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2012 California Spring Trials March 25 through March 29, 2012 4107 West Gonzales Road, Oxnard, California

Welcome! Our 2012 Look Book gives you a special preview of the new introductions from Hort Couture for Spring 2013. We are fast becoming a leader in floriculture for fresh, exciting new plant genetics. Our 17 new varieties that we will feature at California Spring Trials this year represent our best class of introductions yet. One key to our success in the market has been the ability to combine proven protocol for genetic evaluation at C. Raker & Sons Inc. with our commitment to the breeder, grower and retailer of keeping these plant genetics in the independent channel. Our alliance partners at each step in the supply chain value our devotion to small business and understand how important the IGC channel is to our industry. As the market continues to change, the ability to deliver quality, new varieties to our customers will become more important. Our family of breeders continues to grow and we are very confident that Hort Couture will be the premier brand of genetics for the independent channel. Enjoy our 2012 Look Book. All of these varieties will be featured in our trials this Summer at the Raker Trial Gardens. We invite you to visit this important trial site. To learn more, visit . Also, please follow our new varieties on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. We have a very active presence on each. Remember to support independent business and thanks for your continued interest in Hort Couture!





Blue Zebra



King Crab





Lobularia SNOW GLOBE™







Electric Coral



Delft Blue










Midnight Rambler


Pilea x

Cotton Top

Hort Couture is making our third trip to California Spring Trials in 2012 and we have the most exciting new introductions yet from our fashion forward company. Coming off the momentum of the success of Coleus UNDER THE SEA™ this past year we are pleased to introduce the following new plants for Spring 2013. Petunia GLAMOUFLAGE™ ‘Grape’ PPAF Wow! This is all you can say about this new variegated Petunia. Glamouflage™ has a very stable variegation, bright grape-purple flowers and a great form for both production and use in container gardens and baskets. There will be no cooler new annual for 2013 than this glamorous new Petunia!

Primula Blue Zebra™ A Fleuroselect Winner at 2011 IPM Essen, we are pleased to bring this wonderful new plant to the North American market. Blue Zebra is an F1 Primula. acaulis with the most amazing blue flower with darker blue veins. This streaking effect is stunning! Very cool POP available for this fun new plant for the early Spring program. Get your HC started early in 2013 with Blue Zebra!

Coleus UNDER THE SEA™ ‘King Crab’ & ‘Electric Coral’ & ‘Lion Fish’


There was no more sought after new plant series in 2012 than our UNDER THE SEA™ Coleus. For 2013 we have three bubblicious varieties from the same breeding program. King Crab is by far the largest leaf of any in the series and has rich velvety leaves that are adorned with the secondary leaflets that is a hallmark of the breeding for this series. Way cool for the mixed container! Electric Coral was a superstar in our trialing with not only for its bright fuchsia and yellow color and characteristic crustacean type leaves but for its heat and sun tolerance. The third new addition to the series for Spring 2013 is Lion Fish. It has deep purple-black leaves on a uniquely cascading plant form. All three varieties are sun tolerant, easy to grow and as always, exclusive to the IGC channel.

Ipomoea SOUTH OF THE BORDER™ ‘Chipotle’


With successful varieties such as ‘Chihuahua’, ‘Refried Beans’ and ‘Guacamole’ established in the market, we now are marketing our Ipomoea batatas series as SOUTH OF THE BORDER™. For Spring 2013, we have an amazing variety to add to the series. Chipotle is the first variety ever to combine the lime and wine colors of the species into one dazzling plant. This is going to be a hot plant!

Lobularia SNOW GLOBE™ ‘Purple’


Our petite SNOW GLOBE™ White proved to be a great solution for many growers in 2012 and we are pleased to add to this series for 2013 with a new Purple clone. This new cultivar has the same habit and performance but brings a NEW color to the Genus. Equally happy in the landscape or pots. Lavandula x ‘Phenomenal’


From master plantsman Lloyd Traven comes a new Lavender that is destined to be a superstar. The versatility and performance of Phenomenal makes its so special that it is being introduced as an ornamental annual instead of as an herb. Exceptional hardiness, tolerant of moist soils and absolutely gorgeous! Salvia MANNEQUIN ‘Delft Blue’ PPAF Our MANNEQUIN™ Collection of Salvia has proven to be top performers in the class for two years running. Very large, early flowers and superb summer performance make them irresistible. The addition of Delft Blue adds a novelty color combination to the series that is unlike anything in the market. The sky blue flowers are suffused with white striations that bring them to life. Coleus SIGNATURE™ ‘Midnight Rambler’ PPAF This new selection of Gnash Rambler is the darkest Coleus we have ever seen. Matte black, compact habit and duckfoot type leaves. This is a must have for 2013! From our friend Chris Baker. Pilea x ‘Cotton Top’ If you are looking for a great new accent plant for mixed containers, this variegated artillery plant is just the ticket. Easy to grow and a brilliant white color! Bacopa BOUTIQUE™ ‘Mascara Pink’


Our BOUTIQUE™ series of Baopa were a big hit in 2011. The first Bacopa to feature a distinctive eye zone in the flowers! Mascara Pink is a wonderful addition to the collection. Calibrachoa KIMONO™ PPAF We showed a preview of KIMONO™ at Spring Trials last year and will hit the market with this amazing collection of Calibrachoa this Spring. The highly decorative center eye zones are dazzling. The most unique series of Calibrachoa ever! Blue Dragon, Japanese Sunset, Kim Chi, Koi and Obi Lavender are the gorgeous introductions for 2013.

Hort Couture® has moved to a new location this year for Spring Trials. We are now located at Grolink in Oxnard, CA. For more information, please contact us at 304.890.6565 or visit

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Hort Couture LOOK BOOK 2012  

See what is new for Spring 2013 from our fashion forward brand of innovative plant genetics.