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Paula Borenstein Gues Women's Division M i * ' A survivor of the Nazi ghetto of Vilnawho saw her entire family wiped out by ' . >±- will . . . . -be ' .German murderers, the guest speaker Wednesday, March 12, 1969, at two "Special m e , e t i n g s for the W o m e n ' s Division of the 1969 Omaha Jewish Philanthropies Campaign. Mrs. P a u l a Borenstein, Public Relations Representative in the Paris office of the J o i n t Distribution Committee, will speak to all majors, captains and workers in the Women's Division at a 10, a.m. brunch at the Highland Country Club. Mrs. Borenstein will then address the 6 p.m. dinner meeting of the Business and Professional Women's Division at Beth El Synagogue. Paula Borenstein was still a schoolgirl in her native city of Vilna, Lithuania, at the outbreak of World War II. Because under the terms of the Hitler-Stalin pact of 1939

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Lithuania fell under Russian occupation), the Jewish cornmumty lived ifTcornpartlve-se^ curily until 1941 when the German armies began their sweep across Russian-held territories. In September of that year, a ghettojjrasfset up in Vilfia, and all the Jews of the city were confined there. During tbfs period, every member of Mrs. Borcnstcln's family—her father, mother, sister and brother was murdered by the Germans. In 1943, she was transported to a concentration camp in Germany where she did forced labor fn an ammunition factory until the liberation of the camp in April, 1945. As thei Allied armies approached 'the camp, the German garrison removed all of the girls to a nearby field and shot most of them. Mrs. Borenstein was one of the few who managed to escape. After working as a farm laborer, Mrs. Borenstein was repatriated to Paris in May, 1945.

Publication Office 101 No. 20th St. Omaha, Neb. 68102, Phono 842-1860

learned that they were providec L_by. the Joint Distribution Committee. Later ~she joined the staff of a Yiddish news paper in Paris and came to the staff of the JDC Paris office in the fall of 1948. ' Return Engagement • Noting that Mrs. Borenstein's Omaha visit will be a "return engagement,": Mrs. A. C. Fellman, general chairman of the Women's Division said, "Those of us who had a chance to meet Mrs. Borenstein when she visited In Omaha in 1965 were impressed with her d y n a m i c speaking ability; her knowledge about and devotion to the work of the Joint Distribution Committee. She is a warm, exciting, charming woman, and I urge all those invited to the two March 12 meetings to make every effort to attend. It will be an unforgettable experience," Mrs. Fellman promised. • Mmes. Gertrude Mozer and Alice Heeger, co-chairmen of the Business and Professional Women's Division of the Phi-

Paula Borenstein There she was directed to a place where she received her first decent meal and her first new clothing since the outbreak of the war, and then sent to a special home for recuperation. • It was not until later that she

lanthropies C a m p a i g n, extheir enthusiasjn__at_ pressed JJh having Mrs. Borenstein as guest navingMrs. speaker fpr members of their division, . . "The opportunity of meeting and hearing Paula Borenstein; is one. of those rare treats iii our community that should not be missed," said the co-chairmen. • , "March 12 promises to be an exciting evening for the B u s i n e s s and Professional Women's Division," the cochairmen said.. "An elegant dinner is planned at Beth El Synagogue; Mrs.; Borenstein's appearance will certainly be exciting; in addition, all those attending will be given special "surprise" favors. We urge all women in our division to plan to attend the 6 p.m. dinner and to make t h e i r reservations promptly.

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Reservations for the Worker's Brunch and Business Worn' en's dinner may be made ,by calling the Jewish Community Center, 342-1360.

Second Class Pcntace Single Copy 15 Cents Paid at Omaha. Neb. Annual Rate. 5 Dollar*


Rabbis Report On - ' The sight of children spending every night of tfielr lives Bleeping in shelters; the battlefield appearance of every border area kibbutz with long lines of trenches; the pragmatic way Israelis go about their dally lives under, the constant threat of war; the indescribable emotional impact of greeting a planeload of immigrants upon their arrival in Israel— arc all part of the many impressions brought back by Rabbi Sidney II. Brooks and Rabbi Mycr S, Kripke, who recently returned from a week's study mission in Israel. The Omaha rabbis were among the 120 American rab- spite constant danger of milibis, representing all brandies tary attack from all their neighof Judaism, who participated bors, the Israelis are the most In the United Jewish Appeal obvipusly optimistic, creative "Rabbinical Air-Lift to Israel." and confident people I have Commenting on the trip, Rab- ever seen. "With little reason to think bi Brooks said, "Any visitor to Israel must be astonished at so, they believe peace will (Continued on Page 8) the spirit of the Israelis, De-

Action Urged to Half New Iraqi Executions


RABBI MYER S. KRIPKE visits with a group of children at Kibbutz Shaar HaGoIan in the Bei Shean Valley. : •

United Nations, N. Y. (JTA) a Jewish delegation from New . *— United Nations Secretary- Jersey over the weekend that General U Thant was, in con- he would ask President Nixon tact over the" weekend with the and Secretary of State Rogers ambassadors here of Iraq and to use American diplomatic Israel over the reportedly im- channels to pressure Iraq into minent execution of seven al- permitting the Jews there to leged Israeli spies in Iraq, two emigrate. The U.S. does hot or three of whom are believed have diplomatic relations with to be Jews. Iraq; its'interests in Baghdad The seven were convicted by are represented by Belgium' a military tribunal in Bagh- and Iraqi interests in Washingdad last week and the Iraqis in- ton, by India. . dicated that the death sentences The delegation reported that would be carried out. both New Jersey senators, ClifThe UN spokesman declined - ford Case (Rep.) and Harrison to give any d e t a i l s of Mr. Williams (Dem.) promised to Thant's intervention. The Sec- seek all possible efforts by the retary-General ' intervened un* U.S. to bring relief to Iraq's successfully with the Baghdad Jews. The delegation visits regime last January when 14 were made before it was known men, nine of them Jews, were that more executions had been scheduled in Iraq, In a meeting sentenced to death. Mr. Thant's action came as it had with the 15-man New the State of Israel, h u m a n Jersey Congressional - delega- • rights agencies and Jewish or- tion, it received assurances that ganizations t h r o u g h o ut the the Congressmen would seek to world sbughUtojnobilizeJvorld__have-Camp KilmerLopcncd; for^ public opinlontto force Iraq to Iraqi Jews If they were pernalt further executions. . milted to emigrate. The camp • Dlrksen Promise. was used for Hungarian refu-: , . Sen. EverettJDIrksen, this R e - ; gees M J950 and later* for. CUT, *. RABBI SIDNEY: II. BROOKS greets a group^of Immigrants upon, their! arrival, at t6d t A : : v :r

publican: minority: leader^ H6UI-Bans^,-.:: :;..:- ;v:. • : ; ; ^ ; . i f i i w ^ ^ H U : ^ ^ ^




* ,"',, i \<V V , i V ; < T ? # f ^ !

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An Iraqi Brother's Lament

Friday, March 7, 1969

Golda Meir Predicted Successor to Eshkol

•——-Editor's Note: The following excerpts are fronran address^leHvered-by-Reuben Ho* resh at a Memorial Meeting in Pittsburgh last month, following the execution of nine Iraqi Jerusalem (JTA) — The Is- it is believed that most would Jews as spies. The address, by the brother of one of the victims, was printed in the Pitts- raeli leader who succeeds the not want to see him in serious burgh Jewish Chronicle, February 20. In viewjofjthe reported plans for further executions late Premier Lcvi Eshkol as^ consideration for the Premier's in Iraq, Mrni6resh^poipahrremafMT)ear reprinting here. post. He trails bolhUen. AUon Prime Minister will probably be and Gen. Dayan in public opinion polls. This is the first time in my his time to his f a m i l y and at 78 would not be able to make a person devoid it. He would wait for better of any ambition life that I am addressing an work. Minister W i t h o u t Portfolio to seek the post assembly like this. Jews in Pinhas Sapir, the secretary^ Never at any time in his life times . . . better times . . . in the forthcomIraq are not supposed to make did he have anything to do with With the June 1967 war the general of the Israel Labor •peeches; they are not sup- politics in any way. He always situation took' a sharp turn to ing November Party, expressed confidence n a t i o n a l elecposed to talk. They are sup- trusted his Arab friends and the worst. Immediately:-—that Mrs.* G o l d a Meir, the posed to stay silent and not for that be paid with his life. former Foreign Minister, would All telephones at Jewish tion, informed observers sugutter a word of complaint'when heed the party's d r a f t and The plight of the Jews in Iraq homes and offices were dis- g e s t e d t h i a they are persecuted. agree to serve as Prune Mkvwas always bad. Iraq is the rupted. ister of a caretaker GovernIf I am.addressing you this only country in the world since All J e w i s h savings in all week. As speculation Golda Melr ment of national units until the evening it is because I want the Second World War, when banks were blocked. country holds general elections ' to talk to you about Iraq and nazi Germany was destroyed All Jewish properties were mounted around the hanging of the innocents that passed official discrimi- blocked. No Jew was allowed to Foreign Minister Golda Meir In November. Nomination of as the most likely prospect, the Mrs. Meir was decided upon at there. Last Monday, my broth- nating laws against Jews. ' sell any of this properties. er Charles Horesh, with eight All Jews were not permitted observers a g r e e d that Mrs. a meeting of the Labor mem-, Even before the June 1967 - other innocent Jews were pub- War, the Jews were compelled to trade anymore; their licenses Meir, a former Mapai party bers of the Cabinet under the. secretary general, was the can- chairmanship of Acting Prime licly h a n g e d in one of the to carry the Yellow Identity had been revoked. squares of Baghdad while a Card. All Jews were put out of em- didate most likely to be able Minister Yigal AUon. mob of 500,000 rejoiced and They were not allowed to sell ployment. Firms who have em- to rally the different power danced; singing, clapping their their properties; most of. the ployed Jews received a visitor blocs in the Cabinet, hands and tapping their feet None of the other apparent Jewish Synagogues and Com- or telephone call from the auAnd the bodies were kept munity Hospitals were taken thorities saying that they must candidates are c o n s i d e r e d hanging the whole day from over by the Iraqi Government dismiss any Jews in their em- strong enough to take over the Premier's post Deputy Prethe scafolds while the Baghdad The Jewish Cemetery (200 ploy. radio and-TV were calling on years old), by bulldozers, was Jews were put under semi- mier Yigal AUon, who is headNew York (JTA) - New ing a caretaker government, York City's newly appointed the mobs, 500,000 m o b s , to levelled to the ground. house arrest. They were not 3 was considered able to gain come and rejoice and join hi In 1963, a new law was allowed to go more than A Human Rights Commissioner support of the United Labor this week urged a revival of Uw the bestial festivities. passed forbidding Jews to leave mile from then: houses. Party machinery but was beThe Jewish community was A sign was pinned to the vic- the country. For me, this was coalition between Jews and Netim's prison garb with the word the writing on the wall. It be- vilified and abused 24 hours a lieved to lack general popular- groes which has been split by ity. The opposite was consid"Jew," That was all t h e i r came crystal clear to me that' day on the Government conracial tensions. Simeon Golar, while the noose was straight- trolled radio, TV and newspa- ered the situation for Gen. a Negro, spoke before a precrime . . . Moshe Dayan, the D e f e n s e dominantly Jewish audience at ' The Iraqui mobs are known ened around our necks, we pers. Worse than all that, their Minister. the Daughters of Jacob Hosfor their love and thirst for were being kept as hostages Foreign Minister Abba Eban pital and Home for the Aged. only way out, across the border blood. But this occasion was a for future evil purposes. " . might have a hard time con- He said he wanted to be an special occasion. These bodies In December 1966 I made it to Iran, was blocked. were Jewish bodies and their across the border to Iran and I will now read you a letter vincing the Labor Party sec- "honest broker on behalf of all knowledge that the victims from there to the U.S. , I received from London de- retariat to back him for the the people of this city." He said were innocent really exalted In vain I tried to convince scribing the mock trial of my Premiership, for popular opin- he was "personally saddened ion about him is divided, ob- to see your people vilified even the 500,000 mobs of Iraq. my brother Charles, that life brother Charles. I quote: "When the news broke of the servers said. A great majority as I see my people are opThe tragedy, of the thing is for our community in Iraq was that my brother Charles Hor- over and that we should make massacre in Baghdad, we were of Israelis considered him an pressed." esh considered himself to be an it out while it was possible to worried sick for the fate of excellent Foreign Minister but Mr. Golar was appointed Iraqi first and a Jew second. do so, even if we had to take Charles and this morning his chairman of the City's Human He always liked his country. He the risk- and do it across the name is published in The Rights Commission by Mayor was a family man alloting all border. He argued that mother Times as one of the victims. John V. Lindsay, succeeding Charles' trial took just five William II. Booth, also Negro, minutes of which the prosecuwho became a center of controtor took four minutes." versy when Jewish groups ac- My friends, it is my utter cused him of insensitivity to Jerusalem (JTA) — Foreign increasing conviction that unless someN e g r o anti-Semitthing is done, and done .very Minister Abba Eban will fly ism. Mr. Booth has been apto Washington sometime after quickly, the remnant of the pointed a judge of the CrimJewish community in Iraq, March 9 for an expected meet- inal Court. ing with Secretary of State Wilsome 3,000 of them, are doomed HARRISBURG, Pa. (JTA)—The American Jewish Committee to be slaughtered -in Iraq, liam P. Rogers and possibly ~~has endorsed a bill pending in the State Legislature that would single or in groups, under one with President Richard M. Nix- PROFESSIONAL PEST CONTROL . . . Da I Really Nttd Ir7 deny liquor licenses to clubs that engaged in discrimination. The false trial or another, for one on. Mr. Eban's visit, though officially described as Involving Many folks are do-it-yourselfers endorsement was contained in letters to the bill's sponsors, writ- false excuse or another. —and In molt C I I H , this is pracspeeches to American Jewish ten by J. C. Leff and Dr. Murray Friedman, the AJCommittee tical and economical. Ponder • They have already killed my moment. In «omc clrcumitances,' regional president and regional director respectively. innocent brother C h a r l e s ; organizations, was viewed here' might not a professional trained as having an urgent diplomatic The bill and the AJCommittee endorsement arose from an therefore I leave it to the Suexterminator, knowledgeable In pesticides, their tnxlclty and safeincident last December 29 when Rep, Irvis, a Negro, was denied preme Lord to do him justice nature. He intends to place Is- ty, DO A BETTER JOB. with rael's position in the Middle CAKE service in the dining room of the Harrisburg Moose Lodge while and punish the culprits. and eliminate concern, and alio the Inaect and conflict clearly before the guesswork present in the lodge as a guest of a member. A three-member But my brother left an expec- East Rodent as well! , panel of the State Human Relations Commission has recom- tant, and now widowed wife top officials of the U. S. Govthose 141-0088 ernment at a time when the mended that it issue a cease and desist order to the club. and a two-year-old son. He The AJCommittee letters cited a 1966 study which showed also left my 78-year-old mother Nixon administration is about S that 36 downtown and country clubs in 13 communities main- with nobody to take care of her. to crystallize its views on var- PESTLEVENSON CONTROL SERVICES, IMC. tained restrictive practices based on race, religion and/or ethnic I therefore now appeal to the ious world problems, among EttablUbed 1121 1407 Hauler origin. . Iraqi authorities to let them them the Middle East. go, and leave the country. If the Baath Regime of Iraq will not let them go, even now, even after all they did Urthem then I appeal to the Baath of Iraq to kill my mother as a mercy OMAHA'S LEADING killing... What she must have Kosher Meat Market & Delicatessen seen last week is more than 551-5554 4418 C i h g enough. I wonder why, the Lord hi his Open Sunday 7:30 am. to 5 p.m. great wisdom, created man capable of withstanding more Monday Through Thursday Till 5:30 p.m. punishments than he should. I now appeal to every civil* SUNDAY SPECIALS feed human being and country to do something to save the Pocket or Brisket •*•• 3,000 Jews of Iraq from almost sure extinction, and arrange, to let them leave the country. . The Jews in Iraq do not want their blocked money back; they . do not want their confiscated Delicious for Borbequing properties back; all they want now is their right to get out, from a country wherein they have been vilified and abused. If they h a t e the Jews so much why don't they let them Diamond's Delicious Pressed go? Let our people go. Let our people go.

flow Human Relations Head for New York

Ebon Plans Visit to U.S.

Bill Would Bar Booze To Biased Social Clubs








or Mt-S»2*


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Friday, March 7, 1969


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Levi Eshkol Buried With State Honors J f J ? JERUSALEM (JTA)-Levi Eshkol, the third Sprinzak, the first speaker of the Knesset. Premier of Israel, was buried with state hon- --'••,. Mai. Gen. Shlomo Goren, Israel's chief miliors on Mount Herzl overlooking Jerusalem last tary chaplain, intoned the verse, "A prince and Friday. His coffin, draped in the blue and a great man has fallen in Israel." Ashkenazic white national colors, was borne through the Chief Rabbi Ilzhak Untermann read a chapter -Streets of the-ancicnt-c-apitai-fronv-the-eoiirt-" H h P l B i S h k l i k H l i t P r f yard of the Knesset where he had lain in state Minister's brother, recited Kaddisli, the mournfollowing his death at 73 from a heart attack er's prayer. President Zalman Shazar .delivlast Wednesday. ered a brief eulogy. The funeral services w e r e attended by Mr. Eshkol's coffin was covered with Juscores of foreign dignitaries as well as Israeli da'ean marble. His grave was filled with earth leaders of all parties, delegations representing from all parts of Israel; including his home Jewish communities abroad and the family and kibbuts of Degania. Wreaths w e r e placed friends of the late Premier. Israel's Arab citiaround the fresh grave, one from President zens were also represented as were Arabs of Richard M. Nixon. East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, In accordance with a rabbinical decree An estimated 100,000 Israelis lined the route against mourning during the Hebrew month of as the cortege marched slowly to the hilltop Adar, official state mourning ended at 5 p.m. named for the founder of the Zionist movement of the funeral day. Israeli radio resumed its which lias become a pantheon of Israeli leaders broadcasts and Purim festivals were not candating from the pre-Statehood era. Mr. Eshcelled. Official delegates to the'rites were rekol's coffin was lowered into a grave between ceived by acting Premier Allon and later were those of Eliezer Kaplan, whom he had sucluncheon guests of Foreign Minister' Abba ceeded as Israel's Finance Minister, and Yosef Eban.

Arab Countries Said t© Use Refugees as Political Pawns


Study of N.Y. Racial Tensions munity action programs.

New York (JTA)-The Ford Foundation has granted $54,500 to the Synagogue Council of America for a program that will bring Negro and Jewish clergymen together to discuss • religious and racial tensions in New York City. The program will be sponsored jointly by the Synagogue Council, which is the representative body of Conservative Re-. form and Orthodox rabbis and synagogue organizations a n d the Inter-Faith City wide Coordinating Committee Against Poverty, an organization of black and white clergymen involved in antipoverty and com-

According to Rabbi Jacob P. Rudin, president of the Synagogue Council, the program is the outgrowth of a Dec.'5 meeting at which 250 rabbis and Negro clergymen met to discuss Community tensions growing out of last fall's New York City t e a c h e r s ' strike. The strike pitted the predominantly Jewish United Federation of Teachers against the largely Negro Ocean HiU-Brownsville experimental school district. McGeorge Bundy, president of the Ford Foundation, described the Synagogue Council's program as "both constructive and encouraging" and said that the Foundation was "glad to assist it as we have a number of other inter-facial and inter-faith efforts to reduce racial tensions and build mutual respect."

Arab Students Burn Israeli Flag

London (JTA)—Arab stude~t demonstrators burned an Israeli flag near the Israel Embassy here. A can of oil used to soak the flag was ignited The Israel-Arab conflict will by Israel, as many persons be- child who is born," he contin- and several demonstrators and continue as long as nearly one lieve. He said that the Arabs ued. "Some of these men have police were burned, after which Washington (JTA)—Teen-age million persons live in refugee promised the refugees the land accumulated 50 ration cards — the demonstration broke up. ' Jewish girls have urged -the camps surrounding the Israeli of the Israeli state if they that's enough to open a general It was o r g a n i z e d by the United States Government' to state, said Dr. G. Douglas would move out so the Arabs store, and some do." "Friend3 of Palestine" and cut red tape and speed up full : Young, a protestant clergyman could liquidate the Jews. Dr. Young added that the . first marched on the United scale aid to the starving ci: who has lived in the Jewish "These camps rob the men of refugees are being kept in these States Embassy where a letter vilian population of Biafra, the state for the last five years. their manhood and prevent the camps by the United Nations. of protest was left. The march- secessionist eastern province h i l d r e n from learning a He said that the U.N. Relief ers, estimated at about 1,000 of Nigeria now in its second ' "The popr refugees are used ctrade," said. "They are easy and Works administration was young Arabs, then moved to- year of civil war. as a pawn in this thing," Dr. prey forhethe The appeal was made in a . terrorists. "perpetuating this situation" ward the* Israel Embassy but Young said in an interview reIn addition, Dr. Young said, by pouring thousands of dol- were halted by police short of statement issued by the B'nai ported last week in the Kansas B'rith Girls organization which City Star. "The Arab countries there has been no real census lars into 'relief funds for the -their mark; They shouted "long helped build a modern girls live El Fahah" and "Free Palare exploiting them. for their taken of the camps by anyone refugees. school in the Nigerian capital own political aims—and to top other than Arabs. He added "Perpetuating this situation estine." Placards they carried of Lagos three years ago and It all off, .they're blaming Is- that the U.N. had no actual is certain to lead to more blood- equated Zionism with Nazism continues to support it. Idea of how many persons there shed," he explained. "The nor- and proclaimed a s t r u g g l e rael for it." That project was cited- as are to aid. mal thing to do with refugees against "American imperial- evidence that the girls are-not Dr. Young said tbat the origi"Nobody who dies in these is to settle theni someplace out- ism." involved in the political issues nal Arab refugee movement camps is every reported, but side of the country they fled inThe demonstration was apthe Nigerian struggle.' "Our started In 1948 was not caused reports are made on every stead of keeping them in camps parently prompted by rumors, of only concern is with human for more than 20 years. If the "denied last week, that Britain needs suffering on both sides of U.N. were really interested in, was preparing to sell Israel 240 the conflict," the statement a solution they would work for Centurion tanks. said. negotiations, not just continue to feed these people." . A petition drive 'to generate public support for Israel was Dr. Young said that there culminated this week with the transmission of 2,258 petition signawould be no chance of the refutures to President Nixon. The petition which urged the government of the United States gees' starving if aid from the STOCKS • BONDS © MUNICIPALS to exerciseits powers in the interests of peace in the Middle-East U.N. were stopped. MUTUAL FUNDS © COMMODITIES "They wouldn't starve to was circulated throughout the community under the sponsorship of the Omaha Jewish Federation Emergency Committee on Is- death," he said, "but the Arab rael; local B'nai B'rith Lodges and the Synagogue Council of countries w o u l d come to Omaha. j terms." The following letter sent to President Nixon, was also sent Members New York Stock Exchange and Dr. Young added that most to. Senators Roman Hruska, Carl Curtis, Congressman Glenn Cun- of the terrorists who are inAll Leading Security and Commodity Exchanges ningham and Secretary of State William Rogers. volved in the Israeli border in• * • cidents are recruited from Dear Mr. President: these refugee camps, He said We, the undersigned, have the privilege of presenting to you that the terrorist movement is the petitions of 2,258 citizens for the support of the State of Israel. able to recruit these young men 202 SO. I9TH ST.—OMAHA, NEBR. While these petitions are primarily from residents of Nebraska, because they have nothing bet341-9867. AREA CODE 402 nevertheless, they represent all ages and occupations, all differ- ter to occupy'their-time. ing backgrounds, Jew and Christian. Dr. Young said that the UnitWe feel certain that our country, with its vast power, its ed Nations had better heed the enormous resources and its great capacity for doing good, can words of Nasser when he says do much to avert the tragedy of major war in the Middle East he p l a n s on liquidating the find to establish a just and lasting peace in that region. Although major war has been predicted, and certainly terrorism continues Jews. "No one got upset about Hit. every-day, nevertheless, we believe that'there is now still the - opportunityJfor. our country-to demonstrate its ability and willing- - ler at first either," he said. "But they should besiire that ness to help avert further bloodshed. Omaha's Only U.S. Government We know further that, while peace is our primary objective, Mr. Nasser means exactly what Inspected Kosher Meat Marktt the struggle is difficult and time consuming. In the meantime, Jie says." 1018 Faraam 346-5050 the people and State of Israel are plagued with the bitter hostility of their neighbors who continue not only to terrorize, but to MR. DAVID EPSTEIN thanks threaten their very existence as a people and as a nation. The Open Sunday 9 A . H . to 3 P.M. people of the State of Israel have continued to fight for their free- his many friends for their dom and have had the courage and strength of spirit to continue cards and good wishes offered THIS SUNDAY'S SPECIALS to maintain, at the same tihie, their country as a beacon of hope daring his recent hospltalizaand democracy in a backward and unhappy part of the world. tion. Lean a n d Delicious _-•_ WAJherefpre, believe it to be in the best interests of the United States to continue to support and maintain the right of people of Israel to exist as a nation and to live in safety and security. At • Liquors the very least, we must allow them to purchase the means by which they can protect and defend their freedom. • Dtllcdtmie* Choice Chuck. Rabbi Myer Kripke, President

U.S. Aid to Biafrd Urged by BBG>

Petitions Sent To Nixon






Synagogue Council or Omaha

Rabbi Isaac Nadoff, Chairman '

' •

Omalm Emergency Committee for Israel Joint Committee of Henry Monsl and CornhuKltcr Lodge of B'nal IS'rltli Cornhusker Lodge, B'nal B'rith

Norman Korney, President Henry Monuky Lodge, B'nal B"rlth

rffuieer 3

7830 Dodge St.

Alvin Abramson, Chairman

Steven J. Riekes, President


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Tage Four


Friday, March 7, 19C9

It Happened One Weekend

16 White College Students Live and Learn in Ghetto

. DISCRIMINATION? religions all working together l*.wish to submit this letter 'for a common goal-^success in to your ""Letters To The EUF- speaking ,and development o r * By Stuart Frohm The Black P a n t h e r Party, you work on it at the same - tor" column, and I hope that poise and self-confidence. Jews Nebraska U. Senior whose ten-point program in- time," he said. "You don't you will have the courage and as well as non-Jews—white cludes a demand for a United. work for it and continue to the openmindedness to publish students as well as black stuAbove orje of the chalkboards Nations-supervised plebiscite^ perpetuate it.' it. dents—all are encouraged to in the classroom-of-the--gheUo- ~~among blaclrpeople and a^Jol^ —A few weeks ago I submit- participate. All of these deserv- church were alphabet and numThere was much" more about~ icy of self-defense, was repre- attitudes, problems and pro-v_ -ted: an _artieie_lQ.JJ]£, Jewish .ing_p_eApJ.e_haye a rjgjjj (p J b d L B b C 2 J L 4 sentedby~ Eddie Boldcftr But -Press regarding the Central share in the glory that comes Multiplication t a b l e s ran their other speakers, all blunt in ^gram? "from-these-and-=othefHigh School debate team's win- with success. neatly down a n o t h e r chalk- the condemnations of hypoerlcy speakers such as Harold Adler of the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defaning of the. Metropolitan City and insufficient action, % dealt mation League, Sgt. Pittman I write this letter after re- board. Debate Championship. The ar- turning But the students from the with their white audience as Foxall of the Omaha Police, from the D i s t r i c t ticle I submitted included the Speech Tournament in Lincoln. University of Nebraska's Lin- potential allies, not as hopeless Jack West of the Concentrated names of Jewish as well as Gary Anderberg, a' non-Jew, coln campus had not come to perpeluators ol injustice. Employment Program, J a c k non-Jewish s t u d e n t s . Upon won the state championship in the large, brightly lit room to "Black power" came up of- Clayter of the Urban League, reading the article that ap- Boys' Extemporaneous Speak- study the letters or numbers. peared, I was amazed at the Jng—earning a trip to Washing- They were in Omaha's ghetto ten, not as a scary threat but Rodney Wead of Wesley House, seemingly deliberate omission ton, D.C. for the National Tour- for a weekend to l e a r n the as a two-word phrase meaning David H. Stahmer, f o r m e r school board member and canof the names of the non-Jewish nament. Deborah Corbin, a ne- ABC's and higher equations of political and economic growih ' didate for the Nebraska Legisstudents. • ' • • gro, finished s e c o n d in the racism, p o v e r t y and urban and consolidation in the black lature and John Else, graduate community. More simply, it is I can find no plausible rea- state in Dramatic Interpreta- crisis." self-help or "getting ourselves of-Yale University D i v i n i t y son for the omission of the tion. It is questionable how many together." . • - School who served in voter regnames of Gary Anderberg and Omahans know about the Uristration drives in Mississippi I urge your paper to help me bair Studies Center housed in C h a r l e s Washington, news and is now a graduate student Amy Helling—the two nonJewish members of the win- In my goal of teaching young the Clair Methodist Church at editor of the Omaha Star, said at NU-Omaha. ning, {earns. I realize that your students to overlook differ- 25th and Evans. Groups have there ia a white ghetto—an enpaper is circulated primarily ences in race and religion, and been meeting there weekends closedtarea because its occuWhen we left Sunday after• to. the Jewish community, but being a part of a winning team for about 1>k y e a r s to hear pants'want it and keep it that noon, having slept on cots on way. And Uiose occupants-prac- the stage in the church basethis victory was a team effort, of young Americans. speakers—black and white. tice "white power" at the same and in one of the Sunday and I'm sure that the readers Arnold N. Weinlraub Jerry D. Elrod, director of time that they condemn black ment classrooms, .we had in . would find all of the names Debate Coach' the Center and also of the power, which threatens their School a small way lived with some of newsworthy. Omaha Central High United Methodist Metropolitan ' dominance. . the things we had read about. At Central High School, I School Ministries, explained that eight Some of us attended services have tried to have a debate "Some of you whites," WashCatholic arid Protestant denomEditor's Note: squad consisting of many stuinations and the Churchmen's ington said, "are letting other in the church and heard Rev» dents of a variety of races and See Sidelines for answer. Cpmmissionjoh Race Relations whites exercise power in your E. T. Streeter', a black memsponsor the center. The cur- name, and you are afraid to -berof the Omaha Board of Ed-_ riculum is not church-oriented. say anything or do anything ucation urge his congregation to be understanding. • ; About six groups of NU-Lin- about it." Later, he sat around~Olass- . What Is the most immediate coln students, all organized by campus religious houses, have thing that a concerned white room table with us in the last attended the s e s s i o n s this person can do, a s t u d e n t session we would hav« before leaving. school year. Most of the 16 who asked? By Mickey Gerelick Even though they know disclimbed the stairs to the sec"Know yourself," he said. The letter from Arnold WeinFor those in the group who crimination exists, Rev. StreetThe bound books of Jewish ond-floor classroom February traub in the Letters column Press issues for the past 48 21 were sttident senators . or have been "hung up" on wheth- er said, many persons feel only "" this week .challenges my cour- years give testimony to the in- fraternity members. Steve Si- er to work within the system "remote sympathy." "You can't preach iove your age io print his criticism. Hav- volvement of members of the mon'and I wcre>the only Jews. that has kept discrimination Discussions ing now shown myself to be Jewish community in general alive an answer came from neighbor' and then say you can courageous, 111 see what I can community life. If we expected "Burn, Baby, Michael B. Adams, who works love him if he doesn't live too do about the "discrimination" The general news media has Burn" and arguments for black for Greater Omaha Community close M you," he said. "I feel "charge. . we need to know about each the responsibility of reporting separatism to be the dominant Action. "You work in the system, but other." Does the Jewish Press "dis- the accomplishments, honors themes, "we were wrong. " criminate" in its new cover- and contributions of all Us citnge?Vou bet it does. That, my izens. It Is not the purpose of friends, is the purpose of the the Jewish Press to duplicate I Write as I Please * Jewish Press r— or any other this effort, and we don't. But ft is our purpose to record these ' similar publication. As American citizens and things when members of the' Omaha residents, all of us cer- J e w i s h community arc in' tainly are concerned with the volved. Does Israel put as much adpower. Any means were perBy Carl Alpcrt affairs of our country and our Which explains why the two vance Ihought.and preparation missible to heroes like these. city. This information is pro- non-Jewish members of the Haifa—I was in Switzerland into the presentation, of its Head Start vided for us by all the various C e n t r a l debate' team were very recently when the Arab By the following day there case to the public as it docs arms of the general news med- omitted from the story. Not- commandos attacked the El Al into the planning of the physiia, including the local daily that their efforts were any less plane in Zurich. As a result I was more information, condem- cal reprisal itself? Our justifinations, Israeli reactions and newspaper. important to the team victory, was able to obdetails. But in those first six tlons and explanations, alAs Jews, we are also interest- but to i n c l u d e their names serve at f i r s t hours the Arabs scored a tre- though logical and convincing, hand not only would have set a precedent. ed in the affairs of the Jewish mendous propaganda advan- always seem to limp belatedly community— local and worldIt would mean, for instance, the usual press, tage. All Europe went to sleep into the news too late to capiradio and TV wide. Supplying this informa- that if we were to give recogthat night, having been a will' talize on the first impact of the news coverage tion is the function of the Jew- nition to the members of the ing, even-eager audience to "a event,. and frequently after to •' be expected • Ish Press.Jewish community who periodfull dose of Arab claims and Arab distortions have already in the v e r y It has never been the inten- ically serve on the boards of country propaganda. The airport mis- been distributed. w h e r e We can not rely on truth to tion or purpose of the Jewish various charitable institutions, the incident took sion had succeeded in its priovercome lies If truth comes Press to compete with the gen- banks, hospitals, civic- organmary aim. fr ' ]nfc_nml If lies are bold and izations etc, space would-also^ —eral news media in Iue»dts6 J h V f l l i 3 dramatic. It would appear mat inaiion of general-interest news. have to be given to the vast The disturbing friend got into a Geneva taxiThe English-Jewish newspaper majority of non-Jews whose , operations of the cab. The driver looked at the our.public relations arm is usfills the void of "Jewish" news services contribute to these Arab propaganheadlines of the morning paper ually as surprised as everyone that does meet the requirement' "team efforts/' We haven't the. da machine. • and remarked: "They killed a else by some Israel actions. In the days following the of mass-reader interest, and so space, .nor is this our purpose.*. The Arabs : had carefully man, poor fellow!" . Zurich attack the U.N. Comis ignored by the mass media. In his leter, Mr. Weintiaiib planned not only the" attack on mission on Human Rights was The Jewish Press serves as a makes mention of two non-Jew- the plane, but also the public meeting in Geneva. I saw the supplement to the daily news- ish members of his debate team relations campaign to be set in material circulated by the paper, not as a substitute for it. who won honors iri the District motion as a consequence of that Arabs among all the partici™ Butthe Jewish Press does Speech Tournament. As a for-. actol'.violence. pating members. It was a se- more than disseminate "Jew- mer Centralite. (and former deIn the first few hours followries of hair-ralsliiE charges 5 YEARS AGO ish" news. It is link between bater) I share in his pride of ing the raid, all Switzerland, against Israel. Civilian Gaza ' the Omaha Jewish Community their accomplishments. I would and indeed all of Europe, was Stuart Cain and Eric Starr had been transformed into a and the Jewish communities of expect these honors, to berec? ; agog with interest. The public observed a joint Bar Mitzvah battlefield according to these the world. It is an instrument ognized in'the World Herald, in clamored for details, news and celebration . . . Myron Milder accounts. Women and children for stimulating thought, de- the ; Sun Newspapers, - in the more details. The elementary was named Drive Chairman were being shot down by the cision and perhaps controversy Central High Register, and in facts of the attack were quick- for the Easter Seal Campaign. hundreds by the blood-thirsty on a variety of subjects vital the case of Deborah Corbin, a ly told. More! The Arabs met . . . Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Roch- Israeli barbarians. Massacres ' to American Jews. At best, • Negro, in the Omaha Star as Ibis news void with a long man announced the birth of a had become a doily occurstatement of explanation a n d son, Daniel Alan. every issue oftfae Jewish Press well. ranee. should provide printed words. But In the Jewish Press? justification. It had obviously The Big Lie was being wield10 YEARS AGO been prepared in advance and that inform, educate, unite and Isn't It a bit far-fetched? :: •*;. ed with a vengeance. What dewas available immediately to. Milton Abrahams was elected nials could ever effectively elf* stimulate" its readers.To choose all the news media, president of the, Omaha Bar mlnate the effects of this efthose items for p r i n t each —Tweek, does"-'indeed involve a With a group of Israelis I sat Association . . . Robert Gould fluence of sewage spewed Into" great deal of discrimination. the communications channels at the TV screen that very eve- celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. Published weekly on Friday beAnd yet there is another func- ginning the last week In August ning. All of W were' indignant of a UN. agency? 15 YEARS AGO tion of the Jewish Press. It is through second week in Jaly by and aghast as the news anObviously, in the war of proMarilyn Lerncr and Justin a living history ol the people Jewish Federation of Omaha. Manvitz announced their en-< paganda the offensive lies wit!* nouncer read out page after -and events that make up our the Arabs. It was a sobering PotloSi pUi" " " page of antl-IsraerdiatribcThe gagenient . . : . . _ „ „ _ _ _ , „ . community life. The births, "^'"itcmaaoiiot Omoho. " and thought-provoking week for HtEr. terrorists were pictured as lib20 YEARS AGO Annual Subicrlptlon JS.OO. ' d e a t h s , weddings, Bar-Mitzme. AtfwrtWno Rates en Application. erty-loving martyrs seeking to Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Rubin vah» of our people play an imPuWlaHlw! offlctr 101 Ho. join Str«e», > I went to Switzerland by El free thei* people from - the announced the birth of a son, Al and I returned to Israel by - portant part in this Chronicle . Omoho. HeW MIR. Plwoe JO13M • bloody tyranny of a colonialist Daniel Michael. Mr? Rr>h* W W ' of our time. :


The Advantage of limed Lies'

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Friday, Starch 7, 1069



On the 6th day the war ended

OntheTth In 6 violent days the people of Israel courageously defended their land and civilization. But no sooner did one war subside than anOther began. A war of continuous border attacks. Of surprise and deadly sabotage. A war in which fanners must protect their lives while tending their sheep. Israel pours out all her resources, giv*es all her effort to protect )ier people. And while she does, her peopjeaye-faced with human

crises within her borders. The more than 300,000 immigrants who must be absorbed, fed, clothed and housed. Who must be educated, retrained and given jobs. Whose sick, handicapped and aged must be cared for. The United Jewish Appeal asks you never to forget that as long as the war that started on the 7th day continues, people in Israel need your help. More than ever before. Israel must live.

Israel Emergency Fund United Jewish Appeal ::x

Give fd the







for Great Humanitarian Needs in Israel and Give to the

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Friday, March 7,


Campus Notes

Synagogue Activities Candcllf.hting: 6:03 p.m.

HONORS ,• • Bernstein, Publicity; Rick KatSteve Perelman, son of Mr. elman, Activities; Marc Sorkin, and Mrs. Robert Perelman, has Scholarship; Bob Jacobson, been named Best Pledge and Steward; Jeff Conn, G r e e k Pledge Scholar by Alpha Epsl- Week; Scott Friedman, Pledge SERVICES SERVICES _ -lon Pi Fraternity at Bradley Trainer. Friday: 8:15 p.m. Friday: 8:15 p.m. University. DEAN'S LIST" Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks and Rabbi Myer S. Kripke will deDEAN'S LIST" Charles Trachtenbarg, son of liver the sermon. Cantor Aaron Cantor Manfred F. Kuttner will Aveva Halin, daughter of Mr. Mr. and Mrs. M. S. .TrachtenI. Edgar and the Choir will con- officiate. Musical portions of and Mrs. David Hahn, has been barg, has been named to .the the service will be provided by duct the musical service. named to the Dean's List at Dean's List at Columbia UnU_ .Cantor .Kultner and the. Choir, Saturday: Bfandeis University: A fresh- versity. under the direction of Miss Ida •— — Morning Service: 10 a.m. man at the University, Aveva t Gitlin. SIGMA ALPHA MU has been doing volunteer work Mincha-Maariv: 6 p.m. Immediately following the AI Bergman in mental institutions in the NEBRASKA U Sunday: Morning Service: 9 worship service, the congregaByron Ranee of Lincoln was area. She has also served as tion will meet in the social hall a.m. language tutor for children of recently initiated into the acwhere the sixth in the current Dally: tive chapter. immigrant families. Sabbath Discussion Series will Services at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. be The fraternity collected Over held on the subject of "IsCPA CANDIDATE $930 for the Lincoln Heart As• ** sues of Moral Decision in Our Albert R. "Bergie" Bergman, ... Tom Rubin, son of Mr. and . sociation in its second annual Community." BAR M1TZVAII proprietor and manager of Elliot Rubin, has passed "Bounce for Beats".campaign. Guest speaker will be Dr. Leisure Lanes bowling estab- Mrs. The Bar Mitzvah of TOM all 4 parts of the required CerWald was one of the GOODMAN, son of Mr. and Randall K1 e m m e, vice-presi- lishment, and lifetime Omalian, tified Public Accountant test fewSteve ROTC s t u d e n t s to be Sirs. Harold Goodman, will be dent and corporate economist lias declared his candidacy for series.. awarded the Distinguished Milcelebrated at the services Fri- of Northern Natural Gas Com- Omaha City Council. A senior at the University of itary : Student Award. day evening and: Saturday pany. Dr. Klemme will discuss Mr. Bergman said his belief at Lincoln, Tom has S.A.M. at Nebraska won secmorning, March 7 and 8. "Italian Relations In Omaha." "in a knowledgeable citizen's Nebraska been named as part of the 3 ond h o n o r a b l e mention in » * • Following Dr. Klemme's re- participation and an interested student team representing Ne- Founders' Cup competition for SISTERHOOD marks, ti.? congregation will and informed individual's re- braska U. in a Business Manbest chapter in the United "An Afternoon of Comedy have the opportunity for discus- sponsibilty for government led agement contest sponsored by the States. It also won the Sigma and Music" is the theme for the sion and question?. Coffee will him into becoming a candidate the University of Marquette Mu Supreme Prior's Cup annual donor luncheon to be be served. for City Council." He feels that and the University of Wiscon- Alpha for the best chapter in the Mid* held Tuesday, March 11 at 12 Saturday: 11 a.m. with his business acumen and sin at Milwaukee. Teams from lands Province. noon in the synagogue social • • • years of experience, he can 23 midwestern c o l l e g e s are hall. BAR MITZVAH help the City of Omaha grow. represented in the contest. Mrs. .Donald Nogg, program BRUCE VANN, son of Mr. Mr. B e r g m a n served as EXCEPTIONAL chairman for the event, has an- and Mrs. Donald Vann, will be chairman of the 1960 All-Star SIGMA DELTATAU 1 nounced that the cast for this come Bar Mitzvah at the serv- Bowling Tournament. He was NEBRASKA V. OPPORTUNITY special performance will in- ice Saturday, March. 8, at 11 elected to Bowlers' Hall of Susie S p i e g a l has been FOR MATURE WOMAN clude the well known play- a.m,_ Fame and honored for his civic namedJhe "Best Pledge" for house personalities Louise and Permanent Position in achievements "and deeds in February. Norman Filbert, Mrs. Norman BAS MITZVAH bowling in the City of Omaha. ZETA BETA TAU I-Girl Office Penenberg and Orvel Milder.. The Bas Mitzvah of LINDA In 1962, Mr. B e r g m a n was Mmes'. Irvin Kaiman and GAIL SOMBERG, daughter of named the Jewish Athlete of NEBRASKA U. Bookkeeping, typing, general The following new committee office, experienced. For apMelvin Weiss are co-chairmen Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Somberg, the Year. chairmen have been named: of the "Blintze Brunch." They will be celebrated at the servpointment call He served as President of Jeff Cooper, S o c i a l ; Tom are being assisted by Mrs. Har- ice Saturday, March 15, at 11 City and State Bowling PropriCharles Guss Kirshenbaum, Athletic; Ron old Novak, Ways and Means a.m. etors' Association, and has Blumkin. Community Service; vice-president. Mrs. Steven Sil. 451-3133 • * * been affiliated with AZA, Phi ver is in charge of decorations. MEN'S CLUB Mu fraternity and B'nai B'rith. Marty F o g e I, Historian; - Al Each Sisterhood donor may The Men's Club will meet bring a toon Beth El member for Brunch and Conversation as a guest for the afternoon. with Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks, Proceeds will be_ used for new Sunday, March 9, at 10 a.m. dishwashing equipment for the at the Temple. Guests will be synagogue kitchen. welcome. Mrs. Milton Margolin is » • • BENJAMIN BOASBERG circle-co-ordinator for the SISTERHOOD COFFEE Funeral services were held event, assisted by the following The Sisterhood Coffee with M a r c h 3, 1969, for chairmen and members of their Rabbi Brooks will not be held Monday, Benjamin Boasberg, age 76. Incircles: Mmes. Richard Baskin, Wednesday, March 12. terment was at Temple Israel Willis Epstein, Albert Fox, HarThe coffee meeting has been at Pleasant Hill. old Fox, I. H. Friedman, Irvin cancelled to avoid conflict with Cemetery Survivors are: sister, Mrs. Kaiman, Alex Plotkin, Milton the meeting for captains and Sadie Grodnick, Minneapolis, Resnick and Louis Vinetz. workers in the Women's Philanbrother, William BoasCheck his performance record. He's an aggressive, alert' Baby sitter service will be thropies Division scheduled for Minn.; sister-in-law, Elizabeth ' and experienced investment banker, quick to see opporprovided. Reservations may be that morning at Highland Coun- berg, J. Hart, both of Omaha. tunities Tor his clients. His career was started with a made with Mrs. Jake Turek. try Club. distinguished New York Investment Banking firm before

Beth El

I \Temple Israel\

Al Bergman to Run For City Council Seat






SISTERHOOD MEETING MR.. MORRIS W E I N E R Cantor Manfred F. Kuttner will speak on "The Girl Who thanks his many relatives and Was Destined To Live," at the friends for tbe c a r d s , gift*, SERVICES luncheon meeting T u e s d a y , flowers, contributions to charFriday: March 11, at 1 p.m. at the Tem- ity and other expressions of Traditional F r i d a y evening ple. Cantor Kuttner will illus- good wishes offered during bi» service ( K o b o l a s Shabbos): trate his talk with movies and recent hospltalizatlon. •[:< 6:15 p,m. slides of his recent trip to HolRabbi Isaac Nadoff, Cantor land and Israel. Jacob Lefkowitz and the Choir Mmes. Julius Newman and will conduct the late Friday Arthur Rubin are co-chairmen We're Getting Evening Family Service at 8:15 for the luncheon arrangements. >.m. An Oneg Shabbat will fol- Sitter Service will be available. ow the service. Reservations may be made Saturday: with the Temple Office. Morning Service: 8:45 a.m. An 11:30 a.m. board meeting conducted by Rabbi Nadoff and will precede the luncheon. Cantor Lefkowitz. Cantor's class in Torah ReadIng will meet 45 minutes before Mincha. Rabbi Nadoff will c o n d u c t the Talmud Class at 5:45 p.m., SERVICES followed at 6:15 p.m. by Mincha. Sholash Sudos and Ma-Friday: 6:15 p.m. Saturday: ariv. Morning Service: 8:45 a.m. Sunday: '"" Morning Service, at 9 a.m. Mincha-Maariv: 6:15 p.m. , followed by breakfast and an Sunday: Morning Service: 7 a.m. address by Deputy County At- Daily: torney, Gene Leahy, candidate Services at 6:30 a.m. and for mayor. 6:15 p.m. Dally: Services at 7 a.m. and 6:15 p.m.

Beth Israel



B'nai Jacob I Adas Yeshwon |


SISTERHOOD Dennis Jackson; Director of HADASSAH Operation Bridge, will bo the A Board Meeting will be held guest speaker Immediately fol- Monday, March 10, at 9:30 lowing the 12;30 p,m. Juncheon_ a.m. at the home of Mrs, Hen-, meeting, Tuesday, March 11, ry Stern, 105 South 50th Avein the synagogue social hall. nue. Mrs. Manfred Kreitstein Is program chairman. . The Divine test of a man's Baby sitting service will be worth is not his theology, but his life. ;.-.;. available.

returning to his home to be associated with the Rahel Company. If you're looking (or results, you're looking for Marvin Newman, one of our Vice Presidents. Stop in and talk things over with him. You'll be Impressed.

Membtr, Ml<f«*al Stock Exchange 1605 Howard Stttol • 342-7281 Common and preferred etocka; municipal and corporal* bonda; mutual funda; govemmant agency feonda

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FLOOR SAMPLE SALE Living Room, Bedroom, Dinette Sets, Appliances, Rugs, Occasional Chairs, Hide-Away Beds, Color TV and Many Other Exceptional Items at Sale Prices


Open Sundays Open Dally Closed Saturday 9 A.M. to 8 p.M. 9 A M . fo 6 P.M. Also Sp^tanxfag in Complete Furnishings for Rental Property


Friday, March 7, 10(19

Mizrachi Program Provides 'Miracle Workers1 for Israel It is possible to make a personal'commitment to I s r a e l and Israel's children by becoming a Mother-in-Israel, a Father-in-Israel, or a Brother or Sister-in-Israel t h r o u g h the Kalah Franklin C h a p t e r of Mizrachi Women of Omaha. One may symbolically adopt a child by committing himself

Miss Freedman To Be June Bride

Page Seven

Rabbi Nadoff to Discuss 'Book of Amos" of Temple

chased a Father-in-Israel sponsorship to honor her brother, Mr. Sam Fried, on his seventieth birthday. 1969 Mother-in-Lsrael pledges are: Mrs. Abe Lipsman. .Mrs. Marshall Katz in honor of her mother, Mrs. Harry Cooperman. A-MotheivT- Fathers-Brother-, or Sister-in-Israel is a fresh idea for honoring the birthday, anniversary, or other, special event of a dear friend or relative. F u r t h e r information is available from Mrs. Jacob Lefkowitz.

"The Book of Amos" will be Mr. and Mrs. Irving Freedman announce the engagement discussed by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff, Sunday, March 9, at 8 of their daughter, Marlyne Joy, p.m. at Temple Israel, the secto Stephen Gerald Protas,' son ond in a series of Adult Educaofm-: arid Mrs. David Protas, tion lectures on the Hebrew Bible. North Bergan, New Jersey. Sponsored by Cornhusker The bride-elect will graduate in June from the University L o d g e B ' n a i . of Missouri where she is affili- B'rith, the Bible i ated with Alpha Epsilon Phi Study, JSeries-is open to all interSorority. Her fiance, a graduate of ested members Rutgers University, will grad- of the communuate this May from Kirksville ity at no charge. College of Osteopathy and Sur- The lecture and discussion w i l l gery. conclude at 9:30 A June wedding is planned. p.m. at w h i c h time r e f r e s h - '•-' -" fjiiiiiuiiiiiiHUiiuuiiiiiiiiiuuiiuiuiiiiuiiuiuiiiuiiiiiiMiiiiuniuniiniiiiuiiuiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiuiuuuiiiuuiiiitiiii^ ments will be Ra bbl Nadoff served.

ILD4 per week. IF is possible to spread the payment of this pledge over the year of 1969. When the pledge is paid in full, a beautiful bracelet charm for a Mother-in-Israel or a handsome desk plaque for a Father-in-Israel is awarded the donor. In addition, the donor's name is eligible for a drawing to be held at the end of 1969, when four ten-day economy jetflight tickets from New York to Tel Aviv will be awarded as prizes to the winners. Editor's Note: This column of The entire community is inEvery f r i e n d of Israel is Lincoln Jewish news has been vited to attend. Raffle and door • urged to take advantage of this added (o (he Omaha Jewish prizes will be awarded. Tickets opportunity to become a "mir- Press In an effort to serve the may be purchased at the door. acle worker" by availing him- Lincoln Jewish Community. self of this chance to become a Mrs. Goldye Arenson, former The column is being coordiMother-in-Israel or a Father- nated In Lincoln by Mn. Leo Lincolnite died February 25, inJarael (three times chai •=»•* " (Estelle), Rosenberg. Those with 1969 in Jefferson City, Mis154-00) or a Brother or Sister- news for the column should con- souri. Interment was at Mt. in-Israel (118.00), through the tact Mrs. Rosenberg at 701 Carmel Cemetery in Lincoln. local Mizrachi Chapter. • Mulder Drive; phone 489-5813. IMS Mothers-ln-Israel In• • • Mr. and Mrs. Morrie Schier cluded: A monument in" memory of spent their winter vacation in Mri. Abe Lipsman, the fifth Sam Lettween will »Hot Springs, Arkansas. such sponsorship made by Mrs. ed Sunday, March 9beatdedicat2 p.m. Lipsman. Funeral services were held • Mrs. Molly Weinsteln, New at Mt. Carmel Cemetery. in Lincoln for Harry Marx, age York, Mrs. Lipsman's daughTifereth Israel Jr. Congrega- 87, who passed away February ter. Mri. Morris Franklin, in hon- tion services will be held Sat- 24, 1969. Interment was at Mt. or of her first grandchild, born urday, March 8, at 10:45 a.m. Carmel Cemetery. Kiddush will be tendered by Survivors are: wife, Esther; to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shrago. sons, Dr. L o u i s Marx, Jay Mrs. Max Arbltman pur- Mrs. Richard Broude. Marx and Dr. Paul Marx; The Louis Stine BBG annual daughter, Mrs. A. A. SteinCard-Man Jongg party will be berg; 9 grandchildren; 6 greatAbramson-Berg held Sunday, March 9, from grandchildren. 7-11 in the Tifereth Israel Engagement Told socialp.m. Among those elected to the hall. Jeanne Chandler is chairman National Honor S o c i e t y and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Abramson announce the engagement of the event. Members of her recognized for s c h o l a s t i c of their daughter, Linda Cipin- committee include: Betty Pit- achiements at South-East and ko, to James Berg, son of Mrs. lof, Debbie Neiden, Gayle Lot- Lincoln High S c h o o l were: Blanche Berg, Lawrence, Kan- man, Sue M o d e nstein, Kay Gary Chesin, Ethel Zelenske, sas, and Max Berg of Hot Schuchman, Cathie Che s i n , James Krantz, Lillian Misle, Ethel Zelenske, Martha Hill, Robert Nefsky, Alan Polsky, Springs, Arkansas. Stanley Feuerberg, Daniie BerThe bride-elect and her fi- Barbara Kuklin, M a r c i a Di- lowitz, R o b e r t Soshnik, Sue ance attended the University enstfrey, Barbara Grant, Ethel Modenstein and Cindy Feld. Zelenske and Sue Polsky. of Kansas at Lawrence. A late spring wedding is planned.

| Lincoln Light

NCJW Donation Aids Sher Home The Omaha Chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women presented a check this week to Arthur Cohn, chairman of the Redecorating Committee at the Dr. Philip Sher Home. JTlie contribution by the women's group will be used to redecorate one room In the Hospital wing at the home. In expressing his thanks to the National Council of Jewish Women for their contribution, Mr, Cohn noted that some 20 rooms are included in the redecorating plans. "We are hopeful," said Mr. Cohn, "that voluntary contributions from interested memIbers of the community will en"abW iis to complete this long over-due redecorating project." Mr. Cohn noted that a number of rooms have already been completed, to the great satisfaction of the residents. "Each room has been painted and equipped with new furnishings, carpets, d r a p e s and bedspreads," said Mr. Cohn. "The resulting pleasant atmosphere is certainly of great value to .the residents of the Home." Anyone interested in participating in the redecorating project is asked to call Mr. Cohn.

WanrAds Bar and Bas Mitrvah congratulations, also cards, for all " Jewish holidays and Special occasions. i News,Sjaj}d,,l{iO2 Dodge


Sanford Brophy, owner of Markel Cleaners and Laundry and Mark-L-Brite Suede Processors of Omaha, has been elected president of the Nebraska State Dry Cleaners Association.

Robert Perelman has been appointed an account executive with the Omaha office of Dean Witter & Co. Inc. Leon Alexander, manager of the Jacob Bernstein Works of Independent Metal Products, has been promoted to division assistant general manager. Independent Metal Products is a division of the Fruehauf Corp. Mr. Alexander will be responsible for the operations of the division's three plants, in Omaha, Uniontown, Pa., and Fresno, Calif. Richard S. Glazer will succeed Mr. Alexander as Works Manager.


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13831 Pierce



2555 Fonwm St.

Prices Effective Through

Thursday, March 14

Captain and Mrs. R o b e r t Feingold.—O f-tu tt--AFB—announce, the' birth of a daughter, Renee Allis, born February 23, 1969. Mrs. F e i n g o l d is the former Laverne Wolfson. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. William Wolfson, Omaha; and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Feingold, South Bend, Indiana. Great-grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. S a m u e l Wiesman, Omaha; Mr. and Mrs. Abe Wolfson, St. Petersburg, Florida; Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Felcher, Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kully announce the birth of a daughter, Karen Gail, born February 21, 1969. They also have another daughter, Julie; and a son, David. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Conrad R. Bangh and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Newman.

Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Rosenberg recently returned from a week's /Visit in Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, they were joined by the Yale Kullys of Hastings. The Rosenbergs returned to Omaha in time to attend a dinner-dance given in honor of the achievements of Mr. Rosenberg as the number 1 Metropolitan Insurance Consultant Manager in the Kansas City region. The event was attended by officials of the company from 6 states, as well as members of the Omaha district.

Responsible couple to rent new 3-bedroom home near Interstate. Fully carpeted, air conditioned, 2 baths, refrigerator, washer, dryer, range and all lawn equipment.


Mr. and Mrs. Brad Epstein announce the birth of a son, Steven Howard, born February 28, 1969. They also have another son, Marc. .. ^Grandparents are Mrs, Har-r ry I. Epstein, Omaha, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Meester, Wellsburg, Iowa. Great-grandfather is Mr. John G. Meester of Wellsburg.

Dr. Paul Shyken and Philip Wayne, co-chairmen of the community-wide education program, note that the lectures, geared to an adult audience, Is open to teenage members of the community as well. No reservations n e e d be^ .made. Participants are; urgecT to bring with them a copy of the Bible. Pre-reading of the Book of Amos is also advised. Commenting on the book of Amos, Rabbi Nadoff noted, "The message of Amos is at once timely and timeless. His prophetic words have' a universal ring. His message is the blueprint for a just society."

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Westroods 102nd and Dodge


t a g e Eight

By Charles Arnold For More Information Call the Athletic Office M3-1S66

ABOUT ATHLETICS The biggest let down of the _—WLUi thelannual Sioux City day was from our Youth Coun"All-Star games overawe cur-—cilrSioux^ity-conbnued-to-out'tain is down on another /sue- c I a s s t n e m UP aa^ d o w n ^e cessful Youth Council Basket- c o u r t - T h e f i n a l s C o r e w a s 7 1 *? n fh p s hshort n r f pnd We """"" were non the end ball year. The All-Star games w Wo that score. served a three-fold purpose. First, it gave the Youth Council players a goal—to be on the BASKETBALL LEAGUE All-Star team. Two decisive games will be . Second, it acquainted "the Omaha boys with Jewish youth played Sunday, March 9, which from another city, which over will determine whether or not the years, has resulted in life- a championship game will be played. time friendships. Game Schedule Third, it gave the Omaha 1:45 p.m. Tretiaks vs. Mayhigh school players a chance to get to know and play with one fair 2:30 p.m. I-Go-Van vs. H. A. another. Throughout their high school years, players were Wolf members of individual Youth Council teams, and pfayed only 7TH AND 8TII GRADE with their own club members. - LEAGUE STATISTICS The All-Star games enabled the Levcnsoris Pts. % boys who were the individual Mark Ruben 94 13.4 stars of their teams to work to David Duitch 80 10.0 together as one unit. Jay Jacoby : 74 8.2 Although Omaha came out on Tom Lincoln . . 4 9 12.2 the short end of the games this Ross Red Hanger year, winning 3 and losing 4, Doug Taren 82 10.2 the games were in many ways, National Carpet very successful. David Parsow 72 14.4 H.Z. Vending ALL STARS . Eddie Epstein 68 9.7 Bob Cohen 61 7.6 The 5th and 6th graders sufBruce Richards . . . . 46 15,3 fered a disappointing defeat at Team Totals the hands of Sioux City, by the score of 39 to 31. Playing in Levenson Pest Control 368 40.8 Sioux City, our 5th and 6th Ross Red Hanger . . . . 292 32.4 225 28.1 graders buried theirs. Assum- National Carpet 215 26.8 ing another push over game, H..Z. Vending the outcome was certainly not VARSITY LEAGUE what was expected. : With the help of Mike MusMastercraft sewed up first kin-Sandy Cipinko, and Bill Rif- place last Wednesday night as Cn, all ninth graders, the 7th they held on to defeat Borand 8th graders came home sheims 44 to 43. Barry Bergvictors. Using a full-court horn led Mastercraft- with 23 _press, and a sufficient 1-3-1 points. Al Noddle paced Bor. . zone defense, our team defeat- sheims with 20 points. ed their 50 to 46. Although Mastercraft won, A group of guys from our Vess Cola cinched | t for them Varsity League played some by beating Mickliri 61 to 56. college guys from Sioux City. Their victory eliminated any The outcome was embarrassing chance for a tie. Alton Ruback for Sioux City. Our boys blew led Vess with 19 points. Ted them off the court defeating Sanford and Harold Mann comthem by the score of 65 to 52. biried for 40 points for Micklin.

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Canoe Trip Films Sunday at J.C.C.

David Orkow Urges Protests on Tax Bills


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(Continued from Page 1) come to the Middle East. Meanwhile, they go about the business of improving their economy, d e v e l o p i n g their resources,- educating their children and literally enjoying their lives and their land." In reports to the community at large, as well as to members of their congregations, both rabbis noted the remarkable morale and determination of the people of Israel. f'The people do two amazing things at once," said Rabbi Kripke. "They go about the defense of their country as though that was their only business; and at the same time they go about the daily business of building their country and their society as though there were no terrorism and no threat of war." . Terrorism ... Commenting on the terrorist acts of the Arabs, the Omaha rabbis agreed that the strategy of the terrorists to shatter the morale of the people by bombing c i n e m a s , markets and meeting places of civilians—all had been completely unsuccessful. ' "Not a day passes without some act of terrorism some-, where in Israel." Rabbi Brooks noted. "But with each act, despite loss of life and injury, the assaults galvanize the people more firmly together with greater courage than before. "There Is not the slightest sign of panic," said Rabbi

Films and slides of the projected Canadian Wilderness Adventure Canoe Trips for teenagers sponsored by the Esther K. Newman Camp, will be shown this Sunday at 2:00 P.M. at the Jewish Community Center. The two-week long canoe trips, with separate trips for girls and boys, will start from and return to.the Esther K. Newman Camp. Participants must be qualified swimmers before being; admitted into the program. Experienced and qualified adults, supervise the two-week sessions. Parents as well as teens aro welcome to the film presentation this Sunday. An explanation of the camp's new Counselor In Training Se, quence will also be presented at the meeting. ' • Cost of the two-week canoe trip is $150.

John Kalina And

Friday, Marrii %

Rabbis Report Israeli Trip

Center Sports



David Orkow, director of the Dr. Philip Sher Home for the Aged, has been advised that two bills introduced into the . Nebraska Legislature would affect the non-taxable status of the Sher Home. . Bill 26 would require the County Assessor to assess the Home property and list its valuation in the local newspapers annually. Bill 171 would,submit to the electoral the proposition that churches, non-profit nursing homes and homes for. the aged be taxed. ' , • These bills are presently in the Committee on Revenue, under the chairmanship of Senator Burbach. Members of the committee Include Senators" Simpson, S k a r d a , Waldron, S w a n s p n, Mahoney, Kremer and Kokes. Mr. Orkow urges members of the community to write to their state senators as well as to members, of the Revenue Committee -voicingithMOppjfcl silion to these two bill proposals. Care of the poor is lncumbent on; society as a whole. Spinoza • ^"'" r ' : - •:• '"! '• " : : : ' "•

Brooks. ' "El Al planes are dent that the Israeli determinabooked to capacity. No one de- tion would continue, and that serts the areas of attack, either an important role would be in the cities or on the kibbut- played by American Jews. zim. It would seem that the "I believe that Israel must more Israel is attacked, the face a long period of suspended, greater the confidence of the warfare," said Rabbi Brooks, people." , "until, finally, the nations of The rabbinical group spent the Middle East come to re-, two days in the north of Israel alize, as does Israel now, that with special visits to kibbutzim the only solutions for all con-. In the Bet Shean Valley, where - -eerned-will be found-in-Uie^oa-— shootings from across the Jor- text of peace. dan River are a nightly event. "The Israelis are prepared to The rabbis agreed that no mat- hold on, to defend their country ter how much they read and and to wait for that day. They heard about the courage of the have and will continue to give border kibbutzim, going under- everything they have to give in ground into the shelters and that cause. We can do no less/' trenches of the Bet Shean val- said Rabbi Brooks. ley was a stunning shock. ' Noting the Incredible morals In describing the experience, of the Israelis, Rabbi Kripke Rabbi Kripke said, "It is one said, "We honor ourselves thing to face an enemy across w h e n we say they are our battle lines. But here mothers brothers. ^Although our part It and children, teachers and pu- humble, we do play a part pils, farmers and workers are when we make sacrificial conunder after day and ' tributions. The people of Israel night after night across what is take care of the front lines of supposed to be a cease-fire line. defense, but this leaves the wel"But they stay put," Rabbi fare problems of the home front Kripke said. "No one leaves for to us." the interior. Their trench-ands h e Her community literally goes underground when necessary. When the shells stop coming; they go back to school and back to work." Some C5 student leaders will Finances have their say about the JewThe rabbis pointed out the ish "Establishment" this weekbulk of Israel tax money must end. be spent on defense and that Ronald Wolfson, son of Mr. funds for health, welfare and and Mrs. Alan Wolfson, will ba education must come from among the young people engagJewish communities outside the ing in face-to-face discussions country. with the adult power structure "The entire Income of the represented by spokesmen of State of Israel must be spent major Jewish secular and relifor defense In the. face of con- gious groups. tinuing armament of surroundStudents from 32 American ing nations," Rabbi Brooks excampuses will participate in plained. "For the rest of the econ- the 3-day national conference omy," Rabbi Brooks continued, sponsored by B'nai B'rith Hil"Israel looks to us: for immi- Iel Foundations at the Washingr gration absorption, h o u s I n g,~ ton Hilton Hotel. education, medical and health - Hillel officials are hopeful services, we must supply funds. the conference will be a start We have no choice. We would toward "diminishing some of the misunderstandings and not do otherwise." Asked for" their brief evalua- false notions with which the tions about the current situa- organized Jewish community tion in Israel and what lies and its college generation tend ahead, both rabbis were confi- to interpret each other.

Local Youth Delegate To Millet Conference

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March 7, 1969  

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March 7, 1969  

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