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2013/5773 Annual Report

Mission To restore well-being to the vulnerable throughout the greater Denver community by delivering services based on Jewish values.

Values Jewish Family Service of Colorado is guided by these Jewish values: • He who saves one life, saves the entire world. Pikuach Nefesh

Jewish Family Service of Colorado Founded in 1872, Jewish Family Service of Colorado (JFS) is a nonsectarian, nonprofit human services agency serving metro Denver and Boulder. JFS believes in strengthening the community by providing vital services to people in need. Every day, JFS helps people overcome life’s challenges to live fuller, more meaningful lives.

• The obligation to make the world a better place. Tikkun Olam • Social justice, the obligation to act justly toward people in need. Tzedakah • Acts of loving kindness. G’mut Hassadim • Every human being is equal in the eyes of G-d. Tselem Elohim

JFS helps seniors age in place, provides quality mental health counseling to individuals and families, offers training and job placement to those with developmental disabilities and other barriers to employment, and provides food and financial aid to people in crisis. Every year, JFS benefits more than 23,000 people of all ages, faiths, incomes, and abilities.

From left, Ron Crowell, JFS Senior Solutions manager for home-based services, with Robert Graff and Dave St. John at JFS Colorado Senior Connections in Edgewater.

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Dear Friends, Another successful year has passed at Jewish Family Service. We were very pleased with the agency’s performance and our ability to meet the needs of so many vulnerable members of our community. It was a year of real impact. In 2013, JFS touched more than 23,000 lives. We helped thousands of people overcome difficult life challenges so that they could get back on track and live life to its fullest. We were able to reach more people with life-changing services than ever before. And, we were able to do it more efficiently. We recently celebrated a special milestone in our history. It was 10 years ago that we moved into our headquarters facility on Tamarac Drive. The move to this wonderful place paved the way for unprecedented growth and gave us the capacity to deliver a host of new services and respond to community needs. In these 10 years, our annual unrestricted operating revenues increased from $5.6 million to $10.5 million. The number of people impacted by our work jumped from 14,000 in 2003 to 23,000 today. While there is much to celebrate, 2013 also brought its share of challenges. We have seen important funding sources—including significant foundation and government grants—begin to dwindle, raising concerns about the essential financing that makes our work possible. In response, we are beginning to explore new options that will ensure our long-term sustainability and build the agency of the future. We know we can count on your support.

Thank you for all you do to make JFS possible, this year and always. Your contributions, volunteer service, and leadership are what make this agency a force of good in our community. Our continued success is the result of a magical confluence of vision, compassion, commitment, generosity, and hard work from everyone involved. Thank you for doing your part. B’shalom,

Alan Mayer

2013 Board Chair

Yana Vishnitsky

President and CEO 1

REALimpact. VOLUNTEERservices Volunteers contribute annually in Denver.

67.1 million total volunteer hours


people volunteered 22,178 hours at JFS, a dollar value of $483,251.

FAMILY SAFETY NETservices 1 in 4

working families in Colorado do not have enough food to meet their basic needs.

261,630 meals were distributed


people received case management services to keep them from becoming homeless while overcoming obstacles to self-sufficiency. This represents a 61% increase over last year.

through the Weinberg Food Pantry.


MENTAL HEALTHservices 1 in 4 people in Colorado have a mental illness. 724 people received mental health counseling at JFS. 2,634 students, families, and teachers were served in 17

schools through KidSuccess and International KidSuccess school-based counseling programs. 2




JFS SENIORsolutions


1 in 4

By 2030, nearly residents in the Denver metro area will be over the age of 60. JFS is responding with a host of programs to help seniors maintain their independence and stay in their homes.


2,286 seniors received services to help maintain

independence, a 21% increase over last year.

11,607 meals were delivered through Kosher Meals

on Wheels.


people in Colorado have a developmental disability.




+83 17


SHALOM Denver placed interns in area businesses and people were employed, moving off of public assistance.


pieces of mail were processed by SHALOM Denver’s mailing operation, a 17% increase over last year.

New Americans 76

immigrants became U.S. citizens after participating in JFS citizenship classes. 3

JFS SENIOR Solutions JFS Senior Solutions made great strides in 2013, furthering its support of vulnerable seniors. The department supported 2,286 seniors with homemaker visits, care management, counseling, and activities. Our staff of geriatric professionals is focused on helping older adults live safely and independently in their own homes by providing a continuum of care. Our Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) program in Edgewater continues as a model for senior services, with a full range of activities, classes, and services that are keeping older adults active and engaged. In all, the NORC program served 337 seniors with 46 different activities. Boulder JFS served 243 Jewish seniors with care management, Shabbat and holiday services in residential facilities, and volunteer visits. With only two staff members, 118 volunteers contributed 1,643 hours of service, providing companionship and an important Jewish connection to isolated seniors.

new services. With a grant from the 18 Pomegranates Foundation, the committee conducted a needs-assessment survey, which provided valuable feedback on current programming and identified opportunities for growth. The JFS at the JCC program, a partnership with the Robert E. Loup Jewish Community Center, Shalom Cares, and Volunteers of America, served 685 seniors with 68 different activities and served 6,526 kosher meals. Thanks to a generous grant from the Jay and Rose Phillips Foundation of Colorado, JFS Senior Solutions expanded no-cost homecare provider services to many more low-income seniors. JFS at Home, a fee-based homecare service for seniors, saw a 10% increase in clients and strengthened Jewish Family Service’s position as a quality homecare agency. JFS at Home served 118 clients and provided more than 40,000 hours of homecare services.

The Boulder JFS staff formed the Boulder JFS Advisory Committee to strengthen JFS’s presence and explore

Easing Ursula’s Life Transition Ursula Loewenstein, 78, is a reluctant JFS client. Her children moved her to Denver two years ago from San Diego and the home she loved. It has been a difficult transition and she misses the life she had. But something had to happen. Due to her mounting health issues, Ursula’s life was unraveling. Ursula has lived with MS for the past 30 years. Over time, it progressed to the point that she could no longer walk. Seven years ago, her husband and primary caregiver passed away. She hired two local people to help her with day-to-day living and was able to maintain her independence and a reasonable quality of life. Three years ago, Ursula had a stroke that left her partially paralyzed and even more compromised. It was decided that Ursula would move to Denver to be closer to her son and into a facility that could properly care for her.


She moved into a local skilled nursing care facility, where she has 24/7 care. The move was deeply traumatic for Ursula. She lost her independence, her home, and the caregivers she adored. Ursula’s son visited often and did his best to care for her and make her comfortable, but the emotional and social needs of his mother were overwhelming. He was unable to deal with her practical needs because she wanted to use their time together to socialize. He called JFS for help. Ursula was assigned a JFS care manager, Laura Harter, who visited with the family to assess Ursula’s needs. It was clear that she was very lonely and struggling to deal with her life changes. Laura connected Ursula with a JFS therapist, who visited her on several occasions and helped her through the transition.

Laura sensed that a wonderful addition to Ursula’s life could come from ongoing interaction with a trained para-chaplain. For the last two-and-a-half years, Esther Wershaw, a JFS volunteer, has been devoted to Ursula by helping to meet her social, emotional, and spiritual needs. They have developed a special friendship and Ursula now has a social outlet and someone she can count on. Esther not only visits with Ursula, but also helps organize her clothes and keeps her drawers clutter-free. “Ursula has been through a lot and she needs someone to talk to and cheer her up,” says Esther. “I really look forward to being with her.” Ursula loves having a variety of visitors each week. Simply having people to talk to has eased her anxiety and made her feel more comfortable in her new home.

Ursula loves having a variety of visitors each week.足

From left, Esther Wershaw, volunteer para-chaplain; Ursula Loewenstein; and Laura Harter, JFS Senior Solutions care manager.

MENTAL HEALTH Services Jewish Family Service provides mental health treatment that helps people dealing with emotional challenges live more satisfying lives. Our therapists are dedicated to providing the highest-quality treatment to people struggling with trauma, anxiety, loss, or depression. We also work to strengthen healthy communication, problem-solving, and parenting skills. This year we changed the name of the JFS Counseling Center to Jewish Family Service Mental Health Specialists to more accurately reflect the nature of our services and the professionalism of our therapists. In 2013, Jewish Family Service Mental Health Specialists provided 5,708 therapy sessions to 724 individuals. In addition, we conducted a support group to help those dealing with persistent mental illness in their families. We are making our community a safer, healthier place by making quality mental health treatment more accessible to those who need it, including schoolchildren, the uninsured, and those with Medicaid and private insurance.

Our KidSuccess program places trained therapists in area schools, giving children, adolescents, and their families access to quality mental health care so they can succeed academically. We are fostering school achievement, self-esteem, and positive social development. In 2013, KidSuccess operated in 12 public schools in Denver, providing direct mental health services to more than 650 children and adolescents. Refugee children have very different needs as they struggle to adjust to school and life in the United States. The International KidSuccess program is working in six area public schools and served more than 500 refugee students. The JFS Jewish Community Chaplaincy program focuses on providing direct spiritual care to those who are ill, in crisis, or near the end of their lives—in hospitals, nursing homes, mental health institutions, correctional facilities, or at home. In 2013, we visited 766 seniors in hospitals and nursing homes, and conducted two bereavement groups.

Managing Depression to Save a Family For privacy purposes, the names and identifying details of the people depicted in this story have been changed. David, 43, is a successful financial planner who has worked for most of his career at a national asset management firm. He had it all: a high-paying job, a comfortable home, a wonderful wife, Michelle, and two young boys. He was proud that he was able to provide for his family and that Michelle was able to stay home with the kids. Everything in David’s life was going according to plan until suddenly, it wasn’t. Just over a year ago, he was laid off following a company merger. No one saw it coming, least of all David. While it was difficult to accept, he saw the layoff as just a bump in the road. He would find a similar position at another firm and continue on with his life as planned. But the job offers didn’t come. No one was hiring. After a few months, David


started feeling depressed. He was agitated, couldn’t sleep, and lost interest in activities that he normally enjoyed. He was using up his savings, which added to his anxiety. His family’s health insurance was about to expire, and he was concerned about keeping the house. He lost all confidence in himself. Before long, he and Michelle started fighting. The boys felt the tension at home and they too started acting out. David and his family were in crisis. A close family friend recommended that David see a therapist at Jewish Family Service. Reluctantly, he made the call and scheduled an appointment with Betty Tullius, a licensed JFS therapist who specializes in marriage and family issues. At first, David saw Betty alone and was able to get a handle on his depression. He understood what he was experiencing and the impact it was having on his life. “Depression is a dark and difficult place,” confides David. “I had no idea what it was doing to me, my marriage, and my family.”

David worked with Betty to develop a proactive plan to get back on his feet, including managing his depression. Betty also counseled David and Michelle as a couple and eventually brought in the boys to see a JFS child therapist who helped them deal with their confusion and anger. It took some work, but in the end David was able to save the most important aspect of his life: his family. He and Michelle have learned to communicate more honestly and openly with each other, and the fighting has transitioned to problemsolving as a team. David got his real estate license and now works as a broker. He took a cut in pay, but enjoys the freedom to work from home so he can spend more time with the boys. “Through all of this, I learned that sometimes you need a little help to get through life’s challenges,” says David. “The therapists at JFS are pros. With Betty’s help, I’m back, better than ever.”

David was able to save the most important aspect of his life: his family.


DISABILITY AND EMPLOYMENT Services This was a year of achievement, transition, and excitement. After 58 years of operating a “sheltered workshop,” SHALOM Denver has adopted a new “prevocational services” model. As the name implies, services are now focused on preparing our clients with developmental disabilities for more integrated work opportunities in the community through a combination of paid work experience, classroom training, and individual program/employment planning. Our staff worked for more than two years to transition to our new service format and comply with complex Medicaid and government requirements. To complement our work floor experience, we now offer an array of training classes, including a computer lab. Our staff has developed thoughtful curricula, activities, and lesson plans and our clients are extremely enthusiastic about participating in the classes. The combination of vocational training, assessment, and job seeking/keeping classes is preparing our clients to enter our small group work settings (enclaves) in the greater community. This year we launched a new social enterprise. Clients are learning horticultural skills by creating SHALOM Peace

Planters. This collaborative venture with arc Thrift Stores uses recycled pots donated by arc, which are lovingly planted by people with developmental disabilities. We then sell the planters back to 13 metro Denver arc Thrift Stores, where they are sold to the public. We are also selling the unique planters to several area hospital gift shops. SHALOM Denver served more than 700 clients and their families with a wide array of services, helped hundreds gain new employment skills, and helped more than 100 people move off public assistance and into jobs. In addition, we provided 24/7 care to eight adults with developmental disabilities in our beautiful group home. Our Jewish Disabilities Network program has worked tirelessly to increase inclusion for our Jewish clients with disabilities at several Denver-area synagogues and has provided families with new resources from more than 40 agencies at our Jewish Disabilities Awareness Day event. Our guest speaker, Trish Downing, was an inspiration to all, as she relayed her heroic story of overcoming a bicycle accident that left her paralyzed.

Lillian’s Family of Support… Lillian Chazin lights up every room she enters with her warm smile and open arms. Everyone loves her. Lillian, 28, has Down Syndrome, but it hasn’t stopped her one bit. It hasn’t even slowed her down. Lillian has been working at SHALOM Denver for the past seven years. She’s very high functioning, extremely capable, and a welcome addition to the SHALOM Denver team, where she assists with mailing, packaging, and assembly work. Lillian not only works and learns in all these areas, she also participates in numerous prevocational classes meant to prepare her for more integrated community employment opportunities. Beyond meaningful employment, the most important aspect of her involvement with SHALOM is that Lillian has a place


to belong. She has dozens of friends and actively participates in all kinds of activities that keep her engaged and connected to Jewish life. She attends weekly Shabbat dinners at the JFS Group Home, goes on fun outings with the Jewish Disabilities Network, and participates in holiday celebrations. She was matched with a volunteer buddy, Maren Rael Gest. The two of them get together every couple of weeks and just have fun. They love to cook, work on crafts, read books, and go to restaurants. They have become very close friends. Since Lillian has been coming to SHALOM Denver, she’s learned all kinds of skills, including budgeting the money she earns, cooking simple meals, following directions, dressing for work, and getting

along with her coworkers. She’s crazy about her smart phone and loves to answer questions by searching the Internet. She volunteered her time as a member of the Jewish Disabilities Awareness Day Committee and has become a vocal advocate for people with disabilities. Lillian enjoys her independence. She uses RTD’s Access-a-Ride and has learned to call them and check on her rides and deal with them when they don’t show up! She even has a part-time job in a local bookstore. Lillian has a vast support system in place with people she loves and who love her in return. Thanks to the SHALOM Denver family, Lillian is living her life to the fullest and is reaching her true potential.

From left, Lynn Rubenstein, JDN program assistant; Lillian Chazin; Inna Ermakov, JDN program coordinator; and Aisha Turner, SHALOM Denver vocational specialist.

Lillian has a vast support system in place with people she loves and who love her in return. 9

FAMILY SAFETY NET Services The JFS Family Safety Net department provides case management, food, and emergency financial aid to individuals and families in crisis. We help people in need access benefits and additional community resources, and provide case management to help clients identify and overcome barriers to self-sufficiency. Our goal is to prevent homelessness and help people succeed. In fiscal year 2013, the Weinberg Food Pantry distributed more than 425,000 pounds of food to low-income households. We served 269 households with $317,459 in emergency financial assistance, including rent, utilities, transportation, and medical costs. We benefited 631 people, preventing them from becoming homeless. Our focus is to be more purposeful and holistic in our services, looking at all the factors that impact our clients and not simply providing emergency relief. When people come to us for food and financial aid, it presents an excellent

opportunity to provide outreach services, case management, and referrals so they can attain long-term stability. In 2013, we launched a new employment case management program designed to help clients at risk of homelessness overcome employment barriers, get assistance with job searches, and access community resources. We help clients update their résumés and find sustainable employment. There is a high rate of hunger in our community and surveys of our pantry clients tell us that they have to skip meals and that they worry about food. We help our clients access food benefits by helping them apply for food stamps and by providing monthly cooking demonstrations that showcase healthy recipes using food available in our pantry. As we look to the future, the Family Safety Net department will enhance its homeless prevention services with an increased focus on the needs of the “whole” client to better understand and confront barriers to self-sufficiency.

Reinventing Betsy Sometimes life’s challenges can be overwhelming. Sometimes we all need a little help to make it through a tough time. That’s what happened to Betsy Lutkus. Thankfully, JFS was there.

experience. Betsy also suffers from severe anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which makes even simple tasks a challenge.

The layoff was devastating to Betsy— For the last 22 years, Betsy made her financially and emotionally. She didn’t living as a dancer at a local club. It was see it coming, but looking back, she something she fell into as a young woman. realizes that she stayed in the business It was to be a temporary job, but she was too long. She went into a deep depression good at it and she made a decent living— that prevented her from facing reality. enough to support herself and her beautiful Her money soon ran out and she nine-year-old daughter, Savannah. and Savannah were on the verge of homelessness. She applied for benefits Last February, she arrived at work to and was able to get $710 per month. find out that she was being laid off. She But the rent for her modest apartment is was told that she wasn’t pretty enough $610, leaving her just $100 to live on. anymore. At 45, she was informed that she was too old to be a dancer. Friends told her to contact Jewish Family Service for help, and she finally made the Dancing is all that Betsy knows. She has call. Betsy met with Dicia Kemp, a JFS no other skills. She has a high-school case manager, who immediately came education, but can’t type or work on to the rescue with rent, bus passes, and a computer. She has no other work access to the Weinberg Food Pantry. In


addition, Dicia referred Betsy for mental health services and a program to help her manage her finances. Betsy’s top priority was to find work. She met with JFS’s employment specialist, Shira Mandel, who helped her get a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant while she explores longer-term employment. “JFS has saved my life,” says Betsy. “Dicia and Shira are my angels. I know I’m not an easy case and they are so patient.” Betsy is on a path to self-sufficiency and a new life. She’s very grateful to JFS for all the help she has received. “What JFS has done for me is truly beautiful,” she says. “No one judged me. Instead I was treated with respect and dignity. For the first time in a very long time, I have hope. I will come out of this situation to a place where my daughter will be proud of me.”

“For the first time in a very long time, I have hope.” —Betsy Lutkus


From left, Shira Mandel, employment specialist; Savannah Lutkus; Betsy Lutkus; Dicia Kemp, case manager.


VOLUNTEER Services • 836 volunteers contributed 22,178 hours of service, a Volunteers are an essential resource for Jewish Family Service. Their impact is immeasurable, not only for the 7% increase over 2012. agency but for the community as a whole. Volunteers significantly extend the reach of our staff and allow us to fulfill • 335 food pantry volunteers spent 4,898 hours sorting, stocking, and distributing 426,477 pounds of food. our mission of service to the vulnerable in our community. • 51 para-chaplain volunteers gave 2,179 hours of their The Volunteer Services program engages volunteers in time to provide a Jewish connection to isolated Jews and meaningful, fulfilling opportunities to offer expertise and Holocaust survivors. work directly with clients. Whether it’s working in the Weinberg Food Pantry, serving as a Friendly Visitor to an • Para-chaplain service leaders conducted 291 holiday and isolated senior, or supporting our fundraising events, there Shabbat services for more than 2,112 residents of nursing are multiple ways that individuals, families, and business homes and assisted-living facilities. groups can help make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. • 59 Friendly Visitor volunteers in Denver and Boulder provided 3,844 hours of companionship to senior clients. In 2013, we were fortunate to have the dedication of more than 800 hardworking volunteers who gave selflessly to the • 22 volunteers gave 2,121 hours of consultation and professional expertise to many projects benefiting the agency. agency and its clients.

Leland Huttner: Above and Beyond the Call Leland Huttner, 86, has been a passionate JFS volunteer para-chaplain since 1996. He conducts regular Shabbat and holiday services at several assisted-living and skilled-nursing facilities, giving Jewish seniors an important connection to their faith they might not otherwise have. The JFS para-chaplain program was designed to reach out to isolated Jewish seniors and meet their spiritual needs. In the case of Leland Huttner, sometimes his reach goes a little beyond that demographic. A few years ago, there was a new face at a Shabbat service at Emeritus at Roslyn Senior Living Community. Ann had asked her Jewish friend, Lilo, where she went on Saturday mornings. When told she was going to religious services, Ann asked if she could attend. Of course Leland welcomed the lovely woman with open arms.


He thoughtfully explained the Sh’ma and other prayers so that Ann wouldn’t feel uncomfortable or excluded. He explained the Mourner’s Kaddish and the Mi Shebeirach. She loved the Manischewitz wine, challah, and most of all, listening to Leland. Though not Jewish, Ann regularly attended services for the next two years as she and Leland developed a wonderfully rewarding friendship. One day Ann’s pastor called Leland to inform him that Ann had suffered a stroke and was asking for the “rabbi.” Leland rushed to her side at the hospital. Ann soon passed into a coma. “Even though she was unconscious, she knew I was there,” says Leland. “Ann’s daughters asked if I would lead a healing service. Honored, I went home and drafted a service that included both Christian and Jewish elements. When I led the service the next day, I asked some of the Emeritus residents and staff to attend and

share their feelings. Everyone spoke so fondly of this very special lady.” Leland visited Ann over the next several days until she passed away. At the next Shabbat service Leland performed, one of Ann’s daughters attended and talked to Leland for a long time after the service. He was a great comfort in her time of loss. “There is no script when you are a parachaplain, and sometimes the unexpected happens,” says Leland. “In this case, I developed a special relationship with a very dear woman. I am so grateful to have been able to be there for Ann when she needed me most.” Leland went above and beyond his para-chaplain duties with Ann, who just wanted to learn more about Judaism. In the end, he provided not only knowledge but friendship and comfort to her and her family.

“There is no script when you are a para-chaplain, and sometimes the unexpected happens.” —Leland Huttner

­ JFS volunteer para-chaplain Leland Huttner leads High Holy Day services at Sunrise Senior Living Cherry Creek.


JEWISH FAMILY SERVICE OF COLORADO Statement of Financial Position

As of June 30, 2013 (With Summarized Comparative Totals for 2012)




Cash and cash equivalents $ 822,914 $ Accounts receivable, net of allowance for doubtful accounts of $9,310 and $14,614, respectively 716,158 Other receivables 42,677 Contributions receivable 1,259,344 Prepaid expenses and other 93,152 Membership in Green Gables Country Club 43,539 Investments 5,854,385 Beneficial interest in assets held by Rose Foundation Endowment Fund 336,837 Beneficial interest in assets held by Community First Foundation Endowment Fund 458,101 Beneficial interest in assets held by Pacific Life insurance policy 50,281 Assets held under deferred compensation plan 205,806 Property and equipment, net 3,614,741 Total assets

$ 13,497,935

1,180,016 739,293 48,894 1,070,102 50,570 4,148,328 316,898 394,940 46,457 620,170 3,590,477

$ 12,206,145

Liabilities and Net Assets Accounts payable and accrued expenses $ 779,738 $ 1,166,937 Notes payable 36,410 34,027 Total liabilities 816,148 1,200,964 Net assets: Unrestricted: Board designated operating reserve 1,000,000 1,000,000 Board designated property and equipment 4,476,857 4,383,157 Board designated for specific programs 615,986 366,321 Board designated other 224,718 162,628 Total unrestricted 6,317,561 5,912,106 Temporarily restricted 3,372,987 3,175,512 Permanently restricted: Donor restricted permanent endowments 2,196,070 1,205,725 Rose Foundation Endowment Fund 336,837 316,898 Community First Foundation Endowment Fund 458,101 394,940 Total permanently restricted net assets 2,991,239 1,917,563 Total net assets 12,681,787 11,005,181 Total liabilities and net assets


$ 13,497,935

$ 12,206,145

Statement of Activities Year Ended June 30, 2013

Public Support and Revenue

Permanent Endowment


Foundations & Grants Government JEWISHcolorado (formerly Allied Jewish Federation) Mile High United Way Program Fees Contributions In-Kind Contributions Contract Sales Investment Earnings Other Income Released Restrictions–Contributions Released Restrictions–Foundations & Grants Released Restrictions–Investment/Other Earnings Total Revenue

Designated for Future Periods


8,250 $ 2,224,888 2,909,493 200,938 39,312 60,000 1,387,466 7,000 1,200,018 1,040,231 1,166,318 607,736 338,656 283,355 147,798 100,663 16,484 1,537,630 (1,537,630) 1,722,308 (1,722,308) 255,121 (114,353) (140,768) 10,467,455 1,073,676 197,475

Total $ 2,233,138 2,909,493 240,250 60,000 1,394,466 3,406,567 607,736 338,656 531,816 16,484


Expenses Mental Health Services 1,553,707 1,553,707 Senior Solutions/Care Connections 2,130,950 2,130,950 Volunteer Services 129,613 129,613 New American Support Services 137,654 137,654 Family Safety Net 1,316,554 1,316,554 Boulder 94,486 94,486 Chaplaincy & Spiritual Healing 72,182 72,182 Disability & Employment Services 2,498,684 2,498,684 Management & General 898,538 898,538 Fundraising 1,229,631 1,229,631 Total Expenses $10,061,999 $10,061,999 Increase in Net Assets $ 405,456 $1,073,676 $ 197,475 $ 1,676,607 Mental Health Services  Foundations & Grants

FY13 Revenue by Source

J EWISHcolorado

35% 30% 25%

Formerly Allied Jewish Federation



Volunteer Services  New American Support Services


Family Safety Net 

Program Fees





10% 0%


Mile High United Way 


20% 19.0%


Senior Solutions/  Care Connections

FY13 Expenses by Program


Chaplaincy &  Spiritual Healing

In-Kind Contributions

5.2% 2.0% 0.5%

2.9% 4.5%

Contract Sales




Investment Earnings Other




13% 1%

Disability & Employment Services Management & General Fundraising 


DONORS Thank you for supporting our important mission with your financial or in-kind contributions that have enabled us to care for those in need in our community from July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. Please accept our apologies for any omissions or errors.

Family Visionary

Family Pacesetter



Joyce Zeff

APOGEE Retail, LLC Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP Daniels Fund The Emergency Food and Shelter Program Sam and Nancy Gary Edward & Marion Gordon Charitable Fund Mile High United Way Janet Mordecai The Piton Foundation

Family Benefactor $250,000–$999,999 Elaine and Max Appel Conference of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Colorado Rose Community Foundation

Family Protector $100,000–$249,000 The Anschutz Foundation Colorado Coalition for the Homeless JEWISHcolorado (formerly Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado)

Family Ambassador $25,000–$49,999 Marshall and Helene Abrahams Jack and Florence Berlin Foundation Charlie Gwirtsman and Nancy Reichman In Jesus’ Name! Fund Steve and Elizabeth Kris Marty and Melissa Rosenbaum

The Stark Fund for Geriatric Social Work Alice Turak The Melvin and Elaine Wolf Foundation

Family Founder $10,000–$24,999 18 Pomegranates, Inc. Albertsons Diana Anderson The Libby Anschutz Brown Foundation Harold Berenson and Laura Ackerman Jack and Joy Brodsky Community First Foundation The Crown Family Barry and Gay CurtissLusher Denver Business Journal The Denver Foundation Dreiseszun Family Foundation Energy Outreach Colorado Terry Fenner and Dawn Richard

Richard and Joann Fleischman Thomas and Amy Fortner Martin Freedman Freeman Family Foundation Will and Sheri Gold Jack and Celeste Grynberg Mark and Michelle Hellerstein HIAS, Inc. The Hill Foundation Israel Charitable Foundation, Inc. Joel and Janet Kaufman The Kesher Foundation Justin and Cari Levy Bruce and Susan Madison The Mally Fund–Lynda M. Goldstein Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger Morevents–Gareth Heyman and Betsy Mordecai Heyman Brent and Julie Morse Eric and Ellen Pollock RCG Fund Rose Women’s Organization Lewis Sapiro Jack & Helen Shapiro Charitable Fund Singer Family Foundation– Andrea and Cintra Pollack Henry and Joan Strauss Strear Family Foundation Tsesarsky Family Philanthropic Fund Venoco, Inc. Phil and Elle Winn

Family Patron $5,000–$9,999

SHALOM Denver client Herman Garcia puts the finishing touches on a SHALOM Peace Plater with guidance from Barb Bissonnette, vocational specialist. 16

Anonymous Albertsons LLC–Food For All Nancy Alterman ANB Bank David and Terry Appel Joel Appel

Atlas Metal & Iron Corp. Berenbaum Family Foundation–James and Wendy Berenbaum Marc and Claudia Braunstein Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Inc. Bo and Lauren Brownstein Catholic Charities The Chotin Foundation City & County of Denver CoBiz Financial Daniel and Amy Feldman David and Michelle Friedman Scott Friedman Ken and Rebecca Gart Peter and Gabriela Gottlieb Kroger Buzz and Shelley Krovitz Lisa Levin Appel Adam Lipsius and Linda Appel Lipsius The Ernest S. Madison Family Foundation Robert and Robyn Naiman Gail Nussbaum–Amgen Foundation Oak Tree Foundation Michael Opatowski and Ruth Malman Oreg Foundation The William B. O’Rourke Foundation Otten Johnson Robinson Neff + Ragonetti PC Pluss Family Foundation Robert Poorvu Ron Rabin and Marilyn Sacks-Rabin Reel Family Foundation Rose Medical Center Rose Youth Foundation Don and Jan Rosen Lt. Alvin Rosenbaum Memorial Philanthropic Fund Stanton and Jane E. Rosenbaum Ryley Carlock & Applewhite

Chet and Louise Schwartz Don and Liza Siegel Ken and Debra Tuchman UMB Bank Colorado Harry W. Vicksman and Louis L. Vicksman Trust Leon and Rita Vilner Mark and Jacqueline Wong Gary and Terri Yourtz

Friend of the Family $2,500–$4,999 Anonymous Adam and Katie Agron Argonaut Wine & Liquors David and Anna Asarch Michael S. Asarch Lawrence and Marilyn Atler Stephen and Paula Axelrod Ed and Marlin Barad Rob and Sam Baumgarten Berenbaum, Weinshienk P.C. Berlin Investment Group Holdings Barry Berlin and Mary Reisher Bernstein Global Wealth Management Rich Blumberg Cary and Stacey Chapman CLFS Equities LLP James and Alissa Cohen Steve and Cheryl Cohen Colorado State Bank and Trust David and Vicki Dansky Dependable Cleaners Fairway Asset Management, LLC Feldman Mortuary, Inc. Len and Deb Finegold First Western Trust Bank Rabbi Steven and Senator Joyce Foster The Gart Companies, Inc. Paul Gillis Goldberg Kohn LTD Stephen and Natalie Goldman Jon and Sheryl Goodman Green Manning & Bunch, Ltd. Hazon, Inc. The Humphreys Foundation Leland Huttner Julian Izbiky and Jennifer Rothschild JSF Financial, LLC Rob Kaufmann and Jen

Gilbert-Kaufmann John and Leslie Keith– Harvard Communities Donna Kornfeld Harold and Marilyn Lande Lazarus Israel Opportunities Fund Walter E. Lipe Trust Michael and Ceci Lowinger David and Peggy Marks Alan and Peggy Mayer Joanne Posner-Mayer Mile High Honda, Acura, Mitsubishi Jay and Lois Miller Rocky and Suzi Miller David and Julie Milliken Harvey and Stephanie Milzer Murray & Stafford, Inc. National Jewish Health Steven Peckar and Mindy Levy Peckar Julius and Rose Pluss Pollock Family Fund Neil and Kami Pomerantz Melinda Quiat Richard and Michele Right– Katzson Brothers Ken and Judy Robins Robinson Management Company Ed and Susan Robinson Richard and Marcia Robinson Scott and Ellen Robinson Meyer and Geri Bader Saltzman Richard and Jo Sanders Seff Group, P.C. Stephan and Kerry Shelanski Daniel and Karli Sherwinter Bill Silvers and Cindy Levin Sisterhood of Congregation Emanuel Izzy and Peri Sonenreich Steele Street Bank & Trust Syntrinsic Investment Counsel, LLC Warren and Ruth Toltz Morey and Joni Troy Evie Verderber Yana Vishnitsky and Jim Wolfe Mary Zinn

Family Supporter $1,000–$2,499 Anonymous Michael Altenberg

Hoyt and Susan Andres Gary and Donna Antonoff Dede Arnholz Arvada Residence Group, LLP–Stephen and Melissa Elken Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management Bachmann Family Foundation Bain Family Foundation Rick Ball and Joan Winn Larry and Margaret Ballonoff Bank of the West Brian and Elise Barish Andrew and Cindra Barnard Dan and Carla Bartell Ellen Beller Bruce and Jennifer Bendell Stephen and Elaine Berman Jon and Susan Bernhardt Alisa Bourne Alan and Gayle Boxer Howard and Melissa Brill Cynthia Chapman Bishop Isaiah Chronopoulos Citywide Banks Joel and Goldie Cohen The Colorado Trust Peter Copeland and Nancy Cohen Herschel and Barbara Cravitz Randy and Rebecca Davis The Denver Hospice Denver Jewish Day School Steven and Cindy Diamond The Diner Family Kristi Dinner Andrew and May Dodds Martin and Barbara Dubin Steven Ellis and Cathy Summer End Time Christian Center Ken and Sheryl Feiler Michael and Debbie Feiner David and Debra Flitter Foster, Graham, Milstein & Calisher LLP Arnold and Patricia Fridland Sheldon and Ellen Friedman Kenneth and Judy Friednash Marvin and Nancy Gart The GDA Companies–Gary and Shelly Dragul Noel and Leslie Ginsburg Goldberg Kohn LTD Douglas and Cedra Goldman Peggy Goldman

Laurin Gilmour (left) and Lisa Brasselero assemble Grampa Bardeen’s Family Pumpkin Carving Sets at SHALOM Denver. Jerry and Lorna Gray Rabbi Greenspahn and Barbara Pearl Martin C. Gross Family Foundation Miriam Grynberg Myles Guber and Debbie Bishop Steve and Lindsey Gutterman Hilary Haynes Marty and Marie Herzog Ann Hinkins Imprints Wholesale INVESCO Izbiky & Associates PLLC Dan and Angela Japha Family Charitable Fund Jewish Community Foundation James Joda Duke and Sandy Kaminsky Harvey and Carol Karsh Bruce and Florrie Katchen David and Nancy Kaufman David and Erika Kaye Michael and Lani Kessler Albert and Joan Klinger Isadore Kozatch KRG Capital Partners LLC Lisa Laff Landmark Dental Studio– Steven and Debra Weinstein

Lederer Foundation, Inc. Howard and Blanca Lerman Gary and Connie Levine Andy and Robyn Levy Merle Levy–Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc. Ron and Andi Linkow Lippa & Associates–David and Beth Lippa Neil and Rhonda Lipson Mark and Linda Loewenstein Bob and Robyn Loup Gary and Joyce Lozow Damian and Gabie Maldonado–American Financing Corporation Charles Malek and Kim Schneider Malek Mandelbaum Family Foundation The Marcus Foundation MBH Enterprises LLC Michael, Elyana and Jesse McCeney Rick Mellicker and Cathy Grimes Lee and Barbara Mellman Davis Fund David and Laura Merage Foundation Rick and Mindy Miller Monroe Group Ltd. Daniel and Janet Mordecai Foundation Diane Morris


Boulder resident Eve Bat Shalom (left) with Boulder JFS care manager Cathy Summer. Jim and Renee Nachbar Marcia Gold Naiman Fund Kathy Neustadt Robert and Karen Novick Michael and Devra Ochs Brigid O’Connor Gail Pennington Jay and Lisa Perlmutter Jordon and Essie Perlmutter Mike and Arlene Perry Dick and Annette Pluss Yana Profilet Quiat Companies Dan and Meg Quiat Gerald and Roberta Quiat Steve and Dottie Resnick The Rifkin Foundation Roberts Levin Rosenberg PC Edward Rosenthal Justin and Sharon Roth Rubin Family Charitable Fund–Alan and Cheri Rubin Edward Stanley Sanditen Sawaya Segalas Rick Schepis and Rachel Grynberg Art Seiden David and Litamae Sher Sherman & Howard Judy Shine Louis and Lori Sigman Kenneth and Judy Simon SleepWell Center Gerald and Gail Sloat Sheldon and Lucy Smith Hannah Sperber Spin Enterprises Hal and Joyce Spritzer Arnold and Karen Stein Stewart Title Scott and Andrea Stillman Marvin Stone and Susy Grazi Jane Tannenbaum Lynn and Lisa Taussig Steven and Michelle Toltz


Jorge and Francine Topelson Transitions Wealth Management, LLC Marvin Tyor Wagner Wealth Management–Gary and Aimee Wagner Emily Warren Richard Wedgle and Susan Mason David and Gayle Ann Weinstein Seth and Rivka Weisberg The Wenner Group, LLC Stephen and Enid Wenner Bruce and Rhonda Wildman Jim Wilson and Cathy Sunshine Edward and Esther Yenkinson Sam and Stephanie Zaitz Marty and Shira Zimmerman Royce and Tara Zimmerman

Member of the Family $250–$999 Anonymous Jeremy and Mia Abelson Mike and Tammy Abramovitz Mickey Ackerman AIMCO Mark and Claire Alpert Phillip Alterman Richard and Susi Altman Arlen Ambrose and Ruth Lurie Jules and Marilyn Amer Amirob & Associates Daniel and Joy Anderson Anne Angerman Douglas and Margaret Antonoff Janice Appelbaum Mark and Patty Arlen

Natalie Aronson J.J. and Brynn Asarch Richard and Elaine Asarch Cynthia Auer Alfred Axelrod Herman and Janet Axelrod Greg Banks and Sandi Radetsky Banks Rachael Bardach Rabbi Eliot and Dr. Hilary Baskin Terry and Kelly Bates Brad Baumgartner Howard and Jacqueline Bellowe Richard and Joy Benenson David and Nancy Benyamin Jerry and Kathy Berenstein Steve and Sandy Berkowitz Erik Bernstein Rabbi Joseph and Susan Black Kevin and Carolyn Bleicher Michael and Audree Bloom Dennis Blum and Lynn Waterman-Blum Bob Barrett Consulting Engineers, Inc. Rabbi Buz Bogage and Harriet Levy Howard and Carol Boigon Mike and Pam Booth Justin and Tobey Borus Boulder Jewish Community Foundation Audrey Boxwell Jeff and Jenny Brinen Vicky Brittain Andrew and Laurie Brock Kristina Brodsky Mel Brody David and Marilyn Bromberg Maureen Brooks Linnea Brown John and Lucy Buck Rick and Sheila Bugdanowitz Stephanie Buller Tamara Buniger Shannon Burke David and Kathleen Carpenter David Chadwick Michael and Julie Chapman Richard and Valerie Child Lawrence and Rhoda CoBen Brian and Lindsay Cocos Allan Cohen Brent Cohen and Dana Klapper Cohen

David Cohen Edward and Elizabeth Cohen Harold Cohen and Sue Miller Harvey and Judith Cohen Colorado Athletic Club— Monaco The Colorado Health Foundation Congregation BMH-BJ Congregation Rodef Shalom John Conn Dick and Barbara Cook Don and Patty Cook Rabbi Julian and Susan Cook Shell and Lisa Cook John and Evie Coufal The Winters Creasey Family James and Maureen Czepiel Richard and Andra Davidson Bruce and Wendy DeBoskey Denver Agency Company Melvin and Diane Dinner DIRECTV Matching Gift Center Judy Dobin William and Jane Dolan Eugene and Beverly DuBoff Kelly Dunkin John and Gina Dyer Wayne and Marilyn Eckerling Bob and Jodi Eisen Daniel Epel Britta Erickson David Ettenger Robert Evans Iris Eytan Brad Farber Elliott Farber and Erica Welsch Farber Howard and Leslie Farkas Steven and Debra Fendrich Steven and Ellen Finer Annette Finesilver Erick and Kim Finnestead Aryeh and Dorit Fischer Michael and Francine Fisher Daniel Foss and Carole Kornreich Jack and Nathalie Fox Rachel Friedland Selma Friedman Dan Gabbay Elaine S. Gampel and Alan Tedeschi Marvin and Shirley Gang Jim Garcia and Gloria Padilla de Garcia Stephanie Garcia

Tyler and Madeline Gass Peter and Lisa Gergely GGO Clothing Roger and Jill Giller Helen Ginsburg Steven and Nicky Gittelman Bruce and Wendy Glazer Ken and Robin Glickstein Tiffany Glucksman Bill Goldberg and Karen Silverman Lezlie Goldberg Walter Goldberg Fund Barbara Goldburg Lucille Goldin David and Vicki Goldman Barry Goldstein Barry J. Goldstein Philanthropic Fund Sherri Goldstein Scott and Barbara Goodman Scott Goodman & Barbara Masoner Fund Stephen and Celeste Gorden Gilad Gordon and Cathy Cohn Larry and Susan Gordon Selma Gordon Anthony Gottlieb and Katherine Dealy Gourmet to Go Carolyn Grant and Robert Krenz Ellen Gray Gary Gray Bill and Alaina Green Edward and Dianne Green Cathy Grimm Neal Groff Rabbi Salomon and Melanie Gruenwald Gerald and Leona Harris Ted and Marissa Harris Richard and Lupe Hartzell Eva Hecht Andrew Heins and Leslie Williams-Heins Bette Heller Ken and Linda Heller Brian and Jill Henden Owen and Debbie Herman Gil and Jane Hermann Peggy Hermann Lisa Herschli Sanford and Rosemary Hertz Debra Herz Gloria Heyer Fred Heyman and Patti Meier Heyman Hill Family Foundation

James and Shelly Hines Barry and Arlene Hirschfeld Jeffrey Hirschfeld Holland & Hart Law Firm Leonard and Tina Hortick Ed and Elizabeth Huguez Richard Huttner and Lisa Schwartz Jack and Andrea Hyatt Robert and Sheila Hyatt Integrated Cleaning Services Intermountain Jewish News, Inc. Whitney Jablonski Hal and Susan Jacobson Paul and Sandra Jeffery Sheila Jensen Samuel and Carol Jonas Stan and Louan Kamlet Stephen and Jeannie Kaplan Alan and Robin Kastrinsky Gerald and Linda Kernis Jonas and Anita Kiken Samuel and Cherie Kirschbaum Melvyn and Roberta Klein Art and Joanne Kleinstein Robert and Kathleen Klugman David and Judith Koff Oleg Kogan Dmitry Kononov and Olga Titova Rick Kornfeld and Julie Malek Don and Mary Lou Kortz Arnie and Aimee Kover Alan and Gloria Kris Kutner Miller Brinen, P.C. Lee and Cynthia Kutner Laff Foundation Kenneth and Barbara Laff Martin and Ilene Lasher Law Office of Michael Goodman, LLC

Sara Leeper Sol and Patti Leftin Bob and Betsy Leighton Meg Lemon Larry and Carol Levin Scott and Laure Levin Joel and Frieda Levine Paul and Ruth Levisohn Burton and Lee Levy Edward and Jami Levy Gail Levy Laurie Levy Marvin and Bebe Levy Robert Levy Liberty Media Corporation LibertyGives Foundation Howard and Susan Licht Jordan Linkow Litvak Litvak Mehrtens and Epstein, P.C. Norma Loren Patricia Lorie Chet and Debra Luby Rabbi Evette Lutman Howard and Donna Lutz Mah Jongg Mavens Scott and Tanya Maierhofer R. Joseph Marilley Allan and Suzan Markman Stan and Sharon Marks Kevin Mauch Paul McDonald Rex and Nina McGehee Steve and Lisa McKean Douglas McKinnon Mark Medina Jeffrey Mehl Lisa Mehl Sandra Mehl Lee and Barbara Mendel Nancy Menz Paul Mesard Estelle Meskin Sally Steele Metzger

Laughter is another benefit of visiting the Weinberg Food Pantry.

Arlen and Kathleen Meyers Alison Mikula Jessica Milstein Ryan and Kristina Mordecai James and Kim Morse Arthur and Arlene Moss Perry and Susie Moss Matthew and Shari Most the mother ‘hood Craig and Michelle Myers Dean Myerson Stephen and Lois Nadler Marc and Laren Naiman Pam Naiman Clifford and Gayle Nakata Richard and Rae Negreann Neiman Marcus Don and Linda Neuman Buzz and Nancy Neusteter Marcee Gordon Newman Vaughn and Rhonda Nichols Neil and Barbara Oberfeld Brian and Jennifer O’Neill Robert Osterburg and Diana Hersh Fred and Karen Pasternack The Fred and Karen Pasternack Foundation Donata Pemberton Pinnacol Assurance Bruce Plotkin and Judy Altenberg Pollock/Gorden Donor Advised Fund Ted and Sandra Pomeranz Ellie Portman Michael and Gwenn Potts Andy and Renee Raabe Jay and Mindy Rabinowitz Stuart and Barbara Raynor Gary and Michelle Reiff Scott and Trina Reisch Eli and Adina Reshotko Joshua and Heather Richards Elizabeth Risen Jeffrey and Stacey Robinson Karen Robinson Robyn Ronen Ivo Roospold and Roberta Rosen Michael and Ilene Rosen Rickie Rosen Richard Rosenblatt Michael Ross The Rotberg/Comens/Booth Foundation Brenda Roush Willard Rowland and Susan Tannenbaum RPM Parking Companies Seymour Rubenstein and

Charlene Loup Rubin Brown Jerry and Terry Rubin Q. and Terri Saeed Mark and Rachel Saliman Rick and Shelly Sapkin Lillian Sapper Rachel Sartin Jonathan and Debra Saunders Charlie Schneider Mirella Schreiber Norman Schwab David and Darlene Schwartz Larry and Cherie Karo Schwartz Barry Seidenstat and Deanne Durfee Howard and Marilyn Selinger George Sellman and Julie Mordecai Bruce and Julie Shaffer Ben and Beth Shanker Gary Shapiro Hal Shapiro Bill and Dori Shiovitz Colly and Bunny Shulman Donald and Arlene Shwayder Arnold and Marlene Siegel Larry and Susan Siegel Robert and MIckey Siegel Ari and Risa Silverman Barry and Regina Silvestain Michael Silvestain Hamid and Mahroo Simantob Joel and Michelle Sisk Sit Investment Associates Foundation JJ Slatkin Ronda Smith Jeffrey and Lisa Snyder Jerry and Marilyn Snyder Raini Spatziani Alan and Karen Stein Brian and Amy Stein Paul Stein and Sharlene Wanger Rob and Kim Stephens Fred and Lauren Sternburg–Sternburg Communications Inc. Douglas and Michelle Striker James and Lynne Sullivan Tim and Chris Sullivan Allan and Alberta Sulzer Steve and Loraine Summer Michael and Dara

Szyliowicz Steven and Cynthia Szymanski Frank Tapler C. Joshua and Ellen Taxman Peggy Vold and Jay Taylor Tea Bar by Teatulia Teichart & Associates, Inc. Teitelbaum Family Fund–Daniel and Sheila Teitelbaum Temple Emanuel Temple Sinai Allan and Sherry Tenenbaum Michael and Kelli Theis Rosann Denise Tixer Alison Tobin Morris & Sylvia Trachten Family Foundation Anna Tsesarsky Frank and Evelinda Urman Valley Forge Fabrics Inc. Bart and Barbara Valls Dan and Ann Veenstra Sandra Vinnik Vitaly and Jill Vishnitsky Jonathan Wachtel Wald and Weiser Fund Art and Irit Waldbaum Walgreens John Wasserman and Esther Starrels S. Paul and Paulette Wasserstein Ken and Tamara Weil Carl and Miriam Weinberger Fund Miriam Weinberger Lee and Jilda Weinstein Sue Weinstein Stacey Weisberg Phil Weiser and Dr. Heidi Wald Joan Weiss Wellshire Event Center Mary Wilner Ted and Martha Wirecki Bernard and Sharon Witkin Wolf Slatkin & Madison P.C. The Women’s Foundation of Colorado WPX Energy Political Action Committee Brian and Lisa Zales Stuart and Elise Zall Larry and Judy Zepelin Amy Zeppelin Debbie Zimmerman and Charles Van Gundy Gail Zwiebel



Gebru Ghilhe, a refugee from Eritrea, consults with Cathy Wellwood, a JFS refugee mental health coordinator.

JEWISH FAMILY SERVICE LEGACY SOCIETY (Members through June 30, 2013) Thank you to the following JFS Legacy Society members who had the vision to include JFS as a beneficiary in their estate plans. Anonymous Sanford Alpert Judy Altenberg Elaine and Max Appel Rabbi Eliot and Dr. Hilary Baskin Estate of Michael Baum Robert and Samantha Baumgarten Bruce and Jennifer Bendell Steve and Sandy Berkowitz Estate of Jack Bernstone Mel Brody Estate of William Bromberg Jerry and Bobbie Carr James and Alissa Cohen The Winters Creasey Family Ken and Sheryl Feiler Estate of Terry Fisher Rabbi Steven and Joyce Foster Estate of Max Frankel Brad and Laurie Friedman Estate of Richard Gilbert Benjamin & Lillian Ginsburg Charitable Trust Estate of Lewis J. Goldsmith Richard C. Goldstein Estate Jon and Sheryl Goodman Sidney and Ann Grazi Philanthropic Fund Estate of Louise F. Guggenheim Jerry and Zelda Gutman Jeffrey and Sharon Haber Estate of Betty Ann J. Halperin Ken and Linda Heller Peggy Hermann Lisa Herschli


Irwin and Jacquie Hoffman Leland Huttner Ron and Gale Kahn Sterling and Ruth Kahn Trust Estate of Margit Katz Estate of Lottie R. Klebe Estate of Elizabeth S. Krash Steven and Elizabeth Kris Buzz and Shelley Krovitz Estate of Alan Laff Harold and Marilyn Lande Estate of Mary Latanik Howard and Blanca Lerman Estate of Guscile and Rona Levin J. Leonard & Myra B. Levy Family Fund Estate of Edith Lewitt Leonard and Sylvia Litvak Bob and Robyn Loup Sandey Luciano Irene Mayer Barbara Altenberg McDonald Bonnie Merenstein Estelle R. Meskin Estate of Edith Schwartz Meyer Estate of Walter Mielziner Jay and Lois Miller Estate of Ruth Milzer Perry and Susie Moss Stephen and Lois Nadler Gail Nussbaum Gail Pennington Shirley Politzer Eric and Ellen Pollock Dean Prina, M.D. Gerald Quiat

Andy and Renee Raabe Estate of Irene Rantz Dawn Richard John and Lore Roth Estate of Minnie Rothchild Estate of Corinne Rottman Evelyn and Richard Saliman Dr. & Mrs. Richard and Jo Sanders Chet and Louise Schwartz Jean B. Seeman Charitable Trust Dan and Marian Seff Estate of Pearl Shames Evelyn Shamon Amy Shapiro Helen Shapiro Donald and Debbie Silversmith Barry and Regina Silvestain Estate of Adele Sollender Sally Steele Metzger Estate of Lillian Stein Estate of Samuel H. Sterling Estate of Susie Strait Cathy Summer and Steve Ellis Lynn and Lisa Taussig Jorge and Francine Topelson Estate of Walter Vasen Dan and Ann Veenstra Yana Vishnitsky and Jim Wolfe Estate of Alan Irwin Wandel Lary and Lori Weintraub Estate of Sandor Weisz Phil and Elle Winn Debbie Zimmerman and Charles Van Gundy Royce and Tara Zimmerman

9Cares Colorado Shares AISH–Denver Albertsons–Lowry AlliedBarton Security Services American Jewish Committee Americorps Members– Boomers Leading in Health Arapahoe County Victim’s Assistance arc Thrift Stores Argosy University Babies Now Foundation BBYO–201 V’ruach BMH-BJ Congregation Breadworks Bakery and Café Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP Calvary Baptist Church CASA Advocates for Children City and County of Denver–Human Services Department ColoradoBiz Media Congregation Beth Evergreen Congregation B’nai Chaim Congregation B’nai Havurah Congregation Emanuel Religious School Congregation Hebrew Educational Alliance Congregation Micah Congregation Rodef Shalom Crown Poly, Inc. Denver Academy Denver Business Journal Denver Jewish Chamber of Commerce Denver Jewish Day School Denver Rescue Mission The Donut Maker Dumb Friends League East Side Kosher Deli Einstein Bros Bagels Ekar Farm Food Bank of the Rockies Girl Scout Troop #703 Golden Acre Farm Gourmet to Go Greenwood Elementary DI Thinker Linkers

Greenwood Elementary School HEA Sisterhood Hillel of Colorado Hillside Acres Organic Farm Hip Jazz Records Inc. Holland & Hart LLP JEWISHcolorado (formerly Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado) Judaism Your Way Keller Williams Realty King Soopers King Soopers—Monaco King Soopers Reclamation Lockheed Martin–Operation Santa Claus Mizel Museum Newberry Brothers Greenhouse and Florist Private Labels Manufacturing Promontory Condo Association Robinson Dairy Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library Rodef Shalom Sunday Minyan Safeway SHALOM Denver Sisterhood of Congregation Emanuel South Denver Fencing Academy Sprouts Farmers Market Teatulia Organic Single Garden Teas Temple Emanuel Temple Sinai Temple Sinai Knitting for Charity Temple Sinai Preschool Toronto Entertainment Secrets Walgreens Wealth Concepts Westin Tabor Center Westword Publications Whole Foods at Cherry Creek Whole Foods at Tamarac Wolf Slatkin & Madison P.C. Young Americans for Liberty

VOLUNTEERS Thanks to all who donated their time and talent to a wide variety of projects that have helped raise funds and support those in need in our community from July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. Please accept our apologies for any omissions or errors.

Brent Church

Peter Fixler

Erik Hammerstette

Lisa Church

Ian Fletcher

Mary Hanson

Ted Clark

Daisy Flynn

Loretta Hartpence

Dorothy Cohen

Abigale Foster

David Hauptman

Frances Cohen

Deborah Fowler

Rachel Heilbronner

Gail Cohen

Jack Frank

Ken Heller

Nancy Cohen

Gary Friedland

Gareth Heyman

Vicky Collins

Audrey Friedman- Marcus

Stone Heyman

Congregation Bonai Shalom Hebrew School & Parents

Joe Friedman

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Sandy Friedman

Judy Hogan

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Scott Friedman

Mindy Holder

Lynn Cooper

Steve Friedman

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Al Coven

Belina Fruitman

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Cindy Gallard

Lee Hurwit

Lila Crank

Elaine Gampel

Thelma Hutt

Ron Crowell

Jude Gassoway

Leland Huttner

Laurie Cummings

Ruth Gelfarb

Alex Izbiky

Gay Curtiss-Lusher

Lydia Gensheimer

J Connection

Rafi Daugherty

Arleen Gershen

Andrea Jacobs

David Dayan

Shari Gerson

Leslie Jacobs

Lisa Dayan

Maren Gest

Susan Jacobs

Diane Denenberg

Debbie Ginsburg

Mona Jacobson

Denver Jewish Day School

Jeanette Goldman

Stephan Jalovec

Denver School of Nursing

Meira Goldman

Jefferson High Key Club

Daniel Dinner

Sybil Goldman

Jill Miller Sorting Group

Lois Dreckman

Arnie Goldstein

Samuel Jonas

Gayle Drury-Murphy

Marion Goldstein

Irene Jones

Nadiv Edelstein

Mark Goldstein

Sharan Jones

Shari Edelstein

Michael Goldstein

Simon Kaganov

Jake Eigner

Sherri Goldstein

Bruce Kahn

Joe Eigner

Steven Goldstein

Allan Kantrowitz

Steve Ellis

Sherry Goodman

Christopher Kapantais

Richard Buchman

Jeri Elsberg

Barbara Gould

Mady Kassanoff

Ellie Buchsbaum

Jane Engle

Joan Graff

Adam Kaufman

Carol Buchspan

Robert Epstein

Stephen Green

Lori Kaye

Lisa Burns

Ron Epstein

Laurie Greene

Steven Kaye

Workers at SHALOM Denver proudly display their Peace Planter creations. Jean Abel

Nicole Benjamin

Penny Achord

Dana Benyamin

Marlene Adam

David Benyamin

Aish Denver

Beth Berger

Rachel Allen

Bridget Berman

Jean Alspector

Susan Bernhardt

Stan Alspector

David Bernstein

Ariel Amaru

Beth Jacob High School

Rachel Amaru Talia Amaru-Kapantais Marilyn Amer Gerald Anderson Jennifer Anderson-Moews Jodi Ansell Louis Apodaca Argosy University Olga Ashworth Richard Ashworth Henrietta Atencio Alfred Axelrod Eliana Azoulay Stacey Bahr Margaret Ballonoff Rachael Bardach

Carolyn Bleicher Aleah Bloom Fran Blum BMH-BJ B’nai Havurah Corrine Bordwell Boulder Hillel Milton Brandwein Donna Brasch Paula Breese Rosa Bridges Rabbi Deborah Bronstein

Lorretta Campbell

Kim Evans

Yvonne Greenbaum

Camran Kazemian

Ari Bates-Vinueza

Virgie Carr

Brenda Fahn

Menucha Greenberg

John Keith

Judy Baumgartner

Barbara Cashman

Valerie Farnham

Cathy Grimm

Leslie Keith

Lyle Baumgartner

Cecelia Castagnozzi

Emily Feldman

Abraham Grinberg

Howard (“Doc”) Kelley

Molly Bayer

Janet Chamberlain

Debra Fine

Don Griss

Sharon Kellogg

David Bayless

Arthur Chapman

Rob Fineman

Rochelle Gudder

Georgette Kennebrae

Gali Beh

Gale Chapman

Yehudis Fishman

Robert Guttsmann

Lynn Kennedy

Howard Bellowe

Mike Chesnut

Jill Friedman Fixler

Lisa Hainline

Stephanie Keyes


Yevgeniya Khovova

Judith Park

Monique Simons

Ann Veenstra

Joshua Kieser

Pamela Pearce

Noah Singer

Jonnie Velasquez

Vickianne King

Scott Pearlman

Renee Singer

Lisa Velick

Esther Kirsch

Donna Pease

Gail Sloat

Jake Volin

Ezra Kirschner

Mindy Levy Peckar

Jerry Sloat

Roger Vossler

Cindy Klasco

Steve Peckar

Tanya Slovin


David Klein

Gail Pennington

Jack Smith

Glenn Wallis

Sally Klein

June Pettit

Sandra Solove

Matthew Ward

Wendy “Ari” Kloke

Mary Pierce

Marc Soloway

Lisa Webber

Aubrey Knight

Jonnie Pizer

Mike Sosniak

Jennifer Weinbrum

Kay Knight

Matthew Ponak

Mark Spector

Marlene Weiner

Susan Kodish

Ozzie Preiss

Sheldon Spector

Laurel Weinstein

Ezra Kohn

Rachel Ptaszek

Patrice Spitz

Stacey Weisberg

Arnold Kover

Melinda “Meg” Quiat

Jerry Springer

Audrey Weiss

Mark Krivel

Judy Reaven

Harlan Spritzer

Justin Weiss

Irving Kruger

Renee Reckler

Stanley Stahl

Dove Weissman

Joyce Kruger

Annie Reilly

Katarina Stahl-Schare

Dianne Weller-Veno

Robert Kruger

Dawn Reinfeld

Nancy Steiner

Wenger Book Club

Debra Reinhard

Michelle Stern

Esther Wershaw

Cheryl Richardson

Andrea Stillman

Len Wheeler

Susan Labovitz Elizabeth Laff Melissa Lalonde


Allan Markman, a JFS volunteer para-chaplain, sounds the shofar at a High Holy Day service.

Mary Rigden

Kathleen Stolle

Kris White

Eileen Lambert

Karen Robinson

Lorri Stonbraker

Sarah White

Jennie Lamore

Adria Roblee-Hertzmark

Sam Strait

Eunice Williams

Marilyn Lande

Victoria McKenna

Carrie Rogner

Jerry Streltzer

Michael L. Williamson

Traci Lato

Judy Megibow

Joshua Rose

Barbara Sutton

Jenine Winesuff-Rubin

Aaron Lebovic

Mark Megibow

Philip Rose

Jackie Swan

Randie Winograd

Ellen Lemberg

Lisa Mehl

Brian Rosen

Courtney Swearingen

Linda Winokur

Monroe Levine

Mark Melnick

Stacey Rosenbaum

Ingrid Swords

Andrew Winterfeld

Rivka Levinson

Danielle Menditch

Suzanne Rothman

Johanna Swords

Amber Wolf

Sherry Levitt

Ada Menzies

Robert Rottman

Michael Sylvan

Carolyn Wrapp

Gail Levy

Bonnie Merenstein

Steven Rubenstein

Ellen Taxman


Levy Family

Diane Michel

Diane Rubinstein

Penny Taylor

Pauline York

Marcia Lichtenberger

Anita Miller

Audrie Sabel

Matthew Tedeschi

Elise Zakroff

Peter Liggett

Harrison Miller

Ruth Sachnoff

Temple Emanuel

Lisa Zales

Eve Lindemann

Jay Miller

Debra Sandberg

Temple Sinai

Alicia Zika

Shayne Linn

Joel Miller

Devon Schad

Elana Tenenbaum

Beth Lippa

Mindy Miller

Karyn Schad

Menachem Tenenbaum

Susan Litt

Larry Mogolov

Moshe Scheiner

Andrew Thangasamy

Io Loechell

Isak Molabsky

Lori Schifman

Tiemeier & Stitch

Linda Loewenstein

Joyce Morgan

Katherine Schminky

Michael Titus

Maggie Lowenberg

Irene Morita

Sandra Schmitt

Leslie Tjarks

Steve Lubell

Brent Morse

Susan Schneckner

Alison Tobin

Toby Lubell

Julie Morse

Julie Schoenfeld

Thomas Trager

Joe Lukasik

Lynne Mullen

Debbie Schwartz

Dee Trasen

Howard Lutz

Mike Mullen

Kari Scott

Heather Trelease

Diane Madigan

Noah Naiman

Ruth Seagull

Jacob Trelease

Elliott Magalnick

Rae Negreann

Neil Serafin

Justin Trelease

Sharon Magnus

Tina Nielsen

Gilda Shapiro

Sam Trelease

Allan Markman

Marie Norby-Loud

Dori Shiovitz

Brenda Trujillo

Aileen Marks

Judy Oberer

Nathaniel Shul

Gary Uhlmann

Stella Martinez

Mushky Osdoba

Mickey Siegel

Paul Uhrmacher

Dawn McArthur

Rochel Osdoba

Elena Silberman

Greg Urman

Cathy McDowell

Mara Osterburg

Evan Silverman

Chris Valdez

Denise McKenna

Miriam Paisner

Kelly Silverthorne

Susie Valdez


Arlene Perry

Debra Aleinikoff

Kevin Pettit

Arlen Ambrose

Marty Pfefer

Jodi Ansell

Eric Pollock

Doug Antonoff

Dean Prina

David Appel

Melinda “Meg” Quiat

Joel Appel

Barbara Raynor

Terry Appel

Judy Reaven

Linda Appel Lipsius

Jerry Reiff

David Asarch

Michele Right

Michael Asarch

Jeff Roberts

Alfred Axelrod

Karen Robinson

Stacey Bahr

Lynn Robinson

Ed Barad

Brian Rosen

Carla Bartell

Susan Rosen

Dan Bartell

Jane Rosenbaum

Molly Bayer

Stanton Rosenbaum

Ellen Beller Howard Bellowe

A volunteer life coach mentors a student at Jefferson High School.

Terry Rubin Richard Sanders Lew Sapiro

Bruce Bendell Kathryn Bernheimer

William Dolan

Wendy Glazer

Betty Lehman

Jamie Sarche

Karen Moritzky Bigelow

Steve Ellis

Tiffany Glucksman

Blanca Lerman

Lea Schreiber

Carolyn Bleicher

Lisa Engbar

William Gold III

Mindy Levy Peckar

Dan Seff

Jack Brodsky

Tracy Faigin Boyle

Sherri Goldstein

Jordan Linkow

Evelyn Shamon

Cary Chapman

Sheryl Feiler

Sheryl Goodman

Adam Lipsius

Kerry Shelanski

Marco Chayet

Amy Feldman

Stuart Gottesfeld

Linda Loewenstein

Don Siegel

James Cohen

Daniel Feldman

Barbara Gould

Charlene Loup

Barry Silvestain

Marc Cohen

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JFS volunteer Kathleen Stolle teaches basic English to Bhutanese refugees.


FISCAL YEAR 2013 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Executive Committee Alan Mayer, Chair Green Manning & Bunch, Ltd. Yana Vishnitsky, President & CEO Jewish Family Service of Colorado Steve Kris, Immediate Past Chair/Treasurer Private Investor Eric Pollock, Chair-Elect TransVac Solutions Cary Chapman, Vice Chair Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management Rocky Miller, Vice Chair Miller Oil & Gas Assets, LLC Sheryl Goodman, Secretary Community Volunteer David Asarch, At-Large Monroe Group, Ltd. Jane E. Rosenbaum, At-Large Community Volunteer Kerry Shelanski, At-Large KS Communications Joyce Zeff, Life Member Emeritus Community Volunteer

Directors Adam Agron Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP Debbie Aleinikoff Community Volunteer Ed Barad Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP Carla Bartell Perry and Co.

Marc Cohen MBH Enterprises Randy Davis Boston Market David Friedman D. H. Friedman Properties, LLC Nancy Gart Community Volunteer Leslie Ginsburg Community Volunteer Will Gold Gold and Sons Rabbi Salomon Gruenwald Congregation HEA Charlie Gwirtsman KRG Capital Partners Gareth Heyman MorEvents Shelley Krovitz Krovitz Legal Training Blanca Lerman Community Volunteer Linda Appel Lipsius Teatulia Robert Naiman The Robert L. Naiman Company, LLC Michele Right Community Volunteer Jamie SarchĂŠ Feldman Mortuary Barry Silvestain Community Volunteer Lary Weintraub Wealth Strategies Group

Honorary Life Members

Executive Staff

Joseph Berenbaum* Helen Cohen* Nate Feld* Max Frankel* Adeline Grossman* Mary Jacobs* Tillye Levy* Charlene Loup Corinne Rottman* Richard Sanders, MD Walter Schick, MD* Evelyn Shamon Billie Stein* Martin Tobin Angela Yaron, PhD*

Yana Vishnitsky, LCSW President & CEO

Honorary Life Chairs L. Robert Aaron* Maxwell Abelman* Robert Abramson Joseph Berenbaum* Steve Berkowitz David Bershof William Bilett* Manuel Breit* Sheila Bugdanowitz Hon. Sherman Finesilver* Joyce Foster Bradley Friedman Sheldon Friedman Sol Girsh* Susy Grazi Adeline Grossman* Sydney Grossman* Murray Hayutin Mary Jacobs* John Kamlet* Steve Kris Tillye Levy* Ilona Nelson* Sara Lee Pollock* Andrew Raabe Lois Schaffner* Chet Schwartz Jerard Selinfreund Abe Shraiberg* Susan Siegel Martin Tobin Francine Topelson Kenneth Weil Stephen Weinstein Joyce Zeff *of blessed memory


Debra Zimmerman, MBA Chief Operating Officer Nancy Benyamin, CVA Director of Volunteer Services Cathy Grimm, LCSW Director of Senior Solutions Shelly Hines, MSW Director of Family Safety Net Program John Kayser Director of Marketing and Communications Arnie Kover Director of Disability and Employment Services Jean Marshall, SPHR, CCP Director of Human Resources Gail Pennington Director of Finance and Accounting Services Dawn Richard Director of Development Ann Veenstra Director of Administration Stacey Weisberg, LCP Director of Mental Health Services

Jewish Family Service of Colorado is a nonprofit, nonsectarian human services agency and an equal opportunity employer.

Reel Hope 2012 honorees, from left, Max and Elaine Appel, Jack Shapiro Community Service Award recipients and Gareth Heyman and Betsy Mordecai Heyman, Kal Zeff Business Leaders of the Year.

JFS community chaplain Rabbi Eliot Baskin lights the menorah with Elaine and Max Appel before festivities begin at Reel Hope 2012.

The 2013 JFS Executive Luncheon on April 24 brought hundreds of business leaders to the Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center to support the work of JFS. Event co-chairs, from left, Ed Barad, Jamie Sarché (event advisor), Sheryl Goodman, and Leslie Ginsburg. Not pictured, Jim Cohen.

From left, JFS president and CEO Yana Vishnitsky, JFS Executive Luncheon keynote speaker Mandy Patinkin, and JFS Development director Dawn Richard. Mr. Patinkin spent several hours at the JFS offices in preparation of his speech.

JFS president and CEO Yana Vishnitsky (left) with longtime JFS advocate, the Honorable State Senator Joyce Foster.

Jewish Disabilities Awareness Day and Resource Fair on January 27 attracted hundreds of families who connected with community resource providers. Event planners pose with keynote speaker Trish Downing, who shared her inspiring story of her recovery from a bicycle accident.

Star of stage and screen, Mandy Patinkin, gave an impassioned keynote address about the importance of giving back.

“Celebrate JFS” was the theme of the annual meeting in June where the Max Frankel Volunteers of the Year were honored. From left, Irene Morita, honoree; Nancy Benyamin, director of volunteer services; Beth Lippa, Senior Solutions volunteer coordinator; and Lisa Zales, honoree.


Jewish Family Service of Colorado Joyce and Kal Zeff Building 3201 South Tamarac Drive Denver, CO 80231 P: 303.597.5000 F: 303.597.7700 Email:

JFS Group Home 2310 South Holly Street Denver, CO 80222 P: 303.758.1229 Email:

JFS at Home Joyce and Kal Zeff Building 3201 South Tamarac Drive Denver, CO 80231 P: 303.750.4000 Email:

SHALOM Denver 2498 West 2nd Avenue Denver, CO 80223 P: 303.623.0251 Email:

JFS is a beneficiary of funding from JEWISHcolorado (formerly Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado) and Mile High United Way.

Boulder JFS 3800 Kalmia Avenue (JCC Building) Boulder, CO 80301 P: 303.415.1025 Email:


Social services for Jewish Nazi victims have been supported by a grant from the Conference of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

2013 Annual Report  

See how Jewish Family Service of Colorado had "real impact" on people's lives in its 2013 annual report.