Health & Safety Update - October 2021

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Health & Safety Update | OCTOBER 2021

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Portable Confined Space Ventilators & Air Blowers Fume & Dust Extractors Where fumes, smells or dust occur, the Miniveyor Air VAF series fans can move contaminated air out of a confined space or building. They effectively exhaust fumes, ventilate confined spaces, and increase the flow of fresh air. The Miniveyor Air range are tough! The rugged VAF ventilators easily withstand blows without denting, giving less downtime and greater productivity and come with an industry leading 10 year warranty on the body. VAF-200 (8”)

VAF-400 (16”)

VAF Air Ltd Tetbury Ind. Estate Tetbury, United Kingdom +44 (0)330 016 0002

VAF-300 (12”) Pneumatic

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Tough Portable Fume & Dust Extractors and Confined Space Ventilators VAF Air Ltd, together with their sister company, Miniveyor Products Ltd, are specialist suppliers of confined space equipment to a diverse industry base globally. The VAF Air team has been involved in the supply of vane axial fans to the European market since the mid 1990’s and now the Miniveyor Air range of blowers, fans and ventilators has been established as a leading brand worldwide. VAF Air are the specialist ventilator division of Miniveyor Products and global distributors of the Miniveyor Air product range.

Tough Fans for tough jobs The vane axial fans and ventilators from VAF Air Ltd combine dependable power with practical design. Originally designed for the rental industry, every part is replaceable to keep the fans in service for longer. Available in 200mm, 300mm and 400mm diameters, their stackable design saves valuable floor or storage space, the large handles enable effortless manoeuvrability, and anti-skid rubber feet for steady operation. The VAF series fans work on both positive and negative airflow making them equally at home extracting fumes and dust or blowing fresh clean air into a confined workspace. The rugged design is durable and weather resistant.

Dual Wall Plastic Shell Maintenance is virtually eliminated with a dual-wall, high density plastic shell. Traditional metal bodied fans will get dinged and banged around. So will the VAF series fans but with one major difference. The metal fans do not absorb the dings and dents. The single layered, thin metal gauge walls will indent. This indent may, and usually does, obstruct the rotation of the fan blade. The fan blade will either stop or break. Either option becomes quite costly. If the unit can be repaired, the fan will be taken out of service while being maintained. Maintenance includes ripping out fan guts (i.e., grill, motor


assembly, electrical wiring), pounding out the indents, replacing all necessary components and reassembling. Depending on the amount of damage, purchasing a new ventilator may be less expensive when considering labour repair hours. The double wall body construction of the VAF series fans is moulded from high density polythene that absorbs the ordinary ding or bang experienced in the field, eliminating the above-mentioned costly maintenance procedure. The plastic shell also makes the VAF-Series corrosion free. Once the paint on a metal gauge fan chips or scratches, rust becomes inevitable. If appearance is a concern, then rust is a problem. Rust reduces metal life and is not attractive. The VAF-Series maintains its high-quality exterior finish regardless of use in humid, moist climates. The plastic shell also contains an ultraviolet stabiliser, or U.V. inhibitor which means exposure to continuous sunlight rays will not discolour the unit.

Lightweight: The VAF-Series plastic ventilators are lighter than the traditional metal bodied fans. With a built-in, centrally located handle design, the ventilator is quite portable on any job site. Compared to metal gauge ventilators, our high powered, low weight plastic ventilator is easily carried reducing chances of back injury.

Intrinsically Safe Option The air driven VAF-300P-FRL & VAF-400P-FRL portable ventilators are built to provide maximum power where it is needed and are the ideal confined space exhaust fan for applications where you need an intrinsically safe blower. They come pre-fitted with a filter regulator and lubricator to minimise the need to purge and lubricate the air motor after use. Like the rest of the VAF series, they both work on both positive and negative airflow and is at home either extracting dust and fumes or blowing clean air into a workspace. Combine these air driven blowers with VAF’s anti-static ducting for a complete solution.

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The Rapid Response to Bleeding Wounds

The benefits of HaemoCap Multisite • Rapid Application • Multisite (Head, Neck, Limbs, Axilla) • Can be applied by one person and non-trained medical staff • Online training available with 3 CPD points • Semi Transparent so that the wound is visible • Unlike fabric bandages, Haemocap does not draw blood from the wound • Simple to remove and re-apply after inspecting wound • Will not exceed 50 mmHg of pressure • Haemocap is NOT a Tourniquet • Compatible with all suction devices Haemoconcepts Limited Jds 1a, Smithy Mills Lane, Leeds, England, LS16 8HF

WELCOME October 2021


Health & Safety Update | OCTOBER 2021

Industry News - Safety & Security - PPE - Tools & Equipment

Portable Confined Space Ventilators & Air Blowers Fume & Dust Extractors Where fumes, smells or dust occur, the Miniveyor Air VAF series fans can move contaminated air out of a confined space or building. They effectively exhaust fumes, ventilate confined spaces, and increase the flow of fresh air. The Miniveyor Air range are tough! The rugged VAF ventilators easily withstand blows without denting, giving less downtime and greater productivity and come with an industry leading 10 year warranty on the body. VAF-200 (8”)

VAF-400 (16”)



VAF Air Ltd Tetbury Ind. Estate Tetbury, United Kingdom +44 (0)330 016 0002


VAF-300 (12”) Pneumatic

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Snickers Workwear


Milwaukee Safety Glasses



The ‘Fit and Forget’ sanitizer system

After 18 months during which hand hygiene was thrust into the spotlight like never before, SEKO’s groundbreaking DispenserONE® sanitizer system – purpose-designed in response to coronavirus – has transformed the way building managers deliver hand hygiene. But disposable and conventional light-duty sanitizer systems have been on the market for decades, so why the need to replace them? Such systems were adequate in the pre-COVID world, with their basic pump mechanism and low capacity capable of meeting low demand which was limited to hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and other healthcare sites. However, when COVID arrived and the need for hand sanitizer systems increased, these light-duty devices were expected to deal with constant, widespread use despite their limitations. The sight of a pelican pump, usually placed on a countertop or small table at a building entrance, has become common during the pandemic as managers attempt to deliver COVID-secure arrangements. As well as being unhygienic due to their manual operation, pump-action devices are messy, unsightly and unsafe as they leak and leave sanitizer dripping onto the surface and floor where they may create a slip hazard. An alternative to disposable dispensers are lightduty refillable systems mounted to walls and stands, which also splash and leak due to their primitive pump design. These units require regular repair and, ultimately, replacement after around six months on average. For building operators, this results in constant cleaning, refilling, repairing and replacement of dispensers – increasing staff workload and incurring hidden costs. From these limitations, the DispenserONE® range was born, as the SEKO R&D team worked to create a series of “fit and forget” systems to provide hassle-free, yet highly-effective infection control in any building. Built around an ultra-reliable motor-driven pump, DispenserONE® provides a consistently smooth, soft flow of sanitizer and because residual product remains within the mechanism once dosing is completed, the system is completely leak-free. The high-capacity DispenserONE® is an operator’s dream in that it requires zero maintenance during opening hours, with the only requirements an occasional out-of-hours refill and, in the case of the battery-powered models, recharge.

This means that, once installed, DispenserONE® can be left in service without the need to constantly refill or clean around the unit, its presence offering reassurance not only to the user, but to the building manager who can have complete faith in their hand hygiene arrangements. SEKO’s range covers every building requirement for hand hygiene, ensuring devices are properly sized with a capacity suited to footfall, starting with DispenserONE® Mini which offers a super-slim profile and minimal footprint that make it ideal for convenience stores, beauty salons and other sites where space is at a premium. For the largest sites including international airports, conference centre and sports stadia there’s the original DispenserONE®, a high-capacity, mainspowered unit delivering up to 25,000 doses between refills and an optional 17” multimedia screen. Recognizing the ever-changing coronavirus restrictions around the world, SEKO has also developed DispenserONE® Thermoscan, which allows building managers to control entry depending on combinations of criteria such as sanitizer use, body temperature and face covering. As well as providing peace of mind to the operator over infection control, this model gives residents, staff and visitors confidence at a time when many are anxious over the lifting of restrictions. Adding to this the system’s IoT-enabled remote connectivity, customizability and optional multimedia screen, DispenserONE® earns its place as the ultimate hand-hygiene product for 2021 and beyond.


DispenserONE® Applications Airports

Conference centres


Shopping malls

Sports stadiums


Transport hubs

Post offices

Cruise ships



Car dealerships







Sanitizer dripping from a grubby pelican pump - surely your customers deserve better than that? It’s time to upgrade to DispenserONE®, the sanitizer system that says “We care” •

3,000 to 25,000 doses between refi lls

Motor-powered pump for ultra-reliable dosing

Mains power or rechargeable battery delivers continuous touch-free dispensing

Smartphone app facilitates maintenance

Unlock advertising revenue with 17” screen model

Small site? Choose the slimline DispenserONE® Mini

Customizable with your company colours and logo


High Vis ‘Super Stretch’ Comfort From Engel Workwear A new range of high visibility, flexible workwear which stretches to follow the movements of the body giving maximum comfort in any work situation has been introduced by Danish workwear specialists ENGEL. Called ‘Safety - Super-Stretch’ the collection consists of a wide variety of garments with elastic fibres woven into a polyester and cotton mix; the strong yet extreme flexibility of the material allows each garment to return to its original shape thereby retaining all the inherent advantages of their design and style. Comfort as much as durable practicality is important to any wearer as not only does the high visibility workwear provide protection throughout the day or night, it helps reduce tiredness, further minimising the risk of accidents. The ‘Super-Stretch’ collection, which includes high-vis ‘Safety’ work jackets, trousers, shorts and bib-overalls is also being offered during 2021 in an Environmentally friendly, ‘Sustainable-Safety’ version

which incorporates 50% regenerated polyester fibres made from recycled plastic bottles; This method of yarn production with the brand name of ‘REPREVE©’ has been developed by Unifi, one of the world’s most advanced recycling centres; waterproofs, T-shirts, sweatshirts and a zipped hoodie using the same material are also due to be added. For more details contact Gareth Bladen at Telephone +44 (0) 7759 520034 or visit & ENGEL Workwear - Catalogue ( Click here for more information.

Engel Workwear Experts in Textile Solutions

For more details contact Gareth Bladen at Telephone +44 (0) 7759 520034 or visit & ENGEL Workwear - Catalogue ( Click here for more information.


Strategic Partnerships: Precast & Preformed Troughs & Fibrelite’s ‘Made to Measure’ GRP Covers

Custom Fibrelite covers installed in precast concrete manufacturer Trenwa’s troughs at major US sub-station

Concrete slab covers can weigh as much as five times the weight of an equivalent size Fibrelite GRP composite trough cover

Composite access cover manufacturer Fibrelite has formed strategic partnerships with a number of major manufacturers of precast and preformed troughs (also known as trenches, channels and ducts) in Europe and the USA (including Fibex and Trenwa) to create new collaborative product offerings integrating Fibrelite covers and precast and preformed troughs, combining the strength and longevity of precast and preformed troughs with the easy, safe manual removal and durability of Fibrelite’s lightweight composite covers Health and safety issues surrounding manual handling are of paramount importance to site managers. Without the necessary provision of dedicated lifting apparatus and training for operatives, traditional concrete and steel trough access covers can be a concern due to their sheer weight. Concrete slab covers can weigh as much as five times the weight of an equivalent size Fibrelite GRP composite trough cover. Fibrelite covers have an industry leading strength-toweight ratio and are designed to be safely and easily removed by two people, using the Fibrelite FL7 ergonomically designed lifting handles. Driven by focusses on health and safety, weight, durability (no corrosion) and reduced installation time, GRP composite access covers have moved from being a niche product used on petrol station forecourts to being specified at the outset of new build and retrofit projects for some of the world’s most prestigious brands in technology, data centres, ports, airports, high-tech manufacturing facilities, utilities, infrastructure and many more.

Fibrelite trough covers are designed to be safely and easily removed by two people

we’ve continually innovated, focussing on creating solutions to industry and customer challenges.” Commented Jo Stott, Fibrelite’s Marketing Director “Partnering with precast and preformed trough/trench manufacturers was a logical next step, and I’m proud to say that, since we created our first partnership offering with Trenwa in 2014 we now have over 50 kilometres of our covers installed in precast and preformed troughs across the globe” David Holmes, Fibrelite’s Technical Director added “We work closely with architects, contractors, and end users from tender stage right the way through to delivery and even installation where required. This collaborative process ensures that the supplied product fulfils both product quality demands and strict project completion deadlines. Fibrelite covers can be custom designed and manufactured with dimensions matched precisely to specified trough opening/rebate dimensions (Fibrelite’s adjustable tooling allows covers to be manufactured within millimetres of a clients requirement)”

Recent Installation: New Build Data Centre, Northern Europe Some clients favour a complete GRP solution for both troughs and covers. Where appropriate, this can further reduce installation costs and time due to their reduced weight for transit and installation. Earlier this year, Fibrelite engineered and manufactured 550 metres of custom trough covers for a new build data centre in Northern Europe. These GRP preformed troughs were supplied with custom fit Fibrelite bolt-down covers, for added security.

Recent Installation: Cruise Ship Terminal, UK

Fibrelite custom engineered and manufactured 500 metres of F900 (90-tonne) load rated GRP trough covers to fit precast concrete troughs at a UK cruise ship Custom Fibrelite covers designed and engineered to fit manufacturer Fibex’s terminal. The stepped covers were supplied in a number of preformed GRP troughs customised sizes to fit the trough configuration. The F900 load rated covers were stepped to reduce the unit weight “In recent years, the demand for highly customisable, high- in compliance with the customer’s specified manual tech access covering solutions has grown exponentially, and handling limit. we’re proud of the part we’ve played in their adoption over the 40 years since we invented the world’s first. Since then, For more information, click here to visit the Fibrelite website

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

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Registration opens October 1,, 2021.


STRIDE OUT IN THE ALL-NEW WORK TROUSERS FROM SNICKERS WORKWEAR. Snickers Workwear = Comfort = Wellbeing and Improved Performance. Snickers Workwear is continuing to make great strides in Work Trousers design and functionality while still increasing its commitment to environmental responsibility. Sustainable fabrics, body-mapping designs and improved performance are key features in the all-New Work trousers for men and women. Wherever they’re working, whenever they’re on task and whatever the weather, there’s a pair of trousers to suit. There’s new designs for both men and women with unrivalled functionality in the AllroundWork and FlexiWork ranges. The 4-Way Stretch features ensure maximum working mobility while the loose or slim fit designs deliver maximum working comfort all day, every day. With great ergonomic fit and superb value for money there’s optional features such as detachable holsters, Canvas+ fabrics for durablility and Cordura

reinforcements for extra durability. You can also choose trousers with or without the KneeGuard® Pro System which will deliver certified knee protection if you need it. Check out all the Work Trousers at – for the optimal choice for craftsmen and women who need to get every job done comfortably and efficiently on site. Getting information on the Snickers’ new Stretch Trousers is easy. You can call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788, checkout the website and download a digital catalogue at or email

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High protection P3/TM3

Comfortable & lightweight 500g

Reusable & cost-effective

No belts or hoses

No moisture or fogging

CE Mark & AS/NZS 1706 certified



CPD REMOVING BARRIERS TO ACCESS GEZE UK’s popular RIBA-approved CPD Removing Barriers to Access has been completely revised and updated and includes new visuals and updates to regulation all in GEZE’s new branding.

The CPD looks at why door controls are needed, explains the various standards and regulations that apply, where and when to use a manual door control or an automatic operator. It looks at selfclosing devices for fire door applications and the benefits of electro hold-open devices. The seminar also explains the benefit of automatic doors, the different types and their suitability, as well as their potential danger points. Offering architects and specifiers invaluable advice and guidance, which contributes to their continuing professional development, this updated training seminar gives a better understanding of the requirements of specifying door control devices to make buildings accessible to everyone. The 40 minute seminar covers all the relevant standards and regulations and is included in RIBA’s core curriculum: Access for all, Compliance, and Designing and building it. It can be presented in person or virtually via a variety of online platforms and at a time to suit, usually lunchtime but breakfast seminars or afternoon sessions can be accommodated.

rightly enshrined in law that a disabled person must not discriminated against and has the same opportunities as every other member of the public. This includes access to shops restaurants, theatres, hospitals or any public building. This seminar provides detailed guidance on how architects and specifiers can do just that.” RIBA Chartered Architects are obliged to undertake a minimum of 35 hours a week to maintain their competence:

To find out more or to book a CPD seminar, email or visit en/services/trainings-and-seminars-cpd.

Other presentations offered by GEZE UK, include EN 16005 - Safeguarding Pedestrians from Accidents at Power Operated Doorsets; Designing Effective Natural Heat and Smoke Ventilation, Glass Door Assemblies Selection and Specification, and Specifying, Installing and Maintaining Ironmongery for Fire Doors.

National Specification Manager Richard RichardsonDerry said: “The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and its replacement The Equality Act 2010 has

For more information about GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic and manual door closers call 01543 443000 or visit

PPE EXPERTISE WHEN IT MATTERS MOST SATRA offers a comprehensive PPE assessment package including ISO 17025 accredited testing to European and international standards. We also offer CE certification through our EU Notified Body and UKCA certification through our UK Approved Body. tel: 01536 410 000


Sustainable Autumn Workwear That’s Great For Leisure Too! Snickers Workwear = Comfort = Wellbeing and Improved Performance. Combining hi-tech fabric technology with verifiable sustainability, Snickers Workwear delivers market-leading work clothes solutions for a wide range of working environments, hazards and weather conditions.

With firms and individuals increasingly focused on environmentally responsible business activities, Snickers Workwear’s eco-friendly garment solutions could prove to be the right ‘sustainable choice’ for you and your business. For example, with government legislation on the horizon, employing the Snickers Workwear garments made from recycled polyester, organic cotton and muelsing-free fabrics as well as the ‘100% Circularity’ in EMMA safety footwear, will deliver peace of mind and compliance in an increasingly demanding corporate world.

This socially responsible approach to kitting out a workforce is complimented by the brands’ well-established hallmarks of comfort and functionality. They’re delivered through the use of stretch fabrics and a comprehensive sizing system which ensures that whatever the size of your workforce, there’s a product to fit each individual perfectly – for improved wellbeing and performance at work. Snickers Workwear clothing is tested for real from the arctic circle to the southern Mediterranean. Tried and tested in extreme environmental conditions – cold, heat, wind and rain. But not only are these working clothes tested for performance, they’re now tested with regard to ‘Environmental Sustainability’. What makes these garments so appealing to individuals and businesses alike is not only the ergonomic body mapping designs but also the 21st century fabrics including the latest in recycled, organic and sports fabric technology. Design and development has always been driven by continual research into user needs and experiences in a variety of working environments and weather conditions, but nowadays recyclability and carbon footprint impact is a key part of that evaluation. So, it’s not just the physical demands on the body when working hard on site or in sports and leisure activities that’s researched, it’s the physical demands that product manufacturing and disposal place on the world around us that matters too. So, if you’re thinking about what’s most practical – and beneficial - to wear this autumn for work or leisure, some of Snickers Workwear’s LiteWork and FlexiWork clothing is dual purpose and works hard in reducing our collective carbon footprints. If it’s performance you need, check out the upgraded lightweight and breathable 37.5 fabric technology in Snicker’s Workwear’s mid and base-layer clothes. With superb cooling technology, they’re great


for demanding tasks on site as well as high intensity gym work, circuit training, jogging, hill walking and mountain-biking. The new AllroundWork styles are made from highly functional waffle- structured 37.5® fabric for optimal ventilation, cooling and moisture transport to keep you feeling fresh for longer.

Combining Market-leading fabric technology with Verifiable Sustainability But if you want to be more than just cool and comfortable at work this autumn – and do your for bit for saving the planet - the ‘Verifiable Sustainability’ in Snickers Workwear new garments will suit you down to the ground. The brand aims to be at the forefront of sustainability in Workwear which is why these new products are made of 100% recycled polyester with a bio-based, anti-odour finish plus a smooth texture and efficient moisture transport for great working comfort. If your focus is on being kind to animals, the Sustainable Merino Wool mid- and base-layer clothes are ‘Mulesing-Free which will help you stay warm or cool because of the nature of its 100% allnatural Merino Wool fabric that delivers optimal comfort for all kinds of working environments and leisure activities. Designed by nature for excellent ventilation and insulation, Merino wool is extremely soft, and naturally odourpreventive for an all-day fresh feel. It’s also temperature-regulating, repels water, dirt particles. It’s anti-static and Snickers Workwear ensures that the wool it uses is produced in kind-toanimals, ‘Mulesing-Free’ environments. If recyclability is your particular focus in eco-friendly priorities, then the AllroundWork fleeces and bodywarmers could be your ‘Sustainable Choice’. Made from 100% recycled polyester, the POLARTEC® garments are comfortable and lightweight with great freedom of movement. They’ll also deliver just the right warmth and comfort to keep your body warm in chilly early mornings or comfortably cool in the warmer evenings.

100% Circularity in Materials Technology to Really Improve Your Carbon Footprint. If you want to ensure 100% Circularity in what you’re wearing, a product that’s completely made from a combination of

37.5® Fabric Technology - Making Working On Site A Better Experience Peter says, “On a hot day you really need a garment made from a fabric that has the ultimate capacity for ventilation and moisture transport. That is why we at Snickers Workwear have chosen 37.5® technology to provide hardworking craftsmen and women with the coolest experience”. 37.5® is a ground-breaking new fabric technology – largely used in high-performance sportswear with unmatched efficiency when it comes to ventilation and moisture transport. Instead of being applied to the surface of the fabric, 37.5® fibres are woven into the fabric. This means they never get washed out so you get the full benefit wear after wear.

recycled materials and materials that are recyclable is EMMA, Sustainably Responsible Safety Footwear. Definitely a brand worth looking at.

3 Cool facts About 37.5® Ventilating Technology • The active particles used in 37.5® technology are derived from natural sources such as coconut shells and volcanic minerals. • Fabrics with 37.5® technology dry up to five times faster than performance fabrics without. • The hotter a user gets the stronger the drive force removing moisture becomes.

face at work but are also ideal for some sports and leisure activities – and reducing your carbon footprint too!

EMMA is a socially responsible brand because it’s totally committed to sustainability and reducing waste. Every shoe, trainer or boot in its range is safe for the environment with a ‘100% ‘Circular’ manufacturing, usagemapping and recycling process. So, to make a positive social impact in your workplace, if your ordinary safety footwear just isn’t contributing to your sustainability policy, you can be sure there’s an EMMA product that is. While style, comfort and functionality have been key drivers in Snickers Workwear clothing development over the years, fabric performance and sustainability is now central to the technical design of the garments and footwear just as it is in performance sports and leisurewear. The result is environmentally-friendly, ergonomically designed dual-purpose working clothes and footwear that are not only designed to meet the physical demands that tradesmen and women

Getting more information on the Snickers Workwear range is easy. You can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out and download a digital catalogue or email


Sonis® Compact Ear Defenders

Force8™ Respirator with PressToCheck™




EUROPEAN MANUFACTURER Tel: +44 (0)1993 826050

There’s a reason Managing Safely doesn’t cut corners The consequences of rushing health and safety training can be fatal. So Managing Safely takes exactly the right amount of time to get participants up to speed. That’s why our three day health and safety course is the most popular for line managers, in any sector, worldwide.

Managing Safely Tried. Tested. Trusted.

“ You're gonna







With a Cirrus Research Sound Meter, you’ll never mishear again.


need a bigger goat.


Find out more at

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06/08/2021 18:23

Go to For more product and stocking information call 01382 82 82 00 or email

Member of

WE DON’T DO POWER TOOLS OR EXCAVATORS. WE ONLY DO BOOTS. The new star of our Tradez™ range is this super lightweight, high spec, great looking lace boot style: Blitz. Whether our styling is understated, contemporary or a little more cutting edge we like our boots to look good and they don’t come any better looking and lighter than Blitz. Like being knocked over by a feather. Full S3 Safety Spec • Waterproof • Non - Metallic • Maximum Anti Slip , Non Marking Rubber Outsole Member of


“Equipped with comfortable temple arms for ease of wear”

MILWAUKEE ® enhances jobsite safety with expansion of Safety Glasses Range Milwaukee’s Safety Glasses range looks to increase safety onsite with new Anti-Scratch, Fog-free and New Lens coloured features. Milwaukee ® has once again proven its commitment to ensuring safety and productivity for workers onsite with an expansion of its Safety Glasses product range. Featuring anti-scratch, fog free, new lens colours and new magnification features, all new Safety Glasses are built for extended wear that doesn’t compromise on comfort. Equipped with comfortable temple arms for ease of wear, all new glasses (aside from the magnifying safety glasses) are available with yellow, grey or tinted lens options. This superior safety enhancement is ideal for users who need glasses that are optimised to their specific working environment.

Milwaukee Performance Safety Glasses are equipped with fog-free lenses to ensure that users’ vision stays unobstructed on the jobsite. As a step up in productivity and durability, the Performance Safety Glasses feature anti-scratch lenses to them from challenging conditions onsite. The Performance Safety Glasses will now be available in yellow and grey lenses, in addition of the clear and tinted ones already available. Grey lenses provide a brightness protection, they let a minimal amount of light passing through the lenses to provide the users good visibility while being protected from the sun. They are also ideal inside to reduce the intensity of indoor lights.


Yellow lenses absorb the blue light, which can be harmful to the users, they absorb the UV rays from the blue light. This is ideal for workers indoor in a warehouse, with industrial lighting or with monitors. Yellow lenses will provide them a clear vision while being protected from the blue light and offer more contrast. Enhanced safety glasses feature a flexible nose bridge to add extra support for the wearer and a better fit over respirators. They will also now be available with clear lenses or grey or yellow tinted lenses. For easy reading and clarity on the jobsite, the Anti-Scratch Magnifying Safety Glasses have an anti-scratch hard coat for lens protection and clear magnified lenses which allow users to read easily without sacrificing protection. The lenses are available in magnifications between +1.00 and +2.50 diopter. This extended PPE range is proof of Milwaukee’s focus on creating innovative solutions that won’t slow users down, helping them STAY SAFE. STAY PRODUCTIVE ™ For more information of Milwaukee Personal Safety or to view the entire range, please visit

Health & Safety Update

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