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IMS .II.vYISI! IMIILAMUOl'II.S — lSltAKI. F.MKRGF.NCY FIND Campaign ICcpurt: May LI, IMS l!lli.H

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Belli Israel Sftielent To Vie in Finals of fJaHona! Bible Fdeel

Israel Accused of Violating 'Arab flights



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"Israel is bristling with mil- ago, til;.- defense h u d g <• t itary activity and the emergen- been i:;o».000.000. At present Israel spends nearcy there is still very real," Danid Katzman reported this week. ly 20 per cent of her gross nafi.r.r.i -17.2<l;!.5O •10.7:t!l.-")0 In a special report of his recent tional product on ileel'nse. This 17,7-17 ir>,nir>.r.rt 2,7;n.5u Llil! 1.50 visit to Israel, Mr. Katzman, is the highest proportion in I he 1,-151.50 ' 2:i:t ;i.25!l.5O chairman of the tilli!! O m a h a world: the comparable figure for 2.5.">7.n() 702 1 ,1 i: w i s h Philanthropies cam- the United States is only ft i per cent of the gross national paign, outlined to members of 15010 371.10 2l!!,:!0 the Omaha Jewish Federation product. •1!) :i7 12 Mr. ICalzman noted that the executive board and members 575 1,7l',0 2.'105 of campaign leadership the ex- additional cost, tor defense in the c u r r e n t year (over and I..".27.S0 il.TI.70 2,ir>!).20 tent of the problems plaguing above the estimates presented Isrye! today. to the Knesset only tour months . .2.217 s-''i'3!.'.(i2O.::ti $2ii:!.!7!!.7i) l(i!i.7!f!I.O!) TOTAL Noting that Israel's a n n u a l ago) is in some respects a budget has been a close- sult, of the Arab guerilla camly guarded secret for the past paign jiga'inst Israel. A fence 2(1 years. Mr. Katzman said that is going up along the river Jorthe staggering figure made pub- dan, to keep infiltrators out. and lic last week showed $7(ir>.imo,- electronic devices have been (1(1(1 for defense for the financial introduced although they are by year lilOH-fiil. "This represents," no means foolproof. In addition, he K.iid.'' about one third of total new shelters and other civil deThe Lebanese complaint denied Tel Aviv (JTAi—Israel has ofgovernment expenditure includ- fense installations arc going up, that guerrilla!; had used'Lebaniiriallv warned Lebanon not to ing housing, education and de- possibly in preparation lor an permit its territory to be use as ese territory as the base for velopment." eventual "fourth round" foreatiacks against Israel, A UN cast in Nasser's speeches, while a base for terrorist attacks. AltFinance Minister F'irihas Saper the second mortar attack in .spokesman said today that mem- ir's figures for the past years roads and fortifications are befive d.iv-s Irom Lebanese soil, bers ol the United Nations were also something of an eye- ing built along the cease-lire Truce Supervision Organization lines. Israeli forces, for the lirst lime, -existence of which Israel opener, revealing the immeii.'.o leturned the fire. According to nothe increase in defense expenditure. Military Service longer recognizes--were inJI military spokesman, three vestigating the border incident. This stems from Israel's need '•Everybody serves in Israel's shells exploded harmlessly in a Mortar fire from across the to arm herself with the latest military defense forces." said field belonging to the northern Lebanese border hit Kibbutz in modern means of warfare, Mr. Kulzman. He pointed out Galilee settlement of Margnliot. Manera in northwest Galilee and the extra territories shfi that I s r a e 1 i .youth, who two An investigation confirmed that last Thursday. It was the first now has to guard. Two years years ago were ordered to serve :!0 months-in the army instead the lire originated across the shooting incident along the Isoi 21,. have had their term of Lebanese border. A Lebanese rael-Lebanese frontier in almost service increased lor another (J • army report in Beirut claimed a year. Lebanese authorities demonths. Patrols in border areas that Israeli mortar lire had nied that the lire had come Irom have been increased and augtheir territory but. an investiga•killed a woman and a child and mented. "Even the 40-4!) age 'destroyed or damaged several tion by- Israeli units continued group who usually were called houses iu the border village of that it had. Observers here expressed the belief that El Fatah Houleh. Gary Kinstlinger, son of Mr. Lebanon protested to the Se- terrorists were trying to estab- and Mrs. Sol Kinstlinger, has lish a Lebanese front for incur'curity Council against what it sions against Israel partly be- been named a regional winner called "wanton and preiiiedital- cause they are .suiiering in- in the National ed aggression" by Israel and creasingly heavier losses in Bible Contest. He complained that it had been sub- their marauding ventures from will participate in the National s jected for a week to "continued bases in Jordan. Hollywood, Florida (.JTAi-A Finals to be held threats and open provocations." rash of anti-Semitic abuse rangin New Y o r k ing from outspoken refusals to City, S il n d a y. vent to .lews to garbage dumped May 10. on the lawn of a local rabbi, In the regional was reported in the Hollywood contest. G a r v Shofar, publication of the Jewcompeted w i t h ish Welfare Federation of Holstudents f r o in \ (.1 lywood. The incidents occurred Following the presentation of Omaha, S i o u x • A community-wide memorial in South LSroward County which meeting, commemorating the colors by the Jewish War Vet- City a n d De.s 25th anniversary ol the Warsaw erans, tlw service will open by MoincK. T c i: ii a R e r s from .includes several resort cities Ghetto Uprising and the slaugh- Hie "Call to Memory" presented throughout the United States and just north of Miami. ter of 6,000,0(10 Jews during the by Rabbi S i d n e y II. Brooks. Canada will participate in the According to the Shofar. Nazi holacaust. 'will be held Rabbi L a u r e n c e Rubinstein, New York National Finals. "children in South Broward Gary attended Beth Israel Re- passing a local junior high Tuesday. May 211, at !! p.m. at Rabbi Isaac Nadoff, Rabbi Emil Klein of Council Bluffs and ligious' School and has spent school on the way home from Temple, Israel. Mr. M i l t o n Nearenberg is Chaplain Clifford Miller of Of- summers in private Bible study Hebrew school must daily run a as well as at the Chicago Rab- gauntlet of abuse, both' verbal serving as chairman of the ar- futl A KB will also participate. Others taking part in the spe- binical School in Skokie, Illin- and physical." The paper noted rangements for the event which is co-sponsored by the local syn-. cial memorial service include ois. ' Biblo Study sessions are further' that when local elderly ngogues. Farband. 1'oale '/Aon Cantor Manfred Kuttncr, Milton part of the teen program of con- Jews asked to inspect a model Nearenberg, Jack Green, Carl tinuing studies for post Bar apartment, in a building being smd Workmen's Circle, Rosenberg and M e s s r s . and Mitzvah students at Beth Israel. erected for senior citizens at Mines. Ben Wisnia. Irving Rein-. The Books of the Bible to be Lauderdale-by-tlie-Sea, they were i;las and fguac Grossman. covered in the National contest, told by the renting agent that The entire community is urged are Deuteronomy. Kings II and "we have been instructed that these apartments nre not being Esther. to attend. Teheran, Iran (JTA)--A resolution accusing Israel ol violating human rights in the Arab territories it occupied in last .June's war, was adopted by a The Martin Luther King Jv. Scholarship Fund 42 to five vote at, the International Conference on Human in Omaha has been boosted by a $1,500 contribution by the Henry Monsky and Cornhusker B'nai g The resolution was sponsored B'rilh Lodges. The $1,500 gift was part of the money raised by Saudi Arabia, .Spain and Sudan and amended by 12 Arab recently aKhe annual charity stag co-sponsored states. It carried the full weight by the Omaha B'nai B'rith lodges. Harold Garof the Soviet and Arab blocs ber, president of the Henry Monsky Lodge, made and their supporters among As- the presentation of the check to Jack V. Clayter ian and African countries. The and Jack West, representatives of the King United Stales, Israel, nelgium, Scholarship Fund. Also participating in the pre'Costa. Rica and Uruguay voted sentation at the Omaha Urban League office against the resolution and 21 were Morley Zipursky and Norman Korney, cochairmen of the Stag. countries abstained. In accenting the gift, Mr. West noted that the' Ambassador Comay, chief of the Israeli delegation assailed B'nai B'rith donation was "the first major conthe resolution and declared that tribution from a membership organization. I Left Jo right: Zlpurskf, West, Claylcr, Korney Israel "will not pay it respect or hope that it will set a pattern for other3 to folanv serious attention." low," he said. atid Garher. - ' ' — 1 ,(>!!()


up for a maximum of H days •* year are now serving 21 days or more." he said. Mr. Katznmn, pointed out that the sudden fourtold increase in the area for which the army is responsible, from 8,000 square miles to just over 32,(1(10 miles has accordingly increased military personnel needs. Kvfrybody I'ays Mr. Katzman explained that in addition to military service, all Israelis share in flie tremendous cost oi defense. "In addition to paying taxes of an average of almost one third of hi.t income, every Israeli is participating in providing an additional $((3,000,000 through a new coinpulsarv defense bond," lv» said. Mr. Katzman said that the rarjuired defense budget for this year will necessitate $57,000 to be Inpjier! off the planned development budget. "This puts into sharp focus Israel's real dependence on U. S. Jewry for assistance in its non-military development." said Mr. Katzmati. Omaha Campaign Commenting on the 1 !)(><! campaign in Omaha. Mr. Katzman indicated that Uic results are "not yet good enough in tha light of the real emergency which still exists." He thanked the .members of hi;; campaign leadership for their elforls and urged them to continue the important task of bringing the Omaha campaign to a successful conclusion.

shown or rented to persons ot the Hebrew faith." _ The paper also reported that a local rabbi ''frequently finds garbage on his lawn, has epithets shouted at him or his children from passing cars or has eggs thrown at, his own car during the night,"

Feiiiberg Warned to UJA Oash Coraitfes Robert M. Feinberg. a member of the UJA National Cabinet, has been named to the.National Committee l a u n c h i n g United Jewish Appeal's Cash Collection Campaign to meet critical Jewish needs in Israel and overseas. Commenting on his appointment, Mr. Feinberg noted that "while the Arab armies shattered by Israel during, the Six Day War have- bt-un rebuilt and rearmed at no cost, the Israel taxpayer is being called upon to make greater and costlier sacrifices to maintain Israel's' defenses against those armies." In addition to s h a r p 1 y rising taxes, every Israeli has been assessed 2 weeks' salary as his share of a new $100,000,000 defense loan. "The people of Israel can no longer share with us the lingo costs of immigrant absorption," said Mr. Feinberg. "We must assume full responsibility for the cost of building homes, medical services, education and rehabilitation. Tho National Cas1> Committee will seek to redeertV by June 30th the pledges mad* earlier in order to provide th4* necessary funds'for-these vital social-welfare programs in: Israel," ha said.

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Friday. May 17. J06K

Parents Blamed "for Growth ©I Drug AddSctfon by Jewish Yciul *St.W

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•.' New York UTA) The I.'tv.' Y w k Archdiocese imil till; AmiDrfamation Iyarjur; of li'iiiii E'rith h a v e announced that flosi'tl circuit television |>ro grains 1 on J u d a i s m and the .lews in literature are now b e i n;; taped Ifj be simv/n. ;.tnrtin^ !:••>:'. •tell, to some Jl.OdO teachers it.Krw York Catholic ychon's.

• Js iates Voice Support for 1st'•ae I J T A I • TUT; con-

trnders for the D<-mocralic Part i ' s Presidential n o m i n a t i o n came out this week v.iih stroii}.' dfflar:ilion.= of support for Israel. Ken, Hnherl F. Kcruif ily ol New York MI id the 1: n i t CM! 'Stairs had a "deep moral rci'ponsihility ' for 'he security of Jfracl and should sell to Israel Hit SO Phantom supersonic jet planes it has requested. In Omaha. Sen. Eu;;ci:c McCarthy called on the Govtrrninent- to "reaffirm its moral tuir! political cotninilincnl lo the continned existence, and independence of tin: State of by military a s s i s t a n c e if weesfary." lie said th;it ' a clear fttaieiTifnt ;it tliis time of our 'unwavering' commitment to the preservation of the State of Israel may well deter another oiil. break of wiir."



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ism The joint announcement, tiescnbiii,1; the project as the first in iiiur-reli/'iou'-; relations, said th'a more than •J;Vi,tHIO Catholic parochial school children will eventually lie exposed lo the dati! in the ta|x-!i ;«nd in published itsoiuce aid's. The TV .scries on Judaism is designed to ac(|iiaint both teachers .Mid pupils with aspects of .Icwi'.li custom, law. nllinl. practices, traditions and beliefs, and the" Archdiocese is preparing a resource unit for this pha.'-i? of In*- TV p r o « r a m r . . Tlic announcement indicated that the programs will lidp !<> m a k e cl(-ar that the tii.linjtioii of the Jew i n c l u d e . " more than religion, to point (>ui llie inler-reI.Mionship between Jf-y/s, tratiilion and ihe land of Israel and "show the wide variations in Judaic practice."

Employment Bias Problem Easing





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Grossinger.i, N.Y. UTA)—An appeal that' Israel studies be made "an integral part of the curriculum at all levels of Jewish education in the United States'' was made by Dr. Abraham P. Cannes in his presidential address at the 42nd annual conference of the National Council of Jewish educators here at(endetl by more than 200 Jewish c<lucators in Hebrew and Jewleh Studies. * An a kid thaff too old foF Peter- IJabbit and loo young /or the Kmtty Ittt






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Adi'iph Wa-ier, exreufive director of Ihe Kast N( v; York YM&YWHA. a f m l c r a ti on .•i'jency; and 1'nhhi liicliard I. Schaciiel. formerly with tlie S;iinaritan Halfway Socielv, a privale iKircolies treatment center in ;.'<v/ York. Mine t h a n IUO ];hyr;icinns, f',o\ernii)fiit oliicials social workers, rabbis and oiliers concerned v/illi the prrihlcm attended the oneday confereiice.. Mr. Diskind asserlt-fl t h a t , ''tht- pla/'ue of addiction lias 1.111tortiinatcly be;;un to aiitcl the lives of si|;nilicant numbti'B of Jewish people." He jjiopor.c-d that a Jewish sponsored nj'ency be set up to treat the "crowing number' 1 of .fewi; h addicts. lie stressed the need for p\y-



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tion c h a r a c t e r i z e s ' t h e lives of mo.',I a d d i c t s , it a:-;:unie;; w o n ; pathological proportions w i t h the families <if .Jewish addicts.' 1 Mr. Warsf r said (lie p r o b l e m w a s '.irowini; ainoiij; .1 c iv i:; h yoiinj.; people b e c a u s e Jewi.vh p a r e n t s tend to hi- overly per-


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mi oi i I IK 11 H< loltl t h e ( f i n f i i f i c i th t t h ' ni v, -.t.itus .'-.vnilifi! lia 1 ; b r c o m r ' <nlr t'hil-

ilren and our children's grades ' 'l'hi.'i pre.^iinc mi Jewish yonn,;.sters to excccii their education;il or abilities is ro inlen.'ie in j;niiir> ca^ec, he said, that, they -respond by seeking (•scape thrtiiii'h narcotics use.

British Jews Stage March Protesting Polish Anti-Semitism

London iJTA) - An estimated 4,(100 representatives of British .Jewry marched in silence iron) Hyde Park to the Polish Embassy to present lo the Polish envoy a letter, condciniiinj; the Po!;:;h fJovorniiiuni's repression of the surviving ifinnant of-Po- . Jnnd's Jewr, and it.s anli Semitic campaign. The document was taken into the Knih.-j«,y by a deputation coiir.i;.(iii« of Chief liahlii Immaiiiie! Jakobovits of Madrid UTA 1 Cries of "Heil the British Commonwealth, Michael I-'idlf-r. presitlcnl of ihe Hitlrr" and the N'azi "Horst Wes'f!" r-on^ sounded outside a Hoard of Dfputits of Roman Catholic church here Jews. Sir Barnctt .Jamier. HI'., where r,o;nc •',<») Spanish Nazi ch.'iinnan of the board's foreij:n .sympathizers attended n mass affair.s department. Sir Samuel for Adolf Hitler on the 21rd nn- F i s h e r , hoard vice-president, niversary of his deatli, and Simon Frisner, Chairman of . 'Hie demonstrator;; v.ere ex- the Polish-Jewish Kx Servicetreme rifiht-wing Spaniartir,. in- men's Association. ciuthii/: Vffleriins (,! tlie Blue Division which foujjlu alongside The silent march, which the Hermans on the Ilussian stretched for half a mile, was front during World War II. organized by the Hoard oi DepuThe mass v.Tss arranged priv- ties in conjunction with some 20 ately will) no advance, publicity. other Jewish bodies The marchBut members of I he West Ger- err; carried hundreds ol banners man Embassy litre, vvlm learned with statements protesting the. that it would take.1 place, asked campaign of the Communist Pothe Spanish Foreign Ministry lish regime against Polinli Jews. and Archbishopric of Madrid to Their, letter declared that "we are- shocked that the Jews of Po-. prevent it from turning into a political demonstration. Such a land should he singled out a.-, ucinonr.lraliuii. thry pointer! out, .scapegoats and blamed for Pocould have adverse effects on a land's internal difficulties." It visit here later this month by demanded, "in the name of huWest German Chancellor Kurt manity" the "immediate denunciation" by the Warsaw

Rightist Spaniards Hold Mass for Hitler

Philadelphia UTA)- Discrisnin.'itifni against ,Ir,« and other minority group members in execulive employ-went should drop substantially in the- next five to ten years, iwo Jewish agencies predicted this week in a report on a successful pilot effort to remove such barriers among Philadelphia-based corporations, •Since the program was initiated two years ;ij.;o by the Philadelphia chapter of the American Jewish Committee and tlic: Philadelphia Jewish Employment and Vocational Service, a number of Philadelphia ORIGINAL OIL PAIHTINSS linns have .substantially broadETCHINGS—PRINTS ened Ihe hiring and promotion EXPERT FRAMING New York UTA) — Members (if Jew.-;, with more lhan IIS RENTAL PLAfl of the American Jewish Con- Jews having moved into mangress , throughout the U n i t e <1 agerial position:* and a "signiAmerlcen Continental Art Gallery States were urged by President ficant number" promoted to 1GII2 f'flrmim Arthur Lelyveld to provide food, lii-iher level positions. clothing and Kelter to nu/nibers of the Poor People's march converging on Washington. .I'nbbi Lelyvfld, asserting that the Organization endorsed the purposes of (he inarch and its prinOMAHA'S LEADING ciple of non-violence, called on Jewish community centers, Ys, Kosher Meat Market & Delicatessen synagogues and other Jewish 551-5554 4415 Cwmfmj communal institution.* 1© "epcr. their doors and hearts" to tlicrnarchvTH.



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of all incitement to hatred fi/!niir*,t Jews, cessation of all d i s c r i in i n a t o r y treatment, threats and oppression, the 'restoration to their posts of thofp dismissed because of (heir Jew'i:;li origins and froedorn for Polish Jews lo live in dipnily in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations

Israel Expecting Xew York (JTAt -Israel is expect in;; 2"i.000 lo .'10.00(1 new jniniij'.rants from various counlrici this year, according lo Louis A. Pinciis. chairman of the Jewi'li Agency. Mr. Pinciis said that the new arrivals will include many larjje families and 'many who have bf(.-i) stripped of ;dl their posseR...u.....


...,. j . / . . .

n c i i r t * <*

half million other immigrants in Israel already dependent on Jewish Agency programs of leKeltlement and rchnhiliation. He stressed that the people of Israel, whose resources are "strained lo the utmost'1 to meet .security needs and ov< rcoine economic difficulties, "are in no position to share the huiden of humanitarian aid to thur country's immigrants.''

F(;lnhei'j.;'s Kosher

Liver Sausage iS.^.7::....; 59c


W Made' Pin??.

Open Sunday 7 A.M. fo 5 P.M.


Diamond's Delicious


Inion • Rolls u';;';• Frt.,h Specie! VelusJ

F ^ i h i o n Tftter T m f e ,

:.... 3 s 2 f c Doivn

Qhocolato Fudge- Pecan Cake it§ilL......ib. MEMORIAL BAY '9 A.M.' to 1 P.




< 3 V


Prices Effective Through Thuriday, Mfly 23

TWO LOCATIONS Westroadi 102nd and Dodge

72nd and Wesi Dodge


Fllduv. May IT. 1903


HIAS Offers Aid for New York (JTAi—Jews who leave Poland for resettlement it) Western countries can turn to United HIAS Service for financial and technical a.'»*;i.;t.:iii<.-f. Gnynor I. .Fncob.son. its executive, vice pi«'fcid'.'ii!. said this week. He announced tli;it l.'nitcd HIAS WHS prepared to assume, if in-c cssary, responsibility for travel arrangements, processing expenses, and auxiliary costs for Polish Jewish families who v/ i'j rejoin their erbiivcs in the United States, Canada, Hra/.il. Austialia or other Western

Vietnam Chaplain B'nai B'rith Leaders Adopt Program to Aid Urban Crisis

technical assistance. Relatives — mainly in the United States of about 1.500 Jews in Poland have already tinned to t'nited HIAS to assist in effecting frnnily I'-iniioii." Mr. Jacobson said.

Rules Um\Q For Gfaildren of

New York, N.Y, The Federation 01 lu'consiructionisl Congregation.'; bus adopted liberal procedures for recognizing as ClllllltllCS. Jewish the children of mixed ' oi the .'id.ood Jews loft marriages where the mother is in F'oland the pitilnl remnant of the pre-war Jewish cominun- not Jewish. These children will il v of V-.• million --want desper- be considered .Jewi.vh. without ately to be reunited with their the benefit of formal converfamilies. We trust that the Pol- sion, where parents have demish government will allov/ them onstrated in action their intento leave." Mr, Jae.ob.son said. tion of raising their children as He pointed out that if n Polish Jews, ftiMyfi/>^)tU i s *->!** '<• ( v W.''i!! '* Aecuiuiii^ to ii Jewtravel document and exit per- ish law, such children are not mit, then immigration to the regarded as Jewish since the United States is possible. faith of the mother is decisive. 'United MAS urges U.S. rela- In order to be accepted as Jewtives of Jews in Poland to com- ish, in many parts of the Jewmunicate immediately either ish world, such children would have to undergo traditional with our office or with one of our cooperating resettlement forms of conversion, which inagencies to discuss immigration clude ritual immersion and symplans and obtain, necessary bolic circumcision.

C H A P L A I N It It IFf'i; M. J-'KKYKK. a native of O v > land, who is going to Ids post as Jewish chaplain of I l'ield Force V i e t n a m , rrpludng Chaplain Kliolnni I. Gjlksmnii, Ivlio Is being reassigned to (lie filatcs.

Washington • - At a .session exploring ways to involve B'nai B'n'h's local units in the urban crisis, the organization's board of governors voted to canvass Us 5UO.00O members to promote summer and apprentice jobs for ghetto youth and to help potential Negro small businessmen {{ain fuiancjni; and niaiiagci'iul know-how. It also expressed concern over the growing "atmosphere of lawlessness," and warned that, continuing disregard for law and order could further polarize white-Negro animosity. Dr. William A. Wexler. president of B'nai lYriiii, said that "racial indignities are not going tu evaporate in riots" and warned that extremism is likely to be encouraged "if the national mood is to stress efforts to suppress riots over building the kind of society that is our only salvation." The hoard deplored Negro and Black

Reconstructionhts Will Study Jewish Norms of Sex Morality

Power that "h used for antiwhite separatist black philosophy," but'said it was sympathetic to I'lack Power when jt in meant "to appeal to the development of black djgnily oi j strung' black community or of yn effective political voice." Tile board accepted the principal of "preirrontjal treatment" in employment opportunities for Negroes and other disadv.iutaged minorities but coupled it with 311 appeal for prudent action to Hvoid any excesses (|iu{ could lead to "reverse discrimination." The board also voted .support of programs "lor the reconstruction, rehabilitation or relocation" of white merchants in ghetto neighborhoods who have become "frightened anti contused" and "who have suffered and who lace the loss of their businesses.

Israelis Skeptical of Arab 'Optimism1

Jerusalem I'JTA»—Diplomatic sources here discounted reports disseminated from Arab quarers that the Arab-Israeli deadNew York. N.Y. . . . The Fed- While criticizing some of the lock would soon be broken as 3 eration of R e c o nstructionist traditional laws of J11 d a i s in, result of Arab agreement to "inCongregations and Fellowships, Rabbi Gilbert added that in his direct" talks at United Natioiu at its Ninth Annual Conference view. "Jewish ideals of family headquarters in New York. Aladopted a resolution, proposed purity and social responsibility though Israel has also agreed by Habbi Arthur Gilbert of New provided the s t a n d a r d s by to talks in New York, there have York, calling upon the Hecon- which to judge p u r i t a n i c a l been no new developments 3iitl structjonist movement "to study codes of sexual thought and be- the Arab-inspired "optimism" is ttie appropriateness of tradi- havior." He added. J e w i s h part of their propaganda wartional Jewish norms in con- norms provide v a l u e s with fare intended to 'make th* fronting problems of s e x u a l which We might "curb the tend- Arabs appear more reasonable morality that challenge us in ency to separate sexuality from b e f o r e international opinion, these sources sid. this day." the experience of love." They stressed that as long as ri.ibbi Gilbert pointed out that Arab spokesmen continued to traditional Jewish law on sexreject Israel's basic 'requireual morality is more restrictive ment—acceptance of the Nor. Bundestag, the lower house of with regard to the use of birth 22. l!)f)7 Security Council resoluthe Parliament. Declaring that control devices and abortions tion lot ,i just and Listing p»uca the NPl) would spend up to %'.'..h than the current practices of Bonn UTA)—Many Germans in secuie jnd iecot;m/ed bormillion in that election, he fore- Jews. In addition he suggested reacted angrily this week to the deis -theie CJU be hltl* hop.* cast it w o u l d win A<) to 50 that the search by college stu- award of the $2,500 Konrad that duett peace talks will /»et dents for meaningful human reBundestag seats and was ex- lationships had challenged rab- Adenauer journalism prize to an stjited As long as Ihe woiJ 'Peace is missing fiom Ai.1'1 pecting to offer a candidate for binical leaders to n reconsider- extreme right-wing writer whose j>t<iti'ni"iiK those>'i>it>nti articles attacking Israel have the Presidency next year. ation of the Jewish codes. amount to little mote th.ui "t»y» been published in the anti-Semi wa-Ji the diplomitic tic newspaper, Deutsche Nation al und Zeitung. The htjted award was made by the Ger many Foundation to 67-year-old Emil Franzel. a Sudenten Ger man columnist and freelance New York UTA>—-A concert- eorship of research projects and journalist. The Foundation v/as estab ed drive to mobilize academic similar studies, distribution of lished in I%G to encourage "na support of efforts to ease the new published materials and a tional self confidence" and im From a plight of S o v i e t Jewry was "systematic attempt to develop prove the "German spirit." It launched here by the » e w 1 y and introduce appropriate schol- persuaded former Cnancelloi formed Academic Committee on arly articles and studies into Konrad Adenauer, then 'JO years Soviet Jewry. old, to lend his name to its A 17-point a c t i o n program the relevant professional journ- prizes. The Foundation has been which will seek to bring the als that will r e a c h libraries, described here as "ultra-conser weight of America's academic scholars and students in the yative" and conduit for Nazi community to bear on the Soviet U.S.S.R." ideas. regime to reverse its "irrational and cruel" policy toward the Jews was adopted at a two-day conference attended by m o r e than 200 delegates representing Omoha's Only U.S. Government 8C college campuses. Inspected Kosher Meet Market The program was submitted by Prof. Herbert H. Paper, of 1018 Farnam 346-5050 Ihe University of Michigan. He reported that some ),175 faculty OPEU SUNDAY 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. members at 15:! American college c a m p u s e s had so far pledged theii," support to the Spccids This Susdsy committee's efforts. Bsst Kosher The action program adopted by the conference includes spon-

ian Parif Leader


IJONN UTA)—Adolf von 'Iliadden, chairman of West Germany's right-wing National Democratic Party INPDl, said Ihe p a r t y ' s executive planned to purge radical speakers contributing to the "neonazi" image. In his first news conference •nice tfie NPD captured 9.8 per cent of the vote and 12 scats in the recent liadeu-Wurttemberf; «tate election, von Thadden said his party believed that opponents were looking for a pretext to get it banned. To counter such efforts, he said, the Executive will toughen party discipline "since there must not be the slightest doubt that the NPD is taking seriously its devotion to parliamentary democracy and freedom." The NPD chairman denied that his party was "neo-Nazi," declaring it was a "national party" devoted to democracy. He denied again that he had been a member of the Nazi party. He asserted the NPD was financially healthy and that membership had increased from 31,000 last November to more than 30,000. He predicted a membership of possibly 50.000 by 1969 when Flections are scheduled to the

u<> yor I I W K

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Irlcla.y. May 17, 1868

Why Israel is No longer Supported \ snapshots ot Jewish History '>:, YICAKS AGO THIS WKKI Z r i i l O I I - T . ' a / i Minister ol 'Priipae.andii. Dr. Paul Coebbels, told Hit- v-'ni Id that Jocal -N'ii^i ant ho: ilics have been given o r d e r s to iiiinihil.'ite "withou', m e r c y " f 11u Jcivs in flermany and in occupied courilrics. "The CNtirclion of the Jewish is of historic iinpoi lance." he wrote iis his ministry'!-, m a g a / i n r .

By in


The svni| ihx liberals'!' ' I t turm d into i| hostility. I i ' peals to II i crowd oi i l t - t t u ii ' d r e a m (if MI Mil




change. The in mi n i mil Israt I (h <• e n (1 ( (I so abruptly f I » in die crest nl pop uliirity IS til U she (tared tn win the war. She displayed stilltliiiK military pouir ami refused tu lircniiii1 ;i victim. Vinilh iili'iililies with the victims ol the world. It wiiiilil appear. Accordm;.; to th>' graduate.1: en the finest univc r:-iti'.>s. Israel is actually, part ot "ihe establhhniem," The bright young iri'.-n "f both worlds, the Govi-nuiu nt. and the dissenters, are bored by Israel. Israel. 11'u-v :-:,y. is h:i: ed en "iirchiiic traditions, old leadership, an ancient religion:; dogma, militarism and a neocolonialism f.'onccpi called Zionism." N'CH I.ell In the thinkin;; of she c;.;mp iillli revolution. Israel i.s therefore bad. The Arab "!ibi ration" movenii-nt is hew and therefore must nr-cr S'iin'y be good. A naive, concept ol ihenew left i* Unit f.'iinijiiiuiist and leftist • nations and movements may not be perfect but must be excused anil supported because they are headed in the proper direction. Israel is reer, as l!n> prmluct of an older generation, a part of the stupid world ercatecJ by parents. Young Jews are saturated with Israel. "Wr have heard too much bragging by pompous rabbis and have been dragged to too many po.'-h and smug dinners," 'Flic New Loll would r|iiid:ly


iiiisdnrss is conliliun. it is especially to liic liiiiriisseil | s li tiii-v ;iie stooges of (tie Washington ivailords, why eiin't they liny Hie I'liiinloin j i t s t ! n \ iii-cd'.' If they a r c neci-coloiti.iiists itinl uiililai'isls. u h y (In (lie Aralis lieconie iimiuuii 1 frnni eiiticisni lor (be very s a m e ten(iencirs? Why a r c N a s s e r and l!us-,iin pitied \ihile I^shhol and

deny it but the' Old Lell has 'subtly insinuated the parly line. New lefters arc embarrassed to denounce. Israel outright because Ann I-'ranl; is still a "beautiful person." But they are ready to assail Israel on an "intellectual" level. The Arguments "My hither jii.-.tilics his exploitative business by .saying that he treats Negroes kindly, just like Israel rationalizes its subjugation of the helpless Arabs." said ii young wonian. 'with bristling pride in her lionconformity. She leaches, music, but no longer .sings folk .songs in Hebrew. "Why should f have a nostalgia for a Jewish version of Rhodesia or South Africa that imposes itself by brute force on nn emerging people?" A university instructor, also of Jewish birth, alleged that ''Israel is a living hypocrisy. II is theoretically based on love and socialism yet actually exemplifies backward, narrow chauvinism and belief in a Jewish super-race. I oppose the use of napalm in Vietnam and have picketted the. Dow Chemical Company. How can I approve of Israel using Napalm? The Israeli army is .something like the Green Berets. Israel i.s fighting for the status quo and against change. Now. I am not an anti-Zionist nor a Zionist. I met some great types in Israel. But I have grown bored to death by all the bragging and arrogance." Accounts of Israeli attempts to aid'developing African and Asian nations are debunked. "Well, Israelis are trying to soothe their conscience. St is just like the American establishment sending out a Peace Corps of a few thousand while the main thrust is busy brutalizing Vietnam." Generation Gap To some exfent, Israel.Is suffering from the generation gap, Over half the population of the United States is now under 25.

I >;IV-:III , - i x . | u l u ; i ! . . ( l " Jf ( j . . . I'.Mt-

sian role jn the Middle (Oast is llus ti iii< »f M i n < n< ( not tliid ol ii militarist, colotiialoi i ill HI M I is me i( i1-!, anil inipi i i.iii'-t-, in appealing that "Ziiiiiisiu." A ne- lieini-n's liiimc is? gative ima(-;e is gi'iiri .ilctl by Zionism, scmiothm;; :<IH ioni ami ciiniH'cli-d with icligicin ami IMMH! corporations and eMabli'-hinents. Military cllicii-nev K (•(mated uith iascism and n pK-Moil. The less rinnpi tent Aralis, especially (he uiicirillas, lieiomc Hie heroes, the underUv C M ! ! . A I . l ' K I l T ground, the popular forces, the Jel'iiSiileni Like t h o u s a n d s til nvanljiarrte of social clianj:r. die o t h e r Israeli families, ivr look ri'volutiim. ;i. day oif jjot lung ;i;.'o to pay same young people are a n o t h e r visit, to the Old City of reluctant-to accept Ihe fact that J e r u s a l e m , to w a n d e r t h r o u g h ;i l.'on'iinnnist reg.iiiic. Poland.. tlw- narrow is now brutally anli-.Seniitic: and i<iic a 11 •• v tO siiiipi'C'-ri•;; the In.-e f.peoch of fratci'iii/.e v I ' h i'.tialents. Only about, ii half-cli//our Arab in it h en youlhs • could be inu.'-'.lered ' .. from iili the college*., iiiid uni- b or.s. ami to c s

.IKHl'S.M.KM- P a h ;.tme Ar;ih n;.tiona i.'-ts m : i d,e it i:ni iwn that they w;ni; Aim riciJii .'.upport "I l!ril:dii'.s- /Inn - P;ilJUT . w!lich io ' In:'.ze ' !in- Jesvi; ii ),oiiuh:!ion in P a l i - a ni- a S 1.•I -1- irch I!)-! 4. is VI-:AIJS .\<;t» m i s \VI-:KK JKItl.'SAl.KM 'Ihe H e b r e w th);!.y honored p h i i o s o p l u r Miirtin linher on iiis 7f«!h b i i l h d a y by av.';irdini' iiiiu a n h o n o r a r y dorloi'iitr decree, !hc- louith such d e g r e e (.'ranted by I he institution The otlic-r tliree r< cipienls were the late P r e s i d e n t VVei/.nialin, the late Dr. ,l>idrdi L. M a g n a s iiiid pruleKsor Albert Einstein. -?



SAN I''J.'A.\'('IS(.'O Tin- American' Coniieil for J u d a i s m ;il t i c k e d !hr- A:::;-ric::i: r;:hh:u;:!c Sor f:::!i"" U; lilt i!^ voict' ;:; be!;:: f ol 11 it- Paicsliiie A r a b refugees at its 10th annual conference h e r e . The foui'liiv parley ende'-d with c h a r g e s that the Zionists "eonIrived to f.-cjnate objectivity about Ihe Middle- Kast with anli Semi-

/ Write as I Phase

iin.-ii to picki-l the PoUsh Emb;,: :,y. The c a m p u s apparently bo'iKht the line that Poland was im-ri'ly "anti-Zionist" ,"nd not anli Semitic." ('((illusion Voii!hs liiive poured nut hy the i h o u s a n d s !o d'-iiiuiistrate against the pentagon ;nid White House. 'I hey have faced police clubs and Negro ;-.rorn to .support black power by seizing university offices. T h e y - a r e doing their "thing." as they see it. In the peculiar philosophy of young liberals, a murdered Jewish merchant is seen a;: an exploiter. Hul a Negro killed by police is automatically a victim of racism and police brutality.

tah.'ish c:lc< ( ( nn t.icl v.i Hi the mystical, hi (on c;il aura oi the ancieiil Cil\ of David. The infhi' nc < s of Tel Aviv and Alnerl oi the L'olh century have befiun to j)enetrate evc-n into the darkest corners of the Old City. In :i remote lane, from such iourif t centers ;:.s Ihe Western Wall or the Via Uolorosa. we congratulated ourselves that we had found a dim, unreached. unspoiled nook, .still associated with Biblical days —when .suddenly we spotted in an ancient Arab shop a freshly painted sign advertising Wis-

M)t.zl:\''. Te.i' Ll-ewhere, in the crowded, j ti ii 1: e d up bazaars, T'hiiniikah inenorahs and mezuzalis ,'ilieady find ilii-ir place alon;;sifj(! the eriicilixes and the ikons. We piirc|i:i'-,(-d s o nl f t h i H g "typical 1 ' as w souvenir of the \isil -;.iii(l tin: son of Ishnmcl w r ; i . p j i e i l it for us in ;>n old newspaper a copy oi W y e s . Israel's Yiddish daily. I-'roni every doorway can he

heard the blaring ol the radio programs in Arabic, ami the inhabitant.1; ';it in their restaurants and calcs, openly listening to the news ,'iiid propaganda broadcasts I rum .Amman and Cairo. What greater evidence' could I hen.- be of freedom and democracy? Victory Stamps We paused at a philatelic display window which showed tin: Egyptian .stamp issued by Nasser last May. as he prepared for the victory over Israel. We entered and :isl:e<] for tin; "Nasser Victory .stamp.' With alacrity the dealer offerer! the three .stamps produced by Israel after

American News Report

15.v HEN tiALLOP New York A ma.ssive study of six nflender:;, published by the K'insey Institute of Sex Research, credits •'elements in the Jewish culture and family life" for the fact that Jews are rarely. involved in .such offense:;, just-as they are seldom involved in crime generally. 7he .study, which analyzed dill:t collected over a period of some 21) yonrs ill various parts of the United States, concluded that "there are simply far too few Jews in our •prison and sex offender group:; to be explained in any other way.1' "Sex Offenders," published by Harper and Row, is based on a sample, which the researchers consider adcniat". of I.TMG white males convicted of one or more sex offenses. The basis of the definition of a nvz offender Ls that it means an individual who 'has been arrested, tried and convicted for a specific: sex act legally forbidden as a criminal activity. Data on two other groups were developed for purposes of comparison. A prison group sample was comprised of Jlllii white males who had nt-Ver beer: convicted of a V.CY. offense but who had bc-en sent to prison for some other misdemeanor or felony. A control group of •i't male whites was' made up of persons who had never been convicted of anything more, serious than a traflic violation. Data on the control group members' sexual histories were obtained from those of the thousands of persons who have been interviewed by Kinsey Institute staff members. Approximately two-thirds of ihe control prison groups were Proithlnni 2ind ont-ijuarter Catholic. The authors indicated thai Je«n wire slightly untler-rpprescnled in the control grcup ond were rare in the priscn group. In tin* SPJT offenders group, 75 per etnl were classified as Protestant, 20 per cent Tvert Catholic and one per cent was Jewish. The study found that, in only one enfegory of ftx offender?, thai of homofcxunl? did the Jews constitute as much at two pf r tent and the ru-

thoi-K commented (hat this could have been anticipated "for it is only in this realm of behavior that no one can find ;i legal .sexual outlet." Itlil'AKIKMV.N Ii! presenting data on types of f;e>: offenses, ihe researchers broke down the religious classifications by degree of piety: inactive, moderate and devout, The offenses lor which the subjects went to jail were listed in categories of heterosexual offenders, heterosexual aggressors, homosexual offenders, incest offenders, peepers and exhibitionists. The oifendr-rs ami aggressors' criminal sexual acts were broken down into three sub-categories—against children, minors and adults. There were no .Jewish so" offenders in the incest, peepers and exhibitionist categories. The percentage of Jews among heterosexual offenders against children was1 one-half per cent lor inactively religious Jews. 1.5 per cent for moderately religion:; Jews and none for devout Jews. No Jewish heterosexual offenders against either minors or adults were uniting the convicted men. In the category of ht'lcrrosesua! -aggressors; (here were no Jewish offenders against children or minors. There were a tiny number of such Jewish aggressors against adults—1.4 per cent inactive: and 0.7 per cent each for the moderate and devout Jews among such offenders. HOMOSEXUAL OFFKNDKItS The largest category of convicted Jewish sex olfenders was that of homosexual offenders against adult.-,—2.4 per cent among religiously inactive Jews. Among moderate and devout Jews, there were no offenders in this category. Jewish homosexual offenders against children included 2.1 per cent for religiously inactive Jews, none among'moderately religious Jewish sex offenders and one per cent among the devout. Homosexual offenders against minors totalled 0.7 per cent religiously inactive Jews, and 1.5 per cent moderately religious Jews, No devout Jew* were included amonij such sex offenders.

its victory in the June war. We explaim d that we meant the olher "victory." anil we could Me his mind .shilling into another gear. Our three children are all s'rr drill;-: o! A r a b i c , and so-ivo bought several framed epig n u n s executed in Ihe beautiful Arabic calligraphy. The deali r explained that hi;; .stock Wai running low. and he would soon have to go back to Jordan to ;;el ii he.'li .supply Iron) sources in Lebanon and Syria. P r i n t them in JMMI•)'! )]<• 'had exploitd the possibility, hut the c o s t s would then be ;:o high that Inner?; like us •would not come ti purchase, he explained.


Our .'-nil, Joel, translated one of the epigram:;: "Tell the trulli --by book or by crook, alwa\a :cl!s the truth." Olldilics

Public lavatories are plentiful - unlike the .situation in new Jerusalem -- and they are relatively clean. As in Parish, however, they are all for men. We *;:tw no facilities for women. Are Ihe ladies assumed to have greater biological control? Around the corner from, tha Western Wall, full-scale excavations are proceeding and uncovering what is believed to be tha southern wall of Herod's Temple. Thousands who enter1 the area of the Mosque of Omar blithely ignore the posted warnings of the Chief Rabbinate that this is the site of the Temple, Mount, a holy of holies, and entrance is forbidden to "everybody." We poured over the ''junk" in a .side-alley shop that looked ni if it had nvt been cleaned or disturbed for 50 years. Flung into a corner were f.oine old picture jX/stCai'ds .showing General Allenby making his official enlryinto Jerusualein in 11)17. We retraced our .steps and finally reached our car, parked outside Jaffa Gale. Two bright Arab youngsters informed us that they had been ''watching' the car for us. As expression of gratitude, my wife Nechamn gave each of them a handful of tasty Israeli candy. They hustled into the shade and devoured the-'sweets with obvious relish. In a few minutes they weio back, but their request wns •was quite different from what we expected. They offered a, five agorot coin mid asked )f, please, they could have .somo more of that candy! Strange city, Jerusalem. Wo must go back there again soon.

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Mrs. fiobcrt Geitllck, Editor

•i !

t i \\i




»"ii<lny. May 17. 1»«K


Negroes Join l!y lien Callol) A project to provide decent housing lor residents oi liar)i m'y. ghetto was underway this wi ek under Hie supervision of a volunteer b o a r d of seven Negroes and seven J e w ; with a lii lorm rabbi serving as Ihe l.'ilh iiM*nib(-r and mediator. The project got underway with the Marl, (it rehabilitation ol two. ['limy tenements on East, IJVtli r t n e t . in Manhattan. They a n ; the lirsl ol :!!) such buildings : l a l e d lor rehabilitation in a nine-block a r e a Iroin lllilh Street to 12Mh Street between Lexington and Park Avenues. A Infill nl '.',:> rental units will be provided in Ihe Iirst two ti i)( inent.'",. which a r e expected to be ready lor O c c u p a n c y by the end ol October, according In Mrs. Mary lemma, president ol Ihe Upper Park Avenue Community Association (HPACAl.

mous gilt lo help build a daycare center for children. Cornell University experts have planned a model apartment to be used lo leach tenants about home care, nutrition and child-raising. Another anonymous donor provided kitchen equipment lor the model apartment. Cciiipcratiiiii

The seven Negroes - - mostly women- and the e i g h t Jews meet at least onee a month, although right now meetings are more ireijueiii. They take an active role in all decisions ol the ambitious effort. The board i:; expected to continue in its advisory capacity indefinitely. Initially. Ihe board is watching over the construction work, 11 will later help tenants to move in and become sell led, then will keep a collective eye on maintenance. After that there will be such ancillary programs lo be Watched over as consumer education, the child care center,

recreation and related service*. Members will serve two years, when elections will be held. The board presidency will rotate between a Jew and a Negro. Sidney Schwartz, is vice-president of the lirsl board. Both Jew and Negro see the project as more than only an urgently-needed eltort to accelerate I ho. agonizingly slow process of providing adequate, housing lor Ihe poor in the nation's decaying inner c i t i e s . Rabbi Bricknor feels that "we are rehabilitating more than buildings. We arc learning to rehabilitate ourselves through one another. It is slow, hard and sometimes even painful, but il is working." Mrs. I e m in a has commented that "we feel thai black and while can work in partnership and must live in harmony. It is Ihe only way. We have our ideas. The while structure, can give us a helping hand,"

I'PACA has set a goal of creating :i!!!i housing units in the area. Mrs. lemma and Mrs. Margaret J e n k i n s , two Harlem housewives, had long talked lo neighbors about "rebuilding our slreils." an area of garbagelittered lots, criiinblin;; buildings and bonrded-up stores. The two women, together with the New York Federation of II e I o r in ISy Harold Adler auto industry; Suzuki and YaSynagogues, created t.'PACA as Hi-j;iinial Ai)L Director maha, manufacturers of motora non-profit housing corporacycles: Nippon KIcclric. manuOn April 20th, the New York facturers of radios and televition, each group electing seven members lo the I'PACA board Times publicly reported for Hit: sion sets; Hoyakawa Electnc, ol directors, with Rabbi Balfour first time that Japanese com- manufacturers of television sets lirickner as mediator. K a b b i panies are cooperating with the and'calculators; Shiba Klectnc, Brickner is director ol the Com- Arab boycott of I'.I.II! television sets; Sumitomo, Mitmission on Iiiterfailh Activities This infonna /ubishi, Mariiibeni-icda, and Mitr rf the Union of American Hesui large trading firms that also lion is m i l new f' they are heller molhrrs, they brew Congregations, the Central manufacture products ranging stir up cultural activities, they to the membcisj \ Conference of American Habbis Irom footwear to machine]y. have formed the P-TA. and I of the 0 m a h .1 \ and the .Jewish Chautauqiia Socisay 1 am sorry but the story is Despite constant communica- Cminniui- " still the same as it always was. ety, the major institutions of AOL tion, written and oral, with ily K e I a 11 II us American Reform Judaism. except lor the politicians and members of the Japanese Em('(imniiltee who The licgimiing the teenagers. A woman needs a bassy and Consulate, the Chamwere informed ol man, Without a man who de- The joint effort had its genesis this s i ( u a I inn ber of Commerce, and other sires her a woman has no visa. in a longstanding battle by the some six months Japanese groups in this country, Cleopatra and the Empress two Harlem housewives to in- ago. Many (om' there has been no satisfactory Josephine knew nothing about duce New York Cfty housing mittee membcis response," observed Forster . a college education let alone officials to act to provide good have been mo'l Here is just one more examabout a P-TA cookie sale. They bousing for the area's residents. helpful in advis Harold Adler ple of the warfare imposed by didn't even know they were On one occasion they staged n ing their Japanese c o n t a c l s the Arabs upon Israel. The Jasexually emancipated. If th ey 2(ihour sit-in at a city anti- that the use of the boycott panese cannot be convinced that were alive today they wouldn't, poverly agency oflice. Mrs. Ruth against any nation friendly to the Arab boycott is a paper, tiknow how to drive a car or cast lirod, an agency official, stayed the United States is not in the ger and has never been used :i b:illnt:. lint llii'V both knew to \v;:tch the demonstration an'.! interests of furthering economic successfully against American they had to have a man. business. Coca-Cola, Chase Manbecame acquainted with the two trade relations. batten Bank, U.S.S. President Two hundred years from to- women. She introduced them to day, some guy will be operating Rabbi Brickner, and .to Mrs. Japanese companies have sent Lines and many more have been a computer the likes of which Anita Miller, a member of the letters to Israeli concerns open- listed on the boycott, and they cannot he described. He will he slafl of the commission on inter- ly admitting that the orders have not suffered financially betalking. In people on Mars and faith activities. Rabbi Brickner were being rejected because of cause they now trade with Isthroughout the realms of outer and Mrs. M i l l e r had been the possible effect upon Arab rael. The Japanese seem to forget space and some little politically searching for a role for the Re- customers. and economically emancipated form movement to aid the war "We wish to refrain, from that it was the United States policies and the principle of ungal will say to him, "Never on poverty. ([tinting on the article because mind all that beeping'and boo|>our company has close dealings restricted trade and cooperation The UAIIC and its regional ing with outer space. Get over unit, the Reform Synagogues wilh Arabic countries," wrote a which has given the Japanese here now. I miss you." Federation, acted lo help obtain Japanese manufacturer in re- manufacturers the opportunity The last place she would want a 'Ill-year mortagage of $!"> mil- jecting an order for » closed' to grow and prosper. to be is chained to a lire hy- lion to Mi million from the Fed- circuit television system. drant. Because he will get over eral Housing Administration for An Israeli shipping company there now. And .she will have the project. Funds for ''seed wanted to purchase a 100.000 proved her worth to herself. ADOLPII .1. SABATII, a prommoney" needed for options on ton tanker and was informed buildings.and to pay for archi- that the order couldn't be con- inent .Jewish leader who was tectural and similar services sidered "because ot Die Arab elected to Congress in the early part of the century, was dean of were . obtained from the New boycott." The Anti-Defamation League Ihe House and served longer York City department of rehabilitation, whose cooperation has been gathering information than any other Congressman in throughout has been described on this situation for the past American history until the midA(.O by Rabbi Brickner as "magnifi- several years and attempted to dle of the twentieth century. Belle Werner and Lawrence cent." Federal rent supplements reconcile this matter without (JTA) Stern announced their engage- have been arranged to keep making the matter public. Obment . . . Jack Slosburg ob- rentals on the new apartments viously, p r i v a t e negotiations AOIIIIJLE FOUI.D, an eights o r v e d his Bar "vlit/.vah . . . within the capacity to pay of have failed. eenth century French statesThe ADI, has charged that the man, was a Minister of Finance Sharon Grossman and Steve local residents. Construction of Brown were married. new housing in the area also is Government of Japan has failed under Louis Napoleon and is planned in the project, Mrs. to ndopt. a policy that would credited with major reforms in 10 YKAKS.AIJO protect its industry from Arab (axes and postal service. He Susan Makiesky observed her lemma said. boycott pressure against trade was the first Jew to serve as a Bas Mitzvah . . . Mr. and Mrs. Plans have been developed to with Israel. senator. iJTA) Sol C r n n d e l l announced Ihe prevent one of the most painful Arnold Forster, ADL's gen• » • birth of a daughter, Beth Ann elements of such housing plans eral counsel, rioted that the KIBBUTZ ROSII HANIKFA, . . . Robert Weinstein celebrated —the problem of finding suit- United States had adopted pro- bordered by Lebanon and the his Bar Mitzvah. . . able temporary housing for those tective legislation that encour- Mediterranean Sea, has many d i s p l a c e d in such projects. ages and requests American 15 YKAKS AGO V1PACA is starting its program companies not to comply with multicolored grottoes, which Rae Malov and Sheldon Cor- wilh houses now empty. When attract hundreds of touiists, en announced their engagement the first 35 units are ready next "restrictive trade practices fos- iJTA) . . . Mr. and Mrs. Martin Herzoif fall. :S5 families now resident in tered or imposed by foreign * * * announced the birth of a daugh-. the older housing will be moved countries against c o u n t r i e s ITALY is the only West Euroter, Denise Gail . . . Bnylamae in, thus creating new empty friendly to the United States." pean country in which Jews Grodiosky and Dr. Melvin Tatel- structures for more rehabilita- The failure of Japan to adopt have lived continuously s i n c e such a policy Is the cause for man were married. tion but without leaving people major Japanese companies to before the Christian era. temporarily homeless. This pro- refuse to do business with Is25 VICARS AOO THE I S R A E L PHILHARSylvia Kahn and Daniel Stein cedure will be followed through- rael, . MONIC ORCHESTRA gave its Companies Named announced their engagement... out the life of the building proADL's report listed among Ja- iirst performance in 1936 under Alex Weinstein was initialed in- gram, Mrs. lemma said. UPACA has received other panese firms refusing lo do bnsi- Ihe baton of the late maestro to the honorary engineering frnr p, including n $-)O,<JOG anony- ntfs with Isiael: Toyota, in Ihr Arturo Toiciimni. ttrnity at Iowa Mate Umvufcity.

rfs VoiEue I \\,i<- ,i \om-(' ni.m I

remember watching the police 1rv lo disengage ;i siillragetle iron) the lire hydrant to which 2-hi- li.'id chained herself. If my friends and I discussed Ihe movement at all. wo probably agreed it was scandalous. What kind of woman had the time to march down Tilth Avenue, arm in arm witli others? Little did we suspect that tine <].iv that evifn more militant Women would picket legislative li.ills demanding localized abortion'. It. rmikes OIK; think. It must havi' ')'•< n JO year;; ago or inore that. I read Sinclair Lewis's "Main Street." Carol Keimienlt expended v;...t it serves' ol strength and encr}'j trying to reform the drab colorless life- in the Midwest. It •was a futile fi[;ht. Sinclair Lewis would turn over in his grave '.i he saw the extent to which Carol Kennicolt runs every town today. She is everywhere, doing everything. She did not stir up a cultural breeze, she stirred up a whirlwind and it'.s going to Wow the rest of us down. Count v.'cel: blessed that we got through witlioul attending a dance recital. The Old Days On (he Lower East Side, the immigrant mother and lathi t showed up at the principal's of lice. Their son had said a dirty Word in class and the teacher had washed his moiilh with (>oap. They did not at all object to Hit1 discipline but the snap was not ko.sher. They handed over to the principal a bar of ko'hor soap which they asked pl< be used. That was the kind of ParentT< .idlers Association the teachtr- liked. And the students undfistoorl. The only workable V IA is where the parents are lift aid of the teachers. We ICnst Side immigrant boys didn't, learn to read Hebrew with visual aids. If a boy got his iniltclions wrong the melained U'fd to give him a "knip." He twisted his ear. B tit you would bt- unprisr-d at the number of Jtw.s who can't read Hebrew. •Menial Need

It if ;ill the fatill of the women. They are perpetually angry •with me, They f;ay I have my nrrvt writing how their inodren f.tory is the- same today as it was a thousand year." ago. They fi.'iy they have gone to college, (lay mi LixiMlly td

Did You Know?






1 'T'i^"(.-;^!*vJi'ifl*7.t-


Page: SI*

Friday, May 17,


Synagogue Activities Candle-lighting: 8:19 p.m.

Jemple Israel] \ Beth Israel SKKVKF.S FRIDAY: 8:15 p.m. liabbi Sidney H. !in»oi:s will nfiiciale. Mu.sical poriiuns ot the service will be provirfi-d by C:;ittor Manfred F. Kmtn-.-r and the Choir under the u'.n-cti'.-n ot Miss Ida Gitlin. (Iradiiiition of (k-V'»n :,tiideiits who have coinp!ei.<'(i tv.-o ye;;rs of Confirmation .Mudy vvili be held dunr.'.; tii'- .'-••rvae. The cmii.sf of s'udy ha1; includ'-d Jewish 1 i t c r a I u r e, ,h-\<;\ ill thought an<l historv. The ;;i<r,ip has a h o di.seus.-ifd .subj.-c-ls SIP i> as family relationships. Jrv/i-.h attitudes towani i)lt>T-m;ilri:i;;i" and healthy d.Uiiii; re!a!ion.-!i!|rt. Graduate", art*: Rich A!;ra:nSon. Frances ISrndy. K :i I h y Grrer.berf'. Jacqueline Landnum. Jeffrey IVrlnietcr. N.m Schulman and Steve JihMin. The address will, lie presented by France-, lirodv. SATIKPAY: \\.Vi a m. • * r BAH MITZVAIIS THOMAS MH'IS TAXMAN, son of Mr. ;m<l J i n Marvin '!>»man and JOHN 15 It A II I. V. V WKINHKUG, son of Mr. and Mrs. ISobrrl A. Wrfnbcrij. i're niont. Nebraska, will p.-icli become Bar MiUvah at the Service. Saturday. May 13. at ll::;il a.m.

SKRVIC'KS Fit IDA V Traditional .service if'olila.i Sh;ibbo:s>: il:l-> pin. Late Kridny Kvmin,< Family S'-rvue: fi:15 p ru. c'Mifiuc'ed bv !!.-ibl,i ISLILIC Nadofi C a n t iir .Iii'-o') I .eikov/K:'. a:i(l the choir. An On'-;; Sii.iblKi! will ;n!:o',v 11)-' .Vivic--. SATI It DAY , Morniii;.; S-.TVIC" ii:4-"> a in. Tlk' Cnntui1'.-, clii.'-.-i in Torah ytiaduyd will ntecl 4,"i mini]!.-- li?torc r.lineha, liabb: Nadoff will r-o.-idnut the 'i'alniud (,'Ia.s.i a! V: 15 p.m. tolInv/rd ,~: ":',', ply, !>y "iinirlia, .S!)']|/!.:h S-.'iiilfi.; and Mriariv. Sf.M>AV .Mornin;; S"rvice: !i a.m. foliovvi-,1 by brcakfas: and Rabbi's class m "Kthies of the Falhecs." DAILY ocrvice.s at 7 a in. ;IIKI ft:ir> I'"!. » » * HAS MITZVAMS i!i:i.i:.\ i:o( iiKLi.i-; m-xMO.VT, dau;.;h!er ol Mr. ami Mr:;, Jsrk itriiiifiiit, ,,i,d HAiiBAltA I.YN\l-:.SIIAI--|-:ii, da»;-liter of Mr. and Mrs. (It-orge Siiafer, will observe a joint lias Mitzvah ci-lebration at the .service Kriday. May 17. at i!:l5 p.m.


You AZA 1 'Hie animal KouiKVr's Day Weekend activilira were li»-ld May H(-lL*. Si-rvici-s at T'-inple Israel on Fr'iihiV evt nini; wi;re followed by a enkurjl nii-rlin:; a I. Ihe hosiW (if Steve Pillur. .Saturday iii!;iil activities inchuifd a barbi'qin', Mpfirt:- far rrilly ;:!i(t parly. Bill fliljii^iiy v/.iS Hi'.1 winner of thr spoils ear rallv. -Siiiiilav ai. tivilii"'.-> included a .sollball ;;ani..- with (.'liaim Wi-i/,lu.uin A7.A. (.',il Kir:;li.'ii was the {;ti.•.••.'. speaker at the final|iiet as U'hidi time IreshiiuMi vvi-re furiiirilly initiated unrj iii.-v; offic.'ri; V.'-.NV in:-!.sll(».'t. "Ihe now officers are: Hob Hifkin. pivsifi!'!;!; duty I! il ki n,

Kditor'* Note: 'Ihh rultinin ut Lincoln Jewish news liiss hn-ii isildpii tn Ihe Omaha I'rc^v In ixu t'll urt to serve llu' Lincoln Jculsli Cuniiiiuiiily. The column Is fifing yoordinatcil in LincoLii by Mis, l,'"o (INIclii't, l;.isen!icrj,'. 'ilio-»e wiili news fur the column sbasild con|u<-|

Mm. Ko:,<'iibfif: at 70!

Mnl(!<T Drive; iiln.»iie JHfl-.VilJ.

The sprin;1, f,o»lrrence of tl:e Mitiwe:-.! llrancli ol tbf National Vi'omen's L<>;i!jii'.- will !«• ln-kl in Lincoln. May 'Inti. ;>t the Nebr.'ial:;5 (.'enter for (Inntiiiuinij Kdud'iiioii. Meiubers of the Titcre'll I .•> r a e I Kihterhood v/ill serve ai lifit;te.';:;e:i. Mrs. Kli I'!vr,,?u i.i .Siotri'l ;0'>J prt-^ident. wcrctary; V-<>\> Kirshfiibauni, ncgistralion will he held Monlicasurur: Sieve KiiHlienbauiii, day. May 20. from li'a.m. to Sli-vc Folikov. pledfjt1 masters; noon, .'.met I tu 5 p.m. The openRoss Mal'ijolin. iiriice ClLxxlnian, ing session and dinner will b>s social and athletic cluiinncn; belt! al the Tilereth Israel ;ioci;il Sieve- Cha-sen. Jerry Sadoi:;l:y, ball. Mrs. Louis Siissman. nacoiiinxuiity .service chairrncn; tional consultant will (ic-liver th<; Ilownrd Kaplan. Jeff Libor.vs!;i. keynote addre;,3. Cantor Nathan relinioir; and cultural t'li.'iil'inen; Levinson will present a musical Hob Frfemao. Chij) S e i t n e r , program fi-aturiug the synaHgts-Mt-ann-i. Steve- Fillor and ,';«;;ue choir. Hrui'«" GiHxIman will serve :IH "Ihe I'liisuil n( I.caniinu W c!;;j of tin? Kwfsiheart the Highest ('oiriiiKimliiieii!" in Dance. the convention theme ConvenWiiiners of awanta incluclcd tion activities vvili include a Sieve Kirshetibanm and Steve Tor;ih Study session, Adult KdPoliko'v. bfst lre:,!nii(;n: Dave iicatinn. Concurrent Workslifps, nifkin, best athlete; Larry Cac- Consultant Clinic, Report of kin. best member, Committees, election and instalDave fiiikin was chairman of lation of officers. the Founder's Day weekend. (lues! s|K;akers will include The Bar Mitzvah of MAliK Kabbi Waltlnian. Rabbi Marc I A \ SflKKMAN. so:i of Mr. and R B Y O lU'Xiio.VAi/ o i i i ( J : I : S Licbhaber, Mrs. Mo:;es Sacli. IVJrs. Irvin .Siit'rman, will be ob- SKKVICKS Cornb'?H Region HF5YO held H:ibbi Joseph • Wicssnberg. Mr. served at the service Saturday. its spring election conclave in K/ra Kohn, Rabbi Myer kripkf. p.m. May 25. at 1I:W a.m. SATini>AY Sioux City May 10-12. Amour; Rabbi Morris Margolis and Mrs. Morning Service: 8:45 p.m. those elec'k-d to regional ollices Han\v Solomon. oMiti;.\ Mincbn: 3:15 p.m. follov/f-d by v.-ere Kerry Tcppermnn. BI'C; The convention will close v/ith The 97th annual meeting and SetiHo--; and Maariv. 2nd vice president; Mike SHI./, a banquet at which time new dinner of the CoriLjregatio.-i of Sl'.N'DAY AZA 1st vice president: Ben- officer/; will be installed by Mrs. Temple Israel will be he'd Wednet! Greenspan, c o m m u n i I y ft, D. Franks of Omaha, past iMorniiu; .Service: 7 a in. nesday, May 21, al fi:.",0 p.m. in service chairman: Steve Neps- p r e s i d e n t ol the Midwest the social hall. Services at (i.'io a.m. and 8:15 nian. treasurer; Howard EJV Branch. Delegate*! are expected sfein, editor. The e v e n t wi!l honor Mr. p.m. from Colorado, Canada, MinneDavid K. Beber. oul^oint; presisota. Missouri. Iowa, Wisconsin dent of the congregation. Elecand Nebraska. tion of officers will be held. (•oinnii I jee Rabbi Sidney If. Brooks will Mrs, Jack Singer. Conference present his annual report, a.i chairman, has. announced tin; will Mr. Eebcr. following members of the arrangements committee.': Mines. KINM:KGAI:TI:N KOUNIHJP (JUKSTION: What Is the bash for observing Ibe Yahradl, Ihe Leonard Mozer. Leo Rosenberg, TJie annual kin d e r j a r t e ri anniversary of the death of one's parent.' publicity; Mrs. Abrain Misle, Roundup will be hold Sunday, AXSWKIt: Some attempt to find the basis ol this custom in the transportation; Mrne.'s. Sam HubMay HI. at 11 a.m. Talmudie passage which states that as much as it is required to inow. Elmer Shamborfj. Joseph At this time all children who honor one's lather and mother during their lifetimes, so in it a re- Goodman. R(>!x-i'l Cbanuier. d;-«are eligible to attend kinder- quirement to honor them after they have passed away. Observing oration:;; Mrs. .fo&cplt BuriLslein, garten next year are invited to the Yalirzcit is thus a means of honoring one's parents after they local reservatioius; Mines. Gerattend the session designed to have passed on. Maimonides is quoted as saying "The one who ald Grunt, Nate linger, Dwayne introduce them to ' the Temple- loves doesn't forget and the one who forgets iloe3 not love." He- fCiishner, Abrain Misle, houpftalReligious School, memberinj; one's parents every year on the anniversary of their ity; Mines. Harry Brenlow, Nute Parents of the prospective death would be a means of expressing our love in the sense that we Ucrn.'iteJn, Eli Evnen, registrastudents are expected to attend demonstrate the fact that we indeed have not forgotten them — re- tion: Mrne-,'i. Max: K u s l i n c r , membering even the regrettable day of their demise. and meet with the nabbis. Charle:; Slierman, synagogue Children are eligible for kin(H'KSTION: Why does Iradilion require Uie mourner lo (ear dinner, dergarten next year if they cele- liix garment? Delegates and alternates from brate th"ir 5th"birthday by OcAXSUTCll:'Most draw thi.i recjuirement from the commandment Lincoln include Mme.i. Eli Kvtober 15. 19S3. in the Bible which iorbade the priests from tearing their garments alter the death of Nadab and Auihii iLcvitiqui-lO.-Ci, indicaliii;; liial normally mourners do tear their garment.-;. There are several occasions in the Bible when tearing clothes is symbolized as a .sign of grief. It has been suggested by rationalists that tearing the garment takes the place of the barbaric practice of others who u/;eci SKRVIC'KS to tear their flesh, ft alr.o indicates that death merely destroys the FRIDAY: 8:15 p.m. Rabbi Myer S. Kriplce will de- outer garment of life while preserving the inner being of the- soul. liver the sermon. Cantor Aaron Psychologically, tearing the garment allows one » relief of bis I. Edgar'and the Choir will con- feelingr. v/ithout injuring hi?) body in arty way. duct the musical service. SATURDAY To Lht er Buy Morning Service: 10 a.m. in Reel C-.loto Call Mincha-Maariv: 3; 13 p.m. HELEN A. BERNSTEIN SUNDAY J?3.?lll 554-1253 Morning Service: 9 a.m. DAILY HEED DAVIS CO. 5SS-23S0 Services at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

B'nai Jacob Adas Yeshuron

Wan? Ads Bar and Eas Mifarab congratulations, also cardA, for all Jewish holidays and special occasion.?. Hey e n News Vand, 1V)2 Dod>;e

The Lincoln Bonini ChapU-r of 1,T:;V v.ill hold their installation dinner, Sunday. May ID. at Ivust Hills Country Club, The folliiwini; new oflicvr* will be installed by ttabbi Morton Waldnian: Slephanii; SchafJ.Ji- n|v.ti«l,.i>(; jji»ij Ev.nen. vice president; Julie Kunhner, 2nd vice presid'.-nt: Susan Modenstein, r P C o r dine secretary; Eihei Z"ien-iite. corresp»iHlin|{ secrt'tary; (iary Clie.snin. treasurer. Hrpi'i.'oi'iilaliVL's from Omaha, Lincoln. Des Moines and Minneapolis atleiided the USY Conclave in Des Moinrs recently. L i lie o I n representatives included Stephanie Schaller, Leilie Schalfer. Julie K u x h u e r, Susan Mndenstcin. Susan Polsky. .Marlha Hill, Alan Polr,ky, Kick Teller and Boh Evnen. 'Ihe I1BYO Spring Election Conclavt- was held in Sioux City, May 10-12. Attending from Lincoln were Lilly Misle, Debbi* iN'eideii, Barbara Kuklin. Gaylo Lntinau, Betty Misle, Julie Ku-ihner, Martha Hill. Jordan Kominsky and Hob So.stinick.


Zetn Beta Tau Fraternity at tin; University of Nebraska v/a;« presented the ".Mo:;! Improveil .Scholastic" award from the Interiraternity Council. The annual av/ard is presented to the tratcrnity showing tha most iiuprovement in 'grjule* during Lh* school year. Mark liem.-;tii?n. son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald lionistien, h:n been named to Phi Kta Siijni.i, fre.'ihirian honorary' iratenii'.y, at the University of Nebraska. New oflicer.i have been elected for Omicrou Chapter, Alpha Epsilon Pi Froternily at tli-> University of Omaha. The new officers nre;*Ncil Simon, brother Master; Ron H e r z o f f , Lt. Master; Ben Jncobs, secretary; Sheldon Bnbendure. treasurer; Rick Elrcnbcrg, sentinel.



Jerry Gerelick. son of Mr. and "vlrs. Robert Gerelick, has been e l e c t e d president of V/ithey House. Og(» Kont Dormitory at the (Jnivur:<ity of Wisconsin.

Seb (Subby) Pulvsnnto

Death MORKIS ADI.ICR Funeral service.? were held Monday, May 13. J90B for Morris Adler. age 81. of 4i!0l North 52nd St. Interment was ,at Belli El Cemetery. Survivors are: wife, Jennie; daughter, Mrs. Ben (Sybil) Fineman. Los Angeles, California; sons, Arthur, Omaha, Sidney, Oakland California; 3 grandchildren: 2 great-grandchildren.

lien. Abrain Misle, Nate CJeryld (irant. Hyiaan Polsky, Itjcliard Sc;;al. Norman Knvmha, Nathan Levinson. Moitotj V/al(!iiKiii and Max Neiden.

35 Yaert1 EKporianco Wirh Jowish Lolforing And Momoriali 2211 So. 8t& 7820 Bodgo St.

"l i'i

PHOTOGRAPHER"-' 817 SoiiJh Uih Stree} — 245-1034



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Block and White

* JI^.* I.

Fiiilav. M*v 17. 19fiK


Miss Susan Slutzky Will Be June Bride o fSteven Silver D r . i i n d M r s . l i e n S i n ! H , >i jifviincr. t h e rii;!ii;.;cmerit i,l *',< n (I u n g h l <• r . Ku.--;j!], t o L ' ' m J a m e s S i l v e r . ;r,i] o l M i ' I. i • in G i l b e r t iiiid t h e k . d l i t j j I

Silver. T h e bri(!(-i l e d iitff m d tl i University of Iov. a m e , ,i g r a d u a t e of th<- t ' n r . M it ( ,l Oninhii. She is c n r r e i i l h li u i i inf.1 in the On;;ih;i Piihni '< no <1

.Sv.^ton. 1

Her ii;inci; is ;> yr,, <>( the Wharlon .School of 1 in. JK e JWIJ Comniercc. U n i x u itv nl P e n n s y l v a n i a where h e v,.i'*- ,4 iilinled with .Sirma Alpha Mu F n i t e r n i t y . Ho teivi-d .i', a l.(ti tentint •:: the United -, K.-i\ >' ftiitioned in Snif-on. A wedding on June :!0 ,-1 J!ttti Kl .SyiiHfOjMie is pl.-mni d.

Miss Siisiin Mut/liy

vo H@Ic3

law« \» vd UU

L.:J«: i t . ii'


Kdw.-ird Zt-linsky. .'-on ol Mrs. Harold Zf-lin: ky. placed lir;,t in tin- United Nations Conlc-.t. and w a s the winner <>{ ;•. i',11 Savings Hond.

Miss Carolyn Rinehart Weds Jeffrey Altsuler in Temple Rites Carolyn Margaret Kinehart l/ecainc the bride of J<.Ifrey L. Altsuler. Sunday. May 12. I ' l T ^ n c e s l i i d i j v . d.'.'iij'.liter of I'.-dJi. Rabbi Liiureuet- II. lfubinDr. :.n;i Mrs. Alind Uro-Jy. was .'!(!]] ;;nd ('antor Mnnlred F . the Kt'cond pl;.-cr- winn'.-r ol a ':!*.'> Kultner .oflicialed at the 1 p.m. Hond. Hoth stndi-ntf, iir«.' .••eniors at ci reinony at Temple Israel. A f.'iiilra! Uij-'h Seliool. )( (.-option and luncheon followed a Mr. Kelly's. Aveva llahn. <ian;;liier of Mr. The. bride is !)»•? daughter, of nnd Mrs. David llahn. was Ihc w i n i n - r of a '•:''> prize in the Mr;;. Henry Konichek and Mr. World Herald Opportunity f"i' John Rindiart. Mr, and Mrs. Bernard .'.!t"!i!.-:r nrir t!.<- paienls v! the bridegroom. Anionj; the W e s t s i d e lli;;h Miss Judith Lincoln was maid School ftudinls named to the of honor. Bridesmaids were National Honor Society v.'ere jMrs. William Wilcofski and Miss Jim Fried. Susan Mahiove. Kar- Mary Maeek. t-i) ISokolol and Klis-se Hkrn. all Slcvcn Allsnler was best man seniors: Gary liiekes. Kalhy for his brother. Ushers were Hips, Kric Starr and Kd Tracli- David Rinehart, brother of the tenbaif: juniors. bride, and Paul Landow, Following a wedding trip to Michael .Sell/., son of Dr. and Mrs. Nohert J. Kn;;el. h;is been Las Vegas. San Francisco. Los accepted as a participant in the. Angeles and Mexico, the couple l!)t;il Leadership Kallah and In- will make their home at 1(1(1 ternational Lend fish ip Training N. <i!llh Street in Omaha. Conference sponsored .by the H'nai fi'iiih Vtnilii Oi"j;anizaiion.

Commencement Exercise.*; of Reheccn L ;) n d s in ;i n. Miriam the- Oni.-ili,-) Hebrew Academy Manh.'ill. Sharon N;ulo!f, Annie I\ifiVicrit«ry .School mid Kinder- JP'^iakoff ?io'.v;ird A«clmr-r ~Tft\ parltn. will be litltl Sunday, Jean Flatov.icz. .SjM-eia! quests this evenin;; at Kindergarten graduates are Mny Ml at 3 p.m. at the WestGary Ulanfctr. Rachel' Bohhot, the Bus Mitzvah of Harbara wrie High School Little Thr;!ter, 'i'iliany Fnmklin. Debra Kolni, Shafer will he her grandfather. I'iih nnd Pacific Stf;. Craij; Lewis. Raphael Poliakoff. Isadore Khaler of Los Angeles; Mrs, Arthur Gokbtein, chair- Preschool graduates iire Mir- her aunt, Mrs. Uri Miller of Balman of I In.- Commencement Kx- iam Aizenher;!. Maurice Karp- timore. Maryland: cousin, Mrs. William Fertig of Dallas. Texas. ncisps. has announced that spe- man and iCdwaid Kit-in. cial guest speaker at the event will be Dr. William W. Bridejn;tn, Professor of Educational History :md Comparative Education ;it the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Brickmiiii is nh.o NATIONAL William Lohrman. Brrnie Mev editor of the education periodi- OF JKUISH IVOMKN f-i£. }I :i r I a n Noddle. Robert c-al. ".School nnd Society.'' 'Hie final luncheon meeting of UoiifU Donald Polsky, Gordon The event is open to tin- com- the year will be held Tuesday, Prince, fjern.ird Haskin, J t n y munity. A reception will follow May' 21, nt Vl/Ml p.m. at the Ro,"<-n. Soi Rosinsky, Mam ice Ihc- commencement exerciser, Highland Country Club. A style Sachs. Phil Sehra^er. Martin which mark the completion of show, "Meanwlnje, Backfitthe .Sopliir. Donald .Sturm, Cl.nk F|*'cific educational programs nt HEinch." will be presented cour- Swailz, Sam Tovs and David the Hebrew Academy. Kindcr- tesy of Wolf Brothers Women's fiiiien f;rfidualf?s will be.entcr- Fashion Bazaar. 'Children models will include inf,' the elementary department Models will include Mines, of the Aciidemy in the fall. Gerald M. Cohn. Seymour Colin, Robert Friedman. Robert GreenGraduates of the elementary de- Jerry Dann. Robert Enjjcl. Ajon berg. Lisa Mona;;ee. Kim Plait, partment will ho entering the Farber, Morton fllass. Richard Belli Seldin and Adiini Wagner. Junior Hi|;h department which Gla/er. David Goldstein, Ben- Thr-ir parents are Messrs. and •will be inaiiKur.'rted in Septem- nett Hornstein. Dan Kalzman, Mmes. Sol F r i e d in a n. Don ber of l'j(iJ). Itnhbi Joseph Vilen- Robert Levinc. Sheldon Lincoln, Greenberj?. Charles Monasec, Michael Plait. Ted Seldin and flti, Executive Director of the Bennett Wagner. Academy, will announce the plans for the Junior High deMrs. Martin Staenberg will jinrlmrnl al Ihc <oinmr-nr<Mi>»:'»l serve a s coDiment.-itnr. Mr« fxcrcises, Russel Blinnentha! will provide

QQH Mofcofshys Fofeti 8n SSili Anniversary

Graduates of the Elementary School include Phyllis Axclman,

MONA LISA House of Glamour III

H o . EOlh


10 Expert Hair StylUfi MISS CAL, R«c»pllon!il MISS JERRY, Style Director

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mokofsky were honored on the occasion of their 50*1) weddin;; anniversary at a dinner party May 10, l!HiB.

Hosts were their children, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Koom, Mrs. William Finkel and Mr. Gerald Mokofsky. The senior Mokof*kys also have G grandcliildrcn and 4 great-grandchildren.

NEBRASKA E(O 4902 Hcsnilfon


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Justin Horwicfi WALSTOM & CO., IMC. Members New Yerlt Sloclc Exch«ng« and Otlitr Principal 1801 FABNAM STREET. O M A H A ,


346-4555 AREA CODE 402

the musical accompaniment. Mines. Sanford Kasncr and Bennett Wagner are in charge of of the program. Luncheon iirraiiRements a r e being handled by Mines. Arthur Gould and William Fried. Mmns. Irving Epstein, Leonard Kulnkofsky and J a m e s Robinson nre in charge of decorations. Reservation."; may be made with Mnifs F. Ronald Cohn, Don Lubin or H. S. Schunicistcr. I! ,ind 1' HADAK.S.AH Installntion of new officers will be held at the meeting Wed nesday, May 22, at 7 p.m. at the Blackstonc Hotel. New officers include: Mrs. I Dansky, president; Miss EI17.1 heth ilarl, 1st vice-president, Mrs. Abe Mozer, 2nd vice-president; Mrs, David Becker, treasurer; Miss Myrtle Freeman, financial secretary; Miss Marian Strauss, recording secretary; Mrs. Jennie Rosenblatt, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Julius Newman, parliamentarian; Miss Evelyn Levy, historian. The B nnd P. Card Party will he held Sunday, May 2C>, from 2:3(1 to C p.m. at the Commercial Savings and Loan Huilding. 4f)lh and Dnde;i>,

The Face in the Mirror May Be Beautiful, the Body's Proportions Perfect, But There Are Things That Nature Just Doesn't Supply

Refreshments and door prizes will highlight the pnrty which is open to the community at $1 per person. There are things Unit, money cannot buy. Money can buy a house, but not a home; a bed, but not sleep; books, but not brains; food, but not appetite; jncdicine, but not health; flatUry, but not respect; companions, but not friends; amuset, "but not happiness.

Truthfully, oood looks ccn carry a girl only so far. The girl who is poised, confident and charming is the one who is noticed and remembered. Thoro is a time in every Girl's lifo whon sho begins to think about what lifo holds in storo; whoro she'll bo and what she'll be doing two or three yoare from now. If you'ro ct that point, you should consider a MONTMARTRE Modeling or Finishing Course. If you'ro Interested In learning tho models' EGcrots, tho things that set SOME Qlrlscpart, cell or writo for froo consultation . DELL

It "'-V-tMV'" 9

%^i w







Model Booking Agency and Sch6'6l;; 4441 Morth 63rd Street 451-3677



Friday, Mav 17,



ICC Athletes Honored Al d a y m a n was inducted mto l>-.-;u A'-ord M.'; the oiil.-tandin;< the Athletic Hall i>! Faim- at the m a d e s'lmo: a:hi--!e Jim liarJewish Community Center:-.' ,ui- u s v.a:% honored ;is the inor,t imnual Sports Nnil'it V/edie-Miav proved .\e.veiv-li and ei:;hth <;rade nifiht. ' athlete Bub Boozer. National!The Harry Tr:i:,< :n Award v.-as ball Association a r e for the ('In- jjn/.-.'-ii!ell U> Dave ]?il!:iii anil cago Bulls, was the i;ii'.-:;l speak- Larry Cackin lor the mitstiindiiii* hi:;h school athletes. e i'. Program Chriinnan Jim Farl.erov Ka'z '.va> named the her presented team and individ- outMamliii:.; Varsilv athlete, re uai awards to niemben* nf tin- v.-r.-nn; iiu- I-I-MU- 5.. IliirKCiiCenters' Iddy Biddy. M i d <; e i road Award and Dave Kalz reLeague. Youth Council Ley;;ui' c-ivcil the award for bf'in^ the and'Varsity Lea;.;ue. valnahle ]>layer in the Kr,John- Freeman received the t'ner K. Kev.nuui Camp Bluefitth and sixth (.•.r.ide .1. J. lireen- White t;;mn'.

-V ,h Co«i... ^ i & * ifffiy i e



i > *• •>


- 's&.:<«.-:* v / A f»/s" «. %^^

*«»».« ' . V 4 ,


By t!liarli."( Am ilJ l-'or More InfWriKtti'in Call t!io Athletic <Mf(<<\ STMHUO Ml'SKINS TllAM ft; i! pis if; ft pts 1 15 . w 1 '.t I.ooney 1 I!) . '\ 2 Hi Str-ekfi. 7 1 15 .4 0 l i ! I'."s<-n . !l I) 12 . (i 1 IS

Cipinko Pepper Jaeobson Giveluiml Calvin


RIFK1NS TEAM D. Riikin G. Kifkin B. Riikin Cackin Pitlor

•4 Ci


XI ft! .10

It |>ts ! 21


I) I I It VI (I ,'i





ft Marc:; Simons MabMior.-k Iielmont I'crirneler

pts 0 20 j n



(I !i 0 'Z 0 il 21

1 -13

TliCSDAV UU.ll S( IIOOI, UASKKTtJALI, I.FCAr.l'i; 7 p.m.- Kirkins 'Jeam vs. Mic-kin.s'learn (i p.m. JosiiLs 'i'eam v:;. .Mares 'J'ciiiii

voiTii rotxen. SOI-MIAI.I. Rayim took sole possession of first place in the Youth Council Softball League by rollim; up a 22-1 victory over AZA No. 100, Coach Al Ross used his entire squad in the victory giving him' and his Rayim team the early league lead. Chaim Weizniann. led by the batting of David Katz and the fielding of Terry Wiseman, ran past AZA No. 1 U-2. Th<? only bright moment for tho Mother Chapter rooters was a tremendous two run home run by Larry Cackin. STANDINGS W. I RAYIM •2 0 Chaim W 1 1 AZA No. 1 1 1 . AZA No. 100 0 2 GA.MICS SUNDAY. MAY 1!) .10:00 'a.m.—AZA No. 100 vs. Chaim Wuixmann 'Ci-nter 10:00 a.i'n.- -Rayim vs. AZA No 1.

SUI'KK SUNDAY FINDAY This Sunday -4 Memorial Park children* in Kindergarten through fourth grades will participate in Miiccabnai) events. Prizes and awards will bo Riven to those participating in the

various activities. Kv-nts include: balloon Ktoiiipin:;. relays, cross country walk, hupping, wheelbarrow and many more funiilled and exciting thrills. Free to Center members- or 2:"JC for non-members. Fee goes towards refreshments. The prof,ram -will be iieiil from 2 p.m. till I p.m. HEALTH (I.t'l! XOTKS Lawn and carden do-it-yourselfers .should come into the Health Club after working outdoors and gel a ma:-:sa{;e to prevent being .stiff the next day. The Center Health Club' was well represented in the Iowa State Bowling Tournament bv Sam Katzman and Phil Katxman.. They throw a heck of n ball and it is rumored that they made a re;d ;y)od sliowin:;. Good to .see Albert Wohlner in n^itiiv alter his vacation ior about a month. Our sincere sympathies are with Art Adler and his family with the'loss of father, Morris Adler. Drop in for a cliat - . . or call <>n the phone we always have time for you. Jim & Dallas


n a•

y u'e'ls f o l d I Israel about ivfUKOfs. T h a t ' s one subject \'.'<; know all ••lbout. W e ' r e e x p e r t s . W h y n o t ? W e ' v e bi>eir tiding if for river 2,0')0 yi-ais! T h e s e youitRslers in Hit: p h o t o , for <•••:iiiiiplr!, T h e y ' r e atnoiv^ (he tlioiisands tliat a t e enminj: i n l o Israel now from A r a b c o u n t r i e s . Life t h e r e for .lews lias becomi' utiwar.'ibiv.


We won't h e r d Uieni info reiHi;ec•fanipH a n d k e e p llietn leslerim! iliori?

Mte y ;'

Check his performance record. He's an aggrosslvo, alert and oxporionced investment banker, quick to see opportunities1 for his clients. His corecr was ctarted with a dislinguishod Uow York Investment Banking (irm beforo returning to his homo to bo associated with tho Bahol Company. If you're looking for results, you're looking (or Marvin-Newman, ona of our Vice Presidents. Stop in and talk things over with him, You'll bo Impressod.

for years as a political weapon. Thai's nol'our way. They're our people. We v/ant to take thorn in with love; givo them a home; send tho kids to school; tend the sic!?; help them all to make a new life.

All right, so Israel is still in a state of emergency. So we're still desperately involved in dcfen?;o problems. So what are v/e going to tell them. these new refugees of ours? That wo are too busy? You k n o w we c a n n e v e r s a y this. S o help us. T a k e o v e r this- |>!/ob]em for

us. Take care of the cost of repatriatl i l M

V U 1



»*«.»••—•• — —

—— ,-!•—

tries. It moans a bi^ flfori! i t means a NU'Til'ire! II means tjiv'int; a;;ain al. tIli' eilK'teeney level. Hilt it'* ^'ol lo 1)0

done! Will you do it? Israel's emergency conlinues. For the sake of these children, your .support1 must continue too on tin.' same enuM k'cnry level.


Through Iho 1

Wtmbfr, Mldweil Stock Exctunss 16M Howtrd Strut • 342-7MI -Commoa tntl pntetisi utackt; municipal tnd.corpgrait bonji;

ies 101 North 20lh


May 17, 1968  

Jewish Press

May 17, 1968  

Jewish Press