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The Jewish Home n J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

The Jewish Home n J a n u a ry 2 , 2014




The Jewish Home n J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

The Jewish Home n J a n u a ry 2 , 2014



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Dear Readers,

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I consider myself to be a pretty organized person, but when I read Debbie Ginsberg’s article on how to get organized in 2014, I felt a surge of energy. True, my pantry is not organized alphabetically and my towels are not sorted by color, but that doesn’t mean that my home is hopeless in terms of organization. I have one set of silverware per drawer in the kitchen (tip number nine), I try to organize my pantry so baking goods are stored together (tip number two) and I have a “backup pantry” for items I don’t generally use (tip number four). Her article made me want to tackle my whole house at once and make it clutter-free, fresh and clean. Being that I work full-time, clearing out and organizing my home on a weekday is near-to-impossible. But after feeling that energy and reading her encouraging words, I ran downstairs and tackled one room in the basement. Thirty minutes later—yes, just thirty minutes—the room was done, and I felt like I ran a sprint without breaking a sweat. Now, the room is clutter-free—I threw out old items and items we haven’t used in years. (Why do we still have lamps in a box that we vowed to throw away six years ago?) I organized tools and put suitcases up on shelves so they won’t be in the way. (Why does a family of five need so many pieces of luggage?) I now have a clean room that’s a breeze to walk through and I even have an empty shelf, yearning to be filled. (Don’t worry, I will find some stuff to fill it!) Cleaning out and organizing that one room has made me hungry to do more. By the time you read this column, another room or two may be getting the royal treatment and maybe, just maybe, by the end of month (or at least, the year) my whole house will be clutter-free. I can’t wait.

The Shmuz. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71

Wishing you a wonderful, calm week,

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Dear Editor, “The Year in Review 2013” (December 27) was your best edition of 2013!  I’m grateful that you have afforded me the opportunity to express my views

via your letters to the editor section along with others who may have different opinions on the issues of the day. Thanks to you, an ordinary citizen like myself has the freedom to comment on the actions and legislation of elected officials. Public officials are powerful with easy access to taxpayers dollars used on a regular basis to promote their views. This is done via mass mailings of newsletters, news releases, letters to the editor and guest opinion page columns. In many cases, they are produced or ghost written by campaign or office staffers paid for by taxpayers on public time. Ordinary citizens like myself only have the limited ability when we can to find the time and just submit a simple submission.   Newspapers  have to deal with increasing costs for newsprint, delivery and distribution along with reduced advertising revenues and declining readership due to competition from the Internet and other new information sources.  Patronize The Jewish Home’s advertisers; they provide the necessary revenues to help keep them in business. Let them know you saw their ad. This helps keep our neighbors employed and the local economy growing. In the marketplace of ideas, let us hope there continues to be room for everyone including our own Jewish Home.   Sincerely,  Larry Penner

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Dear Editor, Last Sunday, Achiezer hosted a phenomenal chesed awareness event. As a post-seminary attendee, it was so nice to hear from local organizations about their individual goals and the ways in which we, as local post-high school girls, can get involved. Our community has so much to offer, and until now, we just never knew the extent of it. Of course we’ve heard of the various organizations and thought we knew what they were about, but now we understand it on another level. It was brilliant to have “post seminary organizations” such as Sheefa and Machon Basya Rochel come and speak. Personally, when my shul sends out emails about shuirim, I always felt... awkward. Most people who attend are twice my age and married with teens (or beyond).  It was nice to see that there are spiritual enrichment programs designed for us as well. Additionally, it was wise of Achiezer to have Mrs. Sara Glaz come and offer a “financial planning” course. “Budgeting” was not something that we were taught in high school, but it was definitely a critical lesson and perhaps

even a survival skill, that we need for life. But all this aside, there was something even more powerful (to me at least) that I witnessed. The representatives from the various organizations in our community are not doing what they do for the glory. They do it because they genuinely care about other people in Klal Yisroel. They are not people who think to themselves “what I do is enough.” In fact, from entire event, what left the biggest impression on me, was watching the representatives from the various organizations take pamphlets, ask questions and sign up to volunteer for other organizations.  It’s not about “selling” your organization. It’s about helping those who need help. The end. I guess it was a “had to be there moment,” but it was really special and I definitely took a lesson from it. So thank you Achiezer, as well as all of the organizations that presented, for opening our eyes and showing us that we aren’t just “floating” or “in limbo,” but have the ability to greatly contribute to our wonderful community. Shulamith Twersky

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

Dear Editor, I was listening to the radio this morning while sitting in traffic and I came to a realization that I’d like to share with you. Every day, as I drive to work and I turn on the news, it’s like déjà vu. The things making headlines are all morbid—robberies, thefts, murders, tornadoes and fires. And every day it’s the same—different place, different people, but the same terrors, tragedies and disasters. Sometimes a celebrity does something inappropriate and that monopolizes the headlines for a few minutes, but otherwise it’s always misfortunes that dominate the news. Your “Year in Review” feature was no exception. So many of the events that you chose to highlight were about natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons), tragedies (explosions, crashes) and mayhem (murders, kidnappings, unrest). It’s sad that the events that make the news are all damaging and appalling, intending to shock us. When something happy, motivational or inspirational happens the media tends to relegate it to the crowded middle pages. Sam Weisz Woodmere, NY

the Editor

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2 Bombs Explode in Russia in 2 Days

The Jewish Home n

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On Monday, another deadly blast rocked Volgograd, killing at least 14 people aboard a trolleybus during the morning’s busy commute. At least 28 people were injured in the blast. This is the second deadly blast in just two days—the day before a suicide bombing in the Russian city killed at least 17 people and injured more than 40. The explosions raised concerns about the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympic Games which will be held in Sochi. In response to the blasts, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the National Anti-Terrorist Committee to tighten security measures across Russia, with additional measures in Volgograd. The White House condemned the attacks and offered its “deepest condolences to the families of the victims” before saying the U.S. government would “welcome the opportunity for closer cooperation for the safety of the athletes, spectators, and other participants” at the upcoming Sochi Olympics. So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The attack on Monday was set off by a male suicide bomber; his remains have been sent to the lab for identification. The blast took place near one of the city’s markets and smashed windows in nearby buildings. The Investigative Committee said the attack was equivalent to about 8.8 pounds of TNT. The Sunday attack was carried out by a female suicide bomber. That explosion took place at a train station that is one of the five largest in Russia. People in Volgograd are scared for their lives; many are shunning public transportation. “I think the Russian government has something to fear and that is the potential loss of face, the potential embarrass-

In News ment to them if this terrorist syndicate is able to pull off one or more major terrorist events,” said Christopher Swift, professor of National Security Studies at Georgetown University. There have been 32 terrorist attacks in Russia in the year ahead of Sochi 2014, according to Kavkazskiyuzel, a Russian think tank. Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov called for new attacks earlier this year against civilian targets in Russia, including the Sochi Games. Umarov urged his followers to “do their utmost to derail” the Sochi Olympics, which he described as “satanic dances on the bones of our ancestors.” “I am certain that we will fiercely and consistently continue the fight against terrorists until their complete annihilation,” President Putin said. “Dear friends, we bow our heads before the victims of cruel terrorist acts.” In Volgograd, more than 5,000 police and interior troops were mobilized in “Operation Anti-terror Whirlwind,” said Interior Ministry spokesman Andrei Pilipchuk. He said 87 people had been detained after they resisted police or could not produce proper ID or registration documents, and that some had weapons. State TV showed helmeted officers pushing men up against a wall. But there was no sign any were linked to the bombings or suspected of planning further attacks.

Saudi Prince to be Executed for Murder

On Sunday it was reported that a Saudi prince who murdered a fellow Saudi may be executed. This is a rare example of a member of the royal family facing the death penalty. The prince and his victim were not named, although a member of the family confirmed that Crown Prince Salman had “cleared the way for the possible execution of a

11 The Jewish Home n



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J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


The Week prince convicted of murdering a Saudi citizen.” In a message about the case to Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, Prince Salman said: “Sharia [Islamic law] shall be applied to all without exception.” His message followed a statement from the victim’s father that he was not ready to pardon the killer and he was not happy with the amount offered as blood money. Generally, the families of murder victims are encouraged by authorities to accept blood money instead of insisting on execution. Crown Prince Salman was quoted as saying: “There is no difference between big and small, rich and poor ... Nobody is allowed to interfere with the judiciary’s decision. This is the tradition of this state. We are committed to following the sharia.” The kingdom, which follows a strict version of sharia, has been criticized in the West for its high number of executions, inconsistencies in the application of the law, and its use of public beheading to carry out death sentences. Saudi Arabia had executed at least 47 people as of May 2013, according to Amnesty

International’s website, compared to 82 in all of 2011 and a similar number in 2012. Members of the ruling family are rarely known to be executed. One of the most prominent cases was Faisal bin Musaid al Saud, who assassinated his uncle, King Faisal, in 1975. Even so, the family is estimated to number several thousand. While members receive monthly stipends, and the most senior princes command great wealth and political power, only a few in the family hold nationally important government posts.

Russian Ship Stuck in Antarctica Awaits Rescue A Russian ship occupied by 74 scientists, tourists and crew onboard, has been trapped in Antarctica since last Tuesday. The ship, MV Akademik Shokalskiy, is stuck about 100 nautical miles east of the French base Dumont

In News d’Urville. Packed ice prevents the ship from moving through the frozen waters.

The first attempted rescue was by a Chinese icebreaker, but unfortunately it failed to free them and was forced to stop just six-and-a-half nautical miles away from the trapped vessel. “The Chinese vessel unfortunately encountered some heavy ice that it’s not capable of breaking through,” AMSA spokeswoman Andrea Hayward-Maher told AFP. “The rescue...unfortunately has stalled.” In a second attempt, an Australian icebreaker embarked on a journey to free the ship on Saturday. Australia’s Antarctic resupply ship Aurora Australis has the highest icebreaking rating of the three vessels originally asked to respond.

“We all know that there’s a possibility of this becoming quite a protracted sit and wait,” said Andrew Peacock, a passenger onboard the Akademik Shokalskiy, speaking to AFP via satellite phone. “I think people are just looking at that next step when that second icebreaker arrives. We really are just hoping that the...two powerful icebreaker ships will provide the breakage of ice that we need,” added Peacock. Murray Doyle, captain of the Aurora, said his ship was “option B” but is hopeful because it has the ability to cut through ice up to 1.35 meters thick. He explained that attempting to break through ice that is too thick is like “like driving your car into a brick wall.” AMSA said on Saturday that it is assessing all options in regards to rescuing the ship which is approximately 1500 nautical miles south of the southern Australian city of Hobart. “A helicopter-equipped Chinese-flagged vessel remains in the vicinity to assist if necessary,” it said in a statement. Scientists onboard the ship have been carrying out the same scientific experiments of Sir Douglas Mawson.


The Jewish Home n J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

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Kidnapped American in Pakistan Begs for Obama’s Help

Warren Weinstein had a special request for Barack Obama this holiday season. The U.S. contractor was kidnapped in Pakistan by al Qaeda over two years ago. He pleaded with President Obama to negotiate his release via a video message published last Thursday. Weinstein said he feels “totally abandoned and forgotten” by the Obama administration. “You are now in your second term as president of the United States and that means that you can take hard decisions without worrying about reelection,” he said in the 13-minute video. “I hope and pray to G-d that you, as leader of the United States, along with your administration, will feel an

adequate level of responsibility toward me and work for my release.” Weinstein, a development expert from Rockville, Maryland, was forcefully abducted from his home in Lahore, Pakistan, at the time he was working as a consultant on U.S. government programs. The Pakistani police officer who investigated Weinstein’s case told NBC News that “everybody [in Pakistan] knows” the U.S. citizen was taken to the semi-autonomous tribal area near the Afghan border. The central Pakistani government has little to no control in these regions. Rana Ghafoor, sub-inspector of Lahore Police said, “Weinstein was beaten and kidnapped when eight to nine kidnappers pretending to be neighbors entered his house in the early morning in August 2011. They neutralized his staff and guards in the process. It was all over within a few minutes.”  In December 2011, al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri said Weinstein would be released if the U.S. stopped air strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen. This isn’t Weinstein’s first attempt to attract Obama’s attention. In May 2012, he published a similar video and told Obama, “My life is in your hands, Mr. President.” Later on that year in September he posted a video claiming Obama was ignoring his case and asking Israel, “As a Jew…please intervene in my case.” Weinstein said in the video that his captors agreed to allow his family to visit, in exchange for the U.S. releasing “their people who are being held as prisoners,” in a “quid pro quo” deal. He did not say specific names of the prisoners that his captors were referring to. He also appealed to Obama as “a family man,” and said he suffered “deep anxiety, every part of everyday” not knowing what has happened to his 72-yearold wife, his two children, and other loved ones. Weinstein said he came to Pakistan nine years ago “to help my government, and I did so at a time when most Americans would not come here. And now, when I need my government, it seems I have been totally abandoned,” he said. He added that he was suffering from a heart condition and acute asthma and was “not in good health.” The United States has a policy of not negotiating ransoms or making exchange deals with kidnappers. Marie Harf, spokeswoman for the State Department, said that U.S. officials were “working hard to authenticate” the mes-

sage. “We reiterate our call that Warren Weinstein be released and returned to his family,” she said in a statement. “Particularly during this holiday season — another one away from his family — our hopes and prayers are with him and those who love and miss him.”

NYT: Al Qaeda Not Behind Benghazi Attack

On September 11 of last year, four Americans were butchered by violent mobs in the Libyan city of Benghazi. More information about the attack is still coming out, but according to a New York Times report, al Qaeda had no direct involvement in the attack. On Sunday, the Times revealed that

the attack was the work of local fighters. It also intimated that citizens may have headed to the embassy after being angered by an anti-Islamic video that aired on local networks. The Obama administration has been accused of covering up what happened in Benghazi—a charge it denies. The newspaper alleged that a local rebel leader, Ahmed Abu Khattala, said to have disdain for the United States despite its help to overthrow Gadhafi, is the prime suspect for orchestrating the Benghazi killings. The Times report placed him at the US mission at the time of the attack and in an interview with the newspaper he said he was indeed present, but denied he was responsible. “Mr. Abu Khattala declared openly and often that he placed the United States not far behind Colonel Gadhafi on his list of infidel enemies,” the newspaper said. “But he had no known affiliations with terrorist groups, and he had escaped scrutiny from the 20-person CIA station in Benghazi that was set up to monitor the local situation,” the report added. The Times said Abu Khattala was “a central figure” in what unfolded, citing

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

Mawson’s team explored the Antarctic path during the 1911-1914 Australian Antarctic Expedition. Several members of the team battled sea ice to reach the historic Mawson’s Huts, built and occupied by the 1911-1914 expedition, which have been isolated for years by a giant iceberg. Passengers were walking near the vessel and watching the Adelie penguins and ice formations that formed around the ship in awe. The group, which includes Australians, New Zealanders and British citizens, became stuck when unexpected weather forced their ship into heavy ice followed by an intense blizzard that appeared to have increased the build-up of ice around the ship. The passengers have been onboard for three weeks and had been scheduled to return to New Zealand by early January. They are safe and comfortable, but, Peacock joked, “The beer is running low.” A helicopter that was sent to rescue them was delayed by inclement weather.

In News

The Jewish Home n

The Week


The Jewish Home n

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


The Week numerous Libyans present at the time, but also reported that the attack had “spontaneous elements.” The Times reported: “Anger at the video motivated the initial attack. Dozens of people joined in, some of them provoked by the video and others responding to fast-spreading false rumors that guards inside the American compound had shot Libyan protesters.”

Bombing in Beirut A powerful explosion rocked downtown Beirut on Friday. The total number of people killed is unknown but it has been confirmed that former Lebanese minister Mohammed Shattah, adviser to former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and a staunch critic of Iranian-backed Hezbollah, was killed in the blast. Back in February 2005, Hariri and 21 others were killed in a car bomb attack in Beirut. The attack was blamed on Hezbollah. The engine of the car carrying the bomb was flung about 50 meters. The explosion was heard at about 9:40 a.m. emanating from just behind

the Four Seasons hotel in the Lebanese capital, just several hundred yards away from vital government and parliamentary buildings. Ambulances hurried to the scene and the victims were rushed to the American University Hospital. At least five people are dead and many are reportedly injured.  

Two Stolen Artworks Found in Germany’s Parliament

On Monday, an art historian found two artworks stolen by the Nazis inside Germany’s parliament, in a new embarrassment for authorities after a huge


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In News stash of looted art came to light last month. Last month German authorities revealed that a trove of Nazi-looted art, valued at 1 billion euros ($1.38B), had been found in a Munich apartment. That collection had been held for decades by Cornelius Gurlitt, the elderly son of an art dealer of part-Jewish descent who was ordered by Hitler to buy up so-called “degenerate art” and sell it to raise funds for the Nazis. Bild newspaper said one of the two works discovered in the Bundestag collection had also originally belonged to the Gurlitt family. The two works were an oil painting, Chancellor Buelow Speaking in the Reichstag, by Georg Waltenberger dated 1905, and a chalk lithography entitled Street in Koenigsberg by Lovis Corinth. The Nazis plundered hundreds of thousands of artworks from museums and individuals across Europe. An unknown number of works is still missing, and museums around the world have conducted investigations into the origins of their exhibits.  German authorities came under fire for keeping quiet for two years about the discovery of Gurlitt’s trove of 1,406 European art works which included works by Picasso and Matisse. The legal status of the hoard is unclear. Gurlitt has demanded his art back and lawyers working on reclaiming property for heirs to Jewish collectors say he may get to keep at least some. The Central Council of Jews in Germany called for a list of the Bundestag’s art works to be published. “If the Bundestag is keeping lists of its collection secret, hindering the press in its investigations, protecting the perpetrators of Ayranisation and not informing the heirs, I would wish those responsible to show more sensibility and tact,” Council President Dieter Graumann told Bild.

protecting the American embassy. They were operating near the coastal city of Sabratha in northwestern Libya as part of security preparedness efforts when they were taken into custody, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement.

After they were detained at the checkpoint, the Americans were transferred to the Ministry of the Interior and held for a few hours. Psaki said U.S. officials were still trying to confirm details of the incident. “We value our relationship with the new Libya,” Psaki said. “We have a strategic partnership based on shared interests and our strong support for Libya’s historic democratic transition.” Libya has been marked by unrest since the 2011 ousting of longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Armed groups that fought Gadhafi’s army turned themselves into militias that exploited the weakness of the weak central government in Tripoli and operate independently of the police and the military. In September 2012, terrorists attacked the U.S. diplomatic mission at Benghazi, Libya, killing U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.  

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Drama for Life!

U.S. Prisoners Released in Libya The Libyan attitude towards America may have improved slightly over the past year. Four U.S. military personnel investigating potential evacuation routes in Libya were released to the American embassy after being taken into custody at a checkpoint and then detained briefly by the Libyan government. The four military personnel were supporting U.S. Marine security forces

This week marked the 120th anniversary of the birth of Mao Zedong. China’s leaders bowed three times before a statue of Zedong in a carefully

icism of Mao off China’s social media sites, with messages that questioned his legacy disappearing within minutes of being posted. His image graces almost all bank notes from 1 to 100 Yuan, and Chinese studios crank out a steady flow of movies and television programs based on highly sterilized versions of his life and the party’s history.  

Trying to Gain Quiet in South Sudan






South Sudan’s government has agreed to end hostilities against rebels accused of trying to overthrow the young country at a meeting of East African leaders. However, the cease-fire was quickly thrown into doubt because the head of the rebellion was not invited. An army spokesman suggested the fighting could go on despite the announcement by politicians in the faraway capital. At the meeting in Kenya, South Sudan agreed not to carry out a planned offensive to recapture Bentiu, the capital of oil-producing Unity state, which is controlled by troops loyal to Riek Machar. Machar is the former vice president who was vilified by the government as a corrupt coup plotter. But no one representing Machar was at the Nairobi meeting — a move possibly meant to deny him any elevated status that could also slow the search for peace. And Machar told the BBC that conditions for a truce were not yet in place. In the field, the military reported no immediate changes in the battle for control of the world’s newest country. Said army spokesman Col. Philip Aguer: “We have not seen any sign of a cease-fire. There is no cease-fire agreed by the two sides,” an indication the planned assault on Bentiu could still take place. Meanwhile, the United Nations announced that the first contingent of reinforcements for its peacekeeping force in South Sudan — 72 international police officers from the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Congo — arrived in Juba. The Bangladesh police officers will


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J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

controlled celebration that also aimed to uphold the market-style reforms he would have opposed. The approach highlights the balance the recently installed Communist Party leadership has to perform in managing perceptions of Mao’s legacy. As heirs of the authoritarian one-party political system imposed by Mao, the current leadership has a strong interest in keeping his memory alive so they can remain in powerful standing with the general public. But they also plan to make many market reforms in order to bolster the slowing economy, which Mao would have opposed bitterly. President and Communist Party chief Xi Jinping and other top leaders paid tribute to the founder of the Communist state with a visit to his mausoleum on Tiananmen Square in the heart of the capital, Beijing. The leaders “revered” Mao’s embalmed body, which lies in state in the mausoleum and “jointly recalled the glorious achievements of comrade Mao Zedong,” local papers reported. Under Mao’s leadership, China lurched between industrialization drives and violent political campaigns that left tens of millions dead before he died in 1976 and his successors began their free market experiments. Mao played a central role in China’s worst post-war tragedies: the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, in which millions died from starvation and persecution. In a speech to party leaders on Thursday, Xi sought to affirm Mao’s legacy while acknowledging vaguely that the revolutionary leader had made mistakes, though Xi said they should be assessed in the context of his time. “We should not judge and make demands of our predecessors based on today’s conditions, level of development and level of understanding, nor should we make excessive demands for them to achieve what only the descendants could achieve,” Xi said. But Xi’s speech neglected to note that Mao’s critics compare China’s situation in his time not with the present day but with other countries that had been going through similar post-war challenges, said Beijing-based Chinese historian Zhang Lifan. “While China was busy with power struggles and political campaigns, others were wholeheartedly building their countries,” Zhang said. “In Mao’s hands, China’s modernization was delayed by at least 20 years. This problem is one they’re not willing to discuss.” The propaganda machines were hard at work thanks to the celebration’s critics. Censors were busy scrubbing crit-

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The Week


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J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


The Week be deployed immediately to help with the internally displaced persons, now numbering approximately 63,000, who are seeking refuge in U.N. compounds throughout South Sudan. The fighting has already displaced more than 120,000 people and has killed more than 1,000.


Shrine Visit Upsets Japan and South Korea Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited a shrine this week that is viewed by critics as a symbol of Tokyo’s war-

In News time aggression. The move has infuriated China and South Korea and prompted concern from the United States about deteriorating ties between the North Asian neighbors. China and South Korea have repeatedly expressed anger in the past over Japanese politicians’ visits to Yasukuni



...If you want to sleep tight,


Shrine, where Japanese leaders convicted as war criminals by an Allied tribunal after World War Two are honored along with those who died in battle. The two countries have been especially touchy about visits to the shrine by serving Japanese prime ministers, and Abe is the first leader in office to pay homage at Yasukuni in the past seven years.

Business ties between China and Japan, the world’s second- and third-largest economies, have improved after a downturn sparked by a flare-up last year in a row over tiny East China Sea islands controlled by Japan but also claimed by China. But worries are growing that an unintended incident between Japanese and Chinese aircraft and ships playing cat-and-mouse near the disputed isles could escalate into a military clash. Abe, a conservative who took office for a second term exactly one year ago, said he did not intend to hurt feelings in neighboring nations. “There is criticism based on the misconception that this is an act to worship war criminals, but I visited Yasukuni Shrine to report to the souls of the war dead on the progress made this year and to convey my resolve that people never again suffer the horrors of war,” he told reporters after the visit. Stressing that it was natural for a nation’s leader to pay respect to those who died for their country, Abe said he shared the view of past Japanese leaders that ties with China and South Korea were important and that to make them firm was in Japan’s national interests – and said that he would like to explain that if given the opportunity.

Israel Israeli Chess Team Plays Anonymously

5211 New Utrecht Ave. | Brooklyn, New York | 718.438.3933 126 Cedarhurst Ave. | Cedarhurst, New York | 516.792.1191

A chess event is being held in the United Arab Emirates and is posing a problem for the Israeli under-18 chess team. The team is being forced to comContinued on page 22



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Classy, Affordable Childrens Wear


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Shabbos of Chizuk AND

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The Week pete as the “World Chess Federation” at the event to be held in Abu Dhabi, an Arab country. Israeli boys aged 16 to 18 and girls 10 and 14 traveled to Abu Dhabi for the competition, accompanied by their parents. Israel hesitated to send them to the competition because of political tensions, but finally decided to participate in the competition. One of the girls attending is Anastasia Waller, who two months ago won the European championships for chess players up to age ten. Waller beat Deputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin in a chess game held in October in the Knesset. Sports boycotting of Israel has been a common occurrence over the past several years. In 2009, Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer was denied entrance into the United Arab Emirates to play in the Dubai tennis championships. More recently in August, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) fined the Israeli team for the Davis Cup after they refused to play a match scheduled on Yom Kippur. While the ITF never reversed the decision outright, the ITF later punished Tunisia for using the competition as a means of boycotting Israel.

Israel Releases 26 More Terrorists

On Monday night, Israel released 26 Palestinian prisoners in anticipation of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s upcoming visit. Five of those released were residents of east Jerusalem. Even after releasing 78 prisoners so far, Palestinians are demanding that Israel release Israeli-Arabs who carried out attacks, something Jerusalem has never committed itself to do. Three of those released on Monday

In News night were released to the Gaza Strip; eighteen were released to the West Bank. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas vowed to the 18 released prisoners who arrived in Ramallah on Monday that he would not rest until all prisoners are free. He warmly greeted and embraced the freed terrorists as they arrived at the Presidential compound and announced to the crowd, “There would be no final agreement [with Israel] until all prisoners [a]re in their homes.” The release of the prisoners, all convicted terrorists who carried out their attacks before the 1993 Oslo accords, was the third batch of four groups of Palestinian terrorists Israel committed to let go as part of the framework that led to the re-start of the current negotiations in July. According to Israeli officials, Kerry is expected in the near future to present a “document of principles,” not a “framework agreement” to both sides. This document is widely viewed as a vehicle to enable a continuation of the negotiations beyond the nine-month initial deadline for the talks, which is to expire at the end of April. Prior to the prisoners’ release, vic-

tims’ families marched through Jerusalem in heavy rain, protesting the release of five of the prisoners who live in east Jerusalem. The march that started at the Prime Minister’s residence and ended at the Western Wall blocked traffic in the capital. Fifteen protesters continued on to the prisoner’s home in east Jerusalem in protest.  

Russia: Arafat Died of Natural Causes

Russia is the latest country to weigh in on the cause of death of former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. According to Russian experts, Arafat died of natu-


The Jewish Home n J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

The Jewish Home n

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


The Week ral causes, not radiation poisoning. Palestinian officials have already called the finding “politicized” and have said an investigation will continue. Samples were taken from Arafat’s body last year by Swiss, French and Russian forensics experts after an al Jazeera documentary said his clothes showed high amounts of deadly polonium 210. The Swiss said last month their tests were consistent with high levels of polonium but not absolute proof of the cause of death. The Russian finding was in line with that of French scientists who said earlier this month that Arafat had not been killed with polonium. “Yasser Arafat died not from the effects of radiation but of natural causes,” said Vladimir Uiba, head of Russia’s state forensics body, the Federal Medico-Biological Agency. Arafat, who signed the 1993 Oslo interim peace accords with Israel but then led an uprising in 2000, died at 75 at the Percy hospital in Paris in 2004, four weeks after falling ill in his Ramallah compound, which was surrounded by Israeli tanks. But despite findings revealing that the Palestinian leader died of natural

causes, Palestinians are insisting that their late leader was poisoned. “Like the French report on his death, this is a politicized finding. The truth lies at the Percy hospital,” Wasel Abu Yousef, a senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organization, told reporters. The official cause of death was a stroke, but French doctors said at the time they were unable to determine the origin of Arafat’s illness. No autopsy was carried out. His widow, Suha Arafat, has argued the death was a political assassination by someone close to her husband. Many Palestinians believe Israel killed him – a charge Israel vehemently denies.

Commemoration of First Airplane Landing on Israeli Soil Just over 100 years ago, the first airplane to ever land in the pre-State of Israel landed near a beach in Tel Aviv. French aviator Jules Vedrines piloted the Bleriot monoplane just 10 years after the Wright Brothers flew the first aircraft in

In News 1903. To mark this historic event and the 100 years of aviation history in Israel, the Israel Postal Company has issued three new Israeli stamps in December. The stamps depict the Vedrines’s Bleriot XI as well as two Israeli-developed aircraft, the IAI Zukit in 1960 and Heron I in 1994.

In 1913, the French aviator Vedrines competed in an aviation contest held by the French newspaper Le Matin. Five competitors flew from Paris to Cairo in the transcontinental flight, whose path covered Austria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Israel. Two French planes reached the Land of Israel during the competition, with Vedrines landing on the seashore north of Jaffa on December 27, 1913.

The other competing French pilot, Marc Bonnier, and his technician, Joseph Barnier, reached Jerusalem on December 31, 1913. Landing in the Emek Refaim area, Bonnier and Barnier became the first aviators to ever fly into Jerusalem. Flying from Beirut, Vedrines had originally planned to land his plane in Mikveh Israel, an early pioneer settlement. But strong winds blew him off course and Vedrines was forced to land by the train station near the Tel Aviv beach. The following day, he flew to Mikveh Israel as planned, where the “first international airport of Eretz Yisrael” had been prepared for him. He then continued to Cairo on December 29. Israel’s aviation progress after the Jewish State was established developed quickly. With only 25 aircraft at Israel’s founding on May 14, 1948, in less than a year the Israel Air Force had been able to amass 178 aircraft of 30 different types including heavy bombers, fighters, and transports. Today, the country has one of the most modern air forces in the world. Israel also boasts an advanced aerospace industry that develops and manufactures combat aircraft, business jets, space launchers, and satellites.


The Jewish Home n J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

The Jewish Home n J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


Rise in Palestinian Violence

Top Ten Anti-Semitic Slurs of 2013

Who have been the most virulent haters of Jews and Israel this year? The Simon Wiesenthal Center has come out with its 2013 top-10 list of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel slurs of 2013, giving the top two slots to the leaders of Iran and Turkey.

newspapers (the Badische Zeitung and the Stuttgarter Zeitung) depicting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu poisoning peace talks.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Wiesenthal Center, told the Post, “It is especially galling and outrageous in the midst of all this that two German newspapers would publish cartoons that – consciously or otherwise – deploy deep-rooted European anti-Semitic imagery of the Jew as poisoner. Those images do the poisoning and also validate [a] toxic attitude towards Israel and the Jewish people.” Fourth on the list were political and church groups, along with Pink Floyd’s cofounder, Roger Waters. The center

said that Waters slandered “Israel as an apartheid state, compares it to Nazi Germany and denies that the Iranian regime poses any threat to the Jewish State.” The American Studies Association was cited for singling out Israel for a boycott. A right-wing extremist Hungarian political party called for a registry for Jews for “security reasons.” The United Church of Canada was listed because “as Christians suffer in Syria, [are subject to] ethnic cleansing in Iraq and threatened in Egypt, the United Church of Canada endorsed the boycott of Israel – the only Middle East state that guarantees full religious freedom and protection to all faiths.” The Pine Bush New York school district occupied the eighth spot for failing to protect Jewish pupils from “anti-Semitic slurs and physical abuse by bullies.” The glorification of Hitler in Muslim-majority countries and elsewhere was listed sixth. Pulitzer prize-winning novelist Alice Walker was co-listed as ninth for her latest book, Pin in the Cushion, which “is a diatribe against the Jewish state. Walker depicts Hamas-ruled Gaza as a benign place” and compares Israelis to the Nazis.

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

The past month has seen a steep increase in Palestinian violent attacks against Israelis. The number of attacks has caused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to convene his security cabinet specifically to discuss the problem. Violence has increased especially in the West Bank and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Security officials have logged 167 Palestinian attacks on Israelis in December alone. Among the more serious attacks were a failed bus bombing near Tel Aviv, the stabbing of an Israeli police officer near Jerusalem, and a fatal shooting of a technician doing repairs on the Gaza security fence. In addition to those, there have been dozens of rock and firebomb attacks against Jews in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and more than a few rockets fired from Gaza. “Our policy up until now has been to prevent beforehand and to react with force, and this is how we will act now as well,” Netanyahu said following the Gaza border shooting, which killed a Bedouin civilian employee of the Defense Ministry. Hours later, Israeli aircraft struck terrorist targets in several parts of Gaza. Economy Minister Naftali Bennett laid the blame for the blood on both sides squarely on the Palestinian Authority, which continues to incite violence against Israel. “If the terrorism continues, there won’t be quiet on the Palestinian side,” Bennett told Army Radio.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s “genocidal threats against the Jewish state” took the top spot on the list. In November, Khamenei described Israel as the “rabid dog in the region,” adding, “Its leaders look like beasts and cannot be called human.” Khamenei said shortly before the Iranian election that “Zionists” were the real agents in control of the United States – an accusation with which he was “updating the old canard of a global Jewish conspiracy.” Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan garnered the second spot on the list for blaming the actions of the June anti-government Turkish demonstrators, who sought greater democracy, on the “interest rate lobby,” which Erdogan’s deputy said was “The Jewish Diaspora.” The Wiesenthal Center said Erdogan had suggested that Israel engineered the ouster of Egypt’s Islamic president Mohamed Morsi. Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Jerusalem Post that the aim of this year’s list was to point out that leaders of countries or religions should not receive free passes because of their position of power. “The rest of the world should not be so friendly with them. It is not correct to have meetings with the prime minister of Turkey when he is a common bigot,” Hier said. Also notable on this year’s list was the presence of two anti-Israel Jewish Americans whose language contributes to anti-Semitism, according to Hier. Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories, occupied the third spot and the journalist Max Blumenthal scored ninth place. Hier pointed out, “Richard Falk should not be given a free pass because he is Jewish. We think he, Richard Falk, is an outright anti-Semite.” Likewise, Hier said of Blumental, “We judge him by what he wrote. He crossed the line into outright anti-Semitism.” Speaking from Washington with the Post, Josh Block, a former Clinton administration spokesman who is CEO of The Israel Project, said of Blumenthal: “I am sure his colleagues at the Hezbollah newspaper where he was a writer for years are pleased and not at all surprised to see their guy on this list... Turns out the anti-Semites of Al-Akhbar and Iran’s Press TV discovered this modern-day Jewish Father Coughlin before anyone else.” European cartoonists from Norway, Germany and France landed the seventh slot for their depictions of Israel and Jews. In Germany in particular, the center cited “cartoons in two different

In News

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The Jewish Home n

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


The Week European anti-Semitism and racism in sports stadiums captured the tenth spot on the list. The list included a call on NBA star Tony Parker to apologize for a Nazi-like salute.

Over 8 Million Live in the Holy Land

The Central Bureau of Statistics has announced the findings of their 2013 report, and for the first time, Israel’s population is over 8 million. The CBS report, published just days before the end of 2013, estimates that the population of Israel is 8,132,000.

The country’s population increased by 1.8 percent – or 147,000 people – since 2012, according to the report. Sunday’s data showed that 75.2% of the country – approximately 6.1 million Israelis – are Jewish. The Arab population of Israel, which includes Muslims and Arab-Christians, is 20.6% – 1.6 million. The remaining 4% of Israel’s population – 348,000 – are either non-Arab Christians, individuals practicing another religion, or those with no religious affiliation. Israel’s population is on track to reach 11.4 million by 2035, according to a report CBS released in June. Israel’s annual population growth rate, however, is predicted to decline from 1.8% to 1.4%. CBS also estimates that Israel’s already high life expectancy is set to increase across all sectors by 2035. In 22 years, the average Jewish female born in Israel may expect to live 89.5 years, as opposed to 86.3 for Arab females, 84.8 for Jewish males, and 81.6 for Arab males.

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In News National UPS’s Broken Promise Causes Outrage

The days leading up to December 25 are the busiest shipping season of the year and its efficiency is heavily dependent on the United Parcel Service Inc., better known as UPS. As consumers, we simply shop, click, and pay and then patiently wait for our packages to arrive at our doorstep. But there are many steps along the way and many jobs that need to be done properly in order for us to receive our merchandise on time. As the early hours of December 24 approached, UPS’s main air hub in Louisville, Kentucky, was flooded with packages of all shapes and sizes. Employees responsible for sorting packages were already halfway into a 100-hour week and furiously sorted the parcels to place them in the correct place so that they can get to their destinations around the country. From there, they are loaded onto planes to be shipped. However, due to a hurricane of unexpected last-minute packages, the company’s air fleet was completely inundated. Due to a lack of space aboard aircrafts, high volumes of packages were left in Louisville. Many of the packages that did make it onto the airplanes arrived too late and missed delivery trucks’ scheduled pickup times. The result? Hundreds of disappointed and frustrated customers without their merchandise and gifts this year. UPS is the largest shipping company in the country. It handles 50% to 60% of e-commerce orders. The shipping company has a bigger share of retail e-commerce business than FedEx Corp.; however, it has a smaller fleet of cargo planes. UPS said it had added 23 extra chartered aircraft to its year-round operating fleet of more than 237 planes and regular 293 daily charters. It originally expected

to ship about 7.75 million packages in its air network on Monday, with about 3.5 million of those sorted at Worldport, as the Louisville hub is known. The facility handles on average 1.6 million packages a day. But since this fiasco, the company is analyzing the situation to determine what exactly went wrong in the hopes of preventing the problem from reoccurring. Some experts are blaming latein-the-season online sales for the surge in last-minute packages. According to Simeon Siegel, an analyst with Nomura Equity Research, many websites reduced prices on the last Saturday before the holiday to Black Friday prices. Of course, consumers were livid about the broken promise to have their gifts arrive for the holiday. Many claimed that they had only made the purchase because the online retailers promised on-time delivery. In order to appease customers, retailers, including Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Amazon, and Kohl’s, issued customers gift cards and refunds for shipping costs and items that didn’t arrive before the holiday. It is expected that the retailers will seek reimbursement from UPS.

Heavy Ice Storm Rages

A heavy ice storm hit the Midwest and parts of the Northeast this weekend causing power outages from Michigan to Maine and all the way up into Canada. Utility officials are still working hard to restore power in all the affected areas. Some areas remained with power for more than seven days. The Pennsylvania Turnpike was partially closed after a collision involving 35 vehicles. Ten people were hospitalized with injuries from the crash. In Michigan, where about half a million homes and businesses lost power at the storm’s peak, utilities reported that 79,000 customers remained with-

million before Wilson died. Wilson was married to his wife Marilyn for 35 years before they divorced. He had no children and is survived by his 88-year-old brother William.

Violent Mob Overtakes Kings Plaza

Millionaire Donates $800M Before Death

A Wall Street legend gave away his entire $800 million fortune before dying this week. Hedge fund multi-millionaire Robert W. Wilson, 87, leapt from the 16th floor of his luxury San Remo apartment building, a prestigious address in New York’s Upper West Side. According to the New York Police Department, Wilson left a note at the scene. He had suffered from a stroke just a few months before. “He always said he didn’t want to suffer and when the time came, he would be ready,” close friend Stephen Viscusi said. “His plan was to give all his money away. He told me recently, ‘I only have about $100 million to go.’” He gave the last $100 million of his money to not-for-profit environmental advocacy group the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). Fred Krupp, the president of the EDF, said of the group’s biggest benefactor: “Robert W. Wilson was a Wall Street legend that became a prominent philanthropist. Bob had a passion to get things done in the world. Widely read and blessed with a keen intellect, he had the ability to predict where the world was going, a talent that informed his investments and, in later years, his philanthropy.” Other beneficiaries of Wilson’s money include the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, the World Monuments Fund, the Nature Conservancy and the Wildlife Conservation Society, each of which received $100

The Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn, NY, was turned upside down this past week on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Hundreds of teenagers planned a massive riot on social media sites and shut down the mall with a flash violent outbreak. More than “400 crazed teens grabbed and smashed jars of candy, stole cheap items such as baby balloons and beat up security guards at Kings Plaza in Mill Basin between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., merchants said,” according to local reports. According to eyewitnesses, a violent “game of knockout” broke out on the upper level of the mall. There were fears that some of the teens may have had guns. Abu Taleb, a clerk at Candy Plaza 2, told reporters that he had never seen anything like the chaotic scene that unfolded at the mall. “I’m so scared,” he said. “I know they will come back. I was begging them to stop. There were a lot of kids hundreds of kids… [Security] would chase them out one door and they would come back in another door,” the clerk said. Clerks at other stores were also terrified and were forced to roll down the metal gates protecting their stores as security and police attempted to break up the unruly mob. The mall remained closed for about an hour. Some of the teens took to social media to brag about the mob violence, including the assault of security guards. No arrests have been made as of yet. The level of security at the Brooklyn mall has been raised significantly. There are now police or mall security men at every entrance and younger shoppers were denied entrance to the mall without an accompanying adult.

child without consent could face jail time and a fine of up to $10,000. Nevada and Maryland will be targeting the topic of immigration. In the Silver State, immigrants living in the United States with legal permission can apply for driver authorization cards starting January 2. It is anticipated that tens of thousands of people will apply under the program. Maryland is implementing a similar program, allow illegals to obtain driver’s license if they provide evidence of filing a state tax return. Ohio and California will raise the minimum wage for workers. Ohio’s minimum wage for untipped workers will increase from $7.85 to $7.95 an hour; California’s minimum wage will be boosted to $9 an hour in July.

2014 Welcomes New Laws 2014 promises to be a year of interesting twists. Here are some laws set to take effect this year—you may be surprised about what your legislators were busy with last year. In Wisconsin, towns and cities will legalize pedal pubs, multiple-person bicycles that ferry riders from tavern to tavern. This sort of vehicle helps prevent drunk driving in the state. Connecticut is outlawing assault weapons or large-capacity ammunition magazines that have not been registered with authorities. The law was passed in April in response to the Newtown tragedy that occurred last year. Additionally, New York is requiring registration of assault weapons by April 15 by those who bought them legally. In California, the state of celebrities, paparazzi will face tougher penalties when harassing stars and their families. Those who take photos or videos of a

Ray Kelly’s Legacy For twelve years, Ray Kelly dedicated his life to making New York a safer place. His tenure is marked with a falling crime rate and an aggressive stance

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J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

out power Thursday night. Maine simply couldn’t catch a break; more snow flooded the area through the weekend. The state reported more than 20,000 customers were still in the dark, down from a high of more than 106,000. In Canada, there were more than 101,000 without power on Thursday afternoon in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Authorities say the storm claimed 17 lives in the U.S. and ten in Canada.

In News

The Jewish Home n

The Week


The Jewish Home n

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


The Week against crime. Now, the police commissioner is stepping down and leaving the city a safer, more secure place.

When Kelly took office in 2002, the police force was “still using carbon paper and White Out,” Kelly says. Now, the NYPD has become the most tech-savvy in the nation. Crime under his watch dropped by a third—twice the national average. Kelly embraced the CompStat program that was launched in 1995. It ushered in an era of police accountability and analyzed real-time crime data. Recently, he predicted that technology will continue to play an ever-larger role in policing in the U.S. “As we’ve shown here, it can work and it can work well,” Kelly said on Monday. “I can’t think of any other law enforcement leader who has such a varied amount of experience at every single level of law enforcement, and brought

so much positive change to this department,” New York City Councilman Peter F. Vallone Jr, chairman of the council’s Public Safety Committee, pointed out. When Kelly first took office, he made sure to evaluate the department’s technology. He hired top experts who studied corporate giants like Federal Express to understand how investing in technology could breed efficiency. In 2005, the NYPD opened its Real Time Crime Center, a supercomputer which uses sophisticated data-mining tools to comb through a database filled with billions of public and classified records. The RTCC, which operates 24/7, has allowed police to rapidly crack cases which often begin with the slimmest of leads – a partial license plate, a nickname, or even just the description of an assailant’s tattoo. “They conduct instant, on-the-spot searches, something that previously took days,” Kelly said at a Missouri urban crime summit last fall. The NYPD’s supercomputers can now access a universe of databases filled with building blueprints, gang tattoo photos, surveillance video, a 16 million-license-plate database, parole records, graffiti tags and a decade of 911 call records. “Be data-driven,” Kelly urged fellow cops at the crime summit

In News earlier this year. “Numbers are a police department’s best weapon against crime.” When a 2012 study of New York City gun violence determined that gangs or “crews” accounted for 30 percent of the city’s violent crime, the NYPD created a new database to catalog teens involved in multiple incidents, either as an attacker or victim. Kelly doubled the size of the NYPD gang unit. Within a year, statistics show, the murder rate among 13- to 21-year-olds was cut in half. Even in his final days in office, Kelly was still working on advancing the department’s technology. On Thursday, the NYPD unveiled a prototype of a “smart” patrol car equipped with surveillance cameras, mobile license plate readers, radiation detectors and software that streams real-time data into the department’s central supercomputers. It has also been working for years on a mobile device that could make the stopand-frisk tactic unnecessary. Developed with U.S. Department of Defense funding, it measures energy coming off of a human body and can detect a solid object, such as a gun, blocking it. New York will certainly miss its finest, top cop.

De Blasio’s Daughter Admits to Life of Substance Abuse

New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s daughter is coming out with a message of sobriety. Chiara recently revealed that she has been dealing with substance abuse for a long time and wants teens to know they can get help. The 19-year-old said she abused drugs and alcohol in order to deal with her depression. She is now sober and has released a video statement to those like her. “Every kid who grows up in New York grows up pretty fast,” Chiara says in the five-minute video. “It made it easier the more I drank and did drugs to share some common ground with people I wouldn’t have.” She continued, “Removing substances from my life has opened so many doors for me,” she said. “Like, I was actually able to participate in my dad’s campaign, and that was like the greatest thing ever.” “Her courage to speak out demonstrates a wisdom and maturity far beyond her 19 years, and we are grateful every day for her commitment to lifting up those who need to know that they are not alone,” de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, said in a statement accompanying their daughter’s video. Bill de Blasio won in a landslide victory over Republican Joe Lhota in November, becoming New York’s first Democratic mayor in nearly 20 years. His term started on January 1, 2014.

Snowden: Cameras Follow us Everywhere In the newest episode of the Edward Snowden drama, the whistleblower has broadcasted a two-minute message for the British public. Snowden is a former U.S. National Security Agency contractor, who revealed details of electronic surveillance by American and British spy services. In the new video, which was recorded


The Jewish Home n

‫בס ״ד‬



J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

0 0 2 1 $

The Jewish Home n

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


The Week in Moscow where Snowden has been granted temporary asylum, he spoke of concerns over surveillance. “Great Britain’s George Orwell warned us of the danger of this kind of information. The types of collection in the book ‘1984’— microphones and video cameras, TVs that watch us are nothing compared to what we have available today.” “We have sensors in our pockets

In News

that track us everywhere we go. Think about what this means for the privacy of the average person,” he said. “A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all,” said Snowden. “They’ll never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves, an unrecorded, unanalyzed thought. And that’s a problem because privacy matters, privacy is what allows us to de-

termine who we are and who we want to be.” Snowden, who disclosed thousands of confidential documents, recently told an interviewer that he has already done what he had set out to do. “For me, in terms of personal satisfaction, the mission’s already accomplished,” he said. Snowden left his NSA post in Hawaii in May and went public with his


first revelations from Hong Kong a few weeks later. In June, he left for Russia and stayed at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport for nearly six weeks until the Kremlin granted him temporary oneyear asylum.

The United States has revoked his passport and has demanded he be sent home to face charges for stealing secrets.

Toddlers and Tablets Ride in the Five Boro Bike Tour Compete in the NYC Triathlon Make A Difference in Someone,s Life Do Meaningful Charity Work for OHEL

You can ride in the NYC TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour on May 4, 2014 and/or do the Aquaphor NYC Triathlon on August 4, 2014 and benefit an OHEL child.

Every year over 30,000 riders participate in the TD 5 Boro Bike Tour riding 40-mile (64 km) ride. The Aquaphor New York City Triathlon is an Olympic distance race, consisting of a 1500m swim, a 40k bike and a 10k run.

Come along for the ride, and help change a life. To reserve your charity spot contact Laurie Szenicer at 718-686-3316 • E-mail:

Many of us have toddlers who can find their way around a smartphone just as well as we can. The same is true of tablet computers such as iPads. While they are often a welcome distraction and certainly make for a cute photo-op, many pediatricians and health experts are raising concern. Since navigating a tablet generally doesn’t require the ability to type or read, children as young as one or two can quickly learn how to stream online content, scroll through family photos or play simple games. That ease-of-use makes tablets and smartphones popular with busy parents who use them to pacify their kids during car rides, restaurant outings or while they’re at home trying to get dinner on the table. And many feel a little less guilty about it if they think there’s educational value to the apps and games their children use. Dimitri Christakis, a pediatrician at Seattle Children’s Hospital, points out that iPads have only been on the market for a little over three years, which means tablet-related research is still in its infancy. Christakis says educational games and apps have some value if they Continued on page 36





J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

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9:00 AM4:00 PM



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The Week engage a child and prompt them to interact with the device, but cautioned that if all children do is watch videos on their tablets, then it’s just like watching TV, which has a limited ability to engage a child. Christakis also notes that parents need be mindful of whether tablet time is replacing more important activities such as sleeping, reading or interacting with adults or other children. He says that while the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than one to two hours of screen time a day for kids over the age of two, he thinks one hour is plenty. “The single most important thing for children is time with parents and caregivers,” he says. “Nothing is more important in terms of social development. If time with the tablet comes at the expense of that, that’s not good.”

No School? No License Missing school sometimes means missing tests or important schoolwork. But in one state, missing school may mean missing out on getting your keys to the road. There is new legislation in

Lansing, Michigan, which would take away driver’s licenses from students who are repeatedly absent from school.

Democratic Rep. Andy Schor of Lansing introduced two bills last week in the Republican-controlled state House to combat the problem of truancy. “Driving is a privilege and one that young people treasure, making it a good way to motivate them to stay in school,” Schor said. “Children need to be in school learning,” Schor added. “If students aren’t in school, they can’t become educated and move on to become successful.” The legislation would compel judges to notify the secretary of state of cases of truancy. The secretary of state would have to suspend the license of a juvenile

In News found by a circuit court to be willfully and repeatedly absent from schools for six months. In cases where juveniles haven’t yet been issued a license, they would be denied a license. Michigan law requires students to be in school until age 18. “Schools have truancy plans in place, and this will be another way to ensure that students are in the classrooms. Driving is a privilege, and there is no bigger incentive to most teens than being able to drive,” said Schor. “With state law now requiring students to be in school until age 18, we have one more tool to ensure that they are in school and learning.” Michigan has a staged process of licensing drivers, first enacted in 1996, in which young people gradually gain privileges with age and experience. A young person can get a supervised learner’s permit at age 14 years, 9 months.

Delta Honors Price Glitch Dan’s Deals subscribers are flying high this week along with many other Delta customers. As many Americans returned to their

desks on Thursday morning, December 26, they had a little post-holiday surprise awaiting them. suffered a minor glitch that caused a major on-line commotion. Consumers who were lucky enough to race to their computers at about 9:00 am were able to book flights for as low as $20 round-trip.

After the chaos settled, the airline announced that it would honor these “mistake fares,” a move that many are calling gracious and fair (no pun intended). “For a portion of the morning today, some prices on and other booking channels were incorrectly displayed, resulting in lower than usual fares for customers,” the airline said in a statement. “The situation has been resolved, and the correct prices are being

m i s a s y Be ll Winter Collection $29-$79!

Come visit our newly renovated boutique!

111 Cedarhurst Avenue Cedarhurst, New York 11516 T: 516-374-2065

Sun: 12-5 Mon, Tues, Thurs: 11-5 Wednesday:12-6 Friday by appt.


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The Week displayed. Delta will honor any fares purchased at the incorrect price.” Whether or not airlines have to honor fares posted in error is sort of a gray area. Delta’s contract of carriage states that in the event of an “erroneous” fare, “Delta reserves the right to cancel the ticket purchase and refund all amounts paid by the purchaser or, at the purchaser’s option, to reissue the ticket for the correct fare.” But according to the rules of the Department of Transportation, an airline must honor a purchased ticket, mistaken fare or not. Additionally, airlines garner good will and great publicity when they honor fares that were posted erroneously. Earlier in the year, there was a glitch that allowed users to book fares on United Airlines for $0 and the airline honored them as well. Many reported seeing the low fares for Delta flights on other websites like Expedia and Priceline. Lucky passengers scored flights from LAX to JFK for $47, a flight that typically costs upwards of $400. To think that I could have been in Hawaii right now for under $100 is pretty devastating…

Americans Looking Forward to a New Year Americans are optimistic for 2014. An AP-Times Square poll has revealed that most Americans are happy to see 2013 go. The research revealed that people are looking forward to a new year and are happy to be relieved of the stresses of government instability and international conflict. But despite their optimism, concerns still linger regarding health care and education. Many admitted that this year was better than last, with 32% saying 2013 was a better year for them than 2012, but 20% felt it was worse, and 46% say the two years were just as bad or as good. When asked to weigh in on the year in regards to the country, 25% said it was better than 2012 and 25% percent said it was worse. Not surprisingly, when broken down according to political affiliations, Democrats were more apt to say the U.S. turned out better in 2013 than 2012 (37 percent) than are Republicans

In News (17 percent). As for the new year, 49 percent believe that their personal fortunes will improve in 2014, while 14% are expecting a downgrade; 34% say they don’t expect much to change.

Worst Products of 2013 Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements for new products. Each year a new product hits the market with a boom and consumers go crazy for it. But every year there are also products that turn out to be a huge flop. Either consumers simply hate it or the product does not do what the manufacturer said it should and it disappoints buyers. Additionally, sometimes a product just can’t compete with its competition because there are better or cheaper versions on the market.

“They’re losers, not winners,” says Perry Reynolds, vice president of global trade development at the International Housewares Association. Here are some of the biggest flops for 2013. If you don’t have any of these products, I suggest you do not go out and buy them. The Watermelon Oreo was only available for a limited time so if you missed it, you are just going to have to have to stuff your mouth with an Oreo and a piece of watermelon and chew them in harmony. The strange combination debuted on June 10 and according to critics it tasted “vaguely like watermelon” with a really terrible aftertaste. The EarHero earphones scored 6 out of 100 overall by Consumer Reports (that’s like getting 6% on a math test). “Marketed as ‘the world’s safest earphones,’ they’re designed to let you hear sounds around you along with music or phone conversations,” writes The Loser List by Consumer Reports. Before you splurge and spend $150 on the ear buds know that they don’t do what they say. No time for the gym? The WorkFit

Exerpeutic Desk Treadmill claimed to allow you to work out while reading your emails and opening your mail. However, the product can’t promise you safety. The Exerpeutic lost points in a Consumer Reports assessment because the motor cover posed a tripping risk. You will just have to stick to 10 jumping jacks between meetings.

Vending Calorie Counts

The Food and Drug administration announced a new regulation for vending machine companies. As part of President Obama’s health care laws, vending machines nationwide will be required to display calorie information in an attempt to help Americans make healthier choices. The reform can cost the vending machine industry up to $25.8 million for the initial transformations and then $24 million per year. There are approximately 5 million vending machines that need to be updated. The FDA says that if just .02 percent of obese American adults ate 100 fewer calories a week, the savings to the healthcare system would be at least that great, financially. The FDA is also working on final rules for requiring restaurant chains with more than 20 locations to post calorie information, a regulation some cities already mandate. Some fast-food operations already display the nutrition facts. A 2011 study in New York found that only one in six customers looked at the information, but those who did generally ordered about 100 fewer calories. Another study done in Philadelphia found no difference in calories purchased after the city’s labeling law took effect. “There is probably a subset of people for whom this information works, who report using it to purchase fewer calories, but what we’re not seeing though is a change at an overall population level in the number of calories consumed,” said Brian Ebel, the study’s author and an assistant professor at New York University’s department of population health and medicine. Companies can either display the calories electronically or post signs on machines with the relevant nutritional information. The exact rules of the re-

That’s Odd The Midas Touch A Midas auto technician found out this week that he has the Midas touch— everything he touches turns to gold, I mean, diamonds. Brandon Estell was servicing a Honda Accord hybrid and needed to take out the back seat to disconnect the system.

But instead of just finding loose change and candy wrappers, Estell found a diamond ring. The engagement ring was lost in 2007 and now, six years later, Estell found the shiny bauble.

When he told the vehicle’s owner about the ring, Jacob Hickman says he was “completely confused, but he said they found it during the service…I drove off and could not understand or think about why on this earth would there be a diamond ring in my car.” After thinking long and hard, Hickman realized that the ring belonged to his college friend’s wife. In 2007, the Tillers used Hickman’s car to drive home from a wedding. Leslie Tiller recalled, “I had taken [the ring] off. I was trying to clean it. I thought it had just fallen in my lap, so I didn’t, I wasn’t alarmed. I just, you know thought, ‘Oh, when we pull in

the driveway, I’ll find it.’” But when the ring could not be found, the couple got a replacement ring and married a month later. Now Hickman gave the Tillers back the ring to celebrate the holiday. “This is by far the most magical [holiday] I’ve ever had. I never thought I’d see that ring again,” said Leslie. Leslie, this magic was brought to you by Brandon, the mechanic with the Midas touch.

Woman Who Died Two Years Ago Leaves her Family Special Gift Brenda Schmitz was the loving wife and caring mother of four. After a battle with cancer, she passed away in September 2011 at the age of 46. As she suffered her brutal illness Brenda thought about her beloved family she knew she was unfortunately going to have to leave behind in this world. A month before her passing, she penned a letter and addressed it to a Des Moines, Iowa, radio station. She gave a close friend careful instructions to only mail

the letter once her husband, David, met a new woman to marry and be the mother of her children. A little before the holiday season, David became engaged and Brenda’s friend fulfilled Brenda’s dying wish. The station, Star 102.5, received the letter a few days before the holiday. “When you are in receipt of this letter, I will have already lost my battle to ovarian cancer,” Brenda wrote in the letter. “I am writing this letter to be sent to you by a dear friend who has instructions to do so when it was the time. I had to type this because I can hardly type anymore because of my shakiness. I told her once my loving husband David had moved on in his life and had met someone to share his life with again, to mail this letter to all of you at the station. “As I was thinking about my last months on earth,” she continued, “I told David my wishes after I was gone that I believed he’d follow through with the attitude and courage I know he possesses, what a great husband and father he is. I know all of this is extremely hard on him. He is the one making the best decisions from here on out for my family and ultimately finding a caring and compassionate woman in time to help raise

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

form are expected to be finalized early this year and they will be relevant to about 10,800 companies that operate 20 or more machines. According to the National Automatic Merchandising Association, nearly three quarters of those companies have three employees or less, and their profit margin is very low. Eric Dell, the group’s vice president for government affairs, explained that the initial investment of $2,400 plus $2,200 in annual costs is a significant number to companies that small that clear just a few thousand dollars in profit each year. “The money that would be spent to comply with this — there’s no return on the investment,” Dell said.

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The Week the boys. She must be quite a lady.” She wished David’s new partner “a day, or better yet, a week of pampering, in all aspects of her life…She deserves it.” “Thank you,” she added. “I love you, whoever you are.” Brenda also requested a “magical trip” for the family of 8 and a “night out full of drinks, food and fun” for her cancer doctors at Mercy Medical Hospital. Every year during holiday season, the radio station solicits wish letters from listeners, picks the best and, with the help of sponsors, grants them. Local businesses donated money to help the station grant all of Brenda’s wishes, including the trip, a four-day vacation in Disney World. “In more than 20 years of granting wishes, we’ve never received a wish quite like the one we received from Brenda Schmitz,” the station wrote on its website. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when we got [the letter],” station manager Scott Allen told the Des Moines Register. “It’s not surprising,” David said of his wife’s posthumous surprise. “The last year and a half she’s shown so many signs that she’s [here].”

World’s First HandEngraved Civic

Some people embellish their cars with flashing lights and shiny rims, others plate them in gold and expensive materials, and others turn their vehicles into unique pieces of art. Scratch art lives mostly in the toolbox of grade-school art teachers as a way to demonstrate how etching can create images as subtle as drawing or painting. But for Shawn Lisjack, his car, a 1992 Honda Civic VX, was just a major symbol of the intricacies of what etching can do. Lisjack is a self-taught engraver who specializes in scratch art. He first realized his talent in high school when his

In News art class was assigned a scratch art project. He has been working to engrave his Honda Civic from bumper to bumper, a project he named The Sistine Chapel of Bodywork by Dremel. “I wanted to create something that was truly unique and ‘one of a kind’ that the world has never seen before,” Lisjack said. Over three years ago, the Honda was upgraded with a few custom carbon-fiber parts, then painted with a white primer and a black top coat. Lisjack used a Dremel with a diamond-bit drill to create the Japanese-themed designs, company logos, and freestyle layouts. He estimates he’s spent 5,000 hours on the project. But lest you think the art is only on the outside, you’ve got something coming. Lisjack didn’t only engrave the exterior; he also engraved valve covers, strut towers, and other parts. His piece of art is not fully complete yet. “I will be adding color within the hand engravings to make the engravings pop. After that, the car will be-clear coated to help preserve the engravings and finally a clear bar protection film will be added to protect the car from getting rock chips and other damage,” Lisjack explained. “I like to push myself with each and

every hand engraving I complete,” said the artist. What about adding in some scents? We can call it a scratch-n-sniff car.

This Pepper is Hot, Hot, HOt

Ed Currie grows the hottest peppers on Earth, according to The Guinness Book of World Records. But this didn’t come easy; it took Currie four years to prove that his chili peppers were hotter than any other. The heat of Currie’s peppers was certified by students at Winthrop University who test food as part of their undergraduate classes. The pepper appropriately looks like the tail of a scorpion, giving eaters a hint of its might.

Seahawks’ Victory Costs Dealership $450K

Sometimes you have to put your money where your mouth is. The co-owner of Jet Chevrolet in Federal Way is contacting the insurance company that backed his bet on the Seattle Seahawks’ shutout. The Seahawks were doing extremely well this football season and making a beeline for the Super Bowl. They were doing so well that a car dealership in Federal Way, Washington, was willing to offer a promotion that relied on the Seahawks victory on Sunday. Jet Chevy offered to pay out $35,000 each to 12 lucky winners if the Seahawks shut out the Giants. Anyone who purchased a vehicle, old or new, received 100 entries into the raffle. People who did not buy a car were entered one time into the raffle. Well, the Seahawks let their fans down and now the Jet Chevrolet dealership owes $420,000 to raffle winners. Jim Johnson of the dealership says that the 23-0 victory over the Giants was extremely unexpected. The co-owner is planning to contact the insurance company that backed his bet on a Seahawks shutout to fund the winnings so the whole mishap will only cost him about $7K plus a whole lot of publicity.

$150K for the Big Screen If you’re not satisfied with watching TV on the standard screen, here’s one super-sized one for you. Samsung has announced that it is selling a 110-inch TV with four times the resolution of standard hi-defs for the lowly price of $150,000. You can’t buy this mega screen in your nearest Best Buy; it’s being sold now only in South Korea. The launch Monday of the giant television set reflects global TV makers’ move toward ultra HD TVs, as manufacturing bigger TVs using OLED proves too costly. Samsung said it received 10 orders for the latest premium TVs from the Middle East. Previously, the largest U-HD TV made by Samsung was 85inch measured diagonally. The ultra-HD TVs are also known as “4K” because they contain four times more pixels than an HD TV. Does this supersized screen come with supersized snacks?

Taxi Driver Returns $300K Left in Cab

Gerardo Gamboa is an honest man who works hard to make a living for his family by driving a taxi in Las Vegas. Last week, a passenger left behind a small bag in the backseat. This is not unusual, except that this bag wasn’t filled with leftovers from lunch or clothing from a shopping spree. The bag contained cold, hard cash—$300,000 of it! Now, Gamboa is making headlines and winning honors for honesty after turning in the money he found on Monday. The driver could have easily kept the loot and went on his very merry way, but his honesty prevented him from doing so. When Gamboa realized what was inside the bag, he had another passenger in his vehicle. By a red light he looked inside the paper bag and saw the bills. “I told my passenger, ‘You are my witness on this,’” Gamboa said, “and then I immediately called my dispatcher.”

Gamboa took the six rolls of $100 bills to the company’s main office, where Las Vegas police and casino officials linked it to an unidentified poker player. The money was returned to its grateful owner. Yellow Checker Star Transportation named Gamboa its driver of the year and rewarded him with $1,000 and a dinner for two at a restaurant. “If he doesn’t give me anything, that’s OK,” Gamboa told the Sun. “I’m not waiting for any kind of return. I just wanted to do the right thing, and I appreciate what the company did for me.” We can certainly say that Gamboa is driven by something much bigger than cash.

Speeding into Luck

Most of us must admit that we recognize that sinking feeling we feel when we see flashing lights in the rearview mirror and we very well know we were going just a tiny bit over the speed limit. Well, thirty drivers in Melbourne, Florida, had that feeling on December 25 when they were pulled over by cops. However their sinking feeling wasn’t met with the dreaded words, “License and registration.” Instead, speeders were greeted with a scratch-off lottery ticket courtesy of the Melbourne Police hoping to spread a little holiday cheer. “We’re just doing a little bit of a different technique,” Sgt. Jamie Rocque said. Of course, safety comes first and Rocque said the gifts came packaged with warnings or actual citations for drivers, depending on the severity of the misdemeanor. “Hopefully nobody has it in their mind to speed and expect to receive a lotto ticket — that was a one-shot deal for [the holiday],” Sgt. Sheridan Shelley said. Rocque said officers paid for the tickets with their own money. “It’s something good to do in light of the holidays. We’re getting a lot of surprised looks … people don’t know what to say,” he said. I’d say, can these cops please come to New York?

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

The heat of a pepper depends on the plant’s genetics and where it is grown, said Paul Bosland, director of the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University. “You have to think of chili heat like salt. A little bit improves the flavor, but a lot ruins it,” Bosland said. But Currie simply ignores the skeptics. “What’s the sense in calling something a record if it can’t be replicated? People want to be able to say they ate the world’s hottest pepper,” Currie said. The science of hot peppers centers around chemical compounds called capsaicinoids. The higher concentration, the hotter the pepper, said Cliff Calloway, the Winthrop University professor whose students tested Currie’s peppers. “I haven’t tried Ed’s peppers. I am afraid to,” Calloway admitted. “I bite into a jalapeno — that’s too hot for me.” The heat of a pepper is measured in Scoville Heat Units. Zero is bland, and a regular jalapeno pepper registers around 5,000 on the Scoville scale. Currie’s world record batch of Carolina Reapers comes in at 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units, with an individual pepper measuring at 2.2 million. Pepper spray weighs in at about 2 million Scoville Units. Pharmacist Wilbur Scoville devised the scale 100 years ago, taking a solution of sugar and water to dilute an extract made from the pepper. A scientist would then taste the solution and dilute it again and against until the heat was no longer detected. So in reality the rating depends on the scientist’s tongue. Currie’s company, PuckerButt Pepper Company, began as a hobby and turned into a business that employs about a dozen people. The company produces sauces and mustards with unusual names like “Voodoo Prince Death Mamba,” ‘‘Edible Lava” and “I Dare You Stupit.” According to U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics, the amount of hot peppers Americans eat has increased by 8% in the last five year. Did I hear anyone say, “Water”?

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Guests Come Away Joyous and Inspired from Yeshiva Darchei Torah Dinner By Benzion Kaplan Some people attend organizational dinners out of a sense of obligation; it is something they must do but don’t necessarily enjoy. Judging from the crowd that attended Yeshiva Darchei Torah’s 41st Anniversary dinner on Sunday and the torrent of accolades that poured into the Yeshiva in its immediate Rav Yaakov Bender aftermath, it appears that the Rabbi Eytan Feiner, addressing the audience Harbotzas Torah Awardee guests at this dinner thoroughly enjoyed being there and came away inspired. in Chinuch Award was presented to RabFor the second year in a row, the Ye- bi and Mrs. Avrohom Nusbaum. Rabbi shiva hosted the dinner on its campus in Nusbaum is a dynamic rebbi and menFar Rockaway, with the catering directed ahel in Mesivta Chaim Shlomo and his by its own kitchen and administrative wife is a veteran educator as well. Rabbi staff. Tasteful decoration transformed Nusbaum described himself as a “shliach an already beautiful facility into one ap- tzibur” who was representing the entire propriate for holding an event of this nature. The evening began with a beautiful buffet dinner, continued with a program and ended with a dessert reAssemblyman Phil Goldfeder speaking ception. At the program, emceed by Elisha Yeshiva family in his public expression Brecher, a co-chairman of the Yeshi- of gratitude to the Yeshiva’s leadership. va’s board of directors, addresses were The Harbotzas Torah Award was predelivered by Rav Shlomo Avigdor Al- sented to Rabbi and Mrs. Eytan Feiner, tusky, Rosh Yeshiva of Darchei Torah’s the rav and rebbetzin who have reviBeis Medrash Heichal Dovid; Ronald talized Far Rockaway’s Congregation Lowinger, president of the Yeshiva; and Kneseth Israel, the White Shul. RebbetzRav Yaakov Bender, Rosh HaYeshiva. in Feiner is also the founder of the MaAssemblyman Phil Goldfeder, an alum- chon Basya Rochel Seminary in Lawnus, delivered brief remarks. rence, and the Feiners are proud Yeshiva The first of the awards was presented parents as well. In accepting his award to the Pioneer Class of Mesivta Chaim an emotional Rabbi Feiner was initially Shlomo, whose members will this year at a loss for words but proceeded to ofbe marking 15 years since graduation. The Pioneers, most of whom have gone on to build families and careers in Torah education and various professions, laid the foundation for what has become one of the greatest mesivtos in America. The Excellence

Rav Shlomo Avigdor Altusky addressing the crowd

Photo Credits: Tsemach Glenn

Rav Avrohom Nusbaum, Excellence in Chinuch Awardee

stunning musical performances on video. These videos, as well as riveting presentations about the honorees and the theme of the dinner, “Preparing a Child for Life,” were screened throughout the program. In one of the choir videos, the boys sang a beautiful rendition

fer a heartfelt and deeply moving response. Mr. and Mrs. Menachem Marx were the evening’s guests of honor. The Marxes, parents of four Mr. Menachem Marx, guest of honor, being presented with his award Yeshiva talmidim and alumni, are known for their of pesukim that include the following steadfast commitment to Torah study words (translated): “[The Torah] is a and chesed. Mr. Marx is an active tree of life to those who grasp it, and its member of the Yeshiva’s board and supporters are praiseworthy.” Taking in played an early and critical role in ensuring that the recent construction project of the Yeshiva’s complex would succeed. Mr. Marx’s response was at Ronald Lowinger (at podium); L-R--Elisha Brecher, Rav once deeply Shlomo A. Altusky and Rav Yaakov Bender moving, humorous and inspiring. the sweep of the estimated 1,400 guests In a first, the Yeshiva Darchei To- who happily graced the dinner and are rah fifth grade choir pre-recorded two still raving about it days later, it is apparent that Yeshiva Darchei Torah indeed possesses such praiseworthy supporters, be they parents, grandparents, alumni or members of the greater Jewish community that appreciates the illustrious bastion of chinuch and chesed in its midst. Selected recordings of the dinner program will be available from the Yeshiva office: 718.868.2300 or news@

The Pioneer Class of Mesivta Chaim Shlomo



Overflow Crowd Attends Anti-Missionary Kinnus The Kinnus was broken up into three segments. The audience was instructed to beware of people who may not be spiritually strong and may in general be more vulnerable and susceptible. Next the audience viewed a frightening brief movie of the missionaries’ clearly defined agenda and the existential threat they present. The Talmud tell us that kol h’mekaym nefesh achas, it is as if you saved an entire world. In contrast, if we lose even one fellow Jew to these missionaries, it’s as if we lost an entire world. This point became clear when we learned that the founder of this mis-

sionary group is a Jew, born and raised in Brooklyn, who was himself searching, vulnerable and susceptible. Today, he heads this Flatbush facility and has missionary centers trying to convert his fellow Jews in 17 other countries, including Eretz Yisrael. The rav of BJX, Rav Yitzchok Fingerer, presented Shalos u’Tshevos, poskim and various gemaras and brilliantly explained how these missionaries take our holy pesukim out of context and corrupt the truth. Tuvia Singer, a renowned counter-missionary expert and director of Outreach Judaism, enthralled the audience with his humor and delivery. He explained why these missionaries are so bent on winning over fellow Jews, analyzed verses from Tanach and presented counter-missionary answers. He then asked the audience to ask him any question from anywhere in Tanach. Rabbi Tokarsky, the director of RAJE, was the Kinnus’s final speaker. He passionately pleaded with the audience to do more to reach out to their fellow Jews. He explained that the urgency to reach out is extremely time-sensitive, “either we bring searching and vulnerable fellow Jews to Judaism or the missionaries will bring them to Yashka.” He

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

Almost $5 million has been spent on a Flatbush facility with the specific goal of proselytizing our fellow Jews to believe in Yashkah. An overflow crowd attended a Kinnus held at the Brooklyn Jewish Xperience (BJX) entitled “Da Ma Sh’Tashuv.” Two large video screens were strategically placed in BJX in order for every participant to be able to hear and see the keynote speakers. Additionally, a live video hookup was arranged next door in Rabbi Twerski’s shul to accommodate the large overflow crowd who came to participate in this Kinnus l’shem Shamayim.

visually depicted how the missionaries will tolerate all kinds of humiliation to accomplish their goal, including being spat on. He challenged the audience and asked if they have the same mesirus nefesh to connect with a fellow Jew. The Kinnus concluded with everyone reciting a kapital Tehillim for shemirah and Siyatah d’Shamayah, followed by Minchah. Corporate sponsors of the Kinnus were the Yated, Jewish Press, FJJ, and Mishpacha. CDs and DVDs of the Kinnus will be made available for those who could not attend the Kinnus. Please email for further information.

Bais Yaakov of Queens Celebrates with a Melaveh Malka Fit for Queens! This past Motzei Shabbos, BYQ’s third and fourth grade students celebrated with mothers/grandmothers/ aunts/daughters and teachers with a melaveh malka! The special Parent Association event, coordinated by Mrs. Veeta Abramchik and hosted by Mrs. Boiangiu and Mrs. Maybruch was filled to capacity with a crowd of more than 400! The warmth of a family get-together was palpable, with happy smiles from grownups and children. Many grandmothers reminisced proudly and fondly of how “just yesterday their own daughters were on that very same stage performing.” Upon entering the cafeteria and gym, the sea and underwater theme was

depicted in a magnificent color scheme. The decorations were so festive and the colors had everyone recognize and appreciate Hashem’s beautiful creations. The tropical fish in the cylindrical vases delighted everyone. Mrs. Sarah Bergman began the evening with a dvar Torah that touched everyone’s heart. Threading Hashem, Moshe Rabbeinu, mesorah, BYQ and parent/child roles, everyone applauded

the message! “We are focused on what matters most and here for our shared children, who mean the world to us, at Bais Yaakov and at home.” Adding to the evening, the third and fourth grades entertained their guests with their fantastic toe tapping and hand clapping musical performance. Morah Etti Siegel, a beloved third grade teacher, teaches and conducts the girls in their singing performances year in! Morah

43 The Jewish Home n

Around the


Jurkowitz, her partner, helps with the girls and their presence. The very talented Mrs. Karen Daitchman’s musical expertise guided the girls and added so much to the evening. The food, freshly prepared, plentiful and delicious, was catered by Rabbi Simcha Noble, whose menu delighted the children and adults. From soup to dessert, everyone loved the treats and raved about the evening.

The Jewish Home n J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


45 The Jewish Home n J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


CALL C ALL THE THE C CHIROPRACTOR! HIR ROPRACTOR! Lea n important Learn Lear impo im p rt rtan ant te techniques ech chniqu ques e o on n stre strengthening eng ngthen enin i g yo your b body ody od and d conditioning c nd co ndit itio i ni ning ng you ourr mu usc scles, s o yo ou st s ay y ffit i ... iin it n a he heal a th hy w wa y! y your muscles, so you stay healthy way!

wee a w also lso ttreat reat re

S Sciatica cia atica  N Neck eck P Pain ain n  A Achiness chiness 


L Lower ower B Back ack P Pain ain n  S Shoulder houllderr P Pain ain  G General ene erall D Discomfort iscomfort 

Dr Libby Dr. Libb bby y Zlotnick Zlot otni nick P (5 (516) 516 16)) 50 500-1864 000-18 1 64 E Dr D Liibb bbyZ y @G @Gma m ill.c .com o

The Jewish Home n

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


Around the



A True Gem in our Midst By Chaia Frishman The challenge of raising children is daunting in our fast-paced world. The parenting questions seem to be getting harder. We worry about our children’s growth and ponder. How can we motivate and effectively encourage them to facilitate healthy emotional growth? In conjunction with the Jewish Education Project (formally known as the BJE), our local yeshiva and day preschools worked for many weeks and created a parenting program that would inform and empower our community’s preschool parents. With the support of Mrs. Susan Remick Topek, the JEP’s Yeshiva Day School Director for Network for Nassau and Queens Counties, the Director’s Network and the Diamond Program, the Parenting Enrichment Program was born. You might have heard about the success of Diamond’s Summer Program where for over 18 years, hundreds of parents and families from all over the country have learned effective parenting and behavior management tools.

Program directors, Yitzchok Goldberg, MS, and Yossi Feintuch, LCSW, teach proven and practical techniques to help families and children. Another gem in our community is a group of preschool educators who unified for the benefit of our future. The Directors Network is a group of early childhood directors from Bnos Bais Yaakov, The Brandeis School, Gan Chamesh, Gan Eden Preschool, Ganoni, Gesher, HAFTR, HALB, HANC, the JCC, The Jewish Academy, Long Island Hebrew Academy, Maggie’s Day Care, North Shore Hebrew Academy, Shulamith, Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island, and Yeshiva of South Shore. Their goals are simple. “The group meets regularly once a month to discuss curriculum trends as well as issues and concerns relating to the young children in our care.  Our decision to meet with the Diamond Program came out of these discussions.  After hearing their presentation, we realized their program could provide

all of our parents with a wonderful opportunity to learn parenting techniques that would benefit everyone,” explains HAFTR’s preschool director, Cyndy Goldberg. The Directors Network was not choosing blindly. Many had seen much of Diamond’s success. “Neighborhood preschool directors are very familiar with the program because they have sent families to us and they saw how effective the techniques and parenting program was. They joined forces to open up the parenting portion to the community,” comments Yitzchok Goldberg. He adds, “The reason our parenting program is so successful is because the focus is on training the parents to develop a framework to understand behavior, while at the same time giving them practical research based-methods that are effective in creating healthy home environments.”        The course will be hosted in a different school each of the five weeks, underscoring the unifying energy

brought out with this initiative. For that hour, participants will learn together as not simply parents who send to diverse schools, but as members of one community reaching for the common goal: raising happy children. “We are really excited to work with all the school to execute this pioneering event,” says Shaya Lieber, Associate Director of the Diamond Program. “What better way to model working with others in the community than to collaborate with parents from different schools?” The Parenting Enrichment Program will run from 7:30-8:30 on the following dates at the following schools: January 14th, Yeshiva Darchei Torah; February 4th, HAFTR; February 11th, Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island; February 18th, HALB; February 25th, Yeshiva of South Shore. The cost is $150 per couple, $75 per single. For more information, please contact: 347- 730- 1166 or



ing brat Cele days h Birt you! with

Month by Month Payments

Ages 5&up Sunday s 11/2 Hrs .


rodu YAEL VOGEL - M.S. S.P. ED Sket cing “Tee ching n Tim a EXPERIENCED TEACHER AND Ages nd Paintin e” 13 g 17 ARTS & CRAFTS COORDINATOR 415B CENTRAL AVE. CEDARHURST, NY 11559 718-734-7442


The Jewish Home n J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

The Jewish Home n

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


Around the Community 14th Annual Agudas Yisroel Yerushalayim Yarchei Kallah

Following the resounding success of The Business Magnet in recent years in New York & Canada, we have decided to extend our venture to the Five Towns area. Based on past performance, the Business Magnet will indeed magnetize customers to your business or product! Advertisements to be printed on "The Five Towns Business Magnet" are currently being accepted! The Magnet will be distributed to all Yiddishe residents in the Five Towns and Far rockaway area within two months.

Our team of advertising specialists are available to answer any of your questions:

1855.855.2324 Jewish 411 is one of the best things to happen in the Jewish World. Whenever you need a number for a business and you are not near your fridge to look it up on the magnet, just give a call this easy number 1855.855.2324 and one of our friendly operators will transfer your call to the business you want to get in touch with. This system is already active in Monsey, New Square, and Monroe, and will soon be expanded to all our other locations. When you advertise on the Business Magnet not only will you get a listing on the magnet, but you can also be rest assured that your customers can easily reach you using a toll free number at anytime without any delays or hassles!

For four unforgettable days, some 250 bnei Torah will escape the shackles of cell phones, e-mails, and day-to-day work and enter the avirah of Toras Eretz Yisroel at this year’s Agudas Yisroel of America’s Yerushlayim Yarchei Kallah to be held at the Ramada Hotel commencing Monday, 19 Shevat (January 20). The Yarchei Kallah will effectively transform the main ballroom at the hotel into a full-fledged Yeshiva Gedolah from early morning until late at night.  “It’s striking, sometimes,” comments a past participant, “when in the middle of explaining something to your chavrusa, you look up and see, to your surprise, that the people around you generating this loud and lebedik learning atmosphere aren’t current yeshiva bachurim but men who for the most part are well beyond their yeshiva years.” “When you close your eyes,” adds his chavrusa, “you really feel as though you were sitting in the beis medrash of a world-renowned yeshiva...”  Indeed Gedolei Yisroel have highly recommended dedicated baalei batim to make every effort and join this weeklong expression of where their hearts truly lie – in the daled amos of halacha. The registration for this year’s Yarchei Kallah has reached record levels with participants joining from communities across the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Switzer-

land and Eretz Yisroel. Many newcomers to the program are especially excited with the revival of an English track which will parallel the Yiddish program. As always, shiurim will be delivered by the foremost roshei Yeshiva and poskim of our generation. Rabbi Avrohom Nisan Perl, Director of Torah Projects for Agudas Yisroel of America, notes, “Shiurim at past Agudas Yisroel Yarchei Kallah have been lively and animated with participants eagerly getting involved into the very depths of the sugya; b”H  word has spread far and wide  about the uniqueness of this special ma’amad.”  To register, call 212-797-7380 or email yarcheikallah@agudathisrael. org. Those interested in receiving more information on this year’s Yerushalayim Yarchei Kallah program, can contact Agudas Yisroel of America’s Torah Projects Division at 212.797.9000 x 267 or e-mail  At a previous year’s Yerushalayim Yarchei Kallah, Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel zt”l noted how the world is experiencing extraordinary trials and difficulties and praised the baalei batim for meriting to be marbeh shalom in the world through their limud HaTorah. That observation, says Rabbi Perl, is “even more appropriate today.”

The Babka Boy Bakes Sweets for a Good Cause

  


 



 

 

 

 


  


Pinny Kwestel is an 11th grader from Lawrence. When he was in 7th grade, his aunt showed him a recipe for babkas. After tweaking the recipe to his liking, Pinny’s secret bobka recipe was a huge hit with his family. With advice from a fellow neighbor, Pinny began selling his bobkas under the name “Babka Boy.” Eventually, Pinny was selling between 20 and 30 babkas each Shabbos for neighbors, families and friends, and even baked 50 for one Rosh Hashanah. This past year on Chanukah, Pinny baked 1,000 mini-babka muffins for his

friends in DRS. Babka Boy babkas have become extremely popular around the Five Towns, and are sold in various sizes and flavors, including chocolate and cinnamon. This February, Pinny is participating in the Annual ING Miami Marathon, running with Team Yachad. In order to raise money for the team, all proceeds for Pinny’s babkas are going towards helping Yachad. If you are interested in contributing to Pinny’s cause and want a delicious Shabbos treat, you can contact Pinny at

49 The Jewish Home n

Yeshiva of Far Rockaway

forty-fifth annual dinner

mr. & mrs. avi krasnow

rabbi yehoshua kalish

mr. & mrs. yochanan gordon

Guests of Honor

Harbotzas Torah &

Esteemed Alumni Awardees

ARTECH 732.961.3091

Rabbinic Leadership Awardee

dinner chairman mr. irving langer

journal chairman mr. daniel wolfson

dinner committee mr. chaim balter . mr. roberto flegmann mr. mayer gold alumni committee yaakov aber . shmuel backenroth yochanan bodner . yossi deutsch . binyomin ganz assemblyman phil goldfeder . dovid klein

al dinner forty-fifth annu

. parshas tetzaveh motzoei shabbos adar i 5774 february 8, 2014 . 8

yaakov & ilana melohn campus in memory of reb yosef melohn z’’l

mpus at the yeshiva ca

ad 802 hicksville ro w york 11691 ne , ay aw ck ro r fa

yeshiva of far rockaway 802 hicksville road far rockaway, ny 11691 phone: (718) 327-7600 fax: (718) 327-1430 email:

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

yeshiva of far rockaway

The Jewish Home n

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


Around the



Jewish Stars Shine for CAHAL CAHAL, the Community-Wide Special Education Program, held its fifth annual fundraising concert on Motzei Shabbos, December 21 at Lawrence High School. The concert featured one of the most outstanding Jewish performers in the world today, Avraham Fried, the new sensation Benny Friedman, and the always popular Shloime Dachs. The Zemiros Choir and Shloime Dachs Orchestra accompanied the performers. The concert, CAHAL’s largest

fund-raising event of the year, was sold out days before, with over 800 people in attendance. The New York Boy’s Choir, led by Yitzy Bald, opened the show with a surprise guest appearance. The boys amazed everyone with their poise, sweet voices and choreography. The exciting Benny Friedman followed. His beautiful and powerful voice set the tone for what was going to be a series of outstanding performances. Shloime Dachs, who also coordinated the entertainment for the evening, sang some beautiful ballads and gave an emotional tribute to one of his biggest fans, Moishe Reisman z”l, son of Rabbi Yaakov Reisman, who passed away this past year. Richard Altabe, founder and Vice President of CAHAL, spoke about how the program has helped Avraham Fried, Shloime Dachs & Zemiros hundreds of Jewish

neshamos receive a yeshiva education in self-contained small classes with individualized attention. He proudly proclaimed how CAHAL began, inspired Avraham Fried, Shloime Dachs & Benny Friedman by Dr. Norman Blumenthal and the principals of the founding yeshivas. Mr. Altabe boasted about how CAHAL has been able to mainstream a large percentage of children from the program back into the yeshiva where their siblings and friends attend.   The sold-out crowd came alive when Avraham Fried began performing. His sensational voice and sweetness of character electrified his fans. After a 45 minute performance, he was joined by Benny Friedman and Shloime Dachs for one big finale. The Zemiros Choir, Avraham Fried mesmerizing the audience who accompanied all the performers the entire night, backed up the three CAHAL is a Special Education prostars and helped turn the last song into gram for children with various learning the most beau- disabilities from kindergarten through tiful finish to a high school in twelve participating local magical evening yeshivas. Since 1992, CAHAL has eduof entertainment. cated hundreds of local Jewish children The event proved in the Five Towns, Far Rockaway, West to be a huge suc- Hempstead, greater Nassau County and cess and raised Queens. This year, CAHAL is educatm u c h - n e e d e d ing over 100 children in 12 Special Ed money for CA- classes. HAL’s Scholarship Fund.  

A view of the sold out theater

Shalom Task Force Educates Rabbis in Domestic Abuse Forty recently ordained rabbis and six rebbetzins attended an educational

forum titled: Domestic Abuse: Identifying Telltale Signs and Responding

Effectively, that was co-sponsored by Shalom Task Force and the Young Israel Council of Rabbis. The program, which was introduced by Shalom Task Force Executive Director, Dr. Alan Singer, took place at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills and featured presentations by therapist Mrs. Lisa Twerski and Rabbi Kenneth Auman, Rabbi of the Young Israel of Flatbush. The session on domestic abuse is one of fifteen evenings that the Young Israel Rabbinic Training Program features on topics such as halacha and infertility and contemporary halachic

issues. The program is coordinated by Rabbi Binyamin Hammer and Rabbi Perry Tirschwell, Executive Director of the National Council of Young Israel. At the conclusion of the informative program and lively discussion, Rabbi Tirschwell commented to Dr. Singer, “Without a doubt, Shalom Task Force saved some lives tonight by educating these bright, young rabbis.”    Please visit our website at:  www.



MAY Freshmen Hebrew Language Class Comes Alive You may have seen them. 25 pairs of 9th grade Ateres Yaakov students scouring the aisles of Gourmet Glatt. Armed

The Flatbush Basketball League Week #5 Recap In the Jewish Home Division: China Glatt 41, Quality Carpet 33: In Quality Carpet’s first loss of the season, it was a close one going into the fourth quarter. Although Moshe Frank scored 17 and Chuli Herbst contributed with 8 for Quality, China Glatt was too strong. Dovid Kapetas put down 9, while Shimon Greenwald dominated both offensively with 11 and defensively grabbing rebound after rebound. China Glatt will face Batampte Pickles next week as they now move to 3-2. Art World 43, Batampte Pickles-38: In Art World’s first win of the season, this game was close until the final seconds. Yosef Kapetas’ 25 points just weren’t enough against a newly formed Art World squad. Binyomin Parnes led all scoring with 21 for Art World, while Yehudah helped with 9. Art World will face #1 seed Quality Carpet next week. Shirt Stop- 48, Pizza World- 36: After last week’s close loss to ITP, Shirt Stop was not going to go down that easy. This week they came back stronger, as Yehudah Oppenheim led scoring with 19 points and a number of clutch rebounds. Avrumi Guttman and Yitzi Weinberger contributed with 14 and

13 respectively. Eli Kremer led Pizza World with 17; however, their team could not pull out their their second victory just yet. Perfect Collision “demolished” ITP as Dovid Reiser was unstoppable, knocking down jumpers and hitting layups from every angle. He led Perfect to their second straiaght win with 35 points. Meir Rubinfeld and Yitzchok Kapetas contributed with 14 and 15 respectively. ITP falls to 3-2 while Perfect Collision moves to 2-3. In the Jewish Connection Division: Repairs on Wheels-34, Plaza Auto Leasing (PAL)-23: In thus close one, Reapirs’ took the win as Zev Tepper and Shimshi Lebowitz led all scoring with 10 and 8 respectively. Rafi Safdie led PAL with 12 and Dovid Sasson had 8. PAL will face Ready to Roll next week, as they now fall to 1-4. Nosh Express again dominated the game against Ready to Roll as Shmuel Krzywanowski led with 21 and Sendy Hammond contributed with 17. Yaakov Ibrigimov’s one man show of 22 just wasn’t enough to stop Nosh Express’ offense and defense. Nosh Express will face Repairs on Wheels next week.

given a list of 20 questions in Hebrew such as: “What is the price of Folgers 8 ounce instant coffee?” “In what aisle can you find olive oil?” and “What item is right next to the eggs?” Students were challenged to complete the questionnaire. Those who handed in complete and accurate papers first were declared the winners. “We want our students to sharpen their knowledge of Ivrit not just to ensure high academic achievement, but to view it as a living language,” commented Rabbi Sam Rudansky, general studies principal. “This sort of authentic approach to assessment engenders this

ideal in our students.” The winning teams received Gourmet Glatt gift certificates. MAY thanks the management of Gourmet Glatt for allowing the study of Hebrew language to come alive in their establishment.

Hatzolah of Queens Visits Ohel Yitzchok Kindergarten As part of the ongoing child safety education program at Ohel Yitzchok Preschool, Hatzolah of Queens was invited to Morah Yocheved’s kindergarten class to teach the children about accident prevention and what to do in case of an emergency. Akiva Palmer, in his friendly and easygoing manner, described the dedication of Hatzolah members to helping people and saving lives. He demonstrated firsthand the caring and devotion Haztolah has for our Queens community. The children were allowed on the ambulance to see the equipment and to try on Hatzolah jackets and helmets. The children and teachers also got to see Hatzolah’s quick response, as just as the class picture was taken in front of the ambulance, an emergency call came in, and with flash-

ing lights and sirens, Hatzolah sped off to assist a person in need. Ohel Yitzchok thanks Akiva Palmer, Yosef Prager and Meir Rimler for their time and very informative lesson.

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

with pens and paper, they swiftly moved about the store taking notes along the way. In a creative and innovative method of assessing his students’ grasp of their most recent lessons, Hebrew language teacher Rabbi Shlomo Drebin challenged them to shop – in Hebrew! “I want them to do more than just learn Ivrit; I want them to use Ivrit,” explained Rabbi Drebin. Each student paired up with a classmate and was

51 The Jewish Home n

Around the


Around the


HALB Hosts 59th Annual Kickoff Breakfast

The Jewish Home n

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


Esther & Baruch Weinstein

Freda & Scott Englander

The Hebrew Academy of Long Beach (HALB), Stella K. Abraham HS for Girls and The Davis Renov Stahler Yeshiva HS for Boys recently hosted its 59th Annual Kickoff breakfast for the Annual Dinner to be held on Saturday evening, March 8, 2014. We are proud to honor Esther and Baruch Weinstein as Guests of Honor, and Freda and Scott Englander, Rabbi Dr. Armin H. Fried-

man Young Leadership Awardees.  It was the most successful breakfast in HALB history. The Annual Dinner raises funds to provide tuition scholarships for families in need. For more information, please call Jeffrey Stein at 516-791-8200 x112 or email


Community Snow Removal/ New Community Initiative

This year’s snow removal program is being done in partnership with the newly formed Aaron’s Way organization. Aaron’s Way is a new community initiative that promotes and highlights unique chesed opportunities for the youth of our community. The organization has been founded by the Tepfer family. This initiative as well as future programs will be done to perpetuate the memory of the very beloved Aaron Shalom ben Naftali Hertzka Yisroel Tepfer a”h. The arrival of snowstorms and ice poses a particularly difficult and dan-

gerous issue for the elderly and handicapped of our community. We are reaching out to any children, teenagers or adults in our community who can possible help with this initiative. Each area in our neighborhood will have a specific organized list which can then be utilized for this wonderful and easy chesed opportunity. Please email if you or someone you know can be a part of this. If anyone requires assistance from this initiative, please contact our office by calling (516) 791-4444.   

We’d Like to Hear From You Please send all correspondence to:



HAFTR Hosts Second Annual Alumni Day

Photo Credit: Ivan H Norman

Team Plaut Runs for Chai Lifeline For the sixth year in a row, the Plauts of Cedarhurst are running a marathon. What would make Sam, 14, Jake, 17, and their mom Tova get off the couch, lace up their sneakers, and train to run a marathon/ half-marathon? Sick children and a chance to make a difference. The Plaut family at last year’s Team Lifeline marathon “I’m lucky to be able ity, and make friends with others also to give back and I’m running for all my friends at Camp Sim- living with health challenges. They are no longer sick, they’re just kids. When cha,” Jake Plaut said. For children with cancer or another they leave camp, they go home with serious illness, life as they knew it is friends and memories that will last them over. Instead of happy, carefree child- throughout the year and give them the will to keep fighting. Chai Lifeline also provides year round support for seriously ill families with programs such as Hospital services, counseling, crisis intervention and insurance support.  Everything Chai Lifeline does for the families and children in need are fee.  Because the Plauts believe so strongly in Chai Lifeline’s work, they’ve decided to run the Miami Marathon and Half-Marathon and plan to raise $10,000 Sam, Tova and Jake at last year’s marathon for this incredible organization.  “Training and running is hard, but the kids of hoods, there are days filled with pain, Chai Lifeline are worth it!” Sam Plaut isolation, treatment, and the knowledge said.   Your support is a critical part of this of “can’t do this” and “can’t do that.” effort and the Plaut family urges the Not a great way to go through the first community to support Chai Lifeline by two decades of life. donating on their web page at: http:// There is one thing that gives sick or by children the chance to escape the misery mailing a check, made payable to Chai of illness: a summer vacation at Camp Lifeline, to: Team Plaut, 275 LeRoy AvSimcha or Camp Simcha Special.  All donaenue, Cedarhurst, NY 11516. These wonderful camps, run by Chai Lifeline, give kids the chance to just be tions are tax deductable. “I know that together we can make a children once again. Every summer, 400 difference to these children. Please dokids and teens get to play ball, go swim Tova Plaut adds. nate,” ming and boating, exercise their creativ-

On December 23, HAFTR High School hosted Alumni Day for all of its high school students. This unique program provided an opportunity for HAFTR alumni to return to their alma mater and offer insight regarding what to expect from the world once students step out of HAFTR’s halls. The alumni were divided into college and career panels, and students were able to pick the panels they were to attend. The ca-

reer panels included business, non-profit, law, education, arts and media. Colleges represented included Princeton, Binghamton, Columbia, Queens College and University of Michigan. Our high school student moderators ensured a steady flow of questions and answers. The students walked away with extensive knowledge as they prepare for their future as modern orthodox Jews living in a modern world. 

A Smile When You Come Home Pirkei Avos (4:20) says “Rabbi Masyah ben Charesh omer: hevei makdim b’shalom kol adam” initiate a greeting to every person. The Tiferes Yisroel explains that this means literally everyone – even non-Jews one meets on the street. It goes without saying that of course it applies to family members. One of the many benefits of marriage is that a person always belongs somewhere. A home is far more than a physical structure. When a person is looking forward to “going home” it’s not the actual four walls he longs for, it’s a place where he can unwind, be himself and be treated with warmth, acceptance and love. The way he is greeted when entering his place of dwelling plays a very important role in determining if it has the feeling of a “home.”  It’s been a long hard day at work; the husband eagerly turns the key in the lock and is met with – nothing. In the kitchen his wife is on the phone while cooking supper. His daughter is hunched over the computer typing a report and his two sons are engaged in a battle over some “cliks” creation.  No one acknowledges his entry. He feels ignored and unappreciated as he grumpily puts up the kettle to make himself a cup of tea. In his neighbor’s home a similar scenario unfolds. It’s been a long hard day at work and the husband eagerly turns the key in the lock. He is met with a cheerful “Hi, I’m so glad you’re home, I’ll be there in a minute. I’m just changing the baby.” His daughter calls out from where she is hunched over the computer, typing her report, “Hi, Daddy” and his sons tear

their attention away from their “battle of the cliks” for a brief second and wave hello before resuming their fighting. He makes his way to the kitchen and puts the kettle on for a cup of tea feeling relaxed; he’s come home. We are a multitasking technological generation. We are often doing multiple things at one time; working on the computer while talking on the phone, cooking supper while testing someone on spelling,  supervising bath time while texting, and more. As such the necessity of following the advice of Chazal and greeting each person is of extreme importance. It is especially important when a spouse walks in the door, since all it takes is ten seconds of greeting to transform a house into a “home.” Let us try this week to make it a point to greet our spouse when he comes home. Let us tell the person on the other end to please hold a moment, look up from our computer or cell phone, stop cooking for a moment and cheerfully and sincerely welcome home our spouse. May we be zocheh to see the positive effect it has on our relationship and may we be zocheh together with our spouse to create a true “bayis neeman b’Yisroel.” Five Towns Marriage Initiative provides educational programs, workshops and referrals to top marriage therapists. FTMI will help offset counseling costs when necessary and also runs an anonymous shalom bayis hotline for the entire community Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 10:00-11:00 p.m. For the hotline or more information, call 516430-5280 or email

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

Rav Hershel Schachter spoke at a yom iyun held last week at Congregation Shaaray Tefila in Lawrence. He addressed the topic of “How does one define success in learning Torah.”

53 The Jewish Home n

Around the


54 J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

Around the



The Jewish Home n

Yeshivas Ohr Hachaim of Queens Avos U Bonim

In current times it has become difficult for parents to earn a living and to support their families. Therefore, when many fathers come home they don’t have the energy to spend time learning with their children. However, we understand that the mesorah of father to son is the basis upon which our religion is based, and it is imperative that children spend time learning with their fathers. One of the best ways of dealing with this issue is the Motsei Shabbos Father and Son Learning Programs. The advent of the Father and Son Learning program is one of great fulfillment for both participants. Many fathers confide that they have not enjoyed learning in a long time as much as they do in

these programs. It is no wonder that this is the way that the Torah was supposed to be taught, generation to generation to generation. It gives fathers a tremendous pride to be actively involved in their sons’ chinuch, and it warms the hearts of the mothers when they see their husbands and children coming home, smiling from ear to ear. However, a good program is not just one that focuses on the big picture, rather it is one that deals with each and every individual. Therefore, at our Avos U’Bonim Program we make sure to accommodate all children and we do our best to pair up children whose fathers cannot come to learn with them with “older brothers.” This way nobody has

to feel left out of this incredible learning experience because of personal considerations. In these “older brother, younger brother” relationships, children can develop a connection to an older individual who will influence them positively. Naturally the learning is shorter for the younger participants than for the older children. The younger ones have around a half-hour of learning, followed by gym time and fresh, hot pizza along with raffles and great prizes. The older group leaves after an hour of learning and they get their playing time and a Melava Malka. The fun schedule serves to engrain in the children that learning is not a chore, rather an exciting enjoyable experience.

To prove this, on Motzai Shabbos, in the four inches of snow, we had over 100 boys who came with their fathers to learn at Avos U Bonim! These Motzai Shabbos learning programs stand in good stead for the children down the line, and as mentioned before, strengthen the parents’ commitment to their sons’ chinuch. It is an asset both for the fathers and for the sons, and it sets the stage for when to experience the joy of Torah and see the excitement of a Torah-guided life. Dedicated by Mrs Toby Moskovits in memory of her father, Reb Avrohom Yitzchak ben Reb Shmuel Uziel, Mr. Abe Schwarzman


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The Jewish Home n J a n u a ry 2 , 2014



The Jewish Home n J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

The Jewish Home n

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


Around the Community College Scholarships for DRS Seniors

L-R: Adam Mann, Yitzie Scheinman, Ariel Axelrod, Moshe Spirn, Uri Himmelstein, Moshe Lonner, Aryeh Kaminetsky

DRS wishes a tremendous mazel tov to a number of seniors who have received large college scholarships and have been accepted to various Honor’s programs. Six seniors have received a maximum scholarship to Yeshiva University. YU has awarded Yitzie Scheinman, Moshe Spirn, Ariel Axelrod, Uri Himmelstein, Moshe Lonner, and Aryeh Kaminetsky this scholarship due to their academic excellence, hard work and determination that they have shown throughout

their high school career. DRS would also like to congratulate Senior Adam Mann on being accepted Early Decision to Columbia University. In addition, Ariel Sacknovitz, Azriel Teitelbaum, and Matty Rindenow have been accepted to YU’s Honors Program. Noam Katz received a presidential scholarship to SUNY Albany, and Tzachi Gordon received a presidential scholarship to Hofstra University and was admitted to the Honors program. 

Rabbi Friedman’s Reunion in Israel As the snow covered the streets of Yerushalayim, there was a rush of excite-

ment streaming from Café Rimon as the Shalhevet graduates in Israel were treated to another reunion with Rabbi and Mrs. Zev Friedman. Just a few weeks prior, the alumnae were catching up with menahelet Mrs Esther Eisenman during her visit to various seminaries. The girls from Sha’alvim,Tomer Devora, MMY and Midreshet Harova joined together to hear wonderful divrei Torah and Torah perspectives from Rabbi Friedman. Due to the road closures some of the girls were not able to venture out to Yerushalayim, so Rabbi Friedman travelled to Beit Shemesh to treat them to dinner at the local Rimon Café. Rebbetzin Renee Friedman remarked, “The girls were great, they were so happy to

get together as a group and are clearly growing and gaining from their seminary experience.” The girls spoke eagerly about how much they love their seminaries and mentioned how often they were learning something that they remembered from their shiurim in Shalhevet. They spoke gratefully about Shalhevet and said they look forward to the day that they can to come back and join the staff! “It was truly gratifying to hear how well prepared the girls felt they were and the extent that they felt they benefitted and grew from being in Shalhevet. From the informal discussion we had at the table it became obvious to me how much the girls loved the teachers and warm environment of Shalhevet,” relayed Rabbi Friedman. The evening ended with group pictures, shared memories and lots of parting warmth reflecting Shalhevet’s theme of “feel the warmth.”


The Jewish Home n J a n u a ry 2 , 2014


The Jewish Home n

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

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Serial Entrepreneur Adam Moisa Finds Mentors and Associates at Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business In Adam Moisa’s first phone conversation with Michael Strauss, associate dean and entrepreneur-in-residence at Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business, the dean helped him figure out how to make his startup idea a reality. By the time he hung up, Moisa had a clear plan to get his business off the ground and an in-person meeting scheduled with Strauss to talk about next steps over the Sukkot holidays. And Moisa wasn’t even enrolled at YU. “I was amazed that there was a dean willing to give me two and a half hours of his day when I wasn’t even a student,” Moisa said. “It was so personal.” Moisa, who completed three major internships in risk management compliance and product controls as well as in research analysis while still in high school, had already been accepted to Princeton University, which he expected to attend after completing his second year of study in Israel. Strauss first met him on a recruiting visit to Davis Renov Stahler Yeshiva High School for Boys in Woodmere, NY, when Moisa was a senior. “He was perfect for our school,” said Strauss.  ”Extremely mature, very decisive, bright, inquisitive and committed to his academic studies while at the same time continually coming up with

business ideas.” The personal attention and mentorship that helped Moisa cultivate those ideas ultimately influenced his decision to enroll in Sy Syms’ new Business Honors and Entrepreneurship Program. “I’d much rather learn from someone who’s done it before and is willing to give me hands-on time than learn from a book,” he said. “I’d also rather be Adam Moisa at YU than student one out of 500 anywhere else. The Honors Program is small, inclusive and personal, which means a ton to me.” With Strauss’s guidance, Moisa started work on Cloudifyd, an aggregate cloud storage program that will allow people to access all their online content stored on various cloud storage services through one simple platform—the idea he discussed with Strauss in that initial phone call. Strauss put him in touch with professional contacts in the field and Moisa also turned to his classmates as he assembled his team. As Cloudifyd nears the beta stage, Moisa has already met with (and received offers from) several venture capitalists and angel investors. But he’s holding out for the right one. He also meets

regularly with other faculty at Sy Syms– Dr. Tamar Avnet, associate professor of marketing, about marketing strategies, and Associate Dean Avi Giloni about algorithms. “They always have time for you,” he said. Moisa is paying that time forward. Only in his first semester as a finance major and computer science minor at Sy Syms, he founded a club, Suits Optional,

to guide other students along their own entrepreneurial journeys. Through step-by-step meetings, students in the club transform startup ideas into full-fledged business plans with betas and mock-ups. Each meeting focuses on honing and understanding the roles of different skills in a successful business: scalable creativity, patent law, graphic design, coding. Moisa tapped the same professionals working with him on

Cloudifyd to speak at the sessions, as well as successful alumni. At the final meeting, students will pitch their plans to VCs and angels for the chance to secure an investment. Moisa is also excited by the vigor of Judaic studies on campus. “The kol [voice] in the beit midrash is unparalleled, even louder than my experience in Israel,” he said. “There’s devotion and there’s fire.” He picked his shiur after sitting in on Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Tzvi Sobolofsky’s class during YU’s post-Pesach program, where he admired the clarity of Rabbi Sobolofsky’s thinking. “I’m very glad I didn’t miss this, and I wouldn’t have known how much I was missing,” said Moisa. “I’m attending a great business program and I get to learn till three every day. That’s pretty great.” Torah and business have always gone hand in hand in Moisa’s life, and he wants them to remain that way. Sy Syms’ guiding philosophy of business savvy informed by Torah and ethics strikes a crucial chord with him. “I think the morals and the Torah that you gain from a Jewish upbringing have to get mixed into what you do. They go together,” Moisa said.

Long-Awaited Landau’s Corn and Rice Pasta Finally Available These days it seems everyone is on one specialized diet or another. Whether in reaction to a lifetime of unhealthy eating or genetic predisposition, gluten intolerance and celiac disease have become all too common. Catering to a glu

ten-free diet may daunt even the most seasoned chef and indeed creating tasty, gluten-free dishes has long been a challenge. But that is beginning to change. As the line of wheat-alternative products continues to grow, celiac sufferers



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and others interested in maintaining a gluten-free diet are finding more and more items suitable for their limited menus. And Landau’s continues to innovate and experiment, always looking to cater to the health-conscious kosher consumer. This latest product is sure to make every dieter rejoice. Landau’s Corn and Rice Pasta is the ultimate substitute for wheat pasta. Using a combined recipe of corn and rice flours, Landau’s has achieved a perfect blend of taste, consistency and nutrition. All natural, gluten- and wheat-free, pasta lovers can feel free to indulge in their favorite dishes, guilt-free. With Landau’s Corn and Rice Pasta there is no need to make separate dishes for the gluten tolerant and intolerant members of the family; even the pickiest eater is bound to love it.

“For the first time in many years my family will sit down to a joint meal of our favorite baked ziti. And best of all I won’t have to create two separate versions of it,” enthuses Judy Gold, a veteran gluten-free cook. Indeed, many will come to praise this tasty new product. Currently available in rotini (corkscrew), shells and penne, be sure to try this latest hit on the healthy food market. Landau’s has been creating healthy food alternatives for the kosher market since 1947. Using wholesome, sun-ripened grains and unrefined sweeteners—all prepared under the strictest Kashrus standards—Landau has the art of health food down to perfection. Try Landau’s varied line of nutritious products for snacks and meals that are both delicious and healthy. Eat them guilt-free!



Embarking on the Final Bricks law firm of Bruce Montague & Partners in Queens. The Gersons originally lived in Kew Gardens Hills and their boys attended Yeshiva Ohr Yisroel. In 1994, Wendy was presented with the Mother of the Year award from that yeshiva. Wendy was also acknowledged as Educator of the Year of the Gan Eden Preschool where she served as the director for many years. Upon moving to Lawrence, Wendy put her many talents to good use and the youngest members of Yeshiva Darchei Torah have been the beneficiaries ever since 1987 when she became the PreSchool Director. Wendy, who has since earned her doctorate, has instilled a love of Torah and middos tovos and is certainly a most popular and beloved PreSchool Director. The Gerson boys, Yossi and Aharon, were talmidim of the yeshiva and the Gersons were presented with the Parents of the Year Award at a YDT dinner in 1999. Yossi currently is in his fourth year at Einstein Medical School, and Aharon and his wife, Adina, recently celebrated the birth of their son, Shua. The Gersons are members of Congregation Heichal Dovid and are known for their hachnasas orchim and outreach. Their home truly reflects their Torah hashkafos and both young and old feel comfortable and welcome at all times. Mentioning TAG always brings a smile to Wendy’s face. As she recalls, “I became a teacher because of the amazing moros and teachers I had at TAG. I was thrilled to be able to send my two daughters to TAG and look forward to sharing nachas when my granddaughters will attend.” It is obvious that the yesodos that the Gersons have instilled in their family span generations, and TAG is both pleased and proud to present Alan & Dr. Wendy Devorah Gerson with the Generations Award at the dinner. It will indeed be an honor, to present the prestigious Rabbi Moshe Weitman z”l Memorial Award to Rabbi Yaakov Feitman at the dinner. Accepting the Rabbi Moshe Weitman z”l Memorial Award holds special meaning for Rabbi Yaakov Feitman. Their paths crossed many years ago when as a young principal, Rabbi Yaakov Feitman, yibadel l’chaim, was paired with the venerable Rabbi Moshe Weitman z”l to chair a Torah Umesorah convention. Little did either of these special mechanchim expect to one day work together to

imbue Torah and hashkafos to the talmidos of TAG High School. Rabbi Yaakov Feitman has an illustrious resume which spans years of working for the klal and in chinuch habonim v’habanos. He was the founding menahel of a number of yeshivos, including Yeshivah Rabbi Yaakov Yosef in Staten Island. A prolific and popular author, he has written extensively on topics of hashkafa, churban Europa, halacha and biographies of gedolim. Currently, the rav writes a popular regular column, “Blueprints,” in Mishpacha magazine which provides a Torah perspective on the modern world. Rabbi Feitman lectures internationally and serves with devotion and distinction as rav of Kehillas Bais Yehudah Tzvi in Cedarhurst, where he inspires his mispallelim and is an asset to our entire community. Six years ago, Rabbi Moshe Weitman z”l hired Rabbi Feitman to share his vast knowledge and Torah hashkafos with the talmidos of TAG High School. Halacha, Pirkei Avos, Koheles, navi and Kuzari are among the subjects that Rabbi Feitman teaches to the 10th, 11th and 12th grade talmidos. In addition, the entire high school benefits from the comprehensive shiur which he presents prior to any Yom Tov which focuses on halacha and hashkafa and the impact it should have upon them. Rabbi Feitman is also a valuable resource when it comes to preparing for any number of y’mei iyun which the school presents during the year. When asked what impressed Rabbi Feitman most about Rabbi Weitman z”l, he shared the following thoughts:

“Although there are numerous aspects of Rav Moshe Weitman zt”l’s greatness which made a profound impression upon me, the one most outstanding middah was his incredible mesiras nefesh for chinuch, mesorah and, of course, his beloved talmidos. Like many, I will never forget his last parshah talks and other shmuessen to the high school students, when he utilized every bit of strength and breath he had, to share his Torah thoughts with them. The incredible effort was not lost upon them. Besides the usual eloquent words, profound thoughts, humor, mussar and immortal guidance, that last year he also shared his lifeblood and very essence with the T.A.G. girls privileged to absorb the inspiring scene. He was literally their and our Moshe Rabbeinu giving his last brachos and Torah. This mesiras nefesh remains indelible on my own neshamah forever.” It will certainly be most fitting for Torah Academy for Girls to present the Rabbi Moshe Weitman z”l Memorial Award to Rabbi Yaakov Feitman shlita. Rav Feitman not only shares the Torah knowledge and hashkafos that Rabbi Weitman z”l worked his whole life to instill in his talmidos, but is carrying them forward to ensure the continuity of Rabbi Weitman’s legacy. Torah Academy for Girls looks forward to building on its success in chinuch habonos as it enters into its 51st year of serving the entire community. TAG looks forward to greeting you at the Sands on Tuesday evening, January 21st to help the school embark on the final bricks.

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

Excitement is mounting as the date for the annual TAG dinner is drawing near. Journal chairmen Menachem Kagan and Yehudah Biber are looking forward to having a record crowd of attendees join the TAG family on Tuesday, January 21st at the Sands. There is indeed much to celebrate including beginning the final phase of TAG’s ambitious expansion program which will include 14 new classrooms, offices and the remodeling of the auditorium. TAG is certainly grateful to all those who have contributed to ensure that this dream become a reality, and especially to the following who have stepped forward and agreed to be honored at the dinner. The Guests of Honor will be Mr. Avrumi & Mrs. Ronit Schwartz and Rabbi Yechezkel & Mrs. Anat Hartman will be accepting the Kesser Torah Award. This year’s Generation Awardees are Mr. Alan and Dr. Wendy Devorah Gerson. The two words that immediately come to mind when describing Alan & Wendy Gerson are “involved” and “committed.” To justify these descriptions, one only has to look at their lives and the roles they play in fostering Yiddishkeit, strengthening Torah institutions and supporting local mosdos. Wendy Devorah Gerson is a devoted daughter to her parents, Neil and Judy Reisman, and certainly feels fortunate to have such wonderful role models in her life. Wendy grew up in Woodmere, attended TAG and feels a deep kesher with the school, as well as with her fellow alumnae. It is with this in mind, that she is playing an active role in establishing a vibrant Alumnae Association. Both the Gerson girls attended and graduated TAG. Esti, now married to Mordechai Helmreich, looks forward to expanding the generations of TAG by registering her daughter Ahuva for next year’s kindergarten class. Daughter Rikki is married to Eli Jakubovic and presently lives in Lawrence. Wendy obtained her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education from Queens College. During her college years, she worked together with a certain young man named Alan Gerson and was very active in the Center for Return, an organization that helps Jewish, college-aged students rediscover their Judaism. Alan grew up in Queens and earned a BA in Political Science and Communications at Queens College. He earned his law degree from Hofstra Law School and is currently a partner in the

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Shulamith Sixth Graders Celebrate Their Bat Mitzvah Year Shulamith sixth graders celebrated entering the Age of Mitzvot with their mothers. Mrs. Rookie Billet, Shulamith Middle Division principal, delivered a short welcome also on behalf of Dr. Evelyn Gross, associate principal, encouraging the mothers and daughters to take advantage of the special relationship that only a mother and daughter can have, and charging the newly-minted Bat Mitzvah girls to develop their Torah personalities by feeling Hashem’s presence in all they do and empathizing deeply with all people. A delicious dairy dinner was served.

The students performed a beautiful cantata in which they explored the significance of women of the Jewish nation that told the stories of the seven prophetesses of the Jewish nation entirely

in Hebrew, with a script composed by Morah Chana Schwartz, based on sources in the Tanach and the Medrash Agaddah. The beautiful voices of the

girls filled the room as they sang songs taught to them by Morah Yehudit Markovitz, music teacher at Shulamith. The girls also shared a charming musical rendition of Shirat Chana which they learned in Morah Chani Pollak’s Navi class, with interpretive hand motions that explained the words of the shirah. With the help of several talented eighth graders and some precocious sixth graders, two beautiful dances were created and performed to enhance the cantata as well. After this, the mothers and daughters spent time in three rotating workshops, enjoying a mini-shiur with Morah Shoshana Fischman about the Jewish heroines from the Tanach, baking challah with Morah Chana Schwartz, and simcha dancing with Mrs. Sima Gefen. The evening concluded with dessert

and beautiful siddurim that were presented as gifts to all the girls in honor of their bat mitzvahs. At Shulamith, the Bat Mitzvah year is enhanced by additional shiurim with special speakers and chessed outings in which the girls actively pursue acts of loving kindness. Special thanks to Morah Chana for coordinating the program, to Morah Keren Amar and to the other morot mentioned above for all their help. Special thanks to the family that generously co-sponsored the evening in honor of their daughter.

Special Dementia Symposium for Providers & Caregivers on January 22nd Margaret Tietz Center in conjunction with Samuel Field Y and the Queensboro Council for Social Welfare is pleased to present “Dementia: Research, Treatment and Caregiver Support” – a vital symposium for providers and caregivers of individuals dealing with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. This event will take place on Wednesday, January 22nd at Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at 164-11 Chapin Parkway, Jamaica Hills, NY. Doors open at 9:30 am with registration and breakfast. Keynote speakers are scheduled from 10 am to 11:30. With a growing population of seniors dealing with the onset of dementia and all the ensuing challenges, it is crucial for caregivers to be as educated as possible in order to provide their loved ones with the support and care they desperately need. An estimated 5.2 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s disease, and 80% of their

care is provided by unpaid caregivers, usually family members. The emotional and physical toll of caregiving is very high, and caregivers need to learn what resources are available to them so that they receive the necessary stress relief and time out. The symposium will feature a distinguished roster of presenters including Jed A. Levine, MA – Executive Vice President and Director of Programs & Services of the  Alzheimer’s Association, NYC Chapter; Jane C. Bardavid, LCSW – Director of the Community Advisory Program for Elderly (CAPE) at Samuel Field YM & YWHA; and Joan Serrano Laufer, LMSW –Executive Director of the Queensboro Council on Social Welfare.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to Linda Spiegel at 718298-7838. For your convenience, valet parking will be available.



Literacy Week at Shulamith is More Than all “Write!” were inspired by Mr. David Seidemann, father of eighth grader Ariella and seventh grader Rina, who shared excerpts from his newspaper column and explained how crucial it is for writers to do research. He also revealed how he uses contrast in his writing to create engaging articles that leave his readers with much food for thought. On Wednesday, the seventh and eighth graders were enriched by Rabbi David Forhman’s presentation on Chumash and Midrashim. In the words of one eighth grader, “The way Rabbi Fohrman explained the Torah, Midrash and Aggada together really showed me that I can’t just read the posuk; I have to look at everything and put it all together to enjoy the entire symphony.” Later in the day, all grades got the chance to attend a Book Fair organized by parent volunteers Mrs. Lisa Abittan and Mrs. Racheli Laufer. All Middle Division parents were invited to join their daughters at the book fair, and it was wonderful to watch mothers and daughters joyfully making selections from a wide range of books. On our final day of Literacy Week, students were treated to two special events. In the morning, students competed in spelling bees. In the first bee, seventh graders Alexandra Anthony, Channa Gelbtuch, Sari Lifshitz, Avigayil Maryles, Eliana Millstone, and Kay-

la Weinerkur competed against eighth graders Shira Baum, Kayla Evans, Michal Haas, Kayla Jacobowitz, and Arielle Seidemann. The competition was fierce, but finally ended with eighth grader Ariella Seidemann, spelling the word “malignant” correctly. Next, fifth graders Leora Goldstein, Shaked Harari. Rose Hecht, Anni Laufer, Jenny Lifschitz, Leora Muskat, Esther Rella Robinson, Yael Schreier, and Bryna Stern, competed with sixth graders Rivka Bennun, Eliana Eichler, Rachee Ganchrow, and Noa Harari. After numerous exciting rounds of spelling, sixth grader Eliana Eichler emerged victorious for the second year in a row. Part of the excitement of the bee was a class competition during which audience members were asked to write the correct spelling of various words. Class 6B and 7B, each with the most number of correctly spelled words in their rounds, won ice cream parties, while spelling bee winners Ariella and Eliana each won a free book.

The last event of the day was a marvelous character pageant. The eighth grade leaders of Literacy Week, Robyn Lerner, Danielle Greenfield, Yocheved Hess, and Devorah Feldman, organized and emceed the event, during which students paraded down a red carpet and displayed ingenious costumes. Based on one-line clues, students in the audience

had to guess who each girl was dressed up as. The characters ranged from Harry Potter to Willy Wonka to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and the costumes and clues were ingenious. From beginning to end, Literacy Week in Shulamith Middle Division was a great success!

Bnot Yaakov of Great Neck Science Fair Bnot Yaakov of Great Neck exhibited their unique scientific perspective as they set tables up with their science demonstrations of various experiments, studies and investigations. Miss Wolfson’s 3rd grade featured their lab sheets of their “flower experiment” that accompanied their study of plants. The girls learned how plants get their nutrients and particularly their water by transferring it through their stem. Their text

lessons were then followed by a celery experiment with water of various colors and they indeed were able to quite literally “trace” the color up the celery stem. That wasn’t the experiment they featured however. “We realize that the water itself goes up the stem, along with whatever color you put in it, so we wondered if that would work for something else also – like smell,” she explained. Her students performed the same experiment they had with colored water except the following time, the water had various “scents” in them instead of simply colors! The girls monitored their flowers by inhaling them daily to watch for subtle changes in smell. Mrs. Kashi’s 4th graders created their own models to illustrate the various functions of the human body and its organs. One student re-created the spinal cord demonstrating the delicate relationship between the

vertebrae, and another did a model of the lungs and diaphragm using a simple bottle and balloon! She showed how with each breath that one takes to inflate one’s lungs that the direct reaction of the diaphragm is to push out in response. Mrs. Akhavan’s 2nd graders did a study of animal camouflage with each student focusing on a specific animal and explaining that animal’s ability to blend into its environment. Each girl wrote about her animal and did her own graphic drawing to accompany it as well. Morah Ilana and Morah Maral’s Pre-1-A has been monitoring their own “tree” since the onset of school, with pictures taken with it, leaf impressions made of its vein patterns and gatherings of its leaves as they emerged in autumn color. The Pre-1-A presented their “gathered data” of their “tree” observations, their tree pictures at stages of late summer bloom, autumn transformation and sans leaves winter!

All classes presented their projects, studies and observations for parents to peruse as they met with teachers at Parent Teacher Conferences and then again the following day for each other as students got a chance to present their class projects for other classes. Bnot Yaakov’s Science Fair isn’t simply about students honing in on flashy science projects for a once-a-year show; it’s the far more genuine and real-time approach to teaching students the value of curious questions, experimental answers and recorded observations.

J a n u a ry 2 , 2014

On Monday, December 23rd, Literacy Week at the Shulamith Middle Division got off to a great start! Professional storyteller, Mr. Gerald Fierst of Encore Presentations, regaled us with tales from around the world. Mr. Fierst’s creative use of voice, sound effects, and hand motions made for an absolutely engaging program. It was wonderful to watch students’ reactions. They laughed uproariously, clapped their hands, and shrieked in surprise and delight as they watched and listened to Mr. Fierst’s stories. Throughout the program, Mr. Fierst spoke about important aspects of writing, such as choosing the right word and developing ideas. Mr. Fierst’s presentation was not only fun to watch, but it also served as a superb starting point for our weeklong celebration of reading and writing. On our second day of Literacy Week, each class was treated to a special appearance by a Shulamith parent. In a presentation titled, “From Concept to Consumer,” Mr. Chaim Schneider, father of eighth grader Nechama and third grader Ilana, gave fifth grade students a peek into the world of publishing. The sixth and seventh graders listened and learned as Mr. Avi Fertig, father of eighth grader Hadassah, discussed persuasive writing techniques that he has successfully used in his career. Finally, our eighth graders

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Cedarhurst Business is Bustling By Tammy Mark For those who remember Central Avenue in Cedarhurst as a bustling shopping destination, there is good reason to be excited. Cedarhurst business owners are committed as ever to keep the neighborhood thriving and growing. Last Monday night, the Cedarhurst Business Improvement District held a cocktail reception for Cedarhurst merchants. Organized by Teri Schure, Executive Director of the “BID,” the event was a chance for local business owners to get acquainted and work together to support and energize local commerce. Hosts Jeffrey Mark of J. Mark Interiors and Danny Hoenig of Brookville Cabinet and Design welcomed their neighbors to the newly completed Five Towns Design Center. The Design Center also houses Cedar Carpets, Leiberts Royal Green Appliance, NY Custom Closets and King David’s Crown Jerusalem. Having many businesses together under one roof, Mr. Mark and Mr. Hoenig are big believers in the power of collaboration. “If we shop locally and encourage our customers and

clients to do so as well, we can increase business for everyone,” Mr. Mark emphasizes. Business owners took turns introducing themselves and speaking briefly about their businesses. Some shared their memories of Central Avenue throughout the years and others expressed gratitude for being able to be a part of a close-knit and vibrant community. A mix of newcomers and old timers, all attendees appreciated the advantages that being part of the town of Cedarhurst offers and they are all intent on making Cedarhurst the shopping destination it once was. The Village of Cedarhurst has been known as the shopping and fashion center of Long Island’s South Shore for over 100 years. Along Central Avenue and the immediate side streets there are over 200 shops and businesses within a six block area. Created in 1993, the BID seeks to promote and support Cedarhurst business through advertising, beautification projects and special events. In addition to organizing the annual Summer Sidewalk Sale, they have recently added the

L to R- Realtor Steve Schneider, Jeffrey Mark, Danny Hoenig, Teri Schure and Cedarhurst Village Trustee Ari Brown

wintertime Midnight Madness and Black Friday shopping weekends, which kept the streets bustling late into the night. Newer businesses like {9} New York, Toby Schwartz Graphic Design, and Stop, Chop and Roll were represented at the reception along with neighborhood mainstays such as Mary Lerner and Central Galleries. Warren Levi noted that during the recent move of his Martial Arts studio to its new location in the “Gourmet Glatt” parking lot in Cedarhurst, he has already received lots of

support from the BID. “I wonder how long it would take until it’s referred to as the Warren Levi parking lot,” Levi joked. The overwhelming attendance and positive feedback made the evening a success. The Cedarhurst BID is looking forward to holding several more networking and shopping events throughout the year. Visit the Cedarhurst Business website for more information at




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Forgotten Heroes

Avi Heiligman

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Flying the Skies Supersized

Antonov An-225 Mriya lifts a Russian space shuttle


or over a century, aircraft have dominated the world’s skies. First massed produced for military use and then for transportation and commercial purposes, aircraft manufacturers are always coming up with big designs. Some of these aircraft are so big that one must wonder how they can possibly stay in the sky. Airplanes like the C-5 Globemaster, the B-52 Stratofortress bomber and the CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter have contributed in making America’s military one of the best in the world. Even larger than American aircraft are Russian planes but these have been setback by technical and mechanical problems. The idea to create massive military machines was brought to the forefront by German inventors during WWII. They invented 220 ton tanks, the enormous battleship Bismarck and the 30 ton ME 323 cargo/transport plane. The plane originally started out as an unpowered glider but soon engineers added six engines. It was able to carry 130 passengers or 10-12 tons of cargo for a 500mile range. However, it was so big and lumbering, it only had a speed of 177 MPH and was an inviting target for Allied fighters. The ME 323’s five machine

guns had no effect and German troops hated being in one because many were knocked out of the skies. It was used during General Rommel’s foray into North Africa in 1942 but by 1944, the plane’s faults had grounded the remaining airframes. One of Germany’s greatest WWII blunders was the failure to manufacture a heavy bomber. If they had a successful design, they could have wiped England off the map and perhaps “carpet bombed” American targets of interests worldwide. However, Germany’s Air Force commander Hermann Goering ym”s, didn’t not see the value in producing one, and the existing medium and light bombers went on short-range missions. Fortunately, at the beginning of the war, the Americans had a “heavy”— the B-17 Flying Fortress. Soon the B-24 Liberator was rolling off the production lines at a very fast rate and the Allies were able to conduct thousand bomber raids over strategic German industrial areas. In particular, oil fields and refineries were targeted and the lack of petroleum grounded most German aircraft and deprived tanks and vehicles of gas. These four engine bombers were enough to cripple the German war effort but a longer range plane with a massive

payload was needed to stop the Japanese. Since the Japanese had bases throughout the Pacific that were thousands of miles apart, the U.S. needed to capture bases. Bloody battles raged for tiny coral islands and soon the Americans had “unsinkable aircraft carriers” at Iwo Jima and Okinawa for the new B-29 Superfortress. Unlike its predecessors, it had a fully pressurized cabin and had an incredible range of 3,250 miles. This was the plane of choice when it came time to drop the two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, respectively. The B-29 with its massive payload of 10,000-pound bombs ended WWII. Even though it isn’t the world’s heaviest helicopter, the Boeing CH-47D Chinook is considered the most reliable heavy lift chopper. Introduced before the Vietnam War, it has both rotors on top in a tandem design and has a maximum takeoff weight of 50,000 pounds. The Chinook is used is a multitude of assignments including transporting troops, artillery, fuel, water and other heavy items like barriers. It also has been used for medi-

cal evacuations, firefighting and civilian development. The largest helicopter in the American inventory is the Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion. Designed as an all-weather and night transport helicopter for the Marine Corps, it has seven blades on its main rotor and three engines. It is so powerful it can transport a 26,000 pound vehicle 50 miles and back, and can lift almost any plane in the Corp’s inventory. The Super Stallion can perform a variety of missions including transporting

The Messerschmitt ME 323

troops into a “hot zone” and can provide machine gun support if needed. The Russians built the largest helicopter on record with a new design that never saw full production. Only two prototypes of the Mi-12 Homer were built. It had a maximum takeoff weight of 230,000 pounds and could lift a whop-

bomber is a low-cost combat airplane that has been in service for over 60 years. By the time the last one is slated to be retired in the 2040s, the airframe will be over 90-years-old. Most of the technology has been replaced and now not only can they carry conventional weapons like cluster bombs but they can also drop smart bombs that lock onto a target with the press of a button. The Stratofortress, nicknamed BUFF or Big Ugly Fat Fellow, has a combat range of almost 5,000 miles and can carry about 70,000 pounds of ordinance. If the U.S. was B-29. Nicknamed the Bockscar that dropped the second to drop another nucle-

atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Now on display in Dayton, Ohio

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The B-29 crew of the Enola Gay that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima

ar bomb, the B-52 is one of only a few The aircraft listed in this article are aircraft capable of such a task. Essential- just some of the behemoths that have ly, it’s a flying truck, and in late 2001, graced the skies in the past century. ten B-52s dropped one-third of all the Gone are the days where countries are bombs dropped in Afghanistan. It could looking for bigger machines just for stay in a particular area for hours at a boasting. The world powers need to time waiting for targets of opportunity have technologically-sound aircraft cato appear making it not only the choice pable of extraordinary performance to of budget planners but of combat troops maintain their status and having large as well. When the last B-52 was built in aircraft doesn’t necessarily achieve that 1962, it cost less than $10 million—a means. New stealth aircraft and planes huge bargain considering the work it put that could take off vertically from airin over the years and through many wars. craft carriers are the newest missions of The largest manufacturers. The plane ever is the Anmajor exceptions to tonov An-225 Mriya this are the cargo super heavy transplanes which seem port. Introduced by to get bigger and the Russians at the heavier as new deend of the Cold War, signs keep rolling it weighs an incredoff the production ible 705 tons and is lines. However, 290-feet from wingsome the massive tip to wingtip. The Marines loading up a CH-53 Super Stallion aircraft of the past six engine beheare in museums for moth was designed to carry the Russian younger generations to understand how space shuttles on its “back” and could wars were fought not too long ago. transport up to four heavy battle tanks or 50 cars in a single load. The Mriya has set about 240 world records and even the Avi Heiligman is a weekly contributor to The U.S. has on occasion used it for military Jewish Home. He welcomes your comments transportation. Only one plane has been and suggestions.for future columns and can completed, and it cost an estimated $200 be reached at million to build.

The Jewish Home n

ping 88,000 pounds of cargo. As with many other Soviet aircraft, it was beset by many technical problems and was shelved for more conventional designs. Lockheed went above and beyond to create the C-5 Galaxy in the 1960s. Unlike their Russian counterparts who, when beset with mechanical and technical difficulties, just trash the program, Lockheed worked through the problems to create a 247-foot-long plane capable of transporting up to six Apache helicopters at one time. There are currently 36 of these massive planes deployed by the U.S. Air Force worldwide performing the heaviest lifting for the military. The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

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Dirshu European Daf HaYomi B’Halacha Siyum in London Leaves Powerful Impact By Chaim Gold “As Dirshu’s Daf HaYomi B’Halacha completes the Mishna Berurah’s fifth volume, embarking on the sixth, final, one, now is the time to join and increase limud halacha. “The gemara teaches that Hashem has nothing in His universe other than the four amos of halacha!” Massive Crowd Despite Stormy Weather Rav Schlessinger delivered passionate remarks at London’s Finchley Synagogue to a crowd of nearly one thousand, celebrating Dirshu’s Siyum on Mishna Berurah Chelek Hei. There were powerful addresses from Dirshu’s Nasi, Rav Dovid Hofstedter, and the well-known maggid and author, Rabbi Paysach Krohn. The massive Finchely Synagogue turnout was especially notable in light of the very inclement weather. The European siyum came shortly after Dirshu’s major North American Shabbos Kinnus Olam HaTorah, celebrating accomplishments of many hundreds of members. The London siyum featured delegations from Manchester and Gateshead, as well as France, Belgium and Switzerland. While the London Siyum was the most prominent, siyumim took place in Brooklyn, Lakewood, Chicago and throughout Eretz Yisrael. Rav Meir Rapaport, Rav of Kehal Imrei Shefer in Golders Green, noted the tremendous increase of Daf HaYomi B’Halacha shiurim in various London neighborhoods encompassing Jews in the cross-section of European Jewry, as Dirshu’s ability to unite disparate groups through Torah as a special zechus. HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Akiva Schlessinger, Shlita: Filling Empty Halacha Chairs in Shamayim Rav Schlessinger recounted how after Rav Meir Shapiro, zt”l, instituted the Daf HaYomi, the Chofetz Chaim praised him. “In the celestial world every masechta has a chair. Tragically, until Daf HaYomi, there were many empty chairs, representing masechtos that virtually no one learned. Now all are full.” “Here too,” thundered Rav Schlessinger, “so many areas of halacha had empty chairs. As Dirshu embarks on Mishna Berurah’s last volume, they fill all the empty halacha chairs!”

He cited Brachos 8, “Since the day the Bais Hamikdash was destroyed, Hashem has nothing in His universe be-

Mitzrayim: they didn’t change their Chelek Vav will be in Eretz Yisrael with names, language or clothing. Or because Mashiach! they did not transgress arayos. Or beThe siyum was made by HaGaon cause they never stopped learning Torah HaRav Binyomin Eckstein, shlita, Belzer yond the four amos of halacha.” “There and always had yeshivos. Or it was the Dayan, who oversees Dirshu’s European is so much in Hashem’s world, so beau- merit of pious women who raised chil- operations. He noted the last se’if, is the tiful, rich, massive. But all Hashem cares dren despite Pharaoh’s gezeiros of kill- imperative to ensure that simchas Yom about is the four amos of halacha. Can ing their children and enslaving their Tov not lead to aveira, but be completely we understand its magnitude?!” husbands. Nevertheless, Chazal say holy. Here is the difference between friDirshu has added tens of thousands Bnei Yisrael had no merits, volity and inebriation of learners world-over who learn Mish- no mitzvos, to achieve freeassociated with this na Berurah, attend daily Daf HaYomi dom until Hashem gave season’s secular holB’Halacha shiurim, and review and take the mitzvos of the blood of idays and l’ehavdil tests on halacha. After all, halacha is the the korban Pesach and bris how a Yom Tov is celonly thing in Hashem’s world! Can we milah. Why weren’t their ebrated according to begin to understand the Divine simcha many zechusim sufficient? the Shulchan Aruch. that permeates the entire world for this?! Conversely, in our galus, we “We beg Hashem– ‘Avinu Av Hara- have been through so much! Yosef: The Concept chaman, our merciful Father…instill in We suffered through a Holoof Always Adding, our hearts to understand, listen, learn, caust. With mesiras nefesh, Always Striving… teach, safeguard, perform and fulfill all the survivors rebuilt from Rabbi Paysach the words of Torah…’ What is the dif- nothing. Why was that not Rav Shmuel Akiva Schlessinger addressing Krohn had the the Siyum on Mishna Berurah, Chelek Hei ference between perform and fulfill? It’s sufficient for Geulah?! crowd spellbound possible to perform a mitzvah such as with his divrei Torah The gemara says Avtefillin, but not fulfill it properly because rohom Avinu’s question, ‘How will I and inimitable stories. one doesn’t know its many halachos. know?’ was deemed, for his exalted levHe told a vort in the name of HaGaWhen one learns halacha he performs el, a tiny deficiency in emunah, for which on HaRav Chanoch Eherentrau, shlita. Egyptian slavery “When Rachel bore Yosef, Yaakov told was decreed. The Lavan he wanted to return home. Why gemara offers an- was Yosef the impetus to feel he could other reason for it, face the world? Rachel named Yosef, that Yosef’s brothers saying, “May Hashem add, Yosef, for me sold him into slav- another son.” Yosef, adding, means nevery. Jealousy, lack of er being satisfied, constantly striving, to achdus on their ex- strive higher and do better. That is Diralted level, resulted shu!” “Tonight, all of us who have not in Egyptian slavery. “We see the is- joined Daf HaYomi B’Halacha must sues of emunah and become bnei Yosef. We must not be Rabbi Paysach Krohn, noted maggid and mechaber achdus are those satisfied but seek more! We must begin requiring tikun, cor- Chelek Vav to connect to this phenomemitzvos and fulfills them! The Mishna rected in the blood of the korban Pesach nal daily learning and chazarah program Berurah’s introduction to Hilchos Shab- and bris milah, which identify Jews as to begin our own journey through the bos cites Rav Yonasan Eibischutz: if a Jews in inclusionary achdus, while the Mishna Berurah!” person doesn’t learn hilchos Shabbos, opposite, chalilah, results in kareis, comno Shabbos goes by without inadvertent plete severance from the Jewish nation.” Let us Each Make the transgression of an issur d’Oraysah or Momentous Decision to d’rabanan. Daf HaYomi B’Halacha’s Change Our Lives! The Strength of Emunah goal is that we perform daily mitzvos and Rabbi Krohn concluded with a story. and Achdus fulfill them as well!” “Final redemption will come through The Chofetz Chaim once said the turning All Dirshu desires is for more people emunah in the face of adversity and the point in his life was when, as a young bato bring daily halacha learning into their achdus to rectify disunity,” said Rav chur he ran away from the beis medrash lives. Hofstedter. “When Klal Yisrael learns because of a maskil trying to cause him Understanding Our Galus by halacha l’maaseh together as one, when to stray from Torah. “Yesh koneh olamo Looking Back at Galus Mitzrayim we come with achdus and learn what b’shaah achas – one can acquire his [enRav Dovid Hofstedter explored the Hashem wants us to do, we combine tire] world as a result of one momentous concept that the galus and geulah in these emunah and achdus. When we unite, all decision,” the Chofetz Chaim said. weeks’ parshiyos are the paradigm for all Eisav and Yishmael’s forces do not stand “That decision gave us the Chofetz galus and geulah. These are keys to the a chance! There is nothing Klal Yisrael Chaim! Tonight, every one of us can acredemption from today’s long galus. as a tzibbur cannot overcome!” He con- quire our olam with one decision, to join Throughout Chazal we find reasons cluded with the bracha that the entire Daf HaYomi B’Halacha and change our why Bnei Yisrael were redeemed from Mishna Berurah’s siyum on completing lives!”

R’ Ben Tzion Shafier

Parshas Bo

Respect for the Institution needed a bath in the evening as well, and heaven forefend to use stale blood, so each morning and evening he would have 150 innocent Jewish souls slaughtered – for his personal comfort. Why should Moshe treat such a king with respect? Respect for the Kingdom not the King “Without fear of government, a man will swallow his friend alive.” (Pirkei Avos). Anyone who has lived through a period of lawlessness can attest to the primal fear he felt as he helplessly

society itself cannot function. As the king occupies the position of leadership of the country, it is the obligation of all to respect him. That is basic to the good of society. It is the right way to act, and it is the way that Hashem wants us to act. This respect has nothing to do with the individual; it has to do with the position. I may recognize that a leader as an individual is a lout and I may feel that way about him privately, but as long as he maintains his position, I am obligated to respect him. Moshe Rabbeinu was doing what was right and proper. Despite the fact

It would be difficult to imagine a government more evil than Pharaoh’s.

watched rioting, looting, and mob behavior. Ask a recent émigré from South Africa what it is like when a group of thugs appears at his backyard picnic and begins indiscriminately shooting up his family. It’s a country where carjackings, muggings, and armed holdups are the norm, and there is no one to talk to, not because people there are different, but because the respect for authority has melted. It seems that the answer to this question is the distinction between respecting the institution and respecting the individual. For the proper running of society and therefore for the good of mankind, there needs to be a system of leadership and a hierarchy of authority, what we know as government. For government to be effective it must wield power, and its citizens must respect its authority. One of the obligations of any member of a society is to obey and respect its leaders. It is a correct and proper manner of behavior. Without it,

that this individual was wicked, he held the position of king, so Moshe showed respect for the institution of leadership. Even though that institution was now being used to pursue wicked ends, the institution itself was still worthy of respect, and therefore Moshe acted accordingly. This message is particularly relevant in our times. Historically, kings viewed their populations as sources of taxes and foot soldiers – vehicles by which to expand their fame and fortune. Rare was the king who actually ruled for the good of his people.

We find ourselves in very different conditions, a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Whether we agree with every policy or not, it is an unprecedented advance for the good of man, a regime run for the good of the citizens of that land. To us as Jews, this is especially poignant. For almost two thousand years, we have wandered from county to country, oppression to oppression, expulsion to expulsion. We now find ourselves welcome members of the American society, citizens with all the rights of any other citizen. We are allowed to operate our own schools in the manner that we see fit. We are allowed to worship in the way that we feel appropriate. We are allowed to conduct our lives in the way that we so choose. The only request made upon us is to abide by the laws of the land. In the history of our long exile, we have never had it this good. And, therefore, it is especially incumbent upon us to respect this land, obey its laws, pay homage to its leaders, and appreciate the great blessing that we enjoy in living in this country.

The Shmuz Marriage Seminar, a 12-part, comprehensive guide to a successful marriage is available FREE of charge at www. It is also on the Shmuz App available at the App store, or on Google play, or you may listen on Kol Halashon by calling 718- 906 6400, then options 1, 4, 3.

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“And all of your servants will come to me, bow and say, “Leave!” You together with the nation that is with you, and then we will leave.” — Shemos 11:8 From the first time that Moshe appeared in his court, Pharaoh’s attitude had been, “Who is this Hashem that I should listen to him?” Time after time, Pharaoh insulted Hashem and Moshe. Now, Hashem is sending Moshe on the final mission: “Tell Pharaoh if he remains in his wickedness, all of the first born in Mitzrayim will be killed.” The stakes were raised. Rashi tells us that when Moshe spoke to Pharaoh, he modified the message. Moshe knew that in the end Pharaoh himself would come running back to him and beg him to take the Jews out of Mitzrayim. However, since it wasn’t respectful to mention that the king would come running, Moshe changed the wording to, “Your servants will come running.” Rashi explains that this was done out of respect for the monarchy. This concept becomes difficult to understand when we take into account what his government stood for and who he was as an individual. It would be difficult to imagine a government more evil than Pharaoh’s. Official policy was enslavement and oppression of the Jews – not as a tolerated social ill, but as public policy and mandate of the government. State law denied Jews all rights – ownership of property, freedom of speech, the right of public assembly. They were treated as chattel, owned by the Mitzrim. But more than that, Jews didn’t even have the right to live. As the Jewish people continued to thrive, infanticide became state policy. Furthermore, Pharaoh himself was a butcher. When he contracted tzaaras, his wise men offered the cure – bathe in human blood. The Medrash tells us that to do this, he would bathe in the blood of Jewish babies each day. However, he

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You get trapped in a psycho’s mansion during a power outage. You try to get out by going through a series of rooms: the first one is blue, the second one is also blue, but the third one is golden. After you go through all of these rooms you find the psycho. He tells you that you must hold your breath under water for 8 minutes, wrestle a large bear, or sit in the electric chair for ten seconds after it is switched on. Which should you choose?

A rabbi dies and goes to heaven. As he’s approaching the gates, he hears a commotion of singing and dancing; angels approach and he begins to get excited. The lead angel approaches the rabbi and asks if he would mind stepping aside for a moment. Shocked, the rabbi does so. The angels march out of the gates and encircle a man who has also approached the gates. The man is an Egged bus driver. The joyous parade of angels carries the bus driver in ahead of the rabbi. When the parade is gone, an angel returns to the rabbi and says, “You can come in now.” The angel begins to lead the rabbi inside alone. The rabbi, somewhat confused, says, “I’m not one to make waves or anything, but I need to know something. I think I’ve been a good rabbi. I’ve worked hard all my life. Why is it that the Egged bus driver gets led in by a band of angels ahead of me?” The angel says, “Well, frankly, rabbi, whenever you preached, people slept. But whenever he drove, people prayed.”

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Comm Let the ission er dec Send your s tuff


to fivetow centerfold@ nsjewis hhome. com

Everything 2013 1


3 4



7 8




1. Bad law of the land

4. Oh, you mean the IRS will be closed? So sad

2. His last name was his only redeeming factor this season 3. We will miss Bloomberg but not this idea…sip... sip



5. Bankrupt 6. Edward Snowden 7. Being stuck at sea is not a Carnival




9. Made $37 million a day in 2013 (like me) 14. You admit to what Lance? Shocking!


16. Mayor Train Wreck of Toronto (or car wreck)


8. Some call him A-Fraud 10. Wait, let me take a picture of myself 11. It can even happen at the Super Bowl 12. “Ooh, I can’t live without the 5s” 13. Main Street may be suffering but this street seems to be doing fine. 15. He may not be Curious but he is definitely a prince 17. MLB Champs!


ANSWERS Down 1. Obamacare

2. Manning 3. Sodaban 5. Detroit

6. Whistleblower 7. Cruise 9. Warren Buffett

14. Steroids 16. Ford Across

4. Government Shutdown 8. Arod

10. Selfie 11. Blackout 12. iPhone

13. Wall Street 15. George 17. Red Sox


1. Which player hit the game-tying 3-pointer in Game 6 for the Heat with just over 5 seconds left? a. LeBron James b. Ray Allen c. Shane Battier d. Wade 2. Because we certainly have some hillbillies in our audience: who won the 2013 Daytona 500? a. Jeff Gordon b. Trevor Bayne c. Danica Patrick d. Dale Earnhardt Jr. 3. Which school won the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball

Championship? a. Michigan b. Louisville c. Michigan State d. Syracuse 4. Which team won the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals? a. Boston Bruins b. Chicago Blackhawks c. Pittsburgh Penguins d. NY Rangers (sure, while you were dreaming) 5. How many games did the Mets win in the 2013 season? a. 69 b. 74 c. 83 d. 87 6. Who won the 2013 American League MVP award? a. Mike Trout b. Miguel Cabrerra c. Josh Donaldson d. Chris Davis

7. Which golfer won the U.S. Open Championship? a. Tiger Woods b. Justin Rose c. Phil Mickelson d. Jason Day Answers: 1. B 2. B 3. B 4. B 5. B 6. B 7. B Scorecard: 6-7 Correct: You are a sports buff! There is more to life than sports, you know. 4-5 correct: You are pretty good, like a level B player. 0-3 correct: How did you mess it up? I tried to help you out by making every single answer B. It’s called an alley-oop, but you wouldn’t know what that is anyways.

Centerfold Commissioner’s New Year’s Resolutions • To be nicer to people when they ask me for autographs. • To not skip words when write.

• To follow through on the resolution I made three years ago in 2012—to get better at math.

• To not make fun of Governor Christie…because he might sit on me.

• To stop using the word whatever, because it’s so whatever.

• To eat in every pizza shop in Five Towns at least once a month, as I did last year and the year before that.

• To have the serenity to change the things I cannot accept; accept the things I don’t want to change; and the wisdom to know the difference between them.

• To take a selfie with Vladimir Putin. • To get into Costco without showing the clickerman my card. • To exercise 30 minutes. Period. For the year. • To eat whatever I want wherever I want however I want. • To finish the one book I started in 2013...because they say The Berenstein Bears usually has an interesting ending.

• To trust my instincts and stay off of Rockaway Turnpike during rush hour. • To put my hand up and say, “Stop, I know it” when I am being told a joke I already heard 30 times. (Because the joketeller pretty much always catches on when he is halfway through the joke and that fake grin and laugh that I do is physically painful.)

Answer to riddle: The electric chair because the power it out.

Correction: Last week’s riddle basically said that a man drove his car into a river, broke his arm and was in the river for two hours in the sunken car. Yet, he was fine. The question was how is that possible. The answer was that the water only came up to the man’s belt. It has been brought to the Centerfold Commissioner’s attention by YEHUDA CHESHIN (age 10) that the man was not fine, because he broke his arm! Says Yehuda, “It should have said the man is ALIVE, not that he was FINE.” Yehuda is 100% right. Point well taken. (TJH Board is going to send me for sensitivity training now.)

The Jew H oI SmHe HnO M jEa n uMa AY ry 224, , 2014 T H iEsJhE W 2012




The Jewish Home n

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014

The Observant Jew Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz

Oops, My Mistake


h, those three little words that set people’s hearts aflutter yet are almost never heard: “Oops, my mistake.” I remember my tenth grade geometry teacher who was never wrong. He was proud of it, in fact. “I’m never wrong,” he would say. “I once thought I was wrong – but I was mistaken.” Now, any jokes about life without geometry being pointless aside, he taught me a great lesson. People don’t like to be wrong and will do everything in their power to avoid admitting that they are wrong. I think they are wrong. I don’t see it as a failing. On the contrary, being wrong means you are willing to learn and are humble enough to admit that you are not all-knowing. I think a big mistake people make about being wrong (boy, that sounds redundant even though it isn’t…) is that being wrong is a deal-breaker. If you are wrong now, that means you can’t be trusted in the future. But that isn’t so. I remember once when I made a mistake in my weekly dvar Torah, the Migdal Ohr (shameless plug – subscribe via e-mail to I had written a beautiful explanation of something in the parsha (which I have heard from others before

and since, by the way). The rabbi in shul approached me and said, “I saw what you wrote but Rashi says it isn’t true.” I looked up the Rashi and he was right. Rashi’s explanation revealed that my work was based on a misunderstanding of the facts. Red-faced, I

week, when I made a careless mistake, I followed up the next week with a retraction and correction. Why? To help teach people that it’s OK to be wrong. I figured that’s why Hashem made it happen. One time I had a sponsor for my

Mistakes have a place, but they are not meant to be roadblocks. suggested that perhaps I should give up writing my dvar Torah. His eyes opened wide and he declared, “Chas v’shalom! Heaven forbid.” He taught me at that moment that mistakes are not final. They just mean that you learn from them and move on. His support and encouragement have stayed with me for many years, and I’m sure I’ve made other mistakes too yet I keep moving forward. A friend of mine relayed to me that R’ Moshe Feinstein zt”l had said that if Hashem lets you put something in writing it means it is true. I think that’s what he said, I could be wrong. However, I tend to agree with that premise. It was because of that concept that one

weekly dvar Torah but I mixed up the weeks. Immediately after I sent it out to hundreds of people, the sponsor e-mailed me and asked why the sponsorship wasn’t there. I immediately made the correction and sent the e-mail out again. One of the people who receives the e-mail prints the dvar Torah for his shul. He e-mailed me back an amazing story. He sent the first one to the printer, but for some reason, it refused to print. When the revision came in, he sent that to the printer and it print-

ed right off. “Very strange,” he wrote, but to me, it was a sign from G-d that I did the right thing. I’ve mentioned it before but when I was a teenager, I led Kabbolas Shabbos in Yeshiva and forgot the tune to Lecha Dodi. I just repeated the previous tune and moved on, but I was mortified by my error and didn’t lead davening again for years. As it turns out, I actually did get the right tune and was mistaken in thinking I was wrong. But I also let it discourage me, an even bigger mistake. Mistakes are a part of life. As the old joke goes, if a man says something in a forest and his wife isn’t around to hear it, is he still wrong? If we weren’t meant to be wrong, G-d would not have

built spouses, bosses, and children into the equation to remind us when we blunder. Yes, mistakes have a place, but they are not meant to be roadblocks. On the contrary, their role is educational, and they should get us back on track. You are meant to learn from them so that the next time you will know what to do or what not to do. In either case, there is supposed to be a next time. If I’m not wrong, by this time you’re a little more comfortable with making mistakes. In that case, I’d say you’re on the “right” track. Jonathan Gewirtz is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in publications around the world. He also operates, where you can order a custom-made speech for your next special occasion. For more information, or to sign up for the Migdal Ohr, his weekly PDF Dvar Torah in English, e-mail and put Publication Sponsorship or Subscribe in the subject. © 2013 by Jonathan Gewirtz. All rights reserved.

75 Gedaliah Borvick

2013 Israel Real Estate Review

Sha’arei Chesed townhouse

2013 Activity In 2013, there was no slowdown in real estate sales activity despite efforts by the Israeli government to reduce demand by imposing new mortgage restrictions and by increasing acquisition taxes for both overseas buyers and Israelis who own multiple homes. Sales activity throughout the country’s large population centers was brisk. The largest increases were in Modi’in and Be’er Sheva, where prices rose by almost 9%. Across the Sharon region (which includes Tel Aviv), price increases ranged from 4% to 8%, and in Jerusalem prices rose by about 3%. In Beit Shemesh, however, thousands of housing units came online in the new Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel community; this caused sale prices for existing

Wolfson Towers, Jerusalem

apartments in neighboring Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph to decrease slightly. Short-Term Horizon Notwithstanding new legislation implemented in 2012 to overhaul the Israel Lands Authority (Minhal) and accelerate the pace of rezoning and constructing new housing, Israel’s citizens have not yet seen any real changes nor are most of them able to delay purchasing homes until these new policies are implemented. We therefore expect that prices over the short-term will continue to rise until the much-anticipated housing influx occurs. Ironically, in 2013 the rate of “new housing starts” actually declined despite the tremendous pent-up market demand, notwithstanding all of the laws passed in 2012 to help increase construction activity. Long-Term Horizon We anticipate that once the government’s plan to expedite housing construction is finally implemented, the influx of new housing units will help

addition to buying existing homes, we have witnessed significantly more clients looking to benefit from the discounts achieved by purchasing “on paper,” which means buying not-yet-built apartments from developers. This concept has resonated with many of our clients, as it has afforded them the opportunity to “buy like Israelis” and take advantage of price reductions offered in new developments. Accordingly, in 2013 we have helped dozens of clients purchase homes in new projects.  2014 Outlook Jerusalem has historically been a stable real estate market, with prices rising slowly but surely due to strong domestic and overseas demand and relatively scarce housing supply. The resiliency exhibited by the Jerusalem market throughout the past year – and, essential-

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014


013 has been a busy year for Israeli residential real estate. Let’s review the past twelve months’ activity and try to identify market trends going forward in 2014.

New Baka development

ly, for the greater part of the past two decades – leads us to believe that 2014 will be a continuation of this city’s pattern of slow, steady growth. Gedaliah Borvick is the founder of My Israel Home (, a real estate agency focused on helping people from abroad buy and sell homes in Israel. To sign up for his monthly market updates, contact him at


New Arona development

control sales prices in the outlying regions of the country. However, we do not expect these reforms to greatly impact the larger population centers such as Jerusalem, as there is limited land available for development; consequently there will never be a massive infusion of new housing that could flood the market and greatly alter the existing price structure. Overseas Buyers Many overseas buyers have continued to focus on the central Jerusalem market. This past year, in

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to clients in Israel and nationwide




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Rabbi's Musings [& Amusings] Rabbi Dani Staum


A Gut Yahr for Klal Yisroel

here was one great Chassidic Mas- “gut yahr” for Klal Yisroel. ter who would wish his Chassidim The Jewish world today faces many a “gut yahr” (good year) on Janu- challenges and difficulties, both interary 1st. The Chassidim were perplexed nal and external. The issues are deep that the Rebbe would pay heed to the and perplexing and solving them refact that it was the secular New Year, quires tremendous sagacity, sensitivity, never mind to and wisdom. go so far as to Indeed there wish them a are times when good year. a Jew cannot The Rebhelp but feel be explained ashamed about that during events that Rosh Hashatranspire with nah when the individuals and world stands institutions. in precise But on the judgment, Klal other hand Yisroel treats we must nevthe day with er ever forget solemnity and trepidation. We spend that, despite all the difficulties we are most of the day in shul hearing the hun- plagued with, we still are a most exdred shofar blasts and reciting lengthy traordinary people. The chessed orgaprayers which demonstrate our annual nizations which traverse all external reacceptance of the Monarchy of G-d. boundaries, our strict adherence and Undoubtedly, as we are performing our commitment to halacha and Torah valservice in this world, Satan ascends be- ues, our efforts to maintain quality perfore the Heavenly Throne to state his formance of mitzvos, the fact that we accusatory arguments. Satan claims pay exorbitant amounts of money so that our service is that our children will merely a farce; that be educated accordwe are insincere ing to the traditions and that our service of our forefathers, our When the secular is superficial. It’s a love for Shabbos and strong accusation yomim tovim, the fact New Year begins it and the celestial that we are willing to is retroactively courts are hardrun out to another shipressed to silence ur, or head out to dava “gut yahr” for his claim. Thus we en with a minyan on a stand precariously cold night, etc. are all Klal Yisroel. with Satan’s actestaments to our incusation weighing nate greatness. heavily on our conDespite the serious science. contemporary issues And then the secular New Year ar- that the Torah world must contend with, rives. There is a gleeful countdown to we must periodically step back and the end of the old year as the new year is marvel, “Who is like Your nation, Yisushered in amidst hoopla and raucous- roel, one nation upon the earth!” ness. New Year’s celebrations abound A retroactive happy New Year to all! with people partying all night in a most rambunctious manner. At that moment Satan is forced to hang his head in shame, as his prosecution is promptly Rabbi Dani Staum, LMSW, is the Rabbi of dismissed. True our service may lack Kehillat New Hempstead, and Guidance complete sincerity, but when our ac- Counselor/Rebbe at Yeshiva Bais Hachitions are contrasted with the behaviors nuch & Ashar in Monsey, NY. He is the auof society on their new year the dispar- thor of Stam Torah and can be reached at ity is uncanny. Thus, when the secular His website is www. New Year begins it is retroactively a

77 The Jewish Home n j a n u a ry 2 , 2014

Early Intervention Services For children birth - 3 years with special needs.

Services Provided l



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ABA Program – Center & Home Services Routines Based Interventions & Collaborative Coaching l


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TO REFER YOUR CHILD TO THE EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM CALL 311. This Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a public program for children under the age of three who are either suspected of having or at risk for developmental delays or disabilities. EIP is funded by NYS and NYC. All EIP services are provided at no cost to parents. Health insurance may be used for approved services. A child’s eligibility for the program can be determined only by state-approved evaluators under contract, and all services must be authorized by the NYC Early Intervention Program.

For more information about CHALLENGE call:


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Cover Story


IN 2014

Tips for a Fresh, Clean, Stress-Free Life This Year by DEBBIE GINSBERG

95 T H E J E W I S H H O M E n M AY 2 4 , 2012

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014


Cover Story



THE HOME OFFICE  There’s no one way to file. Every time my colleagues and I get together, we always discuss how filing systems are really based on each individual’s specific needs. When deciding to organize your personal and family documents, you will need to figure out what are the current priorities in your life that need files. For example, if you have a senior parent in a facility you will want to create a file that holds all of the relevant information. If you interested in starting to organize your home office, I highly recommend purchasing File Solutions Home Filing System—How to Manage Personal and Family Documents which can be bought through Uncluttered Domain, Inc. or The Container Store.  Everyday files. The only files you should keep available are the files you need for right now. For the files you need everyday access to, I recommend buying a rolling filing cabinet for under the desk. This is great for storing your current bills, bank statements, and information on any current home repairs, etc.  Invest in the right tools. After you have put some more thought into the amount of files you will need, you will then be able to decide what type of file cabinet works best. If the majority of your files are for information that is not used every day, you may want to purchase a bigger filing cabinet that can be stored against any wall. If the majority of your files are for everyday use, you will want to explore filing cabinets or storage options that are easily accessible and are on the smaller side so that they won’t get in the way of your desk. Compartment boxes or flex dividers for small office supplies are another very helpful tool. These holders can be found at Staples, The Container Store, Home Goods or any store that sells office supplies. Use these holders as a decorative accessory for your desk. Paper clips as well as staples and rubber bands should all have an appropriate place so they can be easily found. Pens and pencils should have their own holder to keep your desk looking consistent. I personally have used folding trays that are meant for travel on my desk. Always look for compartments that are ¼” above the knuckle. This

way it’s not too deep nor too shallow to keep an ample amount of supplies within reach. Always have every day tools within the stretch of an arm and not further than that. Easy access keeps the flow of business going.  Magazine boxes are a creative and fun option for storing the folders you need immediately. Pick out decorative magazine boxes that work with the décor of your home office. These holders work well with any 1/3 cut folders and can be found at almost any store that sells organizing tool.  Bulletin boards and white boards. Bulletin boards are great for storing pictures or sentimental cards, as well as miscellaneous information that doesn’t warrant its own folder. Tax ID, social security numbers, phone numbers of doctors, and bank account numbers are perfect for bulletin boards. Whiteboards are great for jotting down information or writing reminders. Incorporating these tips slowly but surely is a great way to help you tackle those tasks you’ve been meaning to address. Always keep in mind there is no one way that works best, each individual person knows what works best for them and one should always explore all options for organizing. The more you keep these tips in mind, the easier your everyday tasks will become and the lighter your load will feel. The new year gives us a fresh start. After procrastinating for many months, January is the perfect month to start on a new, organized way of life. Start with the little things, do one or two rooms at a time, and before you know it, your life will become calmer and more uncluttered.

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014


79 The Jewish Home n

T H E J E W I S H H O M E n M AY 2 4 , 2012


The Jewish Home n


THE KITCHEN  Always take out expired items. Sounds simple, but sometimes the simple is easy to forget. Do this once a month—you’ll be surprised how much room this makes in your fridge and pantries!  Put like with like. For example, place all jars of tomato sauce together. This way you are able to see how much of everything you really have, making your shopping list more efficient and food items more accessible.  Say no to deep pantries. Deep pantries make it harder to see the items being stored and therefore harder to maintain. Look into creating a shallower pantry situation so your items can be easily accessible and not easily forgotten. If possible, try to use your deep pantry for the things you don’t use so often and try to find another area for the items you use every day.  Everyday Pantry vs. Backup Pantry. Having two pantries is the key to an organized kitchen. Find a place in your kitchen that works for a smaller pantry where you can store your everyday items, such as bread for school lunches or granola bars. Things like boxes of brownie mix, jars of pickles, or even your mixer can go in a deeper, bigger pantry.  The rule of two. In your everyday pantry, there should only be two of everything. Store all the extras in your back up pantry to prevent clutter. 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer. It’s very easy to clutter your pantry or shelves

with your canned goods. Purchasing a 3- tier step for cans allows you to store your cans sideways, one on top of the other, in a way in which you can easily see the canned items. Steps for cans can be purchased at The Container Store and are available in wood, acrylic, and aluminum.  Food used more often should go in the front. When dinner needs to be made, no one has time to search for the spaghetti. Putting the food items you use most often front and center makes it that much easier to get dinner on the table.  Spices should be near the counter but they don’t need to necessarily be on them. A lazy Susan is a great place for spices, as well as inside a cabinet door.  One set of flatware per each drawer. One set is all you need. Go through your drawer and sort out any extras. Either donate the extras or give them away to a friend.

THE TOY ROOM  Too many toys are overwhelming for kids, especially children with disabilities. Having an oversupply of toys is expensive for the parents and over stimulating for kids. When it comes to toys remember its quality not quantity. Donate or give away the extra toys that are not needed.  Sort by age. To make sure each kid has age-appropriate toys accessible to them, try to organize the toy shelf or storage unit by age. You can also sort by gender. The Lego sets don’t need to be accessible to your three-year-old and the dollies don’t need to be accessible to your boys. When the toys are organized in a way that caters to each child’s specific interests, each child feels special and therefore responsible for their own toys.  Rotate toys. Try to store a majority of the toys in a place in which the kids can’t get to. Every couple of months replace the current toys with some toys from storage. When the toys are rotated, it keeps kids excited to play with their new toys and it also makes it more interesting for the parents. When the parents are interested in what they are doing, the children pick up on this and it makes playtime more special for both of you. This tip will also save you money on buying new toys.  Little toys have a place too. Ziploc bags work great for Legos and small board game pieces. You don’t need to worry about losing those tiny Monopoly pieces when you use Ziploc bags!  Put like with like. This tip is great for every room of the house, especially the toy room. Organizing the same things together makes it easier for your kids to remember where things are, is great for playing and great for clean-up.  Deep containers are great for storing larger toys and should be left

open for kids to easily get to. This type of storage also makes it easy for kids to help clean up.  Make cleaning up fun. Cleaning up the toys doesn’t have to be a battle every time (just maybe every other time). Try to make cleaning up a fun game for the whole family. Reward the clean up with something valuable like “more Mommy time” or an extra bedtime story. Creating “coupons” for these rewards is a cute and fun way to motivate them to clean up. The kids can use their coupons when they want, making them feel independent and responsible. Debbie Ginsberg is the Co-Founder and President of Uncluttered Domain Inc. Debbie is a Professional Organizer, member of NAPO (National Organization for Professional Organizers), and a certified Move Manager, member of NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers), and author of the e-book, “Moving Your Senior Parent.” Debbie loves working with clients in all stages of life but specializes in working with seniors. Uncluttered Domain Inc. provides clients with a wide range of unique services, such as their Senior Concierge Services. Debbie welcomes opportunities to speak publically about her expertise. Please feel free to contact Debbie directly at for comments or questions you may have. For more information on Uncluttered Domain Inc. and their services, please visit their site or call 1-855-2B-ORGANIZED (516-226-7426).

T H E J E W I S H H O M E n M AY 2 4 , 2012

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014



The Jewish Home n j a n u a ry 2 , 2014

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The Jewish Home n

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014


Women’s Health Services at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital

HAVE YOU SCHEDULED YOUR MAMMOGRAM YET? Mammography remains the first line of defense for women in the fight against breast cancer. When you are ready to schedule yours, make it digital. St. John's Episcopal Hospital offers the only digital full-field mammography imaging services on the Rockaway Peninsula and Broad Channel. Digital mammography gives more precise images and the largest field of view currently available, making them clearer and easier to read. The images are sent electronically and virtually instantaneously to St. John's board-certified radiologists. St. John’s encourages women over the age of 40 to receive annual mammograms as recommended by the American Cancer Society.


Monday through Friday 7 am to 5 pm

American College of Radiology Accreditation in Mammography, Obstetrical and General Ultrasound, Abdominal Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine CT Scan

Please Call 718-869-7780

327 Beach 19th Street Far Rockaway, New York 11691 •



83 Compiled by Nate Davis

Millions of people out there who think it was repealed. - Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) explaining why Obamacare enrollment has been low Hopefully nobody has it in their mind to speed and expect to receive a lotto ticket — that was a one-shot deal for [the holidays]. - Sgt. Sheridan Shelley of the Melbourne, Florida Police Department, discussing last week’s goodwill gesture in which the police pulled drivers over and gave them lotto tickets instead of traffic tickets

You’ve shown nothing but disrespect and contempt and not just the choice to smoke, but on decisionmaking itself. This is my legal private life, not public health. You don’t own me like state property. Good people disobey bad laws. Take care mayor…12 years is enough! - Audrey Silk of NYC Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment, as he lit up a cigarette in City Hall and screamed at Mayor Bloomberg OK. I think it’s time to leave. - Mayor Bloomberg in response

Suppose TV networks were capitulating to angry Muslims by suspending people for saying they opposed Sharia law? Would that prompt any of you pusillanimous hacks to finally take a position on the state of free speech in America? Or would you demand that we stop the presses so you could roll out your little cliché about a television network not being the government? …Instead of the government censoring speech, what we have is shock troops of liberal agitators demanding people’s heads for the slightest divergence from Officially Approved Liberal Opinion. - Ann Coulter discussing a recent controversy in which a television character was fired for stating his biblically-based opinion on a matter viewed as not being liberal

New York City, thank you for giving me the honor & privilege of serving you for 12 years. - Tweet by Mayor Bloomberg, as he left City Hall for the last time

I have come here only to make Allah happy, to earn heaven. - Pavel Pechyonkin, in an internet statement before killing 14 on a bus in Volgograd I think this picture is great. It really sums up the diversity of the Republican Party, the RNC. At the convention, they find the one black person. - Liberal commentator Dean Obeidallah on MSNBC after the host put up a picture of Mitt Romney with all of his grandchildren, including an adopted African-American baby

I’m not waiting for any kind of return. I just wanted to do the right thing. - Las Vegas taxi driver Gerardo Gamboa who returned $300,000 which was left in his car by a poker player

It would be vain if I said the person in it. – Michael Bloomberg when asked what he likes most about his self-portrait which was recently hung in City Hall

Can u please stop!! I want to play baseball and I could make a big difference to the game. [George] Steinbrenner would roll in his grave IF he knew what was happening! Stop, Randy, this isn’t going to be good for any of us!! You are a businessman and what you are doing is ruining the business of baseball. If u want to meet in person to discuss it, let’s do it! - Email from Alex Rodriguez to Yankee President Randy Levin, disclosed by New York Magazine I received your email, the contents of which are a complete shock to me. As I have repeatedly told you, this is an MLB investigation. We had no role in initiating the investigation or assisting in the direction of the investigation. - Randy Levin’s email in response

I have to go, I’m getting arrested for DUI again. - Karen Williams of Arizona when police approached her vehicle as she was on the phone, drinking a beer and sitting in her car, which was parked on a sidewalk

We are going to get rid of the horse carriages. Period… They are not humane. They are not appropriate to the year 2014. It’s over. - Mayor de Blasio at a news conference on Monday

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014

“Say What?”

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Health & Fitness

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Aliza Beer, MS, RD

A Healthy Getaway


t’s that time of the year again, ye- keep your inches down and nutrition up shiva mid-winter break. Many of during your trip. 1. Be my patients are pretraveling to Mexpared. Don’t asico, the Bahamas, sume you will be and ski destinaable to buy food tions and need to at the airport or bring their own rely on the airfood. Some are line snacks for going to Florida the plane. Eat a and Israel and will healthy meal or be frequenting nusnack before you merous fattening leave and bring food establishfood for the plane. ments. All are apPeanut butter or prehensive about turkey on whole ruining their digrain bread are Make sure to eat healthy, ets. Vacating your easy, non-odorfilling snacks during the day home does not ous meals. Clemmean one should vacate their healthy entines, apples, and dried unsweetened eating habits. Here are some tips to fruit make good snacks.

2. Buy water before you get on the plane. It’s important to remain hydrated; the air on the plane is very dry. 3. Bring an activity to do on the plane. We eat when we are bored. Keep yourself occupied with a magazine or a game and you will be less likely to stray down the potato chip/cookie path. 4. Non-kosher food destinations: If you are traveling to an area that doesn’t feature kosher food establishments, bring peanut butter, tuna, turkey, grilled chicken, whole grain bread, oatmeal, and crackers. Bring a pan to make eggs and a grill

Include exercise in your day

fruits and veggies; you can also try popcorn and pretzels in moderation. 8. Exercise. Utilize the hotel’s gym and pool, if possible. Take walks or go bike riding when able. Crunches, push-ups, and jumping jacks can be done in the privacy and convenience of your room. Vacations are essential for your emotional and physical wellbeing. A healthy diet is not a strict regimen to follow exclusively at home, rather it is a lifestyle change that you adapt to wherever you travel. Make sure to maintain your healthy lifestyle even when you are on vacation. Whether you are A turkey sandwich is perfect to eat on the plane home or traveling far away, enfor chicken or meat. Fruits, vegetables, joy your vacation just the right weigh! yogurt, eggs, and cereal can be bought there. Refrain from buying/bringing unhealthy snacks. Popcorn and pretzels are the best “junky” snack alternatives. 5. Florida and Israel: The plethora of delicious kosher restaurants in these areas can wreak havoc on one’s waistline. Scour the menu for healthier options and look for foods that are steamed, broiled, grilled. Ask for veggies instead of fries. Do not eat the bread on the table! Typically, restaurant portion sizes are too large. Either share Make sure to drink water while flying an entrée with someone, or eat half of your portion and brown bag the other Aliza Beer is a registered dietician with half. 6. Remember to eat your snacks. a Master’s degree in nutrition. She has Eat a mid-morning and mid-afternoon a private practice in Cedarhurst, NY. snack; it will curb your appetite and Patients’ success has been featured on prevent you from overeating at the next the Dr. Oz Show. Aliza’s new line of premeal. When hiking or skiing, pack high pared, healthy meals-to-go are availprotein snacks like nuts, protein bars, able at Gourmet Glatt. Aliza can be and dried fruit to keep up your energy reached at level. 7. Lounging by the pool: Decline the daiquiris and pina coladas, but try an all fruit smoothie instead. Snack on

Deb Hirschhorn, Ph.D.

TJH Staff

High Standards

“Food for Thought,” has been rescheduled to WEDNESDAYS Next talk for women will take place at Cravingz Café 410 Central Ave, 10-11 am, on Wednesday, January 8 with our own beloved Rivki Rosenwald of this paper! She will be speaking on Moving Forward at Any Age You don’t want to miss her great advice and her fun way of presenting it!

~•~•~ Wednesday, January 15, will feature Dr. Sheryl Pearl, MD, Family Practice, Board Certified Geriatric Medicine, 516-569-0776, on the topic, “Newer Topics in Medicine: Hospice, Hepatitis C, Counterfeit Meds”

Thank G-d. He worked hard, though. He definitely did not want to ever get to play the role in the family that she played. That would be just awful. He couldn’t imagine it. And it was convenient for him, especially being the younger sibling, not to imagine how she was suffering. It was far more convenient for him

one sort or another. He never was told, never, “You’re human. Only G-d is perfect.” So he thought he had to be. Doing well in school, being his best at the office, marrying well and having a number of children, all were of naught if he would make one error like forgetting his mother’s birthday or calling early enough on Fridays to catch his

Deep inside, there was that fear that he would slip, that maybe he already slipped. to just go along with his parents’ diagnosis: she was lazy, maybe stupid. She didn’t try hard enough. She did it to punish them. All the things they told her, he absorbed. It made sense to him to do so – and it kept him on the safe side of his parents’ wrath. Talk about sibling rivalry. Here we see clearly that it is not a natural result of just being siblings; it’s the result of parents comparing their children to one another. But the story gets worse. Daniel and Shoshi grew up and it was far easier to keep the ways of thinking that their parents bequeathed upon them than to question those ways. After all, the whole thing made so much sense. Daniel grew up looking down his nose at Shoshi. The problem was that Daniel also grew up looking down his nose at himself. After all, he was – gasp! – human. So he made mistakes. He had flaws too. Maybe not in the area of academics where he shined but in other areas. No one gets out of here claiming to be perfect. So deep inside, there was that fear that he would slip, that maybe he already slipped. Like the time he was very engaged in his pursuits of a livelihood and forgot his mother’s birthday. By then he was 47-years-old and had a wife and large family. No matter. He needed to remember this very important date. The date of the entrance into the world of the person who gave him life. And he forgot it. He got the cold shoulder. And it wasn’t the first time, because, after all, even as a child, he’d made mistakes of

parents before Shabbos to wish them well. This had repercussions. Daniel carried his parents’ high standards with him. When he failed, he could not stop berating himself for it. No number of apologies to his mother would help and no amount of self-punishment would help either. Not only that, Daniel had very few friends. After all, people in the community are human. Flawed. Imperfect. If they were to forget to say a kind word to him when something went wrong – they must not be the good people he thought they were. Like that time that Hurricane Sandy swamped his house and the family was out of the house for six months. His good friend from yeshiva in Israel did not call, did not email, did not text. Nothing. Why hadn’t Ari gotten in touch to extend his support when he needed it? Never mind that Ari’s child was in the hospital. After all what Avi’s son had was chronic and he was in and out of the hospital all the time with him. But the hurricane was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Ari should have called. Period. And let’s not get into the story of Daniel’s wife’s side of the family. Did they say anything about the family’s needs after the hurricane? Not a thing. Forget the fact that they didn’t know what to say and didn’t want to make Daniel feel like the object of pity so they didn’t say anything. Forget the fact that just maybe they really are a little too self-involved. Well, that’s a flaw! Who wants to associate with them?

So where is Daniel as a result of all this? Kind of alone. Is it better to have imperfect friends and not-so-deep relationships than none at all? That’s the question. I can’t answer that for Daniel. But I can certainly tell you that because of his high standards, deep inside, Daniel is not happy with himself. And that is a genuine shame. At least a person should like himself. I think it’s far healthier to break down that standards barrier all around. Break it down first within oneself and then towards others. Start to forgive yourself for the errors and the sins, even the crazy ones. Even the time you yelled at your neighbor due to the stress of the moment. Forgive yourself for being passed over for the end-of-year bonus; you did try after all. Forgive yourself for forgetting the important birthday that you should have known better than to forget. Forgiving yourself paves the way for forgiving others. Seeing your own flaws in a positive light enables you to tolerate theirs. Daniel then can make room to recognize the pain that Shoshi must have gone through and create a relationship with her. Daniel can recognize the sleepless nights that Ari must be having and forgive the missed attention from him. Daniel can recognize that his in-laws are just people and it’s better to smile at them and say, “hello,” than to complain within. Yes, high standards are wonderful provided we use them as tools for visualizing success but it’s not good when we use them as weapons for avoiding failure. Success should look beautiful and sweet. We should not think of it as the way to avoid being clobbered over the head for not reaching it. Note: Dr Deb makes up all her stories. Dr. Deb Hirschhorn, a Marriage & Family Therapist and best-selling author of The Healing Is Mutual--Marriage Empowerment Tools to Rebuild Trust and Respect--Together, is proud to announce that readers of The Jewish Home will receive a $50 discount on every visit to her Woodmere office. For more information, call 646-54-DRDEB or check out her website at

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014


igh standards are good, right? They help you set lofty goals and then you can achieve them, right? Often. But not always. Not when they are used as a whip for not reaching them. Not when they are used as a barrier to keep away people who – chas v’shalom! – have flaws. Especially not when those people who have the flaws have hurt you in the course of being flawed. In other words, high standards can be a great source of self-flagellation and pain. Let’s take Daniel. His parents wanted him to excel at school – and he did. B”H he was smart because if he wasn’t smart enough to get the A’s, like his sister, he would have heard about it like she did. She heard and heard and heard. His parents never let up on her because they wanted to extract the A’s that weren’t forthcoming. In fact, the more they shook her up, the harder it became for her to focus and the worse her grades got. But Daniel learned a powerful lesson from it: He was better than Shoshi.

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Madraigos Moshe Yachnes, LMSW


How to Redirect Negative Energy into a Productive Conversation


atching the top athletes in the world compete at the US OPEN, it became clear that tennis is much more a game of technique than power. Volley after volley, we can observe how a good player responds to his opponent through his counter-attack. Quickly assessing the power and velocity of the ball, the player determines the appropriate way to utilize this energy and spins the ball accordingly. Physicist Howard Brody, PhD pointed out that the player is not required to change the direction in which the ball is spinning. Rather, “the challenge is to redirect your opponent’s power without having to generate any of your own.” For example, when the player returns the ball with a slice shot, the direction in which the ball spins around the axis of rotation is maintained. Essentially, the ball is returned with the same energy with which it came. In our day-to-day verbal interactions, we often find a similar dynamic. We have all had the experience of being served an aggressive verbal attack. How do we react when we hear a strong comment from our spouse, a challenging remark from our child, or a negative statement from a parent? Do we respond with equal force and continue this negative dialogue until the conversation escalates into a full blown fight? Or, can we implement a strategy to immediately

spin the comment into a more constructive and helpful discussion? How we can channel this energy to enhance our communication? Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with a young couple who was

ately focus on the way it was said and completely miss the message behind the comment. He didn’t respond to the actual feeling his wife was trying to convey and therefore failed to meet his wife’s emotional needs. His inability to

having difficulty communicating. They were constantly fighting and after several months realized things needed to be changed. Both felt the other was not listening to them.  After exploring a little further, we were able to identify

appropriately reflect what she was feeling led her to falsely accuse him of not understanding. This misguided reaction would cause the conversation to escalate into an argument and reinforce his wife’s notion that he didn’t recognize

Do we respond with equal force and continue the negative dialogue until the conversation escalates into a full blown fight?

the source of the problem. Every time the wife would express a thought or emotion, her husband would immedi-

whatever the issue was. In reality, this was not the case at all.  He did understand her, but didn’t know how to ensure that his wife would be interested in his response. Had he responded to what she was feeling, as opposed to how she was saying it, his reply would have been received and internalized as an expression of interest and love. We discussed ways to help identify the couple’s frustration, without allowing the situation to escalate. Once they both realized how to react to each other’s emotional energy, the dialogue centered on what each person was trying to express.  The fighting decreased. This technique can be applied to relationships of all kinds. When we talk to a family member, friend, or colleague, we have the opportunity to implement this method until it becomes routine. When someone expresses an idea that

is important to him/her it’s critical to listen for the message behind the speech. Firstly, we need to appreciate that the issue is significant to the other party. Then, we need to clearly identify what they are trying to communicate. The next step is to take a minute to express the fact that you understand the emotion. With sensitivity and respect, formulate your counter-response. Focus on responding in-kind to the intensity of this emotion.  Simply, spin the conversation back with the same energy it came. He/she will be much more open to hearing what you have to say after you have identified their point of view. Though it may require practice, it leads to positive and effective communication.  Your family member, friend, or colleague will feel more validated and accepted, internalizing a message that you actually understand how important the subject is to them. Once that message is clear, they will be open to feedback and constructive suggestions. With correct application of this method, a healthy relationship will thrive and grow stronger. At Madraigos, we are in the process of launching a new group designed for young men within the first five years of marriage. Together with a mental health professional, we will spend several weeks analyzing various proven ways to help young people improve their most important relationships. We will focus specifically on utilizing the technique described above and discuss the value of effective communication in developing respectful and loving connections with others.

Moshe Yachnes, LMSW is the clinical director of Madraigos. Madraigos, a 501c-3 not-for-profit organization, offers a wide array of innovative services and programs geared towards helping teens and young adults overcome life’s everyday challenges one step at a time Our goal is to provide all of our members with the necessary tools and skills to empower them to live a healthy lifestyle and become the leaders of tomorrow.

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REGAL Mother of Pearl and Sterling Ataros

T h e JT He w h IHSoHmHe OnM E nj a nMuAYa ry 2014 E JiEsW 2 42, ,2012

88 92

In the Kitchen

One Dish Dinners These recipes are perfect for cold, winter nights

Classic Beef Stew

Ingredients 3 lbs boneless chuck roast, cut into 2-inch pieces 3 tbsp vegetable oil 2 tsp salt tbsp freshly ground pepper 2 yellow onions, cut into 1-inch chunks ¼ cup flour 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 cup red wine cups beef broth ½ tsp dried rosemary bay leaf ½ tsp dried thyme 4 carrots, peeled, cut into 1-inch slices 2 stalks celery, cut into 1-inch slices 3 large russet potatoes, peeled and cut in eighths fresh parsley to garnish (optional) Preparation On medium-high heat, add the vegetable oil to a large heavy pot (one that has a tight

Ingredients 1-1/2 lb London Broil, sliced thinly ½ cup low sodium soy sauce 3 tablespoons sherry or cooking sherry 2 tablespoons brown sugar 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger 8 ounces fresh snow peas, ends trimmed 5 whole scallions, cut into half-inch pieces on the diagonal Salt to taste 3 tablespoons peanut or olive oil Crushed red pepper, for sprinkling Long grain rice, cooked according to package Preparation In a bowl, mix together soy sauce, sherry, brown sugar, cornstarch, and ginger. Pour half the liquid over the sliced meat in a bowl and toss, ensuring that all the meat is covered. Reserve the other half of the liq-

uid. Set aside. Heat oil in a heavy skillet over high heat. Add snow peas and stir for 45 seconds. Remove to a separate plate. Set aside. Allow pan to get very hot again. Add half the meat mixture, leaving most of the marinade still in the bowl. Add half the scallions. Spread out meat as you add it to pan, but do not stir for a good minute. (You want the meat to get as brown as possible in as short amount a time as possible.) Turn meat to the other side and cook for another 30 seconds. Remove to a clean plate. Repeat with other half of meat, allowing pan to get very hot again first. After turning it, add the first plateful of meat, the rest of the marinade, and the snow peas. Stir over high heat for 30 seconds, then turn off heat. Taste and then add salt, if needed. Mixture will thicken as it sits. Serve immediately over rice. Sprinkle crushed red pepper over the top, to taste.

fitting lid). When it begins to smoke slightly, add the beef and brown very well. Add the salt and pepper as the beef browns. Once browned, remove the beef with a slotted spoon set aside. Add the onions and sauté for about 5 minutes, until softened. Reduce heat to medium-low, and add the flour and cook for 2 minutes stirring often. Add the garlic and cook for 1 minute. Add wine and deglaze the pan, scraping any brown bits stuck to the bottom of the pan. The flour will start to thicken the wine as it comes to a simmer. Simmer wine for 5 minutes, and then add the broth, bay leaves, thyme, rosemary, and the beef. Bring back to a gentle simmer, cover and cook on very low for about 1 hour. Add potatoes, carrots, and celery, and simmer covered for another 30 minutes or until the meat and vegetables are tender. Taste and adjust seasoning. Turn off heat and let sit for 15 minutes before serving. Garnish with the fresh parsley if desired. Serve hot with crusty bread on the side.

Beef with Snow Peas

Ingredients 1 pound pasta or egg noodles 8 chicken thighs, skin on Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste ½ cup all-purpose flour 4 tablespoons olive oil 1 whole medium onion, halved and sliced 2 whole red bell peppers, cored and sliced (not too thin) 2 whole green bell peppers, cored and sliced (not too thin) 5 cloves garlic, diced 12 ounces mushrooms, sliced ½ teaspoon ground thyme ¼ teaspoon turmeric ¼ teaspoon kosher salt Red pepper flakes, to taste (optional) ¾ cups dry white wine 1 can (28 ounce) whole or diced tomatoes (with their juice) Chopped flat leaf parsley Preparation Preheat oven to 350°F. Cook pasta according to package directions. Drain and set aside. Salt and pepper both sides of the pieces of chicken. Dredge chicken in flour. Heat olive oil in a heavy skillet or Dutch oven on the stovetop over medium-high heat. Place

chicken skin down in pan, four pieces at a time. Brown chicken on both sides, then remove to a clean plate. Repeat with remaining chicken. Pour off half the fat in the pan and discard. Add sliced onions and peppers, as well as the garlic. Stir around for 1 minute. Add mushrooms and stir around for 1 minute. Add thyme, turmeric, and salt. (If you are adding the red pepper flakes, add them now.) Add extra black pepper to taste. Stir, pour in wine. Allow to bubble. Pour in canned tomatoes and stir to combine. Add chicken back into the pan, skin side up, without totally submerging the chicken. Place lid on the pot and put it into the oven for 45 minutes. Remove lid and increase heat to 375°. Cook for an adtditional 15 minutes. Remove pan from the oven. Remove chicken from the pot and place it on a plate. Remove vegetables from pot and place them on a plate. Return pot to burner and turn heat to medium high. Cook and reduce sauce for a couple of minutes. Pour cooked, drained noodles on a large platter or in a big serving bowl. Place vegetables and then chicken on top. Spoon juices from the pot over the chicken and pasta (amount to taste.) Before serving, sprinkle on chopped fresh parsley.

Meat ‘n Macaroni NEW this Summer 2014!!!



HOURS 9:30-3:00

Ingredients 1 large onion, chopped garlic cloves, minced 1 green pepper, diced 1 tbsp olive oil lb ground beef, browned 16 oz. cans stewed tomatoes 16 oz. water 8 oz. elbow macaroni, uncooked Salt and pepper, to taste Preparation In a large skillet, brown the ground beef. Remove from pan and then sauté onions, garlic and green pepper in olive oil. Once the onions are translucent, add the browned ground beef, tomatoes, water, macaroni, salt and pepper. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes, until pasta is cooked. Serve warm with fresh salad at the side.


ROCHEL WALDEN:718-490-1582 SHEVY KAPLAN:845-709-0248 (Centrally located in Far Rockaway)

TThHeE JJeEw a n u2a4ry 2 , 2014 WiIsShH HHoOmMeE nn Mj AY , 2012

Chicken Cacciatore

89 93

Do the math on a child’s learning disability

With a 4:1 student to teacher ratio and no more than 12 children in a class, CAHAL has an outstanding success rate mainstreaming children with learning disabilities. Shelve your fears…. Keeping a child with learning disabilities in a mainstream class, when he or she needs the support of a professional special education program, greatly increases the risks of failure and isolation with the potential for at-risk behavior in the later grades. CAHAL’s success in the classroom adds up to a brighter future for our children!

To discuss placement of a child with learning disabilities contact CAHAL today at 516-295-3666 or visit us online at WWW.CAHAL.ORG.

Bottom Line Marketing Group: 718.377.4567

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91 The Jewish Home n

Last year, Chai Lifeline brought joy and hope to

4,297 lives impacted by pediatric illness.

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014

365 days a year 24 hours a day, through good days and sad times, Chai Lifeline makes living with pediatric illness easier. 45,621

Meals to hospitals and homes


Visits to sick children by trained volunteers


Rides to hospitals and medical centers


Opportunities for fun and support


Hours of professional tutoring


Hours of counseling


Trained, compassionate volunteers


Family days, holiday parties, recreation events and retreats


Crisis intervention workshops in schools, camps, and communities following tragedies


Become a partner.

Weeks in Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special, “the happiest place on earth� for children with cancer or chronic illnesses.

See how much more we all can do this year.

Helping the child, the family, and the community 151 West 30th Street, New York, NY 10001

(877) chai-life (212) 465-1300

Regional Offices California | Florida | Illinois | New Jersey | Canada | England | Israel Chai Family Centers Brooklyn | Long Island | New York City | Monsey | Chicago | Ft. Lauderdale Chai House Philadelphia Goldman River Retreat Mahwah


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In the Kitchen Naomi Nachman


Easy as Eggplant

love eggplant in all shapes and forms, be it eggplant parmesan, rollatini, in salads, stuffed with lamb or made into dips. Over the years, I have created some really delicious dips and salads with eggplant. It is so expensive to buy premade dips all the time, but so easy to make.  Here are three easy ways to make eggplant dishes; they are so good that your family will think you went on a cooking tour in Israel to learn how to cook them!

According to some sources that I read, the eggplant (solanum melongena) is a species of nightshade commonly known in British English as aubergine and also known as brinjal, brinjal eggplant, melongene, garden egg, or guinea squash. It is related to both the tomato and the potato. It is found in a lot of Middle Eastern cuisine such as moussaka and in French cuisine in ratatouille.

Eggplant Liver Ingredients 1 medium eggplant 2 hard boiled eggs 1 small onion, sautéed in canola oil until light brown Salt to taste Preparation Slice the eggplant length-wise into four spears, then cut each spear across into 1-inch chunks. Arrange in a single layer on the counter and sprinkle with ko-

Sabich Can be made into a sandwich or served as a dip with pita bread Ingredients 1 medium eggplant Kosher salt for sprinkling Canola for frying 3 eggs, boiled and sliced Techina 3 tablespoons chopped parsley For the techina sauce: ½ cup cold water 1/3 cup lemon juice ½ cup techina ½ teaspoon cumin Kosher salt to taste Preparation Slice the eggplant length-wise into four spears, then cut each spear across into 1-inch chunks. Arrange in a single layer on the counter and sprinkle with kosher salt. Let the eggplant rest in the salt for half hour. (The salt will help get rid of its light bitterness.) Wash under running water and dry with paper towels. In a medium pot over medium-high heat, pour about 2-inches of oil. When the oil is hot (350° with an oil thermometer), fry the eggplant in batches until golden brown. Transfer to a paper towel-lined cookie sheet. Repeat with the rest of the eggplant slices. Mix all the techina ingredients in a small bowl. Plate the pita in a nice flat dish or an oval bowl that has a lip around the edge. Place the eggplant at the bottom, pour the techina sauce on top, place egg slices around the sides and garnish the middle with fresh chopped parsley. Note: Another way to finish the dish off is to add Israeli salad over the top on the techina.

sher salt. Let the eggplant rest in the salt for half hour. (The salt will help get rid of its light bitterness.)Wash under running water and dry with paper towels. In a medium pot over medium-high heat, pour about 2-inches of oil. When the oil is hot (350° with an oil thermometer), fry the eggplant in batches until golden brown. Transfer to a paper towel-lined cookie sheet. Repeat with the rest of the eggplant slices. Blend the fried eggplant, the two hard-boiled eggs and fried onions until smooth. Salt to taste.

Preparation Slice the eggplant length-wise into four spears, and then cut each spear across into 1-inch chunks. Arrange in a single layer on the counter and sprinkle with kosher salt. Let the eggplant rest in the salt for half hour. (The salt will help get rid of its light bitterness.)Wash under running water and dry with paper towels. In a medium pot over medium-high heat, pour about 2-inches of oil. When the oil is hot (350° with an oil thermometer) fry the eggplant in batches until golden brown. Transfer to a paper towel-lined cookie sheet. Repeat with the rest of the eggplant slices. After the eggplant has drained, placed in a salad bowl and add tomatoes, onion, lemon, garlic and cumin. Drizzle with a little olive oil and add some salt if desired.

Naomi Nachman, the owner of The Aussie Gourmet, caters weekly and Shabbat/ Yom Tov meals for families and individuals within The Five Towns and neighboring communities, with a specialty in Pesach catering. Naomi is a contributing editor to this paper and also produces and hosts her own weekly radio show on the Nachum Segal Network stream called “A Table for Two with Naomi Nachman.” Naomi gives cooking presentations for organizations and private groups throughout the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. In addition, Naomi has been a guest host on the QVC TV network and has been featured in cookbooks, magazines as well as other media covering topics related to cuisine preparation and personal chefs. To obtain additional recipes, join The Aussie Gourmet on Facebook or visit Naomi’s blog. Naomi can be reached through her website, or at (516) 295-9669.

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014

Ingredients 1 large eggplant Kosher salt Canola oil 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved ½ red onion, sliced into half-moon rings Juice of a fresh lemon 2 cloves fresh crushed garlic ½ teaspoon cumin Olive oil

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Mediterranean Eggplant Salad



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This year camp will be at a new larger facility Ohr Torah in North Woodmere!

Join us for an exciting summer of activities and fun , where every child gets to shine! LOCATION:

Ohr Torah 410 Hungry Harbor Road N. Woodmere. N.Y. 11581


Mon to Thu: 9:30 - 3:00 / Friday 9:30-12:30


FIRST HALF June 26 to July 23 SECOND HALF July 24 to Aug 19


Half summer $550 Full summer $1000


Boys and Girls going into Nursery, Kindergarten and Pre1 –A

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND AN APPLICATION: please email or contact Sari Schwartz at 347.713.2957 or Baila Halpern at 516.225.4521

95 Sol Z. Sokel, Esq.

Once there was a Lawyer, a Doctor & a Rabbi… and NYS’s Labor Law One recent sunny day before the weather turned cold and the precipitation turned to snow, I came home to find a group of workers running around on my neighbor’s roof. A couple of my neighbors were watching the workers and I joined them. We were now three: the owner of the roof, a rabbi; another neighbor, a doctor; and me, the lawyer. Actually, we were watching with amusement as the workers were literally running around the pitched roof trying to complete the job in record time, as their boss had promised the rabbi. The problem though, I noticed, was the complete lack of safety equipment; squirrels may not have an issue going up and down this sloped roof without falling, however for human beings it was a potential disaster waiting-to-happen. In this regard, the workers had no equipment that would have prevented them from slipping or getting injured. Of course, the lawyer ruined the fun, when I warned the rabbi, “Just make sure you don’t get involved in the work at all, because if you do, and if one of these guys gets hurt, you will not be happy defending the inevitable lawsuit.” However, the doctor had to add his two cents, “Nah! Just don’t be negligent and you won’t have a problem!” Curiously, the rabbi then asked me, “Is that true?”...And so, this article was born. Remaining true to the story, I will be upfront and say that thankfully there was no fall and no blood and guts. In fact, no one got hurt, which was good for the rabbi but not so good for writing an interesting article. In addition, in light of the Labor Laws of New York State, I am glad that no one got hurt, because had that part of the story ended differently, it could have resulted in a “money pit” for the rabbi (and/or his homeowner’s insurance company) and a terrible injury for the worker. Accordingly, to my dear neighbors and all homeowners who are readers of this column and are considering home renovations, please be aware of Sections 240 and 241 of the Labor Law of the State of New York. Other sections of

the Labor Law have great significance as well, but a discussion about them will have to await either my next installment of this column, the next renovation disaster, G-d forbid, or our next neighborly meeting. (Time will tell.) Focusing on Section 240, that law provides as follows, “All contractors and owners and their agents, except owners of one- and two-family dwellings who contract for but do not direct or control the work, in the erection, demolition, repairing, altering, painting, cleaning or pointing of a building or structure shall furnish or erect, or cause to be furnished or erected for the performance of such labor, scaffolding, hoists, stays, ladders, slings, hangers, blocks, pulleys, braces, irons, ropes and other devices which shall be so constructed, placed and operated as to give proper protection to a person so employed.” If you read that statute carefully and accurately, you already know that it places no less responsibility on a homeowner than the contractor! In fact, according to the statute, the homeowner’s “agent” will also have that responsibility. Such an agent may obviously include an architect and may even include, say, the homeowner’s teenage son who was asked to help out. The purpose of the statute is to obligate the homeowner to provide safety equipment for the workers. If you didn’t already realize, that is the statute’s reference to “scaffolding, hoists, stays, ladders, slings, hangers, blocks, pulleys,” etc. In this regard, Section 240 deals with height-causing injuries (and is therefore known as the “Scaffolding Law”), while Section 241 generally deals with injuries occurring at a ground level. While Section 240 (and Section 241, but with its own nuances) can and should have major ramifications on your roof renovation plans, please do not despair! If you read the statute above carefully and accurately, you already know that it makes an exception for a specific type of homeowner; it protects a homeowner who owns a one or two family “dwelling” or home. In other words, a homeowner of a three family home or bigger cannot rely on the exception. Stated another way, at the very least, regarding anyone who owns a three family “dwelling” or bigger, the statute puts

them on the hook. While much advice can be provided about that, including to be sure to hire a responsible, bonded and insured contractor with a stellar reputation, I will leave that discussion for another time. Nevertheless, according to the statute, to take advantage of the exception, the owner of a one or two family home must completely avoid any and all “direction” or “control” of the work being done. Accordingly, the owner should not get involved in the performance of the work at all so he or she will be sure to benefit from the exception in the statute. In fact, there are an unlimited number of ways that a homeowner can “doom” his chances of benefiting from the exception. For example, if a homeowner comments to workers repairing his roof, “Perhaps you guys should stop running a marathon on my roof;” or tells the general contractor, “I don’t think any worker should be running around my third-floor, sloped roof unless he is

a rodent with four legs and a furry tail,” the homeowner may be removing himself from within the protection afforded by the exception in the statute. The lessons are clear: First, for the purpose of potential liability, any homeowner of a one or two family home who hires a contractor should avoid any and all involvement in home renovations that could be construed as directing or controlling the work. Second, with regard to neighborly love, doctors should stick with their operating rooms and the practice of medicine; let the lawyers deal with the courtrooms and the practice of law. No column is a substitute for competent legal advice. Any additional or different facts could change or affect any legal analysis. Please consult with your legal professional of choice regarding any legal question you may have.

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014


id you hear the one about the lawyer, the doctor and the rabbi? This one really happened...

The Jewish Home n

Ask the Attorney

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classifieds Services

EXPERIENCED DEBT COLLECTION ATTORNEY Local frum attorney experienced in debtors’ and creditors’ rights. Fast, discreet and effective – on average we recoup 80 cents on the dollar. (718) 285-0943

Early Learning Program for children ages 3-6 Sessions:

Monday through Thursday 3:15 -4:15 Focus: ABCs and its sounds, numbers 120. Taught in a fun and engaging way using a multisensory approach. Each child will receive a notebook and will learn skills through hands on child directed projects and lots of fun activities.

Where: 32 Medow rd Inwood NY Contact: Goldie Young MSSpEd at 347-733-4579 Cost: $10 a session/ $160 per month Early intervention is key to future success!

Keyboard Lessons by Meshulam Ross Only $25 per Session Learn by Ear/Note Reading Free Trial Session Loads of Fun! Call or Text: 917-280-4545 Email:

Experience Math Teacher Available to Tutor

All subjects, algebra, geometry, Math A, Math B, Trigonometry, Calculus etc. Guaranteed improvement, first hour free

Shomer Shabbat Call Yossi at 516-581-3930

"Kosher" Yoga & Licensed Massage Therapy The Peaceful Presence Studio 436 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst Separate men/ women Women's Tai Chi/ Prenatal Yoga, 516-371-3715

Morah Malki’s Playgroup for 2014-2015 For 3 year old boys and girls Conveniently located in Far Rockaway Fun and organized program Run by an experienced warm Morah Comfortable large rooms on ground level Mon-Thurs 9:00-3:00, Fri 9:00-12:00 Call or Text 718-812-9388 Substance Abuse, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression Individual-Group-Family- Parents-TeensYoung Adults Confidential and Affordable Lisa Rosenblatt, LMSW (516)313-9483 Life Groups Neat & Clean solutions for everyone. Elder care, Baby sitting (day or night). Child care is my specialty House cleaning. Home, Office or Synagogues. Ref/ Avail. Call 212-858-9495 or email

Dynamic, educated, frum counselor offering unique counseling services to men struggling with personal issues. Goaloriented sessions. Discreet & Confidential. Contact

Jewish Lower East Side Walking Tours given by licensed NYC tour guide specializing in the area. Once a bustling Jewish neighborhood with struggling immigrants. Come connect to your heritage and experience the gateway to “Di Goldneh Medinah”. Private, Group, School tours booking now. Appropriate for ages 10 and up. Call 516-652-4527 Experienced Certified Life Coach for Men only Call Chaim 516 924 7694

Hair Course Learn how to wash and style hair and wigs Hair and wig cutting, wedding styling Private lessons or in a group Call Chaya 718-715-9009

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The Jewish Home n

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014

Lola's Story

Lola Lieber Schwartz

A World After This

A Memoir of Loss and Redemption Lola Lieber Schwartz is a world-renowned artist whose paintings have been exhibited in art galleries throughout the United States and are part of the Yad Vashem archives in Jerusalem. Most importantly, Lola is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to many. She has myriad friends and sees life in all its vibrancy and vitality. But life was not always easy. Lola was only sixteen-yearsold when Hitler ym”sh invaded Poland, and Lola was forced into hiding and spent years on the run with her husband, Mechel. Through six years of trying times, near



ollowing the pidyon haben, the Liebers sought entry into the United States. They were granted visas under the Czechoslovakian quota and on February 11, 1947, they boarded the S.S. Ernie Pyle. They sailed from Bremerhaven and arrived in New York Harbor on February 18, 1947. Besides Hershel, Mechel and Lola had two more children; Yossi born in 1948 and Mati in 1957. Mechel established himself successfully in the hosiery business from 1947 to 1957. Sadly, he was diagnosed with cancer in

1958. He fought the disease valiantly for more than seven years. He died in 1966 at the age of fifty-one. At the time of his death Lola and Mechel had been married twenty-five years. Lola subsequently remarried twice and was widowed each time. Lola continued painting in the United States and is a successful artist. Her work has been exhibited in many art galleries throughout the United States. Her paintings are in a number of private collections and were shown in Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. She still maintains a gallery in the heart of Chassidic Boro Park in Brooklyn, New York. Lola is often commissioned to paint portraits and scenes of Jewish life as well as

News clipping from the World Telegraph of the arrival of Hershel Lieber to New York

Lola, Mechel, and Hershel in the early 1950s

The SS Ernie Pyle, the battleship that brought the Lieber family to America in February 1947

starvation and brutality, Lola and her husband held onto their faith and values. It was Mechel’s words of encouragement, “There will be a world after this,” that helped them cling to the hope that there will be a life of light and joy waiting for them at the end. This is the story of Lola’s life—from her grandparents’ “enchanted garden” to meeting Eichmann ym”sh to making the Pesach seder for the Bobover Rebbe during the war—her words will take you back to a different world. landscapes and still-lifes. Well into her 80s today, Lola keeps a remarkably busy schedule between her children and grandchildren, her charitable activities, her friends, and her life as an artist. Lola often proudly states that the fact that she is the mother of three, grandmother of twelve, including three Mechels, and the great-grandmother of thirty-five and still counting, is her triumph and her final victory over Hitler and his Reich.

A World After This was published in 2010 by Devora Publishing.

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for next week’s issue, where we will feature an in-depth interview with Lola to hear more about her story and her life.

After the birth of Mati, their youngest child, in 1958. Pictured with brother Yossi (l) and Hershel (r).

Lola, 1960

Mechel, 1965


— Presents — A BRAND NEW

Shalom bayis hotline phone lines open from 10-11pm all calls are anonymous


• Completely Anonymous • Desgined around your schedule • Use the service as a sounding board for even small issues you feel you may want to discuss further

• Discuss current Shalom Bayis issues • Get a referral to a local therapist to further discuss problems • Hear ideas how to make your current marriage better



Sunday/Tuesday/thursday 10-11pm

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014

beginning thursday, august 2nd and then every sunday, tuesday and thursday night

The Jewish Home n



The Jewish Home n

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014

Book Nook The Art of Marriage Book Review by Dave Weiss


he first part of our marriage was happy. But then, on the way back from the ceremo-

ny…” I just finished reading Ruki Renov’s latest book, The Art of Marriage, the follow-up to her immensely popular book, The Art of The Date. I couldn’t stop laughing as I learned so many brilliant ideas and strategies on how to create a wonderful marriage. “To keep your marriage strong, whenever you are wrong, admit it. When you are right, keep your mouth shut.” It offers sage advice for men, such as: “Never argue with a woman when she’s tired…or when she’s rested.” It has the finest advice for women, such as: “A woman never appears more intelligent to a man than when she is listening to him.” The book begins with a review of

how to be the right person and find the right person to marry. It tells you about right qualities to look for and what to avoid in a potential spouse. “Larry said, ‘I’m looking for the kind of wife who can sew. The kind you can give a handful of buttons to and say, ‘Here, sew some shirts on these.’’” The Art of Marriage provides the

You will be happy when you make your spouse happy. research and techniques of today’s most renowned marriage therapists such as John Gottman, Lori Gottlieb, John Gray and Terrance Real, as well as inspiring Torah thoughts by such

Dr. Eli Adler DDS PC

249 Broadway, Lynbrook, NY 11563 • 516.255.1988

Root Canals • Implants • Family Dentistry Sunday & Evening appointments available Only 5 Minutes From Cedarhurst PPO Plans Accepted As FULL payment

respected Torah greats as Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, Rav Paysach Krohn and Rebbetzin Feigi Twerski, all put together in a format that is highly entertaining, insightful and designed to help you improve your marriage. It will teach you, “All marriages are happy. It’s the living together after-

wards that’s rough!” Too many people go into marriage totally unprepared – unprepared to work at it; unprepared to commit; unprepared to sacrifice; unwilling to bend, compromise, and respect one another; and unwilling to devote themselves to making the other one happy. Rather, they think of me: make me happy, see it my way, do it my way. And they need more – more attention, more money, more understanding, and more excitement. Marriages may be made in heaven, but the details are worked out here on earth. Marriage, Ruki Renov tells us, is about learning to give, share, care, and think about your spouse’s needs and desires. When both people work at a marriage, the marriage can work. Everyone wants to be happy when they marry. You will be happy when you make your spouse happy, if in turn, your spouse is working to make you happy. A marriage works when two people work at making each other happy. I love this joke in her book. A sign reads: Lost dog, scar across face, missing one ear, limps, blind in one eye, answers to the name, “Lucky.” The Art of Marriage taught me that the best way to make a marriage work is to concentrate on and appreciate your spouse’s positive qualities and on the positive side of your relationship, so the negative aspects can remain in perspective. I learned that when the focus is on the whole rather than the parts, the negative parts don’t overshadow the positive ones. It is vital for one to create and value the friendship, the sharing of memories and dreams, the looking back and forward, the ability to confide

in someone, the reaching out and pulling in, the dependence, the sharing inside jokes and private thoughts, the understanding of each others’ moods and feelings and even predicting them, and to work to develop a bond that overrides the disagreements and weaves an unbreakable connection, binding a couple together. Marriage is about two people feeling they each have someone to turn to and count on. “At a marriage seminar a man is asked, “Can you describe your wife’s favorite flower?” He gently leans over, smiles at her, and says, “Pillsbury All Purpose, isn’t it?” The Art of Marriage even goes so far as to teach about finances. “A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.” It will teach you all about in-laws. “The difference between in-laws and outlaws is that outlaws are wanted.” Furthermore, The Art of Marriage teaches one how to communicate, recognizing your own and your spouse’s sensitivities and insecurities. You will learn to strengthen your own self-esteem, appreciate each other, build one another and grow together. Most importantly, this book will teach you, “Love is an unusual game in which there are either two winners or no winners.” This book is rated five stars by Amazon and for good reason. It is appropriate for anyone contemplating marriage, is recently married or is married for many years. In relationships, there is always room for growth and improvement. For extra fun, read it with your date or with your spouse. “A woman asked her husband, “What are you going to do today?” He said, “Nothing.” She said, “But you did that yesterday? “So,” he says, “I didn’t finish!” Do something smart today. Go out and get yourself, your spouse, your child, friend or relative, the ultimate book on how to create the perfect marriage, The Art of Marriage.

*All jokes and quotes are excerpts from the book.

101 The Jewish Home n j a n u a ry 2 , 2014


The Jewish Home n

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014

From My Private Art Collection Rebbetzin Naomi N. Herzberg

The ABC’s of Artistic Knitting


n my younger years, when my children were small, I would knit all summer long. I enjoyed those times, chatting with my friends in front of my bungalow, watching my children as they played under my feet. I still have many of those handmade items. I used to make gifts for special people as a display of my genuine feelings of friendship towards them. Some of those special items are handed down to their next generation; our friendships remain embossed in sweet memories of wonderful beginnings. Do you have a thirst to understand the skills required to produce individ-

ual unique designs of your own for personal use and to share? Below are some tips and valuable information: A) An asterisk (*) symbolizes the beginning of a repeat pattern found in the directions and a colon (:) symbolizes the end of the pattern found in the directions. (Sometimes, instructions for a repeat pattern are found in parentheses.) B) Background colors should accent the complete piece. Choose colors wisely and carefully with caution. C) Common terms used in knitting and their abbreviations are important to know while following directions for a pattern. 1) alt. -alternate 2) beg. - beginning 3) cm – centimeter(s) 4) foll. following 5) in- inch(es) 6) k. - knit 7) p.s.s.o. – pass slipped stitch over 8) p. - purl 9) rep. – repeat 10) sl. – slip 11) st.(s). – stitch(es) 12) t.b.l. – through back of loops(s) 13) tog. – together. D) Designing a stocking stitch pat-

tern is easy, as it is created when one row of knit and then one row of purl follows. E) Experimentation is the key to overcoming any fears. F) Fancy yarns should not be used until you have perfected your skills. G) Gorgeous ideas for designs can be found in knitting books or online. H) However one plans the design of a piece of handmade knitted goods, it requires patience. I) Indulge your love of knitting by knitting one square at a time. This can become a blanket one day. J) Just collect your squares made out of various colors of yarn and join them together at a future date. K) Knitting in past generations was a pastime of both men and women. L) Lace stitches create beautiful finished products. Sequence can also be added for a special touch. M) Methods for joining stitches do change and will directly influence your work, so become educated in this area. N) Needles which are commonly used come in U.S.A. sizes 15, 13, 12, 11, 10 ½, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, and 00. O) One or two colors work well when using intricate stitches. There is no need to get busy with multiple colors. Simplicity works well. P) Patterns are made to follow but there is also room for experimenting once basic knowledge is applied. Q) Quality work is accomplished when there is a thorough understanding of the instructions. Do not begin until you comprehend the entire pattern. R) Remember: knit a small sample out of the yarn you will be choosing before starting your actual project. By doing this you will be able to gauge the tension of the particular yarn which you will be working with. This will

help determine the amount of stitches required for a particular size.

ripped out and you can start again. Y) Yarns can be substituted to create different types of pieces for everyday and eveningwear. Z) Zigzag patterns are exciting and fun to make. This can be accomplished by following a pattern with instructions.

S) Stitches are created out of what is referred to as a knit stitch—where the loop created with the yarn is placed behind the needle or a purl stitch where the loop created with the yarn is placed in front of the needle. T) The thickness of the yarn and texture of the yarn will create different outcomes. U) Understanding the traditions behind knitting is exciting and worth researching. V) Visual representation is needed to clearly understand how your project will come out. Before beginning, study finished pieces of your own and in stores. W) Working with a few yarns at a time will create texture. X) X-ray vision is not required, just allow yourself freedom of expression and the rest will follow. Do not be afraid to make a mistake. It can be

Rebbetzin Naomi N. Herzberg is a professional art educator, artist and designer. Among her known artwork is a floral sculpture presented to Tipper Gore, Blair House, Washington, D.C. Presently she is the Director of Operations at Shulamith School for Girls. Please feel free to email with questions and suggestions for future columns.

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The Jewish Home n

Grocery Section

1st Session: June 26th-July 18th 2nd Session: July 21st-August 14th

The Jewish Home n

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014


We can’t wait until summer 2014!!

mazdesign 718.471.6470

My counselor was the best part of camp

It can’t get better than this!

It’s a place where you feel the warmth and care


BE A PART OF IT! • For Girls Entering 5th Through 8th Grade • In-Ground Olympic Size Pool • Daily/Instructional Swim • Experienced Staff • Daily/Instructional Swim

Day/Night Camp All In One

Under the leadership of Mrs. Reba Singer 1205 Caffrey Ave • Far Rockaway




the ArboreAl New YeAr in the Shomron

with Guide

eve harow

First, we will visit the Zimmerman Farm in Itamar - home grown dried fruits, a dairy and more, all in a self sustaining energy environment

Enjoy a delectable home-made dairy lunch at Savta Chana's (Rav Dudkevitch) in Yitzhar.

Up the hill to the Melet Mill for flour, oil and honey. Eretz Yisrael is desolate no more. Peek in at the cutting edge One Israel Funded security center keeping our farmers and their children safe.

In the afternoon we will honor the holiday by planting fruit trees in Eli, planning for the future even as we partake of the bounty of the Land

See where Gideon may have 'threshed his wheat in a grape press' at Ofra of the Judges.

End the day at the Gvaot Winery in Givat Harel, where creative blending and ongoing research have brought our new old industry back to life The cherry trees of modern Ofra; we’re way beyond the seven species.

TuESDAY JANuARY 21, 2014

MONDAY, JANuARY 20, 2014

t i s i V y r a u Jan o the t an Valley Jord with Guide

Eve Harow


Southern Jordan Valley • Down to Israel's east via the stunning back road north of Wadi Kelt towards Jericho • Visit Naama and Omer Atidya on their Einot Kedem Ranch; a little house on the 'prairie' where we can buy their olive oil and dates. This inspirational young couple also provide a haven for youth at risk • Netiv Hagdud; tour with agronomist Chaim Oren and try the restorative pure Argan Oil that he and his wife Sylvie harvest and sell all over the world • After a delicious dairy lunch at Cafe Cafe, we will drive up the Sartaba Mountain to the brand new breathtaking lookout platform of the entire area. • South to the Dead Sea; meet the Megillot Search and Rescue Team. See their storage facility and hear of their high risk life saving work, including never before told stories from their recent volunteer stint in the Philippines after the typhoon. Then, exclusive for One Israel Fund - a live demonstration of a rescue in the Judean Desert.


t i s i V y r a u Jan o the t an Valley Jord with Guide

Eve Harow


Northern Jordan Valley • Drive the little known Allon Road, behind the scenes, scenic and strategic • A visit to the Spice, Tea and Stevia Ranch at Moshav Hamra. A green oasis in the foothills of the Shomron • In the Massua area, meet the local IDF Brigade Commander and hear firsthand what his challenging work entails. Special for One Israel Fund - lunch with soldiers • At the Miller Packing House in Shadmot Mechola, see locally grown flower bulbs and herbs for export and learn how the BDS movement affects the farmers’ livelihood • An Iron Age foot shaped enclosure near Argaman - can this be a Gilgal from the time of Joshua and the Judges? • Return to Jerusalem via Road 90




j a n u a ry 2 , 2014


e t a r b e l e

The Jewish Home n

Winter Day trips January 2014

106 j a n u a ry 2 , 2014

Life Coach Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS

Starting Over

The Jewish Home n



Chasidishe shechita, Cholov Yisroel, Non Genrokts, Hand Shmurah Matzo

Looking forward to greeting you personally. Your hosts, The Mandel Family

aving your jaw wired seems the be great. “You like only celery, you get best guarantee! excited by kale, chocolate is the eneIt’s true you may not look my!” I don’t know if they can get anythat gorgeous or be capable of any one under deep enough to believe that! grand oration. OK—not even small The worst discouragements are talk. But liquids and puree are the only fake starts and self-sabotage. Like, you things getting in there, and that seems a were doing great for five days straight definite bet for success. and then you happened to have, inadMore realistically, a nutrition- vertently, swallowed that cake—whole! ist would be a better course of action. Whoops! However, to actually If we could just stick with the routine stick with a diet for you’d need to have the amount of hours Somewhere her move in. And I we can discuss dietmean to your body, ing, we’d literally be along the day not just your house. in amazing shape! Otherwise, who Each morning I I swallowed doesn’t cheat?! wake up “full of rethe “resolve” I know walking is solve,” each night I a fantastic help. But got to sleep “full!” along with so many obstacles Somewhere along the get in its way. One day I swallowed the everything else. is the front door. You “resolve” along with actually have to go everything else. through it and out of I’d love to say I the house to start! In California, that’s have the answer, but it’s a matter of not a lot easier. But in New York you have: giving up. You’ve got to be willing to the cold, the snow, the rain, the ice, the start over again. “Ready, willing, and heat—so many factors get in the way of able” that’s the mantra! Personally, I’ve forging out there. Then there’s also the perfected “ready and willing”—now question of whethif I could just get er you have some“able” to kick in. one to walk with The truth is getwho is actually ting past the first on your schedule. few weeks is the Alternatively, you whole secret. Then could take your your body stops iPod with music or craving all the a shiur that keeps stuff it loves. The you engaged. But question is how to where’d you put it get through those last?  Then again, first few weeks. your cell phone Feel free to write can do—you can the editor if you’ve even make your got the answer. Till phone calls, but is then:  I’m off to get my jaw wired, but first a quick stop it charged enough to keep you going?! If you do get it together to walk, in town! Truthfully, whatever it is you’re make sure it’s not anywhere near town. Because once you are done walking, working on: Never give up, get your there’s all those stores calling to you: mind focused, and embrace  starting low fat frozen yogurt, “diet muffins”, over! Have an awesome week! and then, what’s one bite of pizza? Before you know it, all the calories burned are converging on you. Joining a gym is a great option! Actually, going there is the problem! You Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship have to! Unfortunately, just paying the counselor and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or at rivmoney doesn’t get the results. How about hypnosis?!  That would

Allan J. Rolnick CPA

Thoughts on Taxes for 2014

“[A tax loophole is] something that benefits the other guy. If it benefits you, it is tax reform.” Sen. Russell B. Long (D-LA) “The Eiffel Tower is the Empire State Building after taxes.” Anonymous “Our party has been accused of fooling the public by calling tax increases ‘revenue enhancement.’ Not so. No one was fooled.” Dan Quayle “When we played, World Series checks meant something. Now all they do is screw up your taxes.” Hall of Fame pitcher Don Drysdale “When it comes to finances, remember that there are no withholding taxes on the wages of sin.” Mae West “The question is: What can we, as citizens, do to reform our tax system? As you know, under our threebranch system of government, the tax laws are created by: Satan. But he works through the Congress, so that’s where we must focus our efforts.” Dave Barry “Late one night, just blocks from the Capitol, a mugger jumped into the path

of a well-dressed fellow and stuck a gun in his ribs. ‘Give me your money,’ the thief demanded. ‘Are you kidding?’ the man said. ‘I’m a U.S. congressman.’ ‘In

that case,’ the mugger growled, cocking his weapon, ‘give me my money.’“ A popular magazine

“A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” George Bernard Shaw

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014


013 has been a big year for taxes. The “fiscal cliff” deal boosted the top federal income tax rate to 39.6%; “Obamacare” added new taxes on top earners; and dozens of state and local governments raised their taxes, too. Congress will finish 2013 even more divided than it began, which will probably protect us from new taxes next year. But here are some quotes to ease the sting of this year’s higher bills:

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Your Money


The Jewish Home n

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014


Join us at the incomparable

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Passover 2014 in Orlando, FL Featured Scholars-in-Residence

Rabbi Kenneth N. Hain

Rabbi Shmuel Hain


Rabbi Benjamin Blech

President Richard M. Joel

Under the strict glatt kosher supervision of Rabbi Rafael Berdugo, Rav Hamachshir

Alan Berger Director and Host Robyn Hartman Program Manager Doug Soclof Dining Room Host and Maitre D’ For reservations or more information, please contact our team at: 1-877-PESACH4 (1-877-737-2244) or 516-734-0840 GG WAO 10Wx14H Ad 5774 #5.indd 1

Catering by

Joey Bodner, Marty Bodner and Eddie Izso of

12/24/13 10:37 AM

The Schechter Family Presents...

a perFect winter get-away

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Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein Honorable Phillip Goldfeder NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLY

Avraham Rosenblum

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Our 19th spectacular year! Directly on the beach Oversized NEWLY RENOVATED rooms many with terraces Superb Children’s program Gourmet glatt kosher cuisine with renowned Chef Andy Serano Communal or private seders Private seder rooms available Trips to major attractions Golf, tennis, watersports nearby Daily services, shiurim, lectures

Special aMenitieS For the KoSher traVeler: 4 Shul on premises oceanFront! 4 Glatt-kosher catering available 4 Within Sunny Isles Eruv MiaMi Beach, Florida 4 Shabbos keys available 4 250 deluxe rooms . . .

1 877 327 6363



1-800-327-8165 305-937-7209

World Renowned Guest Speakers Jewish Home 4.65” x 5.875


14 – 22, 2 L I 01 R

Find us on Facebook GatewaysOrg




R’ Dr. Akiva TATZ




R’ Jonathan RIETTI

R’ Yonason SHIPPEL

R’ Mordechai SUCHARD

gashmius combine for the ultimate experience

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Gourmet Cuisine Dear Guest: Dear Guest: As you know, our Pesach program is a “Non-Gebrokts” program. As you know, our Pesach program is a “Non-Gebrokts” program. Consequently, guests are kindly requested to be careful that Matzo Consequently, guests are kindly requested to be careful that Matzo should not come in contact with liquids. Furthermore, being that Egg should notpermissible come in contact with liquids. Furthermore, being that Egg Matzo is not on Pesach (except for the infirm on the advice is not shall permissible onextra Pesach (except forthe the“Shabbos infirm onErev the advice of Matzo a Rav), guests please be careful during of a Rav), guests shall please be extra careful during the “Shabbos Pesach” meals to keep away the Egg Matzo –as much as possible- from Erev to keep away the Egg Matzo –as much as possible- from thePesach” Pesach meals dishes and utensils.

e n t e rta i n m e n t the Pesach dishes and utensils.


R’ Mordechai BECHER

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where ruchnius


World Renowned Gateways Speakers

you Simcha YaakovThank Thank you KAJ Hashgocha LEINER SHWEKEY

KAJ Hashgocha

Day Camp

• Masmidim program run by Rabbi Dovid Libman • Pirchei & Bnos style day • Experienced professional day camp led by Master Storyteller & camp directors & counselors Mechanech Rabbi Avi Frank • Trips to major attractions • Children & teen programming • Children’s Carnival • Babysitting service

Mrs. Zahava FARBMAN, lmSw • Entire Hotel Exclusive to Gateways • Luxurious suites • Atrium lobby • Private Seder Rooms • New Indoor Pool and Jacuzzi • Shabbos Key Locks & Elevators • Health and fitness center • Walking paths • Aerobics, Simcha dancing and Zumba • Tennis Courts • 24 hour tea room • Lavish buffets and kiddushim • Shmurah Matzah • Non-Gebrokts • Cholov Yisroel & Chasidish Shechita • Vast wine selection • Two game rooms • Wi-Fi throughout • Complimentary parking • 45 miles from Brooklyn & 5 Towns

the shidduch division of gateways

Featuring Gateways Shadchanim

For More Info & Reservations


800-722-3191 • 845-352-0393 •

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014


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The Jewish Home n

j a n u a ry 2 , 2014



PESACH 2014 For a Pesach vacation that includes a beautiful resort, an unrivaled kids program, non-stop events, fascinating lecturers, and of course an incredible dining experience, Choose Upscale.

*Rancho Bernardo Spa Pool & Cabanas

The Upscale Experience Awaits. White Oaks Resort Niagara Falls, Canada

Rancho Bernardo Inn San Diego, California

Dolce Resort Norwalk, Connecticut

“Extraordinary would be the only way to describe it. The resort that has it all.”

“A peaceful haven in the heart of the mountains.”

Experience the only luxury pesach resort, less than an hour from nyc

-Condé Nast Traveler Top Southern California Golf Resort Awards Winner


-Canada Select Ontario’s Top Five Star Hotel Resort




T h e J e w i s h H o m e n january 2, 2014

Five Towns Jewish Home 1-2-14  

Five Towns Jewish Home 1-2-14

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