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Anna Gigorenko

Meet one of SSI’s newest International Model.

Jasmine Farlowe

We were blessed to find this Australian Beauty and is contestant winner.

Kayli Towler

Shot this Flower on the yacht HulaKali off the coast of Hawaii

Lauro Moro

Our one & Only Best Southern Bell Model.


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World SSI Model Search

SSI People


The Land of OZ


Swan Elliott-Bowden


Kona, Hawaii


Yann Fernon


Las Rocas, Mexico


Peter Rollins


The Grammy’s 2013


Get the SSI Cover


This month’s Editor in Cheif with her thoughts & Notes.

SSI photography that is an Amazing Fashion shooter as well Long time friend & SSI cover photographer.

Lola Estella

Our Newest Assistant Fashion Editor & Always, SSI Model.

SSI is on a world tour to find out next top cover models. Beaches you dream about... Surf & Sun. Everything you need & more. Just one of our Base Camps for shooting. Also, location for Focus Hawaii Modeling agency Another Fab Locale to shoot & relax. Located just south of Rosaritta Mexioco

Another Year... More Awards! Longer than ever & else viewers, will it ever end! Photographer’s & Models; contact us & get your chance.


SSI EDITIORS NOTES/ Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine has been around for a longthe models. This event will be available to the public, with time. We are not Sports Illustrated. We have a different direction. Fashion, fitness, trends travel and music are our focuses. Lola Estelle is what we are about. Lolita makes you smile, is full of life and you feel her passion in her work. Lola Estelle is our makeup artist and travel s around the world with us. You can catch up with Lola on her site and view her live webcast online, including her fashion tips and style trends. This issue we bring the Grammys, fashion tips and the latest in fitness to keep you in tune with what is up in the trendy world. We are a lifestyle. Join our family and travel the world in search of the latest trends, bargains and ways to make you fit, happy and fun.

a minimal entry fee for the all inclusive trip. Our entry form and reserved ticket request will be available soon on our Facebook and websites. The Australia winner is already preparing and has chosen to bring her family to attend. Regional events are now happening every day, so do not hesitate to contact us with a request for an event in your area. Regional winners receive their trip for free. Others may obtain a sponsor to pay their trip and entry, and that sponsor will appear in all our media.

Much more, but let’s all stay in touch and pick up our new events and opportunities and adventures on our online links. Remember, the swimsuit figure is the REWARD for a healthy lifestyle! In the upcoming months we are expanding rapidly. We will now Stay tuned, stay sexy, stay hip and trendy take swimsuitillustratedmagazine.com to a new level. We are and most of all stay going interactive and construction has begun. We are also in production of SSI Music videos and soon many will be available happy and fit with Swimsuit Illustrated through ITunes. Our TV show “Desperate Models” is complete Magazine. and waiting for a network release date. Our reach is global. We touch millions everyday with our message and lifestyle. Our digital edition is not only doubling every month but is also helping to save the environment. We choose not to damage our rain forests and pollute our waters. We bring you the edition free, so just download and enjoy. We continue to produce print publication which can be purchased through Barnes and Noble and many other retail outlets.

Our worldwide top swimsuit model search has begun. Winners are now preparing to compete in Miami on July 26th for The Top Swimsuit model of the World. The event will be aboard a luxury cruise ship and will include many events and shows for

Editor-in-Chief Swan K Elliott Creative Director JL Goodwin Assistant Fashion Editor Lola Estelle Managing Editor Chuck Bauer

The Editor

Staff Photographers Billy Pegram Chuck Bauer Contributing Photographers Yann Fernon Peter Rollins

Model Manager Billy Pegram Lola Estelle Social Media Manager Chuck Bauer Questions and feedback: Info@ssimag.com


Our journey took us through Europe, from Paris, after meeting up with Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine is a lifestyle. SSI super photographer Yann Feron. We then jumped continents to Our banner reads Fashion, Fitness, Trends, arrive the gold coast of readers, Australiafriends and we and loved itThe Aussies are some Travelinand Music. Our of the friendliest people in the world and they subscribers are predominantly young womenseem to have it all. We arrived in Coffs our longtime friend and partner of all ages. We W at (?) SSIand feelwere thatmet thebyswimsuit Peter Peter isfor not only ourlifestyle. partnerOur and associate; he runs the figureRollans. is the reward a healthy Australian Swimsuit edition and is like family. cover model should possess all the qualities that we are about: It was a tearful, joyous reunion after ten whole years apart. We searched the continent of Australia and found a beautiful new model by the name of Jasmine Farlowe, an Aussie beauty that has won several competitions already.

We began our sojourn in the Ukraine, formerly the Soviet Union, and we fell in love with the people. Starting in the Ukraine we found model Anna! \

Anna Gigorenko, who now lives in Italy. Anna has appeared in most everything in Europe but she is little known in the USA. She is quite a super model and you will see Anna on the SSI cover very soon.

Our journey took us through Europe, from Paris,

meeting up

after with

SSI super photographer

We searched the continent of Australia and found a beautiful new model by the name of Jasmine Farlowe an Aussie beauty that has won several competitions


mine Farlowe

We then reluctantly headed off for the islands of Hawaii. Our base was beautiful Kona on the Big Island. We hopped daily from island to island with the help of our longtime friend and former super model Swan Elliott Bowden.

Swan is the owner of

a global model and talent agency. And while we are on the subject‌if you need representation, just get in touch with Swan. You will love her.

After sailing around from island to island aboard the beautiful Classic Yacht HulaKai! We found way too many beauties. It was our most difficult choice so far. With the help of the best photographer in the world SIR Billy Pegram, we settled on the gorgeous Hawaiian model Kayli Towler. Kayli is the most beautiful, fit, young model you will ever meet, and she is just a real Hawaiian treasure.

ou can experience some of the movie-making magic of these films at the one-ofa-kind movie park, Foxploration. The Foxploration website says that visitors can “discover the tricks of the film making process within the context of a working movie studio. The attractions at Foxploration include film sets, prop rooms and exhibits where visitors can learn about film making in an entertaining and interactive way.” The original props, sets and costumes for movies filmed at Fox Studios Baja, such as Titanic and Master and Commander are also on display. Our photographer took advantage of these many sets when he took photos of our models at the Planet of the Apes exhibit and on the Canal Street, New York set. A city street that brings familiarity to American visitors, Canal Street, New York is a classic example of set construction. The setting could be downtown New York, Los Angeles or Saint Louis. This allows production companies to shoot footage on this set instead of relocating the entire cast and crew to Los Angeles or San Diego. he Planet of the Apes exhibit, also utilized during SSI’s photo shoot, houses props from the film, such as the escape pod used by Mark Wahlberg. Other attractions at Foxploration include the Dolly Plaza, “Las Olas” Amphitheater and the Titanic Museum. efore you make your trip down south, here are a few things to remember when traveling to Mexico:

• Be sure to carry photo identification if you’re a United States citizen. Bring your pass¬port if you’re a citizen of another country. • Mexican currency (pesos), exchange at the approximate rate of 10.75 pesos to a U.S. dollar. However, United States currency is accepted everywhere. • In front of every bank in town is an ATM machine, where you can easily withdraw money from your account. Most deliver the money to you in pesos, but some pay you in U.S. dollars. • Tipping is per the international standard of 15 percent. • Do not drive across the border without Mexican Car Insurance. Infrequent visitors to Mexico can purchase inexpensive insurance at one of San Ysidro’s drive-through agen¬cies before crossing the border. A copy of your current vehicle registration and driver’s license is all that’s required. • If you do not wish to take your car, some United States car rental companies allow you to drive their vehicles into Mexico, provided you purchase insurance beforehand. • If you do not want to drive into Mexico, you can take the Mexicoach bus, at one of two locations, before crossing the border. At $6 round trip, you will be driven to Foxploration. The bus arrives every hour for transportation. • Parking at the border station parking lots cost $8 per day. The parking lots are guarded 24 hours a day. o what are you waiting for? Take a trip down south and be a part of movie-making magic. Don’t forget your camera…and swimsuit for later at the beach!

or more information, visit Foxploration online or call them at 1 (866) FOX BAJA. Foxploration’s hours of operation are Wednesday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and weekends from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The park is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Admission to the movie park is $12 for adults, $9 for children ages 3-11, and $9 for senior citizens. Children under the age of 3 have free admission. The price of entry includes access to all of the park’s attractions.




Southern beauty Laura Moro stole our hearts. She even has the southern Louisiana accent to go along with her model prowess.


is one of the best posing models we have ever worked with and with the aid of our top Hair and Makeup artist Lola Estelle, we really completed a fantastic shoot. Lola is awesome and she could be modeling as well. She is gorgeous and is a special sweetheart. So we found our girls. The problem was that we have a tie! Kayli Towler and Laura Moro received the same amount of votes. These two models are simply the best of the best, and in order to resolve the problem we needed a tiebreaker.

I reside and work all over San Diego county, as well as my Indian Reservation in North County and recently, Mexico. My favorite things are to collaborate the strangers. For the Past 8 years, I’ve followed my need to create: I am allowed live and breathe my talent, travel as I please-throw myself into working with crews of artists, designers, models and photographers on Fashion Shows, photo shoots, weddings and so much more. I get to travel and visit exotic places, where I don’t know the language or culture. I LOVES IT!

I get the opportunity to experience another way of life, all

the while getting to incorporate all of that into my art and passion. Mi VIDA. After every shoot, I find myself even more inspired. My mind can’t turn off, coming up with ideas and networking with the people who see the world for what it can be.


Ultimately, my goal is to broaden my spectrum in life in using my Love, passion, art and Creativity using makeup and style. It is Complete gratification to see every artist in their realm, coming together to be involved in the process just as excited, grateful and even more inspired for the next project as I am.

M y San

Diego location in Mission Bay is the Hub of all of the projects we work on. I book hair and makeup, lash extensions for weddings, Models, fashion shoots and all personal occasions.


favorite thing to do is transform anyone into anything! Even as far as turning a woman into a man or visa versa, using a person’s unique

love and passion I am up for any challenge. Playing, (or as most people describe it, working) with the Swimsuit Illustrated Photographers- Chuck and Billy, has been one of my most pleasurable experiences in my entire career. We have so many ideas and it feels like family. I’m so inspired and I can’t wait to keep traveling, creating and evolving our arts together forever. Stay Tuned! A Little background-


already knew where my life was headed when I was three years old. Imagine that! My mother let me come along to her appointment at a salon. That’s all it took for me to know that I would have a career in that environment once I was old enough, no matter what! A Vidal Sassoon Beverly hills stylist for over 45 Years, Salvador Lara is someone who I’ve looked up to my entire life. Sal, A member of the Same Native American Tribe as my family, and myself was the first person to inspire me. I would sit and study him in admiration as he cut my mothers hair (while he teased me). He had so much fun while working and performing his passion, something not just anyone gets to experience in their careers. That’s was it! My kind of place!

In my sophomore year in Valley Center High School, I decided to

graduate early. against the will of my mother, Karan, who always wanted for me to enjoy the “high school experience.” I was way ahead of that. I Snuck to my Grandfather, begged him to allow me to take an accelerated course to graduated early, I can’t believe he went for it! I told him my goals

he believed in me. A few months later, he walked me down the aisle of my High School graduation so proud! That was the beginning of it all! I immediately attended Poway academy of Hair Design 35 miles away from home. I barreled through Cosmetology School as fast as I couldmorning till night for a whole 10 months. By the time I was 17 I was a licensed cosmetologist. I went to visit the high-end salon where Salvador worked at, and unexpectedly was hired on the spot! He made our experience working together even more amazing because Salvador saw the whole picture and opened my eyes to transformation. He showed me that its not only about changing an individuals cut or color, but how to help change an their entire look accordingly by teaching them how to making subtle changes to minute things like their makeup/ style and clothing. It was then that I realized that its not only about Hair, its about the makeup, jewelry, clothing, colors the shapes, I had the pleasure of working side by side for 7 years. He taught me everything I know about the Industry. Attitude is everything!! Salvador is now SemiRetired (clients wont let him stop working) and currently resides on our Native American Indian Reservation in North East San Diego.

I never turn down a chance to listen and appreciate someone

else’s knowledge, ideas and/or Creations. Lay it on me! Recently, I have been inspired to work not only in a salon atmosphere, but also with Models Photographers Stylists and Designers. Once I gave birth to my 3-year-old baby girl Sage Madelyn, I wanted the freedom to spend as

much time with her as possible. I wanted the freedom to have a flexible schedule and work for myself. This is when I slowly merged out of the behind-the-chair salon atmosphere and began booking Wedding parties and working with Local San Diegan photographers to build our portfolios. All the while, having fun creating and maintaining contacts and simply just enjoying every opportunity that comes along. Thanks to the birth of my baby girl, I’ve had the pleasure to work with Photographers Christopher Wood, James Norton, Melanie Littlewood, John Coccoza, Andrew Casey and now, closely with Chuck Bauer and Billy Pegram just to name a few. Most of them, who after I met as a makeup artist, ask me to get behind the camera after the work is done. I don’ t mind this too much!

I remember

getting the call from a photographer friend of mine, John Coccoza that a few models were flying in from Hawaii and Louisiana, needed a makeup and hair artist to shoot a cover of some magazine. I was available so I agreed. Little did I know it was for Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine (thanks john!)! The morning of the shoot, I woke up and my car had been broken into, my cell phone was Dead, charger nowhere to be found. Of course this would happen to me. I thought to myself as I hurried home and tried to load up my emails for the address of the shot. Which just so happened to be 5 minutes away from my Studio in Mission Bay San Diego. My Savior, John just so happened to be there to pick me up and I gathered up all of my stuff and headed to K-38. Where magic happened unexpectedly!

K-38 - what a place!

At the edge of the bay water, in the gorgeous Mission Bay of San Diego, it is so beautiful. I showed up to the shoot, met all of the photographers and models and came to a sigh of relief. Everyone was so relaxed! With a no pressure, friendly atmosphere, I set up my tools and began to get to work. One of the Photographers, Billy Pegram, sat with our gorgeous Hawaiian model, Kayli and myself. As we got to work and all started to get to know each other, we went back and fourth between stories about the industry and how we all came to be in San Diego for this shoot at the same time. Billy was flipping through his book of amazing photography work as I was spilling out all of my passions about the industry about things I would love to do in the futureOur other cover model, Laura was sharing her aspirations about modeling etc. What an unexpected amazing experience!

My Current Projects Currently, I’m having a blast enjoying the process of helping

Chuck Bauer of SSI

open a new Store in Las Playas Tijuana! Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine Designer Bikini Outlet.

Here, we will be creating not only a store where we will feature and sell the most beautiful Designer Bikinis to the most beautiful women of the world.


are creating an experience! Girls can walk in, shop, get their hair and makeup up done by yours truly AND have a personal Photo shoot taken by a professional photographer in the bikinis and accessories of their choice. It doesn’t stop there! Each Girl will have an opportunity to be featured on the cover of the next issue of the Swimsuit Illustrated magazine- a one-stop shop! Who wouldn’t like to have their and makeup done by a professional and take home awesome photos of themselves? All the while picking up a few awesome designer bikinis and having a chance to become a cover model. Come enjoy our team and see what we have to offer. I will be doing Hair and makeup, styling and assisting the entire team to make sure everyone has an amazing shopping/Photo shoot Experience.

See You there!

me, this Forindustry is

something that keeps me going. I am constantly inspired and stimulated by culture, people, models and places I get to see and experience along the way. Working with Swimsuit Illustrated Photographers - Chuck and Billy, has been one of my most pleasurable experiences! We have so many ideas, follow us on our website, like our page and stay tuned for more traveling, creating and evolving our arts together forever. Lola Estelle, your stylist.

NOBODY arrived in an egg. Nobody performe extreme, death-defying tricks while singing. Nobody insulted another entertainer on the podium. Days b the 2013 Grammy Awards, the net even suggested the show would b tame, issuing a “no breasts and bu policy for the clothing. Most of the complied with this policy and the s fashions were overall pretty tame, even a bit too tame.

THE Grammy Awards highlig musical period where many a nod to the past. During th telecast awards show three G apiece went to Skrillex (Gramm Dance/Electronica Album) and Keys (best rock performance song and best rock album, a which was for producer of th Auerbach, on “El Camino”). have gone to Gotye; and K Jay-Z (for N* in Paris”).

MUMFORD& Sons ha as does Taylor Sw the Civil Wars) fo the “Hunger Gam Taylor Swift open a performance of Are Never Ever Getti complete with freaky clow experts, parasols, a large Confused? So were we.

ed e

before twork be uttocks” e artist show and maybe

ghted a acts were he preGrammys my for Best d to the Black e, best rock and one of he year, Dan Two each Kanye West and

as one already, wift (shared with or contribution to mes” soundtrack. ned the show with her single “We ing Back Together” wns, stilt-walking white rabbit.

THE host of the night was LL Cool J, who some could argue is a bit of a dated choice for a host. Then came the first duet of the night with Ed Sheeran and Elton John performing Sheeran’s song “The A Team”, which was pretty enjoyable. THE Grammy for best pop solo performance then went to Adele for “Set Fire to the Rain”, becoming the first woman since Barbra Streisand in the mid-1960s to win the award for best pop solo performance two years in a row. Adele was the big

winner at the Grammys, winning six awards. We can’t say we were surprised. Queen imitator group Fun. had the next performance of the night with their song “Carry On”. Fun.’s song “We Are Young” won song of the year and they also won the best new artist Grammy, a big honor. A duet from Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert followed, with yet another duet with R&B artist Miguel and Wiz Khalifa performing “Adorn” by Miguel. Best Country Solo Performance Grammy was awarded to Carrie Underwood for “Blown Away.” Mumford & Sons then performed “I Will Wait.” Stellar performance as usual, however we’re an hour into the show at this point. How many awards have been handed out? ...Only three. Oy. JUSTIN Timberlake sang his new hit song, “Suit and Tie” featuring Jay-Z and another new song called “Pusher Girl Love.” He has definitely grown up since his boy band days, and looked very dapper and on the top of his game. R&B singer Frank Ocean, a critical darling for his solo debut “Channel Orange,” took home the prize for best urban contemporary album after, beating out Miguel and Chris Brown, as well as winning for best rap-sung collaboration for “No Church in the Wild,” a track he made with Jay-Z, Mr. West and The-Dream.

BEST Rock Performance Grammy went to “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys, which they also performed, joined by Dr. John and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Rihanna performed her new single “Stay” while joined by newcomer Mikky Ekko. It was an awesome performance, and definitely one of our favorites of the night. Zac Brown Band snagged Best Country Album for “Uncaged”, and album built on muscular Southern rock guitar riffs, elaborate multipart vocal harmonies and jamband instrumental excursions. Two hours into this extra long Grammy Awards show, Sting, Ziggy Marley and Rihanna performed a tribute to Bob Marley which was actually very enjoyable and upbeat. The Lumineers then sang their one hit, “Ho Hey”, followed by yet another performance by Jack White, singing “Love Interruption” and then “Freedom at 21”. AT this point, I just really need all the performances to be done, but of course the biggest awards of the night are coming up, so we must endure. There are actually five more performances with Carrie Underwood, Juanes, Frank Ocean, LL Cool J, etc. Yes,

you did read that correctly. The Peter Gabriel-ish Gotye won record of the year for “Somebody That I Used to Know”, best pop duo/group performance (with Kimbra), and best alternative music album. The Dust Bowl survivor looking group Mumford & Sons won album of the year, the night’s top prize. But while those acts are all young, or youngish, they unfailingly belt out old styles, dating back in some cases to the 1930s. Some make it quite obvious, with messy hair and acoustic guitars and collective roughness, like Mumford & Sons, the Black Keys, and the Lumineers. Not coincidentally, hip-hop and dance music, which are reaching their commercial primes right now, were shut out of the main category nominations. The lone hiphop performance was the night’s closing set, which included Chuck D of Public Enemy and LL Cool J, rappers two decades past their peak relevance. Frank Ocean, was nominated six times and won twice, including for best urban contemporary album, a new category that in no way correlates to an actual genre, and feels as if it were invented so that Mr. Ocean might win something on his own. And plenty were altogether excluded: Drake, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Mr. West and so on. I still don’t understand how the Grammy Awards could ignore Justin Bieber. He and Drake are easily two of the top pop artists of the year.

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SwimSuit Illustrated March 2013  

Dedicated to Promoting Swimsuit Modelling and Photography through 2 unique publications.

SwimSuit Illustrated March 2013  

Dedicated to Promoting Swimsuit Modelling and Photography through 2 unique publications.

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