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5 steps to reduce your modular construction CO2 emissions by over 42%

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The Benefits of Temporary Screening: Base Structures offering weatherproof screening for building projects

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Brand new on the market, Seal It Liquid Membrane is a highly reflective, hybrid-formulation coating with cost saving thermal properties. Solvent-free and non-flammable it is designed for professional roofing applications where tradesmen will find it to be the ultimate alternative to bitumen based and GRP roofing membranes: ideal for all existing roof substrates. With outstanding water resistance and weather proofing it is self levelling, gap bridging, non-shrinking and non-cracking. In fact it’s so good that your only concern might be waiting for a dry day over the great British winter to apply it, but you don’t ned to worry about that ... ... Seal It liquid membrane can even be applied when it’s wet! Available in either white or grey and in stock now.



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04 Industry News

Massimo Iosa Ghini’s multi-colored Muscovite neighborhood

Colorful Russian residential development livens up surroundings. An effective and creative “colorful layer” on the facade of the buildings provides a tasteful contrast to the monotony of Moscow’s suburban areas while open courtyards improve perception and quality of life and offer a great number of recreational functions. Located within Moscow’s north eastern administrative district of Dmitrovskoe Shosse, the new residential complex includes 47 multistory buildings gathered around two massive 10,000m² communal courtyards, each providing the surrounding urban fabric with a new outward appearance. The concept was entrusted to Massimo Iosa Ghini’s Italian studio of architects, whose insights provided the immensely wide scale of the monotonous Russian suburbs with more “human” and distinctive traits, by using bright accents on the exterior facades and creating common spaces for collective use, whereas Russian firm Mosproekt-3 dealt with the technical aspects of the project. We contributed to the existing design by skillfully conjugating aesthetics, quality of life and sustainability, while taking advantage of very limited guidelines, free from the common restraints concerning prefabricated construction, which did not allow for a wide margin of modifications. - M. Iosa Ghini Given the monotony of this type of building, the main challenge consisted in maximizing the aesthetic output of the exterior cladding. The unique identity of the district along with the ability to easily recognize each building and entryway, are achieved through the use of color declined in several accents and hues. The tasteful blend of different and contrasting shades of color comes to life with the ceramic cladding and is inspired by the graphical, rationalist aesthetics of the Russian avant-garde movements, particularly that of El Lissitzky.

Color, used to create visual references and to provide a certain sense of bearing, is transformed into an artistic device used for communication and most importantly the fruition and better identification of the urban fabric, the appreciation of its identity and its cultural development. From a technical point of view, special attention was paid to finding innovative solutions for the exterior cladding while discarding the monotonous schemes employed for existing buildings; traditional Russian methods of prefabrication, with an external stained ceramic finish in a very small format, were abandoned in favor of panels of fiber cement. This system enhances the energetic performance of the buildings and allows for a greater degree of flexibility in regard to the aesthetic and chromatic output of the facades. A great number of color combinations were chosen in order to achieve a specific look, detached from that of the surrounding chromatic fabric. A series of portals usher residents into the main Lobby, built in accordance with the external aesthetic layout, in order to convey the same type of “look and feel”. Along with the redesign of the external facades, a multistory covered parking and several entrance halls were also created. Of great importance was the creation of a concept design concerning external collective facilities which could improve the quality of life, through the addition of green areas and numerous recreational functions specifically tailored for the community who will inhabit the residential complex. - M. Iosa Ghini More than 22 hectares of communal courtyards are arranged based on a system of green areas and collective spaces, each with a specific purpose ranging from recreational zones and fitness facilities to common areas for socialization and outdoor leisure, all of which are integrated within a network of pathways and bike lanes connecting different sections of the district and leading to existing developments.

Industry News 05

MEDWAY TIMBER INVESTMENT OPENS FOR BUSINESS Alison Brooks Architects unveils brick archways on London apartments Red brick archways define the lower and topmost levels of Cadence, a housing development designed by Alison Brooks Architects next to Coal Drops Yard at King’s Cross, London.

A major new facility for UK timber trade has opened up on the River Medway in Kent following a £27m investment by operators Peel Ports. The site at Wellmarsh provides scope for storage, processing and handling of all timber types.

A total of 103 homes will be built behind the brick facades. Dramatic brick archways will form a colonnade along the ground floor, reflected back in a water feature in a central courtyard. White-washed vaulted communal spaces will feature at the entrance. Arches will also feature at the top of a multi-storey block of apartments that will have a row of recessed balconies. “We’ve created a new language of brick arches and vaulted spaces that echo the exuberant architecture of King’s Cross and St Pancras stations,” said architect Alison Brooks, founder of Alison Brooks Architects. “It will reveal itself slowly as you move around and through it.” Designed for developer Argent, the 103 homes will be a combination of studios, and one, two and three bedroom apartments. Conran and Partners, the architecture firm that recently converted Centre Point tower into housing, will be designing the interiors for 53 of the Cadence homes. Small homes developer Pocket Living will be managing the other 60 units in the development, renting them out to local workers on middle incomes. Pocket Living collaborated with architecture studio Metropolitan Workshop to build a 27-storey tower of 86 apartments in Wandsworth. Cadence, which is due to complete in 2022, will be located in London King’s Cross area, close to the Thomas Heatherwick-designed shopping centre Coal Drops Yard.

The facility is based at the Port of Sheerness, which is the largest terminal of its kind in the UK, handling 1.1 million tonnes of timber and forest products a year. The port already has 40-acres of timber storage facilities and Peel Ports’ investment takes it to a total of over 50 acres. The secure base is used to supply factories, production lines, construction projects and retailers, with rapid access to London via the M2 and M20. There is a further option for international distribution. The Port of Sheerness has 11 metres of water depth with no tidal restrictions or lock system, allowing for unrestricted 24 hour berthing. Port Director Richard Goffin said: “This investment is a direct response to the interest we’ve had from throughout the construction sector in using the Port of Sheerness as the ideal location for serving the south-east construction market. As well as supporting the local business community, we’re also proud to have created a number of new permanent jobs at the port, underlining the role we play as a major employer in the region.”

06 Industry News

Eye-catching Newcastle office plan Plans have been unveiled to build a striking new office scheme on Newcastle’s East Quayside.

Internation architect Bjarke Ingels Group has designed the office project on a hairpin-shaped footprint to negotiate the steeply sloping site. The building height will wind down from 12 storeys to street level by way of a linear roof-top garden. The No. 1 Quayside project, which will offer just over 100,000 sq ft of office space, will be built on a disused City Road site.

It is the architect’s first project outside of London and is being brought forward by local landowner Rob Cameron. He said: “This is a landmark site and, as such, commands a landmark building. Something iconic, with real architectural merit. “We’ve had really positive preapplication discussions with Newcastle

City Council and I’m excited to progress the project to fruition.” “Our proposal is born from the unique conditions of Newcastle’s architectural elements, the sloping hills and the curvy frames of the bridges over the Tyne. “The ascending serpentine silhouette feels like a fresh yet familiar continuation of this unique urban landscape.”

Industry News 07

Derwent advances zero carbon building target by 20 years Developer Derwent London today announced it is bringing its net zero carbon building target forward by 20 years to 2030. Paul Williams, chief executive, said that the developer’s future business vision would involve buying brown buildings and turning them green. He said the fresh initiative would come with an extra financial cost, split between a mix of operational costs, extra capital expenditure as well as management time.

But he predicted more energyefficient buildings would command higher rents and values in due course. “Climate change presents an enormous challenge to us all, and our industry must respond. “Derwent London has long recognised this; with regeneration at our heart,

we have embedded sustainability into the organisation and are focussed on turning ‘brown’ buildings ‘green’,” said Williams “Today we are taking our ambition to the next level bringing our net zero carbon target forward by twenty years to 2030, aligned with COP21’s 1.5°C climate scenario.” Derwent London’s three projects currently in construction will be net zero carbon buildings. On completion, they will be operated using renewable energy and carbon produced in the development process will be offset.

Sisk wins £21.5m deal to upgrade Leeds Corn Exchange area John Sisk & Son has been confirmed as main contractor on a £21.5m scheme to improve the Corn Exchange area in Leeds. Leeds City Council has now approved the scheme which is part of the £270m Connecting Leeds programme. Sisk will start in June to transform Call Lane, New Market Street, Kirkgate, Lower Briggate Duncan Street and parts of Vicar Lane and Boar Lane. Work will include widening pavements, introducing more greenery and improved public realm. The scheme will also offer priority for pedestrians and cyclists in a bid to encourage a modal shift from private cars to walking, cycling and public transport use.

The expected completion date for all of the work is by winter 2021. Leeds City Council’s executive member for climate change, transport and sustainable development, Councillor Lisa Mulherin, said: “The enhancements will place the iconic buildings of the Corn Exchange and Kirkgate Market in a more appropriate setting. “The bus priority measures and improved walking and cycling routes will improve connectivity services and air quality in the city. “Like all major schemes, there will be disruption, however Leeds City Council will work closely with the bus

companies, other transport providers and business to keep this to a minimum and will work hard to keep the public informed of changes which affect them.”

08 Editor’s Choice

Architect Embraces the Health Benefits of Titon’s NO2 Filters Two Titon HRV10 Q Plus units with Trimbox NO2 Filters® have been installed as part of unique self-build project in East Dulwich, London. When architect Jake Edgley began building his own six-bedroom house, he included a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system as part of the design, alongside other ‘green’, environmentally-friendly measures, including non-toxic paint and flooring. The 400m2 house was constructed in two halves, each built around a tree, with one MVHR system covering each half of the property. As Jake designs and specifies homes as part of his job, he often experiments with different products on his own property. Having included Titon’s ventilation systems on a number of projects during the last ten years, he was already fully aware of the company’s product offering. Commenting on the decision to have nitrogen dioxide filters added, Jake said: “We noticed if a neighbour lit a bonfire or a barbecue, the smell would still enter the house. Fortunately, I had seen the Trimbox NO2 Filter® on the Titon website, so I made enquiries into the possibility of adding one to the ventilation system.” The bedroom area had the Trimbox NO2 Filter® added first, and the Edgley family were so impressed with the results, a second unit was installed to the other half of the house six months later. Jake explained: “The Trimbox filters work amazingly well, they have completely eradicated any smells coming in from outside. In fact, if we smell smoke outside, we just close all the doors and

windows, and there is no trace of any odour indoors. The MVHR unit is already a good dust filter and this is improved by the Trimbox, and we’ve also noticed the Trimbox acts as an excellent attenuator to any noise from the MVHR unit. Then there’s the added benefit of knowing the units are filtering out any pollutants so, despite being located about 60 metres from a road, the air inside the house remains clean and healthy.” Jake now certainly practices what he preaches, as his positive first-hand experience has led him to include the Trimbox NO2 Filter® as part of every new build domestic ventilation system specified by his company, Edgley Design. “The Trimbox is a great product, particularly in London areas,” he concluded. “Given the rise of environmental toxicity over recent years, we always encourage domestic clients to put MVHR systems into new build homes. Including the Trimbox as part of the system should make perfect sense to homeowners, especially given its capacity to remove diesel particulates and filter toxins from indoor air.” Titon developed the Trimbox NO2 Filter® to complement its extensive range of HRV Q Plus Eco MVHR units and combat the high levels of nitrogen dioxide found in exhaust gases from diesel engines. The filter incorporates balanced flow technology to provide class leading absorption of NO2 and is available in two duty sizes (depending on the duty required). The product is effective in reducing NO2 to an acceptable mean annual concentration level of 40µQ /m3, while vastly improving indoor air quality (IAQ). Independent tests have demonstrated the Trimbox to absorb 98% of NO2, not only in normal, continuous ventilation mode but also at ‘boost’ or higher ventilation rates.* For more information about Titon and its range ventilation systems, visit: For further details about Edgley Design, visit:


Marries traditional styles with new 3D printing techniques. Period influenced contemporary design styles including Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco to Modern Digitally printed glass is more cost-effective than using traditional stained glass methods. We can print on toughened, laminated and security-rated glass

Call us for more information 01708 374534 email or visit Firman Glass, 19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 0JH

10 Editor’s Choice

Manchester based property staging company Kharis & Kale Interiors win Best of Houzz 2020 The Annual People’s Choice Award from the Houzz Community Highlights Home Renovation and Design Professionals with Most Popular Designs and Top Ratings Kharis & Kale Interiors of Manchester has won a “Best Of Houzz” award for Customer Service, on Houzz®, the leading platform for home renovation and design. The award-winning interior design and property staging company Kharis & Kale Interiors was chosen by the millions of homeowners that comprise the Houzz community from among more than 2.5 million active home building, renovation and design industry professionals.

Kharis & Kale Interiors transform properties into beautiful homes that people aspire to live in. Professionally presenting your property will secure more viewings and achieve a faster sale and return on investment. We provide a full range of furniture, art and accessories on a rental basis and we will stage your property and present it to ensure it has the important ‘wow’ factor that will ensure a faster sale. We are so pleased to accept this award from Houzz for Best Customer Service. Our commitment to providing a great

customer experience is foremost in our minds in everything we do. “This year’s Best Of Houzz awards go to an incredibly talented and service-oriented group of home renovation and design professionals, and we’re proud to highlight the winners on the Houzz website and app,” said Inés Cid, Managing Director for Houzz UK. “This award is particularly meaningful as it reflects the sentiment of the millions of homeowners in the Houzz community who are hiring home professionals for their projects across the UK and around the world.”

The Best Of Houzz badge is awarded annually, in three categories: Design, Customer Service and Photography. Design awards honour professionals whose work was the most popular among the Houzz community. Customer Service honours are based on several factors, including a pro’s overall rating on Houzz and client reviews submitted in 2019. Architecture and interior design photographers whose images were most popular are recognised with the Photography award.

Visit Kharis & Kale Interiors -


The benefits of temporary screening: Base Structures offering weatherproof screening for building projects Base Structures are pleased to offer a range of waterproof, weatherproof temporary screening products to help construction projects stay on time and on budget as well as defend against storms and bad weather If recent stormy and wintery weather has slowed your construction project down, and you’re looking to get back on track, weatherproof screening may help. Base Structures offer a range of screens engineered to withstand wind loads and extreme weather, allowing you to progress work even in the worst of conditions and start internal fit-outs ahead of time without waiting for glazing or cladding contractors. Base Structures’ screens are safe and comply with all necessary ratings. PVC Coated Polyester temporary screens can be used, which have the equivalent to Class 0 fire rated and conform to EN 13501-1. With safety in mind, temporary screening can also be used to separate works from the general public, creating ‘no-go zones’ and giving you peace of mind that the entirety of your construction site is contained. The fabric screens Base Structures use are adaptable and fix directly to the building structures, not requiring any scaffolding. This means no scaffold is being carried through completed works

and reduces the amount of manual handling. Also, time saved on the programme reduces the number of man hours on site and therefore risk. Temporary weatherproof screening is an inexpensive, flexible and reliable solution that adds value to a construction site. It allows for project adaptability and saves costs over time. To find out more about the

flexible protection temporary building screening provides, contact Base Structures for an initial chat to see what options might be available for your project. For more information visit our website, email or call 0117 911 5250



Home Refurbishments That Can Improve Your Mental Health

Jonathan Hey, Founder Aliwood.

Over the past few years there’s been an increase, long overdue it must be said, in willingness and openness to talk about mental health, and rightly so!

An estimated 1 in 6 people in the UK are thought to regularly experience a common mental health condition such as anxiety or depression. Your home should be a sanctuary, a space in which you can feel completely at ease and escape from the worries of dayto-day life. There are several additions and changes that you can make to your home that are almost certain to help boost your state of mind and maintain a more positive outlook, in even the dreariest of winter months. Aliwood are a new company specialising in bespoke roof lanterns, and the founder, Jonathan Hey, has put together this article explaining some simple changes you can make to your home that will benefit your mental wellbeing. Roof Lanterns Roof lanterns make fantastic additions to any home. They help

bathe your living spaces in natural light which has been proven to benefit your health, both mental and physical. Increased exposure to natural light leads to your body producing more serotonin, the hormone responsible for lifting your mood. Getting lots of natural light is also known to reduce symptoms of anxiety, and help those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Aliwood’s roof lanterns not only look fantastic, they will make sure you get all the natural light you need! House Plants You don’t have to be an avid gardener to keep a few small houseplants around your home. Studies have shown that tending to plants has a soothing, therapeutic effect that is rivalled by very little else. With


so many psychological stressors in today’s society - a society that is perpetually ‘switched on’ - the simple habit of looking after houseplants is a fantastic remedy. Not only that, but well-looked after houseplants look fantastic, and help keep the air you breathe much purer! Open-Plan Living If you’re able to, converting your home structurally to incorporate more open-plan living spaces is a great way of positively affecting your mental health. If open-plan living does one thing well, it’s the improvement in the flow of your home. Each component part of your property becomes infinitely more connected; becoming cogs in a larger system, rather than separate, secluded blocks. Open-plan living fosters a feeling of community

and togetherness within a family. This is incredibly important in a time where we feel more and more isolated. Pastel Colours Painting your internal walls with calming, tranquil hues is a great way to instil a little bit of zen into your home. Your living spaces become instantly more relaxing if you use lighter shades to decorate. Striking statement walls have become all the rage over the past decade, but the big, bold colours can often become imposing and overly dark. Using pastel-coloured paints mitigates that risk! Spring Cleaning Thanks to self-styled home experts such as Marie Kondo, there has been a big social shift towards a less cluttered

lifestyle. Whilst we’re not advocating as drastic a clear out as dear, old Marie might be (does that statement spark joy?), there’s definitely something to be said for having a clearer living space. After all, how does the old adage go? A cluttered life equals a cluttered mind? So, why not take the time to streamline your belongings, somewhat; none of us really need the vast quantities of possessions that we own, and reducing the amount of stuff we have also ties in with the increasing need to reduce the singleuse, consumer culture!

If you’d like to find out more about Aliwood and our roof lanterns, then get in touch today! Call the team on 01245 967107 or visit


Magicman for Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Man with a plan

Planned Preventative Maintenance is a method of preserving the original aspect and value of properties by anticipating the failure of assets before they occur. PPM allows facility managers and landlords to control costs and reduce downtime by dictating their own timetable, using known downtimes to schedule in surveys and carry out preventative maintenance. Regularly programmed PPM can recover items from accumulated damage before they fail. In comparison, reactive maintenance is disruptive by nature and can cost 3 to 5 times more than planned maintenance. To use a crude analogy, PPM is like checking your gas boiler every year with very little fuss whereas reactive repairs are like waiting for it to explode. Magicman are well known as an originator in onsite corrective repairs with over 26 years in the business. That they offer PPM is more of a trade secret, a service they developed for their clients in the hospitality sector such as hotels and cruise line operators but open to all. Magicman carry out regular surveys to identify and correct damage before it becomes unsightly either autonomously or at a level decided by the customer who generally choose the level of control they are comfortable with. Magicman are experts in renewing tired and worn surfaces such as counters, doors or floors, returning their original colour and sheen. Internal Research & Development has created hundreds of restoration techniques to renew scuffs, scratches, burns, cracks, splits, chips, holes, fading colours or sheens. Renewable surfaces usually include wood, veneers, laminate, ceramics, powder coat, uPVC, stone, marble, brick, stainless steel and even scratched glass. Kitchens, bathrooms, sanitary ware, furniture, cills and tiles, can all be maintained with the minimum of disruption, indoors or out. When items do fail, Magicman are still there to repair even extreme damage, extending the lifespan of assets and saving items from landfill. It is by nature a sustainable business model that provides continuity.

15 The Magicman difference is their sustainable ethos that begins in their bespoke training course, reported as ‘exemplary’ during an ISOQAR audit. They invested £200,000 in the Magicman Training Academy which has produced nearly 150 certified repair technicians since opening its doors. It offers a holistic 4 week training programme, followed by field training and further skills in specialist areas such as glass and marble polishing. Successful trainees become fully fledged and directly employed Magicman technicians. As clients look to secure a sustainable and cost effective supply chain that provides an engaging and reliable service; Magicman are often presented with scenarios where replacing items or in some cases entire suites are seen to be the only option. Whilst expensive, time consuming and disruptive, it is often thought that this is the only option that could keep customers happy. This is simply not the case. It’s costly, wasteful, environmentally damaging and uses up valuable resource. Magicman are able to bring the unit or item back to life, repair or restore and leave the customer amazed. Often asking “where was the original damage?” With a new planned preventative maintenance programme, Magicman’s specially trained technicians are able to attend sites on a pre-determined/agreed basis and carry out ongoing repairs/restorations throughout the year. Significantly reducing cost, downtime, disruption and increasing asset life; whilst ensuring the value of the asset is maintained. Prevention rather than cure. Trusted by the Top 50 builders and construction companies in UK, famous hotel chains, well known insurance brands and internationally renowned cruise ship operators, Magicman cover the whole of Great Britain as well as scheduled maintenance abroad with over 90 fully trained and directly employed Magicman technicians currently available to work alone or in teams, during office hours or if scheduled in advance, out of hours, including weekends. Magicman are fully insured and accredited with Achilles Building Confidence, SafeContractor, CHAS, Constructionline and Worksafe Contractor; and approved by ISOQAR, the world’s most established quality framework, in ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001: 2018. Magicman’s external Health and Safety support is provided by Ellis Whittam, one of leading companies in the field. Magicman are completely transparent and publish all certificates and insurance policy documents on their website. Magicman’s accreditation and bespoke training programme are your assurance that you can be confident in their work and quality control. They can help keep your premises defect free, reduce downtime and help you meet environmental targets by reducing waste to landfill. Contact or call 0345 458 1010 to discuss PPM and arrange a site survey.


5 steps to reduce your CO2 emissions by Modular buildings have many advantages over traditional construction methods, and sustainability and CO2 savings are ones that will play a key role if the construction sector is to lead the way in reducing the UK’s carbon emissions. A study undertaken by Arup & Partners (“CO2 emissions from use, scrapping and manufacture of modular buildings”) concluded modular buildings offered an alternative and sustainable solution to traditional buildings across 4 key measures, but what about refurbished modular measured against new modular? Managing Director Richard Crawford

To request a copy of the full Refurbished Buildings Carbon, call 01420 587 880 or visit


modular construction over 42% As suppliers of both new and refurbished portable cabins and modular buildings in Hampshire, Portable Facilities commissioned Acreshort Consulting to conduct an independent study to determine the carbon emissions savings that could be achieved by re-using and refurbishing a ‘typical 5-bay marketing suite’ compared to the equivalent new modular building. Since both the fabric and building services, along with build specification and transport, would be common to both a newly-constructed modular and a re-used/refurbished modular, the report focused purely on the CO2 emissions associated with: • Reusing the main steel structure • Not manufacturing a new main steel structure • Recycling approximately 6.96 metric tons

Commenting on the findings, Managing Director Richard Crawford said, “We’re extremely excited that by reusing a steel frame it’s possible to reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 50%. There are several ways to achieve even higher savings through reusing other components, fixtures and fittings and specifying energyefficient or sustainable materials for the refit and that’s something as a business we are passionate about.”

In summary To maximise CO2 savings in your next modular construction project, consider refurbishing: 1. Strip out the existing modules and recycle the majority of waste 2. Re-use the main steel structure 3. Refurbish and re-use any other materials and components which will increase the carbon savings

of waste from the refurbishment process

Carbon saving calculations Assuming 12m x 3m x 3.2m pre-owned modules were used to create a new 5-bay sales and marketing suite, the overall carbon savings were calculated at 47.682 TCO2 representing impressive CO2 savings of approximately 42% against a comparable new-build modular suite.

4. Purchase new materials from ecologicallysound, sustainable sources 5. Install double glazing and energy-efficient lighting, DHW and heating/cooling for continued savings over the lifecycle of the building. These measures could go a long way towards helping achieve the UK government’s target of a ‘net-zero’ future.

Saving Report, email

Waterloo delivers a ventilation remedy for major hospital refurbishment The £170 million redevelopment of Glan Clwyd Hospital in North Wales has seen Waterloo Air Products provide a wide range of air terminal devices which met the exacting hygiene standards of a healthcare facility whilst ensuring the wellbeing and optimum comfort of patients. Delivered by main contractor Laing O’Rourke, the seven-year project to redevelop the main hospital site in Bodelwyddan has seen the creation of a new emergency department, eleven new theatres, two new recovery areas, a new critical care unit, refurbished areas in radiology and a new dental services facility. In collaboration with M&E contractor Crownhouse Technologies, tasked with upgrading the hospital’s building services, Waterloo has provided over 600 of its air distribution products. With efficient ventilation and air distribution imperative for patients, visitors and staff, Waterloo’s Louvre Face Diffusers were specified across the various phases. This versatile, multi-cone, multi-directional diffuser

19 easily mounts in a lay-in ceiling. With the ability to remove the central core, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance, it provided the ideal solution to maintaining the highestpossible standards of hygiene in a healthcare environment. In addition, the specification also saw Waterloo supply its Vane Swirl Diffusers. Designed for rapid mixing of air in high ceiling areas (2.6m-4m) and ideal for controlling airflow, these diffusers feature adjustable deflectors enabling different discharge directions. To meet the aesthetic requirements of the external walling, Large Format Fixed Blade Louvres were specified in traffic grey whilst the company’s high performance Exhaust Valves were specified for washroom facilities. Commenting on the specification, Andy Wardle, Sales Director at Waterloo Air Products said: “Creating a safe and comfortable indoor climate in a hospital environment is absolutely paramount. The careful selection and specification of air distribution products plays a huge role in ensuring the comfort of patients whilst controlling contaminants, odour and indoor air pollution. Our products

are designed to meet such requirements and have helped play a key role in creating and maintaining ventilation effectiveness and indoor air quality in this vital community health facility.” Waterloo has extensive experience across healthcare projects and can provide project liaison staff on site during critical programme phases. In addition to the Glan Clywd Hospital, Waterloo has completed work on a number of high profile hospitals including St Bartholomew’s, Hammersmith, Glasgow Royal Infirmary and St Georges, to name but a few.

With this hospital redevelopment and rebuilding programme on track for completion in 2020, Waterloo’s air distribution products are set to play a vital role in the modernised Glan Clywd hospital for years to come, ensuring the air quality of the indoor environment is at its best throughout the facility.

20 RCI Show 2020

Building Better with the Roofing, Cladding & Insulation Show The RCI Show returns to the Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 25th – 26th March 2020

be watertight & durable and Marley will discuss Making the Grade - BS5534 graded roofing battens: Are you roofing to standard? To promote professional development within the industry, practical seminar sessions are being delivered by Actis Insulation, Alchimica Building Chemicals, Fixfast, Quin Global, Xtratherm and Mates in Mind. The Actis Insulation session will demonstrate how Building Regulation compliance of construction systems can be obtained. The module shows a manufacturer’s view on how compliance can be achieved by providing trusted products within building systems and robust laboratory and real-life testing of materials within construction systems. The RCI Show is the UK’s largest free to attend event dedicated to the roofing, cladding and insulation supply chain. Take a day out of your routine and benefit from the opportunity to speak directly to the experts, try out their latest products and discover how you can transform your projects with new or innovative solutions.. The RCI Show consists of two core elements: an exhibition of leading suppliers and a comprehensive conference and workshop programme featuring content from industry experts and associations. Why not start your day by joining Kiwa Building Products for a breakfast briefing? Breakfast rolls and hot refreshments will be on offer for all delegates as the Kiwa team talk you through the legal requirements for product and system manufacturers in the UK, along with additional market led requirements, and explore the best routes for manufacturers looking to maximise the confidence in their products and reach the biggest market. Further highlights on day one include the Scaffolding Association providing a best practise guide to commissioning scaffolding, Janice Tyler of Briggs Amasco will demonstrate how the roofing industry can mitigate the effects it has on climate change and Vivalda Chairman, Peter Johnson will discuss managing through tough times – Austerity, Grenfell and Brexit. If you are interested in discovering what the future of building and infrastructure design, manufacture, integration and connectivity within our built environment could entail, then be sure to join us for the opening keynote of day two. Trudi Sully from The Manufacturing Technology Centre and the Construction Innovation Hub will lead you through how it’s work will benefit industry and how you can get involved. Following sessions include Bauder’s Nigel Blacklock discussing fire in flat roofing, John Mercer will show delegates how to design and construct modern pitch roofs to

As a visitor to the show you can tailor your agenda to meet your unique learning requirements by pre-booking your preferred conference and seminar sessions during the booking process. The exhibition of leading suppliers sees a wide variety of companies showcasing the latest construction products and services including, materials, safety equipment and tooling. Many exhibitors will feature live product and tool demonstrations on their stands as well as providing product application advice and offering unique show only promotions. The RCI Show is delivered in association with RCI magazine, is supported by sponsors, Fixfast, Kiwa Building Products, Xtratherm and DT Technologies and key media partner, Fix Radio, who will be broadcasting live from the show floor. To sign up for your free visitor badge and to see the full programme and exhibitor list visit 25-26 March 2020 Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry Free entry Twitter: @rci_show

25–26 MARCH 2020 Ricoh Arena, Coventry














Industry leading speakers RIBA accredited CPD seminars Live product demos GOLD SPONSORS:

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Roofing Sealed With Approval As a leading UK Manufacturer of Hybrid Sealants Bond It have now launched their “next generation” Hybrid Roofing Membrane on to the market. Seal It Liquid Membrane, an easy to apply one coat roof seal, is a modern alternative to traditional GRP, PU and bitumen roof coatings. It is highly reflective, solvent-free, non-flammable liquid membrane formulated for professional roofing applications and requires no special training to apply. Seal It Liquid Membrane is designed to be used on its own, however, in more demanding situations it can be used in conjunction with a primer, accelerator, reinforcement mat and edging and trimming sealer, the system offers a high performance, permanently flexible, watertight, durable, weatherproofing barrier for all existing roof substrates guaranteed for 25 years. Providing primerless adhesion on a wide variety of building and roofing substrates, it has excellent resistance to ageing, ultra-violet and discolouration. It also provides water vapour

permeability, allowing the surface to breathe. Under test conditions, Seal It was shown to have superb cool roof thermal properties outperforming black bitumen by 36% at just 0.8mm thickness. It was also 11.3% more efficient than solar reflective paint all helping to reduce energy costs. Based on advanced hybrid technology, Seal It remains permanently flexible. It does not harden or soften under extreme weather conditions with very high stability to temperature variations (from -500C to +1200C), to UV radiation and to external chemical attack. It offers many benefits including ease of application, fast curing times, no solvent and virtually odourless and can even be applied on to damp surfaces . Available in grey and white in 5L and 20L eyecatching tins.

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Sealed With Approval. Bond It, a leading UK Manufacturer of Hybrid Sealants Bond It have now launched their “next generation” Hybrid Roofing Membrane on to the market. For more information on Seal It contact our Sales Team on 01422 315300 or visit

24 Coatings, Sealants & Paints


1. TRUSTED QUALITY 1. TRUSTED 1. TRUSTED 1. enjoys QUALITY TRUSTED QUALITY QUALITY Osmo over 140 years’ experience in wood 1. TRUSTED QUALITY Osmo enjoys Osmo Osmo over enjoys 140 enjoys years’ overover 140 experience 140 years’ experience in experience wood in cer wood in- wood handling and finishing. Withyears’ us, you can be

Osmo enjoys overall 140 years’ experience in wood handling and handling handling and and finishing. With finishing. us,satisfy you Withcan With us,be you us, cer can you - can be on cer be- certain finishing. that products high demands handling and finishing. us, you can tain that all tain products that tain that all products satisfy allWith products high satisfy demands satisfy highbe high demands oncerdemands on on quality. tain that quality. all products quality. quality. satisfy high demands on quality. 2. MADE IN GERMANY 2. MADE 2. IN MADE 2. isGERMANY MADE IN GERMANY IN GERMANY Osmo located in the heart of Germany: 2. MADE IN GERMANY Osmo is located Osmo Osmo isin located the is located heart in the ofinGermany: heart the manufacture heart of Germany: of Germany: We research, develop and our Osmo is products located ininthe heart of and Germany: We research, We research, We develop research, and develop manufacture develop manufacture our manufacture our our Warendorf andand Münster (NRW). We research, develop manufacture our products products in Warendorf products in Warendorf and in Warendorf Münster and (NRW). and Münster Münster (NRW). (NRW). NATURAL Warendorf andOILS Münster (NRW). AND WAXES 3. NATURAL 3. NATURAL 3.finishes NATURAL OILS from AND OILS OILS WAXES AND AND WAXES WAXES Wood Osmo consist mainly of na3. NATURAL OILS AND WAXES Wood finishes Wood Wood from finishes Osmo finishes from consist from Osmo Osmo mainly consist of mainly namainly of naof natural oils and waxes. From bothconsist an ecological Wood from consist mainly of ecological natural oilsfinishes and turalwaxes. tural and oilsOsmo From and waxes. both waxes. From an From ecological both an an ecological and aoils craftsman’s perceptive – both oils and waxes turala oils andthe From both anand ecological and craftsman’s and and awaxes. craftsman’s aperceptive craftsman’s perceptive – oils perceptive –waxes oils– and oils and waxes waxes are best for wood. andthe a craftsman’s – oils and waxes are best arefor the arewood. best theperceptive best for wood. for wood. are the best for wood. 4. COATINGS THAT WILL NOT FLAKE 4. COATINGS 4. COATINGS 4.microporous COATINGS THAT WILL THAT THAT NOT WILL WILL FLAKE NOTNOT FLAKE FLAKE Only wood finishes allow the wood 4. COATINGS THAT WILL NOT Only microporous Only Only microporous wood microporous finishes wood wood allow finishes finishes theFLAKE allow wood allow the not wood the wood to breathe. Wood finishes from Osmo will microporous wood finishes allow the wood toOnly breathe. to Wood breathe. to breathe. finishes Wood Wood from finishes Osmo finishes from will from Osmo not Osmo will not will not crack, flake, peel or blister. to breathe. Wood from will not crack, flake, crack, peel crack, flake, orfinishes blister. flake, peelpeel or blister. orOsmo blister. crack, flake, peel orWORK blister. EFFORT NEEDED 5. LESS 5. LESS5. WORK LESS 5. LESS WORK EFFORT WORK EFFORT NEEDED NEEDED No priming or sanding isEFFORT needed forNEEDED most appli5. priming LESScations. EFFORT NEEDED No NoWORK orpriming No sanding priming orspot issanding needed or repairs sanding isfor needed is most needed applifor most forMaterial most appliappliAlso are possible. No priming orspot sanding is are needed for most cations. Also cations. cations. Also repairs Also spot spot repairs possible. repairs are possible. Material are applipossible. Material Material and time consumption are noticeably lower. cations. Alsoand spottime repairs are possible. Material and time consumption and time consumption consumption are noticeably are noticeably are lower. noticeably lower. lower. and time6. consumption are noticeably lower. LESS PRODUCT REQUIRED 6. LESS6. PRODUCT LESS 6.hiding LESS PRODUCT REQUIRED REQUIRED REQUIRED Good power comes from a high content PRODUCT 6. LESS PRODUCT REQUIRED Good hiding Good power Good hiding comes hiding power power from comes acomes high from content from aAs high high content content of finely ground colour pigments. a result, power comes from aAsprimer high content ofGood finelyhiding ground of finely of colour finely ground ground pigments. colour colour pigments. pigments. a result, As enough. aAs result, a result, one or two coats without are of finely ground colour pigments. As a primer result, one or two one coats one or two without or two coats coats primer without without are primer enough. are enough. are enough. one or two coats without primer are enough. 7. SIMPLE APPLICATION 7. SIMPLE 7. SIMPLE 7. APPLICATION SIMPLE APPLICATION Creating woodAPPLICATION finishes and care products with 7. SIMPLE APPLICATION Creating wood Creating Creating finishes wood wood and finishes care finishes and products and care products withproducts with with a simple and quick application –care even for the finishes and care products with aCreating simple and awood simple quick a simple and application and quick quick application application for–the even –our even forproduct the for the hobby woodworker – –iseven the focus of a simple andhobby quick for the hobby woodworker hobby woodworker –application woodworker is Itthe focus – is–be the –even ofiseasy our focus the product focus ofyou our oftoproduct our development. should for do.product hobby woodworker – isbe our product development. development. development. It should It the should easy Itfocus should for beof you easy be toeasy for for to youdo. to do. development. be easy SUBSTANCES for you to do. 8. NOIt should HARMFUL 8. NO HARMFUL 8. NO 8. NO HARMFUL HARMFUL SUBSTANCES SUBSTANCES SUBSTANCES Interior finishes from Osmo are safe when dry. 8. NOfinishes HARMFUL SUBSTANCES Interior Interior Interior from finishes Osmo finishes from are from Osmo safe Osmo when are safe are dry. when when dry. dry. They have been largely approved forsafe children’s Interior finishes from Osmo are when dry.children’s They have They been They have largely have been approved been largely largely approved for children’s approved for children’s toys and sometimes assafe food safe. for Theyand have been approved for food children’s toys sometimes toys toys andlargely and sometimes assometimes food safe. as food as toys and9. sometimes as food safe. WIDE COLOUR PALETTE 9. WIDE9. COLOUR WIDE 9. offer WIDE COLOUR PALETTE COLOUR PALETTE RANGE Osmo wood finishes in PALETTE numerous coloured 9. WIDE COLOUR PALETTE Osmo offer Osmo wood Osmo offer finishes offer wood wood infinishes numerous coloured in numerous coloured coloured and clear variations as finishes wellinasnumerous with different sheen Osmo offer wood finishes in numerous coloured and clear and variations and clearclear variations as well variations as with well as different well as with ascan sheen with different sheen sheen options. Many of as these coatings bedifferent mixed and clear variations asMany well as with different sheen options. Many options. options. of these Many coatings of these ofeach these can coatings be coatings mixed can can be mixed be mixed and combined with other. Your imagination options. Many oflimits. these can be mixed and combined and and combined with combined eachcoatings with other. with each Your each other. imagination other. YourYour imagination imagination has no andno combined with has limits. has no has limits. no each limits.other. Your imagination has no limits. 10. SUSTAINABILITY 10. SUSTAINABILITY 10. 10. SUSTAINABILITY SUSTAINABILITY Osmo coatings are based on natural oils and 10. SUSTAINABILITY Osmo coatings Osmo Osmo are coatings based coatings are on based are natural based on oils natural on and natural and oils and waxes, and at the same time, they areoils also Osmo coatings based on natural and waxes, and waxes, atwaxes, theare and same and at by the time, athigh same the they same time, areoils time, also they they are also are also characterized durability. waxes, and at same they are also characterized characterized characterized bythe high durability. bytime, high by high durability. durability. characterized by high durability.


WHEN IT NEEDS TO BE FOOD SAFE OSMO TOPOIL PROTECTS KITCHEN WORKTOPS AND CHILDREN’S TOYS WITHOUT THE USE OF HARMFUL SUBSTANCES. Wherever children play or food is processed, safe coatings and finishes are to be used – for example, Osmo TopOil. The oil-wax combination protects wood, cork and OSB surfaces against dirt and water. It is the only product of its kind – certified food safe.


Surfaces treated with Osmo TopOil can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. It is best to avoid using conventional all-purpose cleaners. Use Osmo Spray Cleaner instead; it will not damage the protective oil layer.



Up to now, Osmo TopOil has been available in the variations: Clear matt, Clear satin, Acacia and Natural. Now, three new colours are available: 3037 White, 3038 Terra and 3039 Graphite.


Osmo TopOil is certified to Euro Norm 1186 Part 5/14, which is normally used for food packaging.

Food safe








EURO-Norm 1186 part 5/14 fo



, a n i ma l s a n d p l a


Osmo TopOil protects surfaces not only against water, wear and dirt, but also against stains from coffee, wine and cola. Dents or tough stains can be simply sanded away and recoated with Osmo TopOil.



26 Coatings, Sealants & Paints


– A new era of new sealants, from the creators of CT1

CT1 which is known by the trade and was christened as The Snag List Eliminator, changed the world of sealants forever. Introducing Hybrid Technology 18 years ago, the competition followed suit and released a flurry of sealants adorning the label “Hybrid Polymer”. CT1 who seem to never sleep in their Research and Development Department, constantly strive to bring the latest technology to the building industry and lead the way in development. TRIBRID® Technology is the latest era of sealants. The science behind this has blown the industry away. Never seen before, never used before and never to be repeated, BT1 with TRIBRID® Technology has changed the world of bathroom sealants forever.

Welcome to TRIBRID® Technology – the Ultimate Bathroom Sealant and Adhesive. Bathrooms are usually the most contaminated area of the house, and are typically the first area of the home that sealants discolour and eventually grow fungus and bacteria. CT1 knew of the need to create the ultimate product for the bathroom, which would guarantee no mould or fungus growth at all! In fact it doesn’t stop there, tested in leading laboratories in the UK for bacteria and mould, the results were outstanding!

When BT1 was tested alongside 5 of the UK’s leading conventional sealants, the results were mind blowing. BT1 had ZERO impregnation of bacteria and fungal growth, whilst the others performed poorly. BT1, which is also the healthiest option for the bathroom and the most eco-friendly sealant and adhesive, shares the same accreditations as its sister CT1. BT1 is for bathrooms only. It retains its dazzling white colour and can be used as the ultimate product for the bathroom. Perfect for installing shower trays and panels without mechanical fixings, the multipurpose sanitaryware sealant has taken the industry by storm. But since its breakthrough onto the market, this tube of science is now being used in hospitals, clinics and any space which demands the cleanest of areas. Building Contractors and Bathroom Installers are buying this scientifically and technically enhanced product for the professional! BT1 has been hitting the headlines on Social Media and all literature. BT1 has been proven to reduce bacteria by 99.99% and is effective against E. coli and MRSA. Contact C-Tec Head Office to find your local stockist, or visit to see a live demo. Click on the link below to view our YouTube Video:

Builders Beware

28 Floodex 2020

According to an article published by Loughborough university, The UK market for flood risk products is growing, particularly since the 2015/16 floods, which cost councils £323m and insurers £1.27bn. One insurer stated that 2.4 million are at risk of surface water flooding, with over 3.5 million residential properties in England and Wale sat risk from some form of flooding. One in twelve are at a high risk of flooding. Recognizing that sometimes floods just cannot be fully constrained, it has to be acknowledged that a wider, integrated approach is needed and a shift from flood control to water management which is set up to deal with higher volumes of surface water that results in flooding within today’s infrastructure Jon Irwin, event director, said “FLOODEX is a great way for people from the construction fraternity to attend CPR accredited seminars and talk to experts about solutions and products on the exhibition stands,” adding

“flooding events are only going to get worse and could affect many aspects of planning, development and construction.”

HRH Duke of Gloucester will be attending FLOODEX on 27th February. Despite the UK’s exit from the EU at the end of last month, technical engagement on all matters of water management with our near neighbours, especially The Netherlands, continues and indeed strengthens. Jon Irwin, went on to say “Given that a major part of urban flood damage is caused for surface water run-off, this should make flood mitigation high on the list of considerations for the construction industry, developers, architects, contractors and engineers alike.”

Floodex 2020 29

Speakers include Holland’s Delta Commissioner, Defra and Environment Agency One of the keynote speakers this year is Peter Glas, Holland’s, Delta Commissioner and he will be sharing how Holland sees the challenge of a changing climate and how they proactively plan to deal with those changes. We are also looking forward to hearing from a great line-up of industry and profession leaders, so make sure to find some time to participate in those presentations, including a number of “in conversation” sessions, notably involving senior staff from Defra and the Environment Agency. ASA is a member organisation whose aim is to promote and develop the use of sustainable drainage within all new developments.

Welcome to the den Another exciting addition to this year’s FLOODEX is the Future Water Association’s “Water Dragons” competition, based on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, which provides a unique opportunity for companies to pitch product, service or process innovations to a panel of senior water management executives ( The Water Dragons ).

FLOODEX has great support from the industry. FLOODEX is free to enter for the exhibition and CPD accredited seminars and run in partnership with the Association of Drainage Authorities and Association of SuDS Authorities. The Show is supported by many organizations, including Institution of Civil Engineers, Environment Agency, Future Water Association and National Association of Drainage Contractors. FLOODEX runs on 26th & 27th February at East of England Showground, Peterborough. More information about the show, visiting and exhibiting can be had from the website


RMIG City Emotion RMIG’s ‘City Emotion’ philosophy exists to capture the passion for creative and exciting urban design by offering innovative technologies and materials. We can help realise the most ambitious architectural projects. The projects that will give the city innovative visual statement and emotional appeal.

As the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal, with manufacturing units throughout Europe, we have over 100 years of industry experience with a wealth of tooling and engineering expertise to help make your ideas come to life.

Østjysk Våbenhandel Weapon store, Hedensted, Denmark Architects: Ginneruparkitekter A special facade for a special store The premises of the Østjysk Våbenhandel in Denmark can be clearly seen from a major motorway. For customers, as well as those driving past, the unusual facade of this building catches the eye and is a landmark for the area. RMIG have manufactured and supplied 400 m2 of perforated sheets that make up the facade, and with RMIG ImagePerf, a giant motif of a pheasant in flight decorates the building. The large open area of the perforated sheets provides good visibility of the outside surroundings for those using the building during the day, and at night the lights in the store’s foyer shine through the perforation, accentuating the stunning image

Technical characteristics Raw material: Aluminium 5005 EQ Pattern: RMIG ImagePerf Thickness: 3.0 mm Surface treatment: Powder coating


MSCP Time Square, Bridge Street Multi-storey car park, Warrington, England Architects: Leach Rhodes Walker A facade of perforated sheets used for a stateof-the-art facility As part of the redevelopment of Bridge Street in Warrington, Cheshire, a multi-storey car park has been constructed, providing the town with more than 1,000 much-needed parking spaces. This massive eightstorey car park has a remarkable facade made from an astonishing 3,500 m2 of perforated sheets manufactured and supplied by RMIG, with RMIG ImagePerf technology being used to create the vivid perforated patterns.

Technical characteristics Raw material: Aluminium EN 1050 and Aluminium J57S Pattern: RMIG ImagePerf Thickness: 3.0 mm Finishing operations: Folding Surface treatment: Powder coating and anodising


The Music Box MSCP Multi-storey car park, Hayes, Middlesex, England Architects: Studio Egret West Music history brought to life with RMIG ImagePerf The Fab Four sang ”Baby, you can drive my car…” , and they would probably love to drive it into the multi-storey car park in Hayes, England, where a facade created from RMIG ImagePerf brings to life the famous photo of screaming fans at a Beatles concert. Over 1,000 perforated sheets were manufactured and supplied by RMIG for the project. The technology used for RMIG ImagePerf made it possible for this iconic photograph to be reproduced using various hole sizes. The sheets were subsequently powder coated, making them weather resistant and ensuring that this amazing image will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Technical characteristics Raw material: Sendzimir galvanised steel Pattern: RMIG ImagePerf Thickness: 2.5 mm Finishing operations: Bending Surface treatment: Powder coating


Kalvebod Fælled School State school, Copenhagen, Denmark Architects: Lundgaard & Traneberg Arkitekter A/S Perforated facade decorates innovative school building When constructing Kalvebod Fælled School, the objective was to create a balanced atmosphere of school and leisure time for both children and adults, with the focus on learning and activities. This ambition has been achieved by a stunning circular construction with a gymnasium at the heart of the building. The glistening facade encapsulating the building is made from 1200 m2 of perforated sheets from RMIG. The perforation gives a flow of light and shadow, providing protection from the sun, yet still ensuring a view of the beautiful surrounding areas.

Technical characteristics Raw material: Aluminium 5754 Pattern: R1.5T3 Thickness: 2.0 mm Finishing operations: Bending

For further information or if you would like to book a CPD Presentation ‘Perforation in Architecture’ please contact

34 Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Bushboard return to KBB for 2020 Stand G95 Bushboard exhibit at KBB, Birmingham.

Bushboard the UK’s leading producer of laminate worksurfaces and waterproof bathroom panels is exhibiting at the KBB Birmingham 1st – 4th March 2020. On the stand, Bushboard will be showcasing several brand developments, including striking décor launches and restructuring highlights to the well-known Options and Omega collections. The new ranges will be presented with an updated and striking ew brand look and in décor groups identified by type and trends; stones, woods, marbles and monochromes. Visitors should also look out for eight new décor additions to Evolve, the ground-breaking solid core laminate worksurfaces that will feature prominently in lifestyle settings along with the new statement splashback range Vista. Bushboard’s award-winning Nuance trimless bathroom panels celebrates its 10th birthday during KBB. Nuance is a unique patented collection that is specified widely across all bathroom markets as the leading alternative to ceramic tiling and will be prominent on the stand. Samantha Donnelly, marketing content manager for Bushboard, explains “KBB is a critical launchpad for the Bushboard brands. It will allow us to meet all our distributor and retail partners in a doing-business environment. Our well-known Options and Omega ranges are being strategically relaunched and repositioned with stunning new decors alongside new branding and display materials. Consumers shop by décor so we will be making the process as exciting and simple as possible. Solid laminate surfaces and bathroom panelling are enjoying substantive growth in all UK markets, and we are looking forward to explaining the many compelling offers we have for 2020.”

New Options lineup from Bushboard

Options Element roche - Vista Kaleidoscope cool blue acrylic

Bathrooms & Washrooms 35

Options contemporary laminate worksurfaces from Bushboard relaunching at KBB 2020.

Options Solace Marble ultramatt - Vista Casablanca multi

36 Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms OFFSITE SOLUTIONS AWARDED £2.5M BATHROOM POD CONTRACT IN LIVERPOOL – ITS SECOND PROJECT FOR MODA LIVING Offsite Solutions, the UK’s leading bathroom pod manufacturer, has been awarded its second contract for Moda Living – a £2.5m project to manufacture 478 steel-framed shower pods for The Lexington in Liverpool. Designed by Falconer Chester Hall and now under construction by BCEGI, the 34-storey, New York-inspired Lexington will provide 325 high quality homes designed exclusively for build-to-rent, with apartments ranging from studios to three bedrooms. Due for completion in 2021 and located on the waterfront, this iconic £90m scheme is set to transform the city skyline. It forms part of Liverpool Waters, a £5.6 billion project to regenerate the renowned Liverpool Docks which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Offsite Solutions has developed the stylish shower pods to Moda Living’s specification which includes contemporary grey porcelain tiling throughout, square wall-mounted wash hand basin, and deluxe-sized, thermostatically-controlled rainfall shower with separate hand-held shower. A cabinet recessed into the wall adds a sleek finish and clean lines to the shower rooms. The pods are all floorless – a unique pod solution from Offsite Solutions engineered to avoid the need for a recess in the floor slab and minimise floor build-up for each storey whilst achieving continuous level floors throughout the apartments.

Derek Mullarkey, Construction Manager at BCEGI said, “Bathroom pods give us the benefit of simplified logistics, reducing the number of subcontractors on site by around six trades. The consistent and superior quality of pods is a huge advantage. Quality is often the biggest issue with in-situ fit out on major apartments projects. This then causes issues at handover because of the different skillsets involved in bathroom construction. Offsite Solutions’ pods are very good quality and their organisation for site delivery has been exceptional – consistently

on time and with excellent communications. Their approach has been thorough in every area.” Residents of The Lexington will have access to stunning shared spaces including a 17th floor sky lounge, dedicated gym and workout space, roof-top gardens with outdoor dining kitchen and flexible workspaces. The Lexington follows the successful completion of Moda Living’s Angel Gardens in Manchester, a 35-storey tower offering high quality apartments for rent next to Amazon’s new headquarters. Here Offsite Solutions manufactured over 700 steel-framed pods for shower rooms, family bathrooms and ensuites in a £3.8m contract. The first residents are now living in the building. Offsite Solutions offers the UK’s largest range of bathroom pods to suit different building types and applications. Options include steel-framed pods with porcelaintiled finishes for high-end apartments, PRS, student residences and hotels; robust and low maintenance GRP composite pods for student accommodation, care homes, social housing and healthcare; hybrid pods for specialist projects, and award-winning demountable GRP pods for ease of installation in refurbishment schemes. For further information, visit, call 01278 780807 or email

Tear out floors? There is another way! Whether it is an assembly hall, caféteria or foyer – with floor remake rooms are modernised, refashioned and shine in a new design. All this without having to lay a new floor.

The initial situation

The initial situation

Lacquering the edge areas

After strip cleaning and sanding back

Lacquering the floor completely

After On-Top-Coating

On-top-sealer provides optimal protection

On-top-sealer provides optimal protection

Visit or call on 01296 437827

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Architect? Interior Designer? Trades?..... build your brand awareness by entering the UK Bathrooms Design Awards In an ever changing, competitive environment designers, specifiers and fitters of bathroom spaces face the ongoing challenge to increase their brand awareness. The concept of ‘branding’ is critical for any business, even once the basic brand is understood and developed, the challenge continues to create and constantly build brand awareness. Being consistent with branding is key, getting your brand in front of potential customers is top priority. “89% of Marketers say brand awareness is the most important goal” (Content Marketing Institute). Having recently launched their Design Awards, UK Bathrooms, the leading online store for premium designer bathroom products, are inviting entries not just from homeowners but also from professionals. Architects, Interior Designers and Trades are being encouraged to submit their entries to win best architect/

interiors designer bathroom, best hotel/guest house/restaurant bathroom or best trades bathroom. Winners of each category will be awarded £500 worth of products from but says Graeme Borchard MD “the opportunity is much bigger for professionals entering the UK Bathrooms Design Awards, it’s more about the brand exposure that we can help them achieve. Even if they don’t end up a winner, the project they submit may be showcased on the website, social media, blogs, newsletters and in press releases to related publications by ourselves and by our supported manufacturers.” Graeme continued “we work closely with a large number of professionals supplying luxury bathroom products. We know how difficult the market place is and we also know that it is vital for these businesses to maximise their brand exposure to stand out in

the crowd. By providing a tool to help them do this we hope that we are giving something back, whilst at the same time continuing to build our own brand.” Entering the UK Bathrooms Design Awards is via an online entry form and full terms and conditions can be viewed on the website Alongside Graeme Borchard, MD of UK Bathrooms the expert panel of incredibly talented judges include Amy Moorea Wong ex Features Editor of Elle Decoration, Interior Design & Lifestyle Journalist and Writer, Darren Paxford National Sales Manager of VitrA UK Ltd and Sarah Evans Head of Channel Marketing at Hansgrohe UK. Entering the UK Bathrooms Design Awards is via an online entry form and full terms and conditions can be viewed on the website

Black Edition Stainless Steel Towel Rails by JIS Europe 100% stainless steel towel rails 01825 722988


HILLHOUT RANGE, AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY FROM ZEST 4 LEISURE, TAKES JANUARY FURNITURE SHOW BY STORM Timber furniture and decorative garden products specialist, Zest 4 Leisure reported extremely high levels of interest in the Hillhout range of timber garden products.

Zest, which is the sole distributor for Hillhout in the UK in 2020, showcased a range of the company’s painted fencing panels and planters on its stand at the January Furniture Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Managing Director of Zest 4 Leisure, Steve Morgan said, “Hillhout is well-known throughout Europe for its high quality products and unique designs and has established itself as a trendsetter in the outdoor leisure market. “We were delighted to showcase a range of its planters and slatted timber panels on our stand and the level of interest shown, particularly in the painted Milan Fencing Panels, was incredibly high. We believe this is due to the innovative designs and exceptional quality of products.” Hillhout products offer the flexibility to optimise the space in any garden, big or small, and allows customers to enjoy their outdoor space. From durable pinewood fences to pine plank screens to trellises, the Hillhout range is available in a variety of shapes, sizes as well as painted or non-painted. A perfect addition to any garden, consumers can choose between complete privacy or a more open garden. Hillhout also has a comprehensive range of trellis to complement the panels. To see Zest 4 Leisure’s new hardwood furniture range, visit

The IPG - Supporting Independents The IPG is the fastest growing membership group in the plumbing, heating and bathroom sector. In 2013, it was founded on the belief that independents should have a better voice in today’s competitive market, a value that is still upheld and fiercely advocated by the group – championing the great British independent, helping them to grow and compete. Independent plumbing/heating stores and bathroom showrooms, like those represented by The IPG, have built up their expertise over many years and the group strongly believes that to see that specialist knowledge and friendly, local service disappear would be a travesty. At its core, The IPG are determined to bring independent businesses together, and in turn, give their customers the opportunity to buy the best brands locally at great prices. Since its inception, the group has supported members in making their businesses a real success. In the last quarter of 2019, this culminated in the opening of flagship stores with three of its key members in Enfield, New Milton and Dudley.

Each store was given a facelift, with new jointly branded store signs inside and out, improved store layout and the added benefit of digital screens for promotional messaging - the aim was to improve the customer shopping experience. The IPG recently revisited one of these stores (Plumb Inn, Enfield) to discover why they had decided to participate in this project and the impact it had on their business. When asked how joining The IPG and becoming a flagship store helped with their future business objectives, their answer was simple, they believed that working with the membership group created a fresh perspective to push independents to do something different to drive footfall into their locations. Ray Andes, Managing Director at Plumb Inn, said: “We are now not just a member, we have joined the IPG family and together we can only become stronger. We have a new look trade counter and showroom, a new look website and an opportunity

to be involved in marketing initiatives that as an independent merchant we could not achieve on our own. The IPG’s support of the independent sector will be pivotal to the development and growth of our business and our team are all looking forward to an exciting future” The launch was promoted locally by The IPG, there was an increase in bathroom showroom footfall during the launch which converted into sales to the trade counter. Plumb Inn were happy with the initial business outcomes. With the continued support of The IPG, Plumb Inn are confident this will continue in 2020 and beyond. Support your local independent, you might be surprised to hear that alongside unrivalled service and unbiased honest advice your shopping basket at the end of your visit is likely to be cheaper! Find your nearest IPG member store here:


RINNAI CONTINUOUS FLOW HOT WATER SYSTEM SPECIFIED IN FOOD MANUFACTURE PLANT A Rinnai continuous flow hot water solution has been installed at a large-scale seafood processing and manufacturing plant on the North East coast. The system was installed by H Pickup & Sons having used Rinnai products for several years on major projects. H Pickup Mechanical & Electrical Services Limited were established over 100 years ago and are based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. The company offer a comprehensive range of mechanical & electrical services

direct to their clients: Electrical Building Services; Mechanical Building Services; Planned & Reactive Maintenance; Gas Servicing; Heating and Plumbing Services; Electrical & Mechanical Design & Installation Services and Contract Management. “We employ our own staff engineers both on site and in contract

management in order to enable us to deliver unprecedented service and ongoing support to our customers”, says Mike Joy for Pickups. The food manufacture site had an old stored hot water system which was no longer able to cope with the demand for the high volume and high temperature hot water needed for

cleaning down production areas as the site increased its production lines, as it expanded its market ordering and product range. The site was also looking to substantially increase energy, fuel cost efficiency and reliability by removing the stored hot water. “There were long periods of time with no requirements for hot water, then sudden high demand as production areas need deep cleaning. Running out of hot water would result in substandard cleaning, especially the removal of grease, and industrial cleaning products used to clean many of the surfaces. Another deciding factor for the site - Rinnai’s ability to

resist Legionella breeding which is a risk with a “lukewarm” hot water system. With Rinnai continuous flow units water temperature for distribution is accurate to ±1˚C. The fact that there is no stratification as there is no storage, ensures a continuous, permanent even temperature. There is no requirement to heat a volume of water just to ensure the elimination of Legionella bacteria as the minimum temperature that a continuous flow unit achieves is in excess of advisory levels. The modular nature of the Rinnai Systems also removes a single point of failure from the hot water system, ensuring hot water will always be available and not run out. The site used 3 x HDC1200i Natural Gas Water Heaters and also featured the Rinnai Limescale Protection Package. The Rinnai HDC 1200i continuous flow hot water unit has the capacity to easily deliver in excess of 1560 litres of hot water in excess of 50 degrees C temperature per hour, with an overall gross efficiency of more than 95%. These levels of performance, with unbeatable efficiency levels, mean the Rinnai 1200i is more than capable of meeting and exceeding the hot water demands of all applications. This precision engineered unit can also be combined as multiple units into one single, easy to handle module incorporating cascade frames and common flue. Both the HDC 1200 internal and external models turn in a market leading energy performance of 107% net efficiency and offer superlative ranges of modulation as the systems internal analytical system can modulate the burner modulation range from 54kw to 2.4kw. The Rinnai HDC 1200i is engineered for minimal energy wastage and maximum energy performance. It is worth remembering that Part L of the Building Regulations 2013 has set minimum thermal efficiency levels of 90% for natural gas and 92% for LPG, consequently outlawing noncondensing gas fired water heaters for use in new build projects. Rinnai is the only manufacturer that can supply a complete range


of internal and external ultra-high efficiency condensing continuous flow water heaters, aligned not only to comply but surpass changes on the regulatory horizon.

Rinnai units and systems are now the number one choice for any size of site or large building or business with a heavy demand for constant hot water or where high peaks of demand occur at certain times. Any number of modules can be manifolded, so the water handling capacity is truly infinite and there is no risk of the ‘cascade’ of hot water ever running out. The manifolded 1200i units can be delivered direct to site in one complete, easy to manage package and at a very competitive price. For the end user this guarantees considerable cost savings over other forms of hot water generation. The relatively compact footprint of all Rinnai units and systems means it can optimise plant room space and safeguard accessibility for maintenance and servicing. There is huge potential for on-demand style water heaters such as the Rinnai HDC 1200i units to play their part in new build and in refurbishments projects alike, where in the latter there are still many old systems that need replacing. By replacing this older technology with new condensing appliances will help support the UK drive towards greener industry. The Rinnai Infinity HDC 1200i water heater uses heat exchanger technology to allow the largest capacity flow rates, thereby guaranteeing all the hot water needed, when it is needed. As well as increasing capacity, the Rinnai Infinity water heater has lower greenhouse emissions because of the new reduced NOx burner technology and as there is no storage, this scores well with BREEAM. The only time the site uses energy to heat water is when there is a demand, in other words, it is only burning gas when a tap is being run.

For more details on RINNAI products visit

44 Doors, Windows & Architectural Hardware The practice of painting doors on site has been getting harder over the last few years. A lack of skilled resource to carry out such finishing work is one factor, but also the spiralling labour and materials costs associated with this, not to mention the drain on time involved, all contribute to concerns for Housebuilders and Contractors throughout the industry. Now a solution has been presented by leading interior timber door manufacturer Vicaima. With the introduction of its innovative Primed 2 Go doors..

Vicaima Primed 2 Go

Painting made easy with innovative new interior door Vicaima Primed 2 Go door in situ. Painted and with optional grooves

Painting doors just got easier with new Primed 2 Go from Vicaima. With its revolutionary new surface fi­nish, Primed 2 Go reduces time on site and saves money by removing the need to sand or prime the face of doors before painting. This development has been achieved with the addition of a specially formulated ultra-smooth and opaque polymer face. The new surface means that even for less experienced painters, a professional fi­nish can be achieved more easily. Developed to accept a wide range of modern paints, and tested to EN ISO 2409/DIN 53151 – grade 0-1, the surface ensures excellent paint adhesion with the majority of commercially accepted paint systems, including water based applications. The face surface of Primed 2 Go flush doors only require a wipe clean to remove particles and dust, before painting can commence, thereby saving both time and money on site during the installation process. As a Vicaima product, Primed 2 Go is manufactured to the same high standard as all of their doors. Examples of which include: Hollow core doors with lock blocks on both sides making installation fully reversible and for performance applications Primed 2 Go doors are also available in both half-hour FD30 and one-hour FD60 fire rated. Both hollow core and FD30 doors have timber rails and are lipped on two edges, although these edges would of course require recommended treatment after fitting. Primed 2 Go doors are also available in both glazed options and with decorative grooves where desired, for added design flexibility. Make life easy for yourself with Primed 2 Go: • • • • • •

Reduces site time and cost Less materials required to complete fi­nishing No face sanding required Easier to achieve a professional ­surface finish Ultra-smooth and opaque surface New polymer face will accept wide range of paint types • Tested to EN ISO 2409/ DIN 53151 – grade 0-1 • All Primed 2 Go products are FSC® Certified Download a brochure today or visit the Vicaima website for further inspiration and trend-setting ideas from Vicaima.


toughened glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed units.

Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the leading

lass is one Based ofindependent the leading glassWood processors in the UK, manufacturing in Harold Essex within 5 minutes of junction

glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed in the UK, manufacturing 28toughened of the M25 and half an hour from Central London we

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within 5 minutes of junction are ideally situated service ever growing and Manufacturing all to forms ofour processed toughened glass,

diverse customer base. from Central London we Established in 1975 Firman Glass one of the leading with comprehensive stocks of is clear float, low iron, satin,

Manufacturing all forms of processed toughened glass, independent glass processors in the UK, manufacturing our ever growing and inmirrors, body tinted, laminated acoustic Established 1975 Firman Glass isglass, one of the leading laminated with comprehensive stocks of clearand float, low iron,sealed satin, toughened glass, laminated glass specialist

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cessed toughened and some fireglass, rated With ofglass. the most advanced capabilities in place Based in Harold Wood Essex within 5 minutes of junction units.

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Glass is abletotoservice manufacture qualityand products are ideally situated our everhigh growing glass, acoustic forFirman markets sectors architectural, 28all oflaminated the M25 and half an including hour from Central London weretail, leisure for all markets sectors diverse customer base.including architectural, retail, leisure

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Glass Excellence Glass Excellence s Excellence Glass Excellence Manufacturing all forms of processed toughened glass,

acture high quality products body tinted, mirrors, laminated glass, acoustic laminated with comprehensive stocks of clear float, low iron, satin,

andretail, fire rated glass. g architectural, body tinted,leisure mirrors, laminated glass, acoustic laminated

Withfire some of the most advanced capabilities in place and rated glass. Firman Glass is able to manufacture high quality products With some of the most advanced capabilities in place for all markets sectors including architectural, retail, leisure Products Firman Glass is able to manufacture high quality products • Specialist insulating glass units andglass domestic • Toughened Anti–slip glass retail, leisure Products for all markets sectors including• architectural, • Processing

• Fire•rated glass and domestic Specialist insulating glass units • CNC shaping Toughened glass • UV bonding • Laminated glass • Anti–slip glass Processing • Electric switchable glass • Toughened and laminated • Fire rated glass • Heated glass CNCconstructions shaping • UV bonding • Decorative glass • EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays Laminated glass • Sandblasting • Fabric andand decorative interlays • Electric switchable glass Toughened laminated • ColorfirmTM back painted glass • Structural interlays • Heated glass constructions • Decorative glass EVA and insulating Vanceva coloured interlays • • Specialist glass units Applications Products • Sandblasting Fabric and decorative interlays • Structural glazing Decoration • Staircases • • Anti–slip glass • Specialist• insulating glass units • Toughened glass TM • rated Glass glass floors • Wall cladding • Treads and stringers back painted glass • Colorfirm Structural interlays • • Fire • Anti–slip glass Products • Processing • Partitions Splashbacks • Shower screens Fire rated• glass • Specialist insulating glass units • UV•bonding CNC shaping • Toughened Roof lights glass • Privacy • Shelving UV bonding Applications • Anti–slip glass • Laminated glass Processing • Electric switchable glass • Glass doors • Balustrades • Technical Support Electric switchable glass rated glass Toughened and laminated • Staircases• Fire CNC shaping Structural glazing • Decoration • • Heated glass • Acoustic reduction •• Full height barriers • Nationwide Coverage Heated glass • UV bonding constructions glass • •Fire rated and •• Laminated Canopies Glass floors • Wall Treads stringers • • Decorative glass • Decorative glass Electric switchable glass cladding EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays •• Toughened and laminated Sandblasting Partitions • Splashbacks • Shower screens • Heated glass • Fabric and decorative interlays • • Sandblasting constructions TM back painted glasstechnical offices or visit • Colorfirm TM Vanceva Decorative glass • Further Structural interlays EVA and coloured interlays information available from our sales and Roof lights • Privacy •isShelving back painted glass • • Colorfirm • Sandblasting • Fabric and decorative interlays • Balustrades • Technical Support • Glass doors Wood, Firman back painted Essex glass RM3 OJH • ColorfirmTM Romford, •Applications StructuralGlass,19 interlays Bates Road, Harold Acoustic reduction • Decoration • Full height barriers • Nationwide Coverage • Tel: Structural glazing • •Staircases 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email: Applications Fire and rated • Canopies • Glass • •Treads stringers • Wall cladding • floors Decoration screens • Decoration Splashbacks Structural glazing Staircases • Wall cladding • Shower ngers• Partitions In association with • Glass Roof lights Shelving Privacy floors • Treads and stringers • Wall cladding • Splashbacks ns • Partitions Balustrades • Shower Glass Technical screens • Splashbacks Further information is doors available from ourSupport sales and technical offices or visit www.firma •lights Privacy Full height barriers • Shelving Acoustic reduction Nationwide Coverage • Roof • Privacy Canopies rated • Balustrades • Fire Glass doors Harold •Wood, Technical Romford, Support • Glass,19 Technical Support Firman Bates Road, Essex RM3 OJH barriers • Acoustic reduction • Nationwide Coverage ction • Full height • Nationwide Coverage

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Glass Excellence

• Canopies Fire rated Tel: 01708information 374534 •Fax: 01708 340511 Further is available from our Email: sales and technical offices or visit

Firman Glass,19 Batesis Road, Haroldfrom Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Further information available our sales and technical offices or visit In association with

Tel: our 01708sales 374534and Fax:technical 01708 340511offices Email: le from or visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH

Tel: 01708 374534 Essex Fax: 01708 340511 In association with old Wood, Romford, RM3 OJH Email: 40511 Email: In association with In association with


46 Doors, Windows & Architectural hardware

P C Henderson’s Tangent Round the Corner specified for UK’s Longest Heritage Railway P C Henderson has recently been specified for a new build project at the UK’s longest heritage railway - Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway. As the oldest independent railway in the world, Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway is a major tourist attraction - taking passengers on a scenic 40 mile journey through the hills between Blaenau Ffestiniog, Porthmadog harbour and Caernarfon. Boston Lodge Works is the railway’s main workshop and base for the daily train service. With over 55 carriages in service, the station required a storage facility which could house up to 30 carriages whilst also providing shelter for train cleaning and preparation which could be done away from the public eye. The project brief included the need for a robust entrance solution which could provide easy accessibility to the shed. Ian Hartill, Project Engineer at Ffestiniog Railway, commented “The original brief detailed the use of traditional outward opening hinge doors which we have used in previous projects. However, due to the coastal location of the building and the possibility of strong winds, this option was not possible. As a more suitable alternative, we found P C Henderson’s Tangent Round the Corner which could comfortably hold the large custom made doors”. P C Henderson’s Tangent Round the Corner sliding door hardware was specified for both entrances of the storage facility and then combined

with vertical multi-hinge round the corner doors to allow for easy access. “The project brief also included significant aesthetic importance to maintain a similar visual appearance to the original 19th century workshop buildings on site. With its traditional hardware components Tangent Round the Corner achieved this perfectly - whilst also providing protection against corrosion due to the systems galvanised steel track”, continued Ian.

Catering for metal and wooden doors weighing up to 70kg, Tangent Round the Corner is particularly suited to applications whereby a bunch of parked units is not practical. The system caters for extremely wide openings whilst also removing the need for protruding doors and therefore making the best use of space. To provide maximum security, all components of the system are installed to the interior of the door.

Market Leading Design for Modern Living


Tailored To You Residence 7 windows and doors are finished to perfection, combining a modern flush appearance and unquestionable market leading design features and performance, all in a maintenance free material. Available as casement windows, shaped windows, bay and bow windows, orangeries, conservatories, single doors and French doors - R7 has all the choices for the perfect home.

Your Home, Your Way Create an individual design statement for any home with a range of luxury colour finishes and hardware options, all have been carefully created, allowing you to replace the current windows and doors with a more efficient, secure and attractive system.

Easy-clean rebate

‘Through Colour’ Extrusion

Lock & Hinge Retention

Double or Triple Glazing

Up to 44mm Glazing

7 Chamber Design

Maintenance Free

14 finishes to choose from

Energy Rating (WER) of A+ and a U-value of 0.8W/ (m2.K) Passivhaus standard


Redefining Windows & Doors

R7 is here to inspire you on your journey to create the dream home. Beautifully flush inside and out, available in a range of maintenance free finishes and a variety of styles, it is versatile without complication. R7 outperforms many other systems with a sophisticated 7 chamber design and intelligent features. It’s the ideal solution for a wide range of properties, from modern new builds to city apartments and country cottages to semi-detached houses, with everything in between. Designed and made in Britain, we’ve built long-lasting partnerships with our network of highly experienced fabricators and installers who are all ready to assist you in the decision making process. So what are you waiting for? Your R7 journey starts here...

Get in Touch T: 01452 300912 E:


7 7


European construction trends:

What will 2020 hold for countries across the continent? The European continent can boast some very impressive construction projects. Construction has begun on the 18-km Fehmarn Belt Fixed Line, which will link islands in Denmark and Germany together through a tunnel under the Baltic Sea. In the Netherlands, the country’s first off-shore wind farm, Borselle 1&2, is taking shape, ready to power one million Dutch homes. Meanwhile, in Paris the painstaking restoration of Notre-Dame will return a global icon to its former glory.

2. Technology will maximise the power of people in the Netherlands’ booming industry

Ambitious builds are taking place throughout the EMEA region, and technology is creating whole new possibilities for firms across the continent. But of course, in each country the construction industry will face unique challenges throughout 2020.

The Dutch construction industry was booming throughout 2019 and is set to have another very bright year. But with the current labour shortage and the continuing demand for more housing, it will be vital for firms to use technology to become more efficient. That’s according to Simone van Loon of technology consultants ITANNEX: “The construction industry is evolving; we are more aware we have to digitise our processes and change the way we traditionally think about design, plan, build and operate. All our processes can be transformed to more efficient, but to change, we need to align people, technology and processes. Aligning the first one, people, is sometimes harder than we think.

In this article, experts from five European countries will share their trends and predictions for the year ahead, to explore what 2020 could have in store for the construction industry.

1. Productivity and quality concerns should give way to optimism in the UK Poor productivity has been a serious constraint for UK construction in the past, as we explored in our report, Laying the Digital Groundwork. The quality and safety of completed builds has also been under the spotlight, following the Hackitt Review and the Building a Safer Future report. But following this period of uncertainty, 2020 will hold plenty of reasons for UK firms to be optimistic, according to Az Jasat at Autodesk: “In recent years, we’ve been quick to criticise the construction industry’s safety record and low productivity trend. However, new evidence suggests the situation is improving; projects are becoming safer and the labour force is becoming more productive due to a commitment to innovation and process change. Furthermore, companies are showcasing their improving capabilities on even the most complex projects.

“While it continues to be a challenging industry, I expect there to be more attention on both digitisation and industrialisation of construction methods, bringing them up to par with, if not ahead of, similar advancements in manufacturing.” - Az Jasat, Senior Customer Success Manager, Autodesk

“I think 2020 will be a lot about people. Give them attention, look at them and listen to them, evolve both their hard skills and soft skills; they will be the key to success.” – Simone van Loon, Head of Product Management, ITANNEX For Jeroen Nuijten at construction firm Royal BAM Group, one technology in particular will offer incredible possibilities in the year ahead, particularly as access to labour remains in short supply: “As an innovation manager at BAM, there are different technologies that I really am passionate about. One of them is 3D printing of concrete or 3D printing in general. If you combine that with something called parametric design, or generative design, it becomes even more powerful. Generative design opens up the potential for many different design possibilities. In the past, these possibilities were expensive, but 3D printing allows you to create and build something, with minimal extra cost.

“The Dutch labour market suffers a shortage of trained staff, and the cost of labour is increasing not only in Holland but everywhere in the world. It’s technologies like 3D printing that we’re looking into to alleviate the impact of the shortage, and I’m absolutely certain that because of these drivers, this is something that we have the responsibility to adopt.” – Jeroen Nuijten, Innovation Manager, Royal BAM Group

3. Combining emerging technologies will create new possibilities in Denmark Denmark has been at the forefront of innovation in construction for some years. Danish construction companies have been leading adopters of Building Information Modelling (BIM) – and this progressive approach to technology has helped many businesses to take advantage of the current high levels of demand in the country. For Alejandro Mata at engineering firm Ramboll Denmark, it will be the combination of emerging technologies that will create more opportunities for businesses in 2020:

“One of the trends for the future is the coming together of AI, IoT and blockchain. When you look at blockchain, companies should not be just looking at that one technology by itself. You need to look at it in integration with IoT and AI. With the combination of these technologies, you can begin to build better cities and more programmable societies.” – Alejandro Mata, Automation Manager, Ramboll Denmark

4. Visualisation technologies will bring digital to life in Turkey The construction industry in Turkey faced challenges in 2019. But with signs of recovery on the horizon, it’s the combination of technologies that will again create new opportunities for construction firms. Advances in visualisation technologies, like virtual reality and augmented reality, will help to make digital feel more “real”, according to Saniye Öktem at Prota Engineering Design and Consultancy Services: “In 2019, we talked a lot about visualisation technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence. And now, a year awaits us where we will feel digitisation thoroughly by using much more virtual reality and augmented reality with much better quality in the construction industry.


“I expect to hear more about 3D printed buildings this year and AI will become more common in the design phase. Hopefully, we’ll get a little closer to the concept of “smart cities” with good case studies. I’m not sure if we’ll be talking about substantial increases in the use of robotics in the construction industry next year, but I’m sure we’ll be talking about it in a few years.” – Saniye Öktem, BIM and Technology Coordinator/ Board Member, Prota Engineering Design and Consultancy Services Inc

5. The French companies that embrace a disruptive business model will thrive The French government has an ambitious programme of infrastructure investments set for 2020 and beyond, with 5bn euros allocated for sustainable energy sites and 4bn for affordable community housing. French construction companies can look forward to growth throughout the year, particularly by using productivity-enhancing digital technology. But according to Olivier Lépinoy at Autodesk, it’s the companies that embrace a disruptive business model that will really thrive: “Fostering innovation through technology alone is not enough. True and sustainable innovation comes from new business models. Everyone understands that digital transformation means putting data “at the centre” and developing a data-centric approach to designing, planning, building and delivering projects. “To be truly successful, this approach needs to focus on the bottom line (modernisation of operations, cost-saving, higher productivity, etc.) as well as the top line: transformation of the business portfolio, intense innovation, and consistent growth. This type of transformative change cannot happen if the way you do business remains the same.

“For AECO firms, inventing alternative business models is a survival mechanism. Currently, most companies launch a strategic initiative by making small tweaks to their existing business model until the initiative becomes financially sustainable, at scale. This tweaking is no longer enough, and companies must now look at a widespread overhaul of their business model if they are to create the necessary conditions for change.” – Olivier Lépinoy, AEC Sales Development at Autodesk


Panasonic celebrates making the shortlist in the 2020 H&V News Awards Panasonic is pleased to announce that its Aquarea J-Series Air Source Heat Pump has been shortlisted in the Domestic HVAC Product category of the 2020 H&V News Awards. The winners will be announced at a glamorous dinner at the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane on 30th April 2020.

flexibility to cater to a range of building sizes. The 3kW and 5kW capacities now have a total piping length of 25m, also providing an increased elevation difference between indoor and outdoor units from 5m to 20m. Meanwhile 7kW and 9kW units reach a higher limit up to 50m, ensuring users can adapt the system to their needs. A 30m elevation length also increases installation options for professionals. The Aquarea J Generation can reach an output water temperature of 60˚C and there is also a new chiller function which can provide cooling down to 10˚C – the perfect solution for flexible environmental control. Furthermore, the new J Generation delivers optimum performance when outdoor temperatures are extremely low, even down to -20˚C. There are two new sensor positions available for DHW control, which can be selected to improve efficiency or comfort levels. Users can select an option for improved efficiency and the most effective DHW COP when operating in part load capacity, or for greater comfort simply select an option to reduce heat-up time when operating in full load.

The H&V News Awards are highly regarded within the industry and celebrate technology and solutions designed to meet today’s environmental challenges through innovative products and projects. Tony Nielsen, UK Marketing Manager of Panasonic commented “We are honoured to be shortlisted in these prestigious Awards. High standards and innovation are a priority within Panasonic. Reaching the shortlist confirms Panasonic’s achievements and highlights the commitment that the company has to create innovative, sustainable and resourceful solutions to meet today’s HVAC requirements.”

To support a more environmentally friendly approach, the Aquarea J-series uses R32 refrigerant. R32 is easy to recycle, has zero impact on the ozone layer and 75% less impact on global warming[1], helping to lower the carbon footprint of a building. It is also a more economical alternative with higher efficiency2 and 30% less refrigerant used, so customers can enjoy cost savings as well as significant environmental benefits. The design of the new Panasonic Aquarea J Generation models was an important consideration in order to enhance the range for both installers and end users. Extended piping lengths provide further

As a global leader in pioneering product design, Panasonic has created a network of production and R&D facilities on a global level, ensuring the distribution of cutting-edge technologies that set the standard for energy efficient heating and cooling solutions worldwide. Tony Nielsen further added “Panasonic products focus consistently on innovation, reliability, ecological respect and connectivity. It’s great for the brand to be recognised for this through the Domestic HVAC Product category at the H&V News Awards.” For more information on the above please do get in touch with our team via email, or telephone 01344 853182.

BAKERHICKS BRINGS EUROPEAN LIFE SCIENCES BUSINESS UNDER SINGLE BRAND BakerHicks, the multi-disciplinary design, engineering and project delivery company, have restructured their European Life Sciences division, which now joins forces with the UK operation as a single business. Previously operating as Morgan Sindall Professional Services (MSPS) in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, the specialist division has been rebranded BakerHicks as part of a new strategy to deliver an integrated service to their UK and European Life Sciences clients, with a particular strengthening of their project management capabilities and the ability to deliver all size of capex projects. Remaining part of the Morgan Sindall Group, the new combined BakerHicks Life Sciences operation pools the engineering consultancy and pharmabio capabilities of its European team with the project delivery and fill finish skills of its UK operation. This will enable BakerHicks’ pharmaceutical and Life Sciences clients to leverage the company’s wider European locations and subject matter expertise. Mark Dickson, the new managing director for BakerHicks’ Life Sciences and Industry sector, says this is the perfect time to bring

the two businesses together: “Life Sciences is a significant and growing part of our business, and by coming together to operate as a single business we can deliver a complete solution for our clients – from consultancy projects and embedded engineers, through to the management and delivery of major capital programmes.” The combined business comprises a team of almost 1,000 specialists, based across 13 sites, six in the UK and seven in Europe (three in Switzerland and Germany respectively, and one in Austria). Mark adds: “Although we are a sizeable business, we operate with the agility of a smaller firm, adapting our services and tailoring our approach on a client-byclient basis.” Managing director of BakerHicks, Martin Lubieniecki, says it will enable the business to share resources, ideas and best practice: “Our people are still at the heart of our delivery, and with common processes, systems and management we will be able to deliver a consistent,

world-class service to meet the current and future needs of our Life Sciences clients.” As part of the restructuring, a number of new senior appointments will be made in the coming months, with subject matter experts from within the business taking on new senior roles to maximise their respective skill-sets and expertise. The restructure comes three years after the rebranding of the UK business to BakerHicks in 2017. The name acknowledges two of the original founders of the IDC Group from which the company ultimately emerged. BakerHicks’ disciplines range from initial architecture to the most complex civil and structural, building services, specialist high voltage and process engineering services, programme management, and CDM consultancy, using the very latest innovations in Building Information Modelling (BIM) for the most efficient and costeffective design.



Langley Structures Ltd is helping social housing providers to make the most of their buildings by transforming and redefining the roofscape by providing new dwellings on top of existing flat roofs using their ‘upwardly living’ approach.

Book your in-house CPD seminar today!

T: 01327 704778 F: 01327 704845 E:

Langley’s expertise can help clients exploit the space above their buildings and help deal with the chronic shortage of both affordable housing and the lack of new homes. There is no land to acquire and no long term planning consultation process to undertake, plus, the speed of build is considerably quicker compared to conventional construction methods. The Rooftop Development also allows dwellings below to continue as homes with residents remaining in-situ during the build.

ROOFTOP DEVELOPMENT UTILISED ON ENFIELD’S LYTCHET WAY ESTATE Enfield Council had a pressing need for additional homes for social rent, and with no suitable land available for development, they were inspired by the solution offered by Langley Structures Ltd. This was the innovative ‘Upwardly Living’ rooftop development concept, creating new additional dwellings above existing flat roof housing stock. Enfield Council were able to utilise the single source design and supply chain offered by Langley for rooftop extensions, flat to pitched conversions and flat roofing. The council’s Lytchet Way estate, which has a mix of three and four storey blocks, was selected and Langley undertook an in-depth feasibility study. This identified that three of these blocks were suitable for rooftop developments to create new homes on top of existing stock. The site is incredibly well positioned to support densification, having excellent transport links. Philip Pank Partnership were commissioned by the London Borough of Enfield to provide multi disciplinary services on the project, comprising Contract Administration/Employer’s Agent, Clerk of Works and Quantity Surveying. “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to provide these services to Enfield and to have gained invaluable experience in the procurement and delivery of the Rooftop Development concept,” commented Sophie Redding, Associate, Philip Pank Partnership. The rooftop developments, in this case comprising single-storey extensions with light weight pitched roofs, were installed by a Langley Approved Contractor who also carried out extensive flat-to-pitch roof refurbishments on the twelve remaining blocks on the estate. Enfield Council wanted to avoid decanting residents to temporary accommodation, as this would be a costly logistical operation as well as being disruptive to the community. These challenges were successfully overcome to ensure that the 25 new homes were considerately developed with residents in-situ throughout the entire project.

Enabling works included extending the existing stairwells and services to the new fourth floor level. Langley’s off-site prefabricated floor, wall and ceiling cassettes were lifted into position and assembled on site. They were inspected on a weekly basis by Langley Technical Managers and the contract administrators, to monitor and ensure the quality of workmanship. The lightweight, pitched framing system was covered with Langley Roman strip tiles and had sun tubes installed to utilise natural light within windowless kitchens. Photovoltaic (PV) panels were mounted at roof level to provide electricity for communal services. A robust fire protection strategy included internal works to extend fire breaks at all existing party walls within the roof void to the underside of the roof membrane level. New service risers for electricity and gas were constructed at each end elevation, then distributed via the new roof void to the new flats below.

“Rooftop development represented a cost-effective way of adding to our housing stock without the need to acquire new land, which is often in short supply.” - Project Manager at Enfield Council This project supports the Government housing objectives regarding the efficient use of space to deliver new homes by building up rather than building out, using the space above existing buildings to create new homes. Support for this approach was re-iterated by the Housing Secretary in February 2018. (source: Fixing Our Broken Housing Market White Paper, Department for Communities and Local Government).

To discover more information about Rooftop Developments, view Langley’s video case study. The video demonstrates the benefits of Rooftop Development for social housing landlords looking to develop their portfolio. It also showcases the award-winning Lytchet Way Estate, featuring time-lapse footage of the entire project. Visit: Or, to book a feasibility survey for your building estate, contact

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Developed on his family’s 210-acre ranch, David Wersebe, who works in the mineral royalty business in Houston, designed the nearly 6,000 square-foot project himself and hired an architect to draw up the plans for construction. The residence, which is currently on the market, blends elements of its original pecan orchard site with materials complementary to the environment. Hand-cut Texas limestone and hand-hewn beams from a 200-year-old Amish barn frame the expansive entry, and largescale custom metal windows open to the native landscape. Kebony, a global leader in the production of sustainable modified wood, was carefully selected to clad all four facades, reflecting the organic but modern feel of the house. The home is arranged in four distinct “pods”: the center pod houses the living room, kitchen and other common areas; the north and south pods comprise the guest rooms and master suite, respectively. A separate air-conditioned garage

can accommodate four cars and features a hangar door that opens into an awning as well as two elevated workspaces and a rooftop observation deck. All four structures are roofed in metal with custom-designed awnings with irrigated trellises; the center pod features a two-story white oak living room cathedral ceiling; its back porch includes a cantilevered deck overlooking Lake Lucille with a covered patio and wood-burning fireplace. A glass-walled steel frame bridge with unobstructed views leads to the master suite. This one-of-akind home is surrounded by polo fields and equestrian facilities. Developed in Norway, Kebony’s revolutionary technology is an environmentally friendly and

patented process which modifies sustainably sourced softwoods by heating the wood with furfuryl alcohol - an agricultural by-product. By polymerising the wood’s cell wall, the softwoods permanently take on the attributes of tropical hardwood including high durability, hardness and dimensional stability. This unique process also provides Kebony with its characteristic appearance, which only grows more beautiful with time. David Wersebe explained: “I built this house for me, so if it doesn’t sell, I might move into it. We’re trying to attract a $3 million buyer, and it’s dialed-in for the equestrian culture that’s big down here. The Kebony cladding worked extremely well for this project and as it weathers into its grey patina over time, it will blend beautifully into this environment.”

An expansive four-building modern residence recently completed construction on a former pecan farm a few miles outside of Houston


Construction Expo returns to Sussex The South East’s leading construction industry exhibition, the innovative South East Construction Expo, will be returning to Sussex in April 2020. The event, being held at the South of England Event Centre, Ardingly, on 28 April 2020, will welcome speakers from across the industry, including Malcolm Clarke, Managing Director at Baxall Construction; Cedric Laurier, Chief Technical Officer at Gatwick Airport; and Julia Gregory, Director of Projects at Ebbsfleet Development Corporation. Free to attend, the events are dedicated to the construction section and brings together clients, contractors, developer, consultants and other related industries from across the UK. With live demos of products, industry speakers and over 150 exhibitions the event is a ‘must-visit’ for anyone in property, development or construction. A networking breakfast opens the events, followed by practical workshops, speakers, exhibitions and the opportunity to sign-up to ‘Meet the Buyer’ one-to-one sessions. Ana Christie, Chief Executive of Sussex Chamber of Commerce, said: “Despite the ongoing political and economic uncertainty this past year, according to the Builder’s Conference, the performance of the UK construction sector shows no signs of slowing. In the first month of 2020, more than 400

companies won new contracts, so there is no better time to get along to events like this, make new contacts and win new business!” An exciting programme of Speakers and Workshops are currently being put together and will be announced over the coming months. Advanced Panel Manufacturing will also be demonstrating their unique ‘green’ sustainable and eco-friendly, full format construction panels. These versatile, attractive and costeffective, Fire Resistant A rated boards are easily assembled without the need for skilled labour. Sussex Chamber of Commerce is supporting the event this year as well as the IoD. Big name businesses already involved include Balfour Beatty, Sunninghill, Glenigan, Builders Conference, Willmott Dixon, Galliford Try, Baxall, Logan Construction and Westridge Construction Ltd. Over 2,500 delegates attended the Expo in September 2019, where 120 companies in the construction industry exhibited the latest technology, ideas and expertise and dozens of workshops and presentations were held on key topics for the industry. This year will also see the event being held for the first time at Sandown Park Exhibition Centre, Esher on 23 September 2020. SOUTH EAST CONSTRUCTION AWARDS 2020 South East Construction Awards 2020 has once again been launched with six categories, covering the sector, to be celebrated at a second South East Construction Expo to be held on 23 September at Sandown Park

Exhibition Centre in Esher, Surrey. Carole Black from South East Construction Expo said, “These awards celebrate our heroes in this industry with an exciting panel of judges seeking entries for categories, ranging from best construction project to best architectural design, best contractor to best supplier. We are also looking to celebrate women in the industry and want to reward the best apprentice on a construction project in the South East.” South East Construction Expo 2020 will take place at South of England Event Centre, Ardingly, Haywards Heath, Tuesday 28 April 2020, 9 am – 4pm. Find out more and how to book a trade stand or register your free place to attend as a delegate at: Twitter @ConstructExpo or Linkedin:

Free conference and exhibition 28 April 2020 | 9am-3:30pm South of England Event Centre, The premier concentration of construction professionals in the South East

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Just some of our industry focused speakers

Ardingly, West Sussex



How is the UK construction sector really doing? Neil Edwards, Builders’ Conference gives a transparent review of new construction contracts with a focus on London and the South East Cedrick Laurier, Chief Technical Officer at Gatwick Airport will speak about Pier6 Western Extension, Innovations, Northern Runway, plus construction highlights, and info about ongoing tenders and future contracts Ian Roadnight, Housing, Property & FM, talks you through the opportunities available over the next 12 months

Malcom Clarke, MD at Baxall Construction Why is Baxall Construction so keen on BIM? Could it be due to the fact that it has helped raise margins and double turnover?





What you can look forward to •• How to capitalise on projects worth £billions •• Receive updates on major development and regeneration projects

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Building a digital future for the construction industry FREE ‘Meet the Buyer’ appointments – up to 600 Innovations within the construction industry Building a sustainable future for construction Health and safety Industry focussed workshops

Julia Gregory An update from Julia, Director of Projects at Ebbsfleet Development Corporation Workshops from Google Digital - Digital Marketing Strategy - Get Started with Analytics - Social Media Strategy

Also held

23 September 2020 | 9am-3:30pm Sandown Park Exhibition Centre, Esher, Surrey

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Detachable Holster Pockets In Snickers’ New LiteWork Stretch Trousers Leading where others follow, Snickers Workwear stretch fabrics deliver unrivalled comfort and close quarter mobility on site. Snickers Workwear’s hi-tech fabrics and body-mapping designs give plenty of scope for every professional craftsman and woman to stretch their performance on site comfortably. Designed for a wide variety of jobs on site, these LiteWork 4-way stretch work trousers are the ideal choice if you’re working hard in warmer weather. For maximum flexibility in getting work done, these new Trousers feature detachable holster pockets while the trousers themselves are

made from full-stretch material for maximum mobility wherever you’re working while the Cordura®-reinforced Kneeguard™ pockets offer additional comfort and protection. For maximum functionality there’s also ruler, and cargo pockets for easy access to tools and fixings. They’re all Cordura® reinforced for durability. So check out these newest designs – the optimal choice for craftsmen and women who need to get the job done quickly efficiently on site.


Optimum 200 stairlift is a game changer The newly re-designed Optimum 200 is a game changer when it comes to incline stair lift design and innovation. The stair lift now comes with a graphic display panel which keeps the user up to date with the operation status and importantly also indicates if the stop button has been depressed or if the unit is not located on its charging points. Both of which are unnecessary and expensive reasons for breakdown call outs.

The new design also allows for coloured LED lighting to be added to both sides and across the top of the carriage adding improved individual adaption on the unit. The platform lift has been re-designed, to take advantage of the latest technology. The unit now has modern touch sensitive controls and a smooth fresh carriage design. To make it easier to use, there is an integrated graphic display panel, which indicates travel and usage instructions. The lift comes with safety arms which fold out during use, and then fold away behind the closed platform, reducing the possibility of misuse when the unit is parked. For added comfort, the platform also offers a fold down seat on the carriage for non-wheelchair users. But, perhaps most exciting of all, are the customisation options now available on the lift. You can also specify a personalised graphic or image to be shown on the underside of the safety tray, which can be seen when the lift is not in use - adding style and design to the lift. With an impressive 300kg capacity, as well as convenient wireless remote call buttons, this is a remarkable stair platform lift. Available in standard RAL colours, a three year warranty completes the package. Please contact the Ability Lifts team on 0845 006 8803 or email for further information on the Optimum 200 and the other products in the Optimum range of lifts.

Platform Lifts Here at Ability Lifts, we offer solutions for many different access requirements, from platform lifts and stair platform lifts, to external lifts, access lifts and much more. We aim to offer top quality service and highly competitive prices. All of our access lifts are in compliance with the Machinery Directive MD 2006/42/EC, EN8141 and Part M, and we’re happy to advise you with any questions you may have about access requirements. The Optimum 100 - The self supporting enclosed Platform Lift �

Glazing to all four sides if required

Special colours available

Uses 75% less energy than other types �

Footprint - 1250mm x 1560mm �

Platform size - 1120mm x 1480mm � EN81-

41 and Machinery Directive compliant � Market leading warranty period

Please call us for a chat, we have a range of platform lifts to suit your requirements.

Tel: 0845 006 8803 Email: Web:

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T: +44 (0)1825 764737 E: T: +44 (0)1825 764737 E:

quare, ussex, TN22 1QG Applications Engineering Ltd, 16 Horsted Square, Applications Engineering Ltd, 16 Horsted Square, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1QG Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1QG

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cations Engineering Ltd, 16 Horsted Square, rook Industrial Estate,•Uckfield, Sussex, TN22 EasyEast access for 1QG servicing


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Learn more

01296 481220


POLYX®-OIL RAW: Retains the wood’s natural light colour












Recommended Suppliers 65

Trees Direct Ltd Priors Halton House, Priors Halton, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 2JN Tel 01584 878 878 email website

Porta-Dors Tel: 01335 418122 Email: Website:

we make ideas come to life O’Donovan (Waste Disposal) Limited


Markfield House, 82 Markfield Road Tottenham, London N15 4QF 0800 731 3332

1 – 7 Adlington Court, Risley Road, Warrington, Cheshire, WA3 6PL 01925 839610

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Toupret UK

Hixon, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. ST18 0FB 08000 096 707

Capital Business Centre, UNIT 58, 22 Carlton Road, South Croydon CR2 0BS, UK Tel : +44 (0) 208 916 2134 Fax : +44 (0) 208 9161 2135 e-mail :

UK Spares

Appeng - Applications Engineering Ltd

Unit 1155 Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4TF, United Kingdom 01454 620500 01454 620660

16 Horsted Square, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1QG, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1825 764737 Fax: +44 (0)1825 768330



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