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on visits Omaha To Plead for Father OMAHA - A ion of a Ruasian Jewish physician who has been imprisoned in the Soviet Union will visit Omaha Sunday and Monday. He is August Shiern, 29, who holds a doctorate In psychology and who Is traveling tliroughout the United States in an effort to gain freedom for his father, Dr.MIJihailSlitem.

COUNCIL BLUFFS, LINCOLN, OMAHA Omaha, Nsb.. Fri., June 27,1976

Dr. Shtem, a notMl endocrinologist who was head of the Polyclinic in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, was sentenoed last December to eight yean' Or. MfklMUSblcn Imprisonment at hard labor on charges of accepting bribes proved of his son's request to from his patients The charges emigrate to Israel, where came after Or. Shtem ap- August now lives.

'Charity' Tickets at JCC, Brandeis In a recent interview in the Long Island, NY., Press, August said all but one witness against his father retracted critical testimony during the trial, but that defense testimony was restricted. In an advertisement which appeared in the New York Times on Sunday, June 8, Alexei Podgomy, president of the U.S.S.R., was told that Dr. Sitem "suiters from severe heart disease, serious stomach and spinal ailments and we fear that he cannot survive his prison term.''

A Scholar And A GenemI NEW YORK - Oes Moines' David Kamlnaky. talmudic and Mblical scholar and president of the Des Moines chapter of the Zionist Organization of America, Is pictured here at the recent National Zionist Executive Meeting In New York City with Israel General Eric Sharon, military advisor to Prime Minister Rabin Gen. Sharon and his troops crossed the Suez canal, surrounded and cut off the Third Egyptian Army Corps during the October 1973 war.

The ad appealed for Dr. Shtem's release to his family "in the name of human compassion and in the Interest of International UBderstanding" and was sigrtad by Dr. Janes.]. Wax of Oniaha aloag with over 200 other American health care professionals. Dr. Wax has made an appeal in the Omaha area for support from his fellow professionals M the medical and pharmaceutical fields. They have been invited to meet August Shtem at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Goldstein at 8 p.m. Sunday, June 29. Mrs. Goldstein is cochairman of the Omaha Committee for Soviet Jewry. A press conference for August Shtem Is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Monday moming at the Omaha Press Club..

OMAHA - Theatergoers will be able to purchase tickets to Center Stage's productiim of the Broadway musical "Sweel Charity" at either the Jewish Community Center or the Brandeis Department Store tk:ket offices in Omaha and Lincoln. Announcement of the Brandeis arrangement was made by Mark W. Zaikin, director of the JCC's cultural and performing arts department. The Nell Slnum show, which opens the 197^7$ Center Stage season, begins at 8 p.m. July 24. Additional evening performances will be July 26, 31 and Aug. 2, with 2 p.m. matinees July 27 and Aug. 3. All seats are reserved. Resirvatkni may be made by eaDing tlw Canter bn oCfloe (Ml WW or UM BraaiMi tiekat office (S»«n), or by itaiipliic at the Carter or the Brandeis Oowntown, Croisroads, Sonthrosds, Westroada and Unoolo stores. The song-and-dance production, directed by Norman Filbert of the Chanticleer Theater and the Firehouse Dinner Theater, offers Oule Nogg in the role of Charity, who has a heart symbolically tattoed on her arm. Based on the "Nights of Cablria", the renowned Felllnl movie, "Sweet Charity" tells the story of a New York dance hall hostess who metaphorically wears her heart on hier sleeve.


She has miserable luck with men and the show follows her through a series of constant rebuffs and driving musical numbers such as "Big Spender", "The Rhythm of Life", "The Rich Man's Frug", "I'm A Brass Band" and "1 Love lo Cry At Weddings". A dancing show featuring Gwen Verdon In its New York version, "Sweet Charity" will, in.l^ Center Stage version, iiiiC(H)ti|iuedonPage2)

Center Stage Season Tickets Now on Sale, Says Mrs. Rosen OMAHA - Season tickeU to Center Stage's spectacular 1975-76 season are now on sale, according to Sally Hosen, Center Stage Ticket Chairman for this year A season ticket entitles the purchaser to attend four shows at a reduced rate. Season tickets are f 10 each for Jewish Community Center members and tl3 for nonmembers. Mrs. Rosen said the season ticket works this way: One week prior to the public sale, all season ticket holders are contacted and asked which night they wish to conte and where they want to sit. Tickets will be sent out or held at the box office. All seats are reserved for this season's Center Stage productkms. The 1975-76 season includes

the following shows: "Sweet Charity" July 24-Aug. 3, "6 Rms RIv Vu" Oct. 23-Nov. 2; "1776" ^eb. 5-15; "Forty Carats" April 1-11. Season tickets may be ordered by filling out the coupon in this Issue of the Jewish Press, at the JCC reception desk, or by calling Carol, 3348200.

Federation Board Meets OMAHA - A report on the resettlement of Vietnamese refugees is among the items on the agenda for the June monthly meeting ol the board of directors of the Jewish Federation of Omaha. The meeting Is set for 7:30 p.m. Monday, June 30, In Room 10 at the Community Center.

Mrs. Simon: Calendar, Welcome Tasks Ahead


. ' ^

OMAHA — The problems of firmly etiabliahing a community calender In the mhids of Omaha's Jewish com-, munlty members and lo welcoming Jewish newcomers arc among the major tasks facing the Omaha Federation of Jewish Women's Organizations this year, says Its new president, Miriam Simon. The wife of Ervin Simon succeeds Mrs. Morris C. (Mary) Pellmao as president o( the organlzatkMi of 13 Omaha Jewish women's groups. Concerning the calendar, •he said that making it a function of the Jewish PederatkMi of Omaha - th« Jewish community's umbrells arganlullon - "was a step In ttMrightdlnctkmbulsofarlt leaves much to be desired

because people either still don't know about it or don't use it." 1lNt« are ami attaaboM whara more than ooa organisaUoa has sdMdulad a fUDCtioa for tiis sanatliBaor day - mue^ to the dttrtatant oflhe pOtft aod tbeooomaiity. A recent audi oonOict, wtald) naultad in opan houaaa babig pffwi ior the same dajr by two groups brougtt a aten wanUag Irom rederatkM Pnsidant Hariaa Noddle to the effect any Fsderatlan diiMrtment not dMcUng lo dear a data with the community calendar aaerstary, Bail) MCCormlek, "nay flnd your event canoailad or raaetaduiod on vary liNrtDotioe." But non-use of the calendar has not been limited to Pederation departments, Mrs.

Simon noted, adding, "Every organization In the city — men's or women's — should use the calendar. That's the only way to make it effective." Persons or groups wanting to clear dates are asked to write Ms. McCormick at the Community Center, 333 So. 132nd St., Omaha e8l54. If a particular date is already taken, she will help a group find another. And she will also try to help groups avoid scheduling similar functions — such as two donor luncheons or two business meetings — on the same day. As for welcoming new residents — both families and single Individuals - Mrs. Simon noted that "we need help in knowing who Is new to our community. We would like people to tell us If they're new

when, say, they order the Jewish Press, or If they happen to know of new residents In town. "We also need help In planning welcoming functions and In getting newcomers Involved in community projects." Information about new Jewish residents can be forwarded to Ms. McCormick at the Jewish Community Center. Other Women's Federatkn projects Include the leader^ ahip sarataiar, the pUot of whkfa came off (|uite suc- Marilyn Fred, keft, a Woman's Federatkm vice president, ceatfUUy recently, Mn. Simon discuaaes a pmilect Vtth Mra. Shnon. (JP Plioto) The seminar was Im- make It an ongoing project. plemented by the Women's We see It as one of our major Federation for all community activities." organizations, from high And, said Mrs. Simon, "We school through adult and "we hope to do more" In the had mostly positive com- community. Other projects ments" about it. "We hope to include monthly parties by

each of the women's organizations at the Or. Philip Sher Home for the Aged; game sessions for patients at the Veterans Administration Hospital and the annual Children's Hospital Bazaar.


Th> J#wiyi PT^M


WZO Plans United Action on ByDntdLa«n JERUSALEM (JTA) - Itw World ZkmM Organixatlin Executive adopted a IMS milUoo budget for the current (Iscal year Tuesday and pledged to intensify elforts to comlut the Arab boycott. The WZO agreed that the antiboycott activitas oo a world-wkle bMto itmU be coordinated between the WZO, the World Jewish CoogreH, other Jewish national and international organizations and the Israeli government. The WZO named a (ivemerober committee which will meet this weeli to discuss the iniM with WZO Chairman PMiM Sapir. WJC Preaident Dr. Nahum Goldmann and Avrabam Agmon. who was recently named the Israeli government's special adviaor on anti-boycott activities The members of the committee are Mrs. Charlotte Jacobson, chairman of the WZO's American Section; Rabbi Israel MUler. chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations: Leon Oulzin. WZO and Jtirista

Afency trMiurer; Avraham Sbtnkcr. head M the WZO'i organhatVui and IniDnnatkn department and Em Shapiro, bead of Keren Haye«id-United Israel Appeal. The WZO BiecHtWa's tIaciiloD at Tnatdajr's uoAflBuuuk and tnm wncn oninMe Uw aBtMwTooltaclMttiL Goldman bad Insisted that the WJC should be the coordinating body But earlier this month, Mrs. Jacobson, who is also chairman of (he Coordinating Conmilttee of Jewish Organizations (COJO) had suggested that COJO dolt. The WZO Executive said in a staliwwnt that everyone at TueMliqr'i meeting Mt the need (or the inteniUlcation and coordination of etfgrts, and, linee Goldmann made it dear that the WJC did not iitfend to act "exclusively or to coordinate akme the work of otlier bodies", all agreed there would be "no difficulty" In united action. The WJC plans to hold a special conference OR WZO

Check your knowledge of Jewish Philanthropies with this sixth In a series of quizzes presented during the 1975 Omaha Campaign. Answers appear elsewhere in this issue of the Jewish Press. 1. How much is needed for sufMataaoe, Hebrew '—yj» trainhig, educational and vocational training, •octal and cultural pro^wnt In an Abaocption Center (or ilx months for one Immigrant family? (a) 15,500? (b) $3,000? (OKOOO? 2. How much Is a two-month sutialstancf grant iar a needy high school bnmlgrant student? (a) ISOT (b) $179? (OliOOT


tile piutjiem In Ocoeva next month. The budget adapted win be used for ally a work; education and culture in the dla^wra; links with small Jewish communities; and Zioalst acitlvltes. It earmakrs fl.& million for the encouragement of various volunteer programs under which young people from overseas qiend time working In Israel. This is believed to be an effective ntethod of encouraging allya, since many of these In the programs later decide to remain In Israel.

'Charity Ticlcets On Sale (Continued fromfage 1) also feature dancing, with Ozzle having great opportunity to use her nimblest dancing shoes, particularly in the number "If My Frtends Could See Me Now", ZalUn Louise Filbert and Dariyn Fellman will be seen as Charity's dancehall friends, NlcUe and Hekne, who Join her bi such numbers as "There's GotU Be Somethbig Better Than This" and "Baby, Dream Your Dream".

WorUntows Briefs TourfMnllp

in the U.S. Senate, la strlvlnc hard to win the nomination of RIO DE JANEIRO (JTAWTEL AVIV (JTA) - Israeli Tourism (ron Brazil to Israel his party u Presidential •oidiers have complained that standard-bearer, but the odds has toerasaed 63 percent Arabs and certain Druze during the first four montha of are very kmg, and not in his employed by army to build favor. IITTS compared to the same In the May GaUup PoU the fortifications pose a possible period a year eatilar, a^ results were; Kennedy M security risk becauae aecrct conttog to Yeshayafau Shay, aspects of, security are exhead of Uie Israel Govemmeot percent, WaUace 15 percent, posed to them in the coune of Humphrey 9 percent, Jackson Tourist Office for Latin their work. The soldiers have America. Shay told Braiiiian 6 percent, and Muskie 1 reportedly brougM the nutter percent. In a theoretical mantravel agents here that Iht to the attention of the military number of tourists griog to to-man contest between authorities and the Chief of Kennedy and Jackson the Israel from both Biaiil and Staff but so far, tlwy say, no Argenthu this year Is ex- pollsters show 23 percent lor action has been taken. pected to exceed aOJWO. He Jackson and 70 percent for said that a third of them'would Kennedy, with 7 percent ekpresslng m preference. In a be Christian pilgrims. matchup with Muskie, ChbMMTVflln Jackson couM do no better Front PMQO TEL AVIV (JTA) than 23 percent, while Muskie WASHINGTON (JTA) - got 41 percent and 25 percent Reliable sources said here Monday that Palestinian Arsb The Southeast Alaska Empire, expressed no oplnloa. terrorlss are being trained at Juneau's dally newspaper, air force bases In tlie People's headlined what it claimed lo Republic of China to pilot be the first Bar Mllzvah ever Budget Cut fighter planes and helicopters. performed In Alaska. The JERUSALEM (JTA) - llie The terrorists are undergotaig paper published a front page Caliinet approved an IL SSO photograph of 13-year-old million cut bi Israd's IL 56.S similar tratoilng at baaes in Iraq and Libya but not hi any Alan Gross and his parents with Rabbi Morris Hershman bUlkm natk»al budfet lor the Arab countries with borders new fiscal year Monday but of San Francisco, win of- did not decide where the axe contiguous to Israel, the ficiated. Alan's mother. Belle will fall, 'n^t matter wUI be sources said. Simpson Gross, was the first left to nefstiatons between They said tt was assumed Jewish woman born In Finance Minister Yehoshua tiut once their tratalnf is Juneau, accordtaig to the Rabinowitz and his fellow completed, the terrorist Dyers paper ministers. Failing an would be abaotbed talo air The Jewish community tai agreement, the matter will be force units of Arab ooootrlas the capital of the SOth sUte placed bi the lap of Premier and would not form a aeparats numbers leas Uian 100. The formatian of theb'own. Yitzhak RaUn. only synagogue In Alaska Is located in Anchorage wiiich has a Jewish population of 100. Alan's Bar Mitzvab was held at the Baranof Hotel in CrM»im»nk«rs JuneaiL Um4§ fnm Anmdttm WterM hmfttint fou naad t, ,irln, yotir own "?*'«»•- ««•, iurvvelM, Mrikig. haWtl.ttMlhandlaHttM*. Houn: RocUtreek Vlllago IO«e-S:WMoci.fhnilai. lOSfhondConta*

Order Center Stage Season Tickets Howl

OMAHA - Due to the Fourth of July holiday, Jewish Press deadlines (or both news and advertising copy is Sunday, June 29. Ihe Press address Is 333 South IStal Street, Omaha 6S1S4.

4 Great 1^ Shows

Student on Tour •scwellowlswil Oqr Conp. through Frtd^r. t:30 a.iii. towp rwnhlwi, XC, tfroMi^ Wdoy. »:JO-H<0 Otdw AiiMt IwtdMOn tmuhng. KC, 10:30 ajn. FMarallM toatd MMtkif. XC, 7:M pjn. -'—'--Lorin* rnol S'rtth n^ wtth «w aofalf, RoMnblatltSDWMi

rh0 Mocra-Bmad Shop

Jttlbm Jones as Oacar will portray the shy young man Charity almost marries; David K. Johnson will be Vittorio Vidal, the movie star UmgOchto who gives ber a taste ol hmry WASHINGTON DC. (ZINS) leading into "If My Priands — Henry Jackson, regarded Could See Me Now"; Oeorfe as the "mlftfitlest DemMrat" Oenunons as Daddy Brubaek leads "Rhythm of life" and Howard Swatai Jr. Is Herman, proprietor of the steamy dancehall.

NEW YORK - GU Lederman of Waterloo, Iowa, Is one of 26 United SUtes college students who left June 10 on a •fai-week seminar In Israel sponsored by the Israel Aliyah Center. He is a student at the University of Iowa CoUeie of Medichte.


17% Cn-uts

OMf Ad»<nP>»dmProy«m,lCC. H:3»3;30 (fw«antfniaH) Ptaos* s«nd .


Cl««n4topalr NfWCARKTI INnALUO •toa^av^rMay ttAJUfM

_ •M "IMSMllllNtCWM"



Totol. I hova anclosad my chack, poyobta to tha JCC Hamm

Addrass Phona


TAJfU lfl.««tPJfL Satwday

Non-membaf Sanson Tickats ol $13.00 an.. KC Membar Sanson Tickats at $10.00 ao..




Moil to Cantar Stoga Saoson Tickets KC 333 So. 133nd St., Ofnoho, NE. M154




The Community Calendar

,:'INDEPENDENCE DAY l tMdqr.JwUr* ^ 1:30 p.m-•The Slnlbig Fod"-

^ Library Enrolls 22 Kids in Club .

OMAHA-Tfae Oroa^a Federallon Library hag 'enrolled tbew children in the 1975 Summer Reading aub: Martha Bittner, David Zacharia, Jenny Wol(, Debbie i Fellman, Susan Fellman, Renee IVlitrhell, Ruthie Mit, chell. Naomi Mitchell, Cindi Anderson, David Anderson, Sean Smith, Harry Herman, Danielle Epstein, Lorl Par> met, Jplie Wax, Aaron : Welnsteln, Patricia Smith. ; Mellfsa Margolis, Ephie Brand, Dorone Brand, David WIntroub, Mark Weinstine. The program runs through . Labor Day. Children may sign up any time during the ' •ummer months. Any child .who reads 10 books will receive a prize.

HAVE YOU MET... Dave Friediand? He's cochairman of the Keynoters Division of the 197S Philanthropies Campaign. Match hit efforts.

Wfiofffvcr n 1%, M/t ntd It NOVfl Pi*os» r»m*mb«r that Hodosioh ne*ds dishts, ,glattwar». pott, pant and working oppllancot.

2916 FARNAM Ju%f W«sf of "King's"

Charles A. Monasee, president of Hinky Dinky Stores and a vice president of the Jewish Federation of Omaha, h^ been named chairman of the corporate dIvUion in this fall's United Way of the Midlands iund campaign.

at Harvard University, will be leaving shortly for Israel and then for Athens where he will be the 1975-76 Jacob Hirsch Fellow in Classical Literature. His wife, Maureen, is leaving shortly for Israel where she will be the Willaim Foxwell Albright Fellow of the American Schools o;f Oriental Research for 1975-76. She also is a Ph.D. candidate.

Joan Bernstein president of the Friends of Cbildrens Memorial Hospital, presented two Friends scholarships during the 81st commencement exercises of the OMAHA - Mr. and Mrs. I. Nebraska Methodist Hospital J. Kraft announce the School of Nursing June 20. marriage of their daughter, Michael Kaplan, son of Mr. Jennine Rimmerman, to and Mrs. Stan Kaplan, a Marvin Goldberg, son of Mrs. doctor of phllosa|)hy candidate Sylvia Goldberg of Rockaway,

ByBtteUeRoMnberg Mr. and Mrs. Virgil West A monument will be announce the engagement of dedicated to the memory of their daughter, Robin, to Ken Deborah Sherman on Sunday, Wald, son of Mr.and Mrs. June 29, at 11 a.m. at Mt. Henry Wald. All are of LinCarmel Cemetery. Rabbi coln. The bride-elect received her Mark Blsman will officiate. The dedication of a bachelors degree in monument (or Abe Cohen was psychology at the University held June 22 at Mt. Carmel of Nebraska. Her fiance received his Cemetery. R^bbi Blsman master's degree in political officiated. science at Washington Unlverslly in St. Louis, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Roberi Hassell Both are members of Phi Beta (o Albuquerquip, N.M., Mrs. Kappa. Judy Karof Ruck and The couple is planning to be children, Jason and Jeffery of married Aug. 17. Carroiton, Tex , and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hassell of DavenCorrection: The South pori, Iowa, are the guests of Street Temple and Tifereth Jean Gordon. Israel Synago^'ue hosted a joint picnic June 8 at Holmes Ziliie Bahar, daughter of Dr. Lake. and Mrs. Ezekiel Bahar, will become Bat Mitzvah on Friday, July 4 and 5. There will be an Oneg Shabbat Wm'l» OlMUllIll fiapilljl: HI, ni||ltW.. Friday evening and a Ipp"' •'•iM lia'lii'iki JnMi Pna ••• >r cheon oh ^tiirday following iiMtifitix—Xij^iriani Htm services. «>»Uiiiii«iiiiiiiiainiiii,ii>i HAOASSAHONEG The monthly Hadassah Oneg Shabbat will be 2 p.m. N.Y, Saturday, June 28, at the Dr. The marriage was held May Philip Sher Home for the 23 ii^ the chambers of Judge Aged. Mrs. Joe Sokotof Is Samuel V. Cooper. VM couple chairman, Mrs. Jack Noodell will reside in Omaha. and Mrs. Charles Fellman cohostesses.

Omaha • Organizations

tUmmennmhOoldberg RhmAr9 HaU



Omahans in The NewS

Fiim-JCC TaHda]r,Julyl a p.m.-Omaha High School o( Jewlib Studies—Boon) Meeting WsteNday.Juhr* 7:« p.m.-Culturai Art* Council meeting 7:30 p.m.-Penonnd Pnctlcei Code meeting SuBdisr.MjrU 7.30 p.m.-"'n>e Goldbergs"FUro-JOC Sunday, July » 5:30 p.m-Beth El Congregation meeting Moadqr.Myat 7:30-Young Leaderihip meetlng-JCC Tbunday.JulyM lp.m.—"Sweel Charily" Jcrrjr Vvger, Mt and Warm ZwMwck have mi Omaha Saturday, July If I p.m.—"Sweet Charity" ConununUy PiaqrhooM avardt lor the U74-7S leaaaa. Venfer flUDdiy.Jnlyff won a Cameo Award (or his role at Duke of Yort (Bertk) io • p.m.—"Sweet Charily" "Crown MatrinunUl" while ZwcOtack won a Campbdl Award nuriday.Ja^Sl far Ms portrayal d Tom Daley to "TliatChaaiptaMhlpSeaMo". lpm.-"8«M((a«ttty" Both have prevloualy won the Director's Award





5nMB» WNtiiM»» iMiiBHiwin* iBr» Vff«» smai-gt nus-f/mv* IMMTS* tim* iniDtB* nrnMrn* mwtiii.iaiiy

Add "Tain" to your Weekend Menus AND Plan Ahead for the long Fourth of July Holiday Weekend (and Shabbos. tool)

- "^

Kippered Salmon

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Smoiced Chubs


Smoked Salmon

v.\h. '3.00

Gefilte fish In jars ond cans In most storos

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„.,^ ^„. ^........ I ANDSAYCHEESEI j Cheese of the weeic—PortSolut j


'2.69 lb.


•uy a jor of Monlschewltz Sdiav

(Spinach lorKht) In the Koiher Food Section quart size

only 69* M.

illHrim • pfcnk or cMk-«rtt fick wf yaw yq^ ^M, dwrced, j Hinky Dbiky'c Freeh Frultt and VegetablM ore a "MIechlah". Stock upl

Prices effective through Tuesday. July 2.


TH> Jtmiih

Jun>27, H76


Rice-Malashock Rite Is Oct. 5 OMAHA-Mr. and Mrs. David 8. Rlee amMNane the engagemeot of their daughter, Jody, to Neal Malashock, son o( Or. and Mrs Stanley Malaalnck. All are o( Omaha. Mlaa nice attended the Untvenity o( Arteona, the University of Texas and graduated from the University o( Nebraska with a degree in elementary education. Her (lance attended Colorado State University and Is currently a 8enli>r at the University o( Nebraska at Omaha. The couple Is planning an Oct. 5 wedding at Beth El Synagogue.


On Israel Tour


OMAHA — HMM three Omalia and Ooundl Bliifli tMnacHS will be leeiiv mote ttems tucb u UMMe ttey*!* hoidiiig bere when tbty take part ID tbe annual Ramah Saniur tour to tarad. Lreaving Staday, Jane V, tor tbe ainnrt aeven-weet adventure are, from Ml, Hike Pentanan, ion of Mr. and Mn. RolMrt Pentana a( Omtfia: Edte OoUck, daoiMar of Mr. and Mn. Sam Oolkk o( the Bhifli and StcvhanleSeldta, dautfiter of Mr. and Mra. TodSaUhi, OmdiB. Mike iMidi a Aofar and Edie and Stapliie hold a tibalab cover, Tte ttema VCR bnotfA tram IaraellMt8unBerbTBai>Prad,aonofMr. andMn.NannaD Pred, when be wat on the Ramab tour. (JP Pboto)

llic^ editor MOSES ON TV I am sure the Jewish public will enjoy the series "Moaes the Lawgiver" shown on Saturday nights at D p.m. (Channel 6). This series depicts the life o( Moaet (rom babyhood on. Moses is portrayed by Burt Lancaster. Jack Jay Katanan Omaha


I am setting up an essay contest, "Outstanding Nebraskans, the American Dream and the Bicentennial" in the (lelda o( art, science, literature, religion, pMloaophy and social wdtare. The eaaay contest is open to old and young alike in the state o( Nebraska with a prize of t2S0 (or the best essay. The essays must be In my hands by the end o( October and they will be Judged by outstanding scfaoianio Omaha. HinyO.MmiWann imCallloniU Omaha «U1

ByLeaJaDoParMW Mrs. Eugene (Hermine) LOVE and the resldenU o( Zweiback. Welcome, ladies, the Sher Home are very busy and we hope you enjoy your these days ... one o( the few hours at the Home as highlights was a trip to the zoo much as the residents will last Friday. Janet Fischer, enjoy having you. LOVE can with LOVE voiunteers Belle .always uae ntore voluiiteers, and Max Givot and so U anyone is intereitad, photographer Steve Katzman, please call me, Lee Jane, at took Max Sluttky, Anna home and I'll be glad to Rosenberg, Sylvan Block, arrange another orientation. Last Saturday was the Libbie Barron, Ethel Davidson, Jake Cohen and Pioneer Women's party at the Ben Meyerson. Most bad Home, and tomorrow is the never been to the zoo beford, Hadaisah Oneg Sbabbat. These events are "big" (or the so it was a real treat. Mondays there Is always a reaidents and they do enjoy busload going to the JCC to them. Our craft progran is in lull Join the Senior Citixens and swing ... the rssldwili are now Motile Delman. It's great hm making deeeupagt iMHkda (nan (or them to meet other Senior BaaUn-Robirins falloo lea ersaffl Citizens, to visit, play cards or cans. They're fiai to ntaka and kMk bingo and have limcfa. Thursday nights are divided Thursdays are "Mary Wine Day" when Mary and Ida between the Rockettei (Err Potaab come to the Home to Simon, Bob Silverman, Hcl sew with the residents, bake, Botnstetn and [jean Fraokel) and the Levinsans (Ann and ID Wbea etc. the Roekettaa arc anxud, Uw Last niunday was a LOVE place Is a swinging craft milm orientation, with three new «»iUi rocks, paints, Jeweliy, lamps, volunteers attending... Mrs. etc. And when the LevinNas are Robert (Ellen) Gordman, around, there's alwaya a lively Mrs. T.A. (Goldle) Tully, and bingo game with loli of visiting.


Aaar: DM Ub Hid TimM «l Pari MMi tiy Jeroroe Uwmc% N. Y. Putjuun, 1974. 3a)p -Munl'i early life In Vle«M. hif rlie lo Mardom la ESSAY00NTB8T the YkkUili Uwiler, on Broadway and In Hollywood. In memory o( my wi(e and awBBMr «atliMiMalii(4ieK by Harvey Jacobe. NY. Harper a oitly dantfiter and as one of Row, 197S. 3«lp-A funny, luity and appealing novel of two wild weeks at the oldest "greenhorn" hn• iMHhao-graod hotel in tbe CalaUUa at tht end of WW II. TbemadCUIIPadarbyTboaufGilford NY Putnam,ins.Mp.- migrants (to Nebraska, 1107), An adventure novel act agaliHt the backcround of vast international Nan orgaaliation. A Putoani Award novel. PaltMt o( MMcii Ue4Mi#: UbtMn. hcMi, larpt tqt Krair Oekmejian NY State Univ of NY Pr, l>7S SOp -A cooiprebensive ftudy of cabinet leadenti^ groups in Egypt, Israel and LelianaD. PufatiatMd WMMV on Friday Ifea Jews fei tiamU by GmU Israel. N.Y. St Haitia's Pr.. 1(71. By ttM Jcwiah F«dw«tion of Omaha iKp. - A poUUcsl. historiesl and aodoiogleal study ol Rwatao Jewry. Stanford Lipsey PaulAlperson SOB UH: btOTMOaad QMS Md Ihe Rale «( Law by Robert Bowie. Pra« (^ynminae CoOiairman NY. and Uadon. CaobiMte Univ. Pr., U74. Mlp.-Tbe role of inJudhh Mar«urg Richard p. Pearl lenat ianal law in the crfsll caused by the dodng of the Suei Canal £<MOf AatMnl


The Jewish Press

Suzanne Somberg

.FBANKUSMAN Funeral services were held Sunday, June IS, In Cincinnati, Ohio, (or (onner Omahan Dr Frank Lennan, 62, who died June 12 at his home! Dr. Lerman retired last year as a chemical engineer (or U.S. Industrial Chemicals Co. Survivors: wife, Selma; daughters, Mn. Phyllis Lehman, Warwick, N.Y., and Debra Lerman; son, Dr. Burton Lerman, Olympic Valley, Calif.; parenU. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Lerman, Omaha; brother, George, Omaha; sister, Mrs. Pearl Kaplan, Omaha; three grandchildren. EBWINLANDOir Interment was Sunday,

June 22, at Temple Israd Cemetery (or Erwhi Landow, 56, who died Friday, June 10. Services were al the John A. Gentleman Westside Chapel. Landow was president ol Westside Supply Co. Survivors: wile, Beatrice; son. Paul; daughter, Ms. Janlne Landow Esser, Waahington, DC; brother, Hy, Chicago; sister, Mrs. Pauline Gassman, Chicago.

Directed hi Normaii Pllbert

My 21,26,31; Ml. 2-8:00 p J. My27,Ai|.3-2«pji.

John Kallna



(Excapt (or Soturdoy, July 36, Woman'a Amaricon ORT Banafit)

•17 Sowth Mth Straat — 345-1044



Black and White

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IM OMsa, M* Saw ISMM, OaMtM, IMb. Ml M A«^lt/Mambartld(afsat$3.00ao. . Adult Noa-mambartickah at $3.75 ao. SludaiitlMambartickatsat$l.75ao.

Cultural Guid Performing Arts Deportment


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Saoting prafaranca:

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On* of the moft highly regarded of the Marx Brothers'film*. Groucno thinltt It's the craziest!


SUNDAY, JUNE 29 7:30 P.M

Chorgo H At... •

Adults: $1.75 (mambars $1.00) ChiMran (13 and undar) )1.00 (mambars .SO)



Sludant Non-mambar tickaf s at $2.35 ao^

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All You NMd To Know Is Our PfK>n« Numbar


AdwIMng Sl«f Stoond OM PoMtga Paid M Oln*a, Nabr. «>inMlaubwi<p*an<7«) MimMng RaMon i •n>iJ«»iiM<IVw»l«nolmponillil«(orili«Kii«inil>io<mypicduaoriaba»hiinni PiMoMlon OMc*: JD So. ISnd Si. Onaht, NUK. aSIS4. nunr SM200 lar aH MWI and a«»ertl»l»a capv )* ••

PBHWrornnHSSrifiHIHTTHnHI^^ Jewish Community Center




Debt Jo Abrama






Juiw27. H7B

Senior (^ban Scene]



By IWeB Newman The Older Adult Department it always humming witli activity on Monday momlngi. On June 23, the May and June birthdays were celebrated and the lunch In the Center Auditorium was tapped oft with cake and Ice cream In their honor. Jacli Saylan favored the group with two birthday songs. The new bus schedules, which toolc effect June 23, may have Inconvenienced some of the memben, but hopefully everyone will become adjusted It would certainly be "appreciated, though. If the - memben who do have cars or rtdei oould arrange to pool with others. Min Cutler, president, wetooOMd new members and foeatf. She announced that If you wish to send cards to patients in hospitals, etc., you may now call Mrs. Ann Margolin at S53-W«8. for help. Our Sunshine chairmen, Jack and Yetta Saylan earned Saturday "Mitzvabs" by calling on. several ot our members in hoapltals, and reported all are doing quite well. .. Anotter acUvify waa announced by MoUie Delman. Gary Javltch, aquatics director at the Center, has invited the Older Adult Group for swimming classes every Monday morning at 10 a.m. A number of our membm are interested. They have , been aaked to meet In the locker mom of the Indoor Pool Monday, June )C Brlnf your suit and towel I Everyone is looking forward to our "Big Luncheon" June 10. The cost wiU be tZ and

Motile has promised an especially good menu, featuring roast brisket of beef. Make your reaervatk»a early with ILSE or Unda at the JCC or Rose Raxnick 093-7972). The program will headline David Lazarua, who will give a film preaentatioo on Israel with accompanying music. Coming events: The group will bold Its picnic Thursday, July 17 at either Benson or Hanscom Park. We will meet at Beth El Synagogue at 10:30 a.m. and will return at 4 p.m. Bring your lunch. Watermelon and cold drinks wUl be provided. Among the guests Monday were Mr. and Mrs. Walt Hower of Douglas-Sarpy Senior Council and Nell Becker and Joe Kohout, chah-man of the Citywide Picnic for Omaha Senior Citizens at Dodge Park on Aug. 20. If any of our group can asslsHn this event, they are to cootact Bertie Lazar. We also met with representatives from the University of Nebraska at Omaha conducting a survey on GORSuntwr reiatlonchip with business professional In•tltutlons In order to better conditions for our older citizens. Dr. Keith Turner, chairman of the economics department; Marge KoUman and Mike Lane were the consultants.

Aty l1ilC|€>C| tie Omaha Bathlaraal

Omaha B«thEI

SERVIdS: SERVICES: Friday: Friday: Traditional Evening SerSabbath Eve Services in vices (Kabbalat Shabbati 7 the Sanctuary at R:IS p.m. p.m. Rabbi Myer S. Kripke will Late evening family ser- deliver the sermon. vices will beat 8:15 in the I. Cantor Chaim Najman will Goldstein Chapel. Aron conduct the musical service. Zeiderman will conduct the Saturday: service and Jack Levey will Morning Service 10 a.m. give the sermon. Mincha Ma'ariv 8:45 p.m. Sunday: 9a.m. Saturday: Weekdayi: Morning Service: 8:45 a.m. Services at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff and Cantor Leo Fett- BARMTTZVAH Mr. and Mra, James man. Rotbenberg announce that The Talmud class will be tlieir son. Jack, will become conducted by Rabbi Nadoff at B'ar MItzvah on Friday, June 8p.m. followed at 8:30p.m. by 27, and Saturday, June 28. Mincha,' Sbolas Sudos and Ma'artv. Sunday: Mlnyan 9 a.m. followed by breakfast and Rabbi's class In MIshna.

Ufa (»* JULY There will be no late Friday evening service on July 4. There will be the traditional Kabbalat Shabbat at 7 p.m.

^St'MUwW _. _. wWna to Icnilei idiom mt Dm AftUmaii (ran Peal t0n^ •Mn. rram M mi Bto IMteui; Btrnta •nd Twvt T«rt«l iod Stanai Ootaa In honir of mmtttnuj of Mr mtf Un Iwdil.iiHir.

Omalui Tiwpto lif«l )« OK AadWrtH M nt

SC0TT8DALE, ARIZ. Sandra Bernstein and Greg Meyerson were married Sunday, June IS, In a 5 p.m. ceremony at the Cambdhack Inn here. Rabbi Frederick Grosae of T«nple Sold offldated. Mrs. Miriam Bernstein, Omaha, is mother of the bride. Mrs. Ban Novak of Omaha is the bride's grandmother. The

groom is the ion of Mr. and Mrs. FYederick Meyerson of Brooklyn. N.Y. llM bride's sisten, Mrs. Howard Kooper and Sue Bernstein, were matron and maid of honor reapectlvely. Barry Price, of Phoenix, Ariz., was best man. Mitch Doraon of Tucioa was a groomsman.

Sabbath Candia Ughting Mirny. July 4, t**] |ijn.

SERVICBB: Friday: 7:30 p.m. Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks and Rabbi Barry L. Weinsteln wiU conduct the aervicea. OOUPUtSCUlB Temple Israel Couples Club has arranged to man the telephones from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the Sept. 1 Muscular Dyatrophy Telethon on Channel 3.


proiniows1 AliO unkfut ie/(cl/oni of

(Blessed nrt Thou, 0 Lord, Otjr God, King of the Universe, Who sonctifi^irDs by His Commondntents and hos commanded us to kindle the Sabbath lights.)

This Sei^ice Presented as a Courtesy by OMAHABAriNGfl AND LOANASSOCIiKriOlf oflKM U IMD • HwrMy H*-rf'0 •nn 4 wail Dsdt* Road Mr-rMO 4721 s uinn. rii-oMO

DMMolnaa Tampla B'nal Jashurtm SERVICES: Friday: . Evening Service 8 p.m. An Oneg Shabbat will fotto« services.

DaaMoinaa ChHdranoflanMl SERVICES: Regular mlnyan services Monday and Thursday 6:45 a.m. Saturday: Morning Shabbat: Services Tn jfl A. ZimiiMitian a.m. at Iowa Jewish Home. Zimmerman-Shrier Sunday: 9a.m. Special Yahrzeit service, Engagement Is Told everyone Is welcome. Mrs. Biber, secretary, 277BROKEN BOW, NEB.-Mr. and Mrs. LeVem Cook of 8601. Broken Bow annoSice the engagement of their daughter, DaaMoinaa Teryl Cook Zimmerman, to TIfarathlanMl Michael AUan Shrier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Shrier of SERVICES: Omaha. Friday: The future bride was 8 p.m. Rabbi Barry D. graduated from Kearney Cytron and Cantor Pincbas (Neb.) SUte CoUege and Is the Spiro will conduct the servtoe. associate director tor the Bat MItzvah celebration of Nebraska Chapter of Cystic EditPrusak. Fibrosis. Bat MiUvah celebratkm of The future bridegroom was Karen Levlne. graduated from the Univer-

Volunteers for this project sity of Pennsylvania, where he mutt regbrter with Marilyn was a member of the social Warren, 334-1618, or Temple fraternity, Zeta Beta Tau. The couple are planning an Office, S56-<S3«. Advance registration is required Aug. ITweddhig. because no worker to admitted without a special authorization.

BWMdktion for Kindling Sobbqth Lights: Boiikh Atoh Adonoy Eloheinu Melekh Hookim, Asher Kidoshanu Bemitzvotov Vetzivonu lehodlik N«rSh*iShabbat.

SERVICES: Friday: 7:30 p.m. throughout the summer. Saturday: Morning service 9 a.m. Learning service 11 a.m. Rabbi's Claas 5 p.m. Mincha, Sholas Sudoetp.m. Sunday: 9a.m 12-1 p.m.: Talmud Class. Monday andItairaday: 6:4S a.m. Tueaday, Weckieaday and FrU«y:7a.m.

Dally: Services at 7 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Oai-Wdl wWia bi Dora ArtMjDW. RMC Pialu and Swali Kltai (ram SopMc iCaln. G«t-««ll wlilMS Is Bamcc Kalnun nd Dora AiMtmM Iran Ma Kika. _ IB mmtftj*t( «ai^Aw DaW Sleln

Sandra Bernstein, Greg Meyerson Are Wed In June IS Cere/hony in Scottsdale, Ariz.

DaaMolnM BMhEIJaoob

• Penooilized UallonerY • Thank You NoM • Napkins-Maldm • Wedding Inviutiom latiom

' Omaha B'nal Jacob AdaaYaahuron SERVICES: Saturday: Morning service 8:45 a.m. Sunday: Morning Service: 8 a.m. Services conducted by Rabbi Abraham Elsensteln.

Omaha Dr. 8har Homa SERVICES: Sabirday: 9 a.m. Men of the community are invited to the Home to make a mlnyan.

Council Bhiffa B'nal laraal SERVICES: Saturday: 9 a.m. Sunday; 9a.m Both servltes will be conducted by Mr. Sam Sacks.

Lincoln TIfaroth Israal SERVICES: Friday; 8 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. Sunday: Tiflllln Club, 9 a.m.

Uncoki B'nalJaahurun SERVICES: Friday, June 17:8p.m. Sheldon Stick will conduct the service. When you come to the Ak-Sar-Ben Races..


Morning Services 9:3D a.m. Afternoon Services 6 p.m.

W» wrlah *• ffcMtk yaw all f»r y»yr •vsnaAcfmiiif rcapaNM f* mur Sth wmlvcriary talmhrmflti. Mf« 9fprmtlmi» ymtr f< wlahM aorf Hi* ArtonrfAto y«« k«*« afcatm Ma In »>• |Mn«. •!»• fMtf t»H nMUMff", umll talakntm taf*km m§mln tm awr feartk mmlvmimry.

B« where the action isshopplng, shows, fun-in •ithar Weat Omaha {ZVi minutas from the Track) or In Council Bluffs (2 min utes from Downtown Omaha). Big fun for everyone, and children under 18 are free when using same accom modations. Color TV In every room..."pamper panels beaide over-sized beds ... indoor pool.. rooms., right where the actioh isl

TrliqfllMlqnrtirs or Wings


ask skeut our baikiess/iroup meeliac facHKIas



EcfMieStals lim^mAM

u.*F u.79'

Sunday: 8:30 a.m. Daily: 7 a.m.



9J\ Ralaii in my home and chooie from the finm lelectiont Ca// for tppoinuntnl iSa-5197 ^^ STUSewanfM. ^ WP* I I I •mil' ..^OiCl


JOHnsonl GtaadI Bluffs I Omhi Xlii and Braaawar 7M 8 l-M 12t-31711 M7-)7M ir ea« Ml trea mtU-tm




Omaha Organizations

Campus Notes

MM to ctiiMMM rMMM: M apiiit >Maa KM to a IK MM* rna ••• tr M* H^^itt—><|KII III! III»II«IIM««IJ|II HllllKIHIIltlll

University in Palo Alto, Calif He was elected to memberaliip In Phi Beta Kappa An economics major, Rubin studied at U)e Liondon School of Economics his Junior year. A larger-than-expecied He has worked as a student crowd of college students intern for U.S. Rep, Dave attended the first of our series Jim Rice, son of Mr. and Martin of Nebrasks in of Summer Socials held Mrs. Don Rice, graduated Washington and as an Sunday evening in the J's from the University ol assistant to the minority staff youtli lounges. Both lounges were turned Net>ra8ka. Jim previously of the Joint Economics attended the University of Committee of Congress. This over to the capacity crowd, Colorado in Boulder and Tel summer he is on the sta(f-<)f estimated at about W. the U.S. Department of^ Special thanks to those Aviv University. Boulder and Tel Aviv Agriculture's Western responsible (or the planning Regional Office in San and preparations—Fraya ' University. Berg, Keith Livingston, Anne Francisco. Rosenberg, Larry Ruback and Sara Greentterg. daughter He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. of Naomi Greenberg and Mort Henry Rubin if Kearney, Neb Bruce Vann. There are two more college Greenberg, received her His grandparents are Edna master's degree from the LAittbeg of Omaha and Mr parties in the plannlAg-ln July and August. Please Washington University School and Mrs. Barney Rubin of watch for your flyers and the of Social Work in St. liOUto. Denver. Jevrish Press ad giving more Mo. Ms. Greenberg. a graduAe (details. Susan Polsky has graduated Junior and senior high of Harvard University, will be working with the Jewish from Ohio State University programs previously anCommunity Centers of with a degree in special nounced In the Center's education for the mentally Summer Brochure and this Chicago. retarded. She is the daughter Dan Rubin graduated with of Mr. and Mrs. Hyman PBRMUSION Former "Prisoner of honors June 15 from Stanford Polsky of Lincoln. Conscience" Cleg Frolov of Rayzain has been given permisakMi to emigrate to lirad Rae Schupack. University of Neitraika Law College. J.D. 1975, is now associated wjtii the fimi oi Abrahams, Kaslow and Catsman for the practice of law. She is the daughter of IMr and Mrs Eli I Schupack

[Young Adult Doings ]

Summertime is party-time and Omaha's Young Adult ^Division Is tuning in with a Pool and Steak Party this Saturday evening, June 28, at Richland Park Aparments. Festivities sUrt at 7 p.m. at 11M3 Burt, Apt. P-9, which happens to be the apartment of Gary Javitch, aquatics director at Uie Jewish Community Center (See? We've even got our own lifeguard!). Participants are asked to bring their jwimsuits and supply tlKir own steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs or wiiatever. YAD will provide drinks and otiier food items. To make a reservation, call Ctary at 334-83D0. The toUowing weekend, July 4-6, will be the gala Kansas City Weekend. Omaha's , Yad'ers (ages 19 and up) will be guests of the Kansas City Jewish young adults, who will tender a post-July 4 garden

Youth h Activities

party at 8 p.m. Saturday, July 5, at the KC JOC. A brunch Is planned for the following morning. According to c»organizers Bruce Goodman (331-e733) and JayneCrandall (397-7522), the entire weekend — transportation, lodging and food — should be only $30 per person. Riders and drivers are asked to call eitlier Bruce or Jayne for reservations. Pool and steak party. Call Gary. 33*^200 Mtf*4 Kansas City Weekend. OltavOaias

July 20 - Bmndi In Parli, deUils 10 follm July 26 - Old McSMenar'a Farm. DTF. Aug. 9 Wine Art .Night. DTF Aug IS Car Rally and Party «ith Band. Aug. 17 - Zoo Day, DTF. Aug^ 24 - Camp Esther K Newman.

AiwwMrtto PhHanthropiM 1. (c).2. (c).

column are being revised and will not be offered on the dates originally scheduled. As soon as the new (ormat is laid out, an announcement will be mailed — prol>ably shortly after July 1. Any teens interested in helping the staff develop the Fall Winter youth program may contact me at the "J" after July 7 (334-8200, ext. 35). BBG BEAU DANCE Marlene Belmont. Sharon Comisar and Ronna Ratner report that this year's Beau Dance, held May 31 at the Holiday Inn, 72nd and Graver, was an unqualified success. Thanks to all who worked on the planning and preparations for the dance and to all the girls and Beau Candidates wtw gave their time and energy to the various fundraisers. Beau Dance netted a profit of almost $500 which will be divided-bet ween our three BBG chapters: Ediar, Hevrah andNerTamld. NERTAJODBEAU. The girls of Ner Tamid BBG are proud to announce their selection of Mike Richards as their 1975-76 Beau. Mike is the 16-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Riciiards. He is active in Chaim Weizmann AZA No. 1510 and attends WestsldeH.S.

NBBRASKA-IOWAJWV Iz Lewis of Omaha's EpsteinMorgan Post No. MO was elected to his second term as commander of the NebraskaIowa Department, Jewish War Veterans, during the annual nMetlng at the honte of William Abrahams in Omaha. The Nebraska-Iowa Department Includes the Omaha post and the Sioux aty and Des Moines posts In Iowa. Others elected were Dr. I. Mittleman of Sioux City Post No. 337, senior vice commander; Egon Fleck, Des Moines Post No. 637, junior vice commander; Nate Marcus, Epstein-Morgan.

quartermaster; William Abrahams, adjutant; Mort Myies. Des Moines, judge advocate; and Sol Mann, Omaha, chapfaUn. 00RNHU8KER LODGE Comhusker Lodge B'nal B'rith will take a busload of patients from the Veterans Administration Hospital on the organlzatkm's annual trip to an Omaha Royals baseball game Monday evening, June 30, when Indianapcrils visits Rosenblatt Stadium. Lodge members leading the trip are Gerald Meyer, Hyman Komisar and Mark Goldstrom.

College Studentir ARE YOU HOMI FOR THE SUMMER? Pleose notlfv the Jewish Press now to enoble us to •iimlnole ouplicafe mailings and forwarding chorges. Ptoose fill Out tha form bolow with your currant colloga address o* it oppeors on your weekly Jewish Press and moll it to the Jewish Press, 333 So. 132nd, Omoho, Ne. 68154 Name Address. City



Effectiveasof Thank you for your co-operotioa Be sure to give us your new address in the fall.


Vbsps V HorMts?

call 341-OOM

Omaho's No. 1 Family Restaurant

ISRAELI Food»-nJuft like In Israeli

PITA (^**«|^ ^^*"**'•^<i)


!* • if'.-


: I : I \ ,

Mark L>ewis, 17, and a senior this fall at Central High SdMwl, has been appointed cliairman of the Omaha Committee for UNICEF, a sii>-group of the Metro Omaha Chapter of United Nations Aasoeiation-USA.

I i ' '[ '

He is by far the younges^ person to bold that positio((, according to Dennis I)emmel. president of the Metro Omaha Chapter, who made the appointment.


'f- llie Omaha OimmlUee lor UNICEF, like many other , such committees, works to \ raiw noney for the United Nadons Cbildrens Fund and •ttanpU to bring aboiit fulter |>artid|Mtiono(theU.S inthe llofUNlCEF.



Mm. (OrowndHHlled



M.19 98*

Yowil rind ItecipM for Using Each of IhoM Food* on tho Pockogo. And tho GRf ATEtT toloctlon of KOSHER Food* «f THE MAYVIN'S FAVORITEI

0pm fvwy amy. If:30AM. W 10 P.M. -Bnwlf Bins nnr 7112 Derfga I*.


72nfl and Dodge Only a few minwtet away from wliereirer you llvel


Cle^ lli€BI ll€^%i llt^l%^^^t"^CtltUl

2 Russian Families Arrive ByROSBHOmiAN lloiiiet - Nearly six weeki ago, two Rusiian famlllei arrived In Dei Moine*. Lev Vald, 29; liis wife; Aiexandra; and their &-yearold son, Roman, natives of Riga, the capitol and chlet Industrial and shipping center of the Republic of Latvia, were allowed to leave the Soviet Union (our oxMths after applying (or their second Tiia, having been refused on their first request. Because the Vakk have a young child, they were allowed to fly dirediy from Moscow to Vienna rather than endure the long and arduous ride by train which Is the way many immigrants must leave the country. Reports from Jewish atency aouroet Indicate that Hfe for SiA^ Jews In Riga and other piaoes is <rften dUflcuK. Limited access to •jrnagogues ..for cofn: 'iaemaratloa «l rellgkMS ol^ aarvanoas Is detrimental to the cultivation of a strong Jewish identity. The Valds' c^tact with the "outside" came from two (ree-worid radio programs, "Voice of America" and another from a British sUtion. DM

la Ika IMM SMaa, , ItoVali ttwft ABMiea, Owi^ nr [MO mOKWBt m

I aot .OmtlttmtUam Vaid MM waa (be Tlolaaee on Aiiorican >>lirliHn "tttonotUkalMain Bniria,''bnaaiL ,In Riga, Lev worlMd as a radio-TV repahrman, while Alexandra was employed as an editor and proofreader for a pubiisUng firm In the city. After leaving the Soviet Union, the Valds, like many of their fellow Russian Jews, spent time in Rome (four months) at the ORT (Organixatlon for qeiiabUIUtlon and Training) school which prepares all inmlgrants (or their qlthnate destination by providing language instruction for the country In which they will live. If a family decides to live in Israel, th^ leara Hebrew at the (HlTadiool located there. Fran Odessa on the Black Sea, a family o( (ive came to Des Moines — Mark Bolmsbtein, 37; his wi(e, Albina; hb mother, Maria Goidls, and tU two daughters, Victoria, ll,andValarU,44. Mark was employed u a retail store manager in Odeau and his wile, Albina, was a nurse at one time. America to the Boimshtelns is "like a different planet," they said, "10 many cars, places full of goods, and so (ew people Walking." .Mark Bolmshteln'i mother, Maria, lived through many banwilps during bar years in Ruasia. She was a young girl duclM the Bolshevik

RevoluUon In 1917. After that time, to be caught with Yiddish or Hebrew books In one's possession was puntaiuMe as a aerious crime. Maria survived numerous pogroms and revolutionary uprisings as anyone with an even remote knowledge of Russian history over the past 60-70 years should realize. Originally a native of Kishinev; Maria escaped to Odessa when Klahlnev, having been the scene of an earlier pogrom in 1903, once again became the victbn of one of the terror-filled ravages which destroyed much of traditional Jewish life In Eastern European towns and Now liMt these tammas are bwe in Daa Motes, the aduHa and UTaarold Vlelgrb attend Kngllib claaiai. Airangsd 1^ Ja«rWi Paadly Strvtcaa, Ifea dansB neai flvv dayi a wHk BPOQ 9 o'doch latfl U o'dodi at the Bunai The Vakb and Boinishteiiis wish to express their appreciation to the Des Motnes Jewish community and extend their special thanks to Ul Carson, JFS director; Jeanette Bear, coordinator; Marda Sherman, caaeworker, and Ruasiao-bom tranalator and friend, Herman PnmklB, for the warm welcome they received upon their arrival. On a rMent visit, Roman, the Valds' young son, having reoo^iiaed this reixnier from several prevkws encounters, beckoned me to follow. "C'mon," be said, as his small sandled feet dashed acroas the green lawn In front of the apartments where the families now teskle. Soon I was greeted by the friendly smiles of the Boirashteins and Valds. MonnenU later we were Jobted l>y Herman Frumkin; who presented a knrely bouquet o( summer garden dowers to the families and who wu instrumental in our communicating, though the RuMlans' English-speaking ability Is progressing beautifully. In the diort time since they have been here. Lev Vald and Mark Boiawhtein have received their drivers' liceaaes. Both pasaed the teat In Engliahl Alexandra, Lev's wife, is especially fluent In the language. We intejwl ottfss and Iss ersarn tafsthar and Mm. Bolmifeteln's apeelallty. me, than Is oo(Mi« Uke RoMte Jewl* haapMaUty. Woi biRiMla,«ltb long UnM fonntaig ta the naifeit plaoH hir thoae eagir lo oMata tba oovalad IMt What a wondirtil aupiiaeit was vlien, at Iha coBdastonof our vWt, the BotaabMaa gave M a kmly lal o( bandpalnlad woodsn doOa. Hnce April of 1974, when the

Th> Jwwwi Prwt


I Des Moines JCC | ' Camp Registration There is still time to register (or (he JCC summer camps. Hurry I Do not delay! Call the JCC at 274-3467. JCC camp '75 promiaM a great program and fantastic staH. The insect problem at the camp site has been eliminated. Brand-new, brightly colored gym equipment. Including a wavy slide, swing set, and 40 passenger whirl-go-round are some of the playground items (o be enjoyed by this year's campers and, u a JCC spokesnutn reminds us, all was iumlsbed for lew than the $2,000 aUocated by the J WF Budget Committee. On Wednesday, July 1, 7 p.m. at the JCC, then wlU be la ockntatlon fathiTing which an camiwn and their parents are encouraged to attend. Campera wUl have an opportunity to meet the oounielon and aak queadons. JCC camp shirts and bags wO be distributed. The JCC would appreciate camp fees to be paid as soon as possible. For a summer of fun, friends, and hearty activity, contact the JCC!

yidoria. M«k (Bd AMna BalBMtiMa itnilsr ka BMra«i Ei«Mi tbni Russian families arrived in Des Moines, Jewish Family Services has handled a total of 10 families involving 29 Individuala tai seven agency cases, and three family reunions including the family of Dr. Abe Wolf, the nephew of Herman Fnimkin; and a reunkxi for i family In Bettendorf; Iowa. Most recently, a Ruaalan couple from Kiev hM arrived iii DM Mobm. The Ruaslan settlement which has occured here and the settlement of Soviet Jews all over the world is dependent

Bureau as'Second Home' Bditor'a Note: lite ioBowtaig incentive to reach even higher graduation address was levels of achievement. I have fond memorlei of a time deUvered by Sunia Engmao on May S7,197S, at4fae Buraeu when the highlight of my Hebrew of Jewish Education school career was trying to beat

MarU doidla to CUM at Bureau aebool. on funds from the Local Needs Campaign. A Federation spokesman encourages us to think of our oppressed brethren In the Soviet Union as we make and fulfill our pledges.

Garage Sale Jvwlah, l^nsll and Ha^dh Music Latest records, t-tracks, and caasettM are availahle. Come June SOJuly 3, from 12-S p.m. to 1117 asrd Street in West DM Moines, or call 225-0Sa6. For best selection arrive promptly as stock is limited.

Position Available DES MOINES - A aecretariai staff pMltion at the Jewish Welfare Federation office will be available June 30. The job Is one of many and varied responsibiliUes. Office management, community relations, arrangement of meetings and luncheons, nuUntenance of calendar and appobitment records, bulk mailings, campaign and campaign procedure (some bookkeephig), the typing of budgets and related materials (70-90 w.p.m.), required shorthand, operation of miitaeograpb, postage meter, addressograph, calculator, and dictiqihone, the handling of supply orders, and much mlscelianeoua arp all part of the activities which thia position offers to a capable bidlvldual. For further Information, conUct the Jewlab Welfare Federatkm Office atM4-S144.

Calendar of Events Friday, June 17 - Bat Mitzvah - Karen Levins— Tifereth Israel Tuesday, Jitfy I - 10 a.QL - Beth El Jacob Sisterhood Board Meeting

SHUKEITT'S lOSHn MEATS sii4inhM,0Mia, (4n)SSI44U We can (•rvic* D»s Moines and all other cities in Iowa. USOAhnpMtMl EftaMbiHMirtN».ll17 Coll collect: (402) S58-848S Wa ship bv lewNi parcel — dellvary to your doer.



MTmUTIOMlCUMIM l4KN)lngeneli DeaMobtaa


DES MOINES - A number o( weeks ago, SMomo Benderly received a letter (rom the American Aasodatlon of Jewish Educatkm stathig that all of the Hebrew schools which belong to this associatkm had been placed on the Arab black list. Shlomo used this as a discusskm tcpic In a sicha during the UJA Day retreat, posing a very interesting quesUon to those of us who were bi his group — "Why would the Bureau of Jewish Ekiucatlon In Des Moines, Iowa, or anywhere else in the United States be placed on such a list? A(ter all, what does a Hebrew school have to do with the economic interests of the Arabs?" As with many quMtions, perhaps the best way to express an answer is by posing another question — What could be more important than providing a well-rounded education (or the Jewish youth o( today? Are we not the (uture o( the Jewish community here in DM Moines and do we not have a major role to play In the preservation o( our Jewish State and bi aiding our bretheren throughout the world? Tlw answer to tUs queatloo may be ioiaid bi lookh« back . throu^ our history. Ttane and tinw agala Ibe spiirsason have dsitnyad our matvlal aaeta, but wbsB It came to our Idaala and our straw tallb la the teacUnp at Judaism, BBtUng could ovetpowerM. I believe that we can all take special pride In being given thia honorable position on the Arab blacklist (l( you'll excuse the term), but of course more bnpnrtantly, we can take even greater pride In being honored with the ChariM Goodall Award (or our achievements In establishing an buiovatlve and very high level of Jewish Education. In looking back at the changes which have taken place during my eight years o( Involvement at the Bureau and In comparing It with some of the storlM I have heard about the old Talmud Torah, the Bureau Is truly deserving o( the honor which adds to our

Jimmy BeUn'i outatandlng record of lieing not out three times In five minutes and of leelng how many times I, could escape unnoticed througb the luUiroom window. It's nelly kind M strsi«s, iM nuidi as I oonplalMd,

Miiew sehpgi wfeicb I wsoM BSt give V tv snytMng tweaas* I nisBsd so modi when I wM away. TlMte past two years in Hebrew High Sciud, I have come to re»liie Just bow special the Bureau It. It is ' a place where the past, the present, and the future are all • brought together througb a wide variety of courses. It l> a place where Jewish youUi can gather together not only to learn, but also to have (un. Along with the Jewish Identldcatloi) Committee, Uie Bureau gives us Uie opportunity to earn scholaniiipi (or sumnaji camps and going to Israel. This serves as great incentive (or participation in Bureau activities and the experiences which we have at summer camps and in Israel play a major role in intensUytng the education that we receive here la Dei Moines. As Shlomo puts it, "the Bureau Is not Just a place of giving and taUng... it Is a place where the true meantog o( caring and duuing may be experienced." The Bureau Is a place viiere everyone .,< can do their own thing and by some blessed miracle It all results In a meaningful experience (or eveiyooe. The Bureau is a place where people can give o( themselves knowing that the place they have given Is appreciated and adds measurably lo the total picture. DMm lUs past y«», lis BwMU has hseonie mora ttMB jMl a Bdmw sAod or a piaea la say mind. It has bsoane like a sseood bona wtae I have had Oi* oppertaaMy toa^arteaMsttttatlaM odNT than la Iks dsssnon. I have learned Uut Shlomo likes ^ hla coffee served with a smile and two lumps o( sugar, but more importantly, I have gained valuable experience in working with the younger kids and in doing . a little bit o( secretarial worii as well as getting a great deal of exerdse. I am most gratetui (or the op- . portunlty to really be a pari of Uie Bureau and to be able to return at least a little bit of everything that ' has been offered to me. 1 guess die best way to sum up what the Bureau means to me, as well u lo many others, Is that It has taught us how to become responsible (or what we have loved as It baa led OS ' to the tturestiold upon which wa






Omahans in Businesfl

A»|>«>rtA» . PER-OLAT ASTRAND KEYTiarE SPEAKER Dr. Per-OM Astrand o( Sweden will ipeak during tte NaUonal I Weltare Board H.P.E. luUtute Sept l-ll at MontrMl. Canada. Prof. Aatrand is a medleal doctor, ptayaMogiit, phydcal educator and worid-reninmed auUnrtty on pbyiicid fltaen and ttres teedng. The four-day cooterenee it directed towanh Jewiib OanmaarMunlty Center health and Bliiwtcaleducatora. •POTE: NEW SUMMER GYM HOURS ANNOUNCEDII ••*^ lr>; Yafle. chairman of the JCC Athletic Committee, annouhced that during the summer months of Jul^' and August the gymnasium, track and weight-exercise room will close on Saturday and Sunday nights at 6 p.m. The t>aslietroom. racquetball-handball courts and locker room facilities will ^•^' remain open For further information, contact me at 334-8200. Ext 22 NOTE: NEW SUMMER HOURS FOR HEALTH aUB ^w!_ The Health Club Committee announces that for the tQonths of HBhUy and August, the Women's Health Club hours'have been ^Hptended on Tuesday and Thursdays only until 2 p.m. BKwe hope that these new hours will accommodate more ^"'Sromen. WOMEN'S HEALTH CLUB HOCUS MEN'S HEALTH CLUB HOURS Sunday, ^am taipm Monday . .vi.m.tolOp.m. Tuesday.. 9a.m.to2p.m. Monday.. Cloted Tuesday.. .Ip.m.loKpm. Wednesday >« WedneMtoy I2:30pm toiopm Thunday.. .ta.oi lo2p.m. Thunday .2pm loiopm Friday... ta.m. to 12:30p.m. Friday.. .U:»pm loSpm Saturday... I p.m loRp.m aiMMBlOmaYMaCHIDULX SINUAVS •JiaRi.liiu>.m 'ztittv^n lla.m Mi;4>'UpenU>iD ,-,«,»«.-...•.•



]:>i>ni lo* lipm OpniGyni TlfSUAVS •am Ifiaipm -GiiaCkMnt .1:aipm M(!Mpffl "OpnKAin

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B'naiB'rith Gathering OMAHA-The annual Greater Omaha B'nal B'rith imtallitlen, bald raecntty at die Old MIU Holiday Ian, praduotd this gattierlng o( honorees, pnaideata and guatt ^teaktr. Ttay are, Cram Wt, Steven J. RMca, lauded for V» devoUoa to B'nail B'Htli; A. David Goldstein, Hcniy Monriiy Lodie'i "MJB ornie Year"; Jot Brman, newly tasteUad MooAy praMant; Marv Ballio o( Sioui Palls, S.O., Ite fuett ^tealnr win was taataUad president of Grand Lodge District • ttiia week, and SbeUon Oolien, ComlHiikar'BnewpKtident. (JP Pboiol

I Aquatics Notebook ]

•U ByGaiyJavitcii JOC*

HAYDEN HOUSE »l JOCJETSm The JCC Jets Swim Team scored impressively, with 16 first place finishes In losing a Hual meet last week against a larger Hayden House team. Seven-year-old Mellnda Ban led with two first-places Other first-place finishers were; Seth Smiley - 2 flrtt places; Stuart Smiley - 2; Jon Skoog — one; Bat>by Reeker - one; Mike Herman - 2; Roger Hill — one; Bruce Kruger - one: Robin Alexander - 2; Paul McCann — one; Amy Maxwell — one. Our next meet will be at Sunnyskipe on Wednesday,

•iMp.iii laotipm-<lptn(;.vm HKUNKSDA^'S • •.m lolDpii) UjiDCViwd t'.aip.m.tot'ttpm. -UpniUMn TMIKSOA^'S 11a.m. lo):aip.l|i (;>in('tai«<l ]iaiia)'43pni dpraG^in frMpm lolWpm MM|MllaomL1iw<l . KRIIIAVS ta-Ri lo.l:]up m - ti.vinC'lHrrl lo^iip m - (JpraUiin SATUUMW lp.m.loi:«p.a.-UpniU>iii

June 25. On July 2, we will again challenge Hayden House at Hayden House. The 'JAWS' If you can brave the long lines, the new movie "Jaws" at Indian Hills is an exciting, dramatic and realistic tale about a Great White Shark. It's a classic movie of man vs. animal with a suspenseful outcome. For those of you also interested In another movie about sharks, there arc also some very good action scenes in 'Sharks Treasure" showing attheWestroadi.


*:]ilam M:Ma.i*..

AZANolnJUANal* ChaUn Vrttmum n Vtn

"Second Home' (Continued from Pat^T) wllb the dMirt k> Paul liflaMl vouEapwi. g^ln OMMlUitaR. Uie W^ Scteol I wanid Uk* la cspcea a •iMak Raiiah'- to tMome JMd Avniami. lo all«(the teiiclien and Mrs. Lipiman. to tlir floard and everyone win Mpt to malte patcMe (hit lieaullfvl In •HlUtkai calUd Ow Bureau of J««l$k Education, becauie wIdMul H there would be a great gap In our communMy ml tn our IWes. And to the gradual inn el0ilb-


Piayor-Coach OMAHA-Al Bream, a member of the Jewish Community Center athletic department itan, it a playercoach this season with the Omaha Mustangs semi-pro football team Bream is a wide receiver.

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MAlltTAn WKh


IsnoltbeUffleUiqM. belt is yet U> cant!

now Uie

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Hooltli dub Hours Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesdoy Thursday Friday Saturday

Omohd's Newest Deoler of Adidof ShoM W* hov* the larg«st display of athletic •hoes if) the area.

Harold Walnstain, Proprlator


• Individual Fitness Progroms - Ammged t^pon request • Specfo/ Atodam Exercise Atochlnet • dub lounge with color TV • Bubbly M«hirlpool loth • Steom Rooms (Wet and Oryl • Private Box lackers 4 Anp/e Fv/f teegffc tocfcers •Hair Dryers •CnaofflfngBor •Mvote Shower Sta»s • UHra-Vloht Sunlamp BOom • Free Towal San/lea • Quoflfted Atossoge Technicians


Wilton TMnbBaHf ^25 S

U .

Compl«toly oquippod focilltiot to koop you fit OIHI hoolthy.


Special through July S


Center members moy use the HedtK Qub for o fee of SlO.Ot (does not include massages): 11 you ^MWM like a mossoge, on oddltionoi fee of 14.00 will be charged. If you decide to ioin the Health Club, the entire $10.00 will be credited to your Health Oub nnembership.


e Wilson e SpauMIng e MocOrogor eConvorao • Pro-Kodt


bi IMrii Club During The Months off July or Angiift Oily.


l««iM for your tportlnf pooili noofls* • •


SPMM 30 Day TrM Membenl^


OHk*: 3>*-MM



Cdlawita y*iirii»xt



lists for Its customers i^M making mailings from lU^I that exceed one million aq| dresses. •^" . TJie Omaha Police Division and the Richman Gordman Department Stores will cosponsor their second annual free Bicycle Safety Clinics Friday and Saturday, June 27 and 2t, at four Omaha store parking Ms. The clinics will be repeated August 1&-K. Council Bluffs Police Department will participate for the first lime The schedule: rriday.tawS 1M sad Moads - to a.m. Is noon. PoliceCUnk; lOa.m.-Sp.m., AMF Mechanics. Mb and Q - M p.m. Cltnic, 10 a.m.-* p.m.. Mechanics. Saturday, Junta UOHi sod Cmtm - 10 a.m.-S p.m. Clinic, 10 a.m-6 p.m Meclianlcs tM N. MIta St., Cowell Btafli - 10 «.m -f p.m., ainic and Mechanics.



w*.«. Ila.m..

A new letter riiop and direct mall firm has been formed to provide complete mall ser vices for organizations and businesses in Net>rasfca and Waatere Iowa. Rapid Malt and Marketing Services is the Joint venture of Rapid Printing Company (Rapid Copies) and Motivational Systems, Inc. Av Greenberg heads the firm from its general offices at 7701 Pacific. Branch offices are located at 72nd and Pacific and H»2nd and i", with the mainplantat 102ndand "G" Greenberg said services Include printing (envelopes and stationery), folding. Inserting, sealing, addressing and poataging and mailing for lists of 100 or more addressees, either for one-time or periodic mailings to the same addressees. The firm has the capability of printing all types of materials for a mailing, obtaining mailing

9 o.m. to S p.m. Closed 2p.m. to 10 p.m. 12:30 to 10 p.m. 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

|H€ALTHaU6 ?' Jewish Con(»munlty Center ^ 333 South 132nd Street i Omoho, Nebrosko 68154

Sunday Closed Mondoy 9 o.m, to 10 p.m. Tuesday 9 p.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesdoy .. .9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Thursday 9a.m.to2p.m. Friday 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday Closed


i Nome.




Telephone Center Membenhip Desired Month: -Expiration DatePoyment must accompany application. For iurther information,^' nloct Chuck | Arnold, 334-8300,



June 27, 1975  

Jewish Press

June 27, 1975  

Jewish Press