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Hotelier & Hospitality Design How to Protect your Business Against COVID-19 As the hospitality industry continues its resurgence after months of forced closure, we must do more to inject confidence into the sector. People are worried about contracting coronavirus. You can take steps to quell those fears, cultivate an environmentally safe environment and get customers and employees through your doors. Introduce the best possible cleaning practices and show people that your business is taking every preventative measure. Responsible stakeholders must go beyond the basic government guidelines, understand how cleaning processes work, and invest in the right tools to protect anybody who walks in and out of their establishments.

How to Protect your Business Against COVID-19

As the hospitality industry continues its resurgence after months of forced closure, we must do more to inject confidence into the sector. People are worried about contracting coronavirus. You can take steps to quell those fears, cultivate an environmentally safe environment and get customers and employees through your doors. Introduce the best possible cleaning practices and show people that your business is taking every preventative measure. Responsible stakeholders must go beyond the basic government guidelines, understand how cleaning processes work, and invest in the right tools to protect anybody who walks in and out of their establishments. Learn the differences between disinfection and decontamination When developing cleaning procedures that eradicate COVID-19, it’s important to understand the differences between cleaning, disinfecting and decontaminating. First, you wipe away debris and dirt with an approved detergent. Disinfectants cannot effectively reduce pathogenic organisms without direct contact. The next step is disinfection, which is the process of cleaning surfaces and objects with the help of chemical disinfectants. It eliminates most, but not all, dangerous organisms that latch onto bacterial biofilm that parade themselves as grime, dirt, dust and other organic matter. These communities of bacteria thrive under the protection of a sticky glue-like layer and kill hundreds of thousands of people annually all over the world. Finally, decontamination eradicates all microbial contamination from materials, ensuring complete safety from infection. In hotel rooms, for example, it’s important you decontaminate common touchpoints like TV remotes, handles and light switches. Once you’ve destroyed the remnants of disease inducing bacteria, you can be confident that your employees and customers are safe. Dry Steam Vapour delivers the highest levels of cleaning

OspreyDeepclean has dedicated twenty years into engineering and testing the best validated technologies on the market. We developed our dry steam vapour technology (DSV) - successfully tested to higher standards than those demanded in UK and US hospitals - to tackle bacteria and viruses on three fronts with thermal and chemical disinfection and decontamination. Our mix of super-heated dry steam has proven to destroy 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, including SARS CoV-2. Manual disinfection, especially by untrained employees, is susceptible to mistakes that can have deadly consequences during this pandemic. DSV eliminates these issues and aids the provision of the safest possible environments for employees, customers and occupants. Transform your three-step cleaning, disinfection and decontamination practices into one process that elevates your environmental hygiene to hospital standards. Fogging protects your staff Cleaners were thrust into the frontline alongside first responders and NHS, and they deserve the same duty of care that your customers expect. The simplest, most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve these standards is through disinfectant fogging. Let’s imagine that an asymptomatic occupant just left your hotel. Your cleaning team straps on their PPE and heads into the room to prepare for your next customer. Despite donning the safety gear, your employees risk infection that’s easily avoidable. OspreyDeepclean has developed a unique fogging applicator that attaches

to your DSV machine, which sprays a dry steam mist formed of water and non-toxic disinfectant. This superheated steam eradicates 99.99% of known bacteria and viruses, leaving surfaces decontaminated, safe, and touch dry within 10 minutes and safe for your staff to conduct their housekeeping function. When you destroy every dangerous organism hiding out of reach from manual cleaning, your cleaners can walk into their deserved safe workspace. Deliver healthcare standard environmental hygiene Inspiring confidence in your employees and customers during this pandemic is key to winning business. People demand and deserve the gold standard of environmental safety. You can easily access affordable technology that both hospitals and high-risk food manufacturing environments depend on. You can equip your employees with the most effective tools and create the safest environment possible for everybody who enters your establishment, breeding the confidence needed to thrive in this new normal all with the power of dry steam.


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The perfect finish to any bathroom To make life easier, we give many of our taps and showers a flawless contemporary chrome finish. No need for chemicals. Just a quick wipe with a wet cloth and you’re done. Brilliant.


Industry News

Luxury Family Hotels invest in senior management training partnership Luxury Family Hotels has announced an exclusive partnership with Umbrella Training to train 15 members of its senior staff working across the five hotels in its group.


he employees, all newly promoted into supervisory and team leader roles, will undergo a comprehensive apprenticeship development programme, devised specifically for the hotel brand and its team members.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

The programmes, due to start in September, will enable Luxury Family Hotels’ employees to develop their leadership and management skills.


Learners will participate in sociallydistanced face-to-face training, as well as online workshops and coaching with Umbrella trainers. Modules will include transformational and empathetic leadership, emotional intelligence, strategic problem solving, and clinical cleanliness. Luxury Family Hotels was established in 1989 and properties include Fowey Hall Hotel

in Cornwall, Moonfleet Manor in Dorset, The Ickworth in Suffolk, Woolley Grange Hotel in Bradfordon-Avon and New Park Manor in the New Forest. Simon Maguire, managing director, Luxury Family Hotels, said: “The hospitality industry is facing a challenging time as it comes out of lockdown and training is often the one thing that gets side-lined when budgets are being cut. “At Luxury Family Hotels, we believe training is really important and even more so now. Having well-trained staff results in satisfied guests which is paramount to us. “We also recognise the value of investing in our staff’s professional development both for them and also for the business, ensuring its continued growth.”

Jo Simovic, COO, Umbrella Training, said: “We are delighted to partner with Luxury Family Hotels. “Given the challenges the industry is currently facing, we are encouraged and pleased to see progressive businesses continuing to invest in meaningful programmes to support their people development strategies. “This isn’t just a fundamental part of succession planning for the short-term, but it will also enable businesses and brands to develop sustainable business models for the future. “From a personal perspective, I am delighted to work with Simon Maguire again; he was on a leadership apprenticeship programme I ran more than 15 years ago so I’m pleased to be able to work with him, this time in his capacity as an experienced industry leader.”

Industry News

Hyatt Regency brand arrives in Qatar Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha, scheduled to open next month, is set to strengthen Hyatt’s brand footprint in Qatar and the Middle East.


pening in September 2020 and marking a significant milestone for the hotel group, Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha will become the third Hyatt hotel in Qatar. Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha will be joining Hyatt’s portfolio in Qatar, alongside Park Hyatt Doha and Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel & Villas. The 400-key hotel will be strategically located close to Hamad International Airport and a few minutes from the heart of the city, the palm-fringed corniche and

“We are thrilled with our relationship with Dhiafatina Hotels, and we look forward to growing Hyatt’s portfolio in Doha,” said Srdjan Milekovic, senior vice president operations EAME, Hyatt. “We believe that Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha will become a key destination in the city, satisfying the needs of on-the-go business travellers with an exemplary setting for meetings and leisure, and attracting local guests looking for modern dining experiences.” With 12 luxury suites, the hotel offers a multitude of social spaces designed for seamless gatherings, including a Regency Club and several food and beverage concepts including three restaurants, a pool bar, two lounges and a Jazz Club.

In addition, the property shelters 10,700-square-foot (1,000-squaremeter) of meeting and event facilities, including a state-of-theart business centre, two ballrooms and eleven modern meeting and conference rooms. “We are delighted to work with Hyatt on the first Hyatt Regency hotel in Qatar, a global brand with the caliber of offerings suited for this market,” commented Philippe Anric, director of operations Dhiafatina Hotels. “The Hyatt Regency brand perfectly aligns with both the business and leisure culture of the dynamic city of Doha and we look forward to providing an exceptional hospitality experience.” Of the more than 900 Hyatt-branded hotels around the world, more than 200 of them in more than 30 countries are Hyatt Regency properties. The opening of Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha is part of a wider expansion strategy for the brand and group in the Middle East.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Doha’s vibrant business district. The property itself was the first to join Dhiafatina, which has been owned by Qatar Airways since 2010 and received the 2019 World Luxury Hotel Award as the best ‘Luxury Business Hotel in the Middle East and North Africa.


Industry News

Insane hotel concepts for the post-pandemic world To celebrate Hotel Concepts being this month’s ‘Spotlight On’ feature, here are some insane hotel renderings that offer drastic solutions for hospitality and hotel design in the post-pandemic world.

L Hotelier & Hospitality Design

et’s face it, it’s going to be a while before the industry reflects the same buzz and energy as it did before the Covid-19 outbreak. Protocols around cleaning and social distancing are inevitably changing the way in which hotels are used and perceived. With this month’s Spotlight On feature being on Hotel Concepts, we have decided to look past incredible architecture and have instead identified three new perceptions on how hospitality and hotel design can adapt postpandemic.


A pre-warning: they are a little ‘out there’, but how else is the industry expected to develop, evolve and challenge conventional theories? Earlier this year, the eco warrior Bill Bensley – who is confirmed as our headline speaker at Hotel Designs LIVE – responded to a hotel brief by designing a hotel where guests are caged while wild, exotic animals

roam free. The ‘human zoo’ hotel concept, which will be targeted to luxury travellers who are seeking for unparalleled experiences, will shelter 2,400 ‘human cages’ that will actually look more like high-end, design-led guestrooms that frame an uninterrupted and uncorrupted view on natural the wildlife below. The site where the hotel is being conceived is situated on a 2,000-hectare plot, which will reinstate wetlands to encourage biodiversity. With the concrete aim being firm to free wildlife from captivity, Bensley’s concept has recently reached a milestone, gaining approval from Southern China’s Communist Party to relocate abused animals from zoos in the country, to be released onto the roughly 2,000-hectare piece of land where the ‘human zoo’ will be located. Although the concept was drawn up before the pandemic, it is an interesting idea nonetheless to flip

Industry News

Since June of this year, Getty Group has been developing concepts that aim to address the significant industry-wide challenges posed by Covid-19. 325 hotel owners, designers, architects, and hospitality educators are participating in the research, including brands such as citizenM, Four Seasons, Hilton, IHG and Marriott. Technology and personalisation (two topics we will explore in Hotel Designs LIVE) continue to play important roles. ‘BedXYZ’, which is described by Gettys Group as an “optimised and gamified sleep platform,” involves temperatureregulating engineered fabrics in the guestroom. Meanwhile, touchless technology will allow guests to

control the room’s lighting, scent, sound, temperature and even the firmness of the bed via their smartphone. This isn’t anything new; Jade Mountain in Saint Lucia, for example, is an architectural marvel with its innovative concept to remove the fourth wall in order to open up the interiors to the natural elements. However, new hotel concepts have emerged recently that are showing completely open-air rooms in the middle of nowhere. One of the developers that is leading the way is the aptly named Zero Real Estate. The theory behind the layout, with the bed being perched on a wooden platform, is that the natural landscape becomes the backdrop. Removing surfaces altogether to eliminate boundaries is a drastic strategy in the post-pandemic world, which will not work for everyone, but it certainly works to deepen oneoff experiences for luxury modern travellers.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

the luxury consumer journey upsidedown. By doing so, the Bensley has yet again put the emphasis on wildlife, nature and sustainability, all of which have experienced neglect amongst the chaos of Covid-19.


Sustainability at the heart of Industville Product Development Industville have always worked hard to ensure their products are built with sustainability in mind and that as a company they leave minimal impact on the world around them.


ndustville are an environmentally and socially conscious company. Here are just a few of the ways the company pursues its goal of global environmental sustainability;

A truly versatile range

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Industville design and build a large collection of lighting and uniquely their core range is cleverly designed to coordinate beautifully with any of their other styles.


This is helped by the fact that Industville only use three core materials for all of their lights; pewter, brass and copper. Keeping to this simple, effective formula not only ensures for easy mixing and matching across the entire range, but also allows Industville comprehensive control over quality. An eco-friendly outlook All of the products are handcrafted and made from natural and recycled materials such as pure brass and copper. Sustainable production

methods are employed in the factory, where processes are regularly evaluated to see if they can be streamlined to become even more efficient.

the design and materials are in line with the company ethos and values, regarding both sustainability and quality. This helped them to gain their ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Valuing artisan skills

Building strong relationships

Industville work closely with artisans to develop their unique product range. By combining timeless design with traditional skills passed down through generations, each individual piece has its own character and story to tell. Industville manage the whole manufacturing process to ensure

Finally, Industville is a company that appreciates and values its people. Often choosing to work with independent businesses, social projects and co-operatives, the team at Industville believe in building strong relationships for the mutual success of everyone involved.

Summer in a Can?

Niche Launches Perfect Hotel Minibar Addition

Niche Cocktails, the first UK company to produce canned shorts, has announced the launch of its fourth flavour combo – a thirst quenching Passion Fruit Daiquiri. The newest arrival is a perfect addition to the hotel restaurant bar, or to a bedroom minibar for those guests preferring to ‘socially distance’ in their own space. Niche’s Daiquiri follows hot on the heels of the brand’s launch trio - Blood Orange Old Fashioned, Manuka Honey Whisky Sour, and Matcha Mojito. Served in seconds, each canned creation is developed in the company’s Suffolk production facility and features premium flavourings to assure customers of a drink as good as if it were prepared by an accomplished mixologist. The Daiquiri, which comes in a six-can or 24-can party pack, combines passionfruit juice and white rum. It has sweet-sour floral flavour notes, and carries an 8% alcohol volume. Emily Mummery, Operations Director for Niche, says: “Adding the Daiquiri to our family of cocktails is a great moment for us, and we’ve all been looking forward to launching something which sits so synonymously with the idea of lazy summertime evenings. “Before Niche first began trading, we spoke widely to our target audience to see which mixed drinks were most highly favoured, and time and again the Daquiri rose up to the top of the list – in part because people associate it with holidays and high days.” Niche Cocktails launched in March, just ahead of lockdown. The company’s intention had been to focus heavily on on-trade, but the strategy was swiftly knocked off course by the pandemic and the immediate closure to thousands of pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs.

As a result of the climate, Niche swiftly introduced an online shop to its website, and began trading direct to the public. Home deliveries have proven popular throughout the last few months, but the re-opening of venues means the business is able to return to its on-trade plan and resume relationships with hospitality owners and managers. Paddy Bishopp, CEO of the company, admits the period has required a lot of change and restructure, but that it has opened up a significant consumer-facing opportunity which wouldn’t have been a priority at the outset. “We’ve certainly had to be very flight of foot during this period, and we’ve significantly changed everything about our launch intentions, but it’s actually been an enormous success and has seen us develop a really good following,” he says. “Bringing out our Daiquiri is our next ‘big moment’, and with another product set to be released before the end of the summer, it’s feeling like a very positive and encouraging period for us. “Regardless of all that’s going on in the world, people are certainly proving that they want to be able to enjoy a delicious cocktail with little to no fuss.” Niche’s four flavours are selling successfully at a price of £3.50-£4 retail, with an on-trade of between £6 and £10 per serve. For more information, visit the Niche website at:

Hotelier & Hospitality Design


HITE sandy beaches and Caribbean vistas might feel like a distant dream right now, but UK hotels can still fix that summertime yearning with a taste of the tropical…in a can.


Let’s Sanitise

Hotels welcome guests back with new hygiene standards Hotels are now facing a myriad of challenges. Travel restrictions between and within countries and unprecedented job losses for everyone in the hospitality industry has created uncertainty for hotels and holidaymakers alike. commitment to what he was doing gave me confidence in him and delivering to all Exclusive collection hotels. The quality of the product was excellent, and the delivery arrived before the date we agreed. Lee certainly underpromised and overdelivered.” Sunil Kanjanghat, General Manager, Exclusive Collection Hotels

H Hotelier & Hospitality Design

ygiene standards at hotels will no doubt change forever. However, hotels will have to ensure they meet the health and safety guidelines the government set out without compromising the guest experience. Government measures for hotels include screens in lobbies, lift limits, new room service delivery plans, cleaning checklists and sanitiser stations at busy touchpoints.


The Hilton Group, Exclusive Collection, Melia Hotel and W Leicester Square are readily embracing the new normal, by taking significant hygiene measures to welcome guests back including luxury branded sanitiser stations at entrances and lobby areas. Supplied by Let’s Sanitise, all the stations were delivered with branding to ensure they fitted effortlessly into their environments. The cleansing stations will help hotels maintain proper hygiene while re-enforcing their brand image responsibly.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, a Hilton spokesperson added sanitiser stations and disinfecting wipes would be prominent in “key high-traffic areas,” including elevators. “Let’s sanitise was a great find among twenty of other companies I had dealt with. Let’s Sanitise was one among the final three companies I was dealing with. Lee’s passion and

Let’s Sanitise recognise that hotels want subtle but effective hygiene solutions, by offering bespoke branded units that meet the quality standards expected at UK hotels. Visit the Let’s Sanitise shop to order your station and choose from their range of scented sanitiser gels. The alcohol-based antibacterial spray zings with refreshing aromas to help energise your day and leave your hand feeling clean and fragrant.

Novellini launch BeSafe walls to help the UK return to work safely

Workplaces around the nation are preparing for when the UK can return to a kind of normality. The Novellini Group presents a solution that will help to create safe working environments that are hygienic and adaptable. The BeSafe wall is a protective device that companies with any office, desk space, trade counters, cafe and restaurants can incorporate going forward. The primary benefit? Hygiene. Employees will feel protected with the BeSafe wall as it provides a barrier. Constructed from 6mm tempered glass, it’s easy to clean with any alcoholic disinfectant. In smaller spaces where it’s difficult to sit two meters away, the wall is a particularly helpful solution. Office teams aren’t the only ones who will be happy to see these walls put in place. BeSafe is a smart answer for all industries where contact with the public is required, such as pharmacies, retail counters, restaurants and public offices. Novellini can customise each barrier to suit the space with three versions (floor mounted, trade counter, and desks) and five different sizes. UK Sales Manager at Novellini, Stuart West says ‘We are looking to help the UK workforce where we can and these are a positive answer to those concerns about health and hygiene.’ As specialists in showers and design, Novellini are putting their skills to good use and many businesses across the UK will be pleased to find a safe and stylish solution. They are even available in several colour profiles to suit the surroundings, including white, silver, chrome PVD* and black.

- For more information contact Novellini UK on 01727 229922 or visit the website at - For brochure and advice please email - For large projects or orders, customized solutions can be evaluated. We are available to evaluate and propose BeSafe Wall solutions specific for your protection needs.

Unit 11, Caxton court, Porters Wood AL3 6XT St Albans Hertfordshire GB Phone: +44 01727 229922 Fax: +44 01727 838 232 * Not available for the floor solution.

BeSafe Walls

The safety device to return to work and social life in safety

BeSafe walls to help the UK return to work safely

Liverpool Hotel Bed specialist Restfull Nights appoints Graham Carberry as Sales Director Liverpool-based bed manufacturer Restfull Nights is marking the end of lockdown with the appointment of new Sales Director Graham Carberry.


pecialising in the design, manufacture and installation of beds, mattresses, sofa beds and comfy chairs to the hotel and contract sector, Restfull Nights counts some of the biggest names in the hotel business among its clients and is looking forward to supporting the industry in its post Covid-19 recovery. Graham will steer the company’s sales and marketing efforts and will also lead on the launch of an exciting new product range later in this year. Graham’s experience spans 32 years in the bed industry with the Silentnight Group, and has covered manufacturing, product development and sales; giving him unique industry insight which will prove invaluable in his new role. Managing Director, John Law, says:

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

“We’re delighted that Graham will be joining the Restfull Nights team. We have worked alongside Graham on a number of projects in the past, and his experience both of the sector and the sales function is second to none. He is perfect for the role and ideally placed to help us drive the company forward whilst maintaining our core values.”


It is these core values that most inspire Graham as he takes up his new role, as he explains: “Restfull Nights is a company that still believes in the personal approach to business; where relationships are built around quality of products and the standard of service available.

The hospitality business is all about caring for your customer and I truly believe that Restfull Nights is the only manufacturer within the industry today that maintains this approach with a 100% focus on the customer. “Restfull Nights will say ‘yes’ when larger brands say ‘no’ because the volumes or product types do not fit with their business model or they add complexity to their retailfocused businesses. Restfull Nights’ mission statement is

that ‘quality doesn’t have to be expensive’ - but I would also add that you shouldn’t have to pay extra for customer service. It is this combination of commitment to service and flexibility that I find so inspiring, and these core values will remain central to the company’s future growth.” For further information on Restfull Nights’ range of products and services, head to

Achieving large-scale hand sanitizing for a COVID-secure future Post-coronavirus, the world has changed irrevocably, with heightened awareness of personal hygiene and virus control legislation meaning that regular hand disinfection is now a normal part of our daily habits.

But despite the efforts of hotel managers to make their sites COVID-secure, the installation of such units has not provided an adequate solution due to their numerous limitations, which include unhygienic manual dispensing, low capacity and reliance on disposable cartridges, pouches and batteries.

The solution In order for the hospitality industry to return to normality, an innovative solution is required. SEKO, a cleaning and hygiene systems manufacturer with 45 years’ experience, has responded by developing DispenserONE®, a revolutionary hand sanitizer system that solves these issues while offering an enhanced user and operator experience.

Large capacity DispenserONE ’s 25-litre capacity equates to 25,000 doses on average, vastly reducing the replenishment ®

rate for even the busiest sites and significantly ease pressure on maintenance personnel.

Mains powered Its connection to mains electricity frees DispenserONE® operators of their reliance on batteries, guarantees continuous use and removes the environmental impact of battery disposal.

Touchless technology In order to maximize hand hygiene, DispenserONE® helps operators to prevent the transmission of viruses with its automatic sensor-activated delivery.

environmental impact of disposing batteries and empty sanitizer cartridges, helping maintain sustainable operations alongside COVID security. These features, combined with an optional 17” video screen which can be used to generate revenue by selling advertising space or running promotions, and the option to customize the unit with choice of colour and branding, make DispenserONE® the ultimate hand hygiene solution for the global hotel and hospitality sector.

Remote access DispenserONE®’s integral Wi-Fi hotspot allows operators to track usage, check chemical level and view operational status from anywhere via computer or smart device.

Environmentally friendly DispenserONE®’s mains power connection and bulk capacity allow sites to avoid the negative

Hotelier & Hospitality Design


he resulting demand for hand sanitizer dispensers has seen the majority of suppliers respond by installing traditional 500ml and 1,000ml light-duty units.


SMARTair® from MulT-Lock opens the door to convenient and cost effective check-ins

In today’s landscape where reduced touch-points and low operating costs are nothing short of paramount, security expert Mul-T-Lock is offering a tailored access control solution to all hotel, holiday park and short-break property owners.


MARTair® is a modular and fully scalable access control system that offers an intelligent, yet simple, step up from keys. For hotels and home rental properties in particular, SMARTair® will replace inconvenient keys with a wireless locking system operated by smartcards and even smartphones when used in conjunction with Mul-TLock’s Openow™ app.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

With so many businesses in the leisure and tourism industry needing to cut operational costs and provide a safe and hygienic service to customers, SMARTair® does away with the need for manned receptions and touchscreens by putting the onus of checking in right in guests’ hands, with security still being closely monitored and operated by system managers.


With SMARTair®, lost cards can be cancelled and replacement cards reprogrammed for increased guest security. The system can be tailored

to meet each building’s needs and can be reprogrammed using the latest in access control management software as those needs evolve, without having to replace any physical locking systems – making it a cost effective and straightforward solution for all hospitality venues. With no hardwiring, the system can be installed at low cost with minimal disruption to a business. Designated system managers can also monitor and control access rights – allowing guests access when needed and revoking access once they check-out. The SMARTair® product portfolio also includes energy saving devices for mounting on guest room walls and in-room safes. By utilising the Openow™ app, business owners, facilities managers and security administrators can instantly send, revoke or update virtual keys from the designated SMARTair® software or web browser allowing guests to access properties and rooms via their smartphone.

System managers can be anywhere in the world when controlling access rights; making the whole process more convenient and secure for everyone. This also significantly reduces whole life costing, as it removes the need to replace key cards when they are lost or accidently taken home by guests. An added bonus, Openow™ makes it easy for business owners to organise virtual keys inside the app, check how long they are valid, and protect them further with an individual PIN. If they have virtual keys from multiple sites or premises, Openow™ easily handles those too, with no time wasted wondering where key cards were left and no more appointments to pick them up or have them revalidated. Mul-T-Lock’s SMARTair® system with Openow™ app is the perfect solution for hotels and holiday parks with a high volume of visitors and subcontractors. It is built for businesses where third-party contractors are always on-site, hospitality venues that offer rooms for hire and boutique hotels or home rental with no manned receptions. To learn more about Mul-TLock’s SMARTair® access control system and Openow™ app, please call 01902 364200, email or visit

The hospitality sector needs to heed new cleaning techniques With hotels, restaurants and cafés all gradually reopening to the public, establishing a thorough cleaning regime now is crucial for the safe return of guests.

One of the UK’s leading biosciences company is supporting hospitality facilities in their quest to secure safe and effective anti-viral products and incorporate them into their new cleansing schedule. Cardiffbased Genesis Biosciences has developed its own unique antimicrobial, general-purpose sanitiser that is proven to be effective against Covid-19 and is free from any harmful chemicals. Genesis’ Sanitiser – part of its Evogen Professional range – delivers high performance cleaning and disinfection of all types of hard surfaces. The product has been designed specifically for use in commercial, residential, institutional and industrial applications to provide a safe, efficient and eco-benign®

way of cleaning and sanitising hard surfaces. The utilisation of natural, biodegradable active ingredients offers a safer alternative to many of the harsh chemicals commonly used for sanitisation. There are also the health implications of traditional bleach cleaners. A large study commissioned by Asthma UK has identified a link between professions such as facility cleaners – where the use of products with high concentrations of chemicals is common – and the development of asthma in adults. Dr. Emma Saunders, General Manager for Genesis Biosciences, said: “The entire hospitality sector is under huge pressure to ensure their facilities are protected against COVID-19 while also maintaining day-to-day cleanliness. While it is inevitable that hotels and eating premises need chemicals to perform certain cleaning tasks, not all cleaning jobs call for chemical solutions and there can be wider environmental and health implications for both guests and workers if institutes are unaware of the alternative cleaning solutions available.”

With regular and thorough cleaning of shared spaces essential during the current pandemic, the number of cleaning supplies being sold has surged. However, not all sanitising products are effective at killing the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) which causes COVID-19. Genesis Biosciences is one of the few companies in the UK to have gone through rigorous anti-viral testing to validate its surface sanitiser’s effectiveness against all enveloped viruses, including COVID-19 and other coronaviruses. Dr. Emma Saunders added: “Receiving the official confirmation means that our customers have 100% peace of mind that the Evogen Professional sanitiser will disinfect hard surfaces, when used according to our directions for use. With public concern about germs and bacteria at an all-time high, reassuring customers and the general public is crucial – even more so for individuals and families who want to get back to a sense of ‘normality’ and eat out at restaurants and enjoy a night away in a hotel.” Genesis has seen a huge increase in demand for its new Evogen Professional natural anti-microbial sanitiser and has supplied more than 60 tonnes of product across the entirety of Europe since the beginning of March. Adapting the product to meet demand, the sanitiser is now available in a 500ml concentrate pack for smaller businesses which comes with an ‘environmentally conscious’ and costeffective refill kit and can make up to 10 spray bottles of anti-viral solution. To find out more about the Evogen Professional cleaning range, or to purchase direct, visit

Hotelier & Hospitality Design


he HoReCa sector has seen one of the biggest upheavals in its practices since the pandemic began; closing its doors indefinitely, furloughing staff and installing new safety equipment, and now the challenge to ascertain an ongoing cleaning procedure involving specialist supplies to kill all virus’ while also providing a safe environment for both customers and staff.



• Light and easy to use with automatic height adjustment

• Cleans carpet and hard floor • ‘A’ Class filtration • German quality and reliability • Three widths available for small, medium and large areas

Performance you can rely on...

facebook /SEBOUKLTD

instagram /SEBOUK

01494 465533

Introducing Supreme Ash Concrete Staron,s Latest Industrial-Effect Surface

Added to Staron’s vast array of premium solid surfaces at the start of 2020, Supreme Ash Concrete enables homeowners and designers to create contemporary and urban interiors within both residential and commercial settings.


deal for use as a work surface in the kitchen or bathroom, for desks, shop fronts, bars, mirror surrounds and more, the new industrial appearance is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

With an award-winning blend of natural minerals and thermosetting acrylic polymers, surfaces from Staron ensure non-porous, seamless,

scratch and heat resistant qualities to provide extremely hygienic and durable surfaces. Its unique structure offers total flexibility when it comes to design, allowing the material to be sculpted into any shape, which is ideal for creative projects. Featuring concrete-effect flecks within its beautifully smooth grey surface, Supreme Ash Concrete joins

Staron’s Supreme Collection, which is comprised of 15 individual finishes. From intricate detailed veining to lustrous muted waves, the collection has been inspired by the natural characteristics of marble and stone, featuring the genuine colours and effects of the real material, to deliver smooth, hygienic, high quality and natural looking surfaces. Staron® Solid Surfaces are exclusively distributed in the UK by Blackheath Products Limited 0121 561 3939 Staron® Solid Surfaces are priced from £350 per m2 (based on a fabricated kitchen worktop to a basic specification with upstands)


outdoor furniture

NEW ROPE ARMCHAIR In Stock For Quick Delivery

The Salcombe is a very attractive Armchair with an anthracite powder coated aluminium frame and a textaline Rope Seat and back. The textaline makes the chair ideal for both indoors and outdoors as it will repel water and is very quick drying. Stackable to approx 15 pieces for easy storage.

Comberton Bar Stools & Evesham Bar Table

Gruvyer Chairs and Armchairs Range of Colours

Hinton Non Wood Armchair and Side Chair


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A hotel and a hub, Node Kyoto’s charm extends far beyond its impressive accommodations. Presented to resemble the private home of an art collector — albeit one with 25 guestrooms — the Seiichiro Takeuchi-designed property stands out for its seamless amalgamation of warm hospitality, world-class art and a community spirit.


Here, collaborative exhibitions, pop-up shops and guest gallerists combine for a cultural programme that serves visitors and locals alike in a privatelyowned boutique setting. Bolstered by interiors from Indian Creek Fete Kyoto, and furniture and lighting designed by Takeuchi, the five-storey structure captures the atmosphere of an intimate gallery space, while an in-house bar and a restaurant specializing in farm-to-table fare both elevate Node Kyoto to a sublime experience-focused environment. node-kyoto Japan’s cultural capital has a new draw to add to its surplus of treasures. Node Kyoto, an industrial-chic property situated in the city’s Nakagyo Ward, introduces a unique boutique hotel concept where art and hospitality comingle to great effect.

Anchored by a rolling program of events and exhibitions that frequently touch on themes of art, design, fashion and music, Node transcends the standard hotel experience and presents a cultural hub in the heart of the city. Taking its name from the word ‘node’— an intersection or a redistribution point—the hotel facilitates a crosscultural exchange between both local residents and the city’s domestic and international visitors. An impressive art collection of over 60 pieces, including work by the likes of Gerhard Richter, Barry McGee, Bernard Frize, Tomoo Gokita, Shinro Ohtake, Nobuyoshi Araki and Yukimasa Ida, is displayed in both public spaces and guestrooms for an unmatched luxury: a fully immersive modern art experience that is relaxed in its presentation, but entirely serious in its curation.

Furniture Carved from a new build designed by Seiichiro Takeuchi, a Kyotobased architect who worked with architecture luminary Tadao Ando for a decade, Node Kyoto’s carefully plotted layout and interiors perfectly complement its in-house art concept. Architecturally, the primary challenge was the long, narrow and rectangular plot of land presented, as well as meeting the requirements of Kyoto’s strict building regulations, enforced to protect the historic city’s landscape. The result—a five storey reinforced concrete and glass construction—offers a neutral backdrop to the plethora of art on offer by way of marble-like ceilings, ash-hued walls and cement finishes, while simultaneously creating a soothing ambiance.

The concept continues in the 22 guestrooms and three suites, where diagonal metal-coated ceilings are matched with dark textures, aged white oak flooring and Takeuchi-

designed furniture honed from marble and iron for a mood that is at once sultry, eclectic and contemporary. Additional pieces created in India and Sweden, and custom designed by Indian Creek Fete Kyoto join the studio’s tapestry of plush velvets, lighting by Kyoto-based artist Junpei Ohmori, and exquisite fittings from German brand Scarabeo. As in public spaces, each accommodation is accompanied by a unique piece of art for a final flourish and the unique opportunity for guests to engage with a series of masterpieces up close and privately. This exclusive art experience and mood of elevated luxury is further heightened in the hotel’s Junior Suites, which take on the guise of stylish apartments with all the comforts of home, including living areas, kitchens, oversized beds and open closets. A popular gathering spot in the evening, Node Kyoto is rounded out with an in-house restaurant to rival the glut of eateries in the surrounding area. Centred on a farm-to-table concept, the international bistro-

styled menu is ideally matched to the hotel’s dominant style of hospitality where long lounging is actively encouraged, and provenance is paramount. A double height bar, overlooked by expansive floor-toceiling windows and a six-metre living wall, and specializing in organic wine and spirits naturally segues into the sceney lobby for a smooth continuation of the hotel’s overarching laid-back vibe. Location A short walk from the major shopping streets and department stores of the city, Node Kyoto is ideally placed for an exploration of local retail and foodie attractions. Cultural events, such as the annual Gion Matsuri festival, are within touching distance thanks to the hotel’s central location while year-round draws like Nishiki Market, a colorful narrow street known as Kyoto’s Kitchen, offer visitors an immediate and concentrated flavor of the city.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

To maximize the number of guestrooms on the limited patch, Node’s blueprint incorporated a variety of room types and configurations, lending an individual and distinct air to each space while effectively utilizing the area afforded to the hotel. Along with the guestrooms this is most evident in Node’s heart, the lobby, which embodies the atmosphere of a gallery-like living area and library, thanks to the presence of both bespoke and antique furnishings, a verdant floral ceiling centrepiece and a deluge of books, sculptures and tchotchkes that encourage guests to linger and idle. It is also in the lobby that the core concept of Node Kyoto as an art collector’s residence is fully realized, with the expanse doubling up as an exhibition space during collaborative cultural events, or for the hotel’s own art.


BY YOUR BEDSIDE: Anglepoise revamps classic Type 75 lamp Iconic British lighting brand, Anglepoise, has taken one of its most classic designs and reimagined it to make the new Type 75 Mini Table Lamp.


he original Type 75, launched in 2004 and often cited as Design Director Sir Kenneth Grange’s most favoured design, was a reinterpretation of the original Anglepoise design for the 21st century. Its pared-back aesthetic and versatility has made it the bestselling collection worldwide. Now new for Autumn 2020, Anglepoise has once again proven its design prowess and taken the Type 75 in a bold new direction. The Type 75 Mini Table Lamp features a more simplified design, with greater articulation and range of movement within the shade. It is ideal for bedside tables, compact desks and anywhere a smaller, neater profile is preferred.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

The Type 75 Mini Table Lamp comes in three satin finish colours: Mole Grey, Black Umber, and Turmeric


Gold with brushed aluminium details. It has a large, ergonomically designed, On/Off switch, so there is no more fumbling in the dark or having to stretch out of reach to use the lamp. The new Type 75 Mini Table Lamp features the signature range light escape; a smoothly shaped shade featuring attractive light vents, which provide a decorative ambient effect and light spill from the top of the shade. Priced at an accessible £99, the lamp can be used in a variety of rooms and settings, whether it is for student digs, a compact bedroom makeover or a curated home office. The newest addition to the Anglepoise range will also feature Anglepoise’s new lifetime guarantee.

Available across all its collections, Anglepoise’s ‘Guaranteed for Life’ is a promise to service and maintain any lights bought by domestic customers and is a response to the current trend of products built without longevity in mind and destined for landfill. If a customer has a problem with their Anglepoise, the lighting brand will repair it for them where possible and if that is not an option, it will replace and responsibly recycle the old light. For quick and easy repairs, Anglepoise sends replacement parts to the customer and, guided by the helpful team over the phone, they can get their light working again. If the customer needs a bit more help, Anglepoise will organise for the light to be repaired. The Type 75 Mini Table Lamp is available from September 2020, and an LED 6W E27 replaceable bulb is provided. Prices start from £99.00 and will be available to purchase on or John Lewis & Partners online.

The Invisible Party, the Amsterdam based boutique design studio founded by Vivian van Schagen, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Servaas Vehmeijer as managing partner


ervaas – who previously headed Brand and Concept Development for Penta Hotels and Rosewood Hotel Group – will join the team with over fifteen years of experience in hospitality.

“We’re delighted to welcome Servaas to our team with his leadership skills and expertise working in the lifestyle and hospitality space,” says Vivian van Schagen. “We are excited to continue growing our team and his talents will allow us to expand our offering as a design studio.”

The Invisible Party recently completed the interior design of The Student Hotel in Delft, scheduled to open late 2020. In addition, Hotel Unplugged – a boutique hotel conceptualised and designed by the studio – opened its doors in 2019 in

Rotterdam. In the retail space The Invisible Party is proud to work with the likes of Patagonia and Nike. The Invisible Party creates brands, designs spaces and products that engage with evermore discerning consumers. They provide leading industry expertise at an independent boutique agency.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Vehmeijer has held previous creative leadership positions with Penta Hotels and Rosewood Hotel Group in Frankfurt and Design Hotels™ in Berlin.


Meet the hands-free alcoholic drinks vending machine from VendEase A new touch- free alcoholic drinks vending machine from VendEase enables the newly opened hospitality industry to offer a bar service that keeps staff and customers safe post lockdown.


endEase has announced an innovative, age verified, alcoholic drinks vending machine, which is set to help the hospitality industry keep people safe and socially distance as hotels, pubs and cafes open their doors in a new, post lockdown landscape. The machine from VendEase minimises guest contact points and enables safe distancing by allowing purchases to be made via a mobile phone. The customer scans a QR code, which then produces a visual interface that can be operated from their screen. The drink is then dispensed into a delivery tray that has been treated with a special sterilising coating that also prevents bacteria and viruses taking hold. Also in development are additional safety features such as a UV-C light beam that passes over all products to destroy viruses, which will be implemented later in 2020.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

‘Technology has changed the face of vending and this new machine is a timely development for the hospitality industry,’ says VendEase co-founder Dave Berman. ‘It is an ideal solution for drinks serving in a post-Covid world where hotels are uncertain as to how to best organise their F&B functions with so many new rules in place. It also means they can attract guests who are hesitant about engaging with bars and restaurants, whilst keeping tight control of their F&B labour spend’


The touch-free machine uses a piece of software that allows for age control, meaning drinks cannot be bought by anyone who is underage. Guests are issued with a PIN code or a dedicated fob that unlocks the alcoholic selections in the machine. One of the first organisations to utilise the VendEase alcohol dispensing machine is the Malmaison group, who will shortly be installing it in their Newcastle hotel prior to a planned group wide roll out. Paul Greenhalgh, Procurement Director at Malmaison says: “This offering from VendEase has arrived at the perfect time for us, and will work well alongside

our existing F&B offer, allowing us to offer guests a great range of alcoholic drinks, 24/7. As a result, we have been able to review our mini bar offer which has saved us considerable spend. This innovative offer also closely aligns with our Malmaison brand ethos, giving guests an additional and valuable novel F&B experience” VendEase already supplies UK hotels with vending units that provide everyday essentials, snacks and ready meals and the new touch free alcoholic drinks machine can also be used to dispense these items, allowing outlets to keep profits from alcohol sales. ‘The hotel buys the machine then pays us a small percentage of revenue, which includes installation, training, credit card fees, access to cloud-based sales information and all maintenance and support. All sales generated go directly to the hotel. They can stock it accordingly, setting their own price points,’ says Dave Berman. The 42” HD Screen on the unit can also be used to interact with 3rd party

service providers (gym’s, ticket sales, car parking, tourist attractions etc), which provides an additional revenue stream over and above alcohol sales. The dispenser requires a standard power outlet and all data is sent over the mobile phone network meaning it can be used in busy areas such as hotel receptions and lift lobbies. It has just launched in selected central London venues, will soon be seen at Malmaison Newcastle, and will be rolled out nationwide in the coming months.

AMY FALBAUM & ASSOCIATES CELEBRATES 10TH ANNIVERSARY Amy Falbaum & Associates (AF&A) will be celebrating its 10th anniversary by announcing a menu of new services.


n addition to executive-level recruiting, AF&A will now offer in-house recruiting, short-term staffing, and career fair guidance to assist companies as they reopen as well as interview and job search coaching for candidates. AF&A grew its reputation as a hospitality headhunter for fine dining restaurants in Manhattan and has expanded its reach into talent acquisition for several different industries in New York City and across the United

States, including consumer packaged goods (CPG), quick-service, cannabis, and technology, making placements such as director of operations, director of human resources, vice president of sales and marketing, general manager, chief financial officer, and chief operations officer. Amy Falbaum & Associates uses a unique and thoughtful process to find the most innovative and entrepreneurial talent. AF&A has a proven track

record of placing senior-level talent such as executive chef, corporate chef, pastry chef, and director of food and beverage positions with private country clubs, luxury boutique hotels, and high-end wellness centers. AF&A and its team of recruiters bring decades of diverse and hard-earned hospitality experience, enabling them to understand the unique requirements for important roles in established and growing companies.

HOW PEDAL-OPERATED HAND SANITISER STANDS CAN BE EFFECTIVE IN FIGHTING COVID-19 IN HOSPITALITY AS HOTELS ADAPT TO KEEP STAFF AND CUSTOMERS SAFE Hotels can best help avoid a ‘second wave’ of coronavirus by protecting its staff and customers with a new and unique ‘pedal-operated’ hand sanitiser dispenser.


he hospitality industry is preparing to open its doors this weekend for the first time in three-and-a-half months since hotels were forced to close in order to stop the spread of Covid-19 in March.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

However hotels will be allowed to reopen and welcome customers inside with certain restrictions, including more use of hand sanitiser.


Recently, chemical distribution company, Chemtra Limited, introduced the Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Station as the UK’s first completely touch-free wireless dispenser. With its practical pedaloperation, the user simply places their hands under the dispenser, presses their foot down onto the pedal and out squeezes the gel. The dispenser can be placed at entrances to hotels or at a chosen location inside and has been introduced to help protect staff and customers from a major resurgence of Covid-19. Available to buy online

for £299, the stand has seen a huge increase in sales over the past month, according to Chemtra, as the hospitality industry prepares to welcome back customers. Along with the sanitising dispenser, Chemtra offer an 80 per cent alcohol sanitising solution which is EN1500 certified and World Health Organisation (WHO) formulation 1 approved. Jesse Palle, managing director at Chemtra Limited, says this allows hotels to return to work in a safe and clean environment and enables customers to enjoy their hotel experience with confidence. The Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Station holds five litres of sanitising gel – enough for around 5,000 pumps – and hotels can even customise the dispenser with their own corporate colours and logo. Mr Palle said: “When it was launched the Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Station had the honour of being the very first dispenser in the UK to be able to offer ‘pedal-operated’ technology

and is an ideal solution for hotels and businesses in the hospitality sector. It can help keep employees and customers safe from touching a potentially contaminated hand sanitiser dispenser, stop the spread of coronavirus and avoid a second wave. “The stand requires no cables, batteries or mains power and is completely wireless. It’s light in weight and can be positioned wherever hotel owners would like to place it. It has been designed with the customer in mind, ensuring a better user experience and safer operation for people of various heights. “The stand’s five-litre unit capacity, means staff do not have to be constantly refilling the dispenser from plastic bottles, so it’s a very environmentally friendly option. Customers also like the fact they can customise the dispenser to match their branding too.”

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