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Faisal's Deatii Causes Concern WASHINGTON - Fears that the Middle East peace effort would suffer in the wake of the assassination March 25 of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia were expressed this week in ttie American capitol. Faisal, who during his life had called for a concentrated effort to destroy the State of Israel, was shot to death by hte nephew. Prince Faisal Bin Musaed Bin Abdel Aziz, who had onoe been a student at the University of Colorado. The assassinated Klng'8 brother, Khaled, assumed the throne and appointed Prince Fahd as his second-incommand. Fahd is described as American-oriented and an economic expert and is one of the reasons American officials expect Saudi Arabia to con thMie the pro-American stance It had under Faisal.

'They Know' OIMHA- "I know tt'f • vaiy taa|b yew tor fund-nlUng for I," MM Jadi SalinUIn, dulnnan of ttw U7S MM*! amior •Mcodv* UVWHI, "MKl yM, Winn I did eaU w ttw am, amt mn wy gaod about wlirtiiirlin. b<e—• ttwy kMw Iko Mmtlafrii trwy oMeal. Our local oaodi an vo^r cfWctl—4ka pindi ityaat boft, tho plack iaovta (roaUr in teMl, TWi is tndy • pm year lor dodteaUoa. Wo baw a tmUo taOaUoa bitt, but ro iMMk amn tboia ta braol." I a dMrioa «(II awban aod U caftabM, poWad ehatmao o( Iko JMM raodly fmict tr "mofrt iFtirli^ FfiFTrnHiiit riwlrlwi IIMIM Hoofc i)

wyers Aid POCs NEW YOBK. (JTA)-A laain oi ^ufiuuom AUMIUU) attomeyf Md law prafcaoori, beidod by Telterd Taylor, a law pbMior at OolumbU Oii|Mralty Uw School, bas bMB lry1l<g to obtain the rtJJaoie of Jewiib apd other priaotim bf the Soviet Vnkn ifiMm i^ im ot Rubdan lliliettdprodedurw and law*, bill t^jlaiM autboritiea were i, -WHS *'vorei|)onilve to fbtir i'. o#|i1a»»:" •pH tocret efforti of-the Atiwrtcan tqani during (he nut y««^MijB diKlpood here tdtiDr,at a'p(«ai«iaf(naoe lo: dltfNatl York Bar AaioclaUon tMlidbk:.'t»)^', who .was ^ <U0 VS. ptaaocgtor at the I .-war" ^rtrtei trtaJ* I" NirmMi» saM duuraOitr nfanOia Mihtttf any reepoiM «a tha'part of the SovieU lo cN9«n [by. the Amerlcaa «tt«rp9y« the tean. • U dldeai>Miik aecreey and taklivt ' ttt <4li« o(. tha xnnl ol. UM wUhdeyMHi."



Acear«llflg. to Taylor, the |ra# aliiNd at provinc to the Sewtela.tbit "the validity ot the ;|eial' procedure" andSoviet criml«al iawi toere violatad when the Jcwtih priiaaen were tried, and that the conditiafii bt wMch thoae priwnen are held are also lUacal acoonttng lo Sovid law. Ttie team It reprennUng tte retatlvaa of U Jewlih and two non-Jswiib "Prisooen of Consdenoe." The two non-

cautiousness towards the Middle East situation, suggested his suooesaon may go along with his idea that

Israel's deatnictkw nuiy not be all that necessary. Pre-1967 boundaries may be the answer in Saudis'view.


Fear of Communism by the Saudi ruling family may tend to keep the country (avorabie toward the U.S.


Vol. UV No. 23

Oniaha, Nab., FH., March 2B, 1S75


Remembrance Is Planned

Faiaal had been criticai of what he thought was bibid American support for Israel, although US. officials had said recently he had given major support to the peacemaking ef forte of SecreUry of SUteKlssioger.

OMAHA-A special citywide remembrance service for the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust will lie held at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, April 6 at Temple Israel. Participating in the service will be Rabbis Sidney H. Brooks (Temple Israel), Myer S. Kripke (Beth EI), Isaac Nadotf (Beth Israd), and Barry L. Welosteln (Temple Israel). "The Jawish Partisan Song" will be chanted by Cantor L<eo Fettman of Beth lK»A and while Cantor Chalm Najman of Beth El sings the Memorial Prayer. Aron Zeiderman, a Holocaust survivor like Cantor Fettman, will sing a Yiddish song, ''I Mfpn't See My Home Again", wblcfi was sung by J«*s bi the concttlratkin

However, the poesibUHy of Uistabillty caused by uncertainty within the Saudi aavemment was alao a matter of concem to U.S. oMdals. Some said the situation is now up b) the air and that "notxtfy is certabi tflai the uaw liaders can orvOl Miave responsibly" on the price bfoU anduaeofwealth.'

Jews were defeadanta bi the 0ns analysis, noting first Leningrad trial hi Dec. im, which tanrolved Soviet Faisal's more rec«Dt Jews who aUegedly planned to escape to Isniti. Ctnt4if OtctlonM Taylor dlsdoaad that the team oblaineif a ' power of attorney to work on behalf of A q)edal candie^llghtlog . OMAHA - The Jewlfh the priaonen from their ' imice will teatuce Ema . Community Center's board of' relaUves'whp BuTsziyh. Maiy; Burutyn, . directoreeieetkn wtUtielicM Jarael. After taittrviews with Bluma* Karpntaii, Morris Sttflday,AprU10,notAprilxaa . tbeprisansn' relatives «pd a ernneiNialy aoaouneed in ^pt H^awpsaant SiWrt Rosenbefi; thotough study of each <aie,' • week's JctMsh Press. '. ,:.«)di:eb MlMUiM^iilMnn the taam submitted a petition ;: 8f|i*rylvors: . •...•,•--. •• on bcbaUof «acfa indtvlduiJ Nominees an Jay l^mer, tmLADELrau; PA.-tkf ncNl aodaot-i^CMlali «^ia' Special reiparks will be pritaner to Hoifaan Rudtnltft, • Mdrt Glass, Haxlne Klfe-. amuiflM nany Hstaaiea tMNHEii at'llia IlNp* Uiilv«nit)r 'ihade i>y Omaha Jawiil) tha Procnrator General of the tbenbaum, Jarosa Wax, Allan IB pMia^sipiila. mtmi'ui W paps of IMs jrtalsts . Federation Prestdsnt Harish' Noddle, Sariune Gitnlbfc, l^a Ib«ftdab aanuBcMiA «(10 pitH, aacii i iqr SVi hMliasJn ite, USSR. M.Noddle. }: .. . Wl^ile we werr »«tlfled at Pappaabetraer, Winiain that Ma MettaOw akiMtuty. Ttagr««(« oitgbiaByJoiaMl to tWobaervaoce is a function ° the wUllagDest of Rudeoko to Ku^, MOtaril Roacnberg and iiia OMn QmtutL 4ha dMbab, a eancsritd -chaittir. «* Of-the Jewish Cukitrat Arts receive Mir materlai. we are Sue Meyen. outer eandidatas : wrtifttMUahithajMtoaatpyatlhariMlat (oMOHra) Council.. Memb^ of., the dismayed at the ' Ihck of , ooolnatad by pethkm. Byaagatiia h •pyt Itw Higjpdili ihawa tta PMaiwr'rtual , observance/ and «j^ccW reaction,'" Taylo^ faid, ad- For further HitormatlOd, ia teaaiiy ftale, tha,Mii#fl>«l baosd^Upab daUbc^ksk to \ jpiiro^Jetta • subcoihmia#jB • • " : dJUMi: "We startetl legal contact the Center at 3344300. itertyTifinndtotlioiB. ••."'"' ' ' jtlansliig ibe tehrloe. an plxwdurtt'ln jhi»Sovict {Jiiion Cttitdr. Fettman, Mn.-•lfIe^ .wtm- tbt tirin JnteoUon to ' iHMti' Manheinter,:: Stanley optrate privately and with no AdtitelU - C*.mr NMinan, pubHdty ... Wewiwftelthe Mt)H.'AbrahalA Ela^nslsb), necessity to)lring'thepii^/il. Sl«v«r Rlefct»..i}r, lamn these afrprisaaarsbirisr; lite VffaiindlJr.lMiAiWoIR: *' ' Mllge aqd Mlriaiin Onfi'knd . court of wortdopB^^." tM rabbis wsilecl «ttb Uw Taylor pwt with Radcnko pniecf. 9m MBBaaaiidAi last July |n, Moscow. AcCtmaias are CulttK'tl. Council cording Ip. one 6( tile eo«iudrm|n>; , .' doicbmentt submllted to Rudenko. ,vk)lat^ of the Soviet laws in the trtate of the TfiL AW (JtA) -Israelis Jewish prisoners Included . of ail political yennissiias denial of tree choice of defense appeared to stand folly behind cotmsal, refusal of permissien Prenlier Yitzhak Rabin's to call wMmsses in behalf of government's refusal to agree the defonae and "Invocation of to major terrtlorltl wltticriminal ttatutes clearly Inapplicable to the conduct DCS MOINBS-nnn taA, Rldian| Levm, prttr to AvrM'slaundring of the Das dnwala in Sinai without a charged against Hie Mrs. RoaiUad RaMaowtix, Baid Avilsl, Iowa l«fl "AB-IaOBe" Campaign m March formal declaration of nonbelligerency by Egypt. Oowntr Rabart Ragr snd Al Unasr al a W.


, MpatAncient HaggMah ,.

Des Moines Launches Campaign

TiK J»<y> P><ii


[ Older Adults Marvel I 'Las Vegas Was Great' OMAHA — There'! no raoMBiaa in LM Vagal—or M it ^ffamti to It IsMt two oknbwt «f tta Older AduU Grmq* who accompanied Jewiab Coamumlty Center worker MoUie Deiman to Us VecaiMarM. Ow BenoB rtimwatiil "It were I and the people bad itoVftriiMKlMt ' P The grMp atayed in k Anmowii Ua Vegaa at the '., VidoaRttk Hotel awl took in - tbedaiMoMii^iUatweaai i. me strip, tliey aak dinner ••'' Aawt iotflHe dwwi - ntiMt I• •aniQiilfn'lH In alfiiart'-r g- Aoas, iMBae law thne, Mottia i« TBiplalind. Ifaat poptdv wfdi ' ilte «rM|i w^ the UGU % "HalleHHak Hcrtt^ood" r ettraviifarnta, ellctin^ ami "fliwifh'Jliiwritirt' Ibe cha^ taiir t* Hoover Uaa afitpM a rtaay e( pace aod aoenery. Another eafeatted tour took the group behind the Kcnei at The Miirt caiint where tbey obaerved some of the leeurity

^ I• .

: ham ttwaaaarlb^aogr'abo** K lite «lp. ^ naemorJhle ibr iaek' Hid Yetta Saylin. Their,: SDB; t Maynard. and their dwgbter. t Harriet Braai; Re* in Dmn ;- LesAnilaehii^tTriw'li?"' [< Hk gnup cnw ^Mk ^enr itnifliiftk Mi ddMnid irttti p^«weipefl(i|H.lS»Mia«kd liteental^rWH r. tlitt"thtow«fteb«t bvttfahe.'

iiad a ticket to the Johnny Caraon ihow on the lait night but gave it away and atayed at tbe caatno to play the dot machines. On one aickal. riw waa the owner o( a $M jaciipot - "Most o( us woo some and then gave It back, i|M was amatt and took her winakip home," one admiring tov inwnliw oiiaerved. I'm an unexpected bat enjoyable ending to the trip, the group was detourad to CMcago das to a aevcra ioe Mom biOmaiia wblcii dated EpptoyAMMd. ' "UnttAl'AjrUneaputtisupat HM Marriott Hatel, pnrMad bnUiStit and g*va everiiine HKappolrtunity to maite a Ave telipliMse \;eaft bone to let ihunBy MAMMdk^knov wc were One." MoHe said. "No one seemed to jnbid the layover, it was aaextra day of It waa tbe concensus of the group that the tr^' went lanoatMy and was ei^agiM by all. with credR loMsiBe MM took "personal care to aee thig each andevary meeoher of tiie teoatt sua taken care o(." 3be made each one fed that "he or dw was Uw mat ^ovortaat fefson tai her IMa," aildmote flawaaetfavBler.

Unookt Lights Xht annual meeting o( tiie Lincoln Jewish Welfare Federation will be at 6 p.m. Sunday, April 6, at the Cornhuaker Hotel. The evenhig's bushiess will Include a report on the annual fund-raising campaign, election of tiiree, mdmbers to the Pederatioa board of directors and die jhmrtag of a spedai United Jewidb Appeal dim. An PederatkB members are invited, acoordtag to Hart) Gaba. Federation preaident

Philnnthrppies In Sunday Meetings' OMAHA •'BUZalkla, gtneral dtalrniia o( liie Omaha' Jevtah Philknthrepies ins Campalffi, bas announced a series of open innae meetings fer campaign workers. BeghMbig April •, lo a.m. to noon, and each Sunday tliereafter untO May 4. can^iaign wartceri and wyerlally campaign captatos are encouraged to come to ttie Jewlair OomRnadfyOMdertobavedietr <|uestloM aufdeted and to turn in signed pledge cards, Zaikin said. Refreshments wil| be served.

CAItfCiy ^^•VV^MJ^iMi JP I^^NPC



Wtr many it waa l|w ftrtt trip and as one lady .'rfcsnaiied, "I expected wrtie k and excitement and thave WIS i. pleidy of bbUL " Fpr Ftiedi Kolm. ihia trip had aucial stadSeaaBe. Ae

And why. CaN9«t4SS4

WASHINGTON (JTA) - In the first test of attitude toward tbe new Middle East situatkm as a result of tbe breakdown of EgypUae-lBraeli negotlaUoaa, die Oaoflreas voted ttie fidl amount of assistance previousiy auttiorlaed both for Israel and Ks Arab neii^toi. Tbe House adopted the Forei^i Aid BUI as a whole Uut Included oontrdvarslal Par Kait fundtaig by a wde Qf' US-ie. Tbe Senate adqptad: ibe measure by a voioe vet«. TIH bill now goes to the President for signing. The IWelvi •id legldatien was baaed on a Senile-House cpnferenee report liiat included W24.S mllMon In dtUitary and economic dd to Ivaei In grants andcmUts. ' .'The conference also had agreed to MD mlllioo to Israel for resettisnient of Soviet Jews dial die House had voted. Hie Senatetad cut ttiat amount by tlS mUUon but ttw conkrenoe restored the fidl

.tern. UNFIKO NATIONS (JTA) — Tlie Mure of UN peace^seeping forces in the Middle But was the main Ibcns of atteatioa here In die wake of Secretary of State Heniy Kladnger's failure to acUew a sacodd-stage IsraeilEgyptato agreaaMOtbiSinaL A UN spofcekniall said did Secretary General Kurt Waldbdm ao far has not been 'Informed" on teoon*«nli4 tlw Geneva peace Gcogercnce by eidier of Its cO'ChalrmmdM United States or die Soviet Union.

But die Secretary General Is doaely watddng developments In die Middle Bad, especially with regard to nnewd of the mandates of the United Natkma Emcrpncy Force (UNEF) on the tsraeUEgyptain front, whlc^ expiree April M and of the United Nations Disengagement Obatrvers Force (GNDOF) on the Isradl^yriatt front wboie term explrsa May 30, tbe ipekeeman reported. The. SecrMary Inaad a daiament espmdng oonoem collapse of the ESgyptian talks.

General Saturday over die Iiraell-

optfon during dH IS days did Klaalnger was osnductmg his "shutUe" dlpkmiacy.

RmoMlon WASHINGTON (JTA) HW Senate wlUiout dissant adopted by voice vole a reaolution prodaiming April ( as a day to aommemorate the 30th anniversary of the liberation from Uw Nazis of the survivgtrs of the Buchenwald concentration Camp. Ilie House bas a stonUar reaotutiooMadtag hi committee. Sen Jiwab K. JaviU (D.NY)'bitroduced die Senate reinbdfon

WASHINGtON <jrM ^ IfiL AVIV tJTA) - IsraaU officials ware pondeHng three Pnddant Ford has givdi poedble devalepments in die "dtomg tadmcUons" b hii afterautli of the coUapae of subanUnates (• iaplema«fIds Seentaiy of State Henry A. "atnmg statement" about Kaabi(R''s atep^qr-step peace dis«rlnlnstioa against efforts. They are tbe American cttinas by,ddArab resumption of terrorist -boycott "and. those tgfncies warfare, organlied and are following bia insupported mahdy by Syria; a structions," Pr«sld|ential new war of attrition on the press secrdaiy Rao Mesan Syrian front and possibly die , rapofted "It is clear," did Egyptahi as wed; and a new the Department of Ommerce outbreak of full-scale lB"bivesUgadng" die bmood bostlHttes launched l>y Syria practloea and "intends^* to and involviag Egypt and take legd actfon agfind American conopaniea t^d do poaalbly other Arab states. not report boycott pracdoes. The ,iast and most dangeroaa of the poMdrilitles-dmigb probably MONTRBAI. (JTA)~ne not die nadUkaly tooceur^li Canadian Jewidi< btagrem bdag givaa aaflans .attention has reported CJC oHIddi md liy Israd bacanae of the heavy •nh die Canadhw Bapailr re-armament of Syria by Uie mant of Extend Attrisp an Soviet Union and tbe die "rapidly diUrisradng reaunipfiop *. of Soviet arms situation" of the Jewish sbtpoeotsto^gypt. ooomunlty ki Akmara, the Both oountrias are known to capltd of Ethiopia's Erltreao have empbiaHed dielr war prorince, site pf UW bisurreetlon against tbe Rthtoptan government. Ilie ac sad die revoH appeared to have had an ' "adverse a/fect op •HBtaBrfdes" In Eritrea, "and ott-dw Uny Jewish comn^tnUy hi partlcniar." Hie CJC added tt had been asnred "dwt die matter will be pursued widi other interested countries oonoemed widi protecting diaircdisenslndiearea."

SkMix City Federation Elects |;lb La Levinger

cimiMioFfMsiEvgirs iT.l

I 'VmSlNewsBrmfs

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nMsovdi lnrt»VtoafjM»M|iStod>w-J0C7JR)pjB. PABOva




SIOUX CITY, Iowa Harold L.. Levtagir, pnddint of Sioux City's Fantle'i Department Stataa, hasttaen elected Uie SOdi pnsidBit of die Jewish Federatha of Sioux City. In dw MaBnlal piidlon of offioen, die PMeradon Inaid of directon d Its Fdi. il meeting elected A. Frank BaroB fird vice piinliliiil. Jack BeoMteia second vice president, Mrs. Burton Updnits ddrd vice president, Raymond Greenberg treaaurer and Bernard Hoaddbd aecrdary to s«ve widiLevhignr, A adt«« of Yankton. 8.D., Lavlpitir has lived bi Sioux Otty U yean. An cagtaissrtag ;|radwte of die Udverdty d Nebradw, he wotad as a mechanicd eoghiear bafon entering die retail department store business. He Is a member of Moaat SlanI Temple. Levbiger lias been active for many yean In Jewish communal affain, havhig served on both Temple and FederaUoo board of directon. He served on dw Jewldi Qmawlty Canter Houie comffldtae 'and was gmerd

HmMUUfhwr chairman of die IM United Jewish Apped campaign hi Sioux CHy. In IM. he was redptent of tbe Bemice and Hardd B. GoMddn Young Uadmhip Award, bawd on outataodtaig leadership achievement and future leadership potential. He has served u first vice president of the Jewish Federatioa for dw past two yean. Levinger la married to die former Saundn Lavtaa of Minneapolis. Ihey hava lima cUldraD, Mkhad, 17, Janet, 15 and Deborah, 12.

RIODEJANBmOUTA)Two Jews wM? iacfodedin dw new gavenownt of dw Slata of Rio de Jaadro, whieh waa mefgad wi^ dw State of <3vanabara ain March u, Tbe new Governor of dw Rio de Jandro Stda, Admird Faria Lima, appointed Yossef Baral, a »-year-old Js#Mi engkwcr, as Secretary of TramportaUoa. His tada tadi will be to revive dw coodmdion of Rki'i subway whith Iwgan Ave yean ago and was halted due to dw lack offunda. Tlw Governor also appointed Hatan Lenwr, a ygiaig Jewldi arefaitei^ ai "Ogtr41nator of Greater Rio de Janeiro." He will be reapeoaible lor dw devdoi^ ment of dw merged state widi its •,«IO,000 bdubltairts, and wpedaUy for dw devdopment of dw data's capdd, «o de Jandro, wldi Us Itf^ mill ion inhahltanli »4v«W'


(YAD Calendar]

By •haOi MiflMi^l OMAHA-"A year ipeiit In IvMl li never a wasted year," uya Davtd Dultdi, 18year-old Omahan who li ipefxUiig bii (reihman year at Hebrew University In Jerusalem. Although the Israeli school year does not start untU October, David arrived In Israel In July (o participate in a summer Ulpan to beoomt fluent in Hebrew. "I can understand and speak 'street' Hebrew pretty well," he explained, "but 1 still have some trouble with academic

April ft- April Fools Party Coffee House style, 8:30 p.m., Tudor Knoll Apia, aubtiouse, RSVP Sindle Kanis, 4a3-38M. AptH ( — Planning aeaslon, JCC, 7:30 p.m. April IS - VAO Brunch, RSVP Bruce Goodman, 331-0733, April D — March of Dimes Walkathon. Anyone interested in walking or mannng a group clieckpoint, call Diane Lietww (7343280). Help is desperately needed. Bagel breakfast - 7 a.m. at Lesley Slicker's apartment. RSVPL«sley (3135274^.

Isaac Nadoff and Mrs. David Fredricks are cocbairpersona. Tbe seminars, meethig tram 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. each of the nlghta, will be conducted by Dr. R. Timothy Stein, assistant professor in the department of peychokigy at the University of NebraskaOmaha. The "learning by participation" situations will enable the Jewish leadership of Omaha to talk together about nuitual objectives and puipoaea. There Is no charge for those invited since the Jewish Federation board voM to sponaor the seminars.

Hebrew which is used for lectures and classes." In order to improve their Hebrew, David and the other foreign students at the University are required to take U hours of Hebrew per semester. In addition, be said, five hours of Judalca is required per semester, leaving 12-16 hours for elecUves. This totals from 33 to 36 hours wblch, by Anteriban university standards, is an exceptkMwUy heavy load. David's major at the UntvartHy ta broadcast Jomaitai and ha has ban apa to flM lona aipatlsBoa by QQiBg oocaatOBal OHoaa of fHa-tanes wrlthig. AHbon^ tolaanrDiM ID a ioarraar propaiBi David la nadaddad wtMlbsr IM will IW* at aannw UBivataRy or rsnn to Aaasclca to (bdtb stmltrfBg. "Israeli universities depth rather than breadth Ui education," he explained, "and It \s necessary to declare your major In the first year. Should you decide to change your major, you would have to start all over." Tbe teur-year program Is for foreign students Israelis, because they do not need the extensive Hebrew study, are on a threeyear plan.

luxuries "whkh granted befbre Israel."

took for went to

The transitkm from one country and culture to another takes aome adjustment, according to David, but there are compensating factors which make the simpler, more spartan life in Isarel worth expM'lenclng. Meeting people from all over the world ta Just one facet of life there which adda to the "phenomenal and la^wgaflililii iiipiiilaiiK " The aon of Jean and Jack OuMdi, Davkl padaat«i ta UNftoaOaotralHI^SdiiKiL Ha is vandliig Ma vaeatkn old (rteDdahips,

going to die new Otpbaum ttiaatar and Just aoelailcli«. "WhOe dw tranaportattai ayatam in Israel Is aoHsilaBt," ha cemmanted, "tbe boasaa slop nanii« at rnkfed^ ao I am enjoylag patrontilng piaoea wlileh slay apcB after U." David'a iBtaNat in Israal and Judaism started aarty. He plagrad an active ralo ta Jmriati youth aetivittaa ta Oraaba wiiara bto family belongs to Bath Ol^nacDCM. HawaafMStdentofthaklcd chapter of the United Wynagapa Youth and also balpad ofganise the Omaba Jaulili PManHifmy (fctvaane "I anjoy bali« ta bard ta gansnO," ba said. "QHt^ to school ttMNjaataddstolt"

Campus Notes Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity will hold Its annual Spring Formal Saturday, AprU S, at the Holiday Inn. All aluma and member's parents are co^ diaUytaivited to attend. Jon Fox has been accepted to the University of Nebraska Medical School. Bob Freeman baa been accepted to the University of Texas Law School.

PIANISD Over 800,000 saplings and 17,000 meters of windbreaks were planted during, the past year by (be Jewish National Fund in the Negev.



Whofevw It Is, we n—6 » MOW I Weose rvnmmbf thai Hodotsoh nawfc o»( kinds of c/ofhet on hangtrs.

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2918 FARNAM Just West of "King's "


OriN MNDAY THIU miDAV 11i004ilN»


David who is back in Omaha for a month-long Pesacb vacation, is enjoying the

Ov«r 2Vt million heniM w«r« burglorlMd in the U.S. last year while families were away. Lossei from a few hundred dollars into the thousands-Many times over the modest cost of having someone take core of your home or apartment-the inost effective deterrent to burglairy.


When you have to get away....

JmxtbYShofw UNOgLN - Jerry Jacoby. Omaha artlat whose illustrations have been featured in a number' of Jewish Press Passover and New Year edition advertisements, will exhibit at least 2S of his paintings and drawings at Lincoln's Haymarket Gallery, 119 South Ninth Street, on AprU 6. Jacoby, who holds a master's degree in tine arts from the University of NebraskaUncobi. placed first In tbe t»74 Rockbrook Show in Omaha.

irn!n"-iznn fvivia


Coll 556-6416 O.E. Major, Jr.

ItMUndilwre—prolM'lint hu family nulaiaway, defmdinf the futuiv of hit prapl«. Whm hit thoughlj turn tu hiinwn future, he dmumofaunivenity education...nhoine of hit nwn. But hacarnot retUze hiadnaimby himaU. Hanaadaourhalp. Ha doet not aland akine. Let him know it.



tHonki ond mui^ lovs *o •vwyOfM tjho Mxl her lit* bMulllul llowwr*. beolit, cord* and many (onlrtbutlont to varlovt organlio>>ent dwrint h*r ttoy a< Many HovMoi in Cot/n«)l •Mil

mn. ANNA KUTiaa with*t to ttionk hor Irlondt end r«|. fltlvti for lh« many cardt, llowari and contrfeullont mod* In hof honu duflnf hor ra<an< tioiyUaliMHen.


Heavy Course Load Is Omahan 's Lot in Israel

DMKflne for Registration iMardi 31 for 2 Seminars OMAHA - The city's JawWi organisatloas were mntnikd thla week that tbe deadUne for submitting names .of their delegalea to the "Seminar for Leaden" is March SI. ItTS. The special leadership training sessions will be conducted Monday, April M and 21, at the Jewish Oemmunity Center and any group not tubmittlng Its delegates' names to tlie Jewish Federation office by March 31 will lose its representation, a spokesman for tbe sponsoring Federation of Jewish Women's Clubs said. Purpose of the reglstratlan, tbe spokesman said. Is lo enabia other membetsof the community to attend If there are vaeaneka. A maxlmumol 70 persona haive been Invited, virith enrollment on a pro-rata basis limited to the leadership of tbe various men's, women's and youth organizations. Including the Jewish Federatkm board of directors and the Federation's Young UadariMp group. Tlie seminar wUl attempt to provide sItUls and techniques for Improving and developing leadership capabilities of Omaha Jewish leaders. Mrs.


Gin ie dM laad faMrfHwy rnd

CiiadlWsHi MiWtai • 1 Jiiaaaigtu—imi


Mwch3l, ttJft

C»ll 1*^11141 II


ill iwriicl

Through the Eyes of an Arab Observer

HAIFA - It can be uwful and illuminating to tee how we kwk through the eye* o( the eneiny. Somrtlinet web a vkw can help oi iitSgt our•dVM objectively. Heaot it is of more than paaaing iBlarait to review an aiticte writtea by Dr. A. B ZaMan. prafaaaor «(pbyrica at the AmirteaB Uoivcnity In Beirut, which appeared In the pro-Arab publication, Journal of Palestine StudlH. not long ago. Dr. Zafalao aaalf with "The Science and Technology Gap In the Arab-Urad Conflict." First, be estabtUbes a principle which to us may aeem axJomatie, though at>vlously It needs restatement (or the Arab world: science la a Itey dement In economic developmeat, in technotogicai change and bi military power. How can we judge scientific output? There are many ways; be cites one: the number (rf icienunc papers and books published by a

country's scientists and tedmologisU. Here be Hnds the gap very broad kideed. The Israel output (popntatlaB three milUoa) is itaM 14 Unw graatar Ifeaa Ike OMipiit of the caiira Arab world (popalatlaa \H •). Or ta tanas of wHh one of ttM larger oaunftrtas - tin Iwaal output Is lour ttanes the EgypUan, though Bgyp*'* popHtattan Is U dmas that of larad. There Is a natural carry over to tnduitry. Our Arab obaorver points out that In Israel taMtnctlon hi electronics and electrical engineering has readied such an advanced itage that a vast new acience-based imhotry has been established, serving not only UK defenae establlabment, but the wlioie economy. In the Arab world, be notes sorrowfully, the best that can be done is "an effort to aaaembie radio or television

[ Senior Citaen Scene ] ByBaHoLaiar The next meeting of llM senior atizens will be Monday, April 7 at which time nominations will be taken and elections held for officers for 1975-78. January, February, March and April birthdays will be celebrated. Van Ferrand birthday chairman, will take pictures. Mollle Delman has an-

nouDoed tentative plans lor IdpataUawall, Kaaaaa4»tyr Da Moines and Lincoln. Members are requested to pay up all back dues. There wlU be a city wide hobby show held at Uicas Hall May « and 10. Now is the time to get your bobUes together if you want to show or sell them. A happy and healthy Passover to everyone.

Omaha Organizations • W""

YOUNG LEADERSHIP Dr. Sabi Sbabtai, a native Israeli who Is an Internationally recognised expert on Middle Eastern and African affairs, will address the Young Leadership Group at 7:30 p.m Monday, March 31. at the Park Place ApartmenU aubhouK, UOth and WlUiam Plata. Dr. Sbabtai, former Information officer to the Israel Consul General for the Mklwcat and a former instnictor at the universities of Chicago, Indiana and Tel Aviv, Is now a

Senkir Fellow at the IsradI Institute for the Study of International Problems and Is also Visiting Prafesscr at the University of Califomia-Los An«eta(UCLA).

Dr. Zahlan goes on to give many other eiuunples. In various Adds. It's not «. matter of mottey, he says. Even a poor nation can keep In touch with technologkd and scientific achievement dsewhere, but the nation must have an understandbig and a will to this end. These are lacking In the Arab States. It Is fatal to rely on sheer weight of numbers akaw, as the Arab* have done. Zahlan quotes from a Technlon pamphld of IM on the subject of "Israeli Brains versus Arab Brawn." Ha ootnas to the sad ooodudoa that though iha Arab worid has a popriattoB oi IM and natural nnuroes. there is DO imMfttim HMt a sb^ Arab state Is eoBoMad to the ktad of pollejr iB Botaet aad iwrHiniBg)! wucn coQH oner aiQrhiiieofsuoooas. This, In digest. Is how one IntdUgent Arab assays the situatkM tnm a king range perspective. His views could well aerve as a reminder to the Isradls, too, not to alter tbdr policy. If anytliing, support for -4aflbMlo0f and scieiice should be Increased to provide greater assurance ol the natkm'soarvival. It should be made clear that Israefs.does not exist for technokigy alone. We are concerned with (he liberal arts and the humanistic vdues of life. But II should be obvkHis that the engineers and actentisU hdp provide the security in which we can devekip the broader cultural aspects of a civilized existence. Perhaps tMs reminder can hdp us in the determinatkM of priorities at this paitieuUr stage in brad's ocMence.

For further informatioo, contact Ann Goldstein, »i106O. JEWISH DAY SCHOOL The annual election meding of the board of the Jewish Day School of Omaha will be held 2:30 p.m. Sunday, AprU 13, at the school In the Beth Israd West building, IZHM Pacific

^KM CammMM Oaimun


Judhh Marburg

Hsh Fresh Doily




Suzanne Somberg Oebi Jo Abrama MwMineSl^ ' ^^- -

»-...— ».ij...^




l^viuilwbKripianiriO Ad»*nMnetawpniMica«en Ww Jiiil* Will tmaintvauittt tar Bw Ka^Mth al mty pwdud ar «»m»imi«Tnni PuMMSonOHlM 3»la ll2iidSt,0nwh«,Ntbf asi«4 nx»M:]}4«0a Pssanm i*r cu Mw* Mts (evaftittAs t*n *• "••"

•..,.<;* Ki""ji.«-",'. !^.. •-.•*«* .•j»*«-j,«iajt«n«t •


\Bd plesM have pity oa M. please fkw as lb« »ecret of kew l« drvdap lacb gcdasri as EiMlelB aad ttelameU aad ak. s* aiaay others wb« have helped a* all. After all, we owe you most of the A-bomb, most of our rocket research and perhaps the fact that we are alive today, Instead of kxiking up from our chains and our graves to see an aging, happy HiUer drive akiwiy by in one of our Cadillacs. On your way out, iews, do me Just one more favor. WlU you please drive by my house and pk:k me up too? I'm just not sure I could live loo well in a land where you weren't around to give aa much as you have given to us. If ydu ever have U> leave. Lave goes with you, Oemacraey goes with you, everything I and my buddies fought for In World Wsr H goes with you. God goes with you. Just pull up In front of my bousa, slow down, and bonk, becauae, so help me, I'm going with you, too. . -WiUaai Alkaa

Letters to The EtStor

In the Tuesday evening editkMr (March 2S) of The WorlUiaaiU, the stories ol Saudi Arabian King Faisal's assassination say that America kist one of lU best friends in the MkkSe East. Best friend? It was Faisd who pushed for the bkickade, the dl boycott, to starve us, the American people. lUs Is a friend? It says be was denied his wish to pray at the Moslem shrine in Jerusalem. Thia Is pure nonsense — he was denied only by himself! Israd would have accepted him becauae Jerusalem is a city that is open to anyone, any time. He kept himself away from Jerusalem. Going back to last Sunday's editkMi of the Herald (March 23), the front page story proclaimed that IsraeliEgyptian negotiations had ended and that KIsshiger's mlsskm was a failure. Didn't Israd offer to give back the two passes and the oil fidds plus reimburse Egypt lor the oU sold from the weUs? And dl Israd asked U that Egypt renounce the state of war with Israd. And then, buried way at Uie bottom of the story, Is one paragraph which says that Egypt's president, Sadat, said he hadn't wanted to go through with the negotlatkins anyway because he fdt he had the upper hand In (he dtuatlon. But as to giving Egypt what Egypt wants - it's as If you've

Sp*ciol SMSion

PufaNahad waakly on Friday By tha Jawiah Fadaration of OmatM Stanford Upaay

*- •-

EdiiWi Nate: Tlie fallewbig ediierial appeared ia the C:alaad« Spriags GaietteTelegrapli fallewiaf a Harry •! Niil wrswitaig* Ml tyaagagaa* aad ather pabUc kaildiagi. JEWS GO HOME .. WeU, now, this is nothing new. Never In the past have you even taken this gentle suggestion to move on. But Heaven forbid, suppose just this once, you thought that expression of a few sick people actually expressed the conviction of sU tlie people In ttils wonderful land of ours, and all of you started to pack your bags and leave for parts unknown. Just before you leave, would you do me a favor? Would you leave your formula for tlie Salk Vaccine with me? You wouMn't be-so heartleas aa to Id my children contract polio? And would you please leave your knack for government and pdltica and persuaskm and literature and good food, and fun and kive, and all those Ihhigs, and would you pleaae leave me with the secret of your desire to succaed?

Tha School of Continuing Jewish Shxilas

The Jewisli Press

Mon.-Thurt. 9-6 Frf,«Sot.9-8

Pull Up In Front of My House

been attacfcad In your houae by a gang of torch-widding arsonists who have threatened to bum down your house with you hi It. You manage to beat (hem back, but there they stand, acroas the stred, attU holding the flaming torches and now saying they want to come closer (ala the GIdl and Mitla Passes). Vou say, "Fine, you can come ckwer — Just first put down your torches, If you're not going to put them out entirely. Just drop your torches bdore you come closer." But they refuse. That's what It is - Sadsfl cannot renounce the state i>f beUigerency toward Israd. From the day the arsonist

Arabs are willing to douse thdr torches, Israel stands willing to Id them come as cloae as they want. DavtdLanni

We have been Informed by Sen. Edward W. Brooke that the BUI whkrh provMes kir the Issuance of a commemorating •tamp In honor of the Six MUlkM Jews kUled by Nazi Germany during World War II has been reintroduced bdore the94th Congress as H.R. 292. 'lUs Bill Is now being considered by the House Qxnmittee on the Pod Office and Civil Service. Pleaae write your senator, (Continued on PageS)


me JEBUSAUEN POgr. tM W. 7t St.. Itaw Ya* IfMS 0 Yas, hwe's my m ahaot lor • yttt-i suaHrtpdow la gw Waakly Ovusias tdMtaa'. U ISMMI PM yaw ali-awMad W mt jer M MM parson aawsd bal«w| dinet tfoiii Mnisatam.

Helocoutf ll«CMffng«by ChlldrmiA f««fiO0«rt Monday, Morch 31. 8:30 p.m. RoomlO — JCC


"Everyone Is Invited"




FMIi gONUt gOOK-'Tlia rirsi Million Sakns"- a liilHawaai panisN of dta nallv* lanaNi. (tnctrck th« nanw d ttia lacTpiant ol ttw booh.) jpg

^*#*-» •»-•'* a?'.•»!«-»• V- •


OmhMinthtiimw I ' ^ ' [ i • ! , ;

Omahans in Business

Mn. Elaine Jafaenli, cor ponto iMtiiM dlTKtor for J L. BramMt and 8DM and a roemiMr of Uw MctrofiollUn Omaba Area Arthritis Council, wUI write and direct the aecoad Roaalind Ruasell Woman of the Year Faihion aala. The ipecial gala extravaaania is gMnaored by MOAACandwillbelieldNov. ao at Peony Park ii}Omaha.

A family and business financial planning service for the Omaha area, David S. Rice and Associates Professional Financial Planning, has been formed and 18 sctieduled for a March 28 opening. Rice, principal officer, has been notified he earned the designation Certified Financial Planner by the College for Financial Planning. He will Join a group of 124 so designated In the United States. Rice achieved the second highest score ever recorded by the college.

Jazz Star TOI

OMM •rtm atoapTIUtTMi »tnt






Th« poopi* of laraal giva Mogan Dqvid Adorn—1*ra«r« No> tionol Blood Bonk—oil 4h* blood it naadt. What, l« locking la »h« tSO noaclod (o procM* aoch pmt of blood thoy giva. Ratarvat or* poriloufly low. Your glil of $90 litarolly con h«lp »ovo a llfa.. .and moka vow a moinbar of tha (aroal Mogon ~ David Adorn Blood Bonk. You con olao bacoma a Supporting Atombar for $23 or a Ow\ Mombar for $18. Whotaver you con giva, halp* meat on uroant naoid and i* grotafully walconnad. To donota or join, maraly fill in ti>a coupon babw and attach your chack. Anxf lean Red Atogan DevMtorhra*! aaa S«v«nlti Avanu* NawYorii.N.Y. U.SA lOCIf


Endoiad i> my contribulien of$ . Plaoia enrol ma « o membar of the Itroal (MDA) Mooen David Adorn Bieod


OMAHA-A Umttad nunbar o( Craa tickaU for Jan mialdan Qorry MuUlgan'e )am leaitonworkahop at the Jawlah OnmnniMy Ceotar, 7:10 p.m. Monday, AJMI'••>« avaflaUe at OM JOC vaoapOon da* or by ealUng Uw Cultural and Performing Aita DipartiiMfltf iM-ttOO. Mulligan's appaaraoee at Ilia J Is part ofttie Nawport Jass Festival JolnUy by the UnlTtrslty of Nebraska Student Programming Organisation, the MidAmerica Art AUanee and BTMltf AliUnea. Buth Kateman, otKehalman M the Center's Aitt Oouodl and rolUNOmalia'snna Arts Advleory Coaadl, «aa lusli uuMBtal In brln^ug star saMphonlat Mulligan to Oe JOC at no coat to the Osoiar.

Since 1968, Rice has been in the Investment banking buslnaas aa a regisUred represenUtlve of the NASD and the New York Slock Exchange He has been a principal of an Omaha investment banking firm. Rice holds degrees from the University of NebraskaLincoln and ia a charter member and officer of Uie Nebraafca Chapter of the International Aaaoclatkm of Financial Planners.

David S-Rlea

Rep. Thone At Reception WASHINGTON - Rep. Charles Thone of Lincoln was tiK only one of three Nebraska Congressmen who attended the reception on March lis (or new Congressmen sponsored by the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews, according to Shirley Goldstein of Omaha. Mrs. Goldstein, cochairman of the Omaha Committee for Soviet Jewry, said Nebraska's other two Congressmen, John Y. McColltster of Omaha and Virginia Smith of Chappell, Neb:, also were Invited to the event held In the Foreign Affairs Committee Room of the Raybum Building. Ms. Smith Is a freshman Congresswoman. Mrs. Goldstein said regarding arrival of two Soviet Jewish families In Omaha, "we're still waiting, we're still expecting those families any day now.''

Pulverente Monument Co.

In 1869 the American landlte reported that a group of Jews from Lincoln, Neb. had petitioned Governor David Butler "asking of his honor to give the Jews of Lincoln a piece of ground to establish thereon a Synagogue.'' The ' correspondence was signed by Isaac Cahn, W. Rich, David May, Moses Oppenhelmer, Isaac Well, Edward Cerf and LazardCahn. Governor Butter, who would later Impeached by the legislature, replied as follows: "Your petition dated the 7th of June, 1869, asking us to make an allotment of ground In the city of Lincoln to the Hel^rews (as we ha ve heretofore done to other religious denominations) whereon they may erect a synagogue, has been received. "We cheerfully grant the object of your petition. And we desire the matter to stand and be of record as a testimony, on our part, to the peaceful, industrious, useful and sober character of your people." Among the earliest Jewish

settlers In Lincoln were Tlllie and Moses Oppenhelmer, who had been married in 1967 In St. Joseph, and moved to Uncoln after a brief stay in Nebraska City, where Oppenhelmer and Max Rich opened a dry goods store. Committees from Tlfireth Israel and Talmud Tora Synagogues of Lincoln met on October 23, 1910 to effect a merger of the congregations, subsequently knows as Tlfireth Israel. A week later, officers were elected as follows. L. Orlofsky president; P. Polsky, vice president; Harry Arensoh, treasurer; Israel Epstein, secretary; M. L. Mozer, financial secretary; Dave Nefsky, Sam Adelson, and S. L. Shostak, trustees. It was decided that services should be conducted according to the Askenazi prayer books, and that dues would be SO cents per month for each member. By secret ballot, the newly-merged congregation chose the location at 18th and L for their synagogue.

I lie CMI it«>r (Continued from Page 4) representative and the chairman of the above committee' Immediately If you want results! As a Jew, I would be Interested in seeing the issuance of this stamp. As an American the Issuance of this stamp would reaffirm to the world that Anwrica Is the hope and Indeed conscience of the woridl SamuaHLBamatt HELP TONY Tony la Wk years old. In the last 10 years, since his parents divorce, he has been in his mother's custody, his father's custody, the custody of Nebraska Chlldrens Home and Is now a ward of Douglas County. He has spent the last four months at the Douglas County Youth Center, not

O Suttoinins Memiiar $25 OOwiMtfflbarSIS O&Kknadltfflycontri-


TTw Jtwiih Pfwt

HIUNA.NRNtniN 399-9111





to help the liroal MDA Blood Bom.


because he committed a crime, but because no one wants him. Tony is a warm, outgoing youngster who Is desperately In need of a loving home. A home wtiere nelttier parent Is too busy to find time for him. Anyone Intrested, please call me at 444-7492 or 391-6873. Sue Gordon PLEASE JOIN "They sing, cry, beseech, shiver of cold, without clothing, shoes or underwear. Some are swollen with hunger, disfigured, half alive ... They were begging a numth, two or three, but In tha end they all died.. ." Such was the case 32 years ago when, on April 19,1943, the last chapter in the liquidation of the largest ghetto In Europe — Warsaw — began. In honor of our alx million bretbem who died at the hands of the Nazi war machine, I urge young and old alike to Join together in a memorial service to be held on April 6, at Temple Israel. An»Zeldennan Omaha



John Kallna

aty_ State _ JlpAmerican Red Mogon Oovid for iiroel, on outtwriied tax exempt orgonizotion, is the sole support arm in the United States of Atagan Pavid Mom in Isroel.

PHOTOGRAPHIR S17 South Mth StrMi — MS-1044





Black Qt^d White



tn$ j9tH0t rtWtl^

I Deaths |

A»yiisiq<M|ii€^ OimiMi Bflthtoail


aCRVICBS: Tradlttaaal Bvcniag ServioM (KabbaUtShabtMt) 7-.1S

p.m. No late Friday evening lervke due to PaMover. (•taxbqr: Morning Servloe: •:« a.m. conducted by MM Nadoff andCanlarFettman. Mlnyan 1 a.m. No braaUaat

flDtVICIS: rtUqr: Sabbath Eve Service* In the Sanctuary at<-. 15p.m. Rabbi Myer S. Kripke will deliver Ibeiennaa. Canter Oulm N«)inao will conduct the musical MTvloe. labrday: Morning Service 10 am. Mincha-Maariv 7.30 p.m. r:>a.m. aervioeiat7a.m. and7p.m.


^^BOVnSCHBDULB MBy: nu^jf, March M ServlceB at 7 a.m. and 7:U Moniing Service U>a.m p.m. Evening 8ervtcel:lSp.m. PAflBOVnaCHBWLB rMdagr.Marchai 1tand«y, April 1 Mantag Service •:« a.m. Bvedng Service 7 p.m. ~ • I Service 7:15 p.m. r.Aprill r. March » through Tueaday, April 1 Morning Servloe 10 a.m. Evening Service 7 p.m. CbalHaffloedPeaach y, April 1 Eventaig Servk»7:U .AprUt Morning Service SrlS a.m. Evaring Service 7: IS p.m.

r, Aprils Monitng8enrioe<:4S a.m. Yialuir Service 10 a.m. Evening Service7:30 p.m.

Sunday School and Talmud Torah claaaet will not meet from March M thrash the entire holiday. Claaae* wtn teaume Sunday. April (. YOUTH SERVIdS Youth Services wiD be held the last two (taqrs ol Paaaovcr, Wednesday and Tlmnday, April 2 and 3, at 10 am.

Morning service! a.m. Service* conducted by Rabbi Abraham Eliensteitt. PASSOVKRSCHBDULB PrUtagp, Martha MonringSenrloel:45a.m. .April I


Dr. 8har Honw 9 a.m. Men of the community are Invited to the ' Hometomakeamhiyan.


A retelling of the Paaaover Story will be offered wHh the preaentation of a musical narrative "Passover to Preedom," with music by A. W. Binder, featuring the Temple Israel Cboir undter the direction of Miss Ida GItlbi.

Evening Service 7:15p.m. .Aprlll ^Tf'^i Morning Service (:4S a.m. Evening Service 7: iSp.ra. Madqr.AprUS Morning aervice 0:45 a.m. Yiikor 10:00a.m. Evening Service 7: IS p.m.

Sabbath Candle Ughfing


r. Aprlll Evening Servloe S: 30 p.m. IMMdV.Aprai Mondag Service and Yiskor prayer* n a. m.

There wlU be no Hebrew classes April 2. Classe* rcaume March 31, April 1 and Aprils. Conllrmatlott clau will reaumeAprill. There will be no Nursery SdMol March 28 and April 2. Classes resume March 31 and April 4. CXMTB WITH RABBI Tiiere will be no Cof IM with the Rabbi, Wednesday April 2, ItwiUrenuneApril9. BUOIMIRVAH Daoiil L. Stobarg, son of wlU become Bar Mittfah at U a.m. Saturday, March 2t. BATMRZVAH I^TBM CDtMo, daughter of Mr. and MTL Jack B. ColMa, wUl become Bat NHzvab at u a.m. Saturday. April 5.

(Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord, Our God, King of the Universe, Who sanctifies us by His Commondmonts ond hos commonded us to kindle the Sobboth lights.)

This Service Presented os o Courtesy by


UMMAflSOCIiKmf OHXM U I«»I t Htriwr *4i-r*ro •rill t wm 09tf nt4 aer-r*pa 4721 * ]4lli(l riM

•BBVICaS: ftttkf ;tp.m. :>a.m. Jr. Coi^regatloa 10 a.m.



SCaVICES: :ta.m. :0 a.m. Both services will be conducted by Mr. Sam Sacks. PASSOVER SCUEDULB PHdey, March 21 MonUng Service S:4S a.m. r.Aprill Evening Serviot 7: IS p.m. «r«kiaidqr,Aprtt2 Morning Service (: 45 a.m. Evening Service 7: IS p.m. Itandigr, Aprils Morning Service l:4S a.m. Ylakorl0:10a.m Evening 8arvlot7:iSp.m.

gAMwnmAN Funeral service* ware held Sunday. March 15 at the Jewish Funeral Chapel Idr Sam Sherman. 83. lolanMnt was at Mt. Carmd Cemetery,

^PABKWBtBCaEOUUt MdofiMaKiili Mgnring Service > a. m. MMtliSO-Aprill CholHmnoed r.AprilS

MonilogServloe9a.m. llandajr.AprUS Morning SerriceO a.m. YiskorlOam. BOLOCAUerMBMOBIAL Holocaust Manorial Services win be held Sunday, Aprils, 3 p.m. •


PAaMVERSCHEDUUE Friday, March M Morning Scrvioeta.m.

Survivors: wife, Gertnide; daughter. Mrs. Sandra WUtty, Omaba; sons, Sam Oiarics Sherman, Denver, Jack Sherman, Omaha; braawrs, Hyman, Charles and Max, Unooln, Pro, Kiosa* City, Albert, Calif.; sWer: Mrs. Frieda BMcher, OouncU BhiOi; five grandchildren.

r.Aprill Mtncha-Maariv 7:10 IMnaadayAprflS Menriag Service 9 a.m. MUKha-Maartv7:30p.m.

y.AprtIS Morning Service a a^n. YlakorlOa.m.

OOLDIE COHBN Word has been rao«lv*d here of the detfh March to m San Diego, Calif., of farmer Omahan Goldte Cohen. ~ Survivors: sons, Eari and iMdqr:lp.ia Floyd, both of CalUoraU; Service conducted by Rabbi sisters, Mn. Anna KuUer, Kaiaer. Mrs. Clara Packer Movick Sam Hale win speak on the and Mrs. Meyer Cokiic, «U of topic: "How I Cane to Omaha; 9 granchUdren, 2 Judaism." great-grandchildren.



Set WwnHhUrmti 8BRVICSS: I p.ra. wllh RabM Bariy D. Cytran, Cantor PInchaa Spiro and the Synagogue Cboir. An Oneg Shabbat win Mlew theaervlcies. Shabbat School and Adult Oaaa wttb the RabM: 0:15 a.m. MoningServlcea: 1:30 a.m MkKha<p.m. 8»dkgr:<:l*aJB. Daily: 7a.m. PAIBOVBRaCHEDUUC Pridqr, March 18 . Morning Servioel:SOa.m. MaRii28and29 Choi Hamoed - Friday Evening 6 p.m.; SbabiMt Morning 9:30 a.m.. Mincha • p.m.

OMAHA - TMi Saturday. March 29, has been declared Day School Educatkw Sabbath by rabbinical and synagogue organizations in recognition of the contributkms to Jewish life by the Hebrew Day ScbooU In North America. RabMs bi dtiea acroas Ihe United States, Including Omaha, have been asked to addreas their coogregatkMis oo the role of the Hebrew Day School. Rabbi Jack Zelasko, director of stodtaa tt the Jewish Day School in Omaha, noted that "On* of the forces that has kept ui(the Jewish people) logBther throughout the age* has been our in-

Eventaig Service 8 p.m. WMMsdar,AprU2

Morning SeiVice 9:30 a.m. Evening ServiceOp.ffl. Itamdor.AprilS Morning Servloe 9:30 a.m. YlakorwUlbaracllad.

jBaMiatb larvica, 9 a.m. at towa Jewish Home. BnndDrrtaJB. Special YahRelt servloe, everyone Uwdoeme. Mrs. BIber, secretary, 2778801.

BIODnmNIAL B'nalB'rithwUlholdayearkmg observance In 1978 of Itoe American Bicentennial, featuring a series of public events, both nationally and among local B'nai B'rith units.


iMtWWiMrorA JoyeiM And HMlthy PML. Tlw Itothan lliuk«»rt tamlly

CMMrtnofflwMl Regular mlnyan aarvioaa, Monday and Thursday •:« a.m.

tensive program of Jewish educatkm." He noted that the day schools teach not only rellglaa and morals but also science, history and mathematics. He saM every dty hi the U.S. with a Jewish populatkm of over 7,100 has a Hebrew Day School and that many communities with fewer tlian Omaha's 8,S0O-such M PeorU, lU., 2,170 Jews—alao have, day schooU.


Iteadajr, April 1

CoundBiurft nmtmmm

BanAh Atoh Adonoy Eloheinu Melekh Haokm, Aiher Kideshom B«iititzvotov Votzivonu Lehadlflc NerSMShobbot.

BtdiBJwsob aiRvicn:

There will be a Sabbath 6 a.m. Coffee Hour. 8Hdiyla.m. r: 11a.m. PABBOVra BCBBDUIX

Unooln THmmhlmt


The Congregation will participate while Rabbi Momliig serviee t a.m. Sidney H. Brooks nairates. Learning aervloe 11 a.m. Rabbi's Class 6 p.m. lUa cantata type servloe MIncah, SlMlas Sudoa. 4:30 will celebrate not only Paaaover, but will also serve aa the Temple's observance of Maaiter aed ItanOv *•* Jewish Musk Month. a.m.

PfUtoy. April 4, TIMM^ Bemdktion for Kindling Sobboth Lights:

OERVICIS: PlUagr: Evening services I p.m.


wUI resume AphI 5 andt.

Mnday: Mcndng servloe: l:« a.m.



There will be no classes Mr the Saturday or Sunday divisions of the Religious School. March 29-30. Classes

nnnd«y,AprUS Morning 8crvlcel:45 a.BL Yiakor 10.10 am. Evening Servloe 7: IS p.m. PAnOVKRBECiaB

Twipi* brail

MILORBD IRENE RIFE Funeral service* were held Friday, March 21 at Beth El Syimgogue for Mildred Irene Rife; daughters, Marlene SoulxClty. Survivort: husband. S. A. Rife; daughters Msriene Dandy, Franoee Lee Altman; sisten, Mary RasUn, Tulsa, Okla., Mrs. George Oohn, Omaha; brother, Herman, Tampa, Fla., five grandchUdran.

«*• will b* SO, e-S. We atlli IMW« • ^


I to HM wInMr of laaf seMk'e

Spedol Holidoy Drawing ShefibtetfcelwkylMiil OW MMPAY NOINS AM f kM.'t fM.

Mych2B. 1976



Jewish Quiz Box I ^'^^'^^ Jewish Community Calendar Of Events BylUbUOr.taBMiJ.nH

t WnnON: Wlqr to a nwiM (M Plaoad on ttM 8«ltr plate IB AMnnER: Some daliii that ttUi rtpmmiei the imcral fcitival lacrUloe wMch wat loaited (diagliah). Olten claim tiiat UM Aapa of ttM «a, which If round and which reprcacnU eternity, cauae It to be uted on the Sedar plate. Aidi an eg| to aaten by moumen. Since the lint day ol Paaaavcr falla on the fame day of the week at the Past o( TWw B'AD and the latter oommemoratci the deetructloa o( tiw Temiiie, the Joy o{ the Paaaover la tempered with the remliiiler ol Uw deatructlon of the Temple. Hence, the egg It oaad like It It In mourning.


then are alto mote who dalm that the egg It eaten iMcauie It hKHcatei the coming of a new era, ]iitt at the egg rofreeanla Iheblfth of a new Hie. nere bi a tradttkm that ttw Meaaiab wlU ctoM durtng the Paiaovcr nonlh, btlntfog In (he new era. Thui, the egg l» placed on the plate In aottdpntlan of the new era. Some datoi alao that the egg repreaenta the naManoe of tlM JewM people to deatructlon. lite more an egg la boiled In water, ttM harder tt fete. Ukawlae, the more the Jew la aubleetad to wflCfIng, the tougher be becomea. Indeed, the opprantai of the Jew which wat Intended to dtaboy hton, hM, on the contrary, actually atroigthened hit convlctkm and toiighaned hit endurance. Hence, the egg It placed on OieSodir plate.

arriage Encounter Group ^ns Rrst Session at JCC [OMAHA - JewMi Marrlar ibcounter, Inc., a group Miich emphaahat private JBommunlcatton between •Hrriage partnen to Improve Hbe reiatlMihip, wUl atage an (ptroductory lecture at the ftwMi Community Canier on lunday, April (, at 7:S0 p.m.

la not a lenaitivlty group, "there la no group diahigue or group dynamic* and It It not a retreat - either rdlgioua or toclal. Nciwdy txpoaet hit feelbigttoaay group."

! L•a<ll«i*^e''^•«*T*:" toDductary lecture will be Uioyd Perlman of Mintlla, Mbm., preiident of I Marriage Encounter of Inc., aeoordbiglo Bemie and Roey ieycra, program coor-

labbiaStmJOf ii^raSfried couplet to guide a wftekend lettlon to Omaha.


If tuffldent lotereat U ihown, the laid, the Mln-

Jewith Marriage Encounter, Inc., which It about three yean old, la an off-ahoot of Catholk: Marriage Encounter, Inc., "which it very itrong wortdwide," according toMnMeyert.

i Mn. Utytn lald a regular nation lint efferatlectufe on I parttodar tttbtect, then landB tlM couplea to private PLANfB) Iwomi to dlicutt their The Jewltb Natkmal Fund iMUnfi. SeMtoBt are utually recently completed the m weekendt ai a motel or planting of 8,000 treei near batel and require a minimum Patxa'd near the Jocdan K IS to 10 couplaa to be Valley, around YigaAl bconomlcaUy feailUe. TOmarfcto't monument to I- Mr*. Meyan tald the group aoldlen who Ml to tbit area.

Tiiaad«y, April 1 PASSOVER Wotetaday.Aprfll PA8S0VKR tkunday, Aprils Lett Day of PASSOVER rtfdBy,Aprfi4 BetbElU.S.Y.ConcUvethrougbthe«th SMMdvy, Aprils S:« p.m. - Felix PIMch Danoe Oonoeit - JOC todnf.^rflS 7 p.m. - KMTV vt JCC Blue Start - Baaketball'nMraeyJOC 7:30 p.m. — Holocauit Memorial Obaervanoe - Temple laraal Mondqr.Aprfl? 7:S0p.m. - Oerry MuUlfan <)uartet - JOC Iteater 7:S0p.m. - Inttltule o( Jewtih Stwtaa - JOC Tteadigr.AptlS U:SOp.m. - BethElSlttertioedlttg. U:SOp.m. - Temple Itrael SliteriMod Mtg. 7:J0p.m.-Orientation for PMeratlonBoard-JOC Wwtiiamy.Aprilt 9: SO a.m.-MlxracU Board mtg. CRT Regular meattag—TampialaraelBdofTrutteeamtg. 7:S0 p.m. - AOL Prialdent't CouneU mtg. - Ed Roeen Ikuntar.AnfgM •:SOa.m. - National OouncU of JewWi Women Bd. Mtg,

lS:SOp.ffl. - B'aal B'rito Montky regular mtg. ( • p.m. - B'nal B'rith Comhuaker (men) - JOC M««^r,ApriiU •p.m.-ORTDaoca-Saten'tiOld Market) iRBdiV.iliprilU •:S0 a.m. - Beth El Meo'a ClUb Breakfatt ttnple Itrael Men'a aub Breakfatt w-RabM •p.m.—Beth Itrael Annual Dinner Mtiidqr, April M •:« a.ra. - Hadaatah Board meettog - JOC U:« a.m. — Community Retotlont Committee mtg. 7:S0p.m.—Lmadenhip Training Semtoar—JOC 13 p.m. — Beth El SynaaDgne beard mtg. U:S0 p.ffl. - Nat'l CouncU of Jewtoh Women

Mg> UO iMnWVMN Ihaokt hit many friwidi and rttalWM (Of 1h*«r contributtoni in honor of hit «7lh birthday. Sptciol (honkt to Mollia Mnion ond tfi* tanlor CIt)»*n«gro«».



OHk»: S3S-30M


Ttaiadaor.AprtSI 13:30 p.m. - Beth ItraelSiatertioad B'nal Torah Pioneer Women regular mtg. WodMrtty, Aprils 13:30p.m. - HadaaaMi regular mtg. - JOC Sp.m. - (taiaha Optra - Oiphenm Meett« .'.AgffM U:30p.ffl. - B'nal B'rith Mooky board mtg. (wmen) Mnrdny.ApriiSB 3 pm. - Hadataah Onag Shabbat - Or. Sher Home •p-m.-Temple laraiiOouple'taub SMdagr.Apriii; t a.m. - Beth EI Men'a Chi> Buttotaa mtg. 3p.m.-Career Women of Hadaatah mtg. 7:30 p.m. - "DIaraell" Film - JOC Momlay, April 3S Beth El SItterhood Branch Conference thru the SOth 7:30 p.m. - Federathm Board mtg. - JOC 7:80p.m. - Yovng Leadership mtg. -JOC

Printed pretty... tha fofi oood (iMcof Amot Jartoy luilt taaturod In • I-piae* loclcat vMO. Shoft-^ultar aleavo iaekM and tiaevelaa* etty print drosf wrtth «vaiM •hapad OMV flow fUrt Sifai 11W IB 17H lor an^l* Junior* in navy imdli-|irlnl.


t wMi th» Nnbraaka Arta, Council mni Hi* NMIOMII thaArta....


Over Ser't - Gamea People Play - JCC MMkqr.AprflSl 3 p.m. - B'nal B'rith Oomfautker - Police and rtreman,HolMay UM - 72 and Crover 7:S0p.m. - "The PUth Honeman U Fear" Pllffl - JOC. ORT - (Women of Itrael to tpeak) Monday, April 31 7;S0p.m. - Leaderriilp Training Semtoar - JOC


Hit JmrMi CvlNral Arts Cowwl Off Tht JflwMi CoamHinity Canter «a^:'^


Memben Luncheon I p.m. — Ptoneer Women bd. mtg. 8p.m. — Omaha Symplyny — Orpheum Wedniad«y, April U 1 p.m. — Aquattct Swlmwear Faihlon Show ind Uincheoa -JOC 13:90 p.m. — MUtracbi regular mtg. Mizrachi Juntor League mtg. 7:30p.m. — Highland Country Club board mtg. 7:30 p.m. — Community-Wide Itrael Independence Dny Celebratian Ttaunday, April 17 Hadattah Special Intereit Group ( p.m. - B'nal b'rith Comhutker reg. mtg. (women) Priday.AprilU to a.m. — Inttltute on Judalam for Chrittiao Clergy — Temple BBYO Executive Weekend - Ottomwa. Iowa

Half-size fashion for the fuller figure... Women, Young JunbiB and Giris.


FraMflTB "An EvanIng Of Jewith Onnca^

With Mix Faitch" Sotordoy.AprlU

8:45 p.m.—JCC Th*at«r /Matt«r Clou Sunday, April 6 2:00 p.m.—JCC Done* Studio Admission Is fr*«, but rM«rvations or* r«qulrtd. Call 334^200 Tl^t pro|«cl It lo4nHy iupfortod liy o grant from th« Nobrotka AcW CouncU and Tti* NeMnot ifido««m«nlFor Tno Am In Wathinfton, D.C., o Fodorol Agoncy."

THMt EXTNA HOOM LOCATIONS. .. OMAHA—Weckbreek VWate Wie^ pto9 Cantor, tOSto and Cawier and vw PwtM Mofvi piMpplfif C#nlif 1 NWl MM rOfft. Iw North, SlOe "O" SL




des moiiiow IIOH^JN^ A^eetioi The Bureau and I: It's Driving Pius By AalUi MawMtwuiii Edttar*! Note: llil* U the MODodiiia lerleaof artidct wrlitMi by patroH of the Oct MoiOM JtwUtt oaamiunity't aguck* concerning tbetr DES MOINES - Car pools! Car pools! Car pools! For Hebrew school, for pre-scbool, for retreats, for rehearsals — it is constant driving. Given the word "Bureau" In a wordassociation test, my response would undoiibtedly be "car pool"! (What wUI happen to the Bureau when gas is rationed? > And yet, t>eneath this superficial cry of autoweariness, lies a deep feeling of respect and appreciation for the programs the Bureau of Jewish Educatioii has to offer my family The rewards have far out-welgiied any efforts I've put tortli. As a mother of two children enrolled In Hebrew school, another in Oneg Ivri and the fourth in pre-school, the programs and activities of the Bureau have been very much a part of my life the past few years and a frequent topic of thought and conversation. I would be less than candid if I said I have always been pleased with these programs, but today I can honestly say that I am tremendously impressed with the strides that have l}een made in bringing our children the sense of pride, the spirit and the Joy they feel in their Jewishness I can renesnber sitting througli levcnl Bureau boinl mwitlini a few y«an ago, while we diKWMed tt tagOi tbe goals and objedtw «c hoped to MUcve ttvoiigi the BureiQ pfo^ms Md the ^ladSc tjrpef of actiyttiea we •.would Uke to oltar our diUdrea la order to attata theee 0Mli. My personal reacUoo, and I believe that of several of my fellow board members, was that these goals were lofty and almoit.Utopian in nature, and probably would fall to the wayside because of inertia andor laclc of funds. Today, as I look at our award-winning, innovative Bureau of Jewish Education, most of these activHIea and goals are Meed a part of our program, and I ^iB daeply proud of our . achieveinentt. The Bureea presently offers a well-tYNinded program for children entering pre-school , through high school, inhtimUm. i" addition to the Ifradttlmai Hebrew. Bible and 'history daaiMt, an excellent langui^ labaratory, a retreat jftogrtm, an atandanoe of puide and dance, tbe Iden'lUicatian program, and much fmore. j 1 Have been asked a numter \tt times why I feel ray Ichlldren need such an intense Jewish education, and or not I think It wUI

.•q^j^M|Brai)niB (be

longnin. My answer is, that In my opinion, Jewish education is the key to the survival of Judaism in America, and in all df the Diaspora, where assimilation is an alternative. Jewish education, to be successful, must enoompaae a program much broader In scope than that of the traditional Talmud-Torah or Religious School. Jewish education, appropriate to the needs of our society today, must give our children a sense of twionging. a feeling of rootedness, and a love for the beauty of the tradition and the heritage from wtiich they stem. To me, this (eeUgg of prMe and seif-reipect Is a product of not only the InteUectual aapecti of oin- religkm, tbe moral vahMS, or the teachlagi of the vngbeu, but la also generated tiy an "enaotknal" aapact, perhaps typiflad by the iptm o( "petpMnod". And this spirit is becoming more and more apparent in our young people today Just watch them as they sing and dance, as they talk about projects and programs they are planning. They are full of enthusiasm!

Th0£niir9j0wUtOMnmunliYOf DnMoktmlar9qu9st9dtomttmKl

YOM HASHOAH YIZKOR Commemorating the Six MMUon of EuropeartJo¥aY Tho 32nd Annlvm-urf of tfmWertmM QltottoUprhlng,mtdoSonfhoof Concmn for WOTUJOWTY Todof, andtho DetOcation of tha Poimanant MamorU ifglii from Youi« cUkkw Miehrata IndepcndflBoe day at Buraau ichool under die guldanoe of lira. Barg.

As I listen to my preschooler and first-grader attempting Hebrew conversation, discussing holidays, and singing Hebrew songs, my feelings are reinforced that Jewish education cannot begin too early. They love being Jewish! Perhaps the question of prime significance to me is whether or not a manyfaceted, highquallty Jewish education, such as 1 feel my children are receiving now. l)oth at the Temple and the Bureau, will have any long-

range effect on the attitudes of our children when they become young adults and young parents with families of their own. Of course, one cannot project with any certainty. But I feel deeply that children who have enjoyed a satiafyliig. fulfilling Jewish CTpwiaMe themselves, beginning In early childhood, will be much more likely to transmit our heritage to the generations to come, so that Judaism nuy survive in America. I hope I'm right.

Borowftz Stresses Search for Jewish Values ByRoeeHoltaaa DES MOINES - The humorous and provocative Rabbi Eugene Borowltz spent what he described as an "tntene 4S hours" in Ues Moines last weekend. Rabbi Borowltz, professor of education and Jewish religious thought at Hebrew Union College and visiting profesaor for City College of New York and Princeton University, delivered four lectures at Temple B'nal Jeshurun, Tifereth Israel, Beth El Jacob and the concluding program at West Des Moines Royal Inn. By the end of the final "KaOali", Iha thitMds of thought from earlier pnaenUtions had baen tied together For many, tbe uKlmate effect o( tbe "Borowitz Experience" was a heightened sensitivity, a deepened introq>ectlon, and a greater self-awareness of the Jews we are and the Jews we have the potential to become. Rabbi Borowitz nee Weatam cutture aa a aerioua threat to our Judaism. We are Jewhh only bi so far at being Jeiwirii "flta iaio tbe American ayitem." The loeMy «• 4qtanil ivon provtdH a "tMpcnurket of Ulaaijlai," but does not Inpiant the vataiea, doaa not generate tbe "Idod of humanity" our JewM tradtthm dictates we eultlvttc. We are "overcultured" and "undervalued" and in culture there is little virtue Because Western society lacks the necessary humanizing elements, we must reaffirm our Judaism, we must seek our roots, and determine where we stand and what we believe If we are to survive as Jews; If we are to survive at all. Our Jewish ethnicity or, as Rabbi Borowiti (oodiy calU "our Yiddlshkelt," Is "wonderful." Baking challah and building sukkot Is part of our cultural "folk" heriUge. Through our ethnicity, we are socialized and values are transmitted, but "the ethnic" U not enough. We must probe for the religious, tdr a "deeper Inner level of belief." The "Oeath-of-God" movement popularized in the late sixties had its origin In the unexplainable tragedy of the Holocaust A Jewish nttettii^un was revealed. Ihci

God was brought Into tbe limelight. Without a God. however, there was no explanation for the good in the world, no accounting lor man's moral sense of right and wrong. Rabbi Borowitz implored each one of us to appreciate minute by minute the good in our lives. If we view life as essentially good, ttie evil can be accepted though we do not understand Its purpose. "MasiertBg tbe art o( prayar is ooe of the fTMlcat teaU of JawWi belief oeKt to raaotviiv the pfvbtan of to Wbon ilM prayen are ad* drassad," said lUM Bovwlts. Iha dUOoitty la (onmilatlng a God ooocept. In coping with the alwtraet inUiflwitial bnage vtraes tbe fii«tMin[«if^ypftlf hi^ily pcnonaUied oonoepikm God, was ravaoM aa a pmblam experleooad Iqr aevtral hidhrkhiaJa. Rabbi Borowitz suggested a fuskn of mind and heart In dealing with our understanding of God, iMt emphasized that tite reality of wtiat God may be is not as important for us as our awareness of God's role as a standard of human value and our Faith in His concern with human life Here Rabbi Horowitz's digression into the Jewish concept oilove was made applicable. The marriage and bonds of km twtween a man a woman should serve as a model for the Martin Buber "I-Thou" relatkmship t>e(ween mankind aari God. "We are lacing," said Rabbi Borowitz, "a new pre-Hallachic time." Our Jewish way of life must be built to respond to contemporary conditions. Our personal and communal Judaism, our history and our ethnicity, must \x intimately bound with a spiritual, religious element, with the perception of God's pretence. Our JewithnoMi must be more than a marginal extra, a mask assumed and removed at will. We must u indtvkkials fbid a way to be a "Jew and person all at once," to integrate our Jewishness with our "self." Rabbi Borowitz't visit was mode poaoible through the eflorU of Stanley Issacton, chalman of the Adult Educatkm Coromlllee of the Federation, with the jobit cooperatkM of the Bureau of Jewish Education, the Jewish tbe.aynagiiiwa and Des

YadVasham —Jarusalam Sunday, April 8,3MP.M.

at EaittB Jacob Synagogua SponaormdbY: JmnriahCuhunOub 7b» 4 SynagcMiMt Comntlt90 of Coneam for World JtM/ry ofthm §•• lit* fa iatatfMi • ITmtimm-mtlnm^

ntfroBnmtntt iMm bo 90rvtA

Marshal/town to Host Women's Campaign DES MOINES-On Monday. April 7. the workers for the Women's Campaign will be

contbwing Nayladi L'cbaim V'sholem (moving toward life and peace) Buses will leave from Tifereth Israel Synagogue tor Marsnauunni at 8:45 a.m. and return about 4.45 p.m. Mrs. Ben Schwartz (Alice Ann) wUI be the hostess In Marahalltown. The day promltet to be a unique experience, a leroinar with exciting programing, a spokesman commented. There will be four minilecturet: Israel-Its Expense Account; Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism; Jewish Des DBS MOMBS^"!. StoM Bta*,> Moines Today and Tomorrow; have bees ^wotrted bjr the Soviet Jewry; Where Do Wa chatnMM «f UN ludgM Oo» Go From Here. mitto* to mska allocatloa There will also be s abort dramatic presentation and workers wUi participate in AptU U. Ihli Mpl simulating roles and reacte< tions. (Mchidhw UM IUA) Anyone desiring to help In the Campaign and Join in this "moving" experience may .IvlObe call June Daniels (2S6-SSSI) or araflaMt at nooa OB AprU I. at Itat Evelyn MIntier (»»-1243). HtdsrshoB oOlet lo biar aay Workers' cards wilt be yon bave banded out at the end of tbe can hi advaoet to that a s«wkm. There will be an tiam <st can be rwarred kt yen optk.nal charge of f3 for OB llw agMda. Vow aeWstaoee h reglstrathm lo help defray the hdpiag flOOU ttato maadal* it cost of th^ box lunch and materials uted.


Moines Rabbinate and other agencies whose personnel are involved In coordinating the adult educatkm efforU for the loUl community. By contacthig Stanley Issaeion, one may be able to obUIn 'The Mask Jews Wear" or other books by Rabbi BorowKz. In addition, subscrlptkms lo "Sh'ma," a Journal of Jewish responsibility created and edited by Rabbi Borowlli, are available The Rabbi U most Intemted In learning of reactkmt to hto

('"••"''''Bn^jfgtlffigMOBagBd to roapMd.




Shapto Gives Workers DiBCOvetyAndDtecthn

I- WtthdwinUa \ In fetin* Md t lileadly mUe invmy taautb • briitling, «hUt motiiticht, Manhelin Sht|>lro, MclologW, educator, ind tndepcndntt imup dynamici coniultant, led a vrartar'i trabitol macUnf lor campaign leadenhlp at the home of Marvin ind Rowlce PomeranU oa Mardi 23 Clow to (0 pemm attendad. Shapiro began bjr padng two quetlloni to the eaaipaign leaden: "Why are you hera?" and "Where are you going?" •- Bwnre'i method, at he exiMoad, igOowi the advice of Cart ButKi, wtwouw aatd: "Hicnare

no given aiawara, oaly iHmwirBrt

(DesMoines Catenitar]

Stapl'v IwndMd llw pwp Mo an active "give-aiKl-takc" aecueatai melon which He advlaed he conducted with

S:tl p.m. - Jewldi Lite Ptsnnhig Committee at Smitb-VoorheesJensen Aaaoctatea

In grappling with the aeemhigly obvloua queitlon of «>hy did the campaign wortar voMniaer, many vuyint tftukm ««« ritared. Some atld the "tiedakah", u i part of their JcwWi heritage, inOueooed them i the eynrtval o(

««rM J««n Ibraugh the •fbrai'K As *M

Sunday, March SB >:» p.m. - Jewish Ufe Center Planning atJSmltb-VoorlieeaJenaen Asaociatea CvsalBg-OitTDsy

Maaday.Marehn T:>lp.s».-JW Board oliIovefnoTS at Templs •• '

OrNV kdMicfim llsUkeafiaitlfaMMai

sn If tto

.IhspiaatdhsaBd IHa Wmmi afwry


'Spectacular' Passover Interfaith Oratorio Bf BottBoltaM DBS MOINBS-On Sunday «v«aliig, March a, ttw walli oCriferetli Urad SymgogiM •cvarberatcd with the onilUnt aoanda o( UM COOB' Mned adult anl7«Mlti duin ot TUerath Itrad Syna(ii(ue uxl St. Paul's Elpisoapal ChuralL Tliey wvre accampaBlad by the pieasinc stralm of n-{i4ecc orcbastral enscmMe compoied of profeisional mgsldans In a Joint Interfaith Passover oivlorlo entitled "Haggadab-A Search for EUot Bndy, presldeot of TUereth Israel, welconned eveiyooe and e*piessed Us deep satlalsctlan with the 9lrlt of coaperstlon which made the shared miKlcal venture passible. Rabbi Barry Cylren provlQso tao teirodBctofy t^wniftwilsiy diBcrfetaf the syinbailf tanportapsa ol the vartsui RSBM on tos plats wbOsai osar a tiMs In a» Moler ol Maab, diaplayad the Passovar ayaaboisiaralltosee. Tlw adult choirs occupied the entire front stage Beneath tbem was the orche«trs followed, in the front rows, t>y the combtoad youth choln whose beads were graced with shiny, while "keepote." The oratorio began with all the vibrancy and flourish of

MOVING The Welner Library of London, the world's leading research center In fatdnn and anti-Semitism in the IKh and 30th centuries, Is to be transferred to Tel Aviv University In mld-19eo.

SNUKERT'S KOSHER MUn »l4nlsa,0Mba, (4«)SS»44«S W« con Mrvic* D«» Moines and all oth«r cities in Iowa.

Oecfl B. picture

DeMille's moUoa '"Hie Ten CornPaul Dieke, conductor for both adult choirs, fla;d)ed hii baton and commanded forth the loVlrini words and musie, sounds of sbeerroapiifloeiioe. In a dear and powerful votoe. Cantor Ptncfaaa Spiro, as leader-soloist, movingly portrayed the story of Passover and the quest fbr freedom whidi has been a major theme of Jewish existence, of human exMeoce, for thousand of years. The program featured a narrative by SI. Paul's Revcraid WUllam U Jacobs, Intaraparsed with mighty bunrta of song. Another wellknown Passover favorite, the "AHBA AH VAMM*', or "Pour Different Sons," was especially interesting because the music reOactad the personalities of the aoaa with a discordant, turbulent accompanlnnent for the question of the Contrary son snd a light-hearted, breezy tune for the Inquiries of the Simple son. A modern version of "Oayenu" focused on problems of pollution, war, and starvation. A favorite of many was the whimsical "I Once Had A Bird," which was sung by the youth choirs and which wss similar in arrangement to the familiar Passover melody, "HadOadYah". The oratorio, with text adaptation by Harold Lemer and music 1^ Morton Gold, ended beaeediing Ood with the fervent hope that "next year as we tell the story our search tor (resdom will be ended snd sll Clod's cfalldnn wiUbefree." The performance earned a standing ovation. JDCOrrSMILK The Swiss Government contributed 145,500 pounds ol powdered milk to the Joint Distribution Committee during IVM.

Hill Hne of dlKuaaloa caueed fome to coniider whether "traunuUlc" condttleas, an* aa lariel faces today, are sssaassry to ^tart Jewi taia actioa. A lew queetloaa were raised concerning the Holocaual and the acliviUea of American Jewi during that period. ReacUoM hi napenae to campaign giving were aired by leveral Individual!. One penon felt Uwt he mutt (acrlflce lili financial resource* to rndntaln hli ilncerlty as a Jew and aa a hunuui being but, more importantly, luch "tacrlflce" would be far outweighed by the benefit to die Jewiifa community at a whole and would caniniwte to hli personally acquiring more humaolitlc understanding and valuei. "Oividg" waa analyied by another individual ae a psyehotoglcal necettily and perhaps one of the only re^istic options avsllable to ui In helping our ieiiow Jews. One campaign worker compered Uie Jewish community to family. "Jud aaone would be willing to hdp one's own lamlly, lo, too, are Jewt compelled to help each oOw." After U* IsMlal dItcuaMoa, Shapiro divided Ihaee prssanl Into small groups lor . several "bralnstomilng" aeielone. During their rint njch "experience", Shapiro aalud that each group arrive at S hit describing aU Uw ways Jews defflonstrat* Uielr Jewlataees. FoUowing 1 general diacusaion of the wayi Jewi "live ttmtr Judaism", the group* formed again 10 decide ifion three thinp a penon muM do to be JewKh

y.Aptui IpA.-Beth El JacobSynagDgue Board Dteetlng rridsgp.Aftllt BarMttsvsh - David Swartz at Tnnple B'oal Jerabunm

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Tills task proved mat* dUOeuit. 0ns tDdhrtdual ootad ki analysing tttia euRlsa that Otar* was a deflnlt* saparitloa betwsaa •thaologkil" prsctka sad activity ss s nault of the ethels ef Wartsn oMure ki niSkk« ss thtak of Judalsn hi lama ef a "nllglen". "What li oeeesaary," said "k a r>4niarsileo of divliknt, s euBUilattve appfsach OMl wUt aneempass dM tefaHlirafJiwkisiiss " At the conchakin of this phase of activity moet cane to discover, as Shapiro had Intended, that, ultimately, everyone has their own particular brand of Jewlshncsa, their awn unique Mend of Ideas and practlcet that makes their Judaism different from that of anyone else Having reached thla point. Uie •nuU and bolU" of aottcitaUon, motivation, and approsch were

USOA iMHctaJ itttbHib«MtN».2317 Coll collact. (402) SM-S40} Wa ship by lew* parcel — dellwary mede te yeur 4eer.

I vitb evaryoas apsratlag wttb a riiaipeoed awameas «f tha diversity of the Jewisti community and a deepened understanding of the true feelings snd opinions of their fellow campaign wotiwn and of the direction and outlook in which to proceed.


TUBsday, April 1 Itis.BL- BethBlJacobSistertioodBoardmeetmg UsSlpjn. - Eleanor Rooaevdt Hadasaab meeting!

Smoshinp Seporofas craof a your own lookl 100% pofyesfars... 100% frfocefofes and acmtat* and polyaslar blends — SIZES 8 lo It

Richman Gordman

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Des Moines hk^penings lORTDay - 'AStudy in Contratts'

OMAHA - The emphasis in Jewish educatkm today should be placed upon Jewish religiaus values rather than on linguistics or hunigraikm to Israel, a noted educator told a Urge group of Omaha and Lincoln teachers and school administrators March 10.

. ORtl>«y U7SwUlbeliddatTeiii|)i«B' [•unday March 30. The theme of this year's ORT Day ts "A Study jfln Ontraite." While nnea and boys model clothe* (ram ^Badowen, Jean Juactlon. and The Loft, ORT will preient a |atudy of ORT and ORTi itudents. There wUI be a program of Jewish music presentady Avraham Sternlicht, Sue Roemer and David Shneyer. : ORT Day 197S is a program for the wiMie family and the enKre • eommuni^ ts Invited.

; JF8 Famly Uf• EnciichnMnt Jewish Family Services of Des HolBMlspleMed to announce . a new program entitled Family Life garlcfcownt. EnroUment ts limited to 20 coupks for the six IIMIMI ooone. The topics , oommunicatiom, wiUbel f-coveredin ' lexuallty, reialiam. nuuriage andpanodngand family. ^ The series win bq(A April 14 and wnhnMriOr six coiaecuUve [Monday evenings from 7:S0p.m to 10p.m. in the party room at 9000 Grand. For registration «r further information, please contact Doratby BuckiiMum at 701 Stth, De* Motaea - 174-am.

BmOrand, Wt,HB«(Mr. and Mra. Barry Oroad, balpa 0|iiiir Pnaak, m of Or. and Un. YadM Pruaak, frt raady fw ORTDay l«». IVT are modaltac clothea from Jaap JMataai

Board of Govwnors Meeting The upcoming Federation Board meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 31, at the Temple B'nai JesburuD. Featured at tlw meeting, in addlUan to the usual D'var Torafa, vill be a campaign report with recommended jcampaign goal by Mn. Roaelind Rabinowltz. The appointment of an Insurance Endowment 'Committee chairman will be announced. A recommcndatioo by the Budget Committee to hire Herman Rubin as executive director of the JeihA Conmunity Center will be coo-

ik. Sl9g€lBnpha$lx99iyUizvotln Omaha

siderad. Tba aciney review will explore the interactiaB across agndes and talce a look at the progress of the college program. Tim Urban will present a Jewish Life Center Progress Report. The treasurer's report and Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds quarterly report and any additional announcenents will also be beard and discussed. Plan to attend I

"We are educating our youngsters for life in the United SUtes where Jewish values and Ideals are of primary importance," said Dr. Morton Slegd, executive director of the United Synagogue of America. Dr. Siegel addreeaed 40 teachers and administrators from Omaha's three synagogue schools, the Jewish Day School and Tifereth Israel Synagogue In Lincoln at a seminar on religious education held at ttie Jewish Community Center. He pointed out Uiat one of the unfortunate by-products of the public school was the segregation of religion and life

Fslvengen Fiddtoft Fanily Conceit Don't miss the opportunity to hear and enjoy the Fabrangen Fiddlers in concert at the Jewish Community Center on Saturday, M«rGfa29, 8.30 p.m. TiciuHs are t2 for adults

and |l for children. "Their 'Jewish Bhiegrass' sound Is both a shock and a delight." Call the JCC for information (2743467).

into two distinct categories. Dr. Siegel contrasted He atresaad that, for the Jew, Judaism with other popular reUglonlalUe. notions. He rejects, for Dr. Sicgel's diief topic was example, the notion "I won't the importance of leaching do It unless I understand it," mlUvot and he made pointing out that children are reference to the listing of the often told to do things even 613 commandments by though they do not fully Maimonldes. He noted the comprehend why they have to interrelation of the material do them. He also rejected the and the Ideal in Jewish notkm "I won't do It unless I ttMught, citing, (or example, see Immediate results." that (or every "moral comIn other words, he said, mandment" there Is a "ritual Judaism Is not magic. For extension" and that for every 'eicani|>le, banging a mezzuzah "ritual commandment" there from the rearvlew mirror of a is a' 'moral extcnskm." car will not protect a Jewish With thU tormulatkx). Dr. driver from accidents—only Siegel gave 24 positive mitz- hte good driving will do that. The teacher seminar was vot, , discussing t>oth extensions In each com- sponsored by the Department of JewMi Kdueation of the mandment. He also contrasted Jewish Omaha Federation In and Christian attitudes, cooperation with Beth El Synagogue. saying be felt Judaism emphasizes "works, not faith, "— It is much more important, for example, that a Jew do the right thing than how he feds about doing it. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hagier, Jr. of Rock Springs, Wy. announce the birth, March 8, o( a daughter, C|ni Beth. ^ r Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hagier, Sr., Rock Springs, Wy. and Mr. and Mrs. Stan Feltman o( Omaha. Great grandmother is Mrs. Rachel Swartz of Omaha.



JCC Day Camp Seeking Staff

Message From The Rabbi

A Weekday Bar Mitzvah By Rabbi MairiiaUBati tinue his education. After all, urgent." Beth Ea Jacob Synagofue the basic purpose of education He used to say, "It is not According to Jewish L^w, a is self-discipline. The more Incumbent upon you to young man becomes Bar one learns, the more one complete the work, but neither Mitzvah at age 13, and a young realizes how little he knows of are you free to abstain from it. lady tiecomes Bat Mitzvah at the Infinite Wisdom. If you have learned much age 12. Tlwy t>ecome obligated Rabbi Tarfon used to say, Torah, abundant reward will to fulfill the Commandments "the day is short, the work l>e given you, for the Master of when they reach their great, the laborers are lazy, your work is trustworthy to respective "majority." The the reward is abundant, and pay you the reward for your ceremony only indicates that the Master of the house is labor " .which has already happened, automatically. This month, David Carson l^ame Bar Mitzvah. To ^mark the occasion, he was 'ealled to the Torah on^ a Monday morning, which coincided with his Hebrew birthday. He put on his tafUn ,and pronounced the beraclMa i over the Torah, which is read [during the morning service. iAfter the shachrts Service, ^tbere was an informal breakIfait for those who could stay. Tberc are a number o( •dvantagit ID bavli« tUs Mad ft Bar Mitzvah oerRnony. In Ipiiwirr, we lean the true .aieaiiing of Bar MItivah, M aa !«bligatlon to observe the ^ominandmtnts. A Saturday :affair causes many to ^tfaaacrate the Sbabbos, iu&tmrtmOf. Then, on a weekday, there is no preaww StifNmiheyouDgmaotopMt afoodAow. I Usually, upon compietkiii, Ihe obaervance marks the end itJewItt education. When one ieoomea Bar Mitzvah on a inttrior dtsigncrfc pwekday. be realizes that It U poly a beginning, a time femunencement. We hope that Ihe litUe 10MiiC«ilar Roddmek'vNtofl* M1-1SM ^mlng will Inspire the young MwDlo have a dealre to con-

One Year in Jail NEW YORK - Jewish Deftaae League founder RabM Meir Kabaoe was ordered Feb. X to begin serving a one-year JaU term on March 16 after his cenvictlan In federal court (or vtolating a itTi probation which barred him (ram having anything to do with guna, bombs or other weapons. Kahane had pied piUty. The rabbi wu granted a three-week extenakn by Federal Judge Jack Weinalala to aUow him to OnWi a four^tate college lecture tour. Here Rabbi Kahane Is carried by supparten from a Brooklyn, N.Y.. court after aantwiring. Plana to appeal the atntancing were dropped.

OMAHA - Camp Funsbine, the Jewish Community Center's pre-school Day Camp, Is now Interviewing (or summer staff. Positions are available to high school and college students and protesslonals. Interested persons are asked to call Robyn at Children's Department for an interview. Interviews will be by appointment only. JUDGE CITED Judge Irving Hill of Los Angeles has been cited by Aleph Zadik Aleph as iU distinguished alumnus for 1>7S.




interior deeign ft acceteorice

"OGOfN fOSL SHOW" Tueedoy tliru SuiKloy


Rntiillaekin FrederlcicM.Ncwby


OfMIASmfUNDAY ••ndiMProm 12 Noon ChlMron wndar 1 a - fwiny n tawirf

TV 700S0UTH 72nd St. iV


Mvch 28,1976

Cincinnati Archbishop Sees Israellnclusion ,

CINCINNATI, Ohio - The bewl of the NaUooal Conferencc o( Catholic Bidwpt predicted that the VaUcan ' would tnchKte the quertton d lUraai aa part of Its MW dialogue wMb the Jewlah 'oofflinunlty. "Ai CathoUcf lean) by what f«aMntlal traits Jews deflne TtbeoMlvea In light of their ;ieUglous (opeiience, one of •4he«e traiu will be an unitfienitMding dt the Ibik betMraen tlie peo|>le and the land," 'explained Joacph U Bertairdltt, ArGtaUabap of the elMMn CflMIc AididlooaM 41 andanaU and prealdgat of ;>|he NMtBti Confirance of M^thoHe B^dMpi and Untt«l itUlea CKfatflc Coai««iice. r ARhhWapBernardlniaid, ''*•{ Mly ewect the VatKMm

ConunlaaloR to addnaa Itidf to this particular queaton. I think that this wUI be one of the topics of the onaoing dialocue In the future." The Catholic leader's ramarka were made as partof a ipKlal taieviiian program dlicusalng the establiilunent Ml the newly created Vatican Commission on Religious Relations with the Jews broadcast reoeoUy In ClndnnaU WHk Dr. Alfred Gottschalk, presMant of Hebrew Union CoUege-Jewlth IniUtute of iteHglon, which .nwlntalna canpuies in Cincinnati, New York, Liw Angelea, and Jerusalera; add the station's Astoclale News Director, "Fom Atkins, ais'aie moderator. . Rabbi Gotlschaik, who beads Reform Judaism's institution of higher lea^il^•, stressed that an "ur^eat nwd exists for our Catbelic brethren to contnmt'the reality of Israel theolflgjically and to undenrtand Its real meaning to Jews all over'tte world."

Jewish Patriots AraHighHghtMJ •II II r



PWn»»»Mnf«o«<«ll«H«]i » ' '

••*• 01 Iwni


M«na-«v «a>njs •Nitt, liiOliwNt

KWiiinn III III M ini . HM ••> tMM an •«• MM| • IKMI« W MMnfl •••»>« BMn MOM K «•»«. Mpo MWT'I M oo>v<«ik<* NM « IM «<«ko iMiakiM bib*>».»« M Dl^C*'*' III *in »,» NpH Ctorr MMftf ootf^aiiiVlli^^^OpWW

•.j«i M laJtCaaMiMroiiirliMioao*

•m oM. OMn «4wM oii»«i '•«

kM* or ata«M«M MMI* t* <Jio>. Mk. k« *»»*•, ImMl M>V o( ir«|i«Olo<0>

B^snajn "*" '** '*"*^ '"'* pr MUMS «IfMM. iwiw oitf Tto <M« Dk •( Ima'aoM ««•> IWo io«* !'»»»»'

PmiMJSv W «•>• MWMi wdH IPMMK. IOM W S.

Ml Winn »•>• fai-

w M aoae rap* NkMuH. « «pliiiHi(niittoH«». (MM W *MM KonK liOK W «w »r k taai WMit an a< < m moo wx* tT fan romtt utw* w-fin UM V N T. M)>|. fM i*aou>a •< a W» Mr » MM Miif ttm tmmtn iw MM» a«

These and many Mir qgeatlnna are answered In •coounts featured in the new booklet "Hbaering I77B And Famous Jews In American I^iilocy" puMlabad in <»mraeroocatloa of the Bioeoiflnnlal Year. The ti^ok Is available at SO cents per copy frWB J«wl* Patriots, Boot 44H Grand Central Station, NY., N.Y. 10017.


OffffMWl COTiptrs

|k|-«'(A|MtlMt« W*«i £«•*»*-I'M • •»< aoki Ml ort |I00 will «t OM Av «o •<• lUPNIItMa.tMMIrMOMM' IM *•. i>ll>lilil >• • •*• >">»» •«

Mw I lOtOMBW W>W Hm «>•* IM by I IR Kn%


K lltMt A OMrtkMlioofMMffiC iMOf OOT |M0| *0*a» MaM W^ •• naOHr W«

•>!• iri 11

NEW YORK-Who was the first Jewish patriot killed In tiw Warof Ifldependence? "WiUnut Us aid tbey could wt !)•*« carried on the <R«vaMiiNUuy) cause." What V^ prMUM said this jboot Mat v«rt J«arMi Anwlcan? Andwtu^ Jawlsii comaaader l«d-«fc»-1i|wi<nry J««ish Ugltft"T''IVkom di4'U>e BrttMh' cay a "very gn«t

' |—- mat

M I7»p*»«>llllll, MMrtr Ma km kr WaaoiMiiuiiaii «na M IOM i

•i>4«« 0aaaaMi.iiHVM n*n

OMAHA - llvoMBh the o6opanii»e aflort* of Caagp BitlierIC Newnun and the Jewish Family Service, yeungit^s who night ottwrwisA be unable b> attend camp can receive partial or total assistance with the camp toe. In addltkn, families fladlng tt dlflteult to pay the total fee prior to camp can arraoge {layment schedules, Tboae wishing a coofidenllal Interview should contact eittwr Pearl Yager, director of Jewlah Family Service or Bob Utvak, camp director, at SSf

Jewish Quiz Box By RabU Or. Samual J. Vte QUESTION: Why Is a Jew lOiMdden to have oiy leavealng or toavenlng products In his home during Pasaover week? Omaha's Jewish teenagers have demonstrated that they IsBves or broaden our ANSWER: The Bible (Exodus 12:17) expressly forbids this. can belong to organizations, to riiouidirB and (aoa thMB haadSome commentaries indicate that this represents the wit: OB., Exodus from Egypt in the sense that the Jews left In such a Seventy-two percent of you Sometime alter April 1, hurry they coidd not wait (or the dough In their bread to be sue members of one or more of letters will go to Jewish youth leavened Others claim that one might be tempted to eat iw community's Jewish youth oiiganizatlona and Center leavening 01* leavened products If tliey were to be found In jroups. Sixty-five percent of members asking for volunthe home. you belong to the Jewish teers (or a special "combi addition, leavening has been considered syml^ic of Community Center. munity aelf-stsdy panel". uideab-abie traits. Some say that it represents a sense at The questions Is — how ffi Vke to hear from you pride and hau^tioess because It makes the dough 1^ ai^ involved, bow active, how 'bsnire then, eitlwr for further inOates It to a larger SIM than it really Is. During Paisover, "militant" -^ in the dictionary Uilstmiition iirio tell me your a Jew should be bumble enough to remember thathis anMnse of "aj^ressive In (be latarest bi par^dpatlng In this I ceatorg weryoMW slaves In Egypt. service o( aqni^ (worthwhile). pj<^. The task won't be cause" —sreyju. e«y — much oonutUtment Ottiers say Uiat tiK leavening has a souring eUft^ aiMl, On a scale of one to ip, tififi: ;Ui|U>e oeeiM. 1WU you help? thus, represmts a sense of antagonism and revenge.'Jewish do you rater yourfelf as a ,1ByHAHBB6 ; memories of the enslavement In Egypt are ifot sqiposed to member of BBYO, SVC, TVG. • im Sunday, Hevrah BBG bring about a feeling o( desire .for revenge. His Jew Is USY, and i)s a Jew in 'Men an ISF Bowling Party supposed to bS thankful (or the Alml^ity's interv^Ubn and general? Do "you actiYeiy 'tt-lfi* Ranch Bowl and raised should not a^ to oppress others because o( His own history support and belteve la the ».|or BBYO'B IntemaUonal of oppresd^', There are some who claim that leavening Ideals and poifMes of your teylce Fund Hevrah thanks represents mim judgment and a Jew understands that organlzatlon(li)?. Are you those few wtw supported this Judgment must be tempered with nercy. putting as BMUb krto them as pebgram, mainly AZA No. 100. you're getting out? it Is through ISF that How deyonr vevpa raleY national BBYO flnances its Do yw toll |tad ataot ikeai excellent Summer Leadership Training program (Kallah and an yeuimiiAOeMiMg? How tavoiyad an you to JdC .aiMl ILTC) and its outstanding larwl Summer Institute, both You're aware that the of wtilcfa have been wellattended by Omaha and Center Is one of the Omaha Federation agencies that Combeit BBYOen in the past. n9thoiidPocific l,ast Saturday evening, the benefits from ytNir pledge to Ntw Boardwalk Eott Philanthropies and you're also glrU held a movie party (Or 934^200 thehtaelves and ate planning aware that Israel depend* another such party for m>on you fior Its very Saturday evening, April 5, in existence. IV* tpie that today lUh*ooqJuncQon with AZA No. 100. not all of us oaa 0ve as tauati as we want — but the success -i-X. of our campaign, of ceurw, Jdepeida en everyone giving something, out how much Just -oneglves. JininMdlat*!^! But even ao, aren't there other ways you can contribute to your Jewish community to mske It more united, stranger, better able to serve '•I the needs of all lU peo|rie? Commission Roto ComporiaoiM* How caught up are you In.the Shores NYSE First OiKoho Percent Price whole essence ol beinf Per Conimlssion Securities Par. Sovingsfrom Jewlah . And tew many of %' Ordw Commlssioo Shore Kate NYSerote your friends can you Identliy ^ 100 J25 $40.95 $25 48% ai being real Itoders within 100 30 2S 53.9P 53% |he entire Jewish oommunlty 100 25 60 80.73 69% — local, nationa] and In200 40 90 I3U5 61% tenatkMuir 200 50 50 154.00 67% I've asked ^many of these 300 75 242.49 60 69% queatkms betore, I reaUxe 500 125 75 399.92 68% that. I've alaoaought feedback from my readm and also Our reducMJ rotws apply to all NYSE • ASE stocks troded off the exchange in volunteers to study these what it known os the nilrd Morlwl. qufstloos. Always It's the And they apply to oil unlisted tocuritles troded in the Over-The<ounter Moiket. same few who oooie forward for such a study - one that You save mbstanijolly on dl 6f these trades. can help them understand We have no costly overhead to M<ppori. So, if you ore cost oonicious, you should wtiere tliey're at, where the be doing binlnoss with ut. For our tree brochure On our commiulon rotes coll teen community la relative to us at (4M) 34S-7000 or All In «sd moil HM ceupoM bolew. these vital Issues. * Ol tronMcttoni umiar tl.OOO and ovar 1300.000, li«(d ctiorgM by mo^ot aiichangM hav« b««n i Ve can aUtair riavg oir. •limlnalcd. andlt«»co<ninlMk>n ro(*in«y vory wl>hditt«r«nt iKolicrag* llrim.




NSwzMorncc The ZkMist Organization of America has opened the Washington office of Its National Public Affairs Dflpaitment..




•• I I I

I nretOmolMiSacurlttatCarB.

I 1*11 NmMi S Omaha. Nabrwlia Mim

Colege Students: OTV


Th» J«wW) PiKW

I (402)345-7000 I l^leote tend your free brochure.

Uom AAore About Brandels leom More About Camp MMt With Alumni 3PJM.Sundoy,March30

I Nome I Address




Eunice Oenenberg

I Slate

667 Dillon Drive

SE2 ..r-' «i!'


,.;'•'>'f,^ ••-•••-» *^« •• » i,-.; •.••fir

T •.)' ; '

W.,ll^k -


r.^ (...





Itarcha, 197S

SELF-DEFENSE CLASBFMt WOMEN TO BEGIN The technlqiies o< tdl-delense for women, a (our-week course designed to teach the proper methods or defending against would-tie muggers, rapists and others, will be offered by the Jewish Community Center Health and Physical Education Department beginning Monday. April 7 from 7:30 to8;30p.m Program instructor Is Dennis Lewis, who holds a Black Belt ID karate but who emphasizes, "This Is not karate and not judo and you don't have to be tall or strong." The course Is open to women 17 years o( age and older. Course fee Is S8. To re^er, call JoAnn Dye. 3344300. Ext 21 . YOGA CLASSES FOR KEN AND WOMEN Yoga, the oldest form of exercise to stress relaxing, will be taught Wednesdays from-7:30-8:30 p.m. in the Dance Studio, beginning April 9. Under direction of Judy Vann. the five onehour sessions %re opep ta all Center members. Fee is 17.30 per person. Register by cUlIng JoAnn, 334-4200. CENTER MEMBB|(£'-BB A BLUE-STAR B006TERI Help send our ^ i^ue-Star basketball team to the national tournament In New.Yor^ April 11-13 by buying raffle tickets from the playei^, their parents. Center helath committee members and staff.* For a $10 ticket, yaii'can win a year's hustwnd-wlfe memtiershlp In the JCC ifealth Hub For a t1 ticket, there's a cok>r televlslon prize. The drawing will be held prior to the KMTV All-Stars vs JOC Blue-Stars basketball game at the J. 7 p.m. Sunday, April 6. The game Is free.

FITNESS FOR PREflCBOCMJatS Our physical education' programs for youngsters ages 6 ' months through 5 years has met with much success and enthusiasm. The programs are based on sound principles of • normal motor aadperceptual development. Our newly developed Mother-Infant Gym has each mother attending class wiQi her infant or toddler and guiding the child with staff assistance. Basic techniques of language and general devekjpmental stlnudatioo are presented.


For our 2 4-lhrMig^v4^ear-olds, we emphasize how to function In a group ^situation, listening to directions, coordination and peroepttQl learning experiences. Through the use of special equipment and apparatus, we try to provide help wllb large motor skiHe,' fine motor skills, perceptual learning and general language stimulation..

4. If repeated Infractions occur, the diild will be suspended from the track. TENNIS OOURTB TO (»>EN MmOAY, APRIL 7 Our JCC tennis courts will open for the 1975 season on Monday, April 7, at 6:30 a.m., according to David Meyers, Tennis committee chairman. TMiiiOoiirtHaura Sunday througbTbutwIay 6:30 a.m. to9p.m Friday 6:30a.m toSp.m Saturday 1 p.m. toSp.m Sunday (p.m. to9p.m. RaasrvaHew The AUiletlc Department's basketroom attendant makes reservations for JCC members Call 334-8200 at 10 am Sunday through Friday and at 2 p.m. on Saturdays to reserve a court for that specific day or 48 hours in advance. Calls for court reservations will be accepted only after 10 a.m. A complete schedule and full details wUl be published soon about our spring and summer tennis program. For further Information, call the Athletic Office. 334-8200, Ext 21. Tennis Court Rules and RegulatkMs 1. Smooth-soled tennis shoes and proper tennis attire are required. Men and boys must wear shirts at all times. 2. Reservations are required from 6:30 a.m. till dusk and can be made 48 hours In advance. Cancellations should he made as soon as possible. 3. AD players must sign In at the basketroom desk to receive a court number and permit. Exception: courts reserved from 6:30a.m.to9a.m.wlllbepostedonthetennlscourt. . 4. Courts are dosed from 5 p.m. Friday to I p.m. Saturday 5. If a reserved court is not occupied 10 minutes after the reserved hour, it is open for general use and will be reassigned by the tennis attendant. 6. Players are to discontinue play at the end of thelr reserved time. 7. C^Nirt reservations and playing times are limited to one hour duration for singles or Vj hours for doubles, per person, per day. 8. No candy, food or beverages or smoking on the courts. 9. Players only are allowed on lite courts. 10. Guests must be accompanied by a member. No local guests permitted on weekends. Three visits maximum per Individual guest. 11. Guest fee is $3 for adults, $1 for junkirs thivugh high SCtKWl. 12. The Tennis Committee has the right to change or add to the above rules at any time It Is deemed necessary for the welfare of ttie majority of players.

Wolf Bras. overcame^'UiwInt halftlme deficit to traH by t after three perio^.'^fourth quarter was nip and tuck an the . way. Frank Empkey.!^ 18 points for the oinners and Todd &'• :GrMMlaM had IM^r^tk Kings. >' ODOgratoIatiaivttranona fine season!


if |, S;

In the auditorium beginning at 1 p.m. As a bonus, everyone will receive a door priie. For POR WOMEN ONLY thirty otiiers In attendance, a A gala fashion event has wide range of special prises been planned for women only will be given away. These on Wednesday, April 16 The Include a 30 cup percolater, latest swim suits and beach- bathing suit, five gallons of wear for toddlers to grand- gas, gift certificate for mothers and everywheie In groceries, a certificate for between will be modeled by stMes, a knife set and dinners at restaurants about town. Center members. Tickets for Uie luncheon and Zoobs will pnwkle all the fashions for the adults, while fashion show are limited In Sports Comer will stww their number. The tickets can be latest in children's attire In purchased from any memt>er this show which is open to tlie of the Aquatics Department or entire community. obtained by mailing In the In addition to the style show, coupon below. The cost for the a luncheon has been planned entire program Is $3.96. ByGARYJAVnCH . JOC Aquatics Director

Jan, please send me two tickets to the JCC's gala luncheon and fashion show. Name*Address*Zlp*Make checks payable to the JCC of Omaha, 333 So. 132nd St., Omaha, Ne. 681M Attentkm; Jan

ap Naine*Adik«as*Zlp* MakeebeckapaytfiletolheJOC of Omaha, 333 So. U2nd St., Omaha, Ne. 6n54 MICRWILM A microfilm collection of some 3,000,000 pages from the American Jewish press In

English. Yiddish, Ladlno and Hebrew has been acquired by Td Aviv University.




^ Cvp Estiv K. fbiiiMi

MM Mcky ffR yw fin 5 MarMRi. S MM, I tMry Mint M wtfttntft b

MEN% VARSITY BASKETBALL Last Wednesday the I974-7S Men's Vanity League season ended, with reguTar-season chaftipion Wolf Bros, also winning the tournament via a 47-4S victory overXitUe Kings.

Aquatics Notebook

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Summer 75




All'was well laS'Soqday In the welcome confines of the Omaha JCC gym if icilne OnuUia teams won big ever Uieir ilBrthemrivals. ";; •'..."•.• Tlie Midget A^tStartfSUi-6th grades) gtaMcdOilngsifitti awhopping S5-1 wtik Yfce-dkire Omaha tean scored, with'OanMcCoy's 13 and Bi^P^ser'sIt points lea(flng.


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^ TM Oiympic-StarsWliad little traubM, rwring UHLTIZI I victory. Jim Dewwd.Tlm iwsen and Mike Kamlnlti hadtf. 15 h and 14 points', reapMbik^. ^- h' ' 'The Sr. Hlgb9Me^Stihi,'wbo lost'tn Sioux CUy tUi week' I before, came iM^tau^wittis C-48 win. BUI Col«i Mid lietth f WalzakledOmatei*tt|r.t«i|fMUapiece. ^' CoogratulaU()i»8'tb;»l|f^C.» • .

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L MEMBERS-bm^BBj;irrpiBix»i S;Latety OUT I6cteffci«rjfllawbeen littered and dlftMmyc I thaniwihjbeei^eae*:."' Y> It is the rripniiflhiUrt «(aU who use Uw tocker ntaqw to. keep'tlMaoieM.^trailfme|iUdes.are avaUable. NalMdls allowed la tiMR «r«M..-T9f^ go in the hamper. WeapprecMe yajr iMpand cooperatioiu GUI'rules regminf cktldren on the Jogging track are iw^ [' elU)ertBfringed4|paocr'dU/i^arded.11)enil«iai«asfoU6«rs:. , L Siaidayaiiimiayt^iocMMunderlteaftofloUaUawed I on the track wltbMrtadullHpwIikia f

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gets you there.

OrvdMHdar NadinaHale

SatMrfayi: No<WM.i«derUteageof lOisallowedonlhe

I track. • i l.DQBotbttegadUHldBaietrackUheiBnatgolngtoJegor f waDi. I 2. It Is the reipuMlMllty of the parent to see that hU dilld £- foUowstrackmlesaodisMtaiiindraoeetotbeoiherJOMM. L 3. Any child seen standing, sitting, playing games or being r 111OwnII uftliiiflUMf JMmrinil!hrsilrrilIt:IITTthrhrsrii


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March 28, 1975  

Jewish Press

March 28, 1975  

Jewish Press