinis in college to make some extra cash and imagined a company down the road that could fulfill all my passions. The swimwear caters to women who are looking to show off their bodies, feel good about themselves and be able swim and surf as well as just relax and tan. The fabric is long lasting and the colors don’t fade. Women tell me they trust the quality of the suits not becoming loose in the water or falling apart after a lot of sun and water exposure. The type of women that enjoys our suits range from teens to women in their 50’s. Women enjoy our product and are comfortable and confident with their bodies. They love that Kapu suits are so light it feels like they are wearing nothing at all. Our suits make a statement and they grab attention wherever a Kapu woman goes. What women doesn’t want to be appreciated for her beauty. Kapu is sold only in Hawaii and Hulakai Store in Mauna Lani on the Big Island. Our swimwear has been featured in car shows; stand up paddle races and on “My Antonio.” We are launching a new site soon, you can view the suits at or you can find us on Face Book at Kapu Hawaii, or call 808-990-0334. Aloha Jeb


We are launching a new site soon, you can view the suits at or you can find us on Face Book at Kapu Hawaii, or call 808-990-0334.


We are launching a new site soon, you can view the suits at or you can find us on Face Book at Kapu Hawaii, or call 808-990-0334. | 101

We are launching a new site soon, you can view the suits at or you can find us on Face Book at Kapu Hawaii, or call 808-990-0334.

We are launching a new site soon, you can view the suits at or you can find us on Face Book at Kapu Hawaii, or call 808-990-0334.

106 | SSIMAG SEPTEMBER 2013 ISSUE | 107 | 109






Body Painter & Beyond

By Iana Klenz Bryan Crump, a well-known body painter, sustained serious injuries several years ago, and was over-medicated which nearly cost him his life. He says, “I have spent several years recovering and getting back on my feet. It gave me a new perspective on life.” Bryan isn’t just a body painter, he is also a photographer, motivational speaker and writer. He continues to educate himself, “I am what you would call a life-long learner. I am always looking to learn and improve in many areas of my life”. He’s studied public speaking, marketing and commercial art.

SSI: How

Bryan: “It lost equipment beginning and a SSI: How

Bryan: “I h started it was a Vegas and did it and events with California and w

SSI: What

Bryan: “W creating a work art. I want to cre work with these

SSI: What

Bryan: “I th started wanting many as 20 for o me. Almost like makes all the dif some amazing p

SSI: What

Bryan: “Th his shop called ` their art festival in customers to if he could take been published huge accomplish day with the new


did the storms in Oklahoma affect your work?

t has been a challenge. Currently, I am writing a few books and working to replace and rebuild my portfolio. Everything I have done up to this point, I consider just the a training period.

long have you been body painting? And what inspired you to start doing it?

have been doing body painting and basic makeup for over 12 years. When I first got a favor to a friend in Colorado. I ended up moving with some jewelry designers to Las t to promote my art. Everything took off when I started doing promotions for the clubs h John Guzman and working with photographers like Billy Pegram. Eventually, I moved to worked in Hollywood and Los Angeles.

t’s your ultimate goal when painting a woman’s body?

When painting any woman, my goal is to compliment or accentuate her beauty. I am of art on one of the ultimate canvasses. I got into the photography because of my body eate art that lifts women up, inspires them and gets them out of their shell. To be able to e ladies and create something that makes them feel beautiful and special is a gift in itself.

t was your most challenging body painting project?

hink it would be doing the large events. As my work started getting more popular, people g me to do more work. It went from painting one or two people in one night to doing as one event so, I had to develop a system and teach the models and assistants how to help in an assembly line type setup. In the end, it was very rewarding. Having the right team fference in creating dynamic and beautiful pieces of art. I have been blessed to work with people.”

t was your most rewarding body painting experience?

here are a few I could name. I recall one time I was painting for a friend of mine in front of `Vavoom’, in North Hollywood, across from the Emmy Headquarters. They were having l that particular weekend and I was doing body painting to promote my art and help draw the store. It was a fun but stressful day. I was painting away and a photographer asked a picture. I am not even sure I looked up because I was so focused. The next day, we had on the cover of the Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Daily News. To me, that was a hment. Since then, my teams and I have been published worldwide. I still remember that wspapers, though. It was a tremendous gift and opportunity.

SSI: What’s some advice would you give to aspiring body painters? Bryan: “Be passionate, compassionate, sensitive, focused and driven.

We work in an industry that literally transforms people and not every model is a seasoned actor or actress. Especially when dealing with full body painting, be sensitive. Trust is a huge thing to consider when doing what we do. Get everything on the table, let expectations be known and work to have clear communication. Some people have never done this before. Know what you want to accomplish and set standards for yourself and those you work with. Have model releases and agreements. Know the rules and laws of where you live.Take time to create your art. Some of the best pieces can take anywhere from 8 hours to 48 hours or more. It all depends on the level of detail, designs, quality and how many skilled assistants you have with you. Keep a good spirit about yourself and work to create awesome, amazing and inspiring designs.”

With the hardships Bryan’s faced in his life, his dedication to his art, his positive outlook and perseverance, makes him a true inspiration. He says, “I have also stepped into the field of teaching and motivational speaking. Taking all my creative skills and mixing them into productive and engaging events. I am always working to challenge myself and my team so we can get better and better. Who knows what is over the next horizon.”


Who knows what is over the next horizon.


If you think sexy lingerie always involves a sheer bra and G-string, think again. It doesn’t matter what you wear – it’s all about picking bootylicious pieces that work for your body. We sat down with two top lingeristas: Rebecaa Apsan, author of The Lingerie Handbook (Workman Publishing Company, Nov. 2006), and Lisa Cole, who conducts seminars on lingerie and body confidence.

Well listen up, girlfriend. It’s time to throw away those granny panties and big ole sports bra.


Think you’re too fat, old or ugly to wear gorgeous undergarments?


Our undie experts shared their secrets on getting a guy to buy you beautiful undergarments – and feeling foxy in your new sexy skin. Plus: Take our quiz to discover how seductive you are…

Check out the top four excuses women use for avoiding provocative undies – and the reasons why these excuses are completely bunk.


hy Every Woman

hla -la ! Needs Sexy Lingerie!!! By Carly Young, Special to Lifescript | 127

“Confidence comes from the inside out,” says Cole. Excuse #1

Only Victoria’s Secret models look good in lingerie!


You don’t have to look like Heidi Klum - or any other cover girl – to look sexy in your underwear. Looking good is a result of feeling good, and confidence doesn’t come from the perfect legs or a certain waist size. A California-based lingerie expert, she travels the country teaching women “undercover” tactics for boosting self-esteem. Her trademark seminar, “Underneath it All,” advises timid first-timers on how to use intimate apparel to project a confident body image, regardless of body type.

Excuse #2

Building a new lingerie wardrobe takes a lot of money Sexy underwear isn’t about how much you spend – it’s about how you feel. If you can find hot styles at Target, then more power to you! No matter what brand you buy, Cole recommends that every woman own six great bras with matching underwear. Make sure you have a variety of bras, like seamless and cotton, and don’t forget a strapless number for halter tops. Just don’t be too practical.

“Every woman should own a beautiful lace bra,” Cole says.

If an all-lace bra is too girly-girl for you, stick with a bra that has it only on the straps or as a trim. Where to shop? Cole has recently partnered with, a leading lingerie retailer online. “They have something for everyone,” she says. And because their clothes won’t break the bank, you’ll still have money left over for those killer boots you’ve been eyeing


Ling and bra your that’ for a

But agai give glam


After appa more “it’s Cole invo like


From to pl man who their learn them seein clad unde sens

Excuse #3

“I’m not sexy.

No matter how you feel about your body, beautiful undergarments always have a place in your life. A camisole and boy-short set can be just as hot as a sheer bra – you just have to figure out what will accentuate your favorite body part. If you’re feeling flirty and girly, go with the cami, but if you’re feeling va-va-voom, pull out the sheer bra. And don’t wait until you lose weight or tone up that backside to cover your booty in something cutie. “It’s all about being “comfortable where you are,” Cole says.

“ Take control ”

1.What’s your lingerie of choice?

A black lace bra and panties Lingerie? Not with my figure! A cami and boy shorts

2.You’re dying to make physical contact with your crush. What’s your strategy?

I give him a high-five or a pat on the back. I briefly place my hand on his forearm to emphasize a point or when he tells a funny joke. Say, “Your hair’s out of place” and gently brush it off his forehead.

gerie is the first thing you put on the last thing you take off. A strap that’s digging into r shoulder or underwear ’s riding up can make an annoying day.

a touch of silk inst your skin will you a hint of luxury and mour all day long.

3.How do you greet your guy when he comes home?

I look up from my book, say “hi,” then keep reading. I treat him to a long, slow kiss and help him with his things. I give him a quick peck on the cheek and tell him to take out the trash.

n’t believe it?

r all, a trip to the intimate arel department is much e than just a necessity – a personal journey,” says e. A personal journey that olves indulgent fabrics silk and lace?

4.What’s on your bed?

Cotton sheets in a flowery pattern Scarves draped over the bedposts and satin sheets Laundry and old paperwork

unt us in!

m petite lus sizes, ny women dislike r body at first n to appreciate mselves after ng their form d in pretty ergarments and sual fabrics.

When you watched Angelina Jolie’s sensual dancing in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” did you start taking notes or did you blush and press fast-forward? Take our quiz to find out whether your seduction skills would make Casanova proud or if your feminine wiles are in hibernation.

5.Which dessert would you be most likely to eat?

Excuse #4

It’s just UnderWear.

Chocolate-covered strawberries Caramel sauce and whipped cream - off his stomach A diet ice cream sandwich - on the sofa.

How Sedcutive are you?

(cont) | 129

For more tips on how to make l for you (and your guy), check out these The Lingerie Handbook by Rebecca Apsan, Jill Wachter (Photographer), Bunky Hurter (Illustrator) $38.00

Lesson Finding Shade o by Rebec Kindle $9. Paperback

We love men, but let’s face it … when it comes to picking “they don’t have a clue,” says Rebecca Apsan, owner o Petite Coquette lingerie boutique in New York

If your man is lingerie-challenged, pass this al

Because women will often have lingerie from different designers and stores, write down every size that you see. It’s like taking notes in college, only naughtier. If you still need some help, check out the boutique online at for more visuals (click on the “tips for men” tab). For more clues, think of what she likes to sleep in. If her outfit of choice is your T-shirt and boxers, she’s sporty. If she sleeps in a silk PJ set, she’s sensual. Look for a soft, satiny number trimmed in lace, which she says is both “feminine and seductive at the same time.” Translation: Your lover will feel like a goddess and you’ll get to enjoy the view. Apsan also says that a long silk nightgown will provide “instant glamour” – and if she’s daring, buy one with a long slit up the side.


Step 1 Snoop around We’re giving you permission to invade her privacy – no, not by reading her diary, but by poking around in her underwear drawer. Look for things like color, style (thong or brief) and material (lace or cotton).

Step 3 What type is she Flirty, conservative, sedu

Step 2 Take the fruit test “Men are visual creatures,” says Apsan. To find your lover’s size, think in terms of fruit: Is she a lemon, orange, grapefruit, or melon?

Step 5 Boutique or department store Lingerie department sto convenient – you can go one in the country and th all offer the same selecti But if your town has one Apsan recommends goin boutique.

Step 4 Play it safe If you’re still at a loss fo to buy, Apsan recommen pretty slip.

6.What happens when you and your guy watch a movie together?

lingerie work e handbooks.

I turn the lights down low and cuddle next to him under a blanket. I really get turned on by the steamy love scene. Looks like we’ll be finishing the movie tomorrow! I lay over the whole couch, he sits in a sofa chair, and we’re usually asleep before the movie is over.

7.An attractive guy at the gym asks you what your favorite workout is. You say:

ns in Lingerie: g Your Perfect of Seduction cca Apsan .99 $11.48

“Yoga. It’s amazing how flexible I’ve become.” “I don’t like to exercise. I’m so out of shape.” “Cardio striptease - it brings out my wild side.”

g out lingerie, of the chic La City.

8.Your crush throws an impromptu costume party. What do you dress up as?


e? uctive?

or what nds a

e? ores are o into any hey’ll ion. e, ng to a

A doctor. That way I can hide my body under baggy scrubs. A French maid, complete with thigh-high stockings and red lipstick. Strawberry Shortcake, and don’t forget the pigtails.

If you think she’ll be too embarrassed to wear any kind of lingerie, go with flowered boy shorts and a pretty cotton tee, which is conservative yet flirty. It’s all about figuring out your lover’s personality and making her feel appreciated and desired. “They’re more intimate, and you get better service,” she says. No matter where you are, finding a personal item for the woman in your life is no small task. You need one-onone attention and someone who truly understands what you’re looking for. And if you’re just too embarrassed to set foot inside a store, shop online.

9.Your new coworker is a Brad Pitt look-alike and single. After you’ve been introduced, how do you let him know you’re interested?

IM him a greeting. Mention that you’d love to explore the neighborhood he happens to live in. Lean against his desk and say, “You look like you work out.”

10.You’re meeting your guy for a date at a restaurant. How do you greet him?

“Hi, how are you?” “You smell good,” as you firmly kiss him on the lips. “That sweater looks great on you.”

Check out what other said about their seduction factor on the last page...ENJOY!!! | 131



— whether it’s lounging on the expansive lanai deck, listening to the water flowing into the koi pond, enjoying the garden Jacuzzi under the Kona stars, or letting the occasional rain falling on the roof lull you to sleep. Wendi & Kona Dave

Phone: 808-329-8676 Fax: 808-334-1861 136 | SSIMAG SEPTEMBER 2013 ISSUE | 137

The expansive covered lanai deck area offers separate dining and sitting areas for outdoor enjoyment while providing a full panoramic view of the lush landscape. The upper deck offers partial ocean views and vibrant sunsets in complete comfort at this secluded getaway.

Wendi & Kona Dave Honu Kai Bed & Breakfast Phone: 808-329-8676 Fax: 808-334-1861

Wendi & Kona Dave Honu Kai Bed & Breakfast Phone: 808-329-8676 Fax: 808-334-1861

Wendi & Kona Dave Honu Kai Bed & Breakfast Phone: 808-329-8676 Fax: 808-334-1861

Wendi & Kona Dave Honu Kai Bed & Breakfast Phone: 808-329-8676 Fax: 808-334-1861

Other extras at Honu Kai are granite counter outdoor guest kitchen, use of all beach gear, chairs, bags, towels, coolers, boogie boards, sunscreen & snorkel equipment; and clean, modern laundry facilities available to our guests.

Alpakusi is a Peruvian brand name dedicated to the creation of handmade textiles, bags, purses and accessories. Our products are handmade from the finest Peruvian materials and fibers with unique styles and designs from 100 % alpaca, pima cotton and other quality Peruvian blends. We work with artisans from our Andean communities and we are committed to the sustainable development and work under the rules of Fair Trade. Alpakusi is working with communities through training programs. Our Recovery of an ancient technique from the pre-incan culture with our experience and knowledge of the contemporary design inspired us to create the best quality products was our main motivation to create our company.

email: web: facebook:


for beautiful photos

Photoflex has solved one of the most difficult situations photographers are confronted with. How to add light to your model/subject or product without affecting the background. In this issue of SSI there are many examples of well lit models with saturated backgrounds. Models shot in the shade, that are well lit, and many images that were shot in bright sunlight because of time constraints (the worst lighting conditions). All filled in by Photoflex Triton Flash Systems.

Difficult lighting situations are made simple by the Triton Flash. First, determine the maximum shutter speed your camera will allow you to use for Flash. Use this as a starting point for your exposure. Next, use the camera meter to get the “correct” f-stop exposure for your background. To flash fill in the model, you can dial in your desired exposure, by varying the output of the Triton flash with the variable power control on the back of the unit. Simple, quick and predictable results.

Assignment: How to add light to a model without affecting the background?


Be sure to vary your shutter speed. You can always slow the shutter speed down to achieve a wide variety of background effects. There are many TTL systems that produce very good “correct exposures” for your images. But, correct exposures for whom? The camera manufacture determines what is correct, not your creative vision. Using the method described, you can determine what a correct exposure is for your work. Experiment with dark backgrounds and light subjects, or, use the flash to fill in shadows so the sun does not overpower your model. Move the flash to the side to create dramatic side or back lighting.

You take charge and you determine what is correct. The results will become predictable for you and may let you create your signature look. Experiment with gels and light modifiers such as soft-boxes, or bouncing the light off a building or tree. Play, play, play! Controlling the output of a flash in the past was to move the flash, to and away from, the subject/model to get the correct exposure. Now, Photoflex has changed this method. All that is necessary is finding a convenient location (with in the range of the flash maximum output), and simply adjusting the output using the varying power control. Hint: you will have more flash out-put options if you can position the flash just outside of camera view (unless your teaching a lesson for Photoflex). The light will also be softer, and if needed, you will have more directional control. The Triton system also has the best battery system on the market. I have used it in many different environments, from the hot and dry desert, to the wet Jungles of Peru; Hundreds to thousands of quality flash exposures. Suggestion: Try not to use your flash devise on high or maximum power unless you need maximum power. The battery will last longer during the day, produce less heat, and the recycle time will be much quicker. For more details about using fill flash or any other Photoflex products, go to and check out their Lighting School. BILLY PEGRAM - PHOTOGRAPHER

BILLY PEGRAM 702.371.5796 | 147

Peggy Riekle has been a licensedCosmetologist and Esthetician for the past 25 years. During this time she develop a craving to produce her own photographic art. She picked up a camera and started creating her own Fashion Photography using a combination of all her disciplines about 4 years ago. Recently she has teamed up with her model Annetta Lucero to produce a series of images that will be released in a book sometime in 2014. Hope you enjoy these images as much as our staff at Red Comet Studios and Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine

Annetta Lucero Bio ”2 time Guinness Book World Record Holder, Cirque Du Soleil Artist, World Champion TwirlSport Athlete”

That one captivating vision, turned in to a series of vibrant images captured by Peggy Ruelke. Annetta resides on the Big Island with her family, who are all circus performers.

Annetta Lucero is internationally known as a “living legend” in the unique and demanding sport of competitive baton twirling. She is a writer, motivational speaker, and performance, visual and fine artist. Motivated to create something beautiful after a near fatal car accident, she dreamt of being covered with red paint.

Here are stories about who I am.... modelperformerartistwriter-annetta-lucero-r274










Se habla español




The Trend: Gingham

Calvin Klein Aubrey Boots


If you love retro, if you love Brigitte Bardot, and if you love a good picnic, there’s nothing more fitting than Derek Lam’s classic checkers.

LOAFER INSPIRED Derek Lam Fara Sandals


Try it Now With... This Spector Check Dress at Article


The Trend: Flower Power

From vibrant prints to graphic black-and-white, the ‘60s made their way onto the runway with some unforgettable looks. Desigual’s mod shift was one of our favorites of the bunch.

Try it Now With... ADAM by Adam Lippes’ A-Line Dress in ‘60s Print (on sale!)


ORANGE ALL OVER 1. Senna Sheer Face Color in Terracotta 2. NYX Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick 3. Yves Saint Laurent Crème de Blush in 4 4. Kevyn Aucoin-Pure Powder Glow in Fira 5. Clarins Rouge Eclat in Juicy Clementine

SEASHELL PINK EYES AND CHEEKS 1. M.A.C. Cream Colour-in Shell 2. Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Pearl for Face 3. Almay Intense i-Color Shadow Stick for Hazel Eyes 4. Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow in Seashell Pink 5. Dior 5 Couleurs Designer Palette in Nude Pink Design

TWO-TONE PINK NAILS 1. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Tickle Me Pink 2. Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Lacquer in Chiffon Chic 3. Bobbi Brown Nail Polish in Pink Valentine 4. Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel in Café Pink 5. Zoya Professional Lacquer in Layla 6. Priti NYC Polish in Ballerina Peony

The Trend: Delicate Spaghetti Straps/Slip Dresses

You know the ‘90s are back when eveningwear turns to minimal slip dresses with barely-there straps like this DKNY stunner.

Try it Now With... This Strap Back Slip Dress at TopShocp

The Trend: Crop-Tops



Nicholas Kirkwood Erdem Printed If you thought the midriff-baring trend was coming to an end, you’d be wrong. Silk Chelsea Boots About a bajillion designers infused $1,050 the cut into their lines, including this clean yet glam silhouette from Organic by John Patrick.

Try it Now With... This Small Ball Polka-Dot Crop-Top by Fairground



10 Crosby Derek Lam Jo Flats



The Trend: Tea-Length Dresses

The Trend: Jumpsuits

IPrim tea-length dresses were hugely popular for Spring 2014. Hey, if Prabal Gurung loves the length, we should, too.

The runway was rife with the one-piece ‘70s style! And what cozier all-season design could there be? We had a particular soft spot for this lovely Whit creation.

Try it Now With...

Theyskens’ Theory Dathlyn Tea-Length Fitted Dress

Try it Now With...


This ‘Tattoo’ Jumpsuit at Norstrom




Rebecca Minkoff Dasa Cutout Mules

Tory Burch Imogene Pump



COLOR-BLOCKED EYELINER 1. Dolce & Gabbana Intense Eyeliner in Baroque Gold 2. Milani Shadow Eyez in Aquatic Style 3. Hard Candy Stay In Line Mechanical Eyeliner in Sigali

The Trend: Ladylike Sweetness

Kate Spade never fails to make us ooh and awe over her colorful patterns and ladylike silhouettes—a trend you should definitely get in on ASAP.

Try it Now With...

ModCloth’s High Socie-tea Dress in Macaron



10 Crosby Derek Lam Annabell Haircalf Leather Bootie


4. Sephora Retractable Eyeliner in Turquoise 5. Rimmel London Waterproof Eye Definer in Purple Shock 6. Estée Lauder Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner Duo in Black and Blue

The Trend: Graphic Black & White

Celebs and designers alike can’t get enough of the classic two-tone combo. Our favorite? DVF’s gorgeous jumpsuit that took the motif to a whole new level.

Try it Now With...

Urban Outfitters’ Textured Plaid Shift Dress



Carven Mesh & Perforated Leather Slides


AQUA EYES 1. L’Oréal Paris HIP Studio Secrets Professional Bright Sh adow Duo in Showy 2. Cargo Color Palette in Tahiti 3. Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow 4. Urban Decay Eyeshadowin Deep End 5. Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow Matte 322

Dorothy Perkins Berry Color Platform Pumps

The Trend: Bold Brights

Ralph Lauren really packed a punch with his glamorous neons in every brililant shade. We simply couldn’t look away

Try it Now With... Joie’s Merille Dress $328



BRONZE GLOW 1. Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss -Bronze Shimmer 2. NYX Eye Shadow-Deep Bronze 3. Rimmel London Stay Glossy-Everlasting Crush 4. Sonia Kashuk Monochrome Eye Quad-Textured Cocoa 5. Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner-Busy Signal

The Trend: Gingham

Clean lines and boxy silhouettes made a big impact on the cat walk this season. 3.1 Phillip Lim totally mastered the aesthetic with this beautifully minimal set

Try it Now With... This pink unfastened cropped blazer from River Island $70 BOLD PRINTS

Christian Louboutin Studded Satin Smoking Slippers

$695 | 169

I was born in juneau alaska, i Fell in love with Hawaii and currently live there, i am a beekeeper, model, and a small business owner,i sell honey and i make natural skin and hair products. i love painting, singing, yoga, and traveling. I hope to become a model and travel the world

1.What’s your lingerie of choice? A black lace bra and panties - 69%(votes: 66851) Lingerie? Not with my figure!- 9%(votes: 9020) A cami and boy shorts - 22%(votes: 20798) 2.You’re dying to make physical contact with your crush. What’s your strategy? I give him a high-five or a pat on the back.- 9%(votes: 7531) I briefly place my hand on his forearm to emphasize a point or when he tells a funny joke. -61%(votes: 50490) Say, “Your hair’s out of place” and gently brush it off his forehead. 29%(votes: 24253) 3.How do you greet your guy when he comes home? I look up from my book, say “hi,” then keep reading. -10%(votes: 7774) I treat him to a long, slow kiss and help him with his things. 80%(votes: 59724) I give him a quick peck on the cheek and tell him to take out the trash. 9%(votes: 6858) 4.What’s on your bed? Cotton sheets in a flowery pattern - 57%(votes: 39988) Scarves draped over the bedposts and satin sheets - 32%(votes: 22510) Laundry and old paperwork -11%(votes: 7510) 5.Which dessert would you be most likely to eat? Chocolate-covered strawberries - 57%(votes: 37143) Caramel sauce and whipped cream - off his stomach - 36%(votes: 23554) A diet ice cream sandwich - on the sofa. - 7%(votes: 4786) 6.What happens when you and your guy watch a movie together? I turn the lights down low and cuddle next to him under a blanket. 62%(votes: 38942) I really get turned on by the steamy love scene. Looks like we’ll be finishing the movie tomorrow! - 33%(votes: 20605) I lay over the whole couch, he sits in a sofa chair, and we’re usually asleep before the movie is over. 7.An attractive guy at the gym asks you what your favorite workout is. You say: “Yoga. It’s amazing how flexible I’ve become.” - 59%(votes: 36659) “I don’t like to exercise. I’m so out of shape.” - 15%(votes: 9549) “Cardio striptease - it brings out my wild side.” - 25%(votes: 15487) 8.Your crush throws an impromptu costume party. What do you dress up as? A doctor. That way I can hide my body under baggy scrubs. - 12%(votes:

7185) A French maid, complete with thigh-high stockings and red lipstick. 73%(votes: 44317) Strawberry Shortcake, and don’t forget the pigtails. 15%(votes: 8939) 9.Your new coworker is a Brad Pitt look-alike and single. After you’ve been introduced, how do you let him know you’re interested? IM him a greeting. - 36%(votes: 21467) Mention that you’d love to explore the neighborhood he happens to live in. - 29%(votes: 17482) Lean against his desk and say, “You look like you work out.” - 34%(votes: 20407) 10.You’re meeting your guy for a date at a restaurant. How do you greet him? “Hi, how are you?” -18%(votes: 10632) “You smell good,” as you firmly kiss him on the lips. - 67%(votes: 39219) “That sweater looks great on you.” - 15%(votes: 8672)

Submit your images to

please submit no more than 5 images and no greater than 500px wide at 72dpi

BILLY PEGRAM 702.371.5796

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