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2018 Annual


We all want Jewish joys and freedoms to live on – each of us on our own terms. Jewish Federation is the one organization that mirrors and embodies the Jewish collective in addressing the needs of the Jewish community – the needs of our Jewish family – as a whole and on behalf of individuals.

Please note: Throughout report, some names and likenesses of direct beneficiaries may be changed to preserve privacy and dignity.

Dear Friends, Jewish life is always changing: how or where people choose to express Jewish traditions, how they form and raise their Jewish families, how they support Jewish causes. Jewish Federation changes with them. This is not because we are responding to them or ahead of them, but because WE ARE THEM. Jewish Federation is the one organization that embodies and mirrors the Jewish collective in addressing the needs of the community – as a whole and on behalf of individuals, whether children, adults, the elderly; Orthodox, Reform, “just plain Jewish,” and everything in between; married, single, straight, gay, rich, poor, Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Mizrahi, American, Israeli, Galitziana or Litvak (extra credit for those two!); short, tall, spotted, striped, what have you.

You recognize everyone on the boat has an interest in fixing the hole. As Jews, we share a common destiny. If one of us is in trouble, we’re all in trouble. We work together to fix the holes. It’s how we have survived as a People through good times and bad for millennia. It is the only way we will continue to thrive… together. Today, we have several holes to fix, among them: • Needy Jews who don’t know where their next meal is coming from • Jewish kids who don’t know why being part of a Jewish community makes their life better • People of all ages who don’t know why Israel matters • Increases in anti-Semitic acts in recent years And fix them we must. Our freedoms and future depend on it. In 2018, we made great strides together. The Federation, our partners, and all our supporters made a difference in many thousands of lives. While we have much work ahead, it is clear this community is on a solid path. Please read on to learn more.

Our most sincere thanks,

We continue to change together because Federation and the Jewish community are one in the same. We all want Jewish joys and freedoms to live on – each of us on our own terms. As individuals, our Jewish identity and practices may vary from one another’s, but no one wants to be told we can’t be Jewish – whatever that may mean to us, respectively. And no matter what “type of Jew” each of us may be, we are all responsible for one another. Here’s what that means: if there is a hole in the lower hold of a ship, and you’re on a different deck, you don’t say, “Only the lower hold has a hole in it.”

Susan Antman Executive Director

Cheryl Markbreiter President 2019, 2020

We did this... So long as one Jew is alone, one Jew goes hungry, one Jew can’t feel his or her Jewish soul, or fears hate, our work will go on. In 2018, Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey made it possible for the Jewish community in Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties to address the most pressing needs in Jewish life.


We did this by caring for those who are vulnerable.


We did this by inspiring people of all ages, especially young people, to connect with Jewish life and with Israel.


We did this by cultivating commitment to our shared needs, interests, and responsibilities.


And we did this by leading the Jewish community in crisis prevention, preparedness, and response. We did this against a backdrop of external challenges: things like increasing anti-Semitism and security threats; government funding decisions that affect Holocaust survivors and religious schools; and changes in Federal tax laws affecting charitable giving, to name a few.

We did this at a time of cultural change, when younger, more secular generations feel less urgency about Jews helping Jews, discovering why Israel matters to them, maybe even why a Jewish future matters at all.


• We did this to make Jewish life sweeter, more just, more accessible, and more sustainable for all; • Because we care about those in need; • We care whether the Jewish People survives for our great grandchildren’s generation; • We care about what happens in and to and with Israel; • We care about having others to be with in times of celebration, ceremony, or sorrow; • And we care that we should all be safe whenever and wherever we gather as Jews. As we share stories and statistics from 2018, please know your participation made it possible. Whether you gave $18 or $118,000, YOU made it happen. Whether you came to one event or chaired ten, YOU made it happen.

Whether you read one Facebook post or shared 100 with all your friends, YOU made it happen. THANK YOU for being there as the Jewish community in the heart of New Jersey thrives together.

We did this because it feels good, and most of all, we did this together. Thank you.

As only Federation can federate verb

fed·er·ate | \’fe-də-.rāt\ federated; federating; federation Synonyms: ally, associate, band (together), coalesce, cooperate, unite Caring for people like Harry

Connecting people like Ava

There simply is no better way to make a difference in Jewish life than through Jewish Federation. Combining resources for the common good enables individuals and individual organizations, each doing their own part, to produce greater impact for themselves and others. The Federation multiplier effect can make it possible for a single dollar donated or invested to return 10, 20, 30 times that value – or more – to address our community’s needs. For example, less than $90,000 invested by Federation over three years brought more than $3 million in security enhancements to synagogues, schools, and community centers across Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties; less than $40,000 invested in advocacy contributed to a more than $11 million increase in state security funding for K-12 religious school students; and when shifts in demographics and actuarial projections resulted in a funding shortfall for aid to needy Holocaust survivors, an investment of $25,000 returned more than $250,000 – to name just a few examples. Federation pools, invests in, and shares resources that most individual synagogues, schools, service agencies, cultural, educational, and community organizations could not access on their own.

Fostering commitment in people like Andrea

In addition, as a part of a North American collective, Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey is uniquely positioned to share the collective’s high-level insights, access, and tools with our local community. Conversely, this also enables Federation and its donors to impact Jews in need, whenever and wherever that may be. Federation gives our donors – from those contributing $18 to $118,000 – more power to change the world.

Because you give to Federation, you are changing lives. Investing in crisis prevention for people like Dora

For Harry’s, Ava’s, Andrea’s and Dora’s complete stories – and many more personal stories bringing our impact to life, go to jewishheartnj.org/impact

Our impact In 2018, Federation and YOU: Enabled the Jewish community to care for those in need locally... Helped bring 40,000 kosher meals on wheels to seniors who can’t afford or prepare their own. Did you know, the volunteers who deliver the meals are often the only social contact these seniors have with another person all day or all week? Funded close to 6,000 mental health counseling sessions for people without adequate or any insurance to cover the cost of life-changing treatments for

issues from family crises to clinical depression and more. No one is immune from mental health challenges, but sadly, there is a stigma around the subject, especially in the Jewish community. With our support, Federation’s family service partners provide culturallysensitive help to those in need. Enabled more than 100 kids with either troubles at home or special physical or cognitive needs to attend summer camp through need-based camp grants Jewish summer camp connects kids with peers and learning in ways that stay with them for a lifetime. Every Jew deserves to be part of a supportive community. Need-based camp schoalrships give that to children in need.

CARING We brought much more than food to Harry during his final lean and lonely years. We brought him friendship and the comfort of knowing he was not alone.

Made two dozen interest-free loans through partner, Hebrew Free Loan of NJ. These loans helped people deal with situations, such as job loss, illness, home repairs, and more. The Building Jewish Families loans defrayed the high costs of fertility care and adoption for would-be Jewish parents. Ongoing care included in-home aid and monthly Cafe Europa festive luncheons for hundreds of Holocaust survivors, as well as senior socialization activities not only meeting the needs of the elderly, but also keeping them connected to the Jewish community that values and respects them.

Led the community in crisis prevention, preparedness and response... Our crisis-related work took many forms in 2018, with a focus on fighting anti-Semitism and enhancing security. We: Offered consultation to every Jewish organization in the heart of NJ, and led the community in bringing another $1 million in security enhancements to the local places where Jews gather. This brings the three-year total to approximately $3 million dollars. Conducted a second interfaith clergy mission to Israel in three years, addressing some of the underlying misconceptions leading to anti-Semitism at home. 20 participants representing eight different Christian and Muslim

Caring where it counts CARING Ben’s home life was troubled and tense. Thanks to a need-based camp scholarship from Federation, Ben went to a warm, supportive Jewish summer camp. Camp friends became yearround friends, and now Ben’s circle of support, his connection to Jewish community and identity — and his spirits — are stronger.

denominations, who traveled with Jewish clergy, shared their newly broadened viewpoints with their home communities upon return, and have gone on to form a supportive network with one another. Advocated for state of NJ increases in security funding for non-public, K-12 school students, doubling the state’s per capita expenditure for those who attend Jewish day school.

And following the tragic shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh, we added more security training programs for Jewish organizations to our existing, ongoing efforts. Because we had been building a supportive interfaith clergy network through interfaith security and bias trainings over several years, as well as Federation-funded interfaith missions to Israel in 2016 and 2018, many

of our interfaith friends and partners were right there with us at many of our community vigils and synagogue services following the Pittsburgh tragedy. Through our work connecting all Jews to community in times of celebration and sorrow, we made sure people knew where to go to share their grief and solidarity, with vigils attended by thousands community-wide.

Sponsored partner, Chhange’s, annual Colloquium educating thousands of public high school students of all faiths about the Holocaust, human rights, and hate in all its forms. Remained at the forefront of discussion involving civic leaders, law enforcement, and Rutgers University educators, administrators, board members, and students about antiSemitism on campus.

CRISIS Three generations of Dora’s family are always in and out of their synagogue, for committee meetings, Sunday School, services. Dora’s glad the synagogue got a Homeland Security grant and its leaders attend security trainings thanks to Federation.

Connecting all Jews to Jewish life Connecting all Jews to the communal experiences that enrich Jewish life... For many, the most powerful connector to, or even igniter of, Jewish identity are joyful and meaningful communal experiences. In 2018, Federation connected thousands of Jews from every walk of life, every age, interest, and background to a rich array of resources and experiences offered by the heart of NJ’s vibrant, caring, inclusive Jewish community. We built connections among local community members, and between them and Israel.

In 2018, we engaged more than 3,000 young people and their families in Jewish joy, learning, traditions, and togetherness with PJ Library, Jewish camp, teen enrichment and on-campus college programs.

Investing in our youth We invested in a strong Jewish future with programs nurturing young people’s Jewish souls and inspiring them to embrace their Jewish identity and form lasting bonds with Jewish peers: Supported Rutgers Hillel in serving between 300 and 400 Shabbat dinners on any givenFriday night to connect Jewish college students with Jewish community.

Connected hundreds of teens to Israel: • 120 at the Teen Israel Summit • 53 with Israel travel grants • 180 through J-SERVE greetings to IDF Lone Soldiers • 15 from JTeam philanthropy making grants to Israel-based organizations. Supported Jewish Day Schools to make formal, immersive Jewish education more affordable.

Invested in the quality of Jewish preschool and afterschool, supplemental Hebrew school for all, with continuing education and support resources for more than 100 Jewish educators, with such programs as: • The Early Childhood Educators Conference • The Hebrew School Teachers Conference • The Education Directors Group In addition to supporting all these individual programs, as well as such others as DSN’s youth group and incentive grants for first-timers to try Jewish camp, Federation cultivated a heightened sense of commitment and community among a subset of teens emerging as leaders during several Federation youth opportunities. 70 early childhood educators who work at Jewish preschools across Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties gathered for continuing education organized by the Jewish community’s Early Childhood Directors’ Group supported by Jewish Federation.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Hillel International University of Nevada College, Accepting Leadership and Identifying with Israel Foundation for Jewish Camp Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey

Federation board member, Robin Wander, who is also director of The Early Learning Center at Congregation Torat El, Oakhurst, as well as co-head of the community directors’ group, cochaired the conference with Amy Naphtali, Director of Temple Beth Ahm’s preschool, Matawan. Temple Shaari Emeth, Manalapan, generously hosted the Federation-supported event.

TEEN ISRAEL SUMMIT In 2018, Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey’s first Teen Israel Summit enabled 120 teens from Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties to experience Israel “without the plane ticket.” The day brought area teens one step closer to embracing what Israel means to them.

CONNECTING All smiles in front of one of the oversized posters showing life in Israel today.

They enjoyed an Israeli Shuk (marketplace), complete with food, photo ops, and gifts from Israel. They were energized by the opening session with keynote speaker, Chloé Valdary of Jerusalem U. They chose from such breakout sessions as advocacy, sports, cooking, innovation, music, and dance. Our Israeli teen emissaries who are here for the year, Dana and Maya, worked closely with our heart of NJ teens in planning and producing the event. This lent authenticity to the flavor and details of the day. The Teen Isael Summit was hosted at the Rutgers Hillel House with Jerusalem U, StandWithUs, AIPAC, the Israeli-American Council, The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), BBYO, USY and others.

CONNECTING Teens showing off their Israeli-made crafts in the shuk.

The program was made possible through generous support from the Laurence S. Weiss And Edith G. Weiss Foundation Inc.

Jewish Federation convenes the Early Childhood Directors’ Group quarterly and supports its annual conference to invest in quality Jewish preschool education today and a strong Jewish future for generations to come.

CONNECTING At the group’s annual Early Childhood Educators’ Conference providing continuing education for preschool educators, a Loose Parts workshop, inspired by the renowned Reggio Emilia model of child-centered education, showed how the student-directed activity can empower children’s creativity, problem-solving, and sense of self worth, as well as fine motor development, while promoting S.T.E.A.M.* education. S.T.E.A.M. is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

... for a strong Jewish future The making of young leaders Nurturing young people’s participation in Jewish life rarely occurs in a straight line, but dozens of area teens bucked this generalization in 2018. Of the 180 teens who took part in J-SERVE international day of Jewish teen service, 30 of them were so excited about making a difference in the Jewish community with their peers, that they formed the backbone of the Teen Israel Summit leadership committee. A few had also received Federation grants for Israel travel the summer before, and saw the Teen Israel Summit as a way to give back to the Jewish community and share their passion for Israel with other teens.

I see among my peers, it can be hard for teens to connect with their Jewish Identity and Israel. These things give more meaning to my life; joining J-SERVE allowed me to share them with other teens so more of us could make a direct impact on the community. One of the things I did was organize a trip to a food pantry and serve those in need.

who had never traveled to Israel to get a feel for the amazing country. Leading a breakout session was very empowering. I’m very thankful for all the opportunities Federation has given me to empower myself and others.

That summer, I wanted to do an advocacy and social action program in Israel, but I wasn’t sure I could afford the trip. Federation’s teen Israel travel grant enabled me to go and learn to become an activist for Israel. When I came back and heard about Federation’s Teen Israel Summit, I was excited to share what I’d learned. The summit allowed those

Their eagerness to get others on board, their grasp of their role in building a strong Jewish future, and their love of Jewish community – both here and in Israel – inspired us all. Meet Ava At 16 years old, Ava has already made a profound difference for our Jewish community of today and tomorrow; she has been a committee member for both J-SERVE and the Teen Israel Summit, as well as a recipient of a Federation grant for an educational summer program in Israel.

CONNECTING Back row, third from left, 16-year old Ava deepened her involvement and leadership in Federation programs connecting teens to their Jewish identity and their relationship with Israel.

Connecting people of all ages to Israel The Jewish Federation proudly promotes many ways for people to connect with Israel, discovering what it means to them, to the Jewish People, and the world. In 2018, we conducted and supported programs involving more than a thousand participants to foster their personal relationships with Israel. They included: Israel@70 Israel turned 70, and we marked its big birthday in a big way, with a year-long string of concerts, book launches, films, Instagram happenings, hummus tastings, and more, among them: Backed commemoration to celebration events guiding

participaton in 70 and Sababa, the Celebrate Israel Parade. Community Journey We brought 250 people to Israel on the Four Corners of Israel journey, the majority of whom had not been to Israel before. Among many highlights were standing on Haas Promenade overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem and visiting several programs we fund in Israel to see, first-hand, how we’re changing lives. Israel in the Heart of NJ Being the leader in bringing Israel to life in the heart of NJ, and for those who could not get to Israel this year, we brought a little piece of it here. We made the famed Shalom

Sponsored Axelrod Performing Arts Center’s Israeli Film Festival showcasing ground-breaking work of Israeli filmmakers, with screenings in Monmouth and Middlesex locations. Shinshinim Perhaps the best part of Israel we brought here were our Shinshinim – Israeli teen emissaries, Maya and Dana, who spent a gap year between high school and the IDF in our community. They worked closely with Federation teen leaders and carried out formal roles with program partners: Marlboro Jewish Center; Congregation B’nai Israel, Rumson; Neve Shalom, Metuchen; and Congregation B’nai Tikvah, North Brunswick. Their work, which also included visits to public high schools and Holocaust survivors, educated American Jews about life in Israel, and put a human face on Israel.

CONNECTING (left) Israel@70 celebrations drew thousands across the heart of NJ. (below) Shinshinim, Maya and Dana, at Federation’s Teen Israel Summit. Dana said, “I’ve never been anywhere before where people love me just because I’m Israeli.” attendees from solemn Yom Hazikaron, remembering fallen IDF soldiers, to sensational Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israeli Independence Day. Worked with Congregation B’nai Tikvah to promote a community-wide Israel 70 Gala Concert featuring multiple live music performances in revelry and ruach. Coordinated community-wide

Hartman Institute’s scholarly adult education courses available, free of charge, in more than a dozen locations. Sponsored world-renowned mandolinist and director of the Be’er Sheva Conservatory of Music, Jacob Reuven, and the Be’er Sheva Mandolin Quartet in Concert. They made their Heart of NJ debut featuring an eclectic program from Vivaldi to Israeli folk songs.

...for a more caring relationship with Israel Those who are connected to Israel understand its almost magical pull. This year, while enabling more people from the heart of New Jersey to form personal relationships with Israel based on cultural or educational experiences, we also cared for the most vulnerable people in Israel. Federation invested in programs providing food, social services, physical, mental, and educational

Rescue for youth at-risk Zaka is one of 19 organizations in Israel we gave a Federation targeted grant in 2018. (See box) Among the others are Amit Shikum, Gesher El Hanoar, and Crossroads, which take young adults and teens off the streets, providing a safe environment with academic, life skills, and mental health resources for them

improvements in their grades, self-confidence, and soft skills. 100% of its 12th graders are on track to graduate with a full matriculation diploma. Shutaf Big success also came in smaller packages in 2018. 40 teens and young adults with and without disabilities participated in Shutaf’s

ZAKA TEENS TURNED THEIR LIVES AROUND Uri is one of 20 troubled teens who turned their lives around with help from Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey and its supporters. From poverty-stricken, non-supportive homes, and at risk for drugs and criminal behavior, they wound up in a Zaka program learning to train dogs for Israel’s renowned search and rescue organization. To do this, ZAKA teens must accept the discipline of routine. Caring for an animal, they learn to take care of themselves, learn about trust, how to work with a group, and what achievement feels like. They gain skills that can lead to military and job opportunities. Zaka’s K-9 Professional Training Program empowered these youth-at-risk to build resilience and responsibility, care for themselves and others, and strengthen their foundation to lead successful lives.

rehabilitation, and more. With our help, teens at risk of addiction, abuse, and mental illness got back on track. Children from the Ethiopian community, who were barely getting by in school, are now star pupils. Observant children as young as 10 became empowered to overcome sexual abuse.

to rebuild self-confidence, prepare for IDF and career success, and become better citizens. Zaka, Amit, Gesher, and Crossroads helped nearly 1300 young people, combined, in 2018. 97% of Gesher’s clients completed the school year with significant

therapeutic, educational, and vocational program, learning to live safely and independently in the mainstream of the community.

Committed to shared responsibility today... Giving through Federation, there isn’t a Jew in the world we can’t help. We may not know where the needs in the Jewish world will show up, but giving to Federation allows us to show up where and when needed. Cynthia Wolff, legacy donor

Cultivating commitment to meet the critical needs in Jewish life... Today’s Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey is our Jewish community’s central sounding board, its go-to partner in problem-solving, among other roles.

such as donor advised funds, for preserving tax advantages.

Many organizations forming the backbone of Jewish community also look to Federation for financial partnership, and nearly all the impact we create takes money.

Life & Legacy For the future of the Jewish community, recent research shows organizations will need to generate 20%-25% of their operating budget from endowed funds to meet their obligations.

Cultivating shared commitment to a strong Jewish community is fundamental to our mission. In 2018, we expanded ways for donors to pair philanthropic investments with their passions, such as designating gifts for care of Holocaust survivors or fighting anti-Semitism. Responding to changing tax laws, we increased awareness of philanthropic instruments,

Revamping corporate sponsorships, we enabled businesses to better reach target audiences, creating value for themselves and the community.

In 2018, Life & Legacy’s ten participating Jewish organizations reached $11 million in the future value of committed endowments, bequests, insurance policies, and other after-life gifts. Legacy gifts enable individuals and families to ensure the Jewish resources they care about today will be part of the Jewish community long into the future.

...and for the future A Legacy for the Future Thank you to our When Laurence and Edith Life & Legacy Partners Weiss made a legacy gift Cultivating legacy donors to the Jewish Federation takes time and perseverance 15 years ago, this year’s on the part of the synagogues, Teen Israel Summit leaders schools, and cultural institutions were still toddlers; but comprising the Life & Legacy because educating Jewish partnership. As the lead partner, teens about activism and Jewish Federation extends its advocacy was and remains thanks to the following: the Weiss family passion – and they invested in it for Congregation B’nai Israel the future – today’s teens Rumson were able to produce the high-impact youth program with Jewish Federation. Congregation B’nai Tikvah North Brunswick The Weiss’s legacy gift continues to fund several programs through which our area’s Jewish teens can develop the skills they need to Congregation Neve Shalom become leaders. In addition to the Teen Israel Summit, the Weiss’s gift Metuchen funds teen travel grants for advocacy-oriented programs in Israel. Highland Park “My brother, Steve, and I are honored to continue our parents’ partnerConservative Temple ship with Federation through the legacy gift they made. Today’s programs ensure our community’s Jewish teenagers learn how to become Jewish Heritage Museum of effective advocates for social justice at home and for a strong State of Monmouth County Israel,” said Patricia Weiss Fisher, Laurence and Edith’s daughter. Freehold rs t

We are pleased to reach a new generation who will someday become leaders of the Jewish community and continue to my parents’ vision supporting Jewish activism and advocacy. Patricia Weiss Fisher

Monmouth Reform Temple Tinton Falls Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva Edison Rutgers Hillel New Brunswick Temple B’nai Shalom East Brunswick

2018 Leadership Federation board members work across the community to assess and meet the needs in Jewish life. Their dedication makes a world of difference in the thousands of lives we touch.

Officers Mr. Jeffrey Schwartz President Mrs. Amy Mallet 1st Vice President Mrs. Michelle Fields 2nd Vice President Dr. Murray Katz Treasurer Mrs. Cheryl Markbreiter Secretary Committee Chairs Mr. Jeffrey Schwartz Executive Committee Mrs. Naomi Lasky Community Relations Mrs. Adrienne Ross Impact Mrs. Lauren Reich Financial Resource Development Mr. Joel Krinsky Governance Ms. Sheryl Grutman Leadership Council Dr. Eliot Spack Leadership Council

Trustees Mrs. Ruth Bash Mrs. Linda Benish Mrs. Linda Block Mrs. Jennifer Bullock Mrs. Sandy Cohen Mrs. Elise Feldman Mr. Jay Fields Mrs. Joan Fischer Ms. Deborah Friedman Mrs. Wendy Friedman Mrs. Cindy Gittleman Mrs. Linda Gotlib Ms. Sheryl Grutman Mr. Edward Guttenplan Dr. Marlene Herman Mrs. Sheryl Horowitz Mr. Liran Kapoano Mr. Alexander Kemeny Mrs. Rosanne Koenigson Mrs. Laurie Landy Mrs. Rhonda Levy Mrs. Louisa Liechtung Mrs. Maxine Macnow Mrs. Leslie Ostrin Mrs. Devorah Pava Mr. Ken Philmus Mrs. Jodi Reich Mr. Jeremy Renna Mr. Larry Rosen Rabbi Ronald Schwartzberg Mrs. Francine Semaya Dr. Eliot Spack Mr. Roy Tanzman Rabbi David Vaisberg Mrs. Robin Wander Dr. Michael Wasserman Mrs. Phoebe Wofchuck

COMMITMENT LEADERS ARE MADE... Though previously uninvolved in Federation, Andrea came along with a friend on our Four Corners of Israel trip. She was so moved by Federation impact, she asked how she could get involved. Andrea now serves on our Overseas Impact committee. We are proud to cultivate commitment through engagement opportunities connecting people to Jewish life and causes.

Local grant recipients and funded programs These partner organizations in the heart of NJ received Jewish Federation grants for major community programs meeting critical needs. CARING FOR THE VULNERABLE Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Monmouth County • Congregant meals • Emergency financial aid • Aging-in-place services • Holocaust survivor services • Kosher Meals on Wheels • Mental health counseling • Senior socialization Jewish Family Services of Middlesex County • CAMEO senior nutrition • Holocaust survivor case management and services • Kosher Meals on Wheels • Mental health counseling • Senior socialization Jewish Social Services of Middlesex County • Emergency financial aid Friendship Circle • Youth friendship program for those with special needs


Jewish Federation self-funded these programs filling unmet local needs.

Axelrod Peforming Arts Center • Israeli Film Festival • Jewish Culture Club


Chabad of the Shore • Monmouth University programs for college students Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County • Holiday/cultural celebrations • JCC Connects On the Road for isolated seniors • Learning Throughout Life for seniors Jewish Day Schools • Hillel Yeshiva • Netivot – The Montessori Yeshiva • Rabbi Pesach Ramon Yeshiva • Solomon Schechter Day School (The Hebrew Academy)

• Needs-based camp incentive grants • Special needs camp grants CONNECTING ALL JEWS TO A VIBRANT COMMUNITY, JEWISH IDENTITY, AND ISRAEL • One Happy Camper Jewish camp incentive grants • J-SERVE • PJ Library CRISIS PREVENTION, PREPAREDNESS & RESPONSE • Security risk assessment and training/education resources • Federal and state grant application consultation • Security Task Force CULTIVATING COMMITMENT

Rutgers Hillel • Shabbat dinners for college students • LEAD peer leadership for community building

• Life & Legacy Program

Hand in Hand • Youth friendship program for those with special needs S.E.A.D. Bridge Academy • Occupational, speech, and physical therapy for youth with special needs

As a temple administrator, I can say with confidence we would not have gotten our major Homeland Security grant without Federation’s expertise and support.

Overseas grant recipients The following organizations in Israel received targeted grants for programs that care for the vulnerable in Israel. Amit Shikum Vocational rehabilitation for those with mental illness Crossroads Intervention for at-risk teens ELI Therapeutic support for abused children and their families

Ethiopian National Project Scholastic assistance Gesher El Hanoar Academics for at-risk youth JDC • Homebound Holocaust survivor services • Saving lives in Azerbaijan Lehetiv Turnaround program for families in despair

Sderot Development Foundation Vocational support for disadvantaged single mothers Shutaf Vocational and life skills for those with special needs Tenufa Bakehila Services for poverty-stricken Holocaust survivors ZAKA Search and Rescue training for at-risk youth

Sahar Online Mental Health Support

JTeam grants High school students in the JTeam teen philanthropy program learn to assess communal needs, evaluate grant applications, advocate for applicants they feel meet the most compelling needs, and ultimately allocate $5,000 to make our world a better place. This year’s recipients were: Camp Sunrise The Staten Island JCC’s Camp Sunrise serves many children from central NJ. The full-summer camp is for children with cancer and their siblings, and free of charge. The camp’s mission is to bring back the joys of childhood. Team 5 Medical Foundation Team 5 medical volunteers provide

treatment and education in remote, under-served areas of the world. They teach local healthcare workers, provide remote medicine and donate supplies to developing areas so residents, many indigenous people who have never seen a practitioner, can become self-sufficient. Michael Levin Center for Israeli Lone Soldiers The Lone Soldier Center is a grass-roots Israeli non-profit founded by former lone soldiers to support the more than 6,000 lone soldiers serving in the Israel Defense Forces. Michael Levin was an American-born lone soldier who fell fighting in the Second Lebanon War.

Sponsored programs and events Federation supported programs and events in conjunction with the following organizations for the shared purpose of connecting all Jews to a vibrant and caring community: • Alpha Epsilon Pi at Rutgers University • Ahavas Achim • Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple • Axelrod Performing Arts Center • Boy Scouts of America Monmouth Council • Center For Jewish Life • Central Jersey Shalom Cultral Club • Chabad House at Rutgers University • CHHANGE - Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide Education • Congregation Beth Ohr • Congregation Bnai Tikvah, The JCC of North and South Brunswick • Congregation Sons of Israel, Manalapan • East Brunswick Jewish Center • George Street Playhouse • Hand in Hand • Handbags for Hope • Henry Ricklis Holocaust Memorial Committee • JCC of Middlesex County • Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Monmouth County • Jewish Family Services of Middlesex County

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Keshet Marlboro Jewish Center Monmouth Reform Temple Netivot – The Montessori Yeshiva NJ Institute for Disabilities Rabbinic Association in the Heart of New Jersey Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva - RPRY Rutgers Hillel at the Eva and Arie Halpern Hillel House on the Wilf Family Campus Special Strides Temple Beth Ahm Temple Rodeph Torah Two River Theater Yeshiva at the Jersey Shore

CONNECTING Global Day of Jewish Learning connected hundreds of Jews across our area to a day of discovery, to fellow community members, and to 500 communities across 40 countries through the study of shared texts. Congregation Beth Ohr and Congregation Neve Shalom hosted in the heart of New Jersey.

Financial Efficiency Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey manages nearly $21 million annually, with approximately $4.5 in our annual operating and endowment budget, and greater than $17 million in endowment funds. Our goal is to spend 50% or more of our budget funding programs and services conducted, provided, and delivered by partners; 25% or less on programs and services conducted, provided, and delivered by our Federation, itself; and 25% or less on administration and fundraising – a level deemed appropriate and financially efficient by Charity Navigator. In 2018, we exceeded our targets in each of these areas.

56% Grants for partners’ programs and services

23% Federation programs and services

21% Administration and fundraising

Financial Resources Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey cultivates and mobilizes financial resources from our annual community campaign, targeted campaigns and gifts designated for specific needs, and endowment or legacy gifts. Developing financial resources in this way, Federation enables donors to align their philanthropic investments with the causes they care about – all while addressing the Jewish community’s most critical needs for today and a strong Jewish future. In 2018, financial resources were generated from the following sources.

$2,300,000 Annual community campaign

$969,000 Designated and foundation gifts

$720,000 Endowment contributions

Thank you The entire board, leaders council, and professional team at Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey thanks each donor, volunteer, partner, sponsor, and program participant who made it possible for Federation to change so many lives and strengthen the Jewish community in 2018. Together, we made the Jewish heart of NJ more vibrant, caring, connected, and inclusive. Together, we thrive.

Looking for help? Looking to help? Looking to connect?