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The latest news, products and services from the restaurant industry, for the restaurant industry APRIL 2021


THINK HOMAPAL Over the years, hardly any other material has proven its worth in interior design to the extent in which the laminate has done. Looks, feel and function ae combined to get the interplay of elements into all-embracing spatial concepts in a way that couldnt be more natural

Above all, it has always been the genuine- metal coated laminates and magnetic boards that are associated with the HOMAPAL name. Yet being the scenes in Herzberg, many more variations of this modern material are created and produced.

It provides architects, carpenters and joiners in furniture-making and interior designs with the basis for producing the last word in creative design - in doctors' surgeries, bars, hotels, clubs and restaurants, on cruise ships and in shop fitting. Southern Depot:

Exclusive Distribution in the UK:

Deralam Laminates Limited Head Office: West Coast Park, Bradley Lane, Standish, Wigan WN6 0YR


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April 2021


The latest news, products and services from the restaurant industry, for the restaurant industry APRIL 2021

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You may think that you need to take a 9-hour flight from the UK to Louisiana to try authentic southern smoked BBQ. Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse in Margate, Kent, have for the last 6 months been providing their customers with beautifully smoked meats which are as good, if not better than what you would receive in New Orleans.

Bringing that Southern states BBQ to the UK –

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse Matt Clements, Found of Fat Daddy’s started his journey in producing some of the finest smoked BBQ foods in the UK after years of perfecting the art of smoking succulent meat joints and adding in his own mix of incredible marinated sauces. Himself and the team have already been recognised as a must visit eatery in Thanet and with rave reviews on all social media platforms Fat daddy’s is now on speed dial for many of the residents in Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate. Fat daddy’s saw a gap in the market when it came to an authentic US experience for BBQ food. With already plans on home delivery in the summer you will no longer have to worry about burning the sausages as Matt can ensure that the most


amazing slow cooked (13 hours) pulled pork is delivered to your door. For the Fat Daddy’s team, it is all about the process. From slowly smoked brisket / pork to their smoked Kansas BBQ chicken wings every item on this menu is a must have. Once you’ve had a taste you’ll certainly want to try it all! As mention the process is the most important part of Fat Daddy’s success. Founder, matt commented “For us it’s all about not just the time and effort put in to the smoking process it starts with the strict high standards we have when choosing the best cuts of meat for our customers. I feel that without the highest quality service from start to finish we could not give our consumers the fantastic experience they have learned to love.”

“We spend so much time in the kitchen to make sure every order is as good as the last. I personally get into the kitchen at 4am and usually do not shut up shop until 10pm but as this is my passion I happily dedicate my time and efforts to creating the perfect smoked food.” With already talk of opening another premises within the next year Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse want to reach as many people throughout the UK so they can have first-hand experience of their wonderfully crafted menu. Next time you’re visiting the southeast coast of England grab a taste of the South-East of the USA. Fat Daddy’s smokehouse – Follow them on Instagram @fatdaddys.smokehouse or visit

PODFather is now being rolled out across the UK wide operation. PODFather is being used to plan delivery routes and issue ETA notifications to customers. Drivers have been issued with a smartphone which enables them to log vehicle check information and download delivery details using the PODFather app. Available for both Android and iOS devices the easy-to-use app also allows drivers to navigate between jobs, log delivery completion notifications and collect proof of delivery photos and signatures which are uploaded back to the transport office in real time.

Destiny Foods picks out of the box delivery management software from PODFather Destiny Foods, one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and distributors of frozen desserts and specialist patisseries has selected PODFather’s route planning and proof of delivery solution to roll out across its nationwide operation. With over four thousand active customer accounts, Destiny Foods needed a solution capable of giving it the operational visibility required to optimise and grow its premium product business. The fact that PODFather could offer route planning, vehicle checks, driver tracking and electronic proof of delivery, all in one out of the box system, made it the obvious choice for the Destiny Foods team. Destiny Foods delivers desserts and patisserie products to leading UK groups and independent customers across the hotel, restaurant, pub, travel, and leisure sectors. With a fleet of 25 temperaturecontrolled vans offering a six day a week next day delivery service across the length and breadth of the UK, the Destiny Foods team saw the need to introduce a robust planning system to improve visibility and efficiency across its operation.

“With PODFather we will have a complete route planning and delivery management system which we can roll out across our entire operation,” comments Dean Croft, Head of UK Logistics at Destiny Foods. “The fact that PODFather offers so much functionality, in one easy to use cloud-based system, made it a very attractive proposition for us as it means we can roll it out swiftly across our depots, eradicate paper, and start reaping the benefit of improved planning practices in just a matter of weeks.” “We are delighted to welcome Destiny Foods to the growing list of food service companies who are relying on PODFather to plan and manage their delivery operations,” adds Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at PODFather. “PODFather remains a highly customisable system but this implementation is testament to the hard work our team has put into developing and delivering an out of the box solution that new customers can have up and running in a matter of days.” PODFather Ltd – so much more than ePOD Our software is helping businesses within the logistics, construction, field service and healthcare industries to streamline processes, improve operational and financial efficiency, and eradicate paper. Our cloudbased delivery management software encompasses a range of features and functionality including job management, route planning and optimization, vehicle checks, proof of delivery, driver and vehicle tracking, as well as invoicing and reporting modules. PODFather allows businesses to be better informed about the jobs they are managing, highlighting problems before they occur, making users proactive rather than reactive. Our customer base includes well-known names such as Tarmac, NHS, Bidfresh, Oxfam and Igloo, as well as a many independent logistics and construction service operators. To find out more visit PAGE




The Ultimate Easter Indulgence for Home Dining plus Dinner on the Terrace by Heston Blumenthal Reopens 12 April Enjoy Easter at Home with Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London is pleased to announce that they will be welcoming guests to Dinner on the Terrace by Heston Blumenthal from 12 April. The perfect spot to dine out post-lock down, The Terrace has unparalleled views of Hyde Park in bloom. Where better to sip on a glass of something cold, whilst tucking into Dinner’s creative, historically-inspired, five course menu with crowd-pleasers such as Meat Fruit. Priced from £140 per person.


If the anticipation of Heston’s theatrical menu is too much, Dinner at Home by Heston Blumenthal will resume for Easter with a limited new menu including dishes such as Roast Lamb and Egg in Verjuice. Available on Sunday 5th April and Monday 6th April only at £160 per person. Newly available from The Rosebery, set yourself up with a glamourous Easter weekend indulging in Mandarin Oriental’s Signature Chocolate Easter Egg and Hot Cross Buns alongside traditional scones, sandwiches and

cakes from the Easter Afternoon Tea Hamper. Guests can toast to the new season with a glass of sparkling Moet & Champagne. Easter Afternoon Tea Hampers are priced at £140 for two people including a bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne. Available from 1 – 5 April 2021. Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian & Children’s options are also available.



As we cautiously look ahead to the easing of lockdown and opening up our restaurants, there’s no denying that we’ve learnt a great deal in the last year. It’s been tough, but it is also true that it has taught us about new and exciting business models and ways of interacting with or appealing to customers.

Turning lockdown learnings into opportunities for the future For those restaurants that were quick to add outdoor table service and click & -collect to their armoury, running these services concurrently with welcoming diners back inside their restaurants is a sure-fire way to cover all bases. Many customers will be eager to return for the full indoor dining experience, but there will be some that will be erring on the side of caution for now and will prefer to take their time in returning to more social environments. For these people, offering click & collect as an option means not losing their custom and protecting your relationship with that customer. It is important to remember that as lockdown eases, social distancing and Covid-19 hygiene measures will not disappear overnight and we are well aware that some sort of measures will be in place perhaps for the foreseeable future. Customer loyalty is top of the agenda at the moment as restaurants start to find their feet again and so it’s important that diners see that their favourite restaurants are continuing to do everything they can to keep people safe. Furthermore, adding outdoor seating (particularly as the weather starts to improve) and table ordering or click & collect is instantly adding much needed revenue streams. The trick is ensuring that the customer experience across all services is seamless. That means making sure that all systems are interacting with each other in a way that ensures that customers don’t notice any disparity between them. For example, using an EPOS system that can automate your service by digitising your ordering and payment processes, means you can streamline ordering, both indoors and outdoors. Customers can stay seated, order and pay without needing to interact directly with staff and unnecessary touchpoints are removed, allowing staff to concentrate on giving customers the best dining experience. In turn, this system can directly connect to your click-and-collect service to make on and offline ordering a combined process.


There’s no denying that there is much to consider at the moment for restaurants starting to reopen, but showing their diners that they understand the concerns that have arisen in the last year and have adapted accordingly is now paramount to acquiring and keeping new customers.



Hygiene versus Cleanliness: The Truth of the Matter Why confusion in the public about the difference between the two could cause harm, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what we should do about it.

family size – but also ‘improved household amenities and higher standards of personal cleanliness.’” This theory has since been debunked by numerous health experts, but still is embraced by many people, including, apparently, members of the media and the “experts” they quote. Rather, health experts cite contributing factors such as an increasing preference for C-section rather than natural childbirth, bottle rather than breast feeding, less sibling interaction and less time spent outdoors as key contributing factors. They also note that altered diet and excessive use of antibiotics can adversely affect our ability to sustain a healthy microbiome.

The onset of the most dangerous pandemic the world has seen in a century has certainly raised awareness about cleanliness and hygiene. On the air, in print and online, experts are encouraging us to wear masks, wash our hands, avoid touching our eyes, nose and mouth, and avoid crowded places. But what does that really mean in terms of controlling the COVID-19 virus? All of these steps are clearly important in tamping down the spread of the virus, but there is more to consider. First, let’s take a look at the meaning of the words “cleanliness” and “hygiene” in this context.

CLEANLINESS AND HYGIENE: THE DIFFERENCE If you do a Google search on “difference between cleanliness and hygiene,” you get more than 18 million results! At the top of the list is this: “Cleaning in many cases is removing dirt, wastes or unwanted things from the surface of objects using detergents and necessary equipment. Hygiene practice focuses on the prevention of diseases through the use of cleaning as one of several inputs.” The source, an article posted on, goes on to state: “The term cleanliness should not be used in place of hygiene.” The truth is, many people are confused by these terms, including the media, who often use the terms interchangeably, according to extensive research by the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene in 2018, which looked at articles published between 1989 and 2017. 1989 is a key date, because that is when the so-called “hygiene hypothesis” was first published. It suggested that “rising levels of allergies in children were due to lack of exposure to childhood infections, partly due to decreasing


The other misconception is that dirt is responsible for lack of hygiene, and its eradication can prevent infection. The problem this theory embodies is that human health is dependent on a wide variety of non-harmful microbial species, the human microbiome. By considering all microbes to be equal, we perhaps can affect the spread of COVID-19 by destroying them all, but that also has potential serious side effects. For example, depletion of a biodiverse set of microbes in the gut that are important to functioning of the human body can result in obesity, diabetes, food intolerance and more. But that does not mean, as some articles in the media suggest, that people should avoid washing their hands or let their children eat dirt in order to increase the amount of gut microbes that enter the body or try to boost immunity. This concept of modern life being “too clean” is bogus.

IN PURSUIT OF HYGIENE An article in Perspectives in Public Health, written by Sally Bloomfield, Honorary Professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, positions hygiene as protecting ourselves against infection, noting that this is a vital public health issue that is being undermined by the idea that we have become “too clean” for our own good, stemming from the 1989 hygiene hypothesis. She points out, “Microbe exposure acts to regulate the immune system so that it tolerates rather than attacks things like pollen, which are actually harmless if left alone.” The article further states: “While pathogen–human interactions cause infections and can be fatal, rapid development of microbiome science is now showing that exposure to ‘beneficial’ microbes through

contact with our human, animal and natural environment is essential for health. These microbes allow us to build a diverse microbiome in our gut, respiratory tract, skin and other areas. Failure to maintain a diverse microbiota on and in our body is being linked to an increasing range of diseases which include not only allergies (asthma, eczema, hay fever and food allergies) but also autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease). These disorders have risen dramatically, particularly in the last 50 years. Lack of microbiome diversity is also being linked to other maladies such as depression and obesity.” But this does not mean either going to the extremes of “eating dirt” because we are too clean, or pursuing excessive cleanliness at the expense of home hygiene.

TARGETED HYGIENE: A FRAMEWORK FOR CHANGE According to the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene, “Targeted hygiene is a risk-management approach to hygiene in the home and everyday life”. The aim is to focus our hygiene practices in places and at times when harmful microbes are most likely to be spreading … rather than regarding hygiene as “cleanliness aimed at eradicating dirt”, where dirt is seen as the main source of harmful microbes. This is especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic, and is reflected in the advice to wear masks, wash hands frequently, use hand sanitizer and avoid touching the mouth, nose and eyes, as we have heard from health practitioners over and over again during the pandemic. What does that actually mean for home and everyday hygiene practices, especially as it relates to the spread of COVID-19? The main sources of harmful microbes such as the COVID-19 virus comes from people who are infected, both symptomatic and asymptomatic. While the virus can be airborne and the transmission can be reduced by the wearing of masks, it is equally important to ensure that contact surfaces are kept as free of the virus as much as possible. This means cleaning touched surfaces with household cleaners or sanitizers, preferably using disposable cloths or paper towels. A disinfecting wipe is effective for an area of about a square meter, at which point, a new wipe should be used. Beyond that, you are simply spreading the contamination to other areas. Other targeted measures are keeping the bathroom sanitized, and after coughing, sneezing and nose blowing, when the nose and mouth should be covered by a paper tissue, disposing of the tissue immediately, and washing or sanitizing the hands. It can also be effective to use single use towels for drying hands after washing. If cloth towels are used, they should be washed at least once a week. That also goes for any non-disposable cleaning cloths. And cleaning sponges should be used for no more than a month! Speaking of laundry, experts also recommend hand washing after handling dirty laundry, since harmful microbes can be present there, as well as the use of hot water when it is not detrimental to the fabrics being washed. There are also laundry disinfecting products available on the market that can help destroy harmful microbes, even in the absence of hot water.

In summary, targeted hygiene helps us protect against infectious disease in a manner that minimizes excessive destruction of friendly (and necessary) microbes.

KEY TAKEAWAYS There is a distinct difference between cleanliness and hygiene, and the two should not be confused. Remember, cleaning is only one element of good household hygiene, and being “too clean” is not what causes susceptibility to disease. The key is to balance protection against harmful microbes, like the COVID-19 virus – or the influenza virus, as we enter flu season as well – while still sustaining exposure to the friendly microbes required to sustain healthy human life. Targeted hygiene is an effective way to approach that challenge. Using disposable wipes, tissues and paper towels, especially when the viral load may be high, is also highly recommended. Following these guidelines, in addition to the standard infectious disease guidelines of hand washing or sanitizing, wearing masks and socially distancing, will help slow the spread of this deadly virus. MORE INFO ON PAGE




Keeping hospitality healthy Chris Wakefield, Vice President, European Marketing & Product Development, GOJO IndustriesEurope Ltd, discusses how hospitality businesses can maintain healthy spaces to encourage a return to awayfrom-home entertaining. The hospitality sector has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Large scale closures, often at late notice, have devastated the industry, and businesses must do everything they can to avoid localised outbreaks of illnesses, which could further impact the sector. Essential measures include developing a regular cleaning schedule and providing ample opportunities for handwashing, however product selection will play an important part in the effectiveness of these measures. So what should businesses look for when purchasing, to help encourage compliance and raise standards?


Efficacy Products used must act quickly and effectively against bacteria, especially given quick turnover time between guests in hospitality environments. Fast acting and with high antimicrobial efficacy, PURELL® surface sanitising products are compatible with most smooth surfaces such as tables, worktops and fridges. Bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal, PURELL Surface Spray and Wipes have been tested against Coronavirus1, passing the EN 14476 standard with a contact time of just 30 seconds. The Surface range has also been tested on the most common pathogens in food environments, including Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria and yeast.

Ease of use In busy environments, products that need to be precisely diluted, or used in a particular order can result in mistakes. The PURELL Surface Sanitising range comes ready-to-use with no rinse required, making them perfect for repeated use throughout the day. Two new products have now been added to the range, a new bucking format, holding 450 wipes, ideal for large surfaces and intensive use, and a the 5L jug is designed to refill the 750ml trigger spray bottles, making it a more sustainable purchase.

Attractive packaging Generic bottles covered with warning labels can be confusing, and somewhat off putting to staff, who may worry about the risks of employing these products. The PURELL Surface range’s yellow packaging has been replaced with blue trigger handles, lids, and labels, bringing them into line with PURELL’s market-leading hand hygiene range. Staff can then see at a glance that products conform to the PURELL promise that products are safe, effective and good for you. Chris Wakefield, Managing Director UK & Ireland, GOJO IndustriesEurope Ltd comments, ‘As society begins to re-open, employing effective sanitising and hygiene products will be crucial to keep spaces clean and COVID-secure, regardless of industry. Built on decades of scientific innovation and proven to work by independent testing, the PURELL brand can be trusted to safely and effectively eliminate germs and viruses.’


BCoV (surrogate virus)

Reopen with confidence with PURELL® Surface Sanitisers Trusted products provide peace of mind for staff and guests PURELL Surface Sanitising Spray and Wipes are fast acting, highly effective sanitisers tough enough to kill Coronavirus* but gentle enough to use on a child’s booster seat — providing peace of mind at every table. Now available in two new formats, so whatever the size of your business, there is the perfect product for you.

For more information: +44 (0) 1908 588444 For European Markets Only. ©2021. GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd. All rights reserved. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. AD-RES-MAR21-UK-V1 *Active against Coronavirus (BCoV surrogate virus) in 30 seconds according to EN14476



Technology that can help your hospitality business thrive For any hospitality business, choosing the right POS system is an important decision. While this depends largely on individual business requirements, the solution has to offer the flexibility and reliability to ensure a business runs smoothly now and in the future. The current pandemic has simply brought these issues to the fore and has forced many hospitality businesses to review not only how they operate, but also how to pivot in such a way that the business can thrive in a challenging and at times unpredictable environment. The wealth of options available in terms of POS technology is extensive. All too often the role of the printer is seen to simply print a receipt but, when used with intuitive software, it can provide a business with a variety of powerful tools. The right hardware can effectively reduce costs with future-proof solutions that enable a business to plan ahead, avoiding unnecessary expense by reducing the need for additional hardware investment as the business develops, not to mention having the technology readily available when required. Furthermore, the right hardware can add value to a business with unique featurerich solutions included free of charge with the printer.

customer database. This offers the potential to attract repeat business via coupons and promotions alongside in-house dining post lockdown.

One area which has undoubtedly highlighted the role of the printer during the current pandemic is online ordering. While it has certainly enabled many establishments to continue operating during lockdown, online ordering apps / web software can also provide the path to an additional future revenue stream thanks to an enhanced

Printed orders vastly improve order accuracy. With a growing number of custom orders and order modifications, a printed order that can be sent directly from the POS system or online app to the kitchen allows all staff members to see the customer’s requirements and effectively cuts down on errors.


One of the most important considerations that any hospitality business has to ensure is accurate ordering, especially given stricter requirements for food labelling, allergies and bespoke customer orders. With the added increase in orders from multiple channels including restaurant, kiosk /self-service, drive through as well as online collection and delivery, an efficient and accurate ordering process becomes essential.

Star’s mC-Print™ receipt printer lends itself perfectly to a secure tablet solution where the device and peripherals can be reliably connected to the network while offering the clutter free appearance of a cable-free all-in-one POS system or self-service terminal. With its compact design, front opening, simple paper loading and outstanding functionality, the mC-Print3 features multiple interfaces as well as Cloud connectivity to provide a future-proof, seamless transition from traditional to tablet POS. Technology such as Star’s CloudPRNT™, available on a range of Star printers, facilitates online ordering by eliminating the need for an additional tablet to send a received online order to the printer. Instead, the ordering service can communicate directly with the printer for online takeaway or collection orders from the restaurant web site. Aware that a large number of hospitality web sites are based on the WordPress platform, Star has developed a free of charge WooCommerce plug-in for simple integration. Alternatively, if a tablet app is used for online ordering then a Bluetooth, WiFi or LAN printer can be connected to print the order in the kitchen as well as the receipt for pick up. Web and cloud enabled kitchen printers, capable of reliably accepting and queuing orders from multiple devices, become essential in this environment. As venues begin to open again, social distancing will no doubt remain important with order and pay at table apps or web sites taking on greater significance. These can also communicate directly with the printer for table orders, including those placed via a kiosk or self-service terminal as well as those placed by hotel guests ordering food and beverages from the room service menu on their mobile device. As well as paper orders, the same connectivity is available for food orders printed on repositionable labels, which can be removed and easily re-applied during the food preparation process before being attached to the final packaging as a receipt for the customer.The Star TSP654IISK using MAXStick™ linerless media can accept orders from traditional POS systems, tablets, phones and also directly from local or remote online ordering platforms. This streamlines the entire process and reduces paper waste, saving valuable time and cost. With hospitality businesses increasingly receiving orders from multiple channels and the consequent higher number of tablets and printers required for different online ordering systems, the need to create a cable-free minimalist environment is essential. The ideal scenario would be a tablet on a countertop providing a clean, sleek vision but all too often this is not practical given the POS setup has to not only look good but also be usable.

In any hospitality business ensuring reliable network connectivity can be challenging, especially in a kitchen environment. Benefitting from Star’s unique SteadyLAN™ technology, the mC-Print3 delivers data, tablet charging and network tethering for iPads as well as USB-C models of Windows and Android devices via a direct Lightning or USB-C cable between the tablet and printer without the need for WiFi. The mC-Print also includes hub functionality with the ability to connect a USB customer display, scanner, RFID device, keypad or other supported HID enabled peripherals directly to the printer for a single integrated system. In terms of payments, the pandemic has made the transition from cash to card payment even more pronounced. As contactless payments increasingly become the norm, other options such as online payment or even QR code payment are useful additions with customers scanning a digital QR code or a printed QR code on the bottom of the bill and paying directly via their phone. With fewer customers now paying in cash, a compact solution that offers a smaller cash drawer is a viable alternative. A combined Bluetooth printer and cash drawer solution such as mPOP™ is particularly easy to install and ideal for businesses looking to potentially set up a popup venue. These are just some of the solutions available to reduce costs, remain flexible and offer contactless experiences so that hospitality businesses can thrive in what is certainly an unpredictable and challenging operating environment for many.

To find out how Star can help your business, visit: or call +44 (0)1494 471111 PAGE




creating a more comfortable al fresco dining area for your customers to enjoy – just in time for summer. When considering your outdoor furniture, NBB recycled plastic is the perfect choice, as the material looks like timber but can last outside all year round without the need for annual maintenance. All our furniture is offered at competitive prices and comes with our marketleading 25-year warranty! It is extremely hard wearing, guaranteed never to split, chip, crack, or rot, and the non-porous properties make it easy to clean between uses. In fact, recycled plastic can last up to 5 times longer than its timber equivalent! The longevity of recycled plastic means that it is the perfect cost-effective alternative for use within the restaurant and catering industry, where heavy use is expected following the further easing of restrictions.

Being Outdoors Is The ‘New Normal’ Release Your Outside Potential With Eco-Friendly Recycled Furniture That’s Guaranteed For 25 Years! During the current pandemic, businesses the nation over are having to take unprecedented action to protect staff and customers from the threat of Coronavirus. Now that the nationwide restrictions are being gradually eased, ensuring your outdoor spaces are fit for use has never been more crucial as we adjust to life in the ‘New Normal’. It remains highly likely that strict social distancing practises will be an operational requirement for the foreseeable future, so introducing furniture outside to make better use of your available space is a great way to stay compliant with government regulations, whilst


Furthermore, we are an accredited member of the Made in Britain organisation. Most our products are manufactured in Poole, Dorset, and sales of our products have recycled over 33 million milk bottles to date – saving them from further cluttering UK landfill or polluting the ocean. Not only does our recycled plastic furniture look great, but it has also helped many happy customers achieve their environmental goals. So, if you’re looking for long-lasting furniture to make the most of your outside spaces, take a look at our eco-friendly range and place your order today. NBB Recycled Furniture 0800 1777 052

DO YOU OZONE? Banish Bacteria Vanish Viruses Kill Covid-19 Eliminate Odours GET A FREE DEMONSTRATION WITH MAG OZONE


01422 244733 Join thousands of companies across the UK adding ozone to their cleaning regime. This has been used for decades and is viewed as an essential treatment for years to come. Quick cycles for any indoor room CLEAN IN JUST 15 MINUTES!



“The air and surfaces are noticeably cleaner and we will continue to use the MAG Ozone Generator as part of our longterm sanitising regime” Dave Cullen, CEO, Roxor Group

MAG Ozone Ltd Telephone: 01422 244733 | Email:



As specialists in vegan cheese, Bute Island Foods provides the very best dairy-free products available on the market today, promoting the benefits of an animal-free diet to as wide an audience as possible, and of course showcasing the beautiful island where we are based. This is where the award-winning dairyfree Sheese brand was born, and started to change Bute Island Foods to continue delivering the highest quality dairy, gluten and animal free vegan foods that we can.

It has always been at the heart of our business ethos to be at the forefront of innovation and quality, and with 32 years of experience behind us, this really shows. With humble Artisan beginnings around a farmhouse kitchen table, Sheese is now available in many different countries, ensuring people wanting the benefits of a plant-based diet don’t miss out on their favourite foods. We keep true to our principles, and ensure that our products are inclusive rather than “exclusive”, so any consumer can to enjoy our range, not simply those who are dedicated to a plantbased and dairy-free lifestyle. We have therefore gone to great lengths to ensure that our produce is as close to traditional cheese varieties as possible, in texture and flavour. With the growth of veganism in mainstream food outlets, Bute Island Foods achieved a remarkable goal, by working with pizza chain Papa John’s to provide the Sheese for their range of vegan pizzas and side dishes. At the same time, Sheese-branded products are made available in Asda stores, meaning that our products are now also available in Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Morrisons and Lidl! Our investment back into the business and its expanding premises, along with an absolute focus on innovation, provides confidence through experience to our retailers and consumers alike, and can only be a huge positive for the Scottish island community that we are privileged to call home. To find out more please visit


Join the party with the UK’s fastest growing*, best tasting and award winning dairy-free cheese. With fresh new pack designs plus significant marketing support, Sheese is set to be the leading brand to encourage trial of the dairy-free category. To find out more please visit @sheeseuk * source: Kantar July 2020



Kopus launches to offer the hotel industry an additional revenue stream As restaurants, cafés, bars and caters prepare to re-open, much of the industry will be wondering how to make their margins viable to break even, whilst function restrictions and social distancing measures are still in place. Kopus, which launches this month, offers a lifeline: an additional income stream with minimal output, which is completely COVID compliant. Kopus is a digital platform that enables existing businesses to coexist as flexible working spaces: Kopus handles the bookings, and takes payments then pays the venue every Friday. Early adopting venues have been swift to realise the potential of broadening their customer base by offering desks, wifi and great coffee to remote workers, freelancers and digital nomads and using dormant space such as function rooms as hireable meeting spaces. Kopus’ Founders: Jason Allan Scott and Sophia Giblin are passionate that their brand offers a sustainable solution and long term business growth model for the industry, but also the opportunity for local people to revive their community and support restaurants, bars and cafés in a refreshing way. Jason Allan Scott states: “ What Kopus can offer the hospitality sector is an additional income stream that was there all along - and what’s more - your dedicated account manager will support, manage bookings and promote it for you. And whilst working from home might suit some remote workers, without doubt, those seeking a vibrant and professional flexible workspace will be excited by what the industry can offer via Kopus”. Instead of charging a per-order commission, Kopus operates on a SaaS model, charging venues a flat fee per month per location and or a profit share NOT revenue percentage.


Remote working is currently advised to continue long into 2021, and many businesses have embraced the opportunity to downscale or completely obliterate the traditional office and need for presenteeism. ‘Work from home’ is set to be replaced by ‘work from anywhere’, offering remote workers the freedom to roam, to detach from the kitchen table, to plug in elsewhere and connect with remote workmates. However, whilst a shared office desk costs £550/month at a Central London WeWork. Kopus charges members a PAYG fee, set by each individual venue - which could include packages such as meeting rooms, additional Wi-Fi and unlimited coffee or tea. To learn more about Kopus, please go to

Yoko Nakada of Makes Miso Hungry has announced today that she will be launching a one-off collaborative meal kit with Michelin-starred chef Endo Kazutoshi, of famed White City restaurant Endo at the Rotunda.

Makes Miso Hungry to collaborate with Endo Kazutoshi for one-off meal kit The menu, created by Yoko and Endo, will consist of spider crab-cream croquettes to start, followed by Tekka-don with shiso & nori – aged soy marinated maguro (tuna) donburi with shiso, nori and fresh wasabi on a bed of Endo’s famous ‘shari’ (rice). This will also be accompanied by seasonal white asparagus with a Rotunda dressing. The boxes are available £60 per person on Saturday 20th and 27th March, with a very limited number available. Delivery is available nationwide. Makes Miso Hungry was founded by Yoko Nakada during the first lockdown in 2020, after she found herself receiving many requests for recipes and help sourcing Japanese ingredients – something that has proved difficult for most people. Yoko realised that so many people love Japanese food but most still find it intimidating to cook from home – leading her to conceive the recipe boxes. The boxes are inspired by the tenets of Japanese cuisine, taught to Yoko by her mama and obachan (grandmother) since she was a young child. Yoko’s meals are contained

in a beautifully-presented box with easy-to-follow recipe cards, origami and chopsticks providing a restaurantstandard Japanese experience from home. To ensure the customer’s experience is as good as it would be at a restaurant, the dishes are pre-prepared to provide a relaxing experience at home. The Japanese ingredients are authentic and fresh produce is hand selected by Yoko from Billingsgate Fish Market, Smithfield’s Meat Market and New Covent Garden market. Endo at the Rotunda – Born in Yokohama, Japan, Endo-san is a third generation sushi master. His grandfather instilled in Endo the passions and values which today stand as cornerstones of his cuisine, and the importance of a close connection to ingredients and their providence, exhibited by Endo’s longstanding relationships with the fishermen who source his fish. Though steeped in tradition, Endo adds his own fresh elements into the art of sushi with his passion for showmanship and performance. PAGE


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A Clubhouse for All Seasons @MarbellaClubH The Marbella Club, Andalusia’s beloved beachfront icon, revamps and expands its culinary offering this spring with the launch of the Clubhouse: a vibrant social hub for all seasons, inspired by the inimitable spirit of its founder Prince Alfonso. This spring, much to the delight of discerning locals and faithful residents, the latest chapter of the Marbella Club’s story will unfold with the launch of its Clubhouse: a series of convivial, free flowing, indoor and outdoor spaces, designed for wining, dining, socialising, pampering and shopping. Drawing inspiration from the hotel’s bohemian beginnings in the Fifties as a purposefully low-key hangout for Prince Alfonso and his glittering A-list friends, from Brigitte Bardot to Cary Grant, this reimagining of the hotel’s original Clubhouse champions the best things in life – food and drink, fun, nature, friendship and family. Guests can take advantage of several new additions: El Patio restaurant, the beating heart of the resort, overseen by the Marbella Club’s newly appointed head chef, Sergio Arconada; Rudi’s bar, a fitting tribute to Count Rudi, the hotel’s first GM – who, at eighty-odd years old, still casts a watchful eye over proceedings; La Bodega, scene of wine tastings with head sommelier, Ángel González; bespoke private dining spaces; and an inviting central patio flanked by a hair & beauty salon, hair spa, barber, florist, gift shop, and flexible spaces for art exhibitions and pop up collaborations. The Marbella Club was born from bonhomie and the Clubhouse continues in this welcoming spirit, providing an inviting space for locals and guests alike to mingle and enjoy; equally suited to work and play, mornings and midnight, young and old. A fleet of talented creators – from artists, artisans, designers and craftsmen to mixologists and chefs – is taking up the reins, sensitively combining innovation with the hotel’s timeless ‘perfectly imperfect’ roots. A closer look at the Clubhouse… El Patio Restaurant (opening spring 2021) The Marbella Club’s new all-day venue features outdoor dining at its most magical. In the sheltered gardens of El


Patio, nestled among the agapanthus, bougainvillea and jasmine, the verdant courtyard offers a peaceful sanctuary during the day, coming alive at night with its swathes of twinkling lights. It’s the perfect spot for guests to gather for a morning coffee, pick-me-up juice, leisurely lunch, afternoon aperitivo, pre and post dinner cocktails and long feasting dinners. Whether it’s in the cosy alcoves of the courtyard, among the vines or at big wooden tables, the options to take in the beauty of the setting are endless. Rudi’s There’s only one Count Rudi von Schönburg – and there’s only one Rudi’s. An elegant homage to Marbella Club’s larger than life original General Manager and irresistible co-host, Rudi’s bar is a snug, decadent winter den, ripe for champagne toasts and tapas, backgammon contests, and fireside nightcaps accompanied by live music. Designed to evoke the feel of a bohemian salon, only-in-Andalusia eye-candy comes in the form of plush polka-dotted sofas, Alhambra artworks, tassel-toting bar stools and a pop-up tablao stage for impromptu flamenco; there’s even a shell-encrusted roaring open fireplace and a majestic tiger (in illustrated form). La Bodega La Bodega is a warm, inviting and intriguing setting, evoking the spirit of a traditional wine cellar and the scene for intimate wine tastings and private gatherings, presided over by the Marbella Club’s expert sommelier, Angel Gonzalez. The hand-painted ceiling and bespoke cherry wood joinery complement the reclaimed wood-topped tasting tables made to house vintage wine box drawers, sourced from stellar bodegas. Marrying nature and technology, each drawer contains different soils, a small vine root and even biodynamic wine tools

to enhance each layer of the storytelling process. Angel’s prize wines and reference books are beautifully showcased within this ultimate candlelit library of curiosities and artefacts for guests to enjoy. Private dining The Clubhouse’s two private dining spaces, with their adjoining private outdoor patios, cater for romantic dinners of two to intimate dinner parties of eight and even larger special occasions, with bespoke menus and creative tablescapes conjured up to suit the mood. Walls upholstered with Mayan designs, bespoke raffia blinds, reclaimed tiled floors and stunning perspectives are some of the details that add to the magic. Long-established Clubhouse spaces The Grill Every night of the year, ‘Gaucho’ Roque Juarez Junior fires up the sizzling hot coals of his legendary bronze clad grill continuing the Marbella Club legacy of his father, Roque Juarez Senior, and brings to life time-tested recipes than never fail to delight. Old world dishes such as Parmesan soufflé, lobster salad and duck a la miel are all delivered in the most romantic of settings, with theatrical glamour and iconic silver service, whether al fresco under the soaring pines of the summer terrace or in the candlelit cosiness of the newly refreshed decor of its beamed interior. Summer Bar The Summer Bar sits amongst the scent of jasmine and orange blossom, where tinkling piano strains and the murmur of sociable guests have soundtracked unforgettable nights since the Fifties. Jaunty citrus-print cushions hint at hours of lounging on the al fresco sofas. Find out more at

Image Credit: Thomas Straker

Thomas Straker launches rotating culinary popup RIGHT THEN at Carousel, Marylebone, ahead of opening his first restaurant, ACRE Named after the line with which he opens all his Instagram recipe videos, RIGHT THEN is borne of Straker’s flair for uncomplicated, indulgent dishes that have captivated his followers, plus the restrictions currently imposed by lockdown. RIGHT THEN brings guests a different dish each weekend, with limited tickets available to purchase online for £15 via Ticket Tailor, a week in advance. After swiftly selling out his first three weekends; starting with his Pici cacio e pepe, followed by Fried plaice milk bun with hispi cabbage and smoked sriracha, and Sourdough pizzas with nduja and wild garlic, this weekend, guests can pick up Potato gnocchi with beef and pork ragu and grilled sourdough served with Amalfi lemonade with fresh mint. An optional pudding of Blood orange and pistachio polenta cake with crème fraîche can be purchased on the door for £7. A new menu will be announced each week, with 500 tickets on sale each Wednesday from 10am. Inline with Covid safety measures, ticket holders are invited to collect their dishes in allocated slots between 12-4pm. Raised on a smallholding in Herefordshire and trained under Darina Allen at the Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork, Ireland, Straker’s style of cooking takes inspiration from his natural surroundings and passion for ethical produce. Following his near 10 years experience working in fine dining in London and New York, from Dinner by Heston to Casa Cruz, Isabel and Elystan Street, Straker’s RIGHT THEN popup preempts the highly-

Chef Thomas Straker, previously of Elystan Street and Casa Cruz, has launched a rotating culinary popup at Carousel in Marylebone; RIGHT THEN, serving up new dishes each weekend until the end of spring, as a precursor to opening his first restaurant, ACRE.

anticipated opening of his first restaurant this summer, ACRE, set to be a stylish and refined setting in which to enjoy simple, seasonal, Mediterranean-inspired food, with ingredients sourced from sustainable British producers. Tickets for RIGHT THEN are priced at £15 and available to purchase a week in advance online via Ticket Tailor: The popup will take place almost every weekend from now until Summer, Saturday to Sunday, with allocated ticketed slots between 12-4pm. PAGE



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