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Tours of New JCC Begin This Sunday Omaha — InvitaUont have baan iaaucd to the Hnt o( a Mriea or guided tour* of the new Omaha Jewish Community Center (Ma Sunday tram 1 to 3:30 p.m. The enUre Omaha Jewlah Community Is t>eing invited to aec the new Center either anday the 20th, the Z7th or PWruary UKh, accottUiic to Mr. Ramon Somberg, MembcnMp Chairman for the new Center. The tours will b« conducted by members of the Jewish Community Center lUff and wUI be followed by coffee hours in Ike Center auditorium.

Those who received invitations for the tour this Sunday who cannot attend at the time designated may come anytime between I and 3TS0 p.m. The tours will only take approximately one-half hour. Meaberskly Committee Sub-committees of Ihe Membership committae have been named by Mr. Somberg. Under the chairmanship of Robert Kully Is a committee of Ncasrs: Jay Lemer, Dick Zacharia, Jerry Kohll, Larry Plattner, Bernie Meyers, Undy Paul, Bennett Hornstein, Tom Bernstein, BUI Kully, and Steve Simon.

Marv Steinberg Is chairman,,of a committee that includea Mesars. Dick Rochman, Richard Juro, Steve Lultgarten, Donald Nogg, Ed Belgrade, Jerry Freeman, Alan Tully, Frank Goldberg, Leonard Segal, Eddie Rosen, Buddy Goldstein, Stuart MuaUn, Dr. Ben Nachman and Dr. Al RImmerman. Serving on Dr. Jim Wax' committee are Meaars: Mort Glass, Paul Alperson, BUI Cohen, Manny Goldberg, Joe KIrsbenbaum, Eli Schupack, Leon WIntroub, Dr. Bennett Fishbain and Dr. Paul Shyken.

PICnmED ABOVE IN the Seaiar AdaU L«Hge area of the new Jewith Community Center boUdiag are former Omsbani (from left) Mr. and Mr*. Sam Beber. Mrs. Phil Klutinkk and Mr. Khrtsakk. The former Omabaai were boaored at the AZA annlveriary dbincr last weekead. bariag their brief visit to Omaha, tbey toored the aew Center bnilding on iSnd Street


NCIL BLUFFS. LINCOLN, OMAHA Omaha, Nab.. Fri.. Jan. 18.1974

Romanian Chief Rabbi To Speak in Omaha Omaha — The Chief Rabbi af Romania. Dr. Moiet Rosen, will speak to the Omaha Jewish commnnlty at the inDoti meeting of the Jewith Federation of Omaha to be held Sonday. Febmary 3.1(74 at J p.m. at the aew Jewish Commaaity Center. All memben of the community are invited to attend the meeting which will be the first, major event held at the near-completed new Center facUity. on lJ2nd Street between Dodge and Pacific. A member of an Ulustrious rabbinical family, 62 year old Rabbi Rosen has a degree in law, aa weU as a vast Talmudic education. Chosen CM«f Rabbi in 1948 by the Congress of Rabbis and Ihe communities of Romania, he serves as president of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania, with which all 70 communities of the country are affiliated. Since 1957 Rabbi Rosen has been a member of the Romanian ParUament. He alto serves as a member of the Govemhig CouneU of the World Jewish Congress and of the Jerusalem Hebrew University's Board of Goyeitwrs. A noted world Jewish leader. Rabbi Roaeq played an Instrumental role in the migration of 300,000 Jews to Israel following the Holocaust. Among his many historic achievements was the creation of legal conditions for adequate Jewish religious life In Romania. Rabbi Rosen has served as a guest professor at New ^York' Yeshiva University and has lectured extensively Uirougheut ttia United SUIes. For the first time in the past 35 years of Federation history, every member of the Jewish Federation of Omaha wjll'have Uie opportunity to partkipate in Uie election of Federation officers and memben of the board of directors. The recently adopted. Federation By-Laws changed the voting procedure which formerly limited voting privileges to members of Uie Federation Board of Governors. Howard J. Kasbw, chairman of Uie

Chkf ItabbI Rosen Nominating Committee, halr^ubmitted a slate of nominations .for Uie election. Additional nominations may be made by written peUtlons, which must be signed by at least 15 members of the Federation and filed wlUi Alvin Abramson, not later than today. E^ch petition must contain Uie written consent of each candidate. Officers selected by the nominating committee to serve one year terms include: Morley Zipursky, president; Alvin Abramson, Hubert Rosenblum, Harlan Noddle, vice-presidents: Mary FeUman, secretary; Joseph Lipton, treasurer. In addition to the officers, 14 new members of the board of directors will be elected.

Rat Motor Co. Defies Arab Blackmail Threat

NORMAN BATT. ehahiBan •( the aew Jewith CommuiMy Cealer BididlngCommlUee, des cribei ••roe ol Ibr biglillghu of the aew iHiUdlBg U Phil Klutinlck sad 8am Bcber during their Omihi visit IstI wethend. Kxprcsslng their dellfhi wiUi the new fscUlty, Mr. Klutinkk noted that the Oaiaba facilitlcf mslcbed or lurpaited any Crater Mldlag be bad vltiled anywhere, "i hope," ba satd, "that the ^aaUly of Ibc program! offered are eqaal in excclcnce to Uic lacOUles."

ROME, (JTA) - Italy's Flat Motor Co., under an Arab Blacklist threat, is refusing Arab demands to fire three employes of the Turin newspaper La Stampa which it owns, including the Jewish editor, Arrigo Levi. The demands and threats from the Arab Boycott Committee in Beirut followed the recent publication of humorous references to President Muammar elQaddafi of Libya which Qaddafi did not consider funny. Flat'i Interests in

Libya, an Italian colony before World War II, are valued at t30 million. Its business Uiroughoul the Arab world is much greater. Qaddafi whs Uie butt of humor in a column written for La Stampa by Carlo Fruttero and Franco LucenUni. His ire appears to have been aroused as much by Uie fact that e<|itor Levi Is Jewish and fought for Israel as a volunteer during Uie 1948 war as by what the two humorists said about him. The latter Included tongue-in-cheek

suggestions that Qaddafi, who makes much of his Moslem austerity, was a secret homosexual, kept a harem of 48 wives in Switzerland, and ate pork, forbidden to Moslems. The news staff of La Stampa and Its afternoon edlUon, Stampa Sera, has backed Levi and denounced Uie Arab blackmail attempts. Their managing editor issued a statement thanking them for Uieir support and declared there was no pressure from Flat to fire anybody.


Israel yb(4fr^5B<tt>» »»{{•{


Rabbi SdmuetShafler Will Speak at Bsihlsraetiiiesday OMAHA — The Israel Tour Committee bas announced that Rabbi Samuel Schafler, Edocational Director, Ratnah Comraunity Seminar will viiit Omaha Tuesday, January 22, to meet and speak with 10th, 11th and 12th grade students and tlieir parents on the fortbcoming summer Youth Tour of Ivael. Mn. Norman Pred, coK:hairman of the Israel Tour Committee said. ••Rsbbie Schafler wUI be at Beifa lirael Synagogue at 8 :M p. m. aad will aMreu ' iMth the candidates lor the tour and their parents as well as anyone else wiio is lalerested in learaiag more aboat the program lor the lt74 Yonth pilgrimage." Mrs. Pred, Jack Cohen and Dr. James Wax are coordinatora (or the committee. Other members on the committee include: Moshe Stem, Rabin Barry Weinstein, Efraim Sapir, Cantor Chaim Najman. Rabbi Myer Kripke, Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks, (Ubbi Isaac Nadoff, Samuel Gendler, Marcel Kahn and Mrs. Avrum Greenberg.

hitching for rides. Army tanks and Joapa would often drive by on the roads. Because the Israeli economy was lirael Voath Pilgrimage: geared for war, and the mood of the braeli people was that of a people in ISRAEL AT WAR—AND PEACE war, many of Israel's domestic When I visited Ivael 2*^ yean ago, I was surprised by the huge amount of problems seemed to be ignored, or at construction going on throughout the least postponed, until a lasting peace country. Jerusalem, in particular could come. If the peace talks in Geneva are seemed to be surrounded by construction sites. In the area around successful, and Israel believes that a Jeruaalem which was occupied after the secure, lasting peace has Anally tieen Six Days War, dozens of new apartment obtained. It will be interesUng to see the buildings were going up. All over the manner in which Israel is sk>wly area bulldozers moved earth and ex- transformed from a country orientated towards war to a country orientated cavated for still more projects. It was obvious that these "occupied" areas of towards peace. Israel will finally be able to devote Jerusalem had become part of Israel, lime and noaey lawardi the lolvlsg •( that to the Israelii, any talk of ever giving any part of Jerusalem back to the her domestic problem. The brgest changes la lirael sfaKe Ita foaadhig AralM was completely absurd. could be Immtaieat Israel was also pouring a lot of money The best way to understand theae into developing certain parts of the changes, which are changes not only in occupied territory in the West Bank. At Hebron more of those ubiquitous the Israeli economy but in the mood of apartment complexes were going up. the entire Israeli people is to visit the Tliis seemed rather strange to me; if country and observe events first-hand. Israel intended to ever retttrn those Talk to the people, travel; observe; occupied areas to the Arabs, she woullk, experience. I'm inre Oie visit woaM be far sapcrior to whatever you could gleaa not be busily developing them. Israel was a country at peace, but the from the news media here, Israelis aa mood in the nation was a constant amaibig couatry: and a visit ilMre, readiness for war. The military was particularly aa* hi tkis tiuM •{ ckaage, always quite visible; everywhere I went would be aa hicamparakle expcrleacc. JOHN GOLDMAN 1 uw soldiers, both men and women,

The foliawfaig I* aa article ky Jaba (toMman who participated-fai the tfTI

Deadline foe applications for the tour is Monday, February 4. Applicationa should IK made to EkJucation Directors Mwv ot the timt Omaha Synagpsuet, «r the Jewish Comnumity Cenier. Applications for other approved tours sponsored by Natiooal Jewish Youth organizations will alio be accepted.


JohnKallna PHOTOGRAPHER •17 Sowth S6th StrMt—34S-1044



Block and White

tMEMIfflMSHEffinS SATWDAT, JMtUAIT If MterocM Jr. LaogiM. t P JA., Londmarii Apt. V31 Wottorn aWMMMT, JAMUAITII J.C.$«ihKA<lulN HodMMh toord MMtlng. 9:30 AJM.. Swomofl Iferary TUOOAT. iAMUAIV » fionrnv WonMfi Mgubr M«*Hng kT, JAMUAVTIS J.C.C.OkiTiman. lOAJM. l««hEI V" •'fwi •'rilh lr*odb>*ak»n, Fir«<ki«, Noon munOAT, JANUAtT M I'noi aVMi Memky laguler MMting

Premier Golda Meir is Suffering from Shingles TEL AVIV, (JTA) Doctors attending Premier Golda Meir said that she was suffering from a viral ih(ection o( the nerve centers which produced an irritating skin condition commonly knoim as shingles. Her personal physician. Dr. E. Podkaminer-Radey, said Mrs. Meir was making a steady recovery and almost certainly will be able to resume her normal duties within a week's time. Although Premier Meir has been conTmed to bed for several days, no medical bulletin was issued laitil it became apparent that she was unable to attend Cabinet meetings or meet as

Israd Budgets for Oil Exploration TEL AVIV - The Israeli government has approved a budget of IL. 137 million to dig for oil, following favorable reports on the existance of new petroleum deposits in Israel by a team of geologists headed by Pnt. A. Ginsberg. It was also learned that the Finance Ministry is negotiating with a group of foreign investors who had expressed keen intemest in participating in the venture with capital and know-how.

scheduled with Secretary of SUte Henry A. Kissinger. Kissinger, however, called on the Pienilei at her home. Medical sources said Mrs. Metr's present condition resulted from complications following a bout of the flu she suffered two weeks ago. Shingtaa are not a serious illness but the condition causes discomfort and leaves scars and pains long after recovery. It is said to be most common in persons over 90. Mrs. Meir is 75.

Kahane Denied Knesset Seat • TELAVIV, (JTA) - Rabbi Meir Kahane, whose Jewish Defense League ticket failed to win enough votes for a single Knesset seat in the Israeli elections, said he wants his passport back so that he can return to the U.S. to warn Jews there of the dangers of "anti-Semitism and catastrophe's they allegedly face. Kahane's American passport was confiscated by the police last year after he was indicted on several criminal charges Including attempts to smuggle arms o|it of the country and incitement against the Arab population.

Kissinger to Present Plan to Egypt JERUSALEM, (JTA) The Israeli government authorized Secretary of ^te Henry A. Kissinger to present the Egyptian government a plan for the disengagement of forces at the Egyptian front. In addition, the Cabinet informed Kissinger tiMt Israel was willing to negotiate a similar disengagement of forces with Syria if it submits a list of Israeli priaonen of war and allows Uie Red Cross to visit them. Deputy Premier Ylgal Alkm, said the plan which would be presented to Egypt by Kissinger was one that

R. ai RL MM Hntail •xtand an opsn Invitation to o|l thsir rshitivas mi frisnds to ottand tha Bar Mifzvaliofthalrson fWUlf MAIfM OMHUN onSotvrdoy, JonMry 26,1974 atTanipltlMMl atnA.M.

look into account, with all settlement," Alkm said. The Israeli delegation fairness, the interests of both Alk>n said no connection brought up the cease-fire sides. "I believe that only an was made in the talks with vlolaUons by both Syria and agreement that would serve Kissinger t)etween Egypt, "in the most severe the interests of both sides, has disengagemeqt and an manner." It also demanded the prospects of being ac- overall settlement. "We the return of Israeli dead that cepted," he aald, but would stated that the remained in enemy territory. not elaborate on its details. disengagement of fSrces was AUon said that He also would not say , a target per se, and it is ob- disengagement, if achieved, whether Israel was making vious that the cease-fire woula not come in place of the concession with regard to the would continue, alongside Geneva talks but would thinning out of Egyptian with serious peace talks," he "prepare the ground for more forces on the east bank of the uid. fruitful talks in Geneva." Suez Canal. "We are not 3C 31= •U V, playing tactics. We are trying to achieve a very serious agreement which would make the cease-fire more solid and open new viatas for a peace

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Change of Address To change or correct an address, an addreas label from the most recent copy of the .^wish Press should be attached to the following rcsalls aor sn effective coupon, and the new or —osiveer aula ess us IUMQ ID7 ^ Thla year's foreign aid All correspondence relating appropriation biU contained some very good projects. The to subscriptions should be emergency assistance to accompanied by address Israel was one of the labels. Anyone receiving provisk>ns which I supported duplicate copies,of the Jewish and continue to support. But, Press should send in both as with all legislatkMi, the address labels. good points of the measure To; The Jewish Presa had to be balanced against 101 No. 20th St. the bad. Candidly, in my Omaha, Neb. NIGI. Judgment, the bad in this particular bill outweighed the Name In full good. New (or corrected) My colleague. Senator Sam Addreu Ervin of North, Carolina, during debate on the bill said that he wanted to vote for the Zip aidthree to Israel, but that he could not because of the other provisk>ns in the bill. In order to vote for aid to Israel he said, "I have to altow several billion dolUrs of other aid that I think is absolutely unjustified." Senator tvllaUilt«nualtai McCleUan and Allen expressed similar views. These By RABBI SAMUEL FOX were my feelings, as well. QUESTION: Why do many Later, during the debate there was discussion on Jews wash the hands three whether it would be within the times when washing for ritual rules of the Senate lo obtain a purposes? division on the bill so as to ANSWER: Some claim that enable Senators who favoHd the first lime removes the dirt aid to Israel but had serious or any matter which prevents reservations about other contact of water with the provisions in the bill, the' hands. The second time opportunity lo vote on the aid renders the hand spiritually to Israel question alone. fit to receive the water. The Unfortunately, there was no third time gives spiritual parliamentary move under purity to the hands, raising which a separate vote could the owner a step higher on the be obtained. Had there been a scale of spiritual perfection. wayg I would have voted for the aid to Israel apQUESTION: Why does propiiations. Rabbinic tradition require AA you may know, I did vole that the dead be buried with for the authorization of the their palms open insteaj^ of t2.2 billion with the hope that with clenched fisU? I would be able to support it in ANSWER: This tradition is the appropriations bill. Regrettably, as I have ex- baded on a statement in the plained, this was not possible. Midrash (Ecclesiates Rabbah The bill was presented lo us 5:21) which claims that when a man is bom his fists are on an all-or-nothing basis. I trust this information is clenched as if to say that he is responsive to the concern going lo grab everything he expressed in your column. I can in this world. Yet, whan believe my record of support he dies his hands are open to of the aspirations of Israel show that he takes nothing over the 21 years I have been with him from this world. In Congress speaks for itself. This is based on a verse in the Please let me IBIOW if I can Biblical book of Ecclesiates furnish additional in- (5:14) which claims that man "shall take away nothing for formation. Roman L. Hmska his labor." U.S. Senator, Nebraska

I lie eel it»r

I COMMUNITY SCHOOL we read wlUi intmr»^ both the editorial of Mickey Every writer dreams about Gerelick and Steve R1«IM' writing a "best seller." I've letter lo the editor regarding had some of those dreams, the luggettlon of cooitnicting and when I dream, 1 dream an educational bidldiflg on the big! grounda of the Jewiih If I ««re to write • "beat Community Center to be mcd seller," I would want It to be Jointly by all three something that wouldn't loae lynagoguei for their rellgkMi its popularity. There have ichools. been many "best sellers," but It is my pertonal view that only the Bible has the this suggeiUon is so sound disUnctioa of maintaining its that there could be no real top position through all opposition lo it. It makes good generations. sense both economically and religiously to have one cenThe obvioas answer was to tral location in the southwrite s new book for (be western part of the city to be > Bible. I thwighl about It, bat fby all 4ldB't kaow how to get lues for their started. nal purposes, And while I was dreaming, think of no greater Rabbi Leigh David Lemer of ' money than to build Mount Zion Temple in Minthree separate religious neapolis put his pen to the schools at three separate tasii. The result was one of the locatkms around the city, most unique pieces of writing especially when these I've seen in some time. It facilities will only be used appeared in the January 4 part time, poasib^y from 4 issue of the American Jewish until 7 o'clock four days a World, and was called "The week and from t until I on Famhie Was Sore" — A Sundays. Rcadtaig from the Book of ALBERT L.FELDMAN NUon. SENATOR IIRII8KA The foUowing excerpts are EXPLAINS VOTE from Rab^i Lemer's writing. My attention has been called to your "Sidelines" Lo! There was a famine column In the December 28 over all the face of the earth, issue of The Jewish Preii in and especially in the Land of which a question was raised the Russians. So Nixon about my vote on the foreign opened all the storehouses of aid appropriations bill which grain, and the wheat and the contained $2.2. billion for chaff flowed from west to Israel. east, and-^e Russians ate I appreciate this opand were satisfied. And lo! portunity to discuss that vote. The Russians paid IB cents for When the question of aid lo a loaf 0f bread, while in the Israel has been a separate Land of America shortages issue', apart from foreign aid, dealt harshly with the people, I have supported full and they paid 42 cents. economic and military Then, behold, the people of support. Last Fall, I joined America began to grumble with Senator Humphrey as a among themselves, saying, co-sponsor of a Senate why should we suffer for the Heaotutkin calling for the sins of the Ukraine? And they continued transfer of U.S. gathered unto themselves a Phantom aircraft to Israel. I Congress. was pleased lo do this as il Then the Congress began to was a reaffirmation of 25 inveitigale, and In the season yean of bipartisan foreign of warmth and fullness, they policy. met and said, "Nixon bath The (Hbtecl, of global dealt unwisely. See how foretgn sM has however, Isag Contfneatal Grain doth been of serious concern lo me. prosper, while the people pay Since IMS, the United Stales more and more." And the Has ipeat nearly tZSt billion Congress began to grumble, on foreiga aid. Most of this bnt the indictments did not has not l>ecfl bi the form of come down. loans or credits, but oatrlgbl graals. la many liluatlou It In 1948 the United Nations gave approval to the InterThen spake the Democrats. has produced neither good national Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the "See how Nixon doth rend us Crime and Genocide. Since that time, 75 nations have endorsed asunder with his Watergate." the Genocide Convention RaUftcatloa by the United SUtet Is But the President said not a long overdue. word. The people paid more PuMihsd waokly on Mdoy by The Senate has scheduled a vole on the measure for and more .but believed less Jtwtth Fsdarotion of Ontotia. January 23. Ratification has been recommended by the White and less. Mortioiar Grtontwg, House and by the Department of State. The long opposition by In the East was seen a Star Exacutivt Dirsctor the American Bar Association has been reversed. Mang^ Stonfonl liptey, Prttt senators are committed to adoption, however, ratification will and s Post, and they were Commlttas Cnalrmon newipaperi In Washington. require a two-thirds vole. Mrs. Robtrt Gsrtlick, Editor Liberty Lobby, The John Birch Society and oilier extremist * Deep was their faivestlgatlon, Mrs. Sidney Mirvish, Assistont groups are already barraging members of the Senate with 'and they discovered the truth. Mri. kvln C. Koiman, letters of opposition lo ratification. It is essential that the The Wster In the Gstc was Advsrtt'ting Monogar membefs of the Senate hear from those who support sore dirty, and the nation Swond a^u rof M9« P«M cried out under the burden, ratification. »MuoHtt iMlltng oHkM. The vote of Nebraska Senator Roman Hmsks could be "Investlgste." Then there Aimitl ti/htcrlpUan I7.M crucial to the outcom*. We urge that letters be sent Im- arose s prophet from the •i JMM rna b •• >MpaAb «v At mediately to Saaalsr UnMka. Mt Russell Balldbig. Sooth who knew the CoaIHINA W MI SM4MI « niilk^Ma. stitatioa. and bis name was fuiknSM one*: 101 N*. Mill H. WasbtaigloB, D.C. t«ll. asking his sapport lor ratltkaUoa of ErvlB. He spoke with s fall Om«lw.N«kr **l«1 fhti<»U7litt. the GcMcMe Caavealtaa.

Jewish Quiz Box

Genocide Convention

The Jewbk Pntt

heart, "See how (he people de suffer. See bow dirty Is the Water hi the Gate. VerUy, we will find tratb aad righteousaesi." So a committee was called in Congress, and Ervin presided thereover, and the nation watched by day and by night. And the nation heard and was vexed. The Water in the Gate was dirty. And there arose from the nation an outcry against the President, but he spoke not a word, nor was he indicted. Then the heat of summer grew strong, and people could not stand it. They turned from their televisions to their vacations, but all was not well, for the gas tanks were hungry in the land. The Chief of the many oil tribes of America conspired together and said, "Cdme, let ua deal wisely with each other. Let us create a small oil shortage so that we may reap a profit thereby." And they turned down the volume of tlieh refineries and reaped a handsome hicreaie in prices. And the people of the Land of America paid 40 cents for regular, yet a mb-acle happrncd, and they drove thouiands of miles on ten galiona a day. Bnt no indictments came down. And just as the last leaves of summer began to turn thrown, a horrible blight fell upon the land, and he was called the Vice President, whose name was Agnew. Behoia, he was a brave man, who called many people names, especially the television networks. But the blight grew worse, and all the nation knew that something was rotten in the State of Maryland. So the Attorney General journeyed with the Vice President an hour's drive, and Behold, an indictment came (Jown a^ he proved tax evasion and collusion was the Vice President's lot, and strict judgment was rendered, yea, the strictest judgment in the Land. And to! Agnew went out of office. But the President was a blameless and upright man and kept his lilence. He woald not turn over the tapes, bnt he would fire his Attoraey GenersI and his most special Watergate prosecutor because they deaH honestly with him. And when the nation hesrd sf the firing, there was a jnlghty crash on the Street of the WaU In (he City of New York, and the stocks came a-tambllBf down. In the mi&of the outcry was heard a roar from the east, the sound of war between the Children of Israel

and the Sons of the Egyptian*, and it was a horrible battle. The battle raged fair long, and lo! six days passed and there was no end. Then the Children of Israel struck a mighty blow with an outstretched arm and a Phantom Jet, and they began to go down to Cairo. But the President's Minister,. named Kissinger, called out to Moaes: "Thou ahalt not cross over this lOlat kilometer, or thou wilt flight akme next time." And liie Moses known as Dayan trembled and ceased hii fighting. Then the Sons of the Egyptians declared a great victory and celebrated it by sending food to their Third Army, vacationing behind Israeli lines. The President's Minister flew hither and yon, crossing the Jordan many times, and he was called a peacemaker. Yet the sons of Esau would not be still, and they did cut the oil supply of Jh* wortd. Then did speak the chiefs of the oil tribes of America, saying "You see how sore is the famine of oil? And we did not create it." And then did speak the sons of Neville Chamberlain and the sons of Hitler anS the sons of Vichy, France and the sons of Hirohito, and they did favor the cause of the Egyptians, but still the sons of Esau did dry up the oil in the Persian Gulf. In the meantime, the blameless and upright Nixaa had got himself an iacompelent secretary, and she did erase all that was good In the eyes of the Judge that sst upon the special tape recordhigs. The people of the Land of America were in wonderment, for they did not understand how such a grievous error could have been made. But the President, Mr. Nixon, was not silent, and in the House of White on the Avenue of Pennsylvania In the District of Columbia was heard the beginning of Operation Candor. But the people did not believe. So all the world began to suffer sorely form the famine. The Children of Europe and Asia could bum no oil, the Children of Israel could not end their mobilization; the people of the Land of America had no gas, no bread, ndf meat, nor paper, nor trust in the President. And so It happened that hi the Sth year of the reign 9l Nixon there were many famines, but the greatest shortsge of all was a shortage of JasUce.

dejv mtmies iiemi^ft* section ri^ •


fiepoftsMade to Steering Committee

Local Needs Campaign Moiiws - Under Uie chairmanship of Stan Encman, the Local Needi Campaign Team met Suhday, January 13, to finalixe plans (or the local campaign. DM

SpecWNodce DES MOINES - A special notice in accordance with the Articles and By-Laws of the Federation has been mailed to the Board of Governors and will be presented at the January 24 Board meeting. One objective of the revision is to malce the By-laws and Articles compatible.

Mr. Engman noted that during the hrael Emergency, De* Moines leadership made a decision to conduct two campaigns: The Israel Bncrfency Campaign which was hdd immediately and a Local Needs Campaign to take place in the early spring of l>74. Mr. Engman commented that the community did a "marvelous job" in meeting the October crisis. The Israel Needs Campaign raised approximately li.MO.OOO. He further stated, "Now in March we must raise money

to operate our local agencies which provide irreplaceable services to our community." Engman expressed confidence that Oes Moines Jewry will meet the local needs of $334,000 as they met the needs of Ivael in October Participants in the planning meeting included: Harlan Hockenberg, president of the Federstioo; Dr. Glen Pumell, Campaign co-chairman; Judy Rubin, Women's Division chairman; Marty Waldinger, Marty Pidgeon, Harold Pidgeon, Jim Marcovis, Dsvid Bear and Al Winick, team capUins.

Women's Federation Purposes Reviewed Mtrines - On Thursday, January 10, the Women's Federation met *l the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stan Isaacson. Mrs. Lois Copple. newly elected president of the Federation, welcomed the new members to the board and reviewed the purposes of die Women's Federation. , Mrs. Copple said that the Women's Federation brings Jewish women together twice « year for educat^pnal and Mxial events. The Federation also helps welcome new people to the community; handles student hospitality for holidays and represents the Jewish community when called upon. The Women's Federation serves as the central gathering of all representative organizations so they operate in harmony, and provides ieaderifaip (or the Women's UJA and Local Needs Campaigns JDB»

Mr*. Copple pcwantad a review of the last meeting of the Board of Governors. She said that women should t>e better informed and that she will continue to report Federation board meeting

action at the meetings o( !be Women's Federation. A May meeting for the purpose of coordination of activities of the various arganixations is planned by the Women's Federation.

RabM UlyveU

Federation Annual Meet This Sunday De* Malaes — RabM Artkar Leiyveld pittared above wiU be the gocit speaker al tie aaaaal meeting of UM Jcwbh Welfare Federation to be held Sandsy, January 2* al S p.m. al Ttferelh Israel Syoagogae. Tke meeting agenda will iaelade a CAC Pregrei* Report, a report by tke PresUeol sad a taail to all presldeats of Des Moiaes Jewish orgsBkatiMS.

Des Moines -^ On Tuesday, January B, Lil Carson, Executive Dtrecior of. the Jewish Family Services, 'presented her views to the CAC Steering Committee. Mrs. Carson echoed the need for (amily programing and a more coordinated Federatioa. At ttie same meeting Tim Urban preilbtcd the report of tbe^udy o( the future o( the Des Moines Jewish communily by the Young

family Misskm Backfivm/sraef Def Moines — The Bureau of Jewish Education Family Mlsskm to Israel returned last week. ReporU Indksate that the group had memorable experiences seeing the country and talking with the people. Among other things, they h(d an opportunity to visit the Golan Heights and speak with aoUiers on the (ront. During Die visit the group distributed a number of packages which they brought with them from Des Moines.

Des Moines Men Elected Members Of UJA Young Leadership Cabinet Des Moines - Gary Rubig, Ron Daniela and Martin Waldinger of Des Moines have been elected members of the 1974 United Jewish Appeal Young Leadership Cabinet, it was announced by Dr. Allan Pollack, Chairman of the Young Leadership Cabinet. In making the announcement. Dr. Pollack said, "These aea have shews the level of iuplred com-

l\icf)(anl)^arU a^GANT1,2.'3, and 4 bedroom apartments available now. From »166.








nltaieat to theta- people that hss come to be UM lr|demark of tke Yoaag Leadership CsMaei, aad we welcesse then ai aew aad valMd nerabcrs." The Young Leadership Cabinet of the United Jewish Appeal is made up of a group of men between the ages of 2S and 40 in training for future

DesMomes Calendar

leadership role* in the American Jewish Community. Itp* Daalels has served oo the United Jewish Appeal Young Leadership Cabinet since Iil70and is a member of the Joint Diatributlon Committee. He is presently Urge Gift Chairman and a former co-chairman of the Pacesetter DlvUlon of the Jewish Welfare FederatkM of Dea Moines. Gary Rabin is Associste Chairman of the Cabinet. In

Sasday, Janaary M Center Basketball League Federation Annual Meeting 8:00 p.m. Tlfereth Israel Qiitibouse Dea Moines — Tbc De* Msaday, Jaaaary 31 t.'M Des Moines Chapter Moines Chapter of ORT (OrganitatloD (or Hadaasab Board Meeting 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Rehabilitation through Tlfereth Israel Women's Training) invites the community to join them for League Board meeting 12:00 Steering Committee .services, Friday, January 25 Meeting Lunch Jewish It Tilereth Irael Synagogue at I p.m. Welfare FederatMo Office Avrihim Slerallckt, a U:30 B'nai B'rlth Women gradaatc of ORT Netaaya, Luncheon Meeting U:4» ORT Board Meetii^ win speak aa Us experieaee* Home of Judy Blank Ttaaday, Jaaaary ZZ 10:00 - All Day 'Hfereth Uriel Women's League Planning Conference "Evening at the Pops" RMTORAMTI Temple B'nai Jeshurun Sisterhood wnuunoiuicuaMi Tbarsday, Jaeaary 14 1:00 Board of Governors 2400lii«aneli Meeting Temple B'nai Jeshurun

Leadership Group. He said that the group was committed to the goal of enriching Jewish Identideation and discussed various means to achieve that end. On Monday, January 21, Lou Williams, former Executive Director of the Jewish Community Center, will present his thoughts to the Steering Committee.

4970, he was Chairman of the Des Moines Jewish Welfare Federation Campaign and Israel Emergency Fund. Mr. Rubin is a member of the National Council of (he Joint Distribution Committee and the NJCRACCommission on Equal Opportunity. A past chairman of many fund raising divisions of the Des Moines, Jewish Welfare federation, MaMia Waldiagcr Is presently Chairman of the United Campaign Company Drive.

A. Stemiicht Will Speak About Israel ORT Schools wtU the ORT scheato in Israel. Mr*. Louis Barniish, president of the Oes Moines chapter and Mmes. Ted Feinberg, Timothy Urban and Barry Pidgeon, ORT Board members, wUI alao participate in the service. An Oneg Shabbat prepared by ORT memt>ers will follow lervicc*.


U. Cal. Lagnme

Israeli Visitors Are Expected Des Moines — On January 31 and February 1, Lt. Col. Shula Lagume will be visiting Des Moines. She is currently on leave from her post in the Israeli army as Senior 0((icer in charge o( manpower. A program is being prepared to make her available to the community. In the last week o( February, Shmuel Schnitzer, ^ a renowned Israeli journalist (senior writer (or Ma'arlv), will be in Des Moines as a icholar-in-residence (or one week. Hie brad Task Force is planning a program so that he will be available to large numbers of Des Molnei> residents.

SHUKBtrS KOSHER MEATS OEMmaiM: Don't be without meat during the energy crisis. We can ship meat to you by truck or t>us; in group or individual orders. A simple collect call to 1402) 568-8486, and your meat problems are over. We are by law able to ship Interstate because we are a government inspected meat plant. (Est. 2317.)


IW Donor to Be 'No Party Tea Party' Om«h» - The Omaha 'Section of the Kxttonx) Counctt of JewUh Women wlU hoW I "N. P»rty Tea Party" . during January. ALL

f«a4t, W K per •r fl* far SfMM


iW §» Umu4

MpPMlIng CoaacU'i Camr ta-tttc V>i««HyHaa4l«a>pe<. The camp ii held annually at the Either K. Newman Camp. Coun<!il memberi have each received a lea bag, with (he MiggesUon that tbey "ait down, relax and have a cup of tea, compliment* .jLjAt

Harry Friedman and Bride Will Tour Israel, Europe Unooin - MiM Judy Mania of UM Angeles, Calif, became the bride of Harry Friedman, December 16 at the Bel Air Hotel, LM Angdes. Mr*. IsabeUe Mania of Lot Angele* and Mr. Nate Mania of Fond du Lac, Wli. are parenU of the bride. Mr. and Mri. David Friedman of Prairie Village, Kantaa, formerly of Omaha and Uncoin, are the bridegroom'i parents. The bridegroom's stater.

Mrs. Stan Schrier of Uncoin served as Matron of Honor; Stan Schrier was an usher; Jeff Schrier served u candlelighter; Jill and Julie Schrier were In charge of the guest book. Mr. and Mrs. Stan Schrier of Uncoin and their three children, Jeff, Jill and Julie were out of town guests. After a weddhig bip to Israel and Europe, the newlyweds wUI live at «t>0 Overland, Culver aty, Galif.

Simon Gaiter, Rabbi Mark Bisman gave a Hadaasah Ufe Membership book review entitled, Xliairman has added two • WW u 'Israel's Social Structure and wnes to the life roster, Mrs Mrs. Cb ange," a collection of Robert of Columbui, Neb .and >^i 'essays on sociological, Dana Michelle Ga \t»rf political pol and economic daughter of Mr. and Mrs 0rot>lems in Israel. Paul Gaiter. A dessert luncheon proceeded the meeting. The US.Y. Chapter of ^ „ ^ ^ «, . Lincoln will present its first The South areet Temple dinner-theater, Sunday, Sisterhood held iU regular January 20 at S :30 p.m. in the luncheon meeting, January •. Tifereth Israel Social Hall. Mrs. Norman Levy and , A spaghetti dinner will be committee hosted the lunwrved and a one act play cheon. under the direction of Charles Kuba will be performed. Alan Sands, a lentor at All profits from the dinner Arizona State University, was jrill go towards the Uncoin one of the 700 students who Oooctave which will be held in auditioned lor producerFebruary. director Tom Laughlin last Reservations and checks spring and won a role in the (riiould be sent to Lynne sequel to the movie "Trial of <Botsdiner, 6M1 Rexford Dr. Billy Jack". before January U. ReserAn acUve ASU student. vatkns are II .so for adiits, II Sands Is a member of the ASU IM- efaUdren under 12. Senate and Fine Arts Council; Young Student Alumni A special service honoring Board; president of Devil's new members of the South Advocates (goodwill amStreet Temple Congregation bassadors for the university); will be held Friday, January State Pren Advisory Com15 at S p.m. Rabbi Robert mittee and Valley Big Kaiser will conduct the Brothers. When he graduates •ervice. in spring. Sands hopes to make a profession in (Urn i' A recent party was held by work. the Temple Youth Group at the home of Rabbi Robert Klkwr Plans were made for Wot Uncoln-Omaha Youth pat pugh's poup programs, beginning in ^nuary. Hadaasah held an open Iboard meeting Tuesday, ifoouary IS at Tifereth Israel •ocUIHall [ Lincoln Chapter of IJIadassah has proclaimed ^nuary »i "Israel Month" [ In keeping with this theme,

Mi882oob To Be Wed

Omaha Section National CauncU«( Jewish Women. As you lake your 'tea breaic' and dip your tea bag, also dip into your purse for your checkbook." Thoae who have not yet been contacted are asked to call Donor Chairmen, Mrs. Normand Hoffman, 333-1222, Mrs. A. Nepomnick. 3»3-1433 or MrsTBemard Hockenberg, SS8-<71t by January ». Mrs. Stephen Penner and Mrs. Sidney Novak are camp chairmen.

1034 So. 741)) nsa


The bride elect is presently attending the University of Nebraska at Uncoin and is majoring in Elementary Education. Her fiance, son of Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Wadleigh, is a first year dental student at the University of Nebraska at Uncoin. An August wedding at Temple Israel is planned.

Miss Lynne Cherniack Will Be May Bride Omaha — Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Cherniack announce the engagement of their daughter, Lynne C, to William Lewis Bridgman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Elliott Bridgman of Minneapolis, MlnneaoU. The bride-elect, granddaughter of Mrs. Nathan RivUn and the late Nathan Rivkin of Minneapolis, is currently employed in the advertising department of Carson Pirie Scott snd Company in Chicago. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma where she earned a B.A^degree in Fashion Art, Miss'Chemiacfc was a 1M7 Aksarben princesa. She is a member of the Chicago Junior League. Her fiance is associated

with Standard Oil Co. of Indiana. A graduate of Princeton University where h. earned his A.B. degr«e in

Omahans In the News Charles I. Scudder, Attorney at Law, has returned to private practice at m Farm Credit BulMing.

Campus Marc Delman was named to the Dean's List at the University of Missouri at Columbia, Mo. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lofi Delman.




REED DAVIS CO. 568-2300

Economics, Mr. Bridgman received his M.B.A. degree from Harvard Business School. A May 27 wedding in -Omaha is planned.


397 7U0

74th and Pscilic SB


Miss Lynn Schneider To Wed M. Bemstien Omaha — Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schneider announce the engagement of their daughter Lynn Ann to Mark S. Bemsden, son of Mr; and Mcs. Gerald W. Bernstlen, of Omaha. The bride elect Is a graduate of the University of Iowa where she was an affiliate of Alpha EpsUon Phi Sorority, and Mortar Board National Scholastic Honorary. She is presently teaching in the Council Bluffs Public School System. Her fiance is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Uncoin, where he was a member of Sigma Slpha Mu Fraternity, and is a junior at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine in Omaha. Miss Schneider is the granddaughter of Mr. Abe Schneider and the late Mrs. Schneider of Omaha and the late Mr. and Mrs. Herman Krauae of Council Bluffs. Her fiance's grandparents are Mr. Dave Bemstien and

Miss Lynn Ann Schnek|er the late Mrs. Bemstien of Omaha and Mr. and Mrs. William Wintroub of Omaha. A June 30 wedding is planned.

Old Timers' Review By Sam Zweiback The regular meeting of the Jewish Community Center's Old Timer's group was held Wednesday, January 9 in the Social Hall of the Beth EI Synagogue. In spite of the bitter temperature, 70 atlOTdM. Our "schmoosing" seuion began at >0 a.m. and at 11 a.m.; the Israeli film show got under way. These films have been so popular, that we are now getting requests to show many of them again. At noon, Mollie Delman and Lucille White, so ably assisted by Beraice Kaimani Sheila Anderson, Ula Jacoby, Ruth Levine, Bertie. Laiar, Marion Lazarus and Ula Uttz, prepared and served a dellck>us fried chicken lunch. Dessert at this meeting was a huge Birthday Cake honoring our December birthday boys. Mazal tov to Lou Asbyll, Iz and Joe Bernstein, Saul Suvalsky, Marvin Treller, Sam Freed, Dave Hahn, Nate Marcus, Max Magid, Harry DuBoff and David B. Cohn. A brief business meeting

#•• fKf llNi^iM jOMCffaai Of

BAR AND BATMITZVAH INVITATIONS .-.. Of4»t Taurt Ta4«yl • Pfrsaaalxad Stationtry • nMk Taa Nates MatdMf • Waddtaftovitations


A Distinctive Ski & Tennis Shop

Omaha.- Mr. and Mra. Seymour Zooi> announce the engagement of their daughter, Barbara Ann Zoob to Srocory Anthony Wadleigh.


was conducted by president Jae Rice who then presented delayed Chanuka gifts to our very lovely Volunteer girls.. Thank you again, girls, for helping to make this group to successful. Three new members have joined our greup. Stanley Fisk, Julius Froom and Keith Peltz. Welcome, gentlemen, its a pleasure to have you with us. Unfortunately, Cantor Aaron Edgar, who was supposed to have entertained us was suffering from the flu. Instead, Hy Tabachnick, Director of the Jewish (immunity Center showed some beautiful sUdes of the New Jewish Community Center building which is so close to becoming a reality. Our next meeting will be held Wednesday, January 23 in the Beth El Synagogue social hall. Guest speaker will

be Rabbi Isaac Nadof f of Beth Israel Synagogue who has just returned from a three week visit to Israel and wilf speak on his "Insights Into Israel Today". It would be appreciated very much by Mollie and her crew if you would phone in your reservations to Karen at the Center, 342-1368.

YAD Calendar Saturday, January I 8:30 p.m.— Dance. Mualc by "Rock n' Roll Revival '74". Thomasville Apts. Qubhouse, 99th and Q. $2per person. Sunday, January 26 II a.m. — Brunch meeting. Fern Sperling, 918 Regency Parkway. RSVP 391-1826. Wednesday. January 30 7:30 p.m.- Basketball:Kings vs. Knicks. For tickets call Rich Pearl, 558-94SS before 4 p.m. daily.




Boneless Beef (MM Steaks m^f^mi uM.lS StailitorM Chops



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Leal GnMnl Beef

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Best Koslier Salami mmnMMt)


Call for UppolHtmant 59S-S1V7 S7S3 toward St.




aetivitio* SERVICES: Friday: Sabbath evening service* (:15 p.m. Fallowing the worship ,^service an "If you ask me" session will be held in the Temple Social HaU. Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks and Rabbi Barry L. Weinstein and the congregants will discuss "What Rabbis Thlok a( aad with Each Other." Both Rabbis have Just relumed from the meeting of the Midwest Association of Reform Rabbis and will cover reflections on the meeting. Musical portions of the worship service will l>e by the Tennple Choir under the direction of Miss Ida GitJin. There will t>e a Sabbath Coffee Hour. Saturday: '/ _BARMITZVAIi8 bANIEL BirCHALTER. son of !Mr. and Mn. Arthur G. ^HiDCock. will become a Bar Mitzvah at the services. Saturday, January 19. The Bar Mitzvah of PlllhLIP GINSBCRG. son of Mr. and Mn. Robert Cinsburg. will be celebrated at the services, Saturday, January 26. fOL'PLES- CLUB Temple Israel Couples' Club will hold a Serendipity Supper at 7:30 p.m.. Saturday. January 19 in the Temple Social Hall. Special attraction will be the singing of Israeli Folk songs with Gail Verling leading the singing. MEN'S CLUB ^ Temple Men's Oub will hold Breakfast with the Rabbi on Sunday, January 20 at 10 a.m. Guest speaker Howard Weinstein. Plains States Regional ,Director of B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation League will speak on "AniiSeniitism and the Energy Crisis." Members and guest will be welcome. STUDY CROUP Coffee with the Rabbi will • be held Wednesday. January »23 at 10 a.m. Rabbi Barry L. Weinstein ^will lead this discussion


Pulverente Monumeiit Co. Sahftuhky)

35 Ywn' Exparianc* With Jewish lettering and Mmnonals




SERVICES: FrMay: Traditional Evening Services (Kabalat Shabbat) « p.m. Uile Friday evening Family services will be conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff and Cantor Edward Berhovits at 8:15 pjn. Saturday: Morning Service: 8:« p.m. conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff and Cantor Edward Berfcovits. Talmud Class will be conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff at S:30 p.m. followed al 6:00 p.m. by Mincha, Sholash Sudos and Maariv.

SERVICES: FrUay: Sabbath Eve Service* in the Sanctuary at 8:15 p.m. Rabbi Myer S. Kripte will deliver the sermon. Cantor Chaim Najman will conduct the musical service.

SERVICES: FrMay: 8 p.m Conducted by lUbM Robert Kaiwr.

SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. Saturday: Morning Services, 9 a.m. Jr. Congregation, 10 ».m. Sunday:

•nffUin aub, 9 sjn.


Morning Service: 10 a.m. Mincha Maariv Service: 6 p.m. Sunday: • a.m.

SERVICES: Dally: Ssiurday: 9 a.m. Service* at 7 a.m. and 7 Sunday: 9 a.m. p.m. , Both services will be conducted by Mr. Sam Sacks. BAR MITZVAH ROBERT CHAPMAN, soh of Mr. and Mrs. David Sunday: Chapman, will become a Bar Morning Service: 9 a.m., . Mitzvah at the services followed by breakfast and the Friday evening, January 25 .fiabbi's class on the Book of and Saturday m^ *Genesis. January 30. Daily: Services at 7 a.m. and 6 p m. PLAQUK DEDiCA'nON Plaques which have been added to our Memorial Board during the past year will be dedicated at this week's service. These include plaques in memory of: Chai Bloom, Nathan Bloom, Mordechai Bittner, Liba Malka Bittner, Sam Bloom, Lillian Brown, Max Chasen. Harry Cooperman. Jake Chorney, Lilly Fedman. Rebecca Feldman, Anna Garrop, Elaine Phyliss Goldberg, David Goldslen, Sadie Greenberg, Tobias Greenberg, Jacob Habler, Rebecca Habler, Fred Hahn, Maurice Karpen, Bernard Kaufman, Adolph Kohn, David Kolnick, Hershell Kolman Kaplan, Tsipa Kaplan, Michael Kukawka, Sara Rifka Kukawka, Harry Kutler, Kuntzie Kutler, Jake Kutler, Pearl Lazer, Edith Leichook. Maurice Lipsman, Hershel Magzamin, Zorach M agza m in, Fannie Magzamin, Herman Mann, Bessie Martin, Irving Parilman, Sam Poster, Lena Priesman. Nathan Rodick, David Schwalb, Herman I. Segelman, Bertha Shafer, Belle Siegel, Anne Ruth Silverman, Edward Simon, Sarah Slobodisky, Rae Soklyn. IsadoreSorkin, Albert Steinberg. Ida Stoller, Eliyohu Stoller, Benjamin Telpner, Zelda Waxenberg, Sam A. Wine and Etty Wolk. B'NOT -TORAH The next meeting of B'not Torah «vill be held Tuesday, January 22, in the Synagogue Social HaU. Coffee is at 12:30 p.m. and the claas is dt 1:00. Rabbi Isaac Nadoff will conUnue his discussions of "Giauts a( JudalsM."

U.S.V. Overall co-chairmen for Beth El Synagogue annual Purim Carnival who are USY members are: Robbie Pred and Beth Kaplan. The subcommittees and their chairmen include: raffle, David Duitch, Steph Seldin; publicity, Sandra Epstein, Nancy Hoffman; food, E^lie Colick, Steph Klein, Tina Render: decorations: booth, Steve Kaplan, Laurie Gould, door. Rifka Grossinger, VicU Cohen: booths, Doug Wolfson. Murray Kutler, Andy Berg; prizes, Larry Cohen, Susie Wintroub and Brian Berg. The theme for the carnival is, in the words of Theodor Herzl "Dreams and actions aren't so far apart as often thought." The carnival will be held Sunday, March 3 at Beth El Synagogue from li :30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

.TrHayi-Tamiry Sabbatli service, 8 p.m. Guest speaker will be Rabbi Julian I. Cook, Director of Union Camp Institute, Zionsville, Indiana. He will speak on "What May We Offer Our VoalhT" An Uneg Shabbat will /iillow. SISTERHOOD Sisterhood has planned a "Laiy day at the Temple" for Tuesday, January 22 beginning al 10:30 a.m. No formal program ha& been planned and members are asked to plan their own activities eg. bridge, sewing etc. Sisterhood members should call their Circle Chairmen for reservations.

DR. ISA RIPS Funeral services were held In Kanu* City, Mo. for Dr. Isa Ripi, formerly of Omaha, who died in Kaniai City,

n^rwnhwa. am. ^



grdctully ockowladgM )h« conlribulioni and cord tent in OKprvftiion of tyn

Kthy In tn* loti ol ih lov«d hutbond. lath

Survivors are: wife, Mary, Kansas City, Mo.; sons, Carlyle Harris and Bruce Soma, W. Germany; 5 grandchildren; cousins, Aaron juid Eather Rips. MAE MIRMELSTEIN Funeral services were held Monday, January 14, 1974 for Mae° Mirmelstein, 4851 BhHido. Interment was at GoMen Hill Cemetery. Survivors are: husband, Jack; brothers, Keith Peitt, Omaha, Morris Peltz, Chicago; sisters, Mrs. Arthur Gendler, Omaha, Mrs. Rhoda Guggenheim, Omaha. ERWIN EISENBERG Funeral services were held Friday, January 11, 1974 for Erwin Eisenberg, 675 Dillon Dr. Interment was al Beth El Cemetery. Survivors are: wife, Bella; son, Robert, Omaha; brothers, Ted, Omaha, Akeba, Vienna; Oscar, Vienna; sister Mrs. Irene Komer, Vienna. MATUAMjeGUBL Funoral fervices wefe held Sunday, January 13, 1974 for Nathan Seglin of 7329 Grant Street who passed away January 11. Burial was at Golden Hill Cemetery. Survivors are: wife, Sylvia; daughter, Mrs. Michael Mogil, both of Omaha; son, Steven, Lincobi, Nebraska; sister, Mrs. Tillie PtotUn; 1 grandchild.

Wn. WtmlfttI

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Friday: 8:15 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. Sunday: 9 a.m.

Curd •< Ttimli* To all our rolotiv** lrimnd%—th« tomily ot



ARTHUR WALKER, OnMiar f9\*m Mi-an*

Sabbath Candio Lighting PRIOAY, JANUARY It, MM ^JA. raiDAT, JANUARY 25. «I11 ^JM.

SERVICES: Saturday: Morning Services: 8:45

a.m. Sunday: Morning Services: 8 a.m.

i II

Benediction for Kindling Sabbath Lights: FrMay: 8 p.m. Saturday: 9:30 a.m. Torah Study Lesson. Sunday: Morning service, 8:30 a.m.




I I I I '•

W* dmp^rmtmiy nacrf oMs and Mids of glass-1 wwa. brk-«-bnK, MSIMS, ^ts and pans, worfc-1 Itif aapllatKas, dethlna on hangarsl Wa can-' net afford a pickup trwck. Thank you for bring-1 ina ins o contributions to O«K stora — it's doduct



Borukh Atah Adonoy Eloheinu AAelekh Hoolom, Asher Kideshonu Bemitzotav Vetzivonu Lehadlik Ner She! Shabbat. (Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord, Our God, King of the Universe, Who sanctifies lis by His Commandments and has commanded us to kindle the Sobbath lights.)

This Service Presented as a Courtesy by


oaiAHA sinnifas AND LQANASSOCIiaKM atlKnil itin 4 Hirnay 14t.7t;o trth t WMI Oodg* n<ud ttttioo *)n S 24insi. riiKJMO

Tlw jMnP) PiMi

DAVID BLVMBERG (le(l> Intematloiul Preildmt ot B-nal B'rtUi, b gneUi by M. C. Howard Kaflow at Ibe ColdeB Aanivenary DlnnA- of AZA hcM at the Omaha Hilton Hotel lait gatarday evenlag. Special tribwtt wat nM >• <ormtr Omaban ..amm. Baftir. IMMMT M IM AZA yaau MnrMienL OiBcr MghHgMa af Ika awiliglrtiitol witifii ly lia Onahaa PMllp M. Khiiiakk. a r»*t ial««aU«ul prcddaal o( B'ul B-rtth.

HOtDINftTHB OIUOINAL CHARTER Of AZA. tMne «(the ebarter mambtn o( tbc flnt AZA cbaptcr eaUbUihed in Omaha ^ yean agttare pictared above at tke AZA AaBlvaraary dinner last Saturday. Pictured rrom left, Harry J- Freed. Sam Beber, Milie Frcemaa, Itadore ElewUi. Max Givot, Harry Wise 8r., Lcooard Herman, B«n Kailow, IWVM Bc6er, SidMy Schlffer, Jerome Dlamaod. Harry Sldman and Abe Friedman.

Omaha Organizations OMAHA CHAPTER PIONEER WOMEN Omaha chapter of Pioneer Women will hold a meeting IHieaday, January 22 at 8 p.m at the home of tin. Phil Schwartz, 1304 No. 4Mh Ave, 511MM. Mn. Herman Manheimer, V program chairman, ha» announced that the program will be on "Abraham Lhicaia - JaiUce la Ibe Right." The meeting will alto «mphaiize Pioneer Women's Solidarity MiMkm to Israel, February 7 for IS or 22 days. Further information may be obtained by calling Mrs. Phil Grad, 317-lMl Calendar* ihould be changed to ihow that the Child Rescue Dinner will be held Sunday, Februiry 24 at 5:30 p.m. MIZRACHi JUNIOR LEAGUE The Mizrachl Junior League will hold a meeting, Saturday, January 19 at S p.m. at the Landmark, Hrd and Weitem.

Rabbi and Mrt. Isaac Nadoff and Mr. and Mrs: Morris Ruderman will discuss their recent Visits to Israel. A hot sandwich supper at 12 per person, will be served. Reservations may be made by calling Sheri Cutler, SSt2299 or Georgia Ann Steinberg, SSa-Stl3. OMAHA HA0AS8AH BOARD MEETING The board of the Omaha Chapter of Hadassah will meet Monday, January 21 at 9:30 a.m. at the Swanaon Library. Plans will be completed for the January 30 chapter meeting at which Ume, Rabbi Myer S. Kripte will review a new biography of Israeli heroine, Hannah Senesch, "Haaaah Seaesch, Her Ltfe aad Dtory" translated by Marts Cohn. The chapter meeting will be held at Beth El Synagogue social hall following a 12:30 p.m. luncheon. HADASSAH ONEG 8HABBAT The 7th Grade Young Judea

group will entertain at the Hadassah Oneg Shabbat at the Dr. Philip Sher Home to be held Saturday, January 2«, at 2 p.m. Mrs. -Joe Sokolott is chairman. JiCWMH WAR VETERANS EPSTEIN MORGAN POST The Epstein Morgan Post 260 of the Jewish War Veterans sponsored a variety show at the Omaha Veterans Hospital for patients and their guests Wednesday, January 16 at 2 p.m. M.C. was Iz Lewis. JC OLDTIMERS The next meeting of the JC Oldtimers will be held Wednesday, January 23 at Beth El Synagogue social hall beginning at ID a.m. Rabbi Isaac Nadoff of Beth Israel Synagogue will be the guest speaker. All retired and semi-retired business and professional men are invited to attend.

SPOTLIGHT ON YAO: It was early in 1973.that Gary Aron, a Califomian attending Medical School here, spearheaded the effort to revive and breathe new life into the single young adult community. The re-emerging group needed a new name, hence Y.A.D., which stands for the Young Adult Division of the Omaha Jewish community. In its first year of existence, Y.A.D. has firmly esUblished itself as an organization whose popularity is attributable to the creative and innovative programming devek>ped by its "steering committee". The rosier includes about 250 men and women between the ages of 18 and 35. The programs on the


COUNaL THRin SHOP 623 South 24lh S«r««t Th« Council Thrift thop nm»*» i«»n» of elotbIng, toys, IIMM. brk-a-krac onrf kitctMnwar*. Call for pidi-up mt th» Cowncli Thrift ihop • M1-324*. (D«w to onorgy critis. It weuW bo • help If you couM 4np off your own contributions.)

LET BOB LOHRAAAN AND JOHN HLAVACEK AND SARAH LOHRAAAN Help You With All Your Travel Plans .,. Domestic or International

Pro€—6a go to lupport both our local community and Itraol projoctt. Rsckkrooli VHIoge Sliopping Ctnttr


drawing board for the year ahead include: inter-city getto-gethers with other Jewish singles from Minneapolis,^ Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis, etc., skiing and camping trips; tours of places of interest in and around Omaha; trips to shows and plays in Omaha and other cities in the Midwest; dianer nights and nature hikes; sleighrides and hayrides; cruises and horseraces; programs of Jewish arid general interest; service projects in the Jewish and general community; and much, much more. If you are a Jewish single young adult and have not yet taken advantage of this excellent opportunity to meet other young Jewish singles and get into the swing of things, how about giving it a try? For firsthand information about Y.A.D. and what you and Y.A.D. can do for each other, call Rick Abramson (553-6912), Sue Chapman (331 2612), Rich Pearl (S58-945S), Deb! Abrams (393-6990), or me at the Center (342-1366). See you at Y. A. D !'.! SENIOR HIGH BOWLERS: Thirty participants are needed to launch the proposed Center Teen Bowling League. Those interested in organizing a (een men's and women's, or coed, bowling league are asked to send in

the bottom portion of the flyer I sent you last week. TUTORING SERVICE The Youth Department is interested in developing a Student Tutoring Service that would enable high school students proficient in specific acadetnic areas to tutor their peers as well as students in junior high and elementry grades. I would like to hear from teens interested in organizing and participating in this service. Applicants for tutorial positions will need recommendations from their guidance counselors and teachers (in the specific subject area they want to tutor). Let me hear from you soon acto your desire to tutor or be tuli)red. 1174 YOUTH CAMPAIGN REPORT Diane Zipursky, '74 Youth Campaign chairman, reports that the total amount of pledges for this year's campaign Is approaching the $7,000 mark. That's more than double last year's total! There 'are still 'several individuals who have not as yet shown their support for Israel Jewish community by making •' their pledge to the '74 Youth Campaign. Don't wait 'til you are called by the worker to whom you are assigned. Your help is needed NOW! Call^ Diane Zipursky (5S6-7667) or mc (342-1366) today!


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JCX:TEEN SKIERS REAOV Just a reminder that there is still room on the Janusry M SU Trip to Breckenrldge. Colorado. The two sleeper bunes will leave from the New Center Parking Lot at 7:00 p.m. and return on the morning of the »h. The price of te.W tn"^ludes: round trip traoqiortaUoa, 3 day* Uft tieketa. twoiMti lodging, shuttle but losUarMf. HELP JCC BLUE«rAR8! The JCC BIw-Star* TttmAge Baikelbill teiai mrmbert are aviilabie lo im konschoM chares as a meaas •I railing lands U help floance their trip (• the Jewish Comaiaalty Center •( MUwankee. The Center team will participate in the annual Jewish Welfare Board sponsored Midwest-West Region Teenage Basketball -Teornament on February 16th through the ISth, 1974 The boys will clean attics, garages, basements, wax floors, clean driveways, wash windows at $2.00 per hour. Anyone interested in having some household chores dooe and at the same time helping the JCC Blue-Stars should call Chuck Arnold at 342-1366. IDDY-BIDDY BASKETBALL The JCC Iddy-Biddy Basketball program gained some new friends last Wednesday for the start of the Winter Athletic Prograni for boys in Kindergarten and First Grades. Iddy-Biddy basketball is based on the regular game of basketball with variations lo bring it within the physical reach of the youngsters. The primary Durpose is to make the youngsters feel that they betong in the sports world, that they now have a game which is their own. This has been done by: 1. Changing the size of the l>all. 2. Lowering (he height of the basket and adding a few rules, for the betterment of the welfare of . the youngsters.

The JCC ladies Slim-nastics Class is sfill open for anyone interested. Join us on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings frorn 9:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. Classes are held at the St. Luke Gym, 11810 Burke St. Professional exercises, Weight • training and aerobics . under the supervision of Chuck Arnoid. XMNNOW

' Those youngsters reporting (or the Wednesday after school t>asketball program were: Michael Block, Drew Kenney, Scott Tabachnick, Brian Martin, John Novak, Tim O'Neil, Chris Ringwalt, Todd Lemer, Bobby Goldberg, David Wintroub, Danny Redler, Allan KohU, Mike Musaey, Mark Rosenblum, Jim Ambrose, Neil Eisen, John Sophir, Danny Rips and Doug Uiakey. MIDGET BASKETBALL LEAGUE SCHEDULE Saaday. Jaaaary 2S 1:30 p.m. — Deans Camera vs. Vann Realty 2:U p.m. — I-Go-Van vs. Omaha Paper Stock OLYMPIC BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Saaday. Jaaaary 2*. int 3; IS p.m. — Ski Racquet vs. First Mid America 4:00 p.m. — Kohlls Drugs vs. David Lee Studio

JUNIOR BOYS TAKE TO BASKETBALL The "Little Man" has a "Fighting Chance" against the 'Tall Man" in the JCC sponsored after-school Junior Boys Basketball league which surted last Friday at the St. Luke Gym. Basketball teams will be selected by the Phys. Ed. Staff to assure equal competition and regular league games will start Friday, January S. Teams will be named for famous Jewish Basketball Players and Coaches to help the boys become aware of Jewish heroes in the world of sports. Any boy in the did through 4th grades interested in having fun and learning how to play should come on out to the gym this Friday. The following boys reported to .the nrst session: ScoU Tatehnan, Adam Zweiback. Tticker and Terry Magid, Bobby Kattman, Mike Bernstein, David Gilinsky. Aaron Weioer, Steve GoMberg, Bnsnt and Brian Wine, Kevin Saltzman. Hub«1 Ban, Randy Greenberg, Jeff PlotUn, Scott Schneiderman, Tim Fowler. Mitch Warren,

Love Is

... keeping yourself in good shape for him.

Robby Godfrey, Colin Cusbman. Todd Ely, Jeff Stern, Mark Robinson, Adam Wagner, Jeff Kirsbenbauin, Tommy Kahn, Jim itespeliers. Tommy Morford, Craig Lemer, Alan and Larry WIdman, Jim Cunningham, Lance M^erson, David Cohen.

confkience, iportamaaAlp and team play, JCC Olympic Atl-SUrs are: Jon Skoog, Andy Robinson, Todd Finkle. Kevin Scudder. Randy Belmont, Steve Parsow, Bob Lemer, Dan Meiches, John Stem, and Danny Goldman.

Honorable aieBtlon was MENS VARSITY given la: Jay Margolin, Joe BASKETBALL LEAGUE In last week's action, last Greenberg and Jim Zipunky, place Pumas upset league and John Staenberg. leading Mastercrafl in double over-time 61-S9. Dan Kat- ATTENTION: skee's basket in the second WOULD BE GYMNASTS Here Is a golden opover-time was the only score during that period and it held portunity to fill your spare up to give Pumas their ex- time one afternoon a week citing victory over powerful participating in a very Mastercraft. Al Bernstein, meaningful activity. played a heady floor game Enroll in our TumUeweek and also lead Pumas with 16 points four of which came in (beginners tumbling and class) or the nrst over-tinte to keep gymnastics Pumas in contention. Steve Advanced Tumbleweed Nogg lead Mastercraft with prografn on Fridays after 21 points while Jay Lemer school from 3:4S p.m. to S:1S and Mark Rimmerman added p.m. at the Beth Israel West, 12601 Paciric. Many moments M paints eaehi The other finre "Mir jdL fun await you if you are in another upset as Vess Kindergarten through, the Beverage moved in to a share Fourth Grades. of second place by defeating Partime Help 6S-S2. Keith JCC RACQUETBALL Livingston exploded for a TOURNAMENT The JCC Athletic Departpaints and Chet Stoler and Harold Mann added 13 apiece ment is qwnsoring a 19 and for Vess hs balance was their Up Singles Racquetball key to victory. Stan Widman Tournament lo be held at the Downtown Center on got 19 points for the losers. Saturday night, January 2Mh SCHEDULE Wedaesdayj^^aoaary 23, 1174 and on Sunday, January 27th. <:S0 p.m. ~ Pumas vs. A minimum of 8 players is needed to conduct the tourPartime 7:30 p.m. — Mastercraft vs. ney. Trophies will be awarded for 1st and aid Place. A SENIOR HI "A" * "B" Consolation Tournament will BASKETBALL LEAGUE be held for first round losers. Last Sundays action saw an Entry Fee: 1400. Only upset in the "B" league as members of the Center may Chaim Weizmann "B" enter. defeated league leading AZA Fill out the entry form No. 1 "B", 54-16. BUI Cohn. and Gordic Gendter led below arid mail to: Chuck Chaim Weizmann with 22 and Arnold, JCC, 101 North 20th 19 points respectively while Street, Omaha, Nebr. 68102. Rick Oruch led the kisers with 30. Other games saw NFTY 1974 JCC SINGLES defeat AZA No. 100 S«-l». RACQUETBALL Chaim Weizmann "A" get by TOURNAMENT Lincoln 43-22, and AZA No. 1 "A" roll past USV 56-20. Bob NAME Stanley had 27 pobits in the AZA No. 1 "A" victory mer ADDRESS USY HOME PHONE SCHEDULE Sanday, Jaaaary 2*. BUSINESS PHONE ( a.m. — Chaim Weizmann "B" vs NFTY ENTRY FEE MUST 10 a.m. - AZA ^k>. I "B" vs ACCOMPANY ENTRY AZA No. 100 FORM 11 a.m. - AZA No. 1 "A" vs Chaim Weizmann "A" 12 p.m. - Lincoln vs USY OLYMPIC BASKETBALL ALUSTAR8 NAMED The JCC 1973-74 Olympic Basketball All-SUr team has be«n wlected by the Athletic Department. The following criteria are the basis for their selection: desirs, determination, husUe, poise, skllt.

BOOKS SuikiMt or Plaatur* Special Ordcri Walcom* WcCillWrop ami Ship Chorg* It at...


S Years Ago Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brodkey announced the birth of a daughter, Laura Beth. Dr. and Mrs. Bennet Alberts became the parenU of a son, Marc Leveton. itYcanAg* Ronald Ciller observed his Bar Mltzvah. Winners in the Dr. Greenberg Writng Contest wan; Abe Kinstlbiger, High School Division; Mike Kaplan, Junior High Division; and Miriam Frank in the Grade School Divison. 15 Years Ago Allen WoUson and Carl Cohen celebrated their Bar MItzvahs. 2( Yers Age Miss Myra Joy Abramson became the bride of Richard Lee GoUfflan. Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Starr announced the Urth of a son, Craig Franklin. A son, Murrjr Lewis, was bom to Mr. and Mrs. Lee C. White. Robert Fellman and Benny Abramson ceiebralad their Bar Mitzvalis,

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OpmEvrvDuY, 11:30A.M. W10 P.M. 7112


January 18, 1974  

Jewish Press

January 18, 1974  

Jewish Press