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sraen ticcTions Delay Action at Geneva Talks By Ed«1a Eytaa ^A European Bureau Chief , CMMva (JTA)-Th« UraeU clccUoiu loom over the Geneva conference. The political talks at ministerial or even ambaMadorial level have been adjourned till the Mcond half of January and the military negotiatori dlicuu, according to their own communiques, "principles" more than concrete disengagement means. AU tlM deWgaUeas still )frncat ia Geaeva mainly mliUle ecMM •fflcials, rrallie that BothlBg serious can happen and BO lMreak-through can he achieved till the elections are ever and a new government Is farmed. . The Israelis have a douUe Interest in the elections: first, M participants in tlteir coun* try's life and future; and secondly, realizing as delegates that all talks and discusaioni in Geneva can only deal with generalities and "principles" till the formation of the new government and the promulgation of its broad political lines. The Egypdani seem j,well aware of this handicap and last Friday agreed to hold the next meeting of the military delega-

Fre$. Nixon Signs $2,2 Biilion Aid Bill

tions only in the afternoon of Jan. 2 wiien the electoral results were in. Shortly before leaving Geneva, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ismail Fahmy met for over two hours with the deputy head of the Soviet Delegation, Ambassador Vladimir Vinogradov. According to Egyptian sources here, the Soviet diplomat advised the Egyptians to show "patience and realism" till after the Israeli election and not press for a decision on the disengagement issue till then. He reportedly told Fahmy tliat it would be useless for the Egyptians to press for a solution as nothing can be done before. At the same time he promised a clean-cut Soviet intervention sliould the issue not be solved by the middle of January. He did not specify whether the Soviet intervention would be direct or would work through Washington. Israeli officials who were in Geneva with Foreign Minister Abba Eban at tite time of ttie plenary conference, indicated at the time that Israel wWrpitttyably ask as a first step for tlie


following Egyptian concessions: The demiliUrtzalion of (be Sinai or at least of the territories from which Israel will withdraw as well as a limitation of Egyptian troops on the Eastern Bs>'' ' of the Caoal; the reoper' the Suez Canal to the in, tloaal shipping with clear ,ft«t^*^ ierving Council Bluffs, work to start at the earii' .sv»« and repopniation of the abk Des Moines, Lincoln, Omaha doned Egyptian "ghost" citk. VoL LIII—No. 15 OMAHA, NEB., FBI., JAN. 4, 1*74 along the canal, such as Snex and Port Said.


Israel's Labor Party Will Have To Form New Coalition to Rule Tel Aviv—With 1,572 of the 4,100 civilian precincts reporting. Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir's Labor Party had 41.9 per cent of the votes cast in Tuesday's National Election in Israel. It is projected that the Labor alignment will lose at least five

Scotland Yard Gives Warning

Washington (JTA)-President Nixon has signed without comLondon, (JTA) — Scotland terrorists according to a Lonment the t2.2 billion emergency bill to aid Israel. Nixon Yard has Issued a general don newspaper report. "But we bad re<iuested that sum from •warning to members of the issued this morning a general the Congress and it complied Anglo - Jewish community t o warning to meml)ers of the overwhelmingly in less than exercise utmost care in the Anglo - Jewish community two months with authorization aftermath of the shooting Sun- though the Board of DepuUes day night of Joseph Edward (of British Jews) tliat they. and appropriation legislation. •^Mt Ffgi'ia«i«n puU_a.«aUing Si^. The eft-year-old depBtt^"«lBJlinreJCercJse't'he utmost cafe of tlS billioa4hat the Prestdent ment store executive and phil- in view of the tragedy that has may give to Israel as gifts. antliropist who has been active befallen Mr. Sieff," the spokesNixon is authorized to deter- on behalf of Israel and other man said. mine what part of the total will Jewish causes was reported to In Beirut, the Popular Front be in grants and in credits and be in an improved condition for the Liberation of Palestine the dreumstances of ttiis sup- after undergoing surgery for claimed responsibility for port. AnaddiUonal (400 million the removal of a bullet from shooting Sieff. A PFLP spokesr In aid to Israel, three-fourtlis of his head. man said Sieff was a leader ScoUand Yard said that it of the Zionist Movement which It in awUU for U.S. miUtary procurement, is in the foreign has "no knowledge" of a "committed and is still comaid biU which the President is "death Bst" of prominent Brit- mitting crimes and massacres expected to sign soon. ish Jews compiled by Arab against our Palestine people."

of its 57 seats in the Israel Knesset, while Likud, the center-right party, would gain 6 seats, for a total of 38. Mrs. Meir's Labor Party will have to form a coalition probably with its present partners, the National Religious party and the Independent Liberal to maintain a working majority. The Labor Party has indicated wUlhigness to make some concessions to the Arabs at the Geneva peace talks. The Likud party, under the

leadership of Menacbem Begin, opposes concessions to the Arabs at the Geneva peace conference, and sees the election results as an expression of support by the public for Its stsnd. The NRP is also against returning some of the "occupied territories" as a number of Jewish holy places are located on the West Bank. The Labor alignment has governed Israel In one form or another since the creation of the state.

Jewish Firms Hondle Most 1 Japanese Goods Sold in U.S. NEW YORK (ZINS)-Japan's vj^ZT . .t, .i. government» ^timatum" to the government of Israel that it "give up all of th6 occupied Arab territories" on threat of rupturing diplomatic relations has made a painful Impression. On the other hand, it has long been recognized that the "diplomatic relations" between Israel and Japan have had little practical significance for the Israelis. It is an open secret that the Japanese, with the blessing of their

government, have studiously avoided trade with Israel. For many -American Jews who are leading importers and agents of top Japanese firms in North America, the question is whether the time is not ripe for a "Jewish reply" to tiiis discriminatory Japanese trading policy. According to reliable estimates, more than 50 per cent of all Japanese products sold in the United States aro handled by Jewishly-owned firms.

Guided Tours Planned of New J€€ •—OmshS' In a series of guided Staff members gf~thy~Jewlih tours beginning Sunday, Jan- Community Center will serve uary 20/ all members of the as tour guides on January 20th Omaha Jewish community will and 27th and on February 10th. have an opportunity to see first- ^our hours will be specified on hand the New Jewish Commun- tiie invitations which will be ity Center of Omaha, located sent to every Jewish family three blocks south of West during the next two weeks. Ramon Sombcrg, Chairman Dodge Road on 132nd Street.

ot the New Center MembeHhlp hrocliure was mailed last week. Committee, noted this week tliat "the enthusiastic response of those who tiave already seen the New Center has been overwhelming. We are also very pleased with the number of new memberships we have already received since the New Center

ton-ff MMMW JOC !«nmlM <lw whlripo*! In

We anticipate receiving many hundreds more through the mail and following the tours." Mrs. Harlan Noddle, chairman of the Tour Arrangements sub-committee of the Membersliip committee, is being assist-

ed by Mmes: icdwara B^rkovitz, Albert Block, Jerold Dann, Robert Epstein, H. P. Farber, Dean Frankel, Don Greenberg, Joe Kirshenbaum, Harold Mann, Charles Monasee, Ben Nachman, Robert Nogg, Blaine Roffman, Ray Somberg, Hy Tabachnick, and Stewart TuUy.

T«nr participants IMm M JCt ftaff memb«r, Larry Kalat, points out higlh

• iM4ikW44tM4 • K<ll«.to tiit,«M«Mc.vlnf at the IwiUIUiK.

Friday, tm

Bern'gan Raps Critics of Israel Tour Commiftee Plans His Anti-krael R&narks 1974 You'^h Pilgrbnoge to Israel NEW YORK (AA)—FaMM* Daniel B«rrigan ha* >«ciw>< Cathoife, ProtnUnt and Jewish ' critics «f Ma anU-tanM* view of represaatef "ararics •« artt*doxy" whose unquestioning, support ol Israel "Is undoubtedly idolatn The cwitrovanial anU - war IMiest IWIBJB (kaae remarks in » telte* ntuiiig tte GliaadI Peaee Prize wliicli was to be presented to him Jan. 9. The letter was aMress*^ U> the Ilirv. iter Ptalf, IWBA •( tke •TVnwntlwg Ehdurinc Peace" Berrigao was referring apparently t* three af his chief ctilln —QM Ra*. DonaM S. of tfaa Comasanity h wito was to make tlie IMelMCl Novak, a CatMic wli» writes for Ihr likcrat CattaUe aiagatair, rfiiiiwwfni: mi Rabbi Arthar Uertabcst. preaidcat U Uie a* Jcwiab Caagvcsa. All U



U g V

tmi pratestcd vigaroualy acaiMt rcaaarks by Patbar Berriga* to Arab graduaia atudbnts s^verat nMa*a ago in wfticfc he charged, amoaf otber things that Israel was "the creation of an elite of millionaires, geaerali aod entrepreneurs." Rabbi Hertstberg caUed Bearigan's stataanenta "aU-fashioaed tbeologicai aalv-SeaaitiaBt." Berricaa. wha lerved a term In federal prison for destroying draft recorda daring the VlrtcrMlrs U»» Isaari beyos cian. *'Tbat wbich la discussloa. bevood critique is lly iAiatrons. It Is «ka>«ror* tbai m fMahsyaar recwd: ftaa faraef Haeir became year HM? AMI la sarviec U the Idal are yaa argbic aa'a aatntiaa la viaIcaae ever aMre vlshaee iacladiac paychalaKfeat vMaace agalas< Ihaae wha aeeft aaatter way?" ha wrote.

g= •A)






r^ CHOPSuey




Oainhn The laraal Tour Committee, coiaiirfsed of representattvea Dran. BeCb EI, Beth Israel aod Tempte Israel SyaaMfuea, wHh the c<Hiperatiion of thie Bureau of Jewiafa Edacatiaa of tbe Jewish Federation of Oaaaba, baa anaoiiaced plant for (ram> fdgrliansage to larael in the wiaamrr of 1974.: baSar "Aa Israeli PHgrinaage eatrs an unequalled oppwtanttjr lor our young people to strengthen, their emotlMial and intellectuaf tin to Israel aad (e retafarce their bands with th* Jewish people. This iix to M\en week tour, sponsored nationally by the Ramah Aasodation, wM include parttdpaau frarn Cinaha, Dca Mahwa and Uoeoln. Other midw astern groups, wMch have bgliidad boy* and giria iraai aU tbrae hranchea of Judaism, have catlmiiaaticaUy approved aad recommended the XavBt." fsr the required Orientation Preeram liave been completad by

Worid Jewry to RHoHandl AMSTEStDAM fJTA) — Th* Itcdkerlaads baa heea cbosea aa the site for the tenth WorM Jewish Congress as a token of Jewish gralitadr lor the Netherlands frifendly altitn^ towvd Israel doriac the Tens Kippar ] War. The Ehitch repreaentativie to JVC, Isaac Zadoka, said the deciaioB was madl^ after consoltatbrna wHh PrenAar Johan den Uyl, Queen JoBana's private secretary, and Victor BCarijnen. Mayor of The Hague where the congreia wiB take place. Den Uyf and Marijnen told WJC seeretary. Dr. G, M. Riegner, they were very pleased with the decisbm to hold the congress in thrir country. The eaagresa ia aehedulcd for April 23 to May 6 with delegates from 64 countries expected to aUeod. Bagae police aaUwrilliea bare i^cd Zadoks that sufRcient' security wawsMias ad! ta tiJaiii dnring the caogrcai.


AIn of Zntnvst TheBama^ Store 257a F(

Salvage Warehouse MI Soudi IStb


BCENOS AIRES (JtA) — A Catholic priest, tlie Rev. Ben^aala NuBez, critieiaed tba lata naa XII lar Us " the Holocaaat.

LaH«hM« 12:90 RM.. DM* %M>mm


eattaaa staoald be istuaaud before Jaanafy II. AppHcattans for other approved teitfs spon-

tour representative from wiU be ia Omaha

meetings with aiipfcaali tbelr panats, fioal






M71SI TMlft—2 Macis Sat. af ni"


"AGracIovs PUea'

Ixidilaiib^JarU ELiCAMI I. X. » «IM. TUTW AH* *ei

lUK M«r.

TAUUORG BROS. offlM srr-aaoa



r AJiL fa D rm

»• AJK ar • rbL

• AJR tm\



14V m:»sj»iSK»i;».i (*•;", .• j, ^

sored by National Youth Ovgaaieationa be aecepted. Tha tear caaunlMs* (yntgagne wiH set ^9L UK approval and will int mc\>. interested student, ticipants will receive a veatfons firom Uteir Sy and from tike Federation. The Isrart Tear wtU meet al TCBI| Tuaaday, Janaary • at Km. is the ailjtt-y

Fraak VmiSK% DMB ••rlli. Flip VfibMiy awl TMM JMM


Efraiia Sapir, Kfaatae Stara and HabW Barry Wibirtslin who will esadact th» jaograia on Taaadagt eveniagi. flabiiiLta lor fltitdy M* dlacuiilM wW taiehalr; tha Uatory. and aaagraphy of laraal, special coaaersational Hebrew, practices of the three brancbea ol Judaism In Israel aad a stady af places tabe viatted. Sludeata who wH) have eompMed MHiy llth or »th grades fay June of 1974, are urged to apply hamadhitely. f^arther iflfbrmattaa and preMmhatry applicatieas are avadabte from the directors af eduealiaa of







Orthodox Jews Htt Hard by Economic Crisis in tritam maoOm will iuv* moly a Oay•nd-a-han woilc week. The Board of Depotiei of i Uie Chief isooasultatisa Tith currnmni afficiaia tat than* it Uuia Uw jovernflfMat caa 4o. n» ayAma of MMiag — atagseriog Oie work waak ao Ifaat the workiiK Aayi an atOermt ia diOereiit f»rU of tta UK - ma AMAfnad to fMvaat a braalrdaarn In the dactxicitjr «tvp|y. U U therefare tartwiralty iopoaiRria to taaka esenvtlooi.


WWa it ia paaaiUe ior ob•mdayt, for Awlaf n ia Aand tkm mausr entarvrtaaa roa igr OrtlMdoK Jews wUl Mt be «He to lur-




vive. AM ior Ik* maiatiiy at Britaiii'a <iO.«IO Jew*, tbey are •Maelad no teai than (be gen-

clear that Ilia umaawednited fael-aawiiv meaaurei were adcvted kecauM of Uber dis#wSea }• the onai aad fewer indiuiriea aad set Iwcaeaa m the Mrfuotiaa ml MUMe Eaat oil pnadueOoaL

farad Holds ft3 €9fftkmfOWs TEL AVIV. (JTJi)-Uraii hM ia ila POW canif a fl fiKrptiao fHiaoaeist oi mar indudiac aigfat AfOeeca. The araijr apokeamaa anmamadmg m» aUted tiyU Otese ecyptian aaldieM were taken prieeaerf alaae UM aaaUiern . fraat aflar tlw rmmt^lH^m of at friaaaen of betwvea larael Md«(av(

UOjDOO Voters in Israel


JartMileai (ZINS) — There were 2.037,171 quaUtM leraeti vateri for the eleiAiom to the otfi Kueiset, amoa^vt ^^on the native-born aihra ia a dlaliadt BiUaatMy. The proTBe of an average voter shows tiim to be foreigabom. havine ewiigrated from sooM Euro|>ean or Modem <xnafli7. In the padl 8 jrear* there Iwve been aaeraiaua demoCrayUc change* In the voting eewattaiaaij. fn mi. «% of the eierterato was at Banpean stock. Mow their waHher liai taSi^. Thefe were tSZJOO voters catfag dMir banoU for the firat Vme. of wbon ap.OOi ware bom in larad while 8S.0N are new inunigrants. AaM>agat iiie new voters, tbaae a( aitedal arigtn are ID the majority. aua*erlng 120.0W compafBd wMh in,000 of European extractiaa. MaliHeteni Israelis (saheaai eeaatttatevnly 2S% of tift total e( ^p^Uled Vetera.

There are ITfl.OW registered Arab voters, 8% of the overall

291B fAKNAM Jugl ¥tm» «f "IOBI'S" •nw aL'voaa THHC raniAr tiKM-4«* t*OV%£CUUkMmQ7 rUAU IHillilHEg HADASSAH! broc, dishes, pats ami fam, maMi

Sttvtii M. FHtteM Vice.

Rodman & Rensnai^ Inc. MeMaCRB MEtW YOBK SHOCK CSCMMtOE

Omalia. Nebraska I402J J4S-22X0 Omaha HHton Arcajdo — (6fli and J

Omaha's No. 1 Family Restaurant reATUIUNG i^ BMI SMiktri FriMi GUekM ^ilnk Mi FM

LIGHT.;. and the NcwYear Op*i Biery Day, 11:30 A.M. Till 10 P.M.





Thehrillianceofnncideat. Tfc^ radiance of happy hearts and he^hy hodie,. T:he gleam of cMlaigiug futures. '^, , TheincandescenceofoldandtQ^hiendshifm. The glow fromuHMkaodldone. ne shine o/p-ft***"-"**^ <mdion<m>ed.

Kosher Salanii^n^ SRc«4. .U>.S1^.. .%mm&ic9mth. lOePto-U.

The*par}detjtn^«''f^*^' tht twinkle in a baby's ieyes. ThegUmmerofuMdsniinai^Mand^'l^^'"^' , The Uhmination oftflHltid thingr. C rheshimmerofgreatfaiih^^^^ 1^ The heacon of freedom-ho^ *^*^ TTT/ thehtateof enthusiasm for doing ^i M^ CMiW ^ The splendor of a hmmatiom *»««• the light oflcneforM «««• Your frie«k •ni ««^«W«« •* *^

for IrMieli. JUbr**



>il—i <0$mmn Mrwali TaM., Jaa. aik. W* ih* rtaM t* Umm tmiwiw.




•I namm wilw^»l•^^>Ml^'Mw^a^^to^»»-••J•^h^Jg^B•^Mg<^t:^^;l^*lga.•«^

Omalui PiAlic Power Dlstffct

Friday. Sum. 4, U14

2^ Synagogue Activities <^ Omaha Beth Israel


SERVICES: Friday: Traditional Evening Services (KatMlat Shabbat) 4;45 Late Friday evening Family aervkca will be conducted by RabU Isaac Nadoff and Cantor Edward BeriraviU at 8:15 p.m.



I f

Morning Service: 8:tf p.m. conducted by RabU Isaac Nadoff and Cantor Edward Berkovita. Talmud Class will be cooducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff at 4:30 p.m. followed at 5:00 p.m. by Mincha, Sbolash Sudos and Maariv. Soday: Morning Service: Q ajn., fot lowed by ta-eakfast and the Rabbi's class on the Bo(A of Genesis. DaUy: Services at 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

? ^ '} I * [• ; I t I: • ; i


^ I

WELCOME TO NEW MEMBERS New members who have Joined the synagogue tJiis year will be honored at a special Sabbath evening service on Friday evening Jan. 4. Tbey include: Mmes. and Messrs.: Nathan Berg, Michael Berger, Mrs. Ethel Bleiweiss, Edward Blend, Fred Bloch. Mr. MorrjJ*>Bh»ra, Mr. Walter Bloom, Marshall Brick, Lawrence Chester, Jack E. Cohen, Mrs. Leatrice Freiberg, BIr. William GUinsky, Ira Goldfarb, Fred Guss, Steve Hancoff, Larry Katz, Mr. Morris Klein, . Mrs. Bertha Kobiick, Mrs. i Rose Konecky. Louis Langer, Mrs. Gertrude litt. Joseph Lilt, r Mrs. Sol Mfa-off, Nathan Nachman, Mrs. Ben Noodeli, Ml. cbael Novomisle, Albert Oruch, Benjamin Rischall. Miss Janet : Rosenstein, Mrs. Shirley Spitzer,^ SohmiAi Steinman, Zepb • Telpoer, Malviii Tepper. Morris Wax. Mr. Howard Weiner, Howard Weinstein, Harry Win-" - er, Mrs. Dora Wolfson. ; SISTERHOOD Beth Israel Sisterhood is havi ing an evening, meeti^ for husf bands and whres, Wednesday,


»,j» e

Omaha Beth B

MoiNiment Co.


SERVICES: Friday: Sabbath Eve Services in the Sanctuary at 8:15 p.m. yrbere will be no pulpit sermon, instead, Rabbi Myer S. Kri|Ae will offer a DialogueSermon with tlie congregation over coffee. Beth El Sisterhood and Beth

3S Years' Experience Wlih Jewish Leffering and Memorials 2211 So. Ml

Ja#9, at 7 p.m., fai the Syna- El Men's Club will host the gogue Social Hall. There will coffee. be a dinner and program. Cantor Chaim Najman will Guest speaker wiU be RabU conduct tiie musical service. Isaac Nadoff and bis topic wiU Satirday: be "lulghts iBte Israel TeMorning Service: 10 ».m, day." Mincha Maariv Service: 4:45 Mrs. Sara Schiff, SSIMHaO, p.m. should be called to make reser- Studay: 9 a.m. vations. Sitter service will be Dally: available. Services at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m? * * * SISTERHOOD STUDY GROUP Omaha The Siftertiootf IStudy Group will meet Wednesday, Jan. 9 Temdle Israel from 9:45-11:15 a.m. la tlte SERVlCESs Youth Lounge at Beth 13. Friday: - — The topic for discussion will Sabbath evening services, be "The Good LUe awl Moral8:15 p.m. Following the worship ser- ity." Reading assignment is vices the third in the series of Chapter 5 of Steinberg's text Sabbath Discussions will be "Basic Judaism." Sitter service is available. held hi the Social Hall. Guest speaker will be Eugene Leahy, president of the RiverConn lonnoiT Hnffs front Community Development Project, who will speak on the B'n^Isniel Riverfront Development and its SERVICES: importance to our community. Satorday: 9 a.m. Musical portions of the ser- Sunday: 9 a.m. vice will be by the Temple Both services will be conChoir under the direction of ducted by Mr. Sam Saclu. Miss Ida GitUn. • • • A coffee hour will follow. Saturday: 11 a.m. Omaha B'nai Jacob * * • Adas Yeshnron REUGIOUS SCHOOL Religious School classes will SERVICES: '' % resume at Temple Israel as Satardayt Morning Services: 8:45 a.m. follows: Saturday and Sunday Claaaet Smday: Morning Services: S t.m. . . January 5 and 6; Hebrew' • * • Classes... Jamuiry 7; Nursery Classes . . . January 7; ConOrDes Momes matlon Class . . . January 8. • * • Beth El Jacob STUDY GROUP Coffee with the Rabbi, led by SERVICES: Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks, will Friday: 8:15 p.m. be held WednMday morning, Satardayi 9 a.m. SaiMlay:9a.m. January 9. • • * • • * COUPLES CLUB Des Momes Members of the Temple IsraA Coiqries Club worked as Tifereth Israel volunteers Christmas Day at SERVICES: Lutheran Medical Centgr, pro- Friday: 8 p.m. viding services ordinarily wt- Satorday: 9:90 a.m. availaUe on a holiday. Torah Study Lesson. The volunteers manned the Sooday: information desk and gift s])op MoniiQg service, 8:30 a.m. and assisted in recreatiODal • * • tlierapy, visited patients and served coffee. Several memuts Momes bers of the Temple Youth group also assisted. Temjrfe B'nai


Sabbath Candle Lighting niDAr. JANHAtr 4, 4s4i P.M.

nwAy. JANUAir n. 4-M P.M. Bpnediction for Kindling Sabbath Lights: Barukh Aiah Adonay Eloheinu Melekh Ilaolam. A.sher Kideshanu Bemitzotav Vetzivanu Lehadlik Ncr Shel Shabbat. (Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord, Our God, King of the Universe, Who sanctifies us by His Commandments and has commanded us to Iclndle the Sabbath lights.)

SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m.

Lincoh B'nai Je^unm

SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. Conducted by Rabbi Robert Kaiser. • * *

Lmcofai Tiferedi Israel

SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. Satuday: Morning Swvices, 9 a.m. Jr. Congregation, 10 a.m. Snaday: Tiffilin Club, 9 ajn. •ftwtirtiijfc

By Bertte Laar

Our New Year's Party was a huge success, one hundred and fifty-six attended, that Included members and their guests. It was a pteasnre t« have tiie dtarming and witty Kitty Frank as oar Mistress ef Cerenwnies — she was great She Is the •i^ce ef ear President, Betty Weissman. A delicious cliicken dinner was prepared and served by Lucille White and Mollie Delman. Many thanks to tliem and the following who served: Bernice Kahnan, Pat Tatelvan, Elaine Krasne, Lisa and Jody Becker, Racbel Bleicher, Susan Ramisb, Mary FeUman, Karen and LUa Lutz, Mltzy Fsiedman, Bess and Ginny. Becker, Mafc Delman and Morrie Becker. Many tlumks to Harry Goodbinder Who donated the party favors and decorations in honor of his mother-in-law, Katie Londoiif Thanks are also hi order to the foliowing for gifts and door prizes: Doris and Nate Shukert, Betty Feldnuui, Ben Sommers, Bergie, Mort Fhtber, Mr. Gilmore, Dave Friedlanddf. A special thanks to Mrs. Joe Ginsberg and her son, Jay Alvin Ginsberg for bringing Mrs. Ginsl>erg's mother and staring to lielp. T Our thanks also go to our regular stand-bys. Rose and Sam

KLSNMASTR Safe on Concrete! Sate Arotmd Shrubbery and Grais! Contain! No Salt!


AvoHoUe 0* Yov Local

eHtcm illWh S Harnay 941-7170

a7th • WMi oo4g« n<M4 ser-rsoo 4721 3. 24m 81. 731.OM0


Senior Cifizen Scene


This Service Presented as a Courtesy by


Katzs Korner

By LABRT KATi^ JCC Tenth Directer During the 1973 program Q«iter Youth Department (3 year, the Youth Department 1980) to volunteer. has oSered many varied activiCBNTER TEEN BOWLIN< ties and iCQgrams for both junior and senior high youth. More LEAGUE PLANNED FOI important than tite success of JANUARY. There have these programs Is the fact that 1^lB0~reque8ts for a Centi many of our youth community Sponsored Teen Bowlln| participated in their planning League open to Jewish hlgbj And implementation. For all of school youth in the O m a h a j us, this time of transition from arte. If enough interest igj old Center to new Center has shown In developing this pro-] been a valuable learning expe- gram, there is an opportunity] rience, one which we wUl con- for a Monday night league toj tinually draw upon to provide be organized In January. Thir-| quality programming in the ty participants are needed! year ahead. Significant steps NGW to get the league rolling.] have been taken, by the crea- If you like competitive bowltion of tlie Junior and Senior ing, and have Monday nights J High Center Youth Boards, to free, call me before the niiddl«.j enable tlie teens who will be of next month to enroll. utilizing the Center to participate in the establishment of RteMINDER TO CORNBELI theh- own schedule of activities BBYO. Be sure to return you that meet their .particular reservation cards to Joe Er needs and interests. During the man, Reservations Chairman first three months of the new for the banquet honoring th year, the Center Youth Board 50th Anniversary of AZA to leadership will meet regularly held at the HUton Hotel, Sat to refine the structure of the urday night, January 12. For Board and to streamline Its op- more information, call me erations. There will be many the "J" before S p.m. daily. opportunities for the youth membership of the Center to ORGANIZA-nONAL FUN] get involveid in program-plan- RAISING. From Ume to Umc ning and policy-making. If you I receive material pertainin| are Interested in serving om to youth organization fun CYB committees (Social, Ath- raising. ~If your youth groug letic and Health, Inter-Group, needs ideas for raising fu Jewish Cultural, Cultural Arts, please contact me so I canl Community Service, and Hu- share the materials on hand] man Relations), please call the with you.


Poska, Mhi Cutler and Sai LasUnsky. A special bouquet I Lou Delman for his untiring ef^ forts. He is alwagrs dependabli and on the work scene wlien-J ever we need him. New members who we war ly welcome are: Becky BeberJ Abe Venger and Richari Wright. Special guests were: Benjamin Klaiman and grandson, Aaron, (Nfrs. man is a sister of Mrs. Lou Langer and is visiting from '. rati) and Beverly Kolfen, OUcago, dau^ter of Mr. Mrs. Harry Weissman. The Gay Henten Stndie viiM tbe entertainment ferfermers were: Toms Steinbach, Karen Lntz, aelie Ray, Candy Kaplan, Ja Henten, Matt and David Fon er, Tbey were enjoyed by aO.: Door prizes were won Mrs. Max Steinberg, Mrs. Belzer, Mr. lUrke, Mrs. Bell and Min Cutler. Dora Arbitman celebrati her birthday and was toasti by all. Donations were receive from: Mr. and Mrs. Lou Cu to Mrs. Neveloff, in memoryj her brother, Harry Leah Alelstein, Mollie and Delman, Rose anc^^m Po. in honor of Sarafi* Berms birthday; Bernice Kaiman, i and Mrs. J. Stoller, for a py New'Year to all; Mr. Mrs. Kirke in honor of birtiiday of their mother, Kahn; Mr. and Mrs. Lou ( in meoKxy d Mrs. Mike and Bertha Morris wen WISIHS to granddauf Debbie Slutsky; Mollie i Ddman, Rose and Sam u get well wiihea to Slutsky; Sigmund honor of Alex Erman's Birthday. May the following yearj us celebraUng many hap., cations togetbnr, may wa'i our raembwship and may o^y it al in tbe very be^Mi-


rrMsjr, tmiL t, U1«


JG Olitinm la MM! Wtdaetday

By JUarcia RobinaM ;r It wan tea time at Sally > Appel'B, on December 17, for aome of the Udiea of ttte Dr. rflwr Home. Mrs. Harokt BrodL Iwjr kindly provided UauporTbere «ere loU of gHte at the Chanuliab party given by flW^ry Wine and the Bickur f, Cbolim on December M; after i shave for the men, trinkets for I the ladies and Mary Wine's Iwme baked goodies for everyone. The last o( the Ouumkali ywties at the Heme Itis year waa Temple Israel SIsteriMod's M December 23. At the festivitfea, gifts from LOVE were dis(ribated by LOVE volunteers Lee Jane Parsow, SalJy Appel, Bendce Kaimaa aad Au B«rcevlcl. Tli« talented Arnold Epstehi

I Oaalia Oifaiizatiois

f HENRY MONffiY CBAFTER B'NAI B'RITH WOMEN [ The Henry Monsky Chapter \ U B'nai B'rith Women will hold L a luncheon meeting at 12:30 I p.m. Thursday, Jan. 10 at The ^ Dixie Kitchen, 78th and Dodge. r The bout! will meet at 11 a.m. [ The subject of "Birth Der/ecU" will be discussed. A skit ! on "Operation Stork" wiU be : presented by chapter members. ;, Luncheon 92; reservations i should be made by calling Mrs. \rJmck (MaxlDo) NoodeU.

family was to perfoEm on the evening of December 27. Through an unfortunate mixup, the auditorium was being redecorated and could not be .used that night. The Epsteins have agreed to perform for the residents at another time. Sam Zweiback is recuperating at home after surgery. We miss him and wish him a vpeedy recovery. Hurry back, Sam. A highlight of the Hadassah Oneg Shabbat on December 29 was the birthday cake Mary Feldman brought her mother. There was an exceptional turnout despite bad weather and a good time was had by all. Mrs. Joe Sokolof is Hadassah Oneg Shabbat Chairman. Mollie Delman's Sealer Citixens brought the new year hi early with a December M New Year's party at Beth El Synagegee. Thanks te Lee Jaae Parsow and sons for so hci^ fnlly providing tranportatlon for residents who attended. Fanny Cooperman's granddaughter, Miriam Katz, recently returned fh>m East Africa where she did work for her M.A. In nutrition. On January 1, Miriam showed her slides, depicting some of the culture and lifestyle of Kenya and East Aflrica, at the Home. It was a fasdnatiflg and hiformative afternoon. AU the retldents wish their friends a new year filled with health, happiness and peace.

Lincoln Lights [ TUereth Israel Sisterhood will I cater • Shabbat Dinner, Pri/ dayi January tl at 6:30 p.m. in [. the Tifereth Israel Social Hall. I Servlcea will follow the dtnner. , Mrs. Yale Gotsdiner is overPall cfaolnnan with a oommittee assisting. Reearvotions for the dinner, tofetSa^wiQi a check, mat be I nailed to Mrs. Gerald Grant, 130M Booacum beCore January ' 4. Reservations are 94 for adults and 92 for diildren 12 p and under. E Tifereth Israel Sisterhood monthly meeting will be held Tuesday, January > at 12:15 p.




DRUG & CHE/MICAL CONLUNERS tor msnuteclurtfs Complete line of )srs, bottles. Jugs In glsss or plastic. Ctosures, stoppers and seals.

Ssfi/m eonMnwt, v«r!ou$ $la*, glu* or plastic, »(ocfc

m. in the Ti/ereth Israd Social HalL Highlight of the afternoon wiU be a Shabbat Institute. Over-all chairmen an Mmee. Oairies Sherman, Mark Bismao and Andrew Goodman, with several sisterhood memben participating. Luncheon Ch airmen are Mmes. Max Kushoer and Hymaa Bricker. Circle c6mmittee assisting taiclude: Mmes. Harry Allen, Julius Aster, Harry Breslow, Samuel Chesnin, Leon Daniels, Morris Elsberg, Morris Goodroan, Nathan Groesman, Max Lashlnsky, Morris L o t m a n, Mack Pachman, O. A. Pocras, Joe Rosenberg, J. A. Rosenbergs, Norman Rosenberg, EuIfjene Schaffer, Louis Schwartzman, Sbridon Kushner and Julius Zeieo. A Sisterhood Board Meeting will proceed the meeting, at 10 a.m.

Omaha—The J. C. Oldtimers will meet Wednesday, January 9 at 10:30 a.m. at Beth El Synagogue for their regular fortnightly meeting. Cantor Aaron Edgar will entertain with a musical program. All retired or semi-retired IMvfessional and businessmen and their ^guests are invited to attend?

DKATHS FRED HAHN CravesMe services were held Friday, December 21, 1973, for Fred Hahn, 75, of 528 No. 76th St. Interment was at Golden HiU Cemetery. ' Survivors are: wife, Ruth: brother, Dave; Nieces and cousins. •


IRVING KUKUN Funeral services were held Monday, December 31, 1973, in Chicago for former Lincoln resident, Irving Kuklin, 63, of Lincolnwood, 111. Survivors are: wife, Lcretta; son, Steve, London, England; daughter, Mrs. Ted Roseman, Kalamazoo, Mich.; two grandchildren.

Campus Susan Polsky, a Junior at Ohio State University, has been named to the Dean's List and was accepted to a special program at Chio State in Special Education.

YAD Calendar Saturday, January 19 >:>•' pim.—Dance with live Rock Music at ThomasviUe Apartments. Sunday, January 29 II a.m. — Brunch at Fern Sperling's, 918 Regency Parkway. 91 for all you can eat. RSVP, 391-1828. Wednesday, January 99 7:39 p.m.-Basketball; K.C.Omaha Kings vs. N. Y. Knicks. CaU Rich Pearl, SS8-945S for

Miss Miriam Brooks Weds G. Tauchner in Temple Rite Omaha — Miss Miriam Irma Brooks became the bride of Gerald Richard Tauchner Sunday, December 30, 1973, in the Temple Israel Chapel. A reception and luncheon foUowed at the Temple. ° Rabbi and Mrs. Sidney Halle Broloks are the parents of the bride. The bridegroom's parents are Dr. and Mrs. Abraluun P. Tauchner of New Yorit. Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks officiated at the 12:30 p.m. ceremony for his daughter's marriage, assisted by Rabbi. A. Stanley Dreyfus of Brooklyn, N.y. Ms. April Dillon of Omaha, attended the bride. Lawrence Jay Rosenkrantz of Brookfield Center, Conn, served as best man for his brother-in-law. The newlyweds will live at 721 Iowa Ave., Iowa City, la.

IWrs. Gerald Tauchner

January 12 AZA Anniversary Dinner Will Honor Sam Beber Omaha—On Saturday, January 12, at 6 p.m. the 50th anniversary of AZA will be celebrated at a Golden Anniversary Celebration Dinner at the Omaha Hilton Hotel. The event will be open to the community. A special tribute to former Omahan, Sam Bel>er, founder of the movement will be made. Guest speakers for the evening will be David M. Blumberg and Philip Klutznick.

The Anniversary Dinner has been planned by Omaha B'nal B'rith Lodges, the Southwest Regional Council and District Grand Lodge 6 of B'nai B'rith. Members of Omaha AZA chapters #ill participate in the program. Reservation for B'nai B'rith members, . their wives and members of the community may be made with Joseph &man, 733-2555.









Let Ut Ceaspose a Travel MeiHey fvr Yeal

Television Travel IIM aa4 PraMefareeh Rood. Rocidtreefc Viilofe


.. *«*:3-iiS S»SaH-S^-5.'5T:

Des Moinesi Nentsi Section $333,735 Goal Set for 1974 Local Campaign Des Motoe»-Dr. Gtenn PurneU. CoOuimuu of the 1974 Local Campaign, said this week that the central theme of the 74 Campaign is "a strong local Jewish community is a detwrnining (actor for strong •^pvart o< IMML" He noted that tqr nMCttag local aoads we •re propagatiBJE mat survival •Dd growth as a people. TlH FadMwttoa Board passed • ni—lirtna KMag the CamyaiCB foal at |33S,7S5. The Resolutkm noted "that the goal refiresents the June 30. 1973July 1, 1974 local budget and any excesses be reserved for future local needs. If the Campaign does not reach the goal, agency sidiaidies be examined Immediately so as to recoacUe the amount raised and expenditures budgeted . . ." The campaign team Dr. Pumell said, under the general


chairmanship of Stan Engman, will "work vigorously" to Ulustate to the community the programs and services provided l>y the local agencies. This will include meetings with Presidents of the Commisskooii and Executive Directors and mast visitations to the institutions. It U hoped that by the end of the Campaign a majority of Des Moines Jewry will understand the work of the various agencies. The heads of the first Team of the Campaign. Dr. Pumell stated, are the Presidents of the Agencies: David Belin, Bureau of Jewish Education; Martin Pidgeon, Jewish Family Services; Syd Tabach, Iowa Jewish Home; and Martin Waldinger, Jewish Community Center.

Federation Board Protests Treatment of Israeli POWs

A vivid illustratioa of the Des Moines — The Board of Governors of the Jewish Wel- treatment given to Israeli fare Federatioa naanlrooasly POWs by the Egyptians was adopted a reeatalian ceademn- personalized in a letter reing "in the strongest possible ceived by Mr, and Mrs. Sheldon terms" the treaUneat of Is- Ratrinowitz of Des Moines from raeli prisoners of war by the a cousin in Israel, wtw deSyrian and Egyptian govern- scribes the brirtal treatment rements. ceived by her Ranee. (See letThe resolution adopted at the ter below.) board's December 27 meeting noted "authenticated news reports have indicated that both governments have violated the Geneva Convention concerning Editor's Note: The fellowiBg the ^eatment of prisoners of are excerpts from a letter rewar. Both governments have ceived by Mr. and Mrs. Shelresorted to torture and Inhu- don RaUnowliz from their nun treatment which threatens cousin, ShoshI RaMnewltx la the foundations of an enlight- Haifa, Israti. ened civilization and human- Dear Family. Btard of tovenisre ity." It further noted that the boy friend (I was engaged Syrians continue to defy inter- to My him S months ago) fought in national law by not submitting Des Moines — The Board a list of Israeli POWs they hold an American tank U-60 against passed a Resolution condemn- and not permitting the Interna- the Egyptians and was taken ing the treatment of Israeli tional Red Cross to visit these by the Egyptians as a prisoner of war. For two months we Prisoners of War. prisoners. thought he was dead because The National and Overseas The board caired "upon all they fought in the enemy terBudget was presented by Steve Blank. Mr. Blank focused on decent people to vigorously pro- ritory and no one from his the needs of Hillel House in test . . . and make it dear to group came back to our forces Iowa City and our responsi- the governments of Egypt and after the last tragic battle on bilities in this area. It was de- Syria that this behavior is not October 21. So, we sat down cided to allocate a larger sum compatible with Western dvil- apA cried. But, 3 weeks ago, the Egypto the Hillel House: some of the iztaion and friendship between tians gave lists of names of the monies being contingent upon peoples and nations." improvement in the quality of programming. Harlan Hockenberg presented PUASE JOIN US FOR the progress report of the Community Action Committee noting that at the February meeting of the Board of Governors To Pay Tribute to Sylvia Siegal a CAC report will be submitted. for Twenty Yaart of Devoted Service to Marvin Winick. Chairman of Tifereth Israel Congregation the Legal Committee, reported changes in the Articles of the Cocktails and Diaaer Federation, which Vere adoptSaturday. Jantuny 5th. 1974. at 7:30 PJM. ed and which will be presented Tiferetli broei Clubbotisa to the membership at the AnDea MoinM. Iowa nual Meeting on January 20th Reservstiont: Mrs. Ellief Brody, 276-5S57 at Tifcreth Israel Clubhouse.

Pra-lsTMl SoitiiRMt OR tlw Risa in U.S. New York (ZINS)—American sympathy for Israel has risen frtlowing the Yom Kippur War and the Arab oil embargo against thes \J.S. and other countries, according to a recent Gallup poll. The survey covered 1514 interviews between the 7th and 10th of December in 300 different localities. Of those questiMMd. S4% expressed their support of Israel wtiUe only 8% were clearly proArab. 24% stated they have no distinct sympathy for either side, while 14% expressed no opinion. In analyzing the results. Dr. Gallup sakl they show that fears of increased anti-Semitism anaong Americans, because of the war and the oil embargo, are prwiag to be groundless. There is, however, some evidence that anti-Semitic groups are exploiting the latest developneBU as aa excuse for latcMiiytag tMr fwiaaaeu agltatkHK agiJiiit Israel qwcificalljr, and Jews in general.

''An Evening With Sylvia"

Wtata's Laagie Tarah Faad Laach Des Moines — On Monday, January 14, 1974, the Women's League of Tifereth Israel Synagogue will hold its annual Torab Fund luncheon. Mrs. Barry Cytron will tell of the current needs and activities of Torah Fund and tba Jewish- theological Seminary of America. Mrs. Pinchas Spfro will present a musical tribute to Torah Fund. The luncheon will begin at 12:45 p.m. at the Clubhouse. Guests are welcome. Baby sitters are available. Reservations may be made by contacting, Mrs. Don Blumenthal, 2256870, or Mrs. Herb Parmet 2256285.

Dtoffli MRS. EVA R. CAPLAN Gravasida services were held in Des Moines, Iowa, for Mrs. Eva R. Caplan, 79, of Phoenix, Ariz, (formerly of Des Moines), who died in Phoenix, Dec. 15, 1973. Inlermeat was in the Jewish Section of Gleodale Cemetey in Det Moiaas. Survivors ar«: daughters, Mrs. Sylvia Toran, Des Moian, Mrs. Helen Greene, Denver, Colo., Mrs. Sheila Jeck, PMUdelptiia. Pa., and Mrs. Faye Kumr, PtWMix, Ari.,- son, Arnold. DM Mirines; brother, Phillip Koufer. L»oa, Iowa; sitters, Lillian Dank, Denver, Colo., Reva Shutts, Brooklya, N. v.; nine grandchildtieo aiid one greai-grandcUld.


Letters From Israel

MoiMS Caltiiar MMtiig Highlights

Saadiy, Janaary t. Center Basketball LeSgue Youth Aliyah Program for Hadassah, 7 p.m., Mrs. Kaminsky Young Leadership Meeting Monday, January 7 ORT Board, 12:45 Tuesday, Janaary S Tifcreth Israel Women's League Book Group, 9:30 Eleanor Roosevelt Group of Hadassah. 12:30 Maracbi Women. 12:45 Wcdaeaday, Jaaaary 9 Heorietta Zsold Hadassah. 12:45 Iowa Jewish Home B<^rd Meeting, 7:30 p.m. Thnrsday, Janaary It First Women's Federation Board Meeting. 9:45. Annette Isaacson's Jewish Family Service Board Meeting. 8:00 p.m.. UI's Home Friday, January 11 ^ Bat Mitrvah Tifereth Israel Synagogue Julie Lipsman

The Federation urged that; letters be sent to the International Red Cross requesting \ them to publicly condemn the ' acts of the Syrian and Egyptian governments, and to Senatort-j and Congressmen asking tfiem to use their offices to bring alMut relief to the Israeli; POW's hicarcerated in Syria.

Israeli prisoners of war and his name was listed among those brave soldiers — we were l\jrsterlcally happy. When my bey-friend was lak* ea by the Kgyptlani as a prif; oacr-ef-war, he was takers ^ healthy and not woneded. But he returned from Egypt. t»r< tared, iMaten and very sick. In Israel he was immediately taken to the hospital for d|>eralions. We hope he wiH be O.K. He suffered in Egypt the tortures of damned. He had days of horrors, and faced death. They did horrible tlUngs to him, like animals do. not human beings •— like the Germans \ in the second world war. They beat hiai np aU over Us body; tortared him with: barnlng cigarettes; tried le; take out his eye; epcaed his esr. All the time be was alone, ^ starving. He never saw the Red Cress. Most of his friends were killed In the war or wonnded. The tragedy is so great you cant Imagine! I thank God my boy-friend is alive. We want to marry thisj summer, but we have difflculties, sueh as buying a place to^ live, etp. Love.^

Ben Jaacov Stresses Need for Strong Local Jewish Community Des Moinee—Ylssakhar Ben Ya'aoov, Israel's former Ambassador to Nigeria, called for a give-and-take between the American Jewish Community and the Jews in Israel. Speaking in Des Moines Sunday, he noted that Jewish communities sliould stress the quality of

Book Ckib Invifes New Members Des Moines — The Tifereth Israel book club invites all interested readers in the Des Moines Jewidi community to Join their monthly discussion group. The Clid> will meet January 8 at the home of Sharon Ktwen, 1438 NW 9Mfa at 9:30 a.m. The first three books of the Alexandria ()uartet l>y luaurence Durrell will be reviewed. At this time, the books for the rest of the year will be select-



MIBMATNaMLCUMK 2400 In^enell Pet Molne* '-—»nMlM«iM||M*M

local Jewish life as well as sup- placed Person Camp in Ger«< port for Israel. He stressed the many after World War II. SincaJ solidarity between Israel and that time he has served in num«| the Jewish communities of erous positions in the Foreiga| North America and urged Des Ministry of Israel. His visit to Des Moines Moines Jews to visit Israel and express their feelings to the Is- sponsored by the Des Moinea| chapter of the Zionist Organ' raeli people. of America, Hadassah More than 200 people par- zation B'rith. the Synagogue ticipated in a "Memorial to B'nai Brotherhoods and Sister-' David Ben Guri^n," at which and hoods, the Des Moines Youthl time Ben Jaacov discussed the Jewish War Veteranal life of David Ben Gurion and Council, the mission of Israel. He said and the MizraciU Organization.] that the vision of Ben Gurion David Kaminsky and Diclc| working with other and Herz stressed assistance Brown, members of the above organito oppressed peoples. Ben zations organized the Amba Ya'acov talked about the reaction of the African States to sador's visit. thd October war and labeled their behavk>r in unilaterally breaking relations with Israel as an "African tragedy." The Ambassador was bora in KOSHER MEATS Ifiinburg in 1921 to a prominent German-Jewish family. He DEAKffmiENDSi emigrated to Palestine in 1933. Dont be without meat durHe was a member of the Haing the energy crisis. We can gana and worked in the Disship meat to you by truck or bus; in group or Individual orders. A sbnple collect call to (4(B) 85S-M8S, and your meat problems are over. We are by law able to ship >lntefBtata beeeuie we are a •^6i*^afc' •ovenantnt Inspected meat plant (Ekt. 2317.) Keservetieas 1914 aM.X244



•WW '.'•!•••.

«, an

THB <EWisa

fan* Btnrn

Doves and Haivks By C«ri Alpert Haifa—Aside from iU physical conaaquancM, the war has alto upcet a number o( political cradoM and id«o)o|^al belieff. Slogaju which had been freely bandied ^bout in the preceding months and years aft ftill being uied, but th^ maaniniii havf becemr bturrwd. "No »urrendar af territories frith<^t peace;" or, "thare will never be peace unlelsw«! give up terrltorlea," for example, no longer mean the same, and it is not tlte same people who use them. At one time there were fairly clear lines af demarcatlaa seyaraUag the sa^aHed doves from the hawka. Today the Unb tlwwadvea arc net qaite sarc of their ornithological claaaificatlon. Of oae thing only they are certaia: •oae of 00 wanu l« be a sitting ptgeoa for the Arabs. The leading figures in the dove movement, prior to the war, were Lyova EUav, Pinhas Sapir, Abba Eban, and a long string of uptopians, Ideallat* and extreme leftists whose views differed from eacl aUMT qitly in degree. They maintained in principle that so long as Israel held onto the occupied ideas—Golan, Waat Banlc of the Jordan, Gasa, .Sinai, there could never be peace. We must be prepared to make some sort of compromise, and to advise the Arabs of this willingness in advance, in ordor to bring them to tlio conference table. Tbo reallsU anoag Ibooe doves susUiaed a nide shock oa Yo« Klppor Day. Tbry dlacovered ikat while they had been Ulking aboirt good win and compromise and gestures of frfaadihlp, the Arabs had be«a plaMdng the consplete military destruction of Israel. Furthermore, many came to the inescapable conclusion that bad there iadeed been a withdrawal from any part of the buffer xoaes held by Israel, the sneak attack would have started that nnch closer to Israel and would have had

that much greater chance of sncoeso. Btit ii Uw davM in Israei's public Ufe were diaconcerted, inuch <1M same can be said lor tJie hawks. The leading advocate* of the strong^ etand were Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, Israeli' Gaiiii, and a number of peraonalttlM. from military ^ad right wing circles. Thejr inslstod that the Arabs couki n«t be trusted. larael's security lay in ourcontinued occupatiod of the areas, and in iHtiuItig up our military power. They were agaiut any unilateral compromise. Indeed tiicy wero ifcotpical of the value of any "guarantees" which might be offered in exchange for a softening of Israel's attitude. Any show of weaiuwss would be a step toward stdcide, Uiey insisted. And they loo experienced a rude awakening on Yom KIppur Day. The much vaunted military machine was caught by .surprise. If tliere was a miracle In this war. It was the rapidity with which we regained our balance, and were able to shift i« the offense. Bnl the blind falUb In the InvinclMHty of our armed forces and Ita leadership was badly shaken. The hawks, too, are taking a new htok at their philooopMet. 1 might add, with considerable humility, that my peiyona! analysis of UM expectations was no better than that of others. In my annual Yom Kippur column, it may be recalled, I listed the ma]or problems which would face Israel in the year ahead. With what sublime confldence I placed "Defense" as Number Four and added: "For the first time in many years thia item drops a bit lower on the list. With good reason Israel feels Itself mora secure against its foes, despite occasional tororist dramatics." If we complete the Mrd metaphors, I eaa say that I was one of those who was icoaipelled to eat crow.

Sidelines Among my prized poneosiona Is a medal I won in a high schocri oratorical contest. I was IS, and the title of the oration was 'Tomorrow wW he better." As I recall the oration, it was filled with teenage idealism and | platitudes about ^^-^ ^^i the better world ^ "~ -

to be bant by{

my generatim. Many moons I have p a s ( o d I since I was 15, ji. Gerellck and obviously, my geoeration didn't make it. The perfect world we dreamed of them is still a dream. While I regret our failure to realize the irhole dream, there is tome satiafaction in knowing that my fenorathm did effect some changes. The end ot a year is often a time for reflection; a time for looking l>ack and looking ahead. I'm not 15 anymore, but it's impoosible for me to look at the aoguish of 1>73 without the dream and the belief that tomorrow will be better. The pages of the Jewish Press during the past year record a multiplicity ot trageIVre has been violenoe. Climaxed by the stupefying terrorism of Arab assaatins in Borne and Athens during the last days of the year, the obscenity of the Yom Kjppur War and the dreadful toll in young Israeli lives has marked 1073 as a year of tragic low hi the pages of history. The year has seen the murder of Jews in Iraq; the disclosure of Syrian torture of Israeli POWs; the continued harrassmoit of Soviet Jews. Tbere is no consolaflon for the barboric cost in human lives brought by war and terrorism. And those who view only the tragedies of 1973 would find difficully In dreaming «f • iMttsr tomoraw. ; But thora were bright mis

In Retrospect By Carol Gcadto-

The Congregation of Sharey Zion filed articles of incorporation in 1900. Officers were Aaron Ferer, Zaleg Corenman, " Max I. Zlmman, Moses Rosenblatt, Simon ^\S.^ Katleman, Simche Coren- V^^ man, Kalmenu- ^V sher Schaibel, and Max London.

RaHbi Abraham Bengis ef Fort Worth, Texas was chosen to serve as first spiritual leader of the conservative synagogue. Officers elected in August, 1929 were Sam Beber, Harry Kulakofsky, Mose Yousem,' Jack Marer. and A. B. Alpim. Dues were $25 per family.

The American Protective Association, a group which, act' ing in the guise of patriotism, determined to remove Cattiolics in the year just past. 1973 "Hie commitment of Omaha from public office, was active brought an end to the senseleas,'' Jewry to the survival of Israel At a 1 a r g e Carol Geadier war in Vietnam, and the return was again demonstrated in un- mass meeting at the Jewish in Omaha in the 1890's. A. P. A. activities had a conof the POWs to America. For precedented giving of funds fol- Community (>nter in Novemthe first time in American his- lowing th^ desperate days in ber, 1928, it was decided on siderable effect on local politics and the bigoted attacks tory a Jew was named U.S. October. "the immediate organization pf came to include Jews as well Secretary of State. The ecullie headlines of the past a modern orthodox congregamenical dream of communica- year spotlight the failures of tion and the hiring of a rabbi." as Catholics. A sizeable advertisement tion and cooperation between manl^nd to bring about the This was tlie conservative synappeared in the local all people was brought closer perfect world. We can dwell on agogue, now Beth El, and 75 which read as follows: "All Rewith the visit of Golda Metr the failures and kill the dream. new members pledged $3,000 press publican and independent votand the Pope; and the visit of Or we, can look at the headlines and heard the featured speak- ers who scratch titeir ticket for Willie Brandt to Israel. as examples of man's capacity er, Rabbi David Goldstein. The senators should vote for the The horror of the Yom Kip- for depravity, with the knowl- meeting was chaired by Sam honorable, s u c c e s sfui, selfp«r War has resulted, for the edge that there is at least as Beber. made man William N. Babfirst time in the tiistory of the . much evidence of man's capacOthers involved in the initial cock, manager of the Union Jewish State, of Arab and Jew °' ity for nobility. organization of the congrega- Stock Yards at South Omaha. talking together of peace. There 1973 has been a year of good tion were A. B. Alpirn, Harry Don't vote for the gold-cravbig, must be a dream that 1974 will and bad, of progress and re- Lapidus, Henry Monsky, Dr. P. shylock Jew, Max Meyer, or record sucoeosful negotiatlof\^ gression. There is at least aa Sher, A. I. Kulakofsky, Harry tiie bigoted Irish Roman Cathin Geneva. Without the dream, nuKh reason for hope as there Wolf, sod J. J. Friedman. olic J. C. Brennan." Is for despair. the future is past. The dream of a perfect world On the local scene the year did bring the realization of may never be realised, but , »om« dreaau. The new Jewish without the dream, life has litCommunity Center moved from tle meaning. Despite the tears a paper drawtaig to the reality and the frustrations of the past of steel and brick. It is more year, I still believe there is » By BEN GALLOB than a creation of a building. reason not t« surrender our It is lite visible expression of hopes in the year to come, but Neither bagel nor "real Jewish rye" are really Jewish foods, the hope for continued viable to build on them. There is sad- contrary to widespread convictions of Jews and non-Jews alike. Jewish life in ow community. ness UdMB dreams are shat- AcconHng to an expert on Jewish cooking, there are no truly tered; but there is tragedy Jewish foods, but rather centuries-old Jewish uses of foods taken when abattsred dreams result from other cultures. in the destructloo of the dreamIn fact, even the traditional challah may not be a Jewish YOM er. food, says Mrs. Shonie B. Levi, wife of Rabbi S. Gershon I.«vi I guess I'm an Incurable opof Jamaica, N. Y. 5 YEARS AGO The bagel, she asserted, "is really a Johnny-come-lately to Mrs. A. C. Fellman was tomist, but In spite of all the named chairman of the 1969 shattered dreams I've seen the Jewish scene. Its association with Jews is largely an AmeriWomen's Division of the Oma- since I was IS, I still belive tiiat can phenomenon," for a Russian-Polish delicacy introduced to ha Jewish Philanthropies Cam- if all of us direct our efforts to North America by Jews from Eastern Europe. The Jewish rye make it so, then "tomorrow bread "originated in certain northern climes where rye is the paign. native grain." Jews who settled in this country "brought along DavM Gendler observed his will be better." Happy Now Year. an acquired taste for it," Mrs. Levi declared. Bar lUJUvah. Raising the questioiwas to whether challah was "an original Cheryl Rae Weiss became the an imitation," Mrs. licvl commented that "maybe both go bride of Barry Louis iCricsfeld. The Jewish Press or Mr. and Mrs. Larry Meyer- PabHshed wtMy oa PrMay by back to a common source." She added that "it really doesn't son announced tlie birth of a Jewish Federation ot Omaha. matter. What counts is the use" to wtiich such foods are put by Jews and what really matters "is the way we Jews have conson, Scott. Mortimer Greenberg, verted certain dishes into celebrations of our own holidays." It YF^RS AfjO Executive Director .She cited latkes !or Hanuka, hamantaschen for Purim, Miss Marilyn Katsman beStanford Llpsey, Press blintzes for Shavuot, matzah balls for the Passover Seder, gefllte came the bride of Marshall Committee Chairman fish and similar food uses. On that premise, she declared, "no Bernstein. Mrs. Bobert GcreUck, Editor one can deny that our challah belongs to the Jewish Sabbath, IS YEARS AGO Mrs. Sidney Mtrvisb, Assistant regardleu of who originated the recipe." Miss Barbara Kay Nogg beMrs. Irvin C. Kalman The Hebreiff word challah, he said, meant originally simply came the bride of Dean Ellis Advertising Manager a kMf and "not even necessarily of bread." She cited a reference Frankel. ttOM CM* >»SIH P«M in Leviticus to both a loaf of matzah and of oiled bread. Challah , » YEARS AGO Annual hikwriptlon M.M ' I RMM an Appllutlaii "has come to signify Uie special delicious white bread used on MiM JsAtet Rita Freeman be* the>lai»bath" in Yiddish, "aiid In Knglish, this has become lU cam* tivlbrtdttof Mr. Benjaonly aacaring.'' ..n^.WiWflW, ^^N^^k^^l^

By Mkkey Gerelkk

^Real Jewish Rye^ Isn^t Really Jewish!^



rwce EIRM

Frtdajr, «a«. «. 1»74

Center Sports •y ChariM Anwy Fo Mora Information Call tha AtMaKe Offiea 342-1366

OLYMPIC BASKETBALL LEAGUE A briUiant fourth quarter rally by league leading SU Racquet enabled them to remain undefeated by squealdng by Kobll's Drugs 32-31. KohU's had as much as a 10 point lead in the final quarter but were unable to hold on as Todd Finkle's rebound lay-up in the final seconds was the climax to Std Racquets comeback. John Skoog took game scoring honors with 15 points, while being ably as' sisted by Steve Parsow and Joe Greenberg. The other game saw First Mid-A m e r i c a roll up the league's highest offensive total with a 50-23 rout of David Lee Studios. John Stern bad 20 points for the winners wiiUe Dan Meiches had. all his 12 points in the second half to lead David Lee. The JCC Olymirfc playmaker of the weelc is Jon Staenberg and the Olympic Defensive player of the week goes to John Stem.

GAMES SUNDAY, JANUARY • 3:15 p.m. — Ski Racquet vs. David Lee 4:00 p.m. — KobU's vs. Ffarst Mid-America r l f ; > ^ i f [ I r f I ^ I I ( .' 'i, I ; f

TEENS SKI TRIP The Center's Annual Teen Ski es left to be filled. Anyone interested siMuId call the Center immediately at 342-1386 and sign up. The trip to Breckenridge, Colorado leaves Omaha January 24 and returns January 28, 1974. Those already signed up are: Jim All>ert, Steve Albert, Sue Albert, Brian Buxton, Bob Cassman, Stacy Dandy, Wendy Dann, Debbie Farber, Lynn Freidel, Mike Goldstein, Karen Greenberg, David Hauss, Justin KofaU, Susie Krantz, Jill Kushner, Karen Kushner, Craig Lincofa), Nancy Malnove. Mark and Robin Martin, Ron Ndson, Betsy Newman. Cathy Nogg, Nancy Novak, Robert Picard, Beth Rips, Marcy Rosenblum, David Staenberg. Bob Stanley, Bob Wertbeim, Jeff Wertheim, Jane Vaffe, Maria Goldberg, Mark Fred, Terri and Cindy Doody, Carol Krupinsky, Laurie Simons, Mark Dann, Nancy Harris, Jeff Levinger, Steve Levlnger and Beth Goldstein. A Ftee Tons to Icrcwl


SAMA To«rs. LM. 3)a


Oafari* UNaw T«fk:

TZEU Tranr«l K W. 4Za4 St., N*. Ml MMV rati, N.r. 1N3«

PRESIDENTIAL n>ORTS AWARD PROGRAM The Jewish Community Centers Athletic Department is now offering ail membo^ the opportunity to e«km tlte Presidential Sports Award for participation in their favorite sport. To be eligible to receive the Presidential Sports Award certificate emblem and pin members must meet qualifying standards which have been specifically designed tor varitftes sports. The following is a list of lomB of the more popular activities you can earn this award for: Bowling, Jogging, Golf, Handball, Racquetball, Swimming, Tennis and VoUeybaU. Anyone interested should call Chuck Arnold, Phys. Educ, Director at 342-1366. MIDGET ALLOTARS TO PLAY AT CREIGHTON On Saturday, January 12th, 1974 the Jewish Community Centers, 5th and 6th Grade Midget All-Stars will provide the half-t i m e entertainment during the Creighton Bluejay vs Dayton Basketball game. The All-Star team has been divided into two teams for an inter-squad game. The Blues are: Mike Lustgarten, Chris Skoog, Jeff Epstein. Jeff Ferrin. Joel Brodsky and Bill Barna. The Whites aie: Mike Zoob, Mike Kaminltz. Joe Goldstein, Dick Stem. Marshall Pred and Scott Seldin. SENIOR HI "A" & "B" BASKETBALL GAMES SUNDAY, JAN. « 9 a.m. — Chaim Weizmann "B" vs. AZAIOO 10:00 a.m. — AZA-1 "B" vi. NFTY 11:00 a.m. - AZA-1 ^'A" vs. Lincoln 12:00 p.m. — Chafin^Weizmann "A" vs. USY MIDGET BASKETBALL LEAGUE Last Sunday's action in the second round of play in tiie Midget Basketball league saw Vann Realty remain atop the league standings with a 20-10 victory over I-Go Van and Deans Camera move into second place with an lS-10 victory over Omaha Paper Stock. Dick Stem and Jeff Ferrin dominated their teams scoring with 14 and 12 points respectively in their victory over I-Go Van. Chris Skoog and Steve Harris sparked Deans in their win over Omaha Paper Stock. Midget Playmaker of the week is Mike Lustgarten and tlie Midget Defensive player of the week is Marc Warren. SCHEDULE SUNDAY, JANUARY • 1:30 p.m. — I-Go Van vs. Deans Camera 2: IS p.m. ' Vann Realty vs. Oiiiaha Paper




tneUi^m 3 piaem «f wwry friad cMdt. •n. eiwic* VI «M*<o. brwd WMI kvtMr. cant* Mia fU4, mnt tntti frun> mm ovr •Hoant Miad cart.


SUPPBtCLW •91* M4 H 33f-S445

Winter Program Starts Now

All JCC Athletic Department programs and activities will begin in January and end March L 1174. The Physical Edncatiea aad Aqoatlcs Staff will be happy t« assist members wifk pragram seiecttMs aad answer aoy qaesttoas. RegistratlMs will be taken on a flrst-come, flnt^erved basis up to limiu designated. Bel»w Is the 1974 Health, Physical EdncaUan and AqoaUcs Wiater Pr^graas Guide listing aU Classes aad activities. Aayeae Interested in regtslcrlag for classes IIMBM call (he JCC at MMJM and laqnlre at the mala desk. PRE-SCHOOL Tat Gym (2. 6-3 years)—Meets on Itfonday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, 9-11:30 a.m. Fee: $70. Beth Israel West, 12604 Pacific St. Tat Gym (4 and 5 year olds)—Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9-11:30 a.m. Fee $50. Beth Israel West. Thiy Tot Gym (18 roo.-24 months)—Tuesdays, 1-2:00 p.m. Fee $1.00 per time, Beth Israel West, mother must accompany child. Toddler Tutoring (10 months-3 years)— Tuesdays aild Thursdays, 11-11:30 a.m. Fee: $10 Downtown "J". Starts Jan. 3, ends Feb. 15. 1974. Mother must accompany infant. GRADE SCHOOL (Kdg.-<th Grade) TUMBLEWEED (Kdg.-4tb gr.)—Coed Fridays, 3:45 p.m.-S:lS p.m. Fee: $7.00. Meets at Beth Israel West. Starts Jan. 11-Feb. 22. (7 weeks). IDDY-BIDDY BASKETBALL (Kdg.-lst Gr.) —Wednesdays, 3:45 p.m.-S:15 p.m. Member|thip required and $2.00 registration fee. Meets at St. Luke Gym, 11810 Burke St. Starts J»n. 9-Feb. 27, 1974 (8 weeks). MISSY BIDDY BASKETBALL (Kdg.-lst Gr.) —Giris Wednesday, 3:45 p.m.-5:15 p.m. Fee: $6.00. Meets at St. Luke Gym, 11810 Burke St. Starts Jqn. 9-Feb. 27. (8 weeks). JUNIOR BOYS BASKETBALL (2nd, 3rd and 4th grade)—Friday, 3:45 p.m.-5:15 p.m. Membership required and a $4.00 registration fee. St. Luke Gym, 11810 Burke St. Starts Jan. 11, ends March 1, 1974. (8 weeks) JUNIOR "MISS" KITTEN BALL (2nd, 3rd

and 4th Gr.) Girls Fridays, 3:45 p.m:-5:15 p.m.—Fee: 8.00 meets at St. Luke Gym, 11810 Burke St. Starts Jan. 11, ends March 1, 1974 (8 weeks) BEGINNING SWIM-Boys and girls, Monday-Friday. Classes will be arranged. Fee: $10 (Jan. 3-Feb. 15.) INTERMEDLVTE SWIM-Boys and glrU, Mondays thru Friday, classes will be arranged. Fee: $10. COMPETmVE SWIM—Mondays and Wednesdays, 7-7:45 p.m. at the Downtown Center, Fee: $10. JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH BEGINNING SWIM—(Coed) Monday-Friday. Classes will be arranged. Fee: $10.00 (Jan. 3-Feb. 15). INTERMEDIATE SWIM—(Coed) MondayClasses will be arranged. Fee: $10. (Jan. 3' Feb. 15). ADULTS WOMEN'S SUMNASTICS-Monday. Wednesday and Fridays, 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Fee: $15. Meets at the St. Luke Gym, 111810 Burke St. Minimum enrollment of 15 required. (8 weeks). Jan. 7-Feb. 25. BEGINNING YOGA—Mondays, 2-3:00 p.m. Fee: $15.00. Meets at the Beth Israel West, 12604 Pacific. Starts Jan. 7, ends Feb. 25, 1974. (8 weeks) Minimum enrollment of 8 required. ^ INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED YOGA —Mondays", 1-2:00 p.m. Fee: $15.00. Meets at the Beth Israel West, 12604 Pacific gt Starts Jan. 7, ends Feb. 25. 1974. (8 weeks) Minimum enrollment of 8 required. SENIOR SPLASHERS—Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:45 a.m. to 9:45 Downtown Cen3-Feb. 15. 'SWIIil^NASTICS—Monday and Wednesdays'10:30 a.m>ll:00 a.m. Downtown Center, Jan. 3-Feb. 15. Fefc< $13.00. BEGUVNING SWIM—Monday and Wednesdays, 11-11:45 a.m. Downtown Onter, Jan. 3Feb. 15. Fee: $13. INTERMEDIATE SWIM — Tuesday and Thursdays, 7-7:45 p.m. Downtown Center, Jan. 4-Feb. 14. Fee: $13.00.

• BOOKS • All You Naad fo Know Is Our Phone Number

342-3144 ^Charge It at...

MAHHEWS 1620 Harnay

pat pugh's

ski racQuet


A Distinctive Ski 1 & Tennis Shop 1014 So. 74rii Ptau



74th and Pacific iH.


XEX.H.EJE.! T.E.E. H.E.E. stand for Technical Engineering Excedlenca. And Highly Extravagant Extras. Standard equipment like: • Four-speed all-synchtomesh stick shift • Heavy duty rear SUApenaion • Torsion bar front • Three-speed heater/ defroster Test drive the number one selling import truck at your Datsun dealer, the Small Car Expert. Drive a Oai«*a decide.



OMAHA B'NAl riUTH LODGES Cordially invite you to attend a dinner in celebration of:

THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF AZA HONORING SAM B^BER the Founder and fha Original C|iarte<' Members

Sat., Jan. 12. 1974

Omaha Hilton Hotel

%iAO Par Plata. General Act(!(iittien $7.50 Par Plata, B'nal B'rIHi Mambart and Family $5.00 Par Plata, Currant Mambart of AZA and BBG WIraa aaS Omala


_ ^Cocktails 6:00 P.M.

Oraclaiialjr InvUcd

Dinner 7:00 P.M.

CUT AJTD MAn. UMIVAHONS MtfST Mt IITUIINI* ff TUaOAT. XANUAIITITH FlesM make reaervatloo* for me at the Cieldeo Anniversary dlaner of AZA. I Phrloaa my rbeck berrln, la the amooat Of $ • made payable to B'nal B'rtth. Pleaae mafca your riiolce of oa» ot tbe foUowtogl

Msat nill

SEND TO: JeMph A. biMN, V.P. Meary Meesiiy Ledfe c/e Haktmka lewa Dressee leef Ce.

rx>. lei 7203 Nebr. MI07

January 4, 1974  

Jewish Press

January 4, 1974  

Jewish Press