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GoMa Ahhounces New Cabinet :_ JERUSALEM, (JTA) ; The Knettet approved Premier Golda Meir't«:fiew Cabinet by a vole of ^46. Two prominent Labor Party ^meraben were among the nine MKs who abstained irwlien tlte vole of confldence was talten after 10 liours of acrimonious debate. Botti of ' them, Yitzhak Ben Aharon . and Lyova Ellav, are outspoken doves. They had informed Party^ Secretary General Aharon Yadlin and Alignment chairman Moshe Baram by mail earlier that they could not support the new government biecauae it represented to them no change from the outgoing one. Premier Meir presented the Knesset with the names of 22 ministers-designate, one shortef the full Cabinet. The Tinal designee will be from the NRP which will be given a ministry without portfolio in addition to the three it held In

the old government. The new Cabinet will ckwely resemble the outgoing one though It will be slightly larger and will contain at least live new faces, probably more. The newcomers are Haim Zsdok who was named Minister of Justice to replace Yaacov Shimshon Shapiro who resigned several months ago; Sblomo Rosen, who will replace Natan Peled as Absorption Minister; Yitzhak fUbin, replacing Yosef Almogi as Minister of Labor; Aharon Uzzan, Communications Minister; and Yehoihua Rabinowltz who replaces Zeev Sharef as Housing Minister. The Independent Uberal Party will receive a second Cabinet seat, though without portfolio, which is going to Gideon Hausner. ' Among the incumbents who will sit In the new Cabinet, Shimon Peres has been switched from Transport

$liotsFlyon iSyiian Front TELAVIV,(JTA)-The

mflia9-"IMtT bos" «arM over the weekend but failed to ''explode. Syrian forces l^initiated three shooting incidents Friday and Saturday. IITMII forees responded to the first one Friday — the firing of Ruuian-made Sager anti-tank missiles at an Israeli patrol — but did not return the fire, when the Syrians lobbed a number of shells at Israeli positions in • the northern Golan enclave later Frklay or when they fired on the Israel-held section of the KuneitraDamascus road Saturday. Israeli forces suffered no casualties or damage. An Israeli army spokesman denied a Syrian allegation that an Israeli , pilotless plane - "Drone" -

Minister to the newly created post of Miniater of Information. The others will retain" their present portfolioii. They are: Golda Meir, Premier; Yigal Allon, Deputy Premier and Minister of Education;

Moshe Dayan, Defense Minister; Abba Eban, Foreign Mlhiiter; Pinhas Sapir, Finance Minister; Victor Sheffltov, Minister of Health; Haim Gvati, Minister of Agriculture; Haim Barlev, Minister of Oimmerce and

JERUSALEM, (JTA) Jewish ^ency officials said last week they were not alarmed by the abrupt decline in the number of Jews emigrating from the Soviet Unkm last month. Only 1600 arrived during Feb. compared to 2S00 in Jan. The officials said the drop couM be the result of seasonal facton and that it was too early to attach any serious significance to it.


|: On a visit later to two Palestinian refugee campa In :,louthem Lebanon, the former [heavyweight boxinit

jCOUNCIL BLUFFS; LINCOLN. OMAHA Omaha. N«b., Fri., March 15,1974

Shipments of U.S. Wheat Continue to Arab Countries

They acknowledged, however, that during the past two months, more than 100 Jewish families in Moscow ied exit visas. ° ching here note a WASHINGTON (ZINS) in rejections in Pirfitkral dreies are surprised other Soviet cities. at the lack of stronger op-

was ihot down by Syrian uitlcir craft fire snd craahed In north Jordan. Israeli circles said nothing of the sort happened. Israeli restraint it believed to have averted more serious incidents which the Syrians were apparently inleni on provoking. Purim festivities were held at the various Golan Heights settlements but only the kical settlers attended.

position to the continuing shipments of U;S. wheat to Arab countries, at a time when the Arabs have embargoed oil shipments to this country. Some voices in Congress have been raised demanding a halt to the sale of wheat to countries that discriminate against the United SUtes. But John Farker, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, defended the sale of $800 million worth of wheat to various Arab countries on the ground that they must make up a drought deficiency to feed their populations.

For many years the Arabs have imported wheat from America, but now their requirements have increased and costs have gone up. Saudi Arabia will be buying wheat to the tune of $100 million, as compared with purchases of only 136 million a year ago. Iraq's order is for $60 million, an' increase of f3 million over last year. Egypt's purchases will aggregate $120 million, as compared with $83 million in 1973. Israel's purchases of U.S. wheat are estimated to be $200 million this year; last year they were for $145 million.

Visitois and tourlata have been barred from the area.

4 Jewish Women Killed in Damascus

Israeli engineers have demolished the easlemowat portion of the DanuiKUS road near the cease-fire line. The action was taken to make a pcsaiblc Syrian attack more difficult. The road is the only one suitable for heavy tanks.


He told a press conference In Beirut, at the sUrt of a tour pf the Mkldle East, thst^the ^Intted States is the Hfifbotd of Zkmism and

build-up of forces — was said to have been responsible for the unexpected announcement by Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and Tranipcrt Minister Shimon Peres that they will serve in a new Cabinet after all.

Decline Noted in Soviet Emigration

fioxing Champ Ali Attacks Zionism The Cantor is a Lady I NEW YORK, (JTA) Muhammad Ali, who says he -^ retiring from the ring to ifpraad the faith of Islam, is losing no time throwing right books at Zionism.

Industry; Shiomo Hillel, Minister of Police; Moshe Kol, Minister of Tourism; and Israel Galili, MiniaterWithout-PortfoUo. A suddenly developed security threat on the Syrian front — a reported nuM^e

champion was quoted by a guerrilla news agency as aaying: "In my name and the naRie of all Muslims in America, I declare support for the Palestinian struggle to liberate their homeland and oust the Zionist invaders." Ali told newsmen that after retiring from the ring he will devote his life by preaching th^ Moslem faith, beginning by eitabliahing a mosque in Laa Vegas. Uncharacteristically modest, he added: "1 am no longer the greatest. AUah is." I

MONTREAL — "Even the Scriptures aren't too kind to women," reflected Rabbi Bernard Bloomstooe, recalling that as a boy he sal with his father on the ground floor of the •yaagogue with other men while his mother was relegated to the balcony. "They place women In the same category with children aad slaves." 8* It It with no small amount of satisractlon that Rabbi Bloomsfame (left) listens at Phyllis Cole becomes the first woman cantor for an official service at any synagogue hi Canada. The servke look place In Moata-eal'i Temple Emraanu-EI, a Reform congregation. Rahbl Bloomstooe, the coagregstion'i ipirltual leader, termed the event "a new high hi liberal Reform Judaism." Mrs. Cole, the mother of two boys. Is a member of the Metropolitan Opera Studio and ii among the ffa^t group of women to i>e accepted at the Hebrew Union College School of Sacred Music in New York.

PARIS, (JTA) - Four Jewish women were killed in Damascus within the last week. Their bodies were found last Friday in a street of the Jewish quarter, it waa reported by the French daily, Le Figaro, which cited a "sure source" for this hiformation. According to the daily, several dozen Jews left their ghetto to participate in a demonatration by Christian women last Tuesday to protest Syria's anti-Jewish discrimination. The protestors were reportedly brutally dispersed by the police. U Figaro, in its Friday edition, quoted diplomatic sources saying that the slayinga were by extremists opposed to President Hafei Assad's Middle East policy, but It was not known whether the extremists were Palestinian or local op-

ponents of Assad. Earlier, the French state radio, France Inter, reported that a number of Syrian Christians, mainly women, had conducted such a demonstration in the center of Damascus and tried to march through the streets. According to this report, they were protesting a recent incident involving a numtwr of Syrian Jewish women who reportedly had been arrested and maltreated and others believed to have been killed. It was not immediately clear whether the four women found Friday were those killed earlier or whether they were killed during the demonstration last Tuesday. The French radio did not mention any source of datelines as to where its report originated. Other sources in Paris confirmed the veracity of the report of the demonstration.


Maich 16,1974

Most Israelis ADL Reveals 'New Anti- Semitism' Back Kissinger TEL AVIV (ZINS) - A recent public opinion poll conducted by FORI (Public •Opinion Reaearch Institute) reveals that most Israelis appn>ve o( Kissinger's role. 57.B per c«nt of those interviewed expressed .satisfaction with Dr. ^MMsinger's handling of the Arab-Israel conflict. An additional 24.5 per cent expressed approval "more or .^less." Only 13.3 per cent of thoae canvassed said they were unhappy and dissatisfied. The younger elements of the population (ages 18 to 29) • tend to favor Dr. Kissinger's * mediation more than does the older generation.


OMAHA - Tliree decades after the Nazi HolocaiMt there is a "new worldwide antiSemitism" based on insensitivity and indifference to Jewish coocems, according to the rindinga of a comprehensive study made public this week by Howard Weinstein, Plains Sute Regional Director of the AntiDefamatioo League of B'nai B'rith. The analysis, written by Arnold Forster, the League's associate director and general counsel, and Benjaroine R. Epstein, its national director, is based on three and a half years of ADL research. It reveals that the major difference between anti-Semitism today and the traditional Uttd is that the

new anti-Semitism is not necessarily deliberate in character and is more often "expressed by respected individuals and instilutioDs here and abroad — people who would be shocked to think themselves, or have others think them, anti-Semites." This new anti-Semitism, the Study reveals, is compounded by anti-Jewish hostility from pro-Arab elements, the radical left, the radical right, black extremists, the Soviet Union, Arab nations, and movements in Europe and Latin America — all in addition to the remnants of a hatemongering apparatus which has plagued the United States since the early ISSN's. In a foreword to the study, Mr. Graubard declares that a new anti-Semitism appeared as memory of the Nazi

Shows Opposition to HokK:.ust began to iWeand ^^ ~~

[Extending Aid to Israel WASHINGTON, (JTA) Rep. Samuel S. Stratton (D.NY) has reported that replies to the annual questionnaire he bad distributed in his Congressional District showed that about two out of three respondents oppose extending military assistance to Israel and 4-1 are against giving President Nixon authority to adjust U.S. tariffs to boost U.S. commerce with the Soviet Union. Stratton saM that he had tent a lOiWint questioanaire

"Jews were considered to be more and more a part of the 'Establishment' " He warns that the curreqt climate of "deterioration in morals and ethks is the kind of climate, history reminds us, in which anti-Semitism grows t>est." The authors suggest that "Jews have devek)ped sensitive antennae — survival mechanisms — which warn them in advance that something is happening that is not good for Jews." They go on to say Uutt there is a profound uneasiness in the

to some 1(1,000 househokis in his district and received 22,1(0 replies covering 35,152 opinions. His district embraces the cities of Albany, Schenectady and Amsterdam in upaUte New York with a population of 4<7,lt9, according to dte 1970 census. There are about 18,600 Jews in the three cities. To the questioa, "Do you favor furnishing military acsistance to Israel?" 31.9 percent reidied yes, 50.0 per cent no, and 8.2 per cent were undecided, Stratton reported. On the question, "Do you favor giving the President PARIS, (JTA) - Frsnee HarWAMfn wide powen to raise and officislly invited Isrseli RaMil Drug CIcrli ~ 2 or 3 doy« p«f wnMk 9 o.m.—3 p.m lower tariffs to promote Foreign Minister Abba Ebsn No nighfi, no wihonw. greater trade with Ruuia?" to visit Paris and confer with HAMILTON 19 per cent replied yes, 75.2 PreaideBt Georges Pompkiou PNAMMACY per cent DO sad S.t per cent sod French sides. Frsnee SS»MM siso aecspted an invitation for Foreign Minister Michel Jobert to visit Israel at tooie fubredate. The exchange of vislta was sgreed apon here when i Jsbert conferred for 45 minutes with Israeli Ambasssdor Asber Ben Nsthsn. The two man deckled that Eban's visit will be the MWWAT.SIAaCMU first. YiddWl niMlro. UNO ThMIr*, S p.m. Iliis is the first tinie since the creation of the SUte of Inel that a French Cabinet i«ihBS*dwWorkit«op.iMtiB,t:4So.m. " NFTY Spoghotti Dinnor Ttiootr*. Twnptoltrool, 5:30 p.m. Minister has sccepled sn inviUtion to visit the Jewish ST.MAKNia State. Diptomatic circles bete ionlof CHljon Oub. iorti B SywogBBiw, say that the exchange of Hodouoh Soord MMlkig iMNtuto d Jmnth SHMUM. TampU Israal. 7 :]0 p.m. ministerlsl visits may mark "a normalization" of 1« relstions between the two Pionoar Woman loord MMiing countries whose relations Notional Council ol Jmvlih Mtemwi lUgulor MMttng UH T Boord M##Nn0 have been strained since the K OMtinwri, iolh El Synagogu*. 10:30 a.m. Six-Day Wsr when Presklcnt Charles de Gsnlle brsnded MT.MAaCMM KoWi Franklin OtapMr. Mizrodil WonMn. Noon. Israel as "an aggressor" sod Itndsrwood Tewon Party Room, 4f th ond Undorwood imposed sn srms embsrgo on B'na< •'rMi •raadbroali«rt. Noon. Fir««id«S*ttauront the eve of the war.

Eban Invited To Visit France



mUMBAT.MUUKMll B'nol i'riih Com»M»li«r lodga, Rogvlar Mooting Hodouoh SpMiol InlWMt Group. 8700 Double*. I p.m.



Sl-I • IhsfCwM" "Ihol



Jewish people today. The analysis includes the foUowing as principal causes of this uneasincas: Anti-Israel statements, often from most respectable sources, which carry an antiJewish impact; pvMic utterances which past for legitimate diacuasioi) of the Mideast situatioa but are couched in anti-Jewish language or innuendo.

NEW YORK - The rapidly growing phenomenon of single-parent families snd the Jewish commisiity's concern with these families were examined in a two-day Group Consultation on the Singlef-^ntFa-nU^ sponsored by the National J< Jewish Welfare Board (JWB). Members of single-parent families constitute a growing percentage of the Jewish community and this is reflected in the membership of Jewish Community Centers. On the average, they make up from I0to25percent of the total membenhip of JCX^t, in tome cases u much ss 30 to 40 per cent. Reasons for this exploding social phenomenon include the rapidly increasing divorce rate, the r^^nglng roles of women, the mobility of the American family, and a much longer period of widowhood due to a greater life expectancy for women. Partkipants in the consultation were executive directors and program dbeclors of Jewish Community Centers, persons who hsve s direct responsibility for iKogram ds»ekmment. They i«reed that HM Jewish


You Write to Emmajean? Emmsiean Wupper it running lor State Senator Iroin the 12lt) laoMstive districi She has hsd a keen tntarstt in oolillcs lor years and is past prasMsm cH the League ol Women Votet* Now, the wtMs 10 serve you at your repratentativa In Lincoln Enmaiaen wants you to tall fm wlial problems of state govarmneflt boMiar yrHi the most. She wW try to vitil with you about ttMta proWamt prior to election day Just lot down ttiota isauat at cotKom and mall them to:

community has to give the problem of the single-parent family a high priority. Singleparent families have distinct needs which are different from the needs of both twoparent fsmfliet snd single adulU.

Israel, Jews and Jewith coocerni and institutioni ttemmlng from a view of Jews St psrt of the "Establishment," Isrsel at part of "Wettern Imperlslitm" snd both st obstacles to the totalitarian left's revolutionary goals. A revival of anti-Jewish stereotyping in the medis snd the arts. Apsthy towsrd bringing Arsb terrorists snd murderers to justkre in Western Europe. The Soviet Unkn's use of pure anti-Semitism to accomplish Its antl-Isrsel political goals. The use of blatant antiSemitism by Arab jitates intent on instilling hatred of Israel in their people. Anti-Semitic diatribes on the floor of the United Nations.

The Uaisn tf Ce—cBs far Sevitt Jews preaerted iU fbst BSitsMi hanar award te Baaaler Henry M. Jacksaa. st s recent reciiytlsa Is Sea Fraadsce. "HM sward, aa etehk^ speckiBy erealed by Ssrs WalfaMh. Is sirtltM'EXODin... WHY NOTT. said HarsU B. Ughl, Natknal Oainaan ef the UCSJ. "and so ataa Is Aatarica has playad a ssere faapertaal rale hi crealkig that Bsedas Ihsa leaalar Jacksaa. His csanigsws staad hi flghlkw lar haMa rigMs k the Bevlsl Ualsa. and frte«e« for Jew* le emigrate Is snlsiphttlf leas sB."PklareilrSai left. Boaster Jscksea. Mrs. SehM Ugh. Mr. HarsU B. Light

Omoho's No. 1 Fomily Restauront FEATUUNG

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Paid for by the Emmaiatn Wuppar for Stale Senator Commitlae. C TIerney. Tratsurer, 1105 S e4lh 8«, Omaha. Nebr 66124. F Wuppar, Astis«nt Treasurer. 1314 S 96th St. Omaha. NetM 68124


Radical left aaaaulU on

JWB Probes Problems Of Single Parent Family

Emmalaan Wupper it a name you won't hrgel.. A ttate senator who won't forget you.

1620 Homey

Silent acceptance by public officials and the clergy of overt manifestations of antiJewish bigotry. AotiSemitism among black extremists who scapegoat Jews for urban ills affecting the black community. The appointment or funding of recognized anti-Semites in pubiie posts in education and In federal projects.

OpmEvmyDar, 11:»A.M. mWP.M. "•ereilT MHs yiisa*





PMwch 16,1974


Memorial Resolution for David Beber Adopted by Omaha Federation Board

WMIt wtrluBM fHit tka laak tt CMipMlag Ike M« OM«IM JewUi CMBBMity CeMcr •! m Swrtk 132ii< SIrMt, the atHe* •rci •! tke MW kalMiai his been occyplcd by the itafff of the vtriMi JCC and VtttrmUoB dep^rtmenti. Pklured ibsve, a secreUirial area In the Pederitioa offke fuite. Formal opeahig cenmaalai at the new bnlkUai are expected t« be heM early In AprU.

Questions, Answers About the New JCC By Ray Beaibnrg BMar's Mie: Tiii* WMUy cohimii ii Co uwMr YOVR quettkmi about the new Jewish Comininity Ceoter. Please direct your questions to the Jewish Preta, sn So. U&id St. or to Ray SombefS, 1U7 Douglas, chalmuui of the JCC UembersUp Committee. Q. "I'm > widow with two ehfldnn. How much is my memberthipT" A. You would pay $100 per year. The dues stnictwe is u follows: family nMmbershlp — $160; single parent tmOy — )100; young married (couple where the husband is 2S years or lefs and chUdKn we under S> — fiOO: indirldiMl membenhlps: youog adult (U through IS nbt living at home) -$7S; adult (unmarried adult » or over) — $100, Senior Citixens (members affiliated with the Monday Senior Citixens Club) — $15. Q. "When will my membership year begin?" A. For those )olnlng now, your membership y^ar will begin wb«B the Center opens for usage by memben. Q. "I would like my family to belong to the Ceoter, but frankly I just can't afford the full membership fee. What can 1 do?" A. ConUct Hy Tabachnick at the Center, 334-<200, for a confidential Interview. Special arrangements can be made.

Omaha — A letter sent this week to Mrs. David E. Beber expressed the sympathy of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Federation of Omaha at the recent death of her husband. The letter included the following resolution which was adopted at the February 27 meeting of the Board ol Directors. "The Board of Directors of the Jewish Federation of Omahanotes with sadness the untimely passing of David E.

Airline Passengers Prefer Kosher Meals NEW YORK, (JTA) Airline officials have discovered that passengers don't have to be Jewish to enjoy kosher meals. In fact, according to reports, many passengers these days ordering kosher meals during nights aren't Jewish. This discovery came to light as more passengers began ordering kosher meals when airline companies recently began to cut back on 4he number of meals or the quantity of food served as part of an economy drive by airline companies. Regular free in-flight meals are served by all airlines on long haul flights. Jewish passengers who want koaber meals can get tbem if requested 24 hours prior to flight time. Those who do, get meals that are usually more elaborate than the economyclass fare: brisket of beef on

Kahane Goes oh Trial JERUSALEM, (JTA)^ - Rabbi Meir Kahane went on trial liere charged with conspiracy to kidnap and murder foreign politicians during last June's visit to the United States by Soviet Communist Party Secretary Leonid I. Brezhnev. He was also accused of involvement in planning to blow up foreign embassies overseas and sending letters ibroad ind cables from here during last May and June aimed at carrying out actions considered as crimes in the U.S. and Israel. Although the charge sheet did not specify the Brezhnev visit it did charge him with attempted conspiracy to harm relations with a friendly nation, the U.S. Premier Golda MeIr, in in affidavit presented to the court, stated that disclosure of government actions on the immigration of

Jews from the Soviet Union was liable to harm Israel's foreign relations and thus constituted a breach of the official Secrets Act. Mrs. Meir's statement, written in her role as acting Foreign Minister in the absence of Abba Eban who is abroad, was presented to the court by State Prosecutor Gabriel Bach. Judge Jacob Bazak ruled against a defense motion requesting Eban to be summoned as a witness to support the contention that Rabbi Kahane's actions were not liable to harm Israel's foreign relations. The JDL leader admitted writing letters and dispatching them abroad. He pleaded not guilty to the other charges. If Rabbi Kahane is found guilty he faces seven years imprisonment.

AJ Congress Head Optimistic About future U. S. Jewry NEW YORK. (JTA) -The president of the American Jewish Congress hu drawn an optimistic picture of the future of the U.S. Jewish community, citing as one reason the failure of "hate groups" to exploit the energy crisis for anti-Semitic purposes. "The feared backlash against Uie Jewish community because of the Arab oil embargo has not happened," Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg declared in an address marking his reelwrtkm as president of the Coograss. "The epidemic of confrontation between Blacks

Beber, a leader with many .recognized in the planning Advisory Committee: Alvin virtues. Wise and un- and consU-uction of our new Abramson, chairman; Milton derstanding, he had deep Jewish Community Center. Abrahams, Qfivid Friedland, "As an expression of his Arthur Goldstein, Murray insight and sharp perception. He exercised tact and dedication to his people .and to Newman. diplomacy, tfuieUy bringing his community he devoted his Badget aad AUecatloBi about a meeting of minds on Mt U) Mitzvot, thus earning Commlttei^: Hubert weighty matters. In such justly the admiration and, Roeenblum, chairman; Mrs. respect of those who knew manner did be, as an inJack Cohen, Gary Groas, dividual and IS a trustee of him and worked with him. We Robert KuUy. the Livingston Foundation, were blessed to have such a Jewish PhilsBlhroplei play a key role in many of the man in our midst. He will live Committee: Leonard Goldin our memories always." major accomplishments of stein, chairman. CoBunlUces Named this Omaha Jewish comPublic RelstioBS ComIn other action of the board, munity. Most notably was this approval was given to the mittee: Mrs. Isaac Nadoff, following appointments of chairman. Leadership Development standing Federation committees, as designated by the Committee: Harlan Noddle, chairman. new Federation By-Laws. Exeeative Committee: Personnel Practices the kosher menu has for some Morley Zipursky, chahnnan Committee: Paul C. Cohen, time looked more appetizing ex officio; Norman Batt, Mrs. chairman; Mrs. Robert Nogg, to the other passengers who C..M. Newman, E{1 Schupack. Jack Saferstein. are chomping on a piece of hamburger or roast beef. ###«i'»»»«<»»*» W»»»«»*»»M«»»»*»»»«»»»0»»»M»*»#»»»l

and Jews Is subsiding," he said. "ChristianJewish relations appear to be even better on Che person-to-person level in ihe community than they are among the official spokesmen of the major religious bodies. These and similar developments bode well for the future of the Jewish community, because they show our society is strong enough to sustain major shocks and even radical change without making any racial, religious or ethnic group the scapegoat. There Is grumbling — but we are not hating one aootber," he declared.

THE OMAHA TEMFU TOUTH GROUP Israel Appoints Ml Ambassador To South Africa JERUSALEM, (JTA) Israel is to have a full Ambaasador in South Africa iastead of a Charge d' Aiffaires only as before. "Ilie present Charge d' Affaires, Michael Michael, who has the personal rank of Ambassador, will return home in May to be replaced by Yitzhak Unna who will be the first full Ambassador. Unna served for five years In South Africa ver;f sueceaafully at Consul General in Johannesburg till last year. South Arica has a Ckmsul General in Tel Aviv and his rank is also expected to be elevated. Officials here preferred to refer to the new arrangement as a "normalization" and sought to avoid overpublicizing it.

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Much 16. W4

Why Am I here? The following article is quoted from the AMERICAN ISRAELITE and describes the dedication ceremonies of the B'nai Israel Synagogue at 12th and Capitol in 18W: •-!• Omaha, the fifty families who were seat here by the emigration committee about sevea years ago. were well and Judicisasly cared for. and today they constitale a class of law-abiding citizens and have been blessed not only with a competency but some of whom are even more highly favored with wealth. "The members of the Hebrew Benevoleat Society should be congratulated oa the well-spent effort in behalf of their co-religisalsts. "The synagogue dedicated last Sunday evening is a neat brick building having a seating capacity of nearly MP. Rabbi Benson conducted the dedication services, assisted by the CSiazan of the congregation, the Rev. J. Borliant. The usual dedication ceremony was carried out in the preseiKe of • large eoneourse of people.

Remember the days when questionable quota systems kept some Jewish students out of college? Apparently it's happening again, although under completely different circumstances. The U.S. Supreme Court now has a test case that revolves around a Jewish student, 5(arco De Funis Jr. who was barred from entering the University of Washington Law School. A Phi Beta Kappa and a Magna Cum Laude graduate at Washington's undef^graduate college, de Funis sued the 4aw school after it had twice refused to admit bim. A trial in a Washington state court showed that by the university's own standards, based on college grades and the v^hool's aptitude teats, oolv one of the 37 Blacks, ' SAn<s'i->>"'named and PkOippine-Americans scored better than de Funis, but they were all admitted. The Washington lower coift upheld de Funis and he wtt enrolled in the law 'idieol. On appeal, however, ttie State's Supreme Ccmi •' ruled for the university. The [cue is now in the hands of VS. Supreme Court, and .according to some legal ^•uthorities the case conIpMNiM the most important ^ML rigbl* case since the i^ourU acted in MM.

After the i-eading of the law Rabbi Benson delivered the dedication sermon. He first congratulated and commended the spirit which had moved this people in its building of the synagogue. He spoke briefly of the beauty of the gratitude of any considerable body of people to the Almighty, and told the story of this society; how it had been driven by persecution from its European home. and,, transplanted, by charity, to a free country, it had laid hold on the advantages offered, and by improving every opportunity had succeeded in a few years in gaining a foothold that is permanent in its new abiding place. Then, as soon as it had come to have a taste of proaperity it had moved to the end of securing some place wherein its members might bow in worship of the Almighty according to the forms of their fathers. He exhorted his hearers to waver not in their duty to their religion, but to move steadfastly forward In their

on the fact that he is JewUh.' Rather, he b being excladed becaase he b white! The qaestion seems to be whether arnots public university may esUblish two ilandards of admission — one for white ifdeats aad another, at a lower level of qualUicatioas, for non-whites. In a way it was easier when the quota system was against Jews. Then it was no problem for national Jewish organizations to raise their voices in protest. But the de Funis casegeU a little sticky, and as a result Jewish organizations are split on how they stand.

On the one hand there are organizations like AOL, the American Jewish Congren and the American Jevrish Committed who uphold a single standard position. TVy argue that "if the Constitution prohibits exclusion of blacks and other minorities on racial grounds, it cannot permit the exclusion of whites on racial grounds." On the other hand there are supporters of the university's do«d>ie at^ndard including the National (Council of Jewish Women and the Commisaion on Social Action of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. They art sympathetic to the university's rationale for Its ; Tke faUare to adait de minority preference policy — ^•sia a||f|if«iU)r ^«4 kmM.-. that it M«fc« to previd*

First there wens rumon and then came the news: Radi Unger. M. the promtsing Israeli Radio commentator. w» among those killed In a troop carrier la the Sinai's southem front while covering the events for Kol fsrael. And then came his kit, which was found rusty and suined. In the Ut were a number of tape recorder cassettes. Some had not been used. Some had a vivid description of a cruel war. One of the tapes was private. A slip of paper said: "Not for publication. Kindly keep it for me till after the war, till I return." RafI Unger did not return. Kol Israel, the broadcasting service, sent the private personal tape to Unger's parents. They listened to it. It was a man talking with himself, with his soul. The parents gave it to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency for publication so that the Jewish public and Jewish youth might learn the answer to the question "Why am I here? Why does a Jewish youth find himself in the midst of a wart" What follows Is Ran Unger's stalcmeiil. "We are on the moVe southwards. Ihavesome time to do

reasonable representation of historically suppressed and excluded groups. They argue that aa Jews with a long history of fighting for social justice, we must not turn our backs on other* minority groups seeking the same advantages so long withheld from us. In the meantime, under a ruling by Supreme Court Justice William 0. Douglas, de Funis is in the law school and will stay there until the federal tribunal comes up with a decision. It's entirely possible that he may graduate before the issue is decided, t^ I have mixed feelings about the matter. I certainly sympathize with minority groups and their fight to gejt into the mainstream of higher education. But I think I'm even more frightened by any system of racial quotas. College admissions should be based solely on merit without regard lo skin color ot parental origin The danger of the double standard is that the groups which are supposedly helped by the double standard can as easily become its victims. The future admissioos policies of Washington Law School are in the hands of the Supreme Court. UnUI that declaion is rendered, if I were Black Jew aspiring for a legal career, I know where I would (ry to gp to Kiipfii!

some thinking. I found myself between two soldiers in an armored troop carrier and within a short time I learned that these troop carrier are vulnerable to any kind of firearms, except small arms. I am IhiaKiag, evea now, as I am lalkiag Into the microphone, and am asking myself, why, far heavea's sake, am I here? Actually I have no reply right away. While In Tel Aviv I told my colleagues: Look, there is one mpfhugrner called Unger. He could sUy behind fai Tel Aviv aad yet he goes down lo the front. He knows that everything can happen to him — sad yrl he goet down. One of them, a war-experleaeed friend, snapped tliat I was s fool. Am I really a fool? — By God, I do not know. "True, I am not a lion.' I never looked for bravery, for danger. And yet, when this moment came, when I was given the choice, I felt that my place is here, with the combat people. Why»_WAi,J«~W|rloslty, carelessness* PsssibfyrsM •ot aU. II was fbst and foremost the search far die feeling of experience. It Is Ibe laabUily to live hi this cdtalry without experiencing what has become part and parcel a( the life of people o( thU coafiitry, yoaag and adnlu. I think that It is this that broagbt me onto this armored troop carrier — moving towards the aknewn. I have no fears though there is a natural sense of worry. Actually I wanted everything to come to an end and return safely home. It sounds banal to saf so. and I would have laughed at myself about such a phrase had it not been for the fact that I am on the front, at a place where the possibility of getting hit is real. Nevertheless, I feel that my place is here, whether I broadcast or not. I have to live this experience of the front, of Ibe baUle for life which entolls life or death, to live It here, on the sands of Sinai. To be here is an order of my heart, my logic, my senses. This Is what I feel now, what I think now." And then Rafi Unger noticed a succah on a troop carrier. He repotted that too. And then there wu no more reporting from Rafi Unger. He was killed together with General Avraham Mendler in the troop carrier.

The Jewish Pratt Published weekly on Fridoy by Jewish Federation of Omcrho. Mortimer Greenbarg, Executive Director Stanford Lipsey, Prats Comnittaa (Iwirmon Mrs. Robert Gertlick, Editor Mrs. Sidney AAirvish, Assistant Second Clatt Po<tog« foid

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We've Movedl Th* ofHcM of The Jewish Federation of Omaha The Jewish Philanthropies of Omaha The Jewish Community Center of Omaha The Jewish Family Service The Esther K. Newman Camp The Jewish Press or* now locatM at

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Dear Senator Curtis... The Senate Finance Committee is holding hearings this month on the Trade Reform Act. The trade bill which incorporates the Jackson-Mills-Vanik Amendment was approved In the House last December. The Amendment withholds most favored nation treatment and export credits from countries which deny their citizens the right to emigrate. Although there has been some easing of emigration policies hi the Soviet Union, secret trials sre still being held for Jews who apply for visas to Israel. Stiff sentences, raagiag up to five years in prisoa, are sUU bsaded oat by Soviet authorities. Of the 17 members of the Senate Finance Committee, 13 are co-sponsors of the

Amendment. Senator Carl Curtis of Nebraska ia among the four members of the Committee who did not cosponsor the measure. It is imperative that letters be sent immediately to Senator Curtis urging him to support the legislation. Senator Curtis has voiced his concern aboutSbe pUght ut Soviet Jewry. As amember of the Senate Finance Committee, he has an opportimlty to act on his concern, and he should be urged to d(t to. Utters should be seat to: Senator Carl Curtis, 2ZU Dirkseu Building, WashtaiglMi, D.C. Mil. . Further biformation about the legislation is available from Howard Weinstein. Director of Omaha Jewish Community Relationi Committee, 342-3575.

Importance of Sinai Economically, the Sinai Peninaula must rank among the world's most unimportant areas. It contains scant raw materials and agricultural production is difficult. Geographicaliy, it is a buffer between Egypt and Israel but the number of miles between the two countries Is minute when measured by the speed of modem missiles and Jela. Why, Ikea. Is Slaal'so bnportaBt to Jews? Because to Siaai. Moses traasfarmed a baod o( slaves hito a aalloa «f mea. In a synapsis prepared by the Encyclopedia Judaica it is pointed out that the Israelites spent 40 years in the Sinai Peninsula after the Exodus. Forty years, in Uie language of (he Bible, means one generation and Moses obvkwsly did not think he could enter the Promised Land with people who had been bom and spent their lives as slaves. He wanted a new generation, raised under the strain of desert life but in the tradition of a sublime freedom with no ohalns of slavery attached to them, physically or mentally. What saalMS the Maal sa latparuat far Jews, both ia Israel aad throughout the world, ta that thb bsrren Penhuala la aatkiag leas Ihaa the bhihpUce of Judaism. Other siiaa aad baly placea diraagbaat the area are ImporUnt beachmarka to Uw devdapmeal a( the Jews. Bat It U to Stoal that Jadatoai begaa aad tills fact wU be to the mlads of aU Jews ss a reaiader a( aiaal's aalqae aseaatog for Jews, Jndaisai aad tlw

Jewish Quiz Box QUESTION: Doct Jewish law permit the practice of artificial In•emination? ANSWER: Generally, but under certain restricted conditions, artificial insemination is permitted between husband and wife. These conditions involve a waiting period, medical auurance that pregnancy cannot occur otherwise, the proper time in the menstrual cycle and the proper meUwd of obtaining and Injecting the sperm according to Jewish law. When it comes to the injecting of a sperm from a third party, I.e., a donor, Jewish authorities are opposed to this practice for j number of reasons. Some contend that this is prohibited because the paternity and geneology of the child WMiM become confuaed, especially when there would be no absolute aasurance as to whether It Is the donor or the husband who actually Impregnated the wife. A second reason advanced Is that the child, not knowing the identity of the donor, might eventually marry its sister or brother who might be bom from the sperm of the same donor. A third reason Is the contention that the child, not being from the husband's seed might seek the Inheritance of the husband after his death to which he la not tedmicaUy enUUed.


News Briefs FUNDRAISING COPENHAGEN, (JTA) A. non-Jewish fundralsing committee in Norway has raised 1900,000 for Israeli wounded In the Yom Kippur War. JEWS SENTENCED NEW YORK. (JTA) Followinf nationwide detentions In the Soviet IMIon March 1 four Kishinev activists were sentenced to 1^ days on charges of "petty hooliganism" for attempting to present tlieir cases to the local ovlr. The four are: Yakov Shvartzman, Mark Abramovich, Leonid Bendersky and Sender Levinson. Two passersby, Miron Dorfman and Yakov Starkman, were also sentenced.

1 licked it €^r

PA. !• TENNIS I enjoy receiving and reading the "Jewish Press" and I want to compliment you on Its Improved quality and tUt new format. For Miiie raaaoii 61'6tharT did not receive the issue of the "Prwa" that contained your provoking comments on leonU and Jewish Identity. I

am amused, however, by the response generated by your

column. You must have touched the rawest of nerves to elicit such a sustained and heated reaction. Good! Keep up the good work. Rabbi Aliens. Kaplan New City, New York HONORED It was so nice of you to

remember me in your March 1st column. I feel especially honored In a way that makes me think that my devotion to a CenterFederation career was all the more worthwhUe;-—-— God bless you! HareMKati Jewish CoBvmulty Center Birmingham, Ala.


The Jawiih Prm

Mwch tS, 1074

<mr^ 1114111 ill iwriiel by Carl Alpt

Return to Normalcy Haifa — Life is slowly returning to normal .,— or better yet — a new form of normalcy. Best indication are the little things which characterize every day life. For example: Never at a Less lor Words. The Israel tourist guides have a justified reputation for their vast store of knowledge. They tell of one tourist who became critical of his guide who had a ready answer to every question, and the visitor decided to call his bluff. When the big bus pasied the Shalom Tower building In Tel Aviv the guide rattled off statistics about its heights, cost, number of rooms, etc. Any questions? The tourist piped up: "How much does the building weigh?" And quick as a flash came the guide's reply: "With people or without?" Labor EfHclency. One of the city fathers in Safed, seeking to streamline the town's operations and save money, recommended that a certain employee, whose work was not really necessary, should be let go, with full and generous compensation. The man was willing, but the Labor Council objected that discharge could take place only upon medical recommendation. After examination, the doctor proclaimed that the man was not ill enough to warrant discharge, but for security reasons another man should be hired to work alongside him and keep an ey^ on him. Safed ended up with two men on same job. Maybe the Gasoline Shortage? The city of Haifa has just completed an auditorium on Mount Carmel with maximum capacity of 1700. The city is now getting around to preparing a parking space for it — for 120 cars.

Transportation Problems. A Tel Aviv commuter expressed Indignation that be could not get a' seat in a crowded bus, and when he asked a lady to remove her dog from the seat alongside she retorted Uiat she had bought a ticket and paid the fare for the dog, which was therefore entitled to a seat. Hie bus company's diplomatic reply: We'll take the matter up with our legal department to see what the status is. A Minority Party. This one didn't even get on the ballot. On the day for filing party lists. Rabbi Ashenazy made application at the Elections Board for his Kingdom of Judah and Israel Party. Since he had neither the requisite numt>er of signatures, nor the money to post the legal bond, his application was turned down. Election officials said that Rabbi Ashkenazy has made similar approach in every election since 1941. Respect lor Our Ancestors. Guards at Jerusalem's Western Wall, who have been banishing stray cats, have been reprimanded by a local resident who maintains that these are not ordinary cats, but transmigrated souls of lost spirits, who are seeking comfort at the Wall. Proof: sb-ay cats come only where there is garbage and refuse, but the Wall area Is neat and clean. How to Wfai Ball Games. The secret of how MaccabI Natanya won Its most crucial game of the year has just been revealed. An ardent fan of the team, appropriately named Mazal, prevailed upon the coach to sprinkle a bag of dust, which she had gathered up from the Western Wall area, alongside the chalked lines of the field. And perhaps this is why the Wall area is now always swept so clean!

enter the


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The sensational new Iquor superrnart with the largest variety of wine, wNske): beer and cheese at outof-thisworld low prices. From butof-thisworld places The Spirit Wbrld. NOW at TIOO place on/Wi & f^affc 391-8680 If you carft find soTTiethirg here to drrk, maybe >oUd b^


Tn# J90llt/h f^9t$

M«ictl »8. 1974

Susan Malnove vi/ill Wed Uan DeRoos in June

Marilyn Fink to Wed David Rifkin in June Rite

Omaha — Mr. and Hn. ^Paul Malnove have an.Bounced the engagement of their daughter, Suun Lynn, to Jan Charles OeRooi, ton o( JMr. and Mrs. William K JDeRoot. The bride-elect attended Trinity University, the University of Texas, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska. She was afniiated with Phi Mu Sorority. . Her fiance attends the University of Nebraska, where he is studying Business Management. He is affiliated with Delta UpsUon Fraternity. The couple plans a June 2 wedding at Temple Israel.

Omaha — Mr. and Mrs. William Fink of Houston, Texas, announce the engagement of their daughter, Marilyn Maxine to David Stephen Rifkin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Rifkin oi Omaha, Neb.

The reading ot the Megilla was held during Purim at Tifereth Israel Synagogue. A Purim Carnival followed Thursday services in the social hall. The Tifereth Israel Adult Education classes were held March U. Part III, Responses to AaliScmilism were discussed. The film shown was "Jews of Silence," written and narrated by Elie Wiesel.

Mbs Sasaa Malaave


Omaha Organizations JCALAH FRANKLIN CHAPTER MIZJIACHI WOMEN "Everythlag VM Waat to Know Abwt the New J. C. C.Will be the subject of the featured speaker, Hy Tabachnidi, J: C" C Krectdr, •t an open board meeting of Kalah Franklin Chapter, Omaha Mizrachi Women, at the Underwood Towers Party Boom, 4fHh and Underwood, |U U:a». nooo, Wetkiewlay, March 9. Mrs. Abe B«ar, President, AMMA



• firisadlnd'iHrtsaani • IhaiArMlMM

has urged all members to attend so they can get realistic answers to any questions they may have had about the new Center. Mrs. Sam Poaka and Mrs. David Potash will be luncheon chairmen. Reservations may be made with Mrs. Morris K. Fanger, S615«1 or Mrs. Frank Sekar, 5S1S0«9. OMAHA CHAPTER OF HADA88AH At the Ho«e: Self laiprovcBcat Special interest group meeting of Hadaasah to be heU Thursday, March 21. Jack Kostitch, interior designer, will create several moods of table-setting decor. The meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Seymour Zoob, S700 Douglas St. and will begin at 1 p.m. Reservations should be made by calling Gloria Vann, 33446C3or Mickey Sturm, au4U>.

YAD Calendar BETHBROOKEY CaM lor Aypolmwm

S9«-S1*7 S7Mfo«»«4St.

Saiu^aay. March M Inter-city party hosted by Kansas Oty Young adult group. $19 per person inchides transportation, lodging.

LINCOLN FAMILIB Utvak, DIractor of Camp Egth«r K. Nawmaw wrill b« at tha THorath Israal Syna< gogu*. 3219 Shoridan, on Sun* doy March 17»^'frein 12:30 to 2tM pjn. to moot with parontg and youngstort and ghowr slldot of our camp. Plaoso |oln ut.

The Tifereth Israel Men's Club will meet for lunch and a study session the first and third Wednesday of each month at the RadissonComhusker Hotel from noon to 1:30 p.m. Topic is Jewish civil law; the text, the Talmud. Reservation should be placed with the Synagogue office by the Sunday preceding each luncheon. The lincoln Chapter of USY is selling Barton's Passover Candy and Cookies. A brochure wiH" be aent through tbemail. Emmanual Wishnow, conductor of the University of Nebraska Symphony Orchestra will perform in a solo violin recital March 12 at KimbaU HaU. He wiU pUy Richard Strauu VioUn Sonat, Opus l». Bom in London, Wisbow came to Lincoln with his family when he was 13. He later studied under Augi^ Molzer at the University School, Lincoln. He haa studied with Jacques Gordon, concert master of the Chicago Symphony and conductor of the Gordon String quartet. Wishnow continued his studies with Pierre Monteux, conductor of San Francisco and Boxton. During World War H, he had a three^ear military leave from the University and played in the string section of the Glen Miller radio unit. The Tifereth Ivael Friday evening services, March ( paid tribute to David Ben Gurion. Guest speaker was 7th generation Israeli, Gadi Eisenman. Mr. Eisenman's father was

a friend colleague to Eisenman Gurion and Israel.

and political Ben Gurion. Mr. spoke on Ben his impact on

As part of the concluding session of the current Tifereth Israel Adult Education series, a call will be placed to Arkay Lurye in Moscow. Prior to the call, the film, "Jews of Silence" with Elie Wiesel will be shown at 8:30 p.m. The film provides background material showing the change that has taken place in Russian Jewry recent years. \ The Lincobi Chapter of Hadaasah will preaent "Aa EveslBg with Galda" a movie, Tuesday, March 19 at Tifereth Israel Synagogue. Deiaert wUI be served. All hiMbands and teenagers are invited to attend. The committee aaaisting include: Mmes. Sarah Burnstein, Gerald Grant, Max Neiden, Arnold Carmel, Chuck Kuba and Mark SUberstein. Admission is a contribution to Youth Aliyah. A Hadaaaah Board Meeting will be held Tucaday, 10 a.m. at the home of Mrs. Edwin Katskee. The Lincob Lodge of B'nai B'rith will hold its monthly meeting at Valentino's Party Room, March 28 at 6:30 p.m. The program for the evening will be a panel discussion on current Rape Laws. Pixza, saUd and drinks will be available for «2J0 per person. Reservations should be made by calling Bob Handicman at 4S3-119S by March 20.

The bride-elect is a senior honor student at the University of Houston, Her fiance is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. A June wedding is planned.


Do You Remember? It Years Ago Barbara Jesa, Barbara Givot, MarshcU Abrahams and Carl Riekes were the Youth Council Philanthropies Chairmen. A son, Blaine Howard, was bom to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldstein. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Rochman announced the birth of a son, Daniel Alan. IS Years Age

Phyllis Abrahams and Justin Greenberg were appointed chairmen of tl^e 1959 Youth Council Division of Philanthropies with Ethel Sabes and Alvin Newbtrg serving as co<hairmen. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Waaaerman announced the birth of a son, Michael Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Greenberg announced the birth of a Ion, Marthi Jay. The first Bai MItivah ctfemony in Alaskan history took place at the Elmendorf Afa- Force Baae. The Bas Mitzvah was 12 year old

Sandra Fishlow. 2* Years Ago

Michael Shukert and Thomas Ross Kully celebrated their Bar MiUvahs. 2S Years Ago

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rosenthal announced the birth of a daughter, Unda Beth. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Meyerson announced the birth of a daughter, Judith Lynn.

\A)lunteersf6r LOVE Needed Omaha — Lee Jane Parsow, chairman of LOVE (League Offering Volunteers for the Elderly) announces that an orientation for new volunteers for the Dr. Philip Sber Home for the Aged will be held on Sunday, March M at 11 a.m. at the Home. Those interested in attending are aaked to call Lee Jane, S6«-32ll. ,

The South Street Temple Youth Group sponsored a Purim Carnival, March 10 at the Temple. Brad Dworsky, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Dworsky will become a Bar Mitzvah al the services, Friday, March 22 at B p.m. at the South Street Temple. Friends and relatives are cordially invited to attend services, followed by an Oneg Shabbat.




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J/04 ^, CHOP suev

iC was House


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» 89

March IS, 1*74


Israeli Born Violinist Will Play in Omatia, March 25 : Omaha'— Itracli born '. Plnchas Zukerman will appear in Omaha at the Joslyn Withenpoon Hall, Monday, Mircb tt at 8 p.m. under the . ipaaaankip of the Tuesday ::Muiicari "Great ArtiiU :.Caacerta." SUU In his mid-»'i, Mr. Zukerman haa appeared with orcheatra* of Chicago, Cleveland, San Franciaco, and otbera throughout the United SUte*. PlBchai Zukerman begin hit f tady at the violin with hi* lather at Ike age o( icven. At eight he entered the Iirael CoBiervatory and the Academy af Muiic in Tel Aviv where hii talent wai Immediately recogalaed, ' rctnltbig In a tcholinhip from the America-Israel Cnitaral Fonndatlon. In 1961 Isaac Stem and Pablo Calais, then appearing "at the First FeiUval of Music

Phichai Zakermin in Israel, heard him and recommended advanced studies In the United SUtes. He entered Jutlliard with the Foundation's continued assistance and began his studies with the renowned Ivan Galamian. In May, 1967 he won the Leventritt Award.

Newcomers to Omaha MaUng their home at 11617 Larimore Circle in Omaha, Mr. and Mrs. Robert PkMi come from New York City. They have been in Omaha one "month and are trytiig to adjust to the slower pace of life in the mid-west and the quieter atmoq>here. Aisodatcd with the flm a(

Gibbs and Wll In New York, Mr. Ploks is an engineer with that company's Omaha branch. Mrs. Ploss hopes to continue her studies towards gelling a degnee. The couple has two sons, one living in New York, the other in Chicago.

You naturally want everything to be just perfect. This is a time when only the best wJll do. Alyournearby Hinky Dinky, you'll find practically everything you need for your family's favorite dishes and recipes, the finest traditional foods and delicacies... a larger selection than you'll find in most«ther stores.

Everything is conveniently arranged in a special department in ten Hinky Dinky stores. All ouf Passover foods are prepared under strict rabbinical supervision, bearing the (U) seal of Koshruth of the Union Orthodox Jewish Congregation of America. You'll even / find Jano Oranges imported direct from Israel.

Omahansh theimws Samuel M. Greenberg has been named one of three vice chairmen o( the 1975 Heart of the MidUods United Appeal. M. J. "Jerry" Peenun was recently named winner of National oompetitioo In both

Campus NotBS aiGMA ALPiM MV NEBHAWA U At elections held last week, the following positions wen filled . Prior, Mark Smith; 1st Vice-Prior, Bob Schwarts; Snd Vice-Prior, Dennis DePorte; EsciMquer, Stuart Ciller; Recorder, Larry Namerow. We will be participating in Greek FoUies, March 9 u part of Greek Week. 1»74. Our Chapter will be participating In the National Heart Fund Campaign, "Bounce br BeaU," March

paid premium and total paid lives foUowhig his attendance at a career development conference In New York City in the home offices of Out Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America. Mr. Freeman ii affiliated with Glen Driscoll and Aswciates, the local General Agent for the Guardian Life. Mr. and Mrs. Max Breslow have returned from a trip to Loi Angeles, Calif. While they were there, they visited their children, Mr. and Mrs. A. Cohen and family and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Chudaccff and family. They also visited their brother, David Slobodisky of San Pedro.


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Working mothar naadt lull lima baby tlltar for 4 month old child. Mondoyt through Frldoy*. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (toning AAoy 6.


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COUNai HUPPit Iroodviray at Oak

CAU MSS KRASNIi 996-112» NOUK CLEANING? PUASi REMEMHIHADASSAMI W« cannot afford a pick-up truck. Thank you for brtafllnf your contributions to o«ir storo — it'sdoductlbla.

||^ EaSEoiSY 4^Ea[9v ^


Match 16,1074

des moiiieAi iie^vjv section T'was the Week Before Purim A ^.^ K .. A-ii _ ^!_^ j_ 1. tell us nothing we don't ByJ^yRpMa ••4 DMradiyltfckeakeri already know. We wanted to Fantastic week in Dec have an in-depth learning ' Maine*! Federation ipoa- experience. As for inviting sortng a MKceHful day at the same people, each lecture "The Home" with the covered different material. It "Gatherlog of the was our hope that people Generatiooa"; Ivael Taak would avail themselves of the Force and O.R.T. each doing opportunity to hear from a ' their thing; and we all knowledgeable man of the benefit. Received a letter history and problems of from Bobbie Lieter and modem-day Israel. Roselind Rabinowitz to share Q. How many people heard with you, and we have our Mr. Schnitzer? A. Mr. Schnitxer spoke to own thoughts on the movie "L" Chaim." approximately 175 people from the Jewish community — all members of boards and Dear Judy and Dorothy, May we borrow your the recognized leaden of our cohimn for this week? We community. In addition, he have received many spoke to approximately MO questions about our "scholar- students at Drake, at Grinin-residence" and would like nell, our high-school students, to try to answer some. If we was taped for TV (to be shown haven't answered them all, in April), had luncheons with the business and community we urge people to write. Q. Why bring in a scholar- leaders of the non-Jewish community. He spoke on such in-residence? as "Arab A. Many of us are very topics coocemed about conditions in Nationalism", "Political of Israel"; Israel, about the future of Problems Israel. But most of us have "Religious Complexion of , not had the opportunity to Israel". "The Diversity of learn the history, to ttiow Jews LMng In Isnet"; much about the politics, the "Newspaper ConaorsUp and. / culture, etc. This was an Reporting in Israel". Q. Was it worth it? opportunity to learn. A. When one considers how Q. Why have him come for so long? Why have so many many students and leaders meetings scheduled for the heard Mr. Schnitzer, met him, and reported how imsame people? A. We have all gone to presaed they were, there is no community-wide lectures doubt in our minds it was which for the most part are worth it. either (1) superficial; (2) tell Q. Who is Shmuel Schnilus what we want to hear; (3) ttr*

Answer to Leiser Des Moines — The following letter is one of the many responses to Professor Burton Leiser's letter on behalf of the Israel Task Force to the Jerusalem Post. In his letter Dr. Lieiaer expressed the solidarity of the Jewish community of Des Moines with the Jewish ' eommunity of Israel. Having been bom and bred fav England, where 1 lived ^wtn m years ago, I am not bynattre;nordoI

SHUKBirS KOSHBI MEATS Don't be without meal during the energy crisis. We can ship meat to you by truck or bus; in group or individual ordera. A ample colect call to (402) 66S^486, and your nneat problems are over. We are by law able to iNp Imwstate because wt are a government inapected meat plant. (&t2317.)

often take up my pen to write to a complete stranger. But I cannot refrain from doing so now, to ten you that your letter to the "Jerusalem Post" affected me deeply. My Aliyah, with a wife and four children, is still fresh in my memory. The past 2^ years have been crowded with new experiences — exhiliarating, heart-rending, inspiring, humbling. Yet today, having emerged from the darkneu of the Yom Kippur War, and with one son in the Army, 1 can truly say diat nothing has moved me more than to feel the cleeenee* of heart and affection whk:h leaps via the lines of your letter across the seas which separate us. It is easy to pay lip service to ideals; but they cannot live unless they are embodied in concrete acts. It seems to me that the Des Moines community is small in site, perhaps, but great in heart. In an age when moral and spiritual values have been submerged, the Des Moines example is a lifeline to those of us living in the eye of the hurricane. God bleis you all. MEiRABELSON.

A tMm c^k-1*.^ 1- A. Mr. Schnitzer is a cofounder and editor of one of the roost influential Hebrewlanguage newspapers in Israel. He came here as a private citizen. Many of us disagreed with some of his opinions, but with rare exception* everyone who beard him felt it was a worthwhile learning experience. NOTE We American* are very proud — and rightftilly so — of our individual liberties and the fact we are free to criticize our government and officials. Freedom of speech, and the right to express personal opinktns are everyone's rights In the United States. However, some Jews are not willing to give these same rights to fellow Jews and Israelis. If one, such as Mr. Schnitzer, expresses a personal opinion, which is not that held by some Americans these people become very upset and demand the right of censorship. We find it difficult to accept the intolerence and lack of understanding exhibited by some members of our community; and find it most regretable. We can only hope that further education and hopefully a trip to Israel will serve to enlighten these people. Part of the strength of the United State* lies in iU diversity; Israel too is a mosaic of people and ideas. Let us hope we will learn to accept its diversity. Roselind Rabinowits. Bobbie Leiser Co-Chairmen, Israel Task Force

Congratulations to ORT for bringing something Jewish to the Jewish Community. Surely the documentary film on the history of Jews in Russia, ISth century, to the Jews in Israel, 30th century, was not a first, nor was it unk|ue — but it was excellent! We hear a speaker, see a film, and it's the same old thing over and over again; only it's a funny thing, we always learn something. Who knew about the origins of ORT? We found that not only is ORT important, but has a fascinating history and must have a strong future if it's to continue to be an important spoke in the wheel of current efforts for Jewish survival. The nim alao left us with another thought: In 1N7 Israel had the opportonity to destroy Cairo and Amman, but she desisted. In the Yom Kippur war Israel could have defied the cease-fire and desUxiyed the Egyptian army, but again she desisted. Why? Perhaps it is because for 3000 years Jews have been forced to think only of survival, and there is no room left in the Jewish soul or the psyche for wanton destruction. We Invite comments.

oniniaiu and anil questions ntwmtinnm tn opinions to be sent to: Judy Rubin, MS Woodland, Des Moines, la. van or Dorothy Hockenberg, SSU St. John's Rd., Des' U. 50812.

Carol ABO Swarti

BatMftzvah Des Moines — Carol Ann Swartz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mel Swartz, will celebrate her Bat Mitzvah Friday evening, March 22, 8:00 p.m. atTiferetb tsnd Synagogue, 924 Polk Blvd^ An Oneg Shabbat in honor of Carol will be tendered by her parents in the Clubhouse Auditorium immediately following services. This announcement is in lieu of persoiul invitation*. The entire community is cordially invited to attend.

Calendar of Events Seaday, March 17 Center Basketball League Banquet Maeday, March IB 9:30 Des Moines Chapter Hadassah Board Meeting 12:30 B'nai B'rith Women Luncheon Meeting 12:45 ORT Board at Linda SUversteln's Ttasday. March It 9:30Temple Sistcfbood Board Meeting 12:45 Beth El Jacob Sisterhood Luncheon Meeting Thanday, March Zl 8:00 Tifereth Israel Synagogue Board Meathig 7:30 Lecture at Jewish Cooununity Center on lawn care, flowers, etc. FrUay. March 22 Bat Mitzvah - Carole Swarts Tifereth teael Synagogue Bat MItxvah - Mary JaM Bear


Women's Local Needs Campaign Sends Letters D*a Moines - The Women's Divishm Local Needs Campaign has a new twist this year — no personal solidutions. Judy Rubin, chairman, has tent out a letto* explaining this thinUng and a tact sheet explainhig the needs of the community. The fact sheet preamU the budget for the commissions we support: The Iowa Jewish home (976,241), The Bureau of Jewlsfa Education (IS«,n8), The Jewish FamUy Services (fll,US), The Jewish Community Center (8U,34l), The Jewish Identifkation Program ($21,100) and the Federation Office (Administration, 851,374; duea, communication and public reUtions, 884,170) to keep this vital Jewish Ufe going in our community. Those who have not received the 1874 Local Needs letter and fact sheet are asked to call Mrs. Rubin at 277-1076 and she will be able to forward copies.

Land Wins Wrestling Honors Des Molnc* — Mike Land, son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Land, won the 126 lb. Iowa State Championship in wrestling. The 18 year old student at Valley High School ended the 1973-74 season with a 29-0 record. Last summer HQiawoiiUie National Freestyle championship at 123 lbs. and participated in a goodwill tour of Poland as a good will ambassador of the United SUtes.

Ferman Paper Published Des Moines — Dr. Gerald S. Ferman, Executive Director of the Jewish Welfare Federation, has recently had published by the Center for the Study of Federslism Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a working paper entitled "Oatpat 'Analysis: The Distribatiaa at Craala-Iis-Atd itl7-«7 A PrellBiiaary Aaalysis". The paper focuses on a model attempting to explain why some states receive more grants-in-aid than others. Dr. Ferman examines

the affects of four factors: political, bureaucratic, fiscaleconomic and demographic. The analysis indicates that the most effective factor in explaining distribution of grants-in-aid is the degree of state bureaucratic - competence. Those stales which have highly competent state bureaucracies appear to receive more per capita grants-in-aid funds than those with less competent bureaucracies.

V\(^don't believe in it Or ridicult, humiliition, prstiurt or tinharratMNat WlHtwtdBMiminit saeiniaaMi and rttpsct. :

• • • • 9V1>47M i • • • • 4^^P7I94





M«rch 15,1974

Red Cross RepI ies Several weeks ago the Communitx Relatloni Commluion requested the American National Red Qrou to investigate the treatment of Israeli POW's In Syria and explain why the Magen David Adorn of Israel was not a member of the International Red Cross. The fol^wing - excfrpiiire from the reply of the eonaulUnt of the Mid West Region of the International Red Cross "The American Red Cross hat addresaed cables to the President of the Syrian Red Crescent Society urging on purely humanitarian grounds full conformity with the Geneva Conventions, particularly that relating to prisoners o( war now being held by the Syrian Government. We have alao communicated with the International Committee of the Red Cross urging that they continue all possible efforts in behalf of the victims of war, particularly prisoners held by the Syrian authorities. With reference to the Magen David Adorn oriaaUation you may be intanatad to know that the American Red Cross maintains a close cooperative relationship with the Magen David Adom in Israel, u well as with its American afflliate, lh« American Red Magen

David. With reference to the question of international recognition of the Star of David, I hope the following will clarify the situation for you. The treaties, or the "Geneva Conventions" currently in effect, were * adopted in* mt at a Diplomatic Conference; that is, a conference at which the official participants were representatives of governments. The Geneva Coaventloni are agreements between governments: Red Crasi societies are not parties la them. Government representatives at the Diplomatic Conference in 1949 decided that hospitals, doctors, ambulances, and other appurtenances of the medical services supporting armies, navies and air forces should be identified only by the symbols that had been recogniied by earlier Diplomatic Conferences; that is, the symbols of the Red Cross, the Red Crescent, and Red Lion and Sun. They concluded that the use of any additional symbols wotild dilute the effectiveness of these symbols already in use. While th«it is a decision that is certainly debatable, I point out that it was a decision In which the American Red Cross had no part.

Toronto Women Probe Kosher Food Prices TORONTO (JTA) Representatives of sisterhoods of Toronto Conservative and Orthodox congregations have formed a committee to examine all phases of iocal kosher food prices, particulariy those of kosher meaU. One Reform synagbgue also is represented on the committee to implement a consumer program on kosher food on behalf of the Canadian Jewish Congress. Three subcommittees weije set up to deal with various aspects of kosher lood and prices. One on ritual slaughter will study the

relatlonsjp between such slaughter and the price of kosher meat. Another subcommittee will study procedures for collecting information. A third will deal with priorities in (he program. Mrs. Mark Gross, speaking for the committee, said it had no preconceived ideas. She said "we do not know whether the price of kosher meat has shot up higher and faster than that of non-kosher meat," adding that "we aim to find out." She said the committee expected to report to the CJC and to the Jewish public when the survey is completed.

4John Kallna PHOTOGRAPHER •17 South Mth ttfMt — 345-1044


Black and White



JCC Awards Banquet Barllan (/. MViH Honor N. Y. Mayor A. Beame addition, every player on every other team will receive an award as well, based on his contritMition to the success of his team this year. Coal for the banquet is only tl.OO-person for . the traditional banquet meal. The banquet will begin at approximately 3:30 P.M. in the Beth El Social Hall. Team pictures will be available banquet day at a cost of $1.00picture.

Des Moines — The Jewish Community Center will hold its annual awards banquet on Sunday. March 17, 1974. Preceeding the banquet will be the East We^t game where all the teams in the Junior and Senior Leagues, as well as the Senior Girli League will have an opportunity to play. At this year's award banquet the winning team will receive trophies. In

Vice-Presidenfs Report Editor's note: The following excerpts are from a report presented by Fred Lorber, 2nd vice-president of the Des Moines Jewish Welfare Federation. The areas of responsibility of the second vice-president include: College Youth and faculty; Operation 60; Services to world Jewish community outside three major centers and Federation office procedures.

time I sent a letter to a number of Jewish communities suggesting that we get together and discuss how we can together enrich the quality of Jewish life* in the area. The response from the communities was very encouraging. Due to the October War, however, the program was not Implemented. Nevertheless, in the spirit of "Operation 60", during the Israel Needs Campaign Des Moines extended a Speakers Service to the communities in the eo-minute range as well as other commiailtiea In the general region. An extensive study was performed by Mr. Al Upsey cooeeming procedures at our Fedwation Office. This excellent study resulted In many recommendations which have been implemented. In the coming year there is important work ahead in enriching the Jewish experience of students if\ the area colleges amf mifversitles and the quality of Jewish life in Central Iowa. I alao Intend to initiate^ programs concerning service to Jewish communities outside the three major centers (Israti, the United States and the Soviet Union).

In the past year I have been involved in coordination of the College Youth Program at Drake University, in particular, as well as. the beginnings of "Operation 60" and revision of procedures in our Federation Office. This year, for the first time, the Federation has approved a College Program Budget for Drake Univeraity. Thus we are not only providing Jewish college students with a physical place to gather but helping finance a set of programs. In addition, the Federation has provided some seed money for a Jewish Studies Program at Drake University. Evidence indicates that these services are filling an important gap. "Operation 60" —extension of our management and program services to small communities within a 60-mile radius of Des Moines — was Initiated last summer. At that

UMOB nVH) OMIY11 kM.-1 rM. SM-M49

StTO FcDaom 8bMl... and

5alTig9 Warehouse 901 l«nth lldi StaMt


Bob Lofirmon

EONDON (JTA) - Jewish sources in the Soviet Union reported that large numbers of Jews in Moscow and other Soviet tenters celebrated Purim. One of the Pnrlm parties was held in the home of Prof. Alexander Lemer. Ten Kiev Jews sent a message of Purim greetings to Israel's president Ephralm Katzir.

has joined their Agency

Pulverente Monument Co.

Let Bob help you with all your travel needs.

i«b (iMMy) MvMwit*


35 Vsors' Experience With Jewish Uttering and Memorials


New York's Mayor Abraham D. Beame accepting congratulations from Rabbi Joseph H. Lookstein (left). Chancellor of Bar-Ilsn University, oo the honorary doctorate of Humane Letters to be awarded to the mayor at a dinner on March a, 1*74, celebrating the Eighteenth Anniversary of the looadlng of laraei'i only religiously-orinitcd university. The diaaer will alse keosr William J. I>evitt. Founder-Chairman of l^vltt * Soni. Inc.. on the occasion of the establishment of the Abraham It Pauline Levitt Scholarship Fund in memory of his pareaU. EUe Wieiel, the noted author, will deliver the Aaaiveraary Address.


Soviet Jaws Oelebrato Pirim

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The Jawifh PraM




8610 COM St., Omaha, Neb. 68144 Phone: 393-5700

MI-MM »#ef^fff*»«##».a«»<(aa#af#«««a«»»»»»»»a»a»»«»a>»««#«#e#»»«y«yiyMaa«fiff»yyf»yi | \


Mth n, 1t74

Senior Gi

a^ctivitieAd Omaha BttfiB SERVICES: FrMay: Sabbath Eve Service* in the Sanctuary at 8:15 p.m. Rabbi Myer S. Kripke will deliver the lermon, "Omt JadaliB, Haay Prayer Cantor Chaim Najman and the Beth El Synagogue Choir will conduct the moiical lervkee. Satarday: Morning Service 10 ajn. Mincha-MMriv Service 7:U p.m. Suday: Morning Service • Daily: 7 a.m. and 7 FAMILY SABBATH MORNING SERVICE The Ritual Committee under the chairmanthip of Mri. Steven Rieket, has planned a lerie* e( new Sabbath morning lervicet. Hie Tint will take place . Saturday, March 16 at 10:30 a.m. in the main Sanctuary and will conclude at noon. Ibe creative lervice will be ^ oooducted mainly by laymen of the Synagogue and pupili of the Hebrew School. Contemporary readings have been selected to supplement traditional liturgy. Memt>ers and their families are urged to attend this innovative service. Sitter .service will be available, call Mr*. Riekes. 333-Mtt for reservations.

MEN'S CLUB HOCKEY NIGHT Beth El Men's Oub tad Annual Hockey Nite wiU be held Sunday March 31. The program will include Dinner, prizes, TV. Raffle, Hockey film and an Introduction to Hockey by BUI Tombrink of Channel 3 and the Omaha KiUgMs vs. Dalla* Hockey gane at Ak-Sar-Bca. The evening will begin at S p.m. at Beth El Social HaU. Tickets, adults M.M, children, t3.S0 may be obtained from PhU Wayne, 12806 Jackson, Omaha N«b. (SIM. Checks should be made payable to Beth El Men's Chib. COLUMBUS BOYCHOIR Mrs. Robert Wagner is general chairman for Beth Q's musical concert April 2, featuring the Columbus Boychoir-. Committee members include Mmes. Norman Denenberg, Program and IVteU, Elliott Hechtman, Marshall Kushner, Media and pubUc relations; AC. FcUman^ Concert Arrangements; Sidney Schwartz, Ticket Sales; Ervin Simon, Ticket distribution; Bert Render, Hospitality: Barton Greenberg, Stewart TuUy, reception arrangements. Mrs. Simon and Mrs. Swartz suggest early reservations as seating at Joslyn's Witherspoon Hall is Umiled. TkiDetB may be purchased at Beth El Synagogue and (roffl comnfittee members.

BAR MITZVAH DAVID RIPS, son o( Mr. and Mr*. SheMM Rip*, will become a Bar Mitzvah at the services, Friday evening Omrfw March 22 and Saturday morning, March 23. The Bar Mitivah of DAVID SERVICES: GOLDSCHLAGER, son of Friday: • Col. and Mn. Carl GaidTraditional Evening Ser. schlager. will be celebrated vices (KabaUt Shabbat) 7:15 Sunday Morning. March 24. ' p.m. Late Friday evening MEN'S CLUB SEDER Family services will be WORKSHOP Beth El Men's Club invites conducted by Rabbi Isaac all men who would like to Nadoff and Cantor Edward brush up or learn "how to Berkovits at 8:15 p.m. conduct a Seder" to attend. Saturday: Morning Service: 8:45 a.m. A special Seder Kit consisting of Haggadah. guide conducted by Rabbi Isaac siieet and a cassette recor- Nadoff and Cantor Edward ding of Seder melodies will be BerkoviU. Talmud Class wiU be ^available. Rabbi Kripke and Cantor Najman will conduct conducted by Rabbi Isaac the session Sunday, March 17 Nadoff at 6:46 p.m. folkwed at 7:15 p.m. by Mincha, from 9:4S to 11 a.m. Sholasb Sudo* and Maariv. Saaday: Morning Service: 9 a.m., followed by breakfast and the OOIDON MOMIMAN thanl<> hit many ralatlvm and Rabbi's class on the Book of frlandt far fhalr flowart, Genesis. cards, donationt and oth«r DaUy: •xprottiont of good vthht for hit »p«ady r»cov«ry durServices at 7 a.m. and 7:U ing his hotpftolizotion. p.m.


mu. Kuurr TMCHTIM•AM Ihanlii h*r ralothrot ond friondi for ihair cord», gifN. flow»r», donationt ond olfwr •aprotiiont of good wnha* offarod durir>o har rocMl hstpHolliotion.

BAR MITZVAH The Bar Mitzvah of ADAM MICHAEL BOGDANOFF. son of Mr. and Mrs, Bcraard Bogdaaoff. will be celebrated at the services, Saturday moniing, March 16.

PimiM ROYALTY The following were elected to the Purim Royalty Court: King, Jay Hines; Queen, Brigitte Bohbot; Mordechai, Nchard Bohbot; Haman, Ira Shapiro and Princess, Tammy Rubin.

Twnplclaraal SERVICES: Friday: Sabbath evening service* 8:15 p.m. Following the worship *ervice. Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks will hold an "If you ask me ..." session in the Social HaU on "My RcccM PasHlMM •• CarrcBl Conatuily Issaes." Questions and discussioa will follow bis presentation. Musical portions of tite service will be by the Temple Choir under the direction of Miss Ida GiUin. A coffee hour will be held. Salarday, II a.m. BAT MITZVAH GAVte A. WOWPA. daughter of Mrs. Jadlth KapUa and Warrea Welpa. will become a Bat Mitzvah at the services Saturday morning, March 16. BAT MITZVAHS The Bat Mitzvah of LOURI BETH FELLMAN dai«hter of Mr. and Mrs. Tesi Fellnaa. will be celebrated at the services Saturday morning, March 23. MEN'S CLUB Temple Israel Men's Club wiU hold Breakfast with the Rabbi Sunday, March 17 at 10 a.m. Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks WiU speak on " A Ralrtri for AU Men" — personal recollectioos of Abraham Joshua Hescbei, his last book, "Passion for Truth", how to read him, his message lor our time. Members and Guests are welpome. NFTY The Spaghetti Dinner Theatre sponsored by Temple Youth Group wiU be held at Temple, Sunday, March 17 at 5:30 p.m. This is a aew date, the previeas sehedale »l March 16 was caaeeUed. STtJDY GROUP Coffee with the Rabbi will be held Wednesday morning, March 20 at 10 a.m. wiUi Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks leading the discussion.

on Oneg Shabbat In the Temple Center honoring Pearl and Herb Harris.

DmMomm BMhBJaoob SERVICES: Friday: 8:IS p.m. Sstarday: Morning Service • a.m. Kiddush and Jr. Congregation, 11 a.m! Torah Study with Rabbi, 5:30 p.m. Mincha and Shalosh Seudos, 6:46 p.m.

OMMninM Tifsrath tarasl SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. Rabbi Barry Cytnw and Cautor Pincbas Splro wUI officiate Salarday: Morning Service 9:30 ajn. Torah Study Lesson, 10:15 ajn. Mishna Study Group 5 p.m. Haftorab Chanting group 5 p.m. Mincha, Maariv S:4S pja. Saaday Meralag 8:30 ajD.

Omaha B'nai Jacob SERVICES: Saturday: Morning Services: 8:45 a.m. Sunday: Morning Services: 8 a.m.

CoundBliiffft B'nai Israel

Scene her mother's 97th birthday; Mr and Mrs Ipin Forbes In honor of Mrs. Gimple's 97th birtt^lay: Mr •nd "i^' ^"^ Kahn, get weU wishes for Mike Morris; Fsnnie Ruderman, In honor of her grandson's wedding; Ida Potash for Uie recovery of Mary Trachtenbarg; Mrs. Berman in condolence of Mrs. Weiner; Mrs. Ida Kahn (or the recover/'of the children. Caaiiag eveaU: a trip to Kansas City at the end of May; a trip to Des Moines and maybe a trip to Us Vegas! On March 25 Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks wiU be with us. The next regular meeting wiU be held March 18 at Beth El Synagogue.

EMMETT GOLDMAN Graveside services were b^ Ftiday, March 8.1974 for Emmett Goldman, 709 So. 18th St. Interment was at Fisher Farm Cemetery. Survivors are: Brother, Cecil GoMman, Kansas City, Mo.; Sister, Rose Barinbaum, Houston, Texu; 2 niecas, 1 nephew. SARAH SCHWARTZ Funeral sarvic** were hekl Tuesday, March 12, 1974 for Sarah Schwartz, 81. Interment was at GoMen HIU Cero^j^. Survivors are: son, Sidney M., Omaha; 7grandchUdren; nephew, Paul Gitlin, Wlnnetka, lU; 2 brolhers-ia-law, William $. Schwartz. Chicago, III.; Louis Sutter, Los Angeles, Calif.


SERVICES: Satarday: 9 a.m. Sunday: 9 a.m. Botk services will be conducted by Mr. Sam Sacks.

Uncoln B'nai Jaahurun

ELEGANT1,2,3, and 4 bedroom apartments available •now. From $166. 11Mb m


SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. Conducted by Rabbi Robert Kaiser.

Unoobi TifereCh laraal

Sabbath Candle Ughting raiDAY, MAKM 1S, 7t10 PM. nWAT, MAKH 32. Tilt PJM.

SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. Saturday: Morning Services, 9 a.m. Jr. Congregation, 10 a.m. Sunday: HffUin Oub, 9 a.m.

Betwdktion for Kindling Sabbath Lightsi Borukh Atoh Adonoy Eloheinu Meltkh Hootom, Astwf Kideshonu Bemitzvotav Vetzivonu L^Kidlit NerShel Shabbat. (Bless«d art Thou, 0 lord, Our God, King of the Universe, Who sanctifies us by His Commondments ond has commanded us to l(indle the Sabbath lights.)


DesMoinM Tompla SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. The Sabbath service wUI honor Mr. and Mrs. Hert>ert Harris. Following the service, the coofffgation is invited to

By Aaaetta Browa On his day off, the post man lakes a walk, the taxi driver goes for a ride. So what does Bertie Lazar, the regular writer of this column do? She represents us at a city-wide Smior Citizen board meeting at Lucas Hall. Her absence gives me the opportunity to write the column once again. We had an interesting meeting Monday. The food as usual was deUcious. About 75 members and friends attended. PhU and Sarah Ostravlch gave a cake for Uieir Dad's birthday. Fannie Manvitz gave a Kiddush for her father's birthday. The chlUren of Mrs. Anna Berg served ice cream and cake for their mother's birthday. Incidently, all of Mr. Ostravtch's children were her*. We welcome new member, Ida Potash. Welcome back to our members who have been In the hospital, Mary Trachtenbarg, Helen Papier and Mr. Osiravkdi. Those stUl hospitaUaed are: Eatber Lewis, Lutheran; Anne Belzer, Oarkson; Mike Morris and Leonard PinkoWta, St. Joiqih's. Get weU soon, we miss you aU. Donations were made by: Mrs. Anne Belzer. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Morris, Mrs. Ida PoUsh, Ethel Bleiweiss,.Mrs. Ida Kahn, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rimmerman, Libby Sterenberg for Mr. Ostravich. Other donations were: Fannie and Sam Manvitz for the recovery of Anne BeUer; Sam Lashlnsky in honor of the birthday of Max Crounse; Ethel Bleiweiss in honor of

This Service Preseiited as a Courtesy by A lot of tha unusual Intarastad?

Call wnMM ffTMkw


OMAHA SAVDIOB AND L0ANA880CIATKM oHicMii isih i Hvnty S4l-7Sro cm t WMI ooda* nsatf atr-rtoo *rt> a >4ms(. TIM

M«fch 16,1974

Ttw JwwWiPrMl


JCC Pro-School Is SooMng Staff

Ir, STUDENTS — YOUNG Ir ADULTS: AZYF, the I American Zloniit Youth Poundatioo, otttn a wfde variety of SUMMER and '. LONG RANGE Iirael i' procrama. I have program brochurei and applicitlon : t (orm« for all AZYF ISRAEL f PROGRABIS. Drop in to the : new "J" located at 333 So. ; iSInd Street (3 blocka w. o( ' W. Dodge) to pick up your , brochore and application, or r. call my office to requeit the materUla be lent to you. The final deadline for AZYF proframa ia approaching bat. AZYF WILL ORGANIZE LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL TOUR GROUPS: AZYF'l ISRAEL SUMMER HAPPENING is one of the moat comprehensive group experiences available to high schooien IS years of age and • older — 4< days that take you .. on an educational and an . experiential excursion into I the life of a nation. For more information, call me at the ; "J" firam • to 5 daUy. ~"T0 OMAItA JEWISH UNAFFIUATEO VOimi: THE NEW JCC WAS BUILT TO SERVE ALL YOUTH. AFFILIATED OR NOT! SO ... if you are now unafffliated, haven't found what you've been looking for in any of our exifling groupa, and WANT TO FORM YOUR OWN INFORMAL "SOOIAL - CLUBS" OR -INTEREST GROUPS" - "WHATEVER" •> — latmehearfiromyouiaoa! n» oew (adUiiaa are expetted to become available next month. Once you and I .' have had the chance to '• ^ditcuaa your ' individual r'situation, well be able to

develop programs, cluba, activities, etc., that win suit your individual needs and intercsta. Hope to hear from you before the end of this month! TO THE ADULT COMMUNITY IN GENERAL: If you are (he parent of a teenager, or just an adult interested in ieenagera, hi. tereated in working with ' Youth, caU me, at the "J" , between • to S daily. laasMer easplaymeat ' eicbaagc pregraai aceds )abs: praspectlvc empieyeea wfee sxyect (• have fall and : parttiaie saMiaer )ahs fey , yaath 14 (hrangh S years sU •;• are urged (• please contact ,, my aMec ter aa eaipiayer ' farai. If you prevtde the ; 8.E.E..S3442*t.ttatdallyar ' i write: Snaiincr Emplaynient

Exchange, Jewish CamBSBnHy CeMer. sn Narth tlZad Str.. Omaha, Nebraska, MIM. ATTENTION! AZA ft BBG 10th GRADERS: You may have the chance to attend the 1S74 BBYO LEADERSHIP KALLAH and the INTERNATIONAL LEADERSIP TRAINING CONFERENCE at Camp B'nai B'rith (Starlight, Pa.) ON A FULL OR PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP. Immediately following the ILTC U BBYO'a exciting INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION (wtiich Is also covered by scholarship grants). What is KALLAH? An intensely Jewish experience that will broaden your Jewish knowledge and Identification. At the ILTC, you will learn and develop specific leadership and creative skills that will enable you to become a more effective leader in your chapter, region, and district. Interested? DON'T DELAY! CALL ME TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REQUEST THE APPUCA-nON FORM. My new number at the new JCC ia 3348200, ext. 35.

Bkths Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Wayne Forbea of El Paso, Texas, announce the birth of a daughter. Lisa Renee, bom March 9, 1974. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Jack Marcua of El Paso, Texas. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Irving Forbes of Omaha, Neb. Great-grandmother is Mrs. Charles Given of El Paso, TexaS; Capt. and Mrs. Marshall D. Freedman announce the birth of a son, Barry Alan, bom February 25, 1974. They also have a daughter, Michelle Elahie. Capt. Freedman is the Jewish Uy leader at Offut AFB, Neb. GrandpaTent* are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Benson of Detroit, Mich, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Freedman of Buffalo, N.Y.

Registration Begins for Newman Camp Program Omaha — Bob Litvak, Director of the Eather K. Newman Camp, reports that registrations for the 1*74 summer camp seasions are now being accepted. According to Litvak, a capacity enroDineat la expected for the 1974 aeaakMa, and pAtntt are urged to enroll their children early.

Joeaph, Mill Valley, Calif.; Adrian Mayer, Bettendorf, Irnva; Sandl Rapaport, t^es Moines; Bill Sherman, Davenport, (ow*; Danny Sterling, Sioux City. Further information about the camp program is available at tiie Camp offioe, m South 131 Stowt, Omaha.

As of March >, the fottowhig ctiUdren had enrolled:Steven Brodkey, Carlene Hatch, Michelle Katz, VicU KMn. Cindy Lehr, Phyllis Tabachnick, Pam Veitzer, Ben)i« Wolf, Roaie Zweiback, all of Omaha. Judy Evnea, JoAnn Hill, Barbara Misle, Katie Pocras, Rachel Pocras, all of Lincofai. Valerie KaU, Janet March, Lisa RoaenUoom. Nanci Saper, Suaan Saper, Kanaaa City. Buffy

Yard and Window Ci«aning Tim* MsMSwvlw YardCw*

Itoliti Vac. A^. OMNicrf Vac A^. Painting YordCar*

•oomuimio AND MVBOU

STUDDIT DIVERSIFIED Trqlnvd and Supervised by Prolnsslonais PX>. ten MM. ONMIM MIOIMI M*«fOa "^AMAMA^WW

Ein Karem, Jerusalem.. .Israel Defenie Mbiister Mothe Dayan visiti soldiers ID Orthopedic Surgery Department at the Hadaaaah Hoapital here. Dr. Gordoo Robin, chief physician hi the Department, tells General Dayan that orthopedic bijurie* account for half the war bijorles. The soldiers Irc^TCBUy rcqalrc several opcratloos and extensive rehaUUtaUve therapy.

flyakitebut do it safelystey away from electric wires. Follow these safety rules: 1. Do not fty kites near electric wires. 2. Never use wire, or "Christmaswrap" string containing rnetal tinsel. 3. If a kite falls onto electric wires- let it go. Do not try to get it down.


4. Make sure kite string is drywet string conducts electricity. 5. Do not climb trees near any electric wires. 6. Do not touch any low-hanging or fallen electric wires. Report such wires to the Ofnaha Public Power Otstrtct

If you have learned the ruleSDf kite flying, ea^ty but did not receive your OIVO safe kite-flyers certificate at school, phone 536-4239 and one will t)e sent to you.

Omaha Public Power District

RMervo Tlm« Now

Nrtntliif HfUNA-BERMTEIN 39M111 333-1222 REALESTATE Wkh REEOOAVMCO. He^2300

Omaha — The Jewish Community Center's Pre-School, which will be opening in the fall of 1V74 is now taUng applications for positions of aids, instru<;tors and for Supervising Instructor. Interested persons should caU Bob Litvak at 334-8200 for an appointment.


Much ^6.1»7«

Cott Confiscates NadMatarWs -HL

bv Charles Arnold

SPRINGTIME 18 SOFTBALL TIME Thu Spring the JCC Health ft Physical Education Department is sponsoring Softball programs for all interested adult member*. A Coed Adult "Kitten" SoftbaU league will be held on Tuoday evenings starting ' the last week in April and plans are underway to have our Mens Slow-Pitch Softball league on Sunday mornings. Further details will be announced next week i^the Jewish Press. *

JUNIOR BOYS POTSHOTS Upsets were the order of the day last Friday as Podoloffs surprised Auerbachs 12-11 to gain a share of the league championship. Hubert Ban, Jeff Kirsheobaum, Todd Ely and Mark Robinson led Podoloffs on offense in their thrilling win over Auerbachs. Lance Meyerson played extremely well in holding the powerful Auerbach offense in check. The




previously last place Schayes explode to a 32-2t victory over Holunan as Mike Beriutein rebounded and led his team offensively while being ably assisted by teammates Bobby Katzman, Aaron Weiner, Steve Goldberg and Craig Lemer. Larry Wldman had 22 of his te^s 26 points in a k»ing effort. STANDINGS W. L. Auerbachs 42 Podoloffs 42 Holzman 24 Schayea 2 4

Jack Lyies Named New JCC Health Club Services Director OMAHA - Irv Yaffe. Chairman of the Jewish Community Centers Health k Physical Education Committee, announces the 'appointment of Jack LyIes as Director of the New Centers Mens ,and Womens Health Club Services. LyIes comes to the JCC from Marion, South Carolina. Jack possesses a fine background both as a health club director and masseur. His professional background froro 1963 to the present includes having been Director «f the Myers Park Country Oub in Charlotte, N.C., Late Hickory Countrv Club. -Hidnry N.C. and a* the

Massuer-lnstructor at the European Health Spa in Atlanta, Georgia. While attending Junior college. Jack played Varsity football, baseball and basketball. He has a rich and varied background in administering recreational, health and exercise programs for adults. He is also pest National Director of the American Maaaage and Therapy Association. Irv stated that Jack, with his practical experience and educational backgraund, will be a valuable addition to the professional staff of the Health * Physical EducaUon Oepartmcnt.

BySAMZWEIBACK The regular gathering of the JC OldUmers was held Wednesday. March 6 in the Social Hall of Beth El Synagogue. A big "thank you" to our members for their cooperation in calling in their Luncheon reservations for this meeting, 80 attended, and 78 had reservations. It is a big help in preparing the food. Our laraeli movie this week featured an exclusive interview with Israel's late Premier, David Ben Gurion. Lunch was served promptly at noon by our Volunteer girls, namely Lila Lutz, Dorothy Rubenstein, Bemice Kaiman, Bertie Lazar and "new" volunteer, Celia Barron. A special thanks to Mollie Delman and Lila Lutz who prepared 350 Hamentaschen — absolutely delicious. Thank you, girls, and especailly Lucille White, supervisor of the Beth El kitchen. Following Rev. Alex KaU' benediction, President Joe Rice conducted his short business meeting and introduced hew members, Louis Cutler and Nate Kartmen. Gentlemen, it's so nice

Pickets Rap Cancellation Of Radio Sports Broadcast

Jack Lyiea

The Midwest's Fashion Center for Men NOW TWOOFAKIND for your



NOW OPEN fN OLD MILL - OUR NEW PLAZA SUITE Featuring Outstanding Wonrten's Fashions

LANDON'S KkhmdDodga

BONN, (JTA) - A West German court has confiscated posters and other material depicting the Nazi swaatika that were to have been uaed to advertise a new fortnightly periodical called "Das Dritte Reich." The periodical will be published over the next two years by the John Jahn pubUshing firm in Hamburg. The publishers say it ia a documentation designed to isxplain the political, economic and social background to the Nazi takeover. The court has also opened proceedings against unidntUlMl peraoos for the diaaemiiiation and uae of Nad symbols, banned under German law. These actions followed after Nazi persecutees' organizations in West Germany asked the authorities to ban the display of thousands of swastikas to advertise the new Journal. The organizations said such a display is "an insult to the victims of Nazism." Broadcasting stations in Beriin, Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt have also refused to advertise the new journal.

Oldtimers' Review

Old MS 9hoppn9 Csntcf HathandOodg*

NEW YORK. (JTA)-The office of radio station WBAIF^ was picketed by the Youth Committee for Peace Democracy in the Middle East after a report that the radio station dismissed a broadcaster for criticizing Black basketball players on the Rochester University team who boycotted a game with the Israeli National Basketball Team. The Youth Committee demanded that Peter Heller, who worked for WBAI-FM as an unpaid sportscatter, "be reinstated as sports commentator without cenaorship, that his censored commentary be aired, and that the Youth Committee be permitted to tell the listeners of the station the reasons for our demonstration." Larry Cox, news director for WBAI-FM said that Heller

was fired because "we didn't like his work, generally," and that the contested broadcast was scrapped because it had injected politics and wa* "a personal commentary." Heller said that he had been hb«d to present an overall commentary and not a rehash or spot-reporting about the week's sports evoits. The Youth Committee, a nonsectarian and liberal youth coalition, termed the station's reasoning a "clumsy attempt to Justify iu action." It noted, too, that "WBAI's broadcasting is Filled with editorial commentary of the most controversial kind. The question is why this single piece of commentary — which was of a liberal and Pro — Israel character and critical of short-sighted antiIsrael actions — was singled out for censorship."

having you with us. Our guest speaker was Efraim Sapir, Educational Director of Beth Israel Synagogue. A 27 year Old Sabra, Mr. Sapir is an officer in the laraeli Army reserves. He fought in the 1W7 War, when he was a Stcond Lieutenant, and commanded a patrol platoon hi the Sinai Peninsula Area. Mr. Sapir also fought in the recent Yom Kippur war. He was recalled to Israel on the third day of the war and returned after 6 weeks at the front. His subject, which was recalled to Israel on the third day of the war and returned after 6 weeks at the front. His subject, which was strictly about the recent war, opened our eyes to so much that we never knew. Our next meeting will be held Tuesday, March 19 In the Social Hall of Beth El Synagogue. Our Panel of Guest Speakers will all be members of the staff of the New Jewish Community Center. Chuck Arnold, Physical Education Director; Gai;y Javitch, Aquatics Director; Jack LyIes, Director of Men's and Women's Health Club Services and Mark Zaikin, Director of the Cultural and Performing Arts departments. They will discuss the JCC faciliUas and the benefiU it can offer to men and women in our age bracket. Hy Tabachnick, Director of the Center will also be there for the Question and Answer period. Please make your reaervatlons by calling Karen at the New Center, 334-8200.

The snjmscar arivers' sports cat MQfl, TnS ballar ttw drtvaf yoN an, Iha mom yeull apprsclala Ws partoiwinca and handling. Tast-drivs H. And

Come To Where It Happens Now Appearing Nightly....



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March 15, 1974  

Jewish Press

March 15, 1974  

Jewish Press