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2 U.S. Committees Probe Arabs' Boycott, Discrimirfation ByJoMiiliPgiakoff WASHINGTON (JTA) The House Foreign Affain and Banking Committees have undertaken aeparate Inveitlgatloaa into ttie Arab boycott and dlacrinilnatkHi agaimt tome XfiM Amcrkan

companiet and against Saudi Arabia's feneral prohibition against American Jews, even those engaged in U.S. otndaJ business. The Senate Foreign Rdatkms Subconunlttee on Multinational Corporations

Nationwide ADL Call Heard by Omahans ^•OMAilA - Several of f Omaha's Jewish community leaden sat in Monday on a

I ' [

nationwide conference call (rom Seymour Graut>ard to learn what the Vnal B'xlth Antt-Detanution League Is doing In light of charges tliat a •core of m«)or American cofflpmlas and two federal agencies are-discriminating


against Jews as result of Arab pressure.

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Sitting in on UM eall which was taiwn In the office of Harlan Noddle, Jewish


FederaUoa president, were FMeration. board menii>erg

'if t

^ t

Lois Friedman, MIml Wakbaum and Ernie Wlntroub, who were Joined by Bob KuUy. WIntroub is past chairman of the Community Relations Committee, of which KuUy Is s member.


MfB. WaMbsum is Federation

I Hie call was placed by AOL p-^kataman Graubard to the • ADL's V regional offices. Graubard told regional directors—including Plains t States' Howard Weinstein of f, Omaha-rthat he plans to talk ' with Congressional sub' committees investigating charges lodged against the arms and federal offices. GrariMfd said be has already

met with Secretary of SUte Henry Kissinger on the matter. Allsr IhaplMM can, Wlntroob uqsd Omiriui's Jewish ooBBiDomy Hi write rrssaMB Ford oKprasaing their Anb-lnsplrsd senl a oapgr of UMir lattsn to htan tai care of the CRC Offloe, tS7 Securities Building, Omaha, Neb. anOB. The ADL charged the firms and two offices are discriminating against Jews ar.d refusing to do business with Israel as a result of Arsb pressure and economic warfare against Israel and Jews. Arnold Forster, ADL associate director and general counsel, cited the two government affiliated agencies as the Overseas Prlrate Investment Corporation, which is empowered to stimulate Investments abroad with s flOO mlUlon credit from the U.S. Treasury Department, and the Army Corps of Engineers, which overaees construction work In SaudlArabU. Forster gave, as an example I Continued on Page 7)

Oyf There's The 'Rub' By Gerry Tauehner Editar's Note: Mr. Tauehner Is the husband of the tonner Miriam (Mibcy) Brooks, daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Skkiay H. Brooks of Temple Israel In Omaha. Hie oot^iie live in Iowa City, Iowa. DBS MOINES-Readers of the "personals" classified ads column in a recent Des Moines Regisitf may have been putzled by an offer of a "Purlm Massage". A maatagr for PurlmV To the casual observer this could be possible, particularly as neartqr ads offered the reader the services of massage parlors, nude dating lervices, and so forth. At the HilM Houw on the Unhwnily of Iowa compus tai Iowa City some studsrts spswilatod that the "Purlm couU well be Uw nudn leature o( a Purlm No, alas. RegMar readers were not in on the genesis of a new Purlm custom. Just a newspaper misprint. The advertisement, apparently placed by a De* Moines area person Interested in converting Jews to Christianity, was actually advertising a recorded telephone'' message'' that extolled the virtues of "the messiah Jesus" as a salvation, using a Purlm theme.

led by Sen. Frank Church (D., Idaho), which made public the American firms being boycotted lor having dealings with Israeli enterprises or including Jews in their management. Is already deeply engaged In probing the Arabs' world-wide discriminatory and antiJewish tactics as Ihey affect the United SUtcs. Four executive brancli departments — State, Defense, Treasury and Commerce — are Involved in the probing within the Administration. Preildsnt Ford has called for reports and recommsndatlona to rilminate the boycott efieets. Testiinony thus far aUcttad by lbs Chird)

aubeommittee abows that the U.S. Anny gave Saudi AraU opttona to sllmlnste American oaatradon Md bar Jewish peraniaisl tram satsring the eamtrf. Ibe State Dapartnsat was diaekiasd as maUng the agrMmenU wUeh Ibe Amqrcarrlsdeut. The House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International Trade and Commerce headed by Rep. Jonathan Bingham (D., NY) planned a hearing with government and private witnesses testifying on aspects Involving manufacturers and distributors of commodities, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency was informed. The House Banking Sub-


committee on IntematkMial Trade, Investment and Monetary Policy, led by Rep. Thomas Rees (D., Calif.), will explore the boycott as it affects banking and Investment, including Arab purcliases of stock in American companies. Saying that his panel will seek facts Iwfore It schedules a hearing, Rees described tlie boycott as "terribly serious." "Hie boycott, be told the JTA, Is dealing with public paHcy of tbe United SUtas that "has very little refattOMtaip to larad. It aOfecIs American dtlsens who happen to be Jewish. It ti antl^emitlc and > way beyond the bounds of Rees otwerved his subcommittee has Jurisdiction

.COUNCIL BLUFFS, LINCOLN, OMAHA. Omaha. Neb., Fri.. March 7,197S

Fried: it's A treasure to Solicit Zaiicin: i\/lore Volunteers Needed OMAHA - Sam Fried, chairman of the Men's Telethon (or the 1»7S Jewish Philanthropies Campaign, said Sunday each campaign worker should feel "it's s pleasure to solicit for Philanthropies this year." "I feel it's our duty to do it," said the president of Master Electronics. Fried spoke during a meeting Sunday morning (March 2> at the Jewish Community Center. He explained by saying that, kxiking at the Arab pressure situation and today's economy, "this Is the first time since we lost six million of our own in World War 11" that we have liad a chance to do something ahead of tim«. "Would we have cared il we could have put out more ellori tlien? Today we have more opportunity to save lives. I was one of the survivors of Nazi Germany. If we would have known how little ellori was made (on behalf of German Jews then), we would have given up. "We must make tbsm (tbs people) aware. Tliay mMt not be abia to say, *! did not know.' It Is time to teU people what's going on. We dhki't do tt beiore - so (M( - but let's this tine." Fried, who came to tlie United States from post-war Europe, says he was asked to talk on antl-SemltIsm at a local high school recently and said that nearly every studeni

Jtwith rnn Ptiote General Men's Chairman David Goldstein, left, and Fried listen to rtisrtisslao at Sunday's meeting. asked the same question: "Why Is It we are not told what's going on? Nobody wants to talk, not)ody wants to know," related Fried, father of three. "I'm sorry, tnit there's no nicer way of bringing the message. "The last time, we lost six million of our people. If we don't do anything now, we will lose what's left. That's It." General Chairman Ell Zalkln suggested solicitors point out to potential donors that "they are not giving anything - they're buying. They are buying Talmud Torah. the ^ler Home, their own survival as Jews."

ZalUn said the biitial response has been gratifying "because our (PhllanIhroples) committee seems to realbe the difficult times we're to." But, he said. In attending some of the workshop sessions, "it Is noticeable that some committees are understaffed, and Ihey have a great workload this year. "Anyone who has l>een overlooked as a potential solicitor — this Is a Invitation to come and help. Just call the Philanthropies office at the Center and volunteer. "If more volunteer, each person will have less to do." Zalkln said.

over all foreign investments In the United States and indicated It would examine them. Meanwhile, the U.S. ,SUte Department declared that "quiet diplomacy" is the best means to deal with the Arab boycott of companies identified in any way with Israel. Sen. Church issued at the start of tbe hearing a list of l,SM names on the Arab hoycett list and ursad that tt be givsn tbe widsal publicity. CliuTGta aaid tbe IW sbMdd be givan tuD ptAlictty so that everyone in this country would know of Saudi Arabia imposiiig a pattern of antiSemitism "on our country." U.S. agencies "with our money" are acquiescing In discriminatory practices, he said, adding, "we had better get this out Into the open." The list includes such firms as the Ford Motor Co.. RCA, Coca-Cola and Xerox, which Church said are atisolutely prohibited from sales in Arab countries. He said. "Ford, for example, has l>een prohibited from selling a car or truck since 1966 In any Arab country." Church also pointed out that "this very day" (Feb. 28) a private investment company is signing an agreement with Saudi Arabia In which the United States government Is providing Insurance againsl loss. Church said the sul>committee would dVafl legislation to provide equal treatment for "all our citizens" by government agencies. He said, after the hearing, that the subcommittee was not prepai-ed to say what tlie next step In tbe sulx:ommlttee's procedures on either legislation or hearings would be. (President Ford expressed concern, at a press conference In HoUywood, Fla., Feb 26, over earlier reports that Arab oil producing nations were boycotting International banks In which Jews has interest. He said "such discrimination Is totally contrary to the American tradition and repugnant to American principles "He said any allegations of such discrimination would be fully investigated and appropriate action taken under the law. I Col. William Durham, director of con.structlon for the Army Corps of Engineers, testilird a1 tl» sut>commitlee hearing lliat the Corps had no bl.-icklist ind that he had "never seon one." Durham also said ihe Corps submits to the Saudi government a list of up lo 10 companies to handle n projccl and it also lists the three most qualified in the Army's opinion. He said Saudi Arabia had never turned down any of Its recommendations. He said projects involving the engineers have included television, radio and ordinance over the past 20 years. (Cont i nued from Page 21

i Th* JawMi n«H

M«fch7, l»re

U. S. Probing Boycott by Arabs (Continued from Page I) Durham said. "Yes lir" when asked by Church whether any Jew in the Army Corp* had to present a ^tltffff,^ that he was not of tiw JewWi faith in order to get a vtea to go to Saudi Arabia. "in dfect, then," Clwrch said, "when we acce|)t this ll.|.it«H«i it is a de tacto OTT+Ti**- of individuals and Undar queatlooing by Sen. Clllford Case (R.. NJ), Durham said that the matter was "beyond the purview of tlie Cofii*." Case Uwn said, "if Uit raqriranMot of a prolect is to 0> to Saudi Arabia, a Jew cannot go." Durham replied, "That is correct." He added that all agreements undertaken by the Corps were approved by the State Department. tflf die Cotpa, said Ihrt llM iitfimiri harr nrr*—^ ta ottier oonoliiaa, taMiudinc Morocco, lealaad, Japan, Korea and GrMniand. and titaa* eeuniriea do not require • Hit of cantraiinn kr approval or ntedtai a* Saudi Arabia doaa. Duriiam laki ike floiy other pnleet invohrtng Hie Cotpa In Uie Arab COUBtrte* is a naval laboratory alatlao In Egypt. Col. Joseph Bennett. Durham's deputy, said that he was "wrong and I apologize" for having told the assistant counsd lor ttie subcommittee, Jeffrey B. Shields, that the Saudi Arabians had vetoed "one or two companies"

HaaiA.HmsniN 393-9111



which the Corps had submitted to Saudi Arabia. He said that the Saudk had questioned names on the list and "that generated speculation." Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Harold H. Saunders, who speciallies on Israel and the Near East Arab oouBtrtea, said that Jews do not go into Saudi Aralsia but that tiie State Department does not keep the records. His knowledge, he said, was from personal otwervation. When Church pointed out a conflict between the engineers' and Saudians' statnnents, and Insisted that "we need evidence," Saunders replied: "The answer is, modest progress has been made." With Church demanding evidence, Saunders said it would not be "in the pubUc interest to do it" He mentioned that Jewish


persons traveling with Secretary o( SUte Hamy A. Kissinger t> to Saudi Arabia, that the State Depaitment opposes the boycott and has taken the tssue 19 with the Arabs He suggested that the best means b> deal with the problaai was qulat diplomacy ratlier than canfrantatlon. Seymour Graubard, natlofial chairman of the AntiDefamation League of B'nai B'rith, and Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg, president of the American Jewish Congress, praised Ford for the statement he made at a press conlerence in Florida. Graubard said the AOL is forwarding documentalfam for the charge* of Arab boycott activity It made public to the Justice, Commerce and other government departments responsible tor implementing what the ADL describes as 'the President's vigorous statement."

Camp Director Seeks Staff; Applications Are Being Taken OMAHA - Bob Utvak, director of Camp Esther K. Newman, is now accepting applications for positions on the camp staff SUff will be hired to work from June 17 to Aug. 13, with certain staff staying on through Camp USY, ending on Aug. 23. Available positions and requirements are listed t)elow. Interested people should contact Litvak at the Omaha Jewish Community Center for an application. GUIDE ISSUED A guide dealing with venereal disease problems has been published by B'nai B'rith's Commission on Community and Veterans Services.

C/HDiW OF IWISH EVENTS *«TUMI*V.M*aCM* JCC SpOrtSH).fOmO Ci*tC A«*tOrttf!l *Z*1S10p<x<y •UNOAT.MASCM* ttmptt Iwd*" Mtnt Club »r«iHo»t with «» "obb. B»«h t' *te»H Club SfMlifmi w>ih rt<» *(**• Iol«»*'W«>f V•n«f. KC Ih«<ilf Jpm FJmCbttK Z'«lif>i)Mt»t JCC rXfx IW1 s Ptnt(r<*^'Opv t"''*^ Gift OviMO" moling MOMOaV. MAKN 10 StKorCiiinm KC. 10 K «llen(P'i*r''-')p»»-'ii"'-|rnul.v»0«.»i"<"W"'"? 'P ••' |-5i,i.'» il l»««\i SigdHM KC 7yip"i TUItOAT.MASCMII K OMluntr. Kr Him (»••• Urn.'^••*00<^ KH^"V»'i"e U:3f>pn «MDMit»*T. MABCH ^* »• o. § mil fctndb-Mk-i ('«• Ijtmw Miirachi B'O'lt -••I'"! 9 Vn !• JfSSo'o^^r<i"~""'•i KC 7 Mp" 'niiC*lvo»'»'Ml"ion-iK''»- 7 30pm THU«SO«T.MAtCM13 8'oirft'M«'*»c''«'"' -'••"'•«i'*"!" ••

SMH AMlMMtt - Mioh ithOOl qr*duatn. to •ulX in many wtn of camp, Includine cabin counteling. rltfl««, artf. campcraMv aquatics, and oHica work. NOTE: e«c«p«lonal a(Pplicant> tnttrln« ibair Mnlor year wilt bt con»i<l««-»<J Cabin CwRMlort - Frtthmtn year or bayood Prater pravloui camp or relatad a«p«rlence with children Tha tovghati fob in camp DIvltiaii taparvlMr (lor • II v«*r oldil - Senior year or iievond. Extensive uimmer camp experience. supervisory rxperlence preferred. Responsible tor proflram development and planning, supervision o« cabin counselors M\a staff assistants. Campcralt-Natarecrall lastructor Junior year or beyond Must have extensive (Ampino background, ability to cnttHfSe. organize, administar and leach Arts m* CraHs lastradw Junior year or beyond Must have extensive crafts experience, including some teaching, NAturecrafts 1 must! Activity Asslslatm FreMiman yeiw or beyond to assist in one of the loiiowing areas: Aquatics — swimminu and Iwating; horsetMCk riding. Ncaitli and saiefy Svparvisar Hrqistered Nurse or MO. Also need A Relief Nurse lo work a 4$ I'Ovr shift each wee4 In addition 10 the above posiiions. siaft is needed to fill supportive positions - Office '.upervisor; Mainlanance Assistants. Kitchen Assistants.

in Business The Sopliir Company, an Omaha-baied wholesale distributor of paint and wallcoverlngi, has announced the appointment of David Cooper as a sales and tedmlcal representative. Prior to Joining The Sophlr Company, Cooper was employed In a similar capacity by Morris Paint (or 14 years. Jerry Gordman has been named executive vice president of Richman Gordman Stores, Inc. of Omaha. Gordman Joined tlie firm In IMt as buyer of children's and boy's apparel and became general merchandise manager In 1M6. Hetsaaonof Dan Gordman, company president.

Women Hold Rnal Telethon OMAHA-The Women's division of the IV7S Omaha Jewish Philanthropies Campaign held the last of its three Telethan on Sunday, March 2. Calls were made to women In the Jewish community soliciting their support of Philanthropies. The telephones, again donated by Greenberg Insurance Agency and KOIL Radto, were sUffed by Ruth Fiedler, Elinor Alexander, Mickey Katzman, Nancy Noddle, Judy Newman, Tuna Steinberg, Bette Schmidman, Joie Simon, Erica Hodister, Sis Turner, Maxine Kii^ sheniMum, Caryl Greenberg

t-TUaCAl Stereo Tape Ployer

CARPITS NEfOSfRVICI Ci«an-ltop«lr NIWCARPCTS INtTALUEO Den ••rfist*ln CaliS49-2S94

WHAT ARE YOU HOARDHIG IN YOUR CUPBOARDS? Whofever If is. wm naad H NOMTI Plaoi* remambar fhof Hodostah lywdt dish—. g/osswor*. poti, pant and working opp/foncM.

WiUls Epstein, execuUve vice iiiMldeiU of Hawkins Construction Co. of Omaha, has been elected president of the Nebraska Building Chapter of the Associated General Contractors. lMCtol0f thaWMli

and Frances Fox. "We want to give a special thank you to Sara Lashinaky (or all her hard work," said France* Fox, Telethon chairman.


W Otigrant—

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on all rwcords <• tapM.


Sdetft Service

Lowest Prices kiTown on Cor and Home Stereo Equipment

The Jewish Cultural Arts Council cordially invites you to hear

Dr. Amnon Rubinstein Dean of the Law School Tel Aviv University speak on

"The Changing Israeli Scene"

Wednesday, March 19,1975 8:00 p.m. Jewish Community Center Theater Informal Recaption Folk>wir)g Lecture




WorUNews Briefs Not So Bad Off!

TEL AVIV (JTA)-D«vhl Horowitz, former Governor of the Bank o( Iirad, lald that Iiradli dMNild be prepared to pay mud) hiiher tipMS ind that the nation's economk poilcy-nuUiers must take Into account the recession In the United Ststes and the new laoUtknistmood In Aonerlca. Addressing the economic committee of the Labor AUgiuncnt here, Horowitz said Israel lias been arUflcUUy shielded from the world-wide recession and the new tax burdens which everybody iiomplains about are, in fact, not high enough considering the nation's extreme economic dlfflcultles. Israelis, Horowitz said, were enjoying a living standard cmnparabie to that of Europeans when harsh realities indlcaU that they should reduce their standards to Iha leveb of 1972. He ntectod Histadrut's demand toprsaerve purchasing power.

Katz/r Confers WASHINGTON (JTA)Israeil President Bphraim KaUIr met with President Ford at the White House (or 30 minutes in an "informal visit" as part o( his first trip to Ibe United States as Israel's head ofsUte. Kattir thanked the PraMdnt and the Anterioui paofila for the assistance IsrasI receives from the U.S. wlildi be said aUowt Israel to

look forward to peace. Ford responded that current U.S. policy and his own policy when he was a Congressman are the same. He pledged that the aid is aimed at helping make a strong Israel since the Jewish State b not only a friendly country but also an ally. The two leaders also discussed the next stage In Kissinger's recent and fartlwomlng trip to ttiearea.

Rift JERUSALEM (JTA)Observers here are closely watching the current dispute, which flared dramatically last weekend, between Egypt's President Anwar Sadal and the PLO leadership over the upcoming second-stase settlement efforts of Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger. Whatever the outoome of the dispute—and Israeli ot>servers tend to play down Its Intensity and predict It wUl eventually be smoothed over—it seems bound to have an oblique affect on the next stage of diplomacy due to start on Friday when Kissinger arrives at Aswan. Plainly, the PLO Is discomfited by Sadat's deternitoed and enthusiastic participation in Kissinger's settlement attempts. Whatever their outcome— whether there will be a second-stage accord in Sinai or an immediate return to Geneva—it Is qiparent that

Rrst Single Parenthood Workshop Is March 12

Persons needing babysitter

•ervlce are asked to call Pearl Yager at the JFS,334«30O. Main speaker for the series, entitled "The ChaHeoges of ' Single Parenthood", will be Dr. Paul Pine, an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at ' Crelghton University School of ; Medicine. He received his I psychiatric training at Michael Reese Hospital In ChlcagD, taking his residency at Maimonides Hospital In : Brooklyn. NY.

'• ;






'f Media Award \ Given to Press OMAHA - The Jewtab Press has received a News Media Appreciation Award for

f I ; I

supporting the 1V7S Heart of the Midlands United Appeal through the "coverage of campaign events and the


provision of space" lor campaign ads, said Jack C. r .Osborne, I97S General


Campafgh Cfuilnhan

Sadat is guiding Egypt, for the present at least, along tne course of a peaceful settlement which is heresy and anathema for the PLO.

Strength NEW YORK, (JTA)"Unless we double our Jewish population over the next twenty-five years, I fear for the future of the State of Israel," Pinhas Sapir told the Planning Conference for American Allya. Speaking to almost 300 people from 23 states and S6 cities, from 30 Jewish organizations, Sapir, chairman of the World Zionist Executive and of Ibe Jewish Agency, pointed out tlut In the first 25 years of statehood, Israel's Jewish population grew from 800,000 in 1948 to almost three million—a flvefbld growth. "But Israel," he said, "Is not five times ss strong today as she was when statehood was declared but twenty or more times as strong: strength increases proportionately much faster than numbers; quanitlty effects quality as well." Sapir made an hnpaasfcmed appeial for a nuijor aliya from tne United States and challenged the American Jewish conununlty to "take on the tiurden of stimulating a creative allya from North America." He noted, In agreement with Moshe Dayan, that Israel Is closer to peace today than ever before because there are more Jews there.

Tax Slashed Or.Pauirine acting as resource people are Dr. Thomas Jaeger, psychiatric resident at the Nebraska Psychiatric Institute, whose area of interest Is the famUy and child: I^uclUe Zellnsky, past chairperson of the JFS and associate professor of social work at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Mrs. Yager, director of JFS. The first session will deal with the practical and emotional challenges of raising children in s family with one adult. Succeeding session topics are "Children Too Have Needs," March 19; "Traps of Single Parenthood," April 8; "And the Joys of Single Parenling!", April 16. The program was designed by the Jewish Family Life Committee, chaired by Mrs. Bairyc Linda iWelnstein


Sioux City Women's Division To Launch UJA Campaign SIOUX CITY, la. - March 11 the Sioux City's Women's Division workers will launch their 197S United Jewish Appeal Campaign with a coffee at 10 a.m., at the Jewish Community Center. Mrs. Stanton Kalin and Mrs. Bernard Weiner, cochalrwomen of the division, announced that the Bushtess

Youth Activities Several teens from the Lincoln-Omaha area have gained rankings In the Missouri Valley Tennis Association.

and Professional Women's dlviskm will hold a dinner meeting that same evening, March 11, at 6:30 p.m., also at the Jewish Communllty Center. The speaker at both meetings will be Miss RIna Kishon. Miss Kishon, a former Miss Israel, came to Israel in 19S1. She and her family were brought from Rumania with thehelpofUJA. Miss Kishon served hi the Israel Army for 18 months prior to her being chosen beauty queen. She graduated from Haifa Technlon as a

Debbie Denenberg of Omalia ranked 10th in the girls' IS singles while Debbie Shamberg of Lincoln ranked 16th in the same category. Terrl Felnberg of Omaha was ranked 13th in the girls' 16 doubles and ath In the girls' 14 doubles. John Staenberg of Omaha was co-ranked I0th-16th in the iMys' 14 singles and 8th with Dan Goldman of Omaha In the 14 doubles.


draftsman. Miss Kishon is married to an eighth generation Sabra, who also graduated from the Technlon with an engineering degree.

The Britisher Ltd. introduces

John Arthur Our Wedding Spedalisf See his new Formal Wear Tuxedo rentals by After Six

ritiBhtr Rockbrook Village 10Sth & Center 391-1400


Tomato and Choose

NYMobllfzes NEW YOHK, (JTA)Moblllzatlon on an unprecedented scale of the philanthropic resources of the New York Jewish community, to sustain and succor Jews whose survival is in danger anywhere in the world, will be undertaken In the five boroughs of the city and Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, May 16-18.

OMAHA-"So You're A ' Single Parent" wiU be the topic Wednesday, March 13, when the first of our workshcpa for single Jewish parents begins at the Jewish Community Center. Sponsored by the Jewish Family Service of Omaha, L, each session will be held from i 7:304 p.m. at the (Center. L



JERUSALEM, (JTA)Bowing to a two-pronged attack from unions and employers, the Cabinet agreed to cut its proposed payroll tax from 7.S percent to 4 percent, and to ttegin it on April 1 Instead of March 1. Fbiance Minister Yehoshua Rablnowltz himself recommended the cut to the Cabinet after a weekend of bitter and arduous debates between him and Hlstadrut and the Manufacturers Aaaocistton. Both gnuqis attacked the proposed tax as recessionary and as hitting particularly at productive Induatries (the govenunent itself will be exempt from the employers payroll tax.) Hlstadrut Secretary General Yeruham Meshe expressed his satisfaction at the tax cut. He hoped, he said, that in future such cases the Treasury would oonault with Hlstadrut In advance.

For a quick and easy-to-fix supper, serve a delicious Hinky Dinky PIZZA and

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BjStaJBv 4^igi3v & BAKERY There's « NINKY DINKY Dell near yeu In Omehe, Lincoln, Slous City, Das Moines (some Items).



Over 100 Attend Classos In Jewish Studies


ill i^raic^l

Dayan Still a Vibrant Force In Israel HAIFA - An InteraMlag phenomenon of Israel's domestic potittcal scene is the unceMlin canqwign to bottle up MedM OfljrMi and render htai poHHcally ineffective There can be little doubt that a pereistent and organized effort Is lieing made to blacken his reputation In every way poMlMe, and even to silence him. One such effort boomeranged not long ago. When Dayan anwared on a platform at Bar Ilan University to qieak on tbe recent war lie was received by a noisy "spontaneous" demonatratiaa of bereaved paicnis whose sons had been killed in the war. They succeeded in preventing his speaking. The exhibition was disgraceful because it struck at the very roots of democracy, and was carried out in a spirit wWdi was demeaning to the memory of the fallen soldiers. The demonstrators' daim that It was only coincidental that so many of them had appeared at the same time for the same purpose was palpably untrue. Yet the campaign copttmies. Every move, every action, every speech of Dayan Is subjected to criticism and attack. Though the Agranat Commission specifically cleared him of responsibility for' the unpreparedness on

Yom Klppur day, 1973, his foes refuse to accept the ruling of that neutral board and challenge tnth the facts and the objectivity of the commission members. Many Israelii, it appears, cannot accept a decision which disagress wllb their prejudices,

support any proposed agreement with Egypt which In his opinion would leave Israel in a weakened position. He has never spelled out in precise detail bis formula for peace. No auch formula is possible under fluctuating ctraanstancM. But certain principles are clear. He opposes any withdrawals whk:h would erode Israel's security. He has no confkience In vague promises.

Pram time to Ume the sntiDayan kibby mounts « scare campai^ wiilch iiMiiiuatas that be may be plaisitng a poaalbly by antiManalwm Begin had once been the whipiring boy and the potiwHal souroe o( Fascist threats, Dayan has now replaced Urn in the itratcgy of the MtWs. Their praaRire agalaat Dayan to osnatant and anrdenUng, on the tfaaory (hat aucta an offenatve can at the vary least nntfrallie Um poUtleaUy. It seems clear that Dayan iMs not elected to go into retirement. He makes frequent put>llc appearances and 8|)eeches He reacts to issMes of the day, though be Is careful not to do anything which would emturrass the Government during this period of delicate intematloaal negotiatiaas. Yet he has not concealed the fact that as a member of the Knesset, and even as a member of the dominant Labor Patty, be would not

On the positive aide, he believes In promoUng ctostr Arab-Jewlsb friendship In practical maoner wherever polMe. Pnlidea inaugurated and fostered l>y bin are rupwialble for the relative quiet tai the ooovied Wcat Baoit; for the deae ecenomlc relatlanahip between that area and Isrsel; (or the remarkable open bridges poUejr aeroas tbe Jordan Bivar. Those who believe Israel should be more conciliitory and should return much of the occupied territories see Dayan as their chief opponent, the major personality around whom Israelis would rally in the event of a showdown. Despite noisy street demonstrations and the organized campaign of vlUification against him, Dayan Is still extremely papular with the majority of Israelts. He will be the key figure in the next electk>n whkh may come sooner than most people think.

OMAHA - Over 100 people attended the first night of classes of the School ol Continuing Jewish Studies, according to Mark Zaikin, culttval departntent director at the Jewish Community Center.

Mytr S. Kripke of Beth El ^maaague, drew 71 people; the aeoond, conducted by Rabbi Btury L. Weinstein o( Itaiple Israel and RabU Isaac H. Nadoff of Beth Israel SDmagopM. drew40, taduding Ui

The program features two one-hour sessions, with 12 subjects offered (six per sesskml. The first hour drew 99 registrants, the second hour 109. with many of the firsthour students taking secondhour ciaaaes.

The School of Continuing Jewish Studies is offered tuitkm-free by the Omaha Jewish Cultural Arts CouncU, co-chalred by Ruth Katiman and Alan Crounse. It is sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Omaha, Inc., the cities' three largest synagogues and kical chapters of various natkmal Jewish organlxatlans.

The faU aesahM drew a litUe over 80, saki Zaikin. He noted, however, that the current session Is offering twice ss many classes. The two best-attended daaass ware "Ite MklOe East: Know How to Anewsr" and "What U A Jew?" Tbe flnt, conducted by RabU

C'mon Out And Join Our

I MGiLMUNCHII A representative of John Latenser and Company, architects for the building a( Park Avenue and Jackson streets wtiich was dedicated as Temple Israel in 1908, described ttie structure as follows: "To come before the nevi Temple Israel is to come bi^ore a presence. It is not one of multitude, it is the one only. It Is massive and yet of spirit. Ba dome of the air. airy, yet lioled to the world, a sure rpuge. The great spread of steps an Invitation to come Itfo Us gales, not heedlessly. ^Il as one ascending to a'high

right on. Regardless of events, they bring to man. Another year ere many minutes pass.

Will close Its history motimful alas! The Joys which it brought, compared lo the sorrow, Will make us ieel glad il closet tomorrow! What are the ctuinges of eighteen sixty two? I ask myiell. and find It is too true. That man is dust, to dust he will return. And leave behind perhaps a few to mourn. The gravM are filled by patriotic sons. Shortly before midnigfel on The tears are shed by wives the 31st of December. 1883. 21- and little ones! year-old Edward Rosewater, What treasures spent, could who would come to Omaha purchase all the bktod during the following year to From those who loved manage the office of the them? When will il eWd OGod! Pacific Telegraph, penned In Then lei us pray that his diary a poem: eighteen sixty three. May once more Meat this We measure time by hours and days, by months and land of liberty With peaceful home*! All years, W« measure life by Joys and strife may cease: And crown our efforts with a -palm, haDptaMss and tears. .^AsaliiowMllNltliiey pass-. ,hieaMd.fMnce I'

: Kibbiti Over Qeom Cheese! Th«Ov*rNlnars UnglMCIwb • l

foi Jvwiih iinqles 0v9i W 39 49 #!<• 1


Wonts to Heor Your kleos ,UMr«TtiMn : I CAM Sunday. : Morch 16 ; ol the Jewish ; Community Center ; For Further Information : Coll 556-7335

The Jmrlfii Press PuUiihsd waskly on Friday by Jewish Ftderation of Omaha. Stonford Lipsey

Introduction lo Th» Talmud — RaMX J*ck ZelHko, 15, On Bcins JtwUti - Elinor Whitman. IJ; BoglnrMrt Convtnalional VIddlili — W<lt«r FtMfman, 11,- M«ll*v«l

Don't Miss Rabbi Eugene Borowftzl March 14 at Temple at 8 p.m. March 15 at TIfereth Israel -10:30 a.m. March 15 at Beth El Jacob - 4:30 p.m. March IS- "Kallah" at Royal Inn Motel -•:10-3:30 Registration fee $3 Contact JCC (274-3487) for more informatkin.

[ Letters to The Editor] OOlOfUNnY^LOSS It is the conununity's kiss if members do not take advantage of "To Live Another Summer", the current musicai production at the (Jewish Community) Center. It was a delightful evening with the tovely music and the wonderful exuberance of youth. Mn. BcnSulsky Omaha


Other course*. Instructors and first-night attendance figures:

I was attracted lo and read with considerable interest Doug Smith's magnificent review of the film "Lenny" (atxNit the late comedian Lenny Bruce) although I very rarely read reviews of films or of theatre-(and) although I was never fascinated by Lenny's adventures and escapades, by his phenomenal rise and tragic fall. Yet when I read Smith's ^it>ralsal of "To Live Another Summer", I found that his reactkm to the musical readily

Indicated that he was no ipore equipped aesthetically, intellectually, musically or even politically than If he were unprepared and suddenly called upon to evaluate a Chinese or Tibetan musical Were he totally Ignorant of those nations' past or present.

J«witt< HiMorir - A Survty, Rabbi Jack Zclntia. M); Th« lOlh Cantury American Jew at Poet and Painter — Or. Tttomaa Kulilman. Rabbi AUba, The Talmud and Ihe Roman! — Or. Sidney Mirv)tt>, •; Beginning Hebrew Reading II ~ Blanche WIM, B; tlolocautt Literalure: A Reading and DIftcuulon Seminar ~ Or. Martin Wolf. 7. Learning lo Read And Undarttand Prayertioofc ttelyew — Helen AAanheimer, S; ConvarMtlonal VWdiih — Waltar Zeldman, a.

Henry Levy Gets AJPA Appointment ST. LOUIS, Mo. (AJPA) The appointment of Henry W. Levy of New York as executive secretary of Ihe 54member American Jewiah Press Assoclatkm has been announced by Robert A. Cohn. presklent of the AJPA and also Editor-ln-Chlef of tbe St. Louis Jewish Light. A veteran of over 40 years in English Jewish Journalism and public relathMis, Levy— or "Hank" as he Is more generally known — "will fill a kng-felt need In our American Jewish Press Association. He wUI serve as a llaskin in New York for our organizatkm In Its contacta with natkwai Jewiah groups such as tbe CouncU of Jewish FWeratkins and Welfare Funds, the National United Jewish Appeal, the Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Zkmlst groups, the Jewish Telegrapblc Agency and other groups. He wUI be recalled by the English Jewish Press as (he first natkxul director to setup a tour of Israel for the English Jewish Editors while he was associated with the American Section of tbe WZO." said Cohn. Tbe Jewiah PTSM is an AJPA member.

So, Smith-Ignorant of the past and present of the Jewish People In the Diaspora, In Palestine, In Israel—could hardly be eepected to react positively and with a measure of empathy to this Jewish musical. A pastor, a priest or even a non-Jew somewhat acquainted with Jewish history would assuredly have come up with an absolutely different reaction to it. Thus, Smith missed entirely the spirit of the musical-a muskal which cannot but touch deeply men and women of the Jewish faith, free of chauvinism or Jingoism. Harry G.:

WANnOTOBUY IttABl tTAIMn MINT ONIV WHH TAtl Prefer 1946 thru I9SS Reply loOCtlol Jewish Prett

"J.C.OId-nMrs" UtfidMon Moating

TMtdoy, Mardill JCC lOiMajn. EntertoinmanI by

'The Jockson Swingers" Gni of 71 Grooyy People for retervotiOAi coH lite or Mgntw. 334-1700


Prtu Commitfft Oviirmon

Cultural ond Performing Arts Department

Kchord B. Pearl

presents a film closslc

Judith Marburg

"Ziegfield Follies"

Suzonns R. Somberg Dsbi Jo Afaroms ArfvtrtiiMg

Slorring Fred Asloirs, Gene Kelly ond Fonny Brice

S*condClaf» Po«iag*Poid ol Oriaho N«tK. ond ol odditionol mailing o4lic««. Annual Subscription S7.50 Advoffiting ffol«« on ApplkatKm lOtt MVHfS nVM M MV mpMwHs IW

, IIMil .,^, MSciHwOWice: nsl». nwH, SMOor ifH.IMr.tSIM

Sunday, Atarch 9 H

7iM pjm. Sharp! JCC Theater Adulls:SI.50(membersS1.00) Children (12 and under) .75 (members .90)


March 7,197B

Kaslow to Head By-Laws Review Committee

OMAHA-Board member Howard Kulow WM nam^ to chatr a committee lo review tlie By-Lawa of tlie Jewlah Federation of Omitaa In action taken during first meeting under new President Harlan Noddle. Noddle, In appointing Katlow at the Feb. 28 board meeting at the Jewlali Community Center, aald that person* with niggettions for By-Laws changei must submit them to Kaalow In writing by March 15. Kadow'i address li UTS Woodmen Tower, Omaha, Neb. nioe. The Kaslow appointment was made after a motion by Board Member Steven J. RIekei lo amend the Federation dectkm proceM was tabled. The iww prtstdeot anDouBoed hs plans to boU only •bout eight full board msMn^ ma yaar siaiand oi SoUowlng ttia ooa^wHuaotti patUm. TiM Federation COWCUUTS flwnmHtee would maat asnsedsd, b* aadd. HM rtisi^ Is Intinrliii "to make • ach Hisatlag more iiwnlwgM,"li»ssM. The Federatloa president also announced appointments to standing administrative conimitteef and departments and announced a plan whereby a vice president and a board member would be liaison between gnwpe of departments and the president. In the latter plan. Vice Prealdent Charles A. (Chuck) Mtmmt and Board Member Kaslow would oversee the Community Center, Library and Camp Esther K. Newman department committees; Vice President Hub Rosenblum and Board Member Lola Friedman would oversee Philanthropies, Jewish Education and Community Relatloos committees snd Vice President Mary Fellnuui and Board Member Norman Batt would oversee the Dr. Philip Sher Home, Jewish Family Service and Jewlah Press oonunittees. Noddle anwinted Batt, Mrs. Friedman and Kaslow to his executive committee, with himself serving as chairman ex-ofOck). Standing administrative committee chairmanship appointments went to Monasee, advisory committee; Rosenblum, budget and allocations: Dr. Joseph Soshnik, endowment fund; Mrs. Fellman, Icsdership development; and Paul Cohen, personnel practices. Mrs. Fellman succeeds Noddle in young leadership; Rosenblum and Cohen have

agreed to retain their chairmanships. Newly appoinied Dv*>tmsot chairmen were Batt, Community Center; Jack Saferstein, Jewish Family Seniee; and Paul Alperaoo. oo<balnnan with iaeunilMat Stanford LIpsay, Jewish Prsas. Reappointed were Robert Nogg. Dr. Sher HOOM; Rltkes, education; Dick Zaeharta, Camp Newman and Morris Bottnan, library. The Federatkm approved Nogg's revised Sher Hone budget request for tn,6(l7 from Philanthropies lor the 1975 calendar year. Also approved was the Jewish Family Service ByLaws. Board members were told the search for a nt'H Federation executive director was continuing under direction of an eight-meml>er

committee beaded by MooBssee. Ernie Wintroub, Community Relations chairman, took names of Iward members wishing to have their names affixed to telegrams sent on occasion to United States officials. The telegrams are sent to convey feelings regarding U.S. Policy toward Israel. No Israel study mission from Omaha Is planned at present Noddle reported. Saferstein recommended the Federation "MT'MT using people from various gmupsthe Young Adult Division (YAD), B'nai B'rith Youth OrganlzaUon (BBYO); help and work with the Federation from time to time. Pres. Noodle asked that the names of potential workers be submitted to him. Noodle said he was very

Omoha's No. 1 Family Restaurant FEATURING

"if MM •Miitni FfM MMM ^IwbMMdlit -A^llMkaiiiFU

f^rni every Dmv, 11:XA.m. WnP.M. ntovstiT Hma Plass* 7112 tut» St.


Jewish Community Center


folK/e another summer a new musical from Israal


AAon.-Thurt. 9-6 FrI. < Sot. 9-8



Mayor Praised DES MOINES - Des Moines Area Religious Council President Donald Wine and Executive Director Harold Varce commended Des Mohies Mayor Richard E. Olson recently for proclaiming December 1974 as Human Rights Month (or Soviet Jews. The declaration was announced two days after the Dec. 10th United Nations HunMn Rights Day. In the public document. Mayor Olson Implored the government of the U.S.S.R. to "grant freedom to the Prisoners of Conscience and allow all those who wish to emigrate to the land of their choice or to cultivate their rellgkMis heritage in tlie Soviet Union to do so." In' a letter from the Des Moines Area Council to Mayor Olson, the members wrote: "We wish to commend you for your (orttuightness In calling to public attention this whole matter of human rights for Jewish citizens in the Soviet Union."


OM Timer's Review BySamZweibaek As was previously announced, the Feb. 25 nneeting of the JCC Old Timers centered around the business meeting. Instead of a guest speaker, members voiced their opinions as to what has been provided in the past and what they would like to have ii> the future. Suggestions offered covered areas such as guest speakers, luncheon menus, car pools and entertainment, all of which will be taken Into consideration when planning future meetings. Due to a mix-up, we were unable to see the preview of the Center Players' "To Live Another Summer." Instead, Mark Zaikln. director of the Cultural and Performing Arts Department, gave us some background on ttie play David Lazarus has begun compiling a photograph albuni of the Old Tlmen. Aayone who has not yet had Uspteture taken riiould see Laiatus at the next nwethig so that the album can be completed as soon as possible. President Marvin Treller introduced new member, IWeyerFerer. In addition to lunch, a special dessert was offered :4| Mollle Delman made 250 hamantachen and every one disappeared in short order. Helping MoUle this week were Ann Stone, Rosalie Cireenspan, Gussle Zweiback, Helen Newman, Bernice

Kaiman, Dorothy Rubensteln, Faye Seka, Elsa Kahn and a newcomer, Rose Kauff man. The next meeting wUI be Tuesday, March 11 at which time we will be entertained by a 22-memt)er group called the "Jackson Swingers." Early reservations would be appreciated; please call Use or Martha at the Center, 334-6200. Anyone wtv> is interested in either chess or gin tournaments, please contact me (Sam Zweiback) and we will s-x what can t>e arranged.

• a^aaaaTnx^3X^SS^TixiS^nffTt^n!fff^l^Pf^^^^n

to pass another winter

Rsh Fresh Daily

pleased with the attitude towards Us administration thus far. "We have plenty of people who have told me that they want to work, and we are fortunate In having a good staff here at the Federation," he said. "We have a fine bunch of people on all sides."

The J»wi»h Prw*

Pinal Parformanc** Friday, IMardi 8 at S p^. Sunday. March 9 at 2 pjm. Tickets available at JCC Front Desk $2.50 members $3.00 non-members $1.00 students

Perelman Liquors Next to Baker's 72nd&Blondo \ featuring ior Passover. Mogen David Wines AAanischewitz Wines Traditional Wines Cream Concords Sangria Carmei Wines "From the Soul of Israel"

King Solomon Concord Temple Concords Kosher Champagnes

AffractlvBly priced for the Holiday Seder Perelman Liquors

1947 No. 72nd St.


The Jawnh Plan


Unooln Tif arath laraai

DaaMoinaa Childranof braal

Both El

SERVICES: rrtdiv: Sabbath Eve Service* in the Sanctuary at 8:15 p.m. RabM Myer S Kripke wiU deliver the aerinao. Cantor Chaim Najnuui and the Beth El Synagogue Choir will conduct the musical service. SatuntaQr: Morning Service 10 a.m. Mincha-Maariv 7 p.m. Sunday: 9 a.m. WMkdayi: Service* at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. BATMRZVAH Karen Sacki, daughter of Mr. and Mn. Konetfa Sacks, will become Bat Mitzvah on Friday. March 7 and Saturday, March 8. BAR MITZVAH Bnice KuOer, son of Dr. and Mn. BcBtoo Kutter, will become Bar Mitzvah on Friday. March 14 and Saturday. March 15. MEN'S CLUB Rabbi Myer S. Kripke will speak at the monthly Men's Club Breakfast with the Rabbi. Sunday. March 9. His subject will be one of the outstanding lives In Jewish history. "In the Days of SaadiaGaon." Services begin at 9 a.m.. breakfast is at 9:30 a.m. and the presentation is at 10 a.m. fflSTEBHOOD Dr Thomas A Kuhlman. associate professor of English at Creighton University, will speak at the Beth El Synagogue Sisterhood meeting Tuesday. March U. 12:30 p.m. Dr. Kuhlman's views on "new life styles and new ways of doing things" have been published nationally. He will be introduced by Lois Stakolnick. cultural vice president. . Torah Fund Benefactors win be honored at the luncheon meeUng that recognizes the importance of the Jewish Theologrcal Seminary and its Teachers Institute. Arrangements have been made for sitter service. For reservations call Jeanette Ban (561-5592).

Omaha Bathlaraal

Omaha Tampla larael

SERVICES: Friday: Traditional Evening Services (Kabbalat Shabbat) 7 p.m. Late Friday evening family service at 8:16 p.m.. conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff. Cantor Leo Fettman and the Beth Israel Choir. Saturday: Morning Service: 8:45 a.m. conducted by Rabbi Nadoff and Cantor Fettman. The Talmud class will be conducted by Rabbi Nadoff at 6:30 p.m. followed at 7 p.m. by Mincha. Sholas Sudos and Maariv

SERVICES: Pliday: 8:15p.m. Rabbi Paul J. Menltoff of St. Louis Mo., will be guest speaker at the sixth Sabbath Discussion Series, in the Social Hall following services. Rabbi Menltoff. director for the Midwest Council of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, will speak on "Like It or Not, Everyone Is Religious." Before becoming a regional director for UAHC Rabbi Menltoff served with Rabbi Roland GitteUohn at Temple Israel in Boston, Mass. A question and answer session will follow the presentation. Musical portions of the Service will be provided by the Temple Choir under direction of Miss Ida GiUin. There will be a Sabbath Coffee Hour. Satindaiy: Ham. DIALOGUE Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks and Reverend Richard Linde will enter Into a pulpit dialogue on various aspects of Judaism during Sunday morning services, March 9, Countryside Briardale United Church of Christ. 8787 Pacific St. The congregation of Temple Israel has been invited to attesxl either of the Sunday morning services, 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. Folkiwing each service a light brunch will be served in the Memorial Hall adjacent to the Church. The purpose of the dialogue ia "to encourage the fine relations wMcb exist between so many mambers of our congregations and to continue the g(»dwill which is already present in our community." stated Rev. Unde.

Minyan 9 a.m. followed by breakfast and Rabbi's dass in the Book of Genesis: DaUy: Services at 7 am. and7p.m. BltOTMnZVAH Sharon Jean Remer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Miks Remar, and Marcy Lynn Wax, daughter of Dr. and Mr*. James I. Wax will each become Bat Mitzvah at 8 15 p m . Friday, Mardi?. BAR MITZVAH Craig Allan Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hany U Lewis, will become Bar Mitzvah at 8:45 a.m. Saturday, March 15 SISTERHOCM) Cantor Leo Fettman and Mrs. Fettman of Beth Israel Synagogue will head the program at the Beth Israel Sisterhood luncheon meeting Tuesday, March 11.12:30p.m. in the SynaSDgue Social Hall Cantor Fettman will present a musical radtal, "llie Life of a Jewish Child Through Music" which will be narrated by Mrs. Fettman. New members will be honored at this meeting. Baby sitting service will be provided. For reservaUon* call Mrs Sam Shlff (S5M420I or Mrs. Morris Ricks (5569678).

; SabHath CantHe Lighting ' Mriay, NUvdi 7.7i03 pun. rrMay. NUMTfc 14.7i11 pjn.

uenediction for Kfndling Sobbath Lights: ' Borukh Atah Adorray Eloheinu Melekh Hoolam, I Asher KidMfkuw Bemitzvotav Vetzivonu LehddlK • Her Shel Shabbat. (Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord, Our God, King of the Universe, Who sanctifies us by His Commandments and hos commanded us to kindle the Sabbath lights.)

This Service Presented as a Courtesy by OMAHA aiOnaWV AMD LOAN ASSOCIiOWN offitM «l Iftm t Ht<n«y }4l-7»70 arih a wast Dodo* ROM »r r»oo «/;i S 34tt\ ftl /S1-OM0

OOPFEE WITH RABBI Coffee with Rabbi Brooks will hold the fourth of five mini-course sessions on Wednesday. March 12,10 am This Is a continuing discussion and study of "Meaning in Jewish Identity " BlfAIIOTZVAH Joel Allen Brod*y. son of Mr. and Mn. Skddoa Brodiky, will become Bar Mitzvah at II a.m. Saturday. March8. RaDdaD Brace Sptanaa, son of Mr. and Mr*. PbUlp L. «y»«""", will become Bar Mitzvah at II a.m. Saturday. March 15. SUTEBHOOD' Rabbi Stdoey H Brooks wlU review the book "The Masks Jews Wear" by Eugene B. BorowiU at the Sisterhood luncheon meeting. Tuesday. March 11, U:30pm. The Board will meet in (he Multl-Purpose Room at II a.m. Mn. Marshall Becker is lunchatm ctaalrmao. There will be siller service.

COUPLE'S CLUB Temple Israel Couple's club wUl hold a Rap Seaikm at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krasne, 8886 Cuming, 8 p.m., Saturday, March 23. The evening will offer conversation and the opportunity to meet new friend*. S2 per couple will be charged. Make reservations by March 19 with Elaine Krasne (5564937); Sharon Weintraub (333-3483).

DoaMoinaa Bath B Jacob SERVICES: Friday: 5:3aand8:l5p.m. Sabirday:

Morning servlceta.m. Learning service 11 a.m. Rabbi'sClass 4:30p.m. Mincha, Sholas Sudos, 5:35 p.m.

DaalMoinaa Tample

B'nai Jaahurtai SERVICES: Friday: Kabbat Shabbat service 7:30 p.m. Communal service at TIfereth Israel Synagogue at 8 p.m. Gerda Klein, author of "All But My Ufe" will speak on "Save Syrian Jewry."

SERVICES: Regular minyan services, Monday and Thursday 8:45 a.m. Saturday: Morning Sabbath service, 9 a.m. at Iowa Jewish Home. Sunday: fa.m. Special Yahrzeit service, everyone is welcome. Mrs. BIber. secretary, 2778601.

SERVICES: Friday: 9p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. Jr. Congregation 10 a.m. Sunday: TifUltnaub,9a.m.

Omaha Dr. SharHoma SERVICES: Saturday: 9 a.m. Men of the community are Invited to the Home to make a minyan.

B'nai Jacob AdaaYoahuron SERVICES: Saturday: Morning service: 8:45 a.m. Sunday: Morning service: 8 a.m. Assistance in selling chametz k>etween 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. Sunday. March 9, 16 and 23. Services conducted by Rabbi Abraham Eisenstein.

Council Blufffa B'nai iarael SERVICES:. Saturday: 9 a.m. Sunday: 9a.m. Both services will be conducted l>y Mr. Sam Sacks. Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Lawls would Iw honnrod to hovo oil triendi ond relodv*! thofe in the joy of the Bof Mil/^oh o( fhfir tnn

Uncoln B'nai Joahirun

CRAIG ALLtN SafftM-4ay, March IS, •i45 «.•«.

SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. Service conducted by Rabbi Kalaer

Mth laraai Syna^f wt No tnvitohnn^ hovebam loni

• ^»»^»M»^»»»<^*»


•17 Soufli Mtti StrMt — 34S-1044



Black and White

DaaMofeiaa Tifarath Iwaal SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. Rabbi Barry D. Cytron and Cantor Pindias Spiro and the Synagogue Choir. Guest speaker: Gerda Klein, author of "All But My Ufe." An Oneg Shabbat will follow. Saturday: Shabbat School and Adult Class with the Rabbi: 9:15 a.m. Morning Services: 9:30 a.m. Haftarah will be chanted by Carole Swartz. Mincha 8 p.m. Smlay: •:10 a.m. Dally: 7a.m. PESACUMSTmrrE The TIfereth Israel Women's League is holding a Pesach Institute, Monday, March 10, 12:45 p.m. There will be new Hagaddahs plus the chance to learn new recipes, songs and cuatoms. Luncheon will be serveddonatkai tl-75. Sitter service will be available. Call Barbara Bear (22S4837) for reservatkma. iKwtlM^ lomltyofidfriandfl loaltandltw Sor Miiivoh of ffhtir ton

•rue* I4,lil*i.a. iMrr%, aUnfe IS, l»<« »M. tmth H« »iiaao|M» No imitotMm hov* boon toot

Ov«r 2Va million hoiiM* w«r« bur||larlx«d in the U.S. last year while fannliies were away. Losses from a few hundred dollars into the thousands-Many times over the modest cost of having someone take core of your home or apartment-the most affective deterrent to burglary.

When you hove to getaway.. ..

Coil 556-6416 D.E. Major, Jr.

SHUKERT'S KOSHER MEATS_ Coo|ioHlollwi»oW»»nW»no«t, ol«o«co««c>oMo»i^o»oora»t>l




loikof fof fooonor •vikofloaorckot

"BMt" Kosher Sakmi


Ground B«tf





Brisket Corned Beef



Msreh 7,1975

The JowMi Pr«n

ADL Cali [ Senior Citizen Scene ] Nationwide aendix-Slyanco tn Columbia, (Continued from Page 1)

strumental music. The music By Janat Fladier Here I am again after two lovers loved these men and we weeks of silence. So much has hope ttiey'U return soon. been happening at the Dr. On Feb. n, Hadaasali Philip Sher Home that I don't Icnow wnere to begin. As you packed tba romn with a read on, I'm sure you'll see wftdii party — 25 children danced and tang in a program exactly what I mean. Holidays are always Incomparable to any otber and celebrated and made very I know everyone hated to see It special (or our residents and end! we alao help our residents On Feb. 26, Cantor Chaim attend olber religious events. Najman visited and was enFor Instance, on Saturday, Joyed by all. On March 6, March 1,15 residents attended Cantor Leo Fettman was to the Bat MlUvah of Julie Beth visit us. Potash at Beth El Synagogue. Our monthly birthday Purtm was very ^ledal lait month. On Feb. 23, ORT gave celebration was scheduled (or a Puiim Party that Is still March 4, and those lucky beiiig talked about by our residents with March birntidcnU. Along with Purim thdays were to get a good comes Hamanlascben, surprise. cUldrea and oeMiratliig, and For movie buffs, we nothing was left undone. scheduled "Dead End" on Two days later. Feb. 25, March 5, starring Humphrey Mary Wine and Ida Potash, Bogart and Sylvia Sidney and also gave a Purim Party. "A Star Is Bom" with Judy Days before the party, these Garland Is planned (or March two ladles, along with a few 12. Everyone is invited to join residents, tnade refreshments us (or these (llms and to come in our iHome's kitchen — and out and visit us at the Home. was everything ever Today, Maurice Katz, who dtUdousl The program that day specializes In scroll lettering, featured nine children from was to show our residents his the Hebrew Day Scixml, under art. On Sunday, March 9, we'll direction of Rabi>i Jack be going to the Jewish ComZelasko, preforming "The nnunlty Center to see "TO Live Another Summer." Trial or Haman". Of course, the children were adored and That about wraps it up lor the play was enjoyed tiy all. this week's LOVE column. That night Gale Davis and his combo "Us Three," enterUlned with songs and In-

Camp Planning Infomal MaeHngs

OMAHA - During the next few weeks slides o( Camp EUlher K. Newman will be stwwn In Omaha homes to parents and youngsters Interested In the camp's, programs.

T.E.E. H.E.E. atand ior Teohnleal Eavincertng Eaoallano*. And Highlir Eatravagant Eattaa. I S)|iilnaMnl Itka:

• SaWrfnaifdlacbrakat • Ovmaadeaai iraal • Tittlad • VUtnral

SM ba IBMBX^ Enait, four Dalna dsabr, for a baa ••« drive. Drlva a DalSBn...llieB

"These 'parlor meetings' are casual and social and will give parents and youngsters a chance to meel me and have their questions answered," says Bob LItvak, camp director. Persons Interested In attending should call Bob Litvak or Martha at the Center, 3348200.


|WIIIM0ON| Also uniqvt sWeclkvii ol > Penonjiized sUlkxiefY • Tiunli Vou Notet Nipklnt-Mitchet







uiikm • Wcddlnit Inviuikm

Mn inmyhomcindchoow lioni the (Inetl lelccliom Call for appoinuneni



By Bertie Lazar Bemice Kaiman will be honored as "Senior Citizen of the Month" (or her volunteer service to our group and (or her many volunteer hours at the Dr. Sher Home. She will receive a certificate (rom Douglas-Sarpy County Senior Citizens'Council, Inc. The award will be presented on Monday. March 10, 1:30 p.m. at Lucas Hall, 923 N. 38 St. The Jewish Community Center's Older Adults group will be hosts for the day's refreshments. There will be a regular meeting on Monday, March 10 at the JCC. Lunch wUI be served at 11:30 a.m. so tliat we can be at Lucas Hall by 1:30 p.m. We would like as many members and friends of Bernlce's to attend the ceremony as can do so. Tlianks are due everyone who has helped with our luncheons, with a special thank you to Elsa Kahn. We extend a hearty wecome to our new members: Sara Saltzman, Hyman Comlsar, Mr. and Mrs. Sol Lagman, Ida Geller. It was good to see L<eah Adelstein back. Get well wiibea to all who are ill. •niere wUl be a "Workshop on Oonaumer Education for Senior CItiuns" on Monday, March 17, l-3:ao p.m. at the JCC. Subjects Include fraudulent practices, in-

surance benefits, estate planning, alternate bousing and supplenMatal security income. The consultants and resource speakers are authorities on these subjects from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Ofdce of Aging, Omaha Housing Authority, Social Secuity Office and private agencies. The object of these workshop sessions is to inform senior citizens of their legal rights in these areas. The workshop Is sponsored by Senior Action West, Donetions Cangr<iulationt to ide Potash on the Bat Mitivah ol her granddaughter, JuKe, Irom Jennie Rosenblatt and Mrs. Dora Arbilman Gel well wishes Irom Mrs. Ethel niciweiss to her granddaughter, Karen Meyers. Oood health wishes to Rose Posltfl from Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wichman In memory ol I. Forbes Irom Sam and Rose Poslia and Mrs. Ethel Bleiwelsi.

of OPlC's complicity its action while organizing a mission of American business representatives to the Middle East and North Africa this month: OPIC asked one firm to withdraw a Jewish vice president proposed as a participant and send a nonJew Instead. Among the companies the ADL named were: intarnatonal Schoel» SvrvkM. Princeton, N.J., a teacher recruitment agency (or is»urfng job orders in behalf of the United Arab Emirate State of Dubai which prohibits applications by teact»er» who ar^ Jewish, have Jewish surnames or Jewish ancestors. Ouarantaad Mart»ata StrvlcM, inc., and Wizard Mortgage Banking Corp., of Lakewood, Colo., for letter (Sept: 11, 1974) written by an official of Guaranteed on Wizard stationery, offering short and long term investment funds to a Denver bank—with the proviso that "no board member or director shall be J wish and no stockholder controlling 30 percent or more of ttie bank's outstanding stock by Jewish."





aoc :«

/^>v.«'^ CHOP suey

(JvVttS House

Passover Seders Planned at Home OMAHA - Family and friends of residenU of the Dr. Philip Sher Home for the Aged are invited to the annual Passover Seders at the Home, 7:30p.m. on March28 and27. Please make reservations by calling Janet Fischer, Sher recreational therapist, at 4S17220.

Md., a joint venture of Bendix Field Engineering Corp. and Saudi Maintenance Company, Ltd., which—under the supervision of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers—is recruiting management personnel, technicians and instructors for the Saudi Arabian Ordinance Corps program and has an employment application requiring applicants to stale their religion. Pacific Pum Corp., Huntington Park, Calif., a subsidiary of the Dresser Corporation, Dallas, Texas, for cancelling a pending contract to sell S3 minion worth of industrial equipment to an Isrpeli corporation in captiulatlon to the Arab boycott. Ashland Chemical Co., Ashland, Kentucky, for specifically stating that it has a corporate management position of not dealing with Israel "either directly or indirectly" because it "represents too serious a risk to even consider." Chase Manhattan Bantt for refusing to open an office in Israel while doing business throughout the Middle East. The first issue of the bank's new bi weekly report, "Mid East Markets," described potential investment opportunities in every Middle East country except Israel, the second issue mentioned Israel only in passing. In addition, Forster also cited several architectural firms on the East Coast without identifying them by name.







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The jMrWi ft«u

Much?. 1976

dos nMmiOj« iio^w^w woetioim Israel Midwest Consul To Talk in Des Moines DES MOINES-When he wanted to smuggle gum and ammunition into Palestine past tlie British customs inspectors, Ehud Avriei covered them with tons of rotting Italian onions. "The British have a very marked dislike for onions," he said, "and it isn't Ukely that they'll dig through such a smelly cargo." The British passed the cargo through customs with liarely a whiH. This is the down-to-earth, no-noasense approach of Israel's new oooHii-genera] to the midwest. He dioee to come here, he says, because he appreciates the practical, sensible altitudes of the people of this region. Avrtel will be speaking to the Des Moines Jewish community at Temple B'nai Jeshurun on March 17 at 8 p.m. On that occasion, he will share some of his reniarfcat>le expeiieuees as gUD-namer, secret agent, and dipioawt, as well as some of Us views on

the likelihood of a peaceful solutkm to the Middle Eastern conflict as a result of Henry Kissinger's current diplomatic efforts. Avriei was Involved in efforts to rescue the Jews of Austria during Hitler's occupation of that country. After leaving Vienna in IMO, he helped to found Kibbutz Naot Mordechal in the Upper Galilee. After the war, he worked with the underground oftbeHaganah. In 1947, he went to Czechoslovakia to purchase arms for Israel's fight for Independence, a battle that was then thought to t>e inevitable. Immediately after the proclamation of the State. he i>ecame Israel's first ambassador, and later held ambassadorial posts In various parts ol Europe and Africa. He has also served a* director general of the Prime Minister's office under David Ben Gurkm, and as director

Federation Board Mas Meeting

Ehud Avriei general of the Treasury under Levi Eshkol. He worked in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs under Golds Meir. Every member of the Des Moines Jewish community is urged to attend this important meeting. Remember the date: Monday, March 17, 8 p.m. at the Temple.

GwdaKMB-IViai^ llarcfaTI > p.m. at Tifereth Israel Synagogqe Community Is to attend.

Theme Stated as Women's Campaign Opens 'Let Us Move Toward Life and Peace' DES MOINES - The Women's Campaign is into action! A( a meeting for chairmen on Feb. 26, CoChalrperaon Evelyn Mintzer, emphasized the importance of our commitment to Israel in this post-Holocaust era. June Daniels, as cochairperson, stressed the necessity for campaign workers to use the personal approach and not the Ifleptwnr or other Indirect mraw when contacting indhriduals. SMrtey Berg, involved with campaign publicity revealed the campaign theme: "L«t us move toward Life and Peace." The logo, depicted on the Orda Klein invitations, of a Iwtterfly escaping from the hammer and sickle has been adopted for use throughout the Women's Campaign. Division reports were beard. Dorothy BuckstMum.


W« con ssrvic* D«s AAoinct and all othtfr cities in Iowa.

heading the Metropolitan Division has 33 participants but further participation is limited, she stated, because of the difficulty In getting more people involved. David Shneyer, facilitator of the Drake Jewish Student Center is working with the college dlviskm. Gerda Klein spoke wiUi the students on March 2, at a special dairy supper at the Jewish House. Three films on related topics have been ordered for a "mini-Jewish Film FesUval". Dr. Burton Leiser. chairman of the Department of Philosophy at Drake University, hopes to ot>taln another speaker. Grlnnei college students, in conjuction with the campaign, are

planning a Jewish Cultural weekend on April 17th. The Youth Campaign chairperson*, Becky Kraamer and Doug Elroetx, have planned a retreat at Borteirs in SI. CSiarles. la. on AprU 20, In rdatioa with Bureau of Jewtah EdueallM. Toni UtlMui, in charge of Worker's Training for the campaign, reported that there will be an educational training program at the home of Mrs. Swartz in Marshalltown on AprU 7. The sesskn wUI feature a series of speakers, movies, film strips, and quizzes. More campaign news will unfold through in-depth Prea* reports of individiials and activities.

I Calen€lar of Events ] FrMay, Marck 7 Gprda KKki *t Tifirctti ItrMi SynaooQuo SaturMy, MUrckl Jewfth Community Ccnttr Pl«y E vming SwtMv.Marckt I M p m. H»4Mu«i Bufjness «nd Profvstional in**!i#>g

/ pm J«with Community (enler MovM $«rl(* Jewish Community Ctfittr \'iA\/ Eventftg MMday, Mvck I* 1} 4S p.m. TiforMh IVM<

Wort^cn's LeAQur Pafttovtr Inttilwtc meeting 7 :X p m MwiUi F«m<ly Services Board meeting T«e«ay.Marckli 9 4S Am low* Jewish Homr Guild Board meetino 13:30 p.m. Eleanor Roosevelt Group Hadassah meeting • p.m. — Jewisn Identification meetino at Iha Bureau ol Jewish Education PrMay, MarchU—I* Evanlfla Aduti Education CommHtot Sctwlar In Residence aerowiti

US0AlM|MCt«4 I. ai7 Cerit collect: (402)


5se-«4a5 W* iMr by le«Mi fmr-


c*l — <*lli»>ry MM* to yowr 4leer.



By ROM HOABUHI DES MOINES-Tbe officers of the Federation meet before the scheduled proceedbigs; from a farther room one hears their earnest dialogue floating over coffee cups and papers. Beyond them are two long tables lined with chairs on either side and covered with a stapled assemblage of reports and agendas. Such was the scene on Feb. 27, when the Federatkn Board gathered at Beth El Jacob Synagogue. As 7:30 approachea, the members, MUM vMerable personages long knbwn for their dedication, others of newer blood and equally as committed, arrive singly or in small clusters. E^igai^ in friendly discourse among themselves, they enter the meeting room where they are greeted by the genial smile and firm handshake of Feileratkm Prealdent Mania Pamerantz. Soon bis Malwart, commanding figure approaches the head taUe. Calling the meeting to order, he addresses the group with the familiar ease and spontaneity of a man long accustom«l to leadership. Mrs. Evelyn Mintzer, secretary for the JWF is seated to his right. On Ms far left is the Federation Executive Director Dr. Gerald Ferman. His manner is intent though an occasional chuckle escapes from that meditative countenance. BMida Urn Is ttw guart ipaafev hcnotud with ttie D^ar Tonta for the craoiiV, Ibe Rawsod Jobn Donovan, aueutlvw director of tbe Natfoaal Conferenca of and Jews in Das

Des Moines Campaign Team Evelyn Mintzer DES MOINES-Mrs. Evelyn Mintzer, formerly of Davenport, la. and the mother of four children, is cochairperson of the Women's Campaign. She describes tbe role of the campaign this way: "It is emntlal we create an awanneas and understanding of our role as Jews within tbe larger framework of the community, Israel and tbe world. We, as women, must realize our commitment Is vital so as to lay foundathai stones for our children and grandctaiklren so they may have a Jewish life through their education and Identifying! "We have to realize for our freedom we must secure tbe freedom of all Jews wbetber it be freedom from oppression, terrorism, or economic InttabUity. And we -must be prepared to maintain and increase tbe level of giving of 1974.' now when so much of Israel's relations Is in a

Left to rt^it: Bvilyu I JvOf BaUn (c D.JM

precarious world climate." A graduate of the University of Iowa with a degree in elementary education, Mrs. Mintzer Is now actively Involved In tbe Jewish commiBiity as the secretary of the Jewish Welfare Federatkm and chairman of the Tifereth Israd Braille Group. Within tbe general community, she serves as a volunteer In the Des Moines PxiMc Schools and Is a member of the YWCA Kaleldoacope program.

June Danieb DES MOINES-Mrs. June Daniels, co-chairperson In tbe Womsta's Campaiyi with Mrs. Evelyn Mintzer, has been invtdved in most women's organizations Including Hadassah, Brandels and CRT. She has also served on tbe JCC Board. Having visited Israel five times, Mrs. Daniels has a strong sense of commitment to the campaign. A year ago she and her eldest

children were on a three-week Israel mission sponsored by theUJA. When asked about her feelings toward the campaign, Mrs. Daniels quoted the honored Rabbi HUM: "If I am not for myself than who (s for me, but if I am only for myself than what am I? If not now, when?" "Hlllel's message Is < says Mrs. Daniels.

JknWiecler DES MOINES-"The success of the 1974 Mi-UtOne' campaign depends on those who identify with other Jews— not only here In Des Moines, but in Israel, Ruscia or wherever else Jews happen to live. ExperlCQoe has tmgbt us that the most bnportant step in 'identifying' Is getting personally involved in planning and supervising just one Jewish activity," said Jim Wieder. "Tbe Newcomers Divlskm encourage* Jewiph families wtw've recently Jotaied our community to become more involved in the operation of one or more of the commissions that make up our Welfare Federation. The Newcomers Divkrion Is involved in fund raising too, but we consider our part In getting new famines la lake an active role hi the Jewish community just as Important.

Reverend Donovan shared his impressions of Israel having traveled there with his wife on a 10-day study tour in December of 1974 His Israeli welcome was a warm one. As the plane landed at Ben Gurlon Airport, a rousing "Shalom Alechem" was sung by all the passengers. Reverend Donovan was partlctdarly aware of the contrasts which Israel presented. From the lush Jordan valley to the Sinai desert, from the •himmering waters of the Sea of Galilee to the barenees of the hins beyond, the land was remarkably varied. The people of Israel's melting pot revealed striking contrasts. Reverend Donovan met Sattraa, oriental Jews and Russian immigrants. He aquired a new appreciation of tbe meaning of Israel for world Jewry and for himself. "Joan and I arrived in Des Reverend Donovan believes Moines with our two girls from "the permanence of Israel Is Cleveland, Ohk> in 1971, and Important to all of us" and we're still talking about the I Continued on Next Page I warm welcome we received

JimWIadsr Ijotn the Jewish community here. We were impressed with the variety of Jewish services and activltite offered and we still feel that they compare favorably with those In Cleveland—partlcularily when the stae of our community is oonsiderad. "Our involvement with planning and fund raising developed partly out of gratitude and partly because Joan and 1 believe that we have a responsibility to both

I Continued on Next Page) •


Msrch 7.1976

Omaha Organizations


DBS MOINBS-As you know, RalHit Eugene Borowlu, author of the book '"Hie Mask the Jews Wear," will be In Des Motnef March 14-16 for a weekend of lecturei. Stanley Isaacson has a limited numlwr of these books. One may obtain a copy (or 16—a savings of $1.95 from the book store prices. Contact Stanley Isaacson (Z7>-3277) or the Federation office <244r3144).


Omahans in The News Renannah Elizabeth Weinstein, age 2>/i, wUI accompany her father, Howard, regional director of the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation League, when he visita Jewish community leaders, newspaper editors and public school officials in Sioux Falls, S.D., March 11-12. Renannah's mother, Jean Ann, is recuperating from a wrlat fracture. ndllip R. Schneidennan was elected assistant •eeretary of United Way of the Midlands (formerly United Community Services) at Its annual meeting. Cited tor bis commitment of time and talent for the past 15

years to the fund-raising efforts of the organisation was Charles D. Feebler Jr., president and chief executive officer of Bozell and Jacobs International, Inc., as (he •UCS Citiien of the Year." Re-elected to a new threeyear term was Stanford Upaey of the Omaha Sun Newspapers. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Herr have returned from a threeweek vacation which included two weeks cruising aboard the Mermoz, a French luxury ship, to Haiti, Colombia. Panama Canal, Honduras, Guatemala and Yucatan, Mexico. The third week was spent In Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Campaign Team , ' '

: ' ' . ,

Des Moines and have served (Continued from on the Campaign Cabinets Previous Page) our children and the rest of the during two other campaigns. "My responsibilities as community to support the continuation of Jewish ac- president of General Growth tivities and services kically, Management Corporation, the nationally and internationally. advisory company to General This kind of involveownt If-* OnMsth-'Properties, require that I travel a bit. For that part of being Jewish. "I serve on the Board of reason my leisure activitiea Governors of The jlewtah usually involve doing things Welfare Federation of Des with my family. We en]oy Moines, The Des Moines things like bowling, skating, Bureau of Jewish Education horseback riding or swimand The Board of Trustees of mlng. I also^ *'>i<'y„ Temple B'nai Jeshurun. I've photography, ui and iniisic also been, active in the and to keep in shape I do a bit resettlement of Soviet Jews In of running at the 'Y'."

Th» Jawiati fteaa


BatMitzvah DBS MOINES - Mary Jane Bear, daughter of David and Jeanette Bear will be lionored as a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday morning, March 22 at 9:30 a.m. at Tifereth Israel Synagogue, Des Moines, Iowa and at a Kiddush luncheon immediately following services. The Bears extend a cordial invitation to all member of the community to Join with them on their occasion. NO PERSONAL INVITATIONS ARE BEING EXTENDED.

Can you SELL? We're looking for an aggressive, sales and college aae and above, to •e0adv«rtlaii«iartheDe8 Motea SacUon o( Ttie #6WMlPrBlia Oonlaettte DaaMstasJewMi WeUBferHlaratkmofacc MMiM.tedayl

HADASSAH The Omaha Chapter of Hadassah open board lAeetlng, open to the general membership, will be from 10 a.m. to 2: IS p.m. Monday, March 17. at the Jewish Community Center. DIscuaslon will include plans (or the regional convention in Omaha. Reservations for lunch (tl.SO) are due Thursday, March 13. Call either U\ Brookatein (391-7524), EtU Epstein (393-S137), Shirley

Bittner (334-90ZS) or Edyth Kass (333-4965) B'NAI BIUTH WOMEN The Heruy Monsky Chapter of B'nai B'rith Women will hold a dessert luncheon Thursday, March 13, 12:30 p.m. at the Underwood Towers, 48S0 Underwood Ave. Mrs. Mary Brady will present a cosmetic and makeup demonstration.

Death JENNIE BTYERS Funeral services were held in Los Angeles, Calif., for Mrs. Jennie Myers, formerly of Omaha. Mrs. Myers died Feb. 25 after a prolonged illness. Survivors: a daughter and a son, twth of Los Angeles: sisters, Mrs. Nate (Bertha) Bordy, Mrs. Isadore (LeeI Hurwich, Mrs. Ralph (Ethel) Dobrin, Mrs. Milton (Sylvia) Abrany, all of Los Angeles; brother, Ben Abrahamson, Omaha.

For reservations call Mrs. Frank Sekar, 551-3049.

Federation Board Has Meeting (Continued from Previous Page) stresacd the need fbr "peace with aeeure borders." Reports from the various agendea and committees followed. Tim Uti>an announced tbe latest Jewish Life Center deveh)pineata. MUton Brown delivered the FMeratlao Ways and Means Committee Report. Fred Lofter outlined the future f ampalgi program. Speaking on the Women's Campaign activities was the Federation secretary, Mrs. Evelyn MInlzer. Al Klrsner gave the CRC report. Marty Waldinger, JCC President, Informed the group that Herman Rubin of New York had Iseen selected from the first three candidates Interviewed for the position ol executive director of that agency pending review and

confirmation by the personnel and budget committees of the Federation. With adjournment, Intense discussion continued among the Iward memtwrs sliKere In their efforts to serve our Jewish communitv.

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March?, Igrg

•U Ike buMIe and burtle o( iprtng, thoughts turn to the future... to "what will Idoafterhi#iichool?" Tbe nunfaor of teem using our ooUase mource library Is 9«wlii(, as are tbe imini>er of requests for specific Information about various •chools (Jewish life on and off campus, numbers of Jewish •tudinta, routine queattons about catrance requirementa, financial aid available, etc.). Tbe Center Youth Department is planning a series of programs for high school sophomores. Juniors, and .Taena grappUng with the perplexing post-high school quntlon may ^ the help they need to answer these questions through the following: 1. Dwtag Spring vacaNan, a dagr or avMlag wffl be set arid* lor U^ adMMl abidenis to

attending the }. Dr. . Phillip Haber, executive director of the B'nal B'rlth Career and Counseling Service, Midwest Region, may visit Omaha in mid-April Dr. Haber has visited dozens of cities in the East and MUweat to help hgh school student* better undovtand their interests, abilities, personalities; learn about careers and suitable schools; S. A Midwest Campus Tour will be arranged that will enable those interested to visit several schools In Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin (the iUnerary wlU dapendoo the choices of appUcanU). The tour will Include visits with university officials, Jewish faculty and students, some meals at the various

The JwvMi^MS

Aquatics Notebook 9yGmryJvrtUb JCX;AquailaDinelar Hillel Houses, and guided campus tours. The Youth Department needs to know how many Jewish high school students In grades 10 to 12 are interested In participating. Please complete the form and at the bottom of this column and send It to me as soon as possible so that I'll have enought time to complete all the details (mailing address: Jewish Conmiunity Center, 333 So. 132nd St.. Omaha. Nebraaka, 6«1M). For more information, call me before S p.m. dally and Sunday (334S200). ATTENTION BBYO'era You have received information regarding the two excellent Summer programs avaUable through BBYO: BBYO KALLAH h ILTC '75, and ISRAEL '75: the BBYO ISRAEL SUMMER INSTITUTE. Deadlines for applications are approaching. KALLAH-ILTC is one of tbe finest experiences available in leadership training, Jewish learning and living. Deadline for applying (first-come, firstserved is May 31. Those interested in experiencing Israel via ISI it have until March 31 to apply. Let me hear from you I POOLTOURraEY Jeff Shkolnick captured the Sr. High Pool Tournament, remaining undefeated In four matches. Jeff defeated Jeff Brooltstein (154), Jon Meyers (154), Greg Bauaback (15-1) and Jon Bfeyers, again (35-20). Meyers look second place,

Dear Larry: I am Interested in participating in the Youth Department'a outreach program to Jewish high school opperdaaamen (I0lh-I2th graders). I want more in(armatkm on the following activities: 1. Meeting with hoiMcoming college students to learn firsthand about the •chools they are attending. 2. Ilie lecture and discusakm by Dr. Phillip Haber, of BBCCS, Minneapolis, to team what schools and^r careers I am "right" for. 3. The Midwest Campus Tour (I am interested in the following

Bauiback third. Geoff Wertheim apd Bruce Prank also participated. PINOPONG, BUMPAPOOL The Jr. High PingPofig Tourney will be 1:30 p.m., Sunday. March 9, concurrent with the Sr. High Bumpa Pool Tourney. AZANO.U10 PRESniAN WEBXKND Chalm Weizmann AZA No. 1510 Freshman Weekend was Feb. 21-23, under direction of the new members. After the Weekend, which itresied tbe religious, cultural, social and community service folds of AZA, tbe freshmen t>ecame full members of Weizmann. The Religious-Cultural program Feb. 21 with Edlar BBG included a creative •ervtce written by Susie Cain, chapter Sweetheart; Joe Greenberg, a freshman and chapter treasurer, and Marty Vann, chapter president. A dinner prepared by Edlar followed. The evenlng'a speaker was a mortician from Crosby-Kunold-Burket. Feb. 22, a date party drew 50 people and featured a "getting-to-lcnow-you" game and movie. The concluding program Feb. 23 was a community service project. The chapter. In an effort to Increase the BBYO Regional- Scholatshlp Fund through Raffle sales at the Onter, brought in almost •On Weekend, described by one of the freshman as "the best experience I've had In a kmg time", la the result of efforts t>egun by Mark Saferatein, No. 1510 Pledgeroaster, back in July.

BOOKS Butin««» or Plcotur* SpKlol Ordart Walconw WaOlfl 'rop and Ship Chart II at...



Tlie Jewish Community Center Is offering three programs of interest In the near future. In cooperation with the Red Crass, the J(X will sponsor a free 6 week first aki dass to train people in the aklU* needed to treat three major serious problems: stoppage of breathing, bleedbig and poisoning. Thia la eepedaUy valuable

for parents, with outdoor activities about to begin. Class begins March 11, and Is open to noo-memt>ers. Sign up below; regiatration deadline, March 10. Alao of Importance Is our very popular Heart Massage ainlc to be held in May. This will t>e our fourth program in two years — back again by popular demand. A WSI retraining session wtn alao be In May. Sign-up for

Gary, Pteaae sign me up for the first aid class which meets at tiie JCC on Tuesday evening from 7-10 p.m. Deadline March 10. Name Address Mail to Gary Javttch, Jewish Community Center, 333 S. 132nd St. Oitiaha,«nM

both of these is in April. These are also open to non-memt)ers. Finally, for JCC members, another canoe trip is being planned. Those who adventured with us on our three day trip will certainly want to Join us on our four-day white water trip in Missouri. Details are l>elng worked on and will be announced as soon as Uiey are available.

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showing n«w olbuT) of English. H«br»w, ond sp«<iolly-d«sign invttotiont. ArtScroM. Americas for«most d*tign«r. now has CompuScrJb*. world's only English. H«br«w lvp*s*ll«r. allowing lost dalivary, tow cost, ond lorg* protill W» will train-no obligation arrCcrell Pf(. Corp. 717 Fillh A»t NYC lOOlO ~ '•7I2J6S9M3?

Maxwc House Coffee ^ Honors Famous jwish-American Patriots

HAYM SALOMON 17401785 Fuuacicr • Isakcr of tk AsMriua RcralMioa ' Pilfiot

One of (he bctl known among Jewish- patriotic leaders who testified that without his American pilriolt was Haym Salo- aid they could not have carried on in the cause. mon—(he financier who helped raise Salomon died in January, 1785. at (he age of money to carry on the American His fortune had been devoured equipping Revolulion and later, save our emerging nation 45. military units, paying foreign agents and the from economic collapse. salaries of government officials, and aiding Bom in Poland, Salomon came to America to many mem^rs of his own family. He left only leeii his fortune, reaching New Yoric in 1772. a modest estate to his young wife and four Proficient in several languages, he also pos- children. sessed an unusual knowledge of finance, having But Haym Salomon left a far larger legacy. The many contacts among European bankers. memory of a lifetime of dedication, loyalty and In America, Salomon achieved succen as a altruism to Hu family, to his friends and to his trader and allied himself with Itic Revolution- country. In 1941. an impressive statue of ary ellon, by joining the Sons of Liberty. Late George Washington, flanked by Haym Siilomon In 1776, he was twice arrested for his activities and Robert Morris, was unveiled in Chicago. As and imprisoned l>y the British. Fortuaalely, be a symtwl. as a man. and ai a Jewish-American. managed to escape execution both times. Salonion earned this memorial. For the next two years, while free and conK CERTiniO KOSHEK ducting "business as usual," Salomon helped Anerican and French prisoners escape and encounged soidien to desert to the American forces. In luly, 1777 he wu married to Rachel Franks. But in 1773, about to be arrested as a spy, he escaped to Philadelphia. There, he soon re-established himself by selling bills of exchange. In June. 1781, Robert Morris, the Superintendent of Finance, engafcd Salomon to help with the young country's mances. He negotiated all the loans raised in France and Holland, pledging his personal faith and fortune, and personally advanced large sums In such men as James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and other


"BIRTH OF A LEGEND" Nitsly W«d. thru Sun. PIZZA


lit 7DO SOUTH 72nd St. ^ S«,'F«!f-1^r--r-iOf


<8E Maxwell House* Coffee * A tnJition in Americin-Jcwish homes for half a century


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Th« Jawiiti Pnna


NY. Eight to 10 teams from all over the United SUtes - including Omaha — will be competing.

NOW THBRrsm. rOR rWEE AT THE JOCt The Health and Physical BdueaHon Dc|MitiiMBl of (he jewtab Community Center Is pieand to preaent a teiiea of free liitiwkictary lecturet on Traiwcendental Meditation (or T.M., as It la mare commonly known). T.M. is a very pofMlar method of allowing the indlviihial to gain a deep state of raat (twice as deep as deepest sleep, accordtav to MtonUfic studtes) and thereby release deep-rooted streaaaadteaaloii. 1M itavia, aaay to laan nantal tMhotqut la praetlMd for • IMMIM, nrf^ B"' aiaiilic rMulting in a dynamic IncNMe ol Mtrgy and nMtal dartty ttemitfiout the day, actjlidhg to pcopenents e< T.M. Ow lectures wUI Iw gi»en by Joe Hariey, an Instructor with the Intcraational Madlalinn Society of Omaha. Harley has bad extenatv* traWi« in teacUng the tachnliyie - he qient nine months Ui Switierland traintag with the MaharlaM Mabnh Yogi, originator of the technique. The lectures will be at the Center and wiU be held on the following dates: Wedneaday. March U, U:»pJB. Itasaday. March ». 7:10p.m. MARCH CAUCNDAR or EVENTS Saturday, March ( FATHER - SON Basketball Night Creighton Bluejays Mar(|uette basketball gan>c at Civic Auditorium Leave by bus from the Center's Parking lot at 6:30 p m. Sunday, March le Omaha JCC Midget. Olympic and Blue-SUr basketball teams travel to Sioux City for annual Home and Away Inter Center Basketball weekend. SiBday, March B Omaha JCC hosU Stoux aty JCC in annual Midget. tMymplc and Senior High School Blue-Star basketball weekend. Monday, March 34 JCC Recreatkmland Day Camp Reunion.

STH, tTH, TTH. AND ITH GRADE GYM HOCXKY LEAGUES Indoor gym hockey has the action, excitement, skill and healthy compeUtkm that you'll love. Each player learns stick handling. pUyiog the puck, team work and playing poattions. AU Inteieated hoys in the Sth, 6th, 7th and 8th grades may sign up In the Physical Educatkm office The schedule is as foUows: 8uiidBri.Sta(tlBgMarckU: GradesSande l:J0to3:J0p.m. GradesTanda S:30to5p.m. Each team wiU have a coach and ihirta provided. A 0.00 acUvlty fee is charged. TDIE TO PLAN FOR YOUR aOLDV StnOOK The JCC all-Day Recreationland Camp Is for boys and girls Kindergarten Ihrou^ Fourth grades. Campers wiU swim (both imtructkNial and recreational), play sports and games and do gynmastlcs, movement exploration, crafts, etc. Special days Include Birthday Day, Smile Day, Olympics Day, Meet The Stars Day, and we'll have a water carnival, too. Sponsored by the Health and Physical Educatkm Department, JCC Recreationland Day Camp will offer three two-week sessions June 23 thru Aug 9. A camp brochtire and registratkm will be mailed all Center members XRTB TOURNEY HELPERS THANKED Chuck Arnold, director of JCC Health and Physical Educatkm: Mike Singer, chairman ol the bartafhall committee and the members of the athletic committee, extend sincere thanks and appreciation to all who volunteered their time and provided home hospitality to help make the recent Teen Tournan>ent an outstanding success. The National Teenage JWB Basketball Tournament wiU be held April 11-13 at the Jewlsli Community Center In Newburgh.

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•4 contiRMM mnkt fR ~ •llMty.


RON GORDON with Sunday, baiore a raeord tumoat of taBnOy and friends, over • Jnniar Boys put OB a fast and predae eiUMitai o( bMfcettitfi drills and played some actkm-packad hwitrthan games at tiie Jewiata Community Oemer. SbofWB here are: FRONT ROW: (L TO R)-Hert)Hhode», Shawn UKUL, Adam Zwdback. Peter MoCann, Mite Mark Eckstrom aat OMAHA-OB

Mtfaddn. Todd TMaUaa. Bobtqr KattnMi, a«or|e Grteb, CMg LMBir, Todd Umar and StoMGolAarg. 1HIRD ROW (LTO R)-aiaDa BrMMord, Mite 074CI1, Tom Umtlwm, Je« PloUdn. Steve W—Mrman, KeviD Saltiman and Maitt ConBoOy. BACK ROW <L TO R)-Keitta Waliak. coaeii; Ctaudi Arnold. athleUe direetar; Bmee M«rto, eoMb; KcMfa MOkr, coadi.

SECOND ROW (L TO R>-Paul McCaon. Mart

FRiWIT BOW <L TO R)-Alan Wldman, Randy OraadMrg. Kevia fngaftiirf. MIcbaei Bktch. Rtcky Stemaai, Briaa Yampoiaky, Malt McFaddea, DM Fshtaan, Bruce KnimM. David Wlotimd). Alee Barman. Mar* Lautfiiln. SECOND ROW (L TO R)-Trey Knott. Joe Kellogg, MMcfa Warren. Jtan Lindtoy, Mite J«« SdiwarU, Brett Tbomaan. Jeff

Stem. Scott Tatelman, Dana BraiHord. Jefl KlrsctMobaum, Dennis Engafcert. Hany Banaan, Slavs Maraflos, Mite Otam, DavM OolMB.

BACK ROW (L TO R>-Hite Zakm, assiatant AD; Marit Prad, eoMb; Pat McCaan. coack; Chuck Arnold, alhMle dbector.

KeyRadEstate (Ml Bon tot yeurMKtMOv* 33»-306«

Hem*: 391 M73

UO GALS RSOHTBR FOR SUMNAflTICS A record number of giris and women - 150 - are particlpatlac in our Spring SUnuiastics Classes. We are happy to see so many women interested In improving their healOi and figures. UO GYMNASTS WORKING HARD That's right! ISO boys and girls are presently participating In our gymnastics classes. Enthusiasm is high and Denlaa Stavneak says she expects the taiterest and participation to keep growhig in future seasons. BASKiraAIX UCAOUB REPORTS SHterHltfiLsafH AZANo.l"A"56 NFTYa ChaimWelimanB"A"H AZANo.lOO"A"l« ChalmWetanann"B"S7 AZA No. 100 "B" U U8V-SYOSS Lincoln AZA No. 30 Mike Abramaon and Mite Perelman led AZA No. 1" A" with 14 and 10 pobtU, respectively. Bill Cohn and Keith HUler had 24 and a poInU to lead Welzmann "A" while Mark Pred's 2S keyed WeixmMn "B". Scott KIrshenbaum and Keith Josephson with 10 points each led USY-SYO, with game honors going to Howard MisUwith.U markers. 8eiMdola8und«y, Marehff » a.m.-AZA No. 1 "A" ...W. USY-SYO 10 a.m.-AZA No. 100 vs.NFTY lla.m.-Welimann"B" vs. AZA No. 100 *'B" Noon - Weizmann "A" vs. Uncoin AZA No. 3 M«B's Varsity. Sunday, March U 6:30 p.m. - Loser of Vess-Mastercraft vs. loser of Spirit World Allied 7:30p.m.-Wolf Bros. vs. Spirit Borid-AUIed winner 8:30p.m.-UttleKingBVs. Vess-Mas|ercraft winner The opening round o( the Mkigel BaolratlMill Tournament got underway last Sunday with two chMe eoirtests. In the opener. Pumas pulled an upset, beating Peter Pan 2230 in overtime. The game remained tied at 30-all through the first Iwo-mlnute overtime period, with Bill Meyers finding the range In the sudden-death second period to win It for Pumas. TOm Keenan had 12 polntafor Pumas but Mike Zoob of Peter Pan got game hcnon with 14 points. The second game was also a thriller. Vann Realty hung on for a dIme-thIn 16-15 victory over Mayfair Textile as Mayfalr's second-half surge fell a point short after overcoming a sevenpoint deficit at Intermission Chris Skoog's 8 points led Vann while Tom Demmel's 10 led the losers. MldfKPIaymakaro(ltoW«ak: MlkeZoob. MUgalDaltaslvcPlaytrofTteWMktTomKeeMm. Tourney Schedule Sunday, Mardil l:15p,m.-PeterPan.. .vs.Mayfair a p.m. — I-Go-Van... vs. Vann Realty 2:4Sp.m.—Tretlaks... vs. Pumas Olyifl|ilcLa«v» Dean's regained a share of aeoood place by defeaUng Natelson's, 37-32, behind TUn Jensen's IS pointy. Jim Demmel took game honors with 18. TinX Mid-America kept rolling with a 44-35 win over Kohlls as Andy Robinson and Dick Stem connected (or 15 and 11 poinu, respectively, for Uie winners. Steve Harris scored 17 for Koiills. OlyinplcPlaymakeraCnwWaak: Mike Kaminitz. O^n^DataMlvaPlayeraCnieWeelcJayKeenan. SdwdnteSimdaiy, MaRta • 3:45 p.m.—Natelson's... vs. Deans 4:4Sp.m.—First Mid-America ... vs. Kohlls

March 7, 1975  

Jewish Press

March 7, 1975  

Jewish Press