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October 1, 2010 Dear Friends and Neighbors, I am writing to you today to help set the record straight about a candidate for Mayor of the City of Alameda – Doug deHaan. Mr. deHaan has portrayed his record in a way that is at the very least misleading and in some cases an outright lie. Here is a summary: n deHaan’s FALSE claim: he supports public safety. THE FACTS – He has turned his back on Alameda’s firefighters, as well as our community’s seniors by advocating for privatizing local ambulance service and causing delays in negotiations that would ensure your safety and the safety of all the citizens and visitors to the City of Alameda. Despite numerous meetings between Mr. deHaan and myself, in which I directly provided him with information and written documentation on acceptable standards for ambulance service, he remains committed to an agenda that is bent on privatization and contracting out services that would put your safety at risk. n deHaan’s FALSE claim: he supported the re-development of Alameda Theater. The FACTS – public records clearly indicate that deHaan OPPOSED the re-development project for Alameda Theater and the parking garage at three different times. This outright lie from the deHaan campaign is the worst of political expediency and hypocrisy of a politician who will clearly say anything to get elected. n deHaan’s FALSE claim: he supported popular projects such as Harbor Bay Isle and Business Park, Towne Center (South Shore), and Bridgeside. The FACTS – he was consistently opposed to each of these projects prior to, and during his time on City Council. Only now that the projects are completed and successful does he claim to have been on their side all along. I take no pleasure in pointing out these disturbing facts about Mr. deHaan’s record, but at this time, I felt we could no longer remain silent and let Mr. deHaan blatantly mislead Alameda voters and potentially jeopardize the safety of residents, firefighters and visitors to the City of Alameda. In photo-ops, Mr. deHaan has stood shoulder to shoulder with firefighters while greeting the community and posing like professional politicians always do. But when the time came to advocate for your safety and the safety of the firefighters, he has caused confusion and delays because of his “lack of understanding”. We are concerned enough about his actions and lack of leadership ability to bring these items to your attention. I thank you for your time, and in advance for your commitment to choosing the best possible candidate for Alameda’s next Mayor. Sincerely,

Domenick Weaver, President Alameda Firefighters IAFF Local 689

Affiliated with AFL-CIO • CLC Alameda County • California Professional Firefighters

Firefighters letter re: Doug DeHaan's record  

Alameda's Fire Fighters union released a hard hitting negative campaign piece targetting Councilmember Doug DeHaan's record

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