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Auction february 20 2016





At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, we believe that the arts are a vital part of our unique hometown culture. That’s why we’re proud to support Kansas City Artists Coalition in its mission to bring artists from around the world together to work, build friendships and improve intercultural understanding. Together, we can build a healthier, more vibrant Kansas City – one that is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.


©2015 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.


Miguel Rivera, Chairman PHILOMENE BENNETT & LOU MARAK, Honorary Chairpersons Colonel Wes E. Schlobohm, Official Auctions, Auctioneer ADAM JOHNSON & gene pal, Auction ClerkS



Jefferson Blair President

B e lg e r A r t s C e n t e r / R e d S ta r S t u d i o s

Miguel Rivera Vice-President

b u t to n wo o d f i n a n c i a l s

angie jennings Secretary

F r i e n d & A s s o c i at e s, LLC

B l u e C ro s s B l u e Sh i e l d o f K a n s a s C i t y Th e Fa r mh o u s e ibew

DAN WHITE Treasurer

jefferson blair

Cynt hia Bjorn Kelly Cannon Serese Cannon Sandra Castillo-Jackson Consuelo Cruz Machiko Erhard Donald Friend II Clyde Heppner Kwanza Humphrey Adam Johnson Laura Nugent Eugene R. Pal Katrina Revenaugh Debbie Williams

m a n s o n k a r ba n k

Staff // janet F. Simpson Executive Director Marissa STARKE Assistant Director Erin Hall Executive Assistant Joseph jurkie wic z Elizabeth martinez Christine seo INTERNs

Kansas City Clay Guild // E l ly B i g g e r s ta f f & J o s h wo o d

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AUCTION FRIENDS // A B C F i r e p ro o f Wa r e h o u s e & Bu s i n e s s R e c o r d s C e n t e r Andre’s Confiserie Suisse B e c o F low e r s b l u e b i r d b i s t ro B o u l e va r d B r e w i n g C o mpa n y b roa dway b u tc h e r B roa dway Roa s t i n g C o mpa n y californos C o s e n t i n o ’ s M a r k e t D ow n tow n H a r ry ’ s C o u n t ry C l u b G a ro z z o ’ s i ta l i a n r e s tau r a n t glazer’s g r e e n d i r t fa r m k e mp e r m u s e u m o f c o n t e mp o r a ry a r t labodega major brands M i k e S avag e m o n a rc h s k i n r e j u v e n at i o n center N e l s o n - At k i n s M u s e u m o f A r t p ro s p e ro ’ s b o o k s to r e p ry d e ’ s k i tc h e n a n d h o m e Ta rg e t U n i c o r n Th e at r e Wa l d o P i z z a


ART AUCTION CHAIRPERSON Dear Supporters of the Arts and of the Kansas City Artists Coalition, Welcome to our 33rd Annual Art Auction. This event is made possible with the support of artists who have donated their best pieces, by the KCAC board of directors, donating their valuable time and skills and by the wonderful organization Executive Director, Janet Simpson and Assistant Director Marissa Starke. Also, one cannot forget to mention the unconditional participation of the well-oiled machine called interns and volunteers. It was last year when I compared two different support environments for the arts. Back then I talked about how Mexico and the US depend on government subsidies as opposed to private citizen’s support in respectively. I spoke about the arching benefits to the community of the arts promoting well being and intellectual curiosity with the help of the same community. You are doing just that with your presence and your support. Our responsibility and commitment at the Artists Coalition is to the artists and to those supporting the artists. This has been exactly the same principle that inspired Philomene Bennett and Lou Marak to instigate the artist’s community in establishing the foundation for the Kansas City Artists Coalition. I believe that we are harvesting the seeds from that initiative. Shortly after our 2015 Auction, The Star reported that the arts benefit the city economically by generating more than $69 million per year. They also reported that the arts and cultural organizations combined would be considered the largest employer in the city. I am proud to say that we are part of this cultural wave. It has never been a better time to live in Kansas City. This auction is our biggest yearly event and only fundraiser. All of the KCAC members are excited to meet you and thank you for your support. I also want to thank you for coming tonight on behalf of the KCAC Board of Directors. The revenue generated tonight will continue to support artist’s exhibitions, programming and our International Artist Residency Program. Our international residency is another beneficiary of the Artists Coalition work force. We host artists from around the world. Resident artists worked hard and left inspired by the artistic feedback and interest from this community. Your support will continue to enable more artists to come and share their expertise, artwork and life experience with the KC community. Every artist shares a personal lecture on philosophy, interests, time, location, struggles, etc. but the most important of all is that they transport us to their countries; it is like traveling without leaving KC. Every board member is fully committed to help preserve this support and help us to bring artists from all over the globe. Lastly, I am a professor and an artist at Kansas City Art Institute. If you know KCAI, you know that we are risk takers and firm believers of thinking outside the box. I learned about the Kansas City Artists Coalition after having a solo show here and I “discovered” a wonderful organization that promotes visual literacy and supports risk takers like me. Please look at all the works carefully, learn about the artists, friend them if you can and engage with the works with a deeper understanding of the love that goes into making every piece. Art makes life more interesting and for some of us, worth living. Please help me thank Philomene and Lou for getting us together tonight. — Miguel Rivera

PHILOMENE BENNETT & LOU MARAK ART AUCTION HONORARY CHAIRPERSONS Philomene Bennett and Lou Marak are founding members of the Kansas City Artists Coalition; on March 5, 1975 a large group of artists gathered in the Bennett and Marak studio to address ‘How the Artist Can Benefit from Centralization’. Overwhelmingly, the group felt a self-initiated organization was the only alternative to isolation, elitism, apathy, and ignorance. The ultimate result of that meeting was the incorporation of the Kansas City Artist Coalition in August 1976. Philomene Bennett attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where she received her BFA in 1956. Lou Marak attended the University of Oklahoma, then, after a stint in the army, returned to the Kansas City Art Institute where he graduated in 1958. Between the two, Marak and Bennett have exhibited in hundreds of solo, two-person, and group exhibitions in Kansas City and around the United States throughout their extensive careers. Bennett’s distinctively bright, contemporary paintings are a Kansas City staple that can be found in collections at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art; National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC; Daum Museum in Sedalia, MO; Prudential Life Insurance in New York, NY; United Missouri Bank in Kansas City and Blue Springs, MO; Mutual Benefit Life in Kansas City, MO; Odyssian Technology in South Bend, IN; American Express in Salt Lake City, UT and many more. Marak’s commercial artwork can be found in many publications over the years and his extensive paintings and drawings can be found in collections at Hallmark in Kansas City, MO; Muschnic Art Museum in Atchison, KS; the Kemper Museum in Kansas City, MO; United Missouri Bank in Kansas City, MO; Mulvane Art Museum in Topeka, KS; Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO and many more commissions. Both Mark and Bennett spent their careers advocating for the arts. Marak worked freelance and for Hallmark Cards for 35 years and Bennett opened her studio to educate aspiring artists. Along with their rolls founding KCAC, Bennett served as Board President in 1977 and Marak held the very esteemed title of “Director of Bitching” in 1976.

2016 SEALED BID ITEM Lou Marak “Surrounded by Blue” Oil on panel 20x24 inches Value: $ 3,200 Buy Out: $ 3,520 The painting, “Surrounded by Blue” will be available through sealed bids available at the Kansas City Artists Coalition galleries at 201 Wyandotte, Kansas City, Missouri, or by calling the galleries at 816-421-5222, or by downloading a bid sheet from www. Sealed bids are due for this piece on Saturday, February 20, 2016 by 7:45pm.

LIVE AUCTION // KCAC L0 - 101 George Chrisman Bowl

KCAC L5 - 104 Steven Hill Covered Jar

Porcelain $ 100 Functional porcelain bowl with caligraphic marks. 323 Clay Studio.

Ceramic $ 250 323 Clay Studio.

KCAC L1 - 22 Kirk Decker Holy Name Church

KCAC L6 - 89 Jackie Warren Navigating States of Mind

Photography $ 240 More of Kirk’s photography can be seen at

Acrylic on acrylic $ 400 Former KCAC Board Member, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Charno Gallery Exhibition, Underground Gallery Exhibition, Buyout 2015.

KCAC L2 - 106 Tara Dawley Vase

KCAC L7 - 35 Karl Marxhausen Moss Creek No. 5

Ceramic, porcelain $ 120 Wheel thrown functional vessel, utilizing a diamond plate pattern, carving technique and microchrystalline glaze. Rafter E Studio.

Acrylic on canvas $ 3600 Plein air painting.

KCAC L3 - 40 Carlyle Raine Fire and Ice

KCAC L8 - 145 Vickie Trotter Puestra del Sol

Collage $ 250

Oil on canvas $ 950 River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Mallin Gallery Solo Exhibition, Former KCAC Board Member.

KCAC L4 - 125 Tim Forcade Ballistic Suite - Artist’s Proof

KCAC L9 - 55 Sylvia Augustus Red Row Boat #1 on Lake Louise

Laminated photographic pigment print on PVC $ 2000 Arranging high-energy light. Selectively tugging on nascent color present in the resulting photon mix. Mallin Gallery Solo Exhibition, 39th and Bell Solo Exhibition.

Digital photograph on canvas $ 700 Photograph of couple in row boat on Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada 2015.

// LIVE AUCTION KCCG L10 - 417 Cathy Broski AA

KCAC L15 - 50 Constance Ehrlich Heber

Stoneware $ 1600 Kansas City Clay Guild.

Solar plate etching $ 475 This print uses line, color and form to create an organic environment that resonates. Charno Gallery Solo Exhibition.

KCAC L11 - 92 Jean Wender Aspire

KCAC L16 - 91 Pam Peffer Standing By

Ceramic, stoneware $ 350 Underground Gallery Group Exhibition, River Market Regional Exhibition Award Winner.

Oil on canvas $ 600 Former KCAC Board Member.

KCAC L12 - 56 Laura Nugent The Imposter

KCAC L17 - 141 Ruth Scherrer Answers Don’t Matter

Acrylic $ 2800 KCAC Board Member, Mallin Gallery Solo Exhibition.

Mixed media $ 350

KCAC L13 - 47 Sharon Hunter-Putsch Tattered

KCAC L18 - 84 George Rousis Entwined

Watercolor, collage $ 500

Hand forged steel, wax $ 750

KCAC L14 - 62 John Marak Untitled

KCAC L19 - 32 Mike Savage Mooo to You

Mixed media $ 1200 River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

Acrylic on canvas $ 2500 River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Former KCAC Board Member.

LIVE AUCTION // KCCG L20 - 408 Susan Speck I Told the Witchdoctor

KCAC L25 - 33 Nancy Kramer Bovee Golden Leaves

Clay teapot $ 300 Kansas City Clay Guild.

Terra-cotta tile $ 850 Underground Gallery Group Exhibition March 2016.

KCAC L21 - 49 Lee Knox Prairie Schoolhouse Flints Hills

KCCG L26 - 407 Erica Iman Large Bronze Vase

Watercolor, goache on paper $ 360 Underground Gallery Group Exhibition, Underground Gallery Solo Exhibition March 2016.

Stoneware $ 295 Kansas City Clay Guild.

KCAC L22 - 43 Larry Thomas Scraps

KCAC L27 - 143 Erin Wiersma Mime - 18

Ultrachome monoprint $ 600 Past KCAC Board Member, JCCC Professor and Chair of Fine Art Department, represented by Sheery Leedy Contemporary.

Dispersed pigment on paper $ 300 Mallin Gallery Solo Exhibition, Assistant Professor of Art at Kansas State University.

KCAC L23 - 7 Keith Ekstam Small Landscape with Boat

KCAC L28 - 148 Jefferson Blair Royal Sunset Vase

KCAC L24 - 96 Karen Steen Jazz

KCAC L29 - 85 Philomene Bennett Still Life with Pink Flowers

Salt and low fired glazed stoneware $ 200 River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Mallin Gallery Group Exhibition, Charno Gallery Group Exhibition March 2016, Missouri State University Professor of Ceramics.

Mixed media on illustration board $ 300 Underground Gallery Solo Exhibition, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

Kiln-formed glass $ 650 KCAC President, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

Oil on canvas $ 1800 KCAC Founder, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Mallin/Charno Gallery Exhibition,works are included in the collections of the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Albrecht-Kemper Museum and more.

// LIVE AUCTION KCAC L30 - 140 Kwanza Humphrey Hair Check

KCAC L35 - 14 Sheron Smith Dark Rising 1

Oil on canvas $ 700 KCAC Board Member, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Underground Gallery Group Exhibition.

Acrylic, mixed media $ 1750 Dark Rising 2 was in the 2015 ReMembers Exhibition. River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Buyout 2015.

KCAC L31 - 9 Elizabeth Stockton Cobalt + White

KCCG L36 - 410 Todd Scholtz Lidded Brown Pot

Oil on canvas $ 4100

Stoneware, cone 10 $ 140 Kansas City Clay Guild.

KCAC L32 - 135 Tom Corbin Seated Figure Study III

KCAC L37 - 24 Ada Koch Notre Dame

Bronze with cast stone base $ 1645 Limited edition 60. Bronze with black patina. Cast stone base. Mallin Gallery Solo Exhibition, Private Collectors include Alec Baldwin, George Brett, Carol Burnett, Ellen DeGenerous, Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, Lamar Hunt, Nicole Kidman, Wayne Newton & more.

Mixed media $ 600 Former KCAC Board Member, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Underground Gallery Exhibition, Buyout 2015.

KCAC L33 - 27 William Tinker Crystal Eight

KCCG L38 - 416 Joey Watson Ceremonial Cups

Oil on canvas $ 2800 The acreage surrounding Crystal Bridges is almost as beautiful as the building structures. River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

Ceramic $ 450 Undergraduate College Student Exhibition Winner, Kansas City Clay Guild.

KCAC L34 - 99 Jane Booth Mood Indigo Series Buoy

KCAC L39 - 29 Joe Bussell Silver Series #21

Acrylic on canvas $ 1100 River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Mallin Gallery Solo Exhibition.

Mixed media $ 250 River Market Regional Exhibition Award Winner.

LIVE AUCTION // KCAC L40 - 146 Rachel Livedalen Spectrum

KCAC L45 - 13 Terri Wheeler Trumpet Painting #1

Screenprint $ 200 Mallin Gallery Solo Exhibition, Assistant Professor of Printmaking at Texas Christian University.

Oil on canvas $ 950 The Trumpet Flower Series is the announcement of new beginnings and strength of spirit. Underground Gallery Group Exhibition.

KCAC L41 - 121 Fred Trease 354

KCAC L46 - 131 Leroy Grubbs Sun Rise

Digital drawing $ 100 River Market Regional Exhibition Award Winner, Charno Gallery Solo Exhibition.

Ceramic $ 225

KCAC L42 - 108 Jerry Stogsdill Tower #2

KCAC L47 - 3 Colette Bangert January Barely Green

Photography $ 295 River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

Watercolor on BFK sheet $ 1000 Creates abstract works on paper, thread pieces & collaborative algorithmic drawings with CJ Bangert. Founding Member of KCAC, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Charno Gallery Solo Exhibition, Mallin/ Charno Career Retrospective June 2016.

KCAC L43 - 82 Sally Dill Sacred IV

KCAC L48 - 115 Robin VanHoozer Turf 4

Cut paper on paper $ 200 A figure study - scissor cuttings executed directly into paper from the model. Buyout 2015.

Encaustic, linen thread on panel $ 1100 Underground Gallery Solo Exhibition, Underground Gallery Group Exhibition, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

KCAC L44 - 51 Lorrie Crystal Eigles Whales of Fun!

KCAC L49 - 139 Debbie Scott Williams Butterfly Daze

Colorpencil, ink on paper $ 350 Solo Exhibition at Leedy Voulkos Gallery 2015.

Photography $ 250 KCAC Board Member.

// LIVE AUCTION KCAC L50 - 5 Warren Rosser Just In Time

KCAC L55 - 57 Katrina Revenaugh The Redhead of Rotterdam

Oil on paper $ 4500 KCAI Professor of Painting, Exhibited at the Tate Gallery, London, the Kunstmuseum, Dusseldorf, Germany, the Galleria Del Cavallino, Venice, Italy, and Albrecht Kemper Museum.

Handcut paper collage using original photography of street art $ 650 KCAC Board Member, Underground Gallery Solo Exhibition.

KCAC L51 - 149 Asheer Akram Prototype Seven

KCAC L56 - 59 Clyde Heppner Sneaking a View

Stainless steel, steel $ 2250 Former Belger Crane Yard Clay Artist in Residence, LIAEP Recipient.

Photography $ 800 KCAC Board Member, Charno Gallery Solo Exhibition, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

KCAC L52 - 58 Cynthia Bjorn Coming Home

KCAC L57 - 79 Don House Woman, Near Ponca City, Arkansas

Oil on canvas $ 2200 Cynthia is currently represented by galleries in Scottsdale, Denver & Kansas City, KCAC Board Member, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, represented by Blue Gallery.

Photography $ 750 Part of a series dealing with women in the Ozark landscape. River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

KCAC L53 - 111 Rita Blitt Dancing

KCAC L58 - 132 Jane Voorhees Journey: Harvest Moon

Acrylic on paper $ 2500 When I draw, I feel like I’m dancing on paper. Works are included in the collections of the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and the Spencer Museum of Art

Acrylic on gessoed paper $ 800 This piece is from a 2011 show at the Epstein Gallery, curated by Marcus Cain, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Mallin Gallery Solo Exhibition, former KCAI Adjunct Instructor.

KCAC L54 - 54 Steven Wilson At Andy’s

KCAC L59 - 112 Teresa Dirks Memphis Walk

Archival pigment print $ 350 An archival pigment print from a wet plate collodion negative.

Acrylic, graphite, oil pastel on raw canvas $ 525 Teresa Dirks paints bold modern color & reconstructs conceptional experiences both real & imaginary.

LIVE AUCTION // KCAC L60 - 18 Roy Inman Royals Celebration

KCAC L65 - 116 Miguel Rivera Intermittence

Photography $ 500 More than 800,000 people showed up to celebrate the Royals 2015 World Series victory. Kansas City Star Photographer.

Mixed media print $ 1200 KCAC Board Vice-President and Auction Chairman, Mallin Gallery Group Exhibition, LIAEP Grant Recipient.

KCAC L61 - 17 Rita Guile Silver Grass

KCAC L66 - 97 Jane Pronko One Way

KCAC L62 - 124 Nelson Smith Switch Over - Slide Under

KCAC L67 - 70 Tom Styrkowicz You Had Me at “Will You”?

Acrylic on canvas $ 700 Rita has exhibited her paintings in numerous juried shows around the country. Represented by Eva Reynolds Fine Art.

Acrylic on board $ 800 Mallin Gallery Solo Exhibition, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, LIAEP Grant Recipient.

KCAC L63 - 117 Deborah Riley The Secret of Happiness

Oil on canvas $ 1000 This painting is a night view of Downtown Kansas City. This area has changed with time. Founding Member of KCAC, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Mallin Gallery Solo Exhibition. Works are included in the collections of the NelsonAtkins Museum of Art and MU.

Photo laminated to canvas $ 175 This is part of my “self portrait with friends” series of photos.

KCAC L68 - 4 Hugh Merrill Hermes Grand Garden

Clay, mixed media $ 450 Charno Gallery Solo Exhibition.

Oilwash, drawing $ 1500 This piece was created during Merrill’s residency at the Guanlan Original Printmaking Base in Shenzhen, China in 2013. River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Charno Gallery Solo Exhibition, KCAI Professor of Printmaking, LIAEP Grant Recipient.

KCAC L64 - 19 Susan Tinker Notions

KCAC L69 - 20 Bev Gegen Dark Woods

Encaustic on board $ 800

Acrylic on canvas $ 400 Gegen paints abstract works about things real to her world. Charno Gallery Solo Exhibition.

// LIVE AUCTION KCAC L70 - 151 Steve Mayse Untitled Mixed media $ 800 River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Charno Gallery Solo Exhibition, KCAI Chair of Illustration Department, LIAEP Grant Recipient.

KCCG L75 - 405 David Schuh Lidded Jar Clay $ 100 Kansas City Clay Guild

KCAC L71 - 147 Jason Scuilla Spirit of Salome’ 1

KCAC L76 - 31 Robert Quackenbush BELIEVE ME (BE ME)

Etching $ 150 Charno Gallery Solo Exhibition, Area Head Printmaking/Associate Professor of Art at Kansas State University.

Mixed media, 300# watercolor paper $ 1200 River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Mallin Gallery Solo Exhibition.

KCAC L72 - 66 Catherine Vesce Chaos to Code #5

KCAC L77 - 60 Suzann Geringer Herbal

Monotype on Rives BFK $ 475 Included in the collections of the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, H&R Block World Headquarters, KU Medical Cancer Center.

Ink, paper, monotype $ 200

KCAC L73 - 10 Jill Gapczynski Nelson Tranquility

KCAC L78 - 154 Maura Cluthe Indecision

Oil on canvas $ 500

Linocut $ 150 Charno Gallery Solo Exhibition, Underground Gallery Exhibition, KCAI Professor of Illustration, Buyout 2015.

KCAC L74 - 87 Cathy Logan Still Life with Salt Shaker

KCAC L79 - 155 Dana Swedo Bernal Winter Birds

Oil on canvas $ 400 Cathy Logan has a studio in The Columbus Park neighborhood of Kansas City. ReMembers Exhibition Participant.

Mixed media $ 500

LIVE AUCTION // KCAC L 80 - 164 Saul Becker Sea Gate

KCAC S - 158 Rachel Arnold Untitled 3

Serigraph $ 600 Printed at the Lower Eastside Printshop in New York, NY.

Digital print $ 200

KCAC L 81 - 156 Peregrine Honig #tinyselfie

KCAC S - 159 Rachel Arnold Untitled 2

$ 250

SILENT AUCTION // KCCG S - 412 Aimee Adams Untitled Red stoneware $ 100 Kansas City Clay Guild

KCAC S - 15 Ron Anderson Brownie - Lifeguards, KC

Digital print $ 200

KCAC S - 48 Janice Atkins KC Star Building Watercolor $ 200 River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Underground Gallery Exhibition, Solo Exhibition at Leedy-Voulkos Gallery 2015.

KCAC S - 130 Alison Barnes Martin Frannie’s Hardwork

Photography $ 280 In RMRE 2013, juried by Jerry Saltz. Mentioned in the KC Star’s exhibition review by Dana Self.

Digital fresco $ 350

KCAC S - 64 Ione Angilan Mirror, Mirror #2

KCAC S - 72 Nancy Beaver Chinese for Dinner

Watercolor $ 200 Whimsical narcissism. Former KCAC Board Member, ReMembers Exhibition Participant.

Mixed media $ 100 Former KCAC Board Member.

// SILENT AUCTION KCCG S - 403 Elly Biggerstaff The Debutante

KCAC S - 98 Heather Campbell Primavera

Clay, wood, mirror, vintage plastic figure $ 300 Kansas City Clay Guild.

Acrylic on paper $ 500

KCAC S - 8 Bill Bowerman Chives

KCAC S - 119 Katie Carruthers Shaken

Archival digital print $ 400 I compose assemblages & scan them to create images featuring design, color, & unusual lighting. River Market Regional Exhibition Award Winner.

Acrylic on canvas $ 2250

KCAC S - 16 Lorrie Boydston Aligned

KCAC S - 137 Andra Chase Trees in Winter Lazy R Ranch

Acrylic, mixed media on plexiglass $ 400 Loose grid abstract painting with landscape mesh material on clear plexiglas. Suburban Theme Painting.

Oil $ 350

KCAC S - 113 Margaret Braet Inspire Prayer Wheel

KCAC S - 65 Charles Chick Spirit of Chinese Ancestors

Sterling silver, ceramic, 14K gold, citrine $ 350 Invoking ancient meditative charms, this pendant begs to be played with. Turning reveals a message.

Acrylic on canvas $ 450

KCAC S - 68 Judith Burngen Ballet

KCAC S - 123 Nancy Clay Field, Sky and Lake

Photography $ 225 Ballet is part of a series of flower portraits. River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

Oil $ 150

SILENT AUCTION // KCAC S - 53 Dan Conradt The Immigrant’s Dream

KCAC S - 11 Nikki Deal Untitled

Mixed media $ 250

Paper sculpture $ 150 Paper is an amazing and versatile medium, very tactile for the artist.

KCAC S - 46 Mary Ann Coonrod Alien

KCAC S - 42 Laurel DeFreece Blackbird #3 - Broken Wing Series

Watercolor, montage $ 155

Printmaking, collage $ 250 Inspired by the unfortunate state of race relations in the United States in the 1960’s - Current

KCAC S - 52 Lorrie Crystal Eigles The King…

KCCG S - 402 John M. Devaney Untitled

Color pencil on paper $ 425 Solo Exhibition at Leedy Voulkos Gallery 2015.

Clay $ 250 Kansas City Clay Guild.

KCAC S - 162 Sandi Daniels Birds Nest

KCAC S - 83 Sally Dill Nude II

Pinhole platinum palladium $ 450

Sepia ink on paper $ 200 Buyout 2015.

KCAC S - 163 Sandi Daniels Shells

KCAC S - 80 Sally Dill Sofa on Hudson 1/3

Polaroid paper negative archival inkjet $ 265

C-print photography $ 200 Buyout 2015.

// SILENT AUCTION KCAC S - 21 Anna Dorrance Yellow Vase

KCAC S - 67 Reed Fletcher Denizens on the Ocean Bed

Photography $ 400

Pencil, colored pencil, chalk on canvas $ 275

KCAC S - 107 John Eck Stoneware Bowl

KCAC S - 45 Erlene EC Flowers Primal Series: Developing Lizards

Ceramic $ 90 Stoneware bowl with glazed interior & unglazed exterior with oxides. Rafter E Studio.

Watercolor on yupo $ 300 One of a series of the development of the earth & its species.

KCAC S - 129 Machiko Erhard Tea Set

KCAC S - 100 Genevieve Flynn Box Series Pendant

Ceramics, white stoneware $ 160 KCAC Board Member.

24K yellow gold, sterling silver $ 225 River Market Regional Exhibition Winner.

KCAC S - 128 Kevin Erhard Red Cloud

KCAC S - 153 Ron Fondaw Blue #2

Fire, pigment, foil on panel $ 300

Mixed media $ 500 Mallin Gallery Solo Exhibition, Charno Gallery Solo Exhibition.

KCAC S - 74 Iris Fletcher The Beholder

KCAC S - 136 Sharon Gradischnig Spring Sky

Acrylic $ 280

Oil on canvas $ 200

SILENT AUCTION // KCAC S - 36 Will Hammond Tonality

KCAC S - 26 Shakura Jackson Swisscape

Durst lambda print $ 350

Handmade cotton lace on photo $ 400 Handmade Swiss lace on “lacy” landscape photo in “lacy” wood frame. River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

KCAC S - 73 Michael Harp No Times to Spare

KCAC S - 75 Angie Jennings Masks We Wear

Photography, watercolor and ink $ 825 Mixed media scene of Time Square in NYC. Underground Gallery Group Exhibition.

Archival pigment print $ 350

KCAC S - 150 Anthony High KC Jazz

KCAC S - 95 Ginny Johnson Climbing Clematis

Aluminum print of a collagraph $ 90 Underground Gallery Solo Exhibition.

Computer painting, collaged paper $ 150

KCAC S - 25 Jean Howard Just Rocks

KCAC S - 142 Maureen Kenny Arroyo Hondo Looking East

Oil on linen $ 2000 Former KCAC Board Member.

Watercolor $ 175

KCAC S - 81 Hobart Jackson Male Nude Leaning

KCAC S - 88 Mark Kielkucki Blue Buddha

Ink line drawing on paper $ 400 Ink on paper hand life drawing in line from male nude in studio in 20 minutes. River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

Masks from the 19th century help create an homage to the masks we wear. KCAC Board Member, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant. Buyout 2015.

Acrylic on watercolor paper $ 300

// SILENT AUCTION KCAC S - 120 Peter Max Lawrence Untitled

KCAC S - 160 Rusty Mann Fire King and Queen

Ink on bristol board $ 250

Oil on wood $ 600 Underground Gallery Group Exhibition.

KCAC S - 102 David Lee Teapot

KCAC S - 34 Teresa Mastro BB’s Café

Porcelain $ 150 Unique doughnut style teapot. 323 Clay Studio.

Acrylic $ 500 KCAC Group Exhibition, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

KCAC S - 126 Linda Lighton Flower Chandelier

KCAC S - 77 Bob Mathews The Marlboro Man

Ceramic $ 2500 Donation from a private collection.

Oil on canvas $ 500 One of a series of iconic individuals. Underground Gallery Group Exhibition.

KCAC S - 134 Tanya Lueck Jupiter

KCAC S - 152 Shelley Mayse Sunrise Chick

Oil on wood $ 200

Monoprint $ 125 Buyout 2015.

KCCG S - 400 Amy Major Raku Flower Platter

KCCG S - 411 Amy Meya Forest Study

Porcelain, raku $ 120 Kansas City Clay Guild.

Ceramic $ 260 Kansas City Clay Guild.

SILENT AUCTION // KCAC S - 12 Michael Molick Listen‌Just Listen

KCAC S - 30 Jim Needham The Hawk of War

Oil on canvas $ 200

Mixed media $ 100 The good use of line, form, color, texture - these elements make interesting art.

KCAC S - 122 Michelle L. Morby Langston Hughes

KCAC S - 69 Kathy Nemati Shallai Pendant

Gouache on paper $ 700 Awkward portrait paintings of historical people living & deceased.

KCAC S - 144 Nancy Morrow Hyperbole

Copper, beads $ 100 Patina copper with shell accents on beaded necklace.

KCCG S - 414 Kathy Older Workshop Aftermath

Mixed media $ 500 River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Associate Professor at Kansas State University.

Highfire ceramic $ 100 Kansas City Clay Guild.

KCAC S - 86 Daisy Muff Happy Easter

KCAC S - 38 Kathleen Patton Iron Deposits on Stones

Handpainted porcelain $ 275 Handpainted Limoges egg box.

KCAC S - 61 Maryellen Munger Eye of Newt, Toe of Frog Papier mache on armature $ 150 Frogs are mystical creatures the world over & one my favorites.

Lacquer on treated paper $ 150

KCCG S - 413 Joe Petty Untitled Horsehair ceramic bottle $ 100 Kansas City Clay Guild.

// SILENT AUCTION KCAC S - 93 Mary Kay Porter Freeform Plater with 2 Bowls

KCCG S - 406 Louis Reily Vase

Hi-Fire Cone 10 $ 250

Earthenware clay $ 170 Kansas City Clay Guild.

KCAC S - 105 Cindy Powers Purple Bowl with Black & White Flower

KCAC S - 118 Susan Righter Abstract Lemons

Porcelain $ 100 Wheel thrown porcelain with carved flower. Porcelain & glaze fired to cone 5. 323 Clay Studio.

Acrylic $ 300

KCAC S - 76 Kristin Powers Nowlin Red Roots

KCAC S - 157 Eric Ryser Cities Plate #28

Woodblock print $ 250

Acid etched patter, forged steel $ 300 Underground Gallery Group Exhibition

KCAC S - 41 Jan Preston Are You Living Your Dream?

KCAC S - 28 Elisabeth Sauer Oak Street Bridge

Specializes in woodblock printmaking dealing with issues of race & ancestry, Mallin Solo Exhibition, Underground Gallery Solo Exhibition, River Market Regional Exhibition Award Winner.

Mixed media $ 675

Oil, painted en plein air $ 600

KCAC S - 110 Charlene Pryor Soul Ponies

KCAC S - 2 Nunik Sauret Serie D

White stoneware, glazed $ 135 I’m continuing a metaphorical journey with horses. This time in clay.

Xylography on Pianola paper $ 500 KCAC International Artist In Residency October 2015.

SILENT AUCTION // KCCG S - 418 Liz Scavuzzo Clay Lights (Set of Two) Stoneware $ 100 Kansas City Clay Guild.

KCAC S - 78 Sabine Schmidt Sleeping In, Henryetta, Oklahoma Photography, archival inkjet print $ 450 From a photo project on Oklahoma small towns.

KCCG S - 409 Todd Scholtz Stoneware Vase Blue & Brown Stoneware, cone 10 $ 140 Kansas City Clay Guild.

KCCG S - 415 Jean Schumacher Untitled Set of Two)

KCCG S - 401 Melynda Steward 2 Cubes, a Sphere, a Pyramid, Oh My! Wood, stoneware $ 252 Kansas City Clay Guild.

KCAC S - 37 Teede Stipich Nepal Pendant Jewelry $ 100

KCAC S - 133 Marcia Streepy Summer Sunflowers from Farmer’s Market Oil $ 500

KCAC S - 127 R. Gregory Summers Light in the Willows

Domestic porcelain $ 123 Kansas City Clay Guild.

Oil on canvas $ 1100 Underground Gallery Solo Exhibition.

KCAC S - 23 Lowell Smithson Swirlacane

KCAC S - 103 Carolyn Summers Pineapple Vessel

Acrylic $ 350

Porcelain $ 125 323 Clay Studio.

// SILENT AUCTION KCAC S - 90 Linda Teeter Joe Becker Ballpark

KCAC S - 114 Sandra Van Tuyl Precincts

Digital watercolor $ 250 Underground Gallery Group Exhibition, River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

Acrylic on canvas $ 800 River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

KCAC S - 138 Larry Thomas The Ecstasy of the Forbidden

KCAC S - 161 Emily Villareal Fire Escape

Mixed media $ 1800 Past KCAC Board Member, JCCC Professor & Chair of Fine Art Department, represented by Sheery Leedy Contemporary.

Photography $ 100

KCAC S - 71 Patricia Thomas Lemons

KCAC S - 6 Marydorsey Wanless Snow on St. Lukus Road

Oil $ 100

KCAC S - 109 Anita Toby The Beach at Windmill Point

Iphoneography, encaustic & hand coloring $ 200

This image is from series, “Traveling the Back Roads”, about the Kansas prairie. River Market Regional Exhibition Participant, Mallin Gallery Solo Exhibition, Buyout 2015.

KCAC S - 39 Gary Wayne Williams Edison’s Folly

Pastel $ 300 The tiny inlet is on the Sound side of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. River Market Regional Exhibition Participant.

Colored pencil $ 950 The glazing really intensifies the colors of the pencils. It surprises people.

KCAC S - 1 Ireri Topete De Energia Y Movimiento…

KCCG S - 404 Josh Wood Raku Vase

Etching, woodcut, transfer on Hahnemuhle paper $ 300 KCAC International Artist In Residency October 2015.

Raku, porcelain $ 160 Kansas City Clay Guild.

SILENT AUCTION // KCAC S - 94 Sandy Woodson Little Ryman; Tuscumbia, AL Photography $ 75

KCAC S - 44 Carol Zastoupil Royal Palm Oil on canvas $ 195 Carol’s fantastical landscapes explore the wonder & mystery of the natural world. River Market Regional Exhibition Winner.


816.471.6789 www.KCLOFT.COM Residental & Commercial MALLIN / GIBSON FAMILY L.P.

GENERAL RULES OF THE KANSAS CITY ARTISTS COALITION ART AUCTION // 1. If you desire to attend the Live Auction and/or bid on artwork, you must first purchase an Auction ticket. After purchasing a ticket, sign up for a bidder number. 2. All items are sold “AS IS�. 3. All sales are final. There will be no refunds or exchanges. 4. Payment must be made in full the night of the Auction, Saturday, February 20. Successful bidders may pay for purchases with cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. The cashier room opens at approximately 9pm. 5. Artworks must be removed from the premises the night of the Auction. All costs of removal (if any) are the responsibility of the purchaser. 6. If restrictions apply to the use of certificates for goods or services, they must be strictly observed. If any arrangements are necessary for the use of certificates they are to be made between donor and buyer. 7. Auction Alternative Bidding Procedures are available through Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 9pm. Absentee Bids Bidders may leave absentee bids for Live Auction items with the Artists Coalition staff. Bids must be submitted on KCAC absentee bid forms. Payment must be made at the time the bid is registered. If the bid is not successful payment will be returned the week following the auction. In the event duplicate bids are made, the bid submitted first will be honored. BuyOut Bidding on all Auction pieces will be closed when a buyout is made. The buyout price is determined by KCAC and is listed for each artwork. A buyout must be submitted to KCAC staff. Payment must be made at the time the buyout is registered. Pieces must stay on display through the Auction. 8. By his or her purchase, the buyer waives any claims, demands or causes of action for liability or damages against either the Artists Coalition, the Kansas City Clay Guild, or the donor of the property or services, and neither the Artists Coalition, the Kansas City Clay Guild nor the donor is responsible for any personal injuries or damages to property that may result from the utilization of property or services sold.

auction floorplan // volunteer check in

tickets, bidder numbers, cashiers

artwork pick up

artspace front door < entrance to kcac auction

kcac galleries live auction

stairs to silent auction

auction staff only

coat racks


1. The Live Auction will begin at approximately 8pm, Saturday, February 20, and will continue until all artworks have been auctioned. 2. When you wish to bid on an item, raise your bid card above your head at the appropriate time to identify your bidder number. Make sure that the auctioneer sees you. The Auction moves quickly, do not be timid! 3. We ask that you refrain from unnecessary conversations so the active bidders can hear and follow the bidding. 4. Bidding is closed by the auctioneer. Decisions of the auctioneer are final.

1. Each item has a Silent Auction Bid Sheet. If you wish to bid, clearly print your bidder number and bid amount on the bid sheet located next to the artwork. Use only the bidder number assigned to you (see General Rule #1). 2. Minimum initial bid is indicated on each Bid Sheet. Each increase in bid must be at least $10 (ten dollars) to constitute a valid bid. 3. Each new bid must be written on the next available blank line on the Silent Auction bid sheet. 4. Each Silent Auction item is assigned a buyout price. Bidders may close the bidding on these items by bidding the buyout price by Wednesday, February 17, 9pm. In order to complete a buyout, the bidder must notify a representative of the Artists Coalition to close out the Silent Auction bid sheet. Items must be paid for at the time the buyout is made. 5. On Auction night, Saturday, February 20, the Silent Auction will close in 3 sections at 7:15pm, 7:30pm, and 7:45pm. Each section is marked with a color-coded bid sheet. 6. Once a bid is written down only the KCAC staff may nullify a bid. 7. Under no circumstances may the Silent Auction bid sheet be removed from the Auction items. 8. Silent Auction bids may be made any time during the Auction Preview Exhibition. 9. The Silent Auction closes on Saturday, February 20. 10. Bidders are asked to leave the Underground Gallery after the 7:45pm closing. After all items in the Silent Action have been sold the items will be moved to the artwork check-out room. 11. Bidding is closed by the Silent Auction Chairperson. Decisions are final.

food & drink



Beco Flowers 1922 Baltimore Avenue Kansas City, Missouri 64108 (816) 472-4242

broadway cafe & roastery 4106 broadway kansas city, mo 64111 (816) 531 2432 www. broadwaycafe

volunteerS // Sylvia Abisaab Aimee Adams Ione Angilan Alison Barnes Martin Kate Barsotti Elly Biggerstaff Leslie Birmingham Jefferson Blair Justin Border Lorrie Boydston Judith Brougham Dixie Buss Heather Campbell Kelly Cannon Charles Chick Kevin Corbin David DeSimone Teresa Dirks Mike Driggs Kevin Erhard Machiko Erhard Alecia Fedor Joe Flores Anna Friend Donald Friend Genevieve Flynn Kevin Flynn Robb Gann Suzann Geringer Mark Giersch Sharon Gradischnig Leroy Grubbs Rite Guile Sarah Hemme Kim Heinrich Don House Angie Jennings Amanda Jolley Adam Johnson Laura Kandlik Deborah Keithly Betsy Knabe Roe Ada Koch Lee Knox Andrew Johnson Nancy Kramer Bovee Jeanne Leven Berry Lutz Lorrie McEachern Dale Mastro Teresa Mastro Kim Martin Charlotte Matthews Michael Molick Diane Morgan Mel Moscoso Laura Nugent

Gene Pal Steven Patterson Kathleen Patton Debra Payne Jan Preston Mary Porter Eli Pupovac Emily Renner Nancy Retzer Becky Rimmer Steve Rimmer Gary Rittenhouse Beth Sarver Liz Scavuzzo Ruth Scherrer Sue Scholl Todd Scholtz Bryan Schmidt Sabine Schmidt Lauren Schons Aaron Shipps Susan Speck Karen Steen Sheron Smith Joanna Snook-Snow Stephen Snow Johnny Starke Betty Sterling Edgar Tanner Patricia Thomas Heinrich Toh Jan Tracy Alison Trent Claudia True Megan Wendleton Terri Kay Wheeler Dan White Josh Wood Sandy Woodson Allan Winkler Carol Zastoupil

CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS // Adams, Aimee S-412 Akram, Asheer L51-149 Anderson, Ron S-15 Angilan, Ione S-64 Arnold, Rachel S-158 Arnold, Rachel S-159 Atkins, Janice S-48 Augustus, Sylvia L9-55 Bangert, Colette L47-3 Barnes Martin, Alison S-130 Beaver, Nancy S-72 Becker, Saul L80-164 Bennett, Philomene L29-85 Biggerstaff, Elly S-403 Bjorn, Cynthia L52-58 Blair, Jefferson L28-148 Blitt, Rita L53-111 Booth, Jane L34-99 Bowerman, Bill S-8 Boydston, Lorrie S-16 Braet, Margaret S-113 Broski, Cathy L10-417 Burngen, Judith S-68 Bussell, Joe L39-29 Campbell, Heather S-98 Carruthers, Katie S-119 Chase, Andra S-137 Chick, Charles S-65 Chrisman, George L0-101 Clay, Nancy S-123 Cluthe, Maura L78-154 Conradt, Dan S-53 Coonrod, Mary Ann S-46 Corbin, Tom L32-135 Crystal Eigles, Lorrie L44-51 Crystal Eigles, Lorrie S-52 Daniels, Sandi S-162 Daniels, Sandi S-163 Dawley, Tara L2-106 Deal, Nikki S-11 Decker, Kirk L1-22 DeFreece, Laurel S-42 Devaney, John M. S-402 Dill, Sally L43-82 Dill, Sally S-80 Dill, Sally S-83 Dirks, Teresa L59-112 Dorrance, Anna S-21 Eck, John S-107

Ehrlich, Constance L15-50 Ekstam, Keith L23-7 Erhard, Kevin S-128 Erhard, Machiko S-129 Fletcher, Reed S-67 Fletcher, Iris S-74 Flowers, Erlene EC S-45 Flynn, Genevieve S-100 Fondaw, Ron S-153 Forcade, Tim L4-125 Gapczynski Nelson, Jill L73-10 Gegen, Bev L69-20 Geringer, Suzann L77-60 Gradischnig, Sharon S-136 Grubbs, Leroy L46-131 Guile, Rita L61-17 Hammond, Will S-36 Harp, Michael S-73 Heppner, Clyde L56-59 High, Anthony S-150 Hill, Steven L5-104 Honig, Peregrine L81156 House, Don L57-79 Howard, Jean S-25 Humphrey, Kwanza L30-140 Hunter-Putsch, Sharon L13-47 Iman, Erica L26-407 Inman, Roy L60-18 Jackson, Shakura S-26 Jackson, Hobart S-81 Jennings, Angie S-75 Johnson, Ginny S-95 Kenny, Maureen S-142 Kielkucki, Mark S-88 Knox, Lee L21-49 Koch, Ada L37-24 Kramer Bovee, Nancy L25-33 Lawrence, Peter Max S-120 Lee, David S-102 Lighton, Linda S-126 Livedalen, Rachel L40146 Logan, Cathy L74-87 Lueck, Tanya S-134 Major, Amy S-400 Mann, Rusty S-160 Marak, John L14-62 Marak, Lou SB-63

Marxhausen, Karl L7-35 Mastro, Teresa S-34 Mathews, Bob S-77 Mayse, Steve L70-151 Mayse, Shelley S-152 Merrill, Hugh L68-4 Meya, Amy S-411 Molick, Michael S-12 Morby, Michelle L. S-122 Morrow, Nancy S-144 Muff, Daisy S-86 Munger, Maryellen S-61 Needham, Jim S-30 Nemati, Kathy S-69 Nugent, Laura L12-56 Older, Kathy S-414 Patton, Kathleen S-38 Peffer, Pam L16-91 Petty, Joe S-413 Porter, Mary Kay S-93 Powers, Cindy S-105 Powers Nowlin, Kristin S-76 Preston, Jan S-41 Pronko, Jane L66-97 Pryor, Charlene S-110 Quackenbush, Robert L76-31 Raine, Carlyle L3-40 Reily, Louis S-406 Revenaugh, Katrina L55-57 Righter, Susan S-118 Riley, Deborah L63-117 Rivera, Miguel L65-116 Rosser, Warren L50-5 Rousis, George L18-84 Ryser, Eric S-157 Sauer, Elisabeth S-28 Sauret, Nunik S-2 Savage, Mike L19-32 Scavuzzo, Liz S-418 Scherrer, Ruth L17-141 Schmidt, Sabine S-78 Scholtz, Todd L36-410 Scholtz, Todd S-409 Schuh, David L75-405 Schumacher, Jean S-415 Scott Williams, Debbie L49-139 Scuilla, Jason L71-147 Smith, Nelson L62-124 Smith, Sheron L35-14 Smithson, Lowell S-23 Speck, Susan L20-408

Steen, Karen L24-96 Steward, Melynda S-401 Stipich, Teede S-37 Stockton, Elizabeth L31-9 Stogsdill, Jerry L42-108 Streepy, Marcia S-133 Styrkowicz, Tom L67-70 Summers, Carolyn S-103 Summers, R. Gregory S-127 Swedo Bernal, Dana L79-155 Teeter, Linda S-90 Thomas, Larry L22-43 Thomas, Patricia S-71 Thomas, Larry S-138 Tinker, Susan L64-19 Tinker, William L33-27 Toby, Anita S-109 Topete, Ireri S-1 Trease, Fred L41-121 Trotter, Vickie L8-145 Van Tuyl, Sandra S-114 VanHoozer, Robin L48-115 Vesce, Catherine L72-66 Villareal, Emily S-161 Voorhees, Jane L58-132 Wanless, Marydorsey S-6 Warren, Jackie L6-89 Watson, Joey L38-416 Wender, Jean L11-92 Wheeler, Terri L45-13 Wiersma, Erin L27-143 Williams, Gary Wayne S-39 Wilson, Steven L54-54 Wood, Josh S-404 Woodson, Sandy S-94 Zastoupil, Carol S-44

We regret any omissions. Our thanks to everyone who has supported this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s auction!


F i r e p ro o f Wa r e h o u s e & Bu s i n e s s R e c o r d s C e n t e r

Manson Karb a nk Supports

The Kansas City Artists Coalition T. B r a d l e y M a n so n , P. A . Ne il D . K a r b a n k , P. C . K a t i e M cC l a fl i n D a n a L. F a h e y Aspen Office 604 West Main Aspen, Colorado 81611

Overland Park Office 84 Corporate Woods, Suite 430 Overland Park, Kansas 66210 913.498.8080

Plaza Office The Barney 2000 Shawnee Mission Pkwy Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66205

kansas city artists coalition exhibition series and international residency The Kansas City Artists Coalition’s exhibitions explore the diversity of expression that shape contemporary culture, art, and ideas. KCAC is a space for innovative and experimental art, which does not readily lend itself to commercial venues. KCAC also aggressively supports and embraces local and regional artists’ work. HUGH MERRILL March 6-28, 2015 “The Kansas City Artist Coalition permitted me to break out of the traditional creation of art as painting, drawings and prints. The support provided by the Kansas City Artist Coalition allowed for a much broader and interactive use of the gallery space. KCAC is a very important part of the Kansas City arts community providing unique opportunities for both the public and artists.” DEREK COTÉ May 8 - June 20, 2015 "The Kansas City Artists Coalition allowed me the opportunity to develop an ongoing series of work by providing the space and support to experiment. The opportunities provided by spaces like KCAC are vital to the organic development of ideas and to foster critical dialogue outside the commercial sphere.” SARALYN REECE HARDY Director Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, Kansas “I am especially enthusiastic about the Kansas City Artist Coalition’s exhibitions because of their clear and unqualified support of artists. The Coalition has never wavered in its dedication to bring opportunities to many artists within and beyond our regional arts culture.”, from a letter of support July 2015.

ALONE AND TOGETHER: COLETTE & JEFF BANGERT A RETROSPECTIVE Upcoming June 10 - July 22, 2016 As a founder and longtime active supporter of the KCAC we are proud of KCAC’s achievements supporting art and artists. We are hopeful that our exhibition will show and point toward the use of digital information, mathematics, and computer science to heighten and grow the practice and understanding of personal art. Using computers and technology artists can create wherever an artist lives and works in the world. This KCAC retrospective of our collaborative as well as personal art would be a first time event for us and our audiences. Usually the exhibitions we have done focus on the hand work or just the digital work. Both ways of working shown in some depth would give us and our audiences understanding look at some of the possibilities now open to visual thinking.”

The mission of the Kansas City International Residency at the Artists Coalition is to bring artists from around the world together in order to build friendships and improve intercultural understanding. Alicia Candiani — ARGENTINA, September 2011 “You have put together a series of most interesting activities related with my expertise and projects. I cannot be more happy and grateful. In addition the residency facilities are superb. Everything is functional and adapts very well to the needs of the residents. This is an amazing place to stay and make projects among the artists living at the same time, your facilities are great for this.” BAI MING — CHINA, July 2013 & Upcoming Residency & Exhibition March 11- April 21, 2016 “I must say, I really had a good time here in Kansas City. The time left a deep impression on us. Because of your perfect arrangements, we feel comfortable and enjoyable and also satisfied with the work and life here. Also, I got some inspiration here, which enabled me to create some works of art. It was perfect.”

KCAC 2016 Art Auction Program  

On Saturday, February 20, 2016, the Kansas City Artists Coalition is hosting the 33rd Annual Benefit Art Auction. Collectors, art enthusias...

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