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Da^an INon't Resign

JERUSALEM. (J^A) About SOOO perMm ligned Capt. Mordecbai Ashkenazi's petition calling for the reiignation of De(ea»« Mioiatar Moalie Dayan. Ashkanui, who commanded the only Iiraeli unit on the Suez Canal to hold out agalnat the Egyptian onslaught In the tint day* of the Yom Kippur War, aaya he holdi Dayan directly responilble for Iirael'a military deficiencies laat Oct. Dayan declared that he would not reilgn under

praaaure from hla crltlca but neither would he aerve in a new government unleaa he had its fullest confidence. Dayan said he believed in the principle of ministerial responsiblity but that it he resigned now he would be confesaing guilt on the part of larael'a defense establishment that haa yet to be established by the committee investigating the conduct of the war. Dayan recalled that twice during the war he had offered his resignation to Premier

Golds Meir who twice rejected it. He said he would enter a new Cabinet only If "\ feel those responsible for my appointment are convinced that I can do the job better than anyone else .. . not aa a result of pressures and circumstances ... If the Prime Minister does not call on me, I should not be angry. I shall be angry if she approaches me even though she may think I vn not the man for the job," Dayan said. He added, "I taiow Golda. She won't do that."

Parents Plead for rRelease of POWs NEW YORK (JTA) - Two laraeli parento, each of whom haa a aon missing in action on the Syrian front since the first day of the Yom Kippur War, pleaded for world public opinion to force Syria to release the names of POWs it holds and aUow the International Red Croas to visit the POWa. Identified only as Elias, a father, and Achsa, a mother, for fear of reprisals against their sons, the two parents said the only reason they know their sona were captured by the Syriaaa la that they taw their picture in a group of 32 Israeli POWs that appeared ill Time and other periodicals.. .

The parents appeared at a press conference held by the B'nai B'rith AntiDefamation League's newly-fofrned Ad Hoc * Humanitarian Law Committee made up of lawyers ahd judges. The two parents, who will tour the U.S., were sent here by the Israeli Committee of R^tlves of POWs

which it sending other parents to other countries to plead for help. Ellas, whose son's wife is pregnant, aald that some SO parents of Israeli MIAs have seen their aoni pictures in newspapers or on television. "We at least know that our sons were at one time with the Syrians against those parents who have no idea whatsoever." He noted that "all Americans who went through the sane poaition in the Vietnam war can appreciate what we are going through." He said that even h<azi Germany complied with the Geneva Convention on prisoners during World War II. Ellas stressed that from past experience, in which Israeli POWs returned after years of captivity "broken in body and spirit" becauie of torture, the Israeli parents "expect the worst.'' He said the Syriana have a "lack of understanding of human decency" and even seem to have no interest in the 350 Syrians held by the Israelis.


^COUNCIL BLUFFS; LINCOLN, OMAHA Onwha. Neb., Fri., F*br. 22,1974


Attorney, David Beber Heart Attack Victim Omaha — Funeral services were- held Wednesday, February 20, 1S74 for David E. Beber. J7, of 320 North 6« Street. Interment was at Temple Israel Cemetery. Ilie senior partner of the law firm of Beber, Richards, lUeke* and Brown, Mr. Beber alao served as counsel of the Ohuha Housing Authority. A trustee of the Livingston Foundation, Mr. Beber played a key role in many major accompliahments in the Jewish community, including the planning and conatruction of the new Jewish Community Center. A past president of Temple

Egyptian Jews Recite Kaddish KANTARA, EGYPT (2INS) — Two Egyptian Jewish cantors recited the traditional kaddish for a number of Israeli soldiers lulled in the Sinai during the Yon Kippur War. The funeral ceremonlea were conducted by Aharon Yona and Menasseh Abraham Mori from Alexandria, under the watchful eyes and permission granted by Egyptian General Adii Sharif in the company of representatives of the International-Red Cross. Following the funeral rites, the bodies were delivered to officials of the Israel army for burial in Israel. Israel is seeking the remains of some 90 of her men in Sinai who are still listed as "missing in action" as a result of the war.

Youth Tours This Sunday AtNewJCC OMAHA - Several hundred young people are expected to visit tlie new Omaha Jewish Community Center this Sunday as participants in two special tour groups.

DavU E. Beber Israel, Mr. Beber also served on the board of directors of the Midwest Council of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and on the board of the Jewish Federation of Omaha. Survivors include his wife, Arlene; son, Robert, both of Omaha; daughter, Mrs. Neena Bbtby, Foster Oty, California; brothers. Dr. Meyer Beber, Miami; Sam Beber, Chicago; sister, Mrs. Jean Landres and Mrs. Sadie Fauer, both of LOB Angeles.

Members of YAD (Young Adult Division of the JCC) will tour the building from 10 a.m. to 12 noon on Sunday. In addition to seeing the new facilities, the YAD members will have an opportunity to meet and visit with members of the Center staff, and to learn more about the new Center programs which will be offered. From 1 to 3 p.m. student* in the 7th through 12th grades are invited to an exclusive Teen Tour of the new building which will be conducted by a special committee of Teen Tour Guides.

Israeli Reservists To Be Demobilized


NEW YORK - Thb pfeoU. which reperledly shows Israeli soldiers held prtsoaer by Syrian itro^s, was released la New York by the mother of aa Israeli POW, IdentUled as "Mrs. Achsa." •ne photo was obUtaied by the Iiraeli Association of POW Famlllei. Mrs. Achsa, in the U.S. ai part of a dtlegatiaa of faniUet of UraaU POWi in Syria, Iwued sn appeal to American rcUglout and hufflao rdatlaaa U ase their laflueace to persuade Syria to honor the Geneva Coaventloo on priaaaers of war.

JERUSALEM (ZINS) Within the next six weeks 70,000 Israeli reserves are to be demobilized and returned to civilian status, according to official government circles. Because of ^n acute shortage of labor, the men released from the army are expected to have no problem finding employment. Official sources place the number of men still under arms at ITS.OOO. According to the London Timet however, the real figure is nearer 290,000.

Mr. and Mrs. Roltcrt Handleman pictured alwve, were among the first resMents of LIncobi, Nebraska to enroll at members la the Omaha Jewish Community Center. A former Omahan, Mr. Handlemao participated In many Center programs during bis high school years and looks forward to the new programs to be offered by the Center. Accordhig to Mr. Handleman, "Lincolo it only 4J minutes away, and the distance shouldn't prevent our frequent ute of the Center." A tour of the building lor membert of the LIncobi Jewish fommunity Is planned bi the near future.



[JCC Nursery School To Open in September .

Omaha — The Jewish Community Center Nursery School, situated at the New Center, 333 No. ISZnd St., will open in September for the "1974-7S school year. In describing the new school. Hy Tabachnick, Center Director, said that the -fchool will be unique in ita programming. "Apart from offering a quality school which will combine the best modern concepts of pre<scbool education, fine .facilities, modem equipment and- trained, professional ataff, this school will emphasize and develop Jewish culture and tradition in an Informal way. It will be different from any other preschool in the general community," he said. Tl^ JCC Nursery School facilities have been specifKally designed for this purpose and include a '•eparale entrance, spacious rooms, outdoor play area and one-way otMervatkMi windows

Jewish Qroups^ueny Rumors Of Effort to Oust Fulbright

for parent*. The proKrams will Inchide uae of the Center's gym, swimming poob, WASHINGTON, (JTA)-A library, and cultural arts ~ rumor current here that facilities. Jewish organisations may be At the preaent Um«, ifae seeking to prevent the Center Nursery Scbool roclecUoB of Sen. J. William Committee is searching for PulMgbt (O. Ark.) to a sixth experienced staff trained in term in Nov. was denounced the field of early childhood by organization leaden it education. "absolutely untrue." They The JCC wiU offer two emphasized that Fulbright's programs for the coming political future is a decision of year. One for 3 year olds, who voters in Arkansas. will meet 3 mornings each Herman Edelsberg, week from 9 — 11:30 a.ln.; director of the B'nai B'rith and another for 4 — S year International Council said: olds, meeting five mornings a "Jewish organizations' week from 9 — 11:30 a.m. disagree with Sen. Brochures and application Fulbright's interpretation of forma will be mailed to America's national interests members of the community in in Middle East aflkirs. We are the near future. Further convinced that he tilt* information concerning the Nursery School can be obtained now by calling the JCC at 343-1366. Getting up in the morning is simple — juft a queation of mind over mattresa.

M cnUMiiastic graap of Seaior Citlieas were ameag these laving the aew Jewish Community Crnter last Sunday. They •re pietared abeve aboard a chartered bw whkh provided free traasporUtiaa to the aew bolidfaig far the membcn of the JCC Seaior CiUieaa Chib.

•.«5^^ ^

Bar Han U. Raps Red Cross

TEL AVIV, (JTA) - The Senate of Bar Dan University accuaed the International Red Croos g( being "an accessory to the Syrian government" in it* mistreatment of Uraeli prisOTiers of war in violation of international law. The accusation was contained in a strongly worded cable sent ot the president of the IRC in Geneva with a copy to United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldbeim. The cable, signed by Bar llan's Rector, Prof. M. Z. Kaddari, declared: "The Syrian authorities are in clear and flagrant violation of the specific terms of the Geneva Convention, yet for months the International Red Cross did not unequivocally condemn thi* behavior. When your organization finally did speak out, it spoke half heartedly in muffled tone*. We hold the IRC retpooMble for lo** of life and suffering of Israeli POWs in Syria a* an accessory to the Syrian government."

sharply to the Arab side. But no organization is interfering in any way in \t\t Arkansas state election. The judgement on the merits of Sen. Fulbright is something that the voters of Akranaas must make for themselves." Hyman Bookbinder, Washington representative of the American Jewish Committee said: "Sen. Fulbright has been a controversial figure for many yean. Hia stand* on civil rights,

Omaha — Mrs. Louis Schreiber of Lawrence, New York. National PresidenI of American Mizrachi Women, will be honored at a coffee reception at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, February 28, at the home of Rabbi and Mn. Isaac Nadoff, 5442 Stewart Street. Mn. Schreiber wUl jeport to members of Kalah Franklin Chapter, Omaha Mizrachi Women, their guests, and other interested ntembm of the commimity on her recent trip to lirael. A* on previous visit*, (be observed at fint hand the extensive network of child-care, social welfare, and educational institutions sponsored by Mizrachi, and how they were affected by the Yom ICippur War. Mrs. Schreiber will also meet with members of Mizrachi Junior League at a dinner in her honor which will be held Wednesday evening, February 27 at 7 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Sol Kutler, 666 Parkwood Laije. Currently chairman of the Youth Aliyah Child Restoration Department. Mr*. Schreiber has been active tor many yean at


*«TM»*T. raaeu aav aa uaara*

^ JAYB.ZEE irsPAimr



OUR 4th YEAR IN OMAHA and It's


*Mh II Mm'l Club. 11 noon. S«*l fl M»l<«iil» a»t»lti MMtlin r^^Wfl^l ••••• ^tV^Vsnfl

ST.MSMIMTta S'IMI S'rilb H«#iry Monahy M*«ftn4 KaWvfranklinMimcMWiMiMn. MJOf.m,iUHrwa,<Hl.

local, regional and national levels of her organization. As a National Board member, she has helped to shape policy in varioua program* in I*rael and atrengthening the organization of more than 350 Mizrachi chapter* in the United SUte*. Wife of a prominent New York businessman and mother of four children, she is on a curr«nt tour of Mixnchi chapters in the United Slate*, coming to Omaha from St. Loui* and going from here to Arizona.


llese eblMrea ai the HaUa CammMUty Ccatcr !• lUlfa. Israel, are aasaag almasi a tbaasaad particlpaala hi "Award to A Great L^dy." the newest lUm release of American Mizrachi Wemea. Other featared "playen" io the kalf-hmir prodacUoo: Mn. GoUa Meir. Pareiga MliUaler Abba Ebaa. Miidsler PfaMhas Sapir.

Touii mvrrED

tMHof AMn. 10 JO •.•••. S«h tl HatoMtt SMT^ MMHaa. 0711 DeuflM. I ] JO p.m. IrwIHwM ol JMKMI *«>«••. TM^ IMMI, 7 JO ^.m.

*Ml S'rHb SMW Sraakan, FirMMi, MM*. MlnadilJimlor I ••§»•. Tp.w.,tt*>arfn.o»di»w

To entertain some people, all you have to do is listen.


Caraw WiMiM a< ttateMK. Twki T«iMn rwir lowi. 3 p.m. rtanMr Wa<Mn AiMMl CMU DMOW OkHW. 9 JO P.M.


said only two weeks ago on a television program that Zionists are trying to oust him from the Senate where he has served 30 year*. Some listenen felt his remark was to provoke attacks on him from Jewish leaden which his backers could then flaunt to traditionally anti-Semitic extremists as proof of Jewish animoaity towards him. ^

Omaha Mizrachi Women to Meet National President ^

CIILEIIMR OF JEWISH EVENTS SMh f I tdMot Mnnw. iM >.i*. a** lUMl "KiKMr Ttly Neighbor'SwvlCM

defense And Israel have stirred strong feelings but I am completely satisfied that there i* no Jewish eNort to defeat Fulbright for reelection. I am sure I would know if there were. It would be wrong for such an effort to Iw organized. Jewish agencies will remain scrupulously neutral as they have in other political campaigns." Fulbright, long severly critical of Zionism and U.S. governmental aid to Isnel,

Com* To Whtm It HappittI Now Appoaring Nifhtly... |jiplesiv«MoiMl« •OMMMII


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Com* fo W/i*rt It Hopptns/ AT


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PI r Mssing Heirs Sought TUCSON, Aril. - A considerable "orplun ' fortune" ii Marching for coIUteral heirs of a i family of Jewish ancestry which emanated i from Vilna, Russia about the turn of the ' century. [ This became Imown here when Gordon L. I Cox, probate genealogist, 302 West Elm St., ', Tucson, Ariz., >who speclalltes in tracing L missing relatives to settle estates, took over '•,. the search with only early 20(h century clues ' lo guide him. "What we know," Mr. Cox declared, "is ^ Ihat a gentleman named Isak Josef Joffe i married a lady named Blume Schukster in I Vilna, Russia in atiout 190O. ;* "At kail one of their children, if not two. died with ifeelr mother in the Holocaast," I Cos CMiiMied. "sad our tatii is llading : aayoM in Ihe United States, sr elsewhere.

Mbss.Je¥ifs Mi Arab - MERIDUN, Miss. (JTA) ^'Seymour Marcus, president of the Jcwiih Federation in Birmingham, dlKloted that four Meridian Jawt* rtridaaU had helped Amman-bom Sam Dabit of Meridian to get citizenahip papers. QiUt was described by Meyer Davidson, one of the four Jews, as an Arab who came to the United States four years ago and had become a very succeasful , merchant in Meridian. -Davidson said he, Hermaii Feld, Saro Niemetz and Saul ^ Feinsteln drove Dabit lo Biloxi tor a hearing oo his application for citlsenship. ' Davkiaon Mid the group ^had .been assured by the , Naturallsalion Commission that Dabit would get his ^ citizenship papers.

Haul >'"r?,% V


tetom at tt Mor-prio* • nmkMdintdoon • Oztetoffloorqpao* • FuOyneUniaf boekat* *44pMd«]l4!yiidixo atickriiiftacoiitioiM) •utomttkS-ipMd i SaMgr front diw brakM • 96 HP oivacfaMd em Mna

who can trace their relationship to Isak Jofcf Jtffe or to Blume Schukster," " "The decedent in this estate traveled from Vilna, Russia and arrived before World War II In like Helsinki, Finland area, where he did some preliminary work in the Hebrew religion. Subsequently he went to London, England and it is reported he spent most of the years of World War II In that city. After World War II Joffe journeyed lo Salt Lake City, Utah, then took a post in the eastern United States, from where he accepted a pott in Texas, then in Kansas, and subsequently went on into Canada." Mr. Cox said he is also searching for people who may have Ifiown members of the Isak Joaef Joffe family or their relatives, and can give information concerning their whereabouts.

Rabbi's Urge Boycott OfFarah Co. Products LOS ANGEXES, (JTA) The Board of Rabbis of Southern California has urged "our collcgagues and members of synsgogues" of which they are spiritual leaders to rafraln from purchasing" products mamiiaetiired by the Farah Manufacturing Co. of El Paso, Texas, one tlie country's leading manufacturers of slacks, until tlie firm negotiates with the Amalgamated Clothing Woritfrs of America. According to a letter sent out by the Board of Rabbis.

almost 25 per cent of the firm's9000 workers have been on strike for more than It months. "The average takehome pay of the workers, SS per cent of them MexicanAmericans and 80 per cent women, is $69 a we«k," the letter sUted. "Althoi«h the National l>abor Relations Board has recognized the ACWA as the legal bargaining agency for the cutting nx>m workm, the company has consistently refused to negotiate with that union and has pursued activities deemed unlawful by the NIAB."

El Al Exec Predicts Tourist Boom in Israel NEW YORK, (JTA) Mordechai iBen-Ari, presklent of El Al, Israel Airlines, reported here that tourism and air traffic to Israel had .recovered almost completely since the Yom Kippur War and predicted that Israel is "on the verge of a great tourism boom." He forecast a 15-30 per cent hicrease in Israel's tourist traffic in 1974, Ben-Ari said the "tremendous upsurge of tourism" would come from the U,S. and Canada as well ss Europe. He said that "tourists have become interested in Israel again on the assumption that a recurrence of hostilities Is very unlikely" especially after the disengagement accord with Egypt. He reported that air traffic and tourism began to recover u

soon as the Yom Klppor War ended and at a faster pace than after the 1967 Six-Day War. According to Ben-Ari, the two major sources of the anticipated tourist boom are "groups and individuals of Jewish organizations who come to Israel to demonstrate their solidarity" and CJirisUan pilgrims who "have an attachment to the Holy Land" and "believe in Israel" and Its liberal policy with regard to the holy places of all faiths Ben-Ari said the increase from the second group has so far exceeded expectations.

What Ibis eeratry needs Is mere free speech worth listenlBg to.

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f72B Shmradi RoMi (COMCtYiUi Vl^i)

'1974 BBG Invite' Planned The "1174 BBG Invite" wiU be held In Omaha March 8-10. Delegates from BBG chspters hi Omsha, 8loai City, and Ottumwa and Lhieoln will participate In the weekend activitlea which will include a Fond-raiahig Fashion Show on Sunday, March 10. Proceeds of the Fashhrn Show will be contributed to tlie Israel Emergency Fund. Theme of the weekend is "Identity with BBG". Pictured above are members of the Plaonfaig Committee. Front row, left to right: Carol Nash, Shelly Alkiy. Second row: Lisa Becker, Rose PolonskI, Sue Schwartx. Back row: Mariene BclmoBt. Elite Ostrow, Cindy Bogdanoff. Not Pictured: Raadi Friedel, Heleae Wasserman, Pam Nathan, DcbUe Raiser, Elene AbrabamMB.

Kurbel Family Gets Exit Visas NEW YORK. (JTA) - A leading Jewish activist in Kharkov, Mlkhael Kurbel, 3(, his son and his dying wife have been given permission to leave for Israel, the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry reported last week. Kurbel is an engineer. The SSSJ said his wife, AdeUe, Is dying from multiple sclerosis, and before becoming completly paralyzed had repeatedly indicated a wish to die in Israel, For that reason, the SSSJ and similar groups throughout the world have been conducting a special campaign to obtain permlsskm for the family to leave.

Yom Kippur War Eases Marital Ills TEL AVIV (ZINS) - The Yom Kippur War appears to have healed many marital disputes, according to the records of the Rabbinical Court that deals with divorces. The Court registrant said that about half of the divorce filet opened before the outbreak of the war have now been ckwed at the request of the couples concerned. He said that many couples had explahied "it's not good to live alone at times of crisis." OtiMr hearings that had been pending have been held over because the husband Is away on military service.


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"leverlT HIUs Ploser







UhWORTHY ACTION Ljist Monday, a vote taken by the Federatioa'* B«reau of Educatioa Commitlaa on the community school buUding was defeated by a six to live vote. i saicrstaBd Mr lour ItafeMs voted agaiast Ui* iiiU. Atthwqth I am aMswyiiMd. I aa very dlaappvlaled. II laddrai nf la Ihiak It It caster (or Jews la share racilltlei with St. Lake's eharch thaa with each other! I feel we Jews have many more areas td agreenent than disagreement, and worUng together it to our best advantage. That's wtiy I am so saddened when our Rabbis can't seem to do this. In this particular area, instead of teachers of Jewish ethics and principles, they appear more like competitive buainess men. Somehow, they seem to feel threatened. I don't think our children would ' be contaminated, even if they happen to learn a little t)it about Orthodox Reform or Conservative Jewry, or vice versa, if that is what is feared. I Uke to think our Rabbit are as sensitive to the members of their congregations as to their ability to support and maintain all our worthy institutions and coMcs, and to try not to burden them unless there is atwohiteiy no other way. Although I have high regard for our Rabbis and like each of them personally, I feel this action was unworthy of them. DsrsihyC.BIehas THE OTHER SIDE I write to take issue with the reporting in Uie Jewish Press (2-15-74) of the meeting of the ' Bureau of Jewish Education at which the proposal for a "joint-use community educational facility" on the site of the new Jewish Community Center was rejected. It te correctly reported that tbeproposal was lost by one vole. What was not reported that there were several abstentions, that one member left before the vote and that the proposal of the Feasibility Sub Committee reached us on the Shabbat and was therefore not seen by many of us until Monday, the morning of the meeting. The repoK of the Subcommittee is quoted at length, as it properly riiould be. But since the report of the tone and results and the interpretation of those results are a direct quotation (ron the Chairman, Stephen Reikes, it would seem manifestly unjust to the committee, to the community, to the synagogue educators and to the rabbit that no other sfMiasman or point of view sgalnst the proposal was consulted or f quoted in the news report. I speak snly for nyteU. Tbottgh, following the in accordance with flw request ol the Chairman, Mr. ^ikes, the proposal was to the Board of ofTMiple Israel fai


llic^c^clitt^r fair representation of arguments for both for and against adoption. Upon hearing that report Temple Israel Board of Trustees upheM the psaMon of its representativea against the proposal. In my view it is not tnte that "there was general agreement about the economic advantages of the proposal." Discussion did take place questioning the present apparent advantage and highly debatable and questionable long-range economic gain. It is not true that "the proposal was rejected for philosophical reason." And, as is implied, it is not true that the rabbis rejected the proposal solely for reasons of philosophical difference. Nat one ward «( differeacc a( philatafhy was ever debated by the rabMs ellber privately or publically. Sack was canpleiely betide the paiat of the merit af the prapasal. We rabbis tMow «toar» wc stand philosohbically and yet we have always worked together in harmony serving our respective congregations but never losing sight of our duties to support the larger Jewish Community. The Community should know that st no time in the formulation of the proposal were any of the following officially consulted on the merits or desireability of the porposal: The Federation Board; The Jewish Center Board; The Board of any Congregation; The Director of Education of any Congregation; The Omaha Rabbinical Council. Relying solely on conjecture and, reportedly, the statements of Federation Board officers speaking personally but not officially, the proposal assumed a) land on the Jewish Community Onter site, b) fW.OOO.OO in community funds, c) that each congregation would approve and financially support the plan, and d> that the plan was sond reiigiaM None of tha above assumptions was ever officially consklered or approved by those in the respective areas of responsibility or competency. The plan was rejected, as I see it, as edacatiMully aat«md and practically «awarkable. For these nujor reasons each rabbi and each synagogue Director of Education — none consulted previously — rejected the plan. RabMMaeyH.Br«te Temple Israel MORZ DI8CU8SI0N I was struck by two articles that appeared akle by side on Page J or the February isth

not enough to cite the aeocurrent eventa and the real one's case. Beth El now proposes to construct its own school facility on s site which initially would be only a few blocks from the site of the proposed joint-use facility but many miles from the present synagogue. To be sure, Beth El proposes someday also to coaabruet s new synogogue; when that will be, however, I assume to be a matter of some substantial uncertainty at thii point in time. So, in the indefinite interim, expediency will continue to overrule philosophy. I have no quarrel with phiksoptiy. However, in any ditcussion in which parties of differing opinions are willing to litten to one another, at distinguished from talking at one another, philoaophy is not an abaohite answer to any questkm; it is but one element of the ditcussion, along with oilier things such ss goals, priorities, resources, cspsbilities, time frames and people. I woukl suggest, therefore, that the Board of Directors of the Omaha Jewish Federation and the individual

itaua of the Jewish Press. In one article former Omahan Philip Kluttnick urged critical examination of the structure of the American Jewish community with Uie hope that ingenuity and skill will "dimith, if not curtail, wasteful dtiplication wtiere it exists." Immediately below the Klutznick article was a second article which reported the decision of the Omaha Bureau of Jewish Education to reject a proposal for a community educational facility (not school) designed for joint use by the several synogogue sdiools and intended, among other Uiingt, to "avoid duplicatioa" of facilitiet. It seems to me, «rith due respect to tiie Bureau and its members, that the doseness of the vote on the jointHise facility, the significance of the issue to the Omaha Jewish community, the long-term implications for the community of any decision in this area, and the challenge of Mr. Klutznlck's comments dictate that additional consideration of the joint-use facility proposal should not be foreclosed. Without prejudging the issue, I wmild respectfully Vet. Virginia, ihere really Inquire whether anyone wUI be mare Sideliaes woidd seriously argue that Ceiamat. the synagogues snd their Let me assure you. it wasn't schools should be immune the wrslh of the critics that from the critical examinaUon blanked out the column last urged upon us. Surely, no week. My sUn is too thick for viable inttitutioo can doubt that. Besides, the critics are the need for continued self- free not to the read the examination and reappraisal column if they chooae. That's of both practice and whst freedom is sll about. phibtsopiiy (if. indeed, the two I must admit though I never can be meaningfully dresmed the column on teruiis separated). ' would do what it did. I meant Both the Beth El and Beth it to be very light; many Uxk Israel Synogogue schools it seriously. I thought it was have been functioning for jnst another column and it hit aevtral years in facilities a aensitive nerve and a key to separated from the what the Jewish Press needed synogogues. It would, roost — more advertising and therefore, seem sppropriate more reader reaction. Te be to inquire how the expediency boaett - I didn't write s of that fact can be reconciled eaianui iasi week betaase I with the philoaophical was at a lass to knew winrt ta arguments thst apparendy da far aa aneere! provided the basis for It's been a busy two weeks, rejection of the joint-use with many many letters. facility by synogogue Among the letters 1 received representatives. Even if such WM one which will not appear reeoociliation it possible, one with the othen in the Letters might then ssk f or a showing te the Editar column. of how Ihoae two schooishsve The letter wai imtigned and suffered from their physical it It Jewish Press polky not to separation from the print anonymous letters. synogogues. Usually anooymoui letters The response to the latter have so little to tay that the inquiry cannot be merely writer it athamed to klentify philoaophical; it must be Umielf. But thit one it diffactual. U, and I pose the ferent. I has nothing to do question only *M a with tennis or school hypothetical, the quality and buiklings, but it hss some content of the education interesting thoughts in an provkled by the Beth El and entirely different area. It Beth Israel schools has offers tome new challenges deteriorated during the years and I tUnk the views shoukl when the schools have not be shared Ban Is the letter. been adjacent to their respective synogogues, the Dear Mickey: I am not sure if you are the csuse-effect relationship must be denMnstraUa before one to whom 1 should be it can be givan eradsDce; it Is writing, •vt I fsel sore you

synogogue bosrdt have the courage to take the recommendation of tht Bureau of Jewish Education ai the beginning and not at the end of their own joint and aeveral

discussions of this critical issue. 1 have the very strong feeling that the sense of this community bat yet to be exhibited in the matter, one (Continued on page ID

will read this note and perhaps refer it to the proper person. I've been reading and bearing so much lately about what a great place our new Jewish Community Onter it going to be, about how there will be tomethkig Ihere for everyone beginning with Nursery School for S-year oldt and all the way up to the meeting rooms for Senior Citizens. There it, bawever, one graap af cltiscna who hat been svsrtasked, aat only hi tbeplsassltheJ.C.C.fcMalsa by the entire Jewlsk Caashiaalty. I an rcferrinf ta the peapic la their 4*'i, M's and ITS who have not yet attakMd

boys"? Or do we just sUy home wishing our time away? Other cities have orgaaltntiaH W this type. Wky hasn't ear Jewish commanKy ever recagaizcd that this problem exists and wky Isa't sametkbM dsae? Thanks for listening. Oactfsuuiy Uaalvsdam..

have laat Ihek' beiaved autes, and who are very mack alaae. Most a( these pesple are still yeang, ki gsad beaUh. and waaM Uke U ea)ey life wMk campaaiaasklp. There is no place in thit community where these people can meet to find new frieiids, and perhaps, new partners. Many churches in Omaha have atganizations for people In this particular category. But we do not find an organizalion of this type In any Synagogue in thia city. There is also the "Parsots without Partners" group, but there, too, we will find people of other religloaa. Needles to say, many of us are not looldi^ to find Gentile friends or partnei^. So what Is Ihere for this group of people to do? Do we spend the rest of our lives "playing Mah Jong with the gtala" or "bowling,wtth the

The unsigned writer certainly hat a point, and I asked a few questiona here and there. According to Hy Tabachnick. JCC Director, the JCC could and would provide an appropriate program for a gnuf such as this, if enough people are interested. The Center really if fer everyoae. bat we need la kaaw wko yaw are. These Interested are urged to make their wished known; to me. to Hy, or to any member of the Center Staff or Center board. I'B evea help praaMte a teaais ehib («r yen H that's wkal yta waat!

lilt Jewish Pratt PuMthtd waskly on Friday by Jewish Fadsrotion of Omoho. MortinisrGrsafbarg, Exacutivt Oirsctor Stanford Upisy, Pratt CommittH Cholrman Mrt.RobsnGsralick/tdHor Mn. Sidney MUrvish, Amlont Mrs-k^CKobmn, AdvtrlitingManBar




ADOU'SHOUSE This doll's house was a pre-kindergarten in MIgdal

underground tx>mb shelter and their major subject is

Ha'emek. Thafs a settlement in the hills of Nazareth,


which is home to thousands of immigrants from Russia

Children's dreams and fancies don't survive shelter life

and North Africa She shared the house with Michal,

very well. They live best in bright schoolrooms and in

Shiroh, Uri and David. But war destroyed the doll's house,

doll's houses. Perhaps we cannot rebuild children's shat-

and with it a world filled with children's toys and dreams.

tered dreams, but we can rebuild a shattered dream-

The children are safe, but their new schoolroom is an

house. We must

Give to the Israel Emergency Fund*

jMTish PMbntbropiM OmghQ 101 North SOHiStrMt .ItokrMiwMlOa

Uncobi JewiflhWeHora Federation r«4«r«il SwurltiM aulMing LInceIn, NabrMka MMM

CoundlBkiffi Jewidi Federation

Des Moines Jewish WeKora Federation

c/e1S9K«*lliM Council MuHa. Iowa M501

DM Molnot, Iowa S0M9

•Contributions to th« iirwl EiiMrg«ncy Fund Intur* ttm continuation of grMt hunianltartan pragranM. Th« fund maliM pouibi* c«ra and aitlstince lor hundred* of thoutandi of Immlgranta w* halpad bring to Israel, Including tens of thousands of Soviet Jews, Uie aged, handicapped aru) unabiorbed newcomers. All Conlrlbutlona to Uw United Jewish Appeal are Ux deductible.


Tha Jawiili Pnw


dea^ monies iie^i^s seetio What's it to You? CommunhY Day: Gathering of Generations By JadjiRvUaaBd queation is so deep, soulsearching and many faceted Daratby Hockenberg Iowa Jewisit Home to Inaugurate Apartments (). Should we begin to live as that we alone can't answer it. Des Moines — As part of Community Day on March 3, the Iowa Jewish Home will officially open their new

Cancellations Men's VoUey Ball Sunday Junior and Senior Leagues Basketball Ail Friendship Oubs Golden Age Group Will not meet on Sunday, March 3, 1S74. All participants ar* urged to join the Center staff and Board at the Community Day: Gathering of the Generations 10:(X) a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Iowa Jewish Home.

retirement apartment wing and lounge. These apartments are the first Jewish homes of their type in Iowa. The 5 fully carpeted studio apartments range in siie from 400 to 500 square feet. They include a sleeping area, kitchenette, bath, livingdining room and copious storage space. The apartments have their own entrance to insure privacy, yet are only a bell away from all personnel. Maid service, laundry service and meals will be available if desired. Members of the Home Board will offer guided tours from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. In addition, the Community Day

at the Iowa Jewish Home will include displays by all the Federation commissions. CommiHion professional will

Community Day Invitations Sent The Jewish Welfare Federation, the various commissions .(Bureau of Jewish Education, Community Relations Commission, Iowa Jewish Home, Jewish Community Center, Jewish Social Service and Women's Federation) and the synagogues this week jointly invited the community to

Career Counseling Institute Begins This Sunday at JCC Des Moines — Jewish Taihity Sarvlifes of Des Moines, in cooperation with the Jewish Community

There are still a few more openings in the Pre School Tumbling Class on Thursdays 3:30-4:30 P.M. at the Center Gym. Those who wish to participate may do so by calling the Center Z74-34«7. The Jewish Community Center's Thursday Chib will meet in about two weeks. Please watch for an announcement. The Jewish Community Center's Sunday Golden Age Club will meet this Sunday at the Jewish Community Center. The Center's basketball awards banquet will be bekl Sunday March 17. The banquet will be preceeded by an East West game where all league players will participate. Team pictures will also'be available at the banquet. SUNDAY 'FUNDAY" Sunday Funday will meet again this Sunday, Fefaniary Mth. 1st, 2nd fc 3rd graders will meet from 12:15-2:00; lunch will be served 4th, 5th, l(6th graders meet from 3:004:30 P.M. Both groups will go bowling this Sunday. Admission for both groups is $1.00 to be paid at the door. HIGH SCHOOL The Youth CouncU will ' meet at the Renter on TiMtday, February 26th at , 7:W P.M. It is an open [ mMting and all are invited to

(^ter, is sponsoring a Ssession '^Career Counseling Institute." Beginning this Sunday. February 24th,

attend. Articles for the March issue of "The Voice" must be turned in at this meeting. Shmuel Schnitzer, Des Moines' Scholar in residence, will speak to all high school students Thursday February 28, at 6:30 P.M. The final league games of Youth CouncU Basketball will be played Thursday, Fefaniary 28. Due to the session with Mr. Schnitzer at 6:30 P .M., games will begin at 7:30 P.M. Schedule for Thursdays games: 7:30 P.M. Engman vs Rosenberg, 8:30 P.M. Badower vi Weiner. A city wide Youth Council social for high school students will be held Saturday, February 23rd at the Center at 8:00 p.M. The event is being sponsored by USY, and will be a presentation of a multi-media production 01 (M group's Israel pilgrimage last summer. SINGLES ADULT All single Jewish young adults between the ages of 2228 are asked to call Dave at the Center, and place your name on a mailing list for the Centers' Young Adult Group now in the workings. COLLEGE College students are invited to hear Mr. Shmuel Schnitzen, scholar in residence at a brunch Sunday morning February 24, at II :00 A.M. at the Jewish Student Center.

be present to explain the scope and variety of their work' and to discuss their present and future plans.

career counseling Is open to all juniors and seniors in high school. The Institute will be directed and lead by Ul Carson, (Director of Jewish Family Services) and wilt involve testing, follow-up and discussion on test results as well as individual meethig time. The tests will give students information about themselves — interests, personality and vocational thoughts. This data will be matched with possible career opportunities that fulfill their drives and motivations. Registration coats for the SBtsiioni is only HD.OO which includes testing, scoring, analysis and professional guidance. Students who have not yet registered may do so by calling Dave at the Center 274-M(7. AU sessions will be hekl at the Jewish Community Centec, H4 Cummins Parkway.

Calendar of Events Suday, Febmary 24 Center Basketball League. Monday. February 25 10:00 B'nal B'rith Womeri" Board Meeting at Betty Epstein's. 7:30 Center Board Meeting Martin Waldinger's Home. Taesday, Febmary 28 12:30 Temple B'nai Jeshurun Sisterhood Meeting. Thorsday, Febraary 28 7:30 Board of Governors Meeting Beth El Jacob Synagogue. Batarday, March 2 Bureau Retreat 8:00ORTDay Movie L'Chaim (or Entire Conununity at Des Moines Art Center.

participate in the March 9rd Community Day: Gathering of the Generations at the Iowa Jewish Home 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. During this period a brunch will be served and visitors will be given tours of the facilities and the agency displays. Members of the commissions will be present to answer questions and discuss agency plans for the future. A film on the history of Russian Jewry and Israel since the October war will be shown continuously in a small gathering room. The Bureau will provide a musical backgrtxihd for the occiiBlon. Among the highlights of the visit will be a tour of the new retirement apartment wing of (he Jewish Home. The community is invited and encouraged to bring the chiUren to participate in this Open House.

QRTtoPresant Soviet Jewry Rhn DES MOINES - The epic documentary, "L'Chaim — to U(e!"on the life of Jews in Russia over the last century, and the birth of the ORT movement, will be shown Saturday Evening, 7:30 p.m. March 2nd in the Wlndaor Gallery of the Des Moines Center of Science and Industry. The entire Jewish community is invited for a champagne reception and the movie as the guests of ORT. Seating is limited, however, and reservations will be necessary. Reservations may be made by calling Mrs. Tim Urban 2552458 or Mrs. Brian Feingold 225-04S4.

Wantad. A monument in memory of Jake Cheraey will be dedicated Sunday, February 24, at 11:30 a.m. at Fisher Farm Cemetery. Rabbi Isaac Nadoff-will officiate.

Jews in America obacrvng our laws, traditions, and customs, or should these laws, traditions and customs be changed to conform to our current way of life? Is the old view that being Jewish, is something to be defined individually, valid; or is this just a rationalization by those who don't wish to aasume the responsiblitiea of being Jewish? Jim Marcovis A. Wow! Jim you've left us breathless. We were so happy to receive a question from a reader; however your

Des Moines — The following schedule of lectures has been arranged for Shmuel Schnitzer, editor of the Israel newspaper Ma'ariv during his visit to Des Moines. Further details about Mr. Schnilzer's visit are available frofn the Federation office. 8Mday,Feb.24 11:30 am. Drake Jewish House (for students only) 7:30 p.m. Reception for community lesdera Mwrfay,Feb.2S 10 a.m. Press Conference 7 p.m. Orientation Program — Bureau 8 p.m. Meeting with Young Leadership 'nMMUy,Feb.28 10 a.m. Temple Sisterhood board, religioua school teachers Sp.m. Temple Board, Jewish Welfsre Federation Board WcdMt4ay.Feb,n 10 a.m. Women's Pederatioo Bovd 12:45 p.ffi. Ladles Day Out

Or Dorothy Hoehenberg 3511 SI. Johns Rd., Des Moines, Iowa 50312

2 p.m. Tape, Dale Miller 8 p.m. Tiferetb Israel synagogue and Men's Chib boards Thvsday. Feb. 28 10 a.m. Tifereth Israel, boards of ORT, Hadassah, Brandeis Women, Study groups 1 pjn. Philosophy dau. Drake University 6:30 p.m. Youth CouncU Friday, March I 9 a.m. Drake Journalism and P-Sci classes Evening: Grinnell College Satarday, March2 Boone. Iowa, Retreat. Grades

SHUKERrS KOSHER MEATS OEMFMCmt: Don't be without meat during the energy alsis. We can ship meat to you by true* or bus; in group or Individual orders. A simple collect call to (402) 558-8486, and your meat problems are over. We are by law able to ship Interstate because we are a government inspected meat plant. (Est. 2317.)


Be where the actlofl iaihopping, shows, tun-In aKhar Wast Omat\a or In Council Bluffs (2 minutas trofn Downtown Omaha). Color TV In every room... "pampar" panats besMa ovar-slzed beds... indoor poof . . . lounges . . . saunas . ,. sama room and meeting rooms . . . right whera the action Isl iikilaitMr tadMWpHf Mltill IfKllll






5428 Woodland Des Moines, la 50312

Schnitzer Lecture Schedule

tmM M00ln«»rM>ll

This queation can best be discussed by the collective thoughts of our readers, and we promise that any response we print will not be cut or edited. So dear Readers, we want to know — What's it to you? We invite comments, opinions, and questions to be sent to: Judy Rubin,

iMervotleiM 2M-224*

CMAca Mvlta



The Jewish Wetfare Federation \ls Alive and Well in Des Moines "Our ooals remain to develoo in our youth a positive, enthusiastic attitude toward an emotionai identification with Judaism and Jewish jflBlues." - D. Belin

Jewish Family Service The Jewish Family Servlcei bM btoHomed out all over rince August. With • (ulltlme profeulonal staff member and part-time secretarial help they found the time, energy, and Interest to be everywhere.

Casework accounts for almost '^ their time. They are also involved at the Home and in career counseling through the JCC and Ladies Day Out. They plan women's growth groups and family life

education. They consult with the Rabbis and other Jewish professionals. They're willing to help In job placement, to serve as an advocate with groups and individuals, and to handle public relations.

Jewish Community Center It's hard to believe that the Jewish Community ' Center consists of a gym, a room, and two offices in the basement of Beth El Jacob Synagogue. It's hard to believe because the scope of the JCC program Is so broad that the influence is felt throughout the community. What is the Jewish Community Center? Is it Jewish fathers leaching their sons sportsmanship and friendship at the sacrifice of their Sunday naps? b it a bus load with members from 22 to 70 trading Jokes and corned beef sandwiches on the way to Omaha to see the Inball Dancers? b it profit and education for all involved in the Art Auction?

Soviet Jewry Committee

"Keifiii active aid physkally III — a ki^ Ui (wpplaest for rssideaU at the lews Jewish HMDC.

Iowa Jewish Home We have such a hangup on one visit to the Iowa Jewish youth and staying young that . Home and your wtiole oatlook we don't like to think of chsnges. Tlie home l> an alive ourselves or our parents and vital ptacr. There b aging. We don't like to think of color, warmth, and comfort wtterc we will be or how we at the Heme. The professionals are will deal with the infirmatles of mind and body, the highly trained and caring deterioration of personal people. Whether they're resources and abilities. Bat taking a temperature or leading exercises or chatting with a member of the Home they give of themselves fully. The Community Action Iowa Jewish Home Committee has set itself to do residents live busy lives. They go camping to the State the following; Develop a plan for the Fair, to movies, and teas and enrichment of Jewish life In luncheons. They attend Ihb community sppropriate discussion groups with the for today and the foreseeable Rabbb and bingo games with future. To implement thb the Guild. pbn they have called on the Volunteers bring them Institute for Jewish Life, on music, crafb and weeUy the lay and professional services. Children from the leaders of the Des Moines community love to come and community, snd on any sing and dance and perform, members of the community for who can unreservedly at large who care to voice appreciate a child more than their opinions. a grandma?


Jewish Identification Committee The budget for the Jewish Identification Committee has t)een doubled thb year so that even more children can participate. Two post high scixwl young people have been sent to Israel for one year and will work in the community for one year. Young people have been sent to work on a Kibbutz for six monttis to one yesr. Eighteen kids are taking the orientation preceding their summer in I Israel. They will spend seven 'weeks on an in-depth tour of Israel. There are also scholarships based on cultural and religious needs

rather than financial needs for all seven grades on up who are interested in attending an approved Jewish camp.

Israel Task Force The Israel Task Force has been working on two fronb. Within the Jewish community they arranged a yearlong celebration of Isrsel's 23th Anniversary. Working for community education they brought in Dr. Avigdor Levy for a day at Drake and Rabbi Arthur Rudin from the AGAC for an ail day seminar with a bcal ministry.

Right now a portion of the basement it being transformed into five contemporary sUidio apartmenb for residents who would like more privacy complete with a security of having the personnel close at hand. Another wing b being turned Into a multipurpose area that may house a sheltered workshop snd day care center.

Itw J«wnh PfSM

The Soviet Jewry Committee has helped Des Moines become actively involved with the plight of Russian Jewry. They have provided the names of families of prisoners of conscience for organizations or individuab to adopt. They have sent telegrams, initiated rallies^ brought in speakers, and encouraged telephone calb to the Soviet Union.

Havfaig fan while lesmfaig — part of all JCC prsgrams for chUdrea. b it young women freed for one day a week from the loving tyranny of their chiUren, because the Jewish Community Center subsidizes Ladies Day Out? Is it senior citizens enjoying each other and a variety of activities, because the Center has a bus to carry Ihem out and about? b ita family enjoying great Jewish movies; a teenager

participating in' youth counseling; or the 5 to 12 year olds developing and growing for five weeks in a stimulating Jewish Day Camp? As much as the program seems to meet the needs of the community, the Jewish Community Center is involved in constant reevaluation of programs, based on the changing needs and interests of Des Moines.

Women's Federation The Women's Federation was so busy this year that you can't discuss its accomplishments you can only enumerate them: AUGUST - Organizations agree to accept responsibility for communication with an individual Russian family. SEPTEMBER - Sixty students from Iowa colleges are placed in Des Moines

Community Relations The Community Rebtions letters to the editor of the Des Commission gives attention—Moines Register in response to community relations to the' pro-Arab ad which problems as they arise. recently appeared. They were They have continued their co-sponsors for an Institute of contacb with the West Des Christian Ministers dealing Moines schoob. They held a with the Middle East, and are news conference with respect currently considering a to the treatment of the Israeli seminar on church state war prisoners, and wrote rebtions.

homes for the holidays. OCTOBER - A cocktail supper was held for 20 newcomers to Des Moines to acquaint them with information about ttie Jewish community. OCTOBER - Women's Division of UJA Driven collected »lSO,000 tor the Israel emergency. NOVEMBER - Israeli booth at the Annual Food Fair' at Veterans Auditorium. NOVEMBER - Implement the Younkers Israel luncheon style show. NOVEMBER - Participate in Israel ~ 25th Anniversary celebration. NOVEMBER - Help staff the Federation Of ice during the emergency. NOVEMBER - Kept the community informed through their Telephone Committee.

Bureau of Jewish Education From the three and four year okb in the preschool to the five and six year okb in the Oneg Ivri Oub to the elementary, high school, and adult cUsses, you can emerse yourself in Hebrew and Bible, in Israeli singing and dancing, in social studies and philosophy, and Jewish art and Yiddish and literature Talmud. The Ibt of cbsses is k>ng and varied; and though a major amount of the activity goes on at the school itself, much also goes on outside the buikling. The staff, made up of trained, entliusbstic people representing the whole Jewish community, go into the community to lecture at various schools and institutions. They arrange community functions such as the Hamikkah Festival of LighU and Israel Independence Day. They lead dancing or singing or discussitn groups at any of the synagogues or religious schools or organizations. They aid those desiring to go

to Israel to work or study by providing information and practical help. Six days a week they teach in and out of the classroom; at the flick of a "keepa" they're ready to load all of the teenagers on to a bus and take

them off on a retreat. Now that's dedication! The more you achieve, the more your horizons expand. The Bureau u no exception. They visualize an outreach program with staff available to bring education to those

who don't attend the school. They'd like to organize "learning at lunch", weekend programs, and family retreaU. They'd like to be part of Ladies Day Out and summer camping; and the way they are going, why not?

The Bureau provides cbsses for all age and interest groups.

Th* JawMh h«a


I. Margolis to Speak At Pioneer Women Dinner MIS.

Omaha Beth Israel SERVICES: Friday: Traditional Evening Services iKabalat Shabbat) 6:46 p.m. Late V Friday - evening Family services will be conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadofr and Cantor Edward Berlwvits at SrISp.m. Saturday: Morning Service: 8:4S p.m. conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff and Canter Edward Berkovits. Talmud Class will be conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff at 6:15 p m. followed at 6:45 p.m. by Mincha, Sholash Sudos and Maariv Sanday: Morning Service: 9 a.m., followed by breakfast and the Rabbi's class on the Book of Genesis. DaUy: • Services at 7 a.m. and 6:45 p.m. ^ISDEIIIIOOD STUDY GROUP


J The Bert meeting of the '^th Israel Sisterhood's B'not Torah will be oo Tuesday, Febnury 26, at 12:30 p.m. in the Synagogue Social Hall. Coffee and refreshments will be aerved, followed by the diacussion group, fiabbi Isaac Nadoff continues his discussion of "Glaats •( JadalsBi." SISTERHOOD TO SELL PASSOVER CANDY Mrs. Don Coben, fundraising chairman of Sisterhood, has announced that Sisterhood will again be .telling Passover candy. There is a large selection of Barton's candies and cookies. Proceeds from the sale help Sisterhood maintain its Synagogue committments. " Orders can be taken until March S. For further information, call Bernice Cohen, 556-3423.

KADIMAH SYO On Saturday, February 23, Kadimah wiU hold a Social. Members »TC to meet at the Ranch Bowl at 9 p.m. Following bowling, an Israeli party, complete with Israeli records and Felafel will be heM at the Shaprio's house. On Sunday, February 24, Kadimah has an entire afternoon of activities planned. From t — 3 p.m. Kkdimab will hold a pop bottle drive. TtMse having bottles to be picked up are asked to call Polly Rosenfield, 558-1711. At 3 pin. members will meet at Beth Israel for a constitution revision meeting. Elections will be held. Orders for the Shalack Manei baskets which Kadimah is preparing and deUvering for $2 each will be accepted through Sunday, February 24. The baskeU will contain cake, fruit, Hamentaschen, and candy. Order yours today.

Omaha BathB SERVICES: Friday: Sabbath Eve Services in the Sanctuary at 8:15 p.m. Rabbi Myer S. ICripke will deliver the sermon. Saturday: Morning Service 10 a.m. Mincha-Maariv Service 6:45 pjn. Sunday: Morning Service 9 a.m. Daily: 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. PARENTS ASSOOA'nON SABBATH DINNER Pupils of grades Kindergarten through 2nd, their teachers and parents, will join for a special Shabbat celebration and dinner on Friday evening, February 22. The evening will begin with an early service at 6:30 p.m., followed by a Shabbat dinner. USY PURIM CARNIVAL There is only one more

Sabbafh Candle Lighting nWAT,mMIMY22.«(M^JW. mOAY. MAKH 1, «lS4 PJM.


Benediction for Kindling Sabbath Lights: Boruich Atoh Adona^Eloheinu AAelekh Haolom, Asher Kideshonu BemitTvotav Vetzivonu Lehodlk NerShelShobbot. (Blessed art TIKHJ, 0 Lord, Our God, King of the Universe, Who sanctifies us by His Commandments ond has commonded us to kindle the Sobbath lights.)

week iBiUl the USY Purim Carnival which will be held March 3. Everyone is invited to enj<qr the booths, food and prizes. Raffle tickets are still on sale, the grand prize being a stereo. White elephant items should be brought to Beth El Synagogue. Winners of the Sanday and Hebrew School atudents' Poster Contest will be announced at the Carnival. MEN'S CLUB The second in a series of luncheon and discussion meetings "laslghts late JadaisB.," sponsored by the Beth El Men's Club, wiU be held February 26 at 12 noon in the Beth El Synagogue Social Hall. The program will end at 1:30 p.m. RaMi Myer S. Kripke will deventp his topic "The Concerns of Jewish Scholars." Each program in the series is complete in itself. Reservations at tl.TS may be made by calling the Synagogue office, S63-322L

Omaha B'nai Jacob SERVICES: Salarday:

Morning Services; 8:45 a.m. Sunday: Morning Services: 8 a.m.

Omaha Temple laraal SERVICES: Friday: Sabbath evening aervicea 8:15 p.m. Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks will preach on "A Review el a Movie I Have Net Sees — THE EXORCIST." Musical portions of the service will be by the Temple Choir under the direction of Miss Ida Gitlin. A coffee hour will be held. Satarday, 11 a.m. BAR MITZVAH The Bar Mitzvah of DOUGLAS SCOTT FRIEDMAN, son of Mr. aid Mr*. Sol J. Friedman. wUI be celebrated at the services Saturday momii^, February 23.

BAT MITZVAH 8TACEY JANE CARP, daughter of Mrs. Oscar Cup,

WiU become a Pat Mitzvah at the services, Saturday morning, March 2. STUDY GROUP

The fifth in the aeries of six sessions led by Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks on "What Is the Form of Reform Judaism?" will be held Wednesday morning, February 27 at 10 a.m. Coffee will be served.

Council Bkiffs B'nai lsra|IL_ SERVICES: Satwday: 9 a.m. Sunday: 9 a.m. Both services wHI be canducted by Mr. Sam Sacks.

Unooln B'nalJeshuwi SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. Conducted by Rabbi Robert Kaiser.

Unooln Tiferethiarael SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. Satarday: . Morning Services, 9 a.m. ^Jr. Congregation, tO a.m. Sanday: Tiffilin Oub, 9 a.m.

DeaMolnea SethBJaoob SERVICES: Friday: a:lSp.m. Dialogue on "PresUeaU aid the Jews." Satarday: 9 a.m. Sanday: 9 a.m.

Dot Moines Tlfereth laraal SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. Saturday: 9:30 a.m. Torah Study Lesson, 10:15 a.m. Mishna Study Group, 5 p.m. Haftorah Chanting Study Group, 5 p.m. Mincha-Maariv, 5:45 p.m. Saaday: Morning service, 8:30 a.m.

DeaMolnea Templa B'nalJeehurui SERVICES: Friday: 8 pjn.



This S«rvic« Presefited as a Courtesy by

ELEGANT 3,2,3, and 4 bedroom apartments available now. From $166. 11Mb m

OMAHA aiVnnS AMD LOAMASSOOAmi offiCMM IMht H»n«y S4l-r*rO

*mi 1 WM) ootft* Roatf jsr-rioe tjii s >4insi. rit-oMo


^^»X TAULBORO BROS. gfllitHTr?ffl

Omaha — The Annual Oiild Rescue Dinner sponsored by the Omaha Chapter of Pfameer Women will be heU Sunday, February 24 at 5:30 p.m. at Beth El Synagogue. Gartt tpctker at (he dinner-dance will be Mrs. Irvlag MargoUf. Vice President tt Chicago Pioneer Women's 3* clabs and Legislalloa Chairaiaa far ike Ckkago

Deaths ARNOLD ROBINSON Funeral services were held TiKsday, February 19,1974 at Temple Israel for Amok) Robinson of Norfolk, Neb. Interment WM at Temple Israel Cemetery. Survivors are: wife, Margaret; daughters, Mrs. Dwtght Burney, III., Diane Robinson, Norfolk, Barbara, Denver, Colo.; son, Richard Robinson, Norfolk; sister*, Mrs. Frances Klein, Kansas aty. Mo., Mrs. Joseph Stem, Omaha, Mrs. George Blue, LoulsviUe, Ky., Mrs. Sidney Taren, Tucson, Ariz.





Mrs. Margolis has Just returned from a fact-finding mission in Israel for Pioneer Women and its expanded services following the Yom Kippur war. Pioneer Women's activities in Israel include day nurseries, kindergartens, vocational and agricultural schools, and other social services. Reservations for the dinner may be made by calling 3935237 or 393-5830. Mmes. Sam Fried and Edward Parker are co-chairman of the Child Rescue Dinner; Mrs. Charles Onss will serve as Toastmistress. Mrs. Robert Pappenheimer Is President of Omaha Pioneer Women.



Walliing dlttonc* to n«w KG. 3 bwJrooni •plil •ntry with 3 wood burning llraplocM on a high lot with o vltw. t53.SOO wtth osMMiwble 7% loon. -^

MRII, ELM NERENBEPC Funeral services were Mi Monday, February 18, 1974 at Temple Beth El Synogogue in Phoenix, Ariz, for former Omahan, Mrs. Ella Nerenberg, 65, who died in Phoenix February U. Survivors are: husband, Sam; daughter, Mrs. Don (Cherie) Lemor, Rockfoid, ID.; Mrs. George (Florence) Eisenberg, Omaha; son, William McClean, Va.

An Invitation TO JOIN US IN A FUUY ACQEDinD PMVAn SCHOOL AND REOIVIA TOTAL EDUaTION Your Child Will ltec«lv«... An aisslsa* isMral •dactfiaa which will tnoUe your chik) to rsolize his full potsmiol In all lactAir studies, o comprehensive injtructionol prooram In Hebrew, religious and cultural

aOU KM fast m i^aiaWsa ... an oIlHn-ona podtogs to snoMa the child to fully intagrata tha Amarkon and Jawiih tradHiom. A lOMn af fM THKi No oftamoon or Sundoyctotsas. A fKIONAl adaseiiaa in an automotad knptrtoml ogoi Infividualizad Inttniction on an mtimota lavali o Uf^ vftMM and dedicated ttoff; on otmoiptMra which promotes a graotsr imeHectuol oiartnau. The aest MOOBN, up-t»date curriculum and iMtructwnot motariols in pursuit of the vary best dkound education for your chiM. A complete tasting program to fflaoture your chiM's progms.

THE JEWISH DAY SCHOOL OF OMAHA IMsriartsa MMsgk MM BsaMrtaiT Gcadas We Imll* you to call lor panefiol oppolnimeni. Mra. leu arailiw. Seueliii SU-iei* («R»I| IIOO •JK.) MUIS«|«ftor]Mpja4 »M«7«4

f Hadassah Career Women to Celebrate 30th Anniversary Omiha - The Career Women ol Hadauih will celebrate their )Otb AraUverMry with a Special "Tea Fer Stan" on Sunday, February 34, at 3:00 p.m. in the Twin Towera Parly Room. Six Charter Memtien ^ will be, honored, new mem[ her* will be welcomed and • new life Membere will be : deiignated. Featured on the program ; will be lUrlaffl Shrter, who j;,wUl praaant a dramatization [ and review at the hunHH-oua - book, "Sadie Skaplro'a KaWlag Book" by Robert Kimmel Smith. Mn. Shrier it active in civic and cultural activitie* in r Omaha and ia on the cultural '^ committee of the Jewish Community Center. She is a

Omaha Playhouse. The tea will honor the following six charter members now on the roles. Mrs. Dsvid Becker, Rebecca Bercovici, Fa ye Gerelick, Julia Motz, Mrs. Abe Moier, and Mrs. E. M. Segel. New members are: Mrs. Ron Winder, Shirley N. Spitier, Mrs. Sam (Bess) Pollak. Life members are: Lee Greenberg, Dorothy Ringle, Mrs. Josef Mayer.

Campus Notes Nancy Milder, daughter of Mn. Adrienne Milder and Mr. Orval Milder, has been named to the Dean's list st the University of Oklahoma

MiriaBi Shrier itor of many local theatre productiona and recipient of the Campbell Award at the

Miss France Shrier To Wed Gary Aron Omaha - Mrs. Roaalyn Shrier and All>ert H. Shrier announce the engagement of their daughter Frances H. Shrier to Gary S. Aron, uo o( Mr. and Mrs. Norman W, _ Aron, r' The bride-elect, a gradual* ^ of the Univenity of Den ver, If , presently a speech therapy consultant with Douglas ; County Children's Center and is pursuing graduate studies at the liniversity of Nebraska : at Onuha. Her fiance Is a graduate of ' Case Western Reserve University and is currently a student at the Creigbton University School o( Medicine. Mr. Ifyman 8. Block of

Galveston, Tex. is Miss Shrier's grandfather. Mr. Harry Berman and Mr. Harry Schulman of Youngstown, Ohk> arc Mr. Aron's grandlathers.

Barnes-Gilinsky Engagement Announced Omaha - Mr. and Mrs. Julhu Katzman announce the engagement of their daughter, Mra. Sherry Barnes to Bruce David GiUnsky, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin (Bud) GUinsky.


IKIMSS«l"BiUH!AINBOr 2iiiFiimMiBtiKtif"ac's"

Onm SUNDAY TMMJ PMOAV 11tOCMiOO Vohnttm nssdsdl Cdl Bess Krotnti S56-1123.

NOUS! CUiUMNC? PUASE KMEMKI IMDASSAHi W« naad «Ms asid ends of glmiwra. brfc-eh MiM. poH and pans, working mil* i. cIvthiM on hangnrri Wo cannot afford a f»dkm trsidL Itianli you for brbiflng contribwtkMW to our atora H's dadsicHUo.

Marilyn Katz To Be Bride Omaha — Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marantz, former Omahans, now of Los Angeles, announce the engagement of their daughter, Marilyn Kate, to Carl Hirsch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Phil HIrtch of Bell Harbor, New York. The bride-elect is a graduate of the University of Vermont. She is a candidate lor a Masters Degree in August in Education of the Visually Handicapped. Her fiance is a graduate of the University of Vermont and is currently completing his second year at the Massachusetts College of Optonwtry. A late August wedding is planned in Los Angeles.

Senhr CItben Scene

By Bertie Laiar On Monday, February 16, the Senior Citizens of the JCC met at Beth El Synagogue we had a nice attendance. MoUie has had several calls from members who do ao( have iransportattsn. It wenM be nice far children to give a gilt to their pareoti ol • beoii af taxi rides. Congratulation to Mr. and Mrs. 1. Forbes on their S4th Anniversary. Thanks to Annetta Brown for the aplendid Job she did on the Senior Citizen Column. Next Monday, February 25, will be our big luncheon. We will celebrate the birthdays of members whose birthdays tall in January and February, so be sure to come. If you have a birthday, please call Mollie so she can put your name on the cake. Mr. Kolinsky and a nutritionist wiU speak.

Mr. Abe Fisher had Sister Mary Pauline, Neil Becker and Sarah Taylor, Director Senior Citizen Center, as his luncheon guests. Donations were received from: Mr. and Mrs. Mike Morris in memory of Marge Sullivan, sister of Mrs. Leon Keller of Lincoln and sister of Mrs. Charles Slutsky and a donation in memory of Frank Sekar; Bertha Colnic in memory of Frank Sekar. Congratulations to Dora Arbitman on the marriage of her granddaughter, Marsha, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Feilman. Welcome back to Sarah Kahn, she has Just returned from a Carribean Cruise. New member are Mrs. Nellie KodU and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jacabow. Happy to have you Join our group. Our best wishes to those who are ill.

Omahanskt thenews Larry Brophy, Robert Greenberg and Frank Novak are among the members of the cast of the Omaha Junior Theater production of "The Uon, the Witch and the Wardrotw." The production wiU open February 2S at Burke High School, with performances scheduled Uirough March 12. Mrs. Edward Zorinksy has been named Honorary

Chairman of the Friends of Girl Scouting. The theme of this year's fund drive is: "Girl Scouts Cant't Uve By Cookies Alone." Howard Weinsteio, Regional ADL Director, will be visiting with Jewish Communal leaders in WichiU, Topeka, Kansas and Kansas City, Mo. from February 2»-2t. He will meet with the media and ministerial groups to discuss the effect of the energy crisis.

TOM iae iSv IMaaa Salsdiaa si





Th* JdivWi PTM*


INVITATIONS ... Of^f Teurs TeJeyl

e rsrssasasad StetisiiarY • TlMairaaNetes

Marsha Feilman Weds in Beth El Rite OMAHA - Miss Marsha Feilman was married to Bruce (Jeremy) Zimmerman Saturday, February 16, in an 8 p.m. ceremony at Beth El Synagogue. The ceremony was performed by Rabbi Myer S. Kripke and Cantor Chaim Najman. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris C. Feilman and the grand-daughter of Mrs. Max Arbitman. The groom is the son of Mrs. NikU Zimmerman of Omaha and Mr. E. E. Zimmerman of Houston, Texas. A reception and buffet supper in the synagogue social ball followed the ceremony. Five brothers of the bride and groom served in the wedding party. They included Eric Zimmerman, best man; Jeff and Burke Zimmernuur, Mark and Ronald Feilman, ushers. Miss Wendy Cammins of Minneapolis was maid of honor. The bride is a graduate of the Univesity of Minnesota wrhere she was president of Sigma Delta Tau sorority


Brace Zimmerman

She will receive her degree in Nursing In May. Ttie groom is a graduate of Macalaster College in St. Paul, Minnesota, where the couple will make its home.

Do You Remember? 1* Yean Ago Mrs. Fred Brodkey, Women's General Chairman for the Women's Division of Jewish Philanthropies, named her Co-Chairmen. They were: Mrs. A. C. Feilman, Mrs. Izadore Elewitz, Mrs. C. M. Newman, Mrs. Marlon Somberg, Mrs. Warren Zweiback and Miss Dorothy Weiner. David Bittner, David Kaplan, Alan Cbamey, Stuart Cain, Eric Starr, Dan Blekher and Mark Shoenbaum celebrated their Bar Mitzvahs. IS Yean Ago

Miss Barbara Cigelnik became the bride of Myron Max Bear. National Council of Jewish Women opened a special room at the Jewish Com-


munity Center for a Senior Citizens lounge. Robert Gould celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. Mark Richard was the name chosen by Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Pred for their aon. Z« Yean Age Mr^ and Mrs. Harold" Goodman announced the birth of a son, Michael Richard. a Years Ago Births announced this week were: Sharon Kay Noodell, Sandra Connie Jess, Gail Susan Miller, Richard Frederick Green, Renee Mirion Fishel and Vicki Eileen Himelstein. M Yean Ago Martin Lehr celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. Rose Lee Baum became Uie bride of Harry Cohen.

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BETH BROOKEY Call for ApfaintHMtif


; 97«9^wardSn

JEWISH PRESS rM* ^p^wrtnMf, CMI Men If wfraVch* Ml-i 144




Fibrufy 22.1874

BkthB tjv Larry Kau JCC Youth Director

; A few weeks ato. I derated this Sunday,^ February aufa ''my column to a discuukm ol members of YAD (Young the abMnce ol an Omaha Adult Division) are invited to Jewish Youth Council and tour the new Jewish Comyouth-wide calendar of munity Center; meet the evenu. I felt that the pareots Center Staff and leant more and teenagers who cared about the new JCC and what it reiMil^tocomplafn ai>out this has to offer. deficiency had the right to (i'rom 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 know why it existed. p.m., all 7th threiigb tZth ^ I invited the community to graders are invited to an contact me to let me know if a EXCLUSIVE Teen Tour of viable Youth Council and the new building to be concalendar was poasiide and ducted by a special comhow each could function af- mittee of Teen Tour Guides. fectively. How macli resyaMe M I get? NONE! COMING EVENTS When it comes to voicing Combelt Region BBG will -criticisms, the public isn't hold iU INVITATION TO apathetic. However, when the INVITE in Omaha from call goes out for volunteers to March Bth-lOth at the help solve the problems very Ramada Inn on 73ad Street. few come forward. Apathy? Applications have been sent What do you think? to all BBG members i bear from parents who throughout die Region with a voice concern about deadline date of March 1st on teenagers' apparent all returns. This promises to alienation (from parents, be an exciting weekend exfrom the home, from perieace for all who attend. . Judaism), suapected uae of Rosie Polonski and Gary drugs, and "fast" social lives Ostrow, LEC-LTI Coor... always someone else's dinators, announce that If74 teenaged children ... not Corabelt LEC-L'n will be their own. These, aren't heU June »-M with Camp ."imagined" problems. Esther K. Newman as the Teenagers readily attest to tenUUve site All AZA, BBG, their existance. Some have AND BBYO chapters even volunteered to organize throughout the Region are "task-forces" to find urged to appoint their aohitions* Do these few feel representatives to the they can count on help from Coordinating Committee (he adirtt communities? In a IMMEDIATELY and forward word ... NO! their names to Roaie and - I have raeeitred several Gary. vietters from an anonymous writer appealing for immediate community action towards identifying and ,eliminating these problem TEL AVIV, (JTA) - The areas among today's youth. smoldering differences We cannot allow ourselves to between Israel's Sephardic become so rapt in our and Aahkenaxic cMef rabbis "global" concerns that we flared anew last week when : have no time and energy for Sephardic Chief Rabbi those that exist here in our Ovadia Yosef accused his • "own tMckyards". Aakenazic counterpart. Rabbi Again, I am extending an Sblomo Goren. of bias and invitation to every Jewish discrimination in the ap' teenager and adult to contact pointment of rabbink:al court me to share feelings and ideas judges and other apon youth, and to volunteer to pointmenta. work on one of the "Uuk-force RabU Yosef alleged that committees now being Rabbi Goren used personal ; organized. loyalty to himself u the criterion of rabbinical apTOVH8OFJCC pointments, rsther than Prom 10:W a.m. to noon scholarship and leadership capabilities. But he refused to elaborate or give specifics in order to "protect the honor of HCLBiA.BEIINSTBN the rabbinate and the public.'' 3984111 333-1222 But he warned, "The conREAL ESTATE dition of the ral>binate is very wiei serious and will deteriorate to REEODAVMCO. a dangerous level unleas we 8BS-2300 face the issue head on."

ChiefRabbb Clash Again

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" umrviMnAUHic R.&M.KILLni


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Dr. and Mrs Gary Gitnick of Encino, Calif, announce the birth of a daughter, Tracy Diane, bom January 21, 1974. They also have two other daughters, Kimberley and Jill and a son, Neil. Grandparents are Mrs. Ann Gitnick and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schfaegei- of Omaha. Mr. and Mra. Shelly Babendure announce the birth of a daughter, Tamara Jyl, born February 11, 1974. (irandparents'are Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Solotorovsky, of Omaha and Mr. and Mrs. Louie Babendure of Fremont, Neb. Great-grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Max Belgrade and Mrs. Rose Burstein, all of Omaha.

By Marcia RaMasea The first family night bingo party at the Dr. Sher Home will be held Sun. February 34 at 7:00 p.m. LOVE urges all family and friends of the residents to sttend. The bingo and prises will be followed by refresheinnts and accompanied by fun.' A good turnout Is absolutely necesaary at an affair of this khid, so we urgeail who have a friend or a family member at the Home to come. If the activities you read about in the LOVE cohann occasionally dont't take place on the scheduled day, ita became the program has unavoidably been changed after the Jewish Preaa copy-^ deadline. All announced activities do take place, however, though sometimes on another day. On February t, many residanto attended the AU City Muaic Festival at the Civic Auditorium. They took the Home bus doarniown and had a thoroughly enjoyable outing. Fekraary 11 was the dale af the CsTBhasksr B'aal B'rith WsBca's Valantfaw party at Ike Home. Altkough many waaen aUcnded. oar special Ihaahs ga to Ceil Barroa wba slaglehaadcdiy leak care af tmt lags, prizes, refresh•uati sad valealiaes. 30=

Special Scholarships Available F6r Israel Summer Youth Tour Omaha — The Israel Tour Committee, with the cooparation of the Bureau of Jewiah Educathojtnnounces the availability of a limited number of special scholarships for the 1*74 Summer youth tour. Each youth who Is approved to participate in the tour receives a subvention from his synagogue and from the Jewish Federation to help defray the cost of the lour. In some cases, part or all of the subvention has been returned. Bccaase of the klgh c«*l of the tear, arrangements have

Another enjoyable party was the Mizrachi Women's deaaert luncheon on February 30. The Studio Singers, twenty talented Benaon High School students, performed on Sunday aftamoon, February 17. It was an outatandiiig program (tall of talent and enthuaiasm. Monopoly ia a new pastime with our retired busineasmen. Conservative monetary policy characterizea the play. It's deadly serioos tan (or all involved.

ActKHIes Dkrecler Nareea MoMMy WOBM like ta tSaak ike members af the Rahbkileal CoucU far ibek' great catsra far Heme reaiienta. Their fre^aeet visits are appreciated beyoad wards.

onNMUtvirtHii NTM COOnraN. UNMM vounaAvowni



'Li''^~ri"i''i"ri"i'"^i'T'^^''^'^^*"****^^ '

Omaha Organizations OMAHA HADAS8AH BOARD MEETING The Omaha Chapter of Hadasaah wiU hoM a Board meeting Monday, February 2S at the home of Mrs. Justin Manvitx, (711 Doi^laa St. at 12:30 p.m. All Board members are urged to attend. Mrs. Sam Katzman, Regional President, Mrs. Ted Sanford, Regional Correaponding Secretary and Mrs. Skiney Cahan, Regional Education Chairman attended the recent Miasouri Valley Regional Board Mealing.

MIZRACHI JUNIOR LEAGUE The Mizrachi~^ndbr League will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, February >7 at the home of Mrs. Sol Kutler, tW Parkwood Lane til a dinner honoring Mrs. Louis Schreiber, National PresUent of American Mizrachi Women.

YAD Calendar

HADDAB8AH INTEREST GROUP The Finance Group of the Omaha Chapter of Hadaaub will meet Wednesday, February 27 at 13:30 p.m. at the home «f Mrs. Donald Greenbarg, 9104 Davenport St. Kermit Hansen, PresMant of the U.8. Natioaal Bank, will diaeuoa the many facets of iiff«lr«i^ Mrs. Robert Wagner Is chainnan for thla group. Reservations should be made by calling Gwen Pred, ia3-4631.

TiMaday, Febraary II t:tt - Tour of SAC Headqtuulen. Saaday, Fabraary 24 1:3* p.aL — Variety show at Dr. Philip Sber Home under direction of Eliie Yager and Fern Sperling. Salarday, March* YAD grubby party at Satan'a hi the Old Market, 8:30 p,m. Salarday, March 3a iBlereity party healed by Kansas City young adult group. RSVP Kay Bernstein,

SENIOR ADULTS CLUB The Senior AdulU of the JCC will hold their big luncheon Monday, February 2S at Beth El Synagogue. January and February VixIhdays will be celefarated.

iitefish Chubs ^^^1**

KMfAU Baputiful old stoinad gloss windows. Good usaobla sixas.

Spmi Salmon r^iS'*



U. 3P=

C uus House AlwOfdcnioGol

Students planning on participating in the tour inehide: Sari Telpner, Steven Lustgarten, Joel Alperson, Justin Cooper, Scott Kirshanbaum, Julie Cohen, Susan Wintroub, Molly Tully, RoUn Martin, Robert Pred. and Deborah Schwartz.

The Wednesday night movie on FefaAiaiy V ia another Yiddish classic "The Waaderiag Jew."

/^«'^ CHOP sttev comisiiormwoioa OHMMATt lOCAIMKM

been made l« help especially deacrvbig itudents ia cases wkerc extra (aadlag Is esscatlal. Application forms may be obtained from the Synagogue Education directors and will be given immediate consideration by the Conunittee.


Bokety iUbr'tl

Rye Bread Pricas •H«ctlvo thru TUM., Fab. 29th. W« rasarvo the right to limH quantttias.

Tht JoMfiih Prni



The Radio Program No One Heard llieeclilc^r [

(CaatiDued (rom Page 4,)

^'mf armmiHr, and it would '^ be a dereliction of duty (or uiy of tuch boarda to proceed with any finality before that conniiinity aense haa been ' eUciad through a courae of afdrmaUve acUooa that I am •ure the ingenuity of auch boarda can deviic. Thla ia no ^aa» br VMM lotarMta, on •ithw tide of the iarae. to reat their caae on the deciaion of a few, even.if thia meana delaying a groundbreaking or two for a few more montha. ' Our community'a acarce reaourcea demand no leaa. — Aa Iba diacuaaion procaeda, and I do fervently hope that it will proceed, I would urge all involved to be aure that the iaaue is (airly stated: there must be no misunderstanding ^ that we are talking about a community facility and not a community achool. How individual aynagu^ues might chooae to conduct their schools inside that community facility is an iasue wholly separate and diatinct from that presently before ua. ' MMrardJ.Kaslaw _.._ i • WHAT ABOUT 6VR CHILORENf I anxioualy awaited the deciaion on the propoaal to proceed with plans for a Joint' use community educational facility, as I believed that the . Bureau of Jewish Education would aee the merits for auch abuikling. I also knew that everyone aa that cominittce woald be IhteUng of only one thing — "Hew to beneni the chlUrea of ear comiaiuiity — the Jewlah chlldrta who woaM '^ someday be oar leadership." A great opportunity to bring all of them together, to have them under the umbrella of Jewiah education; spending -their time better between their Jewiah schooling and [ the Jewish Center

MUMS We'd never do that to you.

educational facilities; ratijier than driving back and forth from Synagogues to the Center. And the saving of money for each Synagogue in its future building plana — rather for edncalioB than (or bricks. But once again our children were defeated. And I am wondering why the rabMa who truly have a vested interest in retaining more and more aynagogue property had the right to vote on thia isaue. Who makes up the Bureau of Jewish Education? How many have voles? And, does this community belong to the rabbis or to the Jewish people of Omaha? Harry Lais AtTHENTIC TRANSCRIPT If a rabbi deli vera the invocation at a session of congress and his prayer is given partly in Hebrew, it is faithfully reproduced in Hebrew script in the Congressional Record, thanks to a special Hebrew type font owned by the Government Printlog Office.

By Murray Zackoff NEW YORK. (JTA) - A sports broadcast that criUcized Black basketball players on the Rochester University team who boycotted a game wlTh Israel's National Basketball Team was scrapfted just hours before it was to have been aired by radio station WBAI-PM a New York radio station sustained by listener subscMptions. This same station was the center of a controversy several years ago when it broadcast a poem by a 15-year-old Black student which was condemned by Jewish organiiations for being anti-Semitic. The sports broadcast was taped for WBAI-FM by Peter Heller, a "volunteer" — unpaid — sportscaster for the radio station who Is the sports producer for ABC^TV. The criticism of the Black players was a segment of the 15minute program that included comments and views of other sports events of the week. Several hours after taping. Heller was notified that the entire broadcast was cancelled and that he waa fired from his position on the radio station. Asked by JTA if the decision to dismiss Heller, who had been hired several

JERUSALEM, Israel "Came in ywi multitudes to Israel." With these words, Israel Chief RiM>l Shiomo Goren issued a special call to his rabbinical colleagues in the United States. Rabbi Goren is asking American rabbis to urge their congregations to visit Israel as personal testimony of their support in the wake of the Yom Kippur War. Each rabbi ia being aaked to personally lead a tour group from bis congregation in the coming months. "The Yom Kippur War was a battle of reckoning (or all of the people of larael". Rabbi Goren declared. "Many ways exist (or our brothers in the Diaspora to come to the help of our people in Zion. Each and every one of you is ordered by the Law of Israel not to stand aside when danger Jtangs so ominously over us." "This support of Israel must be accomplished through financial, political and personal means. lYie


Keep yotu- words soft and fweet —you never know when you nuy have to eat them.

• %W^.'^".^.M.^%'.

John Kallna PHOTOGRAPHER •17 South 36th StrMt — 34S-1044




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"A Program of fhe Omaha Jewish£ultural Commltfeo'

DATES The Institute sessions will be h^d for six consecutive Monday evenings, beginning February 25, and concluding on April 1,1974. Rabbi ShlonoGorea people of Israel in their dispersion have shown the heights of their loyalty, but in addition to all that, I urge you to bring the people of your congregations to Israel." Citing the crucial impact of solidarity. Rabbi Goren added: "In these viaits you ahow we are not alone in the world and that Jewish people stand as a protective wall around us."

PLACE Sessions will be held at Temple Israel, 70th and Cass, Omaha.


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and training Israel has provided to many of the emerging Black African nationa." He furthermore stated that "it's apparently the radical-chic, leftist-chic, revolutioiuuy-chic among a lot of misguided people who think they're being liberal to support -Arab terrorists instead of the progressive, democratic government of Israel. I think it's a bunch of hogwash. These people have the moral spines of jellyfish."




•i30—9i20pjm. FUNDAMENTALS OF JUDAISM Rabbi Isaac Nadoff



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Blanche Wise

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Batya Brand

Batya Brand

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guerrilla groups, and against Israel. In doing so, they conveniently closed their minds to some very cogent facts, like, for instance, the decimation of the Israeli Olympic team by Arab terrorists in Munich." Heller sUted that the Israeli basketball team's U.S. tour was part due to an effort to raise funds that "will be used to help rebuild a viable Israeli Olympic team for Montreal in two years." Continuing Heller observed that the Black players also "chose to Ignore the Incalculable financial help and technok)gical assistance

'Come to Israel"^

Or ridicule, critjcin, pressure or humjiiite. We'll always understand, encourage and respect you.

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weeks ago and had broadcast several programs, came before or after laat Friday's taphig, Cox hesitated for a few moments then replied: "We didn't like his work, generally." Heller, however, noted that he had been hired "to present an overall commentary rather than a rehash or spot reporting about the week'a aports eventa.and that'a what I tried to do." In the cancelled broadcast, Heller noted that the decision of one Black player to boycott the entire game and the decision of two other Black players to boycott the second half waa "a serious misguided action ... bowing to anti-Semitic Arab propaganda out of apparent ignorance of the facts cm their part." He noted that the Black players bowed to Arab propaganda "because it's the 'in' thing, smong some Blacks to align themselves with Arab

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OLYMPIC BASKETBAJX USACVE ,_,,.„_ The first game In the Olympic League saw KohU's On^ earn a hard-fought victory over Ski Racquet MM. TheKobll's Drug Team was determined to win from the opening tip-off and rolled up an early 10 point lead. Ski Racquet kept fighting back txit Kohll's would not give up their lead. A fine defensive •flbrt led by Steve Paraow and 19 and 10 points by Andy Robinson and Jon Skoog respectively gave Kohll's their win. Kevin Scudder and Greg Engel led the losers. David Lee Studies won a forfeit victory over First MidAmerica in the second tilt. Olympic Defensive Player of the Week. Steve Parsow. Olympic Playmaker of the Andy Robinson. MASTERCRAFT FURNITURE BEST VARSITY TEAM Mastercraft Furniture proved they were definitely . the best team in diis year'i JCC Mens' Varsity League, as they overcame a 7 point half-time deficit and exploded for 26 fourth quarter points to defeat Vess Beverage 57-44 This victory enabled Mastercraft to walk away with both the league and tournament titles. Jay Lemer had 12 of his team leading 20 points in the final quarter to help Mastercraft pull away from Veas. Steve Nogg and Tom Kirshenbaum added 13 and 12 points respectively to enable the winners to avenge a previous 20 point loss to Vess. Keith Livingstone was the only threat that Vesa could muster as he took game scoring honors with 23 points. '^ In the consolation game, Partime Help Service led all the way in a victory over Pumas 7fr47.. Howie Halperin

and SUn Widman had 19 points each while steady LeRoy Katz added 12 to lead Partime. Mike Gallner and Ed Belgrade had 18 and 17 points for the losers. We would like to thank the Varsity League players and captains on a fine season.

MIDCET LEAGUE The regular Midget League season andad this weak wil^ Dditn'i Camera topping Omaha Paper Stock by a score of 21-12, and I-Go-Van knocking off Vann Realty 2421. Steve Harris led Dean's

Wl RACQCET CLINCHES OLYMPIC LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE - Back Row (L U R): Bob Lener. Kevki ficiMer. Todd Fiakle aid Caaeh, Jay Unier. Fnat Raw (L to R>: Jiaa Ziywiky, Jaa Btocabcrg and Gregg Eagei.

Camera with fine rebounding and shooting, as they took an early lead that was never challenged. Chris Skoog and Bill Barna aided the winning effort with fine (rffensive and defensive strategy. Mike Kaminitz and Larry Bloch both played fine games for the losers. The second game saw a fired up l-Go-Van team hand Vann Really their first loss of the season. Mike Zoob took IGo-Vann to a quick lead in their first quarter. However Vann Really kept up the challenge. Zoob's shooting produced 12 points and akmg with Marshall Pred's 6 tallies was too much for the league' VANN REALTY-JCC MIDGET LEAGUE CHAMPS - Back champs. Dick Stem had 9 Row (L to R): Coach-Marty Rosenstola, Scott SeMbi. Jw points and Jeff Ferrin had S GoMstola and David KohU. Front Row: (L to R): Jack Falk. for the Vann Realty Team. Daoay Senberg, Richard Ston and Jeff Ferrla. Midget Defensive Player of the Week: Marshall Pred. for Sunday, two seconds and another schedule Midget Playmaker of the bucket by Bernstein In a February 34th is at fbUowt: week: Steve Harris and Mike sudden death overtime 12:30 p.m. - Omaha JCC Zoob. landed the Schayes their first Blue-Stars vt Sioux City win. Bobby Katzman, Alan (High School). 1:4S p.m. — Omaha Midget Wklman and Aaron Weiher JUNIOR BOYS contributed fine offensive and All-SUrs vs. Sioux Oty (SIh Ir POTSHOTS Upsets continue to tighten defensive play for the win- SIh Grade). 2^4S p.m. — Omaha play in Junior Boys ners. Lance Meyerson, Mitch Olympk: All-Stars vs Sioux Basketball as Holtzman raced by Auerbachs 21-8 and Warren and Marc Robinson City <7th * Sth Grade). Schayes edged Podoloffs by a ahowed great determination as they battled to the end for TUMBLEWEED score of 13-11. EXHIBITION David GIHnikyi reboun- PodoMfa. NOTE: JUNIOR BOYS On Friday, February 22nd, ding and a fine defensive effort from team members WILL NOT MEET THIS the JCC Tumbleweed Claaa Mare Miller, Den Rechman, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND will put on a "Parenta Day" and David Cohen were key BUT WILL RESUME PLAY exhibition showing the factors that allowed Holtz- ON FRIDAY, MARCH 1ST. various stteta and skills they have learned In gymnastics. man to take an early lead Each girl and boy will perfrom Auerbachs and go on to ALL-STAR TEAMS form on the balance beam, victory. Colin Cushman and TO SIOUX CITY Randy Gree(U>erg played well The Jewi«h Community tumbling mats, mini-tramp for Auerbachs. Center of Omahas Midget. and do a routine on a specially The second game saw Olympic and Senior High designed obstacle course. All Moms and Dads are Podoloffs sail to a 11-4 load School Basketball teams will which looked like a carUin travel to Sioux City, Iowa this invited to attend this Friday, win, the Schayes squad Sunday, February tWi for the February 22nd at the St. Luke however wouldn't give up. annual Inter-Center Gym, 11810 Burke Street starting at 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 Mike Bernstein knotted the Basketball Sodal Event. score at 11 each in the float The basketball game p.m.

LANDON'S The Midwest's Fashion Center for Men MASTERCRAFT FURNITURE CLAIMS BEST TEAM IN THE VARSITY LEAGUE - Back Row (L to R): Dave Giriand, Mark Rlmmerroan. Mike Miller and Jay Noddle. Frent Row (L l« R): Tom KlrsbeBbaam, Jay Lemer, Steve Nogg and Steve Savahky.

New JCC Health Club Will Feature Individual Programs for Women For wcmen the J.C.C. Health Club will be the place for a "Great Escape" from the humdrum of everyday life. g

Our profesaionally trained Maaseuae will help your body feel and look iU beet. Bright and cheerAii faciHties, large mirrors, handy beauty bar and hair (kyen are there for your comreaience. Our special modem health and •jwreiM equipment will include: abdominal ' euitlwr, trimming rollers, hip and thigh MaBMr, exerciae b*ke, women's dumbells, motmized treadmill, and our Universal BodyBuilding and Weight Training Machines ideal for the entire figure. There's personal Inattention for weight control and body (tjmamies. SUm and trim programs and oflMf ipecial programs. TlHra it even a tbaraputic wbiripool bath to rdu your mufdat or for fpedal therapy. Wet steam, hot redwood sauna room, sun room, a bydroculator is also available for hoal Ihcrapjr.

The Jewish Commurity Centers Health Club has highly trained and experienced personnel to provide individualized attention to your physical fitness needs. Our competent staff is trained to work out programs to suit special medical and physical needs. As toon as you si^n up as a memt>er, your JOC health and physical education department staff will launch you on a series of programs to bring you to a peak of wellbeing. You'll have your own private box k>cker and even a special "Sieata" room for a quick snooze. With ita contemporary, inviting, carefully maintained facilities, your J.C.C. Health Club is the Und of place you'll want to vlait often. Yau'U relax and meet your (rionda-or make new ones-in attractive, wellfmlBbed surroundings. There's a lounge for cards, reading, TV and a lot of good conversation. Join your Jewish Community Center Health Club and be on your way to a healthier more active life.





NOW OPEN IN OLD MILL - OUR NEW PLAZA SUITE Featuring Outatonding Women's Fashions

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February 22, 1974  

Jewish Press

February 22, 1974  

Jewish Press