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500 Omaha Jews Recife kaddish for Iraqi Victims A crowd of more than 500 attended special services at Beth Israel Synagogue Wednesday evening, in an expression of concern and solidarity with Jews in the Middle-East. The special service was called by the Omaha Syna.gogue Council in protest of the recent executions in Iraq. All synagogues and Jewish organizations were represenied at the service which was lead by the rabbis and cantors of the local congregations. Following the brief prayer service, which included the traditional Kaddish for the nine Jewish victims of the Iraqi executions, a special message was delivered by Ehud Lador, Israeli Consul from Chicago. Mr. Lador described the plight of Jews in Arab lands, and discussed in detail the current status of the Middle East crisis.

Nixon Agrees to Big Four Meeting President Richard M. Nixon, after consulting over the weekend with his top advisors in .the National Security Council, .decided to accept the French proposal for Four Power talks at the UN, Mr. Nixon was said to have instructed the State De'. partment to reply affirmatively to the French proposal. He was also understood to be preparing a cordial letter to . President Gamal Abdel Nasser, "-.of Egypt, which was seen,^s • opening the way for the re. sumption of diplomatic rcla• tions between Washington and .Cairo. Relations were severed .by Cairo during the June, 1967 -Six-Day War when Col. Nasser accused the United States and • Britain of sending aircraft to '.help Israel. The Nixon letter, I which will be in reply to ono "from Col. Nasser congratulat- ing the President on his inaug• uration, would; it was said here,

allow the Egyptian President to take the initiative in resuming diplomatic ties without retracting his June, 1967 charges. Mr. Nixon's acceptance of the principle of Four P o w e r talks was viewed as a departure from the stand of the Johnson Administration which held that a durable settlement of the M i d d l e East conflict had tp come from within the region. But the Nixon Administration was clearly opposed to the concept of a Middle East settlement Imposed by the Big Powers. ' The President was said to have found merit in the French plan to hold discussions within the UN between the Permanent Representatives of the Big Four which are, along with Nationalist China, p e r m a n e n t members of the Security Counj,. cil.

Mmes. Heeger^ ^ % e r Business Women s Campaign Division

Mmes Abe Mozer and Alice Heeger have been named cochairmen of the Business Women's Division of the 1969 Jewish Philanthropies-United J e w i s h Appeal-Israel Emergency Fund campaigns. , In announcing (he appointments, Mrs. A. C. Fellman, general chairman of the Women's Division, noted the many years of service given to past campaigns by the appointees. "Business women are busy women, and busy women know how to get things done," said Mrs. Fellman. Not only have Mrs. Mozer and Mrs. Heeger shown themselves to be efficient leaders in getting a job done; but also, they are well aware of the tremendous need for the job they have agreed to do. We areI'very"fortunate to have them head this special division in this. very s p e c i a l year," Mrs. Fellman said. Mrs. Heeger served as cochairman of the Business Women's Division in 1960, the same year she served as president of the Hadassah Business and Professional Women's group. Mrs. Mozer currently serves as vice president of the Hadassah B and P Group, and has been involved as worker and captain in many past Philanthropies Campaigns.

Trial Soon for El Al Attackers

Athens (JTA)—Two Palestinian A r a b terrorists who attacked an El Al airliner - at Athens Airport last Dec. 26 will go on trial shortly as common criminals, a u thoritativo Greek sources said. Their attack, with grenades and machine g u n s , resulted in the death of one Israeli passenger aboard the plane and severe injuries to a stewardess. —Greok officials said that pol-_ilics would not enter into the trial. "A man has been killed and his killers must face the c o n s e q u e n c e s , " they said. the three branches of American Greece has diplomatic relations Jewry in its concern for the with Israel. welfare and security of our brothers and sisters in Israel." The rabbis will make an intensive survey of conditions and needs in Israel during the week-long mission, and will, on Paris (JTA)—A poll taken by their return, report their find- France's largest public opinion ings to the members of their research o r g a n i z a t i o n has congregations. shown that the average FrenchThey will' meet with Prime man does not share the oppoMinister Eshkol and other rep- sition to President Charles de resentatives of the Israel Gov- Gaulle's pro-Arab Middle East ernment to consider social wel- policies and his military emfare needs in view of tfie cur- bargo against Israel that has rent situation, They will also Jjeen strongly expressed by meet with representatives of - leading French political figures the Jewish Agency and JDC and most sections of the press. Malben to study the problems The poll was conducted at the end of January by the I.F.O.P. of mmigrant absorption. at the request of the mass circulation newspaper, F r a n c e Soir. It disclosed that 37 per cent of 'those' questioned .approved the de Gaulle embargo on military e q u i p m e n t and spare parts to Israel and 37 per cent disapproved. Thirty-three per cent expressed disapproval of Gen. de Gaulle's overall Mid-' die East policy but 31 per cent approved, an increase of one per cent since the last poll was taken on the issue in December. A majority of Frenchmen —52 per cent—approved of de Gaulle's efforts to establish closer ties with Soviet Russia, a policy linked, to France's stand on the Middle East. Rabbi Myer S. Krlpkt

Local Rabbis to Tour Israel With UJA Rabbinical Group Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks of Temple Israel, and Rabbi Myer S. Kripke of Belli El Synagogue, will be among a group of 150 American Rabbis, participating in the first UJA Rabbinical Study Mission to Israel, The-rabbis from 50 major American cities, representing the three branches of Judaism, will leave New York City for Tel Aviv Sunday, February 9. They will return to the United States, Sunday, February 16. Babbi D. Weinberg, Milwaukee, chairman of the National Rab_. bliucaLAdvisory Committee for_ UJA, will serve as coordinator. Rabbi Weinberg noted -that the rabbinical delegation "will , demonstrate tho solidarity of

Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks

« s Postage Single Copy 35 Cents -naha, Neb.' Annual Rule 5 Dollar*


Mrs. A. Heeger In accepting the appointment, Mrs. Mozer recalled her visit to Israel in 1964. "I was impressed then with the tremendous growth and progress being made. The events of the past few years have brought many changes to Israel in terms of growth and problems, and I am eager to do whatever I can to aid the beople of Israel in both areas." Mrs. Heeger noted that her two sons each spent some time

Mrs. A. Mozer in Israel during the past year, and their eye-witness reports of the current critical situation was enough to convince her that no campaign responsibility could be considered as "doing too much. I'm pleased that I will have this opportunity to help in a year when our help if so greatly needed. I-hope th« results of this campaign in our division will prove that the Jew* ish business women in our community do care," she said

Petition Drive Continues A petition drive to generate public support for Israel in the ..current "Middle East crisis has been well received, and many signatures have been secured during the initial week of circulation, according to Steve Riekes, president of Cornhusker Lodge B'nai B'rith, which spearheaded the drive. < The_ driye is being co-sponsored by the Jewish Federation Emergericy Committee on Israel; Cornhusker and Monsky Lodgesof B'nai B'rith and the Omaha Synagogue Council. Copies of the signed ptitions will be sent to President Nixon, members of th? State Department and our local representatives in Washington. Mr. Riekes urged those who have not yet signed a petition to do so promptly. Additional copies of the petition are available from Mr. Riekes or from the Jewish Community Center. '

French Poll Probes Views on de Gaulle

PETITION To tb» President, »h« Congnti, and th« Departing of Start We, citizen* of the United States of America, recognizing our Judean-Chrlstlan heritage, ,_ > -~- ourtics and friendship with the people of Israel, and our desire forpeace, ' 'hereby urge the government of the United States to exercise its energies and resources, Us power and prestige, to seek, as a matter of the highest priority, a just peace for all peoples and all-nafIons of the Middle-East; and further, until such peace is reasonably established1 and tensions cased, to support "by~ air appropriate means the existenceof the State of Israel and the safety and security of its Inhabitants. Nomo




5. \ Sign and Mall or Deliver Promptly to One of the Tollowlns;; Steven niekes 040 So 136th St.

'Beth El Synagogue

Jewish PrcsK 101 No, 20th S?. , Omaha, Nebraska • or'to —-- — Beth Israel Synagogue Temple Israel

Friday, February 7, 1939



Rabbi Denies Jewish Rejecting World Protests, GuiltforIlls ofNegroes'.Iraq Plans Mew S®v Trial New York (JTA) — Unprece"the guilt for Negro disenfranworldwide outpouring of chisement should be laid at the dented condemnation of Iraq from govdoorstep of those who brought _ ernments, _politicalJ.ea d ejr s, it into being. church groups and individuals, "It was not the Jews who apparently failed this week to brought African Negroes to halt plans for a second mass America to enslave them; it trial by Iraq of alleged spies, was not the Jews who denied again with a large proportion them the vote or equal oppor- of Jewish defendents. tunity or who engaged in lynchbrutal hangings and pubings. It was not the Jews who licThe of the bodies of the bad segregated churches and firstdisplay 14 Iraqi nationals—nine segregated schools and segre- of them Jews—evoked horrified gated buses. It was not the protests in all western capitals. Jews who denied them employBritain and the United States ment in insurance companies formally condemned the trials. . . . which still do not employ One result was a protest demJews who qualify, or banks or onstration by I r a q i s at the in the utility companies. British Embassy in Baghdad. "The Negro is not living in Pope Paul deplored the exea Jewish society, but in the cutions when he spoke to a genmidst of an overwhelmingly eral audience of some 5,000 at large w h i t e community, of Vatican City. He said the execuwhich the Jew is just a small tions left the suspicision that part; and if the Negro is de- "racist prejudice" had a role prived, it is the community at in the sentences. large that must accept the guilt State Department sources said and work for its atonement. that the United States, which The Jewish community cannot has no diplomatic ties with undo what it did not create and Iraq, interceded through India, we cannot assume guilt for before the hangings, which Sec-. what is not our doing," he said. retary of State William Rogers called the ''spectacle"' fcpugnant" to the conscience of mankind." The Iraqi regime rejected all appeals on humanitarian grounds, asserting that the matter was an internal affair. U' Chicago (JTA)—Jewish col- to rebuild its only synagogue Thant later told a press conference that he agree with the lege youth from 30 campuses in which was destroyed by fire re- Iraqui stand and had no intencently. The assembly u r g e d the United States and Canada demonstrations of solidarity tion of bringing the case before convened here to protest against with Soviet Jewish youth. The the Security Council or any oththe treatment of Soviet Jewry North American Jewish Youth er UN deliberative body. In London, more than 60 and to make plans to help al- C o u n c i l claims to represent 500.000 Jewish high-school and members of Parliament signed leviate their plight. The young- college students. a motion in the House of Comsters, hailing from 25 cities, were attending the first national assembly on Soviet Jewry sponsored by the North American Jewish Youth Council in cooperation with the American Jewish Conference on Soviet New York (JTA) — A priest tactics, the question involved in Jewry. active in inter-religious rela- the Israeli raid on Beirut, and The gathering was addressed tions declared this week that the fundamental morality of Isby Rabbi Ralph Simon, presi- the American Christian com- rael's right to exist. "Had the voices of Christendent of the Rabbinical Assemb- munity was guilty of "a generly, who told the 250 delegates alized indifference to the wel- dom made even this elemental that "the Soviet Union has in- fare of Israel that shades off distinction between tactic and tensified its course, aimed at into hostility toward Israel." morality," the rabbi asserted, the conscious obliteration of The charge was made by Rev. "Jewish-Christian r e l a t i o n s Jewish history and culture with- Edward H. Flannery, executive would not be as badly bruised as they are now. Had the in its borders." secretary of the U.S. Catholic voices of Christian conscience Bishops Secretariat foiL Chris—One of the first projects on been raised even in recognition the assembly's a g e n d a con- tian-Jewish Relations, during a of Israel's feeling of internacerned assistance to the Jewish conference on the Middle East tional isolation or in sympathy commujnity of Odessa in Russia crisis held under the auspices with the nation's need to reof the National Conference of spond to the growing frustratChristians and Jews. ed anger of her beleaguered Rabbi Balfour Brickner, di- populace, A m e r i c a n Jewry rector of the commission on in- would have better understood terfaith activities of the union all the advice Christians have to share regarding the plight HaifaOTA>—TheIsraeli pas- oFAmerican Hebrew Congrega- of Arab refugees or the senger liner Theodor Herzl ar- tions, said that Christians had citythe of. Jerusalem^-'rived here from South America failed to distinguish between With 550 immigrants, mostly young people. The newcomerfe compromise 115 families, among them "yordim" — Israelis who once' emigrated. The Jewish Agency will provide them with OMAHA'S LEADING , all facilities granted new immiKosher Meat Market* & Delicatessen grants. • 551-5554 4415 Curnfag - Tel- Aviv (JTA)--^A corner-, Open Sunday 7:30 o n . to 5 p.m. — stone has been laid for a 10Monday Through Thursday Till 5:30 p.m. room clinic at the Sdeh Boker school. The occasion -was the SUNDAY SPECIALS first ^anniversary of J$e death of Mrs. Paula Ben-Guribn, wife of Israel's former Prime MinBest Brand, 16-oz. Pkg. ister, who makes his home in ..the tiny• Negev settlement. New York — Rabbi Gilbert Klaperman in an acceptance speech on his reelection as president of the New York Board! of Rabbis, as-1 sailed M a y o r Lindsay and his administrat i o n for alleged failure to s t e m manifestat i o n s of N e g r o antiS e m i t i s m in New York City. Rabbi K l a per. Klaperman man said that < « Mayor Lindsay in meetings with local Jewish leaders, was "unable to recognize the validity" of the complaints with the result that rby icts of omission and com ; Jssion by the Lindsay administration, "a permissive atmosphere" developed which ""ignited a fire of hate and violence which now threatens the entire city." Rabbi Klaperman told the organization, w h i c h represents some 900 Conservative, Orthodox and Reform rabbis, that

Jewish College Youth Map Plans to Aid Soviet Jews

Christian 'Silence' Blamed for Straining Inferfaith Relations

mons deploring the executions. Government asking the UN to Vigils were held in p u b l i c protect the Iraqi Jewish comsquares in Manchester, in the munity and to appeal for visas -heart of the industrial midlands for them to go to Israel-or-Thfcand in Glasgow, Scotland. Netherlands. In Belgium, the League for The hangings focused attenHuman Rights published a reso- tion on the role of the UN in lution calling the "murders" a protecting the persecuted Jewtravesty of j u s t i c e and de- ish minority in the Arab stales. nouncing the end of " c r u e l Foreign Minister Abba Eban practice of political trials which noted pointedly that Israel for mostly serve as a means of some time had been deeply coneliminating adversaries." cerned over the treatment of The International Confedera- the Jews in Iraq and had tion of Free Trade U n i o n s , placed the facts' before approbased in Brussels, appealed to priate agencies of the UN, but United Nations Secretary-Gen- that these bodies had failed to' eral U Thant in a cable to "take act. • . all appropriate action to ensure Eban referred to repeated Isthat such shameful deeds are raeli requests that the special not repeated." UN envoy to the Middle East be The Ashkenazi Sephardic and instructed to study the plight of Liberal communities of The the Jewish minorities in UM Netherlands cabled the Dutch Arab states.

Moscow Backs Hangings; Arab World'Sickened' Jerusalem (JTA)—A Moscow radio"broadcast monitored here said that Iraq was "fully justified" in hanging 14 alleged spies, nine of them Jews. In the first Soviet comment on the hangings, the broadcast charged that the executions were being exploited by "imperialist and Zionist propaganda machines" and referred to "terrible crimes" by Israeli occupation forces in Arab territory. A majority of the Arab world appeared revolted by the brutal public executions although not necessarily with the motivation for them. The chief concern in Cairo, Beirut and other Arab capitals seemed to be that the Baghdad spectacle had increased world sympathy for Israel at a time when world opinion was beginning to favor the Arabs as a result of Israel's Dec. 28 reprisal raid on Beirut Airport. The semi-official Cairo daily Al Ahram', which often reflects the opinions of President Gamal Abdel Nasser, commented: "The banging of 14 people To list or Boy In Real Estate Coll



BEED DAVIS CO. 558-2300

in public squares is certainly iibt a Heart-warming sight.1*' But the newspaper thought that Iraq had "a sound case" for convicting the alleged spies. The Moroccan news agency, Maghreb Araber Presse, called the hangings 'a lamentable spectacle and a monumental psychological error." The Star, an English-language newspaper in Beirut, called the executions a "bloody orgy" that "sickened the heart of every thinking Arab," but said that Israel had no right to retaliate because the executed men were Iraqi citizens. New Trials ... In Baghdad Information Minister Abdullah Salloum Samnrri said new spy trials would begin shortly—they had previously been reported under way —and pledged that his Government would "hang convictedspies in the public squares" regardless of world opinion. In the new trials 35 Jews are accused of spying for the V.S. Central Intelligence Agency. P MRS. BERTA RUDERMAN thanks her many relatives and friends for the cards, gifts, contributions to charity and other expressions of good wishes offered'durlng her recent hoipltallzation.

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Friday, February 7, 1S09




Greece Sign K //me* A</ Blasts Israel, Tourism Agreement Christians for 'Silence' New York (JTA)—The Amer- defending a museum catalog ican Jewish Congress criticized c o n t a i n i n g an introduction this week the " s i l e n c e " of smearing Jews, the action of Christian and Negro spokesman New York University in hiring Who "by failing to speak out, a Negro teacher, John Hatchett, -gave their full consent" to re- who repeatedly accused Jews of "poisoning" the minds of cent anti-Semitic incidents in children in ghetto schools and New York City. Station WBIA for broadcasting. The- agency sponsored a full- anti-Semitic remarks and then page advertisement in the New defending that practice on the York Times, in which it de- grounds of free speech. clared that the challenge of the time was "not only Inhumanity but indifference. The target is not only ill will but ignorance. The enemy is not only-slander but silence." The statement called for a strengthening of the "natural New York (JTA)—The "Haralliance" between Negroes and lem on My Mind" exhibition Jews in the "fight for human catalog, portions of which have dignity for every citizen." As- been denounced as anti-Semitic, serting that backlash and bigo- was withdrawn this week by try were the r e s u l t s of the the Metropolitan Museum of clashes, the statement said that Art under pressure from Mayor Jews must not fall prey "to the John Lindsay, other political divisive tactic that seeks to pit leaders and Jewish organizaNegro against Jew, and Jew tions. The target of the charges against Negro" because the vic- was an introduction to the catatim "will be justice. The dupe log written by a Negro Bronx high school student which conwill be ourselves." tained a number of anti-Semitic The statement c r i t i c i z e d slurs. Thomas. Hovi ng,. director of the Thomas Hoving,' the museum Metropbliiah Museum of Art for

Nixon Adviser Urges Jews To Stay en Rights Struggle WASHINGTON (JTA)—Daniel P. Moynihan, the new White House Assistant for Urban Affairs, urged the Jewish community "not to turn Inward" because of Negro hostility. While recognizing the dilemma facing Jewish groups created by a rise in antiSemitism, "this is no time for turning back," he told the annual meeting of the B'nai B'rith board of governors. Making his first public speech since joining the Nixon Administration,. Dr. Moynihan said that the nation will have paid "a very heavy price if such traditional elements in the fight against prejudice and discrimination as the Jewish community withdraws from the effort for racial justice. "Anti-Semitic feelings have come open in a way which we thought we were finally done with," Mr. Moynihan said. "You have been alarmed, hurt and offended by this—and you ought to be." But citing the racial crisis as the major domestic problem confronting the nation, he said that no matter "what the provocations of the moment, the great commitment has to be to those who have the least."

Jerusalem (JTA)—Israeli officials announced that an agreeStephen Birmingham, the celment for cooperation on tourism between Greece and Israel was ebrated American author, wilf signed last week, aimed at at- be the featured speaker at the tracting American tourists - to annual Past Presidents B'nai B'rith Benefit Stag to be held both countries. A similar agreement between Wednesday, March 19, at 6:30 •Israel and .Rumania provides p.m. at Peony Park. Announcethat tourist offices of one country carries information about the other. This is the only bilateral agreement in effect between Israel and Greece, which does not have formal diplomatic relations with Israel.

director^ said in announcing the catalog withdrawal, tha t the museum did not want to offend "any persons or groups and Stephen Birmingham had no desire to engage in contention." Invites Charges The catalog incident was cited by the Brooklyn Jewish Community Council in a demand for the removal of William II. Booth from his post as chairman of WASHINGTON (JTA) — Pothe City Human Right's Commission. The demand was made lice this weekend were holding y y • man on charges 6f"dynamiting"' members of his administration. Jan. 11 the Shaare Tikvah synThe Brooklyn JCC charged agogue in suburban Temple that Booth had failed to .con- Hills, Md. Damage to the yeardemn the catalog and that, on the contrary, he had declared old synagogue was estimated that the material was not sub- at $200,000. A small arsenal was found in ject to criticism on grounds it was "an expression of fact." the home of David V. Maness,

.- The girl, now Mrs. Ruth Fried- man Elder, jumped 25 feet to the ground at the ski area, rather than disobey a d i c t a t e of Jewish law which says an unmarried girl cannot remain with a'male in a place not accessible to a third person. The s t o r y was revealed in court testimony here. Mrs. Elder, then Ruth Friedman, told of the dilemma that she said she had f a c e d , as , a 1G-



553-7000 I I I No. EOfh 10 Ex(>.rf Sfyliili MISS CAL, RecepHoniit MISS JERRY, Slyl. Director

American Continental Art Gallery ISO! Farnam


John Kalina PHOTOGRAPHER 817 South 36th Street — 345-1044


. .


Black and White

an electrical w o r k e r , along with a p r i n t e d list of syna-


County, where Shaare Tikvah is located, and a hand-drawn map of the Temple Hills area. Among the c h a r g e s filed against Maness were dynamiting of a house of worship. Some 38 pounds of dynamite, fuses and detonation t a p e s were found in his home along with weapons and a m m u n i t i o n . Found also in the home was a quantity of literature produced by the extreme right-wing Minutemen o r g a n i z ation which teaches its members guerrilla warfare. Officials did not say whether Maness was a Minutemen.member. Rabbi Robert Chernoff, the synagogue's spiritual l e a d e r , said he hoped "there will be no premature j u d g ments made against the man." There were no injuries in the explosion as the synagogue was empty on the Saturday night that it occurred. The rabbi said repairs had begun. The congregation is meeting in a church.'

Iraqi Victims Mourned;

New York (JTA) — Jewish businessmen in Paterson, New Jersey closed their stores last weekend in a symbolic action of mourning for the Iraqi Jews hanged by the Iraqi regime; The action of the Paterson Jews was duplicated in many cities where memorial demonstrations also were held to protest the trjals. The National Community Relations Advisory Council reported that Christian organizations and leaders were joining year old girl, in the appellate Jews in protesting the trials in division of State Supreme Court. Baghdad with demonstrations She testified as the state sought cited in Detroit, Cleveland, to recover damages awarded, to Boston, Washington, Los'Angeher by a lower court. ; les and many other cities. KadThe State was required to pay dish for the executed nine Jews $35,000 for her injuries and was recited and memorial can$2,231 to her father for medical dles were lit in their memory expenses. She said she suffered in hundreds of synagogues. Emergency Visas a fractured nose and face cuts when she jumped to the ground In Washington, Rep. William to avoid spending the night aloft Fitts Ryan, New York Demowith'Jack Katz, then 19. crat, introduced a House bill She and a rabbi attested to a to authorize 3,000 emergency visas to facilitate entry of religious law in question. In the court of claims, she tes- Iraqi Jews if they can leave tified that her religious training that country. He acted after 14 Senators of both parties signed motivated the action. A spokesman for the Jewish a statement calling on Iraq to Theological Seminary of Amer- allow the remainder of its'Jews ica (Conservative) in New York to emigrate. The S e n a t o r s commented that there were sev- were: Walter Mondaler Minneeral references in the Talmud, sota, Dem.; Jacob K: Javits, to such a prohibition, adding that the circumstances governMONALISA ing its application were a matHouse of Glamour ter of rabbinical debate.


ment of plans for.the stag was 'inade this week Tiy the co-chairmen, Barton Greenberg, Burt Render and Morley Zipursky. Mr. Birmingham hit the bestseller lisHir 1967 with his book, "Our Crowd," the social his-tqry of the great Jewish families of NewJ .York. ThisT_wasfollowed last year with his book, "The Right People," a portrait of the American social establishment. Tickets for the stag are now on sale. Proceeds will be used to support charities including: Leo N. Levi Memorial Hospital, National Jewish Hospital, Bellefaire Childrens Hospital, Paraplegic Hospital for Israelf Veterans and the Israel Children's Home. Support will also be provided for B'nai B'rith projects such as the ADL, . Youth Activities, Service Committee for Armed Forces and Veterans and the Henry Monsky Foundation.

Suspect Held in Bombing Of Washington Synagogue

Jewish Ldw Strictly Obeyed By N.Y. Teenager on Ski Date Albany — Five years ago a Jewish girl from Brooklyn, then . 16 years old, found herself and a date halted on a state-operated Catskill Mountain chair lift with the prospect of spending the > "night in it together. ' , Lift attendants thought there * were no riders on the moving i chairs, used as a summer tour•-. 1st attraction, so they shut, off the power at 5:30 p.m. and went

'Our Crowd' Author Will Speak at B'nai B'rith Stag

New York Rep.; Peter Dominick, Colorado Rep.; Charles Go o d e II, New York Rep.; George M u r p h y , California Rep.; William S a x be, Ohio, Rep.; Hugh Scott, Penna. Rep.; Philip Hart, Mich. Dem.; William Proxmire, W i s c o n s i n Dem.; Abraham R i b i c o f f , Conn. Dem.; Joseph Tydings, Maryland Dem.; Steven Young, Ohio Dem.; Charles Mathias, Maryland Rep.; and Alan Cranston, California Dem,

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Friday, February 7. 1W9



Between You and Me

Attack on Israel Featured in -: Liberal Catholic Publication


Jewish Identity of Sovief Youth

Response ! By Milton Friedman justifications and stress the doubtful aspects of ZionFour responses to Southwick The liberals of Ihe "respect- more Luckiiy, many Jews in the ideology and Israeli his- were published. The Rev. Fa- Mixed marriages b e t w e e n _«dJeft' are" succumbing to the ist Jews and non-Jews are a part Soviet Union live a closely-knit tory."ther Bruno Hussar, a Catholic Franco-Soviet -Jipe; that a glolife. This is partlydue to In one of five special articles priest living in Israel, termed of the normal way of life among family bal nuclear" confrontation is imold Jewish tradition in Ruson Israel, Commonweal fea- Southwick "very seriously bias- young people in the USSR, es- the minent u n l e s s tured an attack on Israel by ed." He charged Southwick pecially among student?. There sia of having the elder parents the superpowers Albert B. Southwick, Chief edi- with a "lack o f understanding is practically no p r e j u d i c e live with their" c h i l d r e n and impose a peace torial writer of the Worcester, of what is really happening in among the student youth. In grandchildren in the same settlement upon Mass., Telegram and Gazette Israel, and total lack of sensiti- fact, one would find it hard to house. It is also due to the housIsrael. Such a , Entitled "Another Look At Is- vity to the true drama of the recognize on the campus who ing s h o r t a g e which force? solution w o u l d Arab-Israeli conflict." He said of the students is a Jew and who grownup youngsters to live with rael." :'•;' Involve concestheir parents and grandparent* sions by Israel Southwick said that "most of Southwick accepted Arab pro- is a non-Jew. until they marry and find an but not by the us have been so thoroughly paganda and ignored the Pan- Contributing much to inter- apartment for themselves. Arabs. conditioned by the Jewish ago- Arabic dogma of "no recogni- marriage is the fact that the youth—Jews as well as non- Surviving grandparents, thereny and holocaust that we pre* tion, no peace." . There is talk fer to keep silent rather than Rabbi Marc H. Tannenbaum Jews—have no attachment to re- fore, play an important role in of a new United say anything that conceivably recalled that six Arab' states ligion. This docs not mean that keeping the younger members Nations "partimight feed the sparks of anti- invaded Israel in 1948 in de- Jewish youngsters want to di- of the'family Jew-conscious. tion1' of Pales- Friedman fiance of the United Nations, vorce themselves from the Jewtine to supersede the 1947 plan. Semitism. Questions and Answers This would involve the stationBut does the compassion we thus creating the Arab refugee ish identity which is marked in While watching the fervor of their personal documents. ing of United Nations troops on feel for the Jews and the ad* problem. • Arthur A. Cohen said that On the contrary, they proudly the thousands of Jewish youngboth sides of the new frontier. miration we feel for Israel A humanitarian outcry, ex- mean we must harden our "unfortunately Southwick is cling to this identity, although sters who came from all parts pressing the danger of atomic hearts against the victimized content with his cry. What are they know nothing about Jewish- ' of Moscow to participate in tho war, the plight of the Arab ref- Arabs? Are the refugee camps his proposals?" he asked. He ness. They have no access to mass Simhat Torah celebration ugees, and similar problems, of Gaza justified somhow by asked Southwick where one knowledge 'of Jewish history, at the synagogue, I wondered: would be heard. Israel's gov- the Nazi concentration camps could have found all the "com- they are alien to Jewish spirit- What brings them to the cele* passion" that Southwick said ual achievements, they cannot bration when they are actually ernment and security would be 25 years ago?" compromised in the name of Southwick said that Ameri- ''leaped into action (among speak the Yiddish language and not religious? peace and justice. cans do not have to abandon Gentiles) when Jews were the do not know a single word of . I posed this question to doz. The respected publication, Israel to genocide "but neither victims?" Hebrew, the study of which has ens of youngsters in the crowd.' "Comroonweal'.'rjaurnaL.of.-the.. .;dQ.w.e.ha.y.e.tpvstand by and enWriter Paul Jacobs described been prohibited in the Soviet I received a unanimous re* American Catholic liberals, de- dorse the building'"of" an "ex-" the rise in- terrorist and• guer- ' Union for 'about' 50' years'.' They ply from all whom-1-queried,voted its latest issue to "Israel clusiohist semi-theocracy based rilla attacks by the Arabs, pre- read about Israel, but only in The answer was: "We came her© •—Its Dilemma and Ours." on dubious millennial notions, ditcing that another war may the Soviet press which is anti- because we ore Jews." ' Mindful of Christian responsi- especially when this is being coon erupt. He indicated that Israel. The fact that this was a rebility, Commonweal editorial- done in such a way as to polar- Southwick was naive in ignorA young Jew in Russia today ligious holiday did not matter ized that "we cannot be silent ize the whole Middle East into ing the basic fact of '.'two them. I tried to find out why because the seeds of nuclear attitudes of hatred that guar- groups of equally determined knows he is Jewish only because to don't come to the synawar now find the most fertile antee another war. We need people" fighting over the same his identity d o c u m e n t s are they marked with the word "Evrei," gogue on Rosh Hashanah of soil in Mideast deserts. Even not remain silent about the suf- territory. Kippur. The answer was! more so than in Asian rice pad- fering and injustice that have Commonweal permitted elo- which in Russian means "Jew." Yom "Because these are gloomy! holt* dies." ' been inflicted on the million quent and extensive rebuttal. The great majority of the Soviet- days." To them, Simchat Torab native Palestinians who, after But nevertheless the issue of born Jewish youth do not con- is not a religious holiday, but a ., Commonweal Viewi sider this designation an insult. Commonweal .asserted that 20 years, still fester in miser- liberal versus Israel was subt- On the contrary, this Identifica- holiday that reflects optimism) ly raised. many supporters of Israel con- able shanty towns." tion' in their passports strength- .and joy. They seek to express sider almost any criticism of Referring to the Nazi concept ens their desire to know more their b e l o n g i n g to Jewry Tel Aviv as the first sign of of "untermensch (sub-humans), through singing and dancing, obout Jews and their past. an American betrayal of Israel Southwick asked: "Who can not through prayers. Cariosity •—they have, of course, painful deny that the teeming refugee CAESAREA, the MediterranThey would probably be equalOn the whole, it can be said memories on which to ground camps seemed filled with un- ean city of ancient ruins and this suspicion. It has been sug- termenschen — particularly on plush resorts in I s r a e l , was that the average young Jew in ly impressed with Passover and gested, that the future Chris- those days when prosperous Is- given by Roman Emperor Au- the Soviet Union feels like an Chanukah if these' Jewish holitian-Jewish dialogue depends raelis and Americans, loaded gustus to King Herod, who built orphan who is eager to find out days were given public expres* on Christians hewing a rather down with cameras, take the it into a large city with a safe more about his parents whom sion through mass seders or he has never seen. There Is very through Chanukah concerts. Buf narrow line in support of Is- bus tour through the Gaza harbor. ' • • little that his father or mother they would not even consider -rael." . • Strip?" . • • • these holidays as religious; they -Commonweal said "the largeAlluding to American Jewry, AMSTERDAM (JTA) — The can tell him about the meaning would consider them as com* ly pro-Israel bias of the Amer- Southwick observed: "More Netherlands Government has an- of being a Jew, because most of ican Press" that followed the than 15,000 Egyptians, Jor- nounced that it will give addi- the Jewish parents in the USSR rnemorating events __of Jewish Six-Day War of June, 1967, has danians, and Syrians died hor- tional compensation to victims today are themselves e i t h e r history which led to Jewish freenow produced a counter-reac- ribly in the Six-Day War, thus of Nazi concentration camps Soviet-born or raised under the dom. tion among many Americans. inspiring at least 15,000 jokes who have suffered from poor Soviet regime, He looks there^ This is how they understand Some intellectuals feel they for night club comics in Miami, health and have lived in dire fore, for Jewish guidance to- Jewishness. In their view, mixed must now "emphasize the Arab Las Vegas; and elsewhere." circumstances since World War ward his Jewish grandparents— marriages do not minimize such if they are still alive. IL Jewishness.

Did You Know?

1 Write as I Phase

The Mystery Meeting ByCarlAlpert Jerusalem—A strange assembly took place here in recent weeks. It was labelled "Con. ference of Leaders of J e w i s h Organizations," and was organ i z e d byt h e P r i m e Minister's office. Surely this would be of int e r e s t to our readers, and so we sought information from the Alpcrt Government tress Office as to how to go about "covering" the Conference. We were told that all the sessions would be closed and it was so announced in the papers. • This business of secret sessions intrigued us, and we decided to investigate further. The'-mystery only deepened. One explanation from an authoritative source was quite frank: The sessions will be off the record so that the visitors from abroad will feel free to criticise the Government i t they wish. But an important participant from overseas reported that they had. been told something else: The press had been ex-

cluded to" prevent critical Coverage. Purpose of the Conference was to show the Israelis that world Jewry stands with them. The Israelis need. this kind of encouragement, it was said. The whole thing is really a show to raise Israeli morale. The Conference was attended by 160 heads and representatives of. 55 organizations and communities in 21 countries, joined by 130 Israeli leaders and personages. Incidentally, who the latter 130 were, and how they were chosen also re^ mained a mystery. One observer who studied the program calculated that more than 85% of the speech time was devoted to. addresses, by Israelis: Eshkol (twice), Golda Meir, Abba Eban, Moshe Dayan, Yigal Allon, Nahum Goldmann, President Sfaazer, and greetings from many others. - There has been a spate of conferences, and more aro sceduled. The Economic Conference of last April is to be repeated in June, It will ba preceded by a Conference on Human Needs, also to be attended by leaders from abroad. These—one devoted to investment, and the other to philanthropic help—have an obvious purpose. But wh a t wag the point of this last January gathering?

At Prime Minister's Conference lEBUSAUM—Ijiatl Defense Minister Hosbs Daju Is greele4 defers the SiiDq War, Israel'sieferreat Is s t | capable el fcj Dr. WilBui A- Waiter (led), president el B'oal B'ritb, aeetieg tos tbaliesge. B e Arabs' ewareBessMijirars)' at a lejiioB tf tti Priss Minister's Cesference, tie east sfreBgtD, Dajaa iild, Bakes tie pessltity ef i M l d l i l a f representative gsiarfeg ef Jewish leaders stewtteestab- wirta the Marfstsre KE&IJ. VfitS Dijia are Metbi KaskS' 'Es&Bsut if Israel Qa/as tsMtte1(8 delegates, represent (right), Ciecter-genera! el Israel's HiBlstrj el Defeue, at* Hajer Jewish wpatarfleM gad Jnrlsb tnsaralties b 9 Jnabas tottaXWKfiutti i l f t t i fiwfaj »etjst> cmWes, ttat a!t6«Bj& Arab BKarj BJjht Is greater teas


Friday, February 7, 1009


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Forbidden Fruit By David Schwartz This old earth may seem full of turbulence but to the astronauts sailing around the moon, it appeared like an oasis and they turned to the Old Testa-: ment to r e a d ' tow God made the world and how He looked i et it and said "it ' • is good." ' We seem In many ways tobe going back to the days of the creation of the world. We are Schwartz ell looking for the Garden of Eden. '




5 YEAR& AGO • Eddie Trachtenbarg and Dale Diamond observed a joint Bar Mitzvah celebration. 10 YEARS AGO Arnold Weitz celebrated his Bar Mitzvah . .-. Mrs. J. H. KuLakofsky was named the recipient of the B'nai B'rith Citizenship Award. 15 YEARS AGO Milton Abrahams was named to serve on the Omaha School Board. Maurice Katzman was named chairman of the Beth Israel Annual Dinner. 20 YEARS AGO Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Altsuler announced the birth of a son, Steven Lee . . . Lorraine Waldman and Robert Smith •were m a r r i e d . . . Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K i r s h e n b a u m announced the birth of a son, Thomas Aaron. 29 YEARS AGO Etta Garelick and Harold Epstein announced their engagement^. . . Morton Glass celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. --— <•• 30 YEARS AGO Charlotte Sklar and Arthur Adler announced their engagement . . . Mr. and Mrs. E. Zalkln announced the birth of a daughter, Marcia Henrietta. 35 YEARS AGO Pauline Salzstein and Milton Abrahams were married.

The Communists say they PLANNED ACTION FOR have found it. It's in. Moscow. PROTEST MEETINGS Just join the Party. Many protest meetings fail The student rioters say, all to accomplish their purpose beyou need to find it is to get a cause t h e r e is no specific hatchet and -start knocking ev- —planned action for - those aterything down. tending. Therefore the followThe Democrats say their sys- ing is suggested to involve the tem of Social Security will people in a "CHAIN LETTER"bring it about and the Republi- writing program. cans are still counting on free FIRST, impress upon those enterprise to do the trick. attending the importance of Adam and Eve, of course, had writing letters to our represensocial security and everything tatives in Washington, by exnice, but it seems that they were plaining that public opinion is still unsatisfied. created by such letters which The serpent started coming direct a course of action. around. He kept showing Eve SECOND, explain that while an apple. all the letters are not read by No, she would say, I am on the President or Congressmen, a diet. I've got' to lose five they are all carefully counted pounds. But the serpent would and tabulated and put into piles keep at it. FOR and AGAINST any given Then the serpent throught up situation. a tricky way to win Eve over. THIRD, explain that each letHe realized how everyone is ter is multiplied by 10,000 betempted to do a forbidden thing, cause statistics show that only so now whenever he mentioned one in 10,000 people take the the apple, he always brought time to write but those who do, that in. express how the other 10,000 I know, he would say, why . ' you won't eat the apple. It's be- think. FOURTH, that it is therefore cause it is forbidden. You are one of those conformists who not only important for each one are afraid of doing anything on to write, but for each to get 10 your own. You are afraid of be- others to also write and for each of those to get 10 others ing an individual. By making the apple seem to write similar letters ad inforbidden, Eve' began to "want finitum: This m e t h o d could" to eat it more and more and soon add up to hundreds of finally she broke down and ate thousands of letters started by it. And she persuaded Adam the original 10 or 'minyan'. also to have an apple. FIFTH, set up tables in synaIt was then that they were gogues, churches, hotels, banks cast out of the Garden of Eden. and other main buildings and Actually the Bible makes ho on sidewalks, with sample letmention of any apple in connec- ters for people to sign. tion with Adam and Eve. That Sol A. Dann story must have been started by the Citrus Growers Association LET'S DO MORE! to give the apple a black eye. The Omaha Jewish communThe Bible speaks of forbidden ity must go farther in her steps fruit—fruit of the Tree of Knowl- to help Israel. Limited action edge. That makes great sense. has been taken, but more is Not all the fruit of the Tree All o r g a n i z a t i o n s of Knowledge is forbidden, but needed. do more than they alsome of the fruit is very dan- should gerous and society today recog- ready have. Such ideas as nizes this as never before. Tech- school assemblies, television nology is causing us to pollute programs, more and more letour air, our waters and our soil. ters to government, and more And the more of the Tree of money should be sent. Although there are only 7,000 Knowledge we learn, the greater our instruments of destruction Jews in Omaha, 7,000 voices can make a heck of a lot of become. . We may pray to be delivered noise. Steve Chasen from this forbidden fruit.

'Unrealistic Expectations' Cited ' as Factor in Negro-Jewish Conflict By BEN GALLOB The "exceedingly high and unrealistic exptetations" which Jews and Negroes have toward each other have been cited by a Jewish expert on community a significant factor in the growing conflict between the two groups. Accordingly, In the view of Jerry Hochfeaum, community consultant to the National Community Relations Advisory Council, efforts to reduce the l e v e l of rapidly expanding Jewish-Negro tensions must include programs aimed at diminishing such expectations by •making it clear what each group may and may .not reasonably expect from one another. The analyst, in tracing the background of Negro-Jewish relations ia: this country; noted that Negro anti-Semitism'had roots both in .Christian theology and in the frustrations of deprived and oppressed ghetto dwellers for whichthe white man: Is considered responsible . and with the Jew as a handy targelrfor^eneralized anti-white hatred. One reason, historically, has been the presence of the Jewish merchant and landlord in the inner city slums. But, he added, there are "uniquely Jewish and Negro components which sharpen and exacerbate these tensions," particularly the expectations each group has toward the other. He pointed put that Jews are often prone, as are'other ethnic groups, "to demand that the Negro pull himself up by his bootstraps, as they did," ignoring the fact that the Jewish experience In America and the Jewish historical and socio-cultural experience has been vastly different from that of the Negro. In the same way, he added, the Negro expects "and demands greater morality1' from the Jew, because the Jew also is a member of a minority group and was also once "a slave unto Pharoah in Egypt" This expectation, the consultant added, failed to understand the fact that the Jew "has achieved a middleclass standing in American society." In that status, too Jew "incorporates for better or worso '

many of the traits of American middle-class mentality." .-:.: • • Negroes hold Jews to a higher standard of behavior because they are Jews, and when the anticipated response from Jews fails to materialize, the Negroes are angry and disillusioned. "Even when reasonable responses are forthcoming, they are unlikely to satisfy Negro demands entirely because- emotionally saturated and unreahstically high expectations are generically not capable of fulfillment." Moreover, the Negro, who has long been a victim of stereotyping by the white community, "resorts to similar types of generalizations about Jews." In parallel fashion, Jews are prone to hold all Negroes responsible for the "anti-Semitism and demagoguery of a small minority of Negro extremists." In the light of the Jew's long commitment and staunch support for the Negro's struggle for equality, Jews also expect more from the Negro "than a Wck in the teeth." ------; ••--.-—-•Despite his view that American Jews have acquired many middle-class disabilities, the community relations expert said that the white backlash was minimal among Jews as an element'of the dominant white society. He asserted that the Jewish community ''continues to have a substantial and impressive potential, even if it presently is somewhat torpid, to respond to the racial and urban crisis." As' one Biep, he said,/'Jewish communal leadership must educate American Jews on the desperate plight of the ghetto dweller and on the need for their support for massive action to provide full equality for the dispossessed. But it is equally important, he emphasized, that Negro and Jewish groups act by all available means to de-escalate "their exceedingly t high and unrealistic expectations toward each : other. Negro and Jewish groups must learn to truly become cognizant of what each are, as minority groups and in relation to one another, ivhat they are in common as well as their relevant differences.

Sidelines By Mickey Gerelick

"If the' world hews wasn't bad ' The top'' favorites of'.' these'' enough, another dimension of rules are: 1) Confiscation of trauma was felt in many car keys. 2) Banishment from" homes last week as countless the television room. 3) Curtailfamilies faced Report Card ment of telephone privileges. Time. None of these measures afWe've been through a lot of fect grades to any great extent, report cards in our house to but they do provide parents get where we are, with 2 kids with the opportunity to have in college and one in h i g h nearly-forgotten iisp of said inschool; which qualifies me to struments of pleasure and conpass on some advice to those venience. Dangers: If these young mothers just starting rules are used too often, parthe school route. ents will soon dread the possiI have no advice for parents bility of A grades removing with highly motivated straight the rules and returning the A students cause 1) I have no priority privileges to the kids. experience with that kind of For the less psychologyproblem and 2) what's the geared, more primitive kind of problem? Neither, can' I be of parent, I suggest verbal meashelp to parents of children at ures. 1) Scream loud and long the other end of the report card about irresponsibility; procrasalphabet. But to the vast ma- tination, lack of ambition, unjority who f i n d themselves gratefulness, and anything else somewhere injhe middle of the that comes to your mind. 2) two extremes—believe me—I've Curse the child thusly: "All I been through it. want is I should live long Rule 1: It is incumbant upon enough to see you grown up a J e w i s h mother to expect and married, and you should straight A's from her children, have a child just l i k e you, no matter what, and when Re- who'll bring you home a report Cards reveal the disap- port card like this—then you'll pointing B's and C's, a number know how I feel." of courses of action are called Again, this method' does' little for. to improve grades,'but it makes mothers feelbetter. • Pass The Buck For those of you who prefer ' Philosophy excuses to more direct action, When all else fails, you can blame your kid's grades on the teacher, who .doesn't know how always turn to philosophy— to teach; the text book writers "So he's ~not a scholar—so who don't know what should be what can I do? Is a lousy retaught, or your husband, since port card worth all of us getjunior must take after him ting so sick and upset. As long cause you were a brilliant stu- as we have our health, that's , "Y\» all that counts. A report card dent. after all isn't the most import: Rationalize thing in the world. School Average grades are much taht grades have to be put in proper more palatabJe if you can con- perspective; I won't get upset] vince yourself of the following: I'll try to encourage child 1) Straight A highly motivated to do better and his my rechildren are usually unhappy port card will certainlynext be betchildren with severe emotional ter. It if isn't—I still won't problems, and you don't want upset—I'll kill myself!" get that for your child. (Caution: There you have it, you mothThis one only works for those parents who don't have friends ers of pre-school children—a with children who are happy, peek into the future of periodic well-adjusted,' highly"- motivate pieces of papers that will tendV -to destroy the tranquility ot edr straight Astudents;) 2) He's probably a genius your home in the years to and just bored with school. 3) come. There's a bright side to Maybe the teacher made amis- having children in school—liko • take. 4) Next year he'll be old- no more diapers and bottles. er, so he'll do better. 5) So who But brace yourself for the trausays everyone has to go to col- mas, the tears and the occasional triumphs that come with lege. the 52 report cards between Direct Action For parents who are bent on . kindergarten and college. Happy School Days. the .psychological approach to child guidance, and feel that the child must bear the burden of his "under-achievemerit," a number of avenues are open, Published weekly on Friday bedirected primarily against the ginning the last week in August teenage report card victim. through second week in July by In quiet, well modulated tones, Jewish Federation of Omaha. the child is told that "for bis Second Class Pbitofl*: Paid own good, new rules will be inot Omaha, Neor. . Annual Subscription 15.00. stigated to remove distracting Advertising Rates on Application, . • •• influences and to motivate him Publication Office: 101 No. 20th Street, \ Omaho, Nebr.- 48102. 'Phont 342-13M. • toward better study habits and grades." Mrs. Robert Gerelick, Editor

The Jewish Press



agogue Activities

Friday, February 7, 19fl9 Financially tacura middle *q»d widower is looking for • pf««i• nt young Jtwiih lady, 30 to 45 y««rs of «g» who ii a good cook and houi»li«tp«r. Wiita Box 32, J.wiih P f . u , 101 North 20fh St. Omaha, Nabraslca.

Why Hie Ytltow P«g*i7 Try Hit


Candlelighting: 5:37 p.m. St. 2SS5 batli Worship Service. Dr. Ann Wiseman, Charles Fishkin, Freund will discuss, "Self- Daniel Meiches, Debra Ann Identification and Affiliation." Ginsberg, Paul Fishkin, Mike 'BHBaBBBBBBBBBBBBflBflBBBBBBBaBBBBBBBBBBBOaBBBBBBflJ * * * SERVICES Moore, Todd Finkle. Rochelle, —DATE-CHANGES Friday: 8:15 p.m. Frank, Robbie Kolnick. Rabbi Myer S. Kripke will Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks will - -officiate-.Musical portions....of. participate in the UJA Rab- Newly enrolled students of 342-0436 1509 Harriey Omaha, Nebr. the service will be provided by binic Air Lift to Israel, which the Sunday School division will be consecrated during the SabCantor Manfred F. Kultner and leaves February 9. In view of Rabbi Kripke's abbath Morning Service at ap- the Choir, under the direction DURABLE LUGGAGE TAGS sence from the city, the Sister- proximately 10:30 a.m. They of Miss Ida Gitlin. hood Book Review Dinner has Hsjvy, unbreakable Gr«voply(.yaur nimi and addrtsi. will enhance the Sabbath ServThe fifth in the 19G8-69 SabProtect your luggage and briefcase* . . . . . . . . . . f r o m bath Discussion Series will be been rescheduled for February ice with songs, under the direcheld on the subject "of "Issues 26. The Men's Club Breakfast .tion of Cantor Jacob Lsfkowitz of Moral Decision in Our Com- meeting has been changed to and the Sunday School teachNAME TAGS in a variety of colors, ideal Wwaitreises February 23. ers—Mrs, Doris Parker. Mrs. munity." and all who como in contact with tho public From Mindel Diamond. Mrs. Sophie Guest speaker will be KenKatz, and Mrs. Zena Fishbain. neth E. Shearer, Executive DiBUILDING A NEW OFFICE OR MOTEL? rector, Greater Omaha ComThe Sunday School Students munity Action, Inc. He will OMAHA ENGRAVING M«kc. All Signs to be consecrated are: for Doors, Desks and Personnel speak on "Cause for Pride . . . SERVICES Barbara Jean Comisar, AarAchievements-Victories in the Friday: on Michael Lesser, Rosalie EpWar on Poverty." Traditional F r i d a y evening stein, Martha Ann Bittner, Na* Protect Your Jewelry by Having It Engraved Mr. S h e a r e r ' s presentation service ( K o b o l a s Shabbos): dine Honey Ostrow, Hannah * Wo Personalize A l l Your 5porting Goods will be made in the social hall 5:15 p.m. Izenstat, Lisa Sue Elewilz, • See or Call A l Bloch a t . . . immediately following the wor- Rabbi Isaac Nadoff, C a n to r Todd David Parker, Michael ship service. Members of the Jacob Lefkowitz and the Choir Kaminitz, Howard Gary Feldcongregation will have the op- will condnct the late Friday man, Brent Kevin Wine. Rachel portunity for discussion and Evening Family Service at 8:15 Bohbot, Bennett Alan Ginsberg, questions. Coffee will be served. p.m. An Oneg Shabbat will fol- Rebecca Kozlen, Aruy Maureen 1S09 Harney St. Phone 342-0436 Saturday: 11 a.m. low the service. Kozlen, Gail Handleman, Joel Saturday: Omaha, Nebraska Fishkin, James Andrew Fish- flk Morning Service: 8:45, a.m. kin, Penny Hines, Debbie Gor- • XBBBBaaBaBaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaBaaBBBBBaBaBaBBBBBBaB BAS MITZVAHS DENISE WALKER, daughter conducted by Rabbi Nadoff and licki. David Wintroub, Esther of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Walker, Cantor Lefkowitz. Irene Karpcn. Barbara Forbes. and DINAH BAUMEL. daughCantor's cjass in Torah Read* • • ter of Dr. and Mrs. Julian Bau- ing will meet 45 minutes before YOUTH GROUP tnel, will observe a joint Bas Mincha. Mitzvah celebration at the servRabbi Nadoff will conduct the Kadimah SYO executive staff ice Saturday, February 8, at, Talmud Class at 4:45 p.m., fol- meeting will be held Sunday, 11a.m. lowed at 5:15 p.m. by Mincha, February 9, at 2 p.m. A general Sholasb Sudos and Maariv. meeting for all members will Sunday: SISTERHOOD COFFEE follow at 3 p.m. 4902 Hamilton 558-5262 Morning Service at 9 a.m. folThe Sisterhood Coffee will be Miriam Frank, regional 1st held Wednesday, February 12, lowed by breakfast and Rabbi's vice-president and Steve Feldat 10:30 a.m. at the Temple. class in "Ethics of the Fa- man, regional 2nd vice-presiOpen Sundays 7 A.M. to 5 P.M. Cantor Manfred F. Kuttner will ther." dent, Ijgye returned from a relead the discussion in the ab- Daily: gional meeting held in Peoria, sence of Rabbi Brooks who will Services at 7 a.m. and 5:15 Illinois last weekend. SPECIALS! be in Israel as part of the UJA p . m . •; A mass attendance at SabRabbinic Air-Lift Journey. This Sunday Only bath Services will be held Fri.• * * ADULT EDUCATION Classes are being held every day, February 14, at 8:15 p.m. MEN'S CLUB Grade A Whole A 10 a.m. brunch will be held Monday evening from 8:15 to at which time new officers will Sunday, February' 9, at the 9:15 through January and Feb- be installed. ruary. Temple. —. ' LJb. Courses offered include: BeGuest speaker will be Omaha B'nai Jacob artist, Thomas Bartek, who will ginning H e b r e w . Conversapresent "Films E x t r a o r d i - tional Hebrew, Introduction to Sarah's Brown and Serve naire." Guests will be welcome. the Bible, A Survey of Jewish I AdasYeshuron History, Child and Family SERVICES Problems, Jewish C u r r e n t Friday: 5:15 r . SISTERHOOD . .Lb. The ; annual Intcrfaith Tea Events, Synagogue Skills and Saturday: : will be held Tuesday, February Glee Club. Feinberg's Morning Service: 8:45 a.m. • • • 11, 1969 at 1 p.m. at the TemMincha-Maariv: 5:15 p.m. ple. Mmes. Leonard Kulakof- SISTERHOOD sky, Bernie Meyers and Ronald New members will be hon- Sunday: Conn are co-chairmen of the ored, at the luncheon meeting Morning Service: 7 a.m. » , event Tuesday, February 11. at 12:30 Dally: Sinai 1-Lb. Mrs. Sidney H. Brooks will p.m. in the synagogue social Services at 6:30 aim; and .5:15 p.m •'" • .moderate a panel discussion on_ hall, A musical skit, "Miriam Po"Modern Judaism — Its Faith and Practice." Mmes. Martin tinsky" will be presented. InCriticism Is the disapproval Lehr, Robert Gerelick and C. cluded in the cast are Mmes. of people, not for having faults, Free Delivery Plenty of Free Parking M. Newman will serve as mem- William K a t z m a n , Bennett but for having faults different bers of the panel. The program Fishbain, Sam Berman, Jack from their own. and question period will be fol- Belmont, Sam Kaplan, Milton lowed by a Tea in the social Parker, Sheldon Coreh, Paul hall and tours of the building. Rifkin, Elliot Brown and MaurFine Home Furnishings at Reasonable Prices! Reservations may be made ice Schwartz. Mrs. Maurice with—the Temple office, 556- Karpen will serve as accompanist. Mrs. Maurice Schwartz #36. A board meeting at 11:30 is Program Chairman. New members to be honored a.m. in the multi-purpose room will precede the meeting. ..... include: Mmes. Harry Lewis, H. \V. LaPierre, A. Eisenstein, Mike Orlowski, Leo Levy, Arthur Fishkin, Edward Kahn, Ethel Bleiweis, Mary Carsick and Esther Feldman. SERV IVICES Friday: 8 p.m. Baby sitter service will be Consecration of Talmud To- provided. rah students will be held. Cantor Aaron I. Edgar and choir CONSECRATION SERVICES ' will conduct the musical servThe a n n u a l Consecration Specializing in ice. Parents of the Consecrants Services will be held at the will be' hosts at a reception in services Friday evening and Complete the social hall following the Saturday morning, February 7 service. ' and 8. furnishings for Saturday: Participating in the Friday Morning Service: 10 a.m. evening service at 8:15 p.m. Rental Property Mincha-Maariv: 5:15 p.m. will be members of the PriSunday: mary class of the Talmud ToMorning Service: 9 a.m. rah, under the direction of their Daily: ; ; teacher, Mrs. Betya Brand, Services at 7 a.m. and 7 pjn, Tha Talmud Torah conse* • • crants are: :... .-..,. ADULT EDUCATION Amy Aljierson, Judy HandleDr. Eugene Freund,, Associ- man, Lori Monovitz, Richard ate Professor in the Depart- Bohbot, E l i z a b e t h Karpcn, ment of Education at the Uni- Richard Salkin, Teri Sue Dune* versity of Nebraska at Omaha, vitz, Lisa Korman, Kim SchutrijH be the guest speaker at tho pack, Brigitte Bohbot, Lizabeth Open Daily Closed Saturday session Friday, February 14, Lashinsky,-Diane W i n t r o u b , 9 A.M.-8 P.M. 9AM.-6P.M. immediately following the Sab- Barry Epstein, Steven Lesser,

I Temple Israel \

iOmaha Engraving Co., Inc.

Beth Israel \


Kosher Meat Market''





79 e e 79

Furniture • Carpeting • Appliances

Beth El


- • • , —








Open Sundays

Friday, Febrnary 7, lflGS)



Editor's Note: This column ol Lincoln Jewish news has been added to the Omaha' Jewish Press in on effort to serve the Lincoln Jewish Community. The "column Is being coordinated in. Lincoln by Mrs. Leo (Estelle), Rosenberg. Those with news for the column should contact Mrs. Rosenberg at 701 Mulder Drive; phone 489-5813.

sented. Participants will include Mmes. Morris Sweet, Leon Keller, Richard Segal, Stanley Cohen, James Brown, M o r t o n Waldman. Accompanist will be^ Mrs. Paul Gaiter. Mmes. Robert Pitlor, Gerald Grand and Abram Misle are in charge of luncheon arrangements. Members of their committee include Mmes. Everett ------• * • Evnen, Robert Chandler, BerTifereth Israel Junior Con- nard Wishnow, Charles Keller, gregation Services will be held Hyman Bricker, Nat Wilson, "Saturday, February 8, at 10:45 Max Kushner, Julius M i s l e , a.m. Kiddush will be tendered Louis Schwartzman, Nate linby Mrs. Marvin Dienstfrey. ger, Ben Misle, Max Neiden and Harry Breslow. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Finkler Reservations may be made announce the birth of a son, Joshua, born January 12, 1969. with Mrs. Joseph Burnstein, Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. 409-5920. Sidney Finkler and Mrs. Fred Gary Chesnin, son of Dr. and Charyn, Oakland, California. Mrs. Leon Chesnin, has been Sherrl Robin Di e n s t r e y , named a winner in the Nebrasdaughter of Mr. and Mrsr Mar- ka Elks Association Y o u t h vin Dienstfrey, will celebrate Leadership Contest. A senior at her Bas.Mitzvah Friday, Febru- Lincoln High Schol, Gary will ary 7, at 8 p.m. at Tifereth Is- receive a $350 Savings Bond rael Synagogue. An Oneg Shab- and $175 cash award. bat will follow the service, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Dienstfrey. Mr. and Mrs. Max Dienstfrey of Bronxville, New York, will attend the Bas Mitzvah of their granddaughter.



Cinderella Production This Sunday at JOG Leigh Bernstein will play the lead role in the Center Youth Theater production of "Cinderella." The stage presentation of the famous fairy tale story will be held Sunday, February £,-at ZiSO-p.mHnHhe JewishCommunity Center Auditorium. Other members of-the' cast include: Marlene B e l m o n t , Kathy Malashock, Tammy Rubin, Sidney Rubin, Jimmy Fishkin, Debbie Polsky, Jeffrey Polsky, Emily Milder, Mike Milder, Wendy Dann and Rex Perelmeter. Adrian Lauby is the director of the Youth Theatre Group. No admission will be charged for those attending the Sunday presentation. All children and adults are invited to attend.



JCC Counseling Program New Computerized! Service GRASP, a new computerized college selection service, has been developed by the Omaha Jewish C o m m u n i t y Center Counseling Service as^part. of Its expanding program for high school students. GRASP (Guidance Regarding A Specific Problem) offers the

Officers Elected By B'nai Israel

student a scientific basis for selecting a particular, .c'pllege from more than 2,000 colleges and universities in the United1 States. Personal interests arid goals of the students are included in the processing which results in asuggested ISiroT 10 to 15 colleges best suited for the student. No.charge is made for the GRASP program. Further information is available f r o m Sherman Poska, JCC Activities Director, 342-1366.

Joe B. Katelman has been elected president of the B'nai Israel Synagogue in Council Bluffs. Other officers elected at the annual meeting last week in- SIGMA ALPHA MU clude: Saul Suvalsky, vice- NEBRASKA U. Neil Halbridge and Jim Mara president; Sam Colick, secretary; Aaron Perlis, financial have been accepted by the Uni-secretary; ,Lcster K r a s n e , versity of Nebraska Medical School. treasurer. Louis Lipp has been appointTrustees include: Max Har- Jon Jabenis and Todd Greened chairman of the Program ris, Ben Passer, David Gallner, stone placed second in the Alland Budget Committee of the Ben Cohen and Richard Gor- University Table Tennis TourUnited Community Services. nament. ;' don. Stanley Krum and Stanford Neil Halbridge has been nomLipsey have b e e n elected to inated for "Outstanding Colserve 3 years terms on the legiate Man at the University of _ UCS Board of Directors. Leo Nebraska." Eisenstatt and C. M. Newman have been re-elected to three- NATIONAL COUNCIL SIGMA DELTA TAU OF JEWISH WOMEN year terms on thb board. The monthly board meeting NEBRASKA UNIVERSITY Susie Kaplow has been named will be held Thursday, FebTuesday is "Ladies Night" at Mrs. Abe Steinberg is on an the "Best Pledge" for Decentruary 13, at 9:30 a.m. at the the J.C.C. Starting at 6 p.m. a extended trip to Los Angeles, home of Mrs. Julia Jacobs, 114 bzer and January. California, where she is visiting Slim-Trim hour long class is Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Den- South 50th Street. Mrs. Hubert held for women who want to Penny Perlman will model with relatives and friends. lose the extra pounds neces- enberg, Mountain View, Cal- Rosenblum will be co-hostess. bridal wear from Ho v i a n d ifornia, announce the birth of Swanson at the Nebraska Union Mrs. Harry Levinson has been sary. Jo^ make the new spring a daughter, Cheryl Leah, born PIONEER WOMEN Style Ball. added to the Hadassah Life fashions fit just right. January 28, 1969. They also A luncheon meeting will be ' Marcia Elkon has been nomiFollowing the exercise class, have another daughter, Laura Membership List. held Wednesday, February 12, nated by Sigma Phi Epsilon as women may participate in vol- BeUi. at 12:30 p.m. at the Jewish Tifereth I s r a e l Sisterhood leyball, badminton, or jogging. Grandparents are Mr. and Community Center. Plans for a candidate for Sweetheart. Torah Fund Luncheon will be A coed instructional swim class Mrs. Morris Erman and Mrs. the year's activities will be _————^——— / held Wednesday, February 12, Is held from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. David Denenberg. Mrs. Sadie made. A fanatic Is simply an Indiat 12:30 p.m. in the synagogue followed by a coed recreational Rothenbergis the great-grandReservations may be made vidual who knows Uiat he U swimming hour from 8:30 to mother. social hall. . •• with Mrs. I. Forbes, 551-9561. right Mrs. Herbert Friedman, pro- 9:30 p.m. gram chairman has announced Fee for the program is $7 per Death that a musical play, "It Can month.. Free to those-holding Happen To Anyone" will be pre- an Adult Center Membership. HENRY KRASNE AND GOWNE SHOP Funeral services were held Friday, January 31, 1969, for •OMAHA'S ONE-STOP WEDDING SHOP" Henry Krasne, age 64, of 5423 • Attendants) Dresses .Bridal Gowns Hamilton Street. Interment was' _.-.- •Invitations .Flower. • .Napkin. • Mint «-Nut» at Golden Hill Cemetery. • Attendants' Girts • Wedding Kings • Hiidal Books. Survivors are: wife, Betty; ~ Open Evening* Until 8 it ' ' Ut-21** SSTH AND IJ5AVENWOBTBL . -- . ' "The Esther K. N e w m a n eral periods on a waiting list daughter, Mrs. Milton (Joan) Marcus; 2 grandchildren. Camp Committee is extremely basis," said Mr. Brodkey. Parents will be able to visit pleased with the increase in Prices Effective Through early enrollments for the 1969 the Esther K. Newman Camp Thursday, Feb.. 13 summer camp program," Ed- with their children starting in ward D. Brodkey, I n t e r i m - April, and a community-wide Open House is planned Camp Committee Chairman, Camp said this week. Registrations at the camp June 22, The new Kalah Franklin Methus far are up almost 60 per -moriaLCamp^hapeL will_be.. cent over those a t l l i c same dedicated at the camp this sumtime last 'year. mer, and a new crafts facility, 'Mr. Brodkey urged parents to made possible by a gift from enroll their children now and Herbert and Esther Well, will avoid possible disappointments be constructed, at the camp -for One Stop Shopping—Hinky Dinky later. We are reaching capaci- use this summer. ty enrollments for both the sec-« Parents wishing further inHas the Variety and the Specialties ond and final camp sessions. As formation about the c a m p we did last year, we will soon should call the camp office, 342be taking registrations for sev- 1366.



Ladies Night At the JCC


BicLi Statitioner

Sixty Percent Increase in Newman Camp Registrations

CAMP REGISTRATION 1969 SEASON Esther K. Newman'gamp O f f i c a . J O l N o . 20th. Omiha, N . b r o ^ a 68102 Campar't Narnt

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . t . . Age • • • • •



City . . • • . . • • . • . . . . . . . . . . . . • • . .

Slat* . . . . . . Zip Coda . . • . . • • •

Birth Data ( M o . , Day, Yr.) . . . . . . . . . . . . Nama of School Attended

School Grade Now . . . . . . .


School Address . . Encioiadli My ChaclTfor I * . . . - . . ; ; . . . 7 . . ; , . V . . . . . . . . . . . . V . . ( A Minimum Deposit of $10 Par Satiion, for Each Sanion Enrolled in, l» Required)' '


Merrigol Butter

Boiegna u,. f l


Big Eye Swiss

Adler's Fresh


r JIPl

Bagels b° 4 5

Cheese u>.


Parent1! Signature Father 1 ! First Nama

Feinberg's Kosher

CHECK PERIODS DESIRED (You Can Enroll for l o r Mora Sei.ioruli NonOmohans Residents f ) l i t Seulon 2 W«elc« June 30 to July 13 $130 $150 I J 2nd Session 2 Weeks July I 4 f o July 27 $130 JIEO I ) 3rd Session 2 W e . h July 2B to Aug. 1 0 . . . . . . $130 $150 ( ) Full Saaion 6 Weeks Juna 30 to Aug. 10 $390 $450 IMPORTANT—Camp registrations are limited each u n i o n . Becauis of the high Interest in camp; we recommend immediate registration. Children ara registered and accepted In the order that applications ara rocelvod. Cemperships ara available upon request. A $10 cancellation fee is charged after M a y 15, 1969. All fees ara refunded, upon cancellation, prior to this'date. Full Camp Fea should bo paid by the time child attends camp.


Westroads 102nd and Dodge

Saddle Creek at Dodge. -




Friday, February 7, 1909

Center Sports By Charles Arnold For More Inforrantlon Call Hie Athletic Office 313-13G0

ABOUT ATHLETICS Belmont, A n d r e w Robinson, This Sunday for the ump- Gordon Gendler, John Stern, teenth consecutive year, the K e v i n Scudder, Mark Prcd, Omaha All-Stars will board a Steve Simon, John Skoog, Jim charted bus for Sioux City. This Feltman, Martin Vanri, Bruce -annual trip is always a hard Marko, Todd Finkle and Danfought, and often very compe- ny Goldman. titive journey. Although the two cities are a hundred miles 5TO & 6TII GRADE apart, competitive spirit is BASKETBALL LEAGUE keen in the All-Star games. Gary Epstein single handily With the home and away series, it gives the athletic fol- defeated I-Go-Van to the tune lowers of both cities an oppor- of 19-17. Epstein dribbling betunity to view the cream of the tween players for the easy shot young Jewish athletes. One and connecting f r o m outsido cannot stress the significance totalled 16 points. The tenacious of the Sioux City Games. The Tretiaks defense held Barry best way to describe the annual Summers to 6 points, not allow-event is to make an analogy ing him to score a field goal. H. A. Wolf t u r n e d back -with the Army-Navy Game. Hours of practice by the league leading Mayfair 18-16. Omaha teams are spent each The Mayfair defeat tightened . vear, and coaches sit up long up the race for the league hours figuring strategy to com- championship. Danny Kamisar « " bat the opponent. So, if all does and Kenny Milder each scored not go well in Sioux City Sun- 7 points for the winners. Sherday, tlo not be surprised to man led the losers; with 8 talwalk into the gym Monday and lies. see the athletic director hanged TTH & 8TH GRADE in effigy.

and Brpphy led the s coring for the losing Century Men. Mark Belmont led the undefeated Rayim B team to an^ other victory by scoring 23 in his team's 62-18 white washing of AZA. 1. Mike Staenberg paced the winners with 6. VARSITY LEAGUE Mastercraft remained undefeated as they turned back a gallant bid by Micklin Lumber 67:64. Arnie Weitz, Barry Berghorn and Al Muskin each scored in the double figures for the winners. Ted Saniord and Harold Mann led the losers with 24 and 26 respectively, Vess Cola climbed out of the cellar by turning back Borsheims 61-48. Frank Goldberg led the Vess offensive machine by pumping in 18. Howie Halpen n also added 12. Sandy Kasin paced the losers with 14 pojnts.

HEALTH CLUB NEWS JCC Health Ciub Members are "on the-go." BASKETBALL LEAGUE Jim Morton, Health Club Di\ALL-STARS~~ " Levensons remained unde- rector, reports that this winter feated as they waltzed past Na- many members have been to fro SIOUX CITY The Omaha JCC All-Star bas- tional Carpet 49-15. Tom Lin- such places as the Bahamas, ketball teams will be the guests coln led the offensive attack the Orient, Arizona, California, of the Sioux City JCC Sunday, with 16. Jay Jacoby and Mark Florida, Spain and Jamaica, February 9. Omaha players Ruben combined for 17. Steve and other places where the sun will leave the Center at 9 a.m. Rosen led the losers with 6 is shining. points. and return by 5:30 p.m. Members are also taking adParents and friends are in- Ross Red Hanger squeaked vantage of the pleasant and vited to attend the Sioux City out a 32-31 victory over II. Z. warm atmosphere of the Cennes. The schedule is as fol- Vending. Doug Taren playing ters' Health Club. During the all over the court w a s his exceptionally cold days mem11:15 a.m.—5th and 6th grade team's leader,*scoring 14 for bers arc thawing but in the hot game. the winners. Bob Cohen paced ..rooms and limbering up on the - 12:15 p.m.—7th and 8th grade the H. Z. quintet by hitting the massage tables. nets for 13 points. game. You can start your sun-tan • -1:15 p.m. — Youth Council now for the coming golfing seaYOUTH COUNCIL "A" son or summer months under game. BASKETBALL LEAGUE our sunlight tubes, or you can Chaim Welzmann put on a preserve that vacation sun-tan SPECIAL NOTICE ' There will be no Youth brilliant comeback but fell one you have now. point short as AZA 100 de- We're sorry to hear that Council or Midget League feated them 42-41. Dick Bern- Mortonlvcs had a~ stay in the basketball games this week stein, Bill Bernstein and Jo- hospital. It is good to hear he due to the All-Star contests sephson each scored 8 points in has made it home and that fin Sioux City. The g a m e the losing cause. Steve Rosen, Dave Greenberg and Eugene schedule will ,be printed in Bob Aronson and Bob Handle- Braun are getting along so well. the February 14 edition of man combined for 39 points, all Call us for a massage at the the Jewish Press, but three of their team's total. Jewish Community Center at .. The gym^will be open.this Rayim walked-over AZA 1 342-1300 and-ask-forthe-HeaUlr Sunday for participation on for a 70-25 victory. Bob Cipin- Club all grade levels. ko led the winners with 26 points. Steve Nogg assisted IDDY-BIDDY BOYS with 11. Gary Rifkin was leading scorer for the 1 crew with AT CBEIGHTON GAME During the half-time of the 11. Creighton-S e a 111 e Basketball "A Night At The Opera" with game Thursday, February 13th, YOUTH COUNCIL '!B" the Marx Brothers, will open fifteen of our advanced Iddy- BASKETBALL LEAGUE Biddy Boys Sports Club playChaim Weizmann defeated a the JCC spring Comedy Film ers will provide the half-time much improved AZA 100 team Series. The 8 p.m. screening .•-»-». entertainment. 53-21. Jim Crounse was deadly will be held Saturday, .FebruParticipants are: Barry Sum- from the side as he tallied 17 ary 15, at the Jewish Commumer, Danny Meiches, Randy for the winners. Katzman, Rips nity Center. Tickets at $1 each will be available at the door. ' Other movies in the series will include: "Million Dollar Would you like fo make a contribution to your Legs" featuring W. C. Fields; A Charlie Chaplin silent film, own Retirement Plan; and then deduct it from "The Gold Bush" and "Roman your Income Tax? Scandals,", the Eddie Cantor parody on Ben Hur. _..Each film! presentation will FOR INFORMATION CALL be preceded by selected comedy short subjects.

Comedy Film Series To Be Shown atJCC


Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Office: 346-5815 Residence: 556-9939


FRIEDMAN MembeirrNow York Stock Exchange and All Leading Security and Commodity Exchanges


& €©•

202 SO. I9TH ST.—OMAHA, NEBR. 341-9867, AREA CODE 402; ?'


Check his performance record. He's an aoflresslve, alert and experienced inveslment banker, quick to see opportunities (or his clients. His .career was started' with • distinguished New York Investment Banking firm before returning, to his home to be associated with the Rahel Company. If you're looking for results, you're looking for Marvin Newman, one of our Vice Presidents. Stop In and talk things over with him. You'll be impressed.

Member, Midwest Stock Exchanga 1605 Howard Strati • 342-7M2 common tnd preferred alock*; municipal and corporal* bonds; mutual funds; government agency bond! ,

Visit DIVIDEND'S New Station at—

72nd and Howard Sts. * No Better Gas Sold Anywhere • All Credit Cards Accepted 9u!ck, Convenient Service...

48fh and Leavenworth 58rit and Military 20th and California 24th and "P" Sts. 'Op Open 24 Hours 'e Never Closo We

W H W GAL. • Payroll Cheeks Cashed Freo




If you Join a winter Inclusive 9-day economy class group tour of 50 persons or more. Plus land arrangements costing as little as $45 additional.


If you Join a winter Inclusive 14 • 21 day economy class group tour of 15 persons or more, Plus land arrangements costing as little as $ 59 additional,



ota or Jtetall Oprralion JParltlnr In Be»r—Has MARCUS DISCOUNT CENTER 514 North 16th Srrwt .34Z-7M4

If you join a group of 25 or more persons for an 8 - 3 0 day stay. Land arrangements optional.





MANAGEMENT CATX HERB IVIN'TIIOUB -••:-•- B5J.192J or «»•?»?«.;.;

*Un» 14 IMf,

Sea your travel Afltnt and fly El Al. / El A! tam Utu\ best.

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•: Bar and Bas Mlizvah congratulotions, also cards, for all Jewish holidays and special • .-occasions........



Meyers News Stand, 1502 Dodge

lit* AMln*oi'ihiP*i>pi»'otltl»l .

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February 7, 1969  

Jewish Press

February 7, 1969  

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