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Teton County Fair 2011

Special section • August 3, 2011

Jackson resident Don Clark bought Shyann Lucas’ 1,215-pound senior market beef champion steer at Teton County Fair for $5.50 per pound. He praised the “lovely young lady” who raised the steer, and said he plans to donate the meat to the Senior Center of Jackson Hole, because “that’s what they need.”


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Lucas finishes her final county fair in style 18-year-old who won grand champion in beef division as a freshman repeats as a senior. By Thomas Dewell Shyann Lucas finished her last year in Teton County 4-H in winning style. Lucas, 18, won grand champion in senior market beef and senior beef showman and led the first animal into the Earl Hardeman auction arena Friday at the Teton County Fair. She sold her 1,215-pound steer for $5.50 per pound to top bidder Don Clark, a longtime valley resident. The top results in the steer competition come as Lucas won the Wyoming High School Rodeo Association state championship in her senior year in pole bending. Lucas also won the grand champion ribbons for raising a steer as a freshman. Why did Clark pay $6,682.50 for a steer raised by a cowgirl whose family still ranches in Spring Gulch? “I just think she’s a super human being,” Clark said at the auction. Lucas has used money from past 4-H auctions to help buy a truck so she can haul her rodeo animals around the state. She also plans to use some of the money to pay for college. Next year, she will attend Sheridan College to study elementary education. The steer Lucas raised was one of 98 animals auctioned Friday. Most entries drew multiple bidders, and prices were above last year, when at least one animal drew only one bid. In many cases, bidding went well beyond $3 per pound, also up from last year when bidding sometimes stalled below $3 per pound. Lucas named her steer Squirt when


Torie Castagno leads her reserve champion market steer around the ring Friday at the Teton County Fair 4-H Livestock Auction. Bob Shervin purchased the animal for $4.75 per pound.

she got him because he was so little. At one point, she worried he might not grow enough to win over a judge. She worked on him one to two hours every day, brushing his hair forward and keeping him under a fan for part of summer to help him grow hair. He reached a perfect weight. Lucas, whose sister Jamie won the beef

grand champion title last year, described Squirt as sweet and like a big dog. Unlike other steers that tended to be ornery, Squirt was relatively easy to handle. Later this month, Lucas will take Squirt to compete at the state fair in Douglas. Now that she is 18 and a high school graduate, Lucas has a new appreciation of what it takes to win.

“You really have to work your animal and show them you care,” Lucas said. She also has a better understanding of the bidders who sit quietly in the stands at the livestock auction and raise a hand or pen to buy an animal, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on an animal. “It really is a huge gift for them to come support 4-H,” Lucas said.

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18-19 Results Go to JHNewsAndGuide.mycapture. PRICE CHAMBERS / NEWS&GUIDE com/mycapture/index.asp to purchase Kyle Leede and Erselle Stabler enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the carnival midway as they take a spin on Vertigo, the tallest attraction at the 2011 Teton County Fair. any photographs in this section. back cover Photo by bradly j. boner / news&guide

Back cover: Carnival riders enjoy a final night of thrills as the sun sets Sunday over Jackson Hole and the 2011 Teton County Fair.

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Two members of the Shake and Bacon team let the pig slip through their fingers Thursday. Seventy-seven teams signed up for the pig wrestling contest at the 2011 Teton County Fair.

Strategy over

sw i n e By Findley Merritt


o an outsider, pig wrestling may have looked like an ordinary Halloween party. Pink princesses huddled next to youngsters clad in penguin suits. Grown men in chef hats sipped beers next to sumo wrestlers. But Thursday night’s scene at the Teton County fairgrounds included a major distinction: The costumed contestants pitted themselves against pigs for the fame and glory bestowed by a crowd of spectators. The annual Teton County Fair event attracted 77 teams spread across four divisions, some representing various valley organizations. The rules were simple: Upon entering the mud arena, each team of four had one minute to dunk its pig into a water bucket in the middle. The fastest team to accomplish the task wins. Getting the job done was not simple. Teams employed various strategies to get the pig in the can. “We’re just going to go ninja on it,” said Jordan Bauer of team Swine Crew. Members of the junior division team Hog Warriors planned to corner the pig and have the other two members grab its front and back legs. Lost Creek Ranch’s team, Swine Swindlers planned on using a strategy they learned on their jobsite to combat the thick, deep mud. “We’re going for the ‘restaurant wet walk,’” Hank Purcell said, demonstrating a gliding motion. Other teams relied on their costumes for success. Men’s division team Masterbaconeers came sporting Daisy Duke jean shorts and midriff-baring orange tank tops overlain with Hawaiian grass skirts. “We wear the shorts so we can get low,” member Spencer Hirst said while doing lunges. “You guys haven’t even stretched yet!” he yelled to his teammates. But strategy could only go so far. The crowd cheered when teams got close to dunking their pig and “awwed” when they missed. One member from the Bed Hogs team said pig wrestling was much harder than she had expected. “It’s really scary and slippery out there,” she said. Amid failed attempts, some teams managed to wiggle their way to top scores.

The four members of team demonstrate that it is not as easy as it looks to get a pig in a barrel. Even their combined effort was not enough to accomplish the task.

In the Pee Wee division (ages 8 and under), the Pork Belly Posse — Jack Jenkins, Genevieve Jenkins, Declan Ross and Emily Ross — won Best Dressed for their multicolored capes. First place in the Junior division (ages 9-14) went to Pigalicious: CJ Hopkins, Libby Cook, Courtney Hill and Jordan Hansen. Second place was awarded to team Pig Pot Pie — Stephanie Rambo, Genevieve Worthe, Adrienne Jarvis and Caroline Patel — and third place went to the Spam Canners — Bodi Morris, Kolten Cook, Colter Lucas and Trey Wagner. Mr. Popper’s Piguins— Nevie Lee, Rachel Garrett, Quinn Reyes and Georgia Eidemiller— received Best Dressed for their penguin outfits. In the Men’s division, Ace in the Hole— Tristan Hansen, Tyler Friend, Cache Hill and Cade Cooke — took home first place, and Too Raw 2 Win — Patrick Woggins, Steve Ruther, Isaiah Gross and Spencer Morten — was awarded second place. Third Place went to Masterbaconeers Thomas Haigh, Spencer Hirst, Timothy Theodore and Max Friedman. And Too Raw 2 Win rightfully won Best Dressed as the crowd went wild for team members’ Americana getup, which included wigs, belts made of PBR cardboard and flag jumpsuits. In the Women’s division, Punk Tails — Erin Wright, Kelly Schroeder, MaryJo McNamee and Monica McNamee — took home first place. Second place went

Little swine wrestlers got little swines. Above, members of the Bacon Busters fight to lift the pig off the ground.

to Hog Heaven — Cheyenne Sachise, Skyler Baker, Alexy Green and Hailey Cook— while third place went to Sweet Teats — Torie Castagno, Mckenna Brinton, Jenny Castagno and Emillee Barker. Matadores of de Piggies Kaitlyn Romsa, Nealy Angell, Kristina Scarff and Addy Hutchinson won Best Dressed for their Spanish-themed costumes complete with hair flowers and fans.

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A long line of combatants pull and grin during a bout of tug-o-war at Saturday’s Redneck Olympics, a new series of games at the Teton County Fair.

Going for fool’s gold at Redneck Olympics Games including toilet-seat toss, knot-tying relay race concludes with wheelbarrows full of water balloons. By Brielle Schaeffer Just as the Olympic games bring countries together in sporting rivalries, the 4-H Redneck Olympics at the Teton County Fair brought children together in friendly competition. Instead of figure skating, water polo and bobsled races, Redneck Olympians threw toilet seats, untied imaginary horses and chucked water balloons. “Ain’t nothing that brings kids closer together than water balloons,” said Josh Dieckmann, the event organizer and an area 4-H leader. The Redneck Olympics began last summer as a way to keep the 4-H youths entertained after their livestock were shown, cleaned and sold at the fair Friday, he said. “The livestock kids needed something to do,” Dieckmann said. This year’s Olympics weren’t just for regional 4-H club members, though. Any youngster who wanted to join could step right up during the games Saturday afternoon at the Grassy Arena. “We don’t turn away kids,” Dieckmann said. There were no prizes for the winning team, only the fun times and bragging rights, he said. And why, exactly, were they called the Redneck Olympics? “Just ’cause I’m a redneck,” Dieckmann said. Dozens of children streamed into the woodenfenced arena, ready to try their hand at relay races and other competitions. Before the games stared, Dieckmann quizzed the anxious group on the 4-H organization’s six pillars of character. “How many are we going to follow in our event?” he asked. The first relay, which had a number of heats, had the three teams running to untie a rope from the fence that was standing in as a horse, ride the stick horse back to the line, gather “eggs” and then return their horse to the post. All this while dodging water balloons thrown from the other teams. The “eggs” were actually miniature plastic skulls. “That’s what the dollar store had last year,” Dieckmann said. Competitors raced to perform the tasks, often slip-

Shyann Lucas, 18, splashes Seth Wilson, 11, with a water ballon during a break between games Saturday.

ping in the damp grass. Some members coached their mates on strategy. Others just cheered. The three teams were made up of children of all ages. “It’s a fun event at the end of competition week,” said Shyann Lucas, 18, of Jackson, who was also the leader of one team. Lucas, a 4-H member, took a few high honors for 4-H competitions in senior division horses and beef at the fair this year. But at the Redneck Olympics, it didn’t appear that she would be adding grand champion Redneck Olympian to her list. “We’re not winning, but we’re having fun,” she said. After the relays, the teams competed in a toilet seat toss, seeing how far a seat and lid could be flung across the field. That was Olivia Wilson’s favorite event.

“It’s funny,” the 11-year-old from Alta said. A short-lived relay in which racers had to tie square knots was followed by the grand finale: a huge water balloon fight. Three wheelbarrows of water balloons were wheeled out to the center of the area, and the children were ushered back to the fence. On Dieckmann’s command, a stampede of kids rushed across the field toward the water balloons. “It’s just a free-for-all,” said Justin Rowe, 14, of Jackson. The water fight was by far the main attraction of the Redneck Olympics. “They were champing at the bit” to get at the water balloons, Dieckmann said. By the time of the closing ceremony, every kid appeared to be soaking wet — and smiling broadly.

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Lily Mason performs a Hula-hoop routine Friday during the Rita Case Memorial Talent Show at the Teton County Fair.

Competitors pull out stops at talent show Western twists wow judges at fair. By Tram Whitehurst What do you get when you mix The Beatles with a little Wyoming country-western twang? Coby Larson’s version of “I Feel Fine,” of course, which won the 10-year-old first place Friday in the junior division of the Rita Case Memorial Talent Show at the Teton County Fair. Coby’s acoustic rendition of the Fab Four’s classic wowed the judges and had audience members singing and dancing along. Quick, catchy and recognizable, the song seemed the perfect choice for the competition. The soon-to-be fifth-grader at Colter Elementary School said he wasn’t intimidated by the spotlight. “My dad told me just don’t think about all the people watching me,” he said. Coby said he chose the song because it’s his favorite by The Beatles, a band his dad first introduced him to. It also didn’t hurt that once he “learned that little riff,” the rest was pretty

easy, he said. Fifteen other acts joined Coby in showing off their skills to a packed house under the big top at the fairgrounds. It was standing room only, with both sets of bleachers filled and dozens of energetic young campers in matching T-shirts sitting on the grass just in front of the stage. The master of ceremonies was a bespectacled, big-footed, pink-haired clown named Flo. With a pink poodle skirt and a coin dispenser on her hip, she seemed to be going for the “waitress at a 1950s diner” look. Flo kept the crowd entertained between acts with jokes, stories and question-and-answer sessions. She also spent a good deal of time jokingly looking for a date, keeping her eye on several potential suitors in the audience. The big winner of the day was Mindy Kaufman, who won first place in the senior division and was named grand champion of the junior and senior divisions for her rendition of “You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun,” from “Annie Get Your Gun.” She really got into character for the performance, dressing up like Annie Oakley and carrying a

Andreas Olvera’s specialty is Chinese juggling with a diabolo yo-yo. He took fourth place in the senior division.

Aspen Jacquet and Aspen Kinley get more practice in before going on stage. Their rendition of “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry won them third place in the senior division of the talent show.

fake pistol and shotgun that she pointed at the audience throughout the performance. As she sang “They don’t buy pajamas for pistol packin’ mommas,” she tossed the pistol to a group of young boys at the base of the stage, who were thrilled with their prize. Sadly for them they had to return the gun at the end of the performance. With show tunes a popular choice this year, it wasn’t surprising that the winner of the adult division also chose a musical number. Abby Gershuny belted out “Love You I Do” from the movie musical “Dreamgirls.” Although Gershuny was the only performer in her division, the lack of competition did not keep her from showing off her big voice. As the last performer of the afternoon, she left members of the crowd with toes tapping and smiles on their faces.

Rita Case Memorial Talent Show winners Junior division 1. Coby Larson, vocals/guitar rendition of “I Feel Fine” by The Beatles 2. Anushka Olvera, singing arias “Ocho Sate” and “Caro Mio Ben” 3. Nancy Garcia, dancing to “Low” by Flo Rida 4. Addi and Seth Iken, drums/piano/vocals/rap Senior division 1. Mindy Kaufman, singing “You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun” from “Annie Get Your Gun” 2. Samantha Stuck, singing “I Could Have Danced All Night” from “My Fair Lady” 3. Amanda Kinley and Cherly Peterson, dance/vocals to “Hot Honey Rag” from “Chicago” Aspen Jacquet and Aspen Kinley, vocals/guitar to “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry 4. Andreas Olvera, Chinese juggling with a diabolo yo-yo Adult division 1. Abby Gershuny, singing “Love You I Do” from “Dreamgirls” Grand Champions Juniors and seniors: Mindy Kaufman Adults: Abby Gershuny

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Danny Conner helps volunteer Monse Cabrerra handle a live python at the start of one of his reptile shows Thursday. Throughout the county fair, Connor intrigued young and old audience members with large snakes, alligators, lizards and a massive snapping turtle named Spartacus.

Reptiles astound, freak out some fairgoers Children get a lesson in python-holding. By Kevin Huelsmann When Danny Conner brought out Spartacus, a massive alligator snapping turtle and star of Conner’s Reptilian Adventures show, the crowd had only one reaction. In unison, the dozens of children gathered on metal bleachers along Snow King Avenue let out one big, “Whooaaa.” The look of amazement and terror that spread across their faces could also be seen when Conner let them hold pythons and other scaled creatures.

“It was kind of sloppy,” 4-year-old Katelyn Egan said after holding a ball python. “It was fun. I was too scared to touch the crocodile.” With careful instructions — “This is not a tube of Colgate, so don’t squeeze him like one” — Conner handed over all sorts of reptiles to eager young volunteers while explaining the eating habits, origins and behavioral notes. Six children lined up to hold Apollo, a 10-foot, 80-pound Burmese python. Conner walked back and forth in front of the line, making sure the children were using the proper Burmese python-handling technique — always use your arms, never your hands — while simultaneously talking about the diet and homeland of

the giant snake. “It’s starting to squeeze a little bit,” one boy told Conner, somewhat nervously. Without missing a bit, Conner shot back, “Just let me know if he gets around your neck.” The children were asked to quickly wash their hands and Conner was soon opening up the next container and pulling out a massive lizard, a Nile monitor, which is a close relative of the Komodo dragon. When Conner brought out a 7-month-old crocodile, hands shot up immediately without any requests for volunteers from Conner, who performed several times throughout the Teton County Fair. Then, just as quickly as those hands

shot up, they were back down again when Conner demonstrated with the skull of an 11-foot alligator how the animal catches its prey. With the tension slowly building, Conner described an alligator-raccoon encounter by the edge of some water. At the end, Conner quickly opened the mouth of the alligator, giving one audience member a close look at the reptile’s 64 teeth. Conner, who lives near San Antonio, Texas, travels around the country in the summer, showing off his reptiles to children, their parents and everyone in between. Conner said he used to work at the San Antonio Zoo and a snake farm before striking out on his own about 10 years ago.

Judges taste, smell, feel for dozens of fair winners In the exhibit hall, a squad of experts samples the best in cooking, canning, sewing, and more. By Angus M. Thuermer Jr. “Mushy,” judge Carolyn Mellor declared as she bit into a pickle at the Teton County Fair Exhibit Hall. A home economist by education, she judged preserves, pickles and other entries July 27. Including eggs, which she examined after cracking one open from each entrant. She described some of the finer points of a good egg to fellow judges before revealing the limitations of her expertise. “I can’t tell you what day it was laid,” Mellor chuckled as she wound up a morning of duties. Experts in the hall included Jim Gill, an agronomy judge who smelled the mints, onions and other entries from valley gardens. Nina Romero Caron judged pies, taking a slice out of each one and tasting the crust and filling for flakiness and moisture. Beverly Hindman ran her

fingers along the stitching of quilts while also examining color, contrast and pattern. The next morning, doors to the hall opened to the public and contestants streamed in to see how they fared. “Her onions only got second place,” one observer bemoaned about a friend’s entry. Harry Baxter won division champ among vegetable-growing entrants with a mammoth (for Jackson Hole) head of broccoli that Gill described as “beautiful and picturesque.” Steve Melanson’s championship bottle of Gros Ventrestre Baltic porter was suspiciously empty after judging. Penny Thompson’s best-of-show “Disco” beer mustard drew flavor from Snake River Brewery’s Discombobulator Mai Bock. Elise Johnson won division champ for her single red subzero tea rose. Donna Jager, Jan Buehler, Anita Nilsson and Amy Meuller stitched the division champion quilt. Charlene Anderson’s best-of-show scarf contrasted a weaving of turquoise and orange material. Garrett Spencer’s winning photograph of elk swimming drew fans, while Annie Estes’ abstract painting in blue, green and orange won best of show among those age 8-12.


Pie judge Nina Romero Caron gets absorbed by the taste and texture of an entry at the Teton County Fair Exhibit Hall. Judges declared winners after a marathon session Wednesday.

TETON COUNTY FAIR Jackson Hole News&Guide, Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 7


McKenna Brinton and her cow, Harriet, are this year’s grand champions in the breeding heifer category of the 4-H beef competition at the Teton County Fair.

Fighting for fair glory Teen tackles a handful of 4-H events, wins prestigious livestock prize. By Findley Merritt McKenna Brinton is like any other 16-year-old. She attends Jackson Hole High School, hangs out with friends on weekends and fantasizes about the day she will leave for college. But come Teton County Fair time, she becomes a performer. Brinton, a member of 4-H, has been preparing for four events — rifle shoot, beef show, pig wrestling and photography— for this year’s Teton County Fair, “Cowboy Boots and Country Roots.” This year marks her eighth in the fair and sixth year in the 4-H club. In past years, she has won grand champion at the Wyoming State Fair for her photography and competed at the state 4-H Shooting Sports Extravaganza. Brinton is a child of the West. She says her father placed a rifle in her hands for the first time when she was tiny. Now, she owns around seven guns, including her own .22, and goes hunting with her dad on a pack trip every year. “I had my own four-wheeler when I was 5,” she says, laughing. Brinton has also grown up around livestock. Her breeding heifer, Harriet, is a direct descendant of her grandfather’s herd in western Nebraska. She named the animal after Harry, her grandfather, because both of them are “strong-willed” she says. Harriet is Brinton’s main focus this year as her 4-H beef project. She hit hard luck with her market beef project when her steer died from bloat. Brinton’s fair success depends on Harriet’s performance at the showmanship competition. But her first task is the 4-H rifle shoot. On the day of, Brinton looks relatively at ease at the Jackson Hole Gun Club, the site of the competition. In the sweltering heat, she sits hunched over the table, chatting with her mom about evening plans. When it comes time to shoot the six rounds for each position — sitting, kneeling, lying and standing — she takes a couple of seconds to focus her gaze, then pulls the trigger. If Brinton is disappointed at the judges’ results, she doesn’t show it. “This is the easy part,” she says. “The real stress comes tomorrow.” That night, Brinton dons sparkly pink shorts and a

Brinton focuses on her target during the 4-H rifle shoot. The event requires competitors to fire while standing, kneeling, sitting and lying. “Standing is the hardest one, because you don’t have a lot of stability,” she said.

black T-shirt for her pig wrestling team, “Sweet Teats.” The four win third place in the competition. As firefighters hose mud off them at the rodeo grounds, she finally reveals their strategy. “If we didn’t get the pig in the bucket, then I was going in,” she says, grinning. Within half a day, she has already finished two events, but tomorrow’s pressure still looms. It’s early to bed for Brinton. The next day, before the 4-H Beef Show, she is awake at 4 a.m. to fight for a spot on the wash rack for Harriet. She has to feed, wash, dry and style the heifer for this pageant. Brinton feels a bit relieved, because her photography and poster on Nomenclature won two purple ribbons and the Grand Reserve Champion award at the fair. So far, both Harriet and Brinton appear calm out on the green grass as the show progresses. Brinton has chosen to wear a shimmery green button-

down shirt, jeans, a rhinestone belt and a black cowboy hat. In her hat she is sporting her lucky feather, from a turkey she shot. Harriet’s hair is shined and fluffed with styling mousse. The heifer starts to get agitated halfway through the showmanship competition, and Brinton has to walk her around in a circle. The judge pulls out four cows and their owners that are eligible to win. Brinton and Harriet are not among them. Back at the wash racks, Brinton dutifully cares for Harriet as if nothing has happened. But the stars seem to align for the next competition. An hour and a second 4-H beef competition later, Brinton and Harriet are Grand Championship winners for the breeding heifer category. It is Brinton’s crowning moment for this yearlong project. “All I want to do is nap now,” she says. “Maybe tomorrow will be fun night.”

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2011 4-H Fair Champions photographs by elizabeth McCabe unless otherwise noted

Photographs may be purchased online at or by calling the News&Guide at 733-2047.


Shyann Lucas Grand champion, senior beef showmanship, senior market beef

Kirby Castagno Grand champion, junior beef showmanship

Reegan Castagno Grand champion, intermediate beef showmanship

TETON COUNTY FAIR Jackson Hole News&Guide, Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 9


Hardeman family

Hailey Hardeman Grand champion, Teton County market beef

Sadye Garvin Grand champion, over-the-hill beef showmanship

Shyann Lucas Grand champion, market steer

McKenna Brinton Grand champion, breeder heifer

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Samuel and Julie Broetsky’s children and their families are involved in the business, and Frazier Shows also has many longtime employees from outside the family.

Julie Broetsky, left, helps Ginny Miller, right, celebrate her 42nd birthday after all the carnival lights are off. “We are like a big family,” Miller said.

Frazier Shows makes 38 stops in 42 weeks during carnival season. Most members of the Broetsky family live in trailers when working the circuit. Their next stop after the Teton County Fair is in New Mexico.

Seven-year-old Stephen P. Broetsky plays Frisbee with

Carnival company makes communit Family has been engaged in the ride and game trade for decades, drawn by the unconventional way of life. Text by Findley Merritt Photographs by Alexandra Mihale


tephen Broetsky cannot pinpoint exactly why he has stayed in the carnival industry for more than 40 years. The 61-year-old owner of Frazier Shows gazes at the whirling carnival lights while struggling to formulate an answer. His business annually entertains Teton County fairgoers with rides, games and greasy food. “I call it the ‘pull of the carnival,’” he finally says, with a grin. “You either love it or you hate it.” Broetsky and his wife, 57-year-old Julie Broetsky, are-third generation carnies who run and own the Arizona-based company with their family. Two of their children, Andrea and Stephen T., are now married and raising their families on the carnival circuit, and the other two, Bryan and Ashley, are involved in the business, too. Stephen Broetsky, a New York City native, took a summer job at a carnival bingo stand in 1969 after a friend convinced him it would be a good way to

make some extra cash. Although his family had been involved in the industry, Broetsky got his own introduction to the carnival world that summer. He was immediately drawn to the unconventional way of life. “Even now I’m at a loss of words,” he says. “It was the camaraderie of everyone who worked there.” He met and married Julie when he began working for her parents’ carnival, and the two worked their way up the East Coast carnival circuit. “She didn’t like me at first,” he says. “But she came around.” They finally had the opportunity to work the West Coast circuit when they bought the 35-year-old Frazier company — opting to keep the name of the established company. One woman started working for the Broetsky family when she was 10 and eventually became a member of the carnival clan when she married Stephen T Broetsky. The two of them have two sons, Stephen P., 7, and Cash, 1. Jan Broetsky says she tries to maintain a sense of normalcy at home. While her husband works the circuit, she stays in Arizona with the boys during the school year, and they join the rest of the family during the summer. “At home, it’s bed at 8 p.m. and up at 7 a.m.,” she says. “It’s more like a vacation for us when we come out here.” Frazier Shows employs 80 people,

including the family members, who mainly work in management positions. The senior Stephen Broetsky says there is very little turnover among his workers because he’s offering more than a job — he’s providing a way of life. He says people join the circuit for their own reasons, which sometime include fear of confinement in an office cubicle. “I didn’t want to work in a skyscraper,” he says. “I like being able to wear shorts and a T-shirt to work.” But most are simply looking to make a pay check and travel. During his time with the carnival, Broetsky has been everywhere from Washington’s San Juan Islands to Chicago to the Superdome in New Orleans. He prides himself on paying his workers above-industry wages and offers day care and housing during the off-season for those who need it. The carnival industry operates for nine or 10 months out of the year. Frazier Shows stops touring for two months during the winter to evaluate rides and work on maintenance. The traveling season generally resumes in February. “We know it’s a good ride if people get sick,” Broetsky chuckles as he explains the ride-evaluation process. Broetsky wishes people wouldn’t prejudge carnival workers. “People think that most carnies are toothless and uneducated, but we have all kinds of personalities and educated char-

Bryan Broetsky, Julie and Stephen Broetsky’

acters here,” he says. “I’m trying to proje the best image I can.” He remains focused on fostering healthy family environment for everyo and providing quality entertainment f thrill-seekers. Members of the crew will travel to Ne Mexico after they’re finished with t

TETON COUNTY FAIR Jackson Hole News&Guide, Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 11

h grandfather Stephen Broetsky, owner of Frazier Shows, which provides rides, games and food for the Teton County Fair.

ty on road

’s youngest child, helps out wherever needed.


a one for

ew the

Teton County Fair. In 42 weeks, they’ll hit 38 stops. For a week in Teton County, Broetsky is content overseeing his operation and rides, which he ventures on to occasionally.. “The Vertigo ride is my favorite because it’s low-key enough for an old chicken like me,” he says.

Stephen T. Broetsky watches brother Bryan Broetsky play with their nephew Stephen P. Since it’s a tradition in the family to name boys Stephen, Bryan Broetsky felt left out for awhile. Jan Broetsky, Stephen T. Broetsky’s wife, said her husband had wanted to name their second son Stephen, so he wouldn’t feel like Bryan Broetsy had. “But I said no, so we named him Cash,” she said.

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Shyann Lucas and Doc won senior high point horse and rider.


Kayla Keys and Bailey won senior showmanship.


Casey Budge and Josey won the walk trot high point.



Hailey Hardeman won junior all-around horsemanship and showmanship.

Caden Colson and Blue won intermediate all-around horse and rider and showmanship.


Katelyn Coleman Grand champion, best-in-fur

Jordan Lutz Grand champion, junior rabbit showmanship


Cheyenne Holton Grand champion, senior rabbit showmanship

TETON COUNTY FAIR Jackson Hole News&Guide, Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 13


Emily Jennings Grand champion, intermediate rabbit showmanship

Shannon Matthews 4-H best of show



Desieree Bridges Grand champion, over-the-hill lamb showmanship

Sydnee Dieckmann Grand champion, breeder goat

Rivkah Bar-Or Grand champion, breeder lamb

14 - TETON COUNTY FAIR Jackson Hole News&Guide Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Gabriel Wilson Grand champion, senior lamb showmanship

Justin Rowe Grand champion, market lamb

Clark Buchenroth Grand champion, intermediate showmanship

Wren Buchenroth Grand champion, junior lamb showmanship


Reed Dayton Grand champion, over-the-hill swine showmanship

Brayden Castagno Grand champion, intermediate swine showmanship

Kirby Castagno Grand champion, junior swine showmanship

Jed Christensen Grand champion, senior swine showmanship

Reegan Castagno Grand champion, market hog


Rachel Durtschi Grand champion, construction and modeling, intermediate

Tara Ryan Grand champion, senior fabric and fashion

Kate Budge Division champion, clothing construction, children’s garments

Olivia Wilson Grand champion, junior construction and modeling

TETON COUNTY FAIR Jackson Hole News&Guide, Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 15

4-H Exhibit Hall

Spencer Berezay Grand champion, junior rifle Grand champion, junior marksmanship

Luke Meagher Grand champion, senior rifle

James Raube Grand champion, intermediate rifle

Whitley Beard Grand champion, senior foods

Tanner Judge Grand champion, senior shotgun

Canyon Bupp Grand champion, intermediate shotgun

Bekah Bednar Grand champion, intermediate foods

Keegan Bommer Grand champion, intermediate archery

Monte Beard Grand champion, junior foods

Emma Bode Grand champion, traditional senior archery Division champion, agronomy and gardens, herbs

McKenna Brinton Grand champion, senior photography

Shelly Moyer Grand champion, junior leaders

Garrett Spencer Grand champion, senior archery Best of show, professional photography Division champion, professional photography, place

16 - TETON COUNTY FAIR Jackson Hole News&Guide Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Open Class

Susan Hindman Division champion, food preservation, jelly

Charlene Anderson Best of show, arts and crafts, weaving Division champion, jewelry

Tenley Thompson Best of show co-winner, food preservation

Noreen Thomas Best of show, foods

Deborah Fox Division champion, painting, adult watercolor

Anna Owens Best of show co-winner, food presentation

Janet Monahan Best of show & division champion, machine quilting

Savannah Hardeman Best of show, youth photography

Peter Lodi (pictured is Emily Hardeman with his prize) Division champion, food preservation, pickles and relish

Phyllis Breen Division champion, painting, adult acrylic

Linda Delgado Division champion, foods, breads and pies

Hannah Rivers Best of show, painting Division champion, animal acrylic, ages 13-18 Division champion, portrait pencil, ages 13-18 Division champion, watercolor, ages 13-18

Rosemary Jones Best of show and division champion, drawing and adult pencil

John Branca Division champion, miscellaneous crafts, original design, toys

Michael Thorkildsen Division champion, miscellaneous crafts, Lego freehand

Diana Brown, Ann May and children Division champion, quilts, group effort

TETON COUNTY FAIR Jackson Hole News&Guide, Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 17

Open Class

Rachel Durtschi Division champion, paper craft Division champion, most unusual craft article

Annie Estes Best of show, youth drawing/painting, ages 8-12 Division champion, youth drawing/ painting, ages 8-12

Daphne Goodyear Best of show, computer arts Division champion, needle art purse Division champion, needle art

Ron Davison Best of show & division champion, open class photography

Lisa Ryan Division champion, food preservation, canned fruit

Gina Anselmi Division champion, potted plants


Emmie Gocke Grand Champion, intermediate cake decorating

Donna Martin Division champion, computer Division champion, needlework pillows

Anders Rae Division champion, home furnishings - woodcraft

Anders Rae Best of show, metalcraft

Ellen Wozniak Best of show, needlework

Elizabeth Rinn Best of show & division champion, pottery Best of show & division champion, floral centerpieces

18 - TETON COUNTY FAIR Jackson Hole News&Guide Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Horse Classes Open Class English Horse Show Short Stirrup High Point 1. Emma Phillips Reserve Short Stirrup High Point 1. Lilly Duquette Junior High Point 1. Grayson Jenkins Reserve Junior High Point 1. Devon LaMere Senior High Point 1. Catherine Tallichet Reserve Senior High Point 1. Sylvia DiPrisco Sportsmanship 1. Hannah Brigham Division 1, Class 1 Suitable to Become a Dressage/ Sport Horse 1. Karen Noble 2. Lauren Coziah Division 1, Class 2 Adult Rider Dressage Seat Equitation 1. Catherine Tallichet 2. DeeDee Sorsby 3. Barb Trompeter 4. Lauren Coziah 5. Kristen Reinhardt 6. Mona Sobieski Division 1, Class 3 Jr. Rider Dressage Seat Equitation 1. Cecilia Williams 2. Veronica Patterson 3. Grayson Jenkins 4. Devon LaMere 5. Jhett Jenkins 6. Maggie Peterson Division 1, Class 4 Short Stirrup Walk-Trot Hunter Under Saddle 1. Lilly Duquette 2. Rachael Harrower 3. Kyra Russell 4. Emma Phillips 5. Maggie Hill 6. Whitney Ball Division 1, Class 5 Short Stirrup Walk–Trot Hunt Seat Equitation on the Flat 1. Lilly Duquette 2. Emma Phillips 3. Whitney Ball 4. Hanna Palmer 5. Maggie Hill 6. Kyra Russell Division 1, Class 6 Adult Working Hunter Under Saddle 1. Catherine Tallichet 2. Stephanie Abbey 3. Darrell Lowder 4. Barb Trompeter 5. Bethany Brindisi 6. Mona Sobieski Division 1, Class 7 Adult Hunt Seat Equitation on the Flat 1. Karen Noble 2. Catherine Tallichet 3. Bethany Brindisi 4. Barb Trompeter 5. Herb Paschen 6. Mona Sobieski Division 1, Class 8 Jr. Working Hunter Under Saddle 1. Grace Prochilo 2. Grayson Jenkins 3. Hanna Brigham 4. Devon LaMere 5. Cecilia Williams 6. Maggie Peterson Division 1, Class 9 Junior Hunt Seat Equitation on the Flat 1. Maggie Hill 2. Veronica Patterson 3. Mallory Harrower 4. Hannah Brigham 5. Grace Prochilo 6. Marissa Mason

Division 1, Class 10 Green Hunter Under Saddle 1. Hannah Brigham 2. Herb Paschen 3. Scottie Pavlick 4. Maleah Mader 5. Andrea York 6. Lauren Coziah Division 1, Class 11 Open Working Hunter Under Saddle 1. Stephanie Abbey 2. Cecilia Williams 3. Grayson Jenkins 4. Devon LaMere 5. Sylvia Diprisco 6. Maarisa Mason Division 1, Class 12 Short Stirrup Walk – Trot Hunter Hack 1. Maggie Hill 2. Rachael Harrower 3. Whitney Ball 4. Emma Phillips Division 1, Class 13 Jr. Hunter Hack 1. Veronica Patterson 2. Mallory Harrower 3. Maicah Mader 4. Jhett Jenkins 5. Grayson Jenkins 6. Andrea York Division 1, Class 14 Adult Hunter Hack 1. Stephanie Abbey 2. Catherine Tallichet 3. Sylvia DiPrisco 4. Herb Paschen 5. Mona Sobieski Division 1, Class 15 Cross-Rail Hunter Warm-up 1. Mallory Harrower 2. Stephanie Abbey 3. Kate Paschen 4. Herb Paschen 5. Andrea York 6. Catherine Tallichet Division 1, Class 16 Short-Stirrup Hunter 1. Emma Phillips 2. Maggie Hill 3. Whitney Ball Division 1, Class 17 Short-Stirrup Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences 1. Emma Phillips 2. Maggie Hill 3. Whitney Ball Division 1, Class 18 Low Hunter Warm-Up 1. Stephanie Abbey 2. Catherine Tallichet 3. Mallory Harrower 4. Veronica Patterson 5. Herb Paschen 6. Maggie Peterson Division 1, Class 19 Green Hunter 1. Andrea York 2. Herb Paschen 3. Scotty Pavlick Division 1, Class 20 Jr. Working Hunter 1. Devon LaMere 2. Grayson Jenkins 3. Jhett Jenkins 4. Andrea York 5. Maggie Petersen 6. Grace Pachilo Division 1, Class 21 Jr. Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences 1. Grace Pachilo 2. Grayson Jenkins 3. Andrea York 4. Jhett Jenkins 5. Devon LaMere 6. Maggie Peterson Division 1, Class 22 Open Hunter Warm-Up 1. Sylvia DiPrisco 2. Bethany Brindisi 3. Maggie Peterson 4. Devon LaMere 5. Catherine Tallichet 6. Allison Merritt Division 1, Class 23

Adult Working Hunter 1. Sylvia DiPrisco 2. Allison Merritt 3. Beth Brindisi 4. Kari Hall 5. Scotty Pavlick 6. Julie VanGelder Division 1, Class 24 Adult Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences 1. Kari Hall 2. Sylvia DiPrisco 3. Beth Brindisi 4. Renae Murray 5. Allison Merritt 6. Catherine Tallichet Division 1, Class 25 Open Working Hunter 1. Kari Hall 2. Grayson Jenkins 3. Sylvia DiPrisco 4. Scottie Pavlick 5. Devon LaMere Division 1, Class 26 Wannabe Jumper 1. Kari Hall 2. Grayson Jenkins 3. Scottie Pavlick Division 1, Class 27 Open Jumper 1. Kari Hall 2. Scottie Pavlick

Fun Night Division 3, Class 1 Pee Wee Costume Class Grand Champion Charlie Peterson Reserve Champion Lindsay Romsa Division 3, Class 2 Junior Costume Class Grand Champion Derek Grant Reserve Champion Amber Hunger 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 6. 6.

Maleah Mader Emma Phillips Alexandra Howard Whitney Ball Megan Tucker Karly Merriott Andrea York Bridger Bengale

Division 3, Class 3 Junior Sack Race 1. JT Statter 2. Seth Wilson 3. Hailey Hardeman 4. Amber Hunger 5. Maleah Mader 6. Karly Merriott Division 3, Class 4 Senior Sack Race 1. Levi Wilson 2. Kayse Winkle 3. Tanner Judge 4. Keith Holmes 5. Sydney Judge 6. Emma MacEachern Division 3, Class 5 Junior Cream Pie-Eating Contest 1. Hailey Hardeman 2. Claire Andrews 3. Kate Budge 4. JT Statter 5. Sarah Andrews 6. Dylan Grant

6. Kaitlyn Romsa, Richard Bonilla, Neally Angell Division 3, Class 8 Junior Obstacle Race 1. Adrienne Jarvis 2. JT Statter 3. Jordan Lutz 4. Amber Hunger 5. Megan Tucker 6. Nikki Lynes Division 3, Class 9 Senior Obstacle Race 1. Kayse Winkle 2. Kayla Romsa 3. Emma MacEachern 4. Kaitlyn Romsa 5. Keith Holmes 6. Brianna Mossbrooks Division 3, Class 10 Pee Wee Goat Tail Tying 1. Hailey Hardeman 2. Kasey Carr 3. Derek Grant 4. Karly Merriott 5. Stevie Taylor 6. Gracie Hardeman Division 3, Class 11 Junior Goat Tying 1. Nikki Lynes 2. Claire Andrews 3. Sarah Andrews 3. Dylan Grant 4. Seth Wilson Division 3, Class 12 Senior Goat Tying 1. Kayse Winkle 2. Anne Melsaether 3. Kaitlyn Romsa 4. Sydney Judge 5. Makayla Park 6. Levi Wilson Division 3, Class 13 Junior Musical “Chairs” 1. Sarah Andrews 2. Jackson Moss 3. Karly Merriott 4. Casey Budge 5. Whitney Ball 6. Adrienne Jarvis Division 3, Class 14 Senior Musical “Chairs” 1. Neally Angell 2. Emma MacEachern 3. Kayse Winkle 4. Levi Wilson 5. Kimberly Wilson 6. Tanner Judge Division 3, Class 15 Junior Pop the Can 1. Hailey Hardeman 2. JT Statter 3. Seth Wilson 4. Nikki Lynes 5. Genevieve Worthe 6. Gracie Hardeman Division 3, Class 16 Senior Pop the Can 1. Kayse Winkle 2. Tanner Judge/ Sydney Judge 3. Keith Holmes 4. Kimberly Wilson 5. Anne Melsaether 6. Emma MacEachern Division 3, Class 17 Rescue Race 1. Tanner Judge/Kasye Winkle 2. Kelly & Keith Holmes 3. Nikki Lynes/Desiree Bridges 4. Anne Melsaether/Sydney Judge 5. Jeanne & Whitney Ball

Division 3, Class 6 Senior Cream Pie-Eating Contest 1. Sydney Judge 2. Keith Holmes 3. Brianna Mossbrooks 4. Levi Wilson 5. Kayse Winkle 6. Tanner Judge

Turn ’n’ Burn Sunday

Division 3, Class 7 Pony Express 1. Kayse Winkle, Keith Holmes, Taylor Holmes 2. Genevieve Worthe, Brianna Mossbrooks, Adrienne Jarvis 3. Seth Wilson, Levi Wilson, Claire Andrews 4. Hailey Hardeman, Gracie Hardeman, Kasey Carr 5. Kristina Scarff, Addy Hutchinson, Kayla Romsa

NBHA Open 4-D Barrel Race 1-D 1. Lora Nichols/Miracle Michael 2. Karson Bradley/Brave Striker 3. Karie Lyn Suhn/Sir Frenchy Rio 4. Sadee Wheeldon/Crossfire 5. Stephanie McCann/Can’t Hide Beautiful 6. Kodee Williams/JPS 7. Elaine Hollings/Fly 8. Randi Perry/Sixalot 9. Karrie Anne Hull/Elvis

Division 3, Class 19 Senior Dummy Roping 1. Tanner Judge

10. Karrie Anne Hull/Friday 2-D 1. Sara Amerine/Spratts Possible Fame 2. Jodi Edwards/Smarty 3. Caden Colson/Blue 4. Taylor Nichols/Peanut 5. Sadee Wheeldon/Ginger 6. Margaret Jones/Rare Red Raider 7. Anne Melsaether/Dusters Frosty 8. Kristen Williams/Tisas Zorro Kat 9. Margaret Jones/Baldy Casanova 10. Chris Eberline/Rollin Stream 3-D 1. Nicole Halpin/Hope 2. Shyann Lucas/JR 3. Brianna Beich/Casino 4. Kayla Romsa/Whiskey 5. Kathy Lucas/Crystal 5. Sally Long/Ben 6. Morgan Heffron/Dandy 7. Margaret Jones/Hanks Valentine Boy 8. Christie Hebert/Stevie 9. Kristy Roden/Sparks Specialty 10. Amy Hindman/Salty 4-D 1. Shelly McAdams/Smart Irish Kitten 2. Andrea Shuck/Cooper 3. Kathy Lucas/Horse 1 4. Chris Allred/Charm 5. Amanda Hellyer/Cowboy 6. Morgan Heffron/AJ 7. Many Jasperson/No Name 8. Kylie Wilson/Gracie 9. Liberty Runyan/Miss Dashing Punk 10. Devon Wheeldon/Lu Lu’s Pistol NBHA Junior 4-D Barrel Race 1-D 1. Karson Bradley/Brave Strike 2. Kodee Williams/JPS 3. McKenna Shroeder/Beamer 2-D 1. Kristen Williams/Tisas Zorro Kat 2. Sydney Judge/Bently 3. Shyann Lucas/Thing 1 3-D 1. Jennifer Woodie/ No Name 2. Morgan Seaton/Scooter 3. Tanner Colson/Cody 4-D 1. Niki Lynes/Blue 2. Claire Andrews/Missy 3. Josee Lundvall/Babe NBHA Senior 4-D Barrel Race 1-D 1. Ron Thomas/Smokin’ Moon Stone 2. Pam Romsa/BJ 2-D 1. Yvonne Robertson/Mario 2. Ron Thomas/Kickin’ Up Sparks 4-D 1. Mindy Mckay/Gypsy 2. Ulla Soderman/Ranger Open 3-D Pole Bending 1-D 1. Ron Thomas/Kickin’ Up Sparks 2. Jamie Lucas/Wrangler 2. Shyann Lucas/Doc 2-D 1. Kaylee Burnet/Babe 2. Kathy Lucas/Crystal 3-D 1. Kathy Lucas/Horse 1 2. Devon LaMere/ No Name Junior 3-D Pole Bending 1-D 1. Sarah Andrews/Woody 2-D 1. Taylor Nichols/Peanut 3-D 1. Kasey Carr/Nick

Cutting Cow Cutting — Any Horse 1. Mark Hendrickson 2. Grant Golliher 3. Jerry Rankin 4. Dan Mortenson 5. Jerry Rankin 5. Lind Elliott 5. Gerald Dorros

TETON COUNTY FAIR Jackson Hole News&Guide, Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 19

Horse Classes Cow Cutting — Non Pro 1. Jane Golliher 2. Mark Hendrickson 3. Larry Jones 4. Linda Elliot 5. Nicole Pilster 6. Jerry Rankin

Showmanship, Lead line & Walk/Trot PeeWee Showmanship 8 & Under Grand Champion – Ashlyn Funk Reserve Champion – Gracie Hardeman JHTRA Lead Line Class A Grand Champion – Ethan McIntyre Reserve Champion – Isabelle Fralin Lead Line Grand Champion – Charlotte Ballard Reserve Champion – Ashlyn Chamberland JHRTA Lead Line Class B Grand Champion – Hailey McDonnell Reserve Champion – Lily Briggs Youth Showmanship Ages 8-12

Grand Champion – Megan Tucker Reserve Champion – Cecilia Williams 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Tanner Colson Emma Ballard Grace Ballard Genevieve Worthe Caroline Patel Jamie Rellstab

JHTRA Class C Grand Champion – Andy Melendez Reserve Champion – Hannah Hunter Youth Showmanship 13-17 Grand Champion – Maarissa Mason Reserve Champion – Kayla Key 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Rachel Tucker Briana Mossbrooks Bridgett Frank Claire Andrews Morgan Schwab Caden Colson

Walk/Trot 6 & under Grand Champion – Gracie Hardeman Reserve Champion – Kasey Carr 1. Bailey Chamberland 2. Jackson Moss

Walk/Trot 7-10 Grand Champion – Ashlyn Funk Reserve Champion – Stevie Taylor

5. Desiree Bridges 6. Annalyssa Campbell

1. Grace Ballard 2. Karly Merriott 3. Joe-Mac Stimmell

Grand Champion Quarter Horses – Morgan Schwab Reserve Champion Quarter Horses – Maarisa Mason

Adult Showmanship Grand Champion – Sierra Bateman Reserve Champion – Kristen Lemke

Halter – Paint Geldings Grand Champion – Karin Seiber Reserve Champion – Becky Bateman

1. 2. 3. 4.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Desiree Bridges Karin Sieber Lisa McMillian Michelle Winder

Halter – Quarter Horse Gelding and Stallions 1. Morgan Schwab 2. Maarisa Mason 3. Bridgett Frank 4. Cecilia Williams 5. Annalyssa Campbell 6. Lisa McMillian Halter – Quarter Horse Mares 1. Adrienne Jarvis 2. Claire Andrews 3. Tally Key 4. Mindy McKay

Karin Seiber Becky Bateman Jeff Lutz Maggie Hill Whitney Ball Kathie Wilson

Halter – Gelding and Stallion All Other Breeds Grand Champion – Adrianna Fiedler Reserve Champion – Sue Apel 1. Kirsten Reinhardt 2. Adrianna Fiedler 3. Jackson Moss 4. Jordan Lutz Halter – Mares All Other Breeds 1. Mindy McKay

2. Stevie Taylor 3. Kimberly Wilson 4. Adrianna Fiedler 5. Kathie Wilson Best Of Show Grand Champion – Adrianna Fiedler Reserve Champion – Sue Appel 1. 2. 3. 4.

Morgan Schwab Maarisa Mason Michelle Winder Morgan Schwab

Open Ranch Horse 1. Joey Budge 2. Tom Frank 3. Grant Golliher 4. Jim Quirk 5. Cody Leeper Ladies Ranch Horse 1. Jane Golliher 2. Nicole Budge Youth Ranch Horse 1. Genevieve Worthe 2. Briana Mossbrooks 3. JT Statter 4. Adrienne Jarvis 5. Jordan Bauer

Rodeo, Derby, Wrestling Pig Wrestling PeeWee Best Dressed Pork Belly Posse – Jack Jenkins, Genevieve Jenkins, Declan Ross, Emily Ross Junior 1. Pigalicious – 13.32 – CJ Hopkins, Libby Cooke, Courtney Hill, Jordan Hansen 2. Pig Pot Pie – 19.82 – Stephanie Rambo, Genevieve Worthe, Adrienne Jarvis, Caroline Patel 3. Spam Canners – 21.94 – Bode Morris, Kolten Cook, Colter Lucas, Trey Wagner Best Dressed Mr. Poppers Piguins – Nevie Lee, Rachel Garrett, Quinn Reyes, Georgia Eidemiller Men’s 1. Ace in the Hole – 17.38 – Tristan Hansen, Tyler Friend, Cache Hill, Cade Cook 2. Moist Contradictions: Too Raw 2 Win – 20.00 – Patrick Wiggins, Steve Ruther, Isaiah Gross, Spencer Morten 3. Masterbaconeers – 42.04 Thomas Haigh, Spencer Hirst, Timothy Theodore, Max Friedman Best Dressed Moist Contradictions: Too Raw 2 Win – Patrick Wiggins, Steve Ruther, Isaiah Gross, Spencer Morten Women’s 1. Punk Tails – 10.73 – Erin Wright, Kelly Schroeder, Mary Jo McNamee, April Kennedy 2. Hog Heaven – 12.13 – Cheyenne Sachse, Skyler Baker, Alexy Green, Hailey Cook 3. Sweet Teats – 17.28 – Torie Castagno, McKenna Brinton, Jenny Castagno, Emillee Barker Best Dressed Matadores of de Piggies – Kaitlyn Romsa, Nealy Angell, Kristina Scarff, Addy Hutchinson

FIGURE 8 RACE 1. Ben Adams Car 59 2. David McClure Car 150 3. James Lund Car 31 Best Painted Cars 1. Sayde Garvin Car 20 2. Eric Hiltbrunner Car 95 3. Joel Tate Car 151

Talent Show Juniors 1. Coby Larsen 2. Anushka Olvera 3. Nancy Garcia 4. Addi and Seth Iken Seniors

Grand Champion Mindy Kaufman 1. Mindy Kaufman 2. Samantha Stuck 3. Aspen Jacquet and Aspen Kinley 3. Amanda Kinley and Cheryl Peterson 4. Andreas Olvera Adults Grand Champion Abby Gershuny

Rodeo Results Bull Riding 1. Buskin Wilson 2. Daniel Poole 3. Ethan Ray Bareback Riding 1. Tyler Nelson Saddle Bronc Riding 1. Shane Menefee 2. Orrin Sparkman 3. Tyler Friend #13 Team Roping 1. AJ Fuchs/Richie Maher 2. Shane Scott/Cody Chrisman 3. Shawn Wexler/Clyde Gasser #9 Team Roping 1. Bodee Wilson/Chris McGhee 2. Jim Walter/Chris McGhee 3. Brit Ross/Bart Westergard #8 Team Roping 1. Gibby Roberts/Gail Higgins 2. Scott Carter/Mike Christman 3. Alli Hospodor/Sadee Wheeldon and Jesse Bauer/Mick Rammell Parent/Child Team Roping 1. Kendall Tibbitts/Brian Anderson 2. Lacy Hicks/Jim Maher 3. Bodee Wilson/Levi Wilson Open 4-D Barrels 1-D Barrels 1. Sadee Wheeldon 2. McKenna Schroeder 3. Sadee Wheeldon 2-D Barrels 1. Morgan Seeton 2. Silena Wheeldon 3. Shyann Lucas 3-D Barrels 1. Katie Kavanaugh 2. Tanner Colson 3. Ilene Wagner 4-D Barrels 1. Debbie Guthrie 2. Mindy McKay 3. Jamie Putnam PeeWee Barrels 1. Kylie Wilson 2. Hailey Hardeman

3. Bryan Ray Tie Down Roping 1. Charlie Putnam 2. Richie Maher 3. Wade Tibbitts Muttin’ Bustin 1. Tucker Wilson and Zane Schroeder Miniature Bull Riding 1. Levi Wilson 2. Taytin Dana 3. Seth Wilson Breakaway 1. Brittany Martin 2. Cayla Allen 3. Ronda Skinner Trail / Obstacle Course 12 and under 1. Megan Tucker 2. Jordan Lutz 3. JT Statter 4. Amber Hunger 5. Genevieve Worthe 6. Tanner Colson

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Devon LaMere Cheyenne Wilcox Maarissa Mason Kayla Key Emma MacEachern Caden Colson

5. Mandy Jasperson

Western Equitation 18-39 1. Mandy Jasperson 2. Kira Brazinski 3. Sierra Scott 4. Karin Sieber

Jackpot Pleasure 1. Sheri Keehn 2. Devon LaMere 3. Maarisa Mason 4. Cheyenne Wilson 5. Pam Wright 6. Stuart Thompson

Western Equitation 40 and over 1. Pam Wright 2. Trudy Funk 3. DeeDee Sorsby 4. Stuart Thompson 5. Kathy Jasperson 6. Jim Quirk Ranch Pleasure 40 and over 1. Caren Vogt 2. Harald Steinecker 3. Mindy McKay 4. Jim Quirk 5. Catherine Tallichet 6. Sandi Eddins

13-17 1. Devan Lamere 2. Caden Colson 3. Bridgett Frank 4. Emma MacEarchern 5. Kayla Key 6. Brianna Mossbrooks

Ranch Pleasure 18 to 39 1. Mandy Jasperson 2. Sierra Bateman 3. Kira Brazinski 4. Karin Sieber 5. Kathie Wilson 6. Desiree Bridges

18 and over 1. Catherine Tallichet 2. Laurie LaMere 3. Trudy Funk 4. Deedee Sorsby 5. Tim Oakley 6. Sheri Keechaw

Ranch Pleasure 17 and under 1. Emma MacEachern 2. Maarissa Mason 3. Cecilia Williams 4. Rachel Tucker 5. Cheyenne Wilcox 6. Sarah Andrews

Non-Pro Western Horse Show Junior Western Pleasure 1. Mandy Jasperson 2. Jim Quirk 3. Sierra Bateman 4. Lance Bateman

Western Pleasure 18 and over 1. Kathy Jasperson 2. Pam Wright 3. Sandi Eddins 4. Kira Brazinski 5. Lance Bateman 6. Jim Quirk

Western Riding 18 and over 1. Pam Wright 2. Trudy Funk 3. Stuart Thompson Western Riding 17 and under 1. Emma MacEachern 2. Devon LaMere 3. Cheyenne Wilcox 4. Sarah Andrews 5. Brianna Mossbrooks 6. Amber Hunger Western Equitation 12 and under 1. Maggie Hill 2. Genevieve Worth 3. Sarah Andrews 4. Cecilia Williams 5. Reagin Wilcox 6. Adrienne Jarvis Western Equitation 13-17

Western Pleasure 13-17 1. Devon LaMere 2. Maarissa Mason 3. Emma MacEachern 4. Cheyenne Wilcox 5. Brianna Mossbrooks 6. Bridget Frank Western Pleasure 12 and under 1. Amber Hunger 2. Maggie Hill 3. Cecilia Williams 4. Peyton Gieck 5. Caroline Patel 6. Sarah Andrews Reining 1. Sierra Bateman 2. Caren Vogt 3. Kayla Key 4. Sierra Bateman

Jackpot Reining 1. Sierra Bateman 2. Kayla Key 3. Jim Quirk

Mary Wigg Sportsmanship Award Rachel Tucker

Fiddle Contest General Division 1. Jacie Sites 2. Tim Hodgson 3. Anneliese Sarsen 4. Casey Braastad No Holds Barred 1. Jacie Sites 2. Tim Hodgson 3. Casey Braastad Senior Division 1. Lynn Ferrell Junior Division 1. Shelby Rae Russell 2. Riley Barger 3. Jared Marsden Junior-Junior Division 1. Grace Christensen 2. Daijun Holm 3. Nina Keck PeeWee 1. Toren Sorrenson 2. Russell Christensen 3. David King

CAR SHOW Viewers’ Choice 1. Donna Martin 2. Mark Hassler 3. Tom Miller 4. Davis Yourk Fair Boards’ Choice 1. Claire Carlson 2. John Hansen 3. David Young Placings Blue Ribbons 1. Bryan Barney 2. Marty Q 3. Robin Siegfried 4. Harvey McMillan 5. Tom Thompson Red Ribbons 1. Cliff Martin 2. Knights of Columbus

20 - TETON COUNTY FAIR Jackson Hole News&Guide Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teton County Fair 2011  

An inside look at the 2011 Teton County Fair

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