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fn. Scott Speaks in Omaha

Senators Warn of Fragile Mid East Disengagement Omaha (JTA) — Sen. Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania, the Senate Republican Minority Leader, described the Israeli disengagement agreemenla with Syria and E^ypt as among "the great diplomatic triumphs in more than 2S years." SpcaUag at aa Israel Bands dlnaer la Omaka, telarday alghl. Scott praised KIssinger'i InhUllve as "a very important first step" '(•ward a lasting peace in the MUdIc East. He warned, however, that "monumental proMems Ue ahead due to latcaac hostility, geaeratloas •Id" aid that "farther agreements will aal kt reached easily." President Hafez Assad of Syria lold Americans that what he believes Syria has gained in its disengagement agr«enMnt with Israel is a

three-stage movement by "or any other foreign party." which Israel will surrender Sen. Henry M. Jackson (D:, all the Arab territory it oc- Wash.), appearing on the CBS cupied in the 1M7 Six-Day television program "Face the War. Nation" yesterday, warned Interviewed from that the "heavy . Soviet Damascus on the ABC presence in Syria" makes the television program "Isaues Syrian-Israeli disengagement and Answers," Assad said accord "very fragile." that disengagement "constitutes a step which should lead to the next stage and this stage in turn should lead to the full withdrawal of Israel ' from our occupied territories and to the restoration of the national rights o( the Arab people of Palestine." Asked if he had any JERUSALEM (JTA) - The assurances from Secretary of Israeli Cabinet has decided to State Henry A. Kissinger on make public a full dossier any agreement with the containing details of Syrian Israelis, liie Syrian President brutality and torture of replied that he could not say Israeli prisoners of war. "in the full sense of the word The accounts of torture that tliere are any such were related by the last of the guarantees" from the U.8. Israeli POWs who returned


,COUNCIL BLUFFS LINCOLN, OMAHA Omaha, Nab., Fri.. June 14,1974

Returning POW's Describe Torture, Treatment in Syria from Syria. Yaariv said the want to "upeet my parents." debriefings have made it He told reporters however clear that the torture was that "the first months were systematic and premeditated very diffictilt." He said that rather than haphazard, oc- for a month and a half he had casional acts by Syrian been blindfolded and injailors and interrogators — ' terrogated endlessly by the although sadism did ap- Syrians In Hebrew and parently play a part in It. It English. "They used to torappeared from the accounts ture me to extract inthat the Syrians reserved formation but also for the their worst torture methods pleasure of It," Capt. Rokah for downed Air Force men. said. He said that he and' other An Israeli Army spokesman denied categorically pikHs were beaten on their allegations by returned ears to make them physically Syrian POWs that they had unable to fly again. Other been mistreated In Israeli returned POWs spoke of long periods of solitary conprisons. Capi. Ami Rokab, a downed finement, the application of Mirage pilot, said be didn't elewit shock, the use of high intensity lamps to blind the prisoners or to bum sensitive parts of their bodies and beatings with sticks. One returned pilot, an TEL AVIV (EINS) amputee, said he bad bailed Interviewed over Israel out of his plane safely and radio, Dr. B. Kshifov, chairman of Tel - Aviv's Medical Society, warned against the possible outbreak of a tuberculosis epidemic. The doctor explained that tuberculosis is rife among the Arabs living in the administered areas and working Omaha — Invitations have in Israel. They carry the been sent to the entire Jewish infection, as do many of the community of Omaha, Linnew arrivals from the Soviet coln, Des Moines and outlying Union where tubercuioels Is areas to attend the second far more prevalent than annual open house to be held amongst the settled at the Dr. Philip Sher Home population in Israel. for the Aged, Sunday, June 23 The disease is particularly from 2-4 p.m. stubborn and difficult to root Home reshleats, directed out, with younger age groups by Mary Wine, wUl bake aU more vulnerable than others. refreshments served at the Dr. Kshifov argued that stringent measures to control the affliction must be taken immediately In order to prevent the disease from reaching epidemic proporNEW YORK, (JTA) tions. Valery Panov, the Jewish ballet dancer, and his nonScroll for Henry Jewish dancer wife, Galina, WASHINGTON, (JTA) - have finally been given Secretary of State Henry permission to leave the Sovie.t Kissinger has received a Union for Israel, the National scroll for his "great con- Conference on Soviet Jewry tribution" toward bringing reported on June 7. about the release of 89 Israeli Panov and his wife were prisoners held by Syria since dismissed from the Kirov hostilities began on Yom ballet when Ihey applied for Kippur. permission to leave. Later, The scroll was presented by after worldwide protest, Dov Zachln, a member of the Soviet authorities said Panov Knesset who represented a could leave but he would have committee of parents of to leave his wife behind. Both Uraeli POWs in Syria. rejected the offer.

T.B. Epidemic Warning Sounded

[ Wouldn't You Rather Ride the Bus? I MAT Bas No. 2 ptfled ap at Ike JewW^Ceanaaaity Ccaler MMday, iaaagaratfaig the new service r which wm ma along Dodge Street, Ucludbig slops at Croaareads. Wesiroads, Regency, JCC and '^ B«ya TMrn. The buses will run every 4t minutes.

Terrorist Suspects Arrested in Gallilee t <, ' ^ , f, ; ^ [, I I > i i

I l I i I i t

JERUSALEM, (JTA) Two suspected terrorists were caught at a roadbloack on the Maalot-Sasa road in Central Galilee last week. They were riding in an Israellicensed taxi and said they were on their way to a Druze village near Safad. They admitted to poike later that they were on an unspecified miuion to cause casualties in Israel and bad Infiltrated from Lebanon with three companions. The latter are believed to have returned to Lebanon. The suspects were idenUfied as Mahmud RashM Hadi and JamU Musufah Dihab, both 18, from the Israeli Arab vlUage of Maidal Krom in western Galilee. According to police, the two

went to Lebanon several years ago to join El Fatah. The taxi diiver who had pkted them up near the Lebanese border told police he had no Idea his passengers were infiltrators.

$1MmonlUdaed In Paris Alt Sale PARIS (JTA) - A toUl of tl million was raised for Israel here as paintings, art objects and antiques were auctioned off for the benefit of the Jewish state at the plush Georges V Hotel in downtown Paris. All the works donated to the auction were offered by collectors, private partlea or the artists Ihemselvce.

H«ackars Tried In Netherlands AMSTERDAM, (JTA) - A Haarlem district court on June 6 sentenced two Palestinian hijacker* to five years imprisonment for hijacking, arson and illegal possesaion of arms. fhe two men, Adnan Ahmed Musa Nuri, 33, and Sami Husayn Tamimah, 21, hijacked a British Airways plane last March and destroyed It by fire after a forced landing at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. The hijackers evacuated the passengers and crew members unharmed before burning the aircraft. The Dutch government has let it be known that It would prefer the two to serve out their sentences in a country other than The Netherlands.

was in good condition when the Syrians captured him. But the toriure he suffered under interrogation caused severe wounds in his lower leg which had to be amputated, he said. The accounts of torture by returned loldlen and air mea were borne out by three Israeli Bedouin civiUani the Syrians captured when they atUcked Israel last Oct. I. They said they were tortured bmtally, starved and eoastanily questioned. They said a fourth Bedouin captive,, an elderly man, had died from the mistreatment and lack of medical attentlan. Israeli sources noted today that as bad aa their areetment was, the returned Israeli prisoners were in much better condition than other Israelis who had fallen into Syrian hands In past years and returned completely broken in body and mind.

Sher Home to Host Annual Open House

Panov and Wife To Go To Israel

open bouse. LOVE (League Offering Volunteers for the Elderly) members as well as residents will act ss hosts and hostesses and assist with other arrangements. Mrs. Sol Parsow and Mrs. Jack B. Cohen are LOVE cochairmen. All who come are ivged to bring members of their families of all ages. The purpose of the open house is to belter acquaint everyone with the Dr. Sher Home and the important services it provides for our community.

Summer at The Center Omaha — Registration opens Sunday for Jewish Community center summer programs. A brochure describing all the planned courses has been mailed to Onter Members. Registration for these programs is limited to Center members, and membership application are available at the JCC.

The JawMhPna

June 14,1974


Registration for Summer Progr^i^'*Jjfgf^f/s ofAcCOtd ToM

Begins this Sunday at the JCC By CLAUDIA SHERMAN With summer registration (or activities at the Jewish Community Center scheduled to begin this Sunday, June 16, those plans discussed and organized by Center staff members are turning into reality. For instance, this week the first Metropolitan Area Transit (MAT) bus arrived at the Center much to the delight and convenience of the people involved in the senior citizen club who met at the Center again on Monday. The regular number two (Dodge Street) MAT bus now runs to the Jewish Community Center every forty minutes. It makes its flrst- stop at the Center at 7:27 a.m. and its final stop of the day at 5:57 p.m. The bus route ak>ng Dodge Street includes stops at Crossroads, Westroads Shopping Center, Regency and Boys Town. Prom Boys Town the bus returns downtown east on Dodge Street. Center's library. Edythe Wolf, Center librarian, and Shari Lipsbutz, library assistant, are busy filling the shelves with the library's 12,000 books, 3,000 records. 1,000 film strips and 600 films. The library also receives about S5 current periodicals regularly. Mrs. Wolf expects the library to open officially about the end of this summer. In the theater 366 naw permanent seats have been installed. Rehearsing has begun for the Center's first itnaw, "Cabaret," which will be presented August 1 through August 10 in the Center theater. Ira Raznick, theater director, who is directing and designing the show said that 27 parts in the

show have been cast with local talent. Regbtratkw procedures are printed en page one of the •umnirr program brochurr wbicli If bciag mailed t» aU Cealcr members this week. All reglstralioBS mnit be made la persea ettfcer this 8«Bday (rem l:Mp.m. U S:M p.m., sa Monday, Jme 17, (rem 3:M p.m. to S:M p.m. or on Thursday, Juae 2* (rem 7:M p.m. to t:H p.m. Rrgblratton will be In the Cealer'i aadllorlum. In order to register for summer programs, one miut

be a member of the Center. Membership applications will be available during registration hours in the audilorium and at all other limes through the Center's membership office. Classes are limited in size, however if a class is closed, registrants' names will be place on a waiting list in case additional registration warrants expansion of class size. Refunds will be made only in the case where a clau is canceled. Program service fees for classes must be paid at the time of registration.

Summertime With YAD By Rkh Pearl YAD has announced new activities for the coming month. Al the core of things is the Appletree bash this .Saturday night (June 15). Appletree Apartments in southwest Omaha is having a street dance — live band, $1.50 admission, 8:30 p.m.-l a.m., drinks 50 cents — »t its clubhouse (go to 96th and Q and follow the signs). It's a public dance, not a private pariy. About a dozen YAD members have planned a trail ride Saturday at Bellevue Riding Academy — they'll assemble at Appletree at about 5:30 p.m., then head out tbi Bellevue. The ts-perperson charge includes a poet-ride wiener roast. The big dance pariy is still planned for June 29 (Saturday night) at the new JCC — with Jewish singles from Kansas City, Oes Moines, Sioux City and Lincoln expected to attend. A crowd estimated by some at 400 is expected. A

Nebraska rock band. Velvet Haze, will provide the musk. On July 6, Kanus aty singles (age 26 to SO) will be in Omaha to attend the races at Ak-Sar-Ben. They're having a champagne steak dinner that night al the Hilton Hotel and a number of Omaha singles will be joining them. An afternoon-evening picnic at Base Lake Park near Offutt is scheduled for July 13. Other activities under consideration include a fundraising breakfast, an "irtiaUc Sunday" al the JCC and group trips to see the Omaha Royals at a very small chtfge.

"coffee kkitch" with your Cmnff Ex«cuttv« Hyrabachnlek Wednesday evefiing, June 19th 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Room No. 7 Jewish Community Center If you hove questions or concerns regarding your C*nt«r's progrom, I am looking forward to nteeting with you informally to diKuss them. COMM


By Edwla EyUa GENEVA, (JTA) Israel and Syria signed on June 5 a disengagement agreement laying out in detail the withdrawal of troops and weapons from the front line, creating a buffer zone to be manned by United Nations troops and providing for the exchange of POWs and the search for bodies. The agreement was signed here at the UN's European headquarters at 10:06 GMT by the braeli delegate, MaJ. Gen. Heril Shafir, Syria's Maj. Gen. Adnan Tayara and the commander of the U.N. Emergency Force Lt. Gen. Ensio Siilasvuc. America's Ellsworth Bunker and Russia's Vladimir Vinogradov attended the meeting in their capacities of co-chairman of the Geneva peace conference. It is believed that the agreement provides for a ihree-phase Israeli withdrawal which will culminate in a retreat from the town of Kuneitra, occupied in 1967. UN troops, supplied by Austria, Poland and Canada, were scheduled to take up poses in the buffer zone shortly before Israel's withdrawal. The ceremony was half private. The Syrian delegation requested that newsmen and cameras be barred from the actual

omf calce wif I be i0rvd


MniM<...JUMt> YAOApftatreetorii. Appletree ApomnOTn. SUNOAT.JUNII* WoHmion't Orde, Firetide RMtouranl. 11:30 a.m.


MONDAT.JUNIIT Swilor IHoMving, WSI, iCC. 7:30 p.m. Federation Advisory CommlHee IMoeting. XC. 7 40 p.m. Senior Cillient.KC. 10:30a.m.

signing ceremony. Addreulng the delegations. Gen. Siilasvuo stressed that both sides, Israel and Syria, had done their best to find "areas of accommodation" and solutions of compromise. The UNEF chief expressed the belief that the disengagement process will "be completed without difficulties." According to r the agreement the disengagement process was to begin 24 hours after the signing. The first step was (he exchange of remaining POWs. The negotiations started on May 31 when the two delegations signed the basic disengagement agreement as drawn up by U.S. Secretary of SUte Henry

A. KlHinger. At the end of the official meeting, the Americans and Soviets walked over to the two delegations to shake hands with them. The Syrians and the Israelis did not shake hands It appeared that the two delegations pointedly avoided looking at each other. Throughout the meeting both sides followed the same system, addressing their remarks to the UN chairman and avoiding direct contact. There were no greetings or salutes. In spite of this "coldness" UN officials here are optimistic saying thai the agreement, which for the first time ends all open warfare, may open the way to an actual peace negotiation.

WE CATER TO YOU..: Have you ever sat down to a banquet and found out that it was just another ho-hum dinner? Well, not at the Radisson Blackstone! Reason?-Erma Conley and her experienced catering staff, of course. Erma can suggest menus ranging from the moderately priced Turl<ey Mornay to' the elegant Roast Duckling a la Orange, all prepared by the excellent chefs at the Blackstone. Tickle your taste buds, you bet! Erma can arrange dinners or dances for up to 350 people in any one pf the five posh rooms on top of the Blackstone. All rooms are air conditioned, parking up to 400 cars and best of all with the central location, you don't have to travel miles to get there. When planning your company party, bowling banquet or business function, give Erma a call or better yet drop by the Hotel and let her show you the surroundings and the menus. You will be impressed.

THROUGH THE MONTH OF JUNE BAT.iUNII* • noi S'rirti •reodbreokeri. Fireside aetlouronl, 12 noon Coffee Klotch. JCC Room 7. 7.f p.m.

r-*rMav M«

tn-tm ••nwiofiiinwtcwM"

rrWe* y AM. >e I• Pji • AJUkTMNeee


radisson blackstone 36th&FARNAM 348-0111

The J<wi*h PWM

Jun* 14,1974

J&Msh Learning Without Wats

AJ Committee Sponsors New Adult Study Program


A mMtioK of the Work men's Circle No. 173 wai called in 1«13 to protest a rise in the price of kosher meal from 14 cents to 20 cents s pound. A decision was taken at the end of the meeting to form a co-operative as a means of re<hiclng the Ugh prices.

nurkets and suggested a strike or boycott as the best means of securing a price reduction. The Hebrew Ladies Aid Society was organized in ittS to attend to the poor and sick and to aid in burial expenses. As a fund-raising effort, the society sponsored a drama entitled "among the Breakers." Thoae participating were Sol Prince, B. Harris, Herman Black, A. J. Long, 9. Goetz, L. H. Baer, Ida Jacobs, Mrs. L. H. Baer, Lizzie Isaacs, and Cora Bendt.

Some kosher butchers argued against the idea of a nH)p and wanted instead to eliminate deliveries as s means of reducing costs. Others felt that a co-op arrangement "couM supply all the Hebrews of the city and the expense would be lesseoMl partly by the emOfficers of the Hebrew ployment of only one rabbi to Ladies Aid Society in UM Ull the meat." were Mmes. J. Merritt, H. E. S. Babior, S. Fogei, L. Nocks, Charles Schlank, and Levenson, and E. Fleishnuui Miss Bertha Newman. opposed the co«p idea. ThoM Sixteen Jewish women in favor were S. Agursky, A. Silver, A. Herman, S. organized the Friday Oub in Kenyan, M. MinUn, and E. lan. Each member paid ten Jacobson. cents weekly into the treasury Several speakers declared to provide material for that there exiited in Omaha a garments to be sewed for the combine of the kosher needy. II






Omaha — According lo an announcement by Leo Eisenstatt snd Mrs, Daniel Katzman, local representatives of the American Jewish Committee, registration has opened for the Academy for Jewish Studies without Walls, The Academy, the aewcsl advance la adalt Jewish educatloa. will offer ladepeadeat study courses throagb eerrespoBdeace. starling Octaber in4, la varloai aspects of Jewiak history, tradition and culture. The cost of each course will be IM and courses include the following subjects, each

Omaha — Miu Susan Lynn Malnove and Jan Charles DeRoos were married in a 6:00 P.M. ceremony Sunday June 2,1974, at Temple Israel with Rabbi Barry Weinstcin officiating.


Mrs. Jsa OeRoss

lea 3

MODELS NOW OPEN Wedgewood Townhomet' Elegant and Spacious models are now ready for your inspection.

Located Just 3 Mocki North of 130th & Pacific Offk* OoM Deify 1PM. Ull Ourii. For mor* r« Infemwtlon infer call S34-1T11 After howra cell Urry Lefltx, 34*40««

* * * *

Wmt OMAHANS Slwp with confid«nc« Tniit tlw quality fnftr tlw ttWctlon And r«c*fv« p«f«oft«l MrvJM,

ddvidsons •001 Dodge St. OnMMi 39M900


Peanim Closets? Rmenbo' Hadassali!

Miss Susan Matfove Weds Jan DeBoosin Temple RHe

(\v!s '"^ "^ mtse,

Please accept our Invitotion to stop out and let us explain the mointenonce free Wedgewood Community.

designed by an outstanding Hasidism, designed by Academy has the cooperation Jewish scholar: Prof. Arthur Green, of the Institute of Jewish Life Biblical Tbsiiglit designed University of Pennsylvania; of the Council of Jewish by Prof. Samuel Sandmel, Jewry in Eastern Europe, Federations and Welfare Hebrew Union College; designed by Prof. Leon Funds. Talmudlc Thoaghl, Shaprio, Queens College; Mr. Eisenstatt and Mrs. designed by Prof. Baruch History of American Jewry, Levine, New York Univer- designed by Professor Katzman said that the tity; Leonard Dinnerstein, Arizona courses are open to Individuals of all ages who have MIdieval Jewish Tboaght, State University. earned a high school diploma designed by Prof. Arthur Sponsored nationally by the or equivalent. "We hope they Hyman, Yeshiva University; American Jewish Committee, Moden Jewish Thought, in association with the will be of interest to both Jews an4 non-Jews," they said. designed by Prof. David University of Haifa, the Sidorsky, Columbis University; Judaism and Christianity, designed by Prof. IHichael Wyschogrod, Baruch College, W* n«mi oddt and andt at gloitwarc, brk-o-broc, dlth**, pott > and pan*, working opplioncM, clothing on hanganl W* cannot I CUNY;

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Malnove, are parents of the bride. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs William K. DeRoos. Grandfathers of the bride and groom respectively are Mr. Abraham Magzamin, Omaha, and Mr. E. J. Dirks, Akron, Iowa. The sister of the bride. Miss Nancy Mslnove, was maid of honor. Mrs. Mark Brown, LA., C, Sara Frazil, Susan Connors, and Mrs. Dirk DeRoos attended the bride. Also helping the bride were Mrs. Gary Randall, Virgene Kobold, and Mrs. Douglass Andrews, Lincoln. The brother of the bridegroom. Dirk DeRoos, was best man. Gary Randall, Dieter Thamm, Jack Ford, and Douglass Andrews, Lincoln, were groomsmen. Richard Dirks, Akron, Iowa; Michael Mogil, and Bruce Skinner ushered. After a reception at Highland Country Club, the newlyweds left on a honeymoon to Hawaii. When they return, they will live in Omaha. ' . <:. .


afford o pkkup trucit. Thank you for Dringing contribution! to « our itoro — It's doductibi*. Volunt*«r> ntododi Call BMI I Krotno: 556-n23or Soroh Lothintky, 553-3301. !




Omaha's Noe 1 Family Restauront FEATURING

^RtalSMlhwiFrMeMekM ^larbMMdlibi

Open Evmy Day, 11:30 A.M. W 10 P.M. -Bemlr HUls nasa"

7t12 D«4|s St.






Omahans in the news

Richard (Rick) Mann will be visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sol Mann and sister, Marilyn when he returns to Omaha to participate la the 10th class Reunion Omaha Central High School, June IS. A resident of Mountain View, Calif. Rick is a Chemical Engineer for Electraaic Arrays, Inc.

greatest contribution to the team. Following his graduation cum laude 'from Yale University he will att«id Stanford University bustneas school this fall His wife will also be a student at Slanfgrd.

Nancy Breslow and Jan Perelman, both members of the art department staff of Dan Croasman, Captain of the JCC, recenUy exhibited the Yale Tennis Team for the their work in a student show paat two seasons, this spring at the Old Market Craftraqiivwl the Jamas A. Hut- smen's Guild where Ifaey have Award for the" both studied.

Jew to Pray Teppermans at West Point To Be Honored NEW YORK, (JTA) - For the first time in the 172-year history of graduations at the United Slates MiliUry Academy at West Point the Jewish Chaplain has been invited to deliver a prayer at graduation. Rabbi Avraham Soltes, who has completed II years as the Jewish Chaplain of the Academy, will deliver a prayer for the graduating class immediately before the newly commissioned officers take their oath of office.

Council Bluffs - Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tepperman will be honored on tlie occasion of their 9Mh wedding anniversary at an Oneg Shabbat hosted by their children and grandchildren, following Friday evening services at B'nai Israel Synagogue In CouncU Bluffs.

In honor of their grandparents, the a p.m. service will be conducted by the Tepperman grandchildren.

0S[9V IMciaus ^Rendy-VSem FMds mm Ow

It'll e

llicc'clittN be open to all Jewish teenagers regardless of family membership, even if it means that the youth department must be subsidised. 1 would certainly hope that the powers that be could look at our chiklren as an investment in the future of Omaha Jewry. We have • We are inspired and nciied magnificent building that wc by the high quality of the have waited many years for presentations. We are and that we can be very proud grateful to the Federation for of. Let's not destroy the spirit the opportunity to improve before the building has a the kv^ of teaching in our chance to function. May I be so preaumptuoui school. We hope that this series aa to request an open center nurfcs the beginning of a board meeting coDcemhig tho eontinuing program so that centers policy as regarding we can move constantly our Jewish youth? Hopefully, CkMer to our goal of providing a policy can be adopted that the best possible Jewish will be satisfactory to all. It would seem pointleu for •ducation for our children. CarslGeadlcr the Omaha Jewish community to have spent so much time, effort and money in SENIORS VISIT constructing s Community KANSAS CITY The Jewish Senior CiUiens Center; and in the process to a significant of Omaha enjoyed their trip to alienate Kansas City, Mo. June 3 — S. segment of our youth, the They saw all the sights of young adults who are exinterest there and ware en- pected to lead Omaha Jewry tertained by the JCC of in the next decade. Leah BrestiUla Kansas City. Many friendships were made whil* they were there. We arc expecting them lo visit Omaha in the near future. Jack Jay Kaimaa TEACHING TEACHEM On behalf of the Beth El Synagogue School Board, I wish lo thank the Department of Jewish Education of the Jewish Federation of Omaha for bringing to this community the current series of in-aervlce training sessions for our teachers. ^

JEWISH YOUTH AND THE JCC First and foremoat, may I applaud Ken Fistibain for bis beautiful letter and for expressing his thoughts, which have been the thoughts of nuny o( the silent majority. Second, I would like to compliment Larry Katz and Lee Sloan who are doing a •uperb job under impossible circumstances in trying to satisfy all youth members of the Community Center. It is my opinion that our first concern ^should be our Jevrish youth, our moat important resource and the future ol the Jewish CoiAmunity. It was my underatanding that we were building a JEWISH Community Centar, a place for our Jewish youth to meet.


Merrigol Fresh Bokety FrMtmcM «Hi4 good Havoc you can b* confManf en WhootNwgfot

Bread TreM,MMTi|al,Sa*«4' 24-«t.Ud


Gnnonioii Roll Ring 0M I^H MVft ntt nf

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Smiles and Samples are Always FREE!


I find il appalling to learn that brick and mortar mean more than our children. That the door of the Center is being closed to Jewish youth groups because they may not meet a certain percentage of Center family memberships. It is my hope that the building and iU faciUlics wiU

iqmtscai: MOS. The better the driwar you Sfs, Ihs mora yOu'H ippivcialens peifuvnwite tno handling. Tes«-dri«* H. And younalf.

Jaguar Bellevue Motors 17teOal«liiBeod





JiiW 14, H74



High School Graduation For 94 Jewish Students Oroah* - A toUl of 94 Omaha Jewish sUidaoU are among the JuM high id)ool graduatM. Morlay Zlpursky, prasitknt of the Omaha Jewlah Federation extcnda oangratulaUaaa and beat wiities on behalf of the Pcderatlon to the (oUowisg studenta and their parenU:

Omaha BathB

BeKevuBHIf^ School David Sherman

Benson High School Jamk 8. Shuki^

Jl-T^bot High School Aftroo Pcrer

BuHto High School Martin Barron Lynn Beth Bereiuon Andrew Alan Brodkajr SwianCohn Bari Ilene Untman Howard Scott Lmtgartcn ShelU Helene Marko Deborah May Pappcnheimer Jeffrey Michael Parlu


PbyUU Bemice Poladt Rhonda Joy Saferstein Devra Marcia SalUn Richard Owen Slulsky Roger Micheal Stone Unda Sue Suvalaky Bntce Phillip Vann Douglai Perry Wolfson Ixiri Jane Wolpa

Central High School

ivida Joy Alperin Margie Amater Keith Babeodir Joyce Bernstein Larry Bernstein Candee L. Bresel Lawrence Steven Cohan Judith R. Dalva Oivid Herman Don David M. Ouilch Michael H. Endelman Sandra E. Epstein MoUy M. Fiaher Richard N. Fox Barry Gorelick Beverly Ann Gorelick Murk J. Gould

Larry Kelberg David R. Kirshenbaum Howard S. KuUer Larry D. Malaahock Margaret A. Marshall Harlan Bruce Milder Robin Monsky Dell E. Perelman LIndy Rice Jane Roaenberg David Ruback Jane T. Schwartz Meyer P. Schwartz Corey Scott Sloan Robert J. Stanley Carol A. TreOer Alan Lawii Wagner Warren H. Weiner

WesisidefUgh School James Albert Brian Berg Deborah Ellen Bematein Neil Brent Cooper William Diamond Robert Eiaenbecg Gary Epatain Michael Parber Lori Feldman Ronald Feidman Edith Fiihel John Freeman Gergory Fried Lynn Frledel Thomas Goodmas Celia Greenberg Karen Greenberg Pamela Hochster

Paul Moffman Debbie Kaplan WilUam Katz Michael Kimmel Nancy Malnove Lance Margolin Mark Martin Henry Monaky Marilyn Nacbman Cheryl Nadler L. Randall Nogg Bruce Novak Cynthia Ruback Ellen Schneiderman David Shapiro Laurie Simon* Linda Somberg Lisa Truitin Denise Walker

novak's camera case ftrolcsiional photography

SERVICES: Friday: Sabbath Eve Servicea in the Sanctuary at 8.IS p.m. Cantor Aaron I. Ekigar wflt speak on "Life tai Israel fai Months of Stress." Cantor Chalm Na]man will conduct the musical service. Naacy Bretlew, a aew Satarday: member a( the Art DepartMorning Service 10 a.m. ment el ibe Jewish CtmMincha-Maariv Service maatty Cealer, wUI be 8:4S p.m. Seaday: • a.m. heMkig dasaas hi Batik aad "Fmi wKh Scalptvre" hi Uie xDaUy! JCC sawar art pregram. Servicea at 7 ajn. and 7 p.m.

Omaha Organizations WORKMEN'S aRCLE Members of the Workmen's Circle will meet Sunday, June Hat ll:30a.m at the Fireside Restaurant, SSth and Leavenworth. Members of both branches are urged to attend. Sol Ash, delegate to the W. C. Convention will repoet on the convention and Aron Zeiderman will speak on his trip to Israel and meeting our adopted children tliere.

PEiSSONALS Tee Frenli wontt to ihonk oil h«r frl«fidi and rmiaUvmt for Ih* cord*, contribudont. gKtt, colli and o)h*r •xpr**slont of good wiihot ivnt during hor r»c*n1 hoipllollullon.

When you come to the Ai(-SafBen Races..

Be where the action Is(hopping, shows, Jun-In either West Omaha 1«W minutes from the Track) or in Council Blutts (2 min utas from Downtown Omaha). Big fun for everyone, and children under IB are free when using same accom modatlons. Color TV in every room ..."pamper' panels beside over-sized beds . .. indoor pool. .. lounges... game rooms... right where the action is! ask abeel our businesi/iroup mestinc facHMias

ol half Ihc price you \vould pay chcwhcrc


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•'MOTOB LODGES^ Council BluHs t Onulia

Ut-lWI I wim


BAR MITZVAHS The Bar Mitzvah of JOSEPH GOODMAN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Goodman, will be celebrated at the services Friday evening, June 14 and Saturday nuirning, June IS. RANDY FREUND, son of Or. aad Mrs. Eugene Freuod, will become a Bar Mitzvah at the services, Friday evening, June 21 and Saturday morning, June 22.

. Omaha Beth Israel SERVICES: Friday: Traditional Evening Services (Kabalat Shabbat) 7:15 p.m. Late evening family services will be held in the I. Goldstein Chapel at 8:15 p.m. Satarday: Morning Service: 8:4S a.m. conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff and Cantor Edward Berfcovits. The Tahnud classes will be conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff at 8:00 p.m. followed at 8:30 p.m. by Mincha, Shoiaah, Sudos and Maarlv. Anday: Morning Service: 9 a.m. followed by breakfaat and the Rabbi's class on the Book of Geneais. Daily: Services at 7 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Omaha Temple larael SERVICES; Friday: Sabbath Eve services will be held at the early hour of 7:30p.m. in the Milton and Corinne Livingston Chapel. Saturday: Sabbath Morning Servicea 11 a.m.

Omaha B'nelJacob SERVICES; Satarday: Morning Services: 8:45 a.m. Sunday: Morning Servicea: 8 a.m.

Council Bkrffft B'nai Israel

Des Moines llferethlerael

SERVICES: Satarday; 9 a.m. Saaday: 9 a.m. Beth services will be twidacted by Mr. Sam Sacka.

Unooln B'nai JeahwtB)

SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. 8atac4ay: Shabbat Schod, 9:15 ajn. Morning Service t:M a.m. Study Groups, 5: IS p.m. Mhicba, Maarlv, 6 p.m.

Oes Moines BettiBJaoob

SERVICES: Friday: S p.m. Conducted by Rabbi Robert Kaiaer

Unoobi Tffereth larael SERVICESr Friday: 8 p.m. Saturday: Morning Services, 9 a.m. Jr. Congregation, 10 a.m.

Des Moines

SERVICES: Friday; 8:11 p.m. Satarday: Morning Service 9 a.m. Kiddush and Jr. Congregation, It a.m. Torah Study with Rabbi, 5;00p.m. Mincha and Third meal, 6:00 p.m. Monday aad Thorsdty: «:4S a.m. Ties., Wed. and Frt. 7 a.m. Sunday, 9 a.m.


Temple B'nai Jeshurun SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. BAR MITZVAH BEN BIBER, son of Mr. aad.Mrs, 8heldop.Blber,.wiU become a Bar Mitzvah at the services Friday evening, June 14^

Oes Moines Ctyidranoflerael SERVICES: Regular minyan services, Monday and Thursday <:4S a.m. Satarday: Morning Sabbath service, t a.m. at Iowa Jewish Home. Saaday: 8 a.m. Special Yahrziet aervice, everyone is welcome. Mrs. Biber, secretary, 2778601.

HERMAN GINSBURG Funeral services were h^ Monday, June 10. 1974 at Tlfereth Israel Synagogue, Lincoln, for Herman Ginsburg, 71, Lincoln attorney and former president of the Nebraska Bar Association. Survivors are: wife and son. SAMUEl/ J. BERNSTEIN Funeral services were held Monday, June 11, 1974, for Samuel J. Bernstein, 700 No. 20th St. Apt 1406. Interment was at Fiiher Farm Cemetery (B.H.H.) Survivors are: wife, Sarah; sons, Louia and David Bernstein, both of SeatUe, Wash; davghler, Beverly Frank, Omaha; sister, Mrs. Anna Belzer, Omaha; 7 grandchildren.

Sabbath Candio Lighting rrMay.Jun*14,ai3S PrMciy,Jun«21,Si40

Benediction for Kindling Sabbath Lights: Borulch Atoh Adonoy Eloheinu Melekh Hoolam, Asher Kideshonu Bemitzvotov Vetzivanu Lehadlik NerShel Shabbat. (Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord, Our God, King of the Universe, Who sonctifies us by His Commandments and has commanded us to kindle the Sabbath lights.)

This Service Presented as a Couflesy by OMAHA SAVINQS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ^

gnitrii •! 1 am t Harney 34l-r«70 srin • wni oods* noad 3tr-7>oo tT3\ a aaihSi. ni-og«o

The Jawith Piw

Jutw 14,1974

des moiiieA^ ne^vs seetio Des Moines Synagogues and Temple \ Elect Officers and Board Members \ *

|/. ^


DM Moine* — Tbc Mary Cohen. foOowing officera and board Youth group efncen are: memben have been elected David Brauer, president; for the coming year at Linda Silk, vicei>resldent; Temple B'nai Jeahunm, Betb Jamie Peitler, treasurer; El Jacob Synagogue and David Miller, secretary; Tifcreth Iirael Synagogue Mike Golieb, chaplain and rMpeciiveiy. Steve Silberman, 8th grade Omeert ef Teapie B'aai representative. Jetharaa, are: Preaideot, Offlccrs of Be<h El Jacab Fred L«rber: Vice Prcaident, Syaagegae include: Hatthew Buckabaum; President. Sam Winick, Vice Secretary, Mri. Harry President, Morris Balanoff, Elmeti; Treasurer, Mehrin Yale Goklburg and Kemeth Sandler; SecreUry, Ed Shadur Membert of the Board are: Rosen; Treasurer, Charles Sheldon Biber, Ben Schlaet, Kramer; Financial Jim Wieder and Mrs. Donald Secretary, Norma Jean GouM. Brown. Officers (f Tiferett Israel Sisterhood new board members are: Mmes. SynagogM are: Preiidml, Marlene Kavan, Joyce Elliot Brody; 1st Vice SwarU, Kay Levitt, Arlene President, Marvin Winick; Wolf, Roae Pearlman and 2nd Vice Presklent, Barry

Pidgeon; Secretery, Harry Bookey; Treasurer, Irvio Karp; Board of Trustees, Gary Rubin, Monis Carpenter, Sol Nagorner, Toni Urban, David Bear, Alvin Spilka. Morris Felntech and James Marcovls.

Women's Campaign Des Moines — On Friday, June a at 6:30 p.m. KDIN Channel II wUl televise an interview with VUdimlr FrunUn. Vladimir and his wife Lidia are recent immigrants from Russia who are living in Des Moines. During the televlskm Interview Vladimir relates stories of his professional life. Russian politics, Ms reasons for leaving Ruasia, and his impression of American politics are recounted. At the conclusion of the interview, Vladimir plays bis guiter and sings folk songs.

Bat Mrtzvah Das Moines - Judy Brown, dauiblar of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown, will celebrate her becoming a Bat MiUvab on Friday night, June 31, at 1:00 P.M. at Tifereth Israel synagogue. An Oneg Shabbat in honor of Judy will be tendered by her parante in the Clubhouae Auditorium immediately following services. This announcement is in lieu of personal inviUtions. The entire community Is invited.

Pktored abevc. BUI Jagieile and Mtas GU present a (keck te Dr. FerauB.

Students Give For Ma'alot Memorial Des Moines - The HillelJewish Student Center of Des Moines presented Dr. Gerald Ferman of the Jewish Welfare Federation a one hundi^ dollar check for the Ma'alot Memorial Fund. Bill Jagiello, a student at the College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, and Ali Gill, a student at Drake University, re|ire«ented the Center. According to Miss GUI, the

money was orij^nally raised by the Drake Studenu for Israel, and was U> be sent to Israel. "However, when we heard about the incident at Ma'alot, we were all terribly moved, and decided to give the money lo a memorial fund, so people won't forget what happened there." Jagiello added that "Ttu-ough this memorial, we «iU try to keep Ma'alot alive in the minds of people."

Local Campaign Nears Completion \

Des Moines — Stan Engman, Chairman of the Local Needs Campaign, has indicated that approximately two-thirds of the members of the community have been solicited. In the next several days, Stan expects the remainder of the community will be solicited. He feels that everybody should have an opportunity lo participate in the funding of our local needs. Stan noted that the members of the campaign team have done a great fdbUt date and is confident that with their dedication and the understanding of our com-

M. Land Made All American Des Moines - Mike Land, son of Mf. & Mrs. Mehrin Land, was named on the AilAmerican high school wrestling team. Mike is 1973 National high school champion and 1974 state wrestling champion at 128 lbs. Mike was recently awarded a four-year scholarship for wrestling at Iowa SUte University at Amaa, Iowa.

WELCOME HOME COLLEGE STUDENTS! You an cordially invittd to be our gut$t at "SUMMER IN THE CITY" Tua$day,JurMt8.1974 6:00 P.M. - 10:30 P.M. 3511 St. John'i Road Det Moines, Iowa ^

Des Moines — Herb Parmet, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Center, tendered his resignatkm effective July t, 1974, to become Executive Director of all synagogue activities at Beth El Synagogue in Omaha, Ncfarsaka. I( is with a deep sense of regret that the JCC Board acoepta this resignation. Herb has been an inspirational force in the JCC during the past few years, and his leadership has brought alxwl ilgnificani changes in the programing devek>ped at the Center. He was accepted by all levels in our community and related well to all age groups. His cooperation enabled Jpint programing with other agencies to aucceed. He will be missed, in-

Solidarity Day

CiMnMlllto Des Moines - As the 1S74 Local Needs Women's Campaign is almost over, all women are reminded that ouUtanding cards should be sent te Mrs. Gary Rubin, S42I Woodland, Des Moines, Iowa, S08U. An evaluating meeting will be held at the end of the month, and all women in the community are urged to write to Mrs. Rubin offering suggestions or comments on this campaign or for the next.

Herb Parmet Resigns To Take Omaha Post

Pleaie join us for a poolside barbeque dinner, keg beer, swimming, and live music. Dress casually and bring swim suit

Sponsored by the Jewish Community of Des Moines

Sunday, June 16,1974 6:00 p.m. Temple B'nai Jeshurun Sedmara RuUhtein Pianist in Concert Reception FoUowing

Calentbr of Events

Saaday.Jaaelo' Solidarity Day at Temple B'nai Jeshurun, 8 p.m. Monday. Jane 17 7:np.m. Budget Hearing — Bureau of Jewish Education at Beth El Jacob Synagogue; Jewiah Identification Taesdsy, Jane 16 12 noon luncheon — Executive Directors' Package Budget Hearing at Jewish Welfare Federation Office Wednesday, Jane II 7:30 p.m. — Jewish Family Services, Budget at Belh El Jacob Synagogue. Administrative Budget, DiiesMembership-Media Budget, National and Overseas Budget, Community Relations Budget, College Budget. Thwrsd«y,Jaiie2t 7:30 p.m. - Iowa Jewish Home Budget Hearing at Temple B'mi Jeshurun Friday. June 21 Bat Mitzvah - Judy Brown at Tifereth Israel Synagogue Tnesday.JnneZS Jewish Community Center Budget Hearing at Tifereth Israel Synagogue.




fltea Eagmaa


munity we shall reach our goal.



deed. We wiah him weU in his new endeavor; one that offers him a new and significant challenge. David Rabinoviti will act aa temporary Director of the JCC until a new direction can be developed by the Commisaion Board.

AlBethBJaoob Des Moines — Changes iMve been announced in the schedule of services at Beth El Jacob Synagogue. The Sabbath evening service will begin at 6:15 p.m. The Rabbi's class will meet Saturday at 5 pjn. Mincha followed by Shalosh Seudoa will be at 6 p.m.

SHUKERT'S KOSHER MEATS DEARmENOS: Don't be without meat during the energy crisis. We can ship meat to you by Irucic or bus; in group or irxJividual orders. A simple collect call to (402) 558 8486, and your meat problems are over. We are by law able to sbip Interstate because we are a government inspected meat plafti. (Est. 2317.1 !i14 7T^

mms We'd never do that to you.

Or ridicule, criticizt, prtsmrt or hutniliite. We'll always understand, encourat* and respect you.

*ttmtmut,mmimmn.Jk. CALU ....9«1.4700 Unceln 4MuriM OM MeliMs. 27*4f44 Slowxaty..25»M97


June 14.1974

TtwJawith Putt*

Senhr Ckben Scene

koriier hy Larry Kalz JCC Youth DirtJclor

GaU Premiere - JUNE 22: The Center Youth Oepartment invitei •!! Omaha Jewish youth to our GAIA PREMIERE SOCIAL. Saturday evening, June Zand. 9:30p.Ri. to 12:30 a.m., in the JCC. SocUl Hall. Jeff Parker, coordinator of the evenlng'i feitivitiei, announces that enterUinment will be provided by one o( Omaha'i leading dJ's spinning (he latest, most •popular disci, and by the cast of the Center's opening production, "CABARET." who will preview some scenes and songs from that hit show. You won't want to miss this GALA SOCIAL, fun, music, entertainMenl, refreshments, prises, and more ... for $2.00 if you are a Center member, or 13.00 if you are not. SUMMER PROGRAMS: Watch for your copy of the Summer Program Brochure. Yo«^ will find exciting activitfes and programs for 7th throdgh 12th graders. Call m«, or Ue, at 334-4300, exts. 35 o^^S3, to place your name on\ the advance regislration list. Alieatioa Julor Hlgheri : A smash program is underway for you! During the middle of July, (he Center's Jr. Wgtt CYB will hold iu first annual "P-J PARTY", open to Jr. Highers who sre members of the "J" and sU non-member Jewish 7th and 8th graders. Judj(, Handlcman and Bob

Kahn, Jr. High CYB chairmen, announce that a full evening of fun will be planned with activities being held both in and outside the "J" (hroughout the night. Watch for your announcement in the mail later this month! CongraU la Oritr: To Lee Sloan, Center Youth Department Administrative Assistant and Assistant Regional BBYO Director, congratulations on his graduation from Bellevue College where he earned his B. A. In Psychology and received an honor certifying his inclusion in the 1974 edition of "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities". Lee completed all the requirements (or graduation last January and Joined the professional staffs of the Center and BBYO in Ap^il.

Omaha Playhouse Honors Miriam Shrier with Award Omaha—Miriam Shrier was awarded the PondaMaguire Award at the Omaha Community Playhouse 33rd Annual Awards Winners on June 10. Mrs. Shrier received the award (or her dual role of the jilted wife and mother of the bride in 'Plaza Suite." She Is s veteran actreu of the Playhouse Mainstage and Studio and Junior Theatre u

rrr ffc« JCC Youth Dmparfmmni PrfnH.


return to the J.C.C. for an outdoor dinner ss their guests. Unfortunataly it rained so we ate our box lunches on the bus, but it was (un. The next day we boarded Debra Sherman, 6 years Rabbi Robert A. Kaiser; our chartered bus, and Roy old, of Lincoln Park, New President, Prank G. Uilman; headed it (or Independence, York, passed away May 31, Vice-President, Richard E-. Mo. Here we visited the 1974. Pocras; Financial Secretary, Harry S. Truman Library. Survivors are: parents, Mr. Mrs. Julian S. Lyons; This was most interesting as and Mrs. Pro German of Secretary, Mrs. David you could relive history. One Uncoln Park, New York; Rosenberg; Treasurer, could almost see President sisters, Julie and Alisa; Sheldon Stick; Sisterhood Truman sitting at his desk in brother, Ruah; grandparents President, Mrs. David the reproduced president's Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rosenberg; Youth Group After checking in st the ofOce of the White House. We Sherman, Lincoln and Mrs. President, Mark Meyerson. beautiful Ramada Inn in passed by the Truman (amily WiUUm Ruttenberg of Miami Board Members include, L. Kansas City, we went to the home, where Mrs. Truman Beach, Ftorida. Interment J. Messer, Irwin Dubinsky, K.C. Jewish Community (till resides. was at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Ira Schreiber, AKred BerThe last day was spent at Lincoln, Neb. Center to be entertained by man, Robert Simon and Mrs. 300 members. They welcomed the Crown Center Shopping Norman Levy. us with open arms. Had a district which has the fanAlbert J, Goldberg, long grand lunch, plenty to eat and tastic Crown Center Hotel time Lincoln resident passed A combined meeting of the drink, fine entertainment and that defies description. sway June 2, 1974. South Street Temple-Tifereth Survivors are: wi(e Israel Youth Groups was held talks. Our group really ap- Indoor water (alls, outside preciated all the trouble they glassed in elevators, top floor Harriet; nieces and nephews. Sunday, June 2 at the home of restaurant. Utterly fantastic. Interment was at Mt. Rabbi Robert Kaiser. went to for us. I was called on The whole trip was a Carmel Cemetery, Lincohi. for an impromptue speech plans were made to form a and described their efforts fes wonderful experience. There combined youth group council were no arguments, no Rhonda Krivosha, daughter to coordinate social and "Real Southern HoapiUUty" mishaps, no one got lost, o( Mr. and Mrs. Norman educational events of Joint It was back to the motel to strayed or stolen. We ate and Krivosha will celebrate her interest. freshen up and rest, and then ate, told Jokes and more Bat Mitzvah, Friday, June 14, jokes, and laughed and had a 8:00 p.m. at Tifereth Israel At the First National Bank lot of (un. Synagogue. of Lincoln sponsored golf On Wednesday a(temoon Following services, sn tournament held at the we headed back (or Omaha. Oneg Shabbat will be boated Lincohi Golf Course, June 6-7How can one begin to thank The 8, Je(( Schrier, 13 yrs. won well as Chanticleer and all those who msde it by her parents. Westroads Dinner Theatre. possible? Kansas City is a congregation is cordially second place in the 12-13 yr. invited to attend. A luncheon old division; Jill Schrier, 12 In 19«3 Mrs. Shrier received great city but when the bus will be given Saturday June yrs. placed 1st in the girls' the Campbell Award (or Best pulled up to Beth El IS after the services by Mr. division (or 12 yrs. and under Supporting Actress for her Synagogue at 6:S0 P.M. and Mrs. Krivosha, honoring and Julie Schrier, U yrs. role as "mama" in "Bye, Bye Wednesday. Omaha looksd their daughter. placed 2nd in the 12 yr. and mighty good to a tired group Birdie". under. of Senior Citizens. The South Street Temple The winners were awarded Our usual meeting was beU announce the following new trophies and prizes. They are Monday, June 10. Even officers and Board Members the children o( Mr. and Mrs. though there was an Israel to serve the 1974 session: Stan Schrier. Bond Drive alfair at the *MAMnnMMAAnnAMMf4MMW«MAMMMA»W«.VWW« Westroads, we had a large attendance. Harry Weissman, our bingo caller and Betty, our PtIOTOGRAPHER president, were absent. Also Min Cutler and Bernice •17 South Mth Straat — 345-1044 Kaiman. NATURAl Our dear regular columBlack ar^d And nist, Bertie Lazar, is home COLOR White and dohig fine. Come back, l«w« Bertie, we miss you. Mrs. Dave Reznick was a guest o( Morris Zaikin. Mew members are Mr. and Mrs. Hy (Mbiam) Shrier Mrs. Max ZaIUn, welcome to the club. Weinstein entertained Camping Rasumed usMr. OIHIIV r)ri",rnl'. with singing and playing TEL AVIV (JTA) - the piano and Chuck Arnold, Camping trips and other our Gym Director, took us HEY, MOM, KIDSoutlnp by school children, through a series of exercises Treat Dad to Dinner at Domenlco's on Father's suspended after the Maalot (Just what I needed!) Day I maasacre May U, are to be We will meet again next We'll Help You Celebrate by Presenting Dad rcaumed. week, June 17. With a Free Cigar I By Annelta Brown On a clear, warm Monday morning, June 4th, this writer and 38 other members of the Senior Citiien Club set out on a chartered bus for what proved to be three wonderful, exciting days in Kansas City, Mo. Our guide to her home town was MolUe Dclman. Incomparable, unsinkable MoUie sets a fast pace for teen agers, much less us "sites". Our co-guide was Lila Lutz. Our bus driver was Roy.


John Kallna



Rtaltort OF^HOMCS Just a aiilp «Hi«l 9 lump from Wast^___^ side High AMtlM this aprawilng rsmdi. fhe moln floor family room hoe on entire woll IliMdwItllboollCMOf.

Soturday, June 22nd 9i30 pjn. to 12i90 ajn. f

Enteriolnmant by one of Omoho's leading DJs ond tha Performing Arts Deportment Admission: $2.00, members; $3.00 non-members Grode* 9-12 Invited

3 large bodroema, attached garage, tiwo fireplaces and a walkout basement with one of tho brightest and largest roc rooms that we hove soon In months. One badroom and bath down, and fonced backyard of nMfostlt proportions. MId-fortlas

LENORE POLLACK 333-0413 393-3444

JAY\ ZEE and Barbara Evans wf/i the mu UNDS OUO

NEW FAMILY BUFFET EVERY SUNDAY BEGINNING AT NOON Adults $3.25 - Childrm Undw 8, $1.45 Our Rigsltr Oinini Room Opsn Enry Ennlni i-l


Jun* 14.1974

Alports GYMNASTICS Gymaastics >WB tote one of most exciting and popular ^^ aparti a boy or girl can participate in. One hindred and nineteen boys and girls were instructed by our fine gymnastic experts on the balance beam, uneven bars, vaulting horse, floor exercise, horizontal bar, parallel bars and the rings this spring. Be one o( the first to enroll in our new Summer "IndoorOutdoor" Gymnastics program. Beginning, intermediate and advanced etasaes will be offered for all ages. If you question which class you should enroll in, please contact Denise Stavneak, Assistant Director of Girl's and Women's Activities. M«a4ays: Ct4 Adalt Gymaastici i It A Dp) T:30p.m.-8:30pro. June 24th August 12th. Caed BegiBBiag Gymaastici (5 yrs. and Up) 1:30p.m.-4.-30p.m. June 34lhAugusl lah. Caed lalermediate A Advaaced Gyataaities (S yrs and Up) 4:30p.m.-S:30 p.m. June 24thAugiisi I3tb. Tkorsdayc Caed Beginning Gymaaittes (S yrs and Up) 3:30p.m.-4:30p.m. June nthAugust ISth Coed Intermrdiale * Advaaced GymaasUcs (S yrt and Up)

SENIOR HI SOrrSALL LEAGUE All gamas for last Sunday, June Wh were postponed due to wet groulida. SOFTBALL SCHEDULE Sanday, JoaeIt 9:IS a.m. - AZA No. 1 vs NPTY 10:15am — AZA No. 100 vi Chaim Weixmann CAMPERSTO MEET THE PROS Sounds Unique? ... It is. On top of so many great and fun things to do at the JCC Sports Camp this summer, we have made special arrangements for appearances by area professional stars. A variety of sports will be covered and campers will learn from the Pros in such sports and recreational activities as: Baseball, Golf, Wrestling, Archery, Tennis, Karate, Synchronized Swimming, Baton Twirling, Softball, Football and BasketbaU.

Scott Clark Will Coach Wrestling Omaha - All boys six years and up will have a chance to shdrpen their mat skills this summer starting June M, 1V74 under the direction of one of the sports greatest Omalia coaches.



Boystown Wrestling Coach. Mr. Clark has been coaching wrestling for the past 14 years from novice through high school. During his high school career he has accomplished 10 Individual stale champions and over 100 individual tournament champions. His team finished in the top S at Slate Tournament six out of eight times, including runner-up three limes and Slate Champions in 1971. Scott served as President of the Metropolitan Wresting Coaches and Officials Association from 1971 thru i9n.

Rosey Zwelback (kowi balance, form and smiles oa Uie beam for ber fellow gymaaiu, Jalie Gordman, Wendy Greeoberg, Jeaanie Macaamara. Lari Blatt. MicheUe Kali and Melissa Friedland.

3:30 p.m.-4;30 p.m. June 27thAugust ISth. Fridays: Caed Advanced GymaasUcs (5 yrs li Up) 3:30p.m.-S:O0p.m. June 28thAugust ISth. Girls should wear leotards, gym shoes. Boys should wear

gymshoru. "T" shirU and gym shoes.

THREE ON THREE BASKETBALL LEAGUE Last Sunday action in the JCC Three-Man half-court roundball contest found veterans Al Clay man. Undy Paul and Steve Lustgarten tied for first place with a 3-0 record against a younger tri' of Steve Nepomnick, Larry Ruback and Keith Livingston. SCHEDULE Studay. June IMh 10:00a.m. - A VS H


JHghig aratMd tkc track - a gaad way U steit Ike day far Or Ralph TmrM aad Itevce Kirshcabaam.




Of one of the finest homes built In West Omaha this year is 12397 liard Str*«t n««r Uk« CoiMl '


RBDDAVISCO. 968-2300

iMir savaelWs - UM s4Nre faaf Otignmd and built by



BuiineM or Plaowr* Spocial Ordan Wdcomo We Gift Wrop and Ship OMreottot...



The Jewish Press


UM Harney

Published weelcly on fridoy by Jtwish Fadarotion of OmolKi. Stanford Lipsey, Press Committee Choirman A^. Robert Gerelick, Editor Mrs. Sidney Mirvish, Assistant Mrt. Ramon Sombarg, Advortjsing


Call341-00e8 LEVENSON'S

•4 mf Miiiaiiic*ifciiMH<.inn». MiMi L0Mta,IMr. «aiM


MM 144

Yellow Jedwts A HsrneftT

SKond Oox Pot log* Paid of Omoho. N«br. ond ot odditionol mailing oHictft. Annual Subscription $7.90 Advoniting RoWi on Applicotion




We invite you to inspect a tremendous floor plan, outstondino interior design and quality rarely teen onywnere. Priced ki

Ptclved rra« left. Marvta Braokslebi. Al KamblU and Steve Redler. geUiag in shape with the aaiqae eierclse eqaipmeat at the JCC. y^'tam


l«)7H*rnty Open Sat.'Ill noon

Ell Sbapak (left) I. checked by Physical Edacallea DIrecler Ch^ick Arnold following his partlclpatioa is tadlvidaalbarf esereisc program. ^^

June 14, 1974  

Jewish Press

June 14, 1974  

Jewish Press