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Restaurants transform into hospital caterers as LEON powers FeedNHS LEON has ramped up its ongoing support of the NHS during the Covid-19 crisis, by launching FeedNHS, alongside actors Damian Lewis, Helen McCrory and fellow actor and comedian Matt Lucas. Launched only last week LEON is already catering for thousands of front line NHS workers and liaising with NHS Trusts to ramp up this vital service. Thankfully many other hospitality ‘names’ have joined and helped, Wasabi, Tortilla, Peach Pubs, Rosa Thai, Hop, Pizza Pilgrims, Franco Manca, Farmer J, Tossed, Haché, Abokado, Dishoom and Nusa Kitchen. The not-for-profit campaign is set to raise vital funds, to provide LEON’s food directly to key workers on the frontline in the NHS, dealing with the ongoing crisis. Many doctors and nurses in critical care units do not have time to leave wards to get a good meal. LEON is hoping that others will join and support this campaign. The restaurant industry has for the most been closed down by the virus but there are suppliers and wholesalers who still have capacity and also food, and many talented entrepreneurs and know how across the industry. It is hoped that this is the start of the industry harnessing their resources to work together to feed the NHS. FeedNHS will initially be working with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to deliver 5,600 hot meals per day to critical care staff, in five of their major hospitals. The campaign follows the ongoing work of LEON and some other brands to support NHS workers as the crisis hit. LEON introduced a 50% discount to NHS teams

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immediately and committed to turn over 100% of profits to the NHS during the crisis. To date, LEON has served 19,214 meals to NHS workers at 50 per cent discount. LEON co-founder and CEO John Vincent said: “We have launched FeedNHS because we have been inundated with direct requests from NHS staff and from their families, asking us to feed them. These amazing people need us. They are already going without sleep. If they also don’t have good food, they will burn out faster, function less well and become ill themselves. We hope other restaurant brands will join us in helping them. They deserve all of our support for their own sake, and for the patients they’re looking after. The hospitality industry is full of wonderful and passionate people. I expect many will want to be part of this action where they can, and where they still have the capabilities and facilities.”

Damian Lewis is wholeheartedly backing the effort and said: “We’ve got some good friends in the NHS working on the frontline and we’ve been asking how we can help. One answer was food. With cafes closed and staff working longer hours, eating at work was becoming a real problem. Our first point of call was John Vincent at Leon and we had to go no further. Together we are working on providing the solution that is desperately needed. We are giving money ourselves and inviting others to do the same.” LEON are also in contact with central government, who are fully supportive of NHS Trusts’ effort to respond to this crucial and unprecedented demand for staff food during the crisis. Every trust will be coming up with local solutions. LEON also want this to be a rallying cry to other restaurants and caterers who are still open to help and get involved with FeedNHS.

Alto-Shaam Expands Senior Team with Appointment of New Vice President of Sales EMEA Alto-Shaam, a global leader and innovator in the foodservice equipment industry, has appointed Simon Parke-Davis as vice president of sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). In his new role, Simon is tasked with executing AltoShaam’s business development and sales strategies, managing and growing key accounts by market segment, and generating new customer opportunities. He will also be responsible for creating and implementing strategic campaigns with Alto-Shaam’s extensive distributor and dealer network across the EMEA region. Simon has significant experience in the foodservice equipment industry and joins Alto-Shaam after more than 13 years at Rational, where he was managing director in the Middle East. Lucy McQuillan, executive vice president of global sales for Alto-Shaam, says she is delighted to welcome Simon to the team. “Simon has a proven track record of strategic management and increasing market share internationally, demonstrated by his time working in the Middle East. I look forward to working with him and continuing our growth in the EMEA markets as we look to promote our full range of kitchen equipment solutions.”

The Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Group has terminated the contracts of hundreds of staff members working across its London restaurants Letters sent to team members informed them their contacts would be terminated. The group, which will pay a fourweek notice period, directed its team members to industry charity Hospitality Action for support. The move is contrary to pleas from the government to keep employees on the payroll and take advantage of its Job Retention Scheme, which will cover 80% of wages for a minimum of three months. It also comes less that a week after the celebrity chef paid tribute to his

London restaurant teams on social media. On 21 March he wrote: “Huge love and thanks to our amazing staff across the restaurants for all their passion and support. I truly hope we are back together very soon.” Ramsay’s London restaurants include the three-Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, oneMichelin-starred Pétrus, the Savoy Grill and Lucky Cat. Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Group has not yet responded to The Caterer’s request

for comment, but a spokesperson told the Daily Mail: “Gordon Ramsay Restaurants is continuing to work tirelessly in exceptional, unprecedented, global circumstances to ensure that as many employees as possible are being retained by the business. “We are no different from any other restaurant/retail business large and small in the UK and around the world responding to the current crisis. “We welcome greatly and fully support all the initiatives introduced by Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak in particular the coronavirus Job Retention Scheme which is still being refined. “We continue to work closely with our landlords, government agencies and all third-party suppliers associated with the business through these very challenging times.”

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Ed Sheeran to pay all his restaurant team throughout COVID-19 crisis Singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran has ensured the wellbeing of all his London restaurant staff by agreeing to pay the salaries of all the restaurant team throughout the COVID-19 crisis. His generosity is irrespective of the length of time the crisis continues. Not only has Sheeran covered his team financially to see them through the crisis, he has additionally encouraged them to find additional work if they can, saying that will make no difference to what he has guaranteed to provide.

He at the same time suggested that some of his team may want to volunteer some of their time helping others through difficult times. Once again adding that their salaries are being paid in full throughout. The restaurant Bertie Blossoms in West London’s Notting Hill is like every other closed until further notice, closed to reduce spread of COVID-19. When it does re-open, he has been quoted saying he will see everyone in his team for a “massive piss up” he will be paying for.

Ed Sheeran is a very rich man, and some might say easy for him to do this. There are many rich men in our industry who have cut their teams off at the legs to keep their deep pockets well lined, So, we for one applaud Ed Sheeran for his financial generosity, and even more importantly, his generosity of spirit. Examples like this not only secure the finances of some, they inspire confidence in many that empathy is very much still alive and kicking in our great industry, thank you Ed Sheeran!

‘These amazing people need us’ - Leon’s FeedNHS appeal for ‘vital funds’ hopes to raise £1m Fast-casual chain Leon has joined forces with actors Damian Lewis, Helen McCrory and Matt Lucas to launch a JustGiving campaign which aims to raise £1m to fund 5,600 hot meals a day for NHS staff in five major London hospitals. The campaign’s aim is to deliver Leon’s freshly prepared meals directly to key staff on the front-line in the NHS who are dealing with the ongoing coronavirus crisis, many of who work in critical care units and have neither time nor access to nutritious meals. In a statement on Thursday Leon co-founder and chief executive John Vincent said: “We have launched FeedNHS because we have been inundated with direct requests from NHS staff and from their families, asking us to feed them. These amazing people need us.” Vincent went on to say that if NHS staff are denied access to good food they will “burn out faster, function less well and become ill themselves”. Actor Damian Lewis said his “first point of call” was John Vincent at Leon: “We’ve got some good friends in the NHS working on the frontline and we’ve been asking

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how we can help. One answer was food. With cafes closed and staff working longer hours, eating at work was becoming a real problem.” Since going live on Thursday evening, the appeal has already raised over £222,000 from over 6,700 supporters. It is anticipated that the non-for-profit initiative, which launched in partnership with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and UCLH Healthcare NHS Trust, will inspire others to instigate a countrywide roll-out. Vincent said: “The hospitality industry is full of wonderful and passionate people. I expect many will want to be part of this action where they can, and where they still have the capabilities and facilities.” It has been reported that other restaurant brands including Wasabi, Franco Manca, Pizza Pilgrims and Tortilla have also

shown their support and other operators who wish to get involved are urged to sign up. To date, Leon has served 19,214 meals to NHS workers at 50% discount. “With cafes and eateries all shut there is a real need to get healthy hot food to the hospitals,” announced Lewis, Lucas and McCrory on their JustGiving page. A spokesperson from Pizza Pilgrims told The Caterer on Thursday that as well as supporting key workers in Sainsbury’s and post offices, they had been able to support some hospitals, including Guy’s and UCH while they were operating as delivery only. “Unfortunately we’ve since decided to close our doors completely for now, however when we do open, we are looking forward to continuing doing drops.”

‘It’s heart-breaking’ – Jack Stein speaks of difficult decisions and calls for clarity on relief funds timescale Jack Stein has spoken of the “heart-breaking” situations operators are facing after the business came under fire for delaying two weeks of April’s payroll. Jack’s parents Rick and Jill Stein established the family business – the flagship of which is the Seafood Restaurant in Padstow – more than 45 years ago and it employs around 650 people. After criticism of its approach to keeping the business afloat, Jack has called on insurers, banks and the government to provide clarity on when financial relief would be available. He told The Caterer that the temporary pay cut was the only option until a payment date was given for government’s Job Retention Scheme, or its insurance claim or application for a business interruption loan were approved. He said: “Paying the entire payroll would potentially mean we never reopen, it’s that close. We’ve got no cash and we must protect the reserves – we had to push that [running out of cash] further down the road. We’re just fighting and doing everything we can do to keep going as long as possible.” All staff have been furloughed and remain on the payroll so they will be covered by the government scheme, which will pay 80% of wages up to £2,500 for at least three months. Jack added that as soon as one of the three forms of financial relief is received, the group will pay the rest of April’s payroll as well as money due to suppliers.

Jack said: “We’re a seasonal business and we’re coming out of the winter. We make a loss until May, so our cash flow is so tight – this just couldn’t have happened at a worse time. “Before the government announced the furlough scheme it would have been a matter of weeks before we had no money – our bank facility is maxed out and everyone is scrambling. We were looking at everyone losing their jobs and us losing the business, which in turn would have affected our supply chain and been the end of everything built up over 45 years. It was heartbreaking and we know it’s the same across the whole industry. “The fact this money is taking time to come through is the pressure. The problem is the devil’s in the detail and the details need to be clear. We’re saying hold on, it’s coming, but we need to know a date.” March’s payroll is being paid in full and Jack said the business was working with its employees to address problems that may arise in relation to the partial delay in April’s payroll, with advice on deferring payments or accessing other credit. Jack added: “Our people are all behind us, they’re going to struggle in April, there’s no two ways about it, but if the government had not have stepped in with the furlough scheme, we would be going bust. They know

that and they know we’re fighting tooth and nail. If we get confirmation of when the payment will be made, we will instantly react and we can then make payments, but at the moment we don’t have any of that and we have to protect the business. If the business goes under, all our suppliers, all our staff and the wider community in Padstow are all impacted. “It’s heart-breaking for us as a family, these aren’t numbers they’re people we love and care about – I’ve worked with some of them my whole adult life.” Many of the restaurant group’s employees have been giving their time to the volunteer to help the local community while the sites are closed. Surplus food has been donated, fish is being taking from day boats and prepped by team members before being distributed to vulnerable people in the local community and the group is working with its local NHS trust to help establish an emergency canteen for workers as well as supplying meals. Jack added: “Nobody knows what’s happening day-by-day, thousands of people could go down with this and hundreds of people are dying. I just want to say ‘not now’ to the negative comments. The government has stepped in, our people will get paid and fingers crossed this won’t last beyond the summer.”

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As hospitality operators continue to look for solutions to manage and protect their business through the downturn caused by the impact of Covid-19, Katy Hamilton of Access Hospitality offers some practical advice on managing current trade and using time and technology to plan for an uncertain future.


irst and foremost, though, operators should follow advice from the Government and the NHS to protect the health, safety and welfare of staff and customers and obtain the latest information on financial and other support.

Govermnent guidance to employers and businesses about Covid 19 NHS Advice about Covid 19

1. Where businesses can remain open, for example those that have a strong delivery trade, make sure that staff are aware of shift availability and keep things as flexible as possible. Remember that their cashflow will be impacted when shifts reduce, so use appropriate variable, but compliant, methods to pay staff after shifts have been completed rather than necessarily having to wait until the end of week or month payroll 2. Simplify your menu – either now, or when you reopen – to reduce the number of dishes available, minimise stock holding and cut costs. There is comprehensive F&B technology available, which can be used to quickly implement revised menu planning, costing, ordering of ingredients and allergen information to offer a more practical offer. Same great quality, just a reduced choice, will help your cashflow and will be welcomed by customers if it means you can keep the operation open 3. Be flexible in response to customer’s reluctance to come out and mix in large groups. Can you offer online ordering for takeaway, for example, or offer a delivery service – particularly for those who may be self-isolating or reducing social interaction? If you have a private dining room, make sure that everyone knows about it as there will still be people who want to mix with friends in as controlled an environment as possible, whilst they’re still able to do so, and the privacy of private dining may give them the reassurance they need to go ahead

Hospitality tips for managing current trade and preparing to bounce back in the future 8 PAGE

4. If you run a community venue, think about your neighbourhood – we know that hospitality venues are at the heart of so many communities, so consider if there is anything you can do on a wider scale. Keep in touch with your regulars, particularly the more mature amongst them, and maybe make your site a coordinating point for providing support to those most in need. If you’ve got fresh produce that will go out of date during closure think about the option to donate this to those in need either at your site or deliver to a food bank to help the wider community 5. Healthcare professionals and other essential workers are going to be at the forefront of the battle against Covid-19 and people are already looking for ways to thank them for the hard work they know they’re going to be facing. Could you run a ‘pay it forward’ scheme where members of the public are able to pay for one of these employees to have a meal in your venue when the outbreak passes to alleviate some of the pressure they’re under and to say thank you? 6. Whilst it’s quiet – which it undoubtedly is – start planning your comeback. If you already have a loyalty programme, put some simple actions together to appeal to your existing customer base, or maybe incentives for people who haven’t discovered your business yet. And if you don’t have a loyalty programme in place, now’s the time to change that! Some businesses have started to offer vouchers, with customers paying now, helping cashflow, but not taking the service until business resumes a more regular routine 7. If you do have to close for a time, which is now almost a certainty, don’t just put the shutters up and hope for the best. Be proactive and complete some of those tasks you’ve been meaning to do for a while but have been putting off. Property maintenance is an obvious opportunity and if staff are being paid, but you are unable to open, channel the resource into other reasonable tasks where possible. Maybe checking the fire equipment, sprucing up the décor or running other equipment checks. Where a technology solution is available, use it to review what regulatory inspections are due soon and ensure that all online paperwork is in order

8. Updating staff records and training programmes is another positive option. Use your tech to assess what training is already available, which members of staff are due for a review and look for trends and improvement opportunities that could help your employee experience and your business 9. Keep in touch with your customer database or social media followers so they know you’re thinking about them and your business is top of mind when things return to some kind of normal. Focus on positives and keep upbeat, without being flippant, and encourage interaction. Maybe swap creative menu ideas that people have discovered whilst they’re in isolation, their wish list of pizza toppings or any new drinks that they’ve tried and would like to see available next time they visit your business. Everyone is going to need remote human interaction and you have the chance to conduct some informative customer research to help shape your future business plans at the same time 10. It’s understandable you are going to focus on cutting expenditure and making savings where possible, but as Peter Martin (founder Atlantic club) suggests “Coming out the other side fitter and leaner is a good objective…. Continuing to invest in people and their development, in smarter tech, in clever design and in quality data and insight (not least to monitor progress through these tricky times) will pay off down the line”. A lot of hospitality technology is designed to reduce food costs, repairs expenditure, optimise labour costs and increase revenue from getting better booking conversions and driving more footfall. These technologies will be critical when we “come out the other side” of the Coronavirus, and using the downtime now should put you in a better position to recoup profits when life returns to some sense of normality Many of these options are available to everyone, but some may be enhanced by using technology so have a chat to us about how we can help with your business continuity and post Coronavirus plans of attack please get in touch on 0845 345 3300 or





FUSION INTERIORS GROUP (FIG) Award winning & Unique International Interior and Branding Design Restaurant Interior Design, Hospitality Design, F&B Consulting, Branding, Naming, Wayfinding Fusion Interiors Group (FIG) are a global team of interior and graphic designers, with a wealth of experience in F&B design. With a forward-thinking approach to interior design, FIG push the boundaries beyond conventional design. We take our inspiration from the world around us to create unique conceptual narratives for each and every project in order to deliver unique interiors that try to move away from what are the ‘trends’. We prefer to design to stories that leave lasting impressions on people’s lives, resulting in designs that stand the test of time. Established 12 years ago by CEO Hilary Lancaster, FIG has grown to become known for its unique approach. Every project is different. We don’t ‘copy paste’. Our portfolio is varied due to our versatility and our ability to adapt the design specifically and totally to the brief of the client. We avoid a ‘house-style’, so that every project in the world is like no other. Our ‘Global Studio’, of 35 strong, is made up of a diverse collaboration of highly talented designers – each one of us is at the top of our field. Our studios work together to bring fresh

influences and ideas into our work via our own internal cultural diversity. The future is about collaboration – within our team, with clients, with suppliers, and fellow consultants. We are not ‘diva’s’. Our collaborative approach makes our projects smoother and communication lines are open – making for harmonious working relationships which we believe is one of the secrets to successful property development projects.


We have highlighted 4 restaurants below. We design either standalone restaurants and bars or F&B within hotels. We also do environmental graphics alongside the interiors. Silvio’s is an example of this. visit us on and follow us on Instagram @fusininteriorsgroup

Charities and grassroots sports could lose £35million in lockdown Pubs rally to support communities in pandemic The nation’s 12-week lockdown could cost charities and grassroots sports an estimated £35 million in funds raised by pubs, according to PubAid, the group dedicated to promoting pubs as a force for good in their communities. However, hundreds of pubs, who have seen a drastic fall in trade since the Covid-19 outbreak, are actively increasing support for their communities, helping local residents who are unable to leave their homes. Many have adapted their menus to takeaway or delivery, with a number providing free meals to local pensioners, others setting up village shops to serve those unable to travel, and generally acting as a hub to co-ordinate community efforts to support vulnerable residents. Just as importantly, many are looking for ways to offer local people some of the social and emotional benefits they gain from a visit to the pub. A number have set up helplines to offer local housebound people a much-needed social interaction, others have organised on-line pub quizzes. PubAid co-founder Des O’Flanagan said: “Clearly, traditional fundraising through events in pubs will have to stop in line with Government advice to avoid social contact. With pubs raising £100m a year for charities and £40m to grassroots sports, a three-month lockdown will equate to a £35 million shortfall. “Despite the catastrophic consequences of the pandemic for pubs, many have

responded by doing all they can to support customers and local residents and remain a hub for their community in this time of need. Pubs have survived for hundreds of years by adapting to the changing world around them, and the speed with which so many have changed their business practices in the face of the Covid-19 lockdown is impressive. “We are only at the beginning of this very difficult time, but we are confident that pubs will continue to help people to come through it, offering practical, social and emotional support. Pub doors may be shutting, but pubs will find a way to remain a force for good in their local communities. “ Pubs at the heart of communities

the Rose of Mossley in Liverpool, has raised an estimated £250,000 in 30 years, as well as offering hands-on help to individuals in need in the community. Pubs’ response to pandemic •

• •

Pubs raise £100m every year for hundreds of charities and worthy causes PubAid’s World’s Biggest Pub Quiz, held every March, has raised £750,000 for charities since its launch in 2016. The 2020 Quiz figures are not included in this, with around 1,700 pubs thought to have taken part.

In 2019, PubAid carried out research into pubs and grassroots sport, revealing that pubs provide £40m in funding and inkind support (free room hire, after-match food and drink), for local sports clubs The PubAid Charity Pub of the Year Awards reward pubs for their charity and community support. The 2019 winner,

The Chequers in Aylesford, Kent, is delivering free hot lunches and dinners to anyone over the age of 70 within the village or nearby. The Fleece Inn, Brereton near Evesham is running a ‘loneliness buster’ helpline, as well as offering local meal deliveries. The Polgooth Inn in St Austell ran its regular Pub Quiz on 17 March on Facebook Live The Heritage in Slaugham, West Sussex, is looking to set up a village shop, to help local residents avoid trips to supermarkets and give local food and drink suppliers a new outlet. Ye Old Sun Inn in Colton, North Yorkshire, is baking fresh bread, pies and cakes daily, selling them from a stall outside the pub as well as delivering orders to local residents unable to get out. The Pickled Ploughman in Adderbury, Oxfordshire, is delivering free hot meals to local vulnerable people and to others who are selfisolating on a BOGOF deal. It also has a stall outside the pub selling fresh fruit and veg, dairy and dried goods. The Loyal Tavern is Bermondsey, South London, is turning its restaurant into a grocery store and deli and will also be donating grocery boxes to the elderly. The Tap & Run in Upper Broughton, Melton Mowbray is opening a village shop to sell groceries and preprepared meals to cook at home. A delivery service will be free to over 70s and NHS workers. Customers are also doing their bit to support pubs. A regular at The Lugger in Polruan, Cornwall, loaded £2,000 onto a loyalty card to use in the pub this summer.

Attached images show fundraising from the Rose of Mossley, Liverpool, winner of the Matthew Clark Charity Pub of the Year Award 2019 and from two finalist pubs, the Front Page Bar, Ballymena and the Falkners Arms, Fleet, Hampshire.





Diversified Communications cancels Casual Dining & Commercial Kitchen until 2021 Diversified Communications UK has today confirmed that this year’s Casual Dining and Commercial Kitchen events, due to take place in July, have sadly been cancelled. Casual Dining will now run on 10-11 March 2021, with the dates for Commercial Kitchen to be announced. 12 PAGE

The decision follows the recent and unexpected news that ExCeL London is to become a temporary NHS ‘Nightingale’ hospital providing support for thousands of patients with coronavirus. Chris Brazier, Diversified UK’s group event director, says: “Like all businesses, we’ve been closely following the rapidly changing developments during these unprecedented and difficult times. With ExCeL, our venue, now taking on an important role to help the NHS during this national emergency, it became clear that we had no other option but to cancel the shows until next year.” “We appreciate how integral Casual Dining and Commercial Kitchen are to the industries they serve and are very sorry to disappoint the thousands of attendees that were planning on exhibiting and visiting this year. The people working in, and supplying, the foodservice, hospitality, catering and leisure industries have been hugely affected by events of the past few days and weeks and

we will continue to support these communities – our communities – in every way we can. I know that we’ll all continue to support each other in the months ahead. “The success, as well as the safety of our exhibitors, speakers and visitors, has always been our priority and I know everyone will get behind this tough but necessary decision. “The Casual Dining and Commercial Kitchen teams would like to thank everyone – our exhibitors, visitors, partners and suppliers, for their continued support and patience, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2021 for the busiest and biggest celebration of our industry yet.” Casual Dining will take place on 10-11 March 2021 at ExCeL London. For more information, please visit Commercial Kitchen 2021 will take place at ExCeL London (dates to be announced). For more information, please visit PAGE




Bridgewood Manor Hotel & Spa

Overview With stunning, panoramic views Bridgewood Manor Hotel & Spa exudes the highest standard from every aspect of this fabulous hotel. Situated in Chatham, an incredibly historical town in Medway, this resort styled hotel is one of Kent’s many treasures. Entering this building feels like stepping into another world where every attention to detail is met and even the smallest aspects are tended to with highest level of care. With an on-site spa, gym and fitness studio and heated indoor pools lists just a few of the facilities, Bridgewood Manor really is the perfect location for a short break, as well as equipping perfectly for weddings and large parties.

The Room Bridgewood Manor has many different rooms available, from standard rooms all the way up to your own private suites. I was lucky enough to be given an executive room during my stay. The room was an excellent size, with twin or king beds, both were available. The room had character and came with its very own en-suite bathroom to the left


as you walk in, the freefalling showers are the perfect way to wind down after the pool. It also has an extremely large work desk and satellite TV. I found the hotel room exceptionally clean and tidy. Each room offers complimentary Wi-fi to their guest, so a perfect destination for people on their travels or working away from home.

The Food Dining within the Squires restaurant had a wonderfully secluded feel to it. Serving a wide range of comfort foods and carefully crafted dishes by the top in-house chefs. I opted for the Chicken & Chorizo press to start, with Roasted red pepper puree, garlic scented chive & chickpea salad. For the main course I went for the breast of corn fed chicken – a deliciously cooked Roasted corn fed chicken, Sundried Tomato & Spinach risotto, parmesan shards & micro watercress both of which left me both satisfied but also craving more.

Bridgewood Manor Hotel & Spa really has the feel of a home away from home, where the traditional look has met with the modern touches in harmony. A great place to retreat away to for Sunday afternoons with the beautiful afternoon tea option, eat with good friends or simply relax and take in the stunning history. To book your stay at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel & Spa, please click here.

Full menu available here. Breakfast was a slightly more informal affair, showcasing a modern outlook on classic British dishes with a commitment to quality ingredients and depth of flavour, the breakfast menu consisted of a variety of cooked and continental options with a selection of pastries and fruit juices. PAGE


INTRODUCING ‘READY BUILT’ STONE HEARTH OVENS FROM Beech Ovens is renowned worldwide for the spectacular finishes applied to their regular range of stone hearth ovens that are available in many different sizes and shapes – round, square, rectangular, Duck tall, custom; Wood-burning, Gas, or combination Wood/Gas. Taking things a stage further, Beech has now developed its first ‘Ready Built’ Ovens. These include all the characteristics of regular Beech Stone Hearth Ovens, but for the first time, in addition to gas and wood-burning, they now offer a CE Approved Electric version in the ready built range. Available in 3 sizes – internal dimensions REC700mm, REC850mm REC1050mm, with cladding either plain Stainless Steel or any RAL colour finish to suit your décor – shown here is the stylish and handsome REC1050E version in Black with Stainless trim. Get cooking whether it’s Gourmet Pizzas, Fritata’s, breakfast items, Casseroles, Chicken wings & breasts, slow cooked Lamb Shanks, Planked Salmon, Oysters Rockefellers, Prawn skewers, Moules Mariniere, Bouillabaisse and many more items - the benefit of ready built models is that installation is quick and easy so you can get cooking your menu straight away.

For a full brochure with specification and production capacity details please call 01895 272236; email;;;



FOUR 2020 OPENINGS TO LOOK OUT FOR FROM AWARDWINNING INTERIOR DESIGNERS, DEXTER MOREN ASSOCIATES World-leading hospitality designers Dexter Moren Associates (DMA) has announced the opening of two exciting hotel and two residential projects in 2020. World-leading hospitality designers Dexter Moren Associates (DMA) has announced the opening of two exciting hotel and two residential projects in 2020. Reflecting DMA’s design philosophy, the 2020 openings are both beautiful and functional with their inspiration rooted in individual neighbourhood stories to ensure each property is authentic, timeless and unique. GRAINGER Built to Rent PROJECTS DMA was commissioned by Grainger plc, the UK’s largest listed professional landlord, to help design the amenity spaces in a number of its rental schemes. As part of this partnership, DMA is developing a set of brand standards to be rolled out across the Grainger portfolio. DMA’s hospitality experience gives them a clear and creative understanding of how to create flexible communal spaces that people want to spend time in and


that encourage interaction between residents. From the styling to the material choice, DMA is an expert in layering to create the right impact. 1. Millet Place | Pontoon Docks, East London This 154-home Build to Rent project is located on the doorstep of Pontoon Docks DLR station. Drawing inspiration from the local area’s colourful past and bustling present, the interior design reflects the transition from old to new, encompassing the natural agricultural history, creative atelier workshops and raw materials such as recycled glass, rope and natural timbers. Industrial elements for partitioning spaces are used throughout the scheme not only to pay homage to the past, but also to create intimate nooks to relax in, with focal points deliberately positioned to encourage interaction between residents. A double-height atrium links the open

ground floor entrance to the firstfloor amenity space. Feature rope artwork and an industrial staircase encourage guests up to the amenity space that bridges the two apartment blocks. Residents can enter a fully equipped gym and yoga studio on one side of the amenity space, or book out a cosy screening room, lounge or dining room on the other to entertain friends. 2. Solstice Apartments | Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes Much like the city itself, the property design has been inspired by the sun’s paths and energy lines. The colour palette across the public spaces is inspired by the summer solstice, making reference to the changing hues of light that emanate from the sun throughout the day. Residents are welcomed by a highly polished brass reception desk, feature hanging pendants and bold signage. On the mezzanine floor, there is space for

coworking or lounging with feature joinery throughout making the spaces feel well-considered and flexible, encouraging residents to meet and chat to each other. Bold feature wall coverings, curated artwork, wall lights and cork clad lifts create a warm atmosphere, designed to stand out in an industrialised city. The downstairs gym is an active frontage onto the street. HOTEL PROJECTS 1. Mövenpick Hotel Villa Pamphilli | Rome Due to open in Q2 2020, the hotel renovation captures the surrounding architecture, location and climate conveying it through the use of warm tones and a mix of soft and hard forms set against striking patterns. This creates the contemporary edge to make this a unique urban resort in Rome. A pastel palette of peach, pink and green has been adopted through the hard finishes and soft furnishings. Overscale patterns in the front of house design reconnect the long linear spaces acting as an informal wayfinding for guests. The rigidity of the existing travertine column grid is punctuated by multi-functional banquettes, creating relaxed informal areas of seating that easily adapt for work and leisure. The pastel tones in the restaurant are grounded by rich earthy terracotta shades with accents of natural stone and timber to bring warmth

and authenticity. Planting is used throughout to echo and connect to the rich foliage of the vast terrace gardens within the grounds. DMA relocated the previously underutilised existing bar at the end of the hotel and brought it to the forefront of the hotel to reactive the lobby space and ensure optimum accessibility to hotel guests, local residents and passers-by. The lobby lounge now wraps around the bar to ensure maximum views of the terraced gardens and surrounding park can be enjoyed by all. A new destination rooftop has been created through the reformatting and removal of existing suites to allow for uninterrupted panoramic views across the hills of the Roman countryside. The guestrooms, influenced by the legendary Italian designer Gio Ponti, are composed of mint green and grey colour blocking to the walls punctuated by the geometric lines of the slatted headboard. Curved joinery in burgundy lacquer and glass are accentuated with brass detailing. The bathrooms are transformed with the replacement of underused baths to walk in showers, bespoke vanities sit on fresh green terrazzo flooring with newly retiled walls and black brassware accents. 2. Malmaison | York DMA has undertaken the full interior design services for the refurbishment and extension of Malmaison, York. Inspired by brutalist architecture and celebrating the vibrancy of the sixties,

the scheme optimises the space to create 150 guestrooms and suites, a ground floor reception and lobby lounge, gym and spa, signature bar and restaurant, and rooftop bar. In-keeping with the brutalist architecture, the project sensitively retains ten levels of concrete floorplates, façade and waffle ceilings. Within the guestrooms, dark stained maple millwork sits on dark grey marble tiling. Recycled coconut shell marmoluem lined walls meet part height glazing and amber tinted glass shower enclosures, and tan leather upholstery is punctuated with black metalwork and bronze accents. Yves Klein blue and burnt orange - key colours of the sixties - are playfully used in the bathrooms and artwork, whilst bold geometric patterns are applied in the wallcovering and fabrics to further bolster the link to the brutalist nature of the architecture. The new single storey rear extension with Crittall glazed façade and central clerestory will be home to the dedicated Malmaison ‘Work and Play’ facility, linked to the retained building with bookable meeting pods, dedicated meeting rooms, conference rooms and ballroom with extensive breakout areas, self-service kitchenettes, bar and a Starbucks café. A dedicated lift will take guests directly to the new rooftop bar, spanning the entirety of the top floor and boasting views of the York skyline, York Minster and the River Ouse.





A New Concept in Professional Kitchen Design

HIZONE puts the chef at the centre of attention by providing them, and their team, with the perfect professional environment. The range bridges the gap between front and back of house, creating a theatre kitchen which becomes the heart of the restaurant. 20 PAGE Catering Equipment

Created by world renowned designer Antonio Citterio, in partnership with an Italian refrigeration specialist, HIZONE is the embodiment of a no-compromise vision for an innovative professional kitchen system. The HIZONE range consists of refrigerated cabinets, counters and blast chillers as well as matching ambient cabinet, counter and shelving solutions. HIZONE allows designers to create an entire kitchen from one source, ensuring the highest levels of efficiency, usability and space optimisation. The refrigerated models in the HIZONE range feature an intuitive touchscreen controller, soft-close reversible doors, integrated LEDs which can be adjusted for both intensity and shade, 304-grade stainless steel internals and are available in a choice of finishes – including a unique fingerprint resistant stainless steel.

The integrated monoblock refrigeration system has been designed to deliver total reliability and performance, it uses the most advanced technologies available to make the work-environment both quiet and comfortable. Features such as EC fan motors, variable speed inverter compressor, 80mm thick insulation, 5-chamber door seals and natural refrigerants are all standard. The standout product of the range is the Multimatc which combines blast chilling/freezing, vacuum packing, chilled/frozen storage, controlled thawing, proofing and even slow cooking in a single cabinet that takes up less than one square metre of kitchen floor space. All products are 100% designed and manufactured in Italy where artisan dedication to detail has been combined with the pursuit of refrigeration excellence. HIZONE are currently accepting trade applications from premium commercial kitchen and refrigeration specialists in the UK, to register your interest contact HIZONE is exclusively distributed in the UK by Capital Cooling Refrigeration Limited.

Contact Information Telephone: 0800 999 8599 Email: Web:

Catering Equipment PAGE 21



FEM offers advice on

TAKEAWAY DELIVERY OPTIONS Keeping food safe requires specialist equipment – but it needn’t be expensive With more high street foodservice operators focusing on takeaway and delivered meals, there’s a need for advice on the equipment and methods required to keep food safely, both when holding it and during transportation. FEM has considerable expertise in these areas and has put together some basic information for restaurants and pubs who are making the switch. The information can be found on FEM’s blog at It looks at the various options available for safe home delivery and includes information on the relevant products that are available, in stock, from FEM’s warehouse. For example, delivery bags such as the Cambro GoBags are suitable for all types of delivery service, since they are light enough to carry on foot or bike, yet use high density insulation to ensure food stays hot. Look for ones made of a nylon fabric that’s machine washable, making hygiene easier. Cambro GoBags have list prices starting from £43.40. Insulated boxes can keep food hotter for longer, and they don’t need to be expensive. There are several ranges on the market made from EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) which is a highly

other aspects of takeaway provision, such as holding bins and

effective insulating foam that’s also eco-friendly.

heated ovens that will keep cooked hot food in peak condition

For example, FEM’s Cambro GoBoxes are ultra-

before it is sent out for delivery.

lightweight yet can keep food hot (or chilled) for hours at a time. A 16.9 litre top-loading GoBox,

Check the FEM blog for the latest news and advice.

designed to hold ½ GN pans, has a list price of just under £35.

For more information and details of local stockists call FEM on +44 (0) 1355 244111, email or

FEM is planning more advice pieces focusing on

22 PAGE Catering Equipment


Winterhalter offers advice on adapting warewashing for a takeaway business As restaurants repurpose as takeaways, they can repurpose their dishwashers and glasswashers With the government relaxing planning regulations to allow pubs and restaurants to operate as takeaways for twelve months in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses will be changing the way they operate significantly. Some large chains have already made the switch to a takeaway/delivery only model with an increasing number of independent businesses following suit. Winterhalter UK is highlighting how commercial dishwashers and glasswashers can be adapted to help meet new requirements businesses need to reach. Understanding how existing equipment can be re-purposed to meet new demands can help to control workload, as well as helping to maintain high standards of hygiene. Restaurants and pubs becoming takeaways will begin to operate more like production kitchens, with almost no need to wash plates and cutlery but greater amounts of pots, pans and utensils being cleaned, more often. Some undercounter and passthrough dishwashers and glasswashers, such as Winterhalter’s, can be adapted to make them able to handle these very different requirements. Changing the wash parameters, for example to increase water pressure and length of the wash cycle, will enable machines previously optimised for delicate stemware or decorated plates to easily tackle more heavily soiled pots and pans, even with heavily baked-on foodstuffs. Using re-purposed dish and glass washers to clean pots, pans and utensils, rather than washing them by hand, helps

to ensure the results are completely hygienic, as well as freeing up staff for other tasks. To get the best results you need chemicals specifically designed for pots and pans, rather than glasses or dishes. Winterhalter would recommend an aluminium safe dishwasher detergent in combination with an open rack, for washing an increasing amount of utensils. Meanwhile, for sites washing by hand, Winterhalter would recommend the use anti-bacterial washing up liquid. “Facing uncertain times, restaurants and foodservice operators will need to respond quickly to the changes in the market in order to help protect vulnerable sections of society and their business,” says Paul Crowley, marketing manager of Winterhalter UK. “It’s very important that dishwashers and glasswashers that are re-purposed for utensils are able to do the job effectively and hygienically. Hence the wash cycle has to be adjusted, and the right racks and chemicals need to be used.” Winterhalter provides a total solution for dishwashing and glasswashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance. Alongside its marketleading dish washers and glass washers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents. For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, visit or email

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Access Hospitality providing free software to set up delivery and/or click and collect service within 48 hours following compulsory closure of pubs, bars and restaurants As operators are forced to adapt their trading model to react to the impact of Covid-19, Access Hospitality has pledged their support to set up a delivery or click and collect ordering service within 48 hours, which will be free for the first two months as Access cover the cost and all implementation fees. The offer has been launched following the closure of pubs, bars, restaurants and other public spaces and the confirmation that the Government is relaxing planning permission restrictions to enable businesses to diversify as they aim to provide a community service and maintain a revenue stream. Announcing the initiative Henry Seddon, Managing Director of Access Hospitality said “Many operators are turning their sites into ‘dark kitchens’ enabling them to offer a takeaway, click and collect or delivery option. This is providing a vital community service as well as avoiding business failure following compulsory closures. While switching operations to focus on collection or delivery will require a concerted effort, Access Hospitality is taking one element off their minds, by working with its partners QikServe and Preoday to provide an online website with order and pay capability and getting operators set up within 48 hours to help them get their new revenue stream up and running. “Within two days, pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels could be taking orders and payments online, with the option to promote through online advertising via an embedded link in social media” continued Henry. “Access Hospitality is committed to supporting hospitality operators through this immensely challenging period and, by waiving the integration consultancy fee and with Access covering the cost of online order & pay software for two months, we are extending the valuable service we are known for.” The software can be used as a standalone system or alongside Access EPoS to offer as much flexibility as possible and provide the tools for operators to diversify and continue trading, having been instructed to close their premises on Friday 20thMarch. The free twomonth period will form the first phase of a 12-month contractual commitment and is expected to offer a lifeline to operators when they’re most in need of practical support.


The offer of free software comes as Access Hospitality announced it is also focused on givingoperators the ability to sell vouchers on their sister platform DesignMyNight. This enables operators to sell vouchers now to help with cashflow so that the local community can support the business to keep open when things return to normal. For further information or to start the process to have a takeaway business stream up and running within 48 hours, contact Access Hospitality on 0845 340

Bidfresh launches direct-toconsumer home delivery Fresh food supplier Bidfresh is adding direct-to-consumer home delivery services from its depots around the UK in response to the national measures introduced to address the coronavirus outbreak. The public will be able to order meat, fish and seafood, fruit and veg, dairy and a range of other products. The free delivery service will operate in selected postcodes around the depots, and will run alongside Bidfresh’s established business with chef and caterers. Home delivery has already been launched this week from Oliver Kay in Bolton, R Noone in Manchester, Knight Meats in Essex and Henson in London, and is being rapidly added at other sites within the Bidfresh group. Jane Aukim, marketing manager of Bidfresh said: “We are continuing to take orders from customers

in the foodservice sector, but the current situation means many of them need less produce or are closing altogether, resulting in cancelled orders. “At the same time, there’s clearly a need for consumers to be able to access fresh food. Offering home delivery alongside our established business will hopefully ensure that as much of the food as possible in our supply chain is being used.” The products available will vary from depot to depot, reflecting the specialist nature of Bidfresh’s network of businesses. Delivery will be fulfilled by the business through its own drivers and couriers, and is being promoted through social media. PAGE




Talented Duo Wow Judges at Tilda Chef Team of the Year 2020 It was a winning silver for chef’s Saurav Nath and Anup Nangwal from JKS Restaurant, who were crowned Tilda Chef Team of the Year, at the prestigious Salon Culinaire. In association with the Craft Guild of Chefs, the new 2020 champions impressed the judges with their wild mushroom and tofu biriyani with a cucumber, mango and ginger Raita.


The aromatic main was followed by a seasonal rhubarb rice pudding and a rhubarb confit with roasted almond flakes, orange skin and fennel cress. The dishes incorporated

Tilda’s Original Pure Basmati Rice and Tilda’s speciality Jasmine rice effortlessly in their recipe as the base ingredient.

The innovative street food inspired menu impressed the judges and saw the JKS Restaurant team take home the iconic blue trophy and an all expenses gastro trip to discover the art of rice with Tilda. Speaking after the trophy presentation, Saurav Nath at JKS Restaurant said; “We were very excited, yet nervous, about this competition as it was our first one. As a vegetarian myself I was confident about the recipes we created. We took inspiration from the

London street food scene and decided on a tofu biriyani. We cannot put into words how happy we are that we have won – I am lost for words” Eleven competitors battled it out in a 45-minute showdown to showcase the endless culinary possibilities of Tilda speciality rice through their menus. Taking inspiration from the latest food trends influencing menus, including plant-based, street food and vegetarian influences. As well as picking up Tilda’s biggest Salon Culinaire prize to date – an

all-expenses paid gastro trip – the winners received a silver medal, framed certificates and the famous blue trophy. Alongside runners up Lexington Catering and Delaware North, the team will also be awarded with a VIP Tilda Innovation Day and go behind the scenes at Tilda’s mill in Rainham, Essex to discover the art of rice. Judging on the day, Jo Witchell, Commercial Marketing Manager, Tilda UK added: “The rice was cooked to perfection in both dishes and the classic street food basmati rice biryani was absolutely delicious. Saurav and Anup used so many amazing ingredients and spices which guaranteed wonderful fresh flavours coming through. The rhubarb jasmine rice pudding took a classic recipe to another level, with the tangy rhubarb flavour and crunchy texture of the almonds. Congratulations to our very deserving winners!” The Tilda Chef Team of the Year competition aims to highlight just how innovative rice can be, helping chefs to cater for a wide range of food trends and diets – thanks to the grain’s versatility and wide appeal. Tilda’s “Art of Rice” campaign encourages chefs to explore the infinite culinary possibilities of including Tilda rice in their dishes. Additionally, the campaign helps chefs to profit more from rice and by simply stating the name of the rice, Tilda’s research shows that 68% of people would be willing to pay more for a dish which includes Basmati & Wild rice versus a non-named rice. To learn more visit professionals/article/make-menuwork. The chefs had to prepare, cook and present their dishes at London’s HRC Salon Culinaire in the tense finale. With rice needing to make up at least 50% of the dish, competitors were able to choose from any of the Tilda Speciality range including Easy Cook Basmati, Brown Basmati, Fragrant Jasmine, Arborio Risotto, Original Pure Basmati and Basmati & Wild. For more information on Tilda visit PAGE




INVEST IN YOUR PREMISES NOW IF YOU CAN With the hospitality industry taking a massive hit with the Coronavirus pandemic putting countries around the world into lockdown, Dorset-based Broadview Shading Solutions has revealed that some restaurants and cafés are taking advantage of the quiet time to improve their establishments ready for the Summer season..

28 PAGE Alfresco Dining & Outdoor Solutions

“We know that these are challenging times for businesses, more so for those in the hospitality sector, but we have seen a number of clients enquire about our outdoor shading solutions so they can maximise their outside space to be used all year round” explains Ian Pratt, Director at Broadview. With a wide range of products including outdoor pergola systems from highly reputable manufacturer Brustor, umbrellas and parasols, as well as manual or motorised awnings and canopies, Broadview has transformed the outside dining and seating areas for a number of the South’s most prominent businesses including The Sandbanks Hotel, Chichester Yacht Club, the NED Hotel and Rick Stein restaurant in Barnes, London. The most recent addition to their range of products is frameless sliding glass, which thanks to their appointment as the UK’s official dealer of C3 Systems, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality glazing solutions, means they can offer restaurants and cafés highly attractive yet simple to use sliding glass systems that can act as wind resistant dividers with no awkward

vertical frames that might spoil an otherwise stunning view. For those businesses that can afford to invest in their premises at this time, there can be no better investment than creating a visually stunning space that also increases covers and can be used 365 days a year. And with the UK ready to party and socialise like never before when we come out of the current situation, establishments will want to be in the best position to take advantage. “As in any time of crisis, those businesses that bury their heads and panic are likely to end up worse off, while those that can make the best of a bad situation will come out on top”. Broadview have helped hundreds of bars, restaurants, hotels and cafés across the UK to make the most of their outside space with their range of innovative outdoor living systems.

To discover how an outdoor structure can help boost your business, please contact Broadview’s expert team on 01202 679 012 or visit



Vertical Sliding Windscreen

C3 Vertical Sliding Glass

Retractable Sunrain System

B200 Outdoor Structure

Make your outside space work 01202 679012 57 Hatchpond Road, Poole BH17 0JZ



London’s best alfresco restaurants and cafés The British really know how to make the most of a sunny spell, whatever season it happens to fall in. If the sun is shining, whether it’s summer, winter, spring or autumn, make the most of it with Square Meal’s rundown of London’s top park cafés, waterside restaurants, pub gardens and alfresco courtyards.

vine-clad gardens. Over in Hampstead, The Freemasons Arms has a huge beer garden that does justice to its Heathside location, while The Queen of Hoxton’s roof terrace is a great addition to London’s summer drinking spots.

Park life British park cafés used to have a reputation for soggy sandwiches and crumbling cakes, but there have been some great gastronomic additions to London’s green spaces in recent years. The Serpentine Bar & Kitchen, sitting on the edge of the water in Hyde Park, serves jazzed-up British treats, while The Lido Café is another prime location in which to treat yourself to tea and cakes or something more substantial.The Garden Café in the Inner Circle at Regent’s Park is a glorious spot for simple Brit food, and The Terrace in Lincoln’s Inn Fields adds colour to City dining with its leafy surrounds; meanwhile, ducks swimming on the pond provide a great backdrop at Inn the Park in St James’s Park, though there are mixed reports about the food and service. Out west, the terrace at Holland Park’s The Belvedere continues to be a reliable spot for soaking up the sun. Even if a restaurant isn’t located in a park, many boast their own garden. Perhaps the capital’s poshest alfresco spot is the garden at The Ritz in Mayfair, while a bit more low-key is the green space at Frederick’s in Islington. The gorgeous rooftop garden at Coq D’Argent is the perfect spot for sipping a G&T in the heart of the City, while Boundary’s rooftop restaurant also proves popular for working lunches. Brinkley’s and its sister restaurant Wine Gallery in Chelsea both have beautiful gardens tucked away at the back – great for quaffing their low-mark-up wines.

Neither Henry J Beans on King’s Road nor Borough Market’s The George Inn are gourmet hotspots but both have great courtyards that pack in thirsty after-work crowds. If it’s a pint of prawns you’re after, though, go to The Gun’s glorious riverside terrace in Docklands. experience more than sunshine shimmering on water, and there are plenty of restaurants that take full advantage of the River Thames and its estuaries. Northbank sits at the north foot of the Millennium Bridge and offers a glorious terrace to enjoy dinner and drinks as the sun goes down. Take a stroll along the South Bank and you’ll find a vast array of riverside treats, from the Oxo Tower’s eighth-floor balcony (pictured above) to the peaceful setting of Butler’s Wharf, boasting the polished outdoor area at Le Pont de la Tour and the more relaxed Butler’s Wharf Chop House. For something more cheap and cheerful, a host of chain restaurants outside the Royal Festival Hall offer bumper alfresco terraces. Docklands is another obvious destination for waterside dining. Some of the best tables can be found at Royal China in Westferry Circus or at Gordon Ramsay’s gastropub The Narrow. Further along the river, you can explore Fulham’s Imperial Wharf where Thai eatery Blue Elephant has pretty views and a riverside terrace. Heading west, Gaucho Richmond serves top-notch riverside steaks, while Ransome’s Dock, in Battersea, offers fine wine and food. Meanwhile, Rotunda in King’s Cross is a useful option in central London.

Pick of the pubs

Water works Nothing





Of course, sunny days are all about whiling away afternoons in beer gardens, and London has a wealth of options to choose from. In Westbourne Park, Grand Union Public House packs the crowds into its canal-side terrace, while The Westbourne tempts punters with its courtyard. Islington gastropub The Drapers Arms (pictured above) and its longer-standing neighbour The Albion both serve fab food in their

30 PAGE Alfresco Dining & Outdoor Solutions

Courtyard chic There’s something rather quaint and olde English about cobbled courtyards, and they offer some of the finest trafficfree alfresco areas that London has to offer. Hush (pictured below) pulls in the crowds with its charming courtyard slap bang in the middle of Mayfair. Momo and Aubaine, on Heddon Street, offer ample outside tables, while fishy stalwart Bentley’s harbours a fine alfresco dining spot.

Just behind Oxford Circus, RIBA’s paved terrace is a lovely secluded space for lunch and down the King’s Road, Manicomio serves fresh Italian dishes in a tucked-away alfresco area that’s prettiest when lit up at night. In the City, Bleeding Heart offers tables and chairs in its quaint courtyard, Taberna Etrusca boasts one of the largest courtyards in the Square Mile, while The Zetter and ZTH offer outdoor eating overlooking St John’s Square. Rare finds in Soho include the courtyard at Aurora and the tiny ‘terraces’ at Quo Vadis and Dean Street Townhouse. Finally, you’ve got to hand it to those clever people who have installed a retractable roof over their dining areas to deal with the temperamental English summers. Here’s Square Meal’s pick of the best restaurants with retractable roofs.

Forbes Group is a leading British manufacturer and supplier of hospitality, conference and banquet furnishings to leading venues worldwide.

ta ues re q e R chu bro | +44 (0) 1568 616638 |

Summer is just around the corner meaning it’s that time of the year to take advantage of the higher temperatures and blue skies ahead. If you’re thinking of redesigning or upgrading your contract furniture, why not invest in some outdoor furnishings? The cost of outdoor furniture can be significantly lower than indoor upholstered products, making it a cost effective way to add covers to your venue leading in to the warmer season. Forest Contract offers a large selection of outdoor furniture, suitable for all weather conditions. We offer an extensive range of styles by sourcing a variety of furniture to suit restaurants, hotels, country pubs, bistro cafes and more. Our outdoor furniture range includes stacking chairs, bar stools, benches, poseur tables, individual table tops and bases (suitable for both indoor and the outdoor use) and they’re made using the highest quality materials to give you long lasting satisfaction all year round. Forest Contract pride ourselves in offering quality manufactured furniture to the leisure and hospitality trade. Achieve a look which suits your design scheme and choose from products manufactured in solid wood, veneer,

laminate, metal, plastic or resin. Our stackable range of furniture is a great way of adding covers to a location at short notice, with the ability of storing the chairs away during the winter months, or to free up space for other activities around your venue. Outdoor furniture is a valuable addition, enabling you to extend your furniture to the outdoors and can help to entice new customers in to your venue during the warm summer months. Outdoor furniture is perfect for restaurants and bars, which often have patios and/or balconies, as well as cafes and pubs which have a garden or courtyard. Al fresco dining is as popular as ever and this trend looks set to continue further as UK venues place more emphasis on a continental style of service. Forest Contract can offer a lead time as quick as 48 hours on outdoor furniture, varying on the scale of your project, ensuring that you can be ready to take advantage of this upwards trend with a quick turnaround from order to delivery. If you need any more information on our furniture, please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of the team will be more than happy to help and answer any queries you may have.

Contact Forest Contract on 0161 737 6918 or email us on To download brochures of our latest products click here.

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Indoors or outdoors - we have it covered MADRID COLLECTION















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Valetta Chairs £25+vat

VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR DETAILS OF OUR BULK DISCOUNTS For details of our full range visit our website:- E: Call 01949 862920


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