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Hotelier & Hospitality Design How to Protect your Business Against COVID-19 As the hospitality industry continues its resurgence after months of forced closure, we must do more to inject confidence into the sector. People are worried about contracting coronavirus. You can take steps to quell those fears, cultivate an environmentally safe environment and get customers and employees through your doors. Introduce the best possible cleaning practices and show people that your business is taking every preventative measure. Responsible stakeholders must go beyond the basic government guidelines, understand how cleaning processes work, and invest in the right tools to protect anybody who walks in and out of their establishments.

How to Protect your Business Against COVID-19

As the hospitality industry continues its resurgence after months of forced closure, we must do more to inject confidence into the sector. People are worried about contracting coronavirus. You can take steps to quell those fears, cultivate an environmentally safe environment and get customers and employees through your doors. Introduce the best possible cleaning practices and show people that your business is taking every preventative measure. Responsible stakeholders must go beyond the basic government guidelines, understand how cleaning processes work, and invest in the right tools to protect anybody who walks in and out of their establishments. Learn the differences between disinfection and decontamination When developing cleaning procedures that eradicate COVID-19, it’s important to understand the differences between cleaning, disinfecting and decontaminating. First, you wipe away debris and dirt with an approved detergent. Disinfectants cannot effectively reduce pathogenic organisms without direct contact. The next step is disinfection, which is the process of cleaning surfaces and objects with the help of chemical disinfectants. It eliminates most, but not all, dangerous organisms that latch onto bacterial biofilm that parade themselves as grime, dirt, dust and other organic matter. These communities of bacteria thrive under the protection of a sticky glue-like layer and kill hundreds of thousands of people annually all over the world. Finally, decontamination eradicates all microbial contamination from materials, ensuring complete safety from infection. In hotel rooms, for example, it’s important you decontaminate common touchpoints like TV remotes, handles and light switches. Once you’ve destroyed the remnants of disease inducing bacteria, you can be confident that your employees and customers are safe. Dry Steam Vapour delivers the highest levels of cleaning

OspreyDeepclean has dedicated twenty years into engineering and testing the best validated technologies on the market. We developed our dry steam vapour technology (DSV) - successfully tested to higher standards than those demanded in UK and US hospitals - to tackle bacteria and viruses on three fronts with thermal and chemical disinfection and decontamination. Our mix of super-heated dry steam has proven to destroy 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, including SARS CoV-2. Manual disinfection, especially by untrained employees, is susceptible to mistakes that can have deadly consequences during this pandemic. DSV eliminates these issues and aids the provision of the safest possible environments for employees, customers and occupants. Transform your three-step cleaning, disinfection and decontamination practices into one process that elevates your environmental hygiene to hospital standards. Fogging protects your staff Cleaners were thrust into the frontline alongside first responders and NHS, and they deserve the same duty of care that your customers expect. The simplest, most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve these standards is through disinfectant fogging. Let’s imagine that an asymptomatic occupant just left your hotel. Your cleaning team straps on their PPE and heads into the room to prepare for your next customer. Despite donning the safety gear, your employees risk infection that’s easily avoidable. OspreyDeepclean has developed a unique fogging applicator that attaches

to your DSV machine, which sprays a dry steam mist formed of water and non-toxic disinfectant. This superheated steam eradicates 99.99% of known bacteria and viruses, leaving surfaces decontaminated, safe, and touch dry within 10 minutes and safe for your staff to conduct their housekeeping function. When you destroy every dangerous organism hiding out of reach from manual cleaning, your cleaners can walk into their deserved safe workspace. Deliver healthcare standard environmental hygiene Inspiring confidence in your employees and customers during this pandemic is key to winning business. People demand and deserve the gold standard of environmental safety. You can easily access affordable technology that both hospitals and high-risk food manufacturing environments depend on. You can equip your employees with the most effective tools and create the safest environment possible for everybody who enters your establishment, breeding the confidence needed to thrive in this new normal all with the power of dry steam.

ABOUT CAPE SPC CAPE SPC is an experienced team of bedbug technicians based in the North West. We provide discreet and rigorous canine-assisted bedbug inspection and treatment services for a wide range of national clients from hotels to care homes nationwide.

HOW WE WORK Our teams of highly-trained professionals can each search up to 50 units per day. Because our dogs are trained specifically to distinguish between dead and live bugs they can detect them in locations that the human eye can often miss. If bedbugs are detected, we deliver targeted and effective treatment using a three-phase heat-based process, which combines steamers, Infrared Heat Bubbles, and a non-biocidal spray.

WHY USE CAPE SPC? ✔ Value for money – choose from proactive and

✔ Environmentally friendly – we pride ourselves

reactive contracts tailored to your organisation

✔ Experienced professionals – we’re the only UK company with British Pest Control Association Trained Bedbug Technicians who are dual qualified dog trainers

on being able to clear infestations with entirely non-toxic methods

✔ Proven results – everything you need for complete peace of mind

✔ Fast and accurate – rigorous detection allows you to detect infestations early


Year 1

Year 2

April 2018 - April 2019


April 2019 - April 2020




out of (25%) properties had bedbugs during year 1 2018.

out of (55%) properties had bedbugs at the beginning of April 2019.

1 out of 40 (2.5%) properties infested

3 out of 20 (15%) properties infested

Total searches:

Total searches:

follow up and call out.

up and call out.

with bedbugs at final search April 2019.

3300 on contract room searches excluding TOTAL SAVING:

2772 on contract room searches excluding follow *

£44,975.52 based on current known market value of equivalent service.

83% 29 9

with bedbugs at final search April 2020.

Reduction in infestations in in-contract properties.

Clear properties removed from contract.

Off-contract properties with bedbugs added.


£55,894.82* based on current known market value of equivalent service.

67% 2 2

Reduction in infestations in in-contract properties.

On-contract properties removed. Off-contract properties added.

CONTACT US If you want to discuss a bedbug treatment or your ongoing requirements, we’d love to hear from you.

07479 535913 |

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The perfect finish to any bathroom To make life easier, we give many of our taps and showers a flawless contemporary chrome finish. No need for chemicals. Just a quick wipe with a wet cloth and you’re done. Brilliant.


Industry News

The power of art in hotel design At Hotel Designs we have always championed the value of art, but in this feature we explore the power of art. Editor Hamish Kilburn speaks to Clare Howlett, artwork design manager at Elegant Clutter, to learn more.


ore than ever before, there is a demand among modern travellers for hotel operators have to create destinations we feel a connection with; a place we want to spend time in. Interiors, therefore, need to captivate, inspire, and resonate with us. Art can do that and so much more; art has the power to stir our emotions and leave a lasting impression. It’s no wonder that so many designers turn to art to inject personality into an installation but commissioning the right piece of art for your project is a craft in itself.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

That’s why, in a search for creativity post-lockdown, I have decided to catch up with Clare Howlett, artwork


design manager at Elegant Clutter, to see how the brand is engaging new artists and the process it applies when pairing artists to projects. “We go on a creative journey with our clients. We start by drawing out the narrative to reveal the story and spirit of a place.” – Clare Howlett, artwork design manager at Elegant Clutter. “One of the biggest advantages of being an art consultant is that we are not constrained by a house-style,” explains Howlett. “At Elegant Clutter we go on a creative journey with our clients. We start by drawing out the narrative to reveal the story and spirit of a place. We’re not about

finding a theme; we are about how we amplify character through artistic collaboration.” As well as a strong in-house artwork studio, Elegant Clutter has a growing portfolio of artists they are working with. Having nurtured creativity in others throughout her career, Howlett is particularly passionate about the process of discovering new talent. Her years of experience as a judge on international under-graduate design competitions is a distinct advantage when researching new collaborations. “We are art lovers as well as art curators,” she adds, “so I get an enormous amount of joy in supporting emerging artists as well

Industry News as introducing established artists to new sectors.” Quite often, Elegant Clutter is able to provide an already established local artist a brand new platform to showcase their work. The brand is currently working with swiss artist Etienne Krähenbühl to install one of his famous “Bing Bang” sculptures in the lobby of the new Hyatt Regency Hotel, which is directly connected to the Circle convention centre at Zurich airport. Working closely with Krähenbühl, Elegant Clutter will complete the installation using its own craftspeople to present the art in a way that integrates perfectly to the hotel’s specific situation. The sculpture is created with hard crafted oak, which honours the Butzenbüel, a small hill in parkland created as place of reflection near the airport buildings and the Circle complex.

“Elegant Clutter wanted to capture London’s personality in two pictures that travellers from around the globe could relate to,” the artist explains. “So, I was asked to draw St Pauls which I have done many times and the Walkie Talkie, which was a first and a building I wouldn’t have thought of drawing if it hadn’t been for this commission. The two illustrations convey the classic and

the contemporary side of London perfectly.” “I discovered Michelle’s Instagram account during lockdown and was captivated by her beautiful seascapes.” – Clare Howlett, artwork design manager at Elegant Clutter. Howlett is constantly on the lookout for artists to collaborate with. This can be driven by the project brief, for example, researching local artists to tell a specific story with the art narrative, or discovering someone who has established a unique style and wants to extend their reach. Michelle Lucking is one such artist. She specialises in creating beautiful seascapes and underwater portraits. Her art explores the contrasting raw power and calm serenity of the differing states of water, and the technical challenge of capturing both its translucency and movement. In 2017, she won the prestigious Annie Longley Award at the annual British Pastel Society exhibition. She is also brand ambassador for the internationally acclaimed pastel company Unison Colour and now Elegant Clutter’s most recent artist signing. Howlett explains how she connected with Lucking during lockdown: “I discovered Michelle’s Instagram

account during lockdown and was captivated by her beautiful seascapes. We spoke on the phone and had an instant connection. She has an established following within the residential sector, so I can see the potential for her work being displayed in beautiful boutique hotels. It’s really exciting and rewarding to introduce new artists to the commercial sector.” Lucking’s work can already be found in private collections around the world. She told us why it was the right time to broaden her reach and why Elegant Clutter is the right fit for her: “I wanted to share my work with more people, but it was essential that I collaborated with a company who valued and supported independent artists. Elegant Clutter are true art custodians. I feel confident they have the skill in placing my work to enhance an interior space where it can connect to a new audience.” Celebrating artist talent is something close Hotel Designs’ heart. Elegant Clutter is in a unique position where it can use its project management, installation skills and its knowledge on the fine art of storytelling to introduce new artists into the world of contract interiors – a precious responsibility to keep art alive in hospitality design.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

In addition to installing bespoke artwork in hotels across Europe, Elegant Clutter’s influence can be found in all sorts of installations. A good example is inside the American Express lounge at Heathrow airport. Here the brand is working with Minty Sainsbury, a London based artist specialising in architectural pencil drawings. Having studied architecture at the University of Cambridge, graduating top of her year in 2013, she went on to work in a London architectural practice. But she soon discovered that the drawing board no longer has a place in the modern architectural office, so returned to the pencil with the intention of keeping the art of architectural drawing alive. Sainsbury’s work can be found in iconic hotels such as Gleneagles but having the opportunity to display her drawings where they will be seen by travellers from the world over was a first. She explains the inspiration behind this commission.


At the Cutting-edge of Design The NEW Genesis Tile Collection from CTD Architectural

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Adding both depth and character to interiors, the new Genesis wall tile collection from CTD Architectural is a magnificent celebration of colour, shape and texture.



deal for creating feature walls in commercial, residential and hospitality spaces, Genesis stimulates touch and visual sensations, delivering masterfully decorated walls in projects of all styles and sizes. From crimson red to luxurious gold, Genesis is a colourful and textural range. A true statement collection, the eyecatching tiles provides designers, specifiers and architects with ten different glazed ceramic structures in bold colours and metallic finishes in three sizes: 450 x 1200, 350 x 1000 and 300 x 600mm. Whether applied boldly using one design or as a combination of plain and décor pieces, Genesis is guaranteed to deliver a unique finish to bathrooms, restaurants, bedrooms and lobbies alike. Part of the Saint-Gobain family, CTD Architectural Tiles specialises in the supply of high quality ceramic tile finishes and tiling solutions across all sectors in the UK commercial specification market. With clients in a variety of sectors including the leisure, retail, hospitality industries, CTD Architectural Tiles is committed to bringing customers the latest innovations in product and in service. With unparalleled expertise and technical knowledge, the team works with industry leading, innovative manufacturers to offer a complete portfolio of ceramic and porcelain tile ranges to suit the architect, interior designer, developer and specification professional. 0800 021 4835 launches today Hand Sanitising Door Handle designed by Oxford University Team launches in UK - helping the UK adhere to hand hygiene measures


Hotelier & Hospitality Design


Recent studies show coronaviruses can last between two hours and two days on a variety of surfaces, which has given new emphasis to the NHS’s recommendations to keep door handles clean

OpenClean™ Technologies is officially open for business with the launch of their hero product: the PullClean® handsanitising Door Handle. The innovative Door Handle design was invented by two Oxford Academics, including a Doctor who felt he did not have the opportunity to wash or sanitise his hands enough on busy shifts and who needed a solution - quickly. PullClean® replaces the door handle in its entirety. The product can be accommodated by virtually any bathroom / lavatory door and also fits to hallway and office doors. Ease of installation was a priority for the team with each

PullClean taking less than 10 minutes to have up-and-running. To use, a tubeshaped cartridge is placed in the centre of the door handle, which releases sanitiser when the paddle is pushed upon exit of the door. A PullClean® cartridge provides 400 uses. Founder and Inventor Dr Jake Mcknight, an expert in hand sanitation and hospital management says, “Originally we designed the Door Handles to be used in a clinical setting, yet now we’re seeing demand rocket in the hospitality and leisure sectors as governments attempt to get the spending economy back on track. We’ve a track record of success, operating in hundreds of hotels and restaurants internationally - including some global names. Our mission is to make hand sanitising intuitive and not something we will forget, are too busy or distracted to do, and to educate around Critical Contamination Points. There’s a lot we still don’t know about the virus at this stage, but all

the evidence suggests that keeping hands clean is a really important way of reducing infection.” General Manager Matthew Tuffee says, “By installing PullClean owners and operators of bars, restaurants and hotels can show they care about their customers’ health and wellness, as well as their staff. There has never been a greater need to restore customers’ confidence and make sure team members feel safe and looked after coming back to work. It’s all well and good having a bottle of hand sanitiser on the bar now, or even a ‘station’ set up, but what about in 6 months time, a year even? A product such as ours shows that establishments have long-term plans in place to ensure customers and staff stay safe and hand sanitisation remains as part of our daily routine.” Ed Grimes, who has 28 years experience in Operations and Retail Management and is previously of Pret A

Manger and EAT is opening a Lebanese Fast Food Restaurant, Za’ta, with his business partner at 55 Baker Street, London - in September. Grimes says, “Originally we were opening in June and we’ve now delayed to September in light of current events. It was imperative that we implemented as many things as possible to make our customers and staff feel safe. I felt a pump bottle of hand sanitiser looked temporary and inadequate so by installing the PullClean solution we could assure patrons and members of the team that we are planning for the long-term. The handle reminds us to sanitise our hands every time we go through a door and it will soon become second nature.”

• •

• •

Founders of OpenClean™ Technologies say installation will more than TRIPLE hand-sanitation rates in Bars, Restaurants, Hotels as well as clinical settings, offices - and more* Two Oxford Academics invented the PullClean® Door Handle with the aim of permanently changing human behaviour around hand sanitisation, already winning a prestigious design award,** featuring in the global Superbugs Show at the Science Museum and nominated for more awards*** Each PullClean® cartridge is filled with a medical grade sanitiser, based on a formulation recommended by the WHO and the NHS that kills 99.99% of germs In a recent ONS report around the impact of Covid-19 on the hospitality industry**** only 27% adults said they’d be comfortable eating out at a restaurant - 52% said uncomfortable or very uncomfortable. With many of the latest outbreaks happening in pubs, the handle offers a simple and long-term solution to reduce the chances of contamination

Andrew Hall, is the owner of the Rose and Crown - a well-loved independent pub in North Oxford. His team have undertaken a series of changes to their facility to reduce the potential for transmission of the coronavirus. Andrew says, “We’ve done everything we can think of to reduce the chances of one of our patrons becoming infected. We’ve reduced seating, introduced an order and pay app, added shielding between tables, all our staff wear masks and we’ve moved entirely to table service. We installed the PullClean handle on the front door not only because it’s the best way of ensuring everyone cleans their hands, but also because it lets all

To discuss installing an PullClean® handle on your premises, the team can be contacted on (0)345 073 9696 or Follow OpenClean™ on Social Twitter - opencleantech Facebook – OpenCleanTechnologies LinkedIn - OpenCleanTechnologies

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

of our customers know that we’re going to extra lengths to keep them safe. Our customers love it - it gets mentioned 5 times a day!”


Luxury aparthotel introduces contactless concierge as part of post-lockdown digital strategy Manchester’s only luxury aparthotel CitySuites has introduced new technology and digital-first services to bolster its revised Covid-19 social distancing procedures.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Developed by its digital agency partner Absurd, CitySuites has created a bespoke contactless check-in process that eradicates the need for guests to go through the typical registration process on arrival.


The solution, which has been designed to integrate with CitySuites’ existing PMS (property management software) booking system, enables guests to input all required information prior to arrival, simply verifying their identity on entry to the aparthotel. The move is part of an ongoing programme to enhance both the physical and digital experience offered by the luxury five-star hospitality business, which is part of the Select Property Group based in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. Oliver Bailey, co-founder of Absurd, says: “We’re working with CitySuites to continually evolve

their digital capabilities and endto-end service design. This latest launch will not only benefit the guest experience with a quicker check-in process but it minimises contact time, enabling customers and staff to stay safe, while complying with social distancing measures. “Using our unique approach, to understand both the needs of guests and CitySuites’ teams, we’re able to identify the most relevant and value-add services to bring to market. Many service requirements for CitySuites differ from the more typical hotel needs, due to the specialist accommodation offered. This latest service was prioritised within the development schedule to allow CitySuites to quickly adapt to changes required due to Covid-19 compliance. We’ve designed and built the technology for CitySuites,

rather than bolt on third party software, to enable the service to go beyond just accelerating online check-in. It will facilitate ongoing communication with guests and more personalised marketing.” Express check-in is one of a number of new initiatives that CitySuites has put in place in response to both Covid-19 and ongoing innovation. Earlier this year Absurd designed a bespoke online process for longer term guest bookings and launched CitySuites’ Embankment Kitchen restaurant site. CitySuites is located in Manchester City Centre and combines the comforts of home with the luxury touches of a hotel, providing an exceptional living experience that surpasses standard serviced apartment accommodation.


The permanent hand hygiene system

Why upgrade to DispenserONE®? • 3,000 to 50,000 doses between refills • Revolutionary long-life pump design • Mains powered for continuous touchfree dosing • Remote online access facilitates maintenance • Optional screen to display advertising, promotions and information • Fully customizable with bespoke colours and logo • Up to five-year warranty • Small site? Choose DispenserONE® Mini

Are you still relying on “quick fix” conventional hand sanitizer dispensers to protect guests, diners and staff? These outdated systems are unhygienic, fragile, frequently need repairing or replacing and have a low capacity that means constant refilling. It’s time for a permanent solution: DispenserONE®. From a revolutionary dosing pump that delivers long life, low maintenance and smooth dispensing to a vast capacity range from 3,000 to 50,000 doses and remote access to remaining product level via your personal online dashboard, the days of empty dispensers and poor infection control are over. Plus, do away with disposable batteries thanks to DispenserONE®’s mains power connection and choose a 17” or 21” screen version to unlock revenue from advertising and promotions. Choose the ultimate hand sanitizer system for a COVIDsecure future.

Novellini launch BeSafe walls to help the UK return to work safely

Workplaces around the nation are preparing for when the UK can return to a kind of normality. The Novellini Group presents a solution that will help to create safe working environments that are hygienic and adaptable. The BeSafe wall is a protective device that companies with any office, desk space, trade counters, cafe and restaurants can incorporate going forward. The primary benefit? Hygiene. Employees will feel protected with the BeSafe wall as it provides a barrier. Constructed from 6mm tempered glass, it’s easy to clean with any alcoholic disinfectant. In smaller spaces where it’s difficult to sit two meters away, the wall is a particularly helpful solution. Office teams aren’t the only ones who will be happy to see these walls put in place. BeSafe is a smart answer for all industries where contact with the public is required, such as pharmacies, retail counters, restaurants and public offices. Novellini can customise each barrier to suit the space with three versions (floor mounted, trade counter, and desks) and five different sizes. UK Sales Manager at Novellini, Stuart West says ‘We are looking to help the UK workforce where we can and these are a positive answer to those concerns about health and hygiene.’ As specialists in showers and design, Novellini are putting their skills to good use and many businesses across the UK will be pleased to find a safe and stylish solution. They are even available in several colour profiles to suit the surroundings, including white, silver, chrome PVD* and black.

- For more information contact Novellini UK on 01727 229922 or visit the website at - For brochure and advice please email - For large projects or orders, customized solutions can be evaluated. We are available to evaluate and propose BeSafe Wall solutions specific for your protection needs.

Unit 11, Caxton court, Porters Wood AL3 6XT St Albans Hertfordshire GB Phone: +44 01727 229922 Fax: +44 01727 838 232 * Not available for the floor solution.

BeSafe Walls

The safety device to return to work and social life in safety

BeSafe walls to help the UK return to work safely


Hart Shoreditch, London’s latest lifestyle hotel The 126-key hotel, which is in the heart of Shoreditch, has been designed by Fabled Studio and draws inspiration from East London’s past as a centre of craftspeople and makers. Hotel Designs takes a peek inside.


ast London lifestyle hotel, Hart Shoreditch Hotel London from Curio Collection by Hilton, which has recently opened, was designed in collaboration with London-based interior design consultancy Fabled Studio. The 126-key property seamlessly blends the vibrant heritage and modern-day creativity of East London, through its thoughtfully designed spaces. “Gone is the tired aesthetic of exposed graffitied brick walls, filament lightbulbs and mis-matched furniture to create a bright, fresh and life-affirming space.” – Steven Saunders, co-founder and director of Fabled Studio.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Drawing inspiration from East London’s past as a centre for craftspeople and makers, the hotel’s design narrative is deeply rooted in showcasing the industries that thrived there including furniture makers, metal workers and silk weavers. In keeping with the Curio Collection by Hilton portfolio, the hotel will give visitors to London the chance to experience one of the city’s most sought-after neighbourhoods and discover its unique history.


“We set out to create a brand-new identity for a Shoreditch hotel and restaurant/ bar by delving deeper into the stories and history that the East End has to tell,” said Steven Saunders, co-founder and director of Fabled Studio. “Gone is the tired aesthetic of exposed graffitied brick walls, filament lightbulbs and mismatched furniture to create a bright, fresh and life-affirming space. Natural textures and a muted architectural colour palette create a crisp canvas which we have dressed with soft sage velvets, woven linens and Kilim patterns to offer an elegant and mature space to enjoy.” Hart Shoreditch takes its name from one of the building’s previous

occupants, The Harts, who were cabinetmakers in the 1800’s. The distinctive space encapsulates East London’s rich industrial and artisan past. Design details including a steel re-bar and copper staircase, and contemporary, bespoke mahogany lights have been designed to replicate cabinetmaker’s boxes and pay homage to the building’s earlier artisan life. Soft textures, furnishings and warm lighting will guide guests through to Tavla, the hotel’s bar where guests and locals alike will be encouraged to relax and spend time throughout the day and into the evening. Here, textured woven stools are mixed in with lounge chairs in muted tones and softened textures giving the space a modern, residential feel. The restaurant BARBOUN, boasts an industrial-luxe aesthetic with rattan and Thonet-style chairs and partitions inspired by the Victorian furniture makers workshops of Great Eastern Street. Warmth and softness is brought into the space through natural linen café curtains, drapery in deep oxblood and upholstery in nude leather; as well as the asymmetric architecture of the vast timber ceiling

replicating the beamed structure of a factory warehouse. A striking steel re-bar and copper staircase sits towards the back of the space along with a central cascade of moon chandeliers. Guests can choose from nine room and suite categories, all of which feature a soft and elegant colour palette of white and grey with striking burnt orange and deep green accents. Predominantly contemporary in style with copper mirror detailing and simplistic modern furnishings, the guestrooms are warm and inviting with subtle design details throughout such as saddle-stitched leather strapping and copper rendered marmorino textures. Copper leafed bedside mirrors are embossed with woven lace etchings in a nod to the deep-rooted Huguenot history of nearby Spitalfields. Bathrooms feature a combination of materials which come together to create a sophisticated, urban space. Luxurious marble showers and rolltop baths with impressive views across Shoreditch are complimented by contrasting concrete vanities, herringbone flooring, bold geometric tiling and paired back brass detailing.

How contactless remote access control solutions can help meet new hospitality guidelines We’ve had to adapt the way we interact when visiting hotels, rental accommodation, B&B’s, restaurants and hospitality venues, and the new processes we are following also bring new challenges for access control.


he hospitality sector is focused on reducing contact with guests, is required to keep track of the number of people inside a venue at any one time and has had to restrict access to some rooms. Smart access control solutions can provide different levels of security when required and flexible contactless access – reducing the need for physical contact. Smart lock technology can be used to help receptionists and hotel managers to automatically stagger check-in and check-out times, minimising crowding at the same time. This provides reassurance to guests and reduces the need for them to maintain social distancing from each other. The technology also reduces the time staff need to spend helping guests check in, allowing them to focus on other duties including more regular cleaning.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

With Codelocks Smart Locks staff can simply program locks via a smartphone. The sophisticated NetCode technology enables staff to quickly generate and send timesensitive codes for easy access. This solution is ideal for venues with conference facilities and hotels with gyms and spas. Codelocks Smart Locks allow staff to grant access to


designated areas at specific times and enable them to keep track of how many people are using the facilities. The entire process of booking and granting access to the facilities (gym, spa etc) can be done remotely – letting your guests know that you are doing everything possible to keep contact to a minimum. Codelocks newly released WiFi Gateway offers the next level of control and convenience to smart lock users. One WiFi Gateway allows a user to control up to four compatible Codelocks Smart Locks from any WiFi connected mobile device. The new WiFi Gateway is ideal for buildings that are already using, or want to initialise using, multiple Codelocks Smart Locks and looking to unlock the next level of convenient access control. There are clearly a lot of things that hotels, restaurants, gyms and guesthouses need to consider in order to remain open for business. Providing keyless access to venues, rooms, spas and lockers could give them one less thing to worry about. Whether you’re preparing your hospitality business for the ‘new normal’ or simply want to increase efficiency and provide a better service for guests, upgrading to a

flexible access solution is a good place to start. For more information on contactless solutions for your hotel, rental accommodation, restaurant or bar visit

Why a greener future makes commercial sense post-covid As businesses are beginning to reopen following the recent pandemic, many hospitality businesses have been hit hard. But could the recent pandemic have handed the hospitality industry an opportunity to become more sustainable and see more guests as a result? David Lawrenson, Sales Director of Hospitality at Silentnight Group believes that it could be the push that businesses in the hospitality industry needs to choose sustainable options.

“Sustainability promotes a healthier environment, both inside and outside of a hotel property, and given the recent pandemic, this has never been more relevant.” Combined with the increased awareness of global environmental crises, sustainability has nudged from a niche concern to a mainstream opportunity. There has been a big shift in the way brands in other industries are responding to sustainability, and it could be time for the hospitality industry to follow suit. Becoming carbon neutral could soon be the minimum for hospitality suppliers, and there will be movement towards businesses becoming carbon negative.

Silentnight Group are a perfect example of how sustainability makes commercial sense. Through their eco-friendly product development, progressive work practices and their partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, Silentnight are determined to make the world a greener place, maintaining their position as a trusted mainstream brand at the same time.

As innovative brands begin to find clever ways to incorporate sustainable solutions into their products without sacrificing performance, guests will begin to expect this as standard and hold other brands and industries to account.

“Circular economy thinking makes perfect sense for any business because ultimately it’s about being a resource efficient business. In nature there is no waste as everything is recycled. We’re taking another industry’s waste product and converting it into new comfort fibres, therefore adding value by making new consumer goods which can then be deconstructed and recycled again at the end of their life.” Angela Moran, Product Strategy Director at Silentnight.

What’s next for Sustainability in hospitality? David Lawrenson, Hospitality Sales Director at Silentnight believes that the shift towards sustainability in the hospitality industry is being driven by younger people harnessing their spending power.

encourage younger clientele to take note. By not focusing on sustainability, businesses could be driving away the socially conscious guests of the future. If sustainable practices can encourage guests to consider staycations and visits to hospitality businesses at a time where international travel is fuelled with uncertainty, this will bring a much-needed boost to the UK hospitality industry.

We know that eco-friendly options are a big factor in the purchasing decisions of millennials. For a business in hospitality, this could mean that choosing greener products and harnessing sustainable practices may

our promise to you

Proud to be the home of the

Traditional bed making

Every mattress is tried and tested

Committed to sustainability and

UK’s most trusted bed brand

handcrafted here in the UK

to the highest of UK standards

protecting the environment

Together Has Changed - Cutwork’s Manifesto for PostCovid Living Only three years old, Cutwork is an award-winning architecture and design studio building new ways to live and work. Now, more than ever our use of the spaces we inhabit has fundamentally changed.


utwork designs innovative spaces, kit-housing, and furniture for companies who are similarly reimagining the future of how we live, work, and share. Drawing from a deep knowledge and expertise in coworking, coliving, innovation hubs, and next-generation hospitality experiences, the multinational and multi-disciplined team design smart, blended-use architectural and interior concepts that make it easy to constantly transform a space, build better communities, and encourage interactions. In 2018, Cutwork was included in the EIT Climate-KIC list of Europe’s top 30 CleanTech startups.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

This year Cutwork became the youngest studio ever to win an influential FRAME Award - receiving Societal Innovation of the Year for its Flatmates project, the first large-scale coliving space in Paris. Designing the interior of 9 different apartment typologies, Cutwork delivered over 5000 pieces of furniture specifically tailored to the emerging needs of shared urban living.


For Flatmates, Cutwork developed a community-centered design concept interpreting three Japanese words for space: WA - BA - MA. As Antonin Yuji Maenon, Cutwork cofounder, and Partner Architect says; “In Japanese culture, space is not only defined by the relationships between objects and walls, but also by the interactions and relationships between people. Rather than having a single word for ‘space,’ there are many words for space, each with its own social intention. WA is space for deep focus, introspection,

and understanding of one’s self in relation to others. BA is a space for collaboration, extroversion, and knowledge-sharing. MA is space for the spontaneous and unexpected – the collision of people and ideas.” To quote Maenon: “If the challenge of the 20th century was to build vertically, the challenge of the 21st century is to build more elastically.” Cutwork is a studio set to lead and transform this new way of visualising the urban future and shared architecture.

Utilise outdoor spaces with hygienic and maintenance free furniture! NBB are a UK based company established for over 26 years specialising in manufacturing attractive and hard-wearing outdoor furniture, fencing and accessories made from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), previously destined for UK landfill sites. Our recycled plastic furniture has a similar appearance to wood but offers many other benefits including a whopping 25-year guarantee and extensive cost savings to be made on annual maintenance.

Making better use of outside space With the current social distancing measures in place, making better use of outside areas within hospitality venues is an important consideration. We have a comprehensive range of picnic tables and dining sets, available on bulk discount offers. Whether you are looking for smaller two-person picnic tables, or a quantity of tables to fill out your outside space we will have the right product for you.

Safe, hygienic and maintenance free Recycled plastic is extremely hygienic, the non-porous properties make it possible to simply wipe clean between uses with a damp cloth or even alcohol-based disinfectant. The material will never rot or splinter, and it is resistant to insects and bacteria. Unlike with traditional timber furniture never again will you find yourself sanding, staining and painting your furniture every year, or paying out for replacement items following our great British winters. When you purchase NBB Recycled Furniture, you are provided with a guarantee that your furniture will remain free from natural defects for 25 years! Recycled plastic material will withstand the harshest of weather conditions, meaning you can leave your furniture outside with no worries year after year after year.

Sustainability at its best Plastic pollution is a major global issue with microplastics being found in our precious oceans, as well as our limited landfills being filled with plastic waste that takes an estimated 100 years to degrade. At NBB, we have been working to reduce plastic pollution in the UK since we introduced our Recycled Furniture business in 2013. Subsequently, we have saved over 30million plastic bottles from entering UK landfill!

Consideration of all your guests Our furniture range has been designed to cater for everyone. We have ensured we offer inclusive options for all your guests including a range of accessible picnic tables that have a dedicated space for wheelchairs or pushchairs, junior tables for your little visitors, heavy-duty refectory tables for large groups and chairs with deeper seats and longer arms for easier transitioning.

Bespoke options for your business Brand is important for any business, by choosing consistent brand messaging and brand colours where possible, you will be subconsciously promoting your business at every opportunity. To help you with this, we offer a selection of 12 standard colour options on most of our furniture range and can match this with recycled plastic fencing, bins and garden accessories if required. Customisable engraving can display your slogans or even logos, thus promoting your brand but also serving as a deterrent to theft.

What else? On top of all of the above, we also offer you: • ·Sustainable play equipment including our new Buddy Balance Trim Trail. • A fantastic range of table and chair sets for your al fresco dining areas. • Eco-friendly signposts and A-frame noticeboards. • Memorial furniture with plaques and/or engraving options. • Bins, bollards, planters and parasols. • Decking, walkways and parking solutions. • A bespoke design and manufacture service allowing you to create your own ideas. • BUNDLE OFFERS that save up to 15% on standard pricing. • FREE DELIVERY on all orders with a UK mainland delivery address*. We would love to see you join our group of happy customers that includes Chessington World of Adventures Resort, Farmer Palmers Farm Park, Bourne Leisure and Parkstone Yacht Club, all of whom have implemented NBB Recycled Furniture products at their venues. View our full range and order your sustainable furniture this at or call our friendly sales team on 0800 1777 052. *Please note free carriage excludes raw material orders. Free carriage is available to UK mainland destinations only and some locations may incur an additional supplement.

Deep sea diving Instructor turned coffee entrepreneur says it takes more than just ‘a passion for beans’ to run a successful coffee business What’s the connection between a deep-sea diving instructor and running a successful coffee roasting and wholesale business?


he answer can be found in the back-story of Youri Vlag (originally from The Netherlands) who - following a career under water - created a successful business on dry land, Limini Coffee, back in 2008. After training as a barista, and working through various roles in the coffee industry, Youri’s passion for all things coffee encouraged him to establish Limini Coffee with his wife Samantha. Their Yorkshire-based business began by providing the support, training, equipment and supplies needed to run a coffee shop. Since the early days, Youri has developed his own ethically sourced freshly roasted Espresso blends that are now served and enjoyed by hundreds of independent coffee shops across the UK, The Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, France, Spain and Germany. Their initial passion remains undiminished. Whilst some players in the independent coffee market come and go, Youri and Samantha have built their sustainable business on a relentless passion for coffee quality, and a commitment to their suppliers and customers.

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Limini Coffee focuses on roasting specialist blends, and boasts strong ecological credentials including a gas coffee roaster (Robbyn) which uses 80% less gas than traditional roasters, and active support for World Coffee Research.


Youri also delivers daily courses in How To Start a Coffee Shop, Barista Skills and Latte Art. Youri says: “We have been providing training courses for the past 12 years. We were probably the first coffee company to offer and develop the ‘How to start a coffee shop’ course and we teach this every single day to independent coffee shop owners from across the UK.” “We’re here to help new coffee shop owners realise that it takes more than just passion for beans to run a successful coffee business.”

He adds: “Many people will start a coffee shop without really knowing how to do it or having the background that is needed to get off to a good start. Much is left to chance and hoping it will all work out. We provide this course because we know how to run successful coffee shops and we have in-depth knowledge from all our customers all over the UK.”

and margin planning, equipment choices, coffee shop layout and managing staff.

“In the two day course, we focus on coffee, naturally, and so the first part of the training is the barista course. Our clients learn all about coffee and how to make it. We teach to the highest standards and at the end of the course our baristas are able to produce the most delicious coffees.”

Such is the demand that the Limini Coffee team teach the “How to start a coffee shop” course almost on a daily basis and the team has trained many people who are now happy successful coffee shop owners. “Our clients tell us that the initial training was very beneficial and we see this when we visit their shops” says Youri.

The second part of the ‘How to start a coffee shop’ course is about everything else that is involved around setting up a successful coffee shop. It covers a range of topics, including licensing and planning permission, lease negotiations, sales

He adds: “We never want to stifle our clients’ passion for coffee, says Youri, but it’s also important to teach them the key business skills that will help their independent coffee shops become the success they deserve to be.”

The compact unit can be desktop, wall or ceiling mounted and just requires a standard mains point. By being able to locate the units close to staff, clients and visitors, ensures the most effective and fastest removal of airborne droplets and the destruction of viruses, using Air-Reviver’s unique 3-stage disinfecting system. MEASURES & DISPLAYS REALTIME AIRBORNE PARTICULATE LEVELS

Covid-19 is known to be spread via large droplets that fall to the ground. But whether it can be spread by smaller airborne particles currently remains unclear. The AirReviver Filter system accurately measures and displays PM2.5 and PM10 particulate sizes in realtime – on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer Display – useful in providing feedback of the level of airborne particulates in every room as a warning and also for staff and visitor peace of mind. The Air-Reviver’s Filter system also

accurately measures and displays VOC, Humidity, CO and CO2 levels. A SCALABLE, MANAGEABLE, DISPLAYABLE SOLUTION Monitor multiple Air-Reviver Peura units over one site or multiple sites. The customisable “Dashboard” of chosen “Events” can be displayed on a PC or a large screen monitor, for instance in an office, hotel room or reception – wherever an instant overview is required for medical reasons, or for re-inforcing staff or visitors’ peace of mind.

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Introducing Supreme Ash Concrete Staron’s Latest Industrial-Effect Surface


Hotelier & Hospitality Design

dded to Staron’s vast array of premium solid surfaces at the start of 2020, Supreme Ash Concrete enables homeowners and designers to create contemporary and urban interiors within both residential and commercial settings.


Ideal for use as a work surface in the kitchen or bathroom, for desks, shop fronts, bars, mirror surrounds and more, the new industrial appearance is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. With an award-winning blend of natural minerals and thermosetting acrylic polymers, surfaces from Staron ensure non-porous, seamless, scratch and heat

resistant qualities to provide extremely hygienic and durable surfaces. Its unique structure offers total flexibility when it comes to design, allowing the material to be sculpted into any shape, which is ideal for creative projects. Featuring concrete-effect flecks within its beautifully smooth grey surface, Supreme Ash Concrete joins Staron’s Supreme Collection, which is comprised of 15 individual finishes. From intricate detailed veining to lustrous muted waves, the collection has been inspired by the natural characteristics of marble and stone, featuring the genuine colours and effects of the real material, to deliver smooth, hygienic, high quality and natural looking surfaces. Staron® Solid Surfaces are exclusively distributed in the UK by Blackheath Products Limited 0121 561 3939 Staron® Solid Surfaces are priced from £350 per m2 (based on a fabricated kitchen worktop to a basic specification with upstands)

AMY FALBAUM & ASSOCIATES CELEBRATES 10TH ANNIVERSARY Amy Falbaum & Associates (AF&A) will be celebrating its 10th anniversary by announcing a menu of new services.


n addition to executive-level recruiting, AF&A will now offer in-house recruiting, short-term staffing, and career fair guidance to assist companies as they reopen as well as interview and job search coaching for candidates. AF&A grew its reputation as a hospitality headhunter for fine dining restaurants in Manhattan and has expanded its reach into talent acquisition for several different industries in New York City and across the United

States, including consumer packaged goods (CPG), quick-service, cannabis, and technology, making placements such as director of operations, director of human resources, vice president of sales and marketing, general manager, chief financial officer, and chief operations officer. Amy Falbaum & Associates uses a unique and thoughtful process to find the most innovative and entrepreneurial talent. AF&A has a proven track

record of placing senior-level talent such as executive chef, corporate chef, pastry chef, and director of food and beverage positions with private country clubs, luxury boutique hotels, and high-end wellness centers. AF&A and its team of recruiters bring decades of diverse and hard-earned hospitality experience, enabling them to understand the unique requirements for important roles in established and growing companies.

HOW PEDAL-OPERATED HAND SANITISER STANDS CAN BE EFFECTIVE IN FIGHTING COVID-19 IN HOSPITALITY AS HOTELS ADAPT TO KEEP STAFF AND CUSTOMERS SAFE Hotels can best help avoid a ‘second wave’ of coronavirus by protecting its staff and customers with a new and unique ‘pedal-operated’ hand sanitiser dispenser.


he hospitality industry is preparing to open its doors this weekend for the first time in three-and-a-half months since hotels were forced to close in order to stop the spread of Covid-19 in March.

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However hotels will be allowed to reopen and welcome customers inside with certain restrictions, including more use of hand sanitiser.


Recently, chemical distribution company, Chemtra Limited, introduced the Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Station as the UK’s first completely touch-free wireless dispenser. With its practical pedaloperation, the user simply places their hands under the dispenser, presses their foot down onto the pedal and out squeezes the gel. The dispenser can be placed at entrances to hotels or at a chosen location inside and has been introduced to help protect staff and customers from a major resurgence of Covid-19. Available to buy online

for £299, the stand has seen a huge increase in sales over the past month, according to Chemtra, as the hospitality industry prepares to welcome back customers. Along with the sanitising dispenser, Chemtra offer an 80 per cent alcohol sanitising solution which is EN1500 certified and World Health Organisation (WHO) formulation 1 approved. Jesse Palle, managing director at Chemtra Limited, says this allows hotels to return to work in a safe and clean environment and enables customers to enjoy their hotel experience with confidence. The Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Station holds five litres of sanitising gel – enough for around 5,000 pumps – and hotels can even customise the dispenser with their own corporate colours and logo. Mr Palle said: “When it was launched the Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Station had the honour of being the very first dispenser in the UK to be able to offer ‘pedal-operated’ technology

and is an ideal solution for hotels and businesses in the hospitality sector. It can help keep employees and customers safe from touching a potentially contaminated hand sanitiser dispenser, stop the spread of coronavirus and avoid a second wave. “The stand requires no cables, batteries or mains power and is completely wireless. It’s light in weight and can be positioned wherever hotel owners would like to place it. It has been designed with the customer in mind, ensuring a better user experience and safer operation for people of various heights. “The stand’s five-litre unit capacity, means staff do not have to be constantly refilling the dispenser from plastic bottles, so it’s a very environmentally friendly option. Customers also like the fact they can customise the dispenser to match their branding too.”

Washroom Facilities a critical part of Your Business Just had a refurbishment – Secure your investment with the Unbreakable door lock Burstcatch! • • • •

Safe Secure Ensures privacy Unbreakable toilet door lock

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, times like these bring family and friends together, and a safe secure environment is essential for all. Modern hotels offer a luxury environment and bathroom facilities are no exception, a clean, fresh, and most importantly a presentable secure washroom is essential. Bathroom facilities are somewhere we all need to visit so presentation is of the upmost importance. Burstcatch ensures both privacy and security, of your bathroom cubicles with its unique and patented vandal resistant design. Built to last and suitable for use in high traffic areas/ Burstcatch is designed to operate flawlessly in the washroom environment. Burstcatch is suitable for use in all types of washroom whether fitted with standard 44mm doors or prefabricated toilet cubicles.

Burstcatch is fitted as standard in the UKs largest pub chains JD Wetherspoon, Mitchell and butler, Amber Inns, Stonegate and Missoula bars, and ensures their washrooms are always 100 percent operational at all times ensuring the financial benefits every day and ongoing customer satisfaction.

Burstcatch ensures Privacy with Unique Anti- breakage door design Works with all types of toilet cubicle doors Built to last No need to constantly replace Built to save you money Guaranteed to save your toilet door frame and locks from vandalism and accidental damage. With weddings and special occasions aplenty it is essential your toilet doors stay operational, Burstcatch will give you the peace of mind that once fitted you will no longer have to call out service engineers to repair your cubicle doors. A call out can cost £60.00 plus per call, so its a simple calculation to see Burstcatch

is a valuable investment. Prices start at only £28.00 plus vat to secure your investment! Customer safety is ensured with our unique patented design.

How it works Burstcatch offers the same amount of security as a normal door lock. If excessive force is applied the lock will release therefore the door will open without any. damage to the door, door frame, or door lock and catch allowing no repair bills and no call out fee - Burstcatch gives you the freedom to concentrate your precious time on your customers instead of washroom repairs. Burstcatch also offers access to a cubicle in an emergency, ensuring safety without the expense of replacing the lock etc. Burstcatch comes with a 2 year guarantee ensuring your piece of mind. Burstcatch is easy to fit to all cubicles, and can be easily fitted by your own inhouse maintenance team. Call for technical support on 0151 608 8666 or log onto our web site