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Taking a leaf out of nature’s book Figurative knots and distinctive woodgrain configurations are both authentic and much loved wood characteristics, that are admired and sought after by specifiers everywhere.

This desire for irregularity and a closer affinity with nature, has led leading interior timber door manufacturer, Vicaima to introduce the new Naturdor® Heritage Oak finish. With its open grain and randomly mixed real Oak veneer, it takes a leaf out of nature’s book. As a leading exponent in the use of trend-setting designs and with over 60 years’ experience in the manufacture of real veneered products, Vicaima’ s Heritage Oak doors present figured oak veneer that entices the senses of true rustic wood lovers. This new wood veneer treatment has been inspired by authentic influences of nature and reflects a more recent market trend towards wooden doors that embody materials made from more genuine and under refined materials. Naturdor® Heritage Oak reflects the unexpected harmony of nature, with veneer mixed randomly in a choice of either vertical or horizontal

designs. These can have either a matt or standard sheen surface depending on taste. Heritage Oak can be enhanced yet further by the potential collaboration of decorative face grooves, or the option of deep texturing. Introduced for 2020, Deep textured allows real veneer to take on a more rustic feel for an even greater tactile experience. Other combinations are afforded by a choice of available frame finishes, ranging from Naturdor® Oak and Stained Ash to Dekordor® foil or Lacdor paint, creating a unique style to the whole door assembly. This fusion between a rustic oak veneer appearance, optional face grooves and choice of frame finishes, allows Heritage Oak to blend in and accentuate modern living and working space for a multitude of applications. Emphasizing its commitment to the planet and to the sustainable use of natural resources, Vicaima Heritage Oak is covered by FSC® certification. Where performance criteria are

demanded, Heritage Oak is also available in fire, acoustic and security solutions. In addition to door only and door and frame assemblies, matching wardrobes and wall panels can also be provided.

Visit the Vicaima website For further inspiration and trend-setting ideas.

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04 Industry News

Hygienic Bathrooms from VitrA Creating Bathrooms for the Hospitality Industry Oxfordshire based VitrA Bathrooms is part of one of Turkey’s most prominent industrial groups, the Eczacıbaşı Group. Throughout the Global pandemic, the Group’s 13 production facilities have maintained supply of bathroom products for VitrA. VitrA has grown steadily in the UK for over 25 years thanks to enduring design and hygiene features and benefits that have always been core to the company’s product development.

Hygiene at The Heart of Beautiful Design VitrA Fresh WC pans feature an integral tank that dispenses detergent with every flush and is available on WCs within the M-Line series. The detergent tank sits on top of the pan and is concealed by a removable lid, so refilling is easy. Combined with the touch sensor flushing, it offers the ultimate in safe hygiene.

Managing Director for VitrA Bathrooms in the UK, Levent Giray says “Turkish culture has a long heritage with health, hygiene, and well-being, all evident in the VitrA portfolio. At a time when preventing the spread of Covid-19 has made cleanliness and handwashing critical for all, VitrA is fully equipped to meet the need for heightened hygiene. All VitrA ceramic wear comes with a VitrA Hygiene glaze as standard. Alongside this, many VitrA WC’s can include no-touch sensor control flushing. The rimless designs on VitrA’s Rimex WCs also eliminate the nooks and crannies where germs can lurk. VitrA Fresh is another hygieneenhancing product which dispenses detergent or disinfectant into every flush. VitrA Bathrooms portfolio has had hygiene at its heart for decades. These features and benefits enable us to help our retail customers offer their consumers bathroom designs and products that are accessible, beautiful, and that will provide help to ease worry over hygiene in the home, and commercial settings for years to come.”

VitrA Fresh WC dispenses detergent with every flush.

VitrA Rim-ex WC pans available on selected WCs have no rim so nowhere for germs to lurk.

Cleanliness is also at the heart of VitrA’s Rim-ex technology. Rim-ex WC pans are rimless, eliminating the area where germs, grime and limescale can gather and multiply, making cleaning faster and easier. The VitrA Smart Panel is one of a host of no-touch flush plates available in an array of stunning designs. Specified in conjunction with a wall-hung (clear of the floor) WC and in-wall frame this creates a secure, safe, and hygienic WC facility that makes cleaning easy and fast and means the user need never touch the unit. The VitrA Smart Panel can be linked to an app and controlled by either the user or housekeeping staff to flush and adjust flow rates.

V-Care pans feature VitrA’s Rim-ex design which means there is no rim around the inside of the pan for germs and limescale to lurk. V-Care is the perfect product for a multigenerational bathroom, offering impressive hygiene benefits along with air purification, which is automatically activated—shown here with VitrA Smart panel for no-touch flushing control.

The aerosol effect where bacteria can be carried in invisible drops of water from flushing has always been a concern where there is no lid to close to contain the spray. VitrA waterless urinals solve the problem and feature a new cartridge that speeds up the flow of urine away from the bowl. The cartridge is easy to replace. VitrA’s V-Care Comfort wall-hung WC features a sensor that opens the lid as the user approaches, adjustable washing and drying functions, a heated seat and more. The integrated shower function puts an end to the need for toilet paper (an environmental benefit). It can be activated at the touch of a button on the remote control, which is intuitive and very easy to use. The remote can also be used to control the temperature of the ergonomic heated seat. Essential functions of the WC can be controlled via touch buttons on the right and left sides of the pan. Inevitably people touch wall surfaces in bathrooms and public toilets. VitrA Shield tiles are self-cleaning thanks to the photocatalytic features activated by light and humidity in the air

VitrA Miniworx tiles which can be supplied with VitrA Shield, shown with VitrA Sento bathroom furniture range.

while ensuring biocidal protection with their hygienic properties. The advanced technology of VitrA Shield eliminates unpleasant smells and airborne pollutants in spaces where the tiles are used.

MULTIPANEL MAKE IT BRITISH What did companies that saw significant growth during and after the previous recessions have in common? In these challenging times, we need to look at those IPG suppliers who are not just flying their ‘open for business as usual’ flag but are continuing to innovate and introduce new and exciting products to the marketplace. Multipanel, the UK’s leading brand of waterproof wall panels for bathrooms, recently announced the launch of the Neutrals Collection, an exciting addition to their existing marine grade plywood panels which offers consumers greater flexibility in bathroom design and full room application. Comprising five subtle colours: Creamy White, Parchment, Clay, Dove Grey and Pebble Grey, these contemporary decors are reminiscent of painted walls with a stunning eggshell finish and have been hand-picked to complement the best sellers from the existing Linda Barker, Classic and Heritage Collections. As with all Multipanel plywood panels, this collection is 100% waterproof with no need for grout and thanks to Multipanel’s unique Hydrolock® system, installation is quick and easy and makes is possible to join panels with a virtually seamless connection. Made using FSC certified materials, these panels are 100% recyclable, easy to clean and maintain and come with a 15-year warranty. And, importantly in the current climate, they are made in Britain. John Mortimer, Sales Director, at Multipanel said: “By introducing the Neutrals Collection we are offering consumers even more choice and flexibility in bathroom design. We are confident that our ‘perfect pairing’ solution will inspire consumers to become more adventurous in their choice of bathroom décor.”

The launch is being supported by a complete brochure redesign featuring a step-by-step style guide and designer recommendations. Customers and Installers now have access to new digital assets via the Multipanel website (registration required) to support the launch. David Cairns, The IPG’s Head of Supplier and Commercial Strategy commented: “This is a good news story, its reassuring to see that in times of chaotic change, a British manufacturer is investing in products and marketing.” During the infamous credit crisis in 2008, research revealed that companies that started to invest more in marketing during this time showed to perform better in the post-crisis period and experienced an average growth in market share of 1.3%. New products that are launched during recessions tend to have a greater and longer-lasting impact during these times than during others. Companies that saw significant growth during and after the previous recessions had the following factors in common; they acted early, they had a long-term vision and they focused on growth, instead of cost savings. Nike Lovell, Head of Marketing at The IPG said: “For any organisation in times like these, it is especially crucial to focus on good marketing and Multipanel have done just that. The British consumer may now appreciate the value of products made in the UK.” For more information please visit:

06 Industry News

Casa Carmen’s green roofs merge with hill and forest in Colombian neighbourhood Architecture studio OA+ has threaded a path through this adobe brick and wood house in Envigado, Colombia that leads from its entrance to woodland at the rear. Extending from a grassy hill on the site, the green roofs staggered over the residence are intended to blend it in with its surrounding in the neighbourhood of Alto de las Palmas, which translates as top of the palms. “Casa Carmen protrudes from the mountain, requiring the need to make an impact with its surroundings by means of a habitable green roof, which extends throughout the project and over all spaces of the house,” said OA+, which is based in Medellín. Alto de las Palmas is located in Envigado, a municipality southeast of Medellin that is 2,550 metres above sea level. Because of its high altitude, the house is fragmented into three volumes laid in a Z-shape through the site, in order to create sheltered gardens and terraces. “The high altitude of the location, subject to adverse climatic conditions in terms of temperature and wind demanded the project adopt principles of architectural composition to improve the comfort and bioclimatic conditions of the house,” the firm added. The programme is fragmented into three areas across the 650-squaremetre property, which is mainly arranged on the ground floor. They are threaded with a pathway that leads from the entrance to the forest at the rear to merge the house with nearby nature trails. “From the point of access, the aim was to generate a route that continues and flows through the family room until reaching the forest,” OA+ explained. “The private spaces lead to the nearby nature reserve characterised by a dense stand of native trees and small natural stream that descends from the mountain.”

Industry News 07

The walkway starts as large stepping stones and then cuts between an open-plan kitchen, lounge and dining room in the middle volume and a south-east facing deck with a dining table and jacuzzi. It ends outside the bedroom volume, which contains three rooms with en-suite bathrooms, walk-in closets and north-facing terraces. A reddish abobe clay brick is predominantly used to create the walls of the volumes, with a number of smaller blocks clad in wood boards. These materials, along with concrete flooring, were chosen because of the way they would weather over time.

“Wood, clay adobe, and concrete are proposed to achieve the beauty of their natural properties in the long-term, taking into account that these materials stand the test of time allowing one to witness the project age and adapt to the landscape over generations,” the studio said. Similar materials are also used throughout the interiors of the house, giving a warm feel and rustic aesthetic. Large expanses of glazing provide views of the surrounding grassy hills, while clerestory windows and rooflights offer additional natural light. Casa Carmen also has a basement containing a laundry room, spa zone and a gym.

08 Industry News

Design work starts on £115m Cardiff Central station revamp The Government has released nearly £6m to kick-start design work on the long-awaited Cardiff Central station upgrade. Work on Cardiff Central station could now start in 2022, although the design process will finalise how long the scheme will take to reach construction. The existing Cardiff Central station, a Grade II listed building, was built in the early 1930s. Work will focus on improving access and ensuring platforms are suited for longer trains, boosting space and capacity for passengers. Funding has also been released to advance plans for upgraded signalling on the 241km Cambrian line from Shrewsbury Sutton Bridge Junction to Aberystwyth and Pwllheli. In addition, almost £2m has been committed for the next phase of development work on proposals to speed up journeys between Cardiff and Swansea, Chester and Llandudno Junction, and the Severn Tunnel and Cardiff, through better-aligned tracks.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “The host of improvements we are delivering across Wales, from huge infrastructure upgrades to creating new and modern stations, are vital to deliver better, quicker and more convenient journeys for passengers within, into and out of Wales. “We want to transform travel for passengers and, as we build back better from COVID-19, we will ensure our investment helps to level up all parts of the UK.”

The Government has released nearly £6m to kick-start design work on the long-awaited Cardiff Central station upgrade. The old Lourcine Barracks in the south of Paris is a complex of buildings from various eras. The two oldest structures, which stand at the western and eastern areas of the grounds, date from the second half of the nineteenth century. Two taller, post-war apartment buildings form the southern end of the barrack grounds. Paris architects Chartier Dalix were tasked with accommodating the spatial program of an entire faculty of law − comprising a lecture theatre for 500 people, 27 seminar rooms, a 2,000-m2 library and 1,500 m2 of faculty offices − on the land. As the two historical side wings were not sufficient and the architects did not want to build on the central parade grounds, they created a subterranean connecting wing between the two buildings instead. This houses the central lobby and the lecture theatre as well. The main entrance leads visitors through a semicircular basin in the terrain and a forecourt laid with corten-steel plates. The lateral supporting walls and the jutting canopy roof are also clad with the preweathered steel. In the two old wings, the architects followed a strategy of minimal intervention. The vaulted ceilings have no plasterboard covering, but are exposed. Their ridges are accentuated by conductor rails; the ventilation shafts are also exposed just under the ceiling.



Like all of us, it needs a little TLC every now and then.

visit for details.

Unit G16, River Bank Way, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 9DN Tel: +44(0)1422 315300, Fax: +44(0)1422 315310, Email: Manufactured in the UK

Safer Alternatives The building and construction industry seem to be continually at the mercy of various regulatory bodies as to what ingredients can or can’t be used in the manufacture of building chemicals which is becoming a challenge. As a UK Manufacturer Bond It strive to offer high quality products at affordable prices but as raw materials become obsolete, finding comparable alternatives that don’t compromise the quality of a product has become a bit of an art. The latest active ingredient to be banned by the EU Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (SCoPAFF) is propiconazole which did not pass the latest regulatory requirements which are carried out every 15 years.

Propiconazole is a is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide for control of fungus and has been widely used historically in formulations for Wood Treatments and Wood Preservatives. The EU has been studying the registration package for propiconazole since 2015 and several key studies have been conducted, including ground water studies and the impact of endocrine disruptors (ED) on the environment. Endocrine distrupters are chemicals that may interfere with


Preserving High Standards? The building and construction industry seem to be continually at the mercy of various regulatory bodies as to what ingredients can or cant be used in the manufacture of building chemicals which is becoming a challenge.

the body’s endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune effects in humans and wildlife. It is this which has lead to the chemical being dropped from use. In response to this latest legislative changes which were to be in place by March 2020, Bond It have used valuable research and development time to produce a package of Wood Treatments that offer the user safer alternatives.

Bond It has introduced a Coloured Wood Preserver that offers a waterbased alternative containing no VOCs and no propiconazole, making it safer to use. It contains a fungicide specifically formulated for use against wood rotting, decay and staining fungi, algae, lichen and other growths on wood surfaces. It is an ideal product for the protection of outdoor timber structures such as sheds, fences, trellis, pergolas, gazebos etc and can be applied to all rough, sawn or smooth timbers.


Available in a range of durable UV fade resistant colours that provide deep penetration into timber and leave a colour finish with the natural timber grain texture still visible. To compliment this Bond It also has under their Wood Guard umbrella 3-in-1 Wood Treatment. A ready to use, 3 in 1 microemulsion universal wood preserver that kills active woodworm and termites, 3 in 1 Wood Treatment protects against re-infestation and wood rot.

This not only boasts zero volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), but is waterbased, non-flammable and quick drying. Based on a combination of fungicide and insecticide formulations it effectively eradicates and prevents attack by wood boring insects and wood rotting fungi. Certified to European and British Industry standards you know you are in safe hands. For more information on our product range contact our Sales Team on 01422 315300 or visit

ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush Concealled Frame Collection

The simple beauty of a flush finish without the distraction ction of ar architrave Minimalist and elegant, the ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush Collection of pocket door systems, concealed door frames and flush skirting are used world wide in residential projects and multi-million pound developments. Our innovative range of fully engineered products have a specially designed edge profile for a beautiful, crisp plaster finish.




Contact our ECLISSE SSE UK product experts erts on: 0333 5770828

Interiors 15

Magnet Contract Kitchen Solutions merges with Rixonway Kitchens to become powerhouse of the North Rixonway Kitchens and Magnet Contract Kitchen Solutions (CKS) will now operate under one brand in an exciting change to Nobia Group UK from today. Rixonway Kitchens, which has been delivering quality kitchens to the social and affordable housing market and private developers since 1978, will enter into a new chapter of the company’s history, as they operate as Magnet Contract Kitchen Solutions (CKS). Since launching in 2010, Magnet CKS has become the fastest growing B2B kitchen company in the UK, with 25% growth year on year. Now operating as one of the UK’s largest kitchen suppliers, the company, which has a trade portfolio of nearly 200 stores nationwide, can provide stock via a national network of local stores and large-scale delivery direct to site. Magnet CKS’ new comprehensive product range will be available across all price groups from budget to premium. The entry-level ranges, Trieste and Ascoli, will be known as the Rixonway collection, which will

complement the existing, awardwinning Magnet collection.

portfolio and our ability to offer a service to more varied customers.

Mark Hughes, Managing Director at Rixonway Kitchens and now Managing Director at Magnet CKS said: “We are delighted to be operating as Magnet CKS, as we can offer our customers an unparalleled service proposition and more flexibility with their orders.

“We will continue to focus on delivering market-leading service and product solutions to both private developers and social housing customers and can now offer a dedicated, easy solution product range across all price groups from budget to premium.

“With access to Magnet stores, we will be able to accommodate any size of project and budget and provide stock locally. “For us, this means we can operate a ‘right-first-time’ ethos, together with single plot deliveries, at highly competitive and consistent price points for our customers. Andy Gould, Sales & Operations Director at Magnet said: “Rixonway Kitchens has been offering quality kitchens for decades. By joining forces, it helps to broaden Magnet’s customer

“We are now able to offer more design options for our customers, including the award-winning Magnet Cabinet, as well as the outstanding quality Rixonway collection.” Rixonway Kitchens is strongly rooted in the local community and will continue to work closely with local charities and organisations. In particular with HM Prison Service, an initiative which was set up to help reduce unemployment by teaching prisoners new skills prior to being released.

Experience Carpet Tiles Using carpet tiles helps to create ideal work and learning environments through improved acoustics, aesthetics and textures. 01709 763839 FT3


Interiors 17

Handcrafted Charm The NEW Casablanca Collection from CTD Architectural Tiles Inspired by traditional North-African ceramics, the new Casablanca collection by CTD Architectural Tiles stands out for its charming handcrafted appearance. Thanks to its uneven edges and Mediterranean-style décors, the variety of colour and pattern within the collection provides designers, specifiers and architects with an enviable flexibility of choice for projects of all types. Available in a 125 x 125mm format with a warm matt finish, Casablanca’s plain white tile and 10 different décor tiles can be combined in a multitude of creative ways. Characterised by a slightly aged appearance, the palette of greens, blues, black and cream will add warmth and originality to interiors, from bathroom and kitchen walls to café and restaurant flooring. Part of the Saint-Gobain family, CTD Architectural Tiles specialises in the supply of high quality ceramic tile finishes and tiling solutions across all sectors in the UK commercial specification market. With clients in a variety of sectors including the leisure, retail, hospitality industries, CTD Architectural Tiles is committed to bringing customers the latest innovations in product and in service. With unparalleled expertise and technical knowledge, the team works with industry leading, innovative manufacturers to offer a complete portfolio of ceramic and porcelain tile ranges to suit the architect, interior designer, developer and specification professional. 0800 021 4835

18 Editor’s Choice

Panasonic’s Highly Efficient RAC Range Provides the Ultimate Heating and Cooling Comfort in Homes • Improve air quality in homes with nanoe™ X and PM2.5 filter • WiFi connectivity built-in or optional • Innovations for end users (indoor unit design, remote controller) and installers (easy installation) • High energy efficiency Panasonic provides solutions to meet any household needs with its range of RAC systems. Combining comfort with efficiency, the ranges include single and multi-split systems with a wide range of indoor units – many of which have recently been improved to allow for simplified installation and maintenance. Wall Type Systems Panasonic’s range of Wall Type units can be neatly placed in any space. The latest generation of air conditioning includes the renowned Etherea, with its VKE series boasting the highest energy class of A+++ in both heating and cooling. Slim and elegant in design, the unit comes with intelligent technology to provide high quality air-conditioning, including built-in WiFi capabilities. This range also comes with nanoe™X Technology as standard, which is designed to harness the naturally occurring

cleaning properties of Hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyl radicals inhibit the growth of pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, moulds, and odours, breaking them down and neutralising their unpleasant effects. nanoe™ X Technology significantly boosts their effectiveness, increasing Hydroxyl radicals’ lifetime from less than a second in nature, to more than 600 seconds – 10 minutes. Panasonic’s TZ has undergone major improvements to its design, with a smaller and more sophisticated

chassis at only 779mm wide, whilst still maintaining impressive power and efficiency. The design also includes built-in WiFi for convenience. The unit is small enough for above door installation, making it ideal for limited spaces in any home[1]. The unit’s filter catches harmful particulate matter (PM2.5) often found suspended in the air – including dust, hazardous pollutants, pollen, dirt, smoke, and liquid droplets. The filter catches and reduces particles, helping maintain the room’s air quality. Furthermore, Panasonic’s basic range of Wall Type units all provide

impressive heating and cooling capabilities in a stylish, matt designed casing, with a new chassis design for easy installation. All Wall-Type units include Panasonic’s Aerowings; two independent blades that concentrate airflow to cool a room in the shortest time possible and which help distribute air evenly throughout a room. Two Aerowing blades allow for more control over the direction of airflow to ensure no spot is subject to a continuous icy blast. Simplified designs for easy installation and maintenance Panasonic has listened to the main struggles of installers and adapted its new TZ and basic RAC range to ensure the units are optimised for stress-free installation and maintenance. New design innovations include: • • • • •

New installation plates for a stronger and more solid design A slider lock to easily lock/unlock No screw caps, allowing for easier access Built-in support holder to safely support unit against wall for convenient serviceability Easy access to drain hose and

piping connection New PCB: easy wire insertion and tightening with larger working space for wiring connection, allows simple PCB removal without removing terminal board cover Easy to remove cross flow fan

Innovative Heating and Cooling Designs The Floor Console is an ideal solution for replacing old boiler systems. With an operating sound of just 20 db(A), the system is super-quiet. The unit has a smart design which fits well with typical European interiors, and its compact size is well suited for areas with limited space, such as underneath windows. The Floor Console has a double air flow direction designed to keep the temperature even throughout a room and comes with Panasonic’s innovative nanoe™ X Technology built-in, creating a comfortable and cleaner environment whether in heating or cooling mode. Moreover, Panasonic’s Duct Type unit has a compact design of only 200mm in height and boasts a super quiet operation of just 23 db(A) in sound. The unit also has a drain water pump and air filter for added convenience.

Editor’s Choice 19

The 4-Way Cassette 60*60 is supercompact at only 260mm in height to fit perfectly into any ceiling and has a quiet operation of 22 db(A). This unit also comes with the Sky Remote Controller for effective and smart control. MultiSplit Range

As well as a range of quality indoor units, Panasonic’s RAC range provides several advanced Multi Outdoor units, offering choices for highly efficient systems that allow up to five indoor units to be connected, all with individual control. The Multi Split range provides a wide selection for projects, allowing different types of indoor units to be connected, providing choices suitable for each room. Also, all wall type indoor units come with built-in WiFi capability. Smart Connectivity and WiFi Capabilities All Panasonic’s wall type units have WiFi capabilities – some come as standard[2], whilst others have the option to connect[3] for smart control of the units. This option allows solutions to also be connected to the Panasonic Comfort Cloud app for end-users to remotely control the full range of heating and cooling functions, including monitoring energy consumption for both energy and cost-saving possibilities. Furthermore, with internet connection, they also have the option to connect with some of the leading Voice Assistants on the market, available in a variety of languages. The voice control functionality for Panasonic solutions offers a wide range of benefits for both the commercial and residential markets. For example, homeowners who are used to controlling their lighting and audio with their voice can also include preferences for their Panasonic air conditioning system to create the complete desired environment. Panasonic’s RAC range is also available with a host of additional accessories to help optimise each heating and cooling solution. For more details:

20 Editor’s Choice

Lift offers accessibility to Community Leisure Centre Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre, located about 10 miles to the North of Sheffield, is a full service leisure centre offering swimming, fitness classes, badminton and football facilities to the local area. When the centre was awarded £800K to create an accessible entrance and café area, they turned to Sheffieldbased Ability Lifts to help with the installation of two inclined stair lifts. The leisure centre is built in a hillside location overlooking the village of Stockbridge, offering fantastic views. However, this also meant the leisure centre has a number of split levels and it was important that the new part of the centre was fully accessible, as there were two staircases between the new and old sections of the building. The two existing staircases looked ideal for the installation of two inclined stair lifts from Ability Lifts. However, after the first inspection is was noted that the head room on the first stair lift could be an issue.

The lift experts at Ability Lifts took measurements of the exact stair dimensions and built an accurate 3d computer model in their CAD software back at the office. This showed that, with some minor modifications from the builder on site, there would be sufficient head room to allow the stair lift to work. They also recommended that a fold down seat was also added to the platform on the Optimum 200s. Both of the inclined stair lifts would be stanchion post mounted and

benefited from the recently updated platform design, with a new graphic display which shows both direction of travel and updates the user with safety information. The standard 300Kg capacity of the Optimum 200s along with the 800mm wide x 1250mm long platform, would ensure everyone would benefit from the installation of the new lifts. The units went into manufacturing for a planned installation date at the end of August. However, the construction work ran ahead of schedule and the planned grand opening was moved forward by a few weeks. After a call to Ability Lifts, it was agreed that the installation dates for both inclined stair lifts could be brought forward and both units were fitted and handed over in time for the new opening date. Please contact the Ability Lifts team on 0845 006 8803 or email for further information on the Optimum 200s and the other products in the Optimum range of lifts.

Platform Lifts Here at Ability Lifts, we offer solutions for many different access requirements, from platform lifts and stair platform lifts, to external lifts, access lifts and much more. We aim to offer top quality service and highly competitive prices. All of our access lifts are in compliance with the Machinery Directive MD 2006/42/EC, EN8141 and Part M, and we’re happy to advise you with any questions you may have about access requirements. The Optimum 100 - The self supporting enclosed Platform Lift �

Glazing to all four sides if required

Special colours available

Uses 75% less energy than other types �

Footprint - 1250mm x 1560mm �

Platform size - 1120mm x 1480mm � EN81-

41 and Machinery Directive compliant � Market leading warranty period

Please call us for a chat, we have a range of platform lifts to suit your requirements.

Tel: 0845 006 8803 Email: Web:

22 Editor’s Choice


Jacqueline O’Donovan, managing director of O’Donovan Waste, has been made a Fellow of the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM), having been a specialist member for several years.

Editor’s Choice 23

IIRSM is a professional body and charity for those responsible for managing risk in all its forms and provides recognition, practical education, training, resources and networking to help people and organisations manage risk - from protecting profits and reputation, to more importantly lives. The fellowship status recognises individuals who are changing the way organisations think and approach

the management of risk and use their expertise and experience to deliver long-term value to both their organisation and profession. In achieving this fellowship, Jacqueline has demonstrated her experience in operating at the highest levels within the industry. Commenting on the announcement, Jacqueline said “I am delighted to maintain my long association with the IIRSM, now as a certified Fellow and will continue to champion and advocate for risk management best practice, helping to drive positive change whilst collaborating with fellow members who already play a vital and influential role in managing risk in all forms.” Jacqueline is considered a leading force, not only overseeing and prioritising the health and safety performance of her own team and

business, but by her public speaking engagements and active advocacy for safety initiatives across the waste, logistics and construction industries. The O’Donovan business is an industry-leading company surpassing ground-breaking milestones for safety innovation, leadership and sustainability and Jacqueline works tirelessly to raise industry standards and in particular, road safety and best practice, operational compliance as well as employee physical and mental health and safety. Phillip Pearson, CEO of IIRSM said “We are delighted that Jacqueline has achieved Fellowship of the Institute which demonstrates her commitment, vast knowledge and experience of working in the sector. Fellowship recognises senior professionals who are changing the way organisations think and how they approach the management of risk and who use their expertise and experience to deliver long-term value. Jacqueline joins a group of peers who are committed to giving back to their profession. ”

Market Leading Design for Modern Living


Tailored To You Residence 7 windows and doors are finished to perfection, combining a modern flush appearance and unquestionable market leading design features and performance, all in a maintenance free material. Available as casement windows, shaped windows, bay and bow windows, orangeries, conservatories, single doors and French doors - R7 has all the choices for the perfect home.

Your Home, Your Way Create an individual design statement for any home with a range of luxury colour finishes and hardware options, all have been carefully created, allowing you to replace the current windows and doors with a more efficient, secure and attractive system.

Easy-clean rebate

‘Through Colour’ Extrusion

Lock & Hinge Retention

Double or Triple Glazing

Up to 44mm Glazing

7 Chamber Design

Maintenance Free

14 finishes to choose from

Energy Rating (WER) of A+ and a U-value of 0.8W/ (m2.K) Passivhaus standard


Redefining Windows & Doors

R7 is here to inspire you on your journey to create the dream home. Beautifully flush inside and out, available in a range of maintenance free finishes and a variety of styles, it is versatile without complication. R7 outperforms many other systems with a sophisticated 7 chamber design and intelligent features. It’s the ideal solution for a wide range of properties, from modern new builds to city apartments and country cottages to semi-detached houses, with everything in between. Designed and made in Britain, we’ve built long-lasting partnerships with our network of highly experienced fabricators and installers who are all ready to assist you in the decision making process. So what are you waiting for? Your R7 journey starts here...

Get in Touch T: 01452 300912 E:


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LANGLEY FURTHER DEMONSTRATES COMMITMENT TO MITIGATING FIRE RISK WITH A SYSTEM APPROACH TO FLAT ROOFING Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd, the leading roofing and waterproofing systems supplier, has invested further in British Board of Agrément (BBA) independent assessment - to continue to demonstrate its commitment to, and the importance of, mitigating fire risk in construction through a systems-based approach to compliance. Additional comprehensive, independent testing and assessment of its BBA certified systems further endorses the fire performance of Langley’s industry leading RBM range. It certifies that its TA-20, TA-25 and TA-30 Flat Roofing Systems meet Broof(t4), the highest fire testing classification under the European standard system. The BBA certificates further detail the performance with regard to specific factors such as durability, thermal performance, wind up-lift and resistance to mechanical damage. The external fire performance of each Langley TA Flat Roofing System

has been rigorously tested and certified with varying configurations of the system’s build-up. Langley’s TA Flat Roofing Systems have been thoroughly tested and certified with polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation thicknesses of 30mm to 250mm and Mineral Wool insulation thicknesses of 30mm to 150mm. They have additionally been tested on different roof deck types including cement board and wood particle board. This means that Langley’s TA Flat Roofing Systems can be used in a range of different configurations to best suit the requirements of the application whilst ensuring full compliance with Broof(t4) fire rating to BS EN 13501-5:2005. Typically, systems are only tested in a limited number of configurations and details are given on the system suppliers’ BBA certification. The certificate then states that other specifications will require separate testing and assessment on a case by case basis. It cannot be automatically assumed that the system will still perform to that standard with a different combination of components.

The substitution of components within a system without the appropriate testing was among the key issues raised in the Hackitt Review of the Building Regulations. Langley continues to support the 100% Hackitt campaign, led by Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and the BBA, that aims to ensure that all recommendations made in the review are fully implemented. “Those responsible for the specification of the flat roof must ensure they carefully examine the information provided by system suppliers and that they fully understand the performance certification,” said Daren Fraser, Head of Technical at Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd. “They should be extremely wary of systems that are only tested in very limited situations as any specification that deviates from the certified configuration risks non-compliance and potentially undermines the safety of the building in the event of a fire.” Langley’s TA Flat Roofing Systems, also have LABC Assured status. This provides impartial and professional accreditation that the

Roofing 27 system complies with the building regulations, and is recognised by all local authorities across England, Wales and Scotland. The systems also carry an independently backed insurance guarantee for design, materials, workmanship and consequential damage. The high-quality systems also have a life expectancy of at least 40 years, certified by the BBA. “Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd, understands very well that third party assessment and certification of the performance of its products and systems is key to providing independent assurance to specifiers and to those in the wider marketplace.

Langley also offers learning and development opportunities on this subject. This includes its ‘Mitigating Fire Risk in Flat Roofing’ CPD seminar, available online. To book, visit: Langley has also produced a supporting whitepaper, ‘Broof(t4) Compliance: Fire Penetration Performance and Spread of Fire’ - supported by Zurich UK. This white paper helps specifiers understand the regulations and factors that need to be considered to ensure a fully compliant and safe flat roof specification. The whitepaper can be downloaded from fire-compliance-whitepaper

As the UK’s leading certification body for construction products, the BBA has recently assessed and verified a comprehensive suite of reaction to fire test results with respect to TA-20, TA-25 and TA-30 Flat Roofing Systems. These reports, are fully documented within Certificate 12/4959, which eliminates any doubt or uncertainty of fire performance, which would arise had the reports not been made available and independently verified,” stated Dr Mike Wiseman, Construction Products Team Manager at the BBA.



HOW TO ENSURE A ROBUST AND SAFE FLAT ROOF SYSTEM SPECIFICATION The White Paper, supported by Zurich, covers: Regulations, Broof(t4) classification, fire performance materials, the risk of non-compliance and specifying the correct system.



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Alongside Eco Green Roofs’ green roof offering we also design, supply, install and maintain:

Blue roof system solutions that can attenuate and store rainwater for environmental needs.

S a g g

Solar panel to utilise available roof space to generate electricity and support green initiatives.

GREY TO GREEN Green roofs are an important part of a sustainable future helping address environmental pressures. Eco Green Roofs Ltd helps clients across the UK make an impact with the provision of a bespoke sustainable solution. Providing a complete end-to-end service; from design and supply to installation, maintenance and after care. Optimising the roofs on buildings as opportunities, Eco Green Roofs create sustainable ecological environments whilst delivering the benefits of a sustainable green roof across the commercial, education, healthcare and housing sectors. Major development proposals should contribute to the greening of London by including urban greening as a fundamental element of site and building design, and by incorporating... green roofs and nature based sustainable drainage. - London Plan Draft 2019 Included within the design service, the following can be incorporated: •

Ecology Reports

Landscape Design

Rainwater Harvesting

Permanent and Temporary Irrigation Systems

Biodiversity Net Gain Calculations

Biodiversity Net Gain Monitoring

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Penfold Place – bonding the bricks of London homes Delivering architecture and construction work of supreme quality, whilst ensuring the final build was sustainable, healthy and long-lasting were paramount for Work Ltd when designing Penfold Place. Penfold Place is a Londonbased project, comprising seven new-build, one and two bedroom, residential apartments. For the project to be successful, Work Ltd needed to work closely with a well-respected and trusted brand that could be relied upon to deliver a consistent, high-grade product. Intricate brickwork

as sand cement with plasticiser, in the past, but had experience using Lime Green’s lime mortars on a few restoration projects. They found the consistency of Lime Green’s mortars to set them apart. Each batch of product ordered has an identical colour and finish. This is achieved through measuring colours in each shipment to +/- 1g per tonne, enabling high repeatability and consistent quality.

There were a number of challenges in achieving Consistently beautiful the perfect finish for the brickwork at Penfold Place. Lime Green’s ‘Chalk’ coloured mortar was The design called for bricks chosen to compliment the to be irregular – in both grey bricks and blackened size and shape – but the window frames of the homes had many acute apartments. and oblique angles which the brickwork needed Lime Green’s mortars flex to follow closely. As a with the building as the result, when choosing the temperature fluctuates, so mortar to bond the bricks, fewer expansion joints are achieving a consistent and needed. high-quality finish was essential. Lime mortar is also permeable which enables Work Ltd had used the building to ‘breathe’, modern mortars, such

meaning water – as a liquid or a gas – can pass through it, reducing the risk of the façade cracking through shrinkage over time. A poignant project “We have loved being part of the Penfold project,” says Simon Ayres, co-founder and managing director at Lime Green. “Work was completely aligned with our core belief that every build should be a beautiful build which stands the test of time. “That common goal made the project all the more enjoyable. We were both highly determined to achieve the same, high-quality, sustainable solution which has kept much of Britain’s historic buildings standing for so many centuries.” For more information on how you can make your build a healthy build, visit or speak to one of our team of trusted experts on 01952 728611.

Tear out floors? There is another way! Whether it is an assembly hall, caféteria or foyer – with floor remake rooms are modernised, refashioned and shine in a new design. All this without having to lay a new floor.

The initial situation

The initial situation

Lacquering the edge areas

After strip cleaning and sanding back

Lacquering the floor completely

After On-Top-Coating

On-top-sealer provides optimal protection

On-top-sealer provides optimal protection

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Get the coverage you need with the new JSP Helmet Mounted Cough Guard With Construction companies back to work and social distancing measures in place, JSP have developed the new Helmet Mounted Cough Guard, an easy to fit screen which provides an extra layer of secondary protection against droplets and aerosols. It will reduce the likelihood of any exhaled airborne droplets directly contacting the wearer’s face and discourage the wearer from touching their eyes and face. It is the only verified cough guard designed to fit both micro peak and standard peak helmet variants of the JSP Evolution® range of Safety Helmets. It is the ideal system to aid social distancing on site and will help protect the wearer, if an unavoidable two-person task is required in a restricted area.

The JSP Cough Guard fits easily to the EVOLite®, EVO®2, EVO®3, EVO®4, EVO®5 and leaves the helmet accessory slots free for users to fit the JSP Sonis® range of helmet-mounted ear defenders. It is also compatible with the JSP range of respiratory products. Please note this product is not PPE as defined by the EU PPE Regulation 2016/425 and does not meet the requirements of EN166 (including splash protection or impact protection) and must be worn with primary safety eyewear or goggles. Please do not hesitate to contact JSP if you have any technical queries or would like any advice on Respiratory Protection for sites.

34 Tools, Equipment & PPE

Petzl Helmets, Choosing Excellence Essential for working at height, helmets provide efficient and effective impact protection in the event of a fall or from a falling object. For Petzl, head protection represents more than simply wearing a helmet. We work tirelessly so that professionals have comfortable helmets that fit well and address

the needs of all professionals in any situation. Our VERTEX and STRATO range of helmets are also available in vented or hi-viz versions. When you have to wear a helmet all day long, perfect comfort and head fit are essential. This is why our professional helmets all feature the CENTERFIT headband adjustment system for perfect centering, and the FLIP&FIT system that immediately positions the headband in a low position for a secure fit. In addition, the headband folds into the shell for easy storage and transport. Professionals who work at height or on the ground understand that head protection goes well beyond simply wearing a helmet. This is why Petzl has developed a full line of modular

accessories for you to customize your helmet for the specific needs of the task at hand. Eye shields, face shields, nametag holders, neck protectors, headlamps, etc. These accessories are now compatible with all VERTEX and STRATO helmets (VENT, HI-VIZ…) and take just a few seconds to install. With the DUAL chinstrap feature, Petzl goes a step further: the clip has two positions for two different uses, allowing workers to modify chinstrap resistance according to the needs of each work environment: work at height (EN 12492) and on the ground (EN 397). More information and advice on Petzl helmets can be found here.

Tools, Equpiment & PPE 35

36 Tools, Equipment & PPE

Snickers LITEWork Working Clothes for the Summer The innovative new quickdrying fabrics in this lightweight workwear make them a must for the summer months. A change of season means a change of focus on what you wear on site. That’s why Snickers NEW LITEWork clothing can help you keep your cool when you’re working in sunny, warm and humid environments. The ergonomic, body-mapping Trousers, Shirts, Shorts, mid-layer Jackets and Windproofers have all the comfort and functionality of other Snickers Workwear stretch garments but give extra freedom of movement on site.

Just like high performance sportswear, they are super-light, quick-drying garments – with ventilation and moisture transport features - that keep you looking smart and feeling cool wherever you are on site in warm weather. After all, keeping a balanced work temperature is not just about staying cool it’s a matter of your wellbeing and job safety. So, to make sure you get the right protection, flexibility, durability

and ventilation, check out the Snickers Workwear product families for precisely the right garments to fit your workday. Getting information on the Snickers’ new LITEWork clothing is easy. You can call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788, checkout the website and download a digital catalogue at or email

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T: +44 (0)1825 764737 E: T: +44 (0)1825 764737 E:

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• Dual ports that enable the flow switch to be mounted on either side.

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• 1” and 1 ¼” full bore test valve

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• 1” and 1 ¼” full bore test valve

cations Engineering Ltd, 16 Horsted Square, rook Industrial Estate,•Uckfield, Sussex, TN22 EasyEast access for 1QG servicing


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ng est valve alve e ng NATURAL WOOD Call us

Learn more

01296 481220


POLYX®-OIL RAW: Retains the wood’s natural light colour












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Trees Direct Ltd Priors Halton House, Priors Halton, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 2JN Tel 01584 878 878 email website

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we make ideas come to life O’Donovan (Waste Disposal) Limited


Markfield House, 82 Markfield Road Tottenham, London N15 4QF 0800 731 3332

1 – 7 Adlington Court, Risley Road, Warrington, Cheshire, WA3 6PL 01925 839610

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Toupret UK

Hixon, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. ST18 0FB 08000 096 707

Capital Business Centre, UNIT 58, 22 Carlton Road, South Croydon CR2 0BS, UK Tel : +44 (0) 208 916 2134 Fax : +44 (0) 208 9161 2135 e-mail :

UK Spares

Appeng - Applications Engineering Ltd

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16 Horsted Square, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1QG, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1825 764737 Fax: +44 (0)1825 768330



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