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U.S. Policy Waits IVieeting What is the extent o( your knowledge of Jewish PhUanthroples? This is the fifth in a series of quizzes offered during the 1975 Omaha Campaign. Answers appear elsewhere in this issue of the Jewish Press. 1, Upon arriving In Israel, an Immigrant receives Iww much Initial financial assistance - (a) $10? (b) tl5t (c) $257 2. The one-year allocation to a pre-kindergarten for a needy child In Israel is how much? (a) $75 (b) $200 (c) $1S0. 3, How mud) is the four-year allocation to an Israeli Unlvenity for a needy Immigrant student - (a) $i,000? (b) $2,500? (c) $5,300?


ByJoMptaPoiakoff WASHINGTON (JTA) With Premier Yitzhak Rabin having reached an "understanding" with President Ford and Secretary of State Henry A. Klssbiger during his five days of discussions here and In New York, the United States turned its attention Tuesday to lurttoer contacts with Egypt and other Arab countries. The Syrian Foreign Minister Abda Halim Khaddam, is due in Washington today for a visit 4f undetermined duration,

indicaUng the possibility of extended talks with U.S. officials. The American course toward diplomatic progress in the Middle East, either by a new Interim agreement between Israel and Egypt or an overall settlement, remained uncertain, however. The AdmUilstratlon is yet to come up with its foreign aid package for Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Syria which, most observers agree, will be a tangible Indication of the extent of the American

commitment to those four countries in economic and military terms during the new fiscal year that betfns July 1. An aids to gen. Bubett H. Humphrey (D. Minn.) chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's sig>ooDmlttee on the iorei»i aid prafram. told the Jewlsli TsiegrapUc Agncy Tuesday that hearif«s «n the program probably wlU not be^ until some ttane in July. Secrstaiy KMi«tr said last nmrsday. In rsaptose to a JTA qumtlan, that a pndse

Omaha, Nab., Fri.. Juna 20,1S7B

Stemstein Cites 'Crucial Issues' for Israel New York (ZIN8)-"lsrad and American Jewry are approachfaig t critical phase U our political and public r raiatkms challenges in the neat d^ to lO weeks. It Is crystal dear that there are forces In our Government's administration which, although honorably and sincerely motivated, do not forecast the Impending deveispmenu in the MtdCDe Bast as do Israel and her friends," said Dr. Joseph P. Stemstein, president of the Zionist Organisation of Aaanica. Dr. Stermtela's statement continues: "It Is also dear that these governmental elements are exerting every eUort, mobilizing every In: sMmentality and travwsing L every avsnue in order to bring ^ Israel around to theh- point of view as to analysis and action. In this effort, all maasures of political snd military pressure, however one wishes to interpret this term, are being brought to bear. "Israel has posited her stance on the conviction that to yield positions of physlcsl and strstegic security without oommensurale and openly announced political quid pro jiluo-speUIng out peace - on the part o( her adversary Arab

states would be to commit physical ndcide. She has differed with those who maintained that ahe lost a hlstorkeapporluiilty. "Many of us have constantly Insisted that those who proclaim only chances snd last opportunities dsngle threats without substance. "We can anticipate a mounting crescendo of dire warnings and torrential dhnensions of fbrbodlng In this crescendo, we sludl bear — and we are already hearing — voices within the Jewish community cautioning and warning Israel to be moderate, to laundi peace initiatives, etc. "The implication Is that Israel is olberwisr, that the Is not moderate and that she has refused peace initiatives. It should be stated openly that such allegatkms are historical lies. Let akaie our adversaries from without, we can very well do without such Tro]an horses from within. "Such palpitating hearts have quivered frequently In times of crisis but It would be wise If their voices were muted: aid and comfort to the enemy does not have to derive from within the Jewish community. "Israel snd world Jewry is

Cantonal Concert OMAHA — Because of the msny Inquiries following the June I Caatorlal Concert, consideration Is being given to producing s cassette featuring concert highlights. The caasettewUlseU for $7.95. Proooeds from sales will go the Cantors Assembly. Vtnom Wanaled in purchasing such a casastta are asked to fiO our the response blank on Page 2 and mail it to Maater Electronics. If sufficient iwponse is received, cassettes will be made and thoss who sent la the coupoM will be contacted.

being subjected to sn unprecedentMl barrage In this dMomatlc war of nenMS, Israel, her leadets and world Jewry must keep steadfast, not panic, and maintain nerves of steel. "This is no time for a failure of nerves. 1 believe our case before American Public opinion should rest on Ave pUlars. 1. Our Administration should not foist snd in^wse its own proposals for a solutkm. We urge our govemment to bead Its fullest endeavors to bring the parties face-to-face b) negotiations. 2. There can be no retreat to the lines of 19(7. Once and for all. It should be understood that the old aborted Rogers Plan cannot be revived, for to contemplate a retreat to these lines would Invite disastrous consequences. 3. It will be our task to interpret to American public opbilon the vital fact that a strong Israel represents the Identity of the highest national and strategic Uilerests of the United SUtes. 4. We must attack the false mythology and expose the untruth in regard to the issue of the "Palestinians." Again and again, It Is Important for use to underline the "big he" technique which has made of this Issue something which it Is not. 5. Once and for all, both without and within the Jewish community, Is II the task of the Zionist movement to bring to true perspective the relevant significance of the term Zionism and Zionist. These, in my view, represent the crucial Issues in Uie days to come and we shall have to hsmmer them home vigorously, effectively and repeatedly."

If the hearings are not held until some time In July, as now indicated, it would be the first time in foreign aid history that the United States has entered a new fiscal year without a complete aid program. U.S.—Israel relations were underlined In the closing days of Rabin's visit In philosophical comments by President Ford and two members of his Cabinet. The President observed that the basis of U.S.—Israeli relations was tiie two countries' mutual dedication to democracy. Kissinger made the same point in a toast at a dinner for Rabin given last Thursday night by Israeli Ambassador Slmcha Dlnltz, at the Israeli Embassy.


'^ V9l.lJVN«.3«

date has not been set for the presentation of this program toConpwB. On May 15, Sen. Humphrey had said that unless tiie State Department was forthcoming soon with its foreign aid proposals, his subcommittee would begin hearings without the government's presentation directly after the Rat>in vist.

Last night, at the 27th anniversary ball lor Israel, held by the Emt>assy at the Ribbi A«r«(l QotlKhUk, prMldent of the Hebrew Union Collage- Washington Hilton Hotel, Jewish InsUlule of Religion: and Cantor Barbara Herman, the Aral Secretary of Health, female Cantor in Judaism reeehrins ber Investiture at the HUC-JIR'a Education and Welfare rabbinic and Sehoot of Sacred Music exercises in New York's Caspar Weint>erger stated Temple Einanu-EI. that the "ties" for a strong relationship between the U.S. and Israel that "unquestionably will con~\ tinue," were based on OMAHA - Do you know significant than the "shnUarity of beliefs." someone who grew up in professkswlones. He pointed to the "deep Omaha, has moved away but The Jewish Press Is puUing human concern for the leas haa made significant aad together a special Issue, so we fortunate" and the "deep worthwhile contributiaK ta want you to tell us about him attachment to human liberty the community In whidipMf or her. We don't want to leave and dignity of each inshe now lives? anyoneout I dividual" as examples ot He could be a doctor, a Information must be In the those beliefs. Dlnltz reiterated lawyer, a teacher, or a Jewish Press office by June what Rabin had said on the businessman; a musician, 30. Our address Is: CBS "Face the Nation" social worker, or policeman — program Sunday, prior to his TbaJtwIAPnia any profession or job. Or It departure from the U.S. that »8oalhiaM8lnat may be that bis or her civic all negotiations and pieces of Omaha, Nebraska (UM contribtitions are more paper that are signed will be unable to guarantee Israel's security "unless Israel Is strong by itself and for itself." Dlnltz presented the Israel Cultural Award at the ball to humorist Sam Levinson. OMAHA - The Natkmal decimated Jewish community Women's Division of the in Poland and will see efforts United Jewish Appeal has made to help tlie 90,000 Jews of appointed Raquel Newman of Romania. Omaha to Its board. "The good thing about this TEL AVIV (JTA)study mission Is it's not super Among her duties will be long. Ten days is a good Monday's terrorist attack helping, to organize UJA length, "she said. on Kfar Yuval claimed its campaigns on regional and Persons interested hi ac- third Israeli victim Tuesday state levels, but she will also companying Mrs. Newman when SImha Mordechai, 22, be going on Isrsel study and other national board died in Safad hospital of missions and she wants other memt>er8 on this fact-finding wounds Inflicted by the same Omahans to ]oln her. mission should contact Donna hand grenade that killed her Among these tours Is one Zoubek at the Jewish husband Yaacov. Her sevenwhich will include stops In Philanthropies office, 3?4- month-old son, Assaf, was still on the serious list after unRomania and Poland before 8200. Mrs. Newman added that dergoing surgery to remove going on to Israel. This particular tour will run Oct. lft-26 other study tours, such as the grenade splinters from his and "I will be delighted to take UJA Senior Couples Mission, head and legs. people from Omaha with me," is scheduled for around the The tragic events were the said Mrs. Newman. same time. Information Is first flare-up of violence along Tour members will see the available from the Philan- the Lebanese border for more remnants of the Holocaust- thropies off Ice than a month.

Femate Cantor

DontlMSonmoim BaUftOut

Mrs. Newman Is Named To National UJA Board

Thkd Terrorist VIctknDhs



Jumao, l*7B

Bailin: Petrodollar Is Felt in South Dakota ByRktanlPMri OMAHA - The probiefn of the petrodoUar it feU even in South OakoU, says Marvki K. BaUln. "Our South Dakota businessmen have been traveling to Arab lands to Team what business opportunities are available to South Dakotans. These nien are businessmen, not propagandists. "But on the other hand, we have Saudi Arabians traveling to South Daleota to learn what prospects we have for them," and the situation becomes altogether different, said BaUIn, who was guest speaker at the Greater Omaha B'nai B'rith instaUation of officers

Saturday night, June 14, at the Old MUlHUl Holiday Inn "Tb« Arab oomliig io the UnttMl SlalM today K • learned, educated He tails tbe he meeU haU-tnliM braal. We have to toUow him around aod teD the other haU e< the rtafy," Hid BaiUn, an aitoiwy Irom SiDin PaOa wiM this week became itie Diatiiet Six Grand Lodge District Six covers the tier of states from Michigan west to Uie Dakolas, Including Nebraska, Iowa and Minneaota. Bailin also revealed what he said was a turnabout on Mideast policy by VS. Sen.

Omahans in The News Marv Treller has been elected to a second term as president of B'nai B'rith Breadbreaicers — 25 years after his first term. He succeeds Paul Colien as leader of the organization which meets for lunch, business and to hear guest speakers on Wednesday noons at the Fireside Restaurant. 3aih and Leavenworth. Two Omahans, Eli Zalkin and Frank Goldberg, were elected vice presidents of the Southwest Regional Council of B'nai B'rith at Its recent meeting in Lincoln. Herb Gaba of Lincoln was elected president; Fred Brynner of Sioux FaUs, S.D , third vice president and Hans Mayen of Sioux Falls traaaurer, the latter for his attb oooeecutlve year. Anotiier Oinahan, Steve RIekes, was named to a second term on the District 6 Board of Governors. The meeting was held at the Ramadalnn.

Howard Weinstein has been appointed to the steering committee of the Inter-Faith Human Services Disaster Task Force wtilch has been working with victims of the May 6 tornado. Weinstein, executive director of the Omaha Community Relations Committee, Ote steering commtitee. Among those earning the thanks of the Cantorlal Concert subcommittee for their help were Gloria Wagner, who handled the post-concert reception in the Jewish Community Center Auditorium, and Stan Silverman, who provided the visiting cantors with accomodations through Howard Johnson Motor Inns. Murray Newman has been elected vice chalnnan and Sam Greenberg a board member of the Douglas-Sarpy Chapter of American Red Crass.

ULENIMOFEIinSHEffilin SAfUBBaV.JUMftl Won—fWoww Onag thobbot. Or. Siwr Hem*. 2 p.m.

AnniMl CoOaga HOHMComlng Party. ,.JCC.»p.m. XT Mm dMalc,:, "Mohn* ••*!•»»«•f^k^Wcoi>"JCC.7:»>.w. JCC 7:30 fjf>. Cara«r Woman et ModoHho. pknk. lonion Porii, 3 o.m. I *i Mtamural Mfk tdiaal SariM*alt Tatimomwil. KC ((•rough Monday

•Mroolionland Day Camp. «:30 lo 4 Ihrowgti Fridw OWarAdMlK.XC, 10:30 ojn. XC Tann4a Toumaman«, awawgli Jwna 3ttfi

Aq«a»inCammll1aaMo*nng. JCC. 7:30p.m. Young UodorsMp mooting. Dr. Shor Homo. 7:30 p.m. *T.

wUNews Briefs

James Abourezk of South DakoU BaUin said he bad worked on Aboureik's electlan committee and had obtained, before Joining that committee. New York — The Anti-DefamatkM League of "runnfaig the gamut of overseas vocational a written statement of the B'nai B'rith has filed legal charges under the opportunities." are charged with accepting and candidate's Mideast policy. Civil Rights Act accusing Aramco, the world's complying with the anti Jewish Job practices of That policy is not the same one largest oil combine, and three other American Saudi Arabia and Dubai. the senator has now, Bailin corporations with anti-Jewish discrimination Graubard said the EEOC, which has said. — the first test of the Act's extraterritorial Jurisdiction bi such cases, has recently afBailin told the ap- jurlsdictkm. firmed that the Civil Rights Act's prohibition proximately ISO men and their If successful, the ADL actkms will void the against discrimination is applicable to U.S. wives that, in the face of the effects of U.S. trade agreements with Saudi citizens employed overseas by U.S. companies petrodoUar, the Intematkmal Arabia that encmirage aucfa discrimination operating outside U.S. borders He added that Council of B'nai B'rith and its against Jewish citizens seeking overseas the Civil Rights Act of 1964 takes precedence as aid to Israel is all the more employment. a Congresskmal mandate over Executive important - "oh, how imSeymourGraubard, national chairman of the agreements entered into with other nations. portantitisloday." League, said ai a news conference that the According to Arnold Forster, AOL's general He cited the SpringOeid, m., complaints were filed June 4 in the Equal lodge whlcte was saved fran Employment Opportunity Commission against coimsd, tiie charges of discrimination made to estiicUaa bjr one man "wtw Aramco Service Co., Texas; Bendlx-Siyanco, EEOC will simply be a preliminary step to decided then is a plaoe ior Maryland, Hospital Corporation of Anierica, Federal Court If ADL's application for an B'nai B'rith - and now Ihejr Tenn., and international Schools Services, Immediate "right to sue" In that Jurisdiction is have tl new memlMrs." He Princeton, N.J. The firms, described as granted. told of bow three men Zunwvalt Warns man to falsely stand witness stmllaity saved the Danvflls, WASHINGTON (JTA) - A against his own people. No m., lodge, and be painted oat NEW YORK (JTA) - Rabbi Jew would Justify such a lie new organization called that in Omaha, "Moosky Joseph Harari, executive "Americans (or Energy InLodge a few yean ago bad no director of the Committee for imless he was forcied to." dependence" emerged here RaM>l Harari concluded by young leadenirip. Now look at the Rescue of Syrian Jewry, it" Monsky Mid CMnbusker charged that the re-broadcast asking Wallace why he did not with retired Adm. Elmo R. Zumwalt, former Chief of U.S. Lodge officers are meo in of Mike Wallace's "60 mention a truthful and more recent Incident In which be Naval oiperationB accepting IbsirlBiaMiias. Minutes" contained erroneous said, "Last year the secret Its presidency. "AH of our kidges can offer statements. Zumwalt warned that "the police delivered to the an opportunity for young Jews On the original broadcast, Damascus Jewish commtaiity United States has become to achieve a place." he said. Wallace said ttiat four young the bodies of four youog hostage to the foreign policy of Omaha Jews were executed for _»«.««• MioriLv., who . Mayor EdZertnsky, saM espionage. On the re- woimai and two men whowsc Arab notions" and urgeCL wherever he goes throughout broadcast, in an answer to murdered as they attempted "Immediate" and "decisive" action toward energy Inthe city, "There are a h)t more complaints, Wallace justified to flee the country." dependence. people who know what B'nai this by asserting that a Syrian 'Study Torah' Dr. Hans Bethe, Nobel B'rith stands for than I ever Jew had told him the story. NEW YORK (JTA) - Eight Laureate, is dialrman of the thought .... I want to Rabbi Harari said. He comcongratulate you on a Job well plained that this "is totally thousand Orthodox Jews, led new organlzatk>n's board and done and for earning the ricUtkNis," and added, "No by 750 rabbis, Januned into Robert R. Nathan, a Manhattan Center Monday Washington economist Is Its respect of our community." Syrian Jew has ever been Incoming and outgoing convicted or executed (or and heard major rabbbilc vioe-chairman. Former Gov. scholars call on American Endlcott Peabody of officers were recognized and espionage." Jews to "perpetuate the Massachusetts is secretary special citations were He accused Wallace of presented to A. David Gold- "lending icfedlbility to the lessons of the Holocaust and Harold Greenwald, a New stein of Monsky as their "Man Syrian fpvemment's dalm through a spiritual revival, York lawyer is treasurer. of The Year" and to Steve that tiie Jews present the which can only be achieved by RIekes of Comhusker In ap- threat o( a possible flflh Jewish adults becoming RfALLY..... preciation of his work for and column." He furtlier rebuked students of the Torah." WelnvePsstkidM, The assemblage, sponsored devotkm to B'nai B'rith. Haigiddss, Rodsnticides. Wallace "because he caused a by Agudath Israel of America, MD Mams n> 4mr iNM mm marked a double event: the AUWEASKIS.... commemoration of the 30th Hsois Rood DIrectiomI anniversary of the Holocaust PtsoHAiiplyCorsfunyl in which six mlllim Jews died, Plaate Store Sofaiyl " and the seventh time Orthodox PIsoM Discard Prtjpsrlyl OpailiwOalMl liy Ebud Arrid N.V AthentMm. I>7S. Wp - A Jews have completed study of flrstiiand account of Uie desperate efforts to lave Jewt (ollawing Hitler's occupation of Austria in IMS and to defeat all llmllalloni (o Jewldi Im- the 2,720 folios of the Talmud LEVENSON S since a system to study a page mlgralloa wiUi the proclamation of Iirael'i independence In IMS a day was Instituted in 1«33. nsiiagirti—olalatfKldbyJoantMm NY Bolibt^MerrUI. 1*74 173p. — A novel aixwt a young Jewliti girl maturtng Into womanlwod In NewYoitialheUM's. n* qpy Wha Usd TMet l>y Michael Bar-Zotur NY Hoi^aaa MIflUn. Itn. 2l2p. - TUs e4)tonaae UviUa-. by the laradl auUMrof "Tbt Third Truth", opens wtUi the dlioovery on Haiti of the chanvd ooHMOf a wtilte man, apparently the victim o( voodoo. A Basle mryrlspsdia 1 Mmm Pimmbt, qaauOtm atd Ptt Wladooi by Reuben Alcalay NY. Hartmore Houic, 1971. SSIp. - Five thoutand Jewlsfa provefta, quotatloas, and folk maxima aminbled froin Hebrew, YlddlA and I^adino literature, rendered brio Engllah with accompanying Hebrew texts. lbs PMtllln •( PUMMil by NcU Oraat. NY. Pmklin Walls, Itn feATUUNG •p. - The bWory of PaleatlM from Ike 1*17 Balfour DeciaraUon. promMog Jews a natloaal home, UmMgb the lf<7 partttlon Into Arab and JewMiprovkiecs. ~~ 'r-li^"—•]- --—-—-•-•- ^.---^|- tinnniijiiiiii Pram HiSimil. BoMoa. LttUe Brown, ltT4.311p. - A c(iUectkn«(»«tr W*Mk MM fU m ptaMopiptas tafcan between IKO and INS which unfoldi a dramatic ptctortal MHory of UK Jcwiab people



Omoho's No. 1

Fomily Restouront

KOU»»i»n, tec. lOapojii.



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Juno a). TOTS

Looking Back

BM IVBAMAOO i Oortral Ntfi School dttalcn Joia raltr, JMIM Klnhntauin, Midiaal RlfM and Bennett Rodlck warn iBdefeated In rive mundi o( lape-racorded debates witli ichaali Uuwigtnut the Mtlon. ClMcii Arnold Welntriub wu eieetad dtctrtct chainnaii and preatdcDt o( the Nebratka Nattonal Porenalc Ueague. Dan Gordman wa* alected praiidnl of tlw Omaba Opera Sodoty

Judith Bai^baft and NeU Sinun wen maiTied. Unda Eloomtatt and Stopbcn Luttbeg were Mr. and Mn. Prink GoMberg announced the birth of a daughter, UYIMSAOO Martin Btiber, worid-renowned phUoaopber and educator, died at the age of 17. Mr. and Mn. Donald Novlcoff announoed the binh of a daughter. Amy. Mr. and Mn Martin Utar announced the birth of their daughter, Cindy.


UVBABSAaO Jerry Paler and Stephen Siporin obMiTved thetr B'nal Mltzvah gOYEABSAaO Stan Pellman, Jen? Marer and Bob Wintroub reprciented Nebraifca High ichooler* In the National Porenalc League tournament. Larry E. Hoffman received hlf Doctor of Medicine degree from the SUte Unlvenlly of Iowa. John Goldner was named out•tndlng Junior Athlete of llie4-U at the Youth CouncU Cooclave.

SWEET CHARITY JULY 24. 26. 27. 31. AUG 2, A

Center Stage Announces Reserved Seat Policy OMAHA - An "all waU reMrved" policy for the Jewish Community Center's Center Stage productkms was announced this weelt by Ruth Katzman and Alan Crounse, co-chairmen of the Jewish Cultural Arts Council, and Mark W. Zalkin, director. Cultural and Performing Arts Department.

NnJN*.MMNTIIN 33}-1233

Accoi^dlng to Zallcin, "The new reserved seat concept was approved by the Performing Arts Subcommittee at their meeting In late April. The new policy allows theatergoers ' an opportunity to reserve specific seats, thus eliminating the need (or early Arrival at the theater to insure a good seal."

MAlttrATf WHh

•no DAVIS CO, . »S*-3M0



..Mfaaeedd^lMnteii hanttii. rl . . . oUtani anih of glesiwoie, brieo-bnK., dMbet, pott and pom. worVlna oppltoncwl Wo cann«t oHord o ptchup (ruck. Thank |rou for bringing contrlbullani to I our ater* —'H'I deducfibi*.'Volunioera'nMrfodl Calf •••• Kroano: SS6-na3of tarohlaihinthy: SS3-330I.



"Sw«et Owrtty" UcM riiowlng Row ud Scat '«^fr*lfii ^paoM whldi wiU IM flUwl in at eMh Ml*.

KYXARSAOO A local clothing atore advertlied Hart Schaffner ii Marx and Mkhaela-Stem tropical aulU at t25. MYXARSAOO Pearl Wintroub and Jack Hurwich were married.



The Center Stage box office, in implementing Uie reserved seating policy, offers theatergoers two convenient ways to purchase advance tickets for all shows. Tlek«ts may be purdiaMd at the JCC (root desk (ram • •.m. to 10 p.D)., Sunday


29 re FARNAM Jus* We%i of "King's" OMN SUNDAY THtU PKIDAY 1 liMMoOO

thnwHi Thnraday, andt a.m.Sp.iii.Prlday«. Phone reservations will be accepted during the same hours by calling the JCC, 3348200, and asking for Center Stage reservations. Tickets ordered by (riione must be picked up rvo later than onehalf-hour prior to curtain. Ptione reservations not picked up by then will be released for public sale. Zalkin recommended that those who order tickets by phone can guarantee the tickets by sending a check In to the box office. If it Is not too close to the performance date, tickets will be mailed out, allowing patrons to go immedtately to their seats, avoiding tlw box office lines. In conjunction with the new policy, Zalkin stated that both theater doors will be utilized to aid In seating patrons. He stated that the theater seats were being numtwred this week and will be ready wlien the' • Sweet Charity" tickets go on sale In 10 days.

By Eatalle Rosenberg The South Side Temple Sisterhood announces its officers and committee chairmen for tlie 1975-1876 year: President Mrs. Max Ellinger; Vice President Mrs. David Rosenberg; Secretary Mrs. Herbert Gaba; Treasurer Mrs. IraSchreiber. Committee chairmen: Sunday School — Mrs. Ira Schreiber and Mrs. Jean Shaw; Friendship Fund — Mrs. George Williams; Uniongrams — Mrs. George liCnhoff; Kitchen Supplies — Mrs. Kurt Kaufman.

Berchenko. All congregation members and friends are invited. The BBYO Leadership Election Conclave was June 69 at Camp Esther K. Newman. Howard Misle was elected vice president of the Combelt Region. He was also the first recipient of the Lee Sloan Leadership Award. Dave Segel received the Mory Glory Award for 1975.

Jim Berk lias been appointed news director of KNLU Radio Station at Monroe, La. He js attending Mr. and Mrs. Joe Berchenko summer sessions at North and Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon East Louisiana University. He Kushner will host an Oneg Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Shabbat Friday, June 20, Berk. following services at Tifereth Israel Synagogue tionoring the Mrs. Joseph Goodman atparents of Mr. and Mrs. Jack tended the Paley Day Care Center annual fund-raising WloMi Named affair in Philadelphia, Pa. BOSTON - Elle Wlesel, one Jutte 4. U .was.'^lw-^'of Ihe world's most profound Phllmont Country Oub. and compelling literary Miss Ann Sosenko, former figures, has been named The manager of Hildegard, spoke Andrew W. Mellon Professor on art and Jay Jerome enin the Humanities at Boston tertained. They are the University. He will assume brother and sister of Mrs. the post in the fall of 1976. Goodman. Mrs. Jay Jerome is The 47-year-old novelist and president of tlie organization. playwright Is currently Mrs. (toodman also visited Distinguished Pn lessor of with her children, Mr. and Judaic Studies at the City Mrs. Arthur Silvers and their University of New York. children, in Cherry Hill, N.J.



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Xhtrm't m HINKY DINKT Doll itoor you In OHMIMI, Lincoln. «ou> Oty, Do* Melnoa (aemo Itonw). Coll for froo rfollvory c4 forgo party troya.

pocoiio • soto tmun* miiiWGS.* JIAHISHIWITI •^ ggi •

VHA • SIMAI-4> •

Tn> JxwMH Pwo


Home Is In Callfomla for Rosenbaums Following Wedding on June 8 In Omaha

Perimeter Is Re-Elected Temple Israel President OMAHA - Stanley E. Perimeter was re-elected prettdent of Temple Israel at the 104tli annual cangregatkmal meeting June 11. Re-elected to tbeir executive board position* were Sydney S. Oaten, vicepresident, and Joan L<ehr, treasurer. Jack B. Cohen was elected secretary. Beth Brodkey, Michael Erman, Bennett Homstein and Ted Seldin were elected to three-year terms on the board o( trustees. The meeting was held at the Jewish Community Center. Perimeter, Building Committee Chairman Seidln

and architect* Gaiy Goldstein and Donald Polsky addieaied the several hundred congregapts present on the progress t>eing made in the restoration of the synagogue, heavily damaged in the May 6 tornado Diagrams and slides showed sooie of the extensive Interior and exterior damaoe. The congregation also acknowledged with gratitude the SS.OOO donation presented to Temple Israel from Dundee Presbyterian Church's Tornado Disaster PUnd. The Temple Israel office Is currently located In the Overiand-Wotf Building, C901 Pacific. Services are being conducted at the JCC.

TENNIS CHAMP Marc Feinberg woo tbe boys' age 10 single* championship In the Nebraska Open Junior Tennis Tournament on June 11 by defeatbig Jim Burton of Lincoln, Neb, M. •-

PIONEER WOMEN An Oneg Shabbat will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, June 21, by Pioneer Women at the Dr. PhlUp Sber Home for the Aged. Mrs. Milton (Margie) Naarenberg, Mrs. John "illary) Siref and Miss Barbara Salatrofsky will entertain. Co^;balrmen are Mrs. Sam (Magda) Pried and Mrs. JuHus( Leah) Siref. EPSmN-MOflGAN JWV Comedian-pianist Davey Bold and his vocalist, Pam Smith, of the Venice Irni; accerdianixt Johnny Ray Gomez of the Old MiU Holiday Inn and the Maeias Brothers combo performed in the monthly benefit variety show Weikiesday, June 18, at the Veterans Administration Hoapltal. The show is the regular presentation of EpsteinMorgan Post MO of the Jewish War Veterans and U directed by Iz Lewis. JCOLOTIMERS Al "Bergle" Bergman, a member of the board of education of the Omaha Public Schools District, wUI discuss current problems, including the integration issue, at the Tuesday, June 24 luncheon meeting of the JC Old-Tiroers. The meeting wUI be held at tbe Jewish Community Center. Members are asked to telephone their luncheon reaervatioas to either Ilse or Linda at 334-8200


In doubles play, Tarl Feinberg and putner Diana Myers claimed the gbris' 16 title by defeating Pam and Sue Sheldon. 6-4, M. YOUNG UEA0BR8HIP The Jewlsii Federation's Young Leadership meeting will be7:30p.m. June 23 at the Sher Home. 4801 N. S2. The topic for this session is "The Older Adult." Ben Laub, director of tbe Home, and Peart Yager, director of Jewish Family Services, will present facts on aging and bow young leaderMp people can help with the oommiBilty's ongoing programs.

An Item in the Baa in 1885 announced that Hiss Mary Nevil would be coifverted to Judaism at the Congregatkin of Israel during a Friday evening »ervlce. "The occasion wlU be interesttaig." the writer commented, "as the ceremony Is a rare one, the Jews discouragbig rather than encouraging proselytism." An editorial the foUowing day pointed out that conversions were not so rare, that they bafipeaed regularly In large cities, and that "they always precede a wieddlng." The editor wrote that this conversion "derived its prominence chiefly from the anxiety ol tbe Labbi for cheap notoriety" and suggested that it could have taken place quietly and wUhout publicity. Said tbe BM: "We have no dealre to reflect on the Jewish creed as such. Reformed and

enlightened Judaism is in many respects far in advance of sister creeds. The troitble Is that the men who are preaching it are much below the standard of the faith." Wbalbar or aot (Ma was wrlttan by Edward ,aJ«raadiowdw of d» Baa Is not kaown, but at amr nto, ba pannlttad It lo PMBI aioig with other oecasloBal Jawlrii practioaB.

Roaewater never denied his faith, but he never affiUated with a congregation, was often critical of certain Jewish practices, and when he died he was buried In Forest tjiwn Cemetery. Much remains lo be learned about Edward Rosewater's Identification with the Omaha Jewish community and Ms feelings about his religion. In contrast, the Omaha Dally Harald carried a Tin Jswiili PrMS lengthy article describtaig the PubUnto wMny on rriooy by con version ceremony, with no Jtwiih Fsdinition of Omoho." editorial eamaiaat. The reporter noted that the StonferdUpMy PautA^psrson ceremony was tmpreaslve, the AvH ConwntRM CoOiiirnitn' temple crowded, and that the ncnard B. Pwvl young lady was ghren the Mtttr name of Miriam. Tha Baa JiMfithMkvtMiry noted several weeks later that AssKtant Miriam NevU. "a recent Suzonno R. SomotrQ convert," had been married lo DsbiJoAbrsmt Isaac Kaufman. MMrtWni

OMAHA - Janice Kay KUuschie and Gary Howard Rosenbaum were married Sunday evening, June 8, In ceremonies at the Richland Park aubhouse conducted by Cantor Michael Loring of Fresno, Calif. A reoeptkm foUowed the ceremony. The bride Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Klauschle of Omaha. The groom Is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Curt L. RMenbaum of Roanoke. Va. The makt of honor was Sandy Baber of Omaha, sister of the bride. Debra Cohen of Denver, niece of the groom, was flower glri while Bobby Baber was rtngbearer and Karen Klauschle was candlelighter. Barry KricsfeM was best man. Reg York and Larry

MrB.OaiyH. Baber were ushers. All are of Omaha. Tbe couple will reside bi Fresno, Calif.

Betsy Daftch, Alan Chamay to wad OMAHA - Mr. and Mrs. Societies. The couple is planning a Eari W. Deltch annoance tbe engagement of their daughter, December wedding. Betsy, to Alan M. Chwney, aon of Mr. and Mrs. Irving W. Chamey. All are of Omaha. Tbe bride^toct Is a ienipr at tha University of Nebraska at Uncotai and Is majoring In Interior Deslffilng. Her Oanee is a graduate of the University of Lincoln and Is an engineer at Packard Elaetrlc, dlviskm of General Motors Ooqi. ta Warren, Ohto. He Is a member of Chi EpeUon and Sigma Tau Engineering Honorary

S*cand OoM fMiog* Paid St Omirfta. N«br. and at oddilionat maUtng oHicat. Annual SubKriptlon $7.M Advortblng RotM on Afpllcoflan At JMM riw b ON •

Pulverente 3S Voors'Eiiparisnc*

WHh Jewish Lottofing and Mofnonoii



• aMn.mi>.1tM». r.4SIJ4

...WHO VALUE THBR CHILDREN'S EDUCATION Last semester we added a Jewish Studo* program to tha curriculum of the Montaaaod Bamentary ()ay School. Bacausn the Mcntaaaori RMthod is designed as an educational odysaey to anoompaaa aHaxpariences of learning and living together, we felt that this new program of Jewish tradWona and heritage WDuM be a natural extenak)n. Rabbi Jack Zeiaako haa auppHed tttla new dbnenskxi to our achool, oa he Insmjcts In Jewi^i hialofy, holMay*, prayers, customa, and the BiUe. He haipe young minds ieam to apeak and write Hebrew. The Munteaaori method la an attamalhw approach to educatton, and pleeae consider that...

The exddng, indivMualized Montaaaori method of learning ia conducted m a prepared and raaponsive anvirenment. Thia child cantered dinwle allows your chldren to develop to their own inner satisfaction. Acquiring knowledge beoomea their experience — they fool k, diey aenae it, and they start to tMoome their own person.

mjii4.mj.ij.iitfnf4J*Mil*lijiAummiiii WiWil*l*I

Jewish G>mmunity Center

Cultural and Performing Arts Department prasants o film classic


Call ua today (24 hr. aervice). We wH be happy to mail you full particulars on this combined program. Alao, we would appreciale it if you wouM pass this Infoimaoon on to friends who value their chiMren'a educatton as much aa you do.


Montessori Bementary Day School

starring Humphrey Bogart in on* of th« b*st private my film* vvvr mods.


laMMPaoHieSl. Ph:Sn-3«1 Adults: I1.7S (nwmtMr* $1.00) CMtdran (12 oftd undar) $1.00 (nwrnbar* .90) r- * »"*"



RiMUl Jfldi ZflUHKOr Dvoctof' of aMMftan vludws,


Jun»2P. t#/6


Tho Jswish Pre«

[ SeniorCHizenScene]


Omalui BMhteffMl

SERVICBS: Services conducted by U8Y.

Unooln B'naiJMhurun •ERVICBS: l11d«]r,JuMS7:8p.m. Sheldon Stick will conduct theiMvlce.

Dedication OMAHA — A monument will be dedicated to (tM memory o( Nailum Martin on Sunday, June 22, at 11 a.m. at Ckriden Hill Oenelery. iUt>bl Isaac NadonwUlofnctale.

SERVICES: rrMajr: Traditional Evening Services (Kabttalat ShabtMt) 7 p.m. Late evening (amily services will tw at 8:15 In the I. G<ddstein Chapel. Dr. Paul Shyken will conduct the service and Dr. James Wax will deliver the sermon. Baturday: Morning Service: t:45 a.m. conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff and Cantor Leo FettThe Talmud class will be conducted by Rabbi Nadoff at 8p.m. followed at 8:30p.m. by Mincha, Sholas Sudos and Ma'arlv. Syndvy: MInyan t a.m. followed by breakfast and Rabbi's class In Mlalma. Dally: Servtoaa «t 7 •.», ami 8:10 p.m.

BMhB 8BRVICB8: Sbabbatta Eve Services in the Sanctuary at t:lS p.m. Rabbi My«r S. Krtpke wUl deliver the sermon. Cantor Chalm Na]m«n will CeiMicil naed* mtn'i, conduct the nuiaical service. wonwn'i, end chlldren't Mnrday: dotNng. toys, small opMorning Service 10 a.m. pnoncst, tfiihas ond codcMlncba Ma'arlvf:45p.m. wora, rfroptriss, linani, Sunday: 9 a.m. baby dolhing ora a(|UlpWaUBkqpi: BMflt. Services at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. SwtdYourUsobl* BATMmVAH M«rchandls* To Ih* '"^Jaaqr Uatktky, daughter of Mr. aid Mn. Jtny Roitaky wUI become Bat Milzvah Friday, June 30 and Saturday, June 21. Coll 341-3349 fdr drop-off locotioni or\ BARMTTZVAH pickup, or bring your, Mr. and Mrs. JamM RwrdianiMs* to 633 RoUMObcrg annotmce that So. 24th St. their ion. Jack, will become Bar MItzvab on Friday, June tMiumtKimi 27. and Saturday, June 28.




Sobbofh Candim Lighting HUmy, Jun* M. SitS |»jn. fiHmf, JuR* t7, »Mt fjm.

B«ned'ict'K>n for Kindling Sobbqth lights: Boruich Atoh Adonay Eloheitw MeMch Hoolom, Asher Kideshonu Bmnitzvotpv Vttzivonu Lchodlik NerShelShobbot. (Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord, Our God, Kim of th« Universe, iVho sanctifies us by His Commandments and has commonded us to kindle the Sabbath lights,) This Service Presented os o Courtesy by


onicx 11 inn t Htfwy a4i.r*ra • rih « w«fl Oodca ROM wr-zsoo 4711 S I4th SI. riM


SERVICES: Friday: 7:90p.m. Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks and Rabbi Barry L Weinstein wlU conduct the services.

Omaha B'nalJacob SERVICES: SMurday: Homing service 8:45 a.m. Sunday: Morning Service: 8 a.m. Services conducted by Ral>bl Abraham Eisensteln.

Dr* onavHoma fiBRVICES: Satunlay: 0 a.m. Men of the community are Invited to the Home to make a minyan.

CouncMBhiffe 8BRVICB8: 8aianlBy:ta.m. taidajr:9a.m. Both services will be conducted by Mr. Sam Sacks.

ByHiihiiNiiaiiiaii AtMut 100 members and guests of the Older Adult Group were on hand Monday, June 16, to welcome Mollle Delman back from her trip East. She Is all enthusiastic with new Ideas and plans for BathEIJacob future activities. The lunch was exceptionally good, SERVICES: Friday: 7:30 p.m. throughout prq>ared by MoUle with the help of her assistants. Special the summer. thanks are due Elsa Kahn, Saturday: who shows up early in the Morning service 9 a. m. moroing to start the lunch. Learning service 11 a.m. Ratibi'sCiassSp.m. Tttere was a double birthday Mincha, Sholas Sudos6p.m. celebratkm. SIgmund Hessel Banday:ea.m. turned 80 and Abe MUler fi&. 12-1 p.m.: TafanudClass. Their families furnished the Monday and Thunday: «:4S Ice cream and cake. Next Monday, June 23, May and a.m. Iteadagr, Wadnasday and June birthdays will be celeiM'sted. Friday: 7 a.m.

DaaMoihaa Tampla

DaaMolnaa CiNNMan off lanMi

Min Cutler, president, announced that Fanny Manvltz resigned as financial secretary due to her father's illness. Ann Margolin was appointed to fUl tMs office; with Ethel MUler as her assistant. Jack Jay Kalman has been added to the board of directors.

SBRVICES: Regular ntlnyan aervices Monday and Thursday 8:45 a.m. flatnnlay: Morning ShaUwt: Service 9 a.m. at Iowa Jewlsb Home. 8anda]r:9a.m. Special Yahrzelt service, everyone is welcome. Hn. BIber, secretary, 2778801.

Yetta and Jack Saylan, our Sunshine Chairmen, visited Bemloe Kahnan at Clarkaon Hospital and reported that she Is doing quite well. They also reported that Jennie Hornstein is now home from the hotpltal. If anyone knows of othcir memt>ers who are patients In any of the hospitals, Mr. and Mrs. Saylan will visit them.

SERVICES: Friday: .Evening Service 8 p.m. An Oneg Shabbat will follow services.

Btths A son, Kevin Scott, was bom June 2 to Dr. and Mrs. Melvln Snyder of Los Angdes. The Snyders have another son, Jason Todd, 3. Mrs. Snyder is the former Jancle Slref of Omaha. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. WiUam Slref of Omaha and Mr. and Mrs. Sol Snyder of Cincinnati. Oreatgrandmother Is Mrs. Max Slref, Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Barry Gold of New York City announce the birth June 11 of their first child, a daughter, Esther Oania.

The fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers were honored at this meeting tor a Father's Day celebration. A gift was presented to each.

•iiaiaui laraai SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. Rabbi Barry D. Cytron and Cantor Pincfaas ^iro will conduct the service. Bat MItzvah celet>raUan of EdltPrusafc. Bat MItzvah cdebratlon of Karen Levlne on June 27-28. Morning Services 9:30 a.m. Afternoon Services6p.m. Sunday: 8':30a.m. Daily: 7a.m.

Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Jonah Gold of New Yorfc and Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Simon of Omaha. The new mother la the former Sally Simon of Omaha.

MTS sae Mrs. ^•vYy liMMHy wevid llh* 10 Invlf* tnwi rMativ#s ono titwioi tonvlpfnvm coMbraltt IfwaofMHwsn afHM«rdouahl«r frtdat.JunmM

l«n)fdo|f.JMw»l Bsfa B Sfaagafee

No InvHonent hovo

Bertie Lazar made the announcement regarding the new Metro Area Transit Bus schedules (effective June 22) going to and from the Jewish Community Center and we are printing them below. This is the weekday schedule: Leaves Downtown — 7;I9 a.m.; 9:04 a.m. 11:38 a.m. to

Westroads (Transfer to ShutUe Bus) (Get a transfer); 12 Noon to Westroada (Transfer to Shuttle Bus) (Get a transfer). Arrlvei JOC — 7:S9 a.m.; 9:48 a.m.; 12:12 p.m.; 12:50 p.m. Retumtaig — Leaves JOC — 12:50 p.m.; 3:14 p.m., 4:11 p.m. Things coming up— A "Big LunciieoQ" aanounoad by Moilie Deimao. lor Uaoday, Jane 30. wltfa qwdal eotertalnment. Also, trips to Unooln and Dea Moines in July. In honor ol Abe MlUn-'i Urtbday Iran Elbal, and MoUy« rrankUn. In honor ol Sun Laihliaky'i blitbday rrom Ruth Hahn. In Itonor at Slsmund Hauel't bMlvlay (ran Mn. Martin Kolm; Ida Pixwk, •nlGniup. To honor all lathera from Monle Zalkln GM-wdl wlihn to Jennie Belsrade t CUriuon Hoapital Iran Ethel Bielwelia and MIn CuUer and Group Oet-Weil wlihei lo Don Ai1>ltnian hi darkaon Hoepllal Iroin Group. In honor of Bar Milzvah o< Kmneth Kahn. frandaon ol Slfmund Heaael and Sophie Kahn from Ida Potaah and GlDHI). To Croiv from Edna Wbllnian MMcrnil l» be back In Omaha to visil reiaUvea and (rtenda rram annuaid llniaul to Croup Tfeaakt (rtandi and reWhrn far gnad •rWiea on Ma nui Utthday. Birthday Gre«lln|a to Blanche Kalnun from group. rrom Mn Edward Kalai la honor o( Senior ClUnfla In honor ol aagaiiannl a< Hate Delman, m of Mr. avl Mn. tM Dalnan, IroaNocaiaiMlB«onOar and Bewle Bell. In taonor ol nth annlvenaiy ol Mr. and Mra. Lanaar fnxn Mn. BoUe Shngo MI wUe,

-•>-:*]:M^I NOaaHIIAN wUtwato Ihonfc oH of hnr rolotlvot ond frtnnda for tho HoKvon, donotloni ond cordi and (or tho mony good wlitiM tor hor apeody recov«rY during hor rwcani hot* pitllliotlon.



KMMAN wlahae to thonk relotlves ond friondt for the contributlont ortd cord* of tympelhy rocalvod following tho oeotnof hor hvibono.



Jun0 22,1975

ThlBh owr IIHh onnlvmnatY tml»bratlon In i MOW ImeatloH. Moffon. Thank yaw aff #er b^ng < Mmndas ond W0 mxtmnc an_, Ofpan Invttmtlon fo vow to foln ws for onnfvarsary cofca this mindnV' Our onnlvoraary §Ht to yewi

Whole Puliets 69' Lean Grouml Beef. u. 79' Corned Beef ..>3^ (limit 9). Lb.

Mr. and Mra. Yale Richard* Mr. and Mra. Shnon J. Epataln Mr. and Mra. Joal M. Qroaa oordlaRy invha thair ralatlvaa and friands to Join In calabratlna th* «Bih birthday of Morrfa Epvtain Sunday, June 22 from 6 to 8 p.m.

2at South nth Straat NotfVloploo**

•••dy-tO'aat •risfca*

Raslatw lor • spadal drawint thia Iwndcm. 12 lb. turhay to tho ludiy wInnOrl Dovid Kotakoo twos the winnar ol tho Fothor'a Doy drawing.


T^m J—li^Pmm

J«n«20. ia?t

3 Omaha-CB Youths on Ramah Tour to Israel OMAHA - Three Omaha, Council Bluffs youngstos will participate in this year's seven-week educatkwal Ramah Seminar tour to Israel. They are Omahans During these next few wedu, the Youth Department staff and program-planning committees will be developing the content of our Fall program and services of-

feriacs. A* ahnys, this Department invites Ideas and suggestions from its ineml>ership. Please give serious thought to wliat you expect to find here in the Center and call me (334-4D00, Ext. 35). Also in the works during the summer will be the total reorganization and revitalization of the Center Youth Department. "nils column will carry a very important announcement shortly detailing our progress. MORE LBC THANKS. Omitted from last week's article on Combelt BBVO's successful L£C 75 were the following credits: to Amy Alperson. Ronna Ratoer and Bob Suvalsky, as well as Lincoln's Max Kushner

WILUAllE.ICAniAN The Jewish Funeral Chapel was the site Jupe 3 of funeral services for William E. Kaiman, 89. Interment was in Fisher Farms Cemetery. Rabbi Arnold Kaiman of Chicago, soii of William, officiated. Other survivors: wife. Esther; daughter. Mrs. David (Myrna) Rosenberg. Hastings, Neb.; sisters, Mrs. Ann Com, Des Moines, la.; Mrs Max (Evelyn) Cohn, Omaha; 5grandchildren. LENORE D. MARBURG Private graveside services were held at Temple Israel Cemetery Wednesday. June 18, (or Lenore D Marburg. 12, who died Monday, June 16, in Jackson, Wyo. Rabbi Barry L. Weinstein officiated. Survivors: father, Gerald; mother, Judith; brother, Daniel; grambnotbers, Mrs. Alfred MartMirg and Mrs. Shirley Margules. Judith Marburg Is assistant to the editor of the Jewish . Press.

BBYO, (or the uniquely Inspiring Shabbat services and enjoyably educational worksliaps and seminars on the Shabbat and other (olds; and to the convention staffers who assisted Marsha Plotkin and myself: Ben King, Keith Livingstone, Betty Mellen, Larry Ruback, and Elabie "Hpler DISTRICT CONVENTION. This year's District Six BBYO convention June 26-3t, at the University of Wtseonain at Oshkoeh, is one of the most important District conventions that Cornbelt BBYOers can attend V We are well on our way to regaining a top position throughout the District, but we need a sizeable, strong and together delegation to District (or support. The goal this year is 22 delegates from our U chapters. Cost (or the convention, including travel by Greyhound, Is 177 per participant. The generosity of District Six B'nai B'rlth Women will assure most of our delegates some financial aid Please contact me at soon as possible to sign up. Tlie bus leaves the Omaha terminal at 9:15 p.m. on Wednesday, June 25. We plan to link up with the Chicago BBYO delegates (or the second hail ol our trip to Oshkosh. Return to Omaha will be on Monday. June 30 at ll:l6p.m. I aixl two volunteers will accompany the Cornbelt delegation. For further informathm, call me at the Center. AZA NO. 1 ELECTIONS. Chaim Weizmann AZA No. 1510 recently elected the following to office for the FailWinter term: Mark Pred, Aleph Gadol (president); Bob Suvalsky. Alq>h S'gan (first vice president); Bruce Marko. Mazkir (secretary); Allan Handleman, Gttbor (treasurer); and Dance Chairmen Steve Albert, Mike Richards, and Marty Vann. COMING EVENTS. June 22, 7:30 p.m. — Movie Party for Senior HIghers — admission, SO cents; June 22,9 p.m. — College Welcome Home Party at the J — donation SO cents.

The Macra-Bead Shop CrMitIv* nbcrs Prom Arovn* tli* WtorM Everything you lo ttrlng your own '>*ck>ac»t — cord. «ur^uo)M. ._ •loriina. h.<>*il. thMt and MKIM Houn: Rothbfook Viilof}* 10:00-9:30 aton. thru Sai. 106th ondCantorl Thurt. tllMpjw. 407 3<3.54461

John Kallna moTOOSArHn

•17 Sewth «*fli StrMt — S4S-1044


Artd -<*•'•*«

BIcck and Whit*

Ste|)hanie Seldin, daughter o( Mr. and Mrs. Ted Seldin, and Mike Pereiman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pereiman, and Edie ColkA, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Colick of

CouncU Bluffs. The tour, which departo Sunday, June 29 and Aug. 14, is open to hi^ i youth who have completod the lOth or 11th grade and Is

Youth Activities BILUUSY Under the theme o( "We May Never Pass This Way Again ', Omaha BUu USY held its annual Final Banquet June 11. New officers, elected May M and installed at the banquet, are Ed Fried, presiilent; Andrew Berg and Marsha Nogg, first and second vice presidents, respectively; Mark Welsman, treasurer; Jill Lustgarten, recording secretary; Marti Epstein, corresponding secretary;

Omahnsin the News Gary L. Goldstein, presklent of the Western Heritage Society, said thai both reports of studies relating to the Union Station are encouraging. Hie reports, commissioned by the Society, were presented to the Omaha City Council earlier this week. A volunteer groiq) Intends to conduct a limited local campaign to raise funds to laimch the museum. Additional funds have been sought from the City. Jeffrey LIbowskI, sUtkmed atward the submarine lender U.S.S. Simon Lake, Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Saul Ubowski.

Beth Kaplan, parliamentarian. Banquet overall chalrpeople were Jill Lustgarten and Marti Epstein; with Marsha Nogg and Mike Schiller entertainment directors; Andy Cohen and Stacie Parker, decoratkms; Lisa Kaplan and Laurie Gould, invitations, and Tina Render, publicity. BUu held lU annual CMT (Candidate Membership Training) June S-7, with inU

I w

/^«5, CHOP S«EV

[CMS i



ooKMiiMjov mnoN oa tpcanow: SI c—wa nrty Room up to ISO AlMOntonlo(3o>


oeiNeaa.Tii'tM(« N TNI COCKTAN. lOMSet ; ^ TOuaMvoamHWAMi

^sz :3c.


CMMH IWft IM M« tmAMlf I nid « Mt KMI7111I7-17M •rs«IM<tarM>-M4-lM

CaNI ^wriMxtmow* OHIc*:


iRichman Goixlmani For Beautiful Summertime Fashions

summer separates



iJllSlllll I |l«ii«n



Tour arrangements are by the Omaha Israel Tour Committee, which has represenutives from Beth El, Beth Israel and Temple Israel. CD-chairmen are Jack Cohen and MarUyn Pred.

Omaha's trio will ]obi the coming USYers (USIers and other eighth graders) housed ICansat City pilgrimage, at USYers' homes. This idea, which is under the direction of tried in other cities, proved the KC Jewish Education Council and its Pilgrimage quite successful. Activities that weekend Committee. included Friday night and The three attended a special Saturday morning services, class on Israel at the Omaha with a discussion group High School ol Jewish Studies, Friday night led by Tina did Independent reading about Render and Edie Colick; a the Jewish State and have picnic at Memorial Park attended orientations such as Saturday and hayride one with Howard Weinstein, Saturday night at Shady Lane. Plains SUIes Regk)nal AntlDefamatlon League director, U 13 V III at Mrs. Pred's home.

Wtien you come (o the Al(Sar.Ben Races

Ba where ttte action Isshopping, shows, fun-In either West Omaha (2V^ minutes from tt>e Track) or In Council Bluffs (2 mln utes from Downtown Omaha). Big fun for everyone, and children under 18 are free witen using same Mcoom modations. Color TV In every room..."pamper" panels beside over-sized beds . . . indoor pool... lourfges...gsn)e rooms., right where the actioh to!

Bubsldteed by the Jewish Federations of Omaha and Council Bluffs and the two communities' synagogues.

aeiy Ihrln' in ood ind cotnly oolton and cotton and polyMUr kntts— Oreal lor Irtval. .. vscatkMior homeCotoriuHir e<MxtftnaW« in Horals-stripes or soHdt-slzesStolS

* SHORT. royal or wMte— * TANK TOP color 707


m'Abrupt Shift'Registeredby Des p

ByALVINKIKSNER CbalnpanofCIIC ^ DES MOINES - Of aU Uie 'Federation'! Commluion* ,«IK1 activities, none hai ex-lierienced sucli an abrupt (iiift In direction and objective during this past year as hat the Community Relations Commission. At the beginning of this year . we decided U> operate with a low profile and adopt a reactive attitude In our activities. This philosophy was •hort lived. The battle for (he survival of Israel has shifted from the Golan HelghU and the Sinai to the public relations front here in the United States. Even a iMnununity as small as Des 'Mobies is called upon to shoulder Its share of this of-

AhrlnKlnMr tensive. A complete reexamination of Israel's public relations posture In the United States

has become necessary in light of the oU embargo, the petrodollar problem, detente, and the Vietnam disaster. We nuMt prMcnt our caae to the public, the medit, fovemment offlcUls, and crass roots organlxattoaa with much greater HTM and wltli a great deal more ioiiiiistlcatka man «ver before. Our. national public relations organizations are now passing the word down to the Des Moines Community Relations Commission and demanding action on our level on every Issue of importance to Israel's viability. WhUe It is true that local issues still deserve and receive our attention, the (^nunlssion's emphasis has shifted dramatically to national and^Hntematlonal affairs. ^

JunaiO. 1976



CRC (Des Moines JCC1

At the local level, vel. this past oast year, we repeated our Seminar on Israel and Judaism for a group of local clergymen; cooperated In the Soviet Jewry Solidarity observance; assisted In the preparation of a school religious neutrality policy; established a telegram bank for contacting government officials and hosted two visiting Israeli students.



Picnic On June 26, the Thursday Club will have a picnic luncheon. All club memtKrs and intersted individuals are asked to meet at the Center at 1 p.m. From tliere the group will venture to the sylvan greenery of some local park. The program will provide those In attendance with an opportunity to visit Informally with the new JCC Executive Director, Herman Rubin. Please call 274-3467 for reservations. Tliere Is a nominal luncheon charge of $1.50.

Summer SaftbaM

Tile J(X is sponsoring a Slow Pitch Softball League. The For the coming year, we plan to establish a speaken activity, which will begin In July and last through August, is bureau to bring our story first- open to tx)th men and women high school age and older. The cost hand to local organizations. of partictpallon Is $2 for members and $4 for non-members. We have been fortunate to Registration is beginning now. For exercise, fun, and friends, clip and mail the coupon have on our Commission a group of well-informed, en- t>elow: thusiastic, and cooperative members. To them I express I JEWISH COMMUNITY CEaHTZR my appreciation for their part IM Ouminlns Parfcway in what I consider a very Des MoliMs, loiwa HSU productive year. Yes, I am interested in the "Slow-Pitch Softball League.'' Please notify me of fluther details.

I1B€»I IIC'^^ llO%%'J^ !^ocrii(»ii





Board Meeting Site Will Be Temple DES MOINES - Tbe Board of Governors will meet Thursday, June 28, 7:30 p.m. at Temple B'nai Jeshurun. Rabbi Marshall Berg will deliver the D'var Torah. The meeting will feature an "All-

in-One" Campaign Rqwrt with special attention to the Bookey Land Gift credit. A Budget Committee Report by Jim Galinsky with presentation of resolutions, Tim Urban's Center tor

Jewish Ufe Interim Report, a CRC request, and JFS policy discussion vIs-a-vIs Cambodian and Vietnamese refugees, are Itenu on the tenative agenda. Members of the Jewish community are welconte.

AftequMt KmoLiTlBe

BatMHxvah DES MOINES - Karen 1/evlne, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. PhlUip J. Levlne, will celebrate her becoming Bat Mitzvah at TIfereth Israel Synagogue on Friday, June 27, at 8 p.m. and on Saturday morning, June 28, at 9:30. Phil and Cissy l/cvlne extend a cordial invltatkxi to all congregrants and friends to Join them at services and a idddlsh liAcbeon following ihabbar morning services. No personal Invitations have been sent to the Jewish community.

DBS MOINES - Jewish FamUy Services has been notified that a Fi«nchJewlsh student of high school age desires housing with a Jewish family for five weeks beginning in mid-July. If jrou and your family are interested in extending (he hospitality of your home to this visitor, please contact J .F.S. Elxecutlve Director LU Carson at 244-3146.

Former lowan's Play Produced DES MOINES - "The Contest," a play written by a native Des Moines woman. Shirley Mezvlnsky Lauro, hat just opened its world premlen engagement at the Allej Theatre in Houston, Texas.

The Alley Theatre, one oi the country's most distinguished professions: theatres, has dioaen "The Contest" as one of Its large stage subscription serlef plays. The play will enjoy s sbc-week run. OLOBraosnTAL Mrs. Lauro Is the daughtei Shaare Zedek Hoapilal In of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Jerusalem is celebrating its Shapiro, 4Sa Chamberlain 101st year. Drive. She is a graduate oi Roosevelt High School and acted at the Drake Children's Theatre and the former ROSmMiAIS Kendall Community Playhouse here. A grschute of HM—iii.B iiili,-»tr. Northwestern University, she obtained her master's degree from the University of W* con ••rvic* D*t Wisconsin.


AAoinas and all other citiM in Iowa. USOAlMlfMtcd

fattWriwwf lit. 1117 Coll collect: (402) 558-0483

c«l — Mtimry laymir ~ t«

Her novel, "HM Edge," was published by Doubledsy both m the United States and Britain and was a Uterary GuUdSelectkm. Mrs. Lauro Is Instructor of drama and playwrlting at Yettalva University in New York City where she makes her home with her husband, Dr. Louis Lauro, a psychosnslytt, an^ ^ her

WmttoJoktUa? If you are In college, and-or between the ages of 17 and 24, we have something for you. The Drake Jewish Student Center is attempting to conglomerate a roster of all those students wishing to take part in their summer activities. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Please drop us a card with your name, phone number and age and mail to 2932 University Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa, S0311, or call us at 2772309. We will be glad to hear from you. Just ask for Marsha, Steve, or Suet

i}esiyioines Happenings come to the BBYO Car Wash on Sunday, June 22, at the TIfereth Israel Synagogue parking lot From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., your car will be washed for one dollar. All proceeds will go to the International Service Fund.

Caring: A Mitzvah ^.^. A aditojrItavlMkjrLMra

Caien€iar of Events rrtiay.JtmM— BalMIUvsb-Edit PrusakalTUenth Israel. laiwdsr, *mt 11 — Bw MItzvab - David Lekowiky at BeUi El


r, JMBS a—Weddini si Bdb El Jacob Synasogue IIS r, JiBBSa-I p.m. - HwrMU SUM •sM - 7:IS p.m. - AdBtt Educatlm Committee Mae(li« at TltaKlh brad la RalMCytna'soffice. 11—1*0, *•• M — 7:S0 p.m. - Boafd of Oov«mn MatUng at Temple B'nai JariMuvn. rrtda]r,J«Nir- Bat HttzvaH-KamiLevlntat nreratli Israel.

DES MOINES-Mrs. Esther Galinsky wishes to thank all her dear friends and the numy concerned Individuals of ttw Jewish community who showed her their kindness during her Illness over the past two months. DES MOINES-The fsmUy of Sarah Bassman wishes to thank all of their hriends and relatives for their many cards, contributions, and expresskms of sympathy.



DES MOINES - Edit Prusak, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Yechlel Prusak, wiU OMAHA - Joy RabliiowiU beconoe a Bat Mitzvah on of Des Moines and partner Friday, June 20, at 8 p.m., (^Indy Claaon won the girls' 18 TIfereth Israel Synagogue. doubles championship in the Nebraska Open Junior Tennis In lieu of personal biTounufflent on June 12 by vltatlons, sll friends are defeating Cberl Mbukirf and cordially Invited to Join the Sue Quirk of Waterloo, Iowa, family for this service and «-7,»-X,fr4 . recaption (oUosring. • •

Doubles Champ



Th* Jnwlrti Pw

JvniO, Wt



bMllac IliSiiniri UM SuKliy OntLS* SWIBALL MEWLTB K<Mt«[inflBSiilliirMfaiainlilil»iiMl»lli»lii1»>iiiliil»r»1IMIinmi. The JCC AJl-SUn nftiMU team, consisting o( 4th, 5th and 6th-grade girls, belted the Westslde YMCA. Il-U, Sunday, June 34.11. Uny Ri**ek mi Al rnM>ii| M KM(n'« •« I MM tptoc* Ljrry ind IS, at Trendwood Park (or their second victory In three games. Cindy Seitcfaick bit a grand slam home run en route to a 5RBI day. MikU Singer, Janice FeUman and Kathy O'Connor each hit homers.


AXA M*. I, IS-lt MUi i Mca !• iMd Uw vMm. t^lll1iSMIH»IWili>lMHl)«rY«ll1AIAN».m.l»S

Jocaa«CT*ii,OTiooi,*w«m>»»ciri«iii>mamU i:Mr4-Ttidmf-ip.m.



Anw tlie fim DonvMrrNMl o( tte XTMo'l Itov PIM MlbMI Lntw, tK>« Ihe leun are Itod br die tap q«K Kixi<n 4 Craaitart bgib bmt I-l rarar* ttttr

Aquatics Notebook lyGaryJarttch Jbc««alk>Dnd>

All swimming programs have begun at the JCC now. They got off to a big splaaii with the beginning o( swimming lessons and the start of the competitive swimtitlng and diving programs last Monday. The conqiieUtlve team took second place in the first AllLeague meet. With a team almost three times larger than last year's. The JCC'ers

should l>e (onnidable in the future compeiidon.

Ol«p»M1t—aH»ll»ll<limnJCCBM>nWnHllrlw<il»«rtlc^1linuaC-maOW CHAMP - I Uppo-DOWMI - RMHly Bdnoat. IWNNBK-UP«Upp»rDI»Woiil - JorKMMa. mCK-'naiOW CHAMP - (Lnnr ptifMonI - MttU 8ll«v KUNNER4)P (IjnnrlNirMHI-TmMMMiL OrnERMINATKIN AWARD - Mftmt OMUml - Vm SodOl. DBTBRHINAT10N AWAIIO - (LaMrDtrWaa I - Tom Onkr HUSTLC AWARD - (Uppw OtvWon) - JIB OMUMI HUSTIX AWARD < LoMT DhrWOTl - Larrjr Block •KALIH TIP ON AOqUDUM A aim TAN BepatknlabMilMqillr^aljn. EipoM youneH fa> no msrv than IS minuCw tte tknttm) liitrin »jr IS wtmtm ««t> UUMWMIW d»y PwMO ywg «y» UMHB ••ala «r iHi^iMM naw l^tlMas R«M1 mmttm iimiil dw wlMl. iHm caokiMtf wHIiiAniMat radUUHi, k tw awn daaaaks I* Ito *l» tkaa aw MR llartf IfyMfMutalalktaaito'iMratluiiaal^kM, )nuilwSd*1iikv«lcrto raytocv OaM hw Ikna^ fMflnlla. llyiiilDSrtii1i»ni«d.Ka«H«arHMl)r—iMxpliyrtdM ASB VOU OVBOAOKMO AWaMOBWLamKnnilTVT

Tlia* <ra way ved rMMM I* tria Ikt OHtar HMMb CM. nm. (IK ralM are

To augment the diving program, the Center has hired Gary Stover, a former Nebraska divtag champion. •••••, • ••laws raaai, kyAocelaUr padi. «Mrlpaal, His vast expertence Includes •HMWI aad (•« BaMaaaM aa daly Mtnban can niaa li college divtaig with a first TV. otMr laakma laaMi frtma • place in IwUi the tliree and one-meter dhring iMards in the Noctii Central Conference. He will be available for adult and OMI aana SM4 la IMa tial aMa. kanua body. iar CDUaifta. la ana o( Uia raoal undnuMd natural raaoureaa »t children's dasaet as well as km.TVUiiUkoc*alaraS«McftlaBadantdipMad,UiaaMi«youiM]nwko4yt for private Isiaoni. Call me iWKrufywksM. for Information (134-000). afttakoAraoaa

NEW YORK - Mr. and Mrs. James M. Wolf of AMoo, Neb., are participants in the second annual National Leadership Conference sponsored by the AntiOetamatkM LMgue of B'nai B'rlth. The oonlerence Includw a 10-day fact-finding tour of Israel and a four-day visit to Romania, the only Communist-block courtry maintaining diplomatic rdations with the Jewish State. The Wolfs are among coxites from U stataa and Canada parWolf is a member of the Plains States Reglaaal AOL Board and also serves on the National Community Services Division of ADL, according to Howard Weinstein, Plains >, States regional director.

*•! - aapacbdy wNk yaw laaMy ar (rtaadi - fudi rac^ialSaa. kandball. »*»!•«. loat"*. bMkXba. nr loo late la laani aad yoa daal kavo la baeaaw a

Tbe outdoor pool is alao In full operation. Lacking only good WMdber, we are aU set ckaaiplaataaatoya. for our members to enjoy a thrilling, relaxing, leiwrely evening. Pool hours arc daily from 10:30 a.m. till • p.m. (Exceptions are Monday, when we oyen at noon, and Saturday, when we open at ]:30 p.m. Friday we ckwe at 4:30 p.m.). The pool will be dosed if Ihe weather drapa below 70 degrees. On • —Naatli Oauka Goaa ^wtoy Baya C»* n. Bara TW*: JOe aiaMtea n. weekends, our indoor pool will iioaiiiOii>an—rwaiiauiinsi. be open If the weather la I**:»fjm.- niaaa ASialaar HlWolIt Aioorlania »». Waiiao»a»a YMCA. S:li».aL - WlaaanatPlnlRaaid deiMnt. moMy.JiMBM

if.m. -OoBplaHMyaaaH.



TIM JOC Oyaawakaa aad back aSI bo doaad an Suadoy. Jaaa a, Iraai 410 U raLaadoaMoadoy.JBOOBk«ai(:NlaMrJB.igraicl

CAREER WOMEN The Career Women of Hadassah will have its annual picnic at Benson Park on Sunday, Junes at 3 p.m.

t:»a.Oi . .. AZANO. I fa. USTY M:«a.aL... (kalai Waltaua n. AZA No M*

|is»irTTTn» >•'•«•• I i'snaaainrwn>'»wrrg»i CWdlBIT iMD INCOMING COUiGi YOUfH

You arm Invltmd to,.. by land, sea, or air

travel faire gets you theiB...


I 387-e900!

Travol FaJra Tiaval Agency — all the sarvicas you'd { eaipact from a travel agency — and a faw you { 't.




Bennett Rodick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Rodick, graduated with honors in history bom Northwestern University, completing Ihe course of study in three rather than lour years. He will mtdy law. The annual College Welcome-Home Party will be 9 p.m. Sunday, June S, in the Junior and Senior High Lounges at the Jewish Community Center. All current and Incoming collage ttudenls are invited. Gary KInstllnger and Walter RIcbtman both received degrees at the annual commencerant exercises of Yariilva University in New York City June 10. Gary, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sal KinaUinger and Walter son of Mr. and Mra. Dave Richtman earned both bachehM-of arts degrees from VeAiva Oollege and associate in arts degiws from Ihe James Strlar School of


General Jewiah Studies. Gary plans to study psychology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Walter is consklering studies In either the social services or hospital administration fields. MUton K. Erman won two awards while earning his doctor of medicine degree from New York University. Dr. Erman. son of Mr. Morris E. Erman and the late Mr. Erman, won the Herman Wortis Neuropsychlatric Award given the senior student who has excelled In psychUitry, neurology and medicine, and also the Solomon and Dora Shapiro Award, for general eacelieooe baaed on adnlarriilp, peraonaltty and character. Dr. Erman will take his residency In psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital In Bottoo. A graduate of Omaha Central High School, lie received his undergraduate degree at Columbia University.

5~3?5 f Young Adult Doings ]


Albion Couple Join ADL Tour

Campus NotaB



JmmrUh Community Confor


Sunday, Junm 22 ftOepjnWMMnf«fc# Kafrwshmanfsf Music! Com*—Bring o M»nd SOcdonollon


Kansas Oty is beckoning aU Young Adult Division members — both this weekend and July4-S. First is the one-day trip this Saturday. June 21, to Worlds of Pun, the giant amasement park Just ootsMe ihe Missouri dty. Peraoos intersstad in having a good tfane are asked to call Brace Goodman, 311C733. Then there's "The Ni^ After", a post-July 4 garden party being hasted ^ the Jewish young adults of Kansas City at their Community Center, 8 p.m. Saturday, July S. A branch is planned lor the n^morataig. RcservatkMis for this trip -

the group will slay In a matd — must be made with Brace byJiawM. . Hare's the current YAO calendar; Worlds or nsL CaO BnM, m(731. JHSS Pool and s(a^ party. (Ml Oaiy, KaoMsCatyWMfend. OlhsrOalM July 30 - Bnaidi In Park, dstalli to foUow. July 11 ^ Otd MeSUnar's Pann, DTF. Aug. tWloe Alt NItfM, DTP. A|«. M Car Rally and l>a>ty wMh BMd. Aug. 17 - Zoo Day, DriT. Aug.» 14 - Csnp BNMT K. NtwBMB.

June 20, 1975  

Jewish Press

June 20, 1975  

Jewish Press