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Memorial Concert to Honor Cantor Kuffner


Omaha—A concert in memory of Cantor Manfred F. Kuttner will be held at Temple Israel on Sunday, June 10, at 4 p.m. Cantor Kuttner served as Director of Music and" of Hebrew Education at Temple Israel from November, 1961, until his death on July 4, 1972. He played viola in the Omaha Symphony Orchestra and was co-host of the classical music program, "Immort1'* Sounds," on KIOS-FM. ' Dave Brubeck's famous oratorio, "The Gates of Justice, •will be presented by the Omaha Symphonic Chorus under tin. direction 6f Mrs. Leota Sneed Strong. The Temple Israel Choir, directed by Miss Ida Gitlln, and the Temple organist, Mrs. Esther Leaf DuBoff, will participate in the program. The Manfred F. Kuttner .Memorial Organ will be dedicated that afternoon. The community is cordially invited by the congregation of Temple Israel to attend the Memorial Concert at Temple Israel, 7023Cass. " ...'•

Serving Council Bluffs, Des Moines, Lincoln, Omaha Vol. LH—No. 39

OMAHA, NEB., Fill., JUNE 1, 197S

Omaha—The 1973 Omaha new Jewish Community Center J e w i s h Philanthropies cam- -programming and a c t i v i t i e s paign has passed the one mil- plus the Federation services lion dollar figure, according to for the Dr. Philip Sher home a report made Wednesday night for \\ie Aged, the Esther K. Camp, our Family to the Jewish Federation Exec- Newman Serves department and the utive Committee by Millard H. Jewish Press. The second, we Rosenberg, campaign c h a i r - must continue to show equal man. concern and interest in the In announcing the $1,000,000 social needs of our brethren in "mark, Mr. Rosenberg "noted Israel, especially the absorpthat this year's pledges are tion of Russian. Jews." showing Increases of more' than Mr. Rosenberg noted that 12O2i over last year's cards. some divisions in the Men's The Young Executive Division, campaign have already rewith Mr. Allan Noddle as co- ported 100 percent completion chairman, showed an increase of their cards. Mrs. Ervin of 38% over the 1972 cards. Simon, Women's D i v i s i o n 'In his report, Mr. Rosenberg chairman, reports 75 percent said "Wo are encouraged by completion in the Women's the understanding response of Division. The date of June 30, 1973 has the Omaha Jewish community to this year's needs. However, been set as the target date for we have a long way to go to the completion of the cam• complete our goals. We roust paign. Mr, Rosenberg urges all work for two areas of concern campaign workers to make —one: the fulfillment of the their .calls and .complete, .their, "1974 budgetary "needs for the cards as soon as possible be' local scene which includes the fore that date.

ndsay Orders Probe Of Raid on JDL Offices

Mrs."Ervin Simon,' Women's Division chairman; Morley Zlpursky, Omaha Jewish Federation President and Mr. Rosenberg discuss the cards which have not yet been completed In the 1973 cam« paign. J

House '1-

New York (JTA) — Mayor and search for explosives," KoJohn ,V. Lindsay has asked lish wrote tho Mayor. ' Pollcfl < Commissioner Donald ' Tho three-hour raid was conF.Cawley to undertake a full ducted under a Federal warinvestigation of last AVedhes- rant issued after a telephone day's raid on Jewish Defense . warning to the FBI that exploMr. Sambol assumed the di- sity. Mr, Sambol has also Omaha—The, residents and League headquarters here by sives would be planted at the board of directors of the Dr. rectorship at the Dr. Sher served as Assistant Director for combined forces of the FBI, Soviet or Iraqi missions. Philip Sher Home for the Aged Home in January of this year. the United Home for Aged He"; NY City.police and U.S. Treas- No explosives wereUN found at the, will hold an Open House Sun- -He came to Omaha from New brews in New Rochelle, New ury agents. The A m e r i c a n JDL office. , V. • day, Juno 10 from 4 to 10 p.m. York where he served as the York. Jewish Congress urged IindA native of New York, Benj Guests of honor will bo the new Associate Executive Director JDL spokesmen charged that ' say to order an investigation of Director, Dan Sambol for Health Planning' at the Laub, 27, attended Yeshiva ele. the raid because of conflicting the raid was intended to harass] Home mentary school, Hofstra Unihis wife as well as Assist- 1 1 " reports over how it was con- and intimidate the JDL from and ant Director, Ben Laub and his Westchester Council of Social versity and received his B.S. conducting demonstrations dur- wife. ' ducted. ; Agencies in White Plains. A degree in Business Managei .Theodore J. Kolish, chair- ing the visit of Soviet Com, graduate of New York Univerat the University of NeThe. public is invited and sity, Mr. Sambol received his ment man of the AJCongress' NY munist Party Secretary Leonid braska at Lincoln. Mr. Laub urged to attendMetropolitan Council, stated in I. Brezhnev next month. '• MSS dgree from the School of is married to the former Nani a letter to Lindsay that "de* ' Social Work, Adelphi Univer- cy Stern of Omaha. : spite our rejection of much of • the philosophy and many of the .-tactics of the Jewish Defense league, we opose any police action that violates constitutional guarantees directed a g a i n s t any group." .. , ' Kolish noted that "the initial Jerusalem (JTA)—The Prime sons who had access to the rc-i reports suggested the possibility that under the pretense of Minister's Office denied on stricted information questioned investigating he presence of ex- May 23 that Premier Golda about it, They included the enplosives in the JDL office, the Meir had ordered the security • tire Cabinet. ' The questioning was done raiding forces destroyed pror services to put member of her perty and seized files and other Cabinet under surveillance in openly and no minister was documents, including member- 1970 to track down alleged placed under surveillance, the ship lists, to which the FBI, leaks of classified information statement said. Mrs. Mcir said the Treasury and police were to the press. The statement re- that only one minister objected not entitled." .That charge was ferred to a report published in to tho'qiiestioning but did not made initially by JDL spokes- Haarotz. It termed the news- Identify him. According to tho Ilaaretz story, Gahal leader men. " At tho same time, the paper report as unfounded. officials responsible f o r t h e The statement said that in 'Menachem Begin, a membrr raid have denied any improper 19G9 material damaging to the of the coalition government at conduct, insisting' that>,no, files' •State's'security was leaked to the .time, raised the issue nt'ta were taken tand'that the onlyr , tho'press and that Mrs'^Meir, cabinet meeting and succeeded damage resulted from the need acting on q Cabinet decislin of in getting Mrs. Meir to rescind Dan Sambol and Ben Laub;' to be iion&r'cd at Sher Home Open.' to obtain access to the office' March 19,19G9, ordered all per- her alleged surveillance order. House June 10. _ 7. •*&


Prime Minister Denies Surveillance ofCabinet





Friday, June 1, 1»7»


Tay-Sachs Testing Program this Sunday in Omaha Omaha -S£Regfc>u>atidHs? are still being accepted for the Tay Sachs Screening Program to £foe held ID. Omaha, June, 3 and

June 10, from 10 a m: to 4 p.m. at Temple Israel, 7023 Cass Street. All 'members ol the Jewish

community between the ages of 16 and 35 are eligible for the testing program. The simp'e blood test takes just a few min-

Woman Talks About ^ay-Saehs in Our Family9 *, Omaha—]"Tay-Sachs Disease discovered they were both 'Was only a name in a medical carriers of the Tay-Sachs gene. text boot to us," said the wife "They were told that there 'of< an Omaha physician this. was' a 25 per cent risk that 'week, "until 6 years ago when each future pregnancy would my cousin's 6-month-old baby's produce a Tay-Sachi child. At Illness was. diagnosed as Tay- that' time there was no test to Sachs. TVe^tJabyrdifrdand it determine whether or not the only,then;that the parents 1 unborn child would be affected. "They took the chance' and unfortunately, their secon-d child died in the same heartbreaking way." According to the Omaha Tay-Sachs. had not p in her family of in families of the other 14 co&slns. "But, now we know there is a possibility that some «f- Jesus'"viri^making'his recent of us may be carriers and may ce'rnjuilit * jt • th.e. punish- have passed on the recessive ment tq,fae,giYeji:<Jfpgpushers gene to some of our children: and ttftW(Jr';*;-;-;>;";-.-"When we beard that a TayN : An •fltotial jin-r'-tftEFpRM Sachs screening program was ;JUDAISJVr4'^ the.^official new* to be conducted in Omaha we . paper o£lHe:ifaW-of. Ameri- were delighted. Our two teencan Hebre;«t'Cohgr<gatlohs, be- age children will be tested, and xated the j. evangelist's .;sjite- fortunately, even If they are - menus :kuppojrting. both Presi- carriers, they won't' have to dent Nixon;.aji4. G o v e r n o r HockeCBlferfs^ecomrriendations dtor har-shiipunishimerit. against •drug purveyors :aiia;: papists. • '• Accor:dih'r'td:lHe'ppb'licaUon, Dr.' Graham -. suggested ,. that rapists be "castrated" and he ,was reported to,haye. said durWashington (JTA)—The State ing a recent''overseas trips, Department and the Israeli •'thai ought to stop them." Embassy refused to comment * The p u b l i c a t i o n ' n o t e s : on a report published in the' •"Jesus, we are told, embraced New York Times that the Em•tinners of various kinds and bassy telephones were tapped 'degrees: Far from slapping ;them down, he is said to have by the FBI. The report surfaced in connection with testioffered them his love." mony by James McCprd at the r " 'Turn the' other cheek! is the customary phrase frequent- Senate hearing on Watergate. Jy quoted by bur Christian McCord cialmed* that teleneighbors.;'.,.Billy. ,G r ah a m, phone calls he made, from his however,' appears -not to have home in Sept. and Oct. 1972 gotten the message were tapped. Government inrousing support to the Presi- vestigators said he was referdent's and New York. Gover- ring to his calls to the Chilean -nor's crime and-piinlshment and Israeli Embassies, the Times reported.- '" . < rec6mmendations>

for StafUMbf on Rapists

' face the tragedy of having TaySachs children as did oar cousins." The simple blood test which will be given in Omaha June 3 and June 10 will identify "carriers" of Tay-Sachs Disease. If >both parents are carriers, there is still a 75 per cent chance of producing a normal child. A simple test during the early weeks of pregnancy will determine if the unborn-child is affected. If so, the pregnancy can be .terminated. While there is no cure yet for Tay-Sachs Disease, the testing programs developed In recent years can prevent any couple having to face the tragedy of 'a Tay-Sachs child. "When a few minutes for a simple bloed test can prevent so much heartache," said the Omaha doctor's wife, "it's hard to believe that anyone eligible won't take advantage cf the screening program being offered in Omaha."

Watergate Testimony Reveals Wiretaps on Israeli Embassy


According to the Times, "Intelligence officials confirmed the existence of wiretaps on the Israeli Embassy," under a program code-named "Scope" which was initiated^during the Johnson Administration. The Times said a g o v e r n m e n t source specifically recalled receiving a transcript of a conversation involving Premier. Golda Meir and the then Israeli Ambassador Yitzhak Rabin during the Middle East crisis of 1970. "Mrs. Meir Was discussing Secretary of State (William P.) Rogers, the source recalled," the Times reported. Addressing a Foreign Press Association luncheon in Jerusalem on May 22, Mrs. Meir dismissed the Times report as unconfirmed. But she added that only a fool doesn't know that long distance phone calls are listened to somewhere or other and sensible: people do not talk secrets on long distance telephone. ANTS7 Watnba«i7. Sfi»«fH»7 R M cJm7 Sowbagrt TMMIJM7

T«mpU lft«iltHtBr»w;School Graduation *i T*mpU lirtil <l 1:1 E f.M. Itlh. liritl Kdigious School Grjdujti'on «t B«lM»r««l »t t:IE f.M.



r. JUNI i





" ' / :





. . . .TOUPAT. J U N H >;- • -JC.OW)lm«r« «»JCC «t 10:30 A.M.


.; •



Q.\What is Tay-Sachs Disease

A. Tay-Sachs Disease is an inherited genetic disorder cans*, ing destruction otthe nervous system. The affected child appears normal until six months of age, then there is a general and rapid deterioration leading to total mental retardation and death, usually by 3 to 5 years of age. Q. Who is most susceptible to producing a child withTay* Sachs Disease. . A. Tay-Sachs Disease is 100 times more common in Jewish 'children than in the non-Jewish population. Where both parents are carriers of the mutant gene, there Is a 25 per cent risk with each pregnancy of having a child with Tay-Sachs disease. Q. How can carriers be detected? A. Carriers can be determined by a simple blood te$t such as that which will be available in Omaha June 3 and June 10. Q. What can a couple do if they learn they are both carriers aod may have children with Tay-Sachs disease. , • A. A simple test during the early weeks of pregnancy can de. termine whether the unborn child will be affected. A pregnancy in which a fetus with Tay-Sachs disease is identified can be therapeutically terminated: In this way couples may selectively have only unaffected children and not face the terrible prospect of a Tay-Sachs child. . , Q. Will there be a charge for the Omaha testing program? A. The success of the Tay-Sachs testing project depends upon full participation by the community. Therefore, no charge will be levied on each person tested. However, voluntary contributions will be accepted to help defray the cost of the staff, equipment and chemical supplies needed for the project.


ravel, inc. 3fl-S440

Robert Porolmai





Questions and Answers Concerning The Tay-Sachs Testing Program

CALL 341-0088


WMMMOAr, JUNI i ' .•• (•thEIHiohScJiotil Gr.duition «» El «t 8:)S .M. ' -:

Home phone Address ' • (To be eligible for testing, members must be between ' the ages of 16-35, married or single.) Mail to: Jewish Federation of Omaha 101 North 20th Street, Omaha, Neb. 68102"





Monument Co. S«b (Safety! P»l»tft»t«

35 Years' Experience WHh Jewhh ';Uftoring flrtd M»morial»' < .


i ^ •


2111 So. 8tfc i • i...'.



- 341-2452, '-•-


Your name, please pi'int.

Rflckbrook Village Shopping Center

Stni«r CHii»M-ficniei>peda. Nr'lt, tut Utvinj J C C i i ' l O A . M . .

Please include the following members of my household in the Tay-Sachs Screening Program. , '••••• Preferred date for testing June 3 June 10 Name Age

Steven M. Frrtdman

H-^M «t u™ w«>> ciubh«ui«.

»405 W « t » r n f I « M From 7 to 10 P.M. ]•'•••

be part of the testing program, AU those who have not yet registered, are'urged to complete the coupon below and return it promptly.


I, '••!(. :E1 lilmud Torjh GrjJu.lion »l B.fh El at 11 A.M. C w o t W e n i n htituth Crunch «t Horn* ef Mr«. S«m K«tim«n '•[ '•". »t I I Neon ' V r K. N»wm«n Frem 2 »o


utes. Baby sitting service will be provided while parents are being tested. More than 600 people have already indicated their desire to





, SUB* •%,




Memorial Resolutions Fulbright, Jackson On U.S. Mid-East Policy

Omaha—The untimely deaths of two members of the Omaha Jewish Federation were noted at the Wednesday evening meeting of the Federation Executive Committee. Morley Zipursky, President, of the Federation, expressed "deep sorrow" at the death on Saturday of Mrs. Morton Richards. The wife of the Vice-President of the Federation, Mrs. Richards had also been a member of the Executive Committee. In memory of Mrs. Richards, the following resolution in • memory of Mrs. Richards was adopted by the Executive Committee.

lit Memory of I&uth Itichards Throughout her many years of communal service, Ruth-Richards ably performed with calm but unfailing dedication the many ; tasks of leadership which naturally became hers to bear. With her death, the Jewish community of Omaha has lost a great lady, whose courage and wisdom will be sorely missed. To the family of Ruth Richards,'whose grief the entire community iharei, the Jewish Federation of Ojnaha extends its deep. eit fympathles in this time of sadness. .



The Executive Committee also adopted a resolution in mem' ory of C. M. Newman who passed away on May 13. A past president, of the Federation Executive Committee, Mr. Newman had been an active leader in many areas of Jewish community life. The adopted resolution read as follows: • -• :

In Memory of Nick Newman

Washington (JTA) — Sen. J. William Fulbright (D. Ark.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and: Sen. Henry M. Jackson, a fellow Democrat, from Washington, clashed on the Senate floor last week over U.S. policy toward the Middle East and ways to meet the energy crisis. The two lawmakers took diametrically opposing views in •speeches on American policies toward the Arab-lsraefi conflict and the need for the U.S. to continue its oil imports-from tlie Middle East. Fulbright proposed that the U.S. work toward a "United Nations imposed solution" of the Middle East conflict (o "serve all our interests" in the -area, lie enumerated as American interests a political settle-' meht of the Arab-Israeli dispute", the continued flow of oil, our strong "emotional" interest in Israel and the strategic interest to avoid a confrontation wHh the Soviet Union. Fulbright "described as "extravagant," in terms of'cost, a U.S. program to find alternative energy sources on a "crash basis."

• The death of a man is an event-belonging in its essence-to that man alone and is, therefore, incapable of being-shared'. Yet there are some rare men of whom it can be said truly that part of something larger died with their'death, so that in a very real sense that death is shared and that larger something can never again be the same. •. ' Nick Newman was such a man; his community—Indeed, each of hit many communities—perforce shares his death. The mind is beggared by an attempt to find words adequate 'to describe the greatness of character-that was the essence of Nick Newman/ To list his deeds is, in a way, to strive vainly to measure that which is beyond measure. It is perhaps more appropriate and, indeed, even sufficient to'remark that all whose lives were touched by his, knowingly or unknowingly, are better, for having been so touched. Such, surely, should be the legacy 'of all men; so, Indeed, should all men's lives be lived.. . Diminished by bis death, but emboldened and enriched by the memory of his spirit, the Jewish Federation of Omaha profoundly mourns the loss of Nick Newman, Its leader and Us . friend, and extends.the deepest sympathies of the Jewish com' nmnlty of Omaha to his family In this time of sorrow.

Jackson declared that Fulbright's conclusion that the U.S. must deliver the futurestability of the. Middle East into the hands of the Security Council to ensure ah adequate* supply of energy "is based on a dangerously oversimplified appreciation of both the nature of our energy deficiency and

New President ofIsrael Inaugurated Jerusalem'(JTA) — Prof. Ephraim Katzir took the oath of office at a festive Knesset cere-, mony hero on May 24 to become Israel's fourth President. The 57-year-old blophysicist from the Welzmann Institute of Science, kept both of his hands on a Bible as he was sworn in by Knesset Speaker Israel Yeshayahu. In his inaugural addrfess he called for "A blend of the knowledge of the sources of Judaism with a modern concept of the world." Prof. Katzlr dwelt on the importance of science and technology in Israel but also warned of their dangers—pollution, ecological damage, tension and noise. He stressed the need to rise above science.

He quoted his late brother, .Prof. Aharon Katzir who .was.killed in the Lod Airport massacre a year ago; "There is no existence for us without tho moral, and humane values that are the very foundation of the State of Israel." •The new President'urged close /links with diaspora Jewry. ".They are our allies, a fount of inspiration and brotherly aid," he said. Although the office of President is largely ceremonial and divorced from politics, President Katzir, the youngest man ever to hold it, is expected to be more active in national affairs than any of his predecessors.

"A Gractbiis Show Plac."

Few Israelis Join 'Jews for Jesus' ELEGANT I , 2, .1 and 4-b»droom aparfmind tviilabU now. F r o n t $165. 116TH AND DODGI

Bet. M«r.

TAULBORG BROS. Ottic«-397-5500





Com* la and help M cahbrat*. Register for Drawing. Tw«l»» (12) TOP CHOICl STIAKS t * tlw licky Wlmtr. A $25.00 ralM. Drawlig will M N * FATHER'S DAY, J a w 17. I f 7 3 . Rcfltttr f m MOWfrill ih«B.:.< , : ' . •



BEST KOSHER SALAM! Dalldous Smoked Fish Avdllabld •sir.M"

Tel Aviv (ZINS) — Accordi. 2 to Israel press reports,, some Hebrew University students, jn-, fluenced by missionary activity, have joined the "Jews for Jesus" movement. Their-ringleader is' a young American Jew by the name of Moshe Rosen, with a following of approximately 100 American stu-' dents who .are asking for "help ' to find Jesus." One such American youth who enrolled in the "Jews .f/>rJ 'Jesus" movement explained: "1 was seeking the truth, some- thing spiritual, and ennobling —' and1 this brought mo 'to Israel where I have finally found' my •' place." The most distressing aspect of this development, according' to Ma'ariv, is the lack of-concern shown because there'are •'only" 100 Israelis in the "Jews for Jesus" movement. Ma'arlv lists the names and addresses of American Jews and Christians who are:; financing the missionary work. . •:.•-. i Hebrew ^University faculty members ,are .confident -that Israeli students can bo tn i' d Snot to Be-swayed into apostasy

most fanciful view of the powers of the UN." Jackson has advocated a $10-$2O billion program by the U.S. government to develop Inergy sources that: would avojd the U.S. reliance on ;fuels,.|rp'i. abroad. Fulbright also stated that since the U.S. may be largely dependent for a decade or more on large oil imports, "our present ' policy makers and policy influencers may come to the conclusion.that military action is,required-to secure the oil .resources of. the Middle East* ,to secure our expose 'jugular.'," He noted that there was nq question that the U.S. could take ' o v e r the oil-producing states by force. "We might not even have to do it ourselves,".

Fulbright said, "with miHtar'Iy potent' surrogates" availab'e ia the region." Re re'er»ed, la tliis connection, to. ihe Shah of IraniM IjigltffcOT V /Sjate Department spokesman Jphiv^Kin^'saju that "we, will not' be commenting on Fulbright's . speech, but we will make one, pqint. The idea of using force mentioned in his speech does not reilect in any way ahy thought in this ,Administfati^;'' '


mmBRS . WnatQvtr your needt,*

lust gi^t use calif



BUYING BURGLAR ALARMS 1. Be iiiro of the firm you aro dealing with.' '' 2. All burglar alarm equipment i i approved ^or nof approved 6y tho Underwriters' Laboratories. Ttiif is a good check'for you. It should bs approved. 3. Be sure that anything you buy, you can get service on for years to come. ,• • .' 4. An average home alarm with a local bell should cost between' $400.00 and $800.00, if you pay more be cautious.

5. Any alarm is only as good and reliable'as the company ' that installs it. ' NEXT WEEK: RESIDENTIAL FIRE PREVENTION / ;

Whatever Your Security N o o d i . . . You C«i< D»p«nd'Upon "THE PROFESSIONALS" • •' •'"

(Formerly Security Expreaw nnd Fatrnl) id Security Security Put ml >

4622 S6.88»h St.


.., 331*6050




Friday, June 1,19W

I Write os Mease

Revelations in Israel's Phone Book [

By Carl Alpert socialist Israel has created a er of a fire truck, he may not Haifa—Israelis have just re- new table of aristocracy. Tele- get a telephone at home beceived the new 1973 edition of phones are granted according cause priority higher than his is given to wedding caterers' their telephone directory. y In to peerage. Even the nobility halls and cinemas. addition, to the thousands h of and upper classes are divided numbers- listed, it contains in their echelons of the elite If the dentist does not have and (he lesser elite. some extremely a telephone he must reconcile useful informaIt's all set down clearly oil himself to the fact that politition about how page 18 of the new telephone • cal parties are rated above to obtain a telebook, and each citizen can him. In Israel politics Is taken phone. check his own place In the more seriously than toothSince 133,000 hlerachy of Israel's blue bloods. aches. r e q u e s.ts for There are no less than 71 de- An Israeli who pleads that he phones are now grees in Israel's gentry—one is over 65 and lives alone and pending and anmore than the traditional num- needs a phone can get priority . other 480,000 reber of members in the Talmu- only if he can prove he, is a heart case. Otherwise, higher quests are exdic Sanhcdrfn. rating is given to overseas inpected in the Top priority for installation vestors. next five years, of a telephone is given1 to GovThe final category, number many Israelis will read this ernment Cabinet m e m b e r s , section of the phone book with Knesset members, the army, seventy one on the U s t , is .great interest. It jls very sim- hospitals, fire departments and called "All other applicants." This means Mr. Average Citiple to get a phone, the directory says. Just fill in the form the Red Magen David, pre- zen who has not coat of arms, no emblazoned heraldry, no available at all post offices. sumably In that order. The instruction is given in two In second order of priority family escutcheon. These are are Government offices, diplo- the plebeians and the proleshort lines. . The catch comes in the next matic representatives clinics, tariat—and according to many paragraph' which Is aptly en- water and power services and reports there are hundreds of thousands of these who hav« titled ( e x a c t translation): daily newspapers. The third order is the longest been waiting, some for several ''What Is the fate of- your, application after It Is. died?" and begins with doctors, wid- years, to have their telephones That Is not so easy to answer, ows or bereaved parents of sol- installed. There is one consolation, or and takes II lines of explana- diers who fell in battle, 80 per tion. The lucky ones will get a cent invalids, heart cases, ship- every -year of waiting, the apphone within four months after ping and transportation lines, plicant is credited with a rise, to the next higher category. they pay the fee. As for the banks, hotels, etc. others—they get a waiting nnmThere are eight grades in all. Eventually hell get his phone, ber. If the applicant happens to be either by seniority, or because Then comes the great revela- the chauffeur of a Red Magen he develops a heart condition, tion. Democratic, egalitarian, David ambulance, or the driv- which ever comes first.

Shavnot June 6-7,1973

The pilgrim festival of Shavuot is an interesting example of two factors. One is that in biblical or rabbinic periods, agricultural festivals were sometimes transformed to mark the anniversary of significant historical events in the life of the Jewish people. The other is that different sectors of the Jewish people, even In biblical times, used different calendars and made different interpretations of dates provided by the Bible. Shavuot marked the end of the barley and the beginning of the wheat harvest. Biblical names for the festival are "Hag Shavuot" (Feast of the Weeks), "Yom ha-Bikkurim" (The Day of the First Fruit), and "Hag ha-Kazir" (The Harvest Feast). The Bible does not show that Shavuot Is anything else but an agricultural festival, and it is as such, as the "Hagigat ha-Bik? ^ v w By Mickey Gerellct kurim," that today's Kibbutzim in Israel are celebrating this feast. To them, it indicates the peak of the first grain harvest and the first ripe fruits. I From the beginning, I've had Swerdiow explained the reason- is called Briss Nerot (Covenant According to the Encyclopedia Judaica, it is possible that the 1 Some reservations about t h e ing behind his development of of C a n d l e s . ) I chose three character of the festival changed at an edrly period because the candles because at the birth of members of the Pharisaic party, as town dwellers, had little'feelwhole Women's Lib business. a "briss for girls!" : I've been pleased with the sueAccording to Rabbi Swerd- a daughter, God, Torah and Is- ing for a purely agricultural feast. The earliest clear references to Shavuot as the anniversary of the giving of the Torah come '• cess *of efforts to end discrim- iow, "a religion which can have rael come together." from the third century. . ination against a briss, a bejt zukah and a As a biblical basis for the " women1 in-emShavuot has relatively few special rituals. The Encyclopedia pidyan haben on the occasion ceremony, R a b b i Swerdiow . ployment, edof the birth of a boy, should do reads from' Deuteronomy 29:9- Judaica tells us, however, "that in some medieval communities u c a t i o n and more than merely name tho 14, following which, the par- it was customary to introduce children to the Hebrew school on ' leadership roles. Shavuot, the season of giving the Torah. The c h i l d . . . was given girl during a synagogue servents thank God for enabling cakes, honey, and sweets, 'that the Torah might he sweet on I recognize the ice. I asked myself why we great s t r i d e s • • couldn't do more to celebrate them to reach this most joy- his lips.'" which- have ous occasion with'the tradithe birth of a girl. I asked this "It is a home custom to eat dairy products on Shavuot bebeen made, but question of thety-aditionand tional "sheheh-cheh-yah-noo." cause the Torah is compared to milk (Son 4:11) and because the . I've h a d t h e the Jewish sources provided no The father'then lights the first law of the first fruits is placed in juxtaposition to a law concern.nagging Reeling] reason why more could not be candle and the mother the sec- ing milk (Ex. 23:19). In some communities it is customary to done," And so the idea was ond; each one expressing as- eat triangular pancakes stuffed with meat or cheese because the \ pirations for their daughter in Torah is of three parts (Pentateuch, Prophets and Hagfographa) The,, efforts by, Jewish reli- born. and was given to a people of three parts (priests, Levites. and gious 'bodies, to improve the At the briss, a boy is given a most beautiful prayer. The Israelites) on the-third month through Moses who was the third ' ' . etatus of women in synagogue his p e r s o n a l identity (hi*, rabbi lights the third candle in child of his parents." - life jtlst Intensified "the nag- name) and his Jewish identity which he prays that the child •• , .* i • "' ging feeling. It's been about 50 (the circumcision which sym- may be "a pillar of our peobolizes the entrance into the ple.'«._ Then he n a m e s and • years -sipce the synagogue first covenant.) Rabbi- S w e r d i o w , -% attempted to rectify-the in- wanted the same_elements in blesses the baby. \ equality- b e t w e e n men and the ceremony for a daughter. ', ,The. ceremony is concluded ' ' Reform Judaism's'congregational body has criticized Itself women, with the introduction of "The f i r s t was e a s y to with the godfather reading the for failing to live up to its "liberal" spirit by not having more', - the Bat"Mftzvah ceremony. achieve simply-by naming,her women represented as'officers and on the official bodies of the •Since' ihetl' we've reached the at that time and giving'hef the certificate commemorating the guiding institutions. •, ' . i '* occasion, and the godmother point .df-serving and heading 'personal identity/' s a i d the The official publication,of the.Union of American Hebrew synagogue boards —-we even Rabbi. "The latter presented banding.the certificate to the Congregations, "Reform Judaism," notqs In an editorial* that the parents and promising to .assist 'rfiave a female'rabbi'or two — more- problems. I nit- upon the , but there was Still a missing idea of using candles, as sym- the parents in raising a fine • 710-member synagogue body in the U.S. and Canada has "blasted the male chauvinists"' in both the Congress and State Legislature -' link.' "This week' I' found the bolic of her entrance into the . Jewish woman.. : for their failure to adopt Equal Rights'Amendments, covenant. Thus-, in place of the , answer; •-*•', Yet the newspaper suggests that perhaps the institutions of '.': Writing fn' the Wilmington Briss Milah (Covenant of Cir- ' A briss for girls is really a Jewiiili-Voice, Rabbi Paul cumcision), (he new ceremony lovely-idea, and Rabbi Swerd- Reform Judaism had best look in its own; backyard before coniow seems to have developed demning others, " , . ' '. a most meaningful ceremony. ; "The temptation would be Irresistible were It not for the It has validity all on its own— harsh fact that In the UAJIC's jnow 100 years of "liberal," or and in terms of equal rights for "progressive or Reform Judaism, there, has never been a woman •,;/ , , • • - ' • ( ' , . women—that's r e a l l y giving officer of the national Board of Trustees." •'; _ . > ' Published weekly on Friday by the'JewIsjJ Federation of Omaha - both sexes,an equal start., ' "This Is a Reform Judaism; moreover, that boasts of having '. ' • ^&vMbttimeT Greenberg, Executive Director .', '''• If the Women's Lib people brought women full equality id 'the religious aspects of Judaism. > ' .Stanford lipsey, Press Committee Chairman really want some ammunition The record of our seminary, the'Hebrew Union College—Jewish j '•"* ,'/'., ' '-, Mrs,. 'Rpjjort-Gerelick','Editor, ' •' , ' : I i f R l i i p i th " Wn i willing io v"— °— i ^ > , .«: rM Inn 'wA»j^JW * # t tg&fovfr; J:,, '-., ,' bit, thaj ma-- ~'i1 "~"^-i— 1 '• ablePc'ome ,' -The pubUcatlorturged'Jhat -the"movement shoidd'Hve'up to s. J[r(vM C, KaJman./AdvertJsJjigManager,,,, ,. ,, . __mony ( 9f a itt*'i)Mfee«l<M8drffli&dl^i"4iU<#ndm«bUclb.• '* «•••'-~*i'5 sficrfduig'a'tear. „ . JU/Lfi sHggerfWn'lh'ai'shouW Ve'coMdMi'pV ifa'any'other IS ma, f-


Where are the Women?



TrH»r, Jum 1,


Learning to Lead: How LS it Done? By MICKEY GERELICK Omaha—The scene was the club house of one of the new Omaha apartment complexes. The atmosphere was informal and the dozen young couples gathered were equally infor- • mal, both in speech and attire. It was an Interesting group ranging in age from the low 20's to the mid 30's. Some were friends; some were meeting each other for the first time. It could have been a social gathering, a study group or a discussion club. It was, in fact, all these things—and a little bit more. It was a meeting of the Omaha Jewish Federation's L e a d e r s h i p Development Group, and it was an exciting group to watch. This is the third year* (and the second group) for this little known project of the Federation. Designed to educate po,tential leaders and ; to equip them for future Federation and o t h e r community leadership. roles, the discussion last Monday evening indicated success for'the project. Howard Kaslow, vice-prcsident of the Omaha Jewish Federation, was invited by the group to explain (he structure of the Federation. The group listened intently to the presentation. They asked questions; challenged s t a t e ments; offered suggestions and expressed a desire "to be part of the action." Some expressed doubts that "the establishment" would let them in. Kaslow insisted this wasn't true. How, when and where does one get involved? Reactions were as varied as the individuals making up the group. There were those who agreed that before assuming major

atidn which fortells a bleak future for the American Jewish community. But in Omaha last Week, a jean-clad group of young people refuted the charge of apathy.

In their open discussion of their frustrations; their eagernessto get itivo>ved;..4hey expressed the kind of Interest arid concern that guarantees the leadership roles will1 be filled.

Todah Rabah Omaha Jewry

Pictured from left, Mrs. Allen Sarbin; Mrs. Bradley Bcrman and Dr. Herman continue the discussion with Howard Kaslow after the meeting,' leadership roles, young people had "to spend some time serv-, ing on various committees and sub-committees." Some questioned the "how" of getting on a committee. Others expressed frustration at not being able "to have a voice, in the major decisions which largely affect members of our.age group. Why should we have to wait till we're over 40 before we're part of the decision-making process," said one 20 year-old male participant. , • • The answer came from a 26 year old woman who noted that "young people are part of the decision making process right now." She cited the example of her involvement in a study committee for the new JCC. "Some of my suggestions for nursery school were included in the plans for the new JCC," she said. ;VYou don't have to be the Federation pres-

ident to be part <of the decisionmaking process." The discussion was lively; the questions were pertinent and many of the comments were worthy of consideration by present Federation leadership. There was agreement that the group "needed to know more about what's happening" and the. first priority* they decided was the new Jewish Community Center. Charles Monasee, chairman of the JCC board, will be invited to attend the next meeting of the group. Perhaps equal in importance to what the group will learn from Mr. Monasee . . . , .. „ , about be plans for the Center, will what Mr.newMonasee learns from the group about their feelings about the new Center plans. There have been many prophets of doom lamenting the apathy - of • the younger genert

The official celebration of the; 25tti; anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel was cutftiinated in:Omaha ... , this month, a full yeas'to,the time its.extensive planning, began';? To the many-'hundreds, pf.lay people and professionals"whA:'sjiar.edlfin, and participated in, the multitude,, of, activities that highlighted "Israel's, 25th;" .we are most grateliil and'appr£ciatiy,e,; ,<•': Many, many adults] young.people anil organizations gave 'generously and.unstintingly of their time and energy to help make Omaha's^ celebration' a satisfying and meaningful experience. .,..- i * ' From the September; 1972,.,day when the Torch of Independence was first- brought from Israel to Omaha, untilthe May 6, 1973, when it-was^roudly carried by our youth in their Salute to Israel parade, the glow of Israel was bright in Omaha'. . . May Israel's glow ever be bright for all Jews, ajid mankind the world over. . / Mrs. Morris C. Fellman and;Mrs. Philip Grad - Co-Chairmen, Omaha Jewish federation Committee for the. Celebi-alion of. the 25th ' ls Anniversary of the .State of.


A visit to the Czech Festival Charles Fellman, Nathan Weinat 22nd and U Sts. and Armed stcin, Maj£ Arbitman, Ann Forces' Day activities at Offutt Lehman, Morris Enrian, AlexAir Force Base made Sunday, ander Ermann, Ben Mlnkin,, Ben Waldman, Abe Sklar, and . By WILLIAM SAPHIRE Should the flow diminish not onstrated, in the recent Inter- May 20, a very full day for Abe Abe Llpsman. ; - •'. The increasing dependence of only America's vast industrial national monetary crises that Slutzkin, Klva Hornstein, Abe Our .thanks, to Mr., and Mrs. the Western world and the and economic strength but its led to the second devaluation Binlamow and Ben Meyerson. Joe Rice for; the seeds now very* comfortable way of. life of the U.S. dollar last months • United States on Middle East The Senior Citizens Meeting growing in our garden, and to Some European circles claim at UNO on May 21 and 22, saw Mrs.'Stuart Simon (or the flowoil has become the focus of would be affected. serious attention by political Nixon's policy is to reduce that Arab-owned • Eurodollars many home residents partici- ers gracing ,the front of theand economic experts in recent American reliance on one par- were directly responsible for pating In this "mini-univer-' CherniaK-^Chapman' Pavilion, months. While it may be de- ticular energy source'by de- the t r o u b l e s besetting the sity." The highlight of the conThe opert house honoring Dan batable that an "energy crisis" veloping alternative sources, American currency. The Arabs ference was an address by Dr. Sambol,'the new (director, his . exists for the West at this mo- nuclear power, solar power, acted this time out of purely Arthur Fleming, Chairman of wife" andl'assistant director Ben ment, irrefutable facts are the coal, off-shore oil and natural short-term economic Interests the White House Conference on Laubis;Suhday, June 10. Don't soaring price of oil, the ever gas. precisely a policy — selling dollars to p r o t e c t , Aging, Sally Appel and Max forget, to"'come! present threat of shortages and that American Jewish and Is- their holdings, v Glvott provided tranportation, •the vulnerability of t h e * oil raeli leaders, m o s t recently and Liberty Faier carried on One uncertain element is the '"transportation r o u t e s from Premier Golda Melr, have been the program at the home for .recent rise' to oil-based power " source to market which could urging on the U.S. In both Its and influence of the fanatical those unable to attend the -create not one but a series of -own and Israel's Interests. 5 Years Ago Israel-hating, West-baiting Col. meeting.. " crises in the future. Mark Ian Sherman observed At'best, however,- these are Muammar el-Qadaffi, leader of A delightful afternoon was his Bar Mitzvah, The oil problem is not simply long-term solutions according Libya's ruling military junta. spent, Wednesday, May 23, lisMr. and, Mrs. Arnold H. one of supply and demand but to most experts. Capt. William Qadaffi has already demon- tening to Mark Zalkln sing He- Joffe announced the birth of strated his ability to subvert F. Cass, a retired Coast Guard a complex of political, diplobrew and American songs. a daughter, Andrea'Beth. •' matic, economic and ideolog- - officer now at the Department African regimes with cash and Mrs. Irylng Sherman provided Mr. and Mrs.'Dik Weiner propaganda. More volatile and ical ramifications. These are of Transportation as an oil exexpert accompaniment on the became the parents of a daughglobal in scope but impinge pert, predicted recently that : unpredictable* than Egypt's late. piano. Nearly all the ambula- ter, Julie Rebecca. • most directly on the b i t t e r "If events are allowed tor fol-,, President Gamal Abdel Nasser, tory residents crowded the 10 Years At* Arab-Israeli conflict, no closer low a natural course, tho U.S. Qadaffi possesses N a s s,e r' s home auditorium and applaudZalman Shazar,,; was elected charisma and, some observers will almost certainly face an to solution now than 23 years ed enthusiastically. President of .Israel, He became 8-10 year period beginning in believe, may succeed w h e r e ago. the third President of this The following day there was Nasser failed in uniting the 1975-77 of critical dependence , • ;•• • * , The Arab states — a few of on Middle East oil." Arab world under a banner of more beautiful music, this time country. Mark B o a s b e r g observed them .— sit on the world's at the Beth Israel Synagogue fierce-nationalism and Islamic ' largest known oil reserves. Ac- , No Arab leaders so far have '. purltanism. ;'-' concert of. Russian, Hebrew his Bar Mitzvah. Mr., and Mrs. Keyee Kjrshcording to the latest and best' Implemented threats of oil reand Yiddish music. The tirePeace in the Middle East is less Sally Appel and her equal- enbaum announced the birth of estimates, 60-62 percent of the prisals against the U.S. for its proven reserves are in the Mid- pro-Israel stance.' The major .essential to American foreign ly energetic'husband', Henry, a daughter, Kerry. . 15 years Ago dle East, in a region extending ' oil producers of the Arab world' policy, and while U.S;-Soviet., provided transportation for 12 Annette Charney, Renee Rufrom the Persian Gulf to the are not about to risk, their in- ,; rivalry has been m u t e d by appreciative residents. Friday comes — more than 910 billion ..detente it continues to be a facbin, Arlene Tepper and La Eastern Mediterranean. a year now and probably $40 - tor in that region. Militarily, provided the musical finale Verne Wplfson celebrated a with a rousing, barbershop The power and diplomatic billion by 1980 - on behalf of ; growing Soviet naval p o w e r joint Bas Mitzvah. leverage accruing to the Arab the Palestinians or "for t h e poses a potential threat, to the quartet. 20 Years Ago oil rulers Is self-evident. Thisiv Vradical"''regimes of Egypt , long tanker routes from the,. At the Hadassah program at Dr. and Mrs., Earl .Wigodsky power is sufficient to affect the, and Syria. But Saudi Arabia Persian Gulf to U.S., Western the home'on Saturday, May 26, announced, the.birth of a son< foreign and domestic policies aiid other oil producers will, in : European and Japanese oil Mrs. Ethel Levenson gave an Bruce IrwW, • of the great oil consuming na- the no a r future, have tho ports. Re-opening the S u e z inspiring talk on Israel and the Bar MHzvahs this week were tions, especially the U.S. means to exert influence over ' Canal would ease that threat lively discussion following, her Bernard .and Bruce Bloom, and Michael •,! p The!U.S,.aConsumptJpn.of pit, po^cy^far..beyond, what might arid;Way b> whjr,,the.',U,S. in-, remarks indicated .that'• the ' Gerald Freedman 1 now nearly |4O)percent,,qf, tjio, 'he.' acbjeye^ b^oil |l)oycotys or11 ,sists,,,tnajt4 a,.Suez accord, be-,; residents;' shared her enthusi- Gary Cariar: " .siibola^e;|.; ''_ ;'','j (,_••,'•: ';( (ween Israel and Egypt is' tho asm. Hadassah members who ' ' •' ', '25 Years,A % '' 'cent.' Most' American oil1 now" ,/cirowinpj (^rab financial pow- 'first -'step'-lo- aft'overatt'teace' partcipated• in the meeting ,. vLaya'Edgar her were: Mmes. Joe " Sokolof, Bas Mitzvah. ' " comes front the Middle East. er fcdsed on ou" has been dem- agreement.1 '•'"u-!l1 'on'i-fi.-

The Politics of Oil

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Friday, June 1, 1978

18 Omahans Complete Year of Hebrew Study

The Graduates: Pictured from left, front row, Hilda Solbel, Bea Pappenheimer, Betty Loii Wilson, Rosalie Grad, Phil Grad. Back row: Norman Zevitz, Bob Pappenheimer, Norman Woblner.

The Graduates: Pictured from left, front row, Steven Riekes, Marian Meyerson, Goldie Emntons. Back row: Beth Gcndler, Ted Newman, Phyllis Schulman, Harry Schulman, Ann Schulman. Not pictured, Easter Fox and Herb Schulman.

Omaha^-On Afoy 24, 1973, 18 mony was held on Thursday ment. We were very unsure of regular basis. We are tremendstudent?, were honored for fin- evening, May 24, at Beth Is- its success in Omaha. Never- ' ously grateful to Batya Brand ishing a year long study of He- rael Synagogue. The students theless, the Ulpan blossomed for her contributions and exbrew. Part of1 the Jewish Cul- received diplomas marking into an absolutely resounding cellence in guiding the class in tural Committee's Adult Jew- their first year of study and success. Contrary to prior ex- the new educational means for ish Education program, the achievement in the ulpan con- pectations, many people ex- teaching Hebrew, This, proHebrew class met twice a week cept. Steve Riekes, chairman pressed an interest in tho gram shows that there are peofrom October through May, un- of the Jewish Cultural Com- class, resulting in the forma- ple in Omaha who are concerned and interested in Adult der the guidance, of • Batya mittee, noted that "the com- tion of two sections. We are ex- Jewish Education." Brand. , mittee originally "viewed the tremely proud of the 18 people The 18 members of the class A brief "graduation" cere- Hebrew Ulpan as an experi- who came to the classes on a who earned recognition for



OMAHA CHAPTER CAREER WOMEN OF HADASSAH The-Career Women of Hadassah will meet at the home of Mrs. Sam Katzman Sunday, June 3 at 12 noon for a brunch. Following the brunch, Mrs. Katzman will install the following officers for the coming year: Mmes. Abe Mozer, Presjdent; "Josef Mayer, First Vice President;"Miss Julia Zuker, Second Vice President; David Becker, Treasurer; 'Miss Eva ScWvartz, Recording Secretary; Jennie Rosenblatt,' Corresponding Secretary. Reservations may be made by calling Miss Julia Zuker, 551-0471, Miss Eva Schwartz, 345-0293; Miss Jeanette Wein.stein, ,,553^7380-or Mrs. Sam Katzmari; 391:5439. JEWISH WAR VETERANS EPSTEIN-MGRGAN POST 260 The Student Aid Fund of the Jewish War'Veterans Epstein-

Dedicarion "A monument Jh' memory of Ida Sp'eifciter will be dedicated Friday, Juhe-7, 1973, at 9 a.m. at Mt. Sinai Cemetery. Rabbi Myer S. Kripke ,will -officiate.

•' Morgan Post 260, has granted nine scholarships to area high school students. Max- Kannen serves as chairman of the fund. Nate Marcus, Finance Office and Abe S. Miller, Secretary of the Student Aid Fund, stated that $13,400 for 67 scholarships have been awarded in the Omaha area since 1969. -

DEATHS RUTH RIEKES RICHARDS Funeral services were held at Beth El Synagogue Sunday, May 27, 1973, for Ruth Riekes; Richards of 2201 So, 85 Ave. I n t e r m e n t was at Beth El Cemetery. Mrs. Richards served on the board of the Omaha Jewish Federation and was a p a s t President, of the Federation of Jewish Women's Clubs. Survivors are: husband, Morton A. Richards; daughters, Mrs. Ramon (Suzanne) Somberg; Mrs. Marvin (Nancy) Freedman; 5 grandchildren; sisters, Mrs. Sam Beber and Mrs. P h i l l i p M. Klutznick; brothers, Max R i e k e s and Henry .Riekes.

HADASSAH "BARGAIN BOX" 2918 FARNAM Just West of "King's" '*. ' / W E N SL'NDAS Tlini) FIIIDAV 11:00-4:00

PLEASE REMEMBER HADASSAHI We desperately need odds and ends of glassware, bric-a-brac, dishes, pots and pans, working appliances, clothing on hangers! We cannot afford a pick-up truck. Thank you for bringing your contributions to our store— It's deductible. *»•—m > " »f ' » <» • o • • «»—•••


GRADUATION CARDS - ' ' AIs6-Perfume, Candy, Gifts, Etc. ., , r • , 36TH AND. FARNAM , , You pall 345:6615—We Deliverl ',

faithful attendance and academic'attainment are: Phil Grad, Rosalie Grad, Ester Fox, Ted Newman, Herb Schulman, Phyllis Schulman, Ann Schulman,Harry Schulman, Norman Wohlner, Norman Zevitz, BettyLou Wilson, Beth Gendler, Gotdie Emrhons, Bea PappenhelmeiTBob Pappenheimer, Hilda Soibcl, Marian Meyerson and Steve Riekes.

I senior citizen scene | Miss Renee Frank Marries By Bertie Lazar

Those attending the "Hobby Show" at Lucas Hail included Fanny Manvitz, Rose Poska, Bertie Lazar, Mollie Delman, Mrs. Lou Langer, Libby Sternberg, Lila L u t z and B e s s Becker. " '"•.'. We1 had two tables of our hand work with exhibits by Libby Sternberg, Fanny Manvitz, Lila Lutz, Rose Poska, Bertie Lazar, Bertha Kolnick and Mrs. Lou Langer. Mr. Abe Fisher made a contribution and Yetta Orenstein was a visitor. It was a very successful show with exhibitors from throughout the city. ... Don't forget the picnic, Monday, June 4, at Dodge Park. Bring your own lunch, drinks and other refreshments will be furnished free. A chartered bus will pick up up at the JCC at 10 a.m. We expect a big turn-, out! " '.\::. :,

Need 20 extra beds and bathrooms this weekend? We've got 'em. Wi 2 shower heads •each bath and an ex< tra dressing area With its own sink. And your guests will love the pool!



Council Bluffs I Omaha 36th *niBro»dw«y I 72nd & 140 > 328-31711 397-3700 ! > Owned and operated by tha Seldln Companies ,

Kenneth Wiseman May 19 Omaha—On Saturday, May 19,1973, Renee Frank, became the bride of Kenneth Wiseman, following a 7 p.m. dinner at Hilltop House. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Frank. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wiseman of San Diego, Calif., are the parents of the groom^, '••'.', Rabbi Isaac Nadoff and Cantor Martin Leubitz officiated at the 10 p.m ceremony at Beth Israel Synagogue. A reception at the home of the bride's parents was held after the ceremony.

Roberta Frank, sister of tha Ifride, was maid of honor. Donald Wiseman served as best man for his brother. Out of town guests included: the bride's grandmother, Mrs. Rae Solomon,' Detroit, Mich.; the bride's aunt, Mrs. Morton Frank, Santa Barbara, Calif.; cousin of the bride, Mrs. Robert Frank, Santa Barbara, Calif.; cousin of the bride, Mrs. Robert Frank; Santa Barbara, Calif.; Mrs. Robert Wiseman, the bridegroom's mother, and Terrance Wiseman, brother o£ the groom from Lincoln, Neb.



Loaf . . So Fresh and Crisp! Adier's

Hard Rolls So Rich and Raky!


47 4*


Danish Rolls i24c 0 9 Old Fashion

Sugar Cookies

Friday, June ] , 1913


Miss Novak is Married Irr Beth Israel Ceremony daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Novak, Nebraska City and Silim Goldberger, Bronx, N.Y., , son of Rabbi and Mrs. Shim* b o a Goldberger, Brooklyn, N.Y., were married on Sunday, 1 May 27, 1973 at Beth Israel Synagogue. Rabbi Isaac Nadoff officiated at the evening ceremony. Mrs. Zvl Tsatskis, a sister of the bridegroom was the matron of honor Mrs. Herschel Stoller and the Misses Sharon and Naomi Misle a t t e n d e d the bride. . Gabriel Goldberger served as best man for his twin brother. Jeff Mellen, Bryan and Howard Misle were groomsmen, Sidney Misle was the usher. Gail Mul.•ler was flower girL The bride, a 1970 graduate of Nebraska City Senior High is a junior at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Mr. Goldberger, who graduated from Yeshlva University in 1971, attends Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The newlyweds/will livg_at 1200 Van Nest MenueTBronx,

New York.

Page Sevca


Senior Citizen Picnic, June 4 Omaha—The Ssnior Citizen .Club will hold its annual picnic on Monday, June 4, at Dodge Park. A bus will leave the JCC downtown at 10:30 a.m. Cold drinks and dessert will be provided. In case of rain, an indoor picnic will be hold at the Center,


Mrs. Silim Goldberger

Omaha—Two e r r o r s have been called to our attention in last week's listing of Omaha Jewish high school graduates. Yiddish songs recently written in Russia by Jewish prisoners The name of Michael Kirsh- - of conscience were sung to an Omaha audience of over 350 enbaum^ was inadv e r t a n 11 y people by Grlsha Tsatskis, Russian born singer, at Beth Israel ommitted from the list of Cen- synagogue, Thursday, May 24,-1973. An enthusiastic response from the audience, many of whom sang along with the artist, tral High School graduates. came with the presentation of familiar Yiddish and Israeli Scott Frohm, listed as a melodies. Following the concert, a number of members of the audience expressed astonishment In the artist's expertise in .Burke High graduate, was in both Yiddish and Hebrew, two languages whose teaching Is forfact, a 1972 graduate of Burke bidden In Russia. The concert, which was sponsored by the High. Jewish Cultural-Committee of the Jewish Community Center, also included operatic and Russian melodies. Mr. Tsatskis was . accompanied at the piano by his wife, Ida. They have both lived in the United States for only a year and a half.



Carol Rogus,Dr. Neil Miller Wed May 18 in Baltimore Rite

Among the ^recent university graduates were the children of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marantz. Their d a u g h t e r , Marilyn Katz, was a suma cum laude graduate of the University of

Omaha—Announcement has 1973 in Baltimore, Maryland. been made of the marriage of Rabbi Samuel R. Glasner ofDr. Neil Richard Miller and ficiated at the noon ceremony Vermont. ' • ' • - . Miss Carol Rogus on May 18, before members of the immedSteve Marantz was among iate families. the University of Missouri The bride is the daughter of graduates, where he presented Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rogus of Laurie J a n e Simons, Lisa Syracuse, New York. Dr. and the graduation speech on beTrustin and Robin Martin have Mrs. Daniel Miller of Omaha half of the Journalism class. been chosen members of West- are the parents of the bride. Bob Jacobson, a May graduside High School's Drill Squad. groom. . ' . ' • ' • ' Laurie and Lisa w e r e also Dr. Miller, an honors grad- ate of the University of Nebras'members of the Squad 1 a s t uate of Harvard College and ka at Lincoln, was the winner y e a r . .'./:•• / • • ' • . ' the Johns Hopkins Medical in the Cornhusker Chess ClasSchool, is presently a resident sic Reserve, held at the Hilton in Neuro-Opthamology, Wilmer Hotel during the Memorial Day Institute, Johns Hopkins Uni- Weekend. He is the son of Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dvoskih of versity Hospital. The bride was and Mrs; Jack jacobson. Ames, Iowa, announce the birth graduated from Syracuse Uniof a son, Oran Tal, born Mon- versity, Syracuse, New York. day, May 28,1973, She is Staff Dietition at Johns Grandparents are Mr. and Hopkins and associated with Mrs. Shmuel Dvoskin,Kibbutz the hospital teaching program. The newlyweds will make Naan, Israel and Mr. and Mrs". Sam Sacks, Los Angeles, Calif. their home in.Baltimore.

Omahans in theNews

Miss Patsy Agar W i l l Be Bride of Steven Wigodsky Omaha — Announcement has been made of the approaching marriage of Patsy Ruth Agar and Steven J. Wigodsky. The couple will be married July 28 at Temple Israel in Omaha. The bride-elect is the daughter of Mr. .and Mrs. Robert Herbert of Clarkston, Michigan. Her fiance is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Earl B. Wigodsky of Omaha. Miss Agar Is a 1970 graduate of the University of Michigan School of Nursing. The patient care coordinator in the University Hospital obstetrical and

newborn intensive pare units, she is currently; completing 3)er studies for a master's degree . in medical-surgical nursing. Mr. Wigodsky attended Yank-" ton, S.D. College and was gvad- • uated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He is :ur- • rently associated with the Norfolk Daily News as a photographer, and regional reporter.




REED DAVIS CO. 558-2300

©Indians Return From Yariety Club Meeting

Omaha — Mr. and Mrs. Morton Ives and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rothkop have returned this week from Dublin, I r e l a n d The coordinators are Mar- where they were delegates to ceen Rozen, Louis Wade and the World Convention of the Ellen Weinstein. The SEC com- Variety Clubs International.: mittee chairmen a r e : Pub- At this meeting, the Women licity; Ira Lebowitz, Sally Gold- of Variety of Nebraska restein and Stu Schindler; Com- ceived the first place award 'munity Service: Debbie Rosen- for "fop Achievement in 1972". thai and D a v i d Rosenthal; • Also,' Mrs.7 Ives was honored S o c i a l and Athletic; M i k e on behalf of a Patron Life Weiner and Rosie Schmule- Membership in the World Orwitz; Fundraiser, Aaron Conn, ganization which'' was presentCarol' Lefko and Mike Levin- ed to her by her husband. Mrs. ger; Seminars, Debbie Sterling Rothkfip is the president of the and Jerry Sadoff; Transportation) Rooming, Packets, Reg' istration, Fred Goldblatt, Marci TaXer and Mark Robinow; Final Banquet, Larry Kutcher.

Ydittit Atitivitileis HEVRAHBBG Hevrah will hold the installation of officers Sunday, June 3. The- newly elected officers are: President, Debbie Ratner; Vice president, Debi • Katieman; Mit Mom, Bonnie Blen; Individual Awareness, G a l e Chorney; Jewish Awareness, , Betty Moses; I.S.F., Kathy Si- mon'; Secretary, - Ronna Rat, ner; Treasurer, Marcia Wisnia; Sgt.-at-Arms, S h a r o n , Goldstein; Historian, Marcia 'Wisnia; M o n i t r e s s , Carol ' Shelles.

Justin Cooper was recently named Beau of Hevrah for the Further information.may be coming year. obtained by -contacting Louis Wade, 4420 Country Club Blvd., BBYO SUMMER , Sioux City, la., (712) 239-3165; ELECTION CONCLAVE Marceen Rozen, 3600 J o n e s , BBYO will hold its Summer Sioux City,, la., (712) 255-6662; Election Conclave in S i o u x Ellen Weinstein, 3419 Idlewood,' Sioux City, la., (712) 277-4531. " City, la. June 8 through 11.

BRANDEIS FLOWER SHOPS Downtown and Crossroads. 341-8666 ,. .391-8500

women's auxiliary in Nebraska. Both Mr*arid Mrs. Ives are past-presidents of the local organization. "..'•,., The Variety Club is the largest children's charity .in the world, and the Sunshine Coach progranv for handicapped children is, one of its main objectives.-" " V. '•• "'•.• ' •.' ,. • " More than 1,000 buses are in operation wprld-wide.-including five in Omaha and 30: in the state of Israel. .'. : '•".'•• Arnold Stern is the president The cockpit: new/ydesiflned. of the Nebraska chapter of the The performance-Bnd/hai^ men's group. ' dllng: exhilarating. Thp

t-pilot theMGB




.,,,; ;,

277 Italia Mall Westroads

Shopping Center 397-6400

Exquisite Home Accessories . y,; Bf'/an Bronze Metal Sculpture Bohemian Crystal , Nettle Creek t ,

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Friday, J u » » l , 1W1


Synagogue Activities Officers for Uie coming year . President, will present diploInstalled at the banquet were: mas to the Graduates at the SERVICES: SERVICES: Scott Kirshenbaum, President; Hebrew School graduation. Friday: FrU#r-. Sandra Epstein, First Vice. , , A-reception will, follow the> * "••""• Sabbath Eve Services In the President; Hobby Pred> Sec* I Graduation Service!/, ";>.'"'-. Tt&ditidnal Evening Services SERVICES: (Kabalat Shabbat) 7:30 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. Sanctuary at 8:15 p.m. ond Vice President; Steve Musical portions of the serv' <Late evening family services Sunday: 9 a.m. Rabbi Kenneth M. Tarlow Wise, Treasurer; Nancy Roff- ice will be presented by tha will be conducted by Rabbi Both services will be con- will deliver the sermon. man, R e c o r d i n g Secretary; Temple Choir under the direcIsaac "Nadoff and Cantor Mar- ducted by Mr. Sam Sacks. Cantor Chaim Najman and. Debbie Schwartz, Correspond- tion of. Miss Ida Gitlin. tin Leubitz at 8:15 p.m. the Beth El Synagogue Choir ing Secretary; Vicki Cohen, Saturday: 11 a.m'. Saturday rwill c o n d u c t the m u s i c a l Parliamentarian.. :. -Morning Service: 8:45 a.m. service. •. . >conducted by Rabbi Isaac NaA skit was presented by SHAVUOT SERVICES Saturday: doff and Cantor Martin Leumembers' parents. A- house Tuesday, June 5 Morning Service: 10 a.m. Evening Service a n d ConSERVICES: bit*. party at the home of Mark : Mincha Maariv Service: 8:30 Freund concluded the evening. ; . The Talmud .classes will be Fridays 8 p.m; p.m. ; • conducted by Rabbi Nadoff at «' • • Bat Mitzvah of Susan Ruth Sunday: 9:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m:'followed at 8:30 p.m. Tabor, daughter of Dr. and Daily: • • by Mncha, Sholash Sudos and Mrs. Burton Leiser. Sunday, June 3 Services at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Maariv. 7 p.m.-lO p.m. Old time movie Saturday: ••••": •;• ". ' ••• .' . *• •:.- t i - ' ,'•. •• "' • Sunday: night at Eden West Clubhouse, Shabbat Service, 3:30 a.m., SERVICES: SHAVUOT SERVICES • -i Morning Service: 9 a.m.,1 fol- Torah Study Lesson. 9405 Western Plaza. Movies, Friday: 8 a.m. Tuesday, June, 5 lowed by breakfast and the popcorn, soft drinks etc. Cost Sunady: '• ; •, \ ':•.,. Saturday: Rabbi's class on the b-ook of Evening Service: 7 p.m;'; 11.00. Morning Service, 8:30 a.m. "Morning Servicfe: 9 a.m. Genesis. • •• . • ' Wednesday, June.6 ... Sunday, June 10 JDally: . Morning Service: JO a.m, . 8 p.m. — Literary Discussion ,, <;.Services at 7 a.m. and 8:30 Evening Service;-.8:15.p.m.", Group meeting. Poetry, p l a y and prose reading. A book exHigh School of Jewish'Studies change will be held, so bring Graduation Service. ,• SHAVUOSSERVICES SERVICES:. books to swap. Francie Shrier's Thursday, June 7 *W*4BBfcday, JMH^S, Friday: 8 a.m. apartment, 3021 Harney St., Early M6rning Service inMorning Seirvice: 8:45 a.m. : No. 2. Juhldr'tJDng.ViOrOOa.m. S E R V I C E S ; : ; - ' - y -•/'-: ': cluding Yizkoi", 6:45 a.m. firmation Service: 8 p.m. ,.Evening Service: 8:35 p.m. F r i d a y : "'•'•', Morning Service, Dedication -; A reception will follow the .Thursday,1 June 7 of Memorial .Plaques and Yiz8 p;m. Sabbath Services. services. •jiMornln? Service: 8:45 a.m. > •••• Consecration of Confirmands k o r : 1 0 a . m . Friday: 8:15 p.m. Wednesday, June 6 . : Junior,Cong.; 10:00 a.m. Evening Service: 8:30 p.m. in Kalin Memorial Chapel folAbe Katelmari, Congregation Morning Service: 11 a.m. Yjkr.Memorial S e r v i c e : lowing Services. ' Saturday: " MEMORIAL PLAQUES TO ,• EJvenfng Service: 8:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. BarMitzvah of Jef- BE DEDICATED frey Mazie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Memorial Plaques, placed on Marvin E. Mazie, Kiddusl) re- Memorial Tablets in Beth El ception honoring Jeff in the Synagogue Chapel .during .the Temple Center following the past several months, will be SERVICES: service. dedicated at the Shavuot Zizkor Conflnnands and Parents Sh^yj. \ . r Service, Thursday, June 7, at Beth Jann Blotcky ; . . Mr. and Mrs. Alan Blotcky •."'Morn'ng'Services: 8:45 a.m. 10 a.m. Sunday: Julie F. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Cohen Those whose names will be • - Morning Services: 8 a.m. Steven Michael Cohen . . . . . . . . Mr. and Mrs. Sam S. Cohen commemorated by their fam- Allen Douglas Davidson • * * Mr. and Mrs. Art Davidson ilies are: SERVICES: . SHAVUOT SERVICES Mr. and Mrs. Ajon Farber Debra Elizabeth Farber Friday: Tuesday, June 5 Morris Arkin, Ethelyn Ber- Philip Arthur Farber Mr. and Mrs. Chi Farber - , Evening Service: 8:50 p.m. Mr. and Mrs.; Harvey Fcrer 8:00 p.m. "To Be a Jew" - covici, Jacob Bercovici, Goldie Allyson Leslie Fcrer Forman, Bertha Gerber, Hy- Beth S. Gendler 'Wednesday, June 6 Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Gendler Part III. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goldman , Morning Service: 8:45 a.m. Saturday: - •, man Gerber; Alex Grecnburg, Jane Ellen Goldman Eva Cutler Greenberg, Benja- Linda Jill Gordon . . . . . . . . . . . . Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gordon ' ' '' Evening Service: 8:50 p.m. 9 a.m., Morning Services. min Kahn, Sarah Kay, Anna Mark D . Greenberg Dr* and Mrs. J . Baumel / , Thursday, Jane 7 ,. 9:30 a.m. Teenegers. . - Morning Service: 8:45 a.m.- . 11 a.m. Junior Congregation. Lewis, Saul Lewis, Lizzie Lust- Thomas Lee Harris . . . . . . . . . . Mr: and Mrs. Sheldon Harris garten, Adalyn Marcus, Ida William Jay Kulesh Dr, and Mrs. Morton Kulesh , i' Y i z k o r Memorial Service: Sunday: Paperny, Molly Rice, Nathan Deborah Ann Levin . . . . . . . . . . Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Levin . , 10:15-a.m., 9 a.m. Morning Services. Rice, Sam Rochman, H a r r y Patti Livingstone Mr. and Mrs. Robert Livingstone Saferstein, Bertha Seldin, Mor- Michael James Meyers . . . . . . Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Meyers ris Singer and Albert Harvey Mrs. Adriene Milder, Kenneth Lewis Milder Stein. « Mr. Orvel Milder Edward K. Newman ,. Mrs. C, M. Nick Newman Daniel Bruce Pollack Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pollack BATMITZVAHS Beth Carol Rips Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Rips ' The Bat Mitzvah of ANDREA Bruce Philip Rips Mr. and Mrs. N. Julian Rips COHEN, daughter of Mr. and Ellen M. Robinson Mrs. Jerome Cohen, will be Scott Phillip Schulman . . . . . . Mr. and Mrs. Richard L.Robinson Sunday, Jurie 3,1973 at 11 a.m. celebrated at the services Fri-' Daniel Richard Sherman . . . . . Mr. and Mrs. Slcgbert Schulman Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Sherman . ,. , , , Graduates and Parents day evening, June 1 and Sat-, .Bruce. Alan Simon Mr. and Mrs. Alan Simon .Michael Ahramson Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Abramson urday morning, June 2. Susan Marcia Solomon . . . . . . . Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Solomon Le,lgh Ann Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bernstein Alison E v e Stanley Mrs. Zell Stanley • Pamela Cooper Mr. and Mrs, Harvey Cooper LYNNE TULLY, daughter of Susan Lisabeth Starr Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Starr1 Debra Diamond Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Diamond Mr. and Mrs.- Stewart Tully, Sari Telpner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Telpner John Faler Dr. and Mrs. Robert Faidr will become a Bat Mitzvah at John David Waldbaunv. .. Dr. and Mrs. Milton Waldbaura Betsy Fredricks Mr. and Mrs. David Fredrieks • the services, Friday evening, Stanley Howard Wasserkrug.f Mr. William Wasserkrug Ellen, Freeman Mr. and Mrs. M. Jerry Freeman June 8 and Saturday morning, Scott Alan Wolpa . . . . . . . . . . , . Mr. Stanley Wolpa Edward Fried . . . . . ' Mr. and,Mrs. Sam Fried June 9. Sam Friedman Mr. and Mrs; Jacob Friedman J, Alvin Ginsberg Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ginsberg GRADUATION Laurie Gould Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gould Beth El Elementary Hebrew Marc Kahn Mr. and Mrs. AUenKahn -. School graduation ceremonies Murray Kutler : Dr. and Mrs. Sol Ktitler J, JUNE I. 1:11 P . M . , will be held Sunday, June 3 at Nancy Nachman Dr. and Mrs. Ben Nachman 11 a.m. niiDAV, J U K I «,••;« r.M. JodiNadler Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Harrison The graduates will narrate Marsh* Nogg.. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nogg an o r i g i n a l presentation of >fa.rfc Pred Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Pred meditations- and p o e m s o n ' Benediction Tor Kindling Sabbath Lights: Tina Render ...: Mrs. Bert Render: Jewish thought, "Reflections In Barukh Atah Adonay Elohelnii Melekh Hao. Edye'Rice'.r ».;..<.! Mr. and Mrs. David Rice , Time," written by 8th grade lam; AslierKideshanu Bemi)wtav Vetzivanq Le« Mfchael Richards *.......: Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Richards pupils directed by Mrs.'Donald JiadlikNcrShel Shabbat. > ..- ' . Debbie Rips .," Dr. and Mrs. Z, Gordon Rips : NovlcoK. Rabbi MyerS.'Kripke : (Blessed art: Thou, O Lord, Our God, King of Rob>rt#tosJnsky , . . ; . Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rosinsky ' will address the graduates and the Universe, Who sanctifies us by His ComMark Saferstein Mr. and Mrs. Jack Saferstein parents, Cantor Chaim NajJ mandments and has commanded us to kindle the man, Educational Director will Michael Wasserm'an . Mr. and Mrs; Jerome Wasserman Sabbath lights.) conduct the program. • : ' <' A reception will follow services. * :• Tina Render will deliver;the valedictory address. , This Service Presented as a Courtesy by > ,1 .Wednesday, June«, 1973it8.15p.m. Diplomas a n d certificates t i. will be presented by 8th grade :ir»?».'• s>' Graduates and Parents teachers, Mrs.^Donald NovlAnp^Bucheister • Mr. and Mrs. JosephBucheister coff and Mrs, Stewart Tul(y : Steven Denenberg ...; Mr. and Mrs. NormanDenehberg OMAHA SAVINGS AND and Mr. R i c h a r d Wintroub, Daniel Fox Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fox -.,' . LOAN ASSOCIATION Kathy Kirsjienbaum . . . . . . . . . Mr. and Mrs. KeveeKirshenbaum School Board Chairman. Lotus Pachman . . , • . . - Mr. Williani:Pachnja,n;<' '/ ollfC«>«ligthiH«rn»y 34W9/O n it U S Y . ' ! " ' : ' : < •" '"' ' - 3 '' Bruce Richards , . . . . . . . . . . . . J Mr. and Mrs. Yale Richards ••;•• B/lh t VJ«s\ Oodg*Him 391-TSOQi i''1 1 ' 4/21 8. Z4!hSI. 73H396O . , ,- \; Beth'Staenberg' "'....||fr.andMrs.-ElJUpttHechtman •; , USY Sheld; Its' annual finil ( banquet ;May!V27.vThe theme Janet'23pursky . ^ . . [ u k ! i ' . . . i - M r . a n d M r s . M l ^ r k was».VIt's Only the Beginning/' ,, A^re^eplion wijl follow services.' ,•;...: >

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Bes Moines News Section Moines Federation Community Urged to Attend AnnualMeetingJune\24'Budget Hearings in Des Moines Des Moines — The annual, meeting of the Jewish Welfare Federation will be at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, June 24, at Tifereth Israel Clubhouse. The community is invited and urged to attend. Stanley Engman is program chairman for the meetIng- : Focus of the program will be upon completion of the 1973 All-in-One Campaign. The foli o w i n g Campaign chairmen will be introduced: Rosalind Rabinowitz, 1072 Women's Campaign Chairman; J e a n e 11 e Bear, 1973 Women's Campaign Chairman and Harry Pomerantz, 1973 General CampaignChairman. Federation President Harlan Hockenberg will report accomplishment during the "miniyear," Jan. 1 through Apr. 30, 1973. ' Morton Bookey will speak to the group about aspirations behind the gift of land to the community. Richard Levitt will report on the work to date of the SteerIng Committee of the. Community Action Committee. Nominations will be present-

ed for new members of the Board of Governors of the Federation, and of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Welfare Federation Foundation. Gary Rubin is chairman of t h e nominations committee. Members are Dr. Milton Mark, Melva Bucksbaum, Sylvia Shapiro, and James Weider.

Des Moines—Public budget hearings' for the Jewish Welfare Federation are scheduled to begin next week. The first of three meetings will be at 7:30 p.m. Monday, June 4, at Temple B'nai Jeshurun. A new budget-approach Is being introduced this year. For the first time, a program budg-

et will be submitted by the by support of the various line Jewish Community Center and items in the budget. program-oriented budgets by At the first budget hearing, the Bureau of Jewish Educa- agencies to be discussed will tion and to* some degree the be the Iowa Jewish Home, the Jewish Welfare Federation. Jewish Welfare Federation and The object of this change is the Community Relations Comso that the budget committee mission. and the public can more readiThe second hearing, at 7:30 ly understand what programs p.m. Monday, June 11, at Tifand services are being bought ereth Israel Synagogue, will focus on the Bureau of Jewish Education and Jewish Social Service. The third meeting, at 7:30 p.m. Monday, June 18, at Beth El Jacob Synagogue, will deal with the budget of the Jewish Community Center. Marvin Pomerantz is chairman of the budget committee.

U JAWomemV 9fotoi^0ade

Des Moines—Mrs. Jeanne Daman-Scaglione was the chief speaker at the home of Mrs. Ben Schwartz in Marshalltown, la., as part of the proCampaign Lunch gram of a motorcade which has traveled through communities Meeting Today in Iowa under the sponsorship Des Moines—Closing lunchof the Iowa State Women's eon for the Ail-In-One CamCommittee, United Jewish Appaign of the Jewish Welfare peal. Federation will be at noon FriMrs. Daman-Scaglione, the day, June 1, at the Burgundy Roman Catholic head-mistress Room of the Des Moines Club. of an all-Jewish school in BrusOn the agenda will be a gensels, Belgium in 1942, became eral review of this year's camactlv'e In the underground paign and discussion of- the movement in behalf of the Jews steps ahead for next year. persecuted by Hitler. Program Note . She now lives in the United Dei Mqines — "The Re- States and campaigns actively ton),? 1 the story of Soviet on behalf of the UJA in this Pictured above are (seated) Mrs. Jeanne Daman-ScagUone CAMP STAFF Jewry will be presented on country and Canada. Channel 5, Jane 2 at 3:30 Tho purpose of tho motor- (left to right), Mrs. Zlva Ben-Rcuvcn, Mrs. Ben Schwartz and . Staff members and counsep.m. cade was to meet with Jewish Mrs. Stanley Isaacson. lors for the Jewish Community women from Iowa,-to have an Center Day Camps have been exchange of ideas and to esannounced. tablish Women's divisions in Staff includes Dave Rabinocommunities where none have vitz, Myra Hockenberg, Chuck been before. Tho motorcade Taylor, A r l e n e Bretts, Jon visited group in Cedar Rapids, Frankle, Pat Taylor, Shoshana' Waterloo and Iowa City as well Leiser, Ellen Friedman; Steve ers, Dave Pidgeon, Sidney Ru- Zohn, Debbie Givant, and MarIJH GUILD as Marshalltown. Iowa Jewish Home Guild met bin, Jacob Szneler. cia Cranberg. Participating in the motor- for dessert luncheon and instalCounselors-in-training will be Board members, continuing cade with Mrs. Daman-Scag- lation of officers at the Home llone were Mmes. Ziva Ben on May 17. The following offi- one-year term: Mmes."David Suzie Engman, Sonia Dobrin, Bear, Nate Bernstein, R o s s and Linda Land. Reuven of Tel Aviv, Israel, cers were installed: Camps include* \,«. r>; Daniels, Sam Hockenberg, Morwho is on a seven-week study President, Mrs. Marvin Silk; K'ton (5-year-olds),'-'July 2 ris Mezvinsky, and J o s e p h tour with UJA, Martin Bern- vice-president, Mrs. I r w i n through 27; Shalom ( g r a d e s stein (from Oskaloosa), David Karp, r e c o r d i n g secretary, Rodenberg. one-four), June 25-JuIy 27; LatBear, Joe Blumenthal, Donald Mrs. Robert Leiserowitz;- corzon (grades fo,ur-six) June 27-' <• Brown, Lewis Caspe, Stanley responding secretary, M r s : HADASSAII July 27. -Jflif?! Isaacson and Mose Waldinger. Gerald Engman; financial secThe following names were inadvertently omitted from the retary, Mrs. Alice Davidson; SOFTBALL . treasurer,, Mrs. Jay Barmish; listing of Hadassah officers inRegistration is underway, for Happy Day fund, Mrs. Robert stalled this week. . an adult-youth sbftb'all'pfogram Winner, 'chairman, and Mrs. Mrs. .Dennis Seidenfeld wUl s p o n s o r e d by the Center. In u 1 1 Henry Corn, co-chairman. will be played serve as membership chair- Games "~ " -''" ^'6:30 -l>e-9n B o a r d members, two-year man for the chapter. Eleanor p.m. each Thursday for two" term: Mmes. 'Donald Brown, Roosevelt G r o u p Donor co- months at St. Teresa's Softball Sidney Epstein, David Gold, chairmen ate Mrs. Louis Nuss- field, University Avenue' and Sunday, June 3 Visitation by committee of Earl Green, Herbert Harris, baum and Mrs. M a r s h a l l Merle Hay Road. Fifs£' 'will be June 5/Depending on Michele Dobrin Community Action Committee Richard Levitt, Lawrence My- Overstein. registration there will 1either'be to Chicago, 111., to meet with Des Moines—Mlchelo Dobrin, Dr. Leon Jick of the Institute a league or weekly' pl<!k -'up daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mi- for Jewish Life. games. '• ' ] chael Dobrin, will celebrate her Bat Mltzvah at 8 p.m. Friday, Monday, June 4 THURSDAY CLUB • June 15, at Tifereth Israel SyDes Moines—A communicaThe function of the commit- '"The JCC Thursday Club1 will Public hearings of budget nagogue. All congregants are committee of Jewish Welfare, tions committee for the • Jewtee will be to examine t h e meet on June 21. P r o g - r a m cordially invited to attend. plans will <be announced later. Federation, 7:30 p.m., Temple ish Welfare Federation has communications of the FederaB'nai Jcshurun. Agencies to be been established under the discussed: Iowa Jev/ish Home, auspices,of Gary Rubin, vice- tion and recommend* ways for n Jewish Welfare Federation, pnd president in charge of media. the Federation to improve-its Community Relations CommitChairman of tho committee pattern of communication to tee. is Sylvia-Spllka.'Members are the community, to inform" perDes Moines — Two persons KOSHER MEATS Kay Bucksbaum, Alan Zuckert, sons ,of .tho objectives, pur* have presented programs in re- Tuesday, June 5 Annette Isaacson and Dr. GerGovernment Inspected JJ cent weeks on behalf of tho ORT b o a r d meeting, 9:30 Ferman, executive direc- poses, and programs of the E8t,23i,7 , ,. Committee on Concern for So- a.m. to 2 p.m. at home of Lois aldFederation in a more effective tor of the Federation, ex ofviet Jewry (Speakers' Branch). Fingerman. ficlo. and economical njanner. We i Mark Boxer, a student at • Kosher Meats, Poultry ; Drake University, spoke to a, , .Wednesday, June 6 group of 14 at a meeting of tho Ancient Craft Masonic Lodge . and Specialty. Meat Products Ad Club. Gary Epstein spoke , dinner, fiftieth anniversary celAll Over the United StdreSj ; to the Dons Club. ebration,* M a s o n i c Temple R e p r e s e n t a t i v e s / o f tho' Building. ' Wo can service all>s!2e ordel'B-for weddings, ba.r. .mltzvahg gria Speakers' Branch are available RISTOBANTE 1 cotnmunlty functions. , , * to'give programs" to any in-' INTERNATIONAL CUISINE tercsted groups in. tho - Des ; 'Temple 5014 |^j;rf6;J^ Moines area.'C. E. Kramer is n. picnic, B'nai 1/ bin 2400,lngor«oll u ' 1 chairman of' the S p e a k e r icers jmd Call suppei U llht I ' ' " D o i ' M o W i »«.,'• '' Branch. ...... trustees* .1-1 '

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. Vridsjr, Ion* 1, IMS

teform Jews Seek Moral Probe of Watergate New York, Jim York-Plans were outljied to convene a Blue Ribbon .panel of distinguished citizens to probe be•yondtlie legal' and political crl?i» .of Watergate to determ\aq the underlying causes behind, this' nation's moral diso'rtter and to make recommendations for restoring etliical standards in our society.

'WaleTgafe' Scandal liipossible in Israel TEL AVIV (ZlNS)-The afternoon daily, Ma'ariv, carries Hie following ancedote spreading like wildfire in Israeli


' '

; In the talk about the Watergate scandal in America, one IsraeH-'decIares,' -"Thank God, fcere in Israel, such a scandal -W impossible." I On. .being asked how he can make such a statement, his aflSwer**., "Simple. None of pur-political parties gives a "damn about what the other parties are saying." ' I'M Supplies

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The 180-member n a t i o n a l cavalier about those nasty lit- ethical disaster of Watergate elected Administration to purBoard of Trustees of the Union tle things called fads." must also be assigned to the sue a 'Father K n o w s Best' of American Hebrewv CongreThe religious leader, noted "shameful silence" of Christian policy while we supinely accept gations, last week endorsed a for his social a c t i o n work, and Jewish religious groups, its action without dissent? proposal that immediate con- charged that "No administra- the "craven" Congress and a Unless Christians and Jews sultations be sought with other tion in American history has "slumbering, n a r c o t i z e d conversant with (he m o r a l religious and civic agencies to surpassed this one for calcu- American people.'1 commands of our faiths, preestablish such a committee. lated evasion of law and conRabbi Eisendratb (hen asked serve and defend the social They also called for a joining of tempt for elementary ethics of upon which any society this nation's religious forces conduct, and it may be that whether in the light of all of ethic these events people can con-that calls itself civilized must and citizens to work as a team none has equalled it." tinue (o state (hat "religion has be founded, we will have forin restoring national and ethnothing (o do with polllcs? Are feited for all times our useElsfndrath cited the ITT inical values both in our .system tervention in Chile; millions In we prepared (o perpetuate an fulness and our reason for surarid among individuals. * tax monies spent by the Pent- atmosphere that encourages an viving here or anywhere." UAHC Board chairman, JIar-f agon to "shore-up" privately ry K- Gutmann, indicated'that owner defense firms; lntlmU"preliminary soundings" with* datlon of the media; and (he Visit some individuals and members "trumped-up" political trials of other religious and 'civic, against the Black Panthers,: agencies had already fyeen' The Chicago Seven and Dr. held. He stated that further Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony consultations would., be con- I t u s s o , as s o m e p r i m e ducted and an initial'explora- examples. j ' ' t o r y meeting planned ".Tor He said that blame for the within the next three to" four weeks. 1018 Howard St. Omaha,Nebr. 68102 The action by the UAHC's Trustees came after a strong plea made by the organization's president Rajjbj Mauriqe N. EiReal toysforreal girls and boys. sendrath, who told the Jewish Buenos Aires (JTA) — Jose leaders "Watergate did n o t Bar Gelbard, a Polish-born happen in a vacuum. It has Jew, has been appointed Fisomething to do with the deep nance Minister in Argentina's moral disorder and malaise." new government. The appointRabbi Elscndrath denounced ment was announced Friday at all of the Watergate conspir- the inauguration of President ators a n d labeled President Hector J. Campora. Nixon "the principal of this Gelbard, 56, who came to school, for scandal." He did not this country with his parents as accuse (be President of having a child, is also acting Minister any direct knowledge of the of Commerce and Agriculture Watergate incident, although until permanent appointments he thought (be nation's chief are made.' It is believed that executive to be "surprisingly his first step will be to tighten currency controls as a step in combatting t h e skyrocketing inflation. ••>,.. ,

As Finance Minister

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10730 Pacific Street . Phone 397-7472 Houn: Mon. Thru Sat." 0 A.M. to 1 CM. 6undar.ll A.M. to 4 PJL A Il>UU H.h and Seafood Market


Mae Mlrmelsteln wishes "to (hank her many relatives and friends for all the beautiful flowers, gifts, donations and cards received during her hospitalizaUon. They are v e r y deeply appreciated.


for the Weekend! To the Beautiful New

Omaha Hilton '33.50 Per Couple it Luxurloui $ueit Roon it Champagne Dinritr for Two In the "Beef Barrpn" on Top of iht Hilton •it Continental Breakfast In Bed it Free Indoor Parking

All You Need to Know Is Our Phono Number

342-3144 Charge If a t . . .


16th and Dodge

itt*»r Round Poo! « <fr In Downtown Onuhi £ Tickets In Advance for Showi, Concerts, Etc. , _ it Children Free \n Sima Roam • Additional Nighr Only $14


Omaha, Neb. 61102

Adrance Only Beienrftflona ~

1620 Harney


F KIDS, MOMS AND DADS. Come take a look at Camp EsrhITS,FOR erjl. NeWman and meet some of the staff. Gp boating and horsebock riding. Ask quesridns.

TH!S SUNDAY, J I M 3RD, FROfW 2 TO 6 PM ^ w " J ^ ^ r ? " j " " " y f l I > v ' " " ^ ' * " a " s ^ " ® s * •<> 'fno Ni*50 exit (it's the firsfc ., < •. • ; exit after L Streetf. Turn Jeft (South), gp past Springfield and >. %A Louisville. Two miles past Louisville there's a camp sign on the =£ righ* hand side of the road. Follow the arrow to the right, to" '• *t',,warcf South Bend. About.two miles down the road there's an-' . ' .r ^ ^ther camp sign. Follow the arrow to .the right, down the gravef / v 7bad.,Take the first turn left off this roadTind you're in camp, ^ ; : C a m p is about 30 minutes from Omaha. . ' '

If You'd Like More Information, Call Bob or Karen at the Center, 342-1366 I * 11 -N.

i; i i-


. . 1

Friday, June 1, lit*


Phil Schneiderman Named UCS Executive Director Omaha—Philip It. Schneiderman of Los Angeles, Calif., has . been appointed by the Board of Directors of United Community Services of the Midlands as the new UCS executive director. Schneiderman, director of area operations for United Way of Los Angeles will assume his Omaha post on June 25. He will replace the late J.. Raymond Dorsey. Mr. Schneiderman has held a number of positions in United Way organizations in 15revard County, Fla.~r Wilmington, Del., Pasadena, Calif, and Springfield, Mass. 3efore joining the United Way movement in 1960, he was associated with United Cerebral Palsy and the Child and Family Service Association of Boston, Mass. A graduate of Boston University, ho has taken •graduate work at both Boston U and Springfield College. Included In his past and current professional affiliations, Schneiderman has been active

Philip R. Schneiderman • in St. Luke's Hospital, with Selective Service Boards, Notary International, the Masons. He has been a consultant to Girls' Clubs of America. Schneiderman, who is listed in the 1973 edition of "Who's Whoin America," is married and has two children. . . , • ..

WEST CENTER GALLERY 132nd and Ctnttr 334-2020

WEST. DODGE GALLERY , '. 130th and Dodg* 333.3747



.Sophisticated living in the SIEIIT built two-story colonial on top of hill. Charm and warmth abound, particularly from brick fireplace In •' apacloua beamed celling family room adjoining the liland ityledVilellfhtfully decorated and completely equipped kitchen. Main floor Utility room and formal dining room are very impreislve. The four (4) bedrooms on second floor are twln-ilzed; maiter haa leperaU droning area. Clean, dry basement la almost completely finished with separate office (could be fifth bedroom); hobby room and big "rec" room. Truly a superb home. , CAIX BOB WtBDKMAN. 89M52J



> • r ' ' ' i. Jerusalem (JTA) — Foreign weaponry including tanks and and the presence in Egypt i of Minister Abba Eban told the p l a n e s . • • • - . . ' •. Knesset that contacts were Eban said that Israel under- British Hunters' from Iraq *nd proceeding with the U.S. Gov- stood the need to establish rel- Saudi Arabia as ample proof ernment at the present time ative security in the Persian that weapons are interchange-' to clarify American arms deals Gulf area. But he-cited the re- able between the Arab states with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. cent transfer of French Mirage While stressing that U.S. kid- jets bought by Libya to Egypt- despite their ideological differences and rivalries. dle. East policy has not changed, Eban said the quantity and . quality of weapons in Arab hands affected Israel's security because, despite' their deep divisions,, the Arab states comprise "a sort of common market" when it comes to arms and "are united -in their hatred CHINESE—CANTONESE of Israel." AMERICAN FOOD Eban said that Israel's "mutual links of confidence with the U.S. enable us to clarify • Lunch-Dinner • Cocktail Lounge frankly" such problems. Offi• Orders to Take Out ' cial sources here have indicated concern^ over reports that the U.S. plans to sell $1 billion < 4623 CENTER FREE PARKING 553-9M7 worth of arms to Kuwait and* Saudi Arabia. Although the arms sales are intended to bolster the pro-Western Persian Gulf states against the Sovietbacked regime in Iraq, Israel fears that at least some of the weapons may eventually reach Egypt The arms deal with Saudi Arabia is said to include the purchase by that country of more than $500 million in U.S. naval craft, military communIS78 Faroam S b * « t . . ,'aaAications equipment and training assistance. U.S. Government officials have indicated 101 Saudi that as many as 19 naval craft may be. sold, to Saudi Arabia and that Kuwait is negotiating for the purchase of an addi- " tional $500 million worth of r

Ghu's Chop Sueq House

By LARRY KATZ, .ICC Youth Director JOBS! — JOBS! — JOBS! Underwood. Call 556-6363 to apThe Teen Job Placement piy-' , Bureau has just received the The Mystery Bus Tour to St. following positions which are Louis and Kansas City is ONfor immediate placement: June 10th through the 17th, 7th, Girl Scout > Day Camp needs 8th, and 9th graders will be counselors, age 17% and older. staying at'both Camp Sabra, Salary range: $25 to $30 week on' the beautiful Lake of the to start; extra pay possible for Ozarks, and Camp Barney additional duties, e.g. riding Goodman. From those bases, the bus, overnight campouts, the group will see the sights in etc. Call Mrs. Allen, Girl Scout and around the St. Louis and .Pay Camp Director at 345-9600. Kansas City areas. Joint proOmaha JCC's Sunshine Day gramming will be planned with •Camp needs two male junior Center youth groups from each counselors. Salary: $210 for the of the cities., •season. Call Chuck Arnold, The all inclusive fee for this , Sunshine Day Camp Director, trip is $110. Spaces are still at 342-1366. open. Seventeen participants McDonald's needs y o u n g are now signed up; ten more men and women for various can be accommodated. Send in positions at four of their res- your .registration forms or call taurants: 80th and Dodge, 48th me at Hie "J" to include yourand Ames, 24th and Cumings, self on our Tour roster. and 42nd and F. Apply in person or call each restaurant A D V A N C E ANNOUNCE* manager for apolntment inter- MENT! Watch for the grand view. •"•• .••;.." opening of the newest and, age 15 or older, greatest teen night spot, Satneeded for outdoor work clean- urday, June 30. Reserve that ing a swimming pool, approx. date! Plan to be one of the in10 hours week throughout the crowd at . . . more details to summer. Vicinity of 68th and come.



Israel Seeks Clarification of U.S. Arms Peal with Arabs

Katz's Korner

COUNTRYSIDE GALLERY 17th <nd Pacific 393-3444




,.Are you looking for an Ideal home—we have Itf You can't believe the beauty of this area—tree lined street with apple bloisoms. This four <4) bedroom, two-itory colonial home has formal living room, dining room, family room with atone fireplace and sliding slais doors to a fenced yard. Firit floor utility room, large kttchen with all the extras, , three (3) bath locations, two <2> car garage and central alrtThlj home ', Is In excellent condition—don't miss this one. CAIXBIIJ. MOOBE, II1-S1ES •

Israel Hit by Cement Shortage Tel Aviv (JTA)—An acute ce-, merit shortage has developed in Israel causing contractors to seek supplies on the black market or suspend construction. The Nesher Cement Co., a division of Koof Industries which has the monopoly on cement'production in Israel, produces just over 1.5 million tons a year at its three plants against an estimated demand this year for 2.5 million tons. Nesher, which is obliged to import cement to make up Us shortage, appears reluctant to do so. Several shiploads of cement are waiting to unload at Israeli - ports but the> vessels cannot discharge their cargoes because of the scarcity of facilities to handle bulk cement Housing Minister Zeev Sharef, meanwhile, has blamed contractors for undertaking too many building starts. The contractors are blaming the Forts Authority for delays in unloading imported cement. The Ministry of Commerce and_ Industry is considering a fourth cement plant outside of the Nesher monopoly. Two local firms and two foreign firms are bidding for a license to build an IL200 million cement factory. FOR 24-HOUR DEPENDABLE SERVICE Call




' Promise her anything but when you show her this dream house located |! In grarlous-Falracres—be prepared to buy It Thl> delightful English ' colonial set on-/*, wooded,acre*xonUlnsiour<(<•) spacious bedrooms , and 2'4 bkthft'Mrjfial dining rfcJbmJabiolutely1 .mnsslve living-room with fireplace. 2-car tandem garage, central air. Just listed for tame. t; dlateioccupancy,• .«. • ,...J •!•


Salvage Warehouse


Sales and service oh nil makes of hentlng and air conditioning equipment. Ask about our service policy. Save money. Member 8MA0.VA RbMt Metal ' ana" Air Conditionin t l l A l t l

• • *

gets you into the swim of things. |





WKm !•


Take the pIunqel^BHH^^ j H^s^M'




WEIGHT WATCHERS* emir Omaha 39I-67M

Lincoln 485-7164 D«sMelne»27Mf44 SJotix City 2744ftt




Iiff JI 1 1 I

1 I M

r m B





Friday, June 1, IMS


Center Sports MEN'S SLOW-PITCH LEAGUE • Action last Sunday was •.rained out and will be rescheduled at a later date. '<• Games, Sunday Jane 3 [ at Elmnood Park 11:00 a.m.—Drabowsky vs. LKoufax (West).

J 11:00 a.m. — Greenberg vs. Holtzman (East) *. Epstein—Bye SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ; SOFTBALL LEAGUE ! Action last Sunday was t r a i n e d out and will be rel

scheduled. Games, Sunday, June 3 9:30 a.m.—AZA 1 vs. Chaim Weizmann (East) 9:30 a.m.—AZA 100 vs. USYSYO-Independents (West) SENIOR HI SUMMER BOWLING LEAGUE The JCC Senior High Summer Bowling League will begin Wednesday, June 13 at 7 p.m. at the Ranch Bowl. Open to all boys and girls in the ninth through 12th grades, the cost is ?1.75 per person per night.

Sunshine Day Camp Plans All-Day Reunion for June 4

Openings Available For Horse-in Camp Omaha—The Jewish Community Center's special "HorseIn" camp is scheduled to hold its first one week period June llth-15th. The JCC Sunshine "HorseIn" camp Is offered to all boys and girls 8-13 years of age. Emphasis is placed on horses and riding. During each one. week camp period the enroll-1 ment is limited to not more' than 10-12 campers. Each cowpoke has his- (her) own horse while at the camp. The first session has only a couple of openings left and all interested boys and girls arc urged to register as soon as possible. The second and third sessions dates are: June 18-22nd and August 20th-2flh, 1973.

Omaha—On Monday, June 4, 1973 all campers, new and old will' be picked up by bus and taken to Sunshine Day Camp for the annual Camp Reunion. Campers will first be welcomed by former camp staff, and new staff and then an afternoon and early evening of fun.

Ruth, Uncle Chuck, Aunt Carol and Uncle Marc. Horseback, riding, , making a fun crafts JC Oldtimes to project, participating in sports and games, going on a hayrack Meet Tuesday | ride, special cook-out supper and a very special mystery •Omaha—The JC Oldtimers guest will highlight this years will meet Tuesday, June(5 at reunion. 10:30 a.m. at the JCC Downtown. Movies will be shown at There is still time to sign-up 11 a.m. and l u n c h will be for this special program. Call A get acquainted and reliv- the Center today and register. served at noon. Guest speaker at the lunch{ing the summer of '72 will'take The program is FREE. Camp5 place around the flag-pole and ers who^ have not registered con will be Richard Killer, {everyone will sing fayorite will not be accepted at the bus Vice President of the Omaha National Bank. He will spes/C J camp songs headed by Aunt stops. on his recent visit to Malaysia. 000000000«O0OO00000000000VM09SOMM,ea,M,OO8oaAll retired and sepi-refcrsd business and professional men and friends are Invited to attend. . . , Reservations should be made Omabtrs with Karen, 342-1366. Family Stylo

JCC Award Night Honorees

-Photo by David U t

Sam Ban (right), athletic committee member, presented tho outstanding JCC handball player award to. Jack B. Cohen and the most improved JCC handball player award to Marvin Steinberg.


Shazar Named to Post at Hebrew I/.

Dixie Ribs Dixie Chicken Choice Omaha Steaks

Jerusalem (JTA) — Israel's outgoing President'Zalman Shazar will ass'ume tho position of chairman of the research group at the Hebrew University's' Institute of Jew; ish Studies which is currently engaged in research into the history of the Jewish labor movement. He will also continue writing and is expected to publish a book of poems he has written over the past 50 years.


Cocktail Lounge • OPEN KVT.UT DAY 11:30 AM. to 10

teicrif Hills Flow 73lh «.Dodge

(Left to right) Iz Lcvinson, Bill Kalman, Herb Wlntroub and Joe Rice were honored as members of the- Dr. Philip Sher Volleyball team and received an appropriate plaque. Members of the JCC team not present were: Max Platt, Henry Rclkcs and Dr. Meyer Bcber.

the midwest's fashion center for men £=> Ed Belgrade (right), -JCC Awards Night Committee Chairman, Is shown presenting the awards for the outstanding Paddleball player to Dr. Abe Faier and the most improved Paddleball; player to Richard Juro at the 26th Annual Sports Awards Night.

' / L

Burner WhMvt





Omaha i Own

JULIE WILSON in "Bed and Bored" Now Through Juno 24th For Reservations Call 397-0300


June 1, 1973  

Jewish Press

June 1, 1973  

Jewish Press