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C. M. NickNewr Omaha — Several hundred mourners paid their final respects to C. M. Newman at graveside services held Mon? day; May 14, 1973 at Temple Israel Cemetery. Mr. Newman,

age 47, passed away Sunday at his Home at 8414 Hickory St. A victim of cancer, he had been ill for 10 months. Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks officiated at the graveside service.

A; P1 hit „ tin "passages we; .-uTTfiieu of a eulogy.. In his opening remarks Rabbi Brooks said, "The Talmud re-


strains us in this hour of sirrow. 'It is commanded,' cur rabbis say, 'to fulfill the words of the departed.'. "There is so much all of us would want to say in honor of Nick Newman and in tribute to the goodness of his' life. But characteristically, Nick Newman made a request of us and I promised him we would keep faith with his desires and those of his beloved wife when this ••.1 In 'i \w-uM i- •!•. 'Tiii

i- -

vice then, in this particular manner and content, fulfills Nick Newman's wishes at' his last resting place." Rabbi Brooks then read th» selected passages from Psalmg and-the Book of Deuteronomy. Mr. Newman is survived bf his wife, Raquel; three sons, Peler, Thomas and Edward; a daughter, Sara J,; father, Jule M.; brothers, E. Robert and Murray of Omaha; C. James of <.= ,i r,..-.. i .

Serving Council Bluffs, Des Moines, Lincoln, Omaha Vol. UI—No., 87

OMAHA,-NKB.f Fftl., MAY 18, 19TS

Omaha—Countless messages of tribute Dear Mrs. Newman: . and expressions of sympathy followed the My deepest sympathies at Nick's sudden death of C. M. Newman. and untimely passing. We will always be cognizant of the enormous contributions he made A prominent Omaha feader, Mr. Newmanto Israel and as a leader, of the American also filled top national leadership roles. The news of his death brought messages from • Jewish community. It was a privilege to have worked with him and to have known him. many local and national organizations, as well - Moshe Rlvlln, as from the State of Israel. Director General Among those offering words of sympathy . • ' Jewish" Agency i and tribute was Israeli Ambassador Yaakov • Avnon who is currently, execuDear Mrs. Newman: ' <• i ." tive director of the Israel Education Fund. .We are deeply saddened by the news of the tragic passing of your beloved husband, Nick. C. M. NICK NEWMAN During a brief visit to Omaha to pay his He was not only a devoted leader and humani. 'May his memory be a blessing.' condolences to the Newman family Ambassatarian, but also a dear friend to those of us dor Avnon said, "On behalf of the United Jew- ,• who were privileged to work with him in the ish Appeal leadership and staff, I have come cause of UJA and Israel. to extend .condolences to Mrs. Newman, the May. his magnificent achievement in bechildren and the entire Newman family on the half of our people be a source of comfort and inspiration to you and your loved ones. great loss they have suffered. Chaim Vinltsky, "I am here also representing the people of ' UJA Director General in Israel Israel, its government, the Jewish Agency and Zcllg Chinitz, Omaha — C. M. Nick New- paign Cabinet of the United last but not least, the Israel Education Fund, man was a prominent leader Jewish Appeal and of the Oma• Resident Representative from in the Omaha civic, business ha Council on Foreign ^Relawhich Nick Newman served as. Vice Presithe United States of the United and Jewish community prior tions. He was a National' Coni- > Israel Appeal in Jerusalem. dent and as one of its major sponsors. to'his death last Sunday. missioner and vice-chairman * * * - • "I am therefore also speaking on behalf A native Omahan, he was a of the National Program ComNick Newman was the best friend this comof the children of Israel who have benefitted graduate of Stanford Univer- mittee of the Anti-Defamation munity could have. We will all feel the loss of - and will continue to benefit from Nick's efforts sity and received his Master's League of B'nai B'rith, a vicehis presence, his advice, his leadership, his and personal contributions. The school in Affodegree from the University of president of the Israel Educasense of humanity and his friendship. kim, the pre-kindergartens in Jerusalem, Chicago. He served as presi- tion .Fund, and a member of Akko and Kiryat Motzkin will remain forever Anyone he touched was a better person for dent of American Community the board of the'National Foun- • centers of learning and education so greatly it.' He had the uncanny ability to improve the Stores Corporation which for- • dation of Jewish Culture. needed by the children of Israel and recent performance, understanding and capabilities of merly operated Hinky Dinky A founding member of the immigrants from all parts of the world. all of those with whom he associated. supermarkets. In April of last Boys' C l u b s of Omaha, he "Wo who work in this field to meet tho His interests and concerns were Catholic. year tie retired from his posl- served on the organization's < needs of Jews in distress everywhere will conIsrael, Ben Shemen, Boys Club, Urban League, . tipn as president of Supermar- Board of Governors. tinue to be inspired by the example set by Deeply interested in the probCommunity State Bank. In his feelings of re- kets Interstate, Inc., a subsidiary of JC Penny Company lems of the black community, Nick Newman. I hope that his family will find sponsibility to his fellow human beings, he was Inc. Mr. Newman served as an ad• comfort in the knowledge of Nick's achieveuniversal. He was his brothers' keeper, viser to the Community Bank ments. Our thoughts are with them at this Mr. Newman served on the . He was the guiding force in the resurgence of Nebraska, a new minority. time of great sorrow." boards of the Omaha National of the Omaha Jewish community. He helped Corporation, the Omaha Na- controlled bank in Omaha. He • * * develop new directions for the Federation. The tional Bank and the Commo- gave leadership and. financial Telegrams from officials of the Israeli govfuture achievements and successes we enjoy dore. Corporation. He was-a support'to pocket playgrounds ernment were among the many messages rewill be a direct result of his vision and courage. vice-president of Super Market in the" ghetto area; the Lake " ceived by the Newman family in the early Along with Nicb'a family, with Racky and Institute Inc., a past president Charles Day Care Center and hours following Mr. Newman's death. Among of Topco Associates and Ne- was a m o n g the backers of their children, with his father and brothers, we those received were, the following: braska Goodwill Industries. He blacks who purchased radio stagrieve for him. also served as a director of the tion KOWH. A long time advoOur own and future generations will know Dear Mrs. Newman: • National Association of Food cate of equal employment opthat our lives were richer because Nick New- Chains and as chairman of the portunities, in 1967 he headqd My sincerest condolences on the untimely man'was one of us. • > passing of your husband, Nick. We in Israel Iowa-Nebraska' chapter of the Omaha's Employment Opporfeel deeply the loss of a great friend and conNick was my friencL He was friend to us all. Young Presidents Organization. tunity Center. stant supporter whose life was an example of Morley ZIpursEy, President Mr. Newman's civic activiIn spite of his many involve-' dedication to the State of Israel and to tho ties included leadership roles ments and contributions to the Jewish Federation of Omaha Jewish people in a wide variety of projects community, Newman consistPinhas Sapir, and organizations. ently" refused any public hon• Dear Mrs. Newman: Minister of Finance ors or commendations for his Civic Activities It was with deep grief that we learned of • * • Ho was a past president of efforts. Ho was, however, tho the passing of your husband, Nick. He was an Dear Mrs. Newman: the Jewish Federation of Oma- recipient of an Eternal Light My deepest sympathies on the untimely . outstanding man; gave a great deal to the Jew- ha and served in many capacl Award from the Wesley House passing of Nick. We in Israel have lost a great . ish community of Omaha and to world Jewry. ties on the board of the^Feder- (for his,.assistance to th the black •friend and suppprter who was'a credit to-tho ' SWo ,w|ll remember him and miss=hjro.. , ,- ipatibhUHewasia past "chaima'n^''community. Most recent recently NewrvIn « Blum, PreJHifaV'*" ' ' . of the,Omaha Israel Bond Com*- man. and his wife Raquel wer»., ; Jewish people.-,,, , ; , , ' , ( < I ,,„,;, j j ' j . j i i t .•••!• n i i ) ' i ' i i ^ .''Council of Jewlsli'Feocratloris . mittee, a member of the board cited by, tho Urban League; of • > '. " . •' •' j-yte?i 'Atfon;; ".';':" .n,-- •"',., ••' '' ' ' and Welfare Funds. ' " Deputy Prime Minister of Israel of Temple Israel, and served as Nebraska "for contributions t# a member of the National Cam- interracial equality.". • (Continued on Page 8) Minister of Education

Varied Activities Drew Newmans leadership







Brandt Denies Rise in Nazism

Held Iraqi Jews Jerusalem, .(JTA) — Sephardic .Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef led a mass prayer rally and merrfSrial service this week at the Ramat Gah synagogue in memory of Jews reported slain in Iraq. These include five members of the family of Reuven Kashkosh who were reported gunned down by Iraqi secret police in their Baghdad home April 12. Knesset member Moshe Shaduwl said Friday that Christian churches In Switzerland have promised to intercede on behalf of Dori Kashkosh, the sole surviving member of the Kashkosh family. Shacbal said t h a t the International Red

U.S. Aid for Santfi ;;(JT^).^The

NixrqOdji; was-reporton dii In mflitai^.sjtfe^predjtffo Sauudi Arapid::No'5nc> has pre*i<jBsiy>been,<:e<tended to pre*i<jBsiy>been,<e<tended -that>cjD(Htir^;;Jdr^aii'is:'report-thatcjD(Htir^;;Jdr^aiiis:'rep ed ti:'\St'jjji\tipg increases in botKV5;'mflitary'an'd:eQonom ntNlkonsforea^n pol r;to;dongresf£•iecently :-advances-' jijlrfelaiions e - A t t U ^ t & i n the

— . T - , . ^ , . , . ^ .irieqting se-

crefry'with^AraD'le'aa^rs. N ''In the course of my recent travels,'^ said Mrs*. Meir, "I met with a very important Arab leader». I "asked, him to tell me 'candidly, what {Jvould have been the result had the Arabs been' victorious in the Six-Day War. lie answered, this been the case the-Jewish state would no longer be in .existence. I pressed him as to

News Blackout Shrouds Kissinger-Brezhiiev Talks

' Washington, (JTA) — Chancellor Willy Brandt indicated that there is more interest in Nazism at present in the United States than in West Germany. The West German leader, here for talks with President Nixon, answered questions at a National Press Club luncheon. Asked to evaluate the new wavo of interest in Hitler which seems to be burgeoning in his country, Brandt remarked tbat if he wanted to watch movies on television portraying Nazis, he would have* to come to the United States. "This is true as-well as far as certain books and magazines are concerned," he said,

Cross was also Intervening with the Iraqi government on behalf of Deri who is reportedly staying with a Jewish family in Baghdad, surnamed Shoukry. It was learned that memorial services for slain Iraqi Jews were held at the Choral Synagogue in Bucharest, led by Rumania's Chief Rabbi Moses Rosen. He eulogized the victims and read a list of names of Iraqi Jews reportedly missing or kidnaped. He demanded that they be freed and that the dead be buried according to Jewish rites.

New York (JTA)—Ah official Soviet news blackout shrouded the talks between Dr. Henry A. Kissinger and Leonid I. Brezhnev in a country retreat outside Moscow. But there were indications that the two diplomats discussed the effect the USSR's policy on Jewish emigration is having on the EastWest Trade Act now pending in Congress. Izvestia, the Soviet government's official daily, assailed American circles opposed to expanded trade with the USSR until it eliminates its restrictions on Jewish emigration. While presenting a generally

Omaha—Grisha Tsatskis, a noted Russian-Jewish concert singer, and his wife, Ida, accompanist, will present a festival of Russian, Yiddish and Israeli music Thursday, May 24 at 8 p.m. at Beth Israel Synagogue. Tickets are available through the Jewish Cultural Committee, 101 North 20th Street, Omaha, Neb. 68102, c/o Mark Zalkln or at the door the night of the concert. Adult tickets are $2, student and children's tickets, | 1 . A reception for the artists will be held following the, concert According to Steve Riekes, chairman of the Jewish Cultural Committee which is sponsoring the concert, half of the net proceeds of the concert will be used by The Association of Soviet Jews in America to provide religious and clothing items for Jews still in Russia.

Johannesburg (JTA) — Rabbi ably motivated by their religBernard M. Casper, Chief Rab- ious teachings and historical bi of the Federation of Syna- experience to* help the undergogues of South Africa, has re- privileged in S o u t h Africa acted sharply here to an at- where they could. He said that tack on South African Jewry instead of engaging in mudby a group of Jewish studentsat Cape Town University in slinging at their own communtheir Jewish campus newspa- ity, they should meet him and other Jewish leaders in a diaper, "Strike." logue in which all could ventiThe Journal blasts the attitude of South African Jews as late their views and examine "racist and un-Jewish," be- the facts fairly. cause, they, do not take a communal attitude against aparth- CALL ME FOR eid. • Invitation! end Announcement! • Bir-8.l Mltzvah Invitations Interviewed ' by the press, • Personalized Stationary Rabbi Casper expressed his • Gilt Acknowledgement! • Napkins-Match*! abhorrence at Jews applying the word "racist" to their own Tel Aviv (JTA)—Three hun- community. He denied the studred visiting, members of Ja- . dents were justified in their pan's pro-Israel "Makoya sect' criticism, contending that on BW-BOT 6763SEVWD8t swore to "come as one to the the whole Jews had been laudaid of the Israel nation" should Israel ever be attacked by a foreign aggressor. "We are •••:•:•'••?:.:' . . T H E ALL-NEW.-. blood brothers with them" (the Israelis),' declared the members of the sect who came for a 10-day visit to demonstrate, their solidarity with Israel on its 25th anniversary.

Japanese Sect Vows loyally toIsrael'

what would have happened to us Jews, hut got no reply," Mrs. Meir concluded. The premier made it very plain that the "important Arab leader" with who she spoke was not King Hussein of Jordan. "I would have been delighted to have met him but Hussein was not prepared to COPYCOPYCOPYCOPYCOPY meet me," Golda Meir said. COPYCOPYCOPYCOPYCOPY Mrs Meir made this, disclosure COPY COPY at a meeting of. the leadership COPY COPY of the United Labor Party. COPY COPY


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.;•;. FRIDAY. MAY 18 * :, Enditraeli Art and Industry Display, Crossroadt*Mall

optimistic view about future prospects lot U.S.-USSR trade relations, Izvestia denounced the "military-industrial bloc, Zionist elements and the extreme right" for blocking detente, According to some observers, the attack by the official Soviet government organ was an indication that the Soviet leadership is taking a hard line on the issue of East-West trade and hoping to convince the Ni*on Administration to find a way of separating trade talks and the issue of most favored nation status from the issue of emigration.

South African Rabbi Raps Jewish Students1 Criticisms

Concert Tickets Available

i;;: Men: Acknowledges rvteefmg With Arab Leader r the Meir

Friday, May 18, 117)


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Frld»y, May 18, IB7S


Ed Zorinsky ElectedMayor; Rosenblatt Wins Council Seat Omaha — For the first time In many years, two members of the Jewish community have been elected to high positions In city government. Twenty five years after his father, John Rosenblatt, held a similar seat in city government, S t e v e Rosenblatt was elected this week to the Omaha City Council. Ed Zorinsky scored a landslide victory in the race for -Mayor, and became the first Jewish mayor In Omaha since

Johnny Rosenblatt was elected in 1954. Both n a t i v e Omahans, the two successful candidates have expressed similar desires "to bring new ideas to city government; to make Omaha a better place in which to work; a better place in which to live." For Rosenblatt, the C i t y Council race was his first venture into active politics. Zorinsky has been a successful candidate in-1968 for a seat on the Omaha Public Power District's Board of Directors. *

Pace Tlire*

Synagogues Urged fo Create Political Action Commitfees Washington (JTA) — The to defend the synagogue and Rabbinical Council of America, the Jewish community from atin its Leadership Legislative tacks that now threaten its Conference h e r e last week, viability, if not its existence." adopted* a unanimous resolu- ,T h e synagogue, he noted, tion urging "the establishment has become "the victim of deof political action committees • teriorating neighborhoods. Its in every synogogue across the members h a v e abandoned it country in order to safeguard and it is left alone in the midst and protect the economic and of people whom they no longer political status of the Ameri- - can serve. Very often these deteriorations take place' as a can Jewish community," result of direct* gSvernmental Rabbi Louis Bernstein, presi- action that increases the flight dent of the Rabbinical Council of its residents from the area declared,* "such political ac- and its deterioration into ethnic tion committees have become , ghettos," R a b b i Bernstein stressed, an absolute necessity for the Jewish community, not only to "It is the purpose of the synapromote legislation which they gogue political action commitdeem for the .well being of the tees to take early steps to preAmerican community, but also vent such deterioration and to

preserve the character and viability of the community." Rabbi Bernstein stated that the political action committees will also "impress upon our people not to run from areas which become racially mixed; On; the • contrary, we must be the ones who demonstrate how well various racial ethnic arid minority groups can live together in peace and in harmony." Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld, first vice-president of the Council,. declared that these committees will also have to cope with, the economic, and professional pressures which' so-called Affirmative 'Action a n d ' Quota Systems have placed upon the Jewish community,. ,,

Revenge Seen as Motive for Slaying of Kashkosh Family

Mayor Zorinsky

Councilman Rosenblatt

Israelis Want Gold® Jerusalem (JTA)—Seventy-three percent of the Israeli public wpuld like Premier Golda Meir to remain In office after the national elections next October, according tcMhe results* of a poll conducted by the Dahaf Public Opinion Institute. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan continued to • be the, favorite to succeed Premier Meir if she decides to step down. He was picked by 32.5 ' • per cent of the respondants to be her successor.' ,T , ;i)cputy Premier Yigal Allon was second with 15.5 per cent, Herut chairman Moiachcm Beigin -. . was third with 6.5 per cent and Finance Minister . ' Pinhas Sapir was favored by six per cent. For* eign Minister Abba Eban was chosen by 5 per •- "cent of the respondents and Gcn7 Yitzhak Rabin, ' the former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. was ,' backed by 2.5 per cent, Future Plans '; Mrs. Meir took a short leave from her duties, In order to undertake what her office described ' as "routine medical tests." The 75-year-old Pre.' mier plans to make an announcement about her ' future in politics within the next week or so. There is some speculation that she will take advantage of the medical examination to indicate that she is physically capable of continuing 1 J in office. Unofficially,' it is held likely that she • has already succumbed, to,i party pressure to stay on. -' '

Rally Held To Free Hess

"A Graciom Show Placo

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Bonn (JTA)' ~r\. Between 6001000 people, carrying banners reading "32 Years Are Enough" and " F r e e d o m for Hess", marchched through Bonn in a demonstration for the release of Rudolph Hess, the one-time No. 2 Nazi, who is serving a life sentence for war crimes at Spandau prison in West Berlin. The parade was led by Wolf Ruediger, Hess' son, who has been campaigning for years for his father's release'.; Ruediger said that he was appealing to Chancellor .Willy Brandt to raise the question of Hess' release again'with,Soviet Communist p a r t y Secretary Leonid Brezhnev when they meet here later this month. ' The United; States, Britain and France .reportedly favor Hess' immediate' release But the Russians who share with them the administration of Spandau prison, have refused.. Hitler's Deputy Fuehrer was imprisoned in Scotland in 1940 after defecting from the Nazis and flying there on a-one-man peace mission. He was sentenced to;lifo 'imprisonment in 1945 at the'-Nuremberg war crimes trials. The; release of Albert Speer andLBaldur Von Schirach.from Spandaiiih 1966 left Hess the .only survivor of the Nazis' top. hierarchy still in prison. ! ' FOR24.HOUR DEPENDABLE SERVICE



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Saturday, M a / 19, 1973 8:00 P.M.-? Prom Town House Ballroom Fun and Gamo«

Jerusalem (JTA)—The five members of the Kashkosh fam-' ily were brutally gunned down by Iraqi security forces in revenge for the death of three terrorist leaders killed during the Israeli commando raid oh Beirut April 10, it was disclosed here. The shooting occurred, April 12 during a mourning procession in Baghdad for the three terrorists. The security forces burst into the Kashkosh home and opened fire with automatic


weapons killing Reuven Kashkosh, his sons, Fuad and1 Samir,. and his'. daughter Joyce, and mortally wounding his wife, Clementine. The disclosures were made by a tourist who recently visited Iraq. He told ITIM, the Israeli news agency, that the tragedy occurred as the Kashkosh family was packing its bags to leave Iraq. Mrs. Kashkosh managed to crawl out of her home and told the story :before she died. Another Kashkosh daughter, Dorl, was saved because she was attending classes ;at the. university at the time. She is currently reported to be living with a Jewish fam- | ily in Baghdad, The tourist said that Iraqi Jews believe that all the Jews who have disappeared in.Baghdad since last Sept. have been killed because the authorities have confiscated their property.

,' .''' • lAdwinco Tiekott—-Cdll:5B6-7008 11 •f i»l

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Friday, Hay 18, 197J

Between You and Me By Boris SmblaV' ! '


Meir Gottesman, Deputy Director-General of Yoiilh Aliyah, meets with.young

Trie 30th anniversary of the American shores. The Jews uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto sent from the ship a desperate —proclaimed by the U.S. Con- appeal to President Roosevelt gress as a day of observance stressing that there were more for April 29 — evokes painful than 400 women and children feelings a b o u t the apathy among them. No answer came. shown by the U.S. government, American Jewish leaders interand especially by the late Pres- vened but with no effect. The ident Roosevelt, toward the ship was turned back td Eufate of many thousands of Jews rope where most of the refuinTEurope who could have been gees later fell into the hands of the Nazis in occupied lands. saved from Nazi hands. Empty troop ships were reToday, refugees from Cuba, Uganda and other lands of op- turning from Europe to the pression—and Jews from the United States during the war Soviet Union—are being admit- years; They were in a position ted to the United States as im- to carry thousands.of Jews who

• kibbutzim speeds absorption into Israel'society. Contrary to popular Russians enjoy Bible Study, the group said. ,

it, as CommanderBut during the years of the _ Roosevelt a d m i n I stration no in-Chief, could have easily orsuch exceptions were made for dered the transportation of esJews who could have escaped caping victims on these ships. Nazi annihilation. Roosevelt He did not do i t A dramatic was Indifferent to pleas by Jew- appeal to him by Rabbi Steph-: Rus- • Aliyah, the'youngsters speak education provided by Youth leaders to-open the doors en S. Wise on Decembers, 1912 of the Hebrew haltingly., But' in Is- Aliyah. "Teachers and students ish of the U.S. for Jews seeking —and Rabbi Wise was an intihave more than just a nodding rael, at least, they can speak escape. He insisted on strict mate friend of Roosevelt-did their, young, heads r e m a i n their minds freely; :>'••< u- acquaintance," Nina explained. interpretation of the U.S. im- not move him. "The pupil is a person—not a shrouded in myth, 'conjecture Contrary to popular expec- cypher in an overcrowded migration laws. The Roosevelt Record Tiandhato .-v*-v.'.-,-: ' • tations, the Russians have fall- . classroom. Friendship is easier Nobody Would accuse the Never will it be forgotten t ^After- a>year.!Or.'two in Youth en in love with the Bible. Bible when the. newcomer is always that the S.S. St. Louis, carrying late President Roosevelt of not classes have-whetted-their-ap- rubbing shoulders with Israe- 930 Jewish refugees from Nazi being a liberal person. In in-" petites, and they find the Book lis. And the residents help each Germany was not permitted to ternal U.S. affairs he was very of Books a fount of historical other." land its passengers on the liberal. But with r e g a r d to and geographical facts and a • I Deputy .Premier Yigal Alton showing s y m p a t h y to the. : ^$s giving.Israeli identity pa- treasure house of beautiful trapped Jews in Nazi-held Eu•'•ipajt'to some Bedouin women stories. rope—sympathy not in words ' ipihe'Gaza''Strip'6ne day re- To be J e w i s h in Russia, but in deeds-^his record is very meant going to synagogue. CfenUy, when Sheikh" Oda Adu faulty. They lit candles and observed :fi^uja'Maumarasked Allon if Liberal American publicaJ»>cduld supply'papers for his the festivals. Many young peotions severely' criticized Amerfifth wife whom he had just ple went to., synagogues to ican policies of doing nothing make contact with their fellow; , ; ' n | a r r i e d . i : , ; • , ; • . , ; , - , .. to save Jews from 'Nazi hands. .|^Where's / ,the..« q'ua 1 i t y?" Jews and to pore over letters Several weeks before the Warasked the. Deputy. Prime Min- from Israel. '.'-'..'.,• saw uprising, the liberal week; isteri; ''I, only-haye t one wife; ; The consensus of opinion was ly, The Nation, accused the that anti-Semitism, though it ajpd you^have. five.'.', U.S. of haying had in its power ^Answered,,the ,,Sheikh: "In- undoubtedly exists, did not the wherewithall to rescue the deed,,, where }s. the. equality? rear its' ugly head, in primary doomed Jews but did not lift feYpi^re^ Deputy Premier, and school—or even in high school. a hand to do it. "If we behaved Overt anti-Semitism was ex; rin:a,simp)e Sheikh. But, you like humane and generous peorkaipisr^I .prefer .being a simple perienced by parents and uniple instead of complacent, cow• •;Sheikh',wjth five wives to Dep- versity students. ardly ones, the two million ,S;^:jP,reinier. with just one." ... The Russians' like residential Jews lying today in the earth ; of Poland's and Hitler's other crowded g r a v e y a r d s would have been alive and safe," The Nation wrote. Tliis was written when' the Nazi a n n i h i l a t i o n of Jews -'••'By Joseph Polakoff , no, 33 of Quincy, Mass., fighter reached only about a third of Editor's' note:' This is the plane shot down Oct. 18, 1905, the 6,000,000 massacred Jews. first of a series of articles on imprisoned 89 months. Flanked by members and friends of the Student Struggle for About four million Jews could tile- four. American military A.F. Capt. Melvin Pollock. 31 Soviet Jewry, Abraham Zalmanson conducts his eighth hunger still have been saved after the prisoners of the Vietnam War of Long Beach, L.I., N.Y., strike for his niece, the imprisoned Sylva Zalmanson. Standing article was published and read identified officially as Jewish.) fighter shot down July 6, 1967, inside a "prison cage" opposite the U.N., Zalmanson urged the in Washington. • •{ , Of the 566 American military imprisoned 70 months. release of the four members of his family suffering in Soviet V; ^ V L e s t W e Forget ' jprisrinefs of the Vietnam War Army Major Floyd H. tfush- labor camps. The 30th anniversary of, the-,' who'came home to,the United ner, 32, Danville, Va., medical Warsaw Ghetto uprising is now States during Feb. and March, doctor trained for aviation, shot being m a r k e d not only by, four-have been officially identi- down .while aboard helicopter mass-memor i a l m e e t i n g s fied as Jewish. All were cap- Nov. 10, 1967 and imprisoned ; throughout the country but also t(ired '• after;'the aircraft on 65 months. He is married and by special literature explaining which they were aboard were the father of two children. the most overwhelming' disshot down. Their lives- in ene- Three received community aster in Jewish history and my military prison camps celebrations, but Capt. Brudno QUESTION: Why Is wine required for the Seder: night of pointing out the lessons of the ranged from; more'than five refused to participate in public P a s s o v e r ? - •. . '.:-..•"; V . . •• • ••• • . ' •..'.'. . '; ' • ' • ' ' . ' ':'.:•'•-. Holocaust for the Jewish peoyears to seven and a half years. ceremoniei. His father, a medANSWER: A number of reasons are offered for this. First, ple, especially for the jfounger; AH are officers; three in the ical doctor and his youngest since -the • Seder night ritual, is a happy celebration, it requires •Air Force and one in the Army. brother condemned the '-'radi- wine to display the happy mood of the celebrants, like all.happy- ^generations of Jews. TJheir ranks .range from lieuten- cal" wing of the end-the-war oecasions. Others; say that drinking the .wine is a symbol of ant to major; their ages from movement including its Jewish freedom, since the free man alone can afford the luxury of wine 28-33. ," elements. . in a relaxed atmosphere. Some say that'it is not the drinking of All four were Bar Mltzvahed While these four POWs have the wine which is significant, but the regulation which limits the In ' Reform or Conservative been officially identified as drinking to a certain prescribed order which is significant. While Published weekly on Friday by Congregations and are mem- Jewish, at least a dozen other drinking is practically unlimited and not regulated in any order Jewish Federation of Omaha. fetirs'of families close to Or- returned 'POWs probably are in the course of other celebrations, the drinking on Passover Noddle, Press thodoxy. ' AH are second gen- Jews, according to Pentagon eve is regulated to show that freedom requires responsibility. • Harlan Committee Chairman ; eration'native Americans and officers, but for reasons of While'the slave need not be too concerned about the impression he makes since lie has no social standing, the free man'must i Mortimer Greenberg; ' all indicated In various ways service policy or personal detheir positive identification with sire they have not been so pub- consume his drink in a dignified manner acceptable both to sock r ; AfiiExecutiye Director ••••• etyandGod. •• ••• -.•.'- • - L . •:•:•::••:: ' ^-;v,>: >.v. licly identified. , Jewisnness, >•> • • Mrs. Robert Gerellck, Editor .In, the order .of their length QUESTION: Why (s it forbidden to eat .before praying In the Mrs. Sidney Mirvish, Assistant Army Lt. Col. Perry Wllspn -\ A . • . ' , • • , . i - - ••; ••••••••. • . ' • . ' • . . • • - . . - : , . , . . . . of imprisonment/ these four said some of the American mil- m o r n i n g ? ' r ' Mrs. Irvin C. Kalman J$wjsn,.POWS are: ANSWER: Generally speaking, man upon arising, needs to itary personnel in Vietnam felt jinageri,,,. • it.lje.l^pi^iuil-^itlgt^hpiildsh^eat immediaiejjr. ^JP< ,Lt,f)Art,hur;J31ack, # , o f they would,get especially harsh;.; , , p $ n . , g . S p ly 1 1 r ehanir^a,,4ightor-j^onibert treatment isl/t ^tijehr sjcaptors^1 p n i f t g j j j jsarBrtpjbe. no, di/fererny iban aaranhnal,,!/); down .Sept, 29,,)I965«jinK whose,.govenrunents /ajjeviqp- deed; he appear* too (plqce, ( Ms |b«$Iy! • nee/Js. ahead pf; Ihfi. iheejis, posed Israel, knew they' Of his'souL'One is oblgted prisoned 90 months. p a y first s in n rorder d r to serve his iniuei'tf' obligated to pray M) IOI, Ne.;JSIb Ur-l,. hi spiritual needs before he A.F. Capt. Edward A. Brud- were Jewish. h tends t d to t his hi physical phyical nneeds. ed Omalu, Hlbf M1M

Russian Students React to Israel

Eighth Fast for Sylva

The Jewish POWs

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The Jewish Press


FrUUjr, May 18, 1973



Pace fiv*

...In theWords of Nick Newman... By MICKEY GERELICK Nick Newman probably., would not Ir'e ben pleased with this issue of the Jewish Pre.s!


.• „ •

He would have been annoyed at a front - page which did not provide new information, new opportunities for thought and the expansion of learning. In spite of his prominent leadership roles, he was basically a very private person. He would have been embarrassed by the praise; uncomfortable about the publicity. He might even have written an angry "letter to the editor" questioning the propriety of the coverage and suggesting "a better way" to use newspaper space. There-in was the essence of Nick Newman. He was a doer. He bad strong beliefs and he acted on them. It explains his involvement in 10 many things. He uncompromising commitment to Improve the quality of human lite—for everyone—everywhere. He became involved because he knew no other ;way. His leadership roles in the Jewish community were based on his beliefs that Jews and Judaism were important to the world. As president of the Jewish Federation of Omaha he expressed some of his views at the annual Federation meeting/March 19,1972/ "I believe," he said, "that Judaism has been the single, most important, civilizing factor in Western civilization. I sbudder to think what the world would be like today if it was not for toe contribution that we Jews *ave . Wade to morality, ethics and learning over the years and tbat we continue to make today . . . I am satisfied tbat there Is a valid Jewish life to be led in the Diaspora. While'Jerusalem may be the heart of the Jewish people, -IsraeJ is not the sole repository of the mind and the spirit of Jews. We exist ail over the world, and ; we are important all over the world. "I dp not accept the prediction of sociologists who say that Jews are vanishing in middle America. I feel that a valid and important and meaningful Jewish life is possible here in Omaha. In a little community like this we can communicate with each other. 'We can work together. We can create in this community an example of a vital, creative Jewish commu/ nity." . ' Nick Newman closed his remarks at that Federation meeting with a favorite biblical quotation from the Book of Deuteronomy. . . . I set before thee life and death; the blessings and the curse. Therefore choose life— that thou mayest live—thou and thy seed . . .

"As Jews," Mr. Newman concluded, "we choose life by studying, by living and by loving Judaism. By being positive, optimistic and expansive Jews. If we do this we will live in the future£pf;Jews." '

• '





- • '


'?. Vt.;/''^':;^;;^7 ' " . • ' - v .. '•V^'i^-'"


,'V, 7^- W- ^fr f;t"f

^.'.''.v' r^;*,',':','*''!^'' --


£',' ^*'*;^\>

In August of 1972, Mr. Newman wrote a letter to the Executive Committee of the Federation, resigning 'from the presidency as a result of his "unexpected illness." Thanking the members of the board and all others involved in Federation activities, Mr. Newman said,."We have come a long way. There i s much yet to do.but you have first rate leadership . . , You will accomplish your goals. "I remain convinced that'Federation and Community Center with, all of their Jewish programmatic facets, .receiving direction and Inspiration from their synagogues are among the strongest pillars of a vital Judaism here and in Israel. In a small elty like Omaha' peppie are more accessible and therefore, results are easier to achieve. Good luck." These were .the thoughts of Nick Newman about his Jewish community. He was involved because he thought it; had value. His contributions to Jewish life in this, community are too numerous to* mention. He did what he could in the short time he was given to lead us. , ... We are saddened by his untimely death; but we are painfully aware tbat a man'* life Is judged not by length of years, but by the way he lives the years he Is given.'Few men granted twice the 47 years alloted to Nick Newman can equal the quality of his life. The only meaningful monument we can build in memory of Nick Newman is to carry on his beliefs and his efforts—to build a vital Jewish community—to bring the ethical teachings of Judaism into every facet of daily

APPRECIATION of democracy. He revived the ! I wish to acknowledge re- Board of Governors, and took ceipt of the Passover Edition the annual meeting'out oflthe of the Jewish Press which I country club, opening up the eagerly awaited, thanks to our daughter's thoughtfulness in affairs of.theF.ederatiortrtp the According to Talmudic l e g e n d , when a calling you from Sioux City, people. It .was'' he" who-"insisted man dies an angel writes on his eyelids the last and your promptness in for- that.the new Center be a projletter of the Hebrew alphabet "tof" signifying warding it. ect of the community and not that his alphabet of life has been finished—that You are to be congratulated just for it. He treated all men there are no more letters. ' on this superb issue, as much equally. Without regard to * Asked whether all men receive the same effort and hard work went into wealth or status, he treatment, the rabbis reply that it. It contained good, coverage each man his attention and his ' who has lived his life selfishly, with no conof Israel, and the children's respect. > • • . •.< • ' ••• cern for others "the letter 'tof means "Tamuz' essays, were delightful)* with not —Ye shall die. But for the man with social Another quality of leadership much more than one can add. vision, the man who cared and gave of himself ,Of course, I enjoyed reading ; and perhaps the supreme qualto others, there is no death. For him the letter the local news and reading the ity, which he possessed, was •tof means 'Tichye'—Ye shall live." paper brought back many hap- that he set the example. That There Is no question. For Nick Newman it he was very philanthropic is, py memories of Omaha. Is Tichye-Ye shall live. of course; well' known. What The festivities of Yom Ha- may not be ' so Well' known, Atzmaut — Independence Day however, is, that he demonwill always remain in my strated his conimitmerit to1 Jumemory and the fact that oc- daism by pers6nally'engaging casion is rewarding and has in its study.' I shall never1 fdr; , enriched our. lives. . get the sight of* this big man, available, but was more secretive than helpI appreciate deeply your in the middle years of his life, ful.' . • sending the paper, and thank sitting at a little school desk How often do, the classes meet? Whenever you,very, much.', ^ ; • \ trying to learn Hehrejf^'the the teacher announces them. How do the chilhis.ipe$>te. Jfhat Mrs. B (Helen) Diamond language.of dren know when to come? The teacher tells light-; alone, was "^ofth fnore HerzUya Petua'ch, Israel them. How many children are there? He hesithan all the money and'all the tated long, almost whispered—thirty—and then speeches that any. Jewish .leadJ T M B U T E ' . ' , / . ' . . ; . / ; , '•-:'•'• suggested that perhaps we should not use even er could possibly .give.- •,;;.,.; Nick Newman was one of the . that figure. most outstanding leaders of our Nick's memory will be for In theory it's a splendid institution. There Jewish community .'that we us a blessing, if' those - who are ho tuition fees. The school provides free transportation for the children from their, have had in recent years. I would lead this Community; think it would be well if we re- would but, understand,, aS'.hai homes "all over Tel Aviv," by taxi. I underflect a moment on some as- did so well, that .our ^Communistood that the school once used a bus, but it pects of his unique, quality of ty cannot be viable without appears the traffic no longer warrants it. 1 -.leadership, not just to eulogize democracy and cannot have The,school.has been in existence for 17 his passing, but so that we may meaning "Without a, commtyyears, Mr. Green told me. There is a great continue to have good leader- ment to Judaism whiphis dem-' Yiddish-speaking public in Israel, he went on. ship by following his1 example. onstrated by example,,,, Some 300,000 Israelis listen to the Yiddish Nick possessed a keen sense ,• Steve Riekei broadcasts on Israel Radio. The daily paper, Lctzte Neyes, has^>ne\6f tti^country's largest circulations. This school is helping to stem the tide by inculcating love of Yiddish in children, many of whom come from Hebrew speaking m





• • • . • - ,

- • • • • •


' • . . :

'Lommii* Redden Yiddish By CARL ALPERT

Haifa—A great revival of Yiddish'in Israel! Tel Aviv University has announced the establishment of a Chair in Yiddish Language and Literature, this in addition to a similar Chair which has already existed for some years at the University In Jerusalem. And then word reached us of the a f t e r n o o n Yiddish classes being given to children In Tel Aylv. Youngsters between the ages' of 8 and 14 stream to the Yiddish School, after they have finished their six hours or more at the government Hebrew school. It sounded so much like the Talmud Tof ah we used to attend Alpert In the afternoon, following public school classes. The modest brochure issued by the Tel Aviv school was-also exciting. Yiddish was projected as one way of combatting assimila- h o m e s . • • ;• r : ... ,< tion—even in Israel. "The Hebrew language ' He began to tell me once again'about youngalone is not-sufficient guarantee that our children will have a full Jewish consciousness'and stern' from the Sephardi or Oriental comma- < an awareness of their link to Jewish destiny.' nity. But 1 could not help thinking that 30 kids—If that many—in a city of half a million peoOnly Yiddish,can give this to them." ple, was a pretty poor show. Yiddish is Indeed Reports also reached us, of Sephardl chil- a precious Jewish heritage, and it deserves dren enrolled in the Yiddish classes, seeking b e t t e r t h a n t h i s ; ; • • " ' •• •• •••'• " ' v in this way to become identified with European And who supports the school? The Brit Jewish culture, perhaps in the way. that other Avoda, it appears, is a straggling remnant of children study French, -V. the once powerful and once anti-Zionist SocialWhat an exciting and Interesting story! ist Bund in Poland. Financial support Is reOn our last trip to Tel Aviv we stopped In to ceived from the Workmen's Circle in the Unitvisit the school at 48 Kalisher Street, almost ,ed States, based no doubt on glowing Teports, In the shadow of the Shalom Tower building. such as those I had originally heard, of this What a pathetic disappointment! > The inspiring educational institution. "school" Is a dingy little room in the gloomy It hurt Mr. Green in a tender' spot when

Do You Remember?

'-• ''•••£5 Years Ag» - ' JCC Center's Athletic HaB 'of* ' ' '•" •••«!••'_•; 't>ri Chaim "Weizmann was F a m e . elected'President'of the ProIsobel Hufwitz was choseh visional Government of Israel. AZA No! 100 SWeethedft. ' .' '*• Mr. and Mrs. Isadore FriedJack Slosburg, and Richard man announce the birth of a Sophir became B'nai lytitzyah. daughter, Janis Lynn. : 5 Years Agpi-.-j^..., .- " '•:. ': 15 Years Ago• B'nai B'rith** Mayor John Rosenblatt and CounciliMember Harry Trustin ha presented a,^l;500 gift-, to were named to the JCC Cen- the Martin L,uther,.Kingt,J,ter's Athletic Hall of Fame in Scholarship Fund. :, , ,-M,. ; ;•1 Bar and Bas Mitzvahs^wcre; baseball. Bar and Bas Mitzvahs were Thomas Taxman, John'Weitp< Annette Charney, Renee Rubin, berg, Mark Sherman, -Helen Arlene Tepper, LaVerhe Wolf- • Belmont and Barbara Shafer. '•• offices of the ArbeiterrlDg, the Jewish Work- I suggested to him thai there were many son, Susan Maklesky and RobEdward Zelinsky placed1 first men's Circle. known here as the BfHMAV.tfda. <• 'irtdrcH 'YiddlsMpeiiklng'' cliUdren among ' the ert WeWsteln.' I'---...'.»4 i><; 5v lnUne United 'NKKOns1 cpnW IV An aking'ifecxtaaw'ohe Mr. Gteed,'laisfnJ'3 fNelWel' 'ti&M1 WhaVW W Weatt/ffleirinti' .siof^i.'io Ye!arg Ago'''•""'' ''•' ahWMdi 'tnBRftrinn^'W-a1 '"-'nfoJteuVjtt!w&}'ttfan?W'fcWJB-ihdfSbhdolJIn^el/AVlvii »'; !'"J ••'• ^oy'FeltriuJii';(H(iiS':iianied'li''! rt:

(i »iti

II •

':/' I ; ••'••'

'.:j,IH :'•"''••'.'•


( i ; U





i:. . i . jir-w;C'(

i . ; ) .'. i t



Friday, May 18, 197S

Lincoln Lights

Pictured at the press conference are: (left to right) Rosalie Grad, coehalrman, 25th Anniversary ' Committee; Rev. "Ernest Smith, executive director; Omaha Metropolitan Association of Churches; Dr. Allan R.. Knight, executive minister, Nebraska Baptist State Convention; Rev. J.~C. Wade, Salem Baptist Church; Archbishop Daniel E. Shcehan, Archdiocese of Omaha; Rev. Jerry EIrod, representing Bishop Don W. Holter, Tfae United Methodist Church Nebraska Area; Dr. Reuben T. Swanson, president, Lutheran Church in America; Bishop Robert Varley, Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska; and Howard Weinsteln, Regional Director, Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'ritb.

. Christian Clergymen Issue (Statement mi Israel

Mrs. Don (Karolyn) Marti dinner and reservations are was appointed to the advisory limited to 150. Please send committee at Iowa Lake Com- check payable to Tifereth Ismunity College. She will help rael Congregation with your formulate the Recreation Spe- reservation to Mrs. Morris Macialist Program that will lead line, 3401 Stockwell. Reservato Associate Arts. Degree in tions are $5 per person. Northwest Iowa. The following Tifereth Israel She will attend a special meeting at Esthervjlle, Iowa, Sisterhood members have been elected to serve the 1973-74 sesMay 17-19. sion: President, Mrs. Y a l e The Hadassah Conference Gotsdiner; 1st vice president, will be held in Kansas City, Mrs. Everett Evnen; 2nd vice May 20-22. Lincoln delegates president, Mrs. Ron,'Rosenattending the conference are berg; ; recording sec r e t a r y, Mmes. Gary Hill, Edwin Kat- Mrs. Hyman Polsky; Corre-, sponding secretary, Mrs. Ar-.. skce and Frank Vllman. nold Carmel; financial secreTifereth Israel Jr, Congrega- tary, Mrs. Norman Kivpsha; tion Services will be held Sat? treasurer, Mrs. Lou; Orloff; urday, May 19,10:30 a.m. Mrs. parliamentarian, Mrs. Bernard Norman Krivosha will be host- Wishnow. ess at the Kiddush. The UTS.Y. Installation DinThe Annual Tifereth Israel ner will be held May 27, 6:30 Congregation Meeting and Din- p.m. at Knoll Restaurant, 2201 ner will be held Sunday, May Old Cheney Road. ; ; / ' " 20, 6:30 p.m. in the, social hall. The following will be installed Following the dinner, a meet- as ^officers, for 1973-74: PresiIng will begin at 8 p.m. Offi- dent, Lynn Gotsdiner; 1st vice cers and one trustee. will be president, Ed Wishnow; 2nd elected. President's , r e p o r.t, vice president, Dave Segal; budgets and dues structure will:, recording secretary; Terri Krlbe presented. Attendance of ' vosha; . c o r responding .secrethis meeting is your opportu- tary, Cindi Pitlor; treasurer, nity to be informed and to par- Dan Rosenberg. Please send ticipate in the vital discisions c h e c k to Cindi Pitlor, 3444 of the, synagogue. Stockwell before May 15 for The Sisterhood will cater the reservations.

' •' Omaha — Leading members cern for Christians- and Mus- tunity to participate in the joy jHHHMItHMHIMMHINH0nnMtOM»H«MHI •at the Protestant'and Catholic lims living in the Holy City of and happiness of the Omaha clergy in Nebraska met recent- Jerusalem and elsewhere and Jewish community as we all l y , at an all media news con- for her scrupulous care of the congratulate the new nation of , ferenoe and issued the follow- Holy Place sacred to all reIsrael on its 25th birthday:1' Omaha's - ling (Statement. ligions. Family Style Dr. Allan Knight, executive "We c a l l on all religious -*";,;)'*May 7, '1973, - marked the "Restaurant of the Nebraska Bapy?th anniv"rsnry pf the estab- communities, and all ^citizens minister tist State Convention, said: Dixie Ribs - lishment of the free and inde- to become aware of the pro"We, as Christians, share . Dixie Chicken ' pendent State, of Israel. The gress and development of this date represents JfdA inspiring -young State' of Israel during with the Jewish religion a comChoice Omaha 25th Anniversary mon Judeo-Christiah heritage. anniversary for free men ev- the year-long 1 Steaks •celebration ." • As such, we are interested in Mf^b'; : • and' -The-panel^as led by Episco- all it pertains to the Jewish j a | l f f i jvfejhave wit.people. The nation of Israel has Cocktail Lounge pal Bisfiop'Robert Varley as nessea the creation o'f a counOPEN EVEIHT DATT try that has made amazing the group congratulated Israel become a homeland for the 11:30 AJL to 10 I'M. progress in economic develop- on its amazing progress it had Jews who have been without a ' jW&t2an.dOagricuVure, in the made in the last 25 years. Arch- national home for almost 2,000 arts, sciences and .education, bishop Daniel Sheehan of the years. We do congratulate the Brady Hill* Plaza' ' s& atjb've1. allj-:ih. taking and Omaha Catholic Archdiocese Nation of Israel on this'its 25th anniversary." 78th & Dedg* absorbjnea million and a half said: The media; conference was "I am very pleased to take "As.yeligious leaders, we be- part in this program recalling coordinated by the director of lieve and affirm the legitimate the growth'ond development of the Anti-Defamation League of .existence and the integrity -of Israel over the last 25 years. B'nai B'rith Regional Office, HIMHNHNHNMHiMmMNNNMtlMiNNIM -. the State of Israel and the right I have been to Israel twice and Howard Weinstein, in conjunc. of that nation to take her place have seen'the tremendous pro- tion with the Community Relain 4he world community. We gress that has been made. I tions Committee of the Jewish QUESTIONS??? commend Israel for her con- am happy- to have this oppor- Federation.


y mark #?e Silver Anniversary of ^ne of'the world's oldest emerging nations? 11iisway--in-92 pages of stirring text and pho.. J.tography that's arrtilitary history, socialbiog- , , raphy, andpolitical portrait all in one.Who's, .. ^publishing it? LifeSpe-.V-

pcialReports-ar%' J\ : ? Time Ti Inc. I group forlmed fidbd | .1 \\< -to&reatesingle-stibject, k ..; sprint ^documeritariesf^ I, ^. THE SPIRIT OF IS^AEL^ • ' -—it's on sale at yourf local newsstand today. ; Special rates are availablefor bulk orders. For information, "•"•'phone, tollfree 800-621^8200 (IlltfQa4(728302) . ' v •'.'•• JV ??.". J i •••••". r: .".^ • •'.".;


ANSWERS!!! YOU'RE INVITED . . . «o hear uniwari to theio quutioni and tile olden. PLEASE COME—MOMS. DADS. AND KIDS—I've got tlldai of camp I'd like to >how you a i wall at felling you about our many new programs and fine itaff. There's no commitment Involved; simply an expression of interest in what is happening-in your community for your children,


CENTER WEST (12604 Pacific Street) Wednesday. May 23rd 7:30 P.M.. •• REFRESHMENTS WILL BE SERVED •

Bob Lifvak Camp Director


Friday. M«y 18, 1»7S


Omaha Organizations B'NAI B'RITH Henry Monsky arid Cornhusk-' er Chapters of B'nai B'rith h a v e scheduled a chartered tour from. Omaha to London leaving November 11, 1973 and c o m i n g back November 19, 1973. The price of $310 per person includes air transportation, h o t e l with Continental breakfast, tours, Casino privil e g e s , transportation to and from airport to hotel, tips and taxes. Only room for 110 people. $100 deposit required. Those interested should call SHELDON COHEN, 397-6262.

May 22 at 12:30 p.m. The hostess for the afternoon will be Margie Nearenberg, 1514 N. 56th St. Lunch will be followed by Maj. Jongg, cards and socializing. Reservations may be made with Sarah Shrago, 391-7933. OMAHA CHAPTER OF THE SIGMA ALPHA MU MOTHERS At a recently held meeting at Ross' Steak House, the following officers were elected to the Omaha Chapter of the Sigma Alpha Mu Mothers Club: Mmes. Robert E. Wagner, president; Joe Polonski; vice-presi-. dent; Maurice Meiches, treasurer; Harvey Wine, secretary.

PIONEER WOMEN The Pioneer Women donor luncheon will be held Tuesday;

By BERTIE LAZAR braska at Omaha Student Center and Performing Arts Building. Activities will include: mlni, courses in arts and crafts, Service Information Booth, Old Time -film festival,..concerts/ square dancing, health 'testing, door prizes. Meals will be available in the Student Center Cafeteria. All activities will be free'of charge to senior adults. • Free bus transportation to and from Campus Will leave from the JCC at: 9:46 a.m., 10:46 a.m., 11:46 a.m., 1:46 p. m. Buses will leave UNO campus at 2:15 p.m., 3:20 p.m. and 4:20 p.m. More information mav be received by calling Mollie Delman, 342-1366. There will be no meeting Monday, May 28, Memorial D a y . .



'•;...:••;'; :



' •

We will meet June 4th for our picnic. Bring your own lunch, free drinks will be furnished. A bus will take' us to Dodge Park. This is for members and out-of-town guests only, so if you are not a member,'why not join now? Sarah Kamv is now chairman of the birthday committee. Please call her and tell her the month of your birthday, 4515 3 7 3 .



Omaha — "Summer c l u b s their parents to attend the pro* and activities s p e c i f i c a l l y gram." planned for those Junior High BBYO plans to start clubs students entering 9th g r a d e for 9th graders during the sum* will be a major innovation for mer vacation. Mr. Hancoff the B'nai B'rith Youth Organi- stressed that "they will be able zation in Omaha," Steve Han- to meet other young people, coff, Regional Director of the learn self government and enCornbelt Region of BBYO, an- gage in activities specificallynounced in Omaha this week. geared for them." ' . Mr. and Mrs. James Cohen A BBYO Orientation ProSteve Hancoff, who came to announce the birth of a son, gram fo.r prospective new Omaha in November 1972 to Andrew David, born April 27, members will be held Sunday, take up his present position, 1973. They also have a daugh- May 20 at Temple Israel at has seen a growth and resurgter, Margo Lynn. 7:30 p.m. Guest speakers will ence of the B'nai B'rith Youth Grandparents are Mr. and include David Goldstein, Presi- Organization in the area. Mrs. Sam Katelman and Mr. dent of the B'nai B'rith Adult , and Mrs. Daniel Stein. Great- Board; Linda Zelinsky, Presigrandmother is Mrs. Ida Kahn. dent, B'nai B'rith Girls, Cornbelt Region; and Mark KushMr. and Mrs. Justin Horwich ner, President AZA Cornbelt announce the birth of a son, Region. A slide presentation Edward Charles, born May 9, demonstrating the purpose of 1973. They also have another BBYO will also be shown. son, Douglas Matthew. "In the past, parents were Mrs. Ida Schrier of Lincoln, Grandparents are Mr. and not involved with the youth Nebraska is a visitor to the Mrs. Nathan Horwich of Oma- movements, but we are now home of. her children Mr. and ha; Mr/" and Mrs. Harry Kuk- trying to include them in the lin, Lincoln, Nebr. Mr. Victor activities from the first day," Mrs. Zeph Telpner and family. Magid, Chicago, is the great- Mr. Hancoff saidy "We do urge Mrs. ..Telpner is ' the former grandfather; oil Jewish 8th g r a d e r s and Flora Schrier.

Council Bluffs News Notes

Senior Citizen Scene We had a large crowd for our Mother's Day Luncheon. Each mother received a potted plant. Mark Zalkin sang songs; 'Helen Papier and her daughters Ida .and Esther entertained with Jewish songs. We had a special Mother's Day Cake and ice cream was served. It was a very enjoyable afternoon. Guests attending were Mary Kadis, Elizabeth Neveleff, Sophie Kohn, Ivy Siegel of California. Belle Siegal—sisters of . Rose Poska—Mrs. Bordy and Mrs. Cutler and Mrs. Moskovitz and her son Jack., W e l c o m e back Leah Adelstein; we are happy to see Jennie Belgrade-back again. Get well wishes to Jack SayIan, Max Chasen, Jennie Hornstein, Leah Berman and Jennie Miller. .Don't forget May 24, the HobbftShow at Lucas Hall. Please call MolUe Delman at 342-1366 if you want a ride. Donations were r e c e i v e d from Rose Schwartz for Mother's Day and from Keva Hornstein in honor of his mother. (Our regular meeting at the . JCC will not be held Monday, W[ay 21. Instead,' we will spend the day at the Senior Citizen. Celebration Day from 10 a.m.5 p.'m. at the University of Ne-

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kirke announce the birth of a daughter, Melissa Ann, born May 9, 1973. They also have two sons, Michael and Mark. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Kirke and Mr. L. Dorris. Great-grandparents are Mrs. Ida Kahn and Mrs. Anna Kolborn. •

BBYO Attracts 8th Graders To New Summer Activities

• .'• .


Omahans in the News William Terry: G i n s b u r g graduated from Creighton Law School.May. 12, 1973. He plans to practice law iri Omaha. Mr. Ginsburg is the son of Mr.- and Mrs. Henry Ginsburg. Mr. A l f r e d Schwersenz, a civil engineer from West Berlin is in Omaha visiting his sister, and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. P h i l i p M. Hirsch. This is Mr. Schwerscnz's first visit to the United States.

which is meeting in Denver, Colorado, May 26-28. • O t h e r Omahans attending are Morris Franklin, Norman Korney, Nate Mandell and Erwin W e z e l m a n . Members' wives will also participate. The occasion will mark the 45th anniversary of the fraternity since its founding at the Omaha Jewish Community Center.

Kosher Style"



Alvin Ross will serve as a counselor at the 1973 session of Anytown, Nebraska, which will : be held at the Esther K. Newman Camp. Mrs. Beverly Kalfen and her daughter Lori Denise of Skokie,' 111., spent the Mother's Day weekend in Omaha with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weissman.

Save 50c Per Lb., Lb. . .

$4)99 *A


Delleloui Waldorf Salad- Q O e

J B H H B H f MerrigblFreshv:i Excttloiir for French Toair, Save 4c

Egg Bread i.Lb. ^ -





Ad!er'«, Save 4e





. Omaha — The Parents' Association of the Beth El-Talmud,. Tprah wilfrhonor. the leaching staff of tWJeligious s c h o o l s ^ a! gathefing;;;pn Tuesday," May: 22, 7:30 p.m.'

.,. 39 C

Hbagies P^. ,


Beth El to Honor School Teachers

Corned Beef *

Edith Gawara, a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School was inducted into the National Honor Society. Edith is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abram Gawara of Council Bluffs.


Neil Jeffrey Halbridge will be among the May 27 graduates at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine. Following graduation, Dr. Halbridge will serve as a first year resident in surgery at the University of California Medical Center in Los Angeles. •

Arthur Grossman is general chairman of the Xi Lambda Fraterntiy 'Reunion Convention


Rabbi and Mrs.1 Stanley Krasne announce the engagement of their daughter, Baila Faye to Judah Kovalenko, son of Mr. and.Mrst.S.^ovalenko of BrooIclyn,'New'Y<Jrk. Grandparents of the bride to be are Mr. and, Mrs. M w Toiler of Brooklyn' and^'Mrs.'- Lawrence Krasne of Council Bluffs, Iowa.

' •

:• .

JTeacher.' Recognition Njght wjill" also feature the Beth' El Junior Choir and students rindrepresentatives of different or-' ganizations who will greet the teachers with words and song. Rabbi Myer S. Kripke will speak on ".Recollections of My; Teachers."

Let Us Compose a Travel Medley for, You!

Television Travel "-

' llOtjhand Pralrlebrook Rood,!Vlllpga


"'KfM. ' " " " *" *" "'

Friday, May 18, 187S


Newman Death Halts Cornerstone Dedication

tion, announce the news of Newman's death and the cancellation of the planned ceremonies. Pictured a right, part of the stunned crowd assembled for the dedication ceremonies, in a moment of silent prayer in memory of Mr. Newman.

Dedication of the cornerstone of the new Omaha Jewish Community Center was canceled Sunday when word was received of the death of C. M. (Nick) Newman. The cornerstone was to have been dedicated in honor of the Newman families. Pictured at left; Charles Monasec, chairman of the JCC board and Moricy Zipursky, president of the Omaha Jewish Federa-

Messca ' (Continued from Page 1) " Despite' thef fact that Nick Newman would not h a w appreciated being praised for what he did for all of us, we cannot help but express our love and affection for a great and good man who increased,our own stature. Nick Newman's life was permeated by his consciouness of the ethical mandates of the Jewish tradition. He was not content to limit their scope. His eyes saw no distinctions between Jew and non-Jew; black and white; American or stranger. But his soul discerned the distance between rich and poor; the advantaged and, the disadvantaged; the selfsufficient and the weak. And so he devoted his life to closing those distances. Other men leave sorrow among their families when they have departed from life. But in addition to sorrow, Nick Newman has left a great pride, both for his family and for the larger family of e v e r y o n e whose life he touched. As Scripture lias it: "Know ye not that a prince and a great man has fallen this day in Israel?" Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks, President Omaha Synagogue Council *




Nick Newman was not only a friend of the UacE .community, lie was morally committed to do whatever was necessary to break the cycle of poverty in Omaha. He gave of himself, as well as his resources to <Jo what he believed was right. He was a rare combination of hard-headed businessman, with a' real concern for people. His-non-paternalistic influence and financial hupport in the black community was found in all the key programs—the pocket playgrounds, the Lake' Charles Day Care Center, Radio Station'KOWH. Community Bank of Nebraska, .Franklin Credit Union. 54 young blacks will receive degrees this year as a direct result of Nick Newman's in-

terest in education and his contributions to the Ed D a n n e r Scholarship Program. This week Steve- Sims, the first recipient of Nick's scholarship aid will be graduated from Columbia University. .This is only a fragment of what Nick Newman has meant to the black community in Omaha. Personally, I have lost one of my dearest friends. It is a tragic loss. No one can ever fill his shoes. ' Rodney Wcad, Exective Director United • Methodist Community Centers •• • » With a deep sense of personal loss, the officers, cabinet and staff of the United Jewish Appeal mourn the untimely passing of Nick . Newman, a devoted friend and colleague. A member of the UJA Executive Committee and National Campaign Cabinet and Past President of the Jewish Federation of Omaha, his outstanding leadership in the American Jewish community and dedicated service in the cause of the people of Israel and world Jewry will always be remembered. We extend heartfelt condolances to his bereaved family. Paul Zuckennan, General Chairman Edward Ginsberg, President Irving Bernstein, Exicutivc Vice Chairman United Jewish Appeal * • .» Dear Mrs. Newman: 1 All" of his' many good friends in the Israel Bond family join me in expressing heartfelt sympathy on the untimely passing of our beloved friend and associate. Israel and the Jewish people' have lost a dedicated and outstanding leader. *. Nick Newman will be deeply missed and long remembered, here and in Israel. Our ., thoughts:and prayers are with his devoted family* Ira Guilden, President . 'State of Israel Bonds Social Stationory Wodding Invitations



2918 FARM AM Just West of "King's" OM





Wo desperately need odds and ends of glassware, brlc-a-brac, riWhes, pots odd pans, working appliances, clothing on hangers! We capnqt nffj>rd,a, pH'fe-up.trqcfciTUqiHityoaffd* bringing; your* • contributions tb our -store - i ItV dediicifbliv <'' r • • n ( :' i: • • I»,



Grisha Tsatskis .. . Russian born singer ' and wife, Ida, accompanist in a joyous

"Festival of Music" . sponsored by Jewish Cultural Committee

j l Israeli, Russian, Yiddish folk songs jaOpera and Classical.favorites '

Thursday May 24,1973 8 p.m. Beth Israel Synagogue Adults-$2.00



Students, Children - $1.00

Tickets available at door or—for advanco tickets, send check to Cultural ' Arls bept.IJCC.W1 No.J20th Slree'i; Omaha,' Nebr: 68102, c/oMork'Zal)«ln,- I '•i



Friday, May 18, 197S



Page Nino

Memories Family man, businessman, civic leader, Nick Newman lived a busy, successful life. Pictured here are highlights of some of his varied activities and interests.

An Invitation from Prime Minister Golda Meir. brought Mr. Newman to Israefiu 1970 on a~$p,egial mission for top. American Jewish community leaders. He is pictured above being greeted by the Prime Minister. . -••*• "* V - • - -

A staunch supporter of the Israel Bond Organization, Mr. New- -, .man served as chairman of the 19653966 Omaha Bond Cam- J \ , " ' . paigns. He is pictured here receiving the Israel Service Award J- ' - from Gen. Amon Horcv at an Omaha Israel Bond dinner in 1967.

' His interest in Jewish education was expressed by Mr. Newman not only in efforts to provide programs of adult Jewish education, but also as a participant in the programs. Newman is pictuerd here as one of the first registrants in classes sponsored by the Jewish Cultural Committee.

Pictured here with two members of the Boys' Clubs of Omaha, Mr. Newman was a founding member of the organization and served on the organization's Board of Governors. ''''

Deeply committed to the concept of a new Jewish Community Center for Omaha, Mr. Newman was among the leaders who •brought the dream closer to reality. One of the last public op, , . , pearanccs made by Mr. Newman was at the groundbreaking Mr. Newman was closely associated with all efforts to further the economic, cultural qnd cdu-' 1 ' ceremonies for the new!CenterViiilding, He'iffplcluredhere on * eatlonnl'growth of Israel. Among his.particular Interests was the furthemdevdopinentiof the Benr'i < November 19, 1972,' participating*'in'the BronndbreakingtwlthM'Shemcn Youth Village^ Pictured here Is h'vieW otBebShemen to which thdWewraan family-have , Mayor EugcneJkaby. ..••!. , * . . - . w . * u * » ^ u . i - ^ - . M . " -,,.,ilven«Wfltanpp(irt,,, ! , . , •'< , J ( M » " : ' , a . '• "_H • >'>r<rj:



Friday, May 18, 1*73

lies Moines IVcw§ Section Temple B'nai Jeshurun Presents Gififo Gov. Ray Des Moines — Governor Robert D. Ray has a c c e p t e d a sterling silver Passover plate from Temple B'nai Jeshurum for Terrace Hill, the Victorian landmark to be restored for a Governor's Mansion. The gift marks the observance of the Temple's centennial year. An engraved inscription on the back of the plate reads, "Celebrating one h u n d r e d years of friendship and understanding between the citizens of Iowa and the Jews of Con-

gregation B'nai J e s h u r u m . 1973/5733, Des Moines, Iowa." Mrs. Elaine Estes of the executive committee of the Terrace Hill Planning Commission expressed s p e c i a l pleasure with the gift. "This is the first time an organization has c h o s e n this means of marking a special occasion," she said. "We hope other groups will be interested in f o l l o w i n g the Temple's lead."

TempleSisterhood to Hold Installation Luncheon May 22




\$J#K\tfvSEBKm M-

isbv..Robert Ray recently signed a proclamatipn declaring May 7, 1973 "Tribute to Israel Day" In Iowa. Witnessing the signing arc from left: Dr. Gerald S. Fcrman, Sblomo Benderly, Fred. Lorber, Rosclind Rabinowitz, Barbara Leiscrandllarlan Hockcnberg.

Rabbi Rabinowitz to Speak At Rubin Testimonial Dinner

Des - Moines—Sidney Rubin, business and community leader,'will be honored as B'nai B' the. Year at a dinner,,at ,,6:30 p.m. .Sunday, May 27, at Hotel F o r t Des -Moines. Speaker will be Rabbi Stanley Rabinowitz of Washington, ' D.C. Toastmaster will be Mose Waldinger, a past recipient of the Man of the Vear award. "Mr. Rubin,, immediate past

president of the Jewish Welare Federation, has served on the Board of Governors of the Federation for many years and has been chairman of the ,y nited Jewish Appeal. He is presently on the board of the National Conference of Christians and Jews and the Big Brothers of Des Moines. He is a partner In the Hockenberg-Rubia Food Brokerage Company.

Des Moines Notes der is half a dozen bagels, oneUSY BREAKFAST Members of USY are taking half pound of lox, and cream cheese. orders for "Breakfast at Your Door," 'bagels lox and cream BOOKMOBILE cheese to be delivered Sunday, A Jewish Bookmobile will May'20.'.'. be in Des Moines on June 13. 'A telethon is being conducted Members of the community throughout- t h e community. are urged to take advantage Anyone who has not been called of the opportunity to purand would like to place an or- chase Jewish.books, posters, der*-%ay do so with Laurie etc. The Bookmobile, sponWinick, 2fa-7057, or Dana Dav- sored by USY, will be at Tifereth Israel Synagogue idson, 235-8567. from noon until evening. Cost is $3 per order. An or-

• ' • ' •



Mrs. Friedman will install the new officers and board members of the Temple SisterRabbi Rabinowitz, who was hood. . - * ' , - . • born and reared in Des Moines, Officers to be installed are: is rabbi of the A d a s Israel Congregation in Washington. Mines. Gary Friedman, presiHe is a graduate of the State dent; Joseph Rodenberg, first University of Iowa and re- vice-president; Fred Lorber, ceived his masters' degree in second vice-president; Abe sociology from Yale1 University. Friedman, recording secretary; Robert Leiserowitz, c o r r e s He was ordained by the Jew- ponding secretary; Harry Milish Theological Seminary of ler, treasurer, and Jim-MatuAmerica and received a doctor lef, financial secretary. of divinity degree from the Board members are Mmes. Seminary in 1971. His brothers, Ronald and Sheldon, reside in Des Moines.

Temple Children Bury Time Capsule

Des Moines—The burial of a "time capsule" marked the observance of the centennial of Temple B'nal Jeshurun tot the children of the religious school following a service at 11 a.m. Sunday, May 13, - . Material placed in the barrel was planned to gtye a good picture of life today and Judaism today to persons expected to open the capsule twenty-five years from now. The culmination of one year's efforts of each grade in the religious school, there are such things as class murals, scrapbooks, and class pictures included. Ef-Des Moines—The community lcr, N o r m a n Mandelbaum, forts of the class to envision the future also were placed inIs invited to attend Memorial Morris Steinway. : r Day Services at 2 p.m. Mon- The program will include side. day, May 28, at the Jewish War Presentation of Colors by Abe Rabbi % Jay Goldburg , comVeterans/Memorial in Jewish Rosenfeld; an -honor guard of mented, ' "The time capsule Is Glefidaie 'Cemetery. The an- Sam,Siegeli Joe^Epstein, Egon an effort to give a literary, arnual observance'will again be Fleck,' Hymon" Booth, and Lou tistic, and photographic picture' sponsored by the Jewish War Hurwitz; an invocation and of life today and life in the Veterans' of- the United States, benediction by Rabbi Marshall Temple to people a' generation Berg; a message by ComDeS' Moines Post 637. ', mander Paul Kagin; depart- hence." i ment message by Dept. ComThese -services are in memory of the Jewish veterans who mander Morton Miles; chantlost their lives during war- ing of El Moley Rochamim by Cantor Salo Blumenthal; the time.' "' Those who died In World War placing of the wreath by Gold Star Mother'Pearl Bernstein; RISTORANTE II include': 'Bernard A. Bern- a lighting of Memorial Lights stein, Manford Marks, Arthur by the Jewish Gold Star; MothINTERNATIONAL CUISINE ' Brody, Alvin Peshkin, Ben ers; Kadish'by:GoltlStar Fa-) Caplan *urat5o:& J?i(dlsv-^Charles ther AW. 5ritce,-;and-ftps.byi t'Gdttiesottjt'^dhBy^Piruee, Jo- Ralph-, - Z a ^ l 'iepfa dlaymoW;!JI*»nta#' Safcd-f.

Memorial Day Service

Des Moines—Temple Sisterhood of Temple B'nal Jeshurdn will have a luncheon and installation of officers at 12:45 p.m. Tuesday, May 22, in the Temple Center. Guest speaker will be Mrs. Maurice Friedman of St. Louis, Mo., president of District 20, National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods. Mrs. Friedman is a past president of the Sisterhood of B'nai El Congregation of St. Louis and has worked for several, years in a leadership capacity with the four reform T e m p l e Sisterhoods of St.

Mra. Maurice Friedman R i c h a r d Daniels, Donald Brown, Arnold Levine, Robart' Jonas, N. I. Menzer, Carl Rogat and Ross Daniels. Luncheon c h a i r m e n , are Mmes. Abe Grundman and Morris Mezvlnsky. Mrs. Ben Swartz is the outgoing president.

B'nai B'rith Women Will Elect Officers Thursday

Des Moines — The Women's Chapter of Des Moines B'nai B'rith .will hold a luncheon meeting at Younkcr's Tearoom May 24, at 12:30 p.m. at which time election of officers and installation will be held. . The following officers will be installed:' President; Mrs. Phillip Epstein; Vice President (Fund Raising), Mrs. Barry Grund, Treasurer, Mrs. Joel Friedson, Financial Secretary, Mrs. Mel Fried; Recording Secretary, Mrs. John Beilenberg; Corresponding S e c r e tary, Mrs. Max Rosen; Publicity, Mrs. Mel-Raush; Membership, Mrs. Al Lipsey- Bulletin, Mrs. Julius Epstein; Veterans Hospital, Mrs. Kal Musin, Mrs. Art Kagin; Knoxvllle Hospital, Mrs. Meyer Mintzer; Knoxville Chaplain, Rabbi Marshall Berg; BBYO, Laurie Winick; T e l e p h o n e Chairman, Mrs. James Adelman; Sunshine Chairman, Mrs. Iving Borg; Dolls for Democ.; racy, Mrs. Barney Pearl, Mrs. Phillip Epstein.

Chai Certificates for1 eighteen years and twenty-five* year pins will be awarded to the fol- • lowing: ' Eighteen years of continuous service awards "Chai" — Mmes. Morton Bookey, Mollic Bassman, Betty Freedman, Ethel Booth, Norman Gilbert, Sara Gcndlcr, Abe Grundman, Rose Levensky, Louis' Nussbaum, Celia Levin, I. Tobas, Abe Pruce, Sid Tobis,' Ruth Rubin, Harry Schatz, Bess Wa|dinger, Dorothy Wittenstcin, Helen Wolf. Twenty-five years of continuous service awards "Chai" Pins—Mmes. Ellis Levitt and Art Kagin. ',, '

SHUKERTS KOSHER MEATS Government Inspected - Est. 2311 W e Ship the Hnest Kosher Mont*. Poultry and Specialty Meat Products All Over Hie United States! ,We can service oil s|ze orders for weddings, bar mitziahs and community (unctions. 6014 Wjllimt, Omaha, H»bf.


(4021 SSI-MIS


Friday, May 18, 1073


Pajfe Eleven

Pictorial View of Oes

_ Mrs. S h e l d o n Rabinowltz, chairman of the 25th Anniversary Committee, opened the program for "A Day to • Remember."

Ilarlan Hockenberg, president of the Jewish Welfare Federa tlon, lighting a candle for the 25th year of Israel's statehood.

' The Super Sol exhibit of- Israeli Foods attracted large crowds and great ; interest among the participants at the fair.

Open Letter of Thanks Des Moines—The twenty-fifth anniversary committee wishes to thank everyone connected with the, Israeli celebration May 6: All who came agree it was an.exciting experience—a real mini-tour of Israel. Tbe following people and organizations were responsible for this great day. Mrs. Erwin Brenner and Mr. Ed Sheppard, narrating the torch-lighting ceremony. Mr. Ronald Babinovitz, blowing the Shofar. / Cantor Salo Blumenthal and many of our past and present, .leaders of the Jewish Welfare Federation,' lighting the candles; B'nal B'rith Men and Women, arrangements for the candle • lighting; Mrs. S i d n e y Mendelsohn, whose, sixth' grade Hebrew class built the . model of the Kibbbtz and who arranged for an exhibit «of the Pioneer Women. ;, , .Beth, El. Jacob Sisterhood, '" who matte and sold'the wonderful lalafel and ran the miniEupersol; ORT, selling gift items from Gilah of Omaha; ,, Tifereth I s r a e l Sisterhood, exhibit of Israeli art; , Tifereth Israel Men's Club, Israeli', wines;

rs. Lois Coppie (left), chairman of publicity for the anniversary celebration, is pictured above with entertainers Hedva and David, and three of the many children who attended the fair.

Des M®ines JCC

. Brandeis University Wom- YOUTH COUNCIL • en's Committee, Israeli books; On May 30, the Jewish Youth Hadassah, Women's Federa- Council will h o l d its annual tion, Soviet Jewry Committee, election and dinner. The dinner, for which there is no ZOA, for religious items. charge, will begin at 6 p.m. at Special thanks to Mrs. Ralph the Center. Coppie, whose p u b l i c i t y The Youth Council; has rebrought the community there; Mrs. Ben Swartz and the B'nai cently been destructured. PreJeshurim Sisterhood, who decorated the Jewish Community Center; Ira Hockenberg, for design of the candelabra; the Wajdlnger Corporation for execution of the design; Carol Walters lor all the office work; Herb Parmet and.Mark Tenenbaum, who arranged and ran the Maccabean. Games,' which were 'Successful despite the rain, and whose cooperation:at the Center was so helpful to us; Phil Bear, for pictures'/of tho day for the Jewish Welfare Federation s c r a p b o o k ; Mr. Shlomo Beriderly,- adviser to the committee, and Dr. Gerald Ferman, executive director, Jewish Welfare Federation.

viously the Council consisted or Dave Geller, 271-3222. of four o f f i c e r s (president, vice-president, recording sec- JUNIOR HIGH retary, and corresponding secThe Jpgatfg will be planning retary) arid five youth group a series «brregularly-scneduled representatives. After the re- programs; for, thfise t students organization the Council con- entering seventh and eighth sists of three officers (chair- grade, during the 'summer and man, vice-chairman, and sec-, through the'coming y e a r . A retary-treasurer), four youth planning committee of seventh g r o u p representatives, t h e and eighth graders is being youth group representative to formed and those junior high the Jewish Welfare Federa- students desiring membership tion Board of Governors, and on this committee:-should, call the youth chairman of the All- the Center, 274-3467, by June 1. in-One Campaign. The reorganization was made with the SOFTBALL ^ expectation of broadening the Registration is now open for representative base of the Des a combined high school-adult Moines Jewish youth communi- softball program. The fee for ty. this two-month program, with Elections will follow-the din- games every "Tuesday and ner and the voting* procedure Thursday night beginning June will be pne vote for each youth 1, is free for members and $3 group and on© vote for the for non-members. \; All games will begin-at,'6:30 p,m. at St. present officers as a group. Anyone presently in ninth, Teresa's softball-field on Unitenth, or eleventh grade inter- versity Avenue and Merle Hay ested in running for an office Road. You may register by should contact Mark T e n e n - calling the Center Office. Dead^, baum at the Center, 274-3467, line is June 1.

To all these people and organizations we say thank you for m a k i n g May 6 a truly community-wide celebration. Jeffrey Mazle Wednesday, May 23 Sunday, May 20 Mrs. Sheldon Rabinqwitz, ORT spring luncheon and inBeth El 'Jacob Annual Dinchairman stallation of officers', 12:30 p.m. ner, 5 p.m. Mrs. Burton Leiser, Jewish Community C e n t e r at Des Moines Gob! and CounDes Moines—The Bar Mitzco-chairman ' vah of Jeffrey Mazie, son of Family Shabbat Retreat, Camp try Club. Dr. Paul Devin, eduMr. and Mrs. Marvin, Mazie, Esther K. Newman in Omaha, cator, will speak on ^'Direction of Education." will take place at 4:30 p.m., Neb. Beth El Jacob Men's Club Young Leadership group. Saturday, June 2, at Temple election and .dinner meeting. B'nai Jeshurun. A kiddush re- Monday, May 21 Cocktails at 6:30 p.m., dinner B'nai B'rith Women. ception will follow tho cereBrandeis Women luncheon, at 7 p.m. • ,• • mony. PHOTOGRAPHER No personal invitations are 12:45 p.m., Dr. Burton Leiser, • * * * 017 South 36th Street- 345-1044 .'•: i! (Thursday, May. 24 , n , j being s,ent. .Aljiaro welpomd i guest speaker,. 111.) >v iftttfRA£; j i i Black, and. and cordially invited to attend, . (Tuesday,' May 231' n <; - < I , v iBoard oi GovennQrs of.jFewjsh -TempleVrfiisferttcdd;) 12*45 d , Jeff, iffi'd tykfiifyjjaye jcquestp.m. , at Jewish Community Center. ' cd" 'that 'ffiero be 'no' gifts'.

John Kalina

1 -,.'

Israeli jewelry on display drew many admiring viewers.

; o t r • \T

The Week Ahead inDes Moines




Friday, May 18, 1973

nagogue Activities Candlelightlng: 8:20 p.m.

Omaha . Temple Israel SERVICES: Friday: 8:15 p.m. Following services. R a b b i Sidney H. Brooks will lead an open discussion "If • You Ask Me" in the Temple Social Hall. A number of topics will be covered. Musical portions of the service' will be presented by the Temple Choir under the direction of Miss IdaGitlin. There w i l l W a Sabbalii'Coffee Hour. '- ' ' Saturday: l D s . n j / . -, ;

bralion of DEBRA ANN GINSBERG, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ginsberg, and JUDY HANDLEMAN, daughSERVICES: ter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Friday: 8 a.m. Handleman, will be observed Student Rabbi Stephen E. at the services, Friday eveFisch will conduct the Service ning, May 25. Circle Sunday, June 10, on which will be followed by the * • • your calendar. It's of Congregational Meeting. B'NOTTORAII LOVE's open house honoring « • * The final session of B'not the new d i r e c t o r of the Dr. Torah will meet on Tuesday, Slier Home, Dan Sambol, and May 22 at 12:30 p.m. in the his wife. Friday: social hall. Coffee and socializThere are' many new faces Sabbath Eve Services in the ing first; at 1 p.m. Rabbi Isaac at the Home this month: Judy Sanctuary at 8:15 p.m. Nadoff will discuss "The JewRabbi Myer S. fcripke will ish Family and the Problems Richtemeyer, who is Dan Sambol's secretary; Ruth Fredrikdeliver the sermon. It Faces Today.'! sen, the new dietitian, and Ben Cantor Chaitn Najman and Baby- sitter service will' be Laub, * assistant administrator. the Beth El Synagogue Choir * , \yelcomeall! , will conduct the musical serv- provided. ice. Welcome also the new Home KADIMAH SYO Saturday: residents who are: Fern MenMorning Service: 10 g.m. Friday night at 8:15 Kadimah delson f r o m Nebraska City, Mincha Maariv Service: 8:15 will hold a mass attendance at Lottie Fogel, Cheyenne, Wyo., p.m. ' v>. , . and Doris Wishnow, Lincoln. Beth Israel Synagogue. Sunday: 9:00 a.m. Our final w e 1 c o m e' is reAwards Night will be held Dally: Saturday evening at 10 p.m. in served for the new movie proServices at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. the Beth Israel Youth Lounge. jector, a gift from LOVE; that • • » Outstanding Kadimites will be makes the Wednesday night BAR MITZVAHS honored at this party and boy movies better than ever! JAMES ZIPURSKY, son of and girl all-round Kadimah • • • ' Mr. and Mrs. Morley Ziparsky, SLO'ers will be named. Thanks to the Career .Women1 will become a Bar Mitzvah at of Hadassah for a lovely MothOn Sunday, May 20, Kadimah the services Friday evening, May 18 and Saturday morning, will hold a meeting during the er'* Day party. The entertainannual Beth Israel Lag B'Omer ment included singing by Jeri May 19. Picnic at Pipal Park. Pop will Stone, Sue Chapman and Julia * • • ., The Bar Mitzvah of JOHN be provided and members Zucker. A beautiful menorah, handSTAENBERG, son of Mr. and should bring sack lunches. All Kadimites are urged to made in 1897 for the Jacob Mrs. Elliott Hechtnun, will be Ringle family, has been given celebrated on Memorial Day, attend these events. to the Home. Monday, May 28 at 9 a.m.

Lincoln B'narJeshunin

Omaha Beth El

BAR MITZVAH : . ^ - . . JEFFHEtt'DAVID ipOLSKY, son of Mr,..and Mrs.JDonald Pohky wijt.hVcD.'m* a.Bar Mitzvah at the serviced,'Saturday morning. May 19. - • ». • CONGREGATIONAL. MEETING , , The Annual Congregational ng of. Temple Israel will i held Thursday, May 24 at 8 , p.m. in the Temple Social Hall. Election of officers In addition to election of four new Board members will take place. Reports by Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks, Rabbi Barry L, Welnstein and President Abe will be presented. *.'•:*•»; a 1 ;-.; RELIGIOUS SCHOOL ^ ; The last, days; pi Religious ' * « « School at .Temple' Isrie.1' will BAT MITZVAH be Saturday and Sunday, May SALLY EPSTEIN, daughter Wand 20. of Mr. and Mrs. Willis EpHebrew Classes will continue stein, will become a Bat Mitzthe following week on May 21, vah at the services'Friday eve22. 23 and 24. ning May 25 a n d Saturday . .Hebrew Classes Graduation morning, May 26. rehearsals will be held Thurs• » • day. May 10; Thursday, May DINNER MEETING , 24; Tuesday, May 29 and ThursThe annual dinner meeting day. May 31 at 4:30 p.m. of the congregation will be held The last day of N u r s e r y Sunday, May 20 at 6:30 p.m. at; School will be May 25. Beth El Synagogue, under the' • '• • direction of Dr. Ben Nachman COUPLES CLUB and Mrs; A. V. Venger. An all-day family outing will Rabbi Myer S. Kripke will be held Monday, May 28, 1973.serve as master of ceremonies from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Es- for the evening. Cantor Chaim ther K. Newman Camp. Najman, accompanied on the Reservations at $4 per fam- piano by Mrs. A. C. Fellman, fly may be made with Mrs. will present the musical pro-Marshall F r i e d , 397-0475 or gram. Mrs. Stanley Krieger, 457-53G8. A brief business meeting will Reservations must be made by be conducted by Stanley Silver- May 23. man, Synagogue president. The * • * election of eight new members of the -board of trustees will take place.

Lincoln Tifereth Israel

"SERVICES: Friday: 8 a.m. ^Saturday: Morning Service: 9 a.m.

Omaha Beth Israel

SERVICES: Friday: Traditional Evening Services (Kabalat Sliabbat) 7:30 p.m. A Late evening family services Persona): will be conducted by iRabbi Isaac Nadoff and.Cantor MarTo all "onr relatives and tin Leubitz at 8:15 p.m." friends—the family of Max Saturday: ' ' > . Kaplan gratefully a c k n o w l Morning Service: 8:45 a.m. edges all the contributions, and conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nacards sent In- expression of doff and Cantor Martin Leubitz. sympathy In the loss, or their The Talmud classes will be beloved husband, > father and conducted by Rabbi Nadoff at jjrandfather. ' ~ 8:00 p.m. followed at 8:30 p.m. - - Mrs. Max Kaplan, daughters by Mincha, Sholash Sudos and and granddaughters Maariv. Sunday: . ,. , , -, h. * • , * i Clara Lea Kalz wishes to "" Morning Service: 9 a.m., folthank ber family and friends lowed by breakfast and the for their flowers, cards and do- Rabbi's class on the book of nations and other expressions Genesis. of good wishes for her speedy Daily: recovery during her recent hosServices at 7 a.m. and 8;30 pitalization. Mr. Milton R^snlck. would like to thank his relatives and friends for their thoughtfulness for all the cards, letters, flowers, gifts and donations'during

BAS MITZVAHS The Bas Mitzvah of JOAN ISSENBERG, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Issenberg, will be celebrated at the services, his recent emvaWsltiaetd'tite li>; Jtapiial and all the fc'nrtnes-)

Last week Fern Mendelson and I planted geraniums- in pots on the patio with the moral and, verbal support of many onlookers. Not to be outdone, Kb/a Hornstein officially op^ ened the gardening season by planting tomatoe&*vgreen peppers and petunias, donated by the Bikur Cholim'. Lots of gardening equipment is needed to maintain all this greenery so rummage in your garage. We a|so need patio tables with umbrellas for the residents to use. Anything new or used, but in good condition, will be appreciated. Other activities at the horns last' week included a Jewish Family and.Children's Servjca Board of Director's meeting, and an outing to the Emmanuel Lutheran Nursing Home led by Sam Zweiback. On May 11, Ida Potash, of • LOVE and Bikur C h o l i m , celebrated h e r 70th birthday party at the home. She was awarded, a Merit Certificate by Mr. Sambol for her many h o u r s of devoted volunteer service. M a n y more- healthy and happy yean, Ida.

Omaha B'nai Jacob A«Ias Yeshuron SERVICES: Saturday: Morning Services: 8:45 a.m. Sunday: Morning Services: 8 a.m.. ,,

Also of Interest

Council Bluffs B'nai Israel

The 'Damage Store J570 Tanxam S t r » » t . . . e n d

SERVICES: ~ Saturday: 9 a.m. Sunday:' 9 a.m. Both services -will be conducted by Mr. Sam Sacks.

Des Moines Tifereth Israel




- Des Moines Beth El Jacob

SERVICES: .'.,'. 1 F r i d a y , 8 p . m . •""•'"

GARAGE SALE Sponsored by 6 R T M«y 19, 9 A.M.-S f . M . May 20, I I A.M-S P.M. 12805 Jacktea S f m t


HoundolJ Good», Biby Furniture, Apptinncti, Diibsi, Etc.


Beautifully Wooded Lot ,

CAUL: 334-0962


Des Moines A Temple B'nai; Jeshnrun


*Old Kovkbrook' 109 Ft. x 239 Ft. (Mali Acre)

SERVICES: Friday, 8 'p.m. "To • Be a J e w - P a r t I." • Saturday, 9 a.m. morning service; 9:30 a.m. teenagers; 11 a.m. junior congregation. Sunday, 0 a.m. •

601 South 18th Strut

Finally Available in

SERVICES: Friday, 8 p.m. .Saturday, Sliabbat Service, 9:30 a.m. Torah study lesson. Sunday, morning s e r v i c e , 8:30 a.m. p

Salvage Warehouse

Ruge • •<,

277 Ital)a Mall^.' Westroads Shopping Center • 397-6400

Exquisite Home Accessories Bijan Bronze Metal Sculpture Bohemian Crystal Nettle Creek Pillows and: V\ccessor/es||||HU ZSSBS

Friday, May 18, 1973


Fage Thirteen


Kate's Korner




DORA PILDES Wednesday, May 16, 1973, for REAL ESTATE Graveside services were held Betty Weiss, 6922 Cuming St. With , By LARRY KATZ, .ICC Youth Director in Forrest Park, Illinois, May Interment was aj. Mount Sinai REED DAVIltO. 7, 1973 for Mrs. Dora Pildes. Cemetery. ... S58-2300tM Upcoming programs for June: • $110 per person. M i n i m u m Survivors are: Mrs. George Survivors are: h u s b a n d , A world of fun awaits you on number of participants allow- (Miriam) Shafer, Omaha; 4 Maurice; son, Ronald; daughthe MYSTERY BUS TOUR of able is 35. Be one of them! Re- grandchildren. ter, Sandra, all of Omana; sisST. LOUIS AND KANSAS turn your pre-registration form ter, Jeanne Goss, Minneapolis, CITY, a joint program with the in the self-addressed envelope ROSE B. LEVIN Minn. . D e n v e r JCC. Separate pro- provided or call me at 342-1366. Graveside services were held gramming for Jr. and Sr. HighTuesday, May 15, 1973, for era.,Open to all 7th through Join the TEEN/FAMILY Rose B. Levin or 313 S. 54th AUDREY LEA WOLPA 10th graders. All inclusive fee: CANOE-CAMPING TRIP to the St. Interment was at Beth El Graveside services were held NIOBRARA, June 22-24. All in- Cemetery. Wednesday, May 16, 1973 for clusive fees: $45 p.p. (age 12 Survivors are: husband, tr- Audrey Lee Wolpa, 2417 So. and up), $35 p.p. (under 12). • vin'C. Levin; sisters, Mrs.'IzaThis trip is for the inexperi- dore (Sophie) Sokolof, Omaha, 126th .St. Interment was at HillBBG , enced, as well as the experi- Mrs. Blanche Bodin, San Fran- crest Cemetery^ The BBG Beau Dance will enced canoeist. Your safety cisco, Calif. Survivors are: h u s b a n d , be held May. 26 at the Black- and enjoyment are assured Stanley, J.; daughters', Mrs. stone Hotel. The dinner will be t h r o u g h the supervision of C y n t h i a Lea Hochster, Lori from 6-8 p.m. Tickets for din- Loren Wilson Outfitters' who ROBERT I. MARER Jane and Leslie Dawn; son, Graveside services were held ner ana-dance are - available helped make our. first Niobara Scott Alan. at $12.50 per couple;.$3.50 per trip last April a great success. Monday, May 14,1973, for; Robcouple for the dance only. Mu- Return y.our pre-regfstration ert I. Marer, 74, of 4917 Farlic will be provided by Trinity. form in the self-addressed en- nam St. Interment was at Beth Beau candidates are, Edlar: velope provided. .Please be sure El Cemetery. Be where the action ls-6hopSurvivors are: wife. Rose; Dan Fox, John Freeman, Larry to include a check or money plhg, showsifun-ih'eJtherWest son, Brad H. Marer, Los AnKelberg, Dell Perelman (pres- order covering the $5 deposit Patti Aronson, a freshman at Omaha (live minutes from the ent- Beau, Dick Katz; chair- for each member of your fam- geles, Calif.; daughter, Mrs. the University of Denver, has Yards; 2V4 ( fairiutel Tram the man, Rose Polonski.) Hevrah: ily. For hjore information, call Bermarr (Sally) Jonisch, Over- been initiated into National Track) or In Councit'Bluffs land Park, Kansas; brothers, S p u r s , sophomore, women's Frank Comisar, Justin Cooper, me at 342-1366. « . (2 minutes from Downtown Jack W. Marer, Omaha, Mor- honorary organization./ T h e Neil Cooper, Tom Goodman Omaha). --• ;.•••.'•'!• " : 1 ris Marer, Indianapolis, Intl.; (present Beau, Mike Kimmel; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. HarIt's a big deal and big if un for 2 sisters and 5 grandchildren. chairman. Debbie Ratner.) Ner vey Aronson, Patti was selecteveryonel'ColorTV'fn every Tamfd: Ron Feldman, Dave ed on the basis of high acarodm..."pampdr" panels'beslda Ruback, Mark Martin, Bruce Wednesday, May 23 BETTY WEISS demic rank and campus ac.over-sizeU bfeds...indoor pool... Vann (present Beau, Dave Literary discussion g r o u p lounges.!..meetingl-o'oms...right Graveside services were held tivities. Walker; chairman, Lyne Frie- meeting: Poetry and play readwhete the action isl •'' del.) ing and pot-luck dinner at Lin: ask about our businfesk/group da Cohen's, 3605 Lake Forest ' rneeting facilities BBYO WALK FOR ISRAEL Dr., Apt. 46 (Lake Forest Es< Participants in the Satur- t a t e s off Maple and 114th day, May 5, "Walk for Israel" streets.) PHARMACY — are asked to send their checks Bring food and plays, poems to the BBYO Regional. office or anything you would like to WE HAVE A FINE SELECTION OF HALLMARK ,. 'MOTOR'.LODGES' at 101N. 20th St., Omaha, Neb.. read and/or discuss. RSVP by ; douncil Bluff's I dmaha 68132, as soon as possible. Monday, May 21 by calling Lin36th and Broadway I 72nd b 1-80 | The walk was a great success da Cohen, 571-1309 or Francie , ' 328-31711 397-3700. with an estimated 55 walkers .Shrier, 345-4787. Also Perfume, Candy, Gifts, Etc. owned t operated by tfi* starting^ the c o u r s e . About Sunday, June 3 Seldin Companies. 36TH AND FARNAM $2,000 was raised for the Israel Old-time Movie Night. Fur. - . , . . , » . ,,< Yon Can 345-6615—We Deliver! Emergency Fund. . ^ ther details to, be, announced. i>H r t r ( " i ;<? il»'V tir.l / ; ; : : • .

Omaha Youth

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YAD Calendar


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" I -1


!i if Tfcf

<« '


u " ,£ ; -v,

IK " L i

, f.. . ' " > ) • , > ' " V {•",





. - i t ,

The Spirit of ISRAELI





'• ,i

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<», -

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i ,,t,



/, ( r u

ir M'

SIMON'S, WESTROADS, invites ypu to see this unusual display of pictures taken( f 1 In lirael for LIFE" Special Report, "The Spirit of Israel"... also Israeli art wor|»,( , ,„ handiwork, plus exhibits and pictures of the Weizmann Institute of Science; " »> » LIFE SPECIAL REPORTS* WILL BE GIVEN AWAY '' lOcopie* each hour, to the firit 10 po«on» asking for them at Weizrnann Institute De»k, , Simon'* Wettroad*, at tha following hour*: SUNDAY, May 20, 12:30 p.m.'thru 4:30, MONDAY thru SATURDAY, 11 a.m. thru 5 p.m.

^ •'-' ';

•LIFE SPECIAL REPORT 1* a new Tfm« Inc. group formed to create slngffr-tu^fojct,,,, >l<n, „'«. v "dMutifonMUi"i6b p«op1«,'pldce»t£nd eventt irjihe n8W»^f/Thc.Spiritoi,Ufael",4»,a|l.vfi,J uiy.i'iltt u

'ti<iit».jifU»>itiWi«.";i«li j» ' 1 ^ •V-U.'-^'JL'L

j i _ ^ _


i . L


' _

_ _




Friday, May18, IMS


Fage Fourteen

B'nai B'rith Shifts Program Front-'Study to Practice' New York—B'nai. B'rith acted last wjjek' to give a new direction to" its adult Jewish education programs, shifting* the e m p h a s i s from "studying Jewish books" to "living a Jewish lifestyle." By "stressing Jewish practice, not just Jewish study," the self-learning process takes on "a dimension that appears to be needed" in contemporary Jewish life, said Martin D. Conn, chairman of the B'nai B'rith Commission on Adult Jewish Education. "Learning does not necessarily lead to action and Jewish

Israel's Grandma Moses

values are riot transmitted intellectually but through living experiences," Mr. 'Cohn said As an example of "experimental education," Mr. Cohn reported 'on a project to be tested in Washington, designed to teach interested Jewish families about Sabbath and festival observance. In the pilot study, each of 10 families which regualrly maintains some forms* of Sabbath observance as part of its lifeone "show how" relationship styles, will engage in a one-towith one of 10 families unfamiliar with the rituals.

Jewish Groups Oppose Anti-Busing Legislation Busing of school children Albert E. Arent,- Chairman of c^t' must be used now to undo se- 'the National Jewish Communi- TEL AVIV—By profession, 82-year-old Margaretta Moses is a concert pianist. However, it wa« gregation, just as it was used ty Relations Advisory Council, Mrs. Moses' virtuosity at the,easel, not the keyboard, which was displayed In tbe recent annual in the past to achieve segrega- in which all the organizations exhibit of amateur artists and sculptors conducted by the Zionist Organization of America' and tion, nine national Jewish re- are affiliated for joint policy- Tel Aviv Municipality in the ZOA House here. Her work and that of 187 other Israelis drew apligious and civic organizations forming and coordinated pro- preciative audiences in the thousands. Above, Dr. Sigfrlcd Moses, Israel's'former State Controller, admires his wife's paintings. ' ' have told a Congressional com- gramming. mittee. ' • ' "Adoption of a constitutional Presenting these -views to amendment designed to halt, the House Judiciary Commit- busing or other desegregation tee, which is holding hearings measures would be a signal to on a number of so-called anti- ' the world that the American busing amendments to'the Con- people had departed from the stitution ' werK rAmerican Jew- principles of freedom and ish Committee, American Jew- equality;" the statement said. ish Congress, B'nai B'rith— President Nixon's proposal Anti-Defamation League, Jew- for a "moratorium" on busing Grossinger, N. Y. (JTA) — tive action, the plight of Soviet religious illiteracy," he obish Labor' Committee, Jewish was called "tragic and probabThree leaders of major Jewish Jewry, and other issues con- s e r v e d . "Paradoxically, tho War Veterans of the USA, Na- ly illegal." organizations agreed that the fronting the Jewish commu- proselytizing pressures, of mistional-Council of Jewish WomThe organizations condemned en, Union of American Hebrew all pending anti-busing amend- needs and demands of Jewish nity. According to Rabbi Ira sions to the Jews are eliciting Congregations, Union of Ortho- ments as attempts "to curb youth must be the top priority Eisenstein, president of the Re- a creative and positive redox Jewish Congregations of practices that have been found of all Jewish communial agen- constructionist Rabbinical Col- sponse on the part of Jewish lege, who presided at the ses- religious arid civic agencies." America, United Synagogue of necessary to . free American cies. sion, "the sometimes heated Affirming this position, Rao* In other areas the panelists, America. children from suffering educaexchange of views achieved a bi Hertzberg said, "All Jewish addressing the 73rd annual The views were incorporated ' tional deprivation because of convention of the Rabinical As- broad consensus that thoso organizations must make inin a statement submitted by their race." sembly, differed on a number communal agencies originally creasing the Jewish values and established to combat anti- loyalty of their members their of issues. Semitism need to be restruc- dominant concern. An agency Rabbi A r t h u r Hertzberg, tured." which does not re-fashion itpresident of the American Jewself in this way is no longer ish Congress; Rabbi Benjamin Citing the quest of Jewish Kahn, executive vice-president youth for meaningful J e w i s h contemporary." of B'nai B'rith; and Rabbi values, Rabbi T a n e n b a Urn In the same veing, Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum, national di- characterized the youth as vul- K a h n challenged his colJerusalem, (JTA) — Israel's 5,923 cases b e i n g recorded. rector of inter-religious Affairs nerable to the evangalism of leagues to "pool their recrime rate roso- last year by There was a significant drop of the American Jewish Com- Key 73. "Every defection of sources to meet the < growing 4.3 per cent, compared to a in the number-of drug offenses mittee discussed Key 73, the a Jewish young person is an demands of young people for six per cent rise in 1971 and a reported, which was attributed merit system versus affirma- argument for the need of Jew- personal m e a n i n g , Jewish ish institutions to be far more knowledge and religious exper0.5 per cent rise in 1970, ac- to the declining availability.of responsive to the challenge of imentation." • cording to the annual Israel drugs in ihe country. The highPolice Report. er price of drugs has also been Brothers Reunited ' The r e p o r t revealed that a factor in the decline, police said. murder was up by 17 per cent After 37 Years The decline of crime in the .and rape by-30 per cent. There New York (JTA)—A separaTel Aviv area was attributed to '?.. were 49 murders in 1972 compared to 31. the year before. the addition of border police tion of 37 years terminated on ' There were 403 cases of rape units in the city, police also re- May 10 at Kennedy Airport last year. Armed robbery, one ported success in curbing hool- when Solomon Bash, a Soviet Jew, was reunited with his . of the largest causes of public iganism in the big cities. brother,' Martin Srailovich of c o n c e r n in recent years, Traffic fatalities declined by tbe Bronx. • t dropped by 3.1 per cent. There one per cent, as compared to Bash,and his, wife; a son, were 190.instances of robbery a 24 per cent increase the year or attempted robbery in 1972. before. There were 661 fatali- 26, an engineer; a' daughter White collar crime such as ties in 1972. The number of • and a son-in-law, both 25,. both embezzlement and issuing bad traffic accidents rose by 3.7 per teachers; and a 10-month-old granddaughter, were among 14 checks rose by 30 per cent with cent, totalling 15,333. Jews 'comprising four family . , r, 'units from the "Soviet Union who. arrived here from Rome. All were assisted in their mlOmaha's Finest . gration by HIAS. , , Hickory Smoked Twelve'of the new arrivals' Takotha plunge! j-Out .' entered the U.S.- through the Join a Weight Walchors^ ,334-8880 1 parole authority of the U.S. Atclass today. torney "General. The arrivals were welcomed by relatives from Jhe, Bronx and ^Brooklyn. They will be aide'd in'their rek settlement by the-New York Association for, New AmeripAU: cans. Gaynor I. Jacobson, exOmaha 391-6700 ecutive vice-president of HIAS, Lincoln 487-7164 reported that .the' number of Soviet Jews wjho .weije ^united De»Mo1ne» 276-4944 with American'reMives during, the fifslfrdnrwnfd(iths°ofliD73 Or 114th SI

Needs of Jewish Youth Seen as Top Priority for Jewish Organizations

Israel Report Shows Increased Crime Rate

Weight WatdtefS'

gets you into / the swim ©f things*




. Friday, May 18, 1873



Wselern Horseback Program Planned

Center Sports

Omaha — The J.C.C.Sunshine Day Camp will hold after By Chariot Arnold school and Sunday morning, western horseback riding Be'sFo More Information Call tha . sioas. All girls and boys eight Aihlelic Office 342-1366 years of age and up may par-, ticipate. . . .' Registration will be limited OLYMPIC TROPHY ?15 for others having to the first ten girls and boys • AZA No. 1 dominated the membership. * signing up at the. Downtown; JCC Senior H i g h Olympic Game Schedule Jewish 'Community Center, at'. sports during the 1972-73 seaSUM., May 20, 1973 son compiling 87>/.> points. This 11:00 a.m.—Greenberg (Shrier) 342-1366, Both novices andiej^; perienccd,, riders are encburi feat was accomplished by 100 vs. Koufax (nimmerman)' aged to participate. Individual per cent team effort, spirit and East Diamond instruction, trail.rides, fundaorganization.' • . 11:00 a.m.—Holtzman (Katz- mental? are included in. the Congratulations to members man) vs. Epstein (Jabcnis) program. •'•';•-.;••. of the club who were instruWest Diamond The .cost i s oDly .$2.50. p e r mental in helping: the chapter BYE: Drabowsky (Fiedlers person which includes traris- ; achieve this award. Team) portalion to and from c a m p , . • Chaim Welzmann took second a* comfortable saddle, and a place honors with OlVi points. SENIOR HIGH good h o r s e . On M o n d a y AZA NO. 1OO-18V4 points, SYO OLYMPIC SOFTBALL through Fridays riders will-be - 9 % points. USY-9'/4 "points picked lip at 3:45 p.m. at PaThe 1973-74 JCC Senior Hi and NFTY-2'/fe points. . School Olympic Sports season cific H i l l s Lutheran Church will get officially underway this and returned by 5:30 p.m. On MEN'S SLO-PJTCH Sunday, May 20th. Games will Sundays riders will be pickeel SOFTBALL start at 9:30 a.m. at the East up at 10:00 a.m. and returned The JCC, Mens Slow-Pitch and West Ball Diamonds at by 11:30 a.m. Softball teams will be named in Elmwood Park. All teams will honor of famous Jewish Base- be sanctioned by the Omaha ball players to recognize their Softball Association and reguskills and contributions to the lation umpires will be used. world of sports. The following players have been chosen: GAMES SUN., MAY 20 Omaha — Former campers. Hank Grcenberg, Sandy Kou- 9:30 a.m.—AZA 100 vs. Chaim and prospective campers will /ax, Ken Holtzman, Mike EpWeizmann (East) stein and Moe Drabowsky. 9:30 a.m.-AZA 1 vs USY-SYO- have an opportunity to partici/ Action will start this Sunday, NFTY & Independents (West) pate in a very special and difMay 20, 1973 at Elmwood Park League activity fees must be ferent Reunion on June 4,1973. on the East and West Ball dia- paid by Sunday, May 20th or' This year's Twi-Light Reunion monds with all games starting players will not be-eligible to is planned so that those attendat 11:90 a.m. League activity participate. League fee is $3 for ing will spend a few hours refees must be paid by gametime current members. $10 for oth- living, t h e : days of Sunshine or players will not be eligible ers not having a Center Mem- Day Camp; 1972, while partito participate. Fee is ?10 for bership or a team entry fee of cipating in favorite Activities and seeing old friends. current Center - Members and ?50. Campers will be picked up and returned by bus to convenient neighborhood bus s t o p s starting at 4:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. A surprise cook-out i s " A few months ago I announced a new program for teenalso planned. There will be no agers, a program designed so the participants could design charge for this'program. their own program. ...Well, you're a bard group to. convince, but I haven't stopped trying, so : ESTHER K. NEWMAN CAMP IS NOT JUST A CHILDREN'S CAMP! . :. • Omaha—The summer swimWell, what does it offer teenagers? ming program at the Jewish Just an opportunity. An .opportunity to share some time Community Center will be held with other teens and with the camp staff; An opportunity to June. 11, through August 31, design your own program, selecting your own areas of inter1973. Registrations are now in est to focus on. An opportunity to serve the camp commuprogress at the Center, 101 N. nity, by selecting a work project that interests you (I've 20th Street. got a lot of ideas for this; I expect that you will have a The program will include number of ideas to add). An opportunity to develop your swimming for the beginner on own form of worship, a form that is meaningful to you. through the Life Saving skills, And an opportunity to design a week-long trip out of camp, Red Cross certificates will be design it and take it. I'll give you a budget; you choose i presented to all who qualify. where you want to go and what you want to do. ; Early registration is advised "You told us. a lpt of that before. What do you mean, since capacity "enrollment is you hear us talking?" '••!.'• • ' ' "• expected. Registration may be , The teenagers I've talked with have said, that they're made at the JCC from 9:00 , Interested, but that six weeks is too long to commit, (hat a.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily except they want to have time to: do other things during the sumSaturday; ''•' mer. After a-lot of thought I've redesigned Teen Camp. Teen Camp will now begin on Jime 25 and will end on July 23. Most of the first three weeks will be in camp, Pet Supplies Dog Grooming though you might take some short'trips for special pro.grams. The fourth week is-yours! Where do you want to go? To Colorado? To the Black Hills? To Amana Colonies? ' What do you vant to do? Visit some teens in another camp? 12100 W. Center ltd. 333-5111 Backpack? Canoe? It's your; choice, but it's also your re•;u Omaha's Most sponsibility—to organize, to make arrangements, to handle

Sunshine Day Camp Plans Camp Reunion

Hey Teens, IHear You Talking...

Enrollment Open for JCC Swim Program

Center Champs Receive Awards Omaha—More than 300 persons were on hand to see awards presented to t e a m champions and individual athletes at the 26th annual Sports Award Night held at Temple Israel Thursday night, May 17. Cal Kirshen, KMTV announcer, was. emcee of Award Night activity which featured Jerry List, tight-end for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers,. and D o u g Dumler, All-Big Eight Center as guest speakers and autograph signers. Special Awards Highlights of the evening were the presentation of "outstanding" awards to the following winners: • Jay Lerner, Les Burkenroad trophy for the outstanding adult varsity athlete. Bruce Richards, Harry Trustin trophy for the outstanding ..senior high school athlete. Joel Brodsky, J. J. Greenberg trophy for the most improved 5th and 6th grade midget basketball league player. Dick Stern and Mike Lustgarten, Samuel S. Steinberg trophy for the outstanding 5th and 6th grade midget basket-

ball league players.''-•"•'. Mark Saferstein, J. J. Greenberg trophy for the outstanding 7th and 8th grade Olympic bas« ketball league player. i> Dave Walker, J.C.C. most Valuable player in the annual graduating senior Blue-White basketball game. '• Chuck Arnold, Center Athletic Director,'announced t h a t A;Z.A. No. 1 was the winner of the Olympic trophy for Senior Il'gh School Sports;-The winning chapter dominated1 Senior Hi School activities by excelling in basketball, softball, volleyball, bowling,i.wrestling and track and. field;.' v,''} V^-..* Ed jjelgrade, chairman'.of the Award Night Committee, presented the J.C.C. 'in,ost improved '; racNjuetb'all i. jfla y e r; award to Richard Jurb and this outstanding racquetball player . award to Dr. Abe Faier, • Sam Ban, athletic committee *>»•-„ member and past winner-of the J.C.C. "Hall• of F a m ? " for handball, preesnted • M a r v i a Steinberg with a trophy for the most improved handball;player , and Jack Cohen with a trophy for the most outstanding J.C.C. handball player.

Summer Bowling Leagues This year, once again, the JCC Athletic Department will organize and sponsor a Summer Bowling league for all ninth through twelfth graders, boys and girls. Registration will take place Wednesday, June 13, 7 p.m. at the Ranch Bowl, 1600 S. 72nd St; To set averages, each player w[ll bowl three games. The' cost to participate is .$1.75 forithree games. League play will officially begin the following Wednesday, June 20,1973. " ' r Clip out and mail the' form below to Davo Finkle and Kenny Fishbain,.Bowling League Cochairmen, Jewish Community Center, 101 North 20th Street, Omaha, Neb. 68101 JCC SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER BOWLING JCC Senior High School Summer Bowling League i ) Girls League. ( ) Boys League.^A £) A t f ' V ' ! ' ( ) Will enter a full four member team.*'-( > IrfdivMual. Club Name '. .'. , Captain's Name ^s^.;?:;.^.^-.-*-.-. r Address :., n iPh<on& .'i?...*•.w..". Team player's name; ,, , ,, .



• > , , • . . • •>'< •



' t h ed e a i l s .





<- j ••

"V . • ; , - . , .


.•'.- .• •'

- Teen,' Camp;. Js'.now dpeii to youngsters entering 9th grade, as well as those in high school. , ' DO YOU WANT T O TALK? "• .: 'f _ . 1 WANT'TO:LISTEN,^,i:.. •:, • ••• : • / • . Call me at t h e C e n t e r j 342-J3&.- Take good care, Bob:


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; News Petition Denied A Federal Court judge in Brooklyn denied Mrs. Hermine Braunsteiner Ryan's move to avoid extradition to West Germany to face charges that she murdered inmates of a Nazi death camp. Judge Jacob Misliler rejected her petition for a writ of habeas corpus, and now an appeal is expected to be filed with the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Jew Blackballed


Sir Arnold Weinstock, a prominent AngloJ e w i s h industrialist, was blackballed by Brooks, an exclusive London men's club. The two members who proposed him—Lord Aldington and Charles Villiers—promptly resigned from the club. Sir Arnold, chairman of the British General Electric Co., identifies himself as Jewish, and while not active in the Jewish community, he supports Israel in an unobtrusive manner. • According to election procedures at the club, one* blackball can deny membership. Two blackballs were cast.

Friday, May 18, 197S


Jewish Burial Urged

TV Program Cancelled

Chu's Chop Sueq House

Sabbath Docking Protested TEL AVIV (JTA)-Orthodox Jews protested the docking of the French liner France at Haifa on the Sabbath by blocking the port gates." Several ; hundred tourists who disembarked from the 6,000 ton liner were prevented for a while - from boarding buses for sightseeing tours. The protestors conducted a Sabbath ser-, .vice in front of the gates and then dispersed.; Police were on hand but no incidents occurred and no arrests were made.:'„/•'

Be u yourself. Go your own way.


. Then, in 1957, Yael went to work for Arkla Airlines, a domestic subsidiary of El Al, flying scheduled civilian DC-3's from Tel Aviv to Eilat, thus becoming the first woman pilot to fly for a scheduled airline in the West. Now pursuing her second career, Yael is the counselor for


Monument Co. Seb (Subby) Fnlverento 35 Yoart' Experience With Jewish LeHoring and Memorial! 2211 So. 8th


* Coclctail Lounge

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553-9987 '

A Rrtall Fish and Seafood Market

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_ 2/0 -6TATE. • •.(.BMaaaHMaaiBi



IIOIIM: Mon. Thru Sat.

° Orders to Take Out


Room 242

Somebody noticed one day recently that the room in which the Cabinet has been holding its weekly meetings in ,tho • Knesset bears the n u m b e r The announcement, by an a special preparatory course "242" on the door. It was noted American airline that" it is Wr- at Technion for Jewish soldiers • that this was also the number ing a woman as a pilot and the from families which immigrat- of the United Nations Security Council, resolution that ha3 U. S. Navy's decision to train ed from Islamic countries, de- been a bone of contention -beeight woman pilots follow a signed to bridge the ethnic ed- tween Israel and the Arab3 precedent set in the 195O's ucational gap in Israeli higher since its passage in Nov., 1067. when a woman trained by the education. Said Knesseter Dr. ElimeIsrael Air Force flew first in* Yael, now 40, is the mother lech Rimault: "It's worthwhile combat and later for a sched- of three children and the wife changing the number on the uled airline. of Professor Josef Rom, an door. Based on our experience, this number does not bring 1 Yael • Rom, who now works aeronautical engineer at Tech- good results." nion who manages" the Instias-as an educator at Technion —Israel Institute of Technol- tute's wind tunnel laboratory/ ogy, was the Sabra girl who -, After leaving the Air Force earned her pilot's wings in 1051 Reserves in 1960 upon" the from the Israel Air Force's fly- birth of her first child, having ing school, fiien flew on active accumulated over 1,000 hours duty until she was discharged of flying time, Yael became a in 1953, weekend flyer,' piloting light Continuing as a reservist aircraft as a hobby. Today she Yael was called up for the 1956 maintains her private flying Sinai Campaign where she flew license and is a member of the the lead C-47 which dropped "99" International Organizaparatroops over the Sinai des- tion of Women Pilots, which, The MGB 72 soparalos you ert's Mitla Pass in one of the she joined in 1958. from iho look-allkos and dobrief war's most daring operaollkes. It's dilforent not lust tions. She also flew several adto be difforent but to bo ditional missions during the bolter. Como In today. war,


JERUSALEM (JTA)-Thrce TeJ Aviv area youths have been arrested for breaking into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem last Friday, injuring a priest and stealing a religious article. The youths have not been charged formally. Police said they are suspected of breaking into the church and injuring an American Franciscan priest, Francis Kurza, 58. Police said the intruders stole a glass enclosed plaque • frem the top of a statue of Jesus. Church, officials said the plaque had no monetary value.

Israel Led the Way for Female Combat Pilots

Authorities' on civil rights, freedom ol Ibe press, the Slale o! Israel/national aad International politics, and members of (he tclentiflc and arlhilc com. ,«mnltlej wlU be among ibe speaker* at ibe 67lb Annual Meeting pi Ihe ' American lewlsb Committee, to be held at ibe Waldorf-Astoria Hotel l a •New York M«y 16-20. Plctared above are (lop line, I to r) Waller Crontlle, •* CBS newscaster and commentator; Roger N. Baldwin, former Director ol .'4fce American Civil liberties Union, and former Chairman and Honorary 'President of the International League for the Rights ot Man; Slmcha Dinlu, , /.Israel'* Ben Ambassador to Ihe United Slates; (bottom line, I lo r) Roberta '- Pelers, Metropolitan Opera slar; Philip E. Hoffman, U S , Representative to "iWUnlted Nations Commission on Human Rights, who will retire as AIC ' President after setting four years in that post, and Elizabeth Ilollzman, '• recently elected Congresswoman front New YorlA ifith'Congresjibna! pis* , fatd. Mr. CronUle will receive AIC 'J Mass Medte Award. Mr.. VMnla will ' receive the organization's American liberties Medallion, ' -

6623 CENTER •


PHILADELPHIA (JTA)—The management of AVTAFjTV cancelled a telecast of "Le3. Crane Reports on Jews for Jesus," which had" been scheduled for broadcast last week after widespread protests by Jewish individuals and organizations.' Similar protests in New York led to a cancellation of a scheduled showing of the program there over WPIX-TV on March 29. The program was produced by Beth Shar Shalom, an affiliate of the American Board of Missions to the Jews. .•••>•:

Celebrities Address AJCommittee At Annual Meeting May 16-20


Church Vandals Arrested

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Sephardic Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef sent cables to all chief rabbis around the world urging them to press their governments to demand from Iraqi authorities that the slain Kashkosh family receive proper Jewish burial rites. ' Rabbi Yosef also announced a special prayer service which he will conduct in their memory on May 13 and urged Jewish comunitles abroad to hold services at the same time— 6 Israel time.

Paid Doc. 31,1972

'"Mm»«•totab ma,

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May 18, 1973  

Jewish Press

May 18, 1973  

Jewish Press