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June 28, 2018

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AJ Edelman, “The Hebrew Hammer,” Talks about Skeleton, Sports and Smoked Salmon

38 Team Gesher Rides for a Cause

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The Perfect Pie for the 4th of July

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37 Nikelsberger Rebbe Gears up for a Great Summer


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JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association proudly recognizes St. John's as the recipient of the Stroke GOLD PLUS Achievement Award

Thank you for applying the most up-to-date evidence based treatment guidelines to improve patient care and the outcomes in the community you serve.

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018

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4 JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018



JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Dear Readers,


lthough it’s summer and we’re supposed to have swimming on our minds, our cover article this week features A.J. Edelman, someone who is more comfortable hurtling down a slope of ice than doing laps in the pool. But regardless of the season Edelman is someone who we can admire for numerous reasons. The first thing that struck me as I read through the piece was his pride and conviction in being a Jew. He was determined to showcase the Jewish nation as he made his way down the icy drops during the Olympics. In PyeongChang this year, he was competing in a region where almost the entire country had never met a Jew. And yet, he was determined to make sure that they knew who and what he was representing. Talking about his determination, A.J. told the writer that he knew that it was almost impossible for him to make it to the Olympics. And yet, his reaction wasn’t defeat. Instead, he thought to himself, “Why don’t I try to make it?” So what if the goal was beyond his reach; he would continue to reach for it, despite impossible odds. I guess that’s why A.J. called himself the “Hebrew Hammer.” He is unbelievably proud of his Jewish heritage and he

is determined to succeed against all odds. I’m inspired by his tenacity. Growing up I remember my mother telling me, “Run for the bus!” It became a joke in the family – even when you think something’s not going to happen or you don’t think you can accomplish something, you still have to put your all into getting it done and attempt to succeed. There have been times when I literally ran for the bus – or the train, especially since the LIRR’s schedule doesn’t always match mine – and other times I’ve put this dictum into use in business or in school or in, well, just life in general. And you know what? It’s worked! I’ve been able to accomplish things that I never thought I would and, yes, I have also been able to slide into the train as it was about to leave the station. Now, my children roll their eyes as I urge them to “run for the bus!” But hey, it’s never too young to learn that you can still accomplish something that seems so impossible if you have the right drive and determination to succeed. Wishing you a wonderful week, Shoshana P.S. Next week, TJH will be taking a mini-vacation to start the summer. See you sooner rather than later!

Yitzy Halpern PUBLISHER


Shoshana Soroka EDITOR

Nate Davis Editorial Assistant Nechama Wein Copy Editor Berish Edelman Mati Jacobovits Design & Production Gabe Solomon Distribution & Logistics P.O. BOX 266 Lawrence, NY 11559 Phone | 516-734-0858 Fax | 516-734-0857 Classified: Deadline Monday 5PM text 443-929-4003 The Jewish Home is an independent weekly magazine. Opinions expressed by writers are not neces­ sarily the opinions of the publisher or editor. The Jewish Home is not responsible for typographical errors, or for the kashrus of any product or business advertised within. The Jewish Home contains words of Torah. Please treat accordingly.

Shabbos Zemanim

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The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018



JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

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hatov? With friends like that, who needs enemies?? To laud Obama’s record on Israel and describe President Trump as Mr. Tal does is a travesty.   Thank you and may I use another Yiddish expression concerning The Jewish Home – Gut gezuct! Sincerely,  Fay Sladowsky Lawrence, NY Dear Editor, To say I was shocked by someone’s letter urging us to be thankful to Obama is not to say anything. Why would you print such disgusting poison? After Obama’s Iran deal and the UN resolution that even the Western Wall is not Israeli, which Jew in his right mind would support Obama? I am not even talking about the picture of Obama with Farrakhan which I thought caused any remaining Jewish supporter of his to strike himself in the chest and ask for forgiveness for being so blind. If there are still any Jews who think we should thank Obama, let them write to NY Times and other fake news outlets, but why would your wonderful paper give them a platform? Don’t you know that 99% of your readers can only feel outrage and disgust when reading this venom? Michael Rosen Continued on page 10

LIFESTYLES Dating Dialogue, Moderated by Jennifer Mann, LCSW 74

Your Money


What’s That Hanging in Your Closet? by Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS


HUMOR Centerfold




On Immigration, Democrats Give Trump the Upper Hand – Again by Mark Thiessen 92 Siege of Port of Hodeida Sparks Hope for Deal in Yemen by David Ignatius CLASSIFIEDS

Dear Editor, I have wanted to write to tell you how much we enjoy your publication and so this may also be considered a “fan” letter. However my purpose now is to answer another letter-writer; I don’t know if you accept such, but I just can’t let Mr. Charles Tal’s mail go  without telling him how wrong I think he is!  Mr. Tal is not the only one who is offended by our President’s choice of words and his frequent coarseness but to paraphrase a saying – disagree with the messenger but not the message! We  have in the White House the best supporter of Israel that we have ever had in that position. He has brought the best economy and job situation to this country in a long time. We should also hope his immigration policy succeeds in keeping criminals out of this country so as to make America safe again! How he can praise Obama as he does when Obama’s Iran deal was done in such  a sneaky and underhanded way and in so doing put the whole world but Israel in particular in such jeopardy. Obama hated Netanyahu since he became president and treated him with the utmost disrespect. His final display of contempt for Israel was the U.N. anti-Israel resolution (which it is believed Obama helped to orchestrate) that defined Yerushalayim and the Kotel as occupied  territory!  Hakorat

93 96

Do you know all the words to “The Star Spangled Banner”?







The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018










JULY 11, 2018 • 8:00 P.M.



Grandparents Committee:



mazdesign 718.471.6470



JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Continued from page 8

Dear Editor, Last week you had a very disturbing letter about the newspapers treatment on Obama and Trump. Firstly, President Trump is not a narcissist. He has officially recognized Yerushalayim as the capital of Israel and the Jewish people. He has appointed so many advisors and representatives that are so pro-Israel. While Obama, he gave us the terrible Iran deal which was a threat to Israel. So keep it up Jewish Home. Don’t let people make you think that Obama was somehow pro-Israel. A Reader

COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT Please note the eiruv extends to the playground at the Far Rockaway boardwalk and Beach 9th Street but the rest of the Far Rockaway boardwalk is NOT covered by the eiruv.

Dear Editor, Thank you for your article about Hanc West Hempstead’s Second Step program which seeks to enhance children’s social emotional growth. Hanc’s second graders also benefitted from Second Step sessions with Shalva Fohrman, Hanc social worker, this past year. Locally, Second Step is also presented in TAG’s preschool by their social worker, Mrs. Aviva Esses (full disclosure – she’s my daughter!). Barbara Hollander Dear Editor, I wanted to share a supplement to the informative articles you printed on summer safety based on my experience as a camp division head: Wherever we go we can make either a kiddush Hashem or, r”l, the opposite. Whether we are in the airport, on a trip, or in the city we can “go the extra smile” and be friendly and kind to all. Let us not allow our children to “hitch rides” in the mountains. Share the Safety InfoLine (641-7153800 code 424536#) or the articles on safety with fellow parents. Let’s look out for each other. If you notice a friend or anyone who looks alone, a bit down or dehydrated, don’t just walk by, rather show that you care. I

usually keep extra water bottles with me and give them to family, campers or workers who look thirsty. They are always very grateful. Do not allow children to go driving in the mountains until they have at least a few solid years of driving experience and are mature and very responsible. This message I am writing from personal experience and cannot overstate. May we use the summer to refresh ourselves to bring out our very best all year long. Thanks for your wonderful Torah publication. Sincerely, A.W. Dear Editor, Thank you for your informative articles on summer safety, particularly, “A Candid Conversation about Preventing Abuse in Camp.” This topic cannot be stressed enough. We need to keep our children informed and alert to these types of behaviors and to people who are, in a sense, rotzchim. When an adult takes advantage of a child he or she is effectively stifling the child’s innocence and sense of trust and justice. Such a person is twisted and cruel and should be excommunicated from our society. Chana H.

Dear Editor, We try to tip 20 percent against the total bill including taxes. “National News – The Tipping Point” (June 21). If it is an odd amount, round up to the next dollar.  If you can afford to eat out, you can afford an extra dollar tip. When ordering take out, don’t forget to leave a dollar or two for the waiter or cook. Trust us, it is appreciated. Remember the people who work at your favorite restaurant are our neighbors. They work long hours for little pay and count on tips, which make up a significant portion of their income.  If we don’t patronize our local restaurants, they don’t eat either. Your purchases  keep our neighbors employed and the local economy growing. Sincerely, Larry Penner

WE’LL MISS YOU TOO TJH will not be printing an issue next week. Look for our next issue in stores on July 12.


The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018

86 Killed By Nigerian Nomads

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Violent attacks in central Nigeria have cost the lives of at least 86 people, according to local police. The deaths were at the hands of locally armed herdsmen in Jos, the capital city of Plateau State. Clashes between the nomadic Fulani herdsmen, who are mostly Muslims, and farmers, who are predominantly Christians, have turned increasingly violent and more common in Nigeria’s Middle belt in the past five years. In addition to the 86 deaths, six people were injured and over 50 houses were burned on Saturday. Simon Lalong, the governor of Plateau, announced a curfew in Jos from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., fearing revenge attacks. Though he promised to follow up with long-term measures, Lalong called the curfew “an immediate measure to protect the lives of citizens” which will be in effect “until further notice.” Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari used social media to send his condolences to those affected by the violence. “The grievous loss of lives


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is celebrating a victory after being declared the winner of the national election in which he consolidated his power. There will no longer be a prime minister in the country, and the president will now take over the executive branch. Erdogan will form his own cabinet. He will assign ministers, vice presidents and high-level officials, issue decrees, formulate the budget and decide on security policies. The Turkish Parliament will ostensibly be able to legislate and have the right to ratify or reject the budget. “The nation has entrusted to me the responsibility of the presidency and the executive duty,” Erdogan exulted in televised remarks from Istanbul. With a weakened Parliament and the abolishment of the prime minister post, defeated opposition candidate Muharrem Ince said Turkey was now entering a dangerous period of “one-man rule.” The head of Turkey’s Supreme Election Council, Sadi Guven, declared Erdogan the winner early Monday after 97.7 of votes had been counted. The electoral board was supposed to announce the final official results on June 29. More than 59 million Turkish citizens, including 3 million expatriates, were eligible to vote. While addressing a supportive crowd Erdogan said, “This election’s victor is democracy, this election’s victory is national will.” He promised that Turkey “will look at its future with so much more trust than it did



Erdogan Cements His Power

this morning.” Supporters gathered outside his official residence in Istanbul chanting, “Here’s the president, here’s the commander.” Erdogan, 64, promised that his expanded powers of the Turkish presidency will bring prosperity and stability to the country, especially after a failed military coup attempt in 2016. A state of emergency imposed after the coup remains in place. Some 50,000 people have been arrested and 110,000 civil servants have been fired under the emergency, which opposition lawmakers say Erdogan has used to stifle dissent. Erdogan was prime minister for 11 years before becoming president in 2014. Under the new constitution, he could stand for a third term when his second finishes in 2023, meaning he could potentially hold power until 2028.


The Week In News








JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

and property arising from the killings in Plateau today is painful and regrettable,” he said. “We will not rest until all murderers and criminal elements and their sponsors are incapacitated and brought to justice,” Buhari said. Nigeria has unfortunately gotten used to violence in recent years. Over the past decade, Boko Haram terrorists have killed thousands of locals and have displaced millions of citizens.  

Algeria Cuts Internet to Prevent Cheating

In an effort to stop students from cheating, the country of Algeria turned to nationwide internet

blackouts to prevent students from leaking high school diploma exams online. The nation turned off mobile and landline internet service across the country for an hour at a time during the exam period, which started last Wednesday and ran through June 25. The 11 blackouts were scheduled  for an hour after each exam began. In 2016, exam questions were  reportedly leaked online  and authorities were dissatisfied with a less stringent attempt to limit social media during the 2017 exams. The sweeping shutdown also blocked Facebook for the entirety of the exam period, Education Minister Nouria Benghabrit told Algerian newspaper Annahar. Benghabrit reportedly said they were “not comfortable” with their choice to shut down all internet service, but that they “should not passively stand in front of such a possible leak.” Schools proctoring the exams were also equipped with metal detectors to make sure that no one, including staff, brought any internet-enabled devices into the exam halls. What’s more, Benghabrit said that they installed surveillance cam-

eras and phone jammers at the locations where the exams were printed. It remains to be seen whether an internet and social media blackout will resolve Algeria’s alleged exam leaking issue. While it will certainly make it more difficult, kids are creative, and have gone to elaborate  and  impressive  measures to cheat the system.

Anti-Semitism Surge in South Africa

There has been a big spike in anti-Semitic messages in South Africa in the past few weeks, according to

the South African Jewish Board of Deputies. SAJBD Chairman Shaun Zagnoev said that extremist anti-Israel expressions and unusually vicious messages have recently popped up in social media and faceto-face encounters in the country. “The posts show how easily radical anti-Israel sentiment can spill over into hateful slurs and threats against Jewish people in general,” Zagnoev said in a statement. “We are being told that we are ‘scum,’ ‘rats,’ ‘pigs,’ and ‘swine.’ We are further being warned that ‘our time is coming’ and that ‘the Holocaust will be a picnic after we are done with you.’” A group of travelers from Tel Aviv was verbally abused last week in OR Tambo International Airport near Johannesburg. A German flag with a swastika on it was also found painted on a wall on Hamilton Street in Johannesburg. “Every single one of these incidents is not only an attack on the Jewish community but an attack on our very democracy,” Zagnoev said. “Racism has no place in this country.” He said that the rise in anti-Semitism was connected to a strong anti-Israel sentiment ex-

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018



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JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

pressed publicly in South Africa. The rhetoric in South Africa is coming straight from the highest parts of the government. Last month, South Africa’s ruling party blasted Israel for the violence at the Gaza border and compared the IDF’s prevention of Palestinian protesters from breaching the border fence with the cruelty shown by the Nazis to the Jews in the Holocaust.

The last world leader to give birth while in office was the former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in 1990. Coincidentally, Ardern’s baby shares the same June 21 birthday as Bhutto. Bhutto, who was assassinated in 2007, gave birth to her daughter Bakhtawar in January 1990, and also gave birth while out on the campaign trail in 1988. The new baby is named Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford.

New Addition for Bomb Blast New Zealand’s at Zimbabwe PM Political Rally

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has one more citizen to worry about – her baby. Ardern, 37, gave birth on Thursday morning and posted a photo of herself with her new baby on her Instagram page that day. “Welcome to our village wee one,” she wrote, next to a picture of her and partner Clarke Gayford. Ardern leads a political party that spearheaded an increase in paid parental leave, but Ardern will only take six weeks off after she gave birth to her first child. While on maternity leave, her duties as head of government will be handled by the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, although Ardern said she would remain in charge and read cabinet papers during her time away. She has said that Gayford, a television presenter, will become a stay-at-home father. Ardern is eligible to take 18 weeks of maternity leave. One of the first things her Labour-led coalition did when it was sworn into office in October 2017 was to increase paid parental leave to 22 weeks, beginning in July. This will increase to 26 weeks from July 1, 2020.

An explosion that rocked a stadium during a campaign rally is being called an assassination attempt by Zimbabwe’s government. President Emmerson Mnangagwa was holding a rally last Saturday when the blast went off in White City Stadium, injuring 49 people. He had left the stage before the explosion and was not among the injured. Presidential spokesman George Charamba asserted that “this incident doesn’t stand in the way of (the) electoral program. It doesn’t undermine the security of the country, but we are jolted. We are not used to this kind of violence.” He went on to say that a “complex investigation” is being conducted. Both of the country’s vice presidents were among those injured in the attack and a security officer had to have his leg amputated.  Other injured officials include Oppah Muchinguri-Kashmiri, minister of water, environment, and climate, and Engelbert Rugeje, party secretary of the ruling ZANU-PF. Both were hospitalized in stable condition. The U.S. Embassy in Harare condemned the attack. “Political violence in any form is unacceptable & contrary (to the) positive progress required (to) move Zim forward as it seeks (to) take its place on the global stage,” the embassy said. “Our thoughts & prayers go out (to the)

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018

victims & their families.” Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa denounced the explosion. The presidential candidate and head of the Movement for Democratic Change said that “violence must have no place in our politics. Our prayers go out to the injured and we hope no lives have be lost,” Chamisa continued. “May G-d bless and protect the country we all love.” The upcoming elections will be the first since the military forced Robert Mugabe out of office in a coup last November.

Brexit Becomes Law

The British government’s socalled Brexit legislation that would

allow the country to leave the European Union became law on Tuesday after Queen Elizabeth II gave her approval. House Commons Speaker John Bercow announced that the European Union Withdrawal Bill received royal assent and was passed into law. The announcement was cheered by pro-Brexit officials. “I have to notify the House in accordance with the Royal Assent Act 1967 that her Majesty has signified her royal assent to the following acts ... European Union Withdrawal Act 2018,” Bercow said. The bill was finally approved after months of debate. The legislation will translate thousands of pieces of EU law into British statute. ProEU lawmakers and members of the House of Lords tried to amend it to soften the terms of Britain’s departure from the bloc. Most of the changes were reversed by narrow votes. Pro-EU lawmakers said they will try to defeat the government on other EU-related legislation if it tries to push for a “hard Brexit” that disrupts close economic ties between Britain and Europe.

Lessons on How to be the Perfect Woman According to the Washington Post, a college in China is teaching female students how to be the “perfect” woman. In a course launched in March, not long after China abolished presidential term limits, Zhenjiang College and the All-China Women’s Federation are teaching female students how to dress, pour tea and sit just so — all in the name of Xi’s “new era.” “You must sit on the front twothirds of the chair – you cannot occupy the whole chair,” demonstrated Duan, 21, a student. “Now, hold in your belly, relax your shoulders, legs together, shoulders up.” The class, offered only to female students, aims to develop “wise,” “sunny” and “perfect” women, where wisdom comes from studying Chinese history and culture, sunniness from oil painting and etiquette classes, and perfection from the application of (never too much) makeup. The Communist Party wants


women educated, but with economic growth slowing and the population shrinking, it is bringing back the idea that men are breadwinners and women are, first and foremost, wives and mothers — and is teaching young women that this is the norm. The college launched the New Era Women’s School to heed Xi’s call for education in traditional Chinese culture, to help women compete in the job market, said Sheng Jie, who runs the program – but also to prepare them for domestic roles. “Women’s family role is more important now,” she said. Forty years into China’s great economic transformation, Chinese women are, on average, healthier, wealthier and better educated than ever before, but they are  losing ground relative to men. Since the start of Xi’s tenure, China’s ranking in the World Economic Forum’s  global gender gap index  has dropped significantly – from 69 out of 144 countries in 2013 to a 100th-place finish in 2017. China is not concerned. If too many women become educated, perhaps they won’t marry, which would compound the surplus of males found in the country caused by its one-child policy.


JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Don’t talk back when scolded. And, no matter what, don’t get divorced,” a female teacher there said, according to footage published by Beijing’s Pear Video. “Women should just stay at the bottom level of the society and not aspire for more,” another instructor said.

Heathrow to be World’s Biggest Airport

The Washington Post was the first foreign media outlet granted access to the campus and was allowed to interview students – while their teachers listened in. “According to traditional culture, women should be modest and tender, and men’s role is working outside and providing for the family,” said Duan, before a class on tea ceremonies. “I want to be a model for my children.” In his first five years in power, Xi cast himself as a champion of wom-

en’s rights, declaring, in a speech  at a United Nations summit on women, that women’s equality is a “great cause.” Xi has not made significant progress on getting more women into the highest levels of leadership, nor has he focused on fixing the gender pay gap. His tenure has been less about pushing for equality than promoting a vision of “harmonious” male-female households with a working father and a virtuous mother who cares

for children and the elderly. The party insists that this reflects the Confucian values at the core of Chinese culture. Critics counter that culture changes and that China should look forward, not back. Last year, news broke that a company in northern China was operating a  “traditional culture school” where women were told to “shut your mouths and do more housework” and practiced bowing to their husbands. “Don’t fight back when beaten.

In a few years the UK’s Heathrow Airport may be the biggest in the world. Construction of a third runway – one which would extend over the country’s busiest freeway – was approved in a parliamentary vote that followed decades of debate over how to expand the UK’s capacity for air traffic. Under the proposal, passenger capacity at Heathrow could jump from nearly 80 million passengers per year to 110 million by 2030, making it, by current statistics, the world’s biggest in terms of traffic. It’s hoped that the move will counter any economic fallout from the country’s Brexit from the European Union. There is criticism to the plan. Pressure groups have long claimed that increasing the airport’s size and bringing in more air traffic over a heavily populated area will adversely impact those living nearby and irreparably hurt the environment. Hundreds of homes would be destroyed to facilitate the expansion. Vocal opponent Boris Johnson – the UK’s foreign minister, who once said he would “lie down in front of the bulldozers” to stop a third runway from being built – missed Monday’s parliamentary vote because he was out of the country. His absence spared him the dilemma having to obey or defy an order by his boss, Prime Minister Theresa May, directing all ruling Conservative party lawmakers to approve the runway. The expansion plans were approved by a massive majority.


The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018


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JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

If construction work to expand Heathrow does go ahead, the £14.3 billion ($20 billion) plan is to build a third runway northeast of and parallel to the existing two east-west strips. The new airstrip would cross over the M25 motorway, London’s busy and regularly congested outer ring road. About 750 homes in the villages of Longford, Sipson and Harmondsworth could be flattened to make way. London is served by five main aviation facilities: Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and City. Heathrow is currently the world’s seventh busiest airport in terms of passenger numbers, with 78 million in 2017. Top of the list, as the world’s busiest airport, is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta with 104 million, followed by Beijing Capital with 96 million, Dubai with 88 million, Tokyo Haneda with 85 million, Los Angeles with 84.6 million, and Chicago O’Hare with 80 million. The top tenth is rounded out with Hong Kong in eighth place with 73 million, Shanghai Pudong with 70 million in ninth, and Paris-Charles de Gaulle in 10th with 69 million.

N. Korea Set to Return Military Bodies As the U.S. and North Korea continue to walk towards a new future, the United States is preparing for the return of the remains of missing U.S. soldiers from the Korean War in 1953. Pyongyang agreed to return the bodies home, and, in preparation, the U.S. military said it is moving “assets” to an airbase near Seoul and to the border with North Korea. The agreement was made during the June 12 summit Singapore between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, although it is unclear when the transfer of the remains will take place. The U.S. military said it moved 100 wooden coffins to the inter-Korean border to prepare for North Korea’s returning of the remains of American soldiers. U.S. Forces Korea spokesman Col. Chad Carroll said on Saturday that 158 metal transfer cases were sent to a U.S. air base near Seoul, South Korea’s capital, and would be used to bring the remains

home. U.S. Military data shows that 7,700 military personnel are unaccounted for from the Korean War. More than 36,500 U.S. troops died in the conflict. Between 1996 and 2005, joint U.S.-North Korea military search teams conducted 33 recovery operations that collected 229 sets of American remains.

Limited Ban on Veils in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has approved a limited ban on “face-covering clothing” in public places, including Islamic veils and robes such as the burqa and niqab but not the hijab, which covers only the hair. Far-right

politician Geert Wilders had pushed for the ban for over a decade. Parliament’s upper chamber made the final approval in a vote on Tuesday. Wilders’ Freedom Party claimed the development as a major victory, while Senator Marjolein Faber-Van de Klashorst called it “a historical day because this is the first step to de-Islamize the Netherlands.” “This is the first step and the next step is to close all the mosques in the Netherlands,” she said, building on Wilders’ anti-Islam rhetoric. The Dutch law is described by the government as “religion-neutral,” and does not go as far as more extensive bans in neighboring countries like France and Belgium. It applies on public transport and in education institutions, health institutions such as hospitals, and government buildings. Successive Dutch governments have sought to ban niqabs, which cover most of the face but still shows the eyes, and burqas, which cover the face and body – even though studies suggest that only a few hundred women in the Netherlands wear the garments. The ban also covers ski

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018

masks and full-face helmets. The government said people still have full freedom on how to dress, except when it is necessary to have full facial contact – for instance in education and health-related situations. The ban does not apply to public streets, although police can ask an individual to remove face-covering clothing for identification. The ban came with much controversy. “It is completely disproportionate and the only effect will be that many of these women will stay at home even more,” said Green Party senator Ruard Ganzevoort. “They will not have an opportunity to go to school. They will not have an opportunity to go to learn to swim, and all those things.”

Women Take the Wheel in Saudi Arabia Since Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the son of Saudi Arabia’s ruler, was appointed the crown prince, the country has been committed to change. Women’s rights have been a

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Until now Saudi law was based solely on a strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law, which stipulates that a male relative must grant a woman permission to travel, work, receive medical care or even leave jail. “I couldn’t believe it finally happened, that we could drive in our land,” said Maha Aqeel, a journalist and writer. “We just got the feel of it, but even being on the road for five minutes was great.” Women across the nation celebrated the major milestone by posting photos to social media with the hashtag #SaudiWomenDriving. Traffic police in the nation’s capital of Riyadh distributed pink roses with a

card attached that read, “May safety accompany you.” The lifting of the law will inevitably have aftershocks. Many are expecting women’s newfound ability to travel freely and more affordably (previously many were forced to rely on chauffeurs, which was only accessible to the upper class) to cause an increase in women in the workforce. Very recently ride-sharing apps like Uber and Careem, a local competitor, gave women more flexibility. However, until now, women were faced with the logistical problem of not being able to drive that kept them from getting an education, heading to work, and even running basic errands. The new law is expected to save households more than $5,000 a year in travel expenses. Meanwhile, a study by Price Waterhouse Coopers estimates that 3 million new drivers will enter the market by 2020, with anywhere from 4 million to 6 million more to follow. This will surely help boost the auto industry. In recent weeks, brands like Nissan and Ford seeded their social media accounts with videos aimed at drawing Saudi women to the showroom. One shows three women, looking solemn as the wind tugs at their abayas, before walking to the camera

under the hashtag #WithYouInFront. Another goal of Salman is to end Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil in a plan dubbed Vision 2030. This will allow the kingdom to function more independently from its neighboring Muslim nations. Vision 2030 calls for female labor to grow from its 2017 share of 20.9 percent of the workforce to 33.3 percent, according to Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Statistics.

WHO: Gaming Addiction is Mental Health Issue

The World Health Organization has scientifically confirmed what many psychologists, parents, and ed-

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major focus for the crown prince, and on Sunday a decades-long ban on females driving was finally lifted.


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ucators have suspected. In its 11th edition of International Classification of Diseases (ICD), released last Monday, it included “gaming disorder” as a new mental health condition. The ICD lists diseases, disorders, injuries and other related health conditions and is regarded as an index for medical professionals. The ICD is used by researchers to count deaths, diseases, injuries and symptoms, and doctors and other medical practitioners use it to diagnose diseases and other conditions. In many cases, health care companies and insurers use the ICD as a basis for reimbursement. “I’m not creating a precedent,” said Dr. Vladimir Poznyak, a member of WHO’s Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, which proposed the new diagnosis to WHO’s decision-making body, the World Health Assembly. Instead, he said, WHO has followed “the trends, the developments, which have taken place in populations and in the professional field.” The idea of including gaming addition or other technology addiction in the index is that it will become something that the public is more aware of. By recognizing the problem, it allows those suffering to hopefully get the proper help. The three major diagnostic features or characteristics of gaming disorder are: firstly, that gaming behavior takes priority over other activities to the extent that other activities are sidelined. The second feature is the inability to control these behaviors. Poznyak explains, “Even when the negative consequences occur, this behavior continues or escalates.” A diagnosis of gaming disorder means that a “persistent or recurrent” behavior pattern of “sufficient severity” has emerged. Lastly, the condition leads to significant distress and impairment in personal, family, social, educational or occupational functioning. Symptoms include sleep patterns, diet, and lack of physical activity. These criteria are extremely similar to diagnostic features of substance use disorders and gambling disorder. In general, in order for a patient to receive a diagnosis, the negative pattern of behavior must last at least 12 months: “It cannot be just an episode of few hours or few days,” Poznyak said. However, exceptions can be made when the other criteria are met and symptoms are severe enough. “Millions of gamers around the world, even when it comes to the in-

tense gaming, would never qualify as people suffering from gaming disorder,” Poznyak said, adding that the overall prevalence of this condition is “very low.” “And let me emphasize that this is a clinical condition, and clinical diagnosis can be made only by health professionals which are properly trained to do that,” he said. Treatments for gaming disorder are “based on the principles and methods of cognitive behavioral therapy,” he said. He added that different types of support may also be provided, including “psychosocial interventions: social support, understanding of the conditions, family support.”

Israel Tepid on UNHRC

Following the United States pulling out of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Israel has temporarily reduced its participation as well. Diplomats speaking anonymously in Geneva said that Israel “lowered” its participation in the council’s ongoing activities, though no official source has confirmed this. The diplomats that spoke to the press said that Israel’s move was not definitive and could change. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu applauded the U.S. walkout that was announced last week. Bibi hailed the White House for being “courageous” and called the council a “biased, hostile, anti-Israel organization that has betrayed its mission of protecting human rights.” The Trump administration said that the move was because the council has been consistently biased against Israel. Palestinians cheered the United States’ withdrawal from the coun-

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018

cil. Taysir Khaled, a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, told Al-Monitor, “The U.S. is launching a systematic attack on international institutions in order to provide political cover to Israel and ensure its impunity.” He went on, “But this withdrawal may be useful [for the Palestinian cause], as it will prompt neutral European countries such as Russia and France, which unlike the U.S. are not hostile to the Palestinian people, to play a bigger role in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.” Khaled said that concurrently with the U.S. withdrawal from the UNHRC,  Russia  put forward its candidacy for membership of the UNHRC from 2021 to 2023. “The re-election of Russia at the UNHRC in light of the U.S.’s absence may lead the UNHRC to play a better role in protecting human rights around the world,” he said. Russia was  denied membership  of the council during the October 2016 elections and has not been re-elected since. Salah Abdel Ati, the director of  the Palestinian Center for Policy Research and Strategic Studies in Gaza, told Al-Monitor that the UNHRC resolutions that condemn

Israel are not binding for Israel. However, he said, the resolutions are legally very important for Palestinians, explaining, “The resolutions issued by this council … can serve as supporting documents whenever Palestinians want to prosecute Israel before the International Criminal Court.” The U.S. exit is the first time that a member state voluntarily left the council. The United States’ term was set to expire in 2019. The position will be filled by another country from the West European and Others Group. The  UNHRC  consists of 47 member states, which are elected by the General Assembly; it is currently unclear when and how a replacement for the U.S. will be selected, or whether the U.S. will formally remain an observer until December 31, 2019.  

World Record Protest in Herzliyan Waters A world record was set this week for the largest-ever “surfing paddle out” when almost a 1,000 surfers

gathered to protest natural gas production near Israel’s coastline. Nine hundred-ninety-two people made a human circle in the Mediterranean Sea near the coast in Herzliya, easily beating the previous record of 511 people set last year at Huntington Beach, California.


given to the gas companies are necessary to entice them to spend the billions of dollars needed to develop the natural gas fields that were discovered in the Mediterranean. Environmentalists say that the gas rigs will cause damage to the Israeli coasts, though there are no studies to prove that any harm would come to Israel’s beaches.

Israelis Smoke Too Much Protestors have been against the drilling of natural gas off the Israeli coast since a 2015 drilling deal was struck with the help of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The protest was organized by a group of surfers who are calling for the natural gas rigs to be set up more than 10 kilometers from the Israeli shoreline. The demonstrators wore shirts with slogans such as “don’t poison us” and “the sea is not for sale.” Critics of the gas deal say that it will create a duopoly in the gas market and will lead to higher gas prices in Israel. Proponents of the drilling contracts say that the protections

June 11 was the official no smoking day in Israel. MK Yehudah Glick of the Likud party has announced that he is committing to a hunger strike until the Knesset passes a tax on loose tobacco equal to the one that already exists for cigarettes. The

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THE "BEIT CHAIM" PROJECT In April 2018, we lost an extraordinary soul, Chaim Kasnett, in a tragic accident while traveling through India. To honor his memory and keep his beautiful and vibrant spirit alive, his family promised to build a Beit Chabad in India in his name for travelers in need of a home away from home. A place where people can make connections, keep their traditions and enjoy a Shabbat dinner. To find out more about this project and take part in keeping our promise to Chaim, please go to  The Kasnett family is extremely grateful for all your support!

Public Notice for Nassau County residence

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Permits are required for every tent. Due to logistical changes in the approval process, it will take longer than usual to receive a permit. Please apply for your permit at least two weeks in advance.

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gesture brings to light the dangerous fact that smoking has made a comeback in Israel and that overall tobacco use rates are far higher than similarly developed countries. The sale of tobacco for water pipes rose 28 percent from 2016 to 2017 in Israel while the sale of loose tobacco rose 9.3%. The World Health Organization reports that 25.4% of Israelis 15 and older smoke tobacco while the world average is only 21.9%. “In Israel, taxes on water pipe/rolling tobacco are significantly lower than taxes on cigarettes, therefore it is not surprising that its demand is up,” said Dr. Avital Pato Benari of the Israel Cancer Association. Israel ranks very high – in line with the United States, Canada, and Germany – on the Human Development Index, according to the United Nations Development Program. However, Tobacco Atlas notes that 19.3% more women and 41.2% more men 15 or older smoke in Israel on average than in other countries in its HDI class. In this regard Israel is more like its Middle Eastern neighbors. Benari says that the government is to blame for not having executed the World Health Organization’s 2003 Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, or FCTC, well enough. The FCTC calls for high taxes on tobacco products and a ban on tobacco advertising. ”Although the Israeli government signed the FCTC in 2003 and ratified it in 2005, its implementation is lacking,” Benari noted. “The price increases through higher taxes on tobacco products, such as rolling tobacco, is not sufficient to generate a behavioral change and reduce demand. The recent legislation, including the Knesset’s crackdown on smoking in public spaces, is a step in the right direction. However, it is important to emphasize that only total bans work well. The NGOs need to vigilantly monitor the tobacco industry’s tactics and strategies to undermine or subvert tobacco control efforts.”  

Prince William Visits the Holy Land While visiting Israel, British Prince William took a break from his busy schedule of meeting dignitaries to take a stroll on Tel Aviv’s beach

and played a game of soccer with a group of Jewish and Arab kids.

Sauntering down Tel Aviv’s Frishman beach, a smiling William shook hands with crowds of well-wishers and slurped down watermelon under a public pergola on the sand with a group of young Israelis. “It’s a fantastic beach,” declared the Duke of Cambridge. This is the first-ever official trip to Israel by a British royal. The prince arrived in Israel on Monday after spending a day and a half in Jordan. His itinerary did not list his trip to the beach, only saying that he would “travel to central Tel Aviv for an event that will be announced during the visit.” He spent time chatting with Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai and inspected a lifeguard lookout hut. He also learned about the game of footvolley, a sandy hybrid of soccer and beach volleyball. Before heading to Tel Aviv on Tuesday, William talked English football with President Reuven Rivlin and gave the president a shirt from Liverpool, the president’s English club of choice, signed by club legend and former team captain Steven Gerrard. “Israel kept many of the British customs and laws from the Mandate, but we did not manage to keep the same level of British football. I know you are a fan of Aston Villa, and I am a fan of Liverpool, but we can still talk about that during the World Cup,” Rivlin, who used to be the president of the Jerusalem Beitar soccer club, told his royal guest. The president presented the duke with a gift from the archives of the Yad Ben-Zvi Museum, a copy of an album of photographs taken between 1850 and 1865 by Elizabeth Ann Finn, wife of the then British Consul in Jerusalem. The album included photographs of a visit to the Holy Land by HRH Prince Edward – later crowned King Edward VII – who was the Duke of Cambridge’s great-greatgreat-grandfather. The volume also

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had a description of Prince Edward’s visit penned at the time by journalist Yosef Rivlin, who was President Rivlin’s great-grandfather.

Sara Netanyahu in Hot Water

An indictment has been filed against Sara Netanyahu for allegedly misusing $100,000 in state funds to pay for gourmet meals between 2010 and 2013. Ezra Saidoff, a former deputy director general of the Prime Minister’s Office, is also named in the indictment. The prime minister’s wife was notified by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan months ago about the impending indictment. Negotiations had been ongoing for her to return

the funds to the state and confess to the charges in exchange for the suit being dropped. Negotiations reportedly broke down this week when Netanyahu told her lawyers that she will not return the funds and would “rather go to jail” than reimburse the state, though her lawyers have denied that she said that. Sara Netanyahu and Saidoff are accused of violating laws which ban the ordering of prepared food when a chef is already employed at the Prime Minister’s Residence. The indictment claims that the pair falsely claimed there was no chef in the Jerusalem home at the time so they could order food from expensive restaurants on the government’s dime. Saidoff is in worse shape than Sara in the indictment because he is accused of illicitly hiring chefs and servers for private meals at the Prime Minister’s home and for falsifying invoices in order to have the expenses approved. Saidoff’s lawyer, Yehoshua Reznik, said that the charges were “fundamentally wrong and inconsistent with the legal and factual situation as shown by the evidence in the case.”

Hamas Mislead Media about Baby’s Death A Palestinian that was arrested on terror charges last Thursday told Israeli investigators that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar paid his relatives to falsely tell media outlets that his baby cousin died of tear gas inhalation.

Twenty-year-old Mahmoud Omar and another member of Fatah armed wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, were arrested after attempting to infiltrate into Israel and torch an unmanned IDF post. While being questioned, he said that the story of baby Layla Ghandour’s death, which made

headlines around the world and intensified global anti-Israel criticism, had been completely fabricated. The suspect told investigators that he is cousins with Layla Ghandour, the 8-month-old baby whose death was reportedly caused by tear gas sprayed by Israeli forces at the Gaza border on May 14. Omar said that he was participating in the May 14 Gaza protest along with 40,000 other Palestinians when his mother called him and said that his baby cousin had died from a blood disease similar to the one that took the life of the deceased infant’s brother who died at the same age in 2017. Omar told the authorities that Yahya Sinwar paid Layla’s parents, Miriam and Anwar Ghandour, NIS 8,000 ($2,206) to tell the media that the infant died from tear gas. Mariam al-Ghandour, the baby’s 17-yearold mother, subsequently told reporters that “the Israelis killed her.” She was not asked whether the baby has a preexisting medical condition, and the family indicated that the baby had been healthy. Mariam told the media that she had a dentist appointment and left the baby with her little brother who took her to the border. The Israeli army disputed the me-

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Charles Krauthammer Dies at 68

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Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and Fox News Channel commentator Charles Krauthammer died last week



MK Isaac Herzog has been formally elected to take over the lead of the Jewish Agency from Natan Sharansky. Through a show of hands, the agency’s Board of Governors unanimously elected Herzog, against the wishes of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Herzog, who currently leads the Labor opposition party in the Knesset, will need to give up his seat when he assumes his new role later this summer. “I take this challenge humbly. I know how difficult and challenging it is,” Herzog said upon his election. It is unclear who will replace his spot as head of the opposition on August 1. Netanyahu was opposed to Herzog because he wanted his Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz to take the leadership role. However, 9 out of 10 of the Jewish Agency’s Leadership Nominating Committee had voted for Herzog and recommended him to the Board of Governors. “I say to the government and to the prime minister,” Herzog said minutes after being elected, “we will work together with full cooperation.” “The world is a very small bridge. And the Jewish Agency in my mind is the narrow bridge that connects

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Herzog to Head the Jewish Agency


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the State of Israel and the Jewish people wherever they are. It is that bridge that created the State of Israel, and the bridge brought millions of Jews to the State of Israel and this bridge now has to confront the great challenges that face our people,” he said. The “narrow bridge” reference is likely a tribute to Sharansky who famously sang the Hebrew song based on the Breslov quote in the Gulag in the former Soviet Union. The Jewish people are at a crossroads, Herzog went on, presumably referring to a widening rift between Jews in Israel and the Diaspora, especially regarding the Western Wall. “We have to do whatever we can to unify the Jewish people and make sure it is not split and divided. And we all know what we are talking about,” Herzog said. “We have to strengthen the centrality of Israel within the heart of every Jew, especially the young generations; to fight BDS, to educate, to connect and to promote aliyah, and to bring more and more Jews to Israel,” Herzog added. “A Jew is a Jew is a Jew, and it doesn’t matter to what stream he belongs to or what he wears on his head,” Herzog added. “We are all one people, and this is what we need to do to preserve and foster the great story of the Jews, and the great story of the State of Israel being the pumping heart of the Jewish people.” Sharansky is to step down as head of the Jewish Agency next month, after nine years in the position.


dia’s report about the baby’s death right away. An IDF spokesperson said that “contrary to the unequivocal Palestinian announcement, we have evidence that undermines the credibility of the Palestinian Ministry of Health’s announcement regarding the death of the baby.” After the funeral, a doctor in Gaza anonymously told AP news that he believed that the baby had a serious pre-existing condition that was the cause of death. Unfortunately, the media gobbled up the story from the 17-yearold mother and headlines blared across the world charging the IDF for the baby’s death.


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JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

at the age of 68. The Washington Post contributor had been fighting a battle with cancer. Krauthammer was known for his intellectual prowess and for being unafraid of saying what he felt. He was the son of two European Jews who had fled Ukraine during World War II. They eventually ended up in the U.S., and Krauthammer was born in New York. After graduating from McGill University in Montreal and studying at Oxford University, Krauthammer enrolled at Harvard Medical School to become a psychiatrist. While at Harvard, Charles suffered a blow to his spine while swimming and remained paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his life. He later concluded that psychiatry would be the easiest medical discipline to pursue given his new physical limitations. Krauthammer distinguished himself as a researcher and in private practice. However, he wanted a larger audience than psychiatry could provide and he became a journalist and eventually wrote a largely syndicated column and made it as a staple on political television. “A gifted doctor and brilliant po-


litical commentator, Charles was a guiding voice throughout his time with Fox News and we were incredibly fortunate to showcase his extraordinary talent on our programs,” said Suzanne Scott, CEO of Fox News. “He was an inspiration to all of us and will be greatly missed.” In a farewell column that he wrote earlier this month, Charles said that he had “no regrets.” “This is the final verdict. My fight is over,” Krauthammer wrote. “It was a wonderful life – full and complete with the great loves and great endeavors that make it worth living. I am sad to leave, but I leave with the knowledge that I lived the life that I intended.”

Will Online Shopping be More Expensive? A recent Supreme Court ruling that allows states to collect more sales tax from e-commerce companies caused shares of online retailers to dip on Thursday. However, the world’s largest online retailer, Am-



azon, will actually benefit from the ruling. “Amazon should be helped (by the ruling) because it is collecting sales tax in every state, while it is the Wayfairs of the world who are directly hurt,” said John Swain, a law professor at the University of Arizona. Wayfair is a smaller online retailer that does not have a presence in all 50 states, and there are many other online retailers that will face a similar problem.

The Supreme Court decision overturns a 1992 court ruling that allowed online retailers to bypass sales tax collection responsibilities in states where they don’t have a physical presence. Since Amazon already collects sales tax in every state on the products it sells directly, which account for roughly half of all units sold on its site, the court ruling should have less impact on how much it charges for its products. However, third-party merchants, which account for the other half of products sold on, will potentially face the added burden of collecting sales tax in states that will begin taxing online sales. Amazon’s competitors, like, will now need to collect sales tax in all states, even where they don’t have a physical presence. This added cost to consumers will make it even more difficult for them to compete with Amazon’s prices. While Amazon’s shares dropped less than 1% on Thursday, Overstock shares declined over 6%, and Wayfair shares dropped by almost 8%. Paul Rafelson, a law professor at Pace University, says the Supreme Court decision doesn’t really address this issue, “punting” most of the questions related to marketplace sellers. In the marketplace, Amazon facilitates the sales of third-party merchant products, so it’s unclear whether Amazon or the third-party seller should be responsible for collecting tax. “Amazon can hide behind its marketplace to claim tax exemption because it’s still going to pretend it’s not a retailer — and not responsible for collecting sales taxes,” Rafelson

noted. “There’s still a lot of legal questions that need to be answered.” Currently, some states, like Washington, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota, require Amazon and other online marketplaces to collect sales tax on behalf of their third-party sellers. Others make it the seller’s responsibility. Because of the new Supreme Court decision, states may decide to go after individual sellers, freeing Amazon from the complicated tax collection process in different states, said Matt Boch, an attorney from law firm Dover Dixon Horne. “There’s no commonality in the way the states do it,” Rafelson said. “Congress needs to standardize this stuff because otherwise, it gets out of control.”

Forest Fires Hit Northern CA

Another summer season brings another forest fire to California. Over the weekend a small town in Northern California was hit by a wildfire driven by wind. Over 7,700 acres were destroyed by the blaze, forcing thousands to evacuate. Dozens of structures were completely destroyed by the flames. At the onset, on Saturday, authorities instructed all of the residents of the town of Spring Valley to evacuate. By Sunday the evacuation was expanded to neighboring communities. The Lake County Sheriff’s Department and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said there is a red flag warning in effect for the region. The fire, dubbed the Pawnee fire, started shortly after 5 p.m. Saturday northeast of Clearlake Oaks in Lake County, roughly 70 miles north of Napa. Firefighters faced triple-digit heat as the blaze burned through steep, mountainous terrain covered by thick brush. The initial cause of the fire is under investigation. Ninety percent of all wildfires are started by humans. Lightning is another common cause of wildfires. “Right now, there’s fire burning actively in the hills behind all these

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018







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JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

the first generation to be less healthy than their parents by the time they reach middle age. The Health Foundation, an independent UK charity, published early findings of a two-year study into the future health of young people. The study, published Monday, found that people now in their 20s and 30s are struggling with housing, employment and social relationships, which have the potential for greatly impacting their health in the years ahead.

homes,” Capt. Jordan Motta of Cal Fire said late Sunday. “There’s fire right up to people’s homes around here.” By Sunday the blaze more than doubled after cooler temperatures and stronger wind, up to 20 MPH, hit the Bay Area. Over 230 firefighters responded to the blaze and were aided by two water-dropping heli-

copters. Residents were urged to take along pets, phones, computers, prescriptions, photos and paperwork. They were also reminded to close and lock all windows and doors before vacating. A shelter was opened at a local high school. An average of 1.2 million acres of U.S. woodland burn every year due to wildfires.

Millennials: Less Healthy than Parents? Millennials may not be tweeting too many smiley emojis as they get older. According to a new report, Millennials in the UK are on track to be

“The gains made as a society in improving the health of previous generations may well be eroded by the precariousness and instability of the lives some young people are facing,” the report said. “Young people enter middle age without the fundamentals needed for a healthy life.” The report links a lack of affordable housing and uncertain employment trends among the causes of long-term health problems. Four assets for future health were identified in the report: emotional support, having the appropriate skills and qualifications to pursue a career, practical support and personal connections for guidance through life. The report also identified essential “building blocks” needed for life, such as a safe home environment. But 64% of those surveyed described the housing market as “difficult” for young people. It cited previous research that tied housing problems to subsequent stress, anxiety and depression. Another factor detrimental to young people were the emerging trends surrounding employment – particularly those of zero-hour contracts (employment contracts where people are expected to work as needed), the so-called “gig” economy and a saturation of college graduates resorting to “non-graduate” positions. More than half of the respondents said they had trouble finding “secure fairly paid work” that also offered “scope for career growth and development.” The report said an absence of

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018

quality work was more likely to contribute to unhealthy behaviors like smoking and alcohol consumption. The study also highlighted relationships as being important to an individual’s health over their lifetime and how today’s young people are the first generation to navigate social situations in a digital environment as well as in person. “Young adults are facing more stressful conditions than older generations, such as an increasingly competitive labor market, rising costs of housing, an increase in higher education costs, and issues of self-identity and confidence driven by more widespread use of social media,” noted Morag Henderson, a sociologist at the UCL (University College London) Centre for Longitudinal Studies, which was not involved in the study. Henderson’s research focuses on the health of millennials, including the impact of zero-hour contracts.

Koko the Gorilla Dies Koko, the gorilla, has died at the age of 46. Koko made headlines for

her extraordinary ability to master sign language. Born at the San Francisco Zoo, Dr. Francine “Penny” Patterson began teaching the gorilla sign language that became part of a Stanford University project in 1974. She worked with Koko since Koko was just one years old.

The Gorilla Foundation  says the lowland gorilla died peacefully while sleeping at the foundation’s preserve in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains last Tuesday. Over the years, Koko made it to many documentaries and into the National Geographic magazine twice. The gorilla’s 1978 cover featured a photo that the animal had taken of herself in a mirror, way before “selfies” were a thing. The foundation says it will honor Koko’s legacy with a sign language application featuring Koko for the benefit of gorillas and children, as well as other projects. “Koko touched the lives of mil-

lions as an ambassador for all gorillas and an icon for interspecies communication and empathy,” the Gorilla Foundation said in a statement. “She was beloved and will be deeply missed.” Koko’s amazing aptitude to communicate with humans and her ability to use American Sign Language showed the world the emotional depth and intelligence of gorillas. “She taught me more than I taught her, for sure,” Patterson, 71, said. “She had opportunities to show her brilliance and that’s what we saw. We saw a person, really. She had all the attributes of a person and then some.” During her lifetime, Koko used more than 1,000 signs and understood more than 2,000 words of spoken English, according to the foundation. Koko will be buried at a grave site on the Gorilla Foundation’s seven-acre preserve in Woodside, California, alongside Michael, a western lowland gorilla who was rescued from poachers in Cameroon and came to live with Koko at the sanctuary. He was originally Koko’s intended mate, but the pair developed a close friendship instead, according to Patterson.


SCOTUS Upholds Trump Travel Order

The U.S. Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling, upheld President Donald Trump’s restriction on travel to the United States from a handful of Muslim countries on Tuesday, giving the White House its first high court victory on the merits of a Trump initiative. After a series of federal court rulings invalidated or scaled back earlier versions of the travel ban, the decision is a big win for the administration and ended 15 months of legal battles over a key part of the president’s immigration policy, which opponents attacked as a dressed up form of the Muslim ban that Trump promised during his 2016 campaign.


JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home


The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018


CA Divided About Its Future

The State of California is facing internal conflict after the Cal 3 measure, seeking to divide America’s most popular state into three smaller states, gathered more than 400,000 signatures allowing it to appear on the November 6 state election ballot. Voters will have the opportunity to increase their personal representation on the national level. Supporters of the movement are arguing over how to divvy up the state. Within the separatist movement there are many sub groups. Paul Preston, vice president and co-founder of the New California movement, represents those who are hoping for a two-state solution in California, based on rural-urban lines. Preston says venture capitalist Tim Draper’s Cal 3 partition plan, which proposes three small states, will not address the issue of voter representation. “With Draper, he makes sure every area has an urbanized zone that will ultimately be blue. You still have the rural-urban thing going on in his formula,” Preston said. “The rural people will be shafted again.” Then there’s another group, led by Louis Marinelli, who opposes both the Draper and Preston initiatives, claiming all of them are just Republican plots to “chip away at the voice California lends to the republic as a solid blue state.” Marinelli’s plan, dubbed Calexit, seeks to make California a wholly independent country and secede from the U.S. altogether, a mission that will most likely not be achieved. “That’s secession. That’s what happened in the Civil War,” Preston said, noting that his group would not support the initiative. “They want to create a new country, and that’s just not going to happen. First of all, it’s illegal under our Constitution. There’s no base out here to support that.”

Building Together

Located in Far Rockaway, Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam combines academic excellence with a warm, engaging and Torah Filled environment — but the building we are in is not our own yet. To discuss dedication opportunities contact Rabbi Nosson Neuman. 718-868-3232 • Visit us at:

... because every child deserves a school that cares, and every school deserves its own home.

Imposed last September by presidential proclamation, the latest version maintains limits on granting visas to travelers from five of the seven countries covered by the original executive order on travel – Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. It lifts restrictions on visitors from Sudan, and it adds new limits on North Korea and Venezuela. Chad was part of the proclamation but was taken off the list in April after the White House said it met enhanced visa security requirements. Iraq was listed in the original travel ban imposed last year but was removed in the second version. The state of Hawaii, three of its residents, and a Muslim-American group challenged the new restrictions, and a federal judge blocked enforcement. But the Supreme Court lifted the stay last December, and the government has been carrying it out ever since. In response to the Supreme Court’s decision on Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union said it’s “not the first time the Court has been wrong.” The Trump administration argued that this version of the travel ban is different than the others, because it was imposed only after the administration surveyed more than 200 countries for their effectiveness in providing information about the backgrounds of visa applicants and success in fighting terrorism. The Justice Department said the Constitution and federal laws give the president broad authority to suspend or restrict entry into the country when he deems it to be in the nation’s interest. While immigration law doesn’t require the president to spell out detailed findings before he invokes the authority, the government said, the September proclamation was more detailed than any previous order limiting travel. The first executive order on travel, announced in February 2017, caused chaos at major airports when border officials refused to admit travelers who were in flight when the rules went into effect. It was quickly blocked by the courts. Enforcement of a second travel ban, issued about a month later, was also stopped by lower court judges. The Supreme Court then allowed it to be enforced except for visa applicants with family or other close U.S. connections, but the revised version expired before it was to be the subject of full blown Supreme Court review last fall.


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Get Connected Try the hearing aids that stream

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The main goal is to address California’s ongoing problem of being too large to function properly and address local issues. According to U.S. Commerce Department, California itself boasts the world’s fifth-largest economy, surpassing Britain. “I think the same type of voter frustration that leads people to Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders is the fuel behind these types of efforts,” Dan Schnur, professor at USC’s Annenberg School of Communications, opined. “When you’re one of 40 million people, you don’t feel like you’re getting enough attention, and this [Cal 3] is a solution that will give you three times as much attention.” If the Cal 3 measure is successful the governor would seek Congress’ approval and then leave the rest of the process to the state legislature. “I think the rest of the country will just want to do what’s right for California,” Draper, who will bankroll the Cal 3 initiative, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson back in April. “It takes up the same land mass as 15 states on the East Coast. The population is the equivalent of an average of six or seven states. So I think it’s appropriate to have California represented by at least three states.” California has a population of around 40 million and is approximately 164,000 square miles. To put that into perspective, New York has a population of 19.85 million and is 54,000 square miles.

aviation to healthcare to renewable energy and transportation. S&P Dow Jones Indices announced that GE will be bumped off the exclusive list and be replaced by Walgreens Boots Alliance. GE was an original member of the Dow in 1896 and has been a part of the elite list since November 7, 1907. But GE has been struggling in recent months after a series of bad deals. The company hired a new CEO, cut thousands of jobs, and its stock dividend was cut in half. Last year, GE was the worst-performing stock in the Dow, losing almost half of its value. This year, GE shares decreased another 25%. “We are focused on executing against the plan we’ve laid out to improve GE’s performance,” a GE spokeswoman said in a statement. “Today’s announcement does nothing to change those commitments or our focus in creating in a stronger, simpler GE.” David Blitzer, chairman of S&P’s index committee, pointed out that industrial conglomerates like GE aren’t as prominent in the American economy as they were in the good old days. Banks, healthcare, tech and consumer companies are taking a piece of the pie these days. “Today’s change to the DJIA will make the index a better measure of the economy and the stock market,” Blitzer added. GE shares fell another 2% in after-hours trading after the announcement.

GE Knocked Off Coveted Financial List Cilantro Check

Dr. Shalom Motechin 513 Chestnut St. · Cedarhurst, NY 11516 | 516-295-1300 921 49th St. · Brooklyn, NY 11219 | 718-283-8456 The following insurances are accepted as full or partial payment, depending on the plan: Oxford, United Health Care, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Healthfirst, Empire Plan, United Federation of Teachers.

General Electric (GE) is being excluded from the exclusive Dow Jones Industrial Average, for the first time in 110 years. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a stock market index that shows how large, publicly owned companies based in the United States have traded. The iconic company is involved in many industries ranging from

Hate cilantro? Love it? Cilantro is perhaps the most polarizing of all herbs. There are some who love its fresh taste. Others say it tastes like dish soap in their mouths. Now there’s a service that can definitively tell people if they will like or


The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018

Lost & Found Leg

When this man went jet skiing he lost more than just his glasses – he lost his leg. Members of the Corinth Fire Department and several scuba and diving clubs searched the Hudson River for the precious object, a $127,000 prosthetic leg, for three days. Luckily, they found it in approximately 15 feet of water with the toes sticking out. The owner of the leg, who lives in nearby Greenfield Center, and has not been named, told officials the leg was made in Austria and had  electronic components. “He said when he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident it truly affected him, but after he so-called lost his leg for a second time, it  almost affected him more,” Captain Derek Briner of the Corinth Fire Department said. “The bottom of the leg

has a very realistic looking foot. So the toes were sticking out of the mud, and that’s about all he could see,” he added. “The smile on [the owner’s] face made what we do well worth it. For him to have it back and turn it on and have it still function correctly from what he could tell ... he got his life back.”


Kayak Commute

Scott Holt needed to get to his meeting last week and he knew that he couldn’t rely on public transportation. Think power outages, fires in the tracks, and overflowing train cars. Instead, the New Jersian decided to take a more unconventional approach to getting to the Big Apple on time – his paddleboard. Wearing a suit and holding a briefcase Holt braved the rough winds and choppy waters of the Hudson. He paddled without a leash or a lifejacket. “I didn’t wanna pay for the toll,” the 32-year-old “struggling comedian” quipped. “I’m a starving artist, so I had the board and just kind of popped on and went.” Paddling across the Hudson — especially in bad weather — is a feat in itself. Holt managed to do it with a briefcase in his hand and no leash or lifejacket to keep him from drowning. “I stupidly didn’t bring a leash or a lifejacket, so if a [wave] took the board, then I just would’ve been stuck out there drowning in a suit,” the comic explained. “That’s the worst way to drown – dressed up.” Holt hit rougher waves once he got closer to Manhattan, and realized he needed to get to shore. He paddled up to a closed-down water taxi dock and found a curious police officer, who was waiting for him. “He was just more confused than anything,” Holt said. “He didn’t know what to do with me. I was like, ‘Hey man, do you want me to go somewhere else? I don’t want to come out here and be arrested.’” Hope his meeting was smooth sailing after his slippery commute.

Building Forever

...Now, we have the rare opportunity to purchase it — securing a permanent home for our school and ensuring our future. To discuss dedication opportunities contact Rabbi Nosson Neuman. 718-868-3232 • Visit us at:

dislike the plant. The controversial heb is commonly used in South Asian and Latin American cuisine. Since 2012, scientists have been testing the idea of genetics as responsible for the enjoyment of the herbaceous add-in. According to a study conducted by DNA testing company 23AndMe, there is a correlation between people who dislike cilantro’s taste and one’s ethnic background, with Ashkenazi Jews, northern Europeans and southern Europeans most likely to describe cilantro’s taste as soapy Cornell University conducted its own study on more than 14,000 participants and traced the preference of cilantro to an olfactory receptor gene “OR6A2,” which is targeted as the receptor that may contribute to the detection of a soapy smell and taste from cilantro. The genetic variants in the olfactory receptors are now thought to be the reason behind those that dislike the herb. Perhaps our ancestors in Europe were adding paprika instead of cilantro to their dishes.

... because every child deserves a school that cares, and every school deserves its own home.


JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Early-to-Dine Fine

Like to slip out of the office a few minutes early to beat the lunch rush? If you’re working in Japan, stay at your desk a bit longer. A city official has been docked half a day’s pay for repeatedly leaving the office three minutes too early, sparking a heated debate on social media over the severity of the punishment. The 64-year-old man, who has not been identified, is employed by the waterworks bureau in Kobe, according to bureau officials who gave a televised press conference last week to apologize for the employee’s actions. The man had left his desk to buy a takeaway bento lunch three minutes before his lunch break was supposed to begin, officials said. He had

committed this apparent offense 26 times over the last seven months. As a punishment, he was reprimanded and docked half a day’s pay. “It is very regrettable that such misconduct took place,” a bureau official said at the press conference last week. “We deeply apologize for it.” All four officials at the conference then stood and bowed deeply. People were astonished at the punishment for the early lunch infractions. As such, Gen Oka, general affairs officer at the waterworks bureau, said, “We have received opinion this time from both directions, such as the reprimand was too much. We must think again what’s the appropriate measures to take.” He added that the bureau had taken action because “we were bound to the public servant duty to spend the working hours for our duty.” Japan has a known relentless work culture. Many say that legislation is needed to improve the working conditions found in many companies in the country that include tens of hours of overtime. Until that legislation is passed, workers in Japan better keep their eyes on the clock.

Delayed Apology

It’s never too late to apologize, we learn from a 90-year-old. The nonagenarian Texan mailed a handwritten apology note and a $50 bill to the public works department in Midvale, Utah, this week. He identified himself as a “sorrowful citizen” and said he enclosed the cash to pay for a stop sign he stole decades ago. “I am enclosing $50 to pay for this stop sign I stole when I was a thoughtless teenager,” the man wrote. “Stupid might be a better word for it.” The elderly man from North Houston, Texas, said he has been “trying to do restitution” for all the mistakes he’s made in the past. “All of these things have made me sorrow over the few things I did when I was young,” he continued. “I wish to be forgiven by the L-rd, so I am sorry and truly repentant.” City officials were shocked by the gift  – and wished they could thank the man in person, though the letter didn’t include a return address.  Midvale Mayor Robert Hale says the crime probably took place around 75 years ago. “He’s cleared it up as far as we’re concerned,” Hale said, adding that he plans to use the man’s donation to replace another stop sign in the city. “We can scratch out that line on the account receivable now.”

What a Dog!

It’s perhaps a “ruff” title to hold, but Zsa Zsa is currently the World’s Ugliest Dog. The English bulldog with an underbite and rounded front legs nabbed the title at the 30th annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest on

Saturday night. Her owner, Megan Brainard of Minnesota, will receive $1,500 for the win. The cuddly competition, which helps organizers publicize that many pets are available for adoption, allowed owners to flaunt the imperfections of their dogs. It was held at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma, California, north of San Francisco.  “It’s  a  fun  and  silly  way  to  advocate  that  all  animals  deserve  a  safe  and  loving  home,” said Christy  Gentry, a spokeswoman for the Sonoma-Marin Fair, in a release. The dogs and their handlers walked down a red carpet, as a panel of judges evaluated them. Others vying for the title included a blackhead-covered Chinese Crested-Dachshund mutt, a bulldog mix with excess wrinkly skin and a Pekingese named Wild Thang. A 125-pound gentle giant Martha, a Neopolitan Mastiff with gas and a droopy face, won last year’s competition.  Watch out for the pup-arazzi.

Sticky Fingers

A wise person once said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Well, here’s one cerebrally-challenged thief. Shamon West of Arkansas was arrested after he tried to pay for his meal at Shannon’s Restaurant with the credit card he stole from his waitress. The server called police to report that West was attempting to settle his bill – with a credit card with her name on it. When officers responded to the scene they found other items that West stole from the server in his car. He had stolen her purse from her car at a nearby gas station while she was inside, including her Social Security card and driver’s license. West is being held at the Jefferson County jail in lieu of $2,840 bond on forgery and theft by receiving charges. We call that his just “desserts.”

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018



JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the

Community A Siyum of Achdus


n June 13, Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, the Inwood community held its Second Annual Siyum Hashas. The Siyum is a project of achdus as the entire community join together to learn the entire Shas. One of the highlights for this year’s siyum was the completion of a Mesechta by the Inwood boys who each took a few blatt of Mesechtas Sukkah. The guest speaker was Harav Doniel Neustadt, who is the father-in-law of Harav Pinchus Weinberger, Rav of

Bais Tefila of Inwood. The community was also honored with the presence of Harav Simcha Bondy, Rav of Kehilas Yesod Yosef of Inwood. A delectable seudas mitzvah was enjoyed by all, together with singing and dancing l’kovod this momentous occasion. The annual siyum has baruch Hashem increased the limud haTorah throughout the Inwood community, with members already choosing a new Mesechta for next year’s siyum. The campaign is spear-

headed by R’ Yehuda Zachter, and the siyum was ded-

icated l’iluy nishmas Mrs. Zachter’s father, R’ Moshe

Yitzchok ben R’ Meir Hakohen Krasner.

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018


Around the Community Rav Mordechai Jungreis of Nikelsburg and Woodbourne greets hundreds (maybe thousands!) of people each day as they come to his shul to daven, learn, and receive a warm smile and bracha from the rav. These photos are a glimpse of the hundreds who came through on the first day the shul opened this summer.


JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

Team Gesher Dominates at the Gesher Century Challenge


tage one of the 2018 Gesher Century Challenge took place this Sunday. This year’s programming including a new venue as Gesher joined up with the Kiwani’s Club of Long Island’s Nassau to Suffolk Bicycle Challenge. With over thirty riders, Team Gesher made up approximately 10% of the total ridership. The host club was very accommodating, providing ample space for the Gesher tent right by the finish line. With a choice of three trails, 25, 55, and 66 miles, all of the riders were able to participate according to their preference. The 66 mile – metric century – group was the first to depart. With a planned start time of 7AM, the Gesher tent was ready in advance with healthy breakfast choices, energy bars and gels, and other ride amenities. Every rider received a beautifully designed professional Team Gesher jersey, a Camelback big chill insulated water bottle sponsored by Fruit Platters and More, and a specially designed tefilas haderech/emergency contact card prepared in memory of Nancy Morgenstern, a”h. In preparation of the upcoming

Tour De Simcha, many female riders from our local area joined GCC3. As each rider crossed the finish line they were greeted immediately by their cheering fans and friends in the Gesher tent. Several riders returned having proudly set their own personal best for a one day ride. As the morning mist had dissipated and the beautiful summer weather had set in, the riders gathered under the comfortable shade of the Gesher tent. A hot buffet lunch was waiting for them and their families, complete with ice cold drinks, ices, ice cream, cold vegetables and sliced watermelon. Gesher thanks Seasons Supermarkets for sponsoring the nourishing fare. Additionally, at each rest stop, riders were able to easily locate the Seasons box packed with specially chosen foods to supplement the foods provided by the host club. The riders arrived in a consistent flow, with the camaraderie and good feel building throughout the day. Many team members expressed how much they appreciated the friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to participate in a family style event that

Your choices define who you are. Page 64

supports such a worthwhile local institution. While most of the team hitched their equipment to their cars, some of the riders got back on their bikes to head home. This dedicated group of Gesher devotees wanted to do something special in support of the Gesher Early Childhood Center. They mapped out a route that would turn the course into a 150 mile Century and a half. Their ride began at 6AM in the Five Towns and included many additional routes along the trail. Gesher congratulates all of the riders for their accomplishments and expresses its appreciation for their participation. Special mention to Alan and Sharoni Botwinick, Eliahu and Chaia Frishman of Fruit Platters and More, Naftoli Leiner, Andrew Fuchs, Jona-

thon Newman, and Morah Shoshana Salzberg for their highly successful campaigns. Gesher would like to thank its corporate sponsors: Fruit Platters and More, Sunharbor Manor, Seasons Supermarkets, Fidelity Payment Services, Gourmet Glatt, Russo’s Pharmacy, Wells Fargo Advisors (whose team of Avi Barasch, Avromie Dahan, and Chaim Dahan rode), Hawke and Co., Distinctive Window Designs (represented by rider Lenny Koegel), Heritage Realty, 925 Sterling, Jus by Julie, Nancy Morgenstern Memorial Fund, NewTel Systems, and the Skin Retreat. The Gesher Century Challenge continues until July 15 with its Strava virtual training club and the upcoming Gold Coast Tour.

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018


Around the Community

We Came, We Heard, We Will Conquer!

Jeffrey Hayzlett delivering the opening keynote presentation


he Winning Edge 2018 was met with waves of positive feedback. On Monday, June 18, executives, entrepreneurs, and key business celebrities flocked to Montclair State University to spend the day learning strategies and tactics toward business growth. Celebrated business expert and sought-after keynote speaker, Jeffrey Hayzlett, ushered in the day with an electrifying lecture on the art of being relentless, radical transparency, and key methods for overcoming the fear that stands in the way of success. With fascinating anecdotes and deep insights from his years of experience as CMO of Kodak, Hazylett addressed the necessity for business owners to define their core reason for existence and embrace customer

Stephen Shapiro, delivering his keynote on innovation

Yitzchok Saftlas, of Bottom Line Marketing Group, addressing a breakout session

Brass Tacks Q&A panel session

behavior in order to drive change. “Kodak’s mistake is that they weren’t in the business of film. They were in the business of memories,” he shared. The next portion of the day brought an engaging and interactive series of breakout sessions which addressed everything from financial, health, and legal matters, to leadership and marketing hacks. Presenters included Saul and Simeon Friedman of Saul N. Friedman and Co.; Michael Macintyre of HSBC; Bradley Nash and Solomon Klein of Schlam Stone & Dolan LLP; Dr. Firzouz Daneshgari, founder of BowTie Medical; Eli Rowe, CEO of World Medical Bank; Moishe Katz; founder of United Refuah HealthShare; Michael Langer, founder and CEO of Gulliver’s Gate; Allen Fagin, Execu-

tive Vice President of the Orthodox Union; and Yitzchok Saftlas, founder and CEO of Bottom Line Marketing Group. “At the end of the day, a leader must be the one to make a decision in every situation.” Allen Fagin shared, reminding us of Harry S. Truman’s famous mantra that “the buck stops here!” A trailblazer in the field of healthcare management, Eli Rowe, shared that leaders must know their weaknesses, step back, and surround themselves with teams of talent. He reminded attendees that even innovators like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg never finished college and are still extremely successful executives. The day culminated with a riveting Brass Tacks panel followed by

an engaging closing keynote address from “Innovation Instigator” and business advisor Stephen Shapiro. In his signature, captivating style, Shapiro provoked the audience out of their comfort zones and into new ways of thinking about change. The overwhelming positive responses and still-palpable excitement following the conference are testimony to the great success of the Winning Edge 2018. Attendee Joel Whitehouse, President of Empire Benefits Solutions, shared: “The diverse personalities, ideas, and opinions were so unique. I am excited to hit my desk this morning and start putting their advice into motion!” Winning Edge 2019, here we come!


JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

HANC Students Honored at Family Stories Festival in St. Louis


hree students who recently completed fifth grade at the Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding Hebrew Academy of Nassau County were among the twenty-four young people recently honored at The Grannie Annie’s Family Stories Festival at the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis. The event was presented in collaboration with the museum and in conjunction with publication of Grannie Annie, Vol. 13, recently released in paperback, eBook, and PDF editions. Other honored students came from North Carolina, Nebraska, Ohio, and seven schools in Missouri.  A 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in St. Louis, The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration invites young people everywhere to interview people from an older generation of their family and to write about something interesting they learn from their family’s history. Authors are invited to submit illustrations with their stories. Once stories for publication have been selected, additional illustrations from students in grades four through eight

are solicited through their art teachers. Over the past thirteen years The Grannie Annie has published 455 stories, which have taken place in 64 countries on 6 continents over a span of nearly 400 years. The stories vividly depict unique events, while reminding readers of the fundamental experiences common to all. Preserving a family story in written form creates a precious treasure for generations, and the process of illustrating a family story provides an opportunity for the artist to connect with that story in a special way. For

these reasons, the Festival celebrated all 602 works that were submitted for possible publication in Volume 13.   Authors whose stories were published in Grannie Annie, Vol. 13, read their stories aloud at the Festival, and artists read an artist’s statement about their published illustrations. “The Family Stories  Festival  is  one of  the  many priceless  experiences made possible by The  Grannie Annie each year,” said Connie McIntyre, Executive Director of The Grannie Annie. “Talented young people from near and far sharing their family sto-

A Grand Opening Night for Summer YLX 2018


ummer YLX opened with a bang this Tuesday. The sixweek summer program for boys in our community kicked off a fifth summer season. Bais Medrash Heichal Dovid in Lawrence was once again excited and eager to host the program. As usual the YLX begins at 8:00 with Mincha. After Mincha the participants are treated to an incredible food spread donated by local eateries. The boys then split into groups for the learning portion. The groups are led by experienced and dynamic yungeleit and bochurim. Every week the groups explore a new sugya; this year the theme of the YLX learning is the Aseres Hadibros. Opening night, the food was provided by Traditions – and generous-

ly sponsored by owner, Scott Fagin. The chevra had a great time connecting and reconnecting to friends and chavrusos. After the initial first-day excitement died down, Rabbi Mordechai Stern, Mara D’Asra of Bais Medrash Heichal Dovid, delivered the opening remarks. He explained to the boys that they were mevakshei Hashem, seekers of G-d, as they commit their nights to Torah learning. He explained that Bilaam erred because he tried to fulfill his own will and desire, and did not consider doing the right thing – the will of Hashem. Rav Stern gave chizuk to the YLX chevra for choosing to do the right thing by utilizing their summer nights in pursuit of Torah. After Rav Stern finished speaking

the boys were energized to tackle the most fundamental mitzvah in the Torah – the first of the Aseres Hadibros – the mitzvah of emunah. Sounds of excited and deep Torah discussion emanated from each of the groups as the boys discussed amongst other bullet points the structure and legitimacy of the mitzvah, as well as the method and necessary conditions to fulfill the mitzvah. The inaugural night of YLX finished with Maariv and cleanup. It was a momentous evening and harbinger of great summer nights ahead. For more information email

ries and illustrations on the stage of the Missouri History Museum for an audience of supportive family members and friends is profoundly heartwarming.” Following the program, the students signed books for Festival attendees. Students from HANC who were honored at the Festival, and the titles of their published stories, were Rami Kessock, “To Live”; Emily Mark, “A Single Ring”; and Chavy Riess, “The Man in Stripes.” This is the second consecutive year that students from HANC have submitted stories to The Grannie Annie, have had stories selected for publication, and have traveled to St. Louis with their parents and their teacher, Elie Bashevkin, to participate in the Family Stories Festival. The paperback edition of Grannie Annie, Vol. 13, is available from Lulu. com. Digital editions are available from The Grannie Annie. Complete details about The Grannie Annie – and published stories  and illustrations  – can be found at 


The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018

Around the Community PHOTO CREDIT: IVAN H NORMAN & C3

Chaverim Breakfast Event


his past Sunday, Chaverim of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway held their annual breakfast parlor event, graciously hosted by David and Adena Muchnik and catered by Sharmel Caterers. It was well attended by those in the community. Binyamin Lipsky, a Chaverim coordinator, spoke about Chaverim and how we have more members than those who want to join. He talked about the past car seat event and how it was a big success in safety. He also spoke about the upcoming defensive driving course (which will take place on July 16 at 7pm, see the website for more information). He then introduced the guest speaker, HaRav Nosson Greenberg, shlita, Rav of K`hal Machzikei Torah in Far Rockaway, who delighted the crowd and spoke about Chaverim and how important their work is. After our guest speaker, we all watched a video of Chaverim in action. To see the video please visit us on social media. We would like to thank our sponsors: Cross River Bank, Tech613,

Gourmet Glatt, Luxury Connections,, Westwood Realty, Miller Realty, &Beyond, Fruit Platters and More, BP Signs, Plaza Auto Leasing, Judaica Plus, FTAds, The Jewish Home, and Five Towns Jewish Times. Please patronize our sponsors as we couldn’t have done this event without their help. The winners of the raffles were: Judaica Plus $100  Gift Card sponsored by  Judaica Plus: Shimon Vogel; two Chaverim Power Banks: Arron Kagan and Elliot Krischer. If you didn’t donate yet, feel free to visit us on the web (http://click2go. me/cab18in). We wish everyone a safe summer. Tizku l’mitzvos.

Binyamin Lipsky, Chaverim coordinator

HaRav Nosson Greenberg Rav of Khal Machzikei Torah


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Around the Community PHOTO CREDIT: IVAN H NORMAN

Yeshiva Ateres Shimon in Far Rockaway under the leadership of Rabbi Mordechai Yehuda Groner held their 5th Annual Dinner and Siyum Sefer at Manhattan Beach Jewish Center. The honorees were Shmuly & Ruchie Baskst, Amud Avodas Hashem; Rabbi & Mrs. Aron Rosenberg, Amud Gemilus Chesed; and the Freund family, Amud HaTorah Award and donators of the Sefer Torah

Avnet Starts the Summer with Safety


afety first” was the theme of orientation at HALB’s Avnet Country Day School. Over 300 staff members met for educational workshops to ensure that the children in their care not only have a fun and memorable experience, but a safe and se-

cure one as well. Guided by Director Daniel Stroock, the group received instruction from experts on campus security, water safety and the proper method to encourage camper participation in sports and all activities. Of special note, was a seminar given to the pre-school division on easing

separation anxiety. A representative from the Amudim organization also led a critical discussion on professionalism and safety for camp counselors. “At Avnet, we are committed to providing our campers with exciting activities within a safe, secure and

Staff from Avnet’s pre-school division attend a separation anxiety seminar

Avnet staff gather for orientation and safety training

sensitive environment,” said Daniel Stroock. “We’ve assembled a responsible team that understands that our number one priority is the happiness and well-being of our campers. We’re looking forward to a wonderful summer.”

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JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

Hundreds of people joined in the Five Towns Collaborative Conference: Building Strong Families Together at Young Israel of Woodmere on Sunday. Twenty-five speakers spoke on topics pertaining mainly to parenting, including “From Dating to Marriage,” “Is Sibling Rivalry Inevitable” and “Favoritism, Timely Tips from Tanach.”

Summer in Siach Yitzchok


uring the month of July, the boys at Siach Yitzhok continue their full, regular day of learning from 9AM until 2PM. While the Torah learning in July is no different from January, the boys don’t have secular studies classes during the summer. Instead, there is a daily afternoon program from 2PM to 4PM consisting of activities that the boys love including sports games, waterslides, swimming, and trips to places like skating rings, bowling alleys, and indoor attractions. The children come to yeshiva smiling and leave smiling – and possibly a bit tired. According to the rebbeim the 11th month is the best learning of the year! Why? The long days with secular studies take stamina and are taxing on the students. When it comes to the 11th month the boys are attentive and focused because they find the day to be relaxed and pleasant. Rabbi Schon, the segan menahel, farhered a class this week, and commented to Rabbi Sitnick how impressed he was with the amazing learning of each and every boy in the class.

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‫ה ב נ י ן‬

‫ז ה‬

‫ה ש ל ם‬



FINISH LINE For 38 years, Siach Yitzchok, under the leadership of its dedicated Menahel, Rav Dovid Sitnick, has been a dynamic chinuch anchor of our community. The Yeshiva’s pioneering chinuch achievements are part of the beautiful spectrum of the Five Towns/Far Rockaway community’s essence and identity.

An opportunity for partnership! This is a historic opportunity to partner with Siach Yitzchak and earn a share in its perpetual impact on the future of Klal Yisroel!

For information on dedication and sponsorship opportunities please contact Rabbi Mordechai Stein at the Yeshiva office at 718.327.6247 ext.16 or



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Midreshet Shalhevet Celebrates Class of 2018


idreshet Shalhevet, sister school to Blue Ribbon winning Rambam Mesivta, was honored to celebrate the graduation of the Class of 2018 on Tuesday night at Temple Hillel. Hundreds of family, friends, teachers, and loved ones filled the room to celebrate the graduates at the seventh annual commencement ceremony. Menahelet Mrs. Esther Eisenman praised the graduates, and all the hard work they have put in throughout their tenure at Midreshet Shalhevet, as well as the monumental personal growth they have accomplished. In addition to developing grit, a skill many educational psychologists are now touting as THE skill that determines success in life, they have developed exceptional inner strength and strength of character. “Part of what makes Midreshet Shalhevet special,” she said, “is that the girls are not sacrificing anything by coming to a small school. They re-

ceive a top notch education in both limudei kodesh and general studies, clubs, and extracurriculars in a close and warm environment focused on each individual girl.” Valedictorian Nechama Schneider of Far Rockaway has been an integral part of her grade, as well as the larger Midreshet Shalhevet school community over the last four years. On Tuesday night, Nechama addressed the packed house, congratulating her fellow graduates on all the hard work they have put in over the past four years succeeding academically, socially, and personally. “I thought the perfect thing to discuss tonight would be to remind you of what we gained in the environment we have spent the last four years in, enveloped in safety and security. We don’t know how an experience affects us until afterwards, and today is afterwards. Today we can finally see how all the little things we experienced every day, can all together

make a huge impact on us. “There is nothing else like the ‘Midreshet Shalhevet experience.’ There is no other place where you know the names of every girl in your grade and most of the people in the school. If asked, I could tell you what community each girl lives in, what their class schedule was like, what clubs they were in, and what teams they joined. We all know each other, and that’s incredible. We are not just another face to each other, we are a friend, a chavruta, a project partner, a teammate, and a classmate. We are bound together, no longer a group of strangers but rather a group of friends.” Salutatorian Gabriella Koegel of Brooklyn is an extremely talented and motivated student who works hard to achieve all her goals, and has accomplished many in her term at Midreshet Shalhevet, including four years on the Dean’s list. “As young Jewish women, we need to be ready to interact with a world that will often challenge our beliefs and Midreshet Shalhevet has prepared us for this,” she said to her graduating class. “We have also been well prepared to continue our academic studies in higher education. Midreshet Shalhevet strives to not only give its students a well-rounded education but also looks to build the confidence of each student to not only ask questions but to express themselves, each in their own way. Before I came to Midreshet Shalhevet, I was always hesitant and felt that I couldn’t be myself. Midreshet Shalhevet changed all that. Over the years I learned life skills and I felt my best, true self emerging.” Midreshet Shalhevet is proud of the rest of our graduates who have been accepted to the following seminaries and colleges; Amudim, Baer Miriam, Darchei Bina, Emunah V’Omanut, Machon Maayan, Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim (MMY), Midreshet Harova, Midreshet Moriah, Midreshet Lindenbaum, Midreshet Tehilah, Midreshet Torah V’Avodah (TVA), Midreshet Torah V’Chesed (MTC), Sha’alavim for Women, Tiferet, Tomer Devora, Adelphi University, City College Honors, Cornell University, Brooklyn College, Hofstra University,

Hunter College, John Hopkins University, Kingsborough Community College, Lander College for Women, Nassau Community College, Queens College, Queensborough Community College, Stern College for Women, SUNY Old Westbury, and Touro College. Congratulations to ARISTA National Honor Society scholars - awarded based on Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character; Sarah Austin, Suzanne Behar, Leah Feder, Rochel Katz, Gabriella Koegel, Aviva Marmer, Leah Miller, Nechama Schneider, and Sarah Malka Weinberger. Congratulations to Sarah Austin and Nechama Schneider, who graduated with AP Scholars with Honors. Congratulations to New York State Board of Regents Scholarship for Academic Excellence award winners Sarah Austin and Aviva Marmer. The JCRC Community Service award is given to students in LI schools in recognition of their efforts in building bridges across communities and create a more civil society. Throughout her years in high school, Allie Eidlisz has wholeheartedly committed herself to working with special needs children, spending countless hours volunteering on

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Around the Community vi ce



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‫בימים ההם‬

el ll‫ת‬ m k‫י‬o‫הל‬ il‫ו‬l‫כ‬i ‫ ם‬TES 10 T‫ל‬eh‫ ל‬LEBRA

S of





‫הק׳ בשם עמק המלך‬ ‫של"ה‬ Assistant Principal Shaindy Lisker, Valedictorian Nechama Schneider, Menahelet Esther Eisenman, and Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman

Sundays and summers for OHEL. She brings a tremendous empathy and enthusiasm to her work, and, as we have seen in school, lifts everyone with her infectious smile and joy of life. The Philip Bach Memorial Keter Shem Tov Award is given to honor the memory of Philip Bach, a”h, brother of Bayla Bach Becker, MSH Class of 2012. Philip, who lived his 27 years with Familial Dysautonomia, loved kindness in people; his family honors one student who stands out in this regard. Shana Schapira stands out for her kindness and sensitivity to others, and always has a strong sense of doing the right thing. A student who has grown in all ways, she has been a quiet contributor throughout her years in high school, working to get the job done, but staying out of the limelight. Whether it be in davening, in JUMP or in helping out with the yearbook, Shana has contributed to the school community in countless, quiet ways. The Triple C Award from the NYS Attorney General is given to a student who is outstanding in her Character, Courage and Commitment. Leah Feder is a young woman who demonstrates her character and commitment in all that she does; she is an exuberant leader who has surely left her mark. Well-spoken and mature, this student is always looking for ways to improve the school community. And she has done it with dedication and a sense of responsibility, always reflecting and upholding the mission of the school and always with a smile. She has consistently worked hard at the clubs she has been involved with, winning awards and pushing her teams to victory in both JUMP and Torah Bowl, among others, often bringing

lasting changes to the school itself. Volunteering to save the adults of the school from our misunderstandings of social media, she has kindly helped us cross the digital highway to a more teenage friendly instagram profile. The NYS Senate Leadership Award is given to a student who stands out both for community service and academic excellence. Sarah Austin appreciates knowledge and recognizes the value of what education can offer her, both as a foundation for her professional future and as a vehicle for personal growth. The same could be said for her devotion to community service, be it in a formal or informal setting. Her outgoing and outsized personality made her a natural leader and advocate, and she put those traits to good use. She not only sought to be involved but to always think about what more can be done, and in doing so opened up our school to new experiences and opportunities. The Suri Boiangiu Principals’ Award, Midreshet Shalhevet’s top award, is given each year to the student who, in the judgment of the entire administration, has made the greatest overall contribution to MSH, its programs and the entire community. It is with great pleasure that Aviva Marmer was awarded with this prestigious accolade. The Midreshet Shalhevet/Rambam family is incredibly proud of all these well-deserving young ladies who excel in and out of the classroom, and we congratulate, once again, the Class of 2018 on their growth in Torah knowledge and love of Torah, middot, and excellence in all the life skills and knowledge they have gained over the last four years. Mazal tov!



the year of 112, there were many pogroms in Germany. One shtetle, Enfurt, remained untouched by any pogroms, as if it were invisible to the invading armies. The people in the town went about their lives in peace. One day, an old man died. This man had been a very ehrliche Jew, pure and holy, constantly saying Tehillim. A few days after he was niftar, he came to one of the Rabbis of the town in a dream. He was wearing white Tachrichim and holding a Sefer Tehillim. He told the Rav, “While I was alive, I completed the entire Sefer of Tehillim each week. In this zchus, this entire town was saved from the pogroms. But now that I am no longer alive, the people of this town need to run away, because the Reshaim are coming!" The Talmid Chacham told his townsmen of the heavenly warning. Many people ran away and were saved. Some did not have a chance to escape and were killed in the pogrom. The Shlah Hakadosh brings the story in the Sefer Ameik Hamelech. This story so clearly demonstrates that Tehillim has tremendous power to push away bad events and to bring about brachos.



I N F O @ T E H I L L I M K O L L E L .O R G | W W W.T E H I L L I M K O L L E L .O R G



WILLIAMSBURG ‫ביהמ״ד דינוב‬ MONROE ‫ציון הרה״ק מסאטמאר זצ״ל‬ MIRON ‫ציון הרשב״י במירון‬ YERUSHULAYIM ‫קבר שמעון הצדיק‬ AMUKA ‫ציון רבי יונתן בן עוזיאל‬



BEIT SHEMESH ‫קבר ָדּן בן יעקב‬ TZFAS (1) ‫ציון האר”י הקדוש‬ TZFAS (2) ‫ציון רבי לייב בעל יסורים‬ TZFAS (3) ‫ציון רבי שלמה אלקבץ‬ TEVARYA (1) ‫ציון של״ה הקדוש‬

W O R L D !

TEVARYA (2) ‫ציון רבי מאיר בעל הנס‬ EIN ZEITIM ‫ציון רבי יהודה בר אלעאי‬ ENGLAND ‫ציון הרה״ק משאץ זי״ע‬ BELGIUM ‫ציון הרה״ק רבי איציקל ורבי יענקלע זצ״ל‬ MONSEY ‫ציון הרה״ק מריבניץ זצ״ל‬



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Around the Community

Graduating with pride at all ages at Yeshiva of Central Queens

WayFind Talks Career Choices to Post-Seminary Girls


he end of the school year is here and many 19- and 20 year-old girls are returning from their year in seminary. It was an incredible year for many – a year spent learning and reflecting on who they want to be and how they want to live their lives Coming home is not always an easy transition as it represents the need to face reality and figure out what comes next. Many are planning on going to college, others are working but the majority do not have a long-term plan as to what they would like to do professionally. The JCCRP sponsored a workshop for these young women this past week in order to give them tools on how to approach this decision. The workshop was given by Adele Dubin and Natasha Srulowitz, co-founders of WayFind, a career coaching service geared towards the frum community. The workshop was 2 hours long and took place in the Reich residence in Lawrence. The girls who attended spanned many seminaries. The purpose of the workshop was twofold.

The first was to help the girls look inward and begin to analyze their own personal strengths and interests. Adele and Natasha were encouraging the girls to explore professions that will use their talents instead of just looking for the quickest or easiest education path. Of course, finishing fast is important for these girls but these days there are many available shortcuts. So the first step was to begin to understand what one was good at and what one would enjoy. For many, it

was not easy to identify their strengths so there were discussions on how to figure it out. The next step was to align these strengths and interests with one’s personal goals. Is salary the most important? Flexible work schedule? Part-time or full-time? Meaning and purpose? Environment? And the list goes on. Everyone’s goals vary and it is critical to pick out what matters most. The second goal was to educate the girls on the vast professions that exist these days beyond the typical PT/OT/

speech, teaching, nursing, special ed programs most frum girls do. There are so many other professions that do not require master’s degrees and have similar salaries. Understanding these options opens up opportunities to do something that fits the whole person. Taking the time to evaluate this life-defining decision is so important. A job is not just about what one does every day. It affects how one wakes up in the morning and how one feels at the end of the workday. When one feels good about what they do at work every day, that energy is felt by their husband and children both in the morning when everyone starts their day and in the evening, during dinner and homework time. Alternatively, when they don’t, they are drained and are not able to give to what is the most important part of their lives – their family. If you are interested in more information, in organizing a workshop or working 1:1 with Adele or Natasha, please contact WayFind at (516) 2531147 or visit www.wayfindcareers. com. or JCCRP at (718) 327-7755.

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Bnos Bais Yaakov Administration and Staff

wish Mazel Tov to our Graduates upon their graduation

8th Grade Ahuva Benayon Miri Bender Aliza Benhaim Esther Bernstein Miriam Bloom Rochel Leah Bloom Faigi Blumenkrantz Rina Bluth Yael Bokow Shoshana Brecher Rachel Chait Shira Cohen Batsheva Mazal Dahan Tehila David Zahava Ebert Miriam Feifer Chani Feintuch Chana Feldhamer Eliana Feldman Shira Feuer Sora’le Finkel Rivka Frenkel Esther Ruchama Freud Bracha Miriam Frishman Tehila Goller Adina Chana Green Hadassah Gruenbaum

Avigael Hammer Rachel Avigail Harary Miriam Harary Faigy Herskovits Sarah Honig Chana Indich Esther Leah Jacobsen Hadassah Bracha Kadar Sara Kagan Esther Katzenstein Chava Yehudis Sarah Keilson Goldie Keilson Chayala Korngold Brocha Nechama Kramer Batsheva Levin Ahuva Bracha Livian Goldie Lowinger Devora Leah Metz Hadassah Mezei Sarah Miller Tova Munk Ahuva Henya Neuman Sara Perkal Rikki Pfeiffer Miriam Rivka Pollack Chana Rivka Rabinow Tamar Rapaport

Shaindy Reidel Ilana Miriam Renov Avigail Meira Ribacoff Esti Richman Richman Basya Nechama Ritholtz Sarala Rodkin Hinda Miriam Roseman Ita Esther Rosenblum Pessi Rubin Itta Rechel Salamon Chaya Rochel Salzman Mirel Salzman Tzirel Sandler Fraida Yehudis Saslow Devora Schoor Basya Solomon Chaya Sussman Tehila Tepfer Devorah Walfish Mirel Wallach Miriam Weingot Devorah Weiss Leba Weitz Yocheved Youdim Goldie Zoldan

Pre-1A Aliza Abrahamson Yael Altin Abigail Arastehmanesh Michal Aryeh Ahuva Badian Rayla Beiss Devorah Malka Ben-Jacob Ahuva Berkovic Tehila Bracha Bluth Eliana Boczko Rimi Brick Avigail Bush Aliza Dahan Tova Fein Tziporah Feintuch Suri Feldman Henny Feuer Michal Finestone Devori Finman Chana Frenkel Temima Fried Tzipori Friedman Riki Friedman Leeba Gold Baila Gold

Tamar Gruenbaum Tzipporah Gul Batsheva Esther Hamel Tehila Hammer Adina Heimlich Shana Hellman Chavi Hertz Chana Horowitz Leah Neshama Kashi Sarala Katz Lana Kotowitz Shoshana Lee Chana Bracha Levine Miriam Lichtenstein Sari Mendel Chana Sara Mergi Chana Mezei Aliza Milstein Goldie Muller Shayna Newman Shayna Okun Rivka Olshan Chedva Oppen Perri Ostreicher Esther Richtman

Aliza Rosenthal Malky Roth Rachely Rubin Talia Samuels Chaya Sara Schmidt Batsheva Esther Schulman Sara Sender Menucha Seplowitz Brocha Gitty Shaiman Esti Sprung Shifra Stein Chaya Sara Sussman Basya Tepper Batsheva Tomaszewski Tova Weberman Adina Weingot Rivka Wender Ilana Wolf Ayelet Yakimov Rachael Zinberg Rina Zoldan Batsheva Zupnik Chana Shira Zupnik



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Around the Community

Republican candidate for governor Marc Molinaro met with Rabbi Wolowik this week. He is seen here with Cindy and Peter Grosz

On June 22, Senator Todd Kaminsky was visited by Charlie Grill, a recent graduate of Rambam Mesivta-Maimonides High School, who also won a Student Star Award. Senator Kaminsky presented Charlie with his award in his district office and congratulated him on being an extraordinary student.

CAHAL Kindergarten Graduation

An Inspirational Year


Some of the Ateret girls with Rabbi Diamond

zra Academy, likely most high schools, finished their finals and regents exams last week. But that wasn’t the end of the year for all of their students. One of their unique programs, Ateret Michal, where girls come once a week to spend a half hour learning extra Torah, continued their school year. The girls were invited on a special Shabbaton to West Hempstead. The girls were housed by residents and ate all the meals by Rabbi Diamond, the rebbe of the program. They had the special privilege of having a private ses-

sion with Rabbi Kelemer, the rabbi of the Young Israel of West Hempstead. He spoke to the girls about the beauty of Shabbos and then had a question and answer session. Over the course of Shabbos each of the girls shared a dvar Torah, some on the parsha and others tying their message back to things they learned throughout the years. Following havdalah the girls were all given a special gift, an official Ateret t-shirt. An amazing Shabbos was had by all and definitely helped charge their batteries for the upcoming summer vacation. 

n Wednesday, June 20, the CAHAL kindergarten class at HANC celebrated the conclusion of an exciting and successful school year with a beautiful graduation ceremony. Rabbi Yaakov Sadigh, principal of HANC Elementary School, opened the event with words of praise for Mrs. Melody Harris, the CAHAL teacher who has impacted the lives of a generation of children by giving them the confidence and skills to succeed. Almost half of her class will be attending mainstream yeshiva classes next year. Through song, dance and narration, the children shared their knowledge and appreciation of the chagim, parsha stories, and the land of Israel.  All the parents and grandparents in attendance shepped tremendous nachas from their beautiful children. After receiving their diplomas, the students awarded certificates of recognition to a select group of HANC 4th and 6th graders who served as

“big brothers and sisters” for them throughout the year. Mrs. Harris expressed her appreciation to her outstanding assistant teachers and the children’s therapists, and to many others in attendance. She praised the HANC administration for caring so deeply about the CAHAL program, and always including her students as part of their own student body. She singled out Mrs. Randi Silber, the HANC Director of Pupil Personnel Services, for her unwavering dedication to each student and to CAHAL, especially this year. Mrs. Harris concluded the program with gratitude to the children’s parents for partnering with her and sharing their nachas.  CAHAL just completed its 26th year educating children with various learning challenges in our community yeshivas. This past year CAHAL had the largest enrollment in its history with nearly 120 students in 12 classes through high school. Registration is open for the 2018-19 school year.

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018



JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Around the Community

YHT Teams up with Cohen Children’s Medical Center


his past school year, Dr. Roya Samuels, a Yeshiva Har Torah parent and Assistant Professor of pediatrics at Zucker School of Medicine, and Dr. Allison Driansky, director of the Community Pediatrics rotation for pediatric residents at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, partnered the school with a quality improvement project at the hospital. The collaboration eventually developed into a multi-stage project, dubbed the “YHT Scrub Club.”

Pediatric residents visited the school initially to observe common hygiene practice among students and faculty, returned to do a full day educational intervention, and returned to reinforce healthy habits and monitor compliance with recommendations. Both the school and hospital are excited to continue this model with future projects to educate YHT students, including anti-bullying and healthy eating campaigns.

HANC Middle School’s Eighth Grade Graduation PHOTO CREDIT: ROBERT SALZBANK


ANC Middle School’s eighth grade graduation took place on June 20. It was held in the school’s auditorium.  The room looked very festive with balloons and a “2018” arch through which the students walked down the aisle.  The graduates looked extremely proud as they walked down the aisle and their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were certainly shepping a lot of nachat. After the procession and the national anthems, Gabi Ben-Hamo and Aderet Weiss, pras hitztaynut award recipients, delivered the invocation.  They spoke about the theme of the graduation which was Tov L’Hodot L’Hashem – it is good to give thanks to Hashem.  Following the invocation, Mrs. Morey, the assistant principal, offered words of greeting.  She told a fantastic story and reminded the students that each one of them had specific strengths with which to serve those around them.  Abigail Mottahedeh, one of the Torah Umada Award recipients, spoke next.  Abigail spoke about how each journey in life has rough patches but they mold you into “a stronger more confident individual.”  She mentioned that she was thankful for everything that she learned in HANC.  The program continued with a performance by the graduates on the theme of the evening.  This was followed by a montage of the students’ years in middle school.  Adin Moskowitz, Torah Umada award recipient, spoke about the importance about being thankful and having gratitude for

everything one has in his/her life. Rabbi Hecht, principal, spoke about the importance of being thankful for and building on what the previous generations have done for us, that everyone should take note of things and not just let them pass you by and make the extra effort.  This year, the eighth grade students wrote their reflections on what HANC Middle

School means to them. Two students, Caity Davis and Naftaly Over, were chosen to read their reflections.  Next, the audience was mesmerized by graduate, Tori Aviram, who played “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman, on her flute.  The evening concluded with a benediction delivered by Yaira Goldress and Eli Radinsky, who were pras hitz-

taynut award winners. They spoke about the importance of thanking their family, friends and HANC for providing such a warm atmosphere which allowed so much learning and growth to occur.  We wish all of the graduates and their families much bracha and hatzlacha!

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Pool D 6/24 ates: -

No W ome 8/ Pool n’s Swim 19 : Close d: 7/1 8/16 8/17 8 & 7/1 3-7/2 /19 2



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Reaching Milestones at HANC


t was a week of celebration at HANC’s Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding’s Elementary School in West Hempstead. Each morning, the HANC auditorium filled up with parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters who gathered to celebrate a spectacular year of learning with their accomplished kindergarten children. As the students proudly walked in, accompanied by the joyful music of HANC’s talented music teacher, Rabbi Mordechai Shapiro, the

look of pride on the audience members’ faces was priceless. With full hearts and much enthusiasm, the children spoke their parts confidently, sang wholeheartedly and danced in their spectacular presentations about all that they had learned in Kindergarten. The children truly filled the room with so much nachat and happiness and left the audience bursting with pride. While they acknowledged the many staff members that have helped them throughout the year,

special thanks go to their amazing teachers: Morah Rebecca Nenner, Morah

Nancy Tawil, Morah Aliza Rosenblum, Morah Rachel Steinberg, Morah Melody Harris, Morah Rivka Leah Balgely, Morah Chavatzelet Graber and Morah Judy Simon. In addition to the kindergarten graduations, the sixth grade students enjoyed a day of celebration of their years in HANC. Their special day began with a ceremony that included speeches by two student representatives, Michael Gordon and Shira Oppenheim, the distribution of yearbooks, as well as the pre-

Ivdu Long Island Students Host Carnival By Leah Rivka Karr, MS. SpEd, Lead Teacher, Ivdu Long Island


n the spirit of V’ahavta l’rayacha kamocha, the students of Ivdu Long Island hosted an exciting carnival for the nursery class of Yeshivas Noam Hatorah, which is located in another area of the same building. The Ivdu students thought of game ideas for their booths and designed and created the materials that were needed. They also illustrated beautiful and creative posters for each game. As carnival day drew closer, the students practiced how to teach the younger children to play the games. They role-played how to encourage the nursery students to play and how to give them positive feedback, such as “Great job!” or “Try again”! On carnival day, the Ivdu students excitedly set up their booths.

Time flew by as the nursery students lined up to play each game and earned tickets for winning. At the end of the activity, the Ivdu students helped the nursery children count their tickets and choose prizes! Finally, they switched roles and enjoyed playing the games that their classmates had created! Judging by the smiles on all the faces, it was difficult to figure out who had a better time, the carnival makers or the carnival goers! The Ivdu students gained and applied many practical social and academic skills through preparing the carnival. First, the teachers modelled planning and organization skills. The students utilized “perspective taking” by thinking of game ideas that nursery students would enjoy playing. They also practiced following and giving directions in a natural environment.

In addition, the students applied basic math concepts through setting up and explaining the rules of the game as well as by distributing and counting the tickets. At Ivdu Long Island, extracurricular activities provide opportunities for students to set and achieve goals beyond the classroom walls. Ivdu Long Island, a division of Yachad, is a special education school located in Congregation Ohr Torah in North Woodmere. The school provides an individualized academic and social curriculum in a small, supportive Yeshiva class setting with a high staff to student ratio. The students also benefit from the services of skilled speech, occupational, and physical therapists. For more information about Ivdu Long Island, please contact Mrs. Miriam Reifer, school administrator, at

sentation of a special gift for each student. The class was then treated to a fun-filled trip to Long Island Lazar Bounce. The children had a fabulous time. The next day, the sixth grade students from West Hempstead traveled to Plainview for a visit and barbecue with HANC’s sixth grade students at the Plainview campus. The children were happy to see each other again and look forward to being together next year at HANC’s Middle School in Uniondale. Mazal tov to all of the graduates.

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And Have a Chance to

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NO PURCHASE OR DONATION NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE OR DONATION WILL NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. The Spring Mega Sweepstakes 5778 (“Sweepstakes”) 50 United States and the District of Columbia, Canada (excluding Quebec), UK and other countries only where offered and permitted by law, who have reached the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which they reside. Void where prohibited by law. Sweepstakes begins at 9:00 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) on February 27, 2018 and ends at 11:59 PM ET on July 5, 2018. To enter and view complete Official Rules which govern the Sweepstakes, including how to enter without making a donation, visit "" . Void in the Province of Quebec & where prohibited by law. U.S. law governs. Promoter: Yeshiva Ner Shlomo, 530 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst, NY 11516 U.S.A.


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Around the Community

Hot Outside, Cool in the Glass By Gabriel Geller


fter a fairly long winter and a rather short spring, summer is here. We only are in the middle of June and it is already 96°F outside! In the quest for ways to cool ourselves down, some of us just sit at home or at work in the air conditioning, while the luckier ones get to chill by the pool. Or, even better, travel to places where the weather is more moderate. An easier, affordable, and quite enjoyable method to refresh oneself is to drink some delicious, well-chilled wines. There is an amazing selection out there of very fine rosé, whites, sparkling and even some light red wines that drink nicely on their own, but can superbly complement salads, fruits, BBQ meats and even ice cream, as well. Oftentimes, we hear that rosé wines are confusing, that they are neither white nor red. So please let’s address those concerns. Rosé wines are pink. Rosé is simply the word in French for “pink-colored.” While it is true that blending a bit of red wine in white wine would result in pink wine, that is not usually how rosé wines are made. Basically there are two main methods to produce rosé wine, and in both cases they are made of grape varieties that have a dark skin: 1) Skin maceration, 2) Saignée, which means “bleeding” in French. With the skin maceration method, the grapes are pressed and then the must, the juice, macerates with

skins from anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours, until the desired color, which comes from the skins, is obtained. With this method the skins not only releases color but also phenols which add flavor, concentration, as well as tannins. Rosé wines made with this method will usually feature a fuller body and a darker color than those made with the bleeding method. The bleeding method is simply a byproduct of red winemaking. When the grapes are pressed with the skins, slightly pink-colored juice comes out of them. It is this grape juice that will be fermented into wine and will become a rosé. Most of the time, it will have a pale, bright pink color and a light body. Rosé wines can be fruity, a bit sweet, or really dry, lean and austere. The Herzog Lineage Rosé 2017 is an interesting wine made with the saignée/ bleeding method. Made with no less than 12 grape

varieties originating in Herzog’s family Estate-owned Prince Vineyard in Clarksburg, CA, it features a slightly darker color than most saignée-method rosés. With aromas and flavors of ripe strawberries, papaya and pomegranate seeds, it is unique and should be served very cold, with a fruit salad or even a tuna tartar. The Tabor Adama Barbera Rosé 2017 is another nice rosé, this one made with the skin maceration process. Barbera is a grape variety that originally comes from Italy. It is characterized by red berry and cherry aromas and has natural high acidity. Tabor in Israel have been making over the past few years a really nice Rosé which fully extracts and showcases the aforementioned attributes of the Barbera variety. It is light and almost fluffy in both body and texture yet flavorful, with a nice balance between the fruity notes and the acidity. Perfect to sip

The Democrats are advocating for “catch and release” of violent criminals. Mark Thiessen, page 92

while relaxing by the pool on a hot day. If you are looking instead for a wine that is more substantial, complex, and can even evolve in the bottle for a few years, look no further than the Pacifica Riesling 2017. Pacifica is a gorgeous, estate winery nestled in its vineyards overlooking the Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood, on the border between the states of Washington and Oregon. Their newly released Riesling is a homerun. Featuring the perfect, harmonious balance between lush fruit, earthy minerals, and mouth-watering acidity. It can accompany a wide array of foods, from fish & chips, spicy Thai red curry, through hot chicken wings, veal schnitzel or Apfel Strudel. Brilliant wine, and quite affordable, as well. One specific type of wine that goes great with most foods, and is as nice to look at as it is to drink, is dry sparkling wine. The best sparkling wines are arguably those hailing from the Champagne region in France. They are made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier or a blend of 2 or all 3 varieties. The Drappier Brut Nature is made solely from Pinot

Noir, and is a Zero Dosage Champagne, meaning no liquide de dosage, sweet wine from the original wine the Champagne is made from was added to adjust the sweetness when the Champagne was disgorged during the secondary fermentation process. The result is a very dry, sharp yet elegant and classy Champagne. Medium-bodied, with vibrant, tight mousse, focused medium bubbles, a harmonious texture with notes of apple, pear, roasted hazelnuts, crushed rocks, lime zest with high acidity and a touch of crème fraîche lingering on the long and classy finish. This is one remarkable Champagne. Bordeaux wines often are thought of as elitists, expensive, complicated wines made for people for whom money is no object. That is a very inaccurate generalization. Sure, some of the world’s best and rarest wines come from Bordeaux, and they carry sometimes a really hefty price tag. There are however many Bordeaux wines that provide great pleasure yet are affordable. Château Trijet 2017 is one of those wines, retailing under $15. It is light to medium in body, offering the typical, restrained fruit and earthy profile generally associated with the wines from that mythical French wine-growing region. It even has the potential to develop some tertiary aromas with a few years of aging in the bottle but is nonetheless eminently enjoyable now. It is also made with organically grown grapes, meaning little to no pesticides were used in the vineyards. It would be perfect with a nice flat iron steak or grilled chicken breast. Have a cool summer with refreshing and delightful wines! L’chaim!

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Around the Community

Last Thursday Margaret Tietz held its annual Garden Party open house for social workers and discharge planning staff from the hospitals, as well as organizations providing services for seniors. The sponsors provided needed information for hospital staff as patients are discharged home or to a facility. It was a beautiful day in the spectacular garden with all very impressed with what Margaret Tietz has to offer.

GOSR SERVICES: Case Management- GOSR Case Managers can coordinate services to the following: Kosher Food Pantry SNAP Enrollment NOEP (education to increase aware ness and participation in the underutilized SNAP, Summer Food Service Program, and School Breakfast Program in New York State) Medical Insurance Enrollment (Medicaid, Medicare, Child Health Plus, Essential Plan and other Qualified Health Plans available through the New York State of Health Marketplace) Mental Health Counseling and Career Counseling Crisis Intervention

 Career Counseling  Housing Case Management

CALL 718.327.7755


1525 Central Avenue Far Rockaway, NY 11691



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You gotta be kidding Little Johnny seemed totally ignorant about things. One day the teacher asked him who signed the Declaration of Independence, and of course he didn’t know. The teacher asked him every day for a week but still he couldn’t give the right answer. Finally, in desperation, she called Johnny’s father to come and see her. She said to him, “Your boy won’t tell me who signed the Declaration of Independence.” The father said to Johnny, “Come here, boy, and sit down.” Johnny did as he was told and then his dad said to him, “Now, Johnny, if you signed that thing, just admit it so we can get out of here.”

Riddle me this? You are driving a bus to the beach. At the first stop, two women get on with an umbrella. At the second stop, three men get on, one child gets on holding an ice cream and one woman gets off. At the third stop, two children with baseball caps and their mother get on and a man gets off. The bus is gray, it can hold up to 50 passengers, and it’s raining outside. What color is the bus driver’s hair? See answer below

The Next Frum Frontier If you are looking for a small town with patriotism in its name, consider these locations: Liberty, Missouri – population: 29,811 Liberty, Kentucky – 2,189 Liberty, New York – 819

West Liberty, Kentucky – 3,397 Liberty, Texas – 8,743 Liberty Hill, Texas – 1,012 Libertyville, Iowa – 317 New Liberty, Iowa – 141 North Liberty, Iowa – 14,485 West Liberty, Iowa – 3,730 Eagle County, Colorado – 51,874 Eagle Mountain, Utah – 23,212 Eagle Point, Oregon – 8,624 Eagle Pass, Texas – 27,283 Eagle, Idaho – 21,025 Eagle, Alaska – 88 Independence, Missouri – 117,270

Independence, Iowa – 5,967 Independence, Kansas – 9,242 Freedom, California – 3,070 New Freedom, Pennsylvania – 4,525 American Fork, Utah – 27,147 American Falls City, Idaho – 4,421 American Canyon City, California – 19,933 Patriot, Indiana – 203 Unity, New Hampshire – 1,530 Unity, Oregon – 70 West Unity, Ohio – 1,670 Prosperity, South Carolina – 1,184

Answer to Riddle Me This: Whatever color your hair is. You’re the bus driver!

30 58

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Party Like It’s July 4 Trivia


1. The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest began on July 4, 1916. How did the idea come about? a. Nathan’s opened a new store and wanted to generate excitement so their PR department came up with the idea of a contest. b. Hot dog eating champ Joey Chestnut’s great-grandfather was a hot dog eating champ in Wisconsin and when he moved to New York he convinced Nathan’s to start a competition. c. Four people were arguing over which one of them was more patriotic. So, to prove their patriotism, they decided to have a hot dog eating competition. d. Two hungry fellows did not have enough money to buy hot dogs so they hatched a scheme to convince the manager at the Coney Island Na-

 Answers

than’s to give them hot dogs for free by having a competition and attracting passersby. 2. The first-ever Macy’s fireworks show lit up New York skies in 1958. Why did Macy’s start the tradition? a. An employee of Macys happened to be in Lancaster with his family between camp and school and purchased an inordinate number of fireworks. He didn’t know what to do with them so they decided to do an Independence Day fireworks show. b. The first fireworks show was to celebrate 100 years since Macy’s founding. The show actually took place on July 1st. One million people showed up, so they did the show the fol-

lowing year and ever since on the 4th. c. They held the show the first year because they wanted to see if people would look up from their smartphones for long enough to even watch the fireworks… Oh, sorry, that’s today. d. It was started by a 10-yearold who wrote to Macy’s CEO that the company should hold a fireworks show in honor of Independence Day. 3. Which one of the following institutions was founded on July 4, 1802? a. West Point Military Academy b. Harvard University c. Baskin-Robbins d. United States Navy 4. The Statue of Liberty was given to the U.S. on July

 Wisdom Key 4-5 correct: Wow! You are a real patriot. Let me guess, you can eat 14 hot dogs at one barbeque. (I only know that because that’s what I do.) 2-3 correct: Not bad. You are a decent patriot, but you gotta stop putting ketchup on your hot dogs - in the U.S., it’s franks/ mustard and hamburgers/ketchup. 0-1 correct: You are totally not a patriot. Go pound nak-nik-iot (pareve Israeli hot dogs, if you can even call them that)!

4, 1886. Which country gave this gift to us? a. Greenland b. Germany c. Italy d. France 5. In Venice, California, there is a muscle competition every year on July 4th on Venice Beach. On the other side of the country, in Boston, the 4th is celebrated a bit differently, with the following taking place: a. A Prius Parade is held where Bostonians gather information and drive their electric mobiles around town b. There are two public readings of the Declaration of Independence c. Locals spill tea in the harbor d. There is a book-reading competition

31 59

5. B 4. D 3. A 2. B 1. C (Because nothing says “I love America” like pounding franks!)


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The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


Torah Thought

Parshas Balak By Rabbi Berel Wein


the Jewish people as a nation. Their attack is a two-pronged plan. Balak intends to use force and violence, military means and the strength of arms to eliminate what he perceives to be a Jewish threat to his hegemony in his part of the world. Bilaam, on the other hand, seeks to destroy the Jewish people diplomatically, philosophically and with a public relations scheme. He

fter recounting all the inner failings and rebellions of the Jewish people in the desert of Sinai, as recorded for us on the Torah readings of the past few weeks, we are now forced to turn our attention to a great external threat to Jewish survival. Balak and Bilaam represent an unfortunately eternal opposition to Jewish existence and to the rights of

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has cursed the Jewish people, to hold it to be guilty before the bar of world opinion, of all sorts of crimes that are imaginary and illusory, to help bring about its downfall and destruction. When the world will see the Jewish people through the eyes of Bilaam he is confident that they will no longer be able to exist and function as a people. The L-rd thwarts the plans of both Balak and Bilaam. The Jewish people are too strong to be overcome militarily and the L-rd will not allow Bilaam to curse them in any meaningful way. In fact, the L-rd turns the words of negativity and hatred that Bilaam wishes and intends to utter into words of praise. These enemies of Israel are apparently checkmated on both of their

that world physically, emotionally and domestically. One of the weaknesses of the Jewish people throughout the ages has been that it is very susceptible to favorable comments and soothing behavior than it is to harshness and criticism. Everyone wants to be loved, especially those who, deep down in their souls, realize that they are unloved by so many. Israel can withstand all the unfair and unjust resolutions of the United Nations without it really affecting its sense of self-worth and inner strength. If Israel would constantly be lauded, as it should be by any rational observer of the world scene, it seems that somehow it would be likely to have greater selfdoubt and less steadfastness in the face

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The Talmud tells us that the Jewish people do better in times of stress and criticism than in times of compliments and fawning blandishments.

fronts of attack. Yet it would be wrong for us to think that the intentions and actions of these evil people did not have an effect. The blandishments and compliments given by Bilaam to the Jewish people somehow weakened the people morally. They are led to believe that the world recognizes and appreciates their greatness and that it is possible and even desirable to become part of

of the problems that confront it. The Talmud tells us that the Jewish people do better in times of stress and criticism than in times of compliments and fawning blandishments. The strength of the Jewish people has always been its ability to maintain its belief in its own uniqueness and selfworth. This remains the key to Jewish survival in our time as well. Shabbat shalom.

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Off the Beaten Path. But Not Too Off.

As a homeowner at Lakeshore Hills, you will not only enjoy the quiet beauty of the Catskill Mountains, you will also be in close proximity to one of the world’s premier learning camps, allowing you to imbibe the spirit of Torah even while on vacation.

Three-and four-bedroom winterized homes Living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room Unfinished basement with potential for 4 more BR Shul / Pool / Lake / Playgrounds and sports fields Across from Yeshiva Darchei Torah’s learning camp 2.3 miles from Woodbourne’s Route 52

From $239,000 Please call 347-510-3597 or email


62 64

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From the Fire

Parshas Balak Toras Moshe vs. Parshas Bilaam By Rav Moshe Weinberger Adapted for publication by Binyomin Wolf


hereas in many other parshiyos we focus on deriving lessons from the subtleties of various psukim, the whole parshas Balak is difficult to understand. Adding to the mystery, the Gemara (Bava Basra 14b) says, “Moshe wrote his book [the Torah], parshas Bilaam, and Iyov.” Rashi explains that “parshas Bilaam” refers to “his prophecy and parables, even though these do not serve the needs of Moshe, his Torah, and the events of his life.” This is very difficult to understand. Moshe wrote the whole Torah, including “parshas Bilaam” within parshas Balak according to G-d’s command. Why does Rashi explain the nature of “parshas Bilaam” in a way that implies it was not part of the Torah at all? The Torah also includes sefer Bereishis which took place before Moshe was born and certainly does not include “the events of his life.” So why is Bereishis considered part of “Toras Moshe”? In order to understand what Rashi teaches us, we must first define “Toras Moshe.” Rashi on the Gemara (Chu-

lin 137a) explains that the word Torah comes from the root word hora’ah, teaching, so that the essence of the Torah is that it is a “teaching for all generations.” The Maharal at the beginning of Gur Aryeh explains along the lines of the following words of the Ramban that “the Torah includes the stories from the beginning of Bereishis because this teaches people the path of emunah.” All parts of the Torah which teach the Jewish people what they need to know to live as Jews are considered part of “Toras Moshe.” This seems to imply that Rashi teaches us that “parshas Bilaam” has nothing to teach the Jewish people. How can we understand this idea? The Midrash (Sifri on Devarim 34:10) says, “‘No other prophet has arisen among the Jewish people like Moshe. Among the Jewish people there has arisen no prophet like Moshe, but there has arisen [a prophet like Moshe] among the nations of the world. Who? This refers to Bilaam.” How could the Midrash compare this sorcerer’s “prophecy” to Moshe, the

master of all prophets? The Ramban explains that Bilaam was not a prophet at all and was certainly not even on the level of regular prophets, much less Moshe. What, then, was the similarity? He explains that it was in the clarity of the message. When Moshe opened his mouth, the Divine presence spoke. Similarly, Hashem placed His words directly into Bilaam’s mouth without any room for interpretation. All other prophets received visions which required interpretation through their own human, albeit lofty, understanding. But Bilaam’s prophetic message was perfectly clear because it came straight from Hashem. Why did Hashem give Bilaam such a clear prophetic message? The Ramban explains that He did so in order to deprive the nations of the world of the ability to claim “if only we had a prophet like Moshe, we would serve Hashem too.” He explains (commenting on Bamidbar 22:31) that Bilaam was merely a sorcerer, not a prophet, and that Hashem only gave him the ability to prophesize in order to in-

crease the honor of the Jewish people “because it was Hashem’s will that the Jewish people be blessed through the mouth of a prophet of the nations.” If so, who was the primary beneficiary of Bilaam’s prophecy? The Jewish people or the nations of the world? I believe that we can understand the answer to this question by studying the Ramban on parshas Ha’azinu (Devarim 32:26, 40). There, he explains that the Jewish people are G-d’s nation, the only people who know Hashem and through whom G-d’s name becomes known in the world. In addition, he explains that the fundamental reason for anti-Semitism in the world is the fact that we reveal G-d’s presence in the world. We bring G-d, and therefore conscience, obligation, and responsibility, into a world that doesn’t want to hear of such things. The deeper reason anti-Semites hate Jews is because they hate G-d. The natural result is that they hate Hashem’s messengers in the world. Dovid Hamelech said (Tehillim 44:23), “It is for Your sake that we

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015 The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018

are killed all of the time.” Based on this, the Ramban says, “Because of their hatred for Hashem, they do all of these evil things to us ... He must take vengeance on them.” Since their hatred and oppression of us is because of Hashem, it is His obligation to punish them. It appears that the nations have two basic choices with regard to how to approach those who reveal Hashem’s presence in the world, i.e., the “Jewish problem.” They can join with us in revealing the Divine in this physical world by accepting the seven mitzvos which are applicable to them or by converting. Alternatively, they can pursue, oppress, and enslave us. They learned of this choice through the prophecy of Bilaam. He taught them that the Jewish people are “a nation which dwells alone.” As Bilaam says in various ways throughout perek 24, the Jewish people will successfully conquer Eretz Yisroel, the land primed to reveal Hashem’s presence in the world, and

ultimately, Moshiach will come and all of the nations who have oppressed the Jewish people will be punished. Bilaam’s prophetic message was that the nations’ true mission is to follow the Jewish people by partnering with them to reveal the Divine presence.

they did not know their purpose. We now understand why Hashem wanted the Jewish people to be blessed by a gentile prophet. He wanted the nations to understand clearly, from one of their own, that the role of the Jewish people is to bring about the

We bring G-d, and therefore conscience, obligation, and responsibility, into a world that doesn’t want to hear of such things.

This is their purpose, their raison d’être. The purpose of Bilaam’s prophp ecy was to deprive them of the ability to excuse themselves by claiming that

revelation of G-dliness in the world. After receiving that message, the nations must now choose which side of history they will be on.

65 63

We can now understand why Rashi explains that “parshas Bilaam” is something separate from “Toras Moshe.” The purpose of the latter is to teach the Jewish people what is expected of them for all generations, while the former was meant as a message primarily for the nations of the world and not the Jewish people. The nations had to be told about the Jewish people’s purpose in creation, as well as a clear understanding of their own choice in how to relate to the Jewish people. May we merit, soon in our days, to see Hashem take revenge upon those who have tormented us throughout the generations and the reward of the righteous people among the nations who have joined with us to reveal Hashem’s presence in the world. Rav Moshe Weinberger, shlita, is the founding Morah d’Asrah of Congregation Aish Kodesh in Woodmere, NY, and serves as leader of the new mechina Emek HaMelech.

64 20

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Between the Lines

Choose Your Own Adventure By Eytan Kobre

One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes. -Eleanor Roosevelt


he story is told of an angel who appeared at a college faculty meeting and told the dean that, in return for his years of unselfish service, he would be rewarded with his choice of wealth, wisdom, or beauty. Without hesitating, the dean selected wisdom. “Done!” said the angel, before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. The other faculty members were in awe. After an awkward silence, one of them piped up. “So, now that you have infinite wisdom, tell us something wise.” The dean shrugged his shoulders. “I should have taken the money.” Life is all about the choices we make. When Balak first asked Bilam to curse the Jewish people, G-d warned Bilam not to join Balak

(Bamidbar 22:12). But, curiously, G-d thereafter told Bilam, “Arise and go with them” (Bamidbar 22:20). Because while G-d gives man the prescription for life – telling us what to do and what not to do – G-d also gives us the power of choice: He does not stop us from making our own choices, correct or otherwise. So, while G-d did not want Bilam to curse the Jewish people, because Bilam remained resolute in his desire to join Balak and curse them, G-d would not stand in his way. In the end, Bilam’s own choices led him down a path of destruction, demonstrating that “a person is led down the path he wishes to go down” (Makos 10b; Bamidbar Rabba 20:12; see Tosfos, Shabbos 87a; Tosfos, Yevamos 62a). G-d offers choices; man chooses. Ultimately, our choices are expressed not merely in the ever-changing landscape of our lives but also in who we become in the process. Indeed, “every person has the ability to do good or bad; as such, the one who sins hurts himself… Know that it is in your control” (Rambam, Teshuva 5:1-4). We don’t just make our choices – we are our choices. As French philosopher Al-

bert Camus said, “Life is the sum of all your choices.” When Akavya ben Mehalel was on his deathbed, his son asked him for a letter of approbation so that the other sages of the time would accept him among their ranks (Ediyos 5:7). Akavya refused. Maasecha yekarvucha u’maasecha yerachkucha, he told his son. Your actions will bring you close, and your actions will distance you. Your future is in your hands; your choices determine your fate. 1,500 years later, a man asked R’ Yehonasan Eybeshutz for a letter of approbation to bring to the Vilna Gaon. R’ Yehonasan wrote the letters “mem” and “yud” on each side of a piece of paper, folded it in half, and handed it to the man, who was puzzled but too daunted to ask for an explanation. Upon receiving the man and review the letter, the Vilna Gaon smiled knowingly. “Your master’s letter is short on words but long on substance. The letters stand for maasecha yekarvucha and maasecha yerachkucha. A most apt approbation. Because it is indeed your actions and your choices that will determine your standing here.” Many parents have a remarkable

penchant for divorcing the choices they make for their children from the reasonable, almost inevitable outcome of those choices. They send their children to unsuitable schools, permit them to associate with toxic friends, and tolerate their unbecoming behavior. But when the child embodies the product of those choices, the parents express shock. We must never forget that our children largely are the products of our choices. A father once bemoaned to the Chofetz Chaim that his son had grown wayward in his late teens and early twenties. “You were the one who chose to send him away to a morally-corrosive university environment in Berlin,” the Chofetz Chaim challenged. “What did you think was going to happen?” Indeed, once G-d gave us the commandments, “no longer does bad and good emanate from Him; rather, the good deeds and the sins choose their own [outcomes] all depends on your actions” (Ha’amek Davar, Devarim 11:26). In that sense, reward and punishment are not strictly external manifestations of G-d’s justice; often, rather, they are simply the natural consequences of our own actions, as in the smok-

are killed all of the time.” Based on this, the Ramban says, “Because of their hatred for Hashem, they do all of these evil things to us ... He must take vengeance on them.” Since their hatred and oppression of us is because of Hashem, it is His obligation to punish them. It appears that the nations have two basic choices with regard to how to approach those who reveal Hashem’s presence in the world, i.e., the “Jewish problem.” They can join with us in revealing the Divine in this physical world by accepting the seven mitzvos which are applicable to them or by converting. Alternatively, they can pursue, oppress, and enslave us. They learned of this choice through the prophecy of Bilaam. He taught them that the Jewish people are “a nation which dwells alone.” As Bilaam says in various ways throughout perek 24, the Jewish people will successfully conquer Eretz Yisroel, the land primed to reveal Hashem’s presence in the world, and

ultimately, Moshiach will come and all of the nations who have oppressed the Jewish people will be punished. Bilaam’s prophetic message was that the nations’ true mission is to follow the Jewish people by partnering with them to reveal the Divine presence.

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


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they did not know their purpose. We now understand why Hashem wanted the Jewish people to be blessed by a gentile prophet. He wanted the nations to understand clearly, from one of their own, that the role of the Jewish people is to bring about the

We bring G-d, and therefore conscience, obligation, and responsibility, into a world that doesn’t want to hear of such things.

This is their purpose, their raison d’être. The purpose of Bilaam’s prophp ecy was to deprive them of the ability to excuse themselves by claiming that

revelation of G-dliness in the world. After receiving that message, the nations must now choose which side of history they will be on.

We can now understand why Rashi explains that “parshas Bilaam” is something separate from “Toras Moshe.” The purpose of the latter is to teach the Jewish people what is expected of them for all generations, while the former was meant as a message primarily for the nations of the world and not the Jewish people. The nations had to be told about the Jewish people’s purpose in creation, as well as a clear understanding of their own choice in how to relate to the Jewish people. May we merit, soon in our days, to see Hashem take revenge upon those who have tormented us throughout the generations and the reward of the righteous people among the nations who have joined with us to reveal Hashem’s presence in the world. Rav Moshe Weinberger, shlita, is the founding Morah d’Asrah of Congregation Aish Kodesh in Woodmere, NY, and serves as leader of the new mechina Emek HaMelech.


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My Israel Home

What’s in a Name? By Gedaliah Borvick


fter the establishment of the State of Israel, municipal governments across the country created new Hebrew neighborhood names to replace existing foreign language names. However, most of these new titles were never accepted by the public. Let’s discuss some examples in Jerusalem. A client once asked me, “I noticed on the map that Gonen is well located, so why have I never heard of this Jerusalem community?” I explained that he is familiar with Gonen but he, as well as everyone else, refers to the community by its original name of Katamon. Nestled between Talbieh to the northeast and the German Colony and the Greek Colony to the southeast, Katamon was established just before World War I, and its Greek name means “below the monastery,” alluding to the nearby San Simon monastery. The Jerusalem municipality renamed the neighborhood Gonen, from the Hebrew meaning “to defend,” as it was the scene of numerous battles during Israel’s War of Independence. The new name never caught on. To the immediate northeast of Katamon is the elegant neighborhood of Talbieh. Its name either stemmed from Khalif Ali abu-Taleb, whose relatives lived in the area, or is derived from the “El-Talbieh” prayer said by pilgrims

on their trips to Mecca. In 1958, the community was renamed Komemiyut, taken from the Bible which symbolizes our aspirations for a strong, secure and independent Jewish state. Komemiyut never caught on, and everyone refers to the neighborhood by its original name Talbieh. Baka is a lovely upscale community located in southern Jerusalem. Baka is Arabic for “valley,” which alludes to Emek Refaim, the famous street which runs along the western border of the

that this neighborhood was the site of Manahat, a Jewish village within the borders of the Tribe of Judah. Starting in the late 1800s, Muslims moved into this area and called it al-Maliha. During intense fighting in this area in 1948, the Muslim population fled to nearby Bethlehem and, after the war, the government settled displaced Jewish refugees from Middle Eastern countries, mainly Iraq, into the vacated buildings. One can understand why the Israeli government renamed this neigh-

The Jewish nation is a people steeped in history who attribute meaning and relevance to the past. neighborhood. Baka was renamed Geulim, meaning “redemption,” because the Jewish immigrants felt redeemed from the bonds of the Diaspora. However, the new Hebrew name was never embraced by its residents. The history of Malcha, situated in the southwest corner of Jerusalem near the Biblical Zoo and home of the famous Malcha Mall, goes back over 3,500 years. Archeologists claim

borhood Manahat. Nevertheless, this new-old name never stuck. Why does the Israeli population prefer to retain non-Hebrew neighborhood names over the new, patriotic monikers? I discussed this question with several academics, and a variety of theories were proposed. One suggestion is that many Israelis speak Arabic and therefore Arabic names do not have negative connotations. Per-

haps that’s why so much Arabic has seeped into the Israeli lexicon. Words like “sababa,” cool or awesome; “yalla,” let’s go; and “achla,” that’s great; come to mind. The second theory is that the Jewish nation is a people steeped in history who attribute meaning and relevance to the past. Accordingly, these interesting foreign language names add rich hues to Jerusalem’s vibrant cultural mosaic. A third, and most popular, proposal is that people are creatures of habit. Most of these Hebrew names were approved a decade after Israel came into existence and many years after these neighborhoods were originally established. By that time, the original names were entrenched in society’s collective memory. For example, I spent many years living in Far Rockaway and attended the White Shul. The fact that Congregation Kneseth Israel moved out of their original white building numerous years beforehand didn’t matter. Everybody called it the White Shul forty years ago, and everybody still does so today. Gedaliah Borvick is the founder of My Israel Home (, a real estate agency focused on helping people from abroad buy and sell homes in Israel. To sign up for his monthly market updates, contact him at

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Orthodox at the Olympics

A.J. Edelman, “The Hebrew Hammer,” Talks about Skeleton, Sports and Smoked Salmon By Rena Gray


Edelman is someone you might call “a nice Jewish boy.” He wears a yarmulke. He davens for the amud. Oh, and one more thing. He’s an Olympic athlete. It is exactly this sort of contradiction in terms that Edelman was trying to challenge when he embarked on his journey to leave the ordinary for the extraordinary. New England, Old Passion Adam “A.J.” Edelman was born in Boston, MA, and raised in what he describes as a modern Orthodox and Zionistic household. Edelman threw himself into sports at a young age, beginning with ice hockey at three years old. He attended Maimonides day school in Brookline, MA, and continued to play hockey throughout high school for the Brookline Warriors hockey team. It was during this time that he was faced with a weighty proposal: accept an invitation to showcase his talent at important prep

schools and leave Maimonides. He turned it down. “We were raised by parents who really impressed upon us the importance of who we were as Jews,” he says. For him it was a no-brainer. Edelman went on to study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the field of Mechanical Engineering. He pursued his love of sports by serving as goaltender for the MIT Engineers and helped them win two division championships. Following his graduation Edelman procured a lucrative job at computer technology corporation Oracle, and from all appearances it would have seemed that his trajectory was pretty set. Until it took a hard left turn.

most out of that bracha?” He not only wanted to pursue his own personal passion for sports but wanted to make an impact on the Jewish world at large. “I was thinking at the time it would be great if I could inspire other kids or anyone, really, to believe that sports was a viable route for Jewish people,” he says. “This decision resonated with me for years,” he continues, “and part of that calculus was that (Orthodox) Jews just didn’t do sports.” It became Edelman’s mission to capitalize on the Olympic platform and try his best to change that perception. His goal? For the world, and the Jewish nation, to know that Jews can do sports.

Jews and Sports As his MIT athletic career came to a close, Edelman was faced with the daunting question of what to do next. He recalls thinking, “I clearly have some kind of gift for sports; am I going to [give] it up now and do something else or am I going to make the

Bare Bones Skeleton, the sport of racing down an icy track on just the bare-bones frame of a toboggan-like sled, made its first appearance at the 1928 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Skeleton utilizes the same track as Bobsled and Luge and relies


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A.J. with his family at the Olympics

Putting on tefillin before the competition


on gravity and a running start to gain momentum. With its single rider hurtling headfirst down the frozen slide using only his body to steer, the sport was considered much too dangerous to become a permanent fixture of the Olympics for many years. It was finally accepted in 2002. Edelman’s introduction to skeleton occurred almost by happenstance. “I was watching television one night before the Sochi Olympics and the USA Olympic team trials were airing. I said to myself, ‘If I can hack that, that is what could potentially be that motivating journey.’” Skeleton had become Edelman’s ticket to proving Jewish athletic proficiency. With a stubborn determination and an eye on the prize, Edelman quit his job at Oracle to pursue his vision. But one doesn’t simply waltz into the Olympic Games on determination alone. Hours of grueling mental and physical training are the least required in any successful Olympian’s regimen. Edelman officially began competing in November of 2014. “At the time it was just such a monumental task,” Edelman remembers. “It feels surreal to say that it actually occurred.” A typical day of training would include 2-3 hours of physical gym training, 2 hours at the track sliding, many hours of video review, and further hours still of watching other athletes and sessions slide, to better understand the mechanics. As mentioned before, the slick ice is unforgiving to its lone skeleton riders. “ You

have no protection from the walls so you hit it with your body,” explains Edelman, “and instead of driving with levers and pulleys (like a bobsled), you drive by applying pressure to your head, shoulders, knees and toes.” Accurate steering requires a unique combination of subtle movement and tremendous

received was that Edelman would never make the Olympic Games. “I was really bad at running,” he explains. “It wasn’t going to happen.” Or was it? The bleak odds may have been a blessing in disguise by stirring up a fighting spirit within the young athlete. He thought to himself, “The likelihood is that I won’t make it; so why don’t I try to make it?” Edelman’s negative prospect had lit a fire underneath him, and he immersed himself in training for the next four years. He would play a running loop of footage to watch while doing laundry, eating, and other household tasks, and he even slept in his sled. He set out to prove them wrong.

He would play a running loop of footage to watch while doing laundry, eating, and other household tasks, and he even slept in his sled. strength. “There’s no padding involved,” Edelman adds. “It would slow you down and the aerodynamics would be terrible.” It’s clear why skeleton had been deemed too dangerous a sport in Olympic history. Park City, Utah, 2014 Edelman’s first race was the Park City North American Cup. “When I entered the sport officially in November 2014,” he says, “I had pegged the chances of me getting into the 2018 competition as less than 1%, and making 2022 as less than 10%.” The odds weren’t in his favor. In fact, the scouting report that Israel

Money Talks In speaking with A.J. about his motivations, you find a theme running through every action of his that is impossible to miss. In all his athletic accomplishments, it was never about him. “My goal was, once I would make the Games, to use that platform to get funding to Jewish athletes,” he says. Entirely self-funded, Edelman knew the strains of gathering enough money as was necessary to even think about entering the Games. “You have to pay for everything,” he explains. “Nothing is covered by the Olympic committee.” That includes plane tickets, uniforms, equipment and accommodations, tallying up to about $40,000 per season on average. “Later on, after my first year, people started to generously donate,” he continues, “but the gap was so large that I could never afford a real coach.” Edelman wants to put a system in place to help future Jewish athletes like himself afford the costs. “I couldn’t have afforded the seasons and training without the support and sponsorship of the many individuals who helped, and I am so appreciative. “That is a huge aspect of the journey – it was


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The Hebrew Hammer representing the Jewish State

crowdfunded – the community was a driving force in its success and I am forever grateful.” Heart in the East Competing for Israel is another example of Edelman’s twist of the spotlight. A proud Zionist, A.J. had always wanted to become an Israeli citizen, it was just a question of when. He had spent a year at Yeshivat Lev Hatorah in 2010 and began the process of making aliyah a few years later. Some benefits for new Olim expire after three years, and given Edelman’s training in other countries he couldn’t reside in Israel full-time. He became a full Israeli citizen on May 3, 2016, which would lend him a year after the Games on that three-year clock. “I was still able to compete for Israel before that because I was in the process,” he explains. “All Olympic sports have a minimum standard of absolute excellence,” Edelman says. “It used to be that all you had to do was be the best in your country.” After the 1988 “Eddie the Eagle and Cool Runnings Games” the International Olympic Committee made it much harder to make it to the Olympic Games. Israel is considered a part of Europe, which means it’s never an unrepresented continent and the standards of entry are very high. In skeleton there are only 30 people total who make the Olympic Games, invited from about 16 different countries. Usually 10 countries are allowed one entering contestant, while others are allowed two or three. Israel had to fight to be one of those 16 countries. “We weren’t handed it; it wasn’t a free spot,” says Edelman. “We actually made it through on performance, finishing in front of 14 or 15 other nations.” Edelman always makes sure to describe it as Israel’s accomplishment. “I will almost always be saying ‘we’ or ‘us,’” he maintains. “It wasn’t only me.” At the end of the day, as Edelman highlights, the athlete does not qualify himself for the Olympics; the athlete qualifies his country. “I had the best performance and was deemed as best fit to represent Israel,” says Edelman modestly. But even before the

qualifying season the other Israeli skeleton athletes sat down and agreed that it mattered more that Israel qualified than the personal qualifications. “The bottom line was that the goal was to get Israel to the Olympic Games and to give it the best fighting chance it had,” says Edelman. The Hebrew Hammer Competitive athletes are not without their nicknames, and Edelman is no different. The Israeli team had been known in the past as the “Frozen Chosen” but Edelman felt uncomfortable as a new athlete adopting the name of the distinguished team, or insinuating that he was “chosen” in some way for the job and sought other options. One night he was watching a movie entitled “The Hebrew Hammer” and right then and there he adopted it as his moniker. It stuck at the track amongst the other athletes as well. Edelman also designed his own uniform. Much like his determination to prove spectators wrong at his initial race, the uniform design was a nervy response to imposed limitations. “A few years ago Israeli security gave us directives not to wear identifying Israeli colors and uniforms outside competition, even during training,” Edelman explains. “My initial response was annoyance –I had signed up to be an ambassador for Jews and Israelis in sports and telling me that I couldn’t identify as an Israeli defeated my purpose.” So in typical Edelman style he decided to do two things: one was to design an unmistakably Israeli uniform. It features a massive Jewish Star on the back (which is the most prominent side as he races) and identifying Jewish/Israeli symbols on the front, arms and legs. The second course of action was to design his own t-shirts for travel so people would have no doubt about his representation. “It was kind of a chutzpadik response,” Edelman chuckles. Wandering Jew Adhering to his Jewish practices was challenging at times for Edelman, but possibly not as diffi-

cult as it might have been for another in his shoes. “Kashrus was always pretty simple for me because I would eat smoked salmon, whole wheat bread and vegetables,” he says. Every day. He also brought along protein powder, canned tuna and chicken. “I say it’s so simple, but most people, I would imagine, would find it very difficult, very inconvenient,” Edelman amends. “It became a very simple way of life for four years.” When making his arrangements Edelman would book rooms with a kitchenette and buy disposable pans for minimal cooking. Shabbos was often quite tedious, when Edelman would mostly sit and read notes. “You can only sing zemiros for so long,” he laughs. Most of his stops were not close enough to Jewish communities or Chabad houses to make use of their services. Only in Park City and Vancouver did he not only connect with the local Chabad but davened from the amud during the yomim noraim. Making an Impact With most of the focus on the grueling effort leading up to the Olympic Games, athletes are often taken by surprise at the void that emerges following the end of the competition. “You train for thousands of hours, every day for four years; it’s an intense fulltime job,” Edelman asserts. Skeleton athletes ride the sled at the Games for less than 3 minutes, and then it’s all over. “You walk away from the track and you’re like, ‘What happened?’” he continues. “Many athletes have huge comedowns after the games; everything you’ve worked for is now in the past.” Where does one go from there? Though Edelman’s initial impulse was to do it all over again, his bigger-picture goal of making


The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

an impact for Jews and Israelis in sports reappeared in his mind and directed him toward a new focus. One of Edelman’s favorite things to do since returning to Boston is to speak to groups about his experiences, especially schools. “It’s been a tremendous insight...receiving questions from kids,” he says. “I’ve been in sports long enough to know that kids really look up to accomplished athletes.” Edelman describes the satisfaction of watching their eyes light up with wonder as he tells his story, making connections between his success and their own potential. When asked about the most common questions he receives from kids, Edelman’s first answer is that they want to see the war wounds. “Kids often want to know about my biggest injuries,” he laughs. “Kids love seeing crashes.” But Edelman knows he’s reaching deeper when they approach him privately to share what’s really on their minds. “A lot of times they ask, ‘Were you scared?’ It’s a great lesson to talk to them about how to manage their fear and how fear can help them,” he continues. “There’s more satisfaction in reaching kids in those moments than [there was] walking into the opening ceremonies.” Supporting Roles Edelman is quick to enumerate the people he

admires. “Brad Chalupski is a huge inspiration to me,” he says. “[He] preceded me as an athlete for Israel and was the first serious Israeli skeleton athlete to make a push to make it to the Olympic Games.” Unfortunately Chalupski was prevented

“The likelihood is that I won’t make it; so why don’t I try to make it?” from doing so by bureaucracy related to international standards. Another important figure in Edelman’s life and athletic journey is David Greaves, chairman of the Israeli Bobsled and Skeleton Federation. “David Greaves was an indispensable part of the story, like a one man show,” says Edelman passionately. “David accomplished as much as I did, if not more.” After working for the Federation for 16 years he has fought to achieve recognition by the Is-

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raeli Olympic committee of skeleton as an Olympic sport. “David made everything possible in terms of getting the paperwork done, having people lobbying the Olympic committee in Israel for recognition,” Edelman says. “He made it happen.” One more role model of Edelman’s is a little closer to home. “My older brother Alex is probably one of the biggest influences of my life,” says Edelman with reverence. Alex Edelman is a successful stand-up comedian based out of the New York and Los Angeles areas. “He worked like a dog from a very young age and has reached tremendous success comedically.” What did A.J.’s family think of his new career path? “My family was supportive yet cautious,” Edelman admits. “It’s a dangerous sport with little chance of success.” He knows despite this his parents are extremely proud. “I have immense appreciation for all they’ve done,” he says. Edelman has won four Israeli National Titles and two medals for Israel in international competitions. In the Winter Olympics this past February he finished the third run in 28th position with a time of 52.35 seconds. But more than that, he has defied expectations, broken boundaries, and served as a positive example for Orthodox Jews in the world of serious sporting competitions.

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Dating Dialogue

What Would You Do If… Moderated by Jennifer Mann, LCSW of The Navidaters

Dear Navidaters,

I’m about to start dating soon and feel mature enough to begin. Here is my problem. It’s something that has been a problem for me my entire life and affected me socially and in other ways. I just don’t know how to handle it now that I want to date.

My mother is a hoarder, although she’s not as bad as those hoarders that you see on T.V., where you literally can’t walk around a room because there is so much stuff piled up on the floor and everywhere else. When I watch those shows, I feel like crying – it’s just so awful. But my mother keeps everything. There isn’t a surface anywhere that isn’t covered with something, anything. Old mail, magazines, paperwork, junk! Growing up, I was always ashamed of the condition of our home and I never wanted to have friends over. And it definitely affected my ability to have friendships. My two older siblings somehow didn’t react the same way. They would bring friends over and eventually they dated and married. I guess I’m just different than the rest of the family. I seem to be the odd man out. I keep a spotless room. I keep my clothing and everything else in my possession in perfect condition. I am very sensitive to my surroundings and get easily grossed out by dirt and extreme messiness. So my problem and question are very obvious. How am I going to date and let a man step foot into our home when I am thoroughly ashamed of the place? In the past, I’ve tried to say something to my mother about the messes, but she just dismissed what I said, as if to say it was my problem. I don’t think so. I feel stuck and wonder whether any of you might have some possible solutions for me at this stage of my life.

Disclaimer: This column is not intended to diagnose or otherwise conclude resolutions to any questions.

Our intention is not to offer any definitive

conclusions to any particular question, rather offer areas of exploration for the author and reader. Due to the nature of the column receiving only a short snapshot of an issue, without the benefit of an actual discussion, the panel’s role is to offer a range of possibilities. We hope to open up meaningful dialogue and individual exploration.

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER The Jewish Home | JUNE 29, 28, 2015 2018

61 75

The Panel The Rebbetzin Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz, M.S. ou seem honest about your feelings and history; you want to move to the next stage of your life and recognize that there are issues that need to be tackled. Congratulations on your mature understanding and communication in your letter. Obviously, the mess is more than just a practical obstacle to your dating. There are both your feelings and your mother’s emotions connected with this. Then there is the communication and work necessary to reach an outcome that you both will feel comfortable with. You talk about your efforts to communicate in the past about the discomfort that the clutter causes you; these have been unsuccessful and you felt dismissed. You ascribe difficulty in making friendships due to the state of the home. This adds yet another layer to the problems that you want to resolve so that you can date. Therefore, there are several sets of issues to deal with now. I would suggest that you sit down and suggest to your mother that instead of going around in circles about dating and the house, you are considering going for professional help shortterm. Ask her for support. Prepare several scripts so that you can broach the matter in a respectful assertive manner. You do not want to attack her and assign blame. You want to deal with dating, preparing for it, your confidence, identifying your needs in a partner, and other issues. Remember to say that she is your mother and that her input is important to you. You want to benefit from her wisdom and experience but, at the same time, work with your own needs that may be separate from hers. The idea is to begin the therapy process with her buy-in from the beginning. Eventually, she will be asked to participate by you.


There will be a lot to address and work on during the therapy process: relationships in the family, social relationships with your peers, dating in general, your sense of self and more. Take the time to explore, persevere, and work so that you can transition to the dating and premarital stage with self-awareness, improved relationships and dating skills. It is a process but it will be transformational and empower you to move on.

The Mother Sarah Schwartz Schreiber, P.A. here is a simple and cheap solution to your problem. Introducing…the BBGB, otherwise known as the Big Black Garbage Bag. We know your mother’s got a problem with, um, letting go. And your obsession with orderliness and cleaning are almost assuredly a reaction to her prodigious accumulation behaviors (aka hoarding). And while you both may benefit from a little psychological tweaking, your heightened sensitivity to schmutz and clutter is getting in the way of your moving on. It’s prevented you from having a comfortable social life (heaven forefend your friends see the Bingo Ball in the living room!); now it’s making you anxious about dating. I get that. Barring therapy, which may tamp your insecurity about the state of your childhood abode, sit down with Mommy and get her to understand how important it is for you to give your suitor a positive first impression of who you are (organized and put-together!). With Mom’s permission and blessing pick a space where the young man will most likely spend those awkward first few moments after ringing the doorbell (e.g., living room, dining room, or entry hall with its forty busted umbrellas). The next part is all on you: pull out the BBGB, a vacuum cleaner and the


contents of Costco Aisle 17. Clear all surfaces, pour the contents of said space into BBGBs (for safe keeping, disposal or final appraisal), and light a scented candle. Voila! You’ve got a pristine backdrop for meeting Mr. Right. All subsequent dates may be initiated from your place of work, Starbucks or other mutually convenient venues (most guys prefer this, anyway). P.S. For those readers who believe the BBGB approach is misleading and deceptive, let me assure you that not prepping the house (like not dressing up or wearing makeup) would be giving a negative and false first impression to the young man; this young lady values cleanliness and will almost certainly strive to keep an immaculate home.

The Shadchan Michelle Mond fter decades of living with someone who’s a bit of a hoarder, you have become deeply engrained with a feeling of self-consciousness and low self-esteem revolving around your mother. This feeling is magnified since you yourself became an organized and meticulous person – the polar opposite of your mother from that regard. But when you try to evaluate yourself from what you think is the boy’s perspective, you are in fact judging yourself similar to the meraglim (apropos of the recent parsha!), who saw themselves as grasshoppers in their own eyes. In reality, however, an outsider will not see it that way. When your suitor will be considering you as his potential wife, he will consider you in the setting of your own merits, and the fact that you mother is somewhat of a hoarder will not play a significant role. It is likely that your mother’s habits will not even faze the young man, after all, they are countless Jewish homes with stacks of books, sefarim, receipts and papers hanging around.


Living in someone else’s clutter is as stifling for some as being buried beneath those very magazines and paperwork.

Doubtful of this reassurance? You provided the proof: your siblings dated and got married… despite your mother’s habits! If you’re still afraid, consider meeting for the first dates (I hope you won’t need many!) at a close married friend’s house. This is not an uncommon practice; many have such meetings to circumvent noisy siblings and nosy neighbors. Of course, have in mind that the young man should come face-to-face with your parents’ home once he gets to know your organized personality a bit better. One more piece of advice: You might be overcompensating a bit in terms of your feelings towards your mother, as well as in your own seemingly overly-meticulous personality. If you think this might be true, consider trying to change your attitude on your own or with the help of a therapist. Extremes in general are unhealthy and you can easily come to accept your parents’ lifestyle without it getting in the way of functionally living your life. Much hatzlacha!

The Single Tova Wein t’s obvious that your mother has a real problem and she is unable or


76 62

JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

unwilling to deal with it. That’s very sad for her and for you. Obviously your siblings are similar in nature to your mother and therefore felt no sense of shame, bringing friends and eventual dates into your home. They felt comfortable amidst the clutter and so did the people they gravitated to. So it worked out fine for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if your siblings’ homes looked very similar to your home now. You, on the other hand, have a completely different sensibility and I can understand how difficult

it must be for you to live in such a home. Most people who live with clutter feel comfortable in a setting like that and don’t understand what the big deal is. I for sure understand what the big deal is and why it would embarrass you. It’s a really bad look! And it reflects many other disturbing issues. I would explain to your mother that you’re not comfortable bringing dates into your home in its current condition and respectfully give her the choice. She can either figure out

Pulling It All Together

how to declutter the place satisfactorily, so that you can feel at peace with your surroundings, or explain that you will have to be picked up for dates by an aunt, a married friend, whomever. This arrangement is done for various reasons, and your reason is as powerful as anyone else’s. If your mother is unable to accommodate your needs and you wind up going out with a young man once or twice – it’s a non-issue. If, however, you hopefully meet someone wonderful with whom you feel that you have potential with, once a bond begins to take shape and a sensitivity emerges toward one another, you can share your challenge with him

You have people, you have problems... that’s the truth.

regarding what it’s been like for you living in such a messy home. At that point, he will already have a good sense regarding your personal habits and style and no doubt feel compassion for you rather than judgement. He will be prepared to walk into your home, knowing what to expect and also knowing that it has nothing to do with you.

The Navidaters Dating and Relationship Coaches and Therapists


hether or not your mother’s piles and junk constitute true hoarding behavior, you are about to get some validation and a very practical suggestion. Living in someone else’s clutter is as stifling for some as being buried beneath those very magazines and paperwork. The same can be said for living with someone who demands excessive order and neatness. (I threw that in there for anyone planning on emailing me about the opposite extreme.) Your reaction to your mother’s mess is understandable and normal. If your mother is a true hoarder, please understand that unless and until she is motivated to make a change, she won’t change her behavior. There is no amount of begging or pleading that will clean up those piles. Much like an alcoholic or drug addict needing her next fix, a hoarder needs to keep her things. Upon confrontation, you will most likely be met with denial, open hostility or a sense that you are the “crazy” one.

T h i s doesn’t mean that a hoarder doesn’t love her loved ones o r that she is choosing her things over her family. Hoarding is recognized as a true mental disorder. By the way, sometimes piles and messes are a manifestation of ADD or anxiety. Bottom line, since you didn’t cause it, you can’t be responsible to fix it. What can you do now as you start dating and bringing guys around the house? Well, if you’d like you can speak with your mother again about how much it would mean to you if she would allow you or the two of you to work together as a team to declutter. You need to go into that conversation with very realistic expectations. If she meets you with a no, ask her if she would be willing to compromise on the living room or den so that you have one safe space in the house. If

your mother becomes defensive during the conversation, my advice is to drop it. Mom ain’t changin’! At this point (and you may already be at this point), you will have two choices. Choice number one: Don’t bring dates home. You can meet for coffee or at a restaurant. You can ask him to call or text when he is outside. Once the two of you are closer and more serious, you will naturally tell him about your home as well as the way you plan on keeping your home. Choice number two: Embrace your home, piles and all. Look up, and chant the Serenity Prayer (easily googleable). Invite guys in, having faith that Mr. Right will see you for who you are, and not as a reflection of your mother’s piles. Certain columns seem to elicit more feedback than others, and the nature of the feedback is often that I’ve missed an opportunity to address issues within the dating world at large. There are times when I have my reasons for not doing so. In this case, I will. For me, your letter speaks to a greater, general issue which is, My family has a problem and I am afraid it will be a turnoff

to prospective shidduchim. Let us try to embrace the truth, which is that most families have a “problem.” (You have people, you have problems…that’s the truth.) Let us make room for what makes us human. Let us not judge the young man or woman by his/her family. There are so many people in the Torah for us to look to understand that people should be judged on their own merit. Enough with the perfect. Perfect is the whole problem…because there’s no such thing. Sincerely, Jennifer

Esther Mann, LCSW and Jennifer Mann, LCSW are licensed psychotherapists and dating and relationship coaches working with individuals, couples and families in private practice in Hewlett, NY. To set up a consultation or to ask questions, please call 516.224.7779. Press 1 for Esther, 2 for Jennifer. Visit for more information. If you would like to submit a dating or relationship question to the panel anonymously, please email You can follow The Navidaters on FB and Instagram for dating and relationship advice.

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Which one of these children needs Chai Lifeline? (Hint: They all do.) Chai Lifeline is renowned for the care and love it bestows on children fighting cancer. But that’s only the beginning. Chai Lifeline serves thousands of children with medical challenges that aren’t evident on the outside, everything from Crohns Disease to cystic fibrosis to heart disease and illnesses so rare only a handful of children have been diagnosed. And still, that’s only the beginning. Chai Lifeline includes siblings and parents, too, with programs geared towards the entire family. We care for more than 5,000 children and their families around the world and across the street. Chances are, you know them. They just don’t look sick.

Whenever, wherever we’re needed, Chai Lifeline is there.

Chai Lifeline. Comprehensive, compassionate, professional assistance for families facing illness, loss or trauma. 151 West 30th Street, New York, NY 10001 I (877) CHAI-LIFE I (212) 465-1300 I

Regional Offices: Greater New York I Southeast I West Coast I Midwest I Mid-Atlantic I New Jersey I Canada I England I Israel I Belgium Hospital Support: Meals | Transportation Assistance | Hospital Visits | Respite Children’s Programs: Arts and Recreational Activities | After-school programs | Sibling Programs | Educational Assistance in Limudei Kodesh Counseling for patients and siblings | Camp Simcha/Camp Simcha Special Family Programs: Advocacy and Information | Retreats | Insurance Advocacy | Family Recreation | Family Counseling | Bereavement Services Community Programs: Project CHAI, support for schools, camps, and communities facing crisis or trauma.


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Dr. Deb

What Science Says about Depression By Deb Hirschhorn, Ph.D.


arning: This is a research article, not my “expert” opinion. There are unpronounceable words in it; not my fault, but thank you, Google, for helping me get their definitions. Note that there was no room in this article for full citations, so if you’re interested, I will email you the online notes I took which have full citations.

What are the Causes of Depression? Let’s answer this one quickly: science doesn’t have that answer. Now let’s look at what it does have. A 2015 article in Molecular Psychiatry states: “Telomere length has been hypothesized to be a marker of cumulative exposure to stress, and stress is an established cause of depression and anxiety disorders.” (Telomeres are part of our DNA.) This seems to say that stress causes depression and reduced length of the DNA molecule. A 2014 article published in the Public Library Of Science used rats to prove that elevated homocysteine (a

hormone) levels in blood did not cause depression, but rather depression causes the elevated levels of homocysteine. A fascinating 2015 article in Current Opinion In Neurobiology looked at a theory that perhaps the slowdown of “birth” of new neurons in the part of the brain called the hypocampus is what causes depression. This theory originated because it was observed that in depressed people the birth of new neurons in that area of the brain is slowed down, but when they take antidepressants, this growth increases again. However, it turns out (our brains, baruch Hashem, are so fascinating!) that in depression there are two distinct symptoms: one is the mood, feeling blue; and the other is cognitive impairment. You know how, when you’re really down, you often can’t think clearly? That’s what that means. So, this 2015 study showed that the neurons that were assisted by antidepressants were only ones associated with clear thinking, not mood. Back to the drawing board. A 2016 study in the World Journal

of Psychiatry looked at cytokines, a protein which assists brain signaling. It seems that stress causes inflammation which may cause production of these cytokines. This shows a link between cytokine production and depression since stress may lead to depression. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews of 2015 took an unusual and penetrating look at SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). This is the basis of one class of antidepressants. Most of it is produced in the gut, but some is produced in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter. When it is released into the synapse (space between neurons), it acts to level off extremes of mood. So, for example, when we smell food, our appetite increases due to the release of a different neurotransmitter, dopamine. Dopamine is associated with extreme highs. Serotonin puts the brakes on the high by activating certain receptors on dopamine-producing cells. This in turn decreases appetite. In stabilizing mood, serotonin acts the same way. It prevents the lows as well as the highs. This is why antide-

pressants are helpful because they slow down the “reuptake” or absorption back into the tissues of the serotonin. Now, we get to the point made by the Neuroscience article. It states: “[T]he serotonergic system evolved to regulate energy. By increasing extracellular serotonin, SSRIs disrupt energy homeostasis and often worsen symptoms during acute treatment.” They’re saying studies have observed that antidepressants used in treating people suffering from acute (sudden onset) depression may actually worsen the condition. They hypothesize that this is because by adding serotonin in the form of a medicine it causes the body to produce less. In other words, “Our…claim is that symptom reduction is not achieved by the direct pharmacological properties of SSRIs, but by the brain’s compensatory responses that attempt to restore energy homeostasis. These responses take several weeks to develop, which explains why SSRIs have a therapeutic delay.” This is not to say that antidepressants don’t work; they do. But it ex-

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

plains how they work and why a person may suffer more as the body gets used to the extra serotonin in it. What all this information does not do is explain the cause of depression. It looks like research says that there must have been too little serotonin in the first place. That’s where the notion of a “chemical imbalance” comes from. However, by 2007, even the drug companies stopped advertising this and reviews of psychiatric thinking, such as the one by Jeffrey R. Lacasse and Jonathan Leo, show that scientists think of this theory as a “myth.” There’s no support for it. For instance in that article, the authors quote Alan Frazier, a Professor of Pharmacology and Psychiatry, as stating on NPR, “The serotonin theory allowed patients to feel better about themselves if there was this biological reason for them being depressed.” This in spite of the statement by Psychiatrist Joseph Coyle, “I don’t think there’s any convincing body of data that anybody has ever found that depression is associated to a significant extent with a loss of serotonin.” The fact that this class of drugs works does not mean there was a deficiency or imbalance of it in the first place. In fact, this entire position can backfire. The same review article states: “[I]n a rare controlled experiment on this topic, one group of depressed students were told they had a confirmed serotonin imbalance underlying their depression, while a control group was not (Kemp, Lickel, & Deacon, 2014). The group who was told they had abnormal serotonin levels found medication more credible than psychotherapy and expected it to be more effective. They also had more pessimism about their prognosis and a lower perceived ability to regulate negative mood states, yet experienced no reduction in self-blame.” What everyone agrees to is that stress is a strong risk factor for depression. A 2017 article in Current Opinion and Behavioral Sciences explains the neuro-chemical link to depression: “exposure to repeated uncontrollable stress causes persistent changes in the synaptic integrity and function of the principal glutamatergic excitatory neurons in the PFC, characterized by neuronal atrophy and loss of synaptic connections. . . In addition, an emerging literature shows that chronic stress

causes extensive alterations of GABAergic inhibitory circuits in the PFC [prefrontal cortex, the thinking part of our brains].”

How Do Antidepressants Compare with CBT for Depression? In 2015, researchers published a meta-review of 14,902 studies in JAMA to determine whether antidepressants or cognitive behavioral therapy is better for depression. They found no difference between the two in effectiveness. Of interest in that study is that “baseline depression severity does not moderate reductions in depressive symptoms between cognitive behavioral therapy and ADM at outcome.” In other words, severity of the depression didn’t imply that one treatment work better than the other. A 2014 study also published in JAMA, with a much smaller sample size, only 452 people, showed that using both CBT and antidepressants

using a manual might create a barrier between client and clinician. Perhaps the earlier CBT studies were not yet manualized. A 2017 study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry took an interesting approach to this question and examined whether perhaps there are different subtypes of depression which affect different parts of the brain. Using MRI, it turned out that the left anterior ventrolateral prefrontal cortex/insula, the dorsal midbrain, and the left ventromedial prefrontal cortex are three bio-markers that distinguish whether either CBT or medication should be used. Hot off the press is an article published in the Lancet this May to determine what is the best practice when tapering off antidepressants in people who have recovered so as to prevent relapse. They found: “Maintenance antidepressant treatment is not superior to PCT (preventive cognitive therapy) after recovery, whereas adding PCT

What is the link between stress, self-esteem, and rumination as risk factors?

together was more effective than the medications alone for people with severe, but not chronic depression. A meta-review of the literature from 1990 to 2015 published in BMJ (British Medical Journal) came to the same conclusion. On the other hand, a 2015 article published in the Psychological Bulletin asked why CBT is now “failing” to get the results it once did. The article noted that more experienced therapists got better results than students. One possible explanation that occurs to me is that in order to conduct research that seems to be well-controlled, modern studies use “manuals” by which the clinician knows what to say and how to say it to clients during therapy. Other research in the past, however, showed that the relationship between therapist and client is what has the most effect on outcome, no matter what the therapeutic theory used. So it could be that

to antidepressant treatment after recovery is superior to antidepressants alone. PCT should be offered to recurrently depressed individuals on antidepressants and to individuals who wish to stop antidepressants after recovery.”

Nothing Stands Out as Exceptional; Where Do We Go from Here? In a 2017 review article of the research of all areas to date – neurochemical, genetic, inflammation, types of medications, and so forth – the author recognizes that there are treatment-resistant people and no one answer seems to have addressed this population adequately. In addition to stress as being an important risk factor, scientists have looked at self-esteem. A 2016 study published in the Mediterranean Journal of Clinical Psychology noticed a correlation between low self-esteem

79 53

and depression and wondered which came first. The sample size was small, so conclusions have to be taken carefully, but they found that both were true, but there was a “significantly higher” effect of self-esteem leading to depression rather than the reverse. A 2017 article in the Psychological Bulletin examined rumination. Rumination is another way of saying obsessive thinking. It’s an interesting topic because obsessive thinking, according to one of the foremost researchers on love, Helen Fisher, is a strong part of how the brain operates when someone is in love. And, in fact, in such people their serotonin levels are low. (Serotonin, remember, evens out highs and lows.) These researchers wondered whether there were differences between depressive rumination and angry rumination, so they did a review of studies that included 3,348 participants. They also wanted to know how this particular sort of stress affects heart conditions. They found that angry rumination was worse, but both had “significant effect sizes.” What is the link between stress, self-esteem, and rumination as risk factors? They all have to do with where our thoughts go. Do they go in a continuous self-hating, negative direction? This is not good. Is there hope for this? Definitely. This was the optimistic point I was making recently in an earlier article on depression: we can fight it. With our thinking. Is that hard? Yes, it is hard when a person has been thinking negatively about themselves and life for so long. But it is doable. I recall once having a client who was so depressed she wouldn’t get out of bed to come to sessions. With a lot of persuasion, I got her to come. Then I got her to do one positive thing for herself. That’s how her recovery started. However depressing the research is, our job is to attempt, as best we can, to fight depression when we have it. Certainly, research may come up with better answers. But in the meantime, let’s make one small effort to think positively of ourselves. Dr. Deb Hirschhorn is a Marriage and Family Therapist. She can be reached at 646-54-DRDEB or by writing drdeb@

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Health & F tness

The Best Snacks to Send to Camp By Cindy Weinberger MS, RD, CDN


s hard as it is to believe, summer is here. The school year is over and camps are starting. Summer is a fun time for everyone. Kids love spending more time outdoors, swimming, and going on all of the fun camp trips. Parents and kids alike enjoy the freedom from homework. Some parents’ favorite part about the summer is sending their kids off to sleepaway camp and getting a little break! Sleepaway camp is very healthy for kids. They learn to become independent and responsible. However, one unhealthy aspect about sleepaway camp is the huge suitcase filled with candy and snacks “in case they go hungry.” Believe it or not, they do serve food at camp! And there is a canteen in case your child is “starving.” There is no need to send a suitcase full of unhealthy snacks. First of all, this will counteract all the physical activity they will be getting from spending the majority of time outdoors and playing sports. Also, your child will not even have an appetite for real food if he/she fills up on junk. And why do they need all of this extra sugar and calories? Encourage your child to eat the food

served in camp at mealtimes. And, if truly necessary, send snacks, but relatively healthy ones. Do not send candy. Candy has absolutely no nutritional value. The sugar simply provides empty calories and leaves a craving for more sugar. And candy is detrimental to one’s teeth, despite how well you brush. Additionally, candy is full of chemicals. Let’s not forget what happened to the boy who ate Sour Worx and burned his tongue. Our kids do not need these chemicals and junk inside their small bodies. If your child insists on packing candy, send fruit snacks that look and taste like candy but is actually made with real fruit. Ideally the best snack for anyone, especially in the hot summer weather, is fresh fruit. Fruit hydrates and provides essential vitamins and minerals, while containing few calories. However, sending fresh fruit to sleepaway camp is almost impossible since children have no access to refrigerators. The next best thing would be to send dried fruit. Yes, dried fruit has added sugar, but it fills a sweet tooth craving and is a much better choice than candy. No

one dried fruit is better than the other. Whichever type your child prefers is a great snack. Another fruit-related option is fruit cups or applesauce. These snacks also contain added sugar but compare labels and choose the one that is lowest in sugar. Many applesauces are unsweetened and still taste just as good. Even though these are not fresh fruits, they still provide vitamins, minerals and fiber. Fruit cups and applesauce are not perishable and therefore make a great snack for those on the go, especially in sleepaway camp. Nuts are another great nutritious snack. Nuts are a powerhouse of hearthealthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Popular nuts include almonds, peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, macadamia nuts and pecans. Walnuts, almonds, and peanuts are packed with protein and other essential nutrients. Walnuts are rich with antioxidants and healthy fats (omega 3 fatty acids). Nuts make a great snack because they are low in sugar, filling and have many nutrients to offer. Other great filling snacks are grano-

la bars. Granola bars are filling mainly due to their fiber content. Yes, granola bars have sugar and some chocolate too, but are definitely more filling and a healthier option than a bag of chips. If your child insists on bag snacks, pretzels and popcorn are the best choice. Just educate your child about portion sizes. Pre-portioned 100 calorie snacks are also the better option over cookies. A filling and nutritious snack is crackers or melba toast with peanut butter. This is nonperishable and can be used as a meal replacement. The best thing is to motivate your child to eat the meals served in camp for utmost nutrition. Camp is supposed to be a healthy experience for kids. Let’s make it healthy all around. Cindy Weinberger MS, RD, CDN, is a Master’s level Registered Dietitian and Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist. She graduated CUNY Brooklyn College receiving a Bachelor’s in Science and Master’s degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences. She is currently a dietitian at Boro Park Center and a private nutrition consultant. She can be reached at

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Pie É For

È 4th July Ë of

Apple Pie Ingredients Dough 3 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for rolling 2 TBS sugar 2 TBS white vinegar Salt 1 cup unrefined virgin or extra-virgin coconut oil 8 to 10 TBS ice water Filling 4 pounds mixed apples (8 or 9), such as Golden Delicious, Granny Smith and McIntosh 2/3 cup sugar, plus more for sprinkling 2 TBS fresh lemon juice 4 TBS unrefined virgin or extravirgin coconut oil 3 TBS all-purpose flour 1 tsp cinnamon ½ tsp salt 2 TBS unsweetened pareve milk

Preparation To make the dough: Put the flour, sugar, vinegar and ½ teaspoon salt in a food processor, and pulse to comn bine. Add the coconut oil in small spoonfuls, and pulse until the largest pieces are pea-size. Add 8 tablespoons ice water, and pulse until evenly combined. Squeeze a handful of the dough together; it should just hold its shape. If need, add in 1 to 2 more tablespoons of ice water. Divide the dough between 2 large pieces of plastic wrap, pat each into a 1/2-inch thick discs and chill for at least 1 hour up to overnight. To make the filling: Peel and core the apples; cut into 1/2-inch-thick slices. Toss with the sugar and lemon juice in a large bowl. Melt the coconut oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the apples and cook, stirring occasionally, until the firmer apples soften but hold their shape, about 12 minutes. Add the flour, cinnamon and 1/4 teaspoon salt, and stir to combine. Remove from the heat, and let cool completely. To assemble: Roll 1 disc of dough out into a 13-inch round on a lightly floured surface or between two pieces of floured parchment or wax paper. Place in a 9 1/2-inch deep-dish pie pan. Add the cooled apple filling, mounding it slightly in the center. Roll out the remaining dough disc into a 12-inch round; place it over the filling, and press the 2 crusts together around the edges. Fold the overhanging dough under itself, and crimp as desired. Brush the top and edges with the pareve milk, and sprinkle generously with sugar. Pierce the top with a knife (or make decorative cutouts) a few times to let steam escape. Chill for at least 1 hour. Position an oven rack in the lowest position in the oven, place a baking sheet on the rack and preheat to 425°F; preheat for at least 30 minutes. Place the pie on the hot baking sheet, and lower the oven to 375°F. Bake until the pie is golden and the filling is bubbly, 1 hour to 1 hour 20 minutes, rotating as needed. (Cover the edges with foil if they brown too quickly.) Transfer to a rack, and cool until set, about 3 hours.

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018 TheJewish JewishHome Home| |OCTOBER OCTOBER29, 29,2015 2015 The

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Blueberry Pie

Ingredients Crust 2 ¾ cups all-purpose flour or pastry flour blend 1 ½ teaspoons salt 1 cup (16 tablespoons) unsalted butter or vegetable shortening, or a combination 6 to 9 TBS ice water

Filling 8 cups (about 2 pounds) fresh blueberries, washed and drained 1 cup sugar ½ cup all-purpose flour ¼ teaspoon cinnamon, optional 2 TBS lemon juice 2 TBS butter, melted Sparkling sugar or cinnamon-sugar, for sprinkling on the top crust

Preparation To make the crust: Combine the flour and salt. Work in the butter and shortening in two batches, leaving some larger pieces. Sprinkle in ice water 1 tablespoon at a time, tossing with a fork and adding water until the dough is completely cohesive. Divide the dough in two pieces; one should be about twice as big as the other. Wrap in plastic, and chill for 30 minutes before rolling. Roll the crust about 1/8” thick, and about 12” to 13” wide, large enough to fit a 9” deep-dish pie pan (at least 1 1/2” deep). Place the crust in the pan, and refrigerate the pie while you preheat the oven to 425°F. To make the filling: In a large bowl, whisk together the sugar, flour, and cinnamon. Add the berries, lemon juice, and melted butter. Place the mixture into the prepared crust. Roll out the top crust and place it over the berries. Trim any excess overhang, and crimp the edges together. Cut several slashes to allow steam to escape. Spritz with water, and sprinkle with sparkling sugar or cinnamon-sugar. Bake the pie for 15 minutes, then reduce the oven heat to 350°F and bake for another 40 to 50 minutes, covering the edges if they seem to be browning too quickly. When done, the filling will be bubbling, and the crust golden brown. Remove the pie from the oven, and cool it for at least 1 hour before serving.

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In The K


Lentil Burgers By Naomi Nachman

Meatless Mondays have become very popular in the last few years. Right after a heavy meat-intensive weekend, the family is looking for a change-up. Mothers are always looking for exciting dinners and cute, catchy names to call their dinners to entice their picky eaters.  That’s why we have Meatless Mondays (followed sometimes by Tacos Tuesday). I was recently asked to write a recipe for an amazing new product by Gefen: their pre-boiled lentils in a pouch. I loved the idea of not having to make something with lentils that needed boiling  and this eliminates this extra step of preparation. You can just toss these lentils into the recipe to create a delicious and fun new dinner idea.  I even gave my husband the leftovers in a sandwich the next day and he loved it.

Yields 12



1 onion, diced 2 TBS canola oil 1 tsp salt 2 cloves garlic, crushed ½ tsp cumin ½ tsp smoked paprika 2 eggs, beaten 2 TBS flour 1 cup panko crumbs 1 pouch Gefen lentils Oil, for frying

Fry the onion in oil on medium heat. Sauté for 5 minutes and then add garlic and spices. Cook for 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and transfer to a mixing bowl. Add the lentils to the onion mixture, then add the eggs, flour and the panko crumbs. Stir to combine and set aside to thicken for 20 minutes. In a sauté pan add 4 tablespoons canola oil on medium heat. Form the mixture into patties and fry for 5 minutes on each side.

Naomi Nachman, the owner of The Aussie Gourmet, caters weekly and Shabbat/ Yom Tov meals for families and individuals within The Five Towns and neighboring communities, with a specialty in Pesach catering. Naomi is a contributing editor to this paper and also produces and hosts her own weekly radio show on the Nachum Segal Network stream called “A Table for Two with Naomi Nachman.” Naomi gives cooking presentations for organizations and private groups throughout the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. In addition, Naomi has been a guest host on the QVC TV network and has been featured in cookbooks, magazines as well as other media covering topics related to cuisine preparation and personal chefs. To obtain additional recipes, join The Aussie Gourmet on Facebook or visit Naomi’s blog. Naomi can be reached through her website, or at (516) 295-9669.

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Mazel Tov to

TMM CLASS OF 2018 and their families

Rivka Barnett Basya Bender Sorah Rivka Berg Chaya Berger Miriam Bergman Baila Brecher Chana Yehudis Cohen Mindel Eisenstein Rivka Geula Feigenbaum Shayna Feuer Rivka Fishfeld Shoshana Fishman Sarah Frenkel Rivka Friedman Shoshana Frishman Sipora Goykadosh Hadassah Green

Shoshana Malka Gruenbaum Chaya Sara Halpern Yocheved Hirsch Michelle Kamin Miri Keilson Avigail Klestzick Esther Kohan Tzipporah Kraft Henya Oppen Esther Malka Plotkin Chaya Baila Sittner Basya Solash Yitty Walkenfeld Nechama Tova Weis Malkie Weitz Ora Tzivia Zakai

We wish you much Hatzlacha and Bracha in all your future endeavors! The Board of Trustees Executive Broad BBY/TMM Administration and Staff

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Notable Quotes “Say What?!”

Last night I was told by the owner of Red Hen in Lexington, VA, to leave because I work for @POTUS and I politely left. Her actions say far more about her than about me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so. - Tweet by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders after a Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer threw her out of her restaurant

And then, of course, there is the matter of the chronic bias against Israel. Last year, the United States made it clear that we would not accept the continued existence of agenda item seven, which singles out Israel in a way that no other country is singled out. Earlier this year, as it has in previous years, the Human Rights Council passed five resolutions against Israel – more than the number passed against North Korea, Iran, and Syria combined. This disproportionate focus and unending hostility towards Israel is clear proof that the council is motivated by political bias, not by human rights. – UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, explaining why the U.S. is withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council

Was that a man or a woman? Because he needs a haircut more than I do. I couldn’t tell. He needs a haircut… Go home to your mom, darling. Go home.

The Red Hen Restaurant should focus more on cleaning its filthy canopies, doors and windows (badly needs a paint job) rather than refusing to serve a fine person like Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I always had a rule – if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it is dirty on the inside! - Tweet by President Trump about the restaurant that threw out Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

Let’s be honest, these people are the faces, they have formulated the policy, they are defending the lies and bigotry. To us who oppose it, it’s immoral. This is the First Amendment in action. This is speaking truth to power. This is not us going low….. Going high is fighting for the values of this country, and that’s what Progressives are about. - MSNBC guest and Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah defending the restaurant owner for throwing Sanders out of her restaurant

- Pres. Trump joking as a protestor was being escorted out of a rally in Minnesota


The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018



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The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


He’s a Nazi. He wants no judicial process. He kidnapped children and commits acts of violence for political gain and to support his racist views. He admires violent dictators. Trump is a Nazi. The debate is over. Soon we will have proof he is a Nazi supported by the Russians. - Tweet by Hollywood director and Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer Judd Apatow

If you vote for Trump, then you, the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis, going “you here, you here.” - Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer Donny Deutsch on MSNBC

[W]hen you start talking about people coming in and infesting a society, infesting a culture, that really actually is straight out of Adolf Hitler’s playbook. … How does Mike Pence, how do Karen Pence, how do any of these people continue being associated with a man who is now openly bigoted against everybody who is not white and rich? - MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough

The real irony is [Democrats] accuse the president of fascism, or somebody like Steve Miller [of] fascism, but the tactics they’re deploying are right out of Joseph Goebbels’ playbook. You dehumanize your enemy, you disfigure your enemy, and then you create a mob support mass protest. - Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci on Fox News, talking about the deranged left

It is a waste of time and destined to fail as long as the attempt to circumvent the legitimate Palestinian institutions continues. - Palestinian Authority spokesperson Nabil Abu Rudeineh slamming the Trump administration’s highly anticipated peace proposal

So men, if you really are #WithUs and would like us to not hate you for all the millennia of woe you have produced and benefited from, start with this: Lean out so we can actually just stand up without being beaten down. Pledge to vote for feminist women only. Don’t run for office. Don’t be in charge of anything. Step away from the power. We got this. And please know that your crocodile tears won’t be wiped away by us anymore. We have every right to hate you. – From a Washington Post op-ed by Northeastern University professor Suzanna Danuta Walters, titled, “Why Can’t We Hate Men?”

According to a new report, Uber is developing a technology that would allow its app to determine if users are drunk. The new technology evaluates walking speed, whether the phone is swaying, and if you’ve made any typos. Now, look. Let’s take the mystery out of this, Uber. It’s 2:00 a.m., I’m standing outside a bar, and I typed in my destination as Taco Bell. Yeah, I’m drunk. – James Corden

I was just trying to get to my meeting. - Scott Holt, 32, explaining to the NY Post why he crossed the Hudson River from New Jersey to Manhattan on a stand-up paddleboard, while wearing a suit and holding his briefcase


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Ideal for Summer! Reflective Vest or Wristbands


$4. 99 $1. 99

Water Balloons



732.364.8822 516.218.2211 718.854.2595

New! Faux Leather Challah Cover Large Size

$3. 99




$19. 99

Bath Towels Assorted Colors

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JUNE 28, 2018 | The| Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 The Jewish Home

[T]he folks calling for civility might need to check their privilege. - CNN political contributor Symone Sanders, responding to calls for “civility”

If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere. - Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) at a rally in Los Angeles urging people to harass Trump administration officials

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I think the reason I’m going to be 102 in July is because I’ve stayed active. - Edward Kydd, age 101, who drives two routes for Meals on Wheels every Monday, accompanied by his 73-year-old daughter, in an interview with USA Today

- Sign in a Baltimore Dunkin Donuts that went viral

MORE QUOTES The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

I am overcome with grief. I am awed by your courage. For over half my lifetime, since I first met you in Washington in 1982, we have been like brothers. We didn’t need to meet to understand each other. You understood everything. - From Prime Minister Netanyahu’s letter to Charles Krauthammer upon hearing of Krauthammer’s terminal diagnosis

I would like to declare that I am a friend of Israel and the city of Johannesburg is a friend of Israel. Shalom. - Mpho Phalatse, a council member in Johannesburg, South Africa, at a weekend pro-Israel event, resulting in Johannesburg’s Mayor Herman Mashaba suspending her “pending an investigation into the full and proper context in which those remarks were made”

Today is the first official day of summer. Right now, everyone’s thinking, “I’m gonna hike! I’m gonna go camping! I’m gonna hit the beach!” While Netflix is like, “Suuure you are.” - Jimmy Fallon


The media doesn’t report truthfully what the separation of families really is but I would like to show everybody what real separation of families is. This is. What separates my son and myself is a coffin and six feet of dirt. How is that for real separation of families? - Angel mom Agnes Gibboney, whose son was carjacked near the border and brutally murdered by an illegal alien, on Fox News

We weren’t lucky enough to be separated for five days, or ten days. We’re separated permanently. Any time we want to see our kids, we go to the cemetery. Because that’s where they are. We can’t ever speak to them, Skype with them. - Angel mom Laura Wilkerson whose son was tortured and murdered by an illegal immigrant classmate, on Fox News

The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018

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JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

Political Crossfire

On Immigration, Democrats Give Trump the Upper Hand - Again By Marc A. Thiessen


emocrats just can’t help themselves. They were winning the battle over family separations at the southern border. Americans of all political persuasions were horrified by the images of children in cages separated from their parents. Despite President Trump’s efforts to blame Democrats for the catastrophe, polls showed that a plurality of Americans placed the blame squarely on the president’s shoulders. Evangelical Christian leaders – who stood with Trump through Stormy Daniels and the “Access Hollywood” tape – began to publicly criticize the family separations. The Rev. Franklin Graham called family separations “disgraceful,” and the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution declaring them “inconsistent with the gospel….” But then, Democrats blew it – and gave the president the upper hand once again. First, they went overboard in their attacks on Trump, with some playing the Hitler card. “This is the United States of America. It isn’t Nazi Germany,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sorry, senator, there are no gas chambers on the southern border. Even Americans who oppose family separations are repulsed by those who compare Trump to Adolf Hitler and detention centers along the U.S.-Mexico border to Nazi concentration camps. Then, to compound her error, Fein-

stein introduced disastrous legislation – now co-sponsored by every Democratic senator – that would not simply end family separations but also actually expand the policy of “catch and release.” (A 2015 court ruling mandated that children who enter the country illegally must be released within 20 days. Feinstein’s bill – which states “in general, there is a presumption that detention is not in the best interests of families and children” – would, by end-

tention centers until an immigration hearing at a later date.” And it found that 46 percent also support Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy of arresting and prosecuting anyone who crosses the border illegally. In other words, Feinstein has given away the moral high ground and has put every Senate Democrat in a position of endorsing the least popular option for dealing with families crossing the border illegally.

Call it the “Catch and Release for Violent Criminals Act.” ing family separations, effectively require the parents be released as well). Democrats don’t seem to understand: Americans oppose family separation, but they also oppose “catch and release.” A new Economist/YouGov poll showed that 54 percent of Americans disapprove of separating families who cross the border illegally. But only 19 percent support “releasing the families and having them report back for an immigration hearing at a later date” – the approach now endorsed by every single Senate Democrat. By contrast, the poll found the most popular policy – supported by 44 percent of Americans and even 49 percent of Democrats – is “holding families together in de-

It gets worse. Feinstein’s bill is so poorly written, it makes no distinction between illegal-immigrant children and U.S. citizens who are under 18 and already in the United States. It applies to not just Border Patrol and immigration officers, but to virtually all federal officers, including FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration agents. It prohibits these federal authorities “from removing a child from his or her parent or legal guardian, at or near the port of entry or within 100 miles of the border of the United States.” This applies to vast swaths of the country. About two-thirds of the U.S. population lives within 100 miles of a U.S. land or coastal border, and many oth-

ers live in interior cities such as Denver, Nashville and Salt Lake City with international airports that are considered “ports of entry.” How bad is this? Writing in the Federalist, lawyer Gabriel Malor explains that, under Feinstein’s bill, if the FBI raided the home of a drug dealer in Buffalo and discovered that his minor daughter was with him, the proposed legislation “would prohibit the FBI agents, while arresting a drug trafficker, from separating this child from her father.” Call it the “Catch and Release for Violent Criminals Act.” This is a political disaster for Democratic senators such as Joe Manchin III, W.Va., Heidi Heitkamp, N.D., Jon Tester, Mont., Claire McCaskill, Mo., and Joe Donnelly, Ind., who are running for reelection in states that Trump won by double digits. Thanks to Feinstein, they are now on the record supporting not only “catch and release” for illegal immigrants with minor children, but for felons with U.S. citizen children who commit crimes having nothing to do with crossing the border illegally. In their rush to exploit the border crisis, Senate Democrats have managed to take an issue that was toxic for Republicans and turn it into a calamity for themselves. That takes a special kind of political stupidity. The lesson is clear: Don’t compare your opponents to Hitler. And think before you legislate. (c) 2018, Washington Post Writers Group


The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home


Political Crossfire

Siege of Port of Hodeida Sparks Hope for Deal in Yemen By David Ignatius


he brutal war in Yemen may be moving toward a tipping point following a controversial siege of the port of Hodeida by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. A U.N. mediator and a top Emirati diplomat both expressed hope last Thursday for a negotiated deal with Houthi rebels that could relieve pressure on the city. But they disagreed about details, and humanitarian groups warned that the assault is choking relief supplies for Yemen’s tormented civilian population. Yemen is caught in a proxy war between the Saudi-UAE coalition, which backs the Yemeni government, and Iran, which supports the Houthis. The Saudis and Emiratis intervened in 2015 after the Houthis seized the capital, Sanaa. But the war bogged down, with heavy civilian casualties. The Houthis alienated many Yemenis last year by killing their ally, former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, after he switched sides and backed the Saudis. Martin Griffiths, the U.N. special envoy for Yemen, said in a statement Thursday that he was “confident that we can reach an agreement to avert

any escalation of violence in Hodeida.” News reports said the Houthis might be willing to turn management of the port over to the U.N., easing the transport of food and other supplies. Anwar Gargash, the UAE’s minister of state for foreign affairs, also expressed hope for a deal in a telephone interview last Thursday night. But he said the plan the Houthis seem

dered on just such disagreements about terms. A truce that seemed near in Sanaa many months ago, for example, was scuttled by Saudi and UAE demands that the Houthis surrender their heavy weapons, which they refused to do. In Hodeida, the Houthis don’t have much heavy weaponry, Gargash said. The Hodeida battle has been one

The Hodeida battle has been one of the most important of the three-year war.

ready to accept – for U.N. oversight of the port – isn’t sufficient, and that the UAE and its allies want complete withdrawal of Houthi fighters from the city. “We feel that if the Houthis are out of Hodeida, they will be much more realistic,” Gargash said. “The smart thing is to push hard on the perimeter, not enter the city, and say to the U.N., ‘Go back and get a better deal.’” Past mediation efforts have foun-

of the most important of the threeyear war. UAE commanders moved this month to assault the port city, hoping to tip the balance of the protracted conflict. Last week, the UAEled forces seized control of the airport just outside the city center, and then called on the Houthis to withdraw. “We don’t want to move further than the airport,” Gargash said. While he wouldn’t rule out an assault on the city center, he said: “It

shouldn’t be fighting in the streets or homes. We don’t want that.” The Hodeida offensive has been condemned by humanitarian groups that said the attack would further impede relief efforts. The port is the main transit point for NGOs bringing food and other assistance into the battered nation of Yemen. Amnesty International warned in a new report this week that the siege had meant a “stranglehold” of the city. “We feel that taking Hodeida will shorten the war,” Gargash said, in explaining the rationale for the offensive. “We’ve broken the stalemate,” by taking the airport, he argued. If the U.N. can reach a deal for evacuation of fighters from the city, he maintained, “it will lay the groundwork for a broader political solution” in other parts of Yemen. Saudi officials, similarly, believe that their position has grown stronger in Yemen. Like the UAE officials, they keep insisting that if they maintain the squeeze, the Houthis will crack. Perhaps Hodeida will produce the elusive negotiated deal. Meanwhile, the war grinds on and civilian suffering continues. (c) 2018, Washington Post Writers Group


OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

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JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

Forgotten Her es

Mike Harari A Hero in the Shadows By Avi Heiligman


ailure in a secret mission can spell the end of a career for an intelligence agent. Months and years building up to a mission only to realize that the result created an international disaster can really take the energy out of an entire agency. But this was not the case for Mike Harari and the Mossad in 1973. Harari and the Mossad worked very differently than other agencies and their best agents. Harari’s record is so impressive that he was called the Zionist James Bond, although many of his missions aren’t known because they are still classified. Still Harari’s background and his known missions make him one of the most intriguing operators of the 20th century. The Haganah was a paramilitary organization created soon after the British took control of Palestine in 1921 and lasted until the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. One of their units was the Palamch which was their elite strike force taking on difficult missions. Michael “Mike” Harari was born in Tel Aviv in 1927 under the British Mandate. He began working as a courier for the Haganah when he was just 13 years old. Mike joined the Palmach in 1943. Two years later he was sent on a dangerous mission to release prisoners from the Atlit detention camp. On October 10, 1945, a Palmach force under Yitzchak Rabin broke into the camp. Harari was part of this unit, and 200 detainees, many of whom were Holocaust survivors, were set free.

Less than a year later the Palmach wanted to show the British they meant business in letting in Holocaust refugees and wanted the Arab neighbors to know that they were here to stay. To achieve these goals they set up Operation Markolet, or the Night of the Bridges. Nine of the eleven bridges targeted were bombed with only one site being contested by the British. Harari took part in this operation, and the entire operation was considered a major success despite losing fourteen operators at a railway bridge. The British retaliated by imposing a curfew.

security at Lod International Airport until 1954. During the 1950s the Mossad was looking for more operatives and recruited Harari. Until he retired in the 1980s, Harari lived in the shadows. Some of his operations included smuggling Jews out of Communist Europe and relocating them in Israel. Mossad’s special operations unit is called Caesarea and within that division is the Kidon (Spear) team specializing in assassinations and sabotage abroad. Starting in 1970 it was led by Harari and was a

Called Operation Wrath of God, Kidon under Harari sought out leaders of the group as well as the escaped murderers.

At the end of World War II, Harari was sent to France to facilitate the immigration of over 1,000 Holocaust survivors to Israel. Harari was arrested by the British several times and before the British left Eretz Yisrael for good he was sent to the Palmach’s naval unit, the Palyam. The foundation of the IDF was the Palmach as its units became the backbone of the new country. Harari joined the IDF as well the Shin Bet, Israel’s security agency. He headed

major part in taking out members of the Black September terrorist group. During the Munich Olympics these terrorists murdered eleven Israeli athletes and coaches, and the Mossad sent the Kidon unit out to eliminate these terrorists that had planned the massacre. Called Operation Wrath of God, Kidon under Harari sought out leaders of the group as well as the escaped murderers. Within nine months, six of the terrorists had been killed and they were

closing on an important leader. Black September’s chief of operations, Ali Hassan Salameh, was thought to have been in Lillehammer, Norway, and was taken out. Unfortunately, it was a case of mistaken identity and they had killed an innocent waiter instead. Despite this, Harari and his team continued looking for the real Salameh. They located him in Lebanon, and Harari led the team to track his movements. Salameh was finally killed in 1979 in an explosion that killed four of his terrorist henchmen as well. In another operation called Spring of Youth, Harari led the team that gathered intelligence in which three senior Fatah members were killed. During his time with the Mossad a secret delivery of equipment meant for the Iranian nuclear reactor was destroyed in an explosion. Harari was thought to have been behind this bombing. Hijacking airplanes became a new favorite ploy of terrorists in the 1960s and 1970s. The Entebbe hijacking wasn’t the first that the Israeli Special Forces had resolved successfully but it is the one that is still being studied today in many Special Forces training classes worldwide. While the Sayeret Matkal took operational control of the mission, called Operation Thunderbolt, the Mossad and Harari in particular were on the scene to provide up-to-date intelligence. Dressed as an Italian businessman Harari flew to Uganda to reconnoiter the airport. He also used

Harari, left, in Milan in 1947

his contacts in Kenya to set up a refueling station for the C-130 Hercules aircraft carrying the freed hostages. Harari officially retired in 1980 after a stint as the Mossad’s station chief in Latin America. In 2006 he was called back to help the Mossad plan to foil the Iranian nuclear

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


The Jewish Home | JUNE 28, 2018


Harari, left, with Mossad commander Yitzhak Hofi in the ‘70s in Panama

threat. A year later he was awarded the Mossad’s highest decoration for his service. Mike Harari passed away in 2015 at the age of 87. The Israeli James Bond did not share the fame that some of his counterparts enjoyed but that suited him just as well. He didn’t like to give in-

terviews and only others that worked with him have revealed some of his missions. His efforts were certainly noticed in the intelligence community and by Hollywood researchers. The public became aware of his role in Operation Wrath of God in the 2005 film Munich when Harari’s ef-

forts were reenacted.

Avi Heiligman is a weekly contributor to The Jewish Home. He welcomes your comments and suggestions for future columns and can be reached at


JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

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COMPLETELY RENOVATED Perfect starter house in Wdmre. This light, bright 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath house has everything from new oors to recessed lighting. New windows, lg kitchen w/ 2 sinks and 2 DWs, microwave oven+more. Beautiful hardwood doors and tiled bathrms. Laundry on second oor. New heat, A/C. Unnnished bsmnt & deep property $659K. Contact Sherri Slochowsky @ 516-297-7995 to schedule a showing.

OFFICES FOR LEASE Far Rockaway Cornaga location, 3 to 4 offices, plus bthrm. Good for doctor, dentist or business. $1900 Call Sherri 516-297-7995 Cedarhurst Single rooms or executive suites. All utilities included. Starting at $400. Call Sherri 516-297-7995


Assistants needed for elementary school, afternoon session. email Computer teacher, afternoon session for elementary school. email


JUNE 28, 2018 | The Jewish Home

Classifieds HELP WANTED Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam is seeking TEACHERS AND ASSISTANT TEACHERS interested in working in a growth oriented and warm atmosphere for the coming school year. Please email resume to Hebrew Academy of Long Beach, Woodmere, NY seeks the following Middle School positions for 2018-2019: LIMUDEI KODESH MORAH (FT/PT); TECHNICAL SUPPORT SPECIALIST; STEM TEACHER. Resumes to: Pugatch Realty Corp., in Woodmere, is looking to hire and train a select group of motivated Realtors. If you are looking to build a career in real estate, or looking to take your existing career to the next level, there is no better place to start that the #1 Real Estate Brokerage in the Five Towns…Call Today (516) 295-3000 x 128. All calls kept confidential. TELECOM TECHNICIAN with ability to supervise others. Experienced with Hosted Phone Systems & VIOP required email your resume: 718-844-7404 text 443-929-4003



Small, growing special education school in Five Towns seeks F/T Program Director. Psychologist/Social Work license a plus. Unique leadership opportunity in an established school. Email resume to

LOOKING TO HIRE DELIVERY DRIVER FOR 5 TOWNS DRY CLEANING ROUTE. PU on Tuesday AM in Far Rockaway and 5 Towns and Delivery Thurs Aft/Eve back to 5 towns. Must have own car/SUV/Minivan. Will use company van for deliveries. Must have clean driving license. Great opportunity for retired/semi retired person. If Interested please contact Marc at 917-612-2300

Real Estate Salesperson Wanted Must be super organized, aggressive, and 2 years of experience working in real estate industry. This is a salaried paid position plus possible commissions. Located in the Far Rockaway/5 Towns area. Part-time/ Full-Time option. Please send your resume to: ARE YOU MUSICALLY TALENTED? Wonderful opportunity for an experienced, creative music and movement teacher to develop and implement an interactive program for the talmidos of the Ganger Early Childhood Division of TAG. Applicant must be capable of managing performances and enjoy working with young children. Email resume to

F/T & P/T REGISTERED NURSE openings to work with adults who have developmental disabilities within residential settings in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Long Island. Current NYS RN, min 2 years hospital experience. OHEL: 855-OHEL JOB, BAIS YAAKOV ATERES MIRIAM IS SEEKING ASSISTANT TEACHERS interested in working in a growth oriented and warm atmosphere for the coming school year. Please email resume to The Shulamith School for Girls, Long Island, is seeking an Early Childhood assistant teacher. warm and organized. Hebrew Language speaker preferred. excellent opportunity for individual working towards a degree in education. Please email resume to The Shulamith School for Girls, LI is seeking an innovated Pre -K Teacher. Enthusiastic and warm with excellent subject knowledge and sound understanding in early childhood. BA/ Masters Degree in Education. classroom experience preferred. Please email resume to Office Manager (P/T) Forest Hills shul. Duties include bookkeeping, monitoring building status: supervision of custodians, arranging for repairs. Excellent computer skills; familiarity with ShulCloud a plus. 24 hrs/wk. Send resume to HAMASPIK IS SEEKING COMMUNITY HABILITATION STAFF to work day hours, evenings and weekends in the Five Towns, Queens, Far Rockaway & long Island, with high functioning developmentally disabled adults, children and teens. Shabbos staff also needed for Cedarhurst, Far Rockaway & Lawrence. Drivers’ license a plus. Mileage will be reimbursed. Please call Yehudis: 718-408-5417 for more details

HELP WANTED Lev Chana Early Childhood Center, Hewlett, NY is looking to hire ASSISTANT TEACHERS FOR THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR. Candidates should have experience working with young children and be pursuing a degree in education or a related field. Resumes to Seeking full time PHYSICAL THERAPIST for Special Education school located in Brooklyn. Experienced preferred. Competitive salary. Room for growth. MATH & ELA TEACHER Seeking Math &/or ELA Junior High teacher for boys in Far Rockaway,NY. M-TH, PM. Warm, supportive environment. Excellent salary. Please send resume to Due to continued growth, THE YESHIVA OF SOUTH SHORE IS SEEKING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHERS. Cert/Exp required. Please forward resume to CATAPULT LEARNING Teachers, Title I Boro Park, Williamsburg and Flatbush Schools *College/Yeshiva Degree *Teaching experience required *Strong desire to help children learn *Small group instruction *Excellent organization skills Competitive salary Send resume to: Fax: (212) 480-3691 ~ Email: SHULAMITH EARLY CHILDHOOD is looking to hire a full time teacher assistant for the current school year. Please email resume to Seeking full time OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST for Special Education school located in Brooklyn. Experienced preferred. Competitive salary. Room for growth. Seeking a dynamic SPEECH THERAPIST for special education school in Brooklyn. Collaborative environment and room for growth. SECRETARY 5 Towns Boys Yeshiva seeking Elem Gen Ed Teachers. Excellent working environment and pay. Only lic/ exp need apply. Email resume to

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5 TOWNS BOYS YESHIVA SEEKING Elem Gen Ed Teachers. Excellent working environment and pay. Only lic/exp need apply. Email resume to

GIFT IT FORWARD is located at 527 Central Ave, inside Prestigio Wigs. We are a non profit gift shop whose proceeds are used to help others in need through donations to local charities. Every purchase benefits the community. Donations of new gift items appreciated. fb/insta/whatsapp @giftitforwardcedarhurst

MISC DISCOUNTED SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE TIX AND SAFARI for sale valid any operating day. 42 Parking passes 20 Hershey Park Tix 44 Call or Text Yehoshua Singer 917-923-0011 Tours to Kivrei Tzaddikim, Queens, Bkln, LI. Rav Pam, Rav Yaakov Joseph, many more. Learn about rabbanim who built Yiddishkeit in America. Fascinating workshops also available on Gedolim in America. Ideal for schools, shuls, organizations. Led by Rabbi Yosef Gesser, author of “Monuments to Nobility” in Hamodia. Call 718-6901534 or email

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New! Exclusive W. Broadway Woodmere 4000sf office space for 2 year lease 3 full bathrooms 14+ parking spots Call Raizie 917 903 1778

Position Available Successful publication seeking part-time graphic designer. Experience working with magazine or newspaper layout a must. Candidate must be proficient in Adobe InDesign with a strong knowledge of style sheets; must be proficient in Adobe Photoshop; have proven skills in typography, layout, composition, and color theory; and have strong knowledge of print media and pre-press production. Candidate must be organized, reliable, responsible and dependable with the ability to work within a deadline and with a team. Position is not limited by location; work anywhere in the U.S. Send resume and portfolio to

Rabbi Dovid Fleischmann Certified Mohel

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Post your Real Estate, Help Wanted, Services, Miscellaneous Ads here.

Weekly Classifed Ads Up to 5 lines and/or 25 words 1 week ................ $20 2 weeks .............. $35 4 weeks .............. $60 Email ads to: Include valid credit card info

Deadline Monday 5:00pm



Baby-Friendly Care

 Personalized Attention

Expert Skill and Dedicated Service you Deserve







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The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015




More Important Than Taxes?!? By Allan Rolnick, CPA


ast month, we wrote that New York money manager AllianceBernstein is moving its headquarters and 1,100 employees from a slick black Manhattan skyscraper to the steaming concrete jungles of Nashville, TN. It’s going to be culture shock for the firm’s employees, who have to trade their harsh winters and corned beef sandwiches for milder weather and hot fried chicken. But AllianceBernstein promises employees they’ll love the financial climate most of all: lower housing costs and no personal income tax. Of course taxes played a big part in that move! But is that always the case? A recent Los Angeles Times article argues that another corporate relocation “gives the lie to all that guff you’ve been fed about taxes being a crucial consideration.” Chipotle Mexican Grill launched in 1993 with a single location in a former ice cream store in Denver. The chain now has over 2,000 locations and 45,000 employees. But growth has sputtered in recent years. This is partly due to competitors like Qdoba, Moe’s, Rubio’s and Baja Fresh. And it’s partly due to ingredients like nor-

ovirus, salmonella, e coli, and campylobacter jejuni sneaking into the burritos. (Hard to taste the viruses under all those seasonings, right?) Partly because of these incidents, founder Steve Ells resigned as CEO in late 2017. In February, Chipotle hired for-

The move should actually mean less highway time for Niccol, who used to waste 20 soul-crushing minutes commuting to god-forsaken Irvine every day. So here’s where it gets perplexing. Colorado’s personal income tax is a flat 4.63%, which seems like a

Do the quality of your life and breadth of opportunity mean more than mere taxes?

mer Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol to run the company. (Most would agree that moving from Taco bell to Chipotle is a step up: Taco Bell describes their food as “Mexican-inspired,” rather than authentic, but some critics pan it as merely “food-inspired.”) Last month, Chipotle announced they’re moving their headquarters and 400 jobs from Denver to Niccol’s hometown of Newport Beach, CA.

fair price to pay for those 300 days of sunshine per year that civic boosters promise residents. But California has the highest state tax rate in the country — a genuine millionaire’s tax of 13.3% on income over the two-comma mark. The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 makes that top rate even harsher by limiting federal deductions for state taxes to $10,000. Logic suggests that any rational

business would move the other way. And thousands of companies have fled California, citing taxes and regulations. But California’s job growth since 2011 has “easily outstripped” the rest of the country, and the Golden State’s economy is growing faster than low-tax states like Texas and Florida. In 2016, Stanford sociologist Cristobal Young looked at tax returns showing million-dollar incomes over a 13-year period. His study showed that millionaire tax flight is occurring, but “only at the margins of statistical and socioeconomic significance.” What do you think? Would high state taxes be enough to make you move? Or do the quality of your life and breadth of opportunity mean more than mere taxes? Either way, we’re here to help you pay less. So call us when you’re ready for a plan, and see where your wasted taxes have kept you from visiting! Allan J Rolnick is a CPA who has been in practice for over 30 years in Queens, NY. He welcomes your comments and can be reached at 718-896-8715 or at


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OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home


Life C ach

What’s That Hanging in Your Closet? By Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., MFT, CLC


have none of the right clothing – I need to go out and buy everything.” You would think from the way our kids talk that we have them running around the neighborhood naked. There must be something in the house they can pack to take to camp. But they don’t think so! They take one look at that camp list and report they need to go shopping immediately. I’m thinking – what happened to last year’s stuff? At least some of the towels, sheets, blankets? They’re saying, “Ich, are you kidding? I left that in camp. Who would bring that stuff home?!” And I’m thinking – have they not heard of the existence of that longstanding invention called the washing machine? Sure, I get it, they’ve changed since last year; they want some new items. But, they didn’t grow out of the bed, did they?! Furthermore, they can’t need every article in their wardrobe replaced, can they? They were wearing some clothing the past few weeks, weren’t

they? But they claim they don’t want to ruin their clothes in camp. Why not? They come home and say they need new clothes anyway. You know: for the new school year or for the upcoming holidays or because somehow, even though they stayed the

keep Target in business. With every item that the kids need it’s another trip back there. T-shirts, check! Bedding, check! Fan, check! Sandwich maker, check! Snacks, check! Laundry basket, plastic drawers, towels etc., etc., etc. This store carries it all!

Why can’t we just send them to campout in Target for the summer?!

same height the whole 10 months they were at home, amazingly in these few short weeks away, they have moved up a whole size or two. So, let me get this straight: camp destroys inanimate objects (like clothing and sheets) but fortifies and enhances the human body. Amazing place! On another note. I’m just wondering if it is our job to singlehandedly

Why can’t we just send them to campout in Target for the summer?! Certainly, it would be a much shorter trip for us on visiting day! And then, once we get them everything they need, we still are not done! We have to start labeling every single item as theirs. It’s interesting, while they are in camp they don’t want anyone taking their stuff. But once the summer is over they don’t even

want it themselves. There are like 23 people daily per bunk participating in cleanup, which is way more than we have cleaning at home. Shouldn’t it be sparkly clean?! And still, no one thinks anything is clean enough to accompany them back home. My big question is: if the stuff that goes there gets that messed up, are we making a big mistake taking our kids back?! Of course, I’m kidding! Camp is a great place to be outdoors, make friends, learn to share, gain some independence and much, much more. And ultimately, it’s a wonderful place to help us support our economy each spring, even though that may not be our original “target”! So, even if they do leave some stuff filling their closet as they go off to camp, use it as a reminder of the little angel you sent off. And have a wonderful summer, especially now that the packing is over! Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or


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Beautiful Day it’s



Margaret tietz!


Margaret Tietz Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is a voluntary, not-for-profit health care provider.


An integral part of the Jewish community for more than four decades, Margaret Tietz is proud to deliver unparalleled Subacute Rehabilitation, as well as Long-Term, Medically Complex and Hospice Care in a newly renovated, comfortable and completely Kosher setting.

Monday - Friday • 9am - 3pm

2016 164-11 Chapin Parkway, Jamaica Hills, NY 11432 • • (718) 298-7829 Centrally located near the Queens communities of Kew Gardens Hills, Hillcrest & Jamaica Estates. Only 20 minutes from Crown Heights, Manhattan & the Five Towns.

Five Towns Jewish Home - 6-28-18  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 6-28-18

Five Towns Jewish Home - 6-28-18  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 6-28-18