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AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home


27 Year Old

Girl Finds Her Bashert


Shidduch Time at

Amuka With

Tehillim Kollel On

Tu B’Av


t was like riding a roller-coaster. Within seconds, your orientation changes from up to down and then back up and down again. At 27, I had been seeking a shidduch for a very long time. And so many times, I had thought, “This is it! He is the one!!” and then… it fell apart. Why couldn’t I find my bashert? I had been to all the shadchanim and decided to turn to the ultimate ShadchanHashem! I signed up for membership with Tehillim Kollel, who I knew employed sincere and dedicated men to daven for the klal, at one of their daily locations, where Tehillim Kollel representatives daven in an established place each and every day: Amuka, the Kever of Yonasan ben Uziel, renowned for being a holy site for bringing about shidduchim. I then continued my hishtadlus, trying to seek out new shadchanim that I had not yet contacted. I am ecstatic to share that my personal roller coaster ride with Shidduchim is over. A few months after signing up, I became engaged to my wonderful chassan! The ultimate Shadchan came through for me! And thankfully, the roller coaster ride is over.

For a family member or friend and make their shidduch and dreams of the future come true!

t i l p S the sea 718.705.7174 W W W. T E H I L L I M KO L L E L . O RG I N FO @ T E H I L L I M KO L L E L . O RG

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gassed to death in crematoriums. Nothing about dealing with our $22 trillion and growing national debt by $1 billion per year for years to come. Nothing about dealing with future insolvency of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Nothing about asking our NATO allies to contribute their fair share of spending for mutual defense. Nothing about China’s re-indoctrination camps for several million who practice religion. Nothing about all lives matter, beyond just “Black Lives Matter.” Mainstream moderate Democrats from decades ago such as Senators Daniel Patrick Moynihan (NY), Scoop Jackson (Washington), Sam Nunn (Georgia), and Joseph Lieberman (Connecticut) would not recognize their own party today. Sincerely, Larry Penner Great Neck Dear Editor, I take umbrage with Marc Thiessen’s article, “Trump: Wrong to Attack Cummings, but Right about Baltimore.” In his article, he makes the case for why Trump was correct in calling out Baltimore for its crime and health issues but never makes the case as to why “calling out” Elijah Cummings was wrong. President Trump was making the comparison between false Democrat rhetoric regarding “concentration camps” at the U.S. Southern border and Cummings overlooking his own city which is rat- and drug-infested according to a PBS documentary. In more than 25 years of Mr. Cummings’ representation, nothing has changed for Baltimore as far as crime and health, despite the millions of dollars that have poured into the city. By Mr. Thiessen’s own admission, Democrat policies have failed to bring about needed change in Baltimore and are responsible for the continued issues at the Southern border. To say that Mr. Cummings is not responsible for

acting on these deplorable conditions belies Mr. Thiessen’s argument as to failed Democrat policies and contributes to the myth of the need to have low expectations for people of color. Jan Henock Woodmere, NY Dear Editor, Your news section this week highlighted that the most popular name for babies in Israel is now Muhammad. That’s scary news. It is only the ultraorthodox Jews in Israel that are having children; the secular Jews are not. If they want to still see a Jewish state in a few years, they better start to think about contributing to the Jewish nation in this way and starting vibrant families. Either that, or Jews will become a minority in their land. Alan Kolber Dear Editor, I appreciated your “Nine Days Menu: Mix ‘n’ Match” article this week, as I always like to serve fresh menus for my family. That being said, sometimes I wonder if we, as a community, are becoming too consumed (pun intended) with food. Yes, for a week we can’t eat meat or chicken. Does that mean that we have to panic about cooking meatfree meals for our family? Why can’t we just serve pizza or eggs or fish or bagels? Why does every meal have to be over-the-top? We’re not trying out for Top Chef over here. Simple but filling should be the goal. It’s the same with yom tov or even Shabbos. We’ve become so obsessed with food and flavors that we create an undue pressure for many women. Whatever happened to gefilte fish and chicken soup with lokshen? Will our children be deprived if we served chicken and rice for Friday night seudos? Food columns and shows and magazines are creating a genre that we shouldn’t be focusing on. We should be eating to live – not living to eat. Respectfully, Chana L.

Unfortunately, due to an error, an article was recently placed in TJH that inappropriately equated a person in Tanach with someone else. This comparison in no way represents the values or sensitivities that TJH upholds, and we regret the placement of such article. As always, we remain committed to providing wholesome Torah and family-appropriate content for your pleasure.

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Five Towns Jewish Home - 8-8-19  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 8-8-19

Five Towns Jewish Home - 8-8-19  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 8-8-19