Health & Safety Update - April 2021

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Health & Safety Update | APRIL 2021

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Explosion Venting Devices

Flash 2 Explosion Suppression System

Earthing Control for Gas and Dust applications.

Keeping factories safe see inside...


STUVEX - KEEPING FACTORIES SAFE StuvEx supplies a large range of products and systems to protect every part of the processing function from fires and explosions. From the raw-product storage silo all the way through to final processing and packing, StuvEx will have it covered. Products that will detect a spark in a fraction of a second, systems which will protect every size of filter from the smallest to the largest. Valves which automatically shut to prevent propagation. Flash, a system that will immediately extinguish an explosion. Along with explosion panels that will safely vent an explosion into the atmosphere and products that will prevent the build-up of static electricity when powder is discharged from road tankers. If you are looking to install a new fire and explosion protection system or modify and improve an existing system, what follows may help.

EXPLOSION VENTING Explosion venting is about minimising the damage to a vessel or silo by directing the explosion away from people and machinery in a controlled way. Calculating precisely where a vent should be located is the difficult part. Cutting a hole in the side of a vessel and fitting a simple bursting disc without first calculating opening pressures and correct placement could be a disaster in the making. But we do this all the time – and, more to the point, we get it right all the time so please, leave it to us.

We have developed a range of products for Explosion Venting which cover specific requirements: StuvEx DQS Flameless Indoor Vent – This is a completely different type of explosion protection system. Once installed, explosive pressure can be safely vented even in areas where the workforce is close to the vent opening. In the event of an explosion, a spring-loaded diaphragm opens and allows the gases to be cooled by a series of metal plates. This stops flames from entering the workplace. When the explosive pressure is reduced, the DQS closes to stop any air re-entering the vessel, stopping any chances of a secondary explosion. DQS is practically maintenance free and ATEX Certified. The StuvEx Indoorvent has an integrated flame arrestor which allows an explosive event to safely occur inside a building. The Stuvent consists of a large area rupture disc and a flame arresting, ceramic filter. The big advantage of this system is that once activated by an explosion, both the rupture disc and the filter elements can be easily replaced by the user, saving both time and lost production. The Indoorvent is ATEX Certified.

The StuvEx Stuvent Explosion Vent has a thin metal membrane which opens once a specific explosive pressure is reached and it is suitable for areas where both gas and or dust explosions are possible. The membrane is pre-cut on three sides; the fourth side is left un-cut which means that in the event of an explosion the vent stays attached thereby eliminating the damage that a flying metal plate could cause. Four different models are available covering every type of application. Every Stuvent is ATEX certified.

EXPLOSION ISOLATION When an explosion occurs, isolating it and stopping its propagation is vital because it has been shown that it is not the first explosion that causes the greatest damage it is the second or subsequent. These additional explosions are inevitably due to non- existent or insufficient explosion isolation systems in place. StuvEx manufactures a range of different valves designed specifically for explosion isolation. While the NOVEX non-return valve was primarily designed for isolating filters, it can be used elsewhere. A NOVEX valve stays in an open position while air and dust is directed towards the filter. But the moment that reverse pressure occurs due to an explosion, the NOVEX valve closes automatically, which stops the explosive effect travelling back down the line. NOVEX valves are easy to install, are available in a wide range of different sizes and can handle organic and metal dusts. Every model is ATEX Certified. The Ventex valve is the opposite of the Novex valve in that it was designed to be installed to the exhaust or clean air side of a filter. As soon as the Ventex valve senses the pressure wave preceding a flame jet, it automatically closes. This high-speed valve stops flame propagation and can resist explosive pressures up to 14bar. Every model is ATEX Certified.


The StuvEx FSGV is the fastest way to isolate an explosion with activation times between 8 and 30 m-secs. The FSGV can handle explosive pressures of up to 50 bar. Activation is by means of an explosion detector and it will work in any dry environment regardless of dust levels. There are special versions available for the pharmaceutical industries and every model is ATEX certified. With a StuvEx Diverter Valve installed in a pneumatic conveying line, an explosion can be diverted to a safe area. StuvEx Diverter Valves are all fitted with position sensors that indicate its position in the line on a factory control system. Designed to be used in conjunction with a spark detection system, the StuvEx Fire Trap Valve can be supplied with either electro-pneumatic or magnetic release mechanisms.

FLASH EXPLOSION SUPPRESSION A correctly installed explosion suppression system is one of the best insurances that a processing facility can have. The StuvEx Flash Explosion Suppression System is widely considered to be the industry standard. The Flash system is both flexible and modular. Explosion detectors triggered by either static pressure or a rate of rise in pressure or optical monitoring, or even a combination of all three send a signal to a multifunctional control unit linked to ultra-fast powder extinguishers filled with food-grade Sodium Bicarbonate. In operation, the detectors continuously monitor the process system being protected. In the event of an increase in pressure or optical detection a signal is sent to the control unit which, in turn, triggers the gas generators of the extinguishing agent bottles. It takes milliseconds to flood the area with enough Sodium Bicarbonate to suppress the explosion before it has had a chance to take hold. As sodium bicarbonate is used as the suppressing agent cleaning is easy. While other manufacturers use pressure vessels in their systems, which can leak, the Flash system is powered by gas generators, so no re-pressurising is need.

Safeground consists of an easy to install Control Unit, a cable, and an earth clamp. Both types will only allow the object – a road tanker for example - to be discharged if it safely earthed. If it is safely earthed, a green light will show on the Control Unit. A poor earth and a red light will show, the latest dust versions now feature a stainless-steel casing for easy cleaning and maintenance and a revised facia. Safeground has dual certification – ATEX and IECEx.

FILTER PROTECTION StuvEx has a solution to the problem of fires in process filters which is based on their CO2 fire extinguishing system which can be installed on a new filter or retrofitted to an existing filter. The StuvEx Filter Protection system uses spark detectors and/or heat sensors on the filter to trigger the control unit. The control unit provides an audible alarm and operates a relay interlock to shut down the filter and associated process equipment. After a short delay for evacuation, a solenoid valve is activated, flooding CO2 through pipework to injection points located on the filter. The StuvEx CO2 fire extinguishing system is simple to install. A single cabinet houses both the control system and the CO2 bottle assembly, which features a weighing system to ensure that it is full. Product Development is a key phrase at StuvEx. Technology does not stand still and neither has StuvEx. The development of products that will stop explosions and fires occurring and make the process industries safer is what StuvEx is all about so before upgrading or renewing your factories fire and explosion safety systems, speak to StuvEx first.

EARTHING CONTROL Since its launch, StuvEX has sold hundreds of its market leading Safeground Earthing Systems throughout Europe and has been at the forefront, dealing with the dangers of static electricity in the transport and process industries. StuvEx manufactures two types: One for dusts and the other for gas.

For further information contact Stuvex Tel: +44 (0)1932 571303 Email:


Hultafors Group completes the acquisition of Fristads, Kansas and Leijona Workwear They join Snickers Workwear in Europe’s marketleading portfolio of Protective Wear and PPE brands. The Hultafors Group has completed the acquisition of the Fristads, Kansas and Leijona protective wear brands following approval by the relevant competition authorities. Peter Dumigan, managing director of the Hultafors Group UK, says, ‘All three are well-known brands in professional workwear with well-established market positions in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and will complement the Snickers Workwear brand throughout the European market very well indeed’.

With a portfolio of premium PPE brands that includes Snickers Workwear, Hellberg Safety as well as EMMA, Solid Gear Safety Footwear and Hultafors Tools, it serves markets throughout Europe and North America. The Hultafors Group’s aim is to continue to driving the development of all its brands with a focus on customer value, product innovation and sustainability. For more information, please see https://www.mynewsdesk. com/hultafors-group-sverige-ab/ pressreleases/hultafors-groupcompletes-the-acquisitionof-fristads-kansas-andleijona-3076986

WELCOME April 2021


Health & Safety Update | APRIL 2021

Industry News - Safety & Security - PPE - Tools & Equipment

4 10 Explosion Venting Devices

Flash 2 Explosion Suppression System

Keeping factories safe

Enhanced Visibility and Safety With Snickers Workwear Hi-Vis.


Earthing Control for Gas and Dust applications.

see inside...

Going Above and Beyond Prize Draw


Solar shading co. reduces air conditioning Usage by up to 68%


Call for Restaurants to keep doors and windows open to minimise Covid transfer risk Restaurants and pubs across the UK are being asked to keep doors and windows open to allow air to move through their buildings to reduce airborne transmission of Covid. It is reported that 91% of all Covid-19 patients are infected indoors, so the latest advice from experts is to keep air flowing through buildings where people congregate to mitigate transfer risks. “Those of us in the air conditioning business have been banging this home for years, fresh circulated air is healthier air – you don’t need a fancy system to do this, just keep a steady flow of fresh air by opening doors and windows”, explains Libby Jones from Air Conditioning installer There are some simple things we can do to reduce risk of transmission within any building – and it all comes down to common sense. The usual washing hands, wearing a mask and keeping distance – but where air is not being exchanged in

congested areas it raises the risks of an infected person’s cough being recirculated around a room. It is all about being aware that stale air can carry airborne particles of Covid-19. Changing habits can reduce the risk massively. Open Windows & Doors for 20 minutes per hour Regular “shock ventilation” is recommended to change out air in rooms. This means opening windows and doors on a very regular basis to allow stale air to be changed for fresh. In a pub or restaurant this can be tricky, but the concept is clear – the more air you extract and replace with fresh, the healthier the air. This is a habit we all need to be better at,

because even in post-Covid years ahead (yes, they do exist) we can all help by sticking to a clean air regime. “The Germans are going big time into education about ventilation – they call it Stosslüften meaning “shock ventilation” and its effects on transmission rates of the virus indoors are incredibly positive. If you think about it this Winter, that’s the danger zone, we will be spending more time inside at home, in restaurants, in offices, and we need to wise up to simple ventilation habits” explains Libby Jones from Air Conditioning installer If everyone can reduce their ability to transmit the virus just a little bit, we can all help bring down the changes of passing it around.


Sheffield Primary School opens eco-classroom to serve pupils MAC Construction Consultants oversee completion of new modular build classroom Bradfield Dungworth Primary School has opened the doors to its latest £50,000 ecoclassroom facility after parents in the community successfully raised funds to support the project. Forming part of Peak Edge Trusts’ wider estates management plan, it will be a multipurpose facility for use as a classroom, breakout space and library space. Its sustainable features also mean it is environmentally friendly. The new building is located on the existing school site and is intended to replace a building which was no longer fit for purpose, and was demolished in 2019. MAC Construction Consultants were appointed on the four-week project to provide specialist Cost Management, Quantity Survey and Safety, Health and Environmental services; working alongside main construction contractor Bridge Timber which ensured there were no disturbances to the wider school site. Paul Booth, Building Surveyor at MAC Construction Consultants said: “We’re delighted to have been involved in this project that will deliver much

needed resources and facilities for the pupils in the local area, and help to ensure the long term sustainability of the school building. “The team at MAC has a wide range of experience when it comes to the education sector and can support education providers in all aspects of effectively managing estates. “We are looking forward to working more closely with this Trust to deliver much needed condition improvement funded projects at several of its other sites in the coming months.” Bradfield Dungworth Primary School forms part of Peak Edge Trust a multi-academy trust established in 2019 located in North West Sheffield.


Arco Professional Safety Services support Jubilee Sailing Trust with the safe operation of the only sea-going tall ship designed, built and sailed by a mixed-ability crew. Arco Professional Safety Services has supported the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) with free consultancy on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training since 2017. The Trust runs inclusive adventures at sea, including day sails and voyages from its tall ship, SV Tenacious, the only sea-going ship in the world designed, built and sailed by a mixed-ability crew. As a charity, the JST is reliant on donations to run its uniquely accessible ship that can be sailed by a truly diverse crew, including those with disabilities, mental health conditions, long-term health issues and the socially isolated.


Arco Professional Safety Services, like the JST, places the wellbeing and safety of its people at the forefront of its culture and is delighted to help facilitate such a laudable mission by sharing expertise and equipment. Arco Professional Safety Services has focused on essential working at height training for the charity’s permanent crew, as well as consultancy on the equipment used, storage, inspections and rescue provision. Arco Professional Safety Services has adapted its service to cater for the unique features of the ship that make it accessible to all, from the wheelchair lifts and wide decks to guidance tracks for people with visual impairments. Ben, a member of JST’s voyage crew who is paralysed from the chest down feared the journey would be too much. “That all changed when I hoisted myself out of my wheelchair up the main mast to the lookout point. When I got to the top absolutely shattered, I heard the whole ship cheer and when I sat there taking in the breath-taking view everything suddenly seemed to click. Gone was the negativity and the constant “I can’t do this” rattling around my head.” Sally, a Vision Rehabilitation Specialist and member of JST voyage crew, said, “For me physically climbing the mast, jumping off the side of the ship, negotiating the top bunk, and human guiding in sometimes exceptional circumstances; pushed me to extend my own ideas of what I thought I could manage.”

Mike Clayton, Equipment Department Manager at Arco Professional Safety Services, said, “Everyone deserves a safe place to live and work. Arco Professional Safety Services will continue to support the safe operation of the world’s only sea-going accessible tall ship, crucial for delivering inclusive adventures that leave attendees feeling liberated to explore their ability, potential and place in the world.” For further information on Arco Professional Safety Services, visit:

“Gone was the negativity and the constant ‘I can’t do this’ rattling around my head.”


CORONAVIRU FOR EMPLOY Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of a national lockdown in England on 4 January, the government has published stay at home guidance which stresses that the single most important action we can all take is to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives.

National lockdown: Stay at Home The only reasons for leaving home are set out as follows: • Shop for basic necessities, for you or a vulnerable person; • Go to work, or provide voluntary or charitable services, if you cannot reasonably do so from home; • Exercise with your household (or support bubble) or one other person, this should be limited to once per day, and you should not travel outside your local area; • Meet your support bubble or childcare bubble where necessary, but only if you are legally permitted to form one; • Seek medical assistance or avoid injury, illness or risk of harm (including domestic abuse); • Attend education or childcare – for those eligible. Colleges, primary and secondary schools will remain open only for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers. All other children will learn remotely until February half term. Early Years settings remain open.

The government is also advising the clinically extremely vulnerable to begin shielding again, and letters will be sent to individuals with advice on what this means for them. Certain businesses and venues are permitted to stay open, following COVID-19 secure guidelines. These include: • Businesses providing repair services; • Banks, building societies, post offices, short-term loan providers and money transfer businesses;

areas of venues such as heritage homes and botanical gardens can remain open, to be used for exercise. Playgrounds may also remain open. Places of worship can also remain open, but you may only visit with your household. Indoor and outdoor sports facilities including sports courts, gyms, golf courses, swimming pools, and riding arenas must also close. Elite sport and disabled sport can continue, as can PE lessons for those children attending school.

All non-essential retail, hospitality and personal care services must close, or remain closed. Restaurants can continue delivery, takeaway or click-and-collect of food and nonalcoholic drinks, but venues will no longer be able to serve takeaway or click-and-collect alcohol.

The restrictions came into effect from 5 January and are expected to last until the middle of February if the situation in hospitals improve. By this point, the NHS hopes to have vaccinated everyone in the top four priority groups identified by the JCVI – including older care home residents and staff, everyone over 70, all frontline NHS and care staff and all those who are clinically extremely vulnerable.

Essential shops and garden centres can remain open. Entertainment venues and animal attractions such as zoos must close, but the outdoor

The guidance document setting out details of what you can and can’t do under the lockdown restrictions is available here.

• Medical and dental services; • Storage and distribution facilities.


US ADVICE YERS • For essential services, including services of a charitable or voluntary nature such as food banks, alcohol or drug support services.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): stay at home guidance (Scotland) This document sets out guidance on the new stay at home regulations which came into effect on 5 January 2021. To minimise the risk of spreading the virus, the instruction is to stay at home as much as possible. By law, in a level 4 area, you can only leave your home (or garden) for an essential purpose. And although you can leave home for these purposes, you should stay as close to home as possible. Examples of reasonable excuses to go out: • For work or an activity associated with seeking employment, or to provide voluntary or charitable services, but only where that cannot be done from your home. • For education including, school, college, university or other essential purposes connected with a course of study. • For essential shopping, including essential shopping for a vulnerable person. You should use online shopping or shops and other services in your immediate area wherever you can. • To obtain or deposit money, where it is not possible to do so from home. • For healthcare, including COVID-19 testing and vaccination. • For childcare or support services for parents or expectant parents.

• To access public services where it is not possible to do so, including from home (eg social care services) • To provide care, assistance, support to or respite for a vulnerable person • To provide or receive emergency assistance. • To participate in or facilitate shared parenting. • To visit a person in an extended household. • To meet a legal obligation including satisfying bail conditions, to participate in legal proceedings, to comply with a court mandate in terms of sentence imposed or to register a birth.

This includes gatherings related to the scattering or interring of ashes, a stone setting ceremony and other similar commemorative events.

• If you are a minister of religion or worship leader, for the purposes of leading an act of worship (broadcast or online), conducting a marriage or civil partnership ceremony or a funeral. • To donate blood. • For activities in connection with moving home (including viewing a property), or for activities in connection with the maintenance, purchase, sale, letting, or rental of residential property that the person owns or is otherwise responsible for. Travelling for the purposes of undertaking essential work on a property other than your main residence should not be used as a pretext for a holiday. You should not stay longer than for the length of time required to undertake the necessary work.

• For attendance at court including a remote jury centre, an inquiry, a children’s hearing, tribunal proceedings or to resolve a dispute via Alternative Dispute Resolution.

• To avoid injury, illness or to escape a risk of harm.

• For essential animal welfare reasons, such as exercising or feeding a horse or going to a vet.

• To visit a person receiving treatment in a hospital, staying in a hospice or care home, or to accompany a person to a medical appointment.

• For outdoor recreation, sport or exercise, walking, cycling, golf, or running that starts and finishes at the same place (which can be up to 5 miles from the boundary of your local authority area) as long as you abide by the rules on meeting other households • To attend a marriage ceremony or registration of a civil partnership. • To attend a funeral or for compassionate reasons which relate to the end of a person’s life.

• For those involved in professional sports, for training, coaching or competing in an event.

• To register or vote in a Scottish or UK Parliament, Local Government or overseas election or byelection, including on behalf of someone else by proxy. • To visit a person detained in prison, young offenders institute, remand centre, secure accommodation or other place of detention. The full guidance can be found here.



Find Focus with Hellberg’s range of all-new specialist safety glasses and goggles. Renowned for its hi-spec PPE that includes advanced hearing protection products, face protection and communication solutions, Hellberg Safety is launching a new range safety eyewear.

With a focus on enhanced safety in all conditions, Hellberg glasses and goggles have impactresistant lenses with anti-scratch and anti-fog coating on both sides and there are styles that can be worn over prescription glasses.

With a wide range of street-smart styles, from basic to premium - the new range ensures a consistently clear line of sight and safe vision for professional tradesmen and women wherever they’re working on site.

Around the lens, the ergonomic design, incorporates practical features, like a soft nose bridge and ‘adjustable temples’, making sure the glasses stay in place and fit safely allowing you to keep your focus all day long.

Built with lightweight, durable materials and specially developed lens technology, the eyewear provides complete protection, and comfort throughout the working day and can be easily combined with other PPE including ear defenders, safety helmets, and visors.

Getting more information on the Hellberg Eyewear range is easy. You can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out or email


Enhanced Visibility and Safety With Snickers Workwear Hi-Vis. A Superior Range of Hi Vis Protective Wear – for all kinds of light conditions. Snickers Workwear takes personal wellbeing at work very seriously. That’s why this range of Hi-Vis protective wear is streets ahead of anything else. With updated styles and designs added to the extensive range of Jackets, Trousers, Shorts, Toolvests, Shirts and Fleeces for men and women, there’s a host of garments in the range to satisfy the specific requirements of Classes 1, 2 and 3 protection levels. These ‘outstanding’ products combine Snickers’ unrivalled hallmarks of functionality and comfort with the requirements of the EN20471 standard for high visibility warning clothes. With advanced designs and hightech fabrics that are windproof and water-repellent, all the garments have durable, colour-fast protection that will last for wash after wash, retaining shape and comfort throughout the life of the garments. Added to which, Snickers Workwear Hi Vis garments can be custom-profiled to ensure ‘stand out’ coverage for your corporate brand. Getting more information on the Snickers Workwear range of ProtecWork and Snickers Workwear Hi-Vis protective wear is easy. You call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out and download a digital catalogue; or you can email


Hydroblast Goggle – Reliable, comfortable sealed eye protection... As experts in the field of protective eyewear we pride ourselves on our range of safety glasses, goggles and face visors, available to all within a competitive price range.


The Hydrobast goggle is the latest addition to our goggle range. Designed and manufactured by MCR Safety, this is a premium product without the premium price tag. It’s a sealed unit eye protector, a form of eye protection which is becoming increasingly popular throughout the industrial sector. The onset of COVID19 has also played its part in highlighting a need for more fortified face coverings.

Functionality and Comfort The Hydroblast® HB3 goggle fits perfectly to your face to give you supreme comfort along with secure and reliable protection. It’s able to do so because of it’s unique, super-soft TPR seal. We use TPR where the safety goggle meets your skin because its soft, supple and extremely resistant to every-day wear and tear.

Summary of key CE standards ‘3’ Withstands liquid splash ‘4’ Prevents the penetration of dust over 5 microns ‘9’ Resistant to penetration by hot solids ‘F’ Withstands impact from an object travelling at 45 metres per second ‘1’

Optical Class 1 indicates a high-quality lens for all day use

The Goggle features a 7-point ratchet action on the strap fastening so you can adjust it to the optimum fit for you.

‘N’ Anti-fog, will not become clouded by condensation

The indirect vented air flow allows air to circulate reducing clamminess, but still protecting you from splash hazards and larger dust particles.

Find out more

The lens is optically clear and coated with our premium MAX6 Anti-Fog (N) coating to withstand extreme stresses in your working environment, free from unwanted distraction. And if you’re a prescription wearer, a prescription insert can simply be added to the goggle. These carefully considered features teamed with refined ergonomic design ensure that the safety goggle is perfect to wear all-day.

Protection Assurance Hydroblast® HB3 has been tested in accordance with CE EN166, with grade F impact protection. The dielectric construction means there are no metal components and therefore the goggle is a non-conductor, ideal in hot or electrical environments. It’s ability to withstand liquid splash and dust penetration is particularly useful in these times of COVID19 when face covering as a barrier is of utmost importance.

The Hydroblast goggle is a great piece of safeguarding eye protection for industrial environments spanning a wide cross-section of industry. You can find out more about the Hydroblast® HB3 Goggle by visiting the Product Profile page on our website or you can make enquiries by phone or via email at: +44 (0) 1922 457 421



alled ‘Safety Light’, each item of clothing can be verified to consist of regenerated polyester fibres ultimately spun from a specific number of plastic bottles to make up 50% of its content. This is combined with 40% cotton and 10% standard polyester (245 g/ m2) to produce a cool-to-wear, durable fabric. By using regenerated polyester which is equally as efficient as new, there are also significant consumption savings on energy, water and C02. The Danish firm has worked closely with Unifi, one of the world’s most advanced recycling centres which transforms the recycled bottles into a polyester yarn called ‘REPREVE©’ The smart, mix-and-match range includes boiler suits (containing 37 plastic bottles), work-jackets (20 bottles), trousers (19 bottles) with Cordura kneepad pockets and elasticated waistband, bib-overalls (23 bottles) and shorts (14 bottles). All have many practical pockets and comfort-design features. There is also a specific selection especially for women called ‘Ladies Light’, all with the same benefits. Commenting on the initiative, the CEO of Engel Workwear, John Engel said: “We are delighted to be able to make a positive contribution in helping to reduce the impact of the single-use global plastic waste crisis by putting many thousands of otherwise discarded bottles to further practical purpose. By doing so, we are able to not only do our bit to help improve the environment, but also be the first to use this versatile fabric to produce a unique range of lightweight, hardwearing and comfortable high-visibility clothing which will help keep our customers safe” For more information contact Gareth Bladen – email: Telephone: +44(0) 7759 520034 or visit: Click here for more information.

Engel high-viz workwear helps save the environment A brand-new range of high visibility protective safety clothing with 50% of the material made from recycled plastic bottles has been introduced by workwear manufacturer Engel Workwear.


Sonis® Compact Ear Defenders

Force8™ Respirator with PressToCheck™




EUROPEAN MANUFACTURER Tel: +44 (0)1993 826050


Going Above and Beyond Prize Draw Enter the Going Above and Beyond prize draw for a chance to outfit your department with over £11,000 worth of FLIR Firefighting TICs and more. Thermal imaging cameras (TICs) are indispensable tools to combat structural fires. Beyond seeing through a smoke-filled room, thermal imaging gives you the power to visualize your plan of attack, track down hot spots, and more. Equip your department with a full suite of thermal imagers to help save lives, protect property, and ensure firefighter safety. Going Above and Beyond prize draw winner will receive: (1) FLIR K55 High-Performance TIC (3) FLIR K2 Compact TICs with MSX® (1) FLIR K1 Situational Awareness Camera (1) FLIR OTM 136 Scion Thermal Monocular*

Complete the form now for a chance to win Contest ends March 31, 2021, and is open to legal citizens currently residing in the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, and the EU. See terms & conditions for details. One winner will be selected to receive the Above & Beyond Giveaway. Winners will be announced in April 2021. Contest Terms & Conditions

*Military and nuclear users excluded from receiving the Scion Monocular due to export restrictions.


3B Training is the first Health and Safety Training Provider to be accepted as a member of Build UK. 3B Training has become one of the most recent members of Build UK’s construction supply chain by joining as a Professional Services Member. This is the first time that a health & safety training provider has been accepted as a member.

3B Training will work with Build UK to help provide the construction industry with quality training that can improve the health and safety of the sector. As a Professional Services Member, 3B Training will aim to ensure that workers have the correct skills card for their job role by providing the relevant training courses to support their applications. Build UK is committed to reducing the number of incidents involving construction vehicles, 3B Training aims to support this through improving a learner’s knowledge, this can be done both in the classroom or by delivering plant machinery training through their NPORS accreditation. Suzannah Nichol MBE, Chief Executive of Build UK said: “We’re delighted to welcome 3B Training into Build UK membership. We have demonstrated over the last year that collaboration across the construction sector is essential for all parts of the supply chain to operate effectively and we’re looking forward to working with 3B on Recruiting, Training and Retaining Talent across the industry.” As one of the largest CITB training providers 3B Training is well equipped to offer qualifications that can support

the construction industry. 3B Training’s portfolio includes Site Safety Plus courses, first aid, plant training, short courses and a range of NVQs. Courses can be delivered online, in the classroom or on site. 3B Training Managing Director, Mathew Bewley said “This is a real honour for 3B Training to be accepted by such a huge organisation in the construction industry. This membership gives us the opportunity to collaborate with some of the biggest companies in the sector and we are looking forward to being part of an organisation that helps shape the future. A key priority of Build UK is Recruiting, Training & Retaining Talent within the construction sector, with 3B’s experience this is an area we are passionate about and feel we can add great value to the team and other members. The fact that we are the first health & safety provider to be accepted as a member shows exactly where we are as a company. We are building a fantastic reputation and it’s great to see.” You can see more about 3B Training and the courses they offer at


Solar shading company reduces air conditioning usage by up to 68% at NHS hospital in Hampshire, solving Covid-19 ventilation problem. Smartlouvre are the only manufacturers of the world’s thinnest and lightest sustainable louvred metal fabrics, MicroLouvre. The lightweight screens that easily attach to the outside of any windows have exceptional solar shading, natural ventilation and daylighting capabilities. Laboratory tests and previous case studies have proven that MicroLouvre can save up to 68% in air conditioning usage (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2016, 3). This extraordinary finding makes MicroLouvre the solution not just for heat reduction, but also the serious issues with COVID-19 caused by inadequate and dangerous ventilation systems. MicroLouvre has provided huge benefits for both patients and staff at an NHS Hospital in Hampshire.


The fact that coronavirus is transmissible by airborne particles (The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, 2020:1159) means it has been recommended that hospitals, care homes, schools and public buildings find ways to naturally ventilate and reduce temperatures inside the building (Health and Safety Executive, 2021). In high rise buildings (such as hospitals) temperatures on wards can reach staggering heights of 30+ degrees centigrade (Siddique, 2021). Considering that germs breed in hot climates, this is a serious concern in the upcoming months. In April 2020, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Smartlouvre was commissioned to install MicroLouvre screens on the Microbiology laboratory at an NHS Hospital in Hampshire on a trial run basis. The installer, Tim Powell, was met with initial resistance from the laboratory technicians as they were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to use their mobile air conditioning units which hang out of the windows. As chance would have it, whilst Tim Powell was explaining that the introduction of the MicroLouvres would render their portable air conditioning units redundant, a Ward Sister walked past overhearing the exchange, and found that the product was exactly what they needed on her ward. She demanded that the Facilities Manager provide them for her ward, after receiving continuous complaints from staff and patients that the living and working conditions were unbearably hot. Despite questions over budget, by June 2020, MicroLouvre screens had been installed for the laboratory and the entire ward. The vast improvement was soon noticed, and the hospital no longer needed 40 new mobile air conditioning units, the laboratory technician air con machines were made redundant, and the windows could easily be opened for natural ventilation. In 2015, Smartlouvre bought the rights to produce MicroLouvre, previously known as Koolshade, which has been being installed onto properties all around the world for more than 60 years. Due to the louvres being woven from corrosion-resistant, non-combustible, 90% copper alloys, MicroLouvre are able to stand the test of time, proven with the many buildings that had the product fitted in the 1960s, still benefiting from the initial installation. Its eco-friendly properties make it a revolution in clean energy, with the product being 100% recyclable and drastically reducing the need for artificial cooling systems. In 2020, Smartlouvre teamed up with simulation software company, Simscale. Using a simulation of the exact metrics of the product, they were able to calculate and prove the efficiency of MicroLouvre for today’s building modelling, previously only determined from practical use. Imputing a face-on open area of 67%, which increases to a phenomenal 80% at the 17° louvre angle, and a weight of only 1.1kg/m2, the pressure drop measured for 220mm x 220mm was only 40Pa, a discharge coefficient equivalent to a 400mm x 400mm square top hung window tilted outward 45deg nearly 3.5 times bigger! The simulation also showed that air passing through the angled louvres created an upward laminar airflow, inducing a current of air that moves across the ceiling and more effectively distributes clean air through the room (Simscale, 2020).

Based on the above simulations, Smartlouvre and Simscale were able to prove that the product passes the threshold for multiple accreditations under the world’s leading sustainability assessment method, BREEAM, including HEA4 Credit for thermal comfort and reducing overheating risk, and ENE1 Energy Credit for reducing cooling demand leading to lower electricity use and carbon emissions. It also surpasses the GLA overheating criteria to reduce high risk of solar gains and thermal comfort issues on glass buildings, LEEC EA Energy Credit to reduce demand, use free energy, and increase efficiency, as well as the Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) for Ventilation Effectiveness, Thermal Comfort, and Daylight and Views. Additionally, studies carried out by the California Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) for a leading US Energy Company (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2016, 65), concluded that the larger the surface area that MicroLouvre is covering, the more effective it is likely to be. Furthermore, using their data for CO2 emissions reduced by MicroLouvre, Smartlouvre calculated the approximate CO2 savings over the lifespan of a building with MicroLouvre. LBNL’s study used results based on two clear sunny days in October 2015, with both buildings with and without MicroLouvre having south facing windows, glazing and HVAC system, and a room temperature of 21 degrees centigrade. The results showed that you save 0.78kWh/ m2 per day, which means, using The United States Energy Information Agency’s publication from 2018 that 0.99lbs of CO2 is produced to deliver 1kW of electricity, assuming that an average building has a lifespan of 50 years, and you would usually need air conditioning for around five months of the year, you would save approximately 2.9 short tonnes (US) of CO2, or 2.6 metric tonnes of CO2/m2! Smartlouvre has the opportunity to revolutionise the clean energy solar industry and solve the ventilation issue during the current COVID-19 pandemic. For more information or to book your free sample, head over to or call on +44 239 245 6333.


IT’S NOT SPRINGTIME YET... For many of us, the last weekend in February brought the longawaited return of the sunshine; however, it may have been just a false start. Yes, it felt like Springtime but some weather forecasters are predicting a return for the ‘Big Freeze’! If you’re working outside, March is far too early to forget about winter hand protection. And if you work in a cold environment, you’ll need to protect your hands all year round. It’s not enough to pull on a pair of woolly gloves; you need to consider the industrial hazards and that means specialist hand protection. The correct thermal and industrial protection will enable you to work confidently and efficiently regardless of the cold.

Get the right specialist hand protection for you... MCR Safety has the technology to produce specialist gloves for the cold that keep hands warm, insulated, protected and comfortable. You may need varying levels of protection depending on the particular task or the nature of your work. The gloves in our range each offer a set of slightly different protective properties. You should consider the task you’re carrying out and your environment and decide which glove is best for you.

WL1048HP A nylon glove with HTP coating and a cosy terry towelling lining. Protection from the cold with great, flexibility, dexterity and comfort. The HTP coating has a Sponge-Touch finish for outstanding grip in wet, dry and oily conditions. It’s seamless, breathable and also sanitised for great hand hygiene. Designed for precision handling tasks in very cold environments both indoors and out. CE Standards: EN388:2016 3231X EN511: X2X

Zestos If you need cut protection Zestos is the glove for you. It’s a thermally insulated work glove with a warm fleecy lining, a water-resistant outer and a level of cut protection not normally associated with a winter glove. Its finely textured surface repels water droplets and provides powerful wet and dry grip. On the interior, the super-soft, micro-fleece lining is incredibly comfortable. Ideal for industrial protection in winter conditions. CE Standards: EN388:2016 2X42C EN511: X1X To find out more about Specialist Winter Hand Protection click here

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- The Lone Worker Alarm Company

Our in-depth Knowledge of the issues surrounding lone workers and emergency response systems is based on many years of experience in consultation, research, design, implementation, management and support. The unique SBES lone worker alarm systems have been developed over the last two decades, enabling us to provide the most expert service and system solutions available in today’s industries. SBES’s commitment to lone worker protection is second to none. We have systems to suit all sizes of companies, so whether you’re a single user or a global company, we have the best lone worker protection available

With over 30 years of experience, and installations in over 20 countries, PoolLock is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of automatic safety and slatted covers for swimming pools. PoolLock Automatic Covers offer you the safest, most convenient, most reliable and energy-efficient way to cover your pool.e



Redbacks Cushioning - Innovative products built to make you last Redbacks® was formed in 2011 in order to develop our cushioning invention for which we now hold a number of international patents.


Vicaima unexpected harmony Established in 1959, Vicaima have been supplying quality interior timber doors and door assemblies to the UK market for over 25 years. From its European HQ in Portugal, products are sent to be enhanced and distributed by the Vicaima Limited manufacturing and warehouse facility in Swindon, Wiltshire to developers, merchants and clients nationwide.


Quirepace Engel Workwear - workwear for professionals

- innovation in vacuum and conveying technology

Our workwear is constantly adapted to the demands of the market. We sell the workwear that you need - whether it’s traditional or modern, or whether it needs to meet specific certifications.

We combine proven products with carefully designed solutions to deliver outstanding benefits to our customers. Our extensive experience enables us to best interpret our customers’ requirements and aspirations, in order to deliver first-class products, systems and services.