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August 8, 2019

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A Life of Kiddush Hashem That Culminated in a Worldwide Kiddush Hashem pg 108


AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home

FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF LOCATIONS, VISIT POWEROFSPEECH.ORG/TISHABAV BORO PARK Anshei Sephard 4502 14th Ave. Separate Seating: 1:30, 3:45 A 6:00 B Women only Bais Yaakov of 18th Ave. 4419 18th Ave. Women: 1:30 & 6:00 A 3:45 BA CROWN HEIGHTS Beis Levy Yitzchok Shul 556 Crown Street Women: 2:00 A 4:00 B FLATBUSH Agudath Israel of Madison 2122 Ave. S Corner Ave. S and E 22 St. 2:30 A 5:25 B Agudas Isr. Bais Binyomin 2915 Ave. L 2:30 A 5:00 B Children’s Program 12:50 Agudah of Ave H. 817 Ave. H 2:30 A 4:30 B Bnei Binyamin 727 Ave O 1:30 A 4:30 B Bnei Yisrael 3190 Bedford Ave. 4:00 A 6:30 B Flatbush Park Jewish Center 6363 Ave U 5:30 A 7:10 B Cong. Ahavas Dovid 924 East 10th St. 2:50 A 4:35 B Men 2:50 B 4:35 A Women Showing in separate rooms

Cong. Torat Chaim 1359 East 9th St. 1:00 A Women Persian Cong. of 3:00 A Men Flatbush Homecrest Ave 1434 Ocean Parkway Synagogue 2:00 TBA 1949 Homecrest Ave. Pozna Shul 1:00 A 3:00 B 2422 Ave. I Keter Sion Cong. 2:30 A 5:00 B 1914 East 8th Street Stretiner Simcha Hall 1:00 A 4:30 B 4609 Bay Pkwy Khal Kesser Yisrael 2:30 A 4:30 B Mordechai CEDARHURST 2016 Ave L Agudah 11:50am A 6:50 B Yad Yosef Torah Cntr. of Five Towns 508 Penninsula Blvd. 1036 Ocean Pkwy 2:00 A 5:00 B 1:30 A 3:30 B Kehillas Bais Yehuda Y.I. of Midwood Tzvi 1694 Ocean Ave. 395 Oakland Ave. CC 4:00 A 5:30 B 2:30 A 4:30 B Y.I. of Flatbush Y. I. of Lawrence1012 Ave. I Cedarhurst 3:00 A 5:00 B 8 Spruce Street Y.I. of Bedford Bay 2:30 B 5:00 A 2114 Brown St. FAR ROCKAWAY 12:30 B Cong. Torah Utefilah Mishkan Frysztak Yerushalayim 621 Hicksville Rd. 611 Ave. X 1:30 B 4:30 A 6:15 B TAG Elementary Ohr Naava Women’s School Torah Center 444 Beach 6th St 2201 E. 23rd St. 2:00 B 4:00 A 3:15 B 6:15 A Women

Y.I. of Bayswater 2716 Healy Ave. 3:00 B 5:00 A Yeshiva Ateres Shimon 1239 Caffery Ave. 12:30 B 3:00 A FOREST HILLS Havurat Yisrael 106-20 70th Ave. 10:30 A 1:00 B Machane Chadash 67-29 108 St. 1:30 A 3:15 B Queens Jewish Center 66-05 108 St. 2:00 A 4:00 B Sephardic Jewish Cong. 101-17 67th Drive 1:00 A 3:00 B GREAT NECK Ahavat Shalom 130 Cuttermill Rd. 5:00 A & B Great Neck Syn. 26 Old Mill Rd. 4:00 A Kollel Ohr Haemet 112 Steamboat Rd, 4:00 Shaare Torah 813 Middleneck Rd. Aug. 10, 10:00 pm Aug. 11, 11:00 am

Torah Ohr Cong. Cong. Ahavas Yisrael 575 Middle Neck Rd. 147-02 73rd Ave. TBA 2:10 A 4:10 B Y.I. of Great Neck Kehilas Sephardim 236 Middle Neck Rd. 150-62 78th Rd 1 hour before mincha Aug. 10, 9:30pm A Aug. 11, 5:00 B HEWLETT Lander College Cong. Anshe Chesed 75-31 150th St 1170 William St. 2:15 A & B 3:00 A 4:30 B Y.I of Hewlett LAWRENCE 1 Piermont Ave. Shaaray Tefila 3:00 A 5:00 B 25 Central Ave. 2:30 A 4:45 B INWOOD Cong. Bais Avrohom Zev Bais Tefillah of Inwood 2 Rockaway Trnpk 321 Doughty Blvd. 3:00 A 2:30 A 4:00 B KENSINGTON LIDO BEACH Cong. Linath Hatzedek Lido Beach 109 Clara St. Synagogue Corner 13th/36th Lido Blvd. & Fairway 4:30 A 6:30 B Rd. 5:00 A & B KEW GARDENS Kew Gardens Syn. LONG BEACH Adath Yeshurun Sephardic Cong. 82-17 Lefferts Blvd. of Long Beach 3:00 A 5:00 B 161 Lafayette Blvd KEW GARDEN HILLS 6:30 B Boulevard ALP Y.I. of Long Beach Assisted Living 120 Long Beach Blvd. 71-61 159th St. Aug. 10, 10:00 pm A 2:30 B Aug. 11, 3:00 B

MONSEY Atrium Plaza 401 W. Rt. 59 Women 1:30, 3:45 A 6:00 B Ohr Somayach 244 Rt. 306 Men 3:15, 6:00 A Airmont Radishitz 3 Echoe Ridge Rd 2:30 A 4:30 B Women Only Kehillat New Hempstead 720 Union Rd. 1:15 A 4:30 B Kehillas Shaar Hashamayim 71 E. Willow Tree 2:30 A 4:30 B Khal Zichron Mordechai 9 Fosse Ct. Women only: 2:15 A Men & Women: 4:00 A 5:45 B Cong. Bais Torah 89 West Carlton Road 5:50 B Bais Yosef Meir 19 Olympia Ln. 2:15 A 4:00 B OCEANSIDE Cong. Darchei Noam 3310 Woodward St. 2:30 B 4:15 A Y.I. of Oceanside 150 Waukena Ave. 5:20 B WEST HEMPSTEAD Y. I. of W. Hempstead 630 Hempstead Ave. 12:30 A 6:00 B WOODMERE Y.I. of Woodmere 859 Peninsula Blvd. TBA Yeshiva Gedola of the MANHATTAN Five Towns Cong. Adereth El 218 Mosher Ave. 133 E. 29th St., 6:30 B 3:00 5:00 A Ohab Zedek Yismach Moshe 118 W. 95th St., 2:30 A 1050 Central Ave K’hal Adas Jeshurun 4:00 A 5:40 B 90 Bennett Ave. EDISON/ 5:00 A HIGHLAND PARK Ohav Sholom Cong. Ohav Emeth 270 W. 84th St. 415 Raritan Ave. 1:00 5:00 2:30 A 4:30 B Bais Yaakov Cong. Ohr Torah of the East Side 48 Edgemount Rd. 142 Broome St. 2:30 A 5:30 B 3:00 A 5:00 B PASSAIC Yeshiva University Ohel Rivka Hall 515 W. 185 St. 181 Pennington Ave. 2:45 A 4:30 B Women 3:00 A The Beis Men: 5:30 A 313 W. 83rd St., 5:00 B Tifereth Israel West Side Jewish Cntr 180 Passaic Ave. 347 West 34th Str. 4:00 A 2:15 & 5:45 B 6:25 A TEANECK West Side Arzei Darom Institutional 725 Queen Anne Rd. Synagogue 2:30 A 5:00 B 120 West 76th Street Bnai Yeshurun 2:00 A 4:00 B 641 W. Engelwood Ave. Fifth Ave Synagogue 12:00 A 5:00 B 5 E. 62th St. Cong. Beth Aron 10:30am, 4:30 A 950 Queen Anne Rd. 12:00, 6:00 B TBA THIS AD IS SPONSORED BY

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019

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AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home


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The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019


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AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home

Dear Readers,


elty of the nations under which we’ve lived. We’ve been subjected to accusations and pogroms, the perfect scapegoats for the world’s problems. Millions have been slaughtered – at the stake, by the sword, in mass graves – and millions have been displaced, forced to move at a moment’s notice with rabid dogs lapping at their heels. And still, we’re here. We’ve survived. And we haven’t just survived, we’ve thrived. Who could have imagined that just a few generations after whole towns were wiped off the map, all of their inhabitants turned to ash, yeshivas in Jewish neighborhoods would once again be filled with the sweet sounds of Torah? And those schools now aren’t just filled; they’re bursting with Jewish children who rejoice in the same Torah that the Nazis, ym”sh, spit on and burned a few decades ago. As a nation, we were informed that we would have to go into golus. But we were also promised that the exile would end and that we would merit the Ultimate Redemption. This year, we hope, Tisha B’Av will be a time of joy, a day of celebration, the conclusion of a long golus, and the beginning of an era of pure goodness.

osef Levkovich’s story is perhaps the story of the survival of the Jewish people. Instead of spending his formative years in the warmth of his family’s embrace, Josef was subjected to brutal beatings and near-starvation. He survived the Holocaust through a series of miracles and fortuitous near-death misses. And when he was finally liberated, a living corpse, he yearned to give his life meaning. For years after the Holocaust Josef helped to track down Nazis and death camp commandants, ensuring that they would be punished for the sins they committed against millions of his brethren. And he worked to helped liberate Jewish children from non-Jewish families that had cared for them after the war. They deserved to know of their heritage and be brought back into the fold. Now, Josef is living in Israel, surrounded by his family and friends, retelling his experiences and ensuring that a generation so removed from death camps will never forget. For more than three millennia, the Jewish nation has seen too many holocausts. As the flames engulfed the Bais Hamikdash and the kohanim threw the keys to the holy Temple into the heavens, those who were left of the Jewish nation were taken into exile in chains, their tears and their blood staining the paths they tread. But that was only the beginning. Throughout the generations, we’ve been subjected to the whims and cru-

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Wishing you a wonderful week, Shoshana

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Shoshana Soroka EDITOR

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Shabbos Zemanim

August 9 – August 15








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Friday, August 9 Parshas Devarim Candle Lighting: 7:42 pm Shabbos Ends: 8:45 pm Rabbeinu Tam: 9:12 pm

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019

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AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home



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This Week We’re Talking to…Simcha Day Camp


This Week We’re Talking to…Camp Matov


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Tunneling to Yerushalayim by Rav Moshe Weinberger


Parsha in Four by Eytan Kobre


When Contradiction Creates Clarity by Shmuel Reichman


Seven Principles for Maintaining Jewish Peoplehood by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks 76 Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by Rabbi Yoni Levin 78


Vision at Neilah by Yaakov Klein


The Power of the Written Word by Leah R. Lightman 82

PEOPLE The Holocaust Survivor Who Captured Amon Goeth


A Life of Kiddush Hashem That Culminated in a Worldwide Kiddush Hashem 108 Wearing Two Uniforms, Part III by Avi Heiligman

Dear Editor, I want to take this opportunity in this public forum to acknowledge the day camps in our community and express hakaras hatov. I have a child with special needs, and I am also a therapist working with children. I have witnessed firsthand how not only do our local camps accept children who have special needs but welcome them into camp with a whole heart, ready, willing and open to accommodate each child and making it an enjoyable fun summer for everyone. Although camp is not over, I will tell you these children are having an awesome time in camp and are thriving. These camps are providing self-esteem, confidence, and the means to achieve. They are providing parents some normalcy and routine in their life. Whereas during the year some of the children are being bussed to special programs and are being pulled out of class numerous times for related services, here in camp parents know their child can be just like others. To be told, “We’d love to have your child,” “Sure her shadow can be with her,” “Anything to help, we are happy to work with you” … these comments are a lifeline, recorded in memory to


HEALTH & FITNESS Is Talking Everything? by Dr. Deb Hirschhorn


Drink to Your Health by Aliza Beer, MS RD CDN


Cover art, “By the Kotel on Tisha B’Av,” by Alex Levin

be replayed many times over. Thank you for giving my child a chance, for giving ALL children a chance. Anonymous Far Rockaway Dear Editor, The second round of Democratic Party presidential primary debates between 20 officially announced candidates should give both Jewish and non-Jewish voters concerned about the future of our great nation. Too many candidates on stage over two nights supported the continued expansion of government-run insurance, healthcare for illegal immigrants, open borders, free college tuition, forgiveness of student debt, reparations for slavery, increasing income redistribution and a guaranteed monthly income payments.  Support for a mandatory Green New Deal over coming years would result in the elimination of millions of jobs.  It could easily cost tens of trillions to pay for all of the above which Washington would have to borrow, thus increasing our national debt.  They refuse to criticize fellow Democrats who equate holding facilities for illegal immigrants with the Holocaust.  Six million of my Jewish ancestors did not voluntarily attempt to enter into Nazi concentration camps.  They did not offer to dress in rags, be slowly starved to death, perform voluntary slave labor, and be Continued on page 10

Madraigos Mental Health Awareness Program Provides Roadmap for Teachers 100 FOOD & LEISURE The Aussie Gourmet: General Tso’s Fish


LIFESTYLES Dating Dialogue, Moderated by Jennifer Mann, LCSW


Your Money


100% Summer by Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS


HUMOR Centerfold 64 POLITICAL CROSSFIRE Notable Quotes A Left vs. Far-Left Brawl by Marc A. Thiessen CLASSIFIEDS

104 107 113

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Explore the World







The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019


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AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home


27 Year Old

Girl Finds Her Bashert


Shidduch Time at

Amuka With

Tehillim Kollel On

Tu B’Av


t was like riding a roller-coaster. Within seconds, your orientation changes from up to down and then back up and down again. At 27, I had been seeking a shidduch for a very long time. And so many times, I had thought, “This is it! He is the one!!” and then… it fell apart. Why couldn’t I find my bashert? I had been to all the shadchanim and decided to turn to the ultimate ShadchanHashem! I signed up for membership with Tehillim Kollel, who I knew employed sincere and dedicated men to daven for the klal, at one of their daily locations, where Tehillim Kollel representatives daven in an established place each and every day: Amuka, the Kever of Yonasan ben Uziel, renowned for being a holy site for bringing about shidduchim. I then continued my hishtadlus, trying to seek out new shadchanim that I had not yet contacted. I am ecstatic to share that my personal roller coaster ride with Shidduchim is over. A few months after signing up, I became engaged to my wonderful chassan! The ultimate Shadchan came through for me! And thankfully, the roller coaster ride is over.

For a family member or friend and make their shidduch and dreams of the future come true!

t i l p S the sea 718.705.7174 W W W. T E H I L L I M KO L L E L . O RG I N FO @ T E H I L L I M KO L L E L . O RG

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gassed to death in crematoriums. Nothing about dealing with our $22 trillion and growing national debt by $1 billion per year for years to come. Nothing about dealing with future insolvency of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Nothing about asking our NATO allies to contribute their fair share of spending for mutual defense. Nothing about China’s re-indoctrination camps for several million who practice religion. Nothing about all lives matter, beyond just “Black Lives Matter.” Mainstream moderate Democrats from decades ago such as Senators Daniel Patrick Moynihan (NY), Scoop Jackson (Washington), Sam Nunn (Georgia), and Joseph Lieberman (Connecticut) would not recognize their own party today. Sincerely, Larry Penner Great Neck Dear Editor, I take umbrage with Marc Thiessen’s article, “Trump: Wrong to Attack Cummings, but Right about Baltimore.” In his article, he makes the case for why Trump was correct in calling out Baltimore for its crime and health issues but never makes the case as to why “calling out” Elijah Cummings was wrong. President Trump was making the comparison between false Democrat rhetoric regarding “concentration camps” at the U.S. Southern border and Cummings overlooking his own city which is rat- and drug-infested according to a PBS documentary. In more than 25 years of Mr. Cummings’ representation, nothing has changed for Baltimore as far as crime and health, despite the millions of dollars that have poured into the city. By Mr. Thiessen’s own admission, Democrat policies have failed to bring about needed change in Baltimore and are responsible for the continued issues at the Southern border. To say that Mr. Cummings is not responsible for

acting on these deplorable conditions belies Mr. Thiessen’s argument as to failed Democrat policies and contributes to the myth of the need to have low expectations for people of color. Jan Henock Woodmere, NY Dear Editor, Your news section this week highlighted that the most popular name for babies in Israel is now Muhammad. That’s scary news. It is only the ultraorthodox Jews in Israel that are having children; the secular Jews are not. If they want to still see a Jewish state in a few years, they better start to think about contributing to the Jewish nation in this way and starting vibrant families. Either that, or Jews will become a minority in their land. Alan Kolber Dear Editor, I appreciated your “Nine Days Menu: Mix ‘n’ Match” article this week, as I always like to serve fresh menus for my family. That being said, sometimes I wonder if we, as a community, are becoming too consumed (pun intended) with food. Yes, for a week we can’t eat meat or chicken. Does that mean that we have to panic about cooking meatfree meals for our family? Why can’t we just serve pizza or eggs or fish or bagels? Why does every meal have to be over-the-top? We’re not trying out for Top Chef over here. Simple but filling should be the goal. It’s the same with yom tov or even Shabbos. We’ve become so obsessed with food and flavors that we create an undue pressure for many women. Whatever happened to gefilte fish and chicken soup with lokshen? Will our children be deprived if we served chicken and rice for Friday night seudos? Food columns and shows and magazines are creating a genre that we shouldn’t be focusing on. We should be eating to live – not living to eat. Respectfully, Chana L.

Unfortunately, due to an error, an article was recently placed in TJH that inappropriately equated a person in Tanach with someone else. This comparison in no way represents the values or sensitivities that TJH upholds, and we regret the placement of such article. As always, we remain committed to providing wholesome Torah and family-appropriate content for your pleasure.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019

this y! a d n o m


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shulem lemmer

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AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home

The Week In News

Iran Continues its Belligerence

Three new precision guided missiles were unveiled on Tuesday by Iran, as President Hassan Rouhani warned of the “mother of all wars” should the U.S. attack the Persian regime. Defense Minister Brigadier-General Amir Hatami said the new weapons prove Iran “will not hesitate for a moment to defend [itself].”

Those words were said after Rouhani warned the U.S. of the “mother of all wars” if tensions in the Gulf spill over into conflict. Rouhani added that Iran is willing to negotiate the terms of the infamous nuclear deal but added that talks will not take place until the U.S. drops all sanctions against it. Among the new weapons unveiled by Tehran was a guided missile dubbed Yasin, which has folding wings and is designed to be fired from a drone. Another newly-developed weapon was the  Balaban, which Iran said could be fired from an aircraft before being guided to its target using GPS and other sensors. An updated version of the heat-seeking Ghaem missile, which is also designed as an air-to-air weapon, was also unveiled. Iran has been engaged in saber-rattling with the U.S. for months after the Trump administration walked away from a nuclear deal signed under President Obama. The UK then became a target of Tehran’s ire after seizing an Iranian tanker off Gibraltar in what the regime described as “economic terrorism” carried out on behalf of America. On Monday, the UK became the

first nation to agree to join a U.S.-led mission to protect shipping through the Gulf after one of its tankers was seized.  Britain had previously called for a European-led mission to protect shipping through the vulnerable bottleneck, which lies partly in Iranian territorial waters. Around a fifth of the world’s oil passes through the strait, which is integral to international shipping routes, each day.  The only ship from an EU country currently in the region is a French frigate. Germany has previously baulked at the idea of sending vessels there. Italy, Denmark and France had indicated that they were willing to back Britain’s task-force, but had yet to commit any resources.   The UK currently has two ships in the region – Type 23 frigate HMS Montrose and Type 45 destroyer HMS Duncan, which arrived a week ago. The U.S. has at least three ships currently inside the Persian Gulf, comprising the Boxer Amphibious Ready Group. The group is led by the USS Boxer, which is supported by the USS John P Murtha – an amphibious transport dock – and the landing ship USS Harpers Ferry, along with accompanying helicopter squadrons

and thousands of embarked Marines. Right outside the Persian Gulf itself is Carrier Strike Group 12, led by the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. Accompanying the Lincoln is Destroyer Squadron 2 comprised of the USS Bainbridge, USS Mason and USS Nitze with support from the USS Leyte Gulf. Carrier Air Wing 7 is stationed on board the Lincoln.  Around 1,000 American troops are also being moved to the region, while a bomber strike force including B-52s has also been deployed.  On Monday, Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said his country will no longer tolerate “maritime offences” and added that Iran is “responsible for the security and safety” of the region. He accused London of participating in American “economic terrorism” and said Washington is solely to blame for tensions in the region. “Whenever the U.S. has entered into the Persian Gulf it has brought in nothing but violence and war,” the Iranian diplomat charged. Last month, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards seized British tanker Stena Impero near the Strait of Hormuz for alleged marine violations.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019

Women in Saudi Arabia Can Travel Alone

In a first, Saudi Arabian women will be allowed to travel outside of Saudi Arabia without a male guardian after King Salman scrapped the longtime decree. “A passport will be granted to any Saudi national who submits an application,” read government notices published in all of Saudi Arabia’s newspapers that highlighted that women no longer need a male chaperone when going abroad. Previously, women were required to present the written approval of their male guardian when applying for a passport. Women were also commonly denied passports of their own and were instead given a page in their male guardian’s document, ensuring that they could not leave the country without their male guardian. The decades-old policy was widely denounced around the world as being overly restrictive towards women and was a black eye for Saudi Arabia’s efforts to present a more modern face for the country. According to the Ministry of Information, the reform is part of the monarchy’s “efforts to promote women’s rights and empowerment, equal to men.” The new decree was announced last Friday and is part of a campaign by the kingdom to relax its restrictive laws regarding women that have received international censure. The long-rumored policy change was confirmed by Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States Reema Bandar Al-Saud in a Facebook post. “These new regulations are history in the making. They call for the equal engagement of women and men in our society,” wrote Reema, who is Saudi Arabia’s first female ambassador. “These developments have been a long time coming.” It is not known when the new law will take effect.

Osama Bin Laden’s Son Dies

Hamsa Bin Laden, the son of infamous former al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, has reportedly died. According to NBC, U.S. intelligence officials have concluded that the younger Bin Laden died sometime over the previous two years. The report didn’t mention how Hamsa Bin Laden died and whether the United States had a role in his death. Hamsa bin Laden was a veteran al-Qaeda operative and was groomed by his father to succeed him as the head of the murderous terror group. Residing in Afghanistan’s mountainous Tora Bora region, he had appeared in al-Qaeda propaganda videos in the past. His last public announcement was released by al-Qaeda’s media arm in 2018, in which he threatened Saudi Arabia and called on Muslims all over the world to commit attacks against their secular leaders. In February, the State Department announced a prize of up to $1 million for anyone who could provide information about the younger Bin Laden’s whereabouts. Experts say that Hamsa’s death will likely damage al-Qaeda due to his prestigious lineage and the prominent position he held in the organization. “If it’s true that he is dead, then al-Qaeda has lost its future because Hamsa was the future of al-Qaeda,” former F.B.I. agent Ali Soufan told The New York Times. “He was being prepared to lead the organization, and it’s very obvious from his statements that his focus was to bring back his dad’s message.”

U.S. Sanctions Iran’s Foreign Minister President Donald Trump slapped Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif with sanctions last week as tensions between the two countries continue to escalate. The sanctions targeted property

Investing in clean, sustainable energy. One of the many ways we’re using smart technology to plan for our island’s future.



AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home

and holdings owned by Zarif in the United States, despite claims by Zarif that he doesn’t have any. The move to punish Zarif follows a decision by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to restrict Zarif’s movements in New York to only six square blocks when the diplomat arrives for the United Nations’ General Assembly.

“Javad Zarif implements the reckless agenda of Iran’s Supreme Leader and is the regime’s primary spokesperson around the world. The United States is sending a clear message to the Iranian regime that its recent behavior is completely unacceptable,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Zarif responded to the move by ridiculing the United States and President Trump. “The reason the United States has targeted me is that I am ‘the international face of Iran.’ Is the truth so painful?” tweeted

Zarif. “The sanctions have no effect on me or my family, because I have no property or interest outside of Iran. Thank you for considering me as such a huge threat to your agenda.” The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps also condemned the decision to sanction Zarif and said that it would have no effect on Tehran’s actions. “This is a ridiculous, illegal and unwise move,” said the group in a statement. “The Americans are expressing their anger at the fact that the message of the Islamic Republic is widely disseminated.” The decision to sanction Zarif comes as Trump ratchets up the pressure on the Islamic Republic in an attempt to force them to renegotiate the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. As Tehran’s chief negotiator for the landmark accords, Zarif is seen as the face of the controversial deal along with former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

Are Māori Families Targeted by New Zealand? Members of New Zealand’s Māori tribe have begun an all-out battle

against the government’s intention to develop building projects on what they say are their sacred lands.

Besides for the development that will carve up their ancestral homeland, Māori members are also angry after several children were recently removed from their parents’ care by New Zealand’s child welfare agency. The protests began last week at a variety of locations across the remote country. In New Zealand’s capital of Wellington, hundreds rallied outside the nation’s parliament. In Auckland, demonstrators waved signs and accused Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern of abandoning them. The Māori aim to scrap regulations allowing the Labor party’s child welfare agency Oranga Tamariki (Ministry for Children) to remove children from their parents’ care. While the policy – known as “uplifting” – has always existed, Māori groups say that there has been a recent upswing. Since 2017, the Māori community has seen hundreds of its children taken away from their parents by the state. While Māori are only 14% of the total population, the 290 children they lost to foster care in 2017 and 2019 is more than 50% of the total cases in the country, a figure they say proves that their tribe is suffering from discrimination. In just last year alone, 71% of the 281 children taken into custody were of Māori heritage. The state welfare agency admits that Māoris suffer disproportionally from their policies but deny that it is a result of deliberate targeting. “We are aware that tamariki (children) Māori are disproportionately affected and represent the largest group of children that come into our care,” notes Oranga Tamariki’s website.

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AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home

A swarm of locusts invaded Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, last week

U.S. Offers to Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan

The United States has offered to remove thousands of troops from Afghanistan in a bid to reach a longterm ceasefire with the Taliban. Under the terms of the offer, the U.S. would reduce its troop size in the war-torn country from 14,000 to between 8,000 and 9,000 soldiers. In exchange, the White House wants the Taliban to begin negotiating with the Afghani government and to declare a ceasefire with the United States. The proposal is supported by Army Gen. Austin “Scott” Miller, who commands all of the U.S. troops in Afghanistan. According to the Washington Post, Miller believes the 8,000 remaining soldiers are sufficient to continue operating against al-Qaeda and ISIS, and he supports any effort that would end the conflict. “Neither side will win it militarily, and if neither side will win it militarily you have to move…towards a political settlement here,” Miller said during a recent interview with ABC News.

The willingness to drastically reduce the military presence comes amid marathon negotiations between the Taliban and the United States. Headed by the Afghani-born diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. is attempting to hammer out a deal with the fundamentalist group that would end the 18-year conflict. With the majority of talks taking place in Qatar, the two adversaries have made giant strides and are reportedly on the verge of clinching a deal ahead of Afghanistan’s presidential election in September. “We are hopeful,” said Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid. “Things look promising that there will be a breakthrough. We hope there won’t be any obstacle, but it also depends on the seriousness of the Americans.”

India Revokes Kashmir’s Special Status

The Indian government voted to abolish the Kashmir region’s autonomous status on Monday, leading to fears of future unrest.

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Mourning &Meaning Absorbing the Message of Tisha B’av






B E AC H 1 7 S T R E E T & S E AG I RT B O U L E VA R D FA R RO C K AWAY, N E W YO R K (Parking will be available on the Yeshiva campus)

The recital of Kinos will be interspersed with ,urrug,v hrcs from:














AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home


Foreign Office. “As party to this international dispute, Pakistan will exercise all possible options to counter the illegal steps,” it said. Kashmir, a stretch of land between India and Pakistan, is claimed by both countries. India’s announcement raises the risk of violence by those opposing the move. While Hindu India views Kashmir as an inseparable part of the country, Muslim-dominated Kashmir has long chafed at being ruled by New Delhi and often identifies with neighboring Pakistan.

U.S.-China Trade War

HERE’S HOW AMEX DESCRIBES WHAT THEY’RE CHANGING: We are changing the Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions to provide that an Additional Card must be issued to an Additional Card Member at least 90 days prior to linking your Membership Rewards program account to that Additional Card Member’s frequent customer program account.


Led by the right-wing Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Indian government passed a bill that will divide up the Jammu and Kashmir region into two states under Indian sovereignty. The vote ended a constitutional provision that governed Kashmir differently than the rest of India over the last seven decades. The change was announced by Union Home Minister Amit Shah

and came after the Indian government flooded Kashmir with tens of thousands of additional troops. The Indian government also shut down all cellphone service in Kashmir and arrested the region’s elected leaders on Friday night. The move was greeted with deep opposition in Kashmir, with former Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah slamming the decision and vowing that locals will not stay silent.

“The Indian government’s unilateral and shocking decisions today are a total betrayal of trust that the people of Jammu and Kashmir had reposed in India when the state acceded to it in 1947,” Abdullah said. Pakistan also responded angrily to Kashmir’s new status. “Kashmir is an internationally recognized disputed territory. No unilateral step by the government of India can change this disputed status,” said Pakistan’s

The U.S.-China trade war heated up this week, when the U.S. formally labeled China a currency manipulator after China’s central bank allowed the yuan to fall in retaliation for new U.S. tariffs. While the U.S. Treasury Department’s determination is largely symbolic, as the potential punishments are a shadow of the steps Trump has already taken against China, it underscores the rapidly deteriorating relationship between the world’s two largest economies. The move immediately roiled markets, with S&P 500 Index futures sliding more than 1% in early Asian trading. Under the designation, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin “will engage with the International Monetary Fund to eliminate the unfair competitive advantage created by China’s latest actions,” the department said in a statement on Monday. Trump called the yuan’s plunge below the symbolically important level of 7 per dollar “currency manipulation” in a tweet earlier on Monday. He indicated he’d like the Federal Reserve to counter the move. The two countries escalated their trade war after Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer returned from meetings with counterparts in Shanghai last week without progress toward a deal to

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AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home







Rav of the Young Israel of Hewlett Maggid Shiur at Yeshiva Toras Halacha


Post 12th Grade • Shana Alef Shana Bet • College MONDAY-THURSDAY

JULY 1 - AUGUST 15 8:30-10:00 PM

resolve American complaints about China’s economic practices. Trump ordered 10% tariffs on about $300 billion in Chinese imports to begin September 1, barring a breakthrough in negotiations. While Trump had promised to declare China a currency manipulator during his presidential campaign in 2016, Treasury had so far declined to take the step. The country hasn’t officially been labeled a manipulator since 1998. Mnuchin had warned in June that China could be designated a currency manipulator if it stopped intervening to prop up its currency. “It’s not coincidental in my mind that the currency has moved from approximately 6.30 to 6.90” to the dollar, he said on June 8 after a Group of 20 meeting in Fukuoka, Japan.



LEARNING MASECHTA TAANIS: KNOW IT, COMPLETE IT Located in the heart of Kew Gardens Hills, Yeshiva Toras Halacha is a place where growth-oriented post-high school students can grow & thrive in Torah learning while attending college or university. Our unique program is designed to accommodate a full course load while providing a serious,enjoyable & fulfilling learning environment. During the academic year, YTH offers a morning seder focusing on learning sugyas aliba dHilchisa and a night seder focusing on Gemarah bkiyus. Talmidim come from 5 Towns, Queens, New Jersey and beyond. At the request of our 5 towns Talmidim, we are having a special night Seder for the summer only, close to their homes, to be enjoyed by the community at large.

N. Korea Earned $2B Through Cyberattacks


North Korea has been able to generate an estimated $2 billion for its weapons of mass destruction programs using “widespread and increasingly sophisticated” cyberattacks to steal from banks and cryptocurrency exchanges, according to a confidential U.N. report seen by Reuters this week. Pyongyang also “continued to enhance its nuclear and missile programmes although it did not conduct a nuclear test or ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) launch,” noted the report to the U.N. Security Council North Korea sanctions committee by independent experts monitoring compliance over the past six months. North Korea “used cyberspace to launch increasingly sophisticated attacks to steal funds from financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges to generate income.” They also used cyberspace to launder the stolen money, the report said. “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea cyber actors, many operating under the direction of the Reconnais-

sance General Bureau, raise money for its WMD (weapons of mass destruction) programmes, with total proceeds to date estimated at up to two billion U.S. dollars,” the report said. North Korea is formally known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The Reconnaissance General Bureau is a top North Korean military intelligence agency. The experts said they are investigating “at least 35 reported instances of DPRK actors attacking financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges and mining activity designed to earn foreign currency” in some 17 countries. Attempting to halt the funding for nuclear and ballistic missile programs in North Korea, the Security Council has unanimously imposed sanctions on North Korea since 2006. The banned exports include coal, iron, lead, textiles and seafood, and capped imports of crude oil and refined petroleum products. U.S. President Donald Trump has met with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un three times, most recently in June when he became the first sitting U.S. president to set foot in North Korea at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between the two Koreas, in attempt to halt Pyongyang’s nuclear program. They agreed to resume stalled talks, although that has yet to happen. In July and early August, North Korea carried out three short-range missiles tests in eight days. The U.N. report was completed before last week’s missile launches by North Korea, but noted that “missile launches in May and July enhanced its overall ballistic missile capabilities.”

Iran Seizes Another Oil Tanker

Iran’s state media announced on Sunday that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) had seized another oil tanker in the Persian Gulf, Tehran’s latest provocation in

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the strategic waterway. The ship was reportedly seized the previous Wednesday near the Iranian island of Farsi during routine navy patrols “discovering and confronting organized smuggling.” According to an IRGC officer, the tanker was seized after it became clear that it was “smuggling fuel for some Arab countries.” The Iraqiflagged vessel’s 700,000 liters of oil and seven-man crew remain in Tehran’s custody. Tehran’s latest provocation raises fears that another escalation in the area is underway. In recent weeks, Iran has seized tankers from Britain, Panama, and the UAE while damaging several others, leading to concerns that the Islamic Republic is targeting oil shipments in the sensitive Straits of Hormuz. Tensions in the Persian Gulf have heightened since President Donald Trump slapped draconian sanctions on Iran’s oil sector in 2018 after leaving the 2015 nuclear deal. Iran has consistently threatened that if its oil exports, which are vital to the regime’s survival, are harmed, it will disrupt the transfer of oil from other countries in the region through the Strait of Hormuz.

“The Persian Gulf is like a tinderbox and explosion of a firecracker can lead to a huge disaster,” said IRGC Commander Brigadier General Ahmadreza Pourdastan. “All countries which have interests in the region absolutely are not willing to see a new regional crisis.”

South KoreaJapan Tensions Heat Up

Long-simmering tensions between South Korea and Japan deteriorated into a full-blown trade war this past week after both countries slapped new export controls on each other. The current spat began after Japan removed its Pacific neighbor from its list of trusted trade part-

ners. Known as the “whitelist,” the coveted designation allowed member nations to buy sensitive military technology from Japan without going through an arduous process. While Japan stressed that the move “is not an export ban,” the decision incensed South Korea. With the latter’s economy dependent on now-restricted Japanese products, losing the coveted designation will likely deal a severe blow to South Korea’s economy.  While Tokyo claims that the decision stemmed from national security concerns, South Korea rejected the explanation, noting that it is the first time Japan has ever removed another country from the list. According to Seoul, Japan’s sudden aggressiveness is punishment for a ruling by the Korean Supreme Court last year ordering Japanese companies to provide compensation to World War II victims.  A few hours later, South Korea retaliated by dropping Japan from its own whitelist and filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO). “The step taken by Japan today is something that impairs the long-standing economic cooperation

and friendly partnership between our two countries, posing a grave challenge to the bilateral relationship,” said South Korean President Moon Jae-in. “Moreover, it is a selfish, destructive act that will cripple the global supply chain and wreak havoc on the global economy. It is sure to draw condemnation from the international community.” As a result of Japan’s actions, South Koreans have stopped buying Japanese products as a sign of protest with a boycott campaign growing increasingly popular. Within the past month, sales of Toyota vehicles fell 32% while Honda’s sales plunging by 34%. 

Pompeo Attempts AntiChina Alliance in Pacific U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) this week to hammer out an anti-China alliance with the tiny Pacific states. During the visit, Pompeo hud-

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AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home

dled with the leaders of the FSM, Marshall Islands, and Palau. The top U.S. diplomat is attempting to renew an agreement with the aforementioned countries in order to hit back at China’s encroaching influence in the region.

Known as the Compacts of Free Association, the accord grants the U.S. military exclusive access to the remote Pacific region. In exchange for airspace and water rights, the United States gives the four nations annual economic benefits worth millions of dollars. The agreements are set to expire in 2024, leading China to launch a major charm offensive to woo the small nations. Beijing hopes to convince the four countries to break off their ties with the U.S. in exchange for heightened benefits, leading Pompeo to make the first-ever visit by a sitting U.S. Secretary of State. “Today, I am here to confirm the United States will help you protect your sovereignty, your security, your right to live in freedom and peace,” Pompeo said in Pohnpei State. “I’m pleased to announce the United States has begun negotiations on extending our compacts.… They sustain democracy in the face of Chinese efforts to redraw the Pacific,” he added.

74 Years Since the Bombing of Hiroshima Tuesday marked 74 years since the bombing of Hiroshima. Japan marked the day with ceremonies and urged nations around the world to oust nuclear weapons to prevent a similar occurrence from ever taking place again. Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui called upon Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe  to facilitate denuclearization among the world’s

major powers in his speech at the commemoration and expressed his concerns about the current increase of egocentric political affairs in the world. “Around the world today, we see self-centered nationalism in ascendance, tensions heightened by international exclusivity and rivalry, with nuclear disarmament at a standstill,” Matsui said in his address. He added that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki shouldn’t only be viewed as historical events but should also be considered as learning points to build better relations and decrease tensions in the international spectrum. He urged world leaders to visit the cities to better learn what happened.

Matsui further stated that Abe should represent the survivors of the bombing and sign a United Nations nuclear weapons ban treaty. Japan has not signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons due to the United States’ 50,000 troop military presence in the country, which protects the nation under its nuclear umbrella. Hiroshima survivors and activist groups protest this decision as insensitive. Abe acknowledged Matsui’s assertions regarding Japan’s stance between nuclear and non-nuclear states and recognized their notable differences. “Japan is committed to serve as a bridge between nuclear and non-nuclear states and lead the international effort, while patiently trying to convince them to cooperate and have a dialogue,” Abe stated in his speech. He stopped short of promising to sign the treaty. A moment of silence was observed at 8:15 a.m., the exact time of the blast on August 6, 1945 when the United States’ “Little Boy” atomic bomb flattened Hiroshima 74 years ago, killing 140,000 people and wounding thousands more. Survivors, families and commemorators congregated at the site with roses and photographs, praying for the victims who died in the attack.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019

Otzma Won’t Run with United Right

The radical right-wing Otzma Yehudit party will not run for the Knesset together with the United Right list, raising the chances that rightwing votes will be wasted in the September elections. The move to run independently became final last Thursday evening, which was the deadline for parties to submit their Knesset list to the Central Elections Committee. The decision came despite marathon negotiations between Otzma leader Itamar Ben Gvir and United Right heads Bezalel Smotrich, Ayelet Shaked, and Rabbi Rafi Peretz. A far-right party that adheres to the ideology of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, Otzma had run together with Peretz’s Jewish Home and Smotrich’s National Union in the previous elections in April. Yet the aforementioned Knesset slate known as the Union of Right Wing Parties (URP) only earned six Knesset seats, leaving Ben Gvir out at number eight. Since April, however, the bonds between Otzma and the URP have frayed, as Otzma accused Peretz of failing to honor various deals. As the September elections approach, the URP merged again with Ayelet Shaked’s New Right, with the amalgam of factions calling themselves the United Right. Otzma’s decision to run alone heightens the chance that it will fail to cross the electoral threshold, as had previously occurred in 2013 and 2015. Yet despite the danger of squandering crucial votes, Ben Gvir and other Otzma officials refused to merge with the United Right if they did not receive the number five and eight spots in the Knesset slate. In a press conference held after

filing the paperwork for Otzma to run independently, Ben Gvir blamed Naftali Bennett for doing everything he could to prevent the extreme right faction from joining the union. According to Ben Gvir, Bennett had lobbied Smotrich and Peretz not to concede to Otzma under the belief that a more moderate list would attract secular voters. “There were officials who, for reasons of ego, blew this matter up, and I direct the blame at Naftali Bennett,” said Ben Gvir. “He apparently has an agreement with [Blue and White No. 2] Yair Lapid, and I really hope that he doesn’t establish a unity government with him.”

IDF Unveils Next Generation of Tanks

Tisha B’Av Schedule


Motzei Shabbos August 10th 8:00pm Fast Begins 9:15pm Maariv/Eicha 10:30pm Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein How to Survive in These Times of Moshiach

Sunday August 11th 11am-12pm Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein Kinos 12:15pm-1pm Mrs. Jackie Bitton It Will Take Opening Our Hearts to Bring Us Home 1:15pm-2pm Rabbi Gil Frieman Seeing Your World with Good Eyes 2:15pm-3pm Mr. Charlie Harary Reconnecting with Our Father Part III 3:15pm The Blueprint for Rebuilding the Bais Hamidkosh Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation Video B* (add’l fee)

Rabbi Moshe Weinberger, Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, Mr. Michael Rothschild Rabbi Label Lam Where? The Blueprint for Rebuilding the Bais Hamidkosh Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation Video A*

5:15pm-6pm 6:15pm The Israeli Defense Forces recently unveiled its new series of space-age fighting vehicles that it says will catapult the military into the future. Known as the “Carmel,” the armored personnel carrier (APC) was exhibited this past week by the Defense Ministry’s research and development arm. Engineers have been working on the Carmel for over three years, with the vehicle recently undergoing a slew of successful live-fire tests. While the Defense Ministry had only intended to develop a new tank, the focus gradually broadened to include founding a new series of vehicles for the ground forces. According to a Defense Ministry statement, the project aims to make the IDF’s battle vehicles “agile, effective, innovative, compact, easy-to-maneuver…with relatively low costs.” The Carmel showcases cutting-edge technology and differs radically from armored vehicles around the world. Unlike the current four-person tank crew, it only holds two soldiers and sports 360-degree vision in both day and night. In addition, the Carmel utilizes advanced artificial intelligence that

(add’l fee)

8:00pm-8:45pm 8:48pm

Rabbi Yitzchok Sorotzkin, Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro, Rabbi Fishel Schachter Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser Faith on Fire Fast Ends !‫לשנה הבאה בירושלים‬

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AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home

can automatically detect hostile forces and respond accordingly. The new APC also uses a computerized system to gather intelligence and is armed with an array of missiles and a 30mm cannon. The Defense Ministry is also working on plans to install an offensive laser. The Defense Ministry said that the Carmel series has “an autonomous mission support system for autonomous mission planning, driving, and simultaneous operation of all vehicle weapon systems, all based on combat artificial intelligence capabilities.” Israel has been accelerating the development of armored vehicles in recent years to replace its current aging fleet of APCs and tanks. While the Merkava 4 is considered one of the most advanced tanks in the world, it is based on a platform developed four decades ago that is incompatible with modern technological advances. The military is also phasing out its M113 APC, which first arrived in Israel in the 1960s and is extremely vulnerable to enemy fire. The IDF’s reliance on the lightly-armored M113 to ferry its ground troops came under severe criticism following 2014’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza after

a grenade attack killed nine infantry soldiers in the said vehicle. “The results of the Carmel program will serve as the technological and engineering infrastructure of both the manned and autonomous defense and combat tools of the future,” said the Defense Ministry.

New App Helps Palestinians Avoid IDF Checkpoints

A new application is assisting Palestinians living in Judea and Samaria navigate IDF checkpoints and avoid roads that are a hotbed of violence. Meet Doroob Navigators. Simi-

lar to the popular GPS app Waze, it relies on customer reports to advise drivers which roads to avoid. Yet unlike Waze, Doroob is tailor-made for the Palestinian community, with a special focus on skirting surprise checkpoints. Currently, the IDF staffs a series of large and extensive checkpoints in Judea and Samaria as part of its effort to stop terrorism. Focusing on preventing terrorists from smuggling weapons into Israel, the checkpoints have existed in the same locations for years and process tens of thousands of travelers daily. However, Doroob aims to solve problems caused by the surprise inspections the IDF calls “checkposts.” These are unscheduled and random roadblocks the IDF erects all over Judea and Samaria for a myriad of reasons, be it a manhunt or a recent terrorism alert. As these checkposts often take place on the single-lane Palestinian roads, they result in large traffic jams that can last hours. Due to their unpredictable nature, they are almost impossible for Arab drivers to plan for in order to avoid the gridlock. That’s where Doroob comes in. Integrating driver updates to map

out the location of sudden checkposts, Doroob redirects locals to other roads to avoid the gridlock – and to circumvent the IDF’s scrutiny and possible capture. Doroob Navigator has been in development since October 2018 and was officially launched this past June. It has quickly become popular and has racked up 22,000 users in two months. Management plans to expand operations to Gaza. “We had to design our maps completely from scratch. The wall, checkpoints, settlements…existing mapping software could never account for the complexity here,” Doroob Technologies CEO Mohammad Abdel Haleem told Reuters.

A Vaccine for Skin Cancer? Researchers at Tel Aviv University report that they have developed a vaccine against melanoma, a particularly aggressive skin cancer. In a study published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology on Monday, researchers were able to develop




The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019




AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home



Join Us for a Shabbos of Rejuvenation and Relaxation

United States Secretary of Energy and former Governor of Texas Rick Perry visited the Amirim Battalion Israel Defense Forces (IDF) base in Mishmar HaNegev on July 23

at the luxurious

DELTA HOTEL BY MARRIOTT Woodbridge, NJ AUGUST 16-18, 2019 • Exquisite Cuisine by Renowned Chef Chaim Levy of Diamond Catering • 24 Hour Tea Room • Friday Hospitality • Lavish Kiddush • Sunday Breakfast • Inspirational Lectures by Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen & Adam Lieberman • Exciting Motzei Shabbos Live Music & Entertainment • Refreshing Swimming Pool • Dazzling Shows by Niro The Magician • Renowned Chazzan Shimmy Miller BOOK NOW WHILE ROOMS ARE STILL AVAILABLE 732-503-9459 •

a nanoparticle that can be used as a vaccine against the disease. The academics reached their conclusion after using the vaccine on mice in three separate situations: as a main form of treatment, as a cure for initial growth, and for the eradication of metastasis.

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The study was led by Professor Satchi-Fainaro, the chair of the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology and head of the Laboratory for Cancer Research and Nanomedicine at TAU’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine. Along with other researchers from the University of Lisbon, Satchi-Fainaro developed tiny particles made of biodegradable polymer, each only 170 nanometers in size. Within each particle, they “packed” two peptides – short chains of amino acids – that carry melanoma cells, and the nanoparticles were subsequently injected into the mice that were suffering from melanoma. Results showed that the particles functioned just like a virus that the mice’s immune system recognized, leading it to detect and attack the melanoma cells. “The nanoparticles acted just like known vaccines for viral-borne

diseases,” noted Satchi-Fainaro. “They stimulated the immune system of the mice, and the immune cells learned to identify and attack cells containing the two peptides — that is, the melanoma cells. This meant that, from now on, the immune system of the immunized mice will attack melanoma cells if and when they appear in the body.” Researchers say that their success marks an important breakthrough in the fight against cancer, as it is the first time that a vaccination-based treatment was shown to have been successful. While it will likely take a decade for the treatment to hit the market, the nano vaccines can potentially be used to treat other cancers as well. “The war against cancer in general, and melanoma in particular, has advanced over the years through a variety of treatment modalities, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy, but the vaccine approach, which has proven so effective against various viral diseases, has not materialized yet against cancer,” said Satchi-Fainaro. “In our study, we have shown that it is possible to produce an effective nano-vaccine against melanoma and to sensitize the immune system to immunotherapies,” continued the researcher. “We believe that our platform may also be suitable for other types of cancer and that our work is a solid foundation for the development of other cancer nano-vaccines.”

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UN: Israel at Fault for Selling Weapons to Myanmar

A United Nations report released this week included Israel among the list of seven nations that is selling weapons to the military in Myanmar. Myanmar has been under international censure ever since it forced members of the 730,000 Rohingya minority to flee the country to neighboring Bangladesh in 2016. The effort was led by Myanmar’s military, known as the Tatmadaw, with the army’s widespread killing and looting leading many to accuse it of war crimes. In the report, the UN panel outlined the extensive financial holdings controlled by the Tatmadaw that has granted it financial independence from the state treasury. Ranging from stocks to precious metals and furniture imports, the Tatmadaw’s far-reaching business interests allows it to act as it pleases without having to have its actions approved by the government. “No business enterprise active in Myanmar or trading with or investing in businesses in Myanmar should enter into or remain in a business relationship of any kind with the security forces of Myanmar, in particular the Tatmadaw, or any enterprise owned or controlled by them,” read the report. Included in the report was Israel, who the UN censured along with China, North Korea, India, Russia and Ukraine for selling weapons to Myanmar. According to the findings, state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries “agreed to provide four Super-Dvora Mk III fast attack craft to the Myanmar Navy. Two were delivered in April 2017.” Another Israeli firm that reportedly armed Myanmar is TAR Ideal Concepts. “In October 2016, TAR Ideal Concepts, an Israeli military and police equipment and training company, posted photographs on its

website of its personnel training the Tatmadaw Special Operations Taskforce,” said the report. While admitting that the aforementioned companies are not guilty of any crimes, the UN noted that they had “a high risk of contributing to or being linked to, violations of human rights law and international humanitarian law. “At a minimum, these foreign companies are contributing to supporting the Tatmadaw’s financial capacity,” it asserted. The report also faulted Israel for permitting the sales to go ahead unhindered, finding that “it had knowledge, or ought to have had knowledge, that they would be used in the commission of serious crimes under international law.” Yet the report acknowledged that Israel has halted weapons sales to Myanmar following a High Court ruling in 2017 forbidding such sales to go ahead. Since the ruling, Israel has banned its arms industry from dealing weapons to Myanmar despite the massive sums involved. “In April 2017, Israel Aerospace Industries, an Israeli State-owned enterprise, delivered two attack frigates to the Tatmadaw Navy,” wrote the UN report. “This delivery followed the filing of a petition before the Israeli Supreme Court in early 2017 seeking a prohibition on implementation of a defense cooperation agreement signed between Israel and Myanmar on the basis of the conduct of the Tatmadaw in northern Rakhine in October 2016. “As a result of a subsequent decision by the Israeli Supreme Court, military export licenses were revoked and there has been no further defense cooperation,” it acknowledged.

Iran Increases Payments to Hamas Tehran has announced that it will increase its monthly payments to the terror group Hamas in exchange for intelligence on Israeli missile capabilities, according to an Israeli television network. The Islamic Republic is a longtime financial supporter of Hamas, the terror organization that rules the Gaza Strip and is committed to Israel’s destruction. In a recent meeting in Tehran

between nine senior Hamas officials and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Tehran expressed willingness to raise its monthly financial backing to the terror group to an unprecedented $30 million per month, Channel 12 said on Monday. The $30 million will raise Hamas’ influx of funds significantly. A report by the Ynet news site from August 2018, citing Palestinian sources, said Iran’s payments to Hamas at the time amounted to $70 million per year (less than $6 million per month).

The meeting, which took place two weeks ago, was attended by Saleh al-Arouri, the deputy chief of the Hamas politburo. In exchange for the funding, Tehran wants Hamas to provide intelligence about the location of Israel’s missile stockpiles. Hamas also reportedly asked Iran to act as a mediator for the terror


group with Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria, after ties were cut off during the Syrian civil war. Responding to the report, Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon noted that “despite lacking food or medicine, Iran/Hamas evidently have plenty of money for terror.” During his visit to Tehran, al-Arouri said that Hamas and Iran stand on “the same path” in fighting Israel, Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency reported at the time. “We are on the same path as the Islamic Republic – the path of battling the Zionist entity and the arrogant ones,” he said, according to the report. Al-Arouri visited Iran with several other high-ranking Hamas officials, including Moussa Abu Marzouk, Maher Salah, Husam Badran, Osama Hamdan, Ezzat al-Rishq and Ismail Radwan. Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh told a group of Turkish journalists at the time that he hoped the delegation’s visit would achieve “important results.” Al-Arouri, who was elected as Hamas’s deputy chief in October 2017, has traveled to Iran at least five times over the past two years. He has frequently heaped praise on Iran. “Iran is the only country that says


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“We still wanted to go and found Bedouins who agreed to drive us close by,” Ayalon said. Not everyone agrees that Aaron Hakohen is buried in the site at Petra. Ayalon said that after he and the other Israelis arrived at Aaron’s Tomb, they started singing and dancing. He stated that the Jordanian police officers then immediately made them leave the site.


that entity [Israel] is cancerous and should be uprooted from the region,” he told the pro-Hamas Al-Quds TV in February 2018. “It is the only country that is prepared to provide real and public support to the Palestinian resistance and others to confront the entity.” The Islamic Republic also funds the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror group, which also swears by Israel’s annihilation.

Jordan Bars Jews from Praying at Tomb Last week, when Roni Ayalon led an Israeli group to Aaron’s Tomb, which is located in Petra, Jordan, Jordanian officials confiscated yarmulkes and head coverings at the border. They also told the group that they can-

not pray anywhere in Jordan – not at the tomb or in middle of the desert. Ayalon has been leading groups to Aaron’s Tomb for the past years on behalf of Ashira. This is the first time he has been hassled by authorities in such a “humiliating” and “demeaning” fashion. Officials also said that they didn’t want the group to go to Aaron’s Tomb at all, and cancelled the jeeps that had been arranged to bring them there.

“They made us go down and they didn’t let anyone else come up,” he said. “What happened is not right. It was incredibly humiliating and demeaning. Imagine what would have happened if a Jordanian tourist visiting Jerusalem were treated this way.” Jordanian media widely reported that the Israelis prayed at the site – Ayalon said they were just singing Jewish songs – and some news sites accused them of carrying out “Talmudic rituals.” Shortly after Ayalon’s group left the site, Jordanian social media users started to circulate those videos, prompting an uproar among many Jordanians including some government officials and politicians. Jordanian Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Minister Abdul Nasser Abu alBasl accused the Israelis of illegally entering Aaron’s Tomb and decided that Jordan would close it to all tourists with the exception of those who receive prior government approval, according to a statement on Thursday by the Awqaf Ministry, which oversees holy sites in the Hashemite kingdom and Jerusalem. Abu Basl also told Al Mamlaka TV, a state-funded channel, that he decided to close the tomb following “Israeli violations” at the site and “the performance of rituals without the knowledge of the ministry.” Suleiman Farajat, a Jordanian official who deals with tourism issues in the Petra region, vowed that Jordan would take action to prevent Jewish prayer at Aaron’s Tomb. “Israeli tourists have been coming to Jordan since the 1990s. In terms of them coming as tourists to Jordan, we will not prevent them, but we can bar these religious practices and we will do just that in the future,” he told Al Mamlaka TV on Friday. “We will work with our partners in the Awqaf Ministry to make sure that only Islamic

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religious rituals take place at the site, as it is a mosque.” Oraib Rantawi, the director of the Quds Center for Political Studies in Amman, said: “What happened was a provocative act. They did not have permission or a license to do what they did. The place is an archaeological site and nothing else.”


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22 Killed in El Paso Slaughter

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Twenty-two people were slaughtered and more than a dozen were wounded when Patrick Crusius, 21, opened fire at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday. The killer was sitting in his car when police responded to the carnage. He then got out of his car, unarmed, and surrendered to authorities with a “stone cold look.” “It was a look I’d never seen before, and I’ve been on this force for 31 years,” a police official said. “I’ve seen murderers, robbers, nothing like this.” During the massacre, Crusius opened fire with an AK-47 style rifle at the busy Walmart in El Paso. With the store packed on Saturday afternoon, Crusius was able to empty multiple magazines into fleeing customers as he moved methodically down the crammed aisles. Crusius has been charged with capital murder. He is being held without bond. Crusius is believed to have authored a racist, anti-immigrant document  that laid out a dark vision of America overrun by Hispanic immigrants. Within the hate-filled writing, which authorities called a “manifesto,” were the words: “I’m probably going to die today.” The four-page document, titled “The Inconvenient Truth,” was published on  the online message board 8chan  about 20 minutes before the

shooting. The writing is filled with white supremacist language and racist hatred aimed at immigrants and Latinos, and the author says he opposes “race mixing” and encourages immigrants to return to their home countries. He said that he has had these anti-immigrant thoughts for years. Claiming that unchecked illegal immigration was turning his home state into “a Democratic stronghold,” Crusius also wrote that “the Republican Party is also terrible” and wrote that President Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric played no part in his decision to slaughter tens of people. The Department of Justice is treating the El Paso mass shooting as a case of domestic terrorism and is “seriously considering” bringing federal hate crime and federal firearm charges which carry a possible death penalty, U.S. Attorney John Bash said on Sunday. At least eight victims were Mexican nationals. Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard said on Monday that the attack was “an act of terror, obviously on U.S. territory, but against Mexican citizens.” Among those who were slaughtered on Saturday was David Johnson, 63, who had gone to Walmart with his wife and granddaughter. He had shielded their bodies with his body and was killed. Jordan Anchondo, 24, was killed while shielding her 2-month-old body from the hail of bullets. Her husband, Andre, was also killed. 15-year-old Javier Amir Rodriguez loved to play soccer. He was known to always smile and was funny. He never missed a game or a practice. His life was brutally cut short on Saturday. Angelina Englisbee, 86, lost her husband when she was 38 years old. She raised seven children on her own. Sadly, she lost her own life over the weekend during the melee. Also killed was Arturo Benavides, who served in the Army and Texas Army National Guard from 1978 to 2001 and worked as a Sun Metro transit operator and coin sorter operator until he retired in 2013. A married couple, Leonardo Campos and Maribel Hernandez, also died. Hernandez’s brother, Al, told CNN affiliate KFOX-TV that the couple had just dropped their dog off at a groomer before going to Walmart. He said their family did not realize anything was amiss until the groomer called them, saying the couple had not returned for the dog.

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Nine Killed in Dayton

Just hours after 22 people were slaughtered in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, 22-year-old Connor Betts opened fire in a crowded nightclub in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday evening. Betts managed to fire off 41 shots and killed nine people – including his sister – before police took him down, preventing more people from being killed. During the attack, Betts managed to fire off dozens of rounds with his .223 caliber rifle and the high capacity drum magazines he had that carried more than 100 bullets. Twenty-seven people were wounded in the 30-second attack, with injuries ranging from mild to critical. Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl credited his officers for their rapid response, saying that they prevented Betts from entering the locale itself and driving the death toll even higher.  ”The officers immediately advanced toward the gunfire and within approximately 20 seconds, they engaged the suspect, who was actively firing and attempting to enter a crowded liquor establishment,” Biehl said.  The motive for the shooting remains unknown as police struggle to figure out what caused Betts to commence the slaughter. However, those who knew Betts described him as a troubled individual who would frequently threaten fellow students in high school and once compiled a hitlist of people he wanted to harm. Not everyone remembered Betts as a troubled teen. Betts’ friend Brad Howard described the gunman as “a really nice kid” who was quiet and kept to himself. A Twitter account that appears to belong to  Betts retweeted extreme left-wing and anti-police posts, as well as tweets supporting Antifa, or anti-fascist, protesters. Betts was a self-proclaimed leftist who supported Elizabeth Warren for president.

Trump Addresses a Battered Nation

President Donald Trump blamed the pair of mass shootings that rocked the United States over the weekend on mental illness but appeared open to further gun control in his speech to the nation earlier this week. Trump’s address was his first public speech since a gunman killed 21 people in an El Paso Walmart on Saturday followed by another nine people killed in Ohio later in the day. Speaking at the White House, Trump refused to blame the availability of firearms in the United States for the deaths. “Mental illness and hate pull the trigger, not the gun,” said Trump, who went on to call on authorities to “make sure those people, not only get treatment, but when necessary, involuntary confinement.” Trump also condemned white supremacy after the El Paso killer posted an online manifesto decrying “the Hispanic invasion of Texas.” “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy,” the president said. “These sinister ideologies must be defeated. Hate has no place in America.” While Trump didn’t blame access to firearms for the spree of mass shootings that have horrified America, he proposed a series of steps he said would reduce the chance of such massacres happening in the future. Included in the steps was a measure allowing police to confiscate weapons from those deemed dangerous, something gun enthusiasts contend violates their due process.  In addition, Trump suggested mandating capital punishment for mass shooters “quickly, decisively and without years of needless delay.” The president also singled out “the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace” for caus-

ing the slew of shootings all across the United States. “It is too easy today for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence,” he said. “We must stop or substantially reduce this, and it has to begin immediately.” Trump had found himself under fire following the shootings. Despite the killer writing in his manifesto that Trump played no role in his actions, Democrats alleged that the president’s anti-immigration rhetoric led to the massacre. Connor Betts, the murderer in the Dayton mass shooting, had described himself as a leftist and had stated his support for presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren.

a Harris County court,” said Harris County attorney Rock Owens. An ExxonMobil spokesperson told CNN that the company is “currently reviewing” the litigation. “We take public health and environmental protection seriously,” said spokeswoman Sarah Nordin. “We will continue to work to identify ways to enhance our environmental performance.”

Huntsman Resigns as Amb. to Russia

Texas County Sues ExxonMobil

Texas’ Harris County filed a massive lawsuit against the ExxonMobil energy behemoth after a fire at its nearby facility injured 66 people. The explosion at the Baytown plant occurred last Wednesday and had sent massive plumes of smoke hovering over Houston. The fire at the chemical plant is the fourth accident at the site since January. In the lawsuit, Harris County accuses ExxonMobil of running afoul of the Texas Clean Air Act for releasing dangerous pollutants into the atmosphere as a result of last week’s fire. The county wants a temporary ban on ExxonMobil’s plant until the energy giant complies with the Clean Air Act, the Texas Water Code, and the Texas Administrative Code. Harris Country alleges in the court filing that the fire “resulted in the emission of multiple air pollutants, including propylene, LPG, propane, and associated products of combustion.” Country officials say that only legal action can force the company to take concrete steps towards preventing similar events from occurring in the future. “We filed this morning even though the fire is out because we need to be sure the case is handled by

On Tuesday, Jon Huntsman, U.S. ambassador to Russia, resigned from his post, possibly to return home to run again for governor of Utah. The news was first reported by The Salt Lake Tribune, which posted a copy of Huntsman’s resignation letter to President Trump. He said his resignation will take effect October 3. “American citizenship is a privilege and I believe the most basic responsibility in return is service to country,” Huntsman said in the letter to Trump. “To that end, I am honored by the trust you have placed in me as the United States ambassador to Russia during this historically difficult period in bilateral relations.” The posting in Russia was Huntsman’s third as ambassador: he also served as ambassador to Singapore from 1992 to 1993 and ambassador to China from 2009 to 2011. In his letter, Huntsman urged Trump to take a firm stance with Russia. “Going forward, we must continue to hold Russia accountable when its behavior threatens us and our allies,” he said. Huntsman, who unsuccessfully ran for president as a Republican in 2012, previously served as governor of Utah from 2005 to 2009. The Salt Lake Tribune cited “people close” to Huntsman in saying he is considering another gubernatorial run in Utah.

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Toni Morrison Dies

On Monday, the 1993 Nobel laureate in literature Toni Morrison passed away. She was 88. Morrison was the first African-American woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. She authored 11 novels, as well as children’s books and essay collections. Among them were celebrated works like Song of Solomon, which received the National Book Critics Circle Award in 1977, and Beloved, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1988. Toni Morrison was born to George Wofford and Ella Ramah Willis in 1931. Her given name was Chloe Ardelia Wofford. When she joined the Roman Catholic Church at the age of 12, she took on the name Anthony, becoming Chloe Anthony Wofford, which morphed into Toni when she was an undergraduate at Howard University in Washington. She married Harold Morrison in 1958. After divorcing Harold, Morrison moved to Syracuse, New York, where she took a job as an editor with a textbook division of Random House. A stranger in the city, she was lonely and worked on her first short story, The Bluest Eye, in between work and motherhood. Morrison received the National Humanities Medal in 2000 and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012, presented by President Barack Obama.

Travel Warnings – Against the U.S. After two mass shootings rocked the nation over the weekend, Venezuela and Uruguay warned their citizens not to travel to the United States because of the violence and hate crimes that have pervaded the country. Uruguay’s Office of Foreign Min-

istry issued an advisory on Monday saying citizens should “take precaution amid the growing indiscriminatory violence, specifically hate crimes including racism and discrimination” when traveling to the United States.

the world for the second straight year, according to a Gallup survey in 2018. It is one of 13 countries issued the highest advisory. Uruguay is listed as a Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution on the U.S. State Department’s travel advisory list. The advisory was issued due to violent crimes, the website said.

Dem Pool Starts to Thin The alert noted that other factors, such as the “indiscriminate possession of firearms by the population” and the “impossibility of authorities to prevent these situations,” were among some of the reasons travelers need to be particularly wary of highly populated areas or events in the U.S. Uruguay’s warning also suggested avoiding the cities of Detroit, Baltimore and Albuquerque, as they were listed as part of the 20 most dangerous cities in the world, according to the CEOworld Magazine 2019 index. Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry office also issued a warning to its residents on Monday, saying Venezuelans should postpone their travels or exercise caution when traveling as a result of the events in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. The statement posted by the Foreign Ministry said that the “recent proliferation of violent acts and hate crimes” need to be considered by those planning to travel into the US. “These increasing acts of violence have found an echo and support in the conversations and actions impregnated by racial discrimination and hatred against migrant populations, pronounced and executed by the supremacist elite who holds political power in Washington,” the statement read in part. According to the statement, one of the main reasons for the violent acts in the U.S. is the “inexcusable indiscriminate possession of fire arms by the population, encouraged by the federal government.” In April, the U.S. State Department gave Venezuela its highest travel advisory, Level 4: Do Not Travel, citing crime, civil unrest and the arbitrary arrest and detention of U.S. citizens. Venezuela was ranked as the most dangerous country in

Mike Gravel, who ran on an anti-war platform as one of the longest of long-shot candidates in a crowded 2020 Democratic primary field, has dropped out of the race and endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). “I’m proud and honored to en-


dorse Sen. Bernie Sanders for the presidency of the United States,” Gravel said in a video shared on Twitter on Tuesday. “Bernie has a program that benefits all Americans – not just the one percent. He will be a great president for all Americans.” Gravel, a former senator from Alaska, failed to qualify for the first debate in June and missed the polling mark for the debate in July even though he met the threshold of 65,000 individual donors. Most people never heard of Gravel or his campaign in the few months that he was contending for the nation’s top spot. His campaign, headed by teenagers David Oks and Henry Williams, took place almost entirely on Twitter. The pair of young political activists posted a mix of memes, progressive policy platforms, and callouts of the views and voting records of fellow candidates, especially former Vice President Joe Biden. Gravel’s supporters, who enthusiastically refer to themselves as the #Gravelanche, brought him to the 65,000 unique donations that constituted one of the criteria to qualify for the early debate stage. Gravel is best known for reading the Pentagon Papers into the Con-


AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home

gressional Record at a subcommittee hearing in 1971. Those documents exposed lies from the White House to the public and Congress about the U.S. role in Vietnam leading up to and during the war. The then-freshman senator read 4,100 pages until past 1:00 a.m. when, with tears in his eyes and no other senators left in the room, he established unanimous consent and entered the pages into the record. Gravel left the Senate following his defeat in the Democratic primary in 1980. He ran for president in 2008 – first as a Democrat and later as a Libertarian – but failed to receive either nomination. This time around, Gravel and his campaign admitted that the nomination was not their true goal. While attending the June presidential debates, Oks and Williams told HuffPost they weren’t “in it for the long haul.” Instead, they sought to push the field further left and expose voters to the ideas that Gravel has long championed – most significantly, ending the cycle of American wars and what they refer to as “the American Empire.” Now that Gravel has dropped out of the race, his campaign has pledged to donate what remains of its fundraising to charity.

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Sesame Allergy Affects Many Americans

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More Americans are affected by an allergy to sesame than once thought, according to a new study. Researchers from Northwestern Medicine in Chicago and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York recently conducted a study, published in JAMA Network Open  last week, to “provide current estimates of the prevalence, severity, distribution, and clinical characteristics of sesame allergy in the United States,” the study’s authors wrote. According to a survey of 50,000 U.S. households, with responses from approximately 80,000 children and adults, a sesame allergy is thought to affect an estimated 1.5 million chil-

dren and adults – more than once thought, per the study. That’s equivalent to roughly 0.49 percent of the population. Additionally, “more than 1.1 million (0.34 percent of the population) report either a physician-diagnosed sesame allergy or a history of sesame-allergic reaction symptoms.” Sesame allergy symptoms can include  difficulty breathing, coughing, hives, vomiting, and abdominal pain, among others. The study is important because sesame labeling is not currently required by law in the U.S., unlike it is with other allergens such as peanut, milk, and shellfish. This means those who are allergic to sesame are at an increased risk of accidentally ingesting it. “Our study shows sesame allergy is prevalent in the U.S. in both adults and children and can cause severe allergic reactions,” Dr. Ruchi Gupta, professor of pediatrics and of medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, a physician at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, and the study’s lead author, said in a statement. “It is important to advocate for labeling sesame in packaged food. Sesame is in a lot of foods as hidden ingredients. It is very hard to avoid,” she added. The study comes after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in October requested more information  from medical professionals and researchers on the prevalence of sesame allergies as it advances “a new effort for the consideration of labeling for sesame to help protect people who have sesame allergies.”

Disorder at the NRA

The National Rifle Association (NRA) continues to be racked by turmoil after three board members resigned last week in protest of the lack of transparency at the gun rights lobby.

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AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home

In their resignation letter board members Esther Schneider, Sean Maloney and Timothy Knight said that they were leaving after NRA management refused to take steps against chief executive Wayne LaPierre. The trio delineated a list of behaviors they said proved LaPierre’s financial mismanagement of the group, including his six figure clothing bills he billed to the organization and the forced departure of former president Oliver North. “We had expected – or at least hoped – that the executive leadership team would recognize the seriousness of these allegations and work with us in a constructive and transparent manner to address our concerns and minimize any further harm to the Association,” read the missive.  “Instead, we have been stonewalled, accused of disloyalty, stripped of committee assignments and denied effective counsel necessary to properly discharge our responsibilities as Board members.” The three now-former board members went on to warn that a failure to clean house of what they called corrupt officials in senior management roles would bring on the end of the powerful gun lobby. “While our belief in the NRA’s mission remains as strong today as ever, our confidence in the NRA’s leadership has been shattered” wrote the trio. The resigning board members make up only a small fraction of the 76-member Board but have been at the forefront to remove LaPierre and his minions from power. Forming the group Save the Second, the three sought to lower the size of the NRA’s Board of Directors in order to purge LaPierre loyalists.  The resignations are the latest hit the NRA has taken as it remains buffeted by the worst turmoil it has ever known.  The organization’s civil war began in May a month after North was fired for attempting to push out LaPierre. North accused LaPierre of using the group to enrich himself, pointing to his inflated salary and the massive legal bills the NRA is paying to its legal counsel that is bankrupting the organization.  Ever since, other senior NRA officials have been pushed out by LaPierre for being insufficient loyal to him, including former chief lobbyist Chris Cox. Once seen as the second most powerful person in the group after LaPierre and his likely successor, Cox’s departure is the latest sign that the NRA is undergoing an existential crisis. 

Smell-Free Subways

The commuters have spoken. Over the summer, the subway system in Vienna released four scents in the subway cars as a way to test if passengers would appreciate a train ride filled with green tea, grapefruit, melon, and sandalwood. But it seems that commuters have turned their noses up at the fragrances. According to an online survey released on Monday, 21,000 out of the 37,000 people who put in their own two cents nixed the scents idea. “I want to make sure that passengers feel comfortable in public transport,” Ulli Sima, Executive City Councillor for the Environment and Vienna Public Utilities, said, referring to the idea for the fragrances. In January, Wiener Linien enforced a food ban on all subway lines, aimed to improve the air quality and eliminate the scent of smelly foods on train. 2.6 million passengers use Vienna’s public transport network every day. Perhaps a spray or two of deodorant would help with the smelly subway problem.

Ice Cream for Bernie

Bernie Sanders is the coolest candidate yet. This week, Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s, unveiled

a new Bernie Sanders-inspired flavor of ice cream. Although you can’t buy the presidential-hopeful flavor in stores, the confection was developed in Ben’s kitchen with the help of Jerry Greenfield (aka Jerry from Ben & Jerry’s). “This is just the first in a full line of Bernie flavors,” Ben tweeted. “We’re going all the way this time. And when Bernie’s in the White House and I become the Minister of Ice Cream— a pint in every freezer, a sundae in every bowl. #BerniesBack #Bernie2020 #FeelTheBern.” Want to know what a Bernie ice cream tastes like? Bernie’s Back is a hot cinnamon ice cream with a large chocolate disc on the top and a stiff butter toffee “backbone” running down the middle. Sounds delicious but only a few fans will be able to taste the frozen dessert. Only 40 pints are being made and fans will have to sign up on Sanders’ website for a chance to win one of the limited items. Each pint will be signed by Ben Cohen. According to the ice cream’s website, each aspect of the dish represents part of Sanders’ message. The chocolate disc is a reference to the “wealth that has risen to the top 1%,” while the toffee “backbone” is meant to show Sanders’ “steadfast determination to unrig” the economy. Lastly, the hot cinnamon flavor represents “holding politician’s feet to the fire.” This isn’t the first time Sanders has been turned into an ice cream flavor. In 2016, Ben’s Best released “Bernie’s Yearnings,” which similarly featured a solid chocolate disc at the top. That time, however, the ice cream was mint-flavored instead. Bernie, with ice cream, anything is popsicle.

$23K Lost and Found

Truthfully, this title is not so truthful. The $25,000 in this story was not lost – it was thrown out – and then it was found. A man from Ashland, Oregon, had inadvertently thrown out a shoebox, tossing it into the recycling bin out-

side his home. He had forgotten that he had placed his life savings (note to self: always open shoeboxes before tossing) into the box, which had already been picked up by the recycling company once he realized his error. In a panic, the man contacted the recycling facility, and workers were asked to look out for the box. By that time, most of the garbage that had been picked up had already been sorted. There was little hope that the money would be found. “We take quite a bit of material every day so the odds of finding that are not much better than a needle in a haystack,” said Linda Wise, general manager of the Samoa Resource Recovery Center operated by Recology. Recology provides recycling service to more than 1 million homes and businesses in the area. In a miraculous turn of events, all the money in the box was recovered, except for $320 that had emptied out of the box at one point. “Everyone who was on the sorting line was beaming this morning,” Wise said. “And now this gentleman will get to have a great weekend.” The man was “ecstatic” when he heard that his money was found. We hope that someone gently tells him about a newfangled idea called a bank.

Dressed up Daughter

In an effort to escape from prison, a Brazilian gang leader dressed up as his daughter. Authorities, though, managed to uncover the ruse before leading Clauvino da Silva back to his cell. Known as “Shorty,” da Silva tried to leave the prison after his daughter visited him and hid inside the jail. The 42-year-old donned a face mask, a long black wig, glasses, a t-shirt and jeans to look like his 19-year-old daughter. Da Silva had been serving a sentence of 73 years and 10 months for drug trafficking and had been placed in solitary confinement. Authorities made da Silva take

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019

off his costume when they uncovered the plot. As he slowly took off his shirt and face mask, da Silva’s tattoos incongruously stood out. Authorities say da Silva was part of the leadership of the Red Command, one of the most powerful criminal groups in Brazil that controlled drug trafficking in a large part of Rio. His daughter is one of many who worked to get da Silva out of prison.



We are writing to express our deep gratitude to the many people of the Five Towns area, who have clearly worked so, so hard, in collecting, sorting, packaging, and shipping so many beautiful clothing items to Israel. Our gemach is located in Efrat, in Gush Etzion, and we were lucky enough to receive 60 of the boxes that you sent. They are full of gorgeous things, all of wh which will find happy homes here in the Gush, in Kiryat Arba, and other neighboring towns.

Platinum Crab Cakes Last week, Chef Lazarius Ken Leysath Walker unveiled an expensive menu item listed at his restaurant, The Twist in Columbia. He unveiled the $310 crab cake in efforts to break the Guinness World Record for Most Expensive Crab Cake. Reportedly, the single crab cake was available previously but was not on the menu. This week, it will be on the menu, although it’s doubtful many people will be ordering the costly dish. Only two people ordered the crab cake prior to last week’s reveal.


Keren Minchas Shlomo

Ready to go to port

WE ARE SENDING ONLY GENTLY USED CLOTHING (no shoes, hats, or undergarments). Please select garments that you feel are appropriate and that our needy brethren in E”Y will be proud to wear. Please ensure that all clothing is stain-free and in very good condition. The dish is encrusted with platinum and made with black truffles. When ordered, proceeds will contribute to All-Stars, a charity founded by Chef Walker to provide funds to local teachers. “The thing about it was trial and error,” Walker told WOLO-TV. “I’ve wasted so much platinum trying to get it right.” We hear your platinum pain.

Last April we sent almost 13 tons of clothing to aniyei Eretz Yisroel! Volunteers from local Yeshivas sorting clothing

The clothing drive will BE"H take place

Sunday, September 15 | 10am-3pm at PRECISION AUTO BODY

10 Nassau Ave., Inwood, NY 11096

Ketchup Guilt

When a woman stole a bottle of ketchup from a restaurant in New Jersey, it set off a series of bad events. So much so, that she felt compelled to

return two bottles of ketchup to the eatery as compensation for the guilt that assailed her after she pilfered the condiment. The two ketchup bottles were returned with a Walmart receipt and a handwritten note, which detailed the incident. According to the thief, “A few weeks ago, I had taken one of your ketchup bottles off the table because

for some reason I thought it’d be ‘risky,’” the customer wrote in the note. “I am as square as they come and this is the worst thing I’ve done.” Then, she says, just a few hours later, she got into a car accident, and since stealing the Heinz ketchup, her life and “karma” has gone downhill. “I hope returning two news bottles will restore some [luck] for me, and I can stop carrying around this

guilt,” the note read. “Again, I’m really sorry if I inconvenienced you the same way my life has been inconveniencing me. I’m sorry.” The note was signed, “From, an awful person.” The manager found the note and the ketchup bottles in a bag at the side of the store. When she opened the bag, she was surprised to find the items inside. No one had noticed the


AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home


when they were U.S. defense secretaries, as did then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Always nice to receive a present that’s thousands of miles away. Especially if it’s a horse, of course.

Weekly Free Deliveries* To The Catskills Throughout The Entire Summer Season

Naming a Suspect


5211 New Utrecht Ave., Brooklyn NY ▪ 718.438.3933


126 Cedarhurst Ave., Cedarhurst NY ▪



401 Rt. 59 (Atrium Plaza), Monsey NY ▪ 845.414.9014

*Min $600 order (highriser not incl.)

missing ketchup bottle. The restaurant’s owner said she forgives the customer and that she’d “hire her in a second.” “Because if you do something like that, you’re not an awful person,” Maria DeLeo told the New York Post. “You’re an honest person.” Because, you know, stealing a bottle of ketchup will always catch up to you…



A Horse for Barron If Barron Trump was missing anything, he now has it all. Mongolia’s government has gifted the First Child of the United States with his very own horse named Victory.

According to press secretary Stephanie Grisham, the Trumps are “very grateful” for the extravagant horse, which will remain in Mongolia. Trump and Mongolia’s president, Khaltmaa Battulga, met at the White House on Wednesday. The country has a history of gifting its horses to dignitaries. Donald H. Rumsfeld and Chuck Hagel received horses when they visited the landlocked nation

Michael Harrell leaves his mark everywhere he goes. The bank robber walked into a U.S. Bank in Cleveland last week and handed the teller a note demanding money. Harrell wore a backwards baseball cap but other clues – namely, his name and address on the demand note – tipped authorities to his identity. “When the teller took the note and looked at it and looked at the other side, she saw his name. He had used a note that he had used earlier at the (Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles), and it had his name on it,” special agent Vicki Anderson of the FBI’s Cleveland office said. The note said, “This is a robbery. Don’t get nobody hurt,” according to a Cleveland police field case report. The bank teller gave Harrell $206 and called police with the information from Harrell’s BMV form, setting off one of the least complicated manhunts in law enforcement history. The teller later told police Harrell was a regular at the bank, often coming in for cash advances, according to the case report. She even called him by his name when handing the money over, she said. Always nice when criminals help authorities crack their cases.

HEALTHCARE Conference & Expo

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019




(Sponsor list in formation)

In conjunction with

Sunday, September 15, 2019 10AM–3PM The New TWA Hotel, JFK Airport The ultimate “can’t miss” event for the Jewish healthcare consumer, caregiver, vendor and service provider. FOCUSING ON

Proactive Healthcare and Eldercare











Unique Networking Opportunity


Free Admission • New Central Location • Free Valet Parking VENDOR REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

E: P: 516-791-4444 ext. 113 W:

Free Transportation from Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Monsey




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Around the

Community Loads of fun at Machaneh Hakayitz

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019


Transfer your yeshiva and seminary credits!


University of Maryland School of Dentistry, ’22

Discover Your Future Career at Touro’s Lander College of Arts and Sciences in Flatbush

More Than 20 Majors & Pre-Professional Fields • Accelerated Accounting Honors CPA Program • 2 Annual Job Fairs and Career Placement Assistance • Honors Options in Allied Health Sciences, Medicine & Pharmacy Financial Aid & Academic Scholarships for Qualified Students FOR INFORMATION CONTACT 718.252.7800 ext. 59299 or 59320 or

1602 Avenue J, Brooklyn | Separate Divisions for Men and Women



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Chessed Car Wash at Avnet


vnet’s second annual “Chesed Car Wash” got off to a sudsy start when campers scrubbed away at a steady stream of cars at the DRS campus. Benefitting Tomchei Shabbos Yad Yeshaya of the Five Towns, parents and community members took advantage of the top-notch shining services for their vehicles.

Introduced last year, the chessed program has become a meaningful addition to Avnet’s packed schedule of sports and specialties. Geared towards campers in third grade and up, sessions began with a discussion of “acts of kindness” and the importance of recognizing the good in the world and “being thankful” or hakarat hatov. Some campers even

made “gratitude glasses” so they will be able to “see” the good around them. “We’re proud that chessed is one of our most popular programs and that our campers are demonstrating good middos on a daily basis,” said director Daniel Stroock. “We want to give our children continued  opportunities to  perform  mitzvos while

they enjoy their summer.” Upcoming chessed projects include a “sensitivity training” so campers can understand how to show kindness to everyone including people who may look

or act differently. Children will also be creating board games for Chai Lifeline patients and sending letters of encouragement to terror victims in Israel.

Experience Ohr Naava This Tisha B’Av Thru Livestream


n just a few days, Jewish people across the world will once again mourn 2,000 years of unfathomable loss and devastation-felt more acutely than ever in the past tragic weeks. As always, Ohr Naava is offering an extraordinary full night and day program on site, which is also view able online via livestream. Our team has invested significant resources in acquiring a premium Internet connection to assure seamless viewing. In the past, you’ve experienced the power of Tisha B’Av with Ohr Naava.

Repairing the world through Judaism’s timeless wisdom

Join us again this year as we transform a dreary day of hunger and lethargy into a transcendent 24 hours packed with depth, meaning, and change. To ensure you can view the event as soon as it begins, get a ticket now and receive your customized link. To sponsor one of the shiurim and earn a part in the profound zechus, email We hope you will join us in our quest to make this Tisha B’Av the last.    ht t p s://w w w.oh r n a av a .c om/ tishabav/

Donald Dettloff of Maui set the Guinness World Record for surfboards – 647! – in 2009. They’re nailed to a fence in his home so they don’t blow away in a hurricane.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019


to provide person-centered, comprehensive care management to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD). REQUIRED


Minimum of Associates degree required for CMA position OR Bachelors or Masters degree with relevant experience OR RN with relevant experience

Medical, dental and vision coverage FSA 401K plan Life & Disability Insurance Paid time off (includes vacation, holiday and birthday!)

HIRING FOR THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS: 5 Boroughs, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, Rockland County, Orange County, Capital District.


APPLY NOW Send resume to

TCC is fully committed to Equal Employment Opportunity and to attracting, retaining, developing and promoting the most qualified employees without regard to their race, gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, citizenship status, veteran status, or any other characteristic prohibited by state or local law.



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Maker Face at Ruach Day Camp


n eggcelent time was had at Ruach Day Camp last week with the first annual egg drop challenge which occurred on Friday, August 1. The campers in the sports alternative program offered at Ruach Day Camp, Maker Space, created a fun challenge this week where campers were challenged to create a device which would protect an egg from a three-story plunge. Eggs came flying off the roof to the cheers and screams of the campers below. Proud campers showed off their creations and celebrated their intact eggs. Not all were successful in protecting their eggs ,and lots of splats and shells were left as battle scars. Fun was had by all, and campers felt so proud of their accomplishments. “It was a great opportunity for campers who don’t love sports to shine, and boy, did they shine today!” saidTamar Ehrenfeld, head of Maker Space. “All the campers were excited and cheering for something other than sports. It was a great experience.”

A Gift of Love


hat a meaningful way to spend a Sunday during the Nine Days: our second annual Nine Days Chessed project. On Sunday, more than children and adults participated in packaging and letter writing for IDF Lone Soldiers. Rabbi Selengut, the rabbi of Ohab Zedek (Belle Harbor), introduced the

program, explaining that chessed and kindness is a beautiful thing to be focused on during the Nine Days. A Package From Home, an amazing organization, will be distributing these packages in Israel to our precious soldiers. Each box was packed with an undershirt, socks, lip balm, deodorant, shampoo, and a personal

note. The materials, the warmth and the letters will surely bring joy to the Lone Soldiers. Everyone then had an opportunity to make magnets that contained the Mi shaberach lchayalei Tzahal to take home with them. Everyone enjoyed participating in this chessed day and looks forward to next year’s event.

GiftofUnity is an organization that provides opportunity to unite Jews. The goal is to give a gift that will enable one Jew to feel recognized and love by another. “Giving creates Love and Love creates Unity.” If you would like to get involved or have suggestions, please email or call 516-524-8479.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019


Around the Community

Chessed at Camp Atara


he spirit of chessed and avodas Hashem sparkled as the campers of Camp Atara Adventurers descended their bus in West Hempstead. This week the girls learned about community chessed and took pride and were part of some of the wonderful local chessed activities. The first stop was the West Hempstead Food Bank. The girls learned how the growing West Hempstead community assists families both in and outside the community who face challenges feeding their families.  Next, the girls released their creative energy and made Shabbos kits for patients who find themselves at hospitals over Shabbos. The kits contain Shabbos table items which

enhance Shabbos seudos. The girls colored, painted and packaged kits, which included handmade challah covers, kiddush cups, Shabbos candles, and more. While the girls were working, Mrs. Ben Ari, the program coordinator, asked the girls how they thought the patients would feel when they opened these special kits. The girls’ expressive and sensitive observations were so moving. “Taking part of acts of chessed and learning through doing something so worthwhile are the best ways to learn about how special the Jewish community is and how kindhearted and thoughtful the girls of Camp Atara Adventurers are,” she said.

Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato Tours Siach Yitzchok


ssemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato (D-Far Rockaway) joined Rabbi Yosef Seide and Mr. Shlomo Zalman Gutfreund in a walk-through of the highly anticipated new Siach Yitzchok building located in the heart of Far Rockaway, Queens, last week. Pheffer Am-

ato expressed her impressions of the structure saying, “What a fabulously designed building! It is clearly evident that thoughtful consideration went into every inch of this place and I cannot wait for the boys to take their places in their well-deserved new classrooms.”

Basketball Game for Alumni of YCQ


he YCQ Alumni Association is proud to announce that it is hosting its inaugural Alumni Basketball Game and Family Fun Day on Sunday, November 3, 2019 beginning at 11:00 a.m. We hope this basketball game will become an annual event generating much excitement among alumni who wish to renew relationships with both their elementary/middle school alma mater and former classmates/friends. This year’s event, as presently en-

visioned, will be limited to a single basketball game for alumni who are 22 years of age or older. If we see that there is significant interest in registering for this game, we are prepared to add a second and possibly even a third game that day. For this year’s alumni event, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Moshe Kalaie  ’98 and  Solomon Michailow ’09 have been selected as team captains. These two YCQ graduates were standout players during

their elementary school/high school years. Their responsibilities as captains will include interacting with alumni who are interested in registering to play in the game and assembling the two team rosters. Thee will be activities and musical entertainment for the children. If you wish to register for the game, please send an e-mail prior to August 15 expressing both your interest in playing and the year that you graduated from YCQ to either of the

two team captains as outlined below. Please be aware that there is no fee associated with playing in this game. Ages 22 through 28 please contact Solomon Michailow at Solomon. Ages 29 and above please contact Dr. Moshe Kalaie at Any inquiries about this event may be directed to Michael Schussheim, Alumni Association Co-Chairperson at 516-569-2872.


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Avnet Hosts Dix Hills Reunion By Lauren Lillien


his past Wednesday night, Avnet Country Day School held the first-ever Camp Avnet Dix Hills reunion. In decades past, Avnet Country Day, then simply known as Camp Avnet, boasted a 10-acre outdoor sports camp in Dix Hills, NY. Drawing campers from all across Long Island, the campus was like no other and was considered to be an excellent alternative to sleepaway camp. Spending 10 summers there served as some of the best highlights of my childhood. It was a blend of campers and staff of all backgrounds, able to bond through the unique experiences that camp life had to offer. More than 15 years since its closing, it seemed like too much time had passed since those exhilarating camp days, and it was rime to reconnect. Before the thrill of the idea could dissipate, I reached out to Daniel Stroock, current director of Avnet whose career began in Dix Hills, in hopes of combining forces to organize a reunion, and to my delight, he agreed. When hearing about the upcoming reunion, Stephanie Nathan, a former camper said, “I think about Avnet every summer, wishing the campus was still around so I could send my kids.” After closing in 2003, the campers and staff funneled into the Long Beach campus, which has now evolved into the two beautiful Woodmere campuses, which close to 1300 children and staff call home, every summer.  After all of the current campers left Avnet on Wednesday evening, the building became a portal to the past.  At 6:30 p.m., former campers, counselors, swim instructors, direc-

tors, and staff members of all titles trickled into the building, excited and yet unsure of what the night would hold. Pictures of the past lined the hallway leading up to the party room, signaling to everyone that they were being transported from the present, back in time to those intoxicating summer days. Walking into the lunchroom, the classic blue and white Avnet colors lined the room, signature pictures covered the walls, sparkling balloons and streamers blanketed the ceiling, and familiar faces of old filled the spaces in between. Within a few minutes, the uncertainty of what to expect was replaced with warm feelings of nostalgia and a tinge of newness. On the tables were camp reunion water bottles in the new camp colors of blue and orange, a reminder of how the evening was blending the old and new.  Daniel Stroock started the evening off with opening remarks, which were, of course, peppered with his casual banter.  After reconnecting with friends, everyone enjoyed a delicious barbecue din-

ner, mini color war, trivia game, raffle and montage that were all were reminiscent of those Dix Hills camp days. The night was made even more special with the company of former camp directors Mr. David Wiener and Rabbi Kenneth Davis, who ran the camp for over 20 years. The evening was filled with chatter and excitement that buzzed the air all night long.  Each conversation was an echo of decades of sentimental reminiscing – events that seemed like just moments ago and became the highlight of every Dix Hill camper’s childhood. As Mrs. Ricky Adler put it, “It was honestly a beautiful evening with some lovely memories and lovely friends. Perfect!”  Even though we can’t go back to camp tomorrow, it was incredible to reconnect and be a Dix Hills family one more time. The reunion left everyone remembering what we always knew and felt – that Camp Avnet has bound each camper and staff member together in a way that only grows deeper with time. July 30, 2019 was just another event to

go down in the everlasting Avnet history book. A special thank you to Rena Fish and Carly Nachman, former Dix Hills staff members, for helping with organization and so many elements of this event; Mrs. Karen Daithcman, former Dix Hills and current Avnet music teacher and Mrs. Robin Nachman, long time Avnet staff member, for setting up the room beautifully; and of course, all of the participants who joined us for this special evening.   When I thanked Daniel in person for his efforts in making the reunion come to fruition, he reiterated his thoughts from his opening remarks of the evening, “It was a pleasure to do this and experience how meaningful Avnet was to this all of the adults in this room. More than anything, it provided an opportunity to reinvigorate myself and the current staff toward our goal of providing Avnet’s current campers with safe and wholesome programming, while creating memories that will last a lifetime!”

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AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home

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Rabbi Zev Davidowitz, menahel of the Abraham and Sarah Silber Mechina of Yeshiva of South Shore, and Mr. Daniel Winkler, principal, visiting talmidim in Camp Dora Golding

Good News for People with ADHD


ften a neuro-atypical individual deals with racing thoughts, inattentiveness or daydreaming, making it a challenge to follow lessons in school or knowing how to stay on task at home or at work. Not well understood by the neuro-typical population, this usually bright and creative group suffers in silence and at a great expense. They lose jobs, can’t keep their families intact, and often have children who are also neuro-atypical. If they can’t help themselves, how can they help their children? This is a very painful reality for so many; too many. was created in response to one parent’s desire to have her neuro-atypical son work with a professional organizer who could teach both organizing and life

management skills. While observing our client in class we saw our client’s mind wander and we noticed he didn’t participate in class. He also didn’t take notes. We couldn’t determine if he was listening at all. He got up to leave the room and was out for a good six minutes. The subject matter was based on accumulative learning on a challenging topic. If you missed any of the prior lessons, you couldn’t possibly pass the class. We had concerns for the academic welfare of our client. Being on time was another major problem for this client. He was losing a good ten minutes of each class by arriving late. He would also show up to our sessions late. Over the course of five months, our client was arriving only two minutes

late to class and to our session. He had also learned how to better manage his time better so that he could handle a multitude of responsibilities throughout his day or week. The even better news is that by teaching him study habits and breaking down his study schedule, he graduated sooner than he and his family expected. What makes OrganizeU4Live unique is being able to create customized curriculum and provide lessons at one’s school, place of business or home. We show our clients how to change their habits by teaching them essential skills. Observing and working with a client in their environment allows the client to receive hands-on, one-to-one individualized instructions. For example, if a client is challenged by mail

or document management, we bring an organizing system to our client in their home, set it up, and instruct our client how to use it until such time our client has fully implemented this new routine into their daily life. Common challenges faced by our clients are problems with sleeping, getting up in the morning, dealing with distractions, procrastination, and staying focused. Many are afflicted with anxiety. In addition to our lessons, we utilize Play Attention, a neurofeedback brain game to help improve focus and cognitive skills (and more). is a division of Uncluttered Domain Inc. and was founded by Debbie Ginsberg. Debbie can be reached at or at 516-984-9365.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019



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Members of YI of Woodmere Visit Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin


his year, members of the Young Israel of Woodmere, together with JRoots and Koren Publishers, are doing their part to rebuild a destroyed yeshiva. Before the Holocaust, Yeshivas

Chachmei Lublin was the largest center of Jewish learning. Founded in 1930 by Rabbi Meir Shapiro, creator of the Daf Yomi initiative, the yeshiva once held over 22,000 seforim which were largely confiscat-


The Lone Center provides physical and emotional support for lone soldiers in Israel especially now that many are coming back from active duty.





pm st 8 • 11 :00 am-6 Thursday: Augu 00pm 9 • 10:30 am - 3: Friday: August

554 Central Ave

Checks can be make payable to FJC-Lone Soldier Center FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT

Contact: Danielle Aronovitz 516.316.1902 • Naomi Nachman ‭(917) 331-0259


ed and burned by the Nazis. It was later turned into a medical school, but since 2003 has been back in the hands of the Jewish community who is slowly trying to revitalize Torah life into the building. Last week, on erev Rosh Chodesh Av, a group from the Young Israel of Woodmere visited the yeshiva while on a heritage tour with JRoots. There, the group had a dedication ceremony of the newest edition of Talmud in the world: The Noé Edition Koren Talmud Bavli. Volumes of the Shas took their place on bookshelves in the Beis Midrash for all of Am Yisrael to learn while Rabbi Hershel Billet gave a brief Gemara shiur while participants learned Daf Yomi from the Koren Talmud Bavli. “The Nazis sought to bring an end to Jewish life and to silence the voice of Torah study and prayer. Now we will once again fill this Beit Midrash with the sound of Jewish learning. We thank Koren Publishers Jerusalem for allowing all of us, whatever level we are at, to be part of this amazing journey of Jewish education,” said Tzvi Sperber and Rabbi Naftali Schiff, directors of JRoots. Koren Publishers donated the entire set to the yeshiva, making it one of the first institutions in the world to receive a complete set of this new Shas. The edition has a contemporary layout with translation and commentary by educational luminary Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz and digitized Daf

Vilna with punctuation and vowels throughout, including Rashi and Tosfot. The editor-in-chief is the esteemed Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, shlita. “Producing forty-two volumes of the Talmud is no simple feat,” says Koren’s publisher Matthew Miller. “We did what many said would be impossible, so now it’s our turn to give back, to replenish Jewish learning around the world, especially where they tried to destroy us.” Koren Publishers Jerusalem is one of the world’s leading Jewish publishing houses, based in the heart of Jerusalem. It is renowned for its textual precision, elegant design, and its partnerships with numerous esteemed Torah institutions. The Steinsaltz Center is the umbrella organization for all of the activities of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz). Its goal is to promote the rabbi’s mission of “Let My People Know” – making a world of Jewish knowledge accessible to all. JRoots was established to facilitate today’s generation of Jews with compelling educational journeys to places of enormous historic significance to the Jewish people. The Young Israel of Woodmere is the largest Jewish Orthodox congregation in the Five Towns, on Long Island’s south shore. It is led by Rabbi Hershel Billet.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019

Sleep in Style

100% SATEEN COTTON // 300 THREAD COUNT // REACTIVE PRINT // VIBRANT COLORS 8 PIECE SET INCLUDES 2 Duvet Covers // 2 Fitted Sheets // 2 Pillow Cases // 2 Shams // Available in 39", 48" and 54" QUEEN SET INCLUDES 1 Duvet Cover, 1 Fitted Sheet , 2 Pillow Cases, 2 Shams

BORO PARK 4518 13th Ave. 718.854.2595 LAKEWOOD TODD PLAZA 1091 River Ave. (Rt 9) 732.364.8822 CEDARHURST 134 Washington Ave. 516.218.2211 ORDER ONLINE @ THECLOSEOUTCONNECTION.COM




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Gesher Bridges 5TRiders and Team Great Neck


s many riders are preparing for the upcoming Bike4Chai, Gesher took the opportunity to give something back to the riding community. A typical Sunday ride is unsupported. That makes it challenging with the possibility of mechanical issues and the need to re-hydrate and replenish the energy. Through its annual Gesher Century Challenge, Gesher has formed a bond with many of the local riders. After a little inquiring, it was clear that this past Sunday was a perfect day for Gesher to sponsor and support a ride. And so Gesher Century Challenge IV stage 3 was born – the Impromptu Ride. Based on feedback from the past rides, Team Gesher came fully stocked with ice cold drinks, energy gels and bars, a solid spread for a lunch rest stop, and a SAG vehicle to provide real time support. With the promise of a supported ride, many more of the 5TRiders came out together than was originally anticipated. The main group set out from the Lawrence Train Station at 6:45 a.m. and met up with the others in Gesher’s parking lot in

Cedarhurst just a few minute later. After loading up on supplies and a quick picture, they were off. With the SAG vehicle in safe distance the groups, now peeled into slightly different routes, set off for Sagamore Hill. About 25 miles into the ride the SAG provided a quick makeshift rest stop to re-hydrate. This was a great benefit for riders who are usually on their own. With almost military precision, the groups descended on Sagamore Hill, arriving in five- to ten-minute intervals of each other. The SAG was ready with the full lunch stop open for the riders. In a real show of achdus, 5TRiders Captain Allan Lieberman contacted Team Great Neck Captain Elie Edalati and invited their group to meet up and share the lunch stop. Those checking on strava commented, that it was beautiful to see all of the riders converging from the North Shore and the South Shore at the same time. There is a friendly rivalry between the groups, both of whom significantly support B4C, and “the battle for the hill” brought a real sense of camaraderie to their efforts. Even B4C

posted a special post commending the two groups and their captains. GCC rider and Gesher parent Naftali Leiner gave a quick summation of the extraordinary work that Gesher does in our community. And then the riders were off. Gesher appreciates the opportunity to support the riders who selflessly support many wonderful causes, and create a special sense of friend-

ship along the way. Special thanks to Gesher riders Michel Harbater for initiating the ride, Andy Gladstone, and Shaya Lieber for their constant input and directions, Sam Travis of Cadence Cycling for providing the SAG mechanicals, and Naftali Leiner and Yosef Cohen for coordinating the SAG vehicle. Looking forward to GCCV.

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Hillel Day Camp Says – Yup, We Did That!


IY crafts or “I saw it on YouTube” … all words that can strike fear in the average parent – especially during a long summer vacation. First, the materials, next the potential mess, and possible failure…or worse a desire to do it again and possibly bring friends. Colored shaving cream, pixelized pop art, chocolate pizzas, beaded bracelets, tie dye pasta, chess tournaments, stage performances, circus feats, fingerprint canvases, incredible edibles, mantra mirrors and a relay construction build designed to go everywhere and nowhere at the same time are just some of the “look what I made in camp today” moments Hillel Day Camp parents are greeted with every afternoon. Yes, summer is about swimming, running, jumping and fun in the sun, but Hillel Day Camp is about offering a well-rounded experience to each camper. Learning, experiencing, and, more importantly, trying new and different activities – many in air-conditioned comfort. “Our goal when crafting the perfect summer experience for campers aged 2-14 is to create unique, age appropriate experiences for each group and cover a diverse range of interests,” said Alyssa Schechter, Hillel Day Camp’s program director. “We see campers enjoy varied activities throughout each day. From STEM to woodworking, from arts and crafts to Pakua, and yoga to clowning –

Rav Noach Isaac Oelbaum, noted posek and mora d’asra of Khal Nachlas Yitzchok in Queens, visited Camp Simcha on Sunday, August 4. Rav Oelbaum toured the campus, met with campers and staff, gave brachos and offered words of chizuk

there’s something for everyone and every program is tailored to each age group’s interests and abilities.” Hillel Day Camp’s 24 “specialties” are run by professionals and enthusiasts from all over. Local businesses also play a large part in these special activities. Fitwize, Lollibob, Warren Levy, Make It and Avid are just some of the community members lending their expertise to enhance our campers’ summer experience. “There’s something for everyone,” noted Avi Beylus, a longtime Hillel Day camper and now a CIT. “I was more into the sports when I was a camper, but I really enjoyed going to Fitwize and woodworking – I did especially like the indoor break that energized us for our next turn on the field or court. It’s really interesting to see my third-grade bunk racing to woodworking and chocolate making just like we did when we were their age.” Hillel’s programming offers just the right combination of art, science, creativity, education, silliness, activity, and fun to keep campers, and counselors alike, interested and intrigued. And to every mom or dad that ever panicked over a YouTube video – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…. Ice cream in a bag, drowning watermelons, chocolate balloon bowls, melting crayons and all. Leave the mess (and uber fun) to us! From left - Rav Eitan Feiner, Rav Oelbaum and Rabbi Simcha Scholar with campers

74 56

OCTOBER 2015 | The Jewish Home AUGUST 8,29, 2019 | The Jewish Home

This Week TJH Speaks with... 1, 2, 3…8 weeks of amazing summer fun! For two months of the year our children bask in the sun, swimming, singing, and soaking up the fun every day. How are they spending their time away from their desks? In this annual feature series we speak with camp directors and head counselors to learn more about our community’s amazing, spectacular, incredible, marvelous, unbelievable (you get the point!) camps.

Simcha Day Camp By Susan Schwamm

Nestled in the heart of Far Rockaway, Simcha Day Camp is where hundreds of campers enjoy their summer splashing in the pool, swinging their bats, smiling, and singing the whole season through. With nine acres of fun - complete with ballfields, a huge in-ground pool, and an air-conditioned gym - the boys are constantly on the go. This week we spoke with Rabbi Taub, camp director, to hear more about the non-stop fun and ruach that permeates the campus each day. Rabbi Taub, Simcha Day Camp has been around for a long time. Tell us how it all began.

Many, many moons ago, in 1978, the Hartman Y opened Camp Simcha By The Sea. In 1991, Rabbi Bender and Yeshiva Darchei Torah bought the Hartman Y campus, and Simcha Day Camp was born!

How long have you been with Simcha Day Camp?

I’ve been a third g r a d e rebbi at Yeshiva Darchei To r a h for 1 3 y e a r s and joined the amazing SDC staff as

Head Counselor eight summers ago. I stepped into the role of Director three years ago.

So many boys choose to spend their summers at Simcha Day Camp.

We have over 900 campers who hail from the Five Towns, Brooklyn and Queens. We even have some boys from as far as Eretz Yisroel, Texas, Orlando, and Canada.

That’s a lot of campers! Tell us about your different divisions.

There are seven divisions in Simcha Day Camp. Our Juniors division is led by Morah Etty Slansky, who has over 25 years of preschool experience to draw from. SDC Juniors have their very own Sports Director, Rabbi Shmuel Rada, who focuses on teaching the boys the fundamental skills of all the major sports. These precious

4- and 5-year-olds are learning to swim in deep water with WSI-certified lifeguards in our Olympic-size inground pool. The MIDs division goes on various trips throughout the summer and enjoying late nights here in camp as well. Our 4th Grade division adds an in-camp Mets night game overnight to the mix, while our Senior division goes on two 2-day overnights during the summer. The MIDs division is led by Rabbi Rosenblatt as Head Counselor and has three Division Heads: Rabbi Yoni Sokol, Rabbi Menachem Hildeshaim and Rabbi Donny Rudansky. The 4th graders and up make up our Senior division. They are led by Rabbi Shragie Polter as Head Counselor. He is assisted by Rabbi Dovid Pollack, his Division Head, and Davi Levene. Our CIT division, led by Rabbi Avromi Meyer,

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015 The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019

BY THE NUMBERS 140,000 How do you get the boys revved up in the morning? 40,000 6,000 900 37 How could you not walk around with a smile when 25 25 everyone around you is having 20 such a blast?! 15 9 Tell us about your learning program. 8 8 5 5 What are the boys’ favorite activi4 ties? lunches, pumping dining room ruach, and surround sound fun!

t ra ins o u r future staff members and gives them hands-on experience in working with children. They also go on trips, play ball, and join the Seniors on their overnights.

It sounds like there’s a lot going on! What sets SDC apart from other camps? In SDC we live by the mantra “Safety first.” We pride ourselves in having an on-site nurse. We are an allergy aware camp, with our very own Mrs. Levy and her amazing kitchen staff, who cater to the campers’ needs and wants. Above all, our professionalism and attention to detail ensure that every camper has the best and safest summer experience available. Our instructional swim program is also one of a kind. It’s amazing to watch boys begin their summer not knowing how to tread water and by the end of camp are diving headfirst into the deep. Our certified instructors, led by Mr. Eric Maslin, teach skills and techniques to allow each and every boy to advance and feel comfortable in the pool. The rest is the ruach! How could you not walk around with a smile when everyone around you is having such a blast?! SDC!

What’s a “regular” day like at SDC?

There is no such thing a “regular” in SDC! But just to give you a glimpse, most days start with 2 geshmakeh hours of davening and learning with professional rabbeim and then transitions to a day jampacked with bunk games, organized leagues, 2 swims a day – one instructional and one free swim – hot

Gallons of fresh clear water in our Olympic-size outdoor swimming pool

As the boys get off the bus each morning, our head staff, myself included psyches the campers

Square feet of green fields

Chicken nuggets served each week Simchadikeh campers

Camp days of geshmak pumping ruach Buses bringing in kids from Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island Experienced rabbeim

Caring morahs nurturing their Junior division

Outdoor water stations to keep campers hydrated while playing sports

up. Then it’s constant psyche throughout the day! SDC!

Acres of fabulous campus

Rabbi Ahron Rosenberg leads a very strong and dedicated team of rabbeim. These rabbeim come in each day to teach our campers the heiligeh Torah. What better way to start your day? That, and some cookies and apple juice.

Dedicated division heads Basketball courts

Full-time security guards

Deep fryers (for those, mmm, favorite homemade chicken fingers) Baseball diamonds

Besides for all the d a i ly f u n, the kids look for ward to the entertainment that is brought to camp each year. We have




Fish tanks

Indoor air-conditioned gyms

Is Hashem, Who watches over all of our precious campers and staff and makes sure they have a fun and safe summer

75 57

76 58

OCTOBER 2015 | The Jewish Home AUGUST 8,29, 2019 | The Jewish Home

been amazed by shows such as our concerts by the likes of Benny Friedman, Dovid Gabay, Avraham Fried, and Benny Amar. We have also seen magical magicians, acrobats, puppet shows, contortionists and visiting dignitaries like the petting zoo and the future president.

Do you have leagues?

Third grade and up have official sports leagues with playoffs and championship games. The second grade division has something called Bunk Wars, where one whole bunk plays another for the win. It’s a lot of fun.

Aside from sports and swim, what special activities do the boys enjoy?

We have two art rooms, one for the Juniors and first grade division and a second for the second grade and up. We have a playroom, dedicated just for Lego and toys. There is also a state-oftheart computer lab, complete w ith games and typing fun. We have a creative movement room, a f un w i t h f o o d r o om , and a baking room.

Do the campers go on any the Nine Days? While we always have a strong focus on midtrips during the summer?

We are primarily a swim and sports camp. Our huge campus makes it almost a crime to take campers off campus to sit on a bus on a trip. Still and all, we do take our campers to fun-filled places like Kzam, L aserbounce, Active Kidz, Funstation USA, and Bounce U. Bigger trips include Luna Park, Adventureland, New Roc City, Rye Playland, Dave & Buster’s, Bounce Trampolines, and a nighttime Mets game. On the Senior overnights this year, we are going to Aquatopia Indoor water park, Mountain Creek, Hershey Park, Camp Bonim, ziplining, banana boating and horseback riding and even sleeping overnight in an all-access arcade.

You mentioned your amazing campus. Tell us about it.

Our campers spend their whole day on our 9-acre shady campus. We have a massive inground pool, four baseball fields, eight basketball courts, a hockey court, an air-conditioned gym, a volleyball court, a soccer field, and a turf gaga pit! Last summer we added five tetherball courts! There’s no need to be bused around all day.

Do you do anything special for the Three Weeks or

dos and sportsmanship, during the Nine Days the focus is heightened with a couple of special programs. Our boys collect money for Chai Lifeline, and every camper participates in the annual bowl-a-thon. We also run a middos program in memory of our very special camper, Aaron Tepfer, a”h, called Aaron’s Way.

What brings you the biggest “nachas”?

My biggest nachas is seeing my staff at the staff minyan and shiur. Here are a group of the most talented and pumped up teenagers who could be doing so many other things with their time, and instead choose to spend it giving children, the SDC campers, the time of their lives. That only begins with a strong foundation of davening and shiur.

What’s the most-heard phrase you hear as you walk around camp?

“Der ain’t no rain in sinka day camp!”

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Top Things to Know about Future Jobs


or those starting on their dream job exploration there is very exciting news – and it’s not all about tech. Here is some advice about the best careers for the future and the skills you’ll need to build now to get there. Net New Jobs Growth Based on recent findings, 75 million current job roles may be displaced by the shift in the level of automation, while 133 million new job roles may emerge at the same time. Machine and algorithms will continue to take over human work. By 2022, the current percentage of hours performed by humans will decrease from 71% to 42% as the percentage of work done by machines or algorithms will increase from 29% to 58%.

New Jobs Growing occupations include roles such as: data analysts, software and applications developers and e-commerce and social media specialists – jobs that are based in the technology and marketing sectors. However, also expected to grow are job roles based on distinctively “human” traits, such as customer service workers, sales and marketing professionals, training and development, people and culture, and organizational development specialists as well as innovation managers. Skills By 2022 the skills required to perform most jobs will shift significantly as well, with only 58% of current skills remaining relevant. Skills growing in significance include analytical thinking and ac-

tive learning as well as skills such as technology design (UX / UI Design), highlighting the growing demand for these skills. However, proficiency in new technologies is only one part of the 2022 skills equation. “Human” skills such as creativity, originality and initiative, critical thinking, persuasion and negotiation will likewise retain or increase their value, as will attention to detail, resilience, flexibility and complex problem-solving. Emotional intelligence, leadership and social skills as well as customer service orientation are also set to grow in demand. Training Emerging skills gaps — both among individual workers and among companies’ senior leadership — may significantly impact how organizations manage and retain their talent. Depending on industry and geography, between one-half and two-thirds of companies are likely to turn to external contractors, temporary staff and freelancers to address their skills gaps. This is important to note as more and more people are entering the workforce who are looking for flexible schedules and specialized skills training. WayFind’s mission is to help members of our community choose career paths that best suit their interests, skills, strengths and values so as to empower young people with the clarity and confidence necessary to make smart life decisions. WayFind offers various packages for individuals and groups. Visit or call 516.253.1147 for more information.

The biggest bonfire ever reached a height of 155 feet and 5.9 inches in Norway in 2016. It took two days to burn.

77 59


AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019


62 70

AUGUST 8,29, 2019 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 2015 | The Jewish Home

This Week TJH Speaks with... 1, 2, 3…8 weeks of amazing summer fun! For two months of the year our children bask in the sun, swimming, singing, and soaking up the fun every day. How are they spending their time away from their desks? In this annual feature series we speak with camp directors and head counselors to learn more about our community’s amazing, spectacular, incredible, marvelous, unbelievable (you get the point!) camps.

Camp MaTov

By Susan Schwamm

For more than four decades Camp MaTov has been the “summer camp where learning comes first.” Learning isn’t just taking place in the morning of each day; the boys in Camp MaTov are able to enjoy the summer in a Torahdik yet fun environment every minute of every day. With amazing staff, wholesome trips, and nonstop excitement, the ruach at Camp MaTov is unparalleled. This week we spoke with the head counselor of Camp MaTov, Rabbi Moshe Shonek, to learn more about the camp. Rabbi Shonek, tell us how Camp MaTov started.

Camp MaTov has been around since the early 1970s. I myself was a camper back then. The camp was opened by local mechanchim who wanted the yeshiva experience to continue and even flourish in the summer. Some of the heads of the camp are legendary chinuch names in this town like Rabbi Brafman, zt”l, and ybl”c Rabbi Brown and Rabbi Kalish, shlit”a. The camp has never been about maki n g money; it’s l ’s h e m S h a mayim. Paqrents can send

their dear children to us and not be afraid that they are compromising on t he i r principles.

How long have you been with MaTov?

I have been with Camp M aTo v since 1995 and I have been the head counselor since 1998.

You have amazing head staff.

We have a wonderful head staff. It all starts with Rabbi Zev Braun, our learning director. The yeshiva part of the day runs so smoothly with him at the helm. We have three wonderful division heads: R’ Dovid Libman for the seniors, R’ Menachem Engel for the intermediates and, our new addition, the

wonderful, special, talented (OK, he’s my son) R’ Yisroel Meir Shonek for the juniors.

What’s a “regular” day like at MaTov?

The day starts with learning, davening and, basically, rebbi time for the first three hours. Each grade learns on (and sometimes above) the level they just learned in yeshiva. For example, in my seventh grade class, we are learning K iddus h i n w ith Rashi, Tosfos a n d mefarshim. Even the staff have

The Jewish Home | AUGUST29, 8, 2015 2019 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER

junior dik b’nei Torah.

t h e i r Reb bi, R’ Ahron Indig, w h o work s v e r y hard to ensure t hat our counselors and counselors are emes-

You have amazing trips. Tell us about them.

If it’s OK, I would like to change the adjective from “amazing” to “wholesome.” Our trips are designed in a way that our campers have a great time and the parents don’t cringe. We go bowling, to the batting range, we rent out an indoor amusement center, and, everyone’s favorite, our fishing trips.

How do you get the freshies in on the action? The junior division is run by R’ YM Shonek on a level that makes them feel like they are really involved in everything, yet, is on their level. One week he took them to a local nursing home to sing for the residents. They have their own special erev Shabbos party and their own pool, and they love it!

What sets MaTov apart from other camps?

Well, we are not really competing with any other camp. We are really a summer yeshiva,

and we make it geshmak for everyone in the afternoon. We have all the things all the other camps have (sports, swimming, trips, etc.) but it’s much more low-key. And the kids love it!

When there is a kiddush Hashem made – whether it’s the achdus in the sports games or the way the boys interact with any adult.

Does MaTov have a slogan?

Our slogan is our theme: “The community camp where learning comes first.”

We are really a summer yeshiva, and we make it geshmak for everyone in the afternoon. How do you get the dining room revved up during lunchtime?

Rabbi Engel has his “Minute to win it” game that has boys competing in funny games to win prizes. We also have music with different boys coming up and singing. And, this year, one of the campers gives his daily weather report and calls it “Tovia on the Nines.”

That sounds like so much fun! What brings you the most “nachas” as you walk around camp?

63 71

BY THE NUMBERS 45+ Beyond Numbers: 3 2

Years in existence

Amount of Torah learned in MaTov

Freeze pops each camper receives at the end of the day on average

Trivia (Torah Revealed In Various Interesting Aspects) questions posted each week


Drones to be won by campers throughout the summer

64 30

AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

TJH You gotta be kidding Jimbo and his wife are going on vacation for the first time. As they leave, Jimbo takes the front door along. His wife says, “Jimbo, why are you taking the front door?” Jimbo explains, “You know how burglars break down the front door to get into houses? Well, if I take my front door with me, then burglars can’t break the door down, which means they can’t get in and take anything.”

Centerfold Gone on Vacation Automatic Email Responses I’m not in the office right now but if it’s important, tweet me using #YOUAREINTERRUPTINGMYVACATION. I am currently in St. Tropez, France. Enjoy your workweek.

“OK then. What are you going to do if you lose the door or if the door breaks?” asks Jimbo’s wife.

I am currently out at a job interview and will reply to you if I fail to get the position. Just kidding – I’m only on vacation…but I wish I was on a job interview.

“I thought of that,” replied Jimbo. “I left one of the side windows open so I can get in through there.”

I am in Cancun and will return your email upon my return unless I buy out one of these tourist T-shirt shops and stay here forever.

Riddle me this? The Schwartz family is on vacation and trying to find the hotel that they booked. They stop and ask someone for directions, and he says that the hotel is one mile south of their location. This story takes place in New Jersey where it is practically impossible to turn around with all those concrete barriers separating the opposite lanes of traffic. The kids are hungry and tired and want to get to the hotel. Mr. Schwartz tells his kids that he is a magician (because he’s got to entertain them before they reach the breaking point). He says to them, “OK, kids, I will point this car north, drive it for one mile, and without turning around we will end up at our hotel.” How does he do it? See answer on the other page

I am currently out of the office on vacation. I know I’m supposed to say that I’ll have limited access to email and won’t be able to respond until I return – but that’s not true. I’m actually looking at your email right now, but I’m not responding because I don’t have to. I am currently between two 60-foot palm trees on a hammock, listening to the waves, and drinking a smoothie directly from a coconut. The last thing on my mind right now is your email… just like it’s the last thing on my mind when I am in the office. I am on vacation. Please don’t contact anyone else in the company. The incompetence virus is rampant…just wait until I get back. I will return your email upon my return to the office. Before sending your email to me, please have some pity and think about what the first day back at work is like after vacation. Think: can this wait a few days? Gone on vacation for 2 days to clear my mind so that I can return to this craziness for the next 363 days and be able to handle it without losing my mind. I have gone on a cruise! Because I like volatile, slow moving, loud things…it reminds me of my office. I work 51 weeks a year and go on vacation for one week a year. During my absence, please contact my boss who works one week a year—this week—and is on vacation 51 weeks a year.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

Summer Trivia

a. Sumaraz

melon and tomatoes c. Tomatoes, watermelon and lemons d. Blackberries, blueberries and coconuts

b. Zimer c. Sama d. Bumhot 2. According to the U.S. agricultural statistics, what three fresh fruits outsell all others during the course of summer? a. Grapes, blueberries and peaches b. Peaches, water-

3. In the U.S., which of the following observances does not take place in the summertime? a. National Sandwich Month b. National Ice Cream Month c. National Barbecue Month

 Answers

d. National Watermelon Month 4. What was the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth? a. 134 degrees b. 147 degrees c. 152 degrees

c. It is closed every day from noon to 3PM for clean-up of all the trash left around d. Due to bacteria from smelly tourists, it has to be cleaned with rubbing alcohol every night

d. 167 degrees 5. What happens to the Eiffel Tower in the summer? a. It gets a few inches taller b. The heat index goes up to 170 degrees

6. When was the beach ball invented? a. 1896 b. 1938 c. 1967 d. 1981

 Wisdom Key

5. A- The Eiffel Tower expands approximately 6 inches during the summer. This is largely due

5-6 correct: Celebrate with some coconut juice!

4. A- On July 10, 1913, it was 134 degrees in Death Valley, California.

0-2 correct: Let me guess: “I hate the summer...I love the cold weather.”

3-4 correct: You are like a New York summer...not too hot, not too cold.

Answer to Riddle Me This: He drives his car in reverse (which we don’t recommend, especially in New Jersey!).

1. The English word summer developed from what Proto-Germanic word for the season?

65 31

6. B- Beach balls are believed to have been invented by Californian Jonathon DeLonge in 1938. The original beach balls are thought to have been about the size of a hand.

3. C 2. B 1. A

to the fact that steel contracts when it’s cold and expands when it’s hot.


AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


Torah Thought

Parshas Devarim By Rabbi Berel Wein


his final book of the five books of the Torah is the great oration of Moshe at the conclusion of his 40 years of leadership and service to G-d and the Jewish people. In it he reviews the events of that period and his observations and comments regarding those events and the behavior of the people of Israel during those decades of miraculous existence in the desert of Sinai. The underlying question that this

book and this week’s reading of the Torah raises is why it’s necessary for us to hear the entire story once again. There is no doubt that the Torah, being the word of G-d, so to speak, has accurately portrayed the events and details that occurred during this last 40 years of the lifetime of Moshe. So, why the repetition and expansion of the story and why does the Torah include the comments and descriptions of Moshe that at times seem to be in

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variance to the original narrative as it appears in the previous books of the Torah? The predators of biblical criticism have always pounced on these seeming discrepancies in order to prove that somehow our holy Torah was produced by committee and various personages over many generations. The survival of the Jewish people, as outlined in this book of the Torah that we have just begun to read, gives factual denial to such theories. It is inconceivable to think that Moshe himself would not be aware of the differences in the text that he himself is presenting as the word of G-d to the Jewish people. There is a lesson to be learned here as always from ev-

impressions and understanding of those events by human beings – by the greatest of human beings, our teacher Moshe. The Torah wishes to make clear to us the difficulty of achieving absolute truth and reality in our world. Everything that we see and believe is always refracted through our own life experiences and personal emotions. That is why no one always shares the same opinion regarding issues, personalities, or events in our lives. The Talmud teaches us that if there are two witnesses to an event that come to testify in a Jewish court and agree to every detail as to what they saw, we immediately suspect them to being false witnesses and poor jurors.

Everything that we see and believe is always refracted through our own life experiences and personal emotions.

Disability Insurance Self Employed Health Insurance Long Term Care Insurance Rabbi S. M. Leiner, CLTC Licensed Independent Broker for all types of Insurance Call: 917-543-0497 - Leave a message Mail: Rabbi S. M. Leiner, CLTC P.O. Box # 7655 600 Franklin Ave. Ga Garden City, NY 11530

ery biblical narrative and statement. We are all aware that reality with strict accuracy is one thing while the perceptions and understanding of those very events is a completely different matter. The Torah describes the events that occurred before the death of Moshe in accurate, real detail. These are the events and facts as they occurred and to which Heaven, so to speak, testifies. But the Torah also teaches us that these were the

So, the Torah allows us a peek into the soul and mind of Moshe and to reflect on how he saw the events of his lifetime and the story of the 40-year sojourn of the Jewish people in the desert of Sinai. It is always wise to understand the perception of others when we decide on a course of action no matter how convinced we are that we see it correctly and accurately. Shabbat shalom.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019

2019 Wine Tour

THURSDAY, AUGUST 15 • EREV TU B’AV 5779 With Guide Eve Harow

 The tour will start at Tomer’s Ranch on the eastern hills of Itamar for boutique wine and locally made cheese  On to Amalya’s Bakery in the Gidonim to buy cookies and homemade jam add $10 per box, preorders only, send cookies by proxy, too!

 Visit the new One Israel Fund Pina Chama in Elon Moreh to leave cookies for IDF soldiers  Lunch at Yekev Kabir – meat and more wine – as well as visiting the vineyards.  End the day at the Gilad Winery in Bnei Adam, moving from garage to boutique status. One Israel Fund supports over 200 unique projects in Israel each year. Please consider an additional gift to help further our vital work in protecting and strengthening our most historic and strategic communities.


Trip departs promptly at 8:15am (please arrive 15 minutes early) from the Liberty Bell Parking Lot (behind the Sonol Gas Station) and returns approximately 6:30 pm. FOR RESERVATIONS AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION visit email to or call Sarah Tacher US: 516.239.9202 x18 Israel: 050.587.7710 *Itinerary subject to change due to security, weather and/or other considerations.


68 64

AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

From the Fire

Parshas Devarim/ Shabbos Chazon Tunneling to Yerushalayim By Rav Moshe Weinberger Adapted for publication by Binyomin Wolf


ecause Tisha B’Av falls on Shabbos and it is observed Motzei Shabbos and Sunday, Shabbos is both Tisha B’Av and erev Tisha B’Av. In parshas Devarim, the Moshe Rabbeinu begins to summarize our journey in the desert from Mitzrayim until we reach the land of Israel. He starts out by saying (Devarim 1:2), “Eleven days from Chorev [Sinai], by way of Mt. Seir until Kadesh Barnea.” Rashi there explains, “The [Jewish people] traveled [the entire eleven-day journey] in three days. That is the extent to which the Divine Presence exerted itself for your sake to hasten your arrival in the land. But because you sinned, it led you around Mt. Seir for forty years.” In other words, the 11-day journey was turned into a three-day journey, which was transformed into a forty-year journey. Therefore, the next pasuk continues, “And it was in the fortieth year...” In Eicha (3:9), we say, “He has enclosed my ways with hewn stone, He has made my paths crooked.” Based on this pasuk, the Medrash in Eichah Raba (and in the Yerushalmi, Ma’aser Sheni 2:5) tells us that there were simple working Jewish men and women who lived in Tzipori, Tiveria, and even further north in Gilad, who used to travel to Yerushalayim every erev Shabbos to light candles and learn Torah in the Beis Hamikdash and then return home before Shabbos. It was not possible in those days

to make such a journey in one day, so the Medrash and Yerushalmi explain that they traveled via miraculous tunnels. The Medrash explained, however, that these tunnels could no longer be found because “there were tunnels there, but they became concealed.” Based on this, the Medrash quotes the pasuk in Eichah, “He has enclosed my ways with hewn stone, He has made my paths crooked.” These simple Jews had such a strong longing to be in the Beis Hamikdash in Yerushalayim that Hashem opened up a miraculous path for them in the form of those tunnels. The Maharal in Netzach Yisroel explains this Medrash as follows: “There is a deep point in this Medrash... It is impossible to explain these tunnels under the ground at face value. It is clear that the explanation [of these tunnels] is that they represent a hidden and concealed force...until the future when the nature of this force will be revealed.” The Yerushalmi cited above also tells the story of a man who found himself in a tunnel going the opposite direction. This man, who lived in Eretz Yisroel, was plowing with his ox when the ox ran away. He chased after it and followed it into a tunnel. When they came out on the other side of the tunnel, he suddenly found himself in Bavel, Babylonian. He asked some people he saw where he was, and they told him he was in Bavel. They asked him where he was from and when he

arrived. He explained that he was in Eretz Yisroel that very day and just got to Bavel. They asked him how he got there and he tried to find the tunnel but he was unable to. The Gemara also connects this story to the pasuk in Eichah, “He has enclosed my ways with hewn stone, He has made my paths crooked.” The first story told of people who wanted to reach Yerushalayim so badly that Hashem created a miraculous path to the Beis Hamikdash for them. In the second story on the other hand, even if someone is already in Eretz Yisroel, if he spends his time chasing cows and physicality, those same tunnels take him into exile. We all have our “oxen” of this world that we are chasing, and, just like the man in the story, we also do not know how to find our way back to Eretz Yisroel, to holiness. The distance between exile and redemption is very great. But the physical distance is not as wide or as vast as the distance in our minds and our hearts. With great desire for Eretz Yisroel, the path to the land of Israel went from eleven days to just three days. But when we went off track and began chasing the wrong things, that path suddenly became a forty-year journey and then a two-thousand-year exile from which we do not know how to return. There are many political and economic obstacles to our return to the land of Israel, but the main obstacles are inside of us, in our minds and in

our hearts. Rebbi Yehuda Halevi longed for Eretz Yisroel so much that he wrote, “My heart is in the East, and I am at the end of the West.” With great longing, one can overcome all obstacles and bypass all stumbling blocks to return home. Because of his great desire, even though travel to Eretz Yisroel was extremely dangerous in those days, Rebbi Yehuda Halevi found a “tunnel,” and made his way back home. The exile and Churban have destroyed the paths back to Eretz Yisroel and redemption. But Chazal have revealed to us (Psikta Rabasi 32:10) that when the final redemption comes, the Aseres HaShevatim, the ten lost tribes, will one day return to Eretz Yisroel from the other side of the Sambatiyon river via these tunnels to Har HaZeisim, the Mount of Olives. In addition, Chazal tell us (Kesubos 111, Yalkut Shimoni on Yeshaya 36:431) that at the time of the redemption, the tzaddikim who have left the world will come to life and return to Eretz Yisroel via these same tunnels, “[Hashem] will create tunnels for them in the earth.” Rashi there explains that “they will stand on their feet and walk to Eretz Yisroel in tunnels where they will emerge and come out.” The great desire that gives rise to these tunnels is so powerful that it can even bridge the distance between this world and the next to bring the lost tribes and the tzaddikim who have left the world

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back to Eretz Yisroel. Through these teachings, Chazal have revealed to us that the distance between exile and redemption and between this world and the next is not so far. In this week’s parsha, Moshe Rabbeinu says (Devarim 1:8, 21), “See that I have placed the land before you, come and inherit it... See that Hashem your G-d has placed the land before you, ascend and inherit it as Hashem the G-d of your fathers has spoken to you, do not be afraid and do not fear.” All that is required is not to be afraid. We did not get lost in the desert because of the other nations there, for political reasons, or any other cause. Rather, our journey turned into a forty-year trip because of our mindset. Moshe explained to them (Devarim 1:26, 32), “You did not want to ascend... This is why you did not believe in Hashem your G-d.” Shmuel Yosef (“Shai”) Agnon, the famous Nobel Prize winning and G-d fearing writer, wrote a story called

“The Story of the Goat,” inspired by all of the Medrashim about the mysterious tunnels. He told of an old man who was very sick. His doctors told him that he needed goat’s milk, so he bought a goat. A short time after he bought the goat, she disappeared for a few days. Wherever they searched for her they could not find her. But after a few days, she returned on her own with udders full of milk so rich and delicious that it tasted like it came from Gan Eden. Whenever the milk ran out, she would disappear for a few days and could not be found until she returned on her own with udders full of the most delicious milk. One day the man’s son formulated a plan. He tied a rope to the goat’s tail, and when she left in the middle of the night, he felt the tug of the rope and followed her. He followed her into a tunnel, and they walked through the tunnel for several hours, possibly several days. When they came out on the other side, they found themselves on beauti-

ful verdant hills with trees and plants blossoming everywhere. He saw Jews but they did not understand Yiddish. He asked them in Hebrew where he was, and they explained that they were in the land of Israel, near Tzfas. He wanted to remain there for the day and then return to bring his parents to Eretz Yisroel but he saw people preparing for Shabbos and realized he would not be able to make the journey in time for Shabbos. He therefore wrote a note to his parents telling them that he was okay and in the land of Israel. They should just follow the goat, and she would bring them to Eretz Yisroel to live with him. He placed the note in the goat’s ear and allowed it to return, and he went to live in Tzfas. When the goat returned home to the shtetl without his son, the boy’s father was broken-hearted. He did not find the note and assumed that his son had been torn apart by some wild animal. Ripped by grief, he brought the shochet, the slaughterer, to kill the goat that brought him so much pain.

As they were skinning the goat after slaughter, the note fell out of its ear. Seeing his son’s handwriting, the father read the note and realized that in his grief and haste, he had killed his only key to returning to his health, Eretz Yisroel, and to his beloved son. The opening and pathway to redemption still exists. We do not see it or think about it, but it is there and can be unlocked if we desire to return. Until we do, we still have Tisha B’Av. But when we believe in and long for the redemption, it is close and attainable. May we increase our desire for a world in which Hashem’s presence is revealed and merit to return through those hidden tunnels to Yerushalayim with the coming of Moshiach, may it be soon in our days.

Rav Moshe Weinberger, shlita, is the founding Morah d’Asrah of Congregation Aish Kodesh in Woodmere, NY, and serves as leader of the new mechina Emek HaMelech.

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Parshas Devarim By Eytan Kobre

Weekly Aggada And G-d said to me, “Do not fear him, for in your hands I have delivered him and all his people and his land, and you should do to him what you have done to Sichon, King of the Emori, who lived in Cheshbon” (Devarim 3:2). It does not say, “I will deliver him into your hands” but “I have delivered him into your hands” – I have already sealed his fate from the days of Yaakov. How so? When Yaakov came to bless Pharaoh (Bereishis 47:10), Og was present. Pharaoh said to Og, “Didn’t you tell me that Avraham was barren and could not bear children? Behold, his grandson and 70 of his descendants [are here]!” Og started to place the Evil Eye on Yaakov and his descendants, but G-d said to him, “Wicked one! Why are you placing an Evil Eye upon my children? That man (i.e., referring to Og himself) will later fall into their (i.e., the Jewish people’s) hands.” Hence, “for in your hands I have delivered him” (Devarim Rabba 1:25).

Weekly Mussar Across the Yarden, in the lands of Moav, Moshe began to explain the Torah, saying (Devarim 1:5) … Moshe explained the Torah to the Jewish people in 70 languages (Rashi). Now, if the Jewish people spoke only one primary language – Lashon HaKodesh – why did Moshe Rabbe-

inu explain the Torah to them in all 70 then-existing languages? Sure, explains the Ksav Sofer, the Jewish people all could understand the Torah in Lashon HaKodesh (and possibly not in any other language). But by teaching the Torah in all 70 languages, Moshe was reinforcing the constancy of the Torah and our obligation to follow it. The Torah, Moshe was telling them, is not only to be learned and followed in certain times and places and circumstances; it is not applicable only when we can understand it in a specific language (e.g., Lashon HaKodesh) or only when we live in a specific place (e.g., Eretz Yisrael) or only at specific times. The Torah is to be followed in any language we may speak, in any country in which we dwell, and in any era in which we live.

Weekly Anecdote You shall not play favorites in judgment; you shall hear the small and the great alike; you shall be afraid of no man, for judgment belongs to G-d; and the matter that is too difficult for you, you shall bring to me and I shall hear it (Devarim 1:17) As a promising young scholar, R’ Raphael HaKohen – also known as R’ Raphael Ziskind Cohen – was appointed rav of Hamburg, Germany, and its sizeable Jewish community. On his very first day on the job, a woman rushed into his home demanding to speak with the rav. She had a legal claim against one of the wealthiest men in the city, and it needed to be adjudicated that day. Or so she claimed. “This is my first day in the city,”

countered the young rav. “Are you sure this cannot wait until tomorrow?” But the woman was adamant; it had to be that day. So, seeing the woman’s resolve, the young rav relented. He asked his gabbai to find the wealthy man in question and summon him to a din Torah to be held that very day. Now, this gabbai was no fool. He knew that just approaching one of Hamburg’s wealthiest and most influential men would risk some blowback. But what choice did he have? So he went to the wealthy man’s house. His heart was pounding. He knocked lightly at the front door and began to pace back and forth nervously in the front yard. Then the front door swung open. “My good man,” said the wealthy man. “What are you doing out here? How can I help you?” “I-I-I-I’ve come at the direction of the new rav. He has summoned you to a din Torah.” “I see,” replied the wealthy man. “Tell the rav that I will come to his din Torah, but I’m busy today. I will come in the next few days.” The gabbai returned to the rav with the wealthy man’s response. The rav turned to the woman. “Does this really need to be done today? Your adversary seems to be unable to appear today. Perhaps we can hold the din Torah in the next few days.” But the woman was adamant. “Well then that settles it,” said the rav. And he instructed his gabbai to return to the wealthy man and insist that he come to the din Torah that very day. This made the gabbai even more apprehensive. He’d pushed his luck once with the wealthy man, and he was not eager to return with this renewed demand. But he did, even

more nervously than before. He approached the wealthy man’s house, and he could feel his heart pounding. He knocked on the door. “Yes?” the wealthy man offered with an air of disdain as he opened the door. “I-I-I-I’m s-s-s-s-sorry, b-b-b-bbut t-t-t-t-the r-r-r-a-a-v insists that you come to the din Torah today.” “Did I not tell you that I will come some time in the next few days? I’m among this city’s most influential men. If I tell you that I will come, I will come. Now leave!” The gabbai returned with the wealthy man’s response, but he was not met with calm. “He said what?” replied the rav in disbelief. “Return to him immediately and tell him that he will come today. If not, I will place him into cherem (ex-communication).” The gabbai couldn’t handle this pressure. He begged the rav to send someone else, but the rav demanded that the gabbai himself deliver the message. Walking up to the wealthy man’s house, the gabbai felt wobbly and weak-in-the-knees, on the brink of passing out. He managed to knock lightly at the front door. The door swung open once more. “You again?” the wealthy man thundered. The gabbai quickly blurted out the rav’s demand and threat. And as soon as he got the words out of his mouth, he raced away from the wealthy man’s house and all the way back to the rav. But within minutes, a most bizarre scene unfolded. Into the rav’s home strode the wealthy man. “Mazal tov! Mazal tov!” the man announced proudly. “We

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have secured a most worthy rav for our city – one who will not be afraid to lead us, guide us, and, if necessary, challenge even the most influential among us. Mazal tov!” It had all been just a test to see if the rav could and would stand up to the city’s most influential personalities...a test he passed with flying colors.

Weekly Halacha You shall sell me food for money, so that I may eat; and you shall give me water for money, so that I may drink; just let me pass through on my feet (Devarim 2:28) We derive from here that “just as the character of water is not changed through fire (cooking), so too only food that does not change character through cooking by a non-Jew” may be eaten (Avoda Zara 37b). That is, by rabbinic decree, a food cooked by a

non-Jew (bishul akum) – even if it is otherwise kosher and cooked in a kosher vessel – may not be eaten (Avoda Zara 37b). This prohibition is either to prevent undue socialization (and

(by most people [Aruch HaShulchan, Yoreh Dei’ah 113:12]) and foods that would “not be served on a king’s table” (Avoda Zara 38b). Foods that fall into either of those categories

The Torah is to be followed in any language we may speak, in any country in which we dwell, and in any era in which we live.

thus intermarriage) with non-Jews or out of concern that the non-Jew will mix non-kosher item into the food while cooking (Rashi, Beitza 16a and Avoda Zara 35b; Tosfos, Avoda Zara 38a). There are two major exceptions to the types of food subject to this prohibition: foods that are eaten raw

may be consumed (Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Dei’ah 113:1; Rambam, Maachalos Asuros 17:14-15) – the former because the cooking is immaterial to consumption of the food (since it is not a necessary process); the latter because such foods would not engender undue socialization with non-Jews.

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While some prohibit consumption of food cooked by a non-Jewish servant owned (not necessarily just employed) by a Jewish family (Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Dei’ah 113:4), others are lenient and permit (Rama, Yoreh Dei’ah 113:4; see also Aruch HaShulchan, Yoreh Dei’ah 113:4). One may consume food cooked by a non-Jew if a Jewish person played some active role in the actual cooking process (Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Dei’ah 113:6). This article was written l’ilui nishmas R’ Yaakov ben Dovid Ha’Levi, a”h. The Weekly Halacha is not meant for practical purposes and is for discussion purposes only. Please consult your own rav for guidance.

Eytan Kobre is a writer, speaker, and attorney living in Kew Gardens Hills. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? E-mail

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Think, Feel, Grow

When Contradiction Creates Clarity By Shmuel Reichman


here is a strange phenomenon that recurs throughout the Torah: Hashem describes one model of reality and then portrays a different and completely contradictory description. For example, in the first perek of Bereishis, the Torah describes Adam as being created b’tzelem Elokim, in the image of G-d. This depiction creates an inspiring and divine perception of Man and his role in the world. However, in the very next perek, the Torah describes man as a physical being, created from nothing more than the dirt of the earth, an identical description to the creation of animals. What happened to the G-dly and inspiring depiction of Man? A similar contradiction occurs with the creation of Chava. The midrash explains that originally Adam and Chava were created as a single androgynous being, connected by the back; man and woman were one. Hashem then split them into two independent, separate beings. This begs the question: if the ideal is for them to be connected, why split them apart? And if they were destined to be split apart, then why initially create them as one? Once again, the successive descriptions differ completely. Continuing our theme, let us focus on the creation of trees. Hashem states that there shall be fruit trees bearing fruits. The midrash explains this to mean that originally the trees themselves were supposed

to taste like their fruits. However, in the actual creation of the trees, we find that the trees do not taste like their fruits. The bark of trees tastes nothing like their sweet fruits. What is the meaning of this recurring pattern? Why are so many elements of creation described in one way before being described in a contradictory fashion?

Three Stages As we began to explain in the past, the answer to this theme is one of the most fundamental concepts in Judaism. The deep explanation behind this process is explained by the Arizal, the Ramchal, the Vilna Gaon, and many other Jewish thinkers. They expound as follows. Every process contains three stages. The first stage is the high, the inspiration, an experience of perfection and clarity. Next comes the second stage: a complete fall, a loss of everything that was experienced in the first stage. Then we have the third stage, a return to the perfection of the first stage. However, this third stage is fundamentally different than the first. It is the same perfection, the same clarity, but this time it’s a perfection and clarity that you have earned. The first time it was given to you, now you have worked to build it for yourself. The first stage is a gift, a spiritual high. It’s there to help you experience the goal, the destination. It’s a taste of what you can and hopefully

will ultimately accomplish; but it’s not real, it’s given as a gift, and is therefore an illusion. It serves only as a guiding force, but can’t compare to the genuine accomplishment of building something yourself. It’s therefore taken away to allow for the second and most important stage: building it yourself, undergoing the work required to attain this growth in actuality, to work for the perfection that you were shown. A gift isn’t real; something chosen and earned is. We’re in this world to choose, to assert our free will, and to create ourselves. Now that we’ve tasted the first stage, we know what we’re meant to choose, what we’re meant to build. The third stage is the recreation of the first stage. While it appears the same, it’s fundamentally different. It’s real; it’s earned; it’s yours. The first stage was a gift, an illusion; the third is the product born of the effort and time you invested. These three stages are the secret behind many spiritual concepts: Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov; chessed, din, and tiferes; Male, Female, and the child created from their bond of oneness. We will develop these themes in the future.

Life’s a Journey There are many explanations for the clear distinction between the contradicting descriptions of Adam in chapter 1 and chapter 2 of Bereishis. We can explain it beauti-

fully according to our principle. The ideal and goal of man is to become G-dly, to become perfect, all-knowing, all-good, all-kind, to have complete self-control. However, this is the goal, not the starting point. We start out as animalistic beings. A baby is born with no intellectual abilities and no developed character traits. He is selfish, he is the only person who exists, he is the center of his own world, he is the opposite of G-dly. The goal of life is to become Godly, to actualize his potential to become tzelem Elokim. As we’ve explained in the past, the fetus learns kol ha’Torah kulah in the womb, and then loses it upon being born into this world. We are born imperfect so that we can journey through this world on the journey of becoming perfect, recreating and earning what we once received as a gift. Adam was created first as a perfect being, the model of whom we each strive to become, before being reduced to the lowly and animalistic being that we begin our lives as. The ideal is for man and wife to be one, bonded in an indescribably oneness. Adam and Chava were literally created as one, a physical manifestation of a deeper existential oneness. However, this is the ideal, the destination. Man and wife are not born this way; they are created as two separate beings, with the mission to find each other and create that oneness. The Gemara in Yevamos says that before a man and

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AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home

wife are born, they exist as a single neshama. Only once they are born into the world do they split apart and exist as two distinct beings. The goal is to then wander the world in search of your soul-mate, choose each other, and then recreate that oneness. Adam and Chava are created as one before being split apart to model the oneness that we are striving towards as husband and wife. (The mechanism of creating oneness will be discussed at a later point.) A fruit represents the end goal, the destination, the result of a process. The tree represents the process, the stage of growth and becoming. The ideal is for the process, the tree, to be as enjoyable and euphoric as the destination itself, the fruit. However, the world was created in a way where people don’t want to go through the process of becoming great, they simply want to be great. This impatience causes so many people to give up on their

journey towards greatness. This theme touches upon something very deep. The World to Come is a place of being, a place of endpoint, whereby you enjoy everything you’ve built and become in this world. The consciousness and

you are creating your eternity, you are able to enjoy the building process as well. This is what it means for the tree to taste like the fruits. The process is just as important as the destination, because you only get to the destination by building

We’re in this world to choose, to assert our free will, and to create ourselves.

person you create in this world is what you will enjoy in the World to Come. This world, however, is the place of becoming, the place of process, where you create yourself. The goal is to learn how to enjoy the process itself. When you realize that

your way there. Every part of the process is fundamental, every moment spent right becomes eternal. When you know this, you get to live in Olam Habah, the World to Come, while still living in this world! Genuine happiness comes only

from enjoying the process of becoming. You’ll never be perfect, but you can always become more perfect. Happiness comes from enjoying the process of becoming your best self, fulfilling your unique purpose in life. This is the process of life. The ideal is shown, taken away, and it is then our job to journey through life, trying to recreate that ideal. The key is to be inspired by the goal, not depressed by the struggle. We need to understand that our goal is to become G-dly, to create oneness, and to enjoy every single step of the process! Shmuel Reichman is an inspirational speaker who has spoken internationally at shuls, conferences, and in Jewish communities. You can find more inspirational shiurim, videos, and articles from Shmuel on Facebook and For all questions, thoughts, or bookings, please email


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OUR Daughters

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Jewish Thought

Seven Principles for Maintaining Jewish Peoplehood By Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


tarting with the Fast of Tammuz, we begin a period in the Jewish calendar known as The Three Weeks, culminating in the 9th

of Av. During this period we recall the tragedies throughout history that have befallen the Jewish people, many of which, according to the

Sages, were brought about as a result of sinat chinam, baseless hatred and discord between individual Jews and within the Jewish people. Jews are an argumentative people. We say, “The L-rd is my shepherd” but no Jew was ever a sheep. I remember once having a dialogue with the late and great Israeli novelist Amos Oz who began by saying, “I’m not sure I’m going to agree with Rabbi Sacks on everything, but then, on most things, I don’t agree with myself.” Ours is the only civilization I know whose canonical texts are anthologies of arguments. The prophets argued with G-d; the rabbis argued with one another. We are a people with strong views – it is part of who we are. Our ability to argue, our sheer diversity, culturally, religiously and in every other way, is not a weakness but a strength. However, when it causes us to split apart, it becomes terribly dangerous because whilst no empire on earth has ever been able to defeat us, we have, on occasions, been able to defeat ourselves. It happened three times. The first was in the days of Joseph and his brothers when the Torah says, “They could no longer speak peaceably together.” The brothers sold Joseph as a slave and yet eventually they all, as well as their grandchildren, ended up in slavery. The sec-

ond followed the completion of the first Temple. Solomon dies, his son takes over, the kingdom splits in two. That was the beginning of the end of both the Northern and the Southern Kingdoms. The third was during the Roman siege of Jerusalem when the Jewish men and women besieged inside were more focused on fighting one another than the enemy outside. Those three splits within the Jewish people caused the three great exiles of the Jewish people. How then do we contain that diversity within a single people, bound together in fate and in destiny? I think there are seven principles.

PRINCIPLE 1: Keep talking Remember what the Torah says about Joseph and his brothers: “Lo yachlu dabro leshalom, They couldn’t speak to him in peace.” In other words, Reb Yonason Eybeschutz says, had they kept speaking, eventually they would have made peace. So, keep talking to one another.

PRINCIPLE 2: Listen to one another There is good news about the Jewish people and bad news. The good news is we are amongst the greatest speakers in the world. The bad news is we are among the world’s worst listeners. “Shema Yisrael” calls on us to

listen to one another in a way that we can actually hear what our opponent is saying. If we do this, we discover it is not just a powerful way to avoid conflict, but profoundly therapeutic as well.

PRINCIPLE 3: Work to understand those with whom you disagree Remember why the law follows Hillel as against Shammai. According to the Talmud, Hillel was humble and modest; he taught the views of his opponents even before his own. He labored to understand the point of view with which he disagreed.

PRINCIPLE 4: Never seek victory Never ever seek to inflict defeat on your opponents. If you seek to inflict defeat on your opponent, they must, by human psychology, seek to retaliate and inflict defeat on you. The end result is though you win today, you lose tomorrow, and in the end every-

one loses. Do not think in terms of victory or defeat. Think in terms of the good of the Jewish people.

PRINCIPLE 5: If you seek respect, give respect Remember the principle of the

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77 55

PRINCIPLE 6: You can disagree, but still care Jews will never agree on everything, but we remain one extended family. If you disagree with a friend, tomorrow they may no longer be your friend. But if you disagree with your

Ultimately, I do not need you to agree with me, I just need you to care about me.

Book of Proverbs: “As water reflects face to face, so does the heart of person to person.” As you behave to others, they will behave to you. If you show contempt for other Jews, they will show contempt to you. If you respect other Jews, they will show respect to you.

family, tomorrow they are still your family. In the end, family is what keeps us together, and that is expressed best in the principle “Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh,” All Jews are responsible for one another. Ultimately, I do not need you to agree with me, I just need you to care about me.

PRINCIPLE 7: Remember that God chose us as a people G-d did not choose only the righteous, He chose all of us. We stand before G-d as a people, and it is as a people that we stand before the world. The world does not make distinctions. Anti-Semites do not make distinctions. We are still united by a covenant of shared memory, of shared identity, of shared fate, even if we do not share the exact same faith. So the next time you are tempted to criticize another Jew, or walk away from a group of Jews that you think have offended you, make that extra effort to stay together, to forgive, to listen, to try and unite, because if G-d loves each of us, can we try to do anything less?

To read more from Rabbi Sacks, please visit and follow @RabbiSacks on social media.

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Torah Thought

Shabbos Chazon Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder By Rabbi Yoni Levin


misery of the Nine Days and then ultimately the wretchedness and despair of Tisha b’Av itself. Yet, Chazal tell us that everything bad is really good. This may not be so clear to us now, but in the future Chazal teach us that we will bless the

ntrenched in the depths of the Three Weeks, there is no time in the calendar when we experience such distance from Hakodesh Baruch Hu. The various halachik restrictions get increasingly harsh as we are drawn further down into the





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bad just as much as we bless the good, k’shem she’mivarchin al ha’tov, kach mivarchim al ha’ra. Embedded in these dark days is something good, something virtuous, and something upstanding. And although Chazal said that this recognition will only become clear in the times of Moshiach, perhaps we can uncover a little bit of the inspiring message obscured in the mourning of the Beis Hamikdash. If we look deep enough we can garner a taste of that sweetness from amongst these bitter days, glean from the true light enveloped in the darkness, and realize how close we, in fact, are to the Ribbono Shel Olam.

The 12 Lines of a Get There is a bizarre Tosfos in the beginning of Maseches Gitin. The Baalei Hatosfos write that a get has 12 lines corresponding to the breaks in the Sefer Torah between each of the Chamisha Chumshei Torah. In other words, there are four empty rows between Sefer Bereishis and Sefer Shemos. The same is true of the space between Shemos and Vayikra and the space between Vayikra and Bamidbar. (Devarim is not part of the calculation since it is just a review of the previous four chumashim – it is Mishneh Torah, the second Torah, or review of the Torah). In the end, we have an aggregate of 12 empty rows in a Sefer Torah. These rows serve as the basis for the 12 lines of a get. What is the function of spaces in the Torah? And how does that relate to

the length of a get? It is hard to imagine that there is any connection between these two. A Sefer Torah builds relationships. A get severs relationships. A Sefer Torah brings man closer to Hashem. A get separates man from his wife. In what way do these spaces in the Sefer Torah relate to a get?

Patience and Love What is the goal of these spaces appearing in a Sefer Torah? Rashi teaches us that the spaces in the Torah function as a break or recess from the Torah. They are intended to allow us time to process the information, to let the material brew, and then, to move on. A necessary component of Torah accumulation is patience. Often, we race to the finish, complete the Sefer, and make a siyum. But the Torah dictates that space and patience are the keys to successful learning. In order to comprehend the knowledge and retain it, one must learn a proper pace and measure for learning. There is a beautiful Gra to this point. The Mishna in Pirkei Avos lists 48 different ways to acquire the Torah. One such way is described as mi’ut sichah. The simple explanation is that one should minimize his speech in order to amass more Torah knowledge. In other words, don’t waste so much time talking and just learn. But the Gra says the opposite. The Mishna is teaching us that one must create mi’ut sichah. One must take breaks. One must allow the informa-

tion to submerge in the mind. One should not overload himself with information. Tafasta meruba lo tafasta, tafasta mi’ut tafasta. So is true with everything else in the world. We don’t act on impulse. We must be thought-out, calculated, and deliberate. So paramount is this concept that it is the very first lesson taught in all of Pirkei Avos – he’vu mesunin ba’din. One must be calm, forgiving and gentle when rendering judgement – judgement in the court room, and judgement outside. Prior to yielding any conclusion or decision, it is critical that one first ponder and contemplate every different angle and repercussion. jaco For this reason, a get is 12 lines m a long. In reality, wei don’t wish for a r husband and wife to divorce. As part of the process, the get takes 12 lines, 12 rows of patience, 12 moments to the think and reconsider before handing over the get. Space, time and distance are more than just preventative. They are not




absence arouses a greater want to be reunited. This is precisely what is taking place during the Three Weeks and Nine Days. We are experiencing the patience, distance, and absence that make the heart grow fonder. Perhaps this is alluded in the word get – gimmel (3) weeks and tes (9) days of pa-

of marrying off children while facing the realities of an empty house. The separation is important and necessary components of life that brings great joy and nachas, but that empty feeling of


tience. Each year, we feel as if Hakadosh Baruch Hu wants to send us off, abandon us, and divorce us. But after three weeks of distance, the 12 rows of pa-


y b a B h

Oo M

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p h h o t o g r a p



We are experiencing the patience, distance, and absence that make the heart grow fonder. bov

y b a B h

Oo M

just means to avoid a disastrous decision. Instead, they engender greater connections, love and affection than before. While you may be elated sending your children away to summer camp, the love and yearning to see them during those weeks builds with time and distance. The same is true

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p h h o t o g r a p


CALL OR TEXT MIRIAM 347-572-8973

tience, the love we have for Hashem, and the love Hashem has for us, grows increasingly stronger – stronger than ever before. There is an incredible remez which drives this point home. In halacha, we are taught that the length of each row in a Sefer Torah is 45 letters long. The amount of missing letters in those 12 rows totals 540 (45x12). By no coincidence is this is the same exact gematria as mesunin, as in he’vu mesunin ba’din. In a mind-blowing concurrence, there are 22 days of Bein Hameitzarim, the Three Weeks, plus 12 hours of mourning into the 10th of Av which also totals 540 hours (22 x 24 + 12)! We should be zocheh that this be the last year of mourning the churban Beish Hamikdash and all of the absence should make the love stronger to reunite us with Hakadosh Baruch Hu with love and admiration with the rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdash with bi’as go’el tzedek b’mheira b’yameinu, Amen.

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Jewish Thought

Vision at Neila By Rabbi Yaakov Klein

Broken Ego Broken Time Broken Space Broken Tzaddikim Broken Shabbos Broken Temple Broken Kohen Gadol Broken Yom Kippur Broken Kodesh Hakodashim We can never stop mourning That which we never truly lost The end of the destruction – The beginning of the rebuilding A two-thousand-year process Of pain and prosperity Mortar-mixing, bricklaying, interior designing Work-related injuries Freak accidents Casualties Menorah made out of Blown-out candles Mizbeach made out of Six Million sacrifices Building the spiritual structure of The Third Temple Everlasting in its glory It’s 2019 Look up! The gleaming edifice Towers above you Look around! Mighty walls of Torah thought And tear-soaked prayer Crystalized, shining Have we not completed our task? The scaffolding has been removed The building is built The grandeur is blinding And so, lifted on wings of ecstasy I escape to an ancient vision Yom Kippur in the Temple rebuilt To behold the visage of the Kohen Gadol “Ma’areh Kohen” I rush through the giant ornate doors Into the expanse where Heaven meets earth

Past the vessels of gold And the platform of Leviim Tuning their instruments For the very last time I approach the Holy of Holies Legs carried by joy and excitement And I freeze There is no Kodesh Hakodashim In its place A gaping hole Concrete slabs Unsightly insulation A tangle of wood and metal Silent, empty space A sound I start, frightened Bells ring out Ah, the Kohen Gadol! I peek around the corner And there I see The Shemoneh Begadim Holy garments A brilliant light emanates From the Choshen stones The shining Tzitz is positioned above Bells and pomegranates Bells and Pomegranates Ring softly below But there is no Kohen Gadol The garments, they flutter In the air Devoid of essence I am shaken from my inner wanderings As Yom Kippur draws to a close A joyous Kaddish Tables set with orange juice and rugelach And many breaths of relief Maariv ensues Newly forgiven I bang my chest twice During “S’lach Lanu” Because somehow Yom Kippur “Shabbos Shabbason” Is yet incomplete

The Beis Hamikdash of our Judaism Is all but rebuilt Wonderfully consummate In so many ways But our generation The stone despised by the builders Is tasked with generating The Kodesh HaKodashim All songs are holy The Song of Songs is Holy of Holiest The “holy” has been built Torah, avodah, gemillas chassadim – Yeshivos, shuls, gemachim galore The Beis Hamikdash of Jewish society Stands before us Remarkably impressive Our generation’s task is to build the “Holy of holiest” A nation prepared To fill the structures of the “holy” With the essential spirit of Shir HaShirim Passion, desire, and romance “Ani l’Dodi v’Dodi li” The inward spirit of Holiness Sincerity Warmth Humility Reaching the core of our holy tradition And bringing it to everlasting life Until then We remain with Tzaddikim Who cannot connect the earthiness of my life With the portion of heaven I carry within A Shabbos robbed Of spiritual freedom, “Nachalah b’meitzarim” And a spiritual Temple that Despite all external appearances Is still broken Yet incomplete R’ Yaakov Klein is the author of Sparks from Berditchov and Sunlight of Redemption (Feldheim) He lives in Yerushalayim with his wife, Shira, and their son, Shmuel, where he transmits the inner light of Torah through his lectures, writings, and music.

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Jewish Thought

The Power of the Written Word Reflections on a visit to the Anne Frank House By Leah R. Lightman


t was the infamous bookcase to the Secret Annex that got me. On a recent trip to Amster-

dam, my husband and I visited the Anne Frank House. We had been at the Jewish Historical Museum ‫בס״ד‬



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and the Portuguese Synagogue and then sprinted across a filled-withlife Amsterdam, arriving at the appointed time to queue with others who held tickets for the same time slot. Things are so well organized that there was almost no wait. Visiting the Anne Frank House was a lifelong dream for me. Most likely, I was 11 or 12 years old when I read her diary. Growing up in suburbia as a second generation American whose family came to this country in the early 20th century, I had no “firsthand” connections to the Holocaust. I remember asking myself and my parents, “How could this happen?” Actually, I was more focused on wondering how people survived. In addition to The Diary of Anne Frank, I consumed Mila 18, QB VII, Night, and other such genre. Several teachers at the Maimonides School in Boston, which my brothers and I attended, barely escaped to these shores where they recreated themselves. They spoke about life prior to 1939. Very little was said about the war years. Anne Frank’s diary gripped me. Precocious, full of life, brimming with energy, she and seven others were confined to three rooms and a life of silence during work hours so people working in the building

would not hear them. Once a week, she bathed herself in some kind of tin container. Forget ever being outdoors, day or night. There was the constant fear of being discovered despite the blackout curtains. Eight people lived together, fought, made up, spoke quietly, and yearned for freedom and life. Anne Frank was gutsy, outspoken and curious with a joie de vivre. My gut feeling is she was wired this way and remained so, despite the circumstances. Now that I am a mother and a grandmother and settled into my “middle years,” I appreciate the uniqueness of the individual personality, growth and the not-always-so-straight road to forming identity. Her diary makes you wonder what could have been her life had not the Nazis cast their giant dark shadow and life-choking grip. Stepping past the bookcase on hinges – the very artifact that helped to hide the Frank family and others – and into the annex, I realized that we were walking in the footsteps of others who walked the very same steps and had been filled with fear and hope. Fear is obvious: would they live? Hope is obvious: they hoped to live. Our lives today are thankfully not so blackand-white, so stark, so on the edge.

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Both my husband and I bumped our heads on the low-hanging doorframe, something that Anne Frank had also done and wrote about. The staircases, oh, those staircases. There are several staircases in the Anne Frank House. Narrow, they are more akin to ladders than staircases as they are close to being 90-degree angles from the floor. The steps in the staircases are also narrow, which cause one to climb them at a funny angle. Otto Frank created the Secret Annex during crazy times, and those staircases are yet one more reminder thereof. Adjacent to the Secret Annex is the museum where the story of the raid of the annex is told as well as the details of post-Annex life (and death) for the inhabitants. A film with famous people spanning the spectrum from Shimon Peres to Whoopi Goldberg speaks about how Anne Frank’s legacy impacted their lives. Of course, there is Anne Frank’s diary under glass together

with her father’s explanation of how an employee saved it after the raid. Her mother’s siddur is also on display. There is a scene in Leon Uris’ Mila 18 which has been formative for me about the importance of the primary source, of contemporaneously writing and detailing life with

its trials, tribulations, and rewards. A twisted high-ranking Nazi official named Horst von Epp watches the burning of the Warsaw Ghetto from the confines of a luxurious apartment. He speaks about his fear of “Jewish retribution” which he explains that, despite his not having evidence, he is confident that the

Jews have diarized the macabre socalled life in the Warsaw Ghetto. He is fearful of the writings being found and brought to life even after the deaths of their authors and how their voices, despite their deaths, will be the undoing of the Third Reich. Von Epp was right to be afraid of the power of the written word. The obsessive Nazis detailed the names of Jews and others who were sent from Amsterdam to their final fates and on which dates. Interestingly, there are a fair number of people with the surname “Frank,” and there was more than one Anne Frank. Yet the Anne Frank we know practically jumps out of that list. Amazingly, through her enduring diary and its timeless content, she achieved the status of famous writer she so yearned for during her too brief lifetime. Such is the power of the written word and even more so when it’s emes.

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The Holocaust Survivor Who Captured Amon Goeth

Survivors being liberated from Auschwitz in January 1945


Levkovich was a teenage slave laborer when Amon Goeth, the villainous “Butcher of Plaszow” who murdered Jews for sadistic sport, pointed his gun at Josef’s head. “I was working at the Plaszow concentration camp, dismantling the remnants of a Jewish cemetery,” Josef told from his home in the Arzei Habira neighborhood of Jerusalem. The cemetery’s wrought iron fence – all 150 tons – was needed to make weapons for the Nazi slaughter of millions across Europe. Josef was high atop the fence, removing some bricks, when Goeth rode up on his horse – flanked by two snarling dogs trained to tear inmates to death. “When I saw Goeth coming, I quivered with fear,” Josef says. “I’d been attacked by these dogs before.” In that attack, Josef protected his face with his hands; he bore the scars for a lifetime. “Up on the fence, my job was to carefully remove each brick, then toss it down to another prisoner,” Josef explains. “But when Goeth passed by, the other prisoner dropped the brick.”

by Rabbi Shraga Simmons

Goeth shot him on the spot. “Goeth shouted to me: ‘Throw down a brick!’” Josef vividly recalls. “I did, but Goeth let it fall to the ground.” Goeth ordered Josef off the fence. He quickly slid down, cutting himself badly in the process. “Goeth yelled at me, took out his gun, and pointed it at my eyes,” Josef says. “I knew my life was over. I said Shema Yisrael and blacked out.” Josef awoke a few days later in the infirmary, in pain and with bandages covering his entire body. Details of what transpired became known only later when Josef later met Wilek Chilowicz, head of the Jewish police who was always at Goeth’s side and was there at the time. “Chilowicz knew me because I’d volunteered to shine his shoes,” Josef says. “He told me: ‘I saved your life! Goeth wanted to shoot you, so I beat you up and told Goeth: ‘Save your bullet – he’s dead.’”

Nazi Hunting Fast forward seven years, postwar. Twenty-year-old Josef is a

community activist. He’s successfully rescued 600 Jewish orphans (details later), and was now ready for the challenge of hunting Nazi war criminals. Josef interviewed people and combed records, gathering every thread of information where Nazis might be hiding. One day, he was searching for clues at a POW camp near Vienna that held 30,000 German prisoners. “I asked a German officer if he recognizes all the soldiers in his group, and he told me: ‘There is one stranger we don’t know.’ “I approached what appeared to be a regular Wehrmacht soldier, and my blood began to boil. It was Amon Goeth hiding his identity!” Josef snuck up behind Goeth and years of pent-up frustration let loose. “I started screaming, spitting and beating him – rattling off the list of atrocities I’d seen him commit in the camp.” Goeth was arrested, put on trial in German court, and condemned to hanging. “He was happy to have it all over,” Josef says. But the Polish government insisted he be extradited and put on trial in Poland where

he’d committed his crimes. Josef says: “I was happy because this meant I could repeat my accusations against him, and his suffering would be prolonged. He deserved it.” In Poland, Goeth was sentenced to death and was hanged in the Plaszow camp, on the same spot where he’d sadistically murdered untold innocent Jews. The Holocaust film Schindler’s List would immortalize Goeth as the paradigm villain. During this time, Josef met Oskar Schindler in a DP camp. “He heard that I was looking for Nazi war criminals, and wanted me to know that he was one of the ‘good ones’,” Josef says.

Early Life Josef Levkovich was born in 1926 in the Polish village of Dzialoszyce (pronounced zoli-shitz), the oldest of four brothers in a well-known Polish family. A street named Levkovich (Lewkowa) encircles Krakow’s town square, and their ancestral home today serves as the local police station. “Before the war, we figured we were safe in Poland,” Josef says.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

Forced labor in Plaszow

87 81

Goeth on horseback in Plaszow

Josef became an activist after the war

“Jews had lived there for centuries. We were Polish citizens, protected by Polish law. In our wildest dreams we never imagined being deported

“I knew my life was over. I said Shema Yisrael and blacked out.” to factories of death. When the Nazi oppression began, no one defended us. Most Poles followed Nazi orders, some even helped to round up Jews.”

In 1939, when Jews were forced to relinquish all their possessions, Josef’s uncle sold his textile business to a non-Jew in exchange for a hiding place. That arrangement lasted a short time, Josef recalls. “When the man feared being discovered, he took my uncle and his entire family out to a field and murdered them.” At age 13, Josef vowed: “If I survive, I will go back to find that man and give payback.” (After the war, Josef could no longer remember the man’s name.) As the Nazis tightened their grip, Josef and 15,000 other Jews were herded to a flooded field where they were forced to sit all night, cold and hungry, in waist-high water. The elderly were pulled to the side and shot dead. The next morning, 95% of those Jews – including Josef’s mother and brothers – were taken to the Belzec

Josef on the day he caught Amon Goeth

Goeth on trial for war crimes

camp for immediate extermination. A remnant of 800 Jews was sent to slave labor, Josef and his father among them.

“After a while,” Josef recalls, “Ludolf came. Instead of speaking, he made barking noises like a dog, which I understood meant to shine his boots.” Josef was then led to a garden and given the daily task of feeding the Kommandant’s rabbits and chickens. This gave Josef access to animal food, far better than he was eating in the camp. “I was happy to see carrots for the rabbits,” he says, “and I was the first ‘rabbit’ to be fed!” In the evenings, Ludolf would throw parties at the villa for SS officers. “They threw out a lot of food, which I ate,” Josef says. He also smuggled food into the camp, risking his life to feed dozens of other prisoners. At the villa, a lieutenant named Otto Striegel enjoyed mistreating Josef. “He’d order me to stand in

Carrots and Shoeshines Throughout the years, Josef was transferred from concentration camp to concentration camp. He recalls one incident at Melk, a subcamp of Mauthausen: “Because I’m short, I was always in the front row for morning inspections. One day, the camp Kommandant, Julius Ludolf, stopped right in front of me. Without thinking, I saluted, clopped my wooden shoes together, and said in German: ‘Sir! I will shine your boots to shine like the sun!’” The next thing he knew, Josef was being led by an officer outside the camp to Ludolf’s magnificent villa atop a hill.

88 82

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In 2011, Josef visited his childhood home and synagogue in the Polish village of Dzialoszyce

the corner with my mouth open, then try throwing pebbles into my mouth. They usually ended up hitting me in the face.” [While Nazi hunting after the war, Josef discovered Kommandant Ludolf hiding in a village. Josef testified in court, telling of Ludolf’s crimes and his huge quantity of sto-

“When we arrived in Auschwitz, I was standing on so many layers of bodies that I reached the roof.”

ter. But people slammed the door on my face. Either they were cruel or afraid; it is not for me to judge.” The next morning, Josef went back to the slave labor camp; there was no better option. Another treacherous time, Josef was put onto a cattle car headed for Auschwitz. “We were 160 men in the car, packed so tight, worse than sardines,” he says. “We had no air or water. Every few minutes, another person died. When we arrived in Auschwitz, I was standing on so many layers of bodies that I reached the roof.” Of the original 160 men, 20 walked out alive. Josef’s first job in Auschwitz was to carry those dead Jews to the crematoria. Josef pauses and thinks back to those hellish times: “I endured bitter cold and never-ending hunger. But no matter how grim the situation, I found the courage and faith to survive. Even during the worst times, G-d filled my entire inner being. I never felt abandoned. The Nazis could destroy my life, but not my belief. That kept me alive.”

Liberation len jewelry, gold, and foreign bank notes. Ludolf and the lieutenant who threw pebbles were both executed.] Even though Josef spent so much unattended time at the villa outside the camp, he didn’t try to escape. “I’d managed to escape previously,” he says. “I slipped away from a work detail and wandered in search of someone to give me food or shel-

One morning in May 1945, the camp was eerily quiet. No siren signaled morning roll call. Then at midday, Josef and the others were suddenly ordered to assemble in the camp’s appelplatz (center square). The SS Kommandant strutted onto a stage and announced: “We want to protect you from the enemy. Go quickly into the tunnels!”

Levkovich Street in Rechovot

Josef describes: “Rumors spread that the tunnels were rigged with dynamite, and the Nazis planned to blow us all up. Thousands of prisoners began shouting, ‘Nein! Nein!’ (No! No!). The SS sprayed the crowd with machines guns. I dropped to the ground. Many did not escape the flying bullets and died on the spot.” Eventually the firing stopped, and Josef stood up to see bodies scattered everywhere. The stage was empty. The SS had vanished. “I was stunned,” he says. “Was the nightmare finally over? Miracle of miracles – had our dreams of freedom finally come true? Was it possible I’d survived five horrific years of slave labor, beatings, and starvation?” Josef bent down and picked a revolver off the ground. He had no clue how to use it, but today was a new day.

Rescuing Orphans Liberated at age 17 and weighing 60 pounds, Josef pondered his next move. He was literally alone – the only member of his extended family to survive. As an orphan, Josef was concerned about the thousands of Jewish children who, at the outset of war, had been “temporarily placed” with non-Jewish families and monasteries. In many cases, entire Jewish families had been killed, with nobody to reclaim these children. Josef knew, “If I don’t do something, these Jewish children will be lost to the Jewish people forever.”

With no idea how to achieve this gargantuan task, Josef discovered a distant cousin named Daniel who was a Communist leader in post-war Poland. “I told him that I have an idea to unite families that the Nazis separated. I put it in secular terms, because ‘Jewish’ was a hated term in Poland.” Daniel introduced Josef to a Polish general who agreed to help the rescue activities – supplying a team of 40 people, including 20 soldiers, rifles, trucks, a tank(!) – and total authority to fend off anyone who might resist. Locating these orphaned Jewish children was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Through a network of informants, Josef would follow leads to a particular address. “We’d knock on the door, show our badge, and say, ‘We’d like to ask a few questions. Is this your daughter? Show us her birth certificate.’ Many times, they claimed the child was adopted, so we’d insist: ‘Show us the adoption papers!’” Josef had a keen sense for spotting Jewish children and – working with psychologists and security personnel – succeeded in rescuing 600 orphans.

New World Josef became involved with the Zionist movement and was headed toward a career as a diplomat. One day, he saw a Red Cross announcement that someone in Buenos Aires was looking for information about the Levkovich family. It was Josef’s great-uncle.

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Josef at his home in Jerusalem, surrounded by family photos

“I was a lone survivor,” Josef recalled. “I was eager for family. So I answered the call and they sent me a ticket to come by boat to Argentina.” Josef became a diamond dealer and met his wife Perla in Columbia, South America. When their oldest son reached school age, they moved to the larger Jewish community of Montreal, Canada. Josef continued

“I was occupied with just surviving the moment, with no time to think.” working in the diamond business, even operating a diamond factory in Communist Cuba. He bemoans one deal that got away. Mrs. Pablo Picasso wanted to swap some of her husband’s paintings for diamonds. The paintings were appraised at a few thousand dollars each, but Josef thought they looked odd and passed on the deal. He says: “Today those paintings are worth about $30 million – each!” In the 1980s Josef became involved in a development company that built projects all over Israel. They built Arzei Habira, a residential neighborhood in Jerusalem, where

Josef secured the apartment he lives in today. One apartment project in Rechovot was given the street name Levkovich. Over the decades, Josef supported the State of Israel, meeting with prime ministers and other high government officials, and helping to establish diplomatic and economic relations between Israel and South American countries. In 2016, Josef decided to leave his comfortable life in Canada and make aliyah. An Israeli TV crew stayed in Montreal for an entire week to document it. “I wanted to make aliyah for many years, but I said if I don’t go now, at age 88, I never will,” Josef says. “I’m very happy I made the decision. I found so many friends and good neighbors.” For many years, Josef refused to speak about his Holocaust experiences. His children and grandchildren pushed him to write a book, so his story would be remembered. The result is From the Ashes to Lechaim: A Miraculous Journey, published this year as a small print run for family and friends. “I realized that if I don’t tell my story, nobody will. I lost my entire connection to the past, and now I must alert generations to come,” he says. In 2011, Josef traveled back to Poland with his youngest son, visiting Krakow; Auschwitz; Belzec, where his mother and brothers were murdered; Dzialoszyc, the village where he grew up; and Plaszow, where he survived the dark shadow of Amon Goeth. “No matter how much is written

89 83

Josef with family members at his 90th birthday party

about the Holocaust,” he says, “it is impossible to describe the terror, and starvation. For five years, from morning till night, I did back-breaking labor in quarries, railroads, and salt mines. I eagerly did everything I was asked. I was occupied with just surviving the moment, with no time to think. Otherwise, I’d go crazy.” Those memories still haunt today. “I often wake up during the

night, soaked with sweat,” Josef says. “Last week I dreamed of fighting with a Nazi who wants to shoot me. I grabbed his rifle and turned it around on him.” Josef Levkovich rescued 600 orphans, captured Amon Goeth, and built a beautiful life. After the nightmare, this is revenge. This article has been reprinted with permission from




Shalom Task Force receives thousands of phone calls offering a confidential place to turn to for help, resources and support. You’re not alone. We’re here to help. CONFIDENTIAL ANONYMOUS HOTLINE:

(No Caller ID)

888.883.2323 (TOLL FREE) 718.337.3700 (NYC AREA)

Anonymous hotline — no caller ID. You do not have to give your name. Trained staff of informed, sensitive and caring individuals. Referrals include counseling, legal advice or finding a safe place. It hurts to call A domestic abuse hotline. It hurts more not to.

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Delivering a Baby in the Middle of the Desert By Avigail Beer


y name is Avigail Beer, and I am a volunteer EMT with United Hatzalah. I was recently headed to Sinai for a vacation with my friend, Naomi Lasry, who is also a volunteer EMT, when we received an alert to a medical emergency happening near our location. The alert told us that a woman was in active labor right near the Ramon Crater. I had never been to the Ramon Crater before, and we were in the middle of nowhere with no one else around. No cars or buses were on the road, and everything was completely dark. I told the dispatcher that we were in the middle of the desert, and he confirmed that we were close to the location. He helped direct us to an ATV that had been waiting by the highway for help to arrive. The driver led us on an off-road ride further into the middle of the desert. I thought my tires were going to pop riding over the dirt paths and rocks. Finally, after another 7 minutes of off-road driving, we arrived at a tent. The place was completely dark. We turned on some flashlights in order to see and saw six children running around screaming, “Mama.

Mama. Come help our Mama.” We ran over to where the children indicated their mother was and found her in the middle of giving birth. I told the mother that I was with her and that she should continue doing what she was doing. I had to do this in pantomime because, as she was a Bedouin woman, she didn’t speak any of the languages that I speak. She got the message, and she pushed. After a few strong

ty, no lights, no running water. Just her, the driver of the ATV, and her children. I’ve delivered a few babies now, and every time, it fills me with excitement. It is challenging, highly emotional, and extremely empowering. This time, however, was completely different due to the situation that we found ourselves in. Delivering a baby on the floor, in a tent, in the middle of the desert is an

Delivering a baby on the floor, in a tent, in the middle of the desert is an experience that I will never forget.

contractions, we heard the baby’s first cries. Just moments after we had arrived I was holding a new life in my hands. I helped the mother get dressed and put her shoes on. There was no one else around at all. No electrici-

experience that I will never forget. In spite of the language barrier that we had, we felt like we were almost family because we were there to help this woman in her time of need. For me, this experience really represented what it means to be a

United Hatzalah volunteer. We aren’t simply EMTs who come assist a person and leave. We are empathic people, going about our daily lives, and we rush out to help everyone we can. That help often goes beyond simply doing the medical procedures required of us. We put an emphasis on fulfilling all of the needs of the person in need of medical assistance. In this instance, we saw one of the other children was upset and crying after he saw and heard his mother in pain. We sat with the child and calmed him down and made sure that all of the others were cared for before we took our leave. As an EMT, I have come to know a lot of different people from different places and cultures. Every person I go to treat is a world unto themselves, and there is a lot to be learned from them. It has been an eye-opening experience, and I think that volunteering as an EMT is the greatest thing that one can do. It allows me to help anyone and everyone, regardless of who they are, where they live, and what religion they believe in. It is simply the greatest thing one can do in this world.

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Dating Dialogue

What Would You Do If… Moderated by Jennifer Mann, LCSW of The Navidaters

Dear Navidaters, I dated my now-husband for six months, and we really got to know each other. I immediately was drawn to his personality. He is kind, funny, giving, caring, and soft-spoken. He is driven and at the beginning of a potentially prosperous career. I am now married for a handful of months, and I find myself feeling down a lot. This may sound ridiculous but I miss my past life. I miss waking up in the morning and having coffee with my mother and sister. I miss sitting on the couch in my den and watching a movie. I miss my neighbors at home. I feel like a little kid who is homesick at sleepaway camp. My husband notices my sadness and commented that I seem distant. He is starting to feel like it’s him or that I’m not happy with him. I never thought I would feel this way so I wasn’t at all prepared and I’m wondering if this is normal. I cry nearly every day for months for about ten minutes. It comes over me. I love my husband and feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I feel guilty that I am so sad. I should be ecstatic. Is something wrong me? And if so, what can I do to fix this? My husband and I are thinking of starting our family soon. I want my sadness resolved before we do so. Thank you for your help!

Disclaimer: This column is not intended to diagnose or otherwise conclude resolutions to any questions.

Our intention is not to offer any definitive

conclusions to any particular question, rather offer areas of exploration for the author and reader. Due to the nature of the column receiving only a short snapshot of an issue, without the benefit of an actual discussion, the panel’s role is to offer a range of possibilities. We hope to open up meaningful dialogue and individual exploration.

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The Panel The Rebbetzin Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz, M.S. ou are smart and perceptive. You differentiate between your feelings about your husband and your inexplicable sadness. There is something going on, and you need to get to the bottom of it. It may be a mood disorder, a hormonal issue, or something else. Get yourself to a highly skilled mental health professional who works with a psychiatrist or doctor since you may need some medication in addition to talk therapy. You need to schedule some time as a couple, too. You are probably both at the outset of your careers and need to invest time and energy in them. You may even be in school, too. You note that your fabulous spouse is very driven as well as wonderful. Pencil-in date nights and fun recreation together as well and invest in keeping your relationship moving with shared interests, quality time, and quantity time. Counter the loneliness with togetherness. That’s why you got married in the first place! Your therapist will probably also suggest couples therapy; all marriages need constant effort and skills need to be developed, especially new marriages. Communication skills, sharing skills, and more can be learned, practiced, and developed further. Finally, keep in mind that transitioning from a busy family home with neighbors, family members, and big Shabbos meals to a quiet apartment with just two people is a process. Fill your home with music, joy in each other, and new couple friends, too. Make a circle for yourselves as a couple. But keep in mind that that the two of you are most important. The company and social circle can come later. Check yourself out, invest in your relationship with your spouse, and develop a chevrah. It’s all doable. It’s all a process. But some things are priorities. And now you know what they are.


The Mother Sarah Schwartz Schreiber, P.A. all it a paradox. A young woman, who had struggled with infertility for many years, is blessed with a robust, healthy baby. She should be delirious with joy! Ecstatic and giddy and grateful to finally become a mother! Instead she cries. She feels exhausted! She feels unattractive! She’s not fit to be a mother! Blame it on “the hormones.” Still, depression at this most joyous time of life can be attributed to a real sense of loss. She’s traded a life that’s familiar (even if it was fraught with dashed hopes and disappointment) for new and unfamiliar terrain – motherhood. You get my drift. Married life – no matter how much you’ve yearned for it – is unfamiliar territory. Even with the most extraordinary partner, marriage is an uncharted journey—rife with new, exciting possibilities, to be sure, but challenges, as well. Getting through your daily to-do list, shopping, cooking, laundry and errands, is enough to make you crave the comfort of Mommy’s kitchen where Shabbos prepared itself and the fridge was automatically refilled with delectable offerings. Back at the ranch, there was always a handful of family members or neighbors you’ve known forever; schmoozing was easy and mindless – no judgment. As a newlywed, you’re living in a grown-up world with one roommate – a relative stranger who may not agree with or understand everything you say. Now that I think about it, I would cry, too. Like the new mom who’s adjusting to her newborn (and the idea of sleepless nights), it may take some time for you and your husband to adjust to couple-hood and slip into the rhythm of running a household. Believe in yourself – before long you’ll reach that sweet spot of married routine: the comfortable banter, the sweet conversations, the caring and sharing that makes marriage so fulfilling. If, while “transitioning,” you sorely miss your family, by all means, spend as many


Shabbosim and Sundays with the crew. Finally, and you know this was coming, seek professional help. While facetime with family may offer a quick fix for newlywed blues, only a therapist can help you discover and deal with the source of your sadness in a most expeditious manner. Your marriage has so much promise; don’t waste another minute wallowing in “why me’s” and Kleenex.

The Shadchan Michelle Mond ’ll be honest with you. I wrote an entire answer and scrapped it all after sitting on it for a while. (If you don’t believe me, ask Jen, who so patiently waited for my answer past the deadline.) My original answer validated your sentimental thoughts, akin to a little kid at a sleepaway camp missing her life back in the big city. Oh, how hard it must be to watch the grass grow greener on the other side. But then I thought twice. What do I know about you? I do not know your age, your relationship with your family, how close you live geographically to your family (if you’re even in the same country!), or any family circumstances. Based on my original assumptions, I would have ascertained that you have a case of FOMO and merely got married because it is what your friends were doing. You thereby felt instinctively that it was your turn and consequently followed suit without actually being ready. But I am pretty certain my original assumption was wrong. If you were very close with your family and now live a far distance away, I could see how this change could be extremely emotional. You miss your old life with your comfy couch, less responsibilities, loving parents and siblings by your side. I completely get it, and it is totally understandable. What you must internalize, however, is that if you were on the other side of this coin you might be just as depressed. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but it seems like your issue stems


We often don’t realize how normal we are because many people are reluctant to share their inner worlds.

from not having enough of an ayin tovah (a good eye) about your life. You have what many women dream of having: a loving husband, a nice marriage, a stable home, and nice family to go home for chagim to visit. Rather than focusing on your positive current circumstance, you are ruminating and not letting yourself move forward. You must create your new reality and use the gift of an ayin tovah to help you do this. I will give you one personal example. I remember telling my husband after a year of marriage how Shabbos just feels different when you are in charge of your own home. When you’re a kid, it’s all about the fun. Helping Mommy make dessert, doing your weekly Shabbos job, begging Mommy to make her famous corned beef recipe, music blasting and dancing with the siblings. Then when you’re a teen, helping set the table, doing a last-minute run to the store for Ma, running through the house with the wafting smell of fresh baked challah filling your senses and your neshama with a serene calm no matter how late you are to go iron your hair. Then you sit down Friday night and laugh with your sisters and read on the couch. When you meet your bashert and get married, it is you who makes the atmosphere, just like your mother made the atmosphere that you so deeply long for today. This is the nekudah that you must hone in on.


Your happiness and the attitude that you choose to have will set the tone of your home thereby creating the feeling which you deeply crave. As your family grows, you will watch as the siblings together experience the joy which you experienced as a child, only this time you’re the ring leader. I worry, however, what your home will look like if the tone is set to a depressed, sad wife and mommy who can’t bring herself to bring kedushah and an ayin tovah to her current life circumstance. With that negative attitude, you will never give your children the yearning for a home like the one they grew up in. I fear you are starting on a downward spiral that is a danger to the future of your home. But fret not,

a change in your mindset can reverse this pattern and help the gears start turning the right way. Work on a gratitude list, battle the negative with positive, focus on having an ayin tovah. Give your husband a daily taste of the happiness and warmth that exuded from your childhood home. Excite him with a taste of the beautiful Shabbos table you had growing up – it’s all in your hands. Only then will you and your husband be able to create a wonderful happy home environment, a home that your own children will yearn for and emulate when it comes their time to move on and build a bayis ne’eman of their own.

Pulling It All Together The Navidaters Dating and Relationship Coaches and Therapists


The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019

OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

irst and foremost, there is nothing ridiculous about any of your feelings. Missing home, family, neighbors and the familiar can be a completely normal reaction during one’s first year of marriage. I have spoken with so many people who feel similarly. So please do try to be kind to yourself and understand that these feelings are natural and normal. Like with so many other things in life, we often don’t realize how normal we are because many people are reluctant to share their inner worlds. Missing home is normal. You are in a major transition in your life. You were part of a family system, and while you will always be your mother’s daughter and your sister’s sister, your priorities and obligations have been restructured. Transitional times may bring about stress or sadness for a lot of people. And if you’ve experienced stress or sadness in the past, it may be triggered even more so. You have such clarity in the way you separate your husband from what

you are going through internally. You know this marriage was the right decision, and you don’t doubt it. This is great news. I think you are wise to hold off on starting a family until some of your sadness resolves. And I do believe it will. I think you should speak with someone soon to process your feelings and work through them. A therapist will help you move through this transitional time. If there is something clinical going on, like depression, it will be addressed in therapy. In my opinion, I think you should let your husband know that you will be starting therapy. It is often lonely and scary for a spouse to watch the other in pain. He may be in need of some comfort and reassurance that you are aware of the issue and are taking steps because you are internally driven and motivated to do so. He may feel incredibly sympathet-

The Single Tova Wein he way you present your situation, the first thing that comes to mind is that maybe you’re feeling depressed. I’m not a therapist or anything like that, but you describe a wonderful husband whom you seem to adore and yet you’re crying. It sounds to me as though there is something clinical going on that needs to be treated. Have you spoken to a therapist or psychiatrist? On the flip side, if maybe I was too dramatic in my first impression to your letter, the fact is that when you get married, like all enormous job, new home, new neighborhood.... It takes time to get used to the newness of it all and some people seem to transition more slowly than others. So maybe you’re just having a hard time


Counter the loneliness with togetherness.


ic, and it may bring the two of your closer. This too shall pass. All the best, Jennifer

Jennifer Mann, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist and dating and relationship coach working with individuals, couples and families in private practice in Hewl-

transitioning from your former life. If that’s the case, and there isn’t anything really serious going on, it’s important to remember that it’s OK to miss aspects of your former life. In fact, it’s probably very normal. Life is always about trade-offs. Nothing is ever perfect, and we are constantly making educated and emotional choices between two or more options, choosing the one that is ultimately the best. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t missing aspects of the choices we didn’t pick. So if you get yourself checked out and are assured that there is nothing clinically wrong with you, remember to have a lot of gratitude that there is a wonderful man in your life and it’s absolutely OK to miss some parts of your old life. What’s wrong with that?

ett, NY. She is looking forward to teaching a psychology course at Touro College in the fall. To set up a consultation or to ask questions, please call 516.224.7779. Press 2 for Jennifer. Visit for more information. If you would like to submit a dating or relationship question to the panel anonymously, please email You can follow The Navidaters on FB and Instagram for dating and relationship advice.

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Dr. Deb

Is Talking Everything? By Deb Hirschhorn, Ph.D.


suddenly got a real, clear picture of how it is that after the makkos in Mitzrayim, the wonders in the desert, and G-d’s constant presence in our lives, our ancestors would turn to idols. This clarity took place in my cousin’s living room in California two weeks ago. I’d never been to California in my life and had no particular desire to go there, either. Nor, for that matter, the G-d-forsaken desert known for its glitter and nothing substantial underneath – Las Vegas – which was my next stop. But I had a conference I wanted to attend, so I made it my business to meet up with cousins – first cousins, mind you – that I had not seen in at least 40 years. They’re not only not religious, but – can you picture this – they did not know what cholent was. Every non-Jew in America knows what a bagel is; that’s how much the wider culture has absorbed some of ours. My California cousin was sitting in his living room, explaining to his wife (who is not Jewish) how the Jews, back in the early days of settling our Land, worshipped idols. My instinct was to object to his painting a picture of “us” that was not so flattering – until I realized he was painting a picture of himself. I didn’t say anything. After all, it was true. And the way he spoke, it made sense that that is exactly what they would do. Like him, they were removed from their heritage. They did not have it “in” them to worship

G-d. Somehow or other, no one told them/him – with love – what Torah is. But how can that be? He and I are first cousins. His father and my father were brothers, raised the same way. My father came to America at only 20 years of age, stripped of his past in days that preceded cellphones and Skype. I found a treasure trove of his old letters once, hidden in a basement cubby, written in Hungarian, and I kept them out of respect and curiosity. But other than those cross-ocean correspondences, what did these young brothers have? And whatever little it was they had, how did my father cling to it and not his brother? I don’t know; I can’t answer that question. But whatever it was, it was that little thing, that small, incomprehensible spark, that made the difference between my cousin and me. That little something that my father cared about – that spoke to him – and my uncle did not. My father was the younger brother, theoretically, the one who should have lost the mesorah. But he didn’t – somehow. I remember him walking with me in my beloved park when I was a child. The park that was directly across the street where I could be the Captain of the world running from the “mountains” overlooking the Cloisters to the “sea” at the point where the Hudson touched land on the tip of the City. My father would take me on his

back on our sled in winter, sliding down Dead Man’s Hill. In summer I recall one time him telling me to take my shoes off so I could feel the coolness of the grass. “That is one of the good things G-d has given us, Debby,” he said, or something to that effect. He was always in touch with G-d’s bounty, and he gave that to me. But my cousin went a different way. Something was missing; something was not passed down. Why it wasn’t, we will never know; our fathers aren’t here to ask. My mother’s family was a different story. After California, I went to visit my first cousins on the other side who ended up in the rocky, desolate place with no green whatsoever allowed in the “lawns,” known for its gambling and catering to the yetzer hara in other ways. (Interestingly, there are seven Chabads there, beautiful and quite large. I guess they’re needed to counter the tumah.) My mother’s family starved during the Depression because my grandfather kept losing his job since he wouldn’t work on Shabbos. That turned every child against Torah. My cousins were brought up eating and enjoying treif. What could my grandfather have done differently? I was told that he thought it wrong to speak to his daughters. So he and my mother apparently never had a conversation. On any subject. He died young, leaving my grandmother the burden of raising a large family alone. Did my grandmother have anything to say to her children that would have

helped them bridge the gap between starving and a higher calling? Not to my knowledge. This is not to blame my grandparents. Perhaps no one ever explained to them how to talk to their kids. Perhaps no one talked to them. Perhaps no one explained the beauty of Shabbos or made it beautiful. Perhaps their own parents were not told. There’s a lot we don’t know about the suffering of the generations before us as they ran from one city of anti-Semitism to another. Who had time to talk? But my own father spoke to me. With love. Love for me, for my mother, for Hashem, for our Torah. Not a lot, mind you. Not every day; I wasn’t drilled down with it. Just often enough for me to get the message. And my cousins didn’t get that. Is that really all it takes? At my daughter’s house for Shabbos, one granddaughter wanted me to play a game with her. Usually, I agree, but this week, I wanted to just sit and read. I explained just that to her and added, “Because Shabbos is the day of ---” and I looked up at my four-yearold grandson who passed by just as I paused. “Rest!” he chimed in. “Oh, you’re so smart!” I told him. And he beamed, those adorable dimples coming out. Somebody’s talking to him.

Dr. Deb Hirschhorn is a Marriage and Family Therapist. If you want help with your marriage, begin by signing up to watch her Masterclass at https://drdeb. com/myw-masterclass.

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Health & F tness

Drink to Your Health By Aliza Beer MS, RD, CDN


ummer heat. It can be lovely but equally brutal. With the spike in temps comes a rise in our daily H2O needs, and for good reason. Human beings are made up of roughly 60% water. We depend on this very simple yet crucial beverage to survive. The cells in our body share our water supply and use it for very important tasks. Although people tend to feel weak and faint after not eating for a long (or yes, even short in my case) period of time, the body can actually survive for more than three weeks without food. You may be starving, but your body is able to deal with it. The same is not true when it comes to our fluid intake. Our system demands water and is not too happy when it’s denied it. Dehydration, or lack of water, is an uncomfortable state that can lead to death in as early as three days. It occurs when fluid levels dip below 2% of your body weight. This can occur from something as mundane as a morning run or a Zumba class. Symptoms of the first stage of dehydration include lack of urination, sluggishness, and an increased heart rate. Concentrated blood

puts strain on your cardiovascular system, and your brain fluid levels drop. If lack of fluid persists, fainting can occur. After that, if you still haven’t sipped anything, the body begins to shut down and organ damage or even death could result. So now that we’ve established what happens to our bodies when we don’t drink, what are some of the ways we can utilize the fluids we drink? • Weight loss – Water plays a huge role in weight loss. Fluids help our body digest the food we eat by assisting in the breakdown and movement process. Studies have also shown that those who drink more water end up eating less throughout the day. Water will act as an appetite suppressant when you drink before a meal, and you will, therefore, eat less at that meal. • Nutrient absorption – If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck calorie-wise, drink! If our bodies cannot properly absorb nutrients, eating healthy is slightly pointless. Water helps break down food and assists in the absorption and delivery of many vitamins and minerals.

• Body temperature – You’ve just finished that weekly kickboxing class and now you’re slick with a layer of perspiration from all that exertion. When we exercise, we lose anywhere from 5% to 8% of our weight just from loss of water. The loss in water causes our body temps to take a hit, which makes us feel way more tired. Once fluids are replenished, we recover faster and feel much better. • Brain function – Mild dehydration can impair memory and cause mood swings, studies have shown. Ignoring your thirst has shown to negatively impact cognitive function. On the flip side, drinking water reduces anxiety and keeps your mood upbeat. • Joint protection – The effects of water on our bodies stretch far and wide. The lubrication that helps prevent bones from rubbing against each other? It’s made up of mostly water. Not taking in enough fluids can ultimately cause joint damage down the line. • Skin health – Water hydrates the skin. Air conditioning sucks the moisture out of our skin which can cause dryness. To replen-

ish what was taken, it’s important to drink up. Water also boosts collagen production which can assist in the prevention of premature aging. Despite knowing what water does for our bodies, there has never been a more hotly contested question than that of how much water should we be drinking. First of all, which beverages provide hydration? Simple answer: all of them. There’s a common misconception that coffee and soda dehydrate the body but this has been proven to be false. Soda is full of sugar and chemicals and should not be consumed on a regular basis but despite the false claims, soda will provide the body with hydration as it does contain H2O. Coffee is not a strong enough diuretic to dehydrate your body so it too could be used for hydration. However, caffeine can negatively impact your mood and sleep patterns so drink responsibly. Regardless, the main beverage you drink should be pure, unadulterated water or lightly flavored seltzer. Sugary drinks could add upwards of 200 calories to your meal and should be avoided as much as possible.

The amount of hydration each person needs varies. We get about 20% of our water from the food we eat and the rest must be consumed as beverage. The old “8 cups a day” is a good estimation, but may not be enough for some people or too much for others (like those with bladder issues). The truth is, there is no magic number. Water needs vary based on age, body composition, gender, physical activity, metabolism, and climate. There has yet to be a standard amount proven to have the best effect on the human body across the board. Learning to monitor your hydration levels accurately is a much better way to gauge how much water you need to be drinking. There are a few markers to test your levels yourself and ensure you’re getting enough water: • Thirst – Yes, this sounds simple but it requires a bit of a mindset shift. Mindfulness is the first step. Using thirst as a guide for how

much to drink is an easy way to make sure your body is happy and hydrated. Always have water on you and focus on whether or not you are thirsty. A dip in hydration levels sends a signal to the brain which, in turn, alerts the body to drink.

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019


ting into the “drink when thirsty mindset,” a concrete number is more effective. Half your body weight in ounces is a way to ensure you’re getting enough water in a set amount without using a universal number. One size does not fit all! Try pacing

When we drink, we’re doing every system in our body a favor.

Keeping track throughout the day will prevent more severe symptoms like headaches and fatigue from occurring. • Half your body weight – Although not scientifically proven, for those who have a hard time get-

yourself and drinking throughout the day with half your water intake already consumed by the afternoon. If you need some extra motivation to stay hydrated during these summer months, invest in a thermos water bottle. The insulation

keeps water cold for an entire day even when left in a hot car. For those of you who dislike the taste of water and need some flavoring, opt for a water bottle that contains a “cage” in it. Place frozen or fresh fruit like strawberries, mango, or pineapple in it, and it will naturally flavor your water without adding in artificial sweeteners or chemicals. When we drink, we’re doing every system in our body a favor. No part of us is unaffected by water and thus dehydration is a very serious matter that should not be taken lightly. Stay hydrated, keep cool, and enjoy the summer!

Aliza Beer is a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition. She has a private practice in Cedarhurst, NY. Patients’ success has been featured on the Dr. Oz show. Aliza can be reached at, and you can follow her on Instagram at @alizabeer.



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Madraigos Mental Health Awareness Program Provides Roadmap for Teachers By Tammy Mark


adraigos has been a vital community organization since 2003, established with the goal of helping the youth and young adults of the community who were being overlooked and underserved. Shortly after its inception, Madraigos began receiving calls from parents, school principals, and teachers looking for advice on how to best direct youth and young adults in need. Madraigos responded to the need by forming a team of professionals and staff, as well as volunteers, to offer guidance and support every step of the way. The organization currently offers a wide array of innovative services and programs geared towards helping youth and young adults overcome life’s everyday challenges, as well as prevention programs for parents and students. Madraigos’ newest initiative is the “MAP” (Mental Health Awareness Program) for educators – a guide to prevention in the classroom. With statistics indicating that a significant number of students have a mental health disorder, with more than half not yet diagnosed, Madraigos is working to provide educators with the basic tools to help increase their awareness, and ultimately help facilitate the first step in treating mental health issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. Rabbi Dr. Dovid Felt, director of School Based Services, works togeth-

Rabbi Dr. Dovid Felt

er with Rabbi Dov Silver, founder and Executive VP, and Mindi Werblowsky, LMSW, Madraigos’ Clinical Director, to help address mental health issues by focusing on the aspect of prevention. Rabbi Dr. Felt explains the MAP initiative and the impetus behind the new program. Can you provide some background on Madraigos and the work they do? Rabbi Dr. Felt: Madraigos is comprised of two divisions. One focuses on crisis intervention, the other on prevention. The prevention component assists parents and students, and with our new initiative, will also include educators. What’s your specific area of focus as director of School Based Services at Madraigos? How did your background prepare you for this role? My focus is primarily on prevention. Most of my professional career was in education. I began as a rebbe and then moved to administration as a principal. After receiving my doctorate in psychology in 2016, I joined the mental health field. My experience as an educator has given me a unique insight into understanding mental health issues in the classroom and in providing solutions for those issues. Combining those

experiences with those in the mental health field have prepared me for this role. Tell us a little bit more about the MAP curriculum. Essentially, the curriculum is about bringing mental health awareness and prevention to educators. We would like teachers to understand that students in their classroom may be struggling with a mental health disorder and their behavior reflects that struggle. Educators are also present for a significant part of a child’s day and that provides them with the ability to notice change. Learning the different signs and symptoms for mental health disorders will give the educator the ability to hopefully help prevent a mental health crisis. It will also allow them to detect a mental health disorder early enough to give parents and their children the best chance for recovery. What grades are you working with and what are the most common issues for teachers to be aware of? We’re working with middle schools and high schools. We chose this age group, as it is during these ages that most mental health disorders start to manifest. The curriculum covers anxiety, including PTSD and OCD. It also

deals with depression and behavior disorders such as ADHD and conduct disorder. We are focusing on these disorders due to their commonality among this age group and their prevalence in our community. Can you explain some of the potential risks of not catching these issues early? The obvious risks are ones that are similar to physical health. The earlier you treat an illness, the better the chance for healing. With children suffering from a mental health disorder, the risks are compounded. Children are developing cognitively, emotionally, and socially during their formative years. Not treating a mental health disorder can have serious long-term ramifications for their development. If we were to look at a child with depression, a typical symptom would be withdrawal and avoiding others. This could lead to difficulties with educational achievement. It may also cause self-esteem issues as well as hamper their ability to form relationships. This can affect getting a job and maintaining a job. It can also affect marriage and the ability to parent. It seems that mental health encompasses so many different issues. Are the teachers expected to do anything more than

look out for potential signs? Yes and no. The goal of this curriculum is to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health disorders. It does not include learning how to diagnose and treat. The expectation for educators is to detect these symptoms and refer them to the person or persons responsible for the mental health wellbeing at their school. Each school has their protocol how to deal with students who have a mental health disorder, and, if they don’t, we can assist with formulating one. Aren’t there certain questionable behaviors that could also be common and appropriate for children that don’t necessarily warrant a “red flag”? Yes, there are, and that is why it is important to reiterate that only a professional should be diagnosing. For example: a child who is being overly concerned about getting hurt, injured, or becoming ill. It is normal for a developing child to have such worries.

However, care must be taken when those worries become excessive to the point they impact their ability to function. Can you give a description of the curriculum itself? The curriculum begins with an awareness of the prevalence and impact mental health issues have on a

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

101 45

part covers general signs and symptoms as well as ones that are specific to a classroom environment. The last part focuses on giving educators tips and tools on how to support children with a mental health disorder. How are you currently disseminating this vital information to educators?

By participating in this program, one can be instrumental in being a part of a child with a mental health disorder›s recovery.

child. The next part is divided by the different disorders affecting middleand high school-age children. This

We are debuting the curriculum at a number of local schools during their back to school professional de-

velopment day. We also have plans to introduce the program during the coming school year to more schools in the community. The program is designed to be interactive, giving educators a better understanding of the mental health disorders affecting their students. What would you say is the most important information that educators should come away with? Most important, is the awareness that a significant percentage of children in every class may be going through a mental health challenge and that mental health is as impactful as physical health, if not more so. By participating in this program, one can be instrumental in being a part of a child with a mental health disorder’s recovery. For more information about the MAP initiative, or any other program at Madraigos, please call Rabbi Dr. Dovid Felt at 516-371-3250 ext. 111.



If you are interested in further details, please contact us via email at or call/text 718.644.8577

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In The K


General Tso’s Fish By Naomi Nachman

This is another creative idea for the Nine Days. My husband and his friends really love General Tso’s chicken, so why not adapt it for the Nine Days? Ingredients ¼ cup all-purpose flour 3 large eggs 5 cups corn flake crumbs ¼ cup canola oil 1 ½ lb. boneless, flounder, cut into 1-inch cubes 2/3 cups water 1/3 cup low-sodium soy sauce ¼ cup apricot jam 3 TBS hoisin sauce 2 TBS cornstarch 1 TBS balsamic vinegar 2 tsp canola oil 4 garlic cloves, minced 1 TBS grated fresh ginger ¼ tsp red pepper flakes

Preparation Place flour in a bowl. Whisk egg until foamy in a second shallow dish. Place corn flake crumbs into a third shallow dish. Pat fish dry with paper towels. Working in batches, dredge fish in flour, dip in eggs, then coat with crumbs, pressing gently to adhere; then place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. In a large sauté pan, working in batches, fry the fish. Drain on a paper towel, and set aside. Meanwhile, whisk the water, soy sauce, apricot jam, hoisin, cornstarch, and vinegar together in bowl and set aside. Heat oil in 12-inch skillet over medium heat. Add garlic, ginger, and pepper flakes and cook until fragrant, about 1 minute. Whisk in soy sauce mixture, bring to simmer, and cook until thickened, about 2 minutes. Remove from heat, cover, and keep warm. Pour over fried fish before serving. Serve with rice. Naomi Nachman, the owner of The Aussie Gourmet, caters weekly and Shabbat/ Yom Tov meals for families and individuals within The Five Towns and neighboring communities, with a specialty in Pesach catering. Naomi is a contributing editor to this paper and also produces and hosts her own weekly radio show on the Nachum Segal Network stream called “A Table for Two with Naomi Nachman.” Naomi gives cooking presentations for organizations and private groups throughout the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. In addition, Naomi has been a guest host on the QVC TV network and has been featured in cookbooks, magazines as well as other media covering topics related to cuisine preparation and personal chefs. To obtain additional recipes, join The Aussie Gourmet on Facebook or visit Naomi’s blog. Naomi can be reached through her website, or at (516) 295-9669.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019


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Notable Quotes “Say What?!”

Trump Urges Unity Vs. Hate - Original New York Times headline, the day after President. Trump’s speech decrying the weekend mass shootings

Assailing Hate But Not Guns - Amended headline after liberals objected to the original headline on social media

I think the secret of 107 – I never got married. - Louise Signore, joking at her 107th birthday party in the Bronx last week about her longevity

People lose their jobs and their homes.

Italian food is very good for you. I was brought up with very good food. No soda, no cake. - Ibid.

- Guest panelist Josh Barro on the Bill Maher show, after the host said that he hopes for a recession as it would help defeat Trump

I know. It’s worth it. - Maher’s response

Blessing of the L-rd. He’s the one keeping me. - Elizabeth Francis (who did get married), at her 110th birthday party in Texas last week

I believe that injustice is a threat to the safety of all people, because once you have a group that is marginalized and marginalized and marginalized – once someone doesn’t have access to clean water, they have no choice but to riot, right? - Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on a liberal radio show arguing that Palestinians should riot in Israel

Evil, soulless, old creep. - How Jimmy Kimmel referred to Sen Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) right in the middle of a monologue about the need to stop all the hate


The Jewish Home | AUGUST29, 8, 2015 2019 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER

105 27

Well, obviously, healthcare is not free. Right now, we pay for it through premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. In Canada, it’s paid through – paid through taxes. We will have to do that. – 2020 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders admitting on CNN that when he talks about “free healthcare” he means that people will pay higher taxes and the government will control what healthcare they get

He’s calling the black man the racist. I mean, I don’t think people understand that particularly. It’s outrageous and stupid. To call a black person a racist. That’s all. - The View’s Joy Behar responding to Trump calling Rep. Elijah Cummings a racist by explaining that a black person can’t be a racist

The [Democratic] Party in my opinion, for me personally, has moved too far to the left. - BET [Black Entertainment Television] founder Robert Johnson, on MSNBC

Now you know, I know everybody always describes me as being rich. That is not how I see myself. - 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, at a gathering in San Francisco this week

When President Trump won in 2016, Google executives went on stage right away and cried – literal tears streaming down their faces. They vowed that it would never happen again, and they want to use all the power and resources they have to control the flow of information to the public and make sure that Trump loses in 2020. - Former Google engineer Kevin Cernekee, who claims to have been let go by Google because of his conservative views, on “Fox & Friends”

Thanks to my wife who always supports me in crazy projects. - French inventor Franky Zapata, who crossed the English Channel on a jet-powered hoverboard over the weekend

As bad as this may sound, could this moment be a chance for Beto to gain momentum? - MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle asking whether Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke of Texas will gain momentum in the Democrat primary race because of the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, last weekend

Every black person I know has always voted Democratic, and with the exception of a few guys who can play sports, all those people are still poor. - NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, in an interview with Yahoo! after the Democratic primary debate last week

Well, let me tell you, Sleepy Joe is going to wake him up really quickly. - 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden on Telemundo, talking about taking on Trump in the 2020 election


106 28

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As it got closer, it kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. - Washington state Trooper Clint Thompson describing what happened as he was driving on State Route 7 last week when a small plane made an emergency landing on the roadway

My son, who’s white, if he breaks down in a car and knocks on a door for help, most people will help him. If my son was black and knocked on that door, he might be shot. His whiteness is what protects him. That’s all that white privilege is. - Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) at the Democratic debate last week

Over the last two nights, we’ve watched 20 Democrats arguing. Usually, if you want to see that, you have to walk into a Whole Foods and start criticizing “Hamilton.” — James Corden

The Russian propaganda machine that tried to influence the 2016 election is now promoting the presidential aspirations of a controversial Hawaii Democrat. - Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA)’s campaign press secretary suggesting that Russia was behind Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) after she embarrassed Harris during the Democratic debate by pointing out Harris’ bad record as a prosecutor

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Political Crossfire

A Left vs. Far-Left Brawl By Marc A. Thiessen


he two-night Democratic debate last week was portrayed as a policy brawl between the party’s moderate and left wings. But what we really saw in Detroit were debates between the party’s left and the far-left. On Tuesday night, the so-called moderates offered dire warnings about the socialist policies advocated by Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. Former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper cautioned that “last year Democrats flipped 40 Republican seats in the House, and not one of those 40 Democrats supported the policies of our front-runners at center stage.” Montana Gov. Steve Bullock accused the senators of “wish list economics.” Former Maryland representative John Delaney said they were advocating “bad policies like Medicare-forall, free everything, and impossible promises that will turn off independent voters and get Trump reelected.” The problem is there is nothing moderate or centrist about the agendas of the candidates issuing these warnings, who are all polling at less than 1%. Take health care, for example. Their alternative is the so-called public option, which they described as a long transition to Medicarefor-all. First, people younger than 65 would be able to choose between private plans or buying into traditional Medicare. Then, as Hicken-

looper explained, if “more people choose it, eventually, in 15 years, you could get there” to Medicare-for-all. So, the concern of the “moderates” is not with the danger of socializing our health-care system, but with the danger of doing it too quickly so that voters will rebel. It’s like the old saying, if you put a frog in boiling water he will jump out, but if you put him in cold water and slowly turn up the heat, you eventually get a cooked frog.

cessitating massive tax increases and government intervention. A decade ago, President Barack Obama decided it was too radical to include in Obamacare; now it is considered too right-wing for Democrats. That was the message delivered by Warren and Sanders, who accused their detractors of insufficient dedication to the cause of full socialism. “We’re not going to solve the urgent problems that we face with small

“I guarantee you, if you’re debating Donald Trump, he’s not going to let you off the hook.”

The public option is, as Medicare and Medicaid administrator Seema Verma explained, nothing more than “a Trojan horse with single-payer hiding inside.” It would be a disaster: private insurance pays hospitals 75% more than Medicare for the same services – effectively subsidizing Medicare. If millions of non-seniors sign up for Medicare, and those private subsidies disappear, costs will skyrocket and hospitals will close – ne-

ideas and spinelessness,” Warren declared. “I don’t understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the United States just to talk about what we really can’t do and shouldn’t fight for.” Of course, her message was directed not at the less-than-1-percenters onstage, but the man who was not there Tuesday night, former Vice President Joe Biden. On Wednesday, Biden showed himself to be a feeble

front-runner, stumbling over whether Medicare-for-all would cost $3 trillion or $30 trillion. The lesser candidates hammered him for the ObamaBiden administration’s record of mass deportations and his sponsorship of crime bills that led to mass incarceration of African Americans – attacks that he struggled to answer. As New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told him, “Mr. Vice President, you want to be president of the United States, you need to be able to answer the tough questions. I guarantee you if you’re debating Donald Trump, he’s not going to let you off the hook.” Biden is leading in the polls not because Democrats are clamoring for a centrist, but because they want someone who can win. As moderator Jake Tapper put it, “In poll after poll, Democratic voters say that they want a candidate who can beat President Trump, more than they want a candidate who agrees with them on major issues.” Biden’s unsteady debate performances will slowly erode the perception that he is that candidate. Warren and Sanders command a combined 30% of the vote, which means two things: first, they are together statistically tied with Biden; and second, they are dividing the democratic socialist vote. The real debate will take place when the three of them finally share a stage. (c) 2019, Washington Post Writers Group

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Klal Yisroel Joins Together In Support of Family of

Rabbi Reuven Bauman, z”l A Life of Kiddush Hashem that Culminated in a Worldwide Kiddush Hashem


abbi Reuven Bauman, z”l, dedicated his life to helping others and tragically gave his life attempting to save the lives of others. The heartbreaking petirah of this young, dynamic and dedicated rebbi shook the close-knit community of Norfolk, Virginia, and the entire world. For days, Klal Yisroel joined together in tefillah as hundreds of Yidden from around the country galvanized to search for Rabbi Bauman after he was swept away by a strong wave. Sadly, Rabbi Bauman did not make it back to shore, and his body was recovered six days after a search began by devoted volunteers created a worldwide kiddush Hashem. Over those six days, Klal Yisroel was united as tens of thousands davened on his behalf, and hundreds of people from organizations and communities around the country gave many hours their time and untold efforts to take part in the search effort to locate his body. For an entire week, volunteer organizations like Achiezer, Misaskim, Chai Lifeline, Chaverim and Hatzalah were featured on the news – making an incredible impression on everyone involved. Coast Guard members were especially inspired, and were amazed how the community would not give up the search as long as any glimmer of hope remained. It was even related that when the Coast Guard diver brought Reuven’s body out of the water, he proudly declared, “I am a Jew.” Boruch Hashem, the body was mi-

raculously found and R’ Reuven was given proper kavod acharon. Captain Kevin Carroll, U.S. Coast Guard Sector Commander, put it simply, “It’s not lost on any of us that this man lost his life while saving another.” Yisroel Schwartz, brother-in-law, described Rabbi Bauman as “someone who lived his life until the last minute to give to others. He lived his life as a kiddush Hashem in a quiet unassuming way, and Hashem gave him the chance to make the greatest public kiddush Hashem in recent times.” He said at the levaya, “It’s as if Hashem, k’viyachol, was saying to Reuven: ‘You’ve done all this kindness for others in your quiet, unassuming way. Now I will give you a chance to save a life and make a tremendous public kiddush Hashem. The name Reuven Bauman will be known around the world as a man of true kiddush Hashem. Here you go, Reuven. Take this gift. You deserve it.’” R’ Reuven came from a family of marbitzei Torah and refined Yidden. Mr. Schwartz said, “Anyone who knows the Bauman family knows that they are true ovdei Hashem who do what needs to be done quietly.” Even as young boy, R’ Reuven’s kindness and sterling middos tovos were evident. His father related that the cook at the Scranton Yeshiva, where R’ Reuven learned as a bochur, told him that in decades he prepared food for students, Reuven was the only one to thank him three times every day. Rabbi Bauman and his family moved to Norfolk four years ago to as-

sume the position in Toras Chaim. Prior to that, he had learned for numerous years in the Savannah Kollel. Mr. Schwartz said in his hesped, “He was dedicated to his wife and children above anything else,” he said. “Everyone in Savannah loved him to pieces. They loved him for his kindness, the non-judgmental was he treated everyone, and his ability to make you feel good about yourself. In his quiet way, he enhanced the lives of so many in the community. “Even though he was so beloved in the community, when it was determined that it would be better for his children’s education, he moved with his wife to new place where he didn’t know anybody.” Rabbi Bauman quickly became an integral part of this warm community, and his warmth and love were a source of encouragement and assistance to all. “In the three short years he lived in Norfolk, he affected people in unbelievable way and became so beloved there. He made an imprint on them through his ability to listen, to be patient, to hear what other people say, and to care for them all,” says Mr. Schwartz. In addition to deeply influencing so many of his seventh and eighth grade students, Rabbi Bauman also spent part of his time during the week learning with local working men, upon whom he also had a tremendous impact. Furthermore, he gave a Shabbos afternoon class in shul for the local boys in second through fourth grade, which was highly anticipated by them all, and often delivered shiurim on

Shabbos for the entire community. Last year, R’ Reuven published a children’s book called Yanky’s Amazing Discovery, about a boy who overcomes his struggles through being inspired by stories about Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky, zt”l. The boy relates to these stories of Rav Yaakov, whose amazing character traits could be emulated by a child on any level. Rabbi Mark Bauman, Reuven’s father, was quoted as saying, “Reuven felt it was important to portray our Sages in a way that is relevant and accessible, to encourage young people to aspire to their greatness.” R’ Reuven lived his life as a kiddush Hashem and tragically passed away in a remarkable kiddush Hashem. He made the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life in order to save the lives of his talmidim. Heartbreakingly, Rabbi Bauman’s wife and five young children are now left widowed and orphaned from the doting father who took responsibility for his family and showered his children with love and the selfless ben Torah who served as the ultimate role model for his children to aspire towards. As Mr. Schwartz states, “The outpouring from around the world was such a huge kiddush Hashem. You still can be part of the tremendous kiddush Hashem through supporting the family in this trying time and helping us reach the goal.” This article has been reprinted with permission from The Shopper.

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019


Reb Reuven Bauman z”l was the epitome of what it means to live a life of Ahavas Yisroel; his last breaths on this earth were spent the way he lived, caring for, and saving the life of, another person. Reb Reuven Bauman z”l leaves behind a beautiful family, a wife and 5 children. They have been through enough over the past few weeks, and deserve our collective sustenance to allow them to live without financial distress. NAME ADDRESS CITY/STATE/ZIP







Look out for envelope in the Five Towns Jewish Home


HE BAIS MOS YESHIVA ciation Alumni Asso rman c/o Elly Hobe Street 12th 1113 East NY 11230 Brooklyn,

Please fill out the form below and mail it back in the enclosed envelope. [ ] $5,000 [ ] $3,600 [ ] $2,500 [ ] $1,800 [ ] $1,000 [ ] $750 [ ] $500

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months [ ] Visa [ ] Mastercard [ ] Discover [ ] Amex Card # Exp.



”‫“אם אתה משמח את שלי אני משמח את שלך‬



CHECKS PAYABLE TO KEREN ZICHRON REUVEN Mailed to: YBM Alumni Association c/o Elly Hoberman 1113 East Twelfth Street | Brooklyn, NY 11230


MS Designs / 732.606.7042

[ ] $360 [ ] $250 [ ] $180 [ ] $100 [ ] $72 [ ] Other $____________________

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Forgotten Her es

Wearing Two Uniforms Part III By Avi Heiligman

Ted Williams


any soldiers and servicemembers have an athletic background. Sometimes

Chad Hennings

their athletic experience does not translate into heightened battlefield skills as it requires a lot more

than being fit to be a good soldier. Many athletes have joined the military, whether in a time of war or as volunteers, and several have shined on the battlefield as well as on the ballfield. Here is the third installment of athletes who have joined the military. One of the most prolific hitters ever to play baseball was also a marine aviator with dozens of combat missions including one that almost ended in disaster. Ted Williams won the batting title six times, was voted MVP twice, claimed the Triple Crown twice and was sent to the All-Star Game nineteen times. His Hall of Fame career was interrupted by service in both World War II and the Korean War. After being drafted by the military in 1942 he originally was given a deferment because he was the sole supporter of his mother. This didn’t sit well with the public, and he lost sponsorships. Despite the distraction, Williams hit for the Triple Crown in the 1942 season, although he placed second in the MVP voting (he later claimed that the reason he didn’t get enough MVP consideration was due to his trouble with the draft boards). Williams went on active duty in the Navy in 1943 and trained to be an aviator with the Marines. Lieu-

tenant Williams did not see action during World War II and joined the service’s baseball team in North Carolina. The plane he was trained to fly was the F4U Corsair, and he became an instructor teaching younger pilots how to fly the fighter/bomber. He was released by the Marines in early 1946 and was able to play for the Red Sox starting with that season. Just a few games into the 1954 season, Williams was recalled to active duty for the Marines. Now a captain, he trained to fly the Grumman F9F Panther jet fighter, which saw much success during the Korean War. As with his time serving during World War II, Williams wasn sent overseas. However, during the Korean War, he flew combat missions flying out of the K-3 Airfield in South Korea. On February 16, 1963, Williams was flying in a large formation that was to strike enemy positions in Kyomipo. His wingman was future astronaut and Senator John Glenn. Anti-aircraft fire hit Williams’s plane. Glenn later explained what happened next: “He was on fire and had to belly land the plane back in. He slid it in on the belly. It came up the runway about 1,500 feet before he was able to jump out and run off the wingtip.” The plane burst into flames soon after landing. Williams

was awarded the Air Medal for his actions that day. Glenn told of another incident and summed up Williams as a pilot: “Another time he was hit in the wingtip tank when I was flying with him. So he was a very active combat pilot, and he was an excellent pilot and I give him a lot of credit.” After 39 missions, Williams was hospitalized with pneumonia and returned to the U.S. to play baseball in the latter part of the 1953 season. Ted Williams wasn’t the only baseball player to join the Marines as a pilot during World War II. Jerry Coleman joined the Marines when he was 18, pushing off his baseball career before making his MLB debut in 1949. Lieutenant Colonel Coleman flew SBD Dauntless dive bombers in World War II and the AU-1 Corsair during the Korean War. He flew a total of 120 combat missions and earned two Distinguished Flying Crosses. After his playing career, he became a Hall of

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019


The large lineman was only able to qualify for flight training a few types of aircraft due to his size and therefore became an A-10 Warthog pilot. He was deployed twice to the Persian Gulf and flew 45 missions in the region. Captain Hennings returned to the Cowboys in 1992 and that year won the first of three Super Bowl rings. These three aviators not only distinguished themselves in the air but on the playing field as well. They weren’t content with just joining the military, and their combat record proves that point. This is the third in our series of athlete/soldiers, and it is possible that we will return to this topic at a later point.

Jerry Coleman

Fame announcer for the Padres. Another athlete who had his playing career delayed due to service was defensive tackle Chad Hennings. As a senior at the Air Force

Academy in 1987, he won the Outland Trophy as the best interior lineman in the country. He was drafted in 1988 in the eleventh round by the Cowboys but had to report for duty.

Avi Heiligman is a weekly contributor to The Jewish Home. He welcomes your comments and suggestions for future columns and can be reached at


AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019


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Blimey! By Allan Rolnick, CPA


reat Britain’s new prime minister, Alexander Boris de Pfefel Johnson, inspires the same sort of love/hate relationship as a certain novice head of state on our side of the pond. Johnson’s fans celebrate him as a self-deprecating man of the people, happy to zip-line across a park waving Union Jacks to celebrate Olympic gold. His opponents mock him as a dangerous buffoon, a gaffe machine, and a bitter chutney of ignorance, racism, and lies. With a “hard Brexit” looming just three months away, we’ll soon see if he rises to the occasion like his hero Winston Churchill. At first glance, Johnson seems the ultimate British toff. He studied classics and played rugby at Oxford, where he struck classmates as a modern-day lord out of Downton Abbey. (Honestly, with a name like “Alexander Boris de Pfeffel,” where else could he have gone?) He belongs to London’s exclusive Beefsteak Club, where, by tradition, diners address all the stewards and waiters as “Charles.” He once said about himself, “You can’t rule out the possibility that beneath the elaborately constructed veneer of a blithering idiot, there lurks a blithering idiot.” So why on earth are we writing

about Johnson here? Funny you should ask. It turns out he was born in New York City, when his English father Stanley was studying economics on a Harkness Fellowship. And he lived there, in a one-room loft across the street from the famed Chelsea Hotel, until he was five. That meant enjoying dual American and United Kingdom citizenship. And that, in turn, makes him subject to U.S. tax

£730,000 gain. Now, her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs doesn’t tax home sale gains. No problem there. But the IRS wants a piece of anything above a $500,000 allowance — even for taxpayers living abroad! Naturally, Johnson was not amused, and he had a hard time keeping a stiff upper lip. One reporter asked him point-blank if he would pay Uncle Sam, and he literally sput-

He once said about himself, “You can’t rule out the possibility that beneath the elaborately constructed veneer of a blithering idiot, there lurks a blithering idiot.”

on all his worldwide income, wherever he earns it. We have no idea how Johnson handled his U.S. taxes for most of his career. But it finally became a sticky wicket in 2009. London real estate was flying higher than a nanny with an umbrella, and Johnson and his wife had just sold their house for a

tered: “No, is the answer. I think, it’s absolutely outrageous. Why should I? I think, you know, I’m not a…I, you know, I haven’t lived in the United States for, you know, well, since I was five years old.” That’s an uncharacteristically tongue-tied response from a guy who headed up the Oxford Union debating society.

Like most politicians, though, Johnson’s promise proved…“flexible.” In 2015, he paid the American tax to avoid embarrassment before setting out on a U.S. tour. A year later, he renounced his U.S. citizenship entirely, a process which includes paying an “exit tax” on the value of his appreciated assets as if he had sold everything the day before surrendering his passport. Maybe his experience giving up his citizenship helps explain why he thinks pulling Britain from the European Union should be so easy? Today, Johnson is settling into a far tonier hundred-room house at Number Ten Downing Street, one that comes with everything a modern minister could want. (There’s even a Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, a cat named Larry.) Even better, he won’t owe any tax on the place when he leaves. That’s the sort of result we work to create for you. So let’s all sit back and enjoy a cuppa while we watch Johnson take on Brexit!

Allan J Rolnick is a CPA who has been in practice for over 30 years in Queens, NY. He welcomes your comments and can be reached at 718-896-8715 or at

118 42

AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

Life C ach

100% Summer By Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., MFT, CLC


don’t get involved with the global warming controversy. Who really knows enough about that and

where it’s heading? I’m more like: what’s it like outside today! So I want to talk about this sum-

Get the lift you need.

mer’s heart. All of a sudden, going down to eighty degrees and it’s a cool breeze. In fact, it’s great walking weather by comparison to other steamy days we have. It went like this: if your clothing refrained from gluing itself to you permanently in the heat and humidity, then you felt as if you encountered a cold wave. More and more we are hearing of people living well into their hundreds. But who knew it would rub off on the weather? Sure, it’s no big deal if you’re sit-

fact, that happened in New York City this summer. The electricity went down. And the temp went up and up and up. No fun there! Just steamy temperatures. Is there a message in all of this? Well, we know 100% is always the best. So, if G-d is giving us 100 degrees, let’s look at it as a 100% summer. 100% of a season in which we can swim, go on the swings, schmooze, and sit on the beach. 100% of no scarves or gloves in sight. 100% of zero chance of a snowstorm. 100% of suntans and sunscreen. 100% of no

I’m not saying it’s beautiful – it’s just hard to breathe!

Shabbos mode option available on all our lifts. StairLifts

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ting in an air-conditioned location… but how do you get from the house to the car, the car to the store, the train to the office – you get my drift – without encountering the “breathtaking” heat! And I’m not saying it’s beautiful – it’s just hard to breathe! And what if the AC goes on the fritz? You’re suddenly in a steam room with no ice shower in sight! In

homework or SAT prep. Let’s embrace it as a gift. And warm up to the idea that G-d’s giving us the best there is so we should know we are loved. And enjoy every day. Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or

The Jewish Home | AUGUST 8, 2019

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The cure for the common car dealership.

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Profile for Yitzy Halpern

Five Towns Jewish Home - 8-8-19  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 8-8-19

Five Towns Jewish Home - 8-8-19  

Five Towns Jewish Home - 8-8-19