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Jewish Family and Children’s Services O F S A N F R A N C I S CO, T H E PENINSULA, MARIN AND SONOMA COUNTIES


years and still pioneering


2010 – 2011

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Contents Letter from the President and Executive Director


Awards and Honors


Outcomes 3 Services for Older Adults


Services for Families


Services for Adults


Services for Emigres


Volunteer Opportunities


Financial Highlights


Leadership Donors to the JFCS Friends Campaign


Community Organizations


Thank you for helping three generations

Foundation and Grant Support


of our family! When we came to

Business Partners


JFCS Offices and Board of Directors



ency F amily

– Geo rge M . nce Pr ogram

Assist a

America, JFCS showed us how to start our new lives here. Later, you guided our teenage daughter and helped with a college scholarship. And now, my father has Alzheimer’s and you’re here for us again. We’re so grateful. – Michael S. Refugee Assistance Educational Loans, Grants & Scholarships Seniors•At•Home




Who would have thought—four years into a painful economic period—that things would remain so hard for so many? Government austerity cuts have dismantled the social safety net. Unemployment is high, and families are struggling. The result: 70,000 people turned to JFCS this year alone. We have been here for every one of them—regardless of their ability to pay for the care they urgently need for themselves and their children. Read the stories in this annual report and discover more about how JFCS solves the problems we all face: • A compassionate Emergency Family Assistance program helps families in trouble get back on their feet. • Major growth in the Bay Area’s premier service for older adults— JFCS’ Seniors•At•Home—enables thousands of older adults to live with dignity in their own homes.

Nancy Goldberg President, JFCS Board of Directors


Your generosity over the years has enabled the humanitarian work JFCS does.

• The expansion of our Center for Special Needs at Parents Place provides expert answers for parents and helps children blossom. • Vibrant YouthFirst programs ensure that teens find their way to successful adulthood and community involvement. For more than 160 years, JFCS has been a pioneering force shaping Bay Area life. Our humanitarian work is only possible because of the inspiring volunteers and supporters who, in partnership with our staff, engage in a labor of love on behalf of our community.

Dr. Anita Friedman Executive Director

With gratitude and warm regards, Nancy Goldberg, Board President Dr. Anita Friedman, Executive Director



Awards and Honors JFCS RECOGNITION

Hill & Co. Real Estate, voted

Cleanerific, JFCS’ job creation program, the Bay Area’s Best Cleaning Company.

Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation recognized JFCS with

its Immigrant Heritage Award for outstanding Emigre Services program.

Marin Hadassah honored the

Marin County JFCS for “unparalleled service.”

Bay Area Parent magazine, in its

2011 – 2012 “Best of the Best” issue, recognized our family resource center, Parents Place, for outstanding services to children with special needs. j., the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, selected JFCS

for two first-place Readers’ Choice Awards in 2011: overall favorite Jewish agency and best place to volunteer in San Francisco.


JFCS was honored by a Community Partner Award from Change a Life Foundation in recognition of our success in helping people overcome hardship and become self-sufficient. JFCS’ Seniors•At•Home division was honored with the prestigious National Award for Excellence and Innovation in Geriatric Care from the American Society on Aging. Seniors•At•Home was selected for a U.S. House of Representatives commendation from Congresswoman Jackie Speier in recognition of the agency’s success in providing outstanding care to seniors in the community. JFCS was selected to receive a highly competitive grant from the

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (USCIS) Office of Citizenship. This grant—one of 14

in the nation—has helped us expand our model Citizenship Services program.

The City and County of San Francisco honored JFCS’ Emigre

Services with its Award for Outstanding Service to Immigrants. The San Mateo Child Care Coordinating Council recognized

JFCS with its Community Partner Leadership Award for improving childcare services to young children throughout San Mateo County. The Santa Clara Human Rights Commission honored JFCS for its

work in human rights, civic rights, and human services. JFCS’ Family Ambassador Program of Parents Place received an award from the Sunnyvale City Council for its collaboration with First 5 of Santa Clara County, the City of Sunnyvale, and Family Resources of Palo Alto.


IN 2010 – 2011 WITH YOUR HELP:

105 babies found new homes and families to love them through our Adoption Connection.

300 volunteers and lay leaders studied Jewish philosophy and ethical traditions as part of JFCS’ Jewish Service Learning program.

510 individuals were comforted through JFCS’ Spiritual Care Services and our Palliative and End of Life Care for the very ill.

600 teens received counseling, paid internships, and loans and grants to go to college or study in Israel, and benefited from educational programs that help them look forward to a brighter future through JFCS’ YouthFirst programs.

700 refugees became new U.S. citizens with the help of our

naturalization program.

as independently as possible with the help of our Disabilities Program.

2,100 volunteers performed thousands of acts of loving kindness— visiting people who are sick or alone, driving people to doctors’ appointments, mentoring young people, teaching about the Holocaust, and more—to help make this a more compassionate world.

15,400 frail seniors live safe, healthy lives because of help from JFCS’ nationally recognized Seniors•At•Home program, including home care, skilled nursing, personal affairs management, transportation, care coordination, social programs, and companionship.

20,000 students and teachers

2,500 lesbian and gay individuals and families

in 150 Northern California public, private, and parochial schools and colleges learned the lessons of the Holocaust from those who lived through it, thanks to programs offered at JFCS’ Holocaust Center.

received counseling, adoption services, parenting support, and senior care through our LGBT Outreach.

31,000 children, teens, and families were assisted through

2,950 at-risk children at 90 childcare centers for low-income families received the help they needed to grow up successfully through the JFCS award-winning Early Childhood

individual and family counseling, the Center for Special Needs, peer support groups, parent education, teacher training, and tutor/mentor programs at Parents Place.

50,000 rides were provided to frail

800 individuals found jobs,

Mental Health program.

training, and health care through JFCS’ social enterprise programs and Emergency Family Assistance

3,300 families were given

weather a personal or family crisis and get back on their feet.

elderly and people with disabilities through JFCS RIDES transportation programs, allowing them to get out and about, visit their doctors, or do their shopping.

1,005 individuals received help with citizenship, green cards, political asylum, conservatorship, benefit claims, and Holocaust survivor restitution applications from JFCS’ Legal Services.

7,100 bags of wonderful holiday foods were delivered to

55,000 delicious and nutritious meals were delivered


1,565 families received expert

help, including financial and credit counseling, to resolve problems with foreclosure, credit, and other crises as a result of the recession.


1,900 children and adults with disabilities were able to live

emergency assistance to help them

seniors and people with disabilities living alone or in nursing homes and assisted-living centers.

to homebound seniors and people with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

175,000 hours of exceptional personal care were provided to frail and isolated adults, including skilled nursing services, home care, and loving support.


At 84, Dad began suffering from serious physical and mental decline. It was taking its toll on my mother, his primary caregiver. I wanted to help, but my parents resisted my efforts, so I consulted with Seniors•At•Home to learn how to make their lives better. Today, Dad and Mom are receiving excellent care in their own home, their health has improved, and I have peace of mind.


We help older adults live independently. SENIORS•AT•HOME PROGRAM Home Care Personal attendants and skilled nursing services enabling seniors and individuals with disabilities to live safely and comfortably at home. Palliative and End of Life Care A spectrum of services offering physical, medical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual care to seniors and their families who are facing chronic or terminal illnesses. Family Consultation Helps families design the best care plan for their loved ones. Care Management Needs assessment and personal care plans, including complete services necessary to ensure older adults’ safety, security, and independence, often in conjunction with physicians and medical groups. Healthcare Advocacy Support for individuals who have been diagnosed with a serious or lifethreatening illness and their families: assistance navigating the healthcare system, talking to doctors and the family, learning coping techniques, preparing for the future, and more. Holocaust Survivors Support Financial aid, counseling, assistance filing restitution claims for survivors and their families, and Café by the Bay and Café Luncheon social programs are complemented by the complete range of programs offered by Seniors•At•Home.


JFCS Holocaust Center Educational programs through the study of the Holocaust so that young people can develop understanding, moral courage, and social responsibility. The Tauber Holocaust Library and Education Program Extensive library and archives to provide the resources for students and scholars to study the Holocaust and genocide. Spiritual Care Program Chaplaincy, emotional support, companionship, and bereavement services to help address the many emotional and spiritual issues that arise during times of transition. Kosher Meals on Wheels Hot kosher lunch delivery weekdays to housebound older adults. Personal Affairs Management and Conservatorships Comprehensive services—from bill paying to conservatorship of estate—to help older adults and adults with disabilities manage their money safely and wisely.

Individual and Family Counseling Highest quality mental health care to help manage the challenges of aging, retirement, family and marital communication, caregiving, and bereavement. Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP) Services that help Marin County seniors who are frail or have a disability live safely in their own homes, provided in cooperation with the California Department of Aging. Practical Support Transportation, meal preparation, housekeeping, shopping, and home repairs for older adults. JFCS RIDES Wheelchair-accessible vans and escorted rides to help seniors and people with disabilities get to medical appointments, grocery stores, and community events. Friendly Visitor Program A volunteer program providing companionship for seniors and individuals with special needs.

Caregiver Respite Support services for informal caregivers, including educational seminars, counseling, family consultations, and support groups, as well as our comprehensive range of senior services.

Wellness Education Informative seminars and workshops on health issues, community resources, long-term-care planning, and successful aging.

Geriatric Research, Training, and Advocacy Research to evaluate new approaches and generate new policy to educate professionals and policy makers in the field of long-term care.

ASSISTED LIVING AT RHODA GOLDMAN PLAZA 155 apartments for elegant assisted living, combined with a variety of support services and special memory care programs for older adults. A partnership of JFCS and MZHF.


“A ”

After Marc and I divorced, we began seeing changes in Jonathan, our 8-year-old. He was having problems in school, getting into fights, and defying us. The workshops, counseling, and consultations at Parents Place really helped. Marc and I understand what our son was feeling now, and we have new techniques to get him through the rough patches. Jonathan was always a great kid. Now, he’s a lot happier, too.


We help families stay strong. ADOPTION CONNECTION Domestic and international adoptions, including home studies, postplacement services, and short- and long-term adoption assistance. DREAM HOUSE Housing, advocacy, and support for women and children struggling with domestic violence and homelessness. FINANCIAL AID CENTER Financial assistance for families in crisis; grants, loans, camperships, and scholarships for college, study in Israel, and business and professional development. PARENTS PLACE FAMILY RESOURCE CENTERS Nationally recognized family resource centers supporting families to raise their children successfully from infancy to adulthood. Assessment, Coaching, Counseling, and Social Skills Groups Our highly experienced, multidisciplinary team offers practical and research-proven approaches to help you navigate your child’s path to success in school, on the playground, and in the community.


Center for Special Needs Expert assessment and consultations, socialization groups, and support to families with children who have a wide range of special needs, including autism and other developmental challenges, learning differences, and physical disabilities. Community Education Parent education classes hosted at workplaces, schools, and other convenient sites for busy parents. CTI/Child Trauma Training Institute An international resource and training center for mental health professionals, providing state-of-the-art training (including distance learning) in the treatment of children who have experienced trauma. Early Childhood Mental Health Services Training, consultation, and evaluation to improve Bay Area childcare centers and schools. Also, early intervention, assessment, and follow-up counseling and advocacy. Parent Education Workshops, support groups, counseling, and consultations to help parents raise their children successfully.

Partnership with Digital Parent Offering members a new online service which includes webinars, tools for tracking child development, an “Expert Forum,” and much more. Visit Preschool and Kindergarten Fairs Special events hosting Bay Area schools and services to help parents make informed choices for the healthy development of their children. Professional Consultation and Teacher Professional Development Assessment and staff training for schools, childcare centers, after-school programs, and camps. Single Parent Centers Counseling, financial management coaching, professional skills development, parent education, support groups, and mentoring for single-parent families.

YOUTHFIRST Academic and social support, college preparation, paid internships and fellowships, leadership training, counseling, community service, and Jewish service learning for youth. On the Mark Mentoring Program Matching mentors with children and youth to raise their self-esteem, confidence, sociability, and scholastic performance.



An MBA from a top school and seniority at work didn’t save me from last year’s layoffs. I was broken—financially and emotionally. At my age, how would I get another job? Pay the mortgage and my son’s college tuition? JFCS turned my life around. The practical advice, personal counseling, and emergency assistance I received made a huge difference. I’m back at work and feel like a new man.


We help adults solve the problems in their lives. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Helping individuals and families cope with crises such as layoffs, home foreclosures, and recovery from medical emergencies. In addition to short-term financial assistance for rent, utilities, medical expenses, and food, we offer help with budgeting, debt consolidation, and job interview skills, enabling people to become self-sufficient. Small Business Loan Program Helping individuals finance entrepreneurial endeavors to become successful and economically selfsufficient.

DISABILITIES SERVICES Comprehensive services, including counseling, financial aid, volunteer support, advocacy, and nutritious meals for people with disabilities or chronic illness and their families. GARY SHUPIN INDEPENDENT LIVING COMMUNITY Helps adults with developmental disabilities to live independently, with comprehensive services, residential options, and community activities.


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ADVOCACY AND SUPPORT Raising domestic violence awareness and helping victims through community education, counseling, skills development, practical support, financial aid, and transitional housing at JFCS’ Dream House for women and their children. PALLIATIVE AND END OF LIFE CARE A spectrum of services offering spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological care to individuals and families confronted with chronic or terminal illness. SPIRITUAL CARE, BEREAVEMENT, AND HEALING PROGRAM Chaplaincy, mental health, and extensive spiritual care and personal support services for people of all ages. COMMUNITY EDUCATION Community forums and workshops on topics from relationships and parenting to planning for the future and living with chronic illness or disabilities.

LGBT OUTREACH Counseling, adoption services, parenting groups, and community education for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals and their families. PSYCHOLOGICAL, EDUCATIONAL, AND SUPPORT GROUPS Safe and supportive counseling and psychiatric services for individuals, couples, and families with a wide range of mental health and emotional problems preventing them from living a fully functioning and fulfilling life. CLEANERIFIC — JFCS SOCIAL ENTERPRISE PROGRAM Cleanerific creates jobs for the unemployed and offers job training, health benefits, and support for motivated workers while providing superior, “green” cleaning services for homes and businesses.



JFCS has always been there for us. When we arrived in the States, the agency gave us the tools to succeed: job referrals, language classes, housing, and citizenship preparation. Twenty-five years later, JFCS is still a part of our family. Our children benefit from its youth programs, and our parents get the services they need to stay healthy and independent.



We provide bilingual, culturally sensitive programs for immigrants. BILINGUAL MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES Comprehensive bilingual problemsolving, counseling, and psychiatric services for adults and children suffering from depression or other psychological problems. CITIZENSHIP ASSISTANCE Help in securing U.S. citizenship, filing required paperwork, and preparing for exams and voter registration for emigres wishing to actively participate in American democracy. LEGAL SERVICES Legal advocacy; assistance with political asylum and green cards, family-based petitions, naturalization applications, and Claims Conference reparations for Holocaust survivors.


L’CHAIM ADULT DAY HEALTH CARE CENTER Nursing and personal care, case management, physical, occupational, massage, and speech therapy, medical and health services, nutritional counseling, classes, holiday celebrations and social activities, English studies and citizenship preparation, transportation to the center, and hot lunches for lowincome seniors. REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT AND IMMIGRATION SERVICES Bilingual casework and advocacy, financial assistance, tutoring, acculturation classes, assistance with immigration problems, and Jewish community outreach.

RJENERATION: YOUNG EMIGRE LEADERSHIP Peer support, opportunities for Jewish learning, and volunteer programs for former emigres who came to the United States as children and are now young adults who are reconnecting to their roots and learning more about Judaism and the Jewish community. YOUTHFIRST Employment, leadership development, Jewish service learning, academic support, college and career planning, counseling, paid internships and fellowships, and financial aid for youth.



I was the only member of my family to survive. My mother, father, five siblings, and two grandmothers all died in the camps. The memories are still hard, but I find great comfort at the gettogethers at Café by the Bay. They have wonderful educational and cultural programs, and I’ve made new friends there—all survivors, too. We eat, talk, laugh, sing, and take joy in each other’s company. We’re like a family.


We offer many ways to learn and serve others. ADMINISTRATIVE AND CLERICAL SUPPORT Filing, data entry, and mailing support for JFCS programs. CHICKEN SOUPERS Nutritious meal preparation and delivery for people with HIV/AIDS, physical disabilities, and chronic illnesses. COMPANIONSHIP PROGRAMS “Friendly visitor” matches for people of all ages in need of encouragement and support. Visits by volunteer-anddog teams through JFCS’ Canine Corps program. Practical support for frail seniors and adults living with disabilities. EMIGRE VOLUNTEER OUTREACH AND SUPPORT Help with naturalization exam preparation and learning English. Donation of household goods to help emigres build new lives. One-onone and ESY groups to connect new arrivals to our community and help them develop language skills. FAMILY VOLUNTEER PROJECTS Annual workdays, outreach to local food banks, and holiday food basket assembly and distribution to bring warmth and cheer to the isolated and lonely.


JFCS HOLOCAUST CENTER Works with public, private, parochial, and Jewish schools, as well as the general public, to honor Holocaust survivors, increase understanding of the instrumental events of Jewish history, and establish effective programming for the post-eyewitness era. Includes: Tauber Holocaust Library and Education Program available at Manovill and University Holocaust History Fellowships for high school and college students. Day of Learning conference for students and educators. Study tours abroad, including Germany, Eastern Europe, and Israel. Oral History Project, offering over 2,000 audio and video testimonies with accompanying documents. The Next Chapter Project, pairing students with Holocaust survivors to chronicle their eyewitness experiences. Holocaust Survivors Speakers Bureau for outreach to schools. Café by the Bay social program for survivors.

JFCS RIDES VOLUNTEERS Transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping, and other necessities for seniors and people with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

ON THE MARK MENTORS Friendship, guidance, and academic support for students between 8 and 18 years old. OPPORTUNITIES FOR TEENS High school students participate in community service projects and Jewish learning through our Kavod Crew program. Pre-teens and teens also join community service projects through Team Tzedek. In The Next Chapter Project, 10th – 12th grade students are paired with Holocaust survivors to capture their stories for future generations. PALLIATIVE AND END OF LIFE COMPASSIONATE COMPANIONS Provide practical, emotional, and spiritual support for individuals of all faiths and ages who are in declining health, as well as their families. SPECIAL DELIVERY Grocery deliveries in Marin County to isolated seniors, adults with disabilities, and those recovering from illness or surgery. TENDERLOIN PROJECT Oneg Shabbat monthly luncheon sponsored in partnership with volunteer programs of organizations and synagogues throughout the Bay Area.



Financial Highlights Individuals Served TOTAL: 70,000

70% of all people JFCS helps cannot afford the full cost of care.

34,100 Children, Teens and Families 18,500 Seniors 14,900 Adults

2,500 Volunteers

Geographic Breakdown of People Served 55 % San Francisco 30 % Peninsula 12 % Marin County 3 % Sonoma County

85 % Direct Programs and Services 15 % Administration and Development




JFCS Core Annual Operating Revenue

Client Fees and Revenues

Foundation, Corporate, and Government Grants

Total: $28,995,008* 61% 17%

Individual Contributions Jewish Family and Children’s Services’ ENDOWMENT Income Jewish Community Federation Annual Campaign

15% 6% 1%

JFCS Core Annual Operating Expenditures

Senior Services

Children’s Services

Adult and Family Services

Financial Aid, Loans, and Grants

Total: $28,995,008* 52% 30% 14% 4%

*Audited year-end figures for 2010 – 2011 year.




COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011 Many thanks to the synagogues, schools, and other community organizations whose commitment to working with JFCS to improve people’s lives makes a real difference in the world. AIPAC American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Archbishop Mitty High School Association of Jewish Family & Children’s Services Agencies Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley B’nai B’rith Lodge #21 B’nai Israel Jewish Center Borel Middle School Brandeis Hillel Day School, Marin Brandeis Hillel Day School, San Francisco Bureau of Jewish Education California Historical Society Celebrations of Life Family Daycare Chabad Jewish Center of Sonoma County Children’s Council of San Francisco Clarendon Elementary School Community Thrift Store Congregation Beth Am Congregation Beth Ami Congregation Beth Israel Judea Congregation Beth Jacob Congregation Beth Sholom Congregation B’nai Emunah Congregation B’nai Israel Congregation Emanu-El Congregation Kol Emeth Congregation Kol Shofar Congregation Ner Shalom Congregation Ner Tamid Congregation Rodef Sholom Congregation Sha’ar Zahav Congregation Sherith Israel Congregation Shir Shalom Congregation Shomrei Torah Contemporary Jewish Museum Coventry Park El Camino High School Gan HaLev, The Jewish Congregation of San Geronimo Valley Gan Israel Preschool Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School Golden Gate Integral Counseling Center Hadassah, Marin Chapter HIAS Historical Appreciation Society Holocaust Center of Northern California Holy Rosary Catholic School International High School Jewish Community Center, San Francisco Jewish Community Center, Sonoma County


Jewish Community Endowment Fund Jewish Community Federation Jewish Community High School of the Bay Jewish Community Library Jewish Home Jewish Music Festival Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation Jewish Women International, Marin Chapter Judah L. Magnes Museum Keddem Congregation Kehillah Jewish High School L’Chaim Health Center Clients Live Oak School Los Altos High School Marin Food Bank Miraloma Elementary School Morgan Hill Charter School Morse Lodge No. 257 National AIDS Memorial Grove Osher Marin Jewish Community Center Oshman Family Jewish Community Center Our Family Coalition Peninsula Jewish Community Center Peninsula Sinai Congregation Peninsula Temple Beth El Peninsula Temple Sholom Pleasanton Unified School District Project Open Hand Ralston Middle School Redwood Empire Food Bank Rhoda Goldman Plaza RJeneration Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School Roosevelt Middle School Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Saint Mark’s School San Francisco Adult Day Health Services Network San Francisco Food Bank San Francisco Jewish Film Festival San Francisco Public Library San Francisco State University San Rafael High School Santa Rosa Middle School Shannon Elementary School Sinai Memorial Chapel Skyline High School St. Anthony Foundation St. Ignatius College Preparatory St. James School Temple Sinai T’Enna Preschool Thomas S. Hart Middle School Tikvah Acharey Hashoah Tutu School United Way California Capital Region United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta United Way of the Wine Country Walnut Creek Christian Academy First Baptist Pre-School Woodside High School

JFCS salutes the Koret Foundation for enabling us to care for the people of the Bay Area. For your leadership and generous support,we thank you.

Claims Conference

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

Social services for Nazi victims have been supported by a grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

JFCS is grateful to the Jewish Community Federation for partnering with us to create a strong and caring community.

JFCS is proud to be a member of the Association of Jewish Family & Children’s Agencies, working together to offer the highest quality service to our community.


Foundation and Grant Support JULY 1, 2010 – JUNE 30, 2011

The continuing support that JFCS receives from foundations and government programs enables us to put our values into action. Thank you for helping us transform people’s lives. President’s Gold Circle Bella Vista Foundation California Department of Aging California Department of Education California Department of Social Services Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany Eucalyptus Foundation First 5 San Mateo County First 5 Santa Clara County JCEF Newhouse Fund Jenerosity Foundation Jewish Community Federation Koret Foundation Lorry I. Lokey Supporting Foundation Marin County Community Mental Health Services Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation Lisa and John Pritzker Family Fund Louise and Claude Rosenberg, Jr. Family Foundation San Francisco Community Behavioral Health Services San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services San Francisco Foundation San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Sonoma County Department of Human Services


Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture Ingrid D. Tauber Philanthropic Fund Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Holocaust Survivor Emergency Assistance Fund

President’s Circle California Emergency Management Agency First 5 Marin County First 5 San Francisco First 5 Sonoma County Walter and Elise Haas Fund JCEF Maimonides Fund Marcled Foundation Marin Community Foundation Peninsula Health Care District Phelan Foundation of the San Francisco Foundation Norman Raab Foundation San Francisco Human Services Agency Sarlo Foundation Harold and Libby Ziff Foundation

Eureka! Gold Vivienne S. Camp Trust of the San Francisco Foundation Friend Family Foundation JCF Senior Excursion Fund San Francisco Department on the Status of Women

San Mateo County Institute for Human and Social Development (Head Start) San Mateo County Office of Education George H. Sandy Foundation Shenson Trust 2 of the San Francisco Foundation

Eureka Society Bigglesworth Family Foundation Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation Bureau of Jewish Education Change a Life Foundation Crown Family Philanthropies Fireman’s Fund Foundation Grossberg Abrams Foundation Larry L. Hillblom Foundation JCEF Holocaust Memorial Education Fund Kaiser Permanente Keren Keshet Foundation March Foundation Marin County Office of Aging and Adult Services Morris Family Foundation Pell Family Foundation Annunziata Sanguinetti Foundation Sidney Schonfeld Foundation Seiger Family Foundation

Drs. Ben and A. Jess Shenson Fund at the San Francisco Foundation U.S. Department of Homeland Security Lawrence Weissberg Foundation

August Helbing Society Donald and Carole Chaiken Foundation Citi Gaia Fund John F. and Mary A. Geisse Foundation Herbst Foundation Lenore and Howard Klein Foundation Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation Lopez Low Foundation MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger Milton and Sophie Meyer Fund Foundation Milton and Dorothy Sarnoff Raymond Foundation Sonoma County Emergency Food and Shelter Program

Pioneer Society Heffernan Foundation Leslie Family Foundation Lumina Foundation for Education Morgan Stanley Foundation Theta Delta Xi Gamma Chapter

Dream Builders Amgen Foundation Arzak Foundation Dauber Foundation Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund Kahn Foundation Sophia Mirviss Memorial Fund Morrison and Foerster Foundation Eli and Mae Rosen Foundation Upjohn Fund of San Francisco Arthur and Charlotte Zitrin Foundation

Community Builders Berke Family Foundation Clumeck Foundation Fremont Group Foundation Mary and Paul Heller Foundation Paragon Community Fund Sinai Memorial Chapel Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Foundation Ziegler Family Charitable Foundation


Business Partners JULY 1, 2010 – JUNE 30, 2011

Special thanks to our caring friends in the business community who believe that reaching out to people in need is an investment worth making. SENIOR PARTNERS Bay Area Parent Beli Deli Caldwell Snyder Gallery California Pacific Medical Center Citi Clifford Swan Investment Counsel Community Thrift Store Darren McClung Estate & Precious Jewelry Edmund’s Plaza Florist First 5 San Francisco Goldman, Sachs & Co. Daniel F. Goodman, MD Hanson Bridgett, LLP Howard Rice Fund Intresys Island Creative Management, LLC Just Kids Learning Center George Komsky Mayacamas Ranch Microsoft Morgan Stanley Morrison & Foerster Net Optics Norman S. Wright Mechanical Equipment Corp. Osterweis Capital Management Park Avenue Catering Payroll Resource Group Primark Benefits Property Management One Rhoda Goldman Plaza Judith Ripka Natasha Romachova Pamela Rose & Sidepocket San Francisco Art Department San Francisco Food Bank Seligman Western Enterprises, Ltd. The Setai Fifth Avenue Sitzmann Morris & Lavis Insurance Consulting Sterling bank & trust Tsar Nicoulai Caviar Wells Fargo Bank


Wells Fargo Insurance Services Westin St. Francis XIM, Inc.

ASSOCIATES Adobe Systems Alpert & Alpert Iron & Metal American Conservatory Theater Amgen Appel & Frank The Art of Good Taste – Stacy Scott AXA Advisors Benefit Bloomingdale’s San Francisco Blowfish Sushi Blue Angel Vodka BrandVia Alliance Brown & Toland Medical Group Carmel Valley Ranch CB Engineers Childhood Matters City Skin and Laser Clinic Cowen and Company, LLC Del Monte Electronic Arts Encore Travel Eric Schumacher Photography Andrea Fono, Artist Fork and Spoon Productions Fraenkel Gallery The Fremont Group Golden Gate Mothers Group Good & Fowler, LLP Google Heffernan Insurance Brokers Herco Jewelry Company Hill & Co. Hyeyon Moon Photography IQ Photo – Joseph Kohn Joshua Ets-Hokin Photography Juno Company

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Kstati L’Olivier Restaurant La Boheme Law Offices of Irina Aerov Michael Nolan Painting Nixon Peabody, LLP Palo Alto Commons Paragon Real Estate Group Patland Estate Vineyards Peter Olivetti Photography John Podolsky Sanyok Gallery Seiler LLP Serena & Lily Starwood Hotels and Resorts Tamalpais Pediatrics of Marin County 24 Hours of LeMans Auto Racing Visa International WCG Whole Foods Market Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Yangki Yogaworks Larkspur Studio

FRIENDS Acme Bread Company AcroSports ALM Fitness Andy Ross Agency Ariat International Asian Art Museum – Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture Atashi Rang Law Firm Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing Bananaberry Sitters Barefoot Books Belmont Plaza Dental BlackRock BrandVia David Broad, CWA Camp Galileo Celsius and Beyond Charles Schwab

CHI Au Pair USA Cisco Systems City Mommy Classic Kids Photography Cleanerific Common Sense Media Contemporary Jewish Museum Covenant Wines Epic Roasthouse Epoch Life and Image Coaching – Alina Baugh Fillmore Merchants Association First Republic Bank The Fromm Institute for Lifelong Learning Garden Court Hotel Gene Kosoy Photography Gina Khan Salon Hagafen Cellars of Napa Valley Handful of Petals HAPPY BABY Harbor Court Hotel – Kimpton Hotels Helga Justman Jewelry Historical Appreciation Society IBM Il Fornaio Imagery Estate Winery J. Sabatelli Brazil Cosmetics Jacuzzi Family Vineyards Jeanine Payer Jenny Sampson Photography Joe Gurkoff Fine Art Joseph Family Vineyards JW Marriott, San Francisco Kaz Winery Kelley and Young Winery L’Auberge Carmel, Relaix & Chateaux Lithovation LuminaSkin Marin Day Schools Marlowe Blaise Martin, CMT Wendy L. McLaughlin, CLU, ChFC Medtronic Michael Merrill Design Studio

Mimi and Friends MTV Networks and Comedy Central My Gym Nina McLemore Boutique NRG Nurseryman’s Exchange Omni Hotel, San Francisco Pal-er-size Adventures in Fitness Patrick Evan Salon Pediatric Development Specialists Peninsula Beauty Supply Planet Grape PlumpJack Balboa Cafe Primadona Spa Quaking Hills Winery Rebarts Interiors Rebecca Minkoff Recess Urban Recreation Red Tricycle Republic of Tea Reya’s Care for Seniors Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco Rocks with Soul San Francisco Giants San Francisco Performances San Francisco Symphony Rachel Schwartz, Pastry Chef See My World Photography SHN Sofitel San Francisco Bay Sports Basement Steam it Gone Steve Gaysinskiy Photography Timeless Treasures Town and Country Resources Irina Vaksman, DDS W. H. Smith Wines Walt Disney Company Whole Foods Market Wilson and Dean Shoes (Wilkes Bashford) Wilson Fleming Estate Winery Windsor Oaks Winery

Jewish Family and Children’s Services O F S A N F R A N C I S CO, T H E PENINSULA, MARIN AND SONOMA COUNTIES




2010 – 2011


JFCS 2010- 2011  

"160 Years and Still Pioneering," the annual report of Jewish Family and Children's Services of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sono...

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