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The Windtunnel Volume 23 | Issue 2 March 2018

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The Windtunnel, a publication of the Junior League of Dayton, is produced seasonally for its sustaining and active members. Art Director Errin Siske Spark Space Creative Contributors Gina Handy Minyard Communications VP Melissa Blevins Lee Anne Drapalik Grace Jones Kelly Kempton Rachel Lanka Shannon Shelton Miller Kim Quill Audrey Starr Stephanie Winquist Erin Wood

1 | March 2018

From our President Entering the second half of our League year, I cannot help but stop and reflect on the last several months. In only our second year of our new community focus on literacy, we expanded our programming to include tutoring sessions at Agape for Youth, a local foster care agency. Our work with Agape is in addition to our Learn, Grow, Explore literacy events, which will kick off at the Northwest Library in June. Further, Junior Leaguers have responded to various national events. Our members composed letters of support to the children of Charlottesville, Virginia to recognize their goodness and to let them know the violence arising out of the white supremacists’ march was not a reflection of their community. Then, when powerful hurricanes impacted millions of people, including one of our members, the League quickly mobilized a fundraiser. We funded and shipped more than 100 solar lights to the people of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Residents now have portable solar lights on hand should the need arise again.

Vintage in the Valley returned — and crowds were lined up waiting for the doors to open. Thanks to your donations and generosity, we were able to raise thousands of dollars to support our literacy efforts in the community. This is just the tip of the iceberg! To say that I am amazed by the engagement of our members is an understatement. They improve our community and one another. They are testing new skills, asking questions and forming new friendships. General Membership Meetings have been at full capacity. Members have been engaged in our training events, which have featured Dayton Public Schools, diversity and inclusion, dyslexia awareness and crisis communication procedures. There is energy running through the League, prompting our members to be their best selves, prompting them to be involved. I am truly inspired by our members. Thank you for all that you do.

Stephanie Winquist 2017-2018 Junior League of Dayton President

Mission The Junior League of Dayton is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Vision The Junior League of Dayton, Ohio, Inc. strives to be a diverse and dynamic organization of trained volunteers, at the forefront of its community in meeting critical needs.

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More Ways to Shop & Support

Bern’s Garden Center gift cards are available in $25 increments and can be used at the Indian Ripple or Middletown locations. Bern’s will donate $5 to the JLD for each card sold. Email for more information. Kroger Community Rewards earns money for the Junior League of Dayton when you shop with your Kroger Plus Card. Enroll in the program online at Click “Community” and then “Kroger Community Rewards.” Enter NPT number 82606 to designate the JLD as your charity of choice. AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support the League. When you complete your purchases at smile., Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to the JLD. Visit for more information and to register.

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You can support the Junior League of Dayton all year long through these fundraisers.

Spring Cleaning – Updating Your Estate P lan Estate planning isn’t only for “old” or “rich” people. If you have loved ones or causes that you care about, estate planning should be on your to-do list. Every adult should have three important legal documents in place: a power of attorney, a living will and a will. • A power of attorney gives someone the authority to make decisions on your behalf if age, illness or injury would prevent you from doing so. Your power of attorney can make legal and financial decisions for you. • A living will names a surrogate for health care decisions. • Your will directs how your assets will be divided and distributed when you aren’t living. In addition, it can name guardians for minor children, and prevent outright inheritance by a minor child when he or she reaches age 18. The relatively small cost of having these documents prepared often pays for itself in reduced estate administration costs, less bureaucracy and avoiding litigation. It also reduces the worry and stress placed on heirs. These documents direct how the people you love are cared for after you’re gone. It’s common for a person’s will to include bequests to charities they value. Charities, such as the Junior League, can be named as beneficiaries of insurance or retirement plans, or honored through a number of different ways. An attorney can help you determine the best way to care for the people and causes you love. Your thoughtfulness will leave an important legacy.

60% 3 | March 2018

1LOVELLC Active member Myla Cardona-Jones was frustrated by all of the “bad news” in the world: mass shootings, suicides and racial fighting. Just as bad, Myla felt like the media was glamorizing the events rather than condemning them. “Frankly, as a mom, I felt sick inside. I wanted to be able to thoughtfully explain to my son why all of these things were happening,” Myla said. “I remember saying to him, ‘Some people just aren’t being kind anymore.’” Myla and her six-year-old son Geovanni (Geo) continued to talk about the problem — about the lack of kindness. Together, they committed to do an act of kindness every week for 12 weeks, and to share their kindness on Facebook. “It was our way of saying that kindness and love have always been the answer, and we want to see more of it.” At the end of the project, Myla and Geo were amazed by how well-received their kindness had been. And they knew they couldn’t stop. So Myla researched how to create a domestic non-profit organization. Myla said, “It brought purpose to our family and we are excited to spread love and minimize as much hate as possible through our deliberate acts and involvement in the community.” As a non-profit, the family hopes to expand their project through greater community involvement. Myla and Geo will be speaking about kindness in schools and libraries to help people, especially those with different backgrounds, embrace kindness.

Myla Cardona-Jones is a Dayton native and an active member of the Junior League of Dayton. In addition to being a faculty member at Sinclair Community College, Myla and her six-yearold son Geo founded One Love, LLC. The non-profit encourages kindness. Pictured here with husband and father Alan.

We really want to cultivate a sense of hope within our community and counteract negativity. We can all be kind. We can be the change. — Myla Cardona-Jones

Centennial C ommittee Nearly 100 years ago on Halloween night, the Junior League of Dayton was organized by 10 charter members. The first members initiated community projects like the Gauze Stretching Committee, which stretched over half the gauze needed at Miami Valley Hospital. To honor our history and founding members, the Junior League of Dayton is forming a Centennial Committee. A small group of women representing our Sustaining and Active membership will work throughout the 2018-2019 and 20192020 League years to plan and coordinate anniversary events. Questions can be directed to Audrey Starr, 2017-18 Centennial Ad Hoc Committee Chair, at or 937-416-3924. The Windtunnel |


Annabelle Cummings



Originally written for the Windtunnel by Chris Saunders (Honorary Emeritus) with additions from Pattie Edmonson (Sustainer). Edited for space.

At 95 years old, Annabelle Cummings is the Junior League of Dayton’s oldest living past president. She moved to Colorado in 2017, after spending 67 years living and serving in Dayton. She firmly believes the Junior League of Dayton’s first priority is to train future leaders who will serve the community and train other emerging leaders. In order to accomplish this goal, she believes the League must educate members about all aspects of the city of Dayton, both its strengths and weaknesses. Annabelle credits her Junior League experience for much that she accomplished in our community. While Annabelle was League president (1961-1963), she

was also a Trustee of the Dayton Art Institute. She was instrumental in starting the museum’s docent program, which was a project of the JLD. In addition, she was an active member of Dayton’s Community Welfare Council, helping non-profits assess and articulate their needs into funding proposals. Later, as a member of the Ohio Citizen’s Council, she conveyed Dayton’s needs to the Ohio State Legislature. An avid gardener, Annabelle also chaired the Garden Club of Dayton. She developed educational projects for children at Cox Arboretum and other organizations to stimulate students’ knowledge and love of gardening, as well as appreciation for the environment. As chair of the scholarship committee of the Garden Club of America (GCA), she enjoyed selecting recipients for GCA scholarships. After her children, Chris and Scott, were grown, Annabelle took courses at Wright State University to become certified to teach in Ohio. She joined the sixth grade history faculty at Miami

Valley School in 1967 because she “could relate to that age from experiences with [her] own boys.” Annabelle and her husband traveled the world. She wanted to have a first-hand experience with classical archaeology. With summers free, Annabelle joined six archaeological digs in the 1970s, traveling to Israel, Italy, Greece and Cyprus. When she returned to the classroom, she made history come alive through her personal experiences. In April 2001, Annabelle was nominated by a former student, actress Allison Janney, to appear in a national “Take Charge of Education” campaign for Target Corporation.

She flew to California with Allison to photograph the ads. In June 2017, Annabelle celebrated her 95th birthday with family and close friends in Dayton. Afterward, she made a permanent move to Colorado to be near family. She has always retained her zest for life, enthusiasm about the Dayton community and the Miami Valley School. She was an active participant at Junior League meetings, asking pertinent questions of active members and making valuable comments during open discussions — right up to “moving day.” Her contributions are many and varied. Annabelle is a treasured friend and dynamic community leader.

...The Junior League of Dayton’s first priority is to train future leaders who will serve the community and train other emerging leaders.. —Annabelle Cummings

5 | March 2018

Tackling your first 10K If you haven’t run a 10K before, here are some tips to help you go the distance. 1. Make a plan. Find and follow a training program that’s appropriate for your current fitness level.

Lacing Up for Literacy The Junior League of Dayton will host its annual Run for the Health of It fundraising race on Saturday, April 7. Runners may run the 5K (3.1 mile) or 10K (6.2 mile) course; both runs begin and end at Riverscape MetroPark. The flat course is ideal for runners looking to jumpstart their race season or for a final training session for their spring marathon. The event is strollerfriendly and open to joggers, walkers and families seeking a non-competitive race. The course is also handicap accessible.

Saturday, April 7, 2018 • Registration opens at 7:30 a.m.; Races begin at 8:00 a.m. (10K) and 8:15 a.m. (5K) • 5K registration is $25 until March 19; $35 beginning March 20 • 10K registration is $30 until March 19; $40 beginning March 20 • Register online at jldayton. or mail your registration form and payment to the League office by April 1.

Runners may bring new or gently used books to the race to donate. The new member class is organizing a book drive on behalf of Agape Youth Services, a local foster agency, and Shoes 4 the Shoeless, a local non-profit. The League hopes to donate 1,000 books to these agencies by the end of the League year.

2. Follow the plan. You’ll have good days and bad days, and that’s okay. Consistently running is important for building your strength and your confidence. 3. Take it easy. If this is your first 10K, your goal is to go far, not fast. Take it easy as you build up to longer distances. 4. Practice. Before the big day, have a practice run. Pay attention to your fuel, attire and pace so you know what to expect on race day. 5. Have fun. Don’t forget to smile as you cross the finish line.

Registration fees are tax-deductible and all proceeds benefit the League’s literacy and wellness programs. The Windtunnel |


Slush a n a n Ba y r S t rawber Courtesy of the Junior League of Dallas

Enjoy this kid-friendly snack. It’s perfect for a spring celebration or post-run recovery. 1 banana 1 cup frozen strawberries 1 cup water (for less sugar) 1 cup ice cubes 1 1/2 to 2 cups Greek yogurt SUPPLIES NEEDED Measuring Cups Blender Knife Cups and spoons for serving and enjoying PLACE all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. SERVE and enjoy.

Order your JLD Cookbook today! Junior League cookbooks make the perfect gift for any occasion. In addition to our cookbook, Causing a Stir, we have books from other Leagues and AJLI’s Kids in the Kitchen cookbook for sale. Purchase one today by emailing or by calling 937-222-5541.

COST: Buy 1 for $20 or 2 for $35, plus credit card fees (if applicable) and shipping. Cash, check and credit card accepted.

7 | March 2018

25 Erica Shaffer, Active Gold



26 Jessica Blakewood, Active

2 Gay Spiegel, Sustainer

27 Susan Katz, Sustainer

2 Stephanie Stallworth, Active

28 Nancy Gillaugh, Honorary Emeritus

2 Sylvia White, Sustainer

28 Phyllis Heck, Honorary Emeritus

3 Jane Rininger, Honorary

29 Tricia Goodowens, Sustainer

4 Janice Kinnison, Non-resident Sustainer

30 Lauren Williams, Active

3 Lindsey Bayer, Sustainer

5 Anne Larkins, Sustainer

Happy Birthday, Leaguers! (March through May) MARCH 2 Bonnie Bozorgi, Non-resident Sustainer 2 Amale Joseph-Anisko, Sustainer 3 Kayce Stewart, Active 4 Marian Crawford, Honorary Emeritus


6 Karen Kugel, Sustainer

1 Melinda Thesing, Sustainer 2 Carol Dickerson, Emeritus 2 Karen Evans, Sustainer 2 Malacos Marshall, Sustainer 3 Audrey Starr, Active Gold 11 Sandy Gunlock, Sustainer 11 Maureen Moser, Honorary 12 Krystle Burris, New Member 15 Sally Fisher, Emeritus 15 Sandy Ingberg, Sustainer

6 Molly Treese, Sustainer 7 Kitty Snow, Sustainer 11 Susan Gruenberg, Sustainer 12 Jennifer Baker, New Member 13 Michelle Brad, Sustainer 16 Paula Powers, Sustainer 17 Viktorija Cecil, Active 17 Sally Thompson, Sustainer 18 Emily Bowman, Active 18 Diane Ege, Sustainer

4 Cindy Raymond, Sustainer

16 Barbara Sooy, Sustainer

5 Bri Trappe, Active

16 Jessica Stickel, Active

7 Judy Pritchard, Sustainer

17 Joni Sherk, Sustainer

7 Jessica Saunders, Active

18 Betsy Burns, Sustainer

8 Pauline Rocco, Sustainer

22 Cissy Matthews, Sustainer

21 Janet Dues, Non-resident Sustainer

8 Becky Slanker, Sustainer

24 Ellie Gillmore, Active

22 Erin Wood, Active

9 Patti Blessing, Sustainer

25 Jenn Makkas, Sustainer

23 Milly Hubler, Honorary Emeritus

12 Patricia McWilliams, Sustainer

25 Linda Snyder, Sustainer

25 Carol Pohl, Sustainer

12 Kathy Molnar, Sustainer

26 Grace Jones, Active

29 Jennifer Kane, Sustainer

15 Sue Williams, Non-resident Sustainer

27 Kelly Fedders, Sustainer

29 Vicki Thompson, Sustainer

27 Talie Graeff, Sustainer

30 Bette Weinheimer, Sustainer

16 Martha Taylor, Sustainer

29 Nicole Lundy, Sustainer

30 Stephanie Winquist, Active

19 Lisa Darnell, Sustainer 19 Beth Schott, Active 20 Judy Cook, Honorary Emeritus

18 Jean Mahoney, Honorary Emeritus 19 Winnie Cleavenger, Sustainer 23 Laura Heitz, Sustainer

It’s not a long life that matters, but a deep one. —Susan Sarandon

24 Jane Mitakides, Sustainer

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C ongratulations to the following Leaguers on exciting news! Any sunshine you would like added to the next edition of the Windtunnel? Contact our Sunshine Coordinator, Lee Anne Drapalik, at


Cate Berger (Sustainer) began

working at Equitas Health as Director of Development.

Amy Blair

(Active) was recently promoted to partner at her law firm, Rogers and Greenberg, LLP.

Michelle Brad (Sustainer) began

working at Shopsmith, Inc. as a General Manager.

Liz Miller (Active) will be starting

a new position at UD’s Center for Leadership as the Leadership Program Manager.

Stephanie Stallworth (Active) began working at Quotient Technology as a data analyst.


Allison Allread (Sustainer)

and husband Steve welcomed twins, Brooklyn and Jack.


Rachel Lanka

(Active) got engaged to Calvin Lumley.


Myla Cardona-Jones (Active) and

her family turned 12 weeks of kind acts into a non-profit organization, 1Love LLC. She has also presented at area conferences on how to find hope through service to your community.

Jocelin Dean (Active) was named

the new After 5 Networking Chair for the Dayton chapter of Women in Business Networking.

Elizabeth Edington

Samantha Leenheer’s (Active)

wedding event planning business, Samantha Joy Events, was named a 2018 Couples Choice winner.

Erin Prokes (Active) was named

2018 President of the Dayton area chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA); she will be presenting on Executive Communications at a conference in Nashville on May 18, 2018.

(Active) was certified as a Tier 1 adoption assessor for the State of Ohio. Elizabeth also celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary by renewing her vows.

Jessica Saunders (Active)

Carly Hall (Active) was named

(Active) was promoted to Director of Volunteer Services at Dayton Children’s.

Employee of the Year at Homefull, a non-profit organization that works to end homelessness by providing housing, services, advocacy and education. Carly is the Development Program Coordinator.

Gina Handy Minyard’s (Active)

Magnolia Theatre Company’s production of “Gidion’s Knot” was named by Dayton Daily News as one of the top 10 standout shows on local stages. Gina will be directing “Assassins” at Short North Stage in Columbus in May 2018.

recently competed in a dance competition at the Blue Ribbon Gala to benefit the Child Advocacy Center of Warren County.

Kelly Wills

JLD at AJLI Jessica Stickel (Active) and Erin McNicholl (Active) will be presenting at the AJLI Annual Conference in April. They will be speaking about our Kids in the Kitchen campaign, which previously won an AJLI marketing award, and how it supported our community impact programming.

SENDING SUNSHINE TO THE FOLLOWING LEAGUERS: Stephanie Barr (Active), for the loss of her grandfather, Robert Pierce, on Oct. 28, 2017. Krystle Burris (New Member), for the loss of her grandmother, Mary J. Sampson, on Jan. 27, 2018.

9 | March 2018

May Apri

Take note of these upcoming events

Lace Up for Literacy Our eighth annual running event starts at 8 a.m. Enter the 10K or 5K race to support the League’s literacy programs.

Monday, June 11


Saturday, April 7

Learn, Grow, Explore at the Northwest Branch of Dayton Metro Library Classical music

Monday, June 18

Friday, April 13

Sustainer Lunch Bunch

Saturday, May 5

Therapeutic Riding Institute Leaguers will help with registration, food tables, merchandise sales and a game area for siblings and riders.

Monday, May 7

Agape Education Night Join us for pizza, homework, reading and other educational activities. League members will work one-on-one with kids age preschool to high school.

Tuesday, May 8

Annual Dinner Celebration and Silent Auction Sycamore Creek Country Club

Tuesday, May 8

Sustainer Tea Sycamore Creek Country Club If you’d like to help plan this annual gathering, please contact Michelle Brad at (937) 479-5155 or

Learn, Grow, Explore at the Northwest Branch of Dayton Metro Library Instruments

Monday, June 25

Learn, Grow, Explore at the Northwest Branch of Dayton Metro Library Wild Sounds with special guest animals from the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Monday, July 9

Learn, Grow, Explore at the Northwest Branch of Dayton Metro Library Country Music/Western

Monday, July 16

Learn, Grow, Explore at the Northwest Branch of Dayton Metro Library Rock ‘n Roll

Monday, July 23 Learn, Grow, Explore at the Northwest Branch of Dayton Metro Library Music from around the world



The Windtunnel |

For more information about any of the Done in a Day volunteer opportunities, contact Mindy Webster at malinda. or 419-953-5850. Members may also sign-up online.

Learn Grow Explore

Join the Junior League and other community partners for literacy-based activities designed to help prevent summer slide — a phenomenon where kids lose their reading skills over the summer months. This year’s theme is “Reading Rocks.” For more information about Learn, Grow, Explore volunteer opportunities, contact Shannon Shelton Miller at or 937-823-0432. Members may also sign-up online.

Lunch Bunch

Sustainer Lunch Bunch meets on the second Friday of every month (September through April, excluding October). Members select a restaurant to meet for good food and even better conversation. If you are interested in joining and reacquainting with friends from your Active days, contact Mary Hornbeck at 937-298-2866 or Judy Slanker at 937-298-2459 or

Looking for Sustainers

Stay connected! JuniorLeagueDayton/

Done in a Day


Sustaining members who want to be more involved in planning or attending sustainer events may contact Michelle Brad at 937-479-5155 or Michelle is coordinating opportunities for sustainers to meet one another and to volunteer as a group.

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Dayton, OH Permit No.

Address service requested

120 W. Second St., Suite 605 Dayton, OH 45402 937-222-5541 Office hours by appointment


The Windtunnel - March 2018  
The Windtunnel - March 2018