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The perfect finish to any bathroom To make life easier, we give many of our taps and showers a flawless contemporary chrome finish. No need for chemicals. Just a quick wipe with a wet cloth and you’re done. Brilliant.


Industry News

Opening of The Mitre, Hampton Court marks debut of The Signet Collection Recently announced, a new boutique luxury hotel brand The Signet Collection has launched in conjunction with the unveiling of its first hotel The Mitre, Hampton Court. “We start with a special place. Our hotels have history, stories to tell,” said Ross. Each one is imbued with generations of tales, legacies, myths and legends. We unearth this history, these stories. We restore them, reimagining them, passing them on for our guests to enjoy, layered with a British sense of humour, top-notch F&B and memorable experiences” The first hotel in the collection, The Mitre, has debuted. Sheltered within a Grade II-listed property dating back to 1665, the now hotel was originally used as ancillary accommodation for guests of King Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace. Set on the banks of the River Thames, the 36-key hotel includes a 60-cover riverside all day dining and wine bar, a 70-cover brasserie and bar, an 60-cover Orangery, a large riverside terrace, meeting rooms and private dining areas. Food & beverage has pride of place for the new hospitality brand headed up by culinary and operations director Ronnie Kimbugwe, whose background includes time with the Gordon Ramsay group at Claridges and a decade with the Bel and Dragon Country Inns. “Through design we aim to connect our guests with the history and the location of each hotel.” – Designer Nicola Harding

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Interior designer Nicola Harding is the creative lead behind The Signet Collection and transformation of The Mitre, which combines quirky British sensibility with elegant authentic luxury.


Known for her work on the Garden House at Beaverbrook and The Rose Hotel in Deal, Nicola draws inspiration from Hampton Court and the surrounding neighbourhood, accentuating the character of the building and creating spaces that feel effortlessly evolved. “The Signet Collection hotels will blend the old with the new, the refined with the comfortable, and the local with the worldly,” she said. “Through design we aim to connect our guests with the history and the location of each hotel, providing characterful bedrooms, and playful lively public spaces where people quickly feel at home.”

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Industry News


Industry News

How luxury hospitality designers are adapting to the ‘new normal’

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

To cut through the noise, Hotel Designs has teamed up with J Public Relations to ask how designers Rosendale Design, Nicola Harding, Goddard Littlefair and David Collins Studio are adapting to meet new demands from travellers.


Industry News

From the number of panel discussions I have hosted recently, I have learned that designers, architects and hoteliers are adapting daily to new developments in the Covid-19 crisis, which is somewhat impossible when designing hotels that will open years from now. In one discussion that took place during lockdown, Michael Bonsor, Managing Director of Rosewood London, said: “The concept of hospitality, which is third largest employer in the UK, has stopped. We are now questioning how long this will last for.” In another more recent discussion, Mark Bruce, Director at EPR, gave a raw reflection of the international hotel design landscape. He said: “The truthful answer to that is that our clients are all trying to figure that [the impact of Covid-19] out themselves, which is why this discussion is very timely,” he said. “On the luxury end, customers want things to be the same but with more space. On the more lifestyle and budget end of the scale, travellers want confidence.” While we can predict that the pandemic will change consumers views on health and wellness, there is not one solution that fits all. One conclusion that is fixed however is that it will be more of a challenge to implement social distancing in luxury hotels than it will be to adapt lifestyle hotels for the new demands of modern travellers. Ahead of putting many of these questions forward at Hotel Designs LIVE, we asked a handful of hospitality luxury designers how the pandemic will impact the industry from a design perspective. “Terraces and outdoor spaces are now highly requested,” said Dale Atkinson, Founding Director of Rosendale Design. “This was once a ‘nice to have’ due to the unreliable weather in the UK, but now people feel safer eating and drinking outdoors.

“One material that will see a resurgence is copper, this is due to its anti-bacterial properties; it has a very warm appearance and used correctly can look quite refined, so can be easily detailed into various spaces. “Internally, we must look to divide group of tables into their own ‘pods’ whilst still maintaining the buzz that people want to be a part of. Booth seating works well.” “Now, I’m even more determined to create somewhere intoxicating, a place that will transport people from the stress and sadness of the last few months,” said designer Nicole Harding. “I’m thinking about more mini-bar provisions, more comprehensive room service offerings – e.g. we are designing little hampers for cocktails/breakfast/movie nights. “We may consider planning of spaces more,” says Jo Littlefair, Co-Founder of Goddard Littefair. “For example, so that pendants are positioned at heights that then don’t dictate where a table should sit, giving operators more flexibility to reposition furniture without looking out of place. “Spa within a spa is a whole conversation around whether a spa is hygienic — whether people will want to embrace them,” adds Martin Goddard, Co-Founder of Goddard Littlefair. “I think we feel that health is something people are going to really concentrate on, and therefore wellness, and spas, and the facilities that they can offer, all strengthen that appeal.” “I think that we are going to see social and cultural attitudes and behaviours changing, rather than changes to the physicality of restaurants,” explains Simon Rawlings, Creative Director at David Collins Studio. “The times and places that people visit restaurants will change, for example, if people are working from home, perhaps they will clock off earlier for an early-evening dinner to fall in line with local curfews. “They will likely stay local, meaning that neighbourhood restaurants will flourish whereas city centre restaurants may not garner the footfall they need – which I think very sadly is what we are seeing happen at the moment here in London.”

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

One thing that has become apparent as we stand in the eye of the pandemic storm is that no one yet has all the answers.


Exclusive Collection selects TopBrewers for innovative, informal workspace at The Royal Berkshire Hotel Set in 15 acres of stunning gardens in the heart of the Berkshire countryside, the Royal Berkshire Hotel is an elegant country house hotel, part of the Exclusive Collection. The hotel re-opened in September with a purpose-built meeting space, ‘Homespace’, designed to meet the growing demand for alternative workspace that provides a welcome respite from home working. Working with specialist hotel designers, Trevillion, Homespace provides a flexible and practical workspace, using an innovative concept of a less formal, familiar ‘kitchen table’ environment. TopBrewer already provides a premium coffee experience for the Exclusive Collection at the South Lodge and Pennyhill Park hotels, selected for its stylish design and technology features, range of baristaquality hot drinks and innovative user experience using the TopBrewer app. Two TopBrewer Pro machines are now installed in the Homespace environment at the Royal Berkshire to provide a full selection of speciality coffees, hot chocolate and steaming hot water for tea drinkers. With its clean lines and minimal design, the TopBrewer provides a smart, stylish solution for the perfect self-service guest experience. The under-counter brewing unit creates a streamlined and clutter-free counter in the Homespace service area.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

With intuitive app-control technology, the TopBrewer enables guests to personalise drinks to their own taste and order from their own device.


Apple users can also take advantage of ordering their favourite drink through Siri using TopBrewerVoice.

to meeting pods – zoning is a great way to cater for different business needs and promote productivity.

Debbie Guy, General Manager at the Royal Berkshire, comments: “The TopBrewers are perfect for our new, flexible corporate workspace that caters for individual clients or collaborative meetings. We now have a welcoming remote-working environment, with premium, baristaquality drinks on tap, creating a memorable and reassuring guest experience.”

Coffee – Introducing a premium coffee experience will keep guests coming back for more and allow you to stand out from the crowd. Coffee, as well as other refreshments, are just as important in a flexible workspace as they are in a more traditional office. Good quality coffee on tap is expected as standard and should not be overlooked.

Simon Bracken, Co-founder and Managing Director at Scanomat UK & Ireland comments: “Homespace at the Royal Berkshire is a wonderful example of innovation and forwardthinking. As a premium and exclusive hotel experience as a destination, it has adapted to the current need of displaced home-workers seeking a reassuring alternative workplace environment. We are delighted that TopBrewer is an integral part of this first-class workplace destination.” Hybrid hospitality: How to attract remote workers The world of work is evolving due to the Global Covid-19 pandemic, and remote workers are looking for satellite locations outside of the traditional office and their own homes as a sort of “hybrid workspace” that provides comfort, flexibility and convenience. Real estate firm, Colliers International, predicts that hotels providing flexible office space could increase turnover by up to 20 per cent. Hotels need to be equipped to deliver a practical and appealing workspace that goes beyond the hotel lobby to capitalise on this emerging trend. What should hybrid hospitality look like? Zones – If space allows, creating different zones is a great way to facilitate different ways of working. From formal desks, to lounge areas,

WiFi – It goes without saying that super-fast WiFi is essential in a flexible workspace. Ensure every part of your space has great internet, whether it’s for an entire company paying for a dedicated office space, or a freelancer with a part-time hotdesking membership. 24/7 Access – As the “traditional” workplace changes, so does the “traditional” worker. It’s not uncommon to be working alongside people from all over the globe, in different countries and time zones, so the standard 9am-5pm working day is becoming a thing of the past. By opening your doors outside of normal working hours, or even operating 24 hours a day, you open new possibilities with the increasing number of people working remotely. Where offices traditionally operate Monday to Friday, hotels have an opportunity to offer more flexibility as hotel space can be utilised 7 days a week. Community – One of the best things about flexible workspaces is the chance to work alongside likeminded people. Whether it’s for networking, meeting new business partners, or simply for finding new friends with similar interests, creating a strong sense of community in your space is important. 0800 032 7581

How Indigo Awnings Can Help Hospitality Businesses Post Lockdown While spending surplus cash on your hotel, restaurant and pub is probably at the bottom of your checklist at this present moment, we wanted to cast some light into why right NOW is a propitious time to look into getting ahead of the competition; with minimal upheaval and financial implications to you and your business. To help you prepare for the return of customers post lockdown, at Indigo Awnings we offer a wide range of commercial grade retractable awnings, giant parasols and fixed roof structures that enhance any outdoor area and thus the comfort of your guests. Crafted from the highest-quality materials, all our products are fully customisable and built to your required specification. Frames can be powder coated in a range of RAL colours, with a huge selection of fabric shades and patterns to choose from, all of which can be printed with your branding. With the addition of quality infra-red heating and LED lighting you can create a whole new dining experience for customers to enjoy all year round, making up for any loss of internal space due to new social distancing guidelines, consequently, a healthy return on investment – simply creating “money from fresh air”, regardless of the weather!

receive a quote subject to survey, simply by contacting us via our website or by phoning our offices and sending a photo of the structure of your property. This will help you to make an informed decision, when the time is right. The virtual customer consultation mitigates any issues we currently face with government isolations policies, whilst still enabling you to receive a quote and prepare in advance! Providing expert advice from concept through to completion, with all installations competed by our expert fitting teams, we offer an unrivalled professional service at a competitive price.

At Indigo Awnings, we understand this is a worrying time for everyone on a global scale. We do not take Covid-19 lightly and want to emphasise how important the health and safety of our staff and customers is to us. We hope you remain safe, healthy and strong. We are here to support you and your hospitality business when ‘normal’ times are bestowed upon us. So be prepared for the light at the end of the tunnel with Indigo Awnings, as a way of ensuring that everyone can celebrate in health, happiness, harmony and as well as in style this festive season.

Self-Isolation? No Problem... One of the major benefits of our services, particularly during this pandemic, is that we do not need to come to your property to provide an initial quotation. You can

01352 751889 x

P M a is g e si ng

FUZONE500: the air and surface purifier that safely disinfects and kills 99.99% of airborne and surface bacteria and viruses FUTURE Designs, the UK’s most innovative lighting manufacturer, introduce FUZONE500, a unique lighting solution that harnesses all the anti-viral and anti-bacterial elimination qualities of ultraviolet light without any of the harmful effects to humans or physical surfaces. With over 38 million confirmed cases worldwide and over 600,000 in the UK alone (1), Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the way we live and interact with our surroundings. Cases are increasing at an astronomical rate and finding effective solutions to control its spread has become paramount.

This ground breaking technology comprises sealed ultraviolet lamps operating on two different wavelengths to create Photolytic Oxidation, a combination of Photolysis and Ozonolysis to effectively create ozone (O3), which generates cold incineration of the molecules ending in a completely safe oxidation process, free of volatile compounds. Organic molecules (e.g. virus, bacteria, mould) are broken down and sterilised by direct exposure

to ozone the (O3), furthermore its omnipotent nature, ensures the elimination of air borne and surface particles with sanitising properties that extend underneath tables for example. FUZONE500 works without filters, reducing the accumulation of hazardous particles and eliminating the growth of bacteria, mould or fungi. David Clements, Chief Executive of FUTURE Designs says: “FUZONE500 is a gamechanger. It is increasingly clear that we will be living with Covid-19 for many years and it is vital that we are able to keep our businesses and economies operating throughout this time and FUZONE500 restores a sense of normality. It gives organisations and businesses complete control over their premises and allows them to manage risk and protect people.”

The FUZONE500 can be integrated within existing FUTURE Designs products, including the VANE99 & VANE150 range slot light luminaires, as well as our EXEMPLAR recessed modular luminaire, all designed for commercial offices installations with minimum impact on the atheistic of the office space.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

FUZONE500 uses the natural properties of Ozone (O3) to eliminate up to 99.99% of unwanted bacteria and airborne viruses without direct contact with the treated areas. The ultraviolet lamp incorporated within the system is obscured from the human eye, so unlike direct UV-C solutions, FUZONE500 can be operated whilst premises are fully occupied, to guarantee that a space is being cleaned 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, continuously killing and destroying bacteria and viruses, without any harmful effects on people of interiors.


GOLDENSEA UV releases UV AIR range for continual air purification GOLDENSEA UV, the industry-leading manufacturer of UV-C disinfection products, has released its new AIR range, designed specifically to cleanse the air of bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Designed for all sizes and types of commercial and residential environments, GOLDENSEA’s UV AIR range offers 3 models, all of which use Philips UVC lamp tubes – the only lamps certified as effective against COVID-19:

UVAIR 216 Designed for larger spaces, UVAIR 216 is set on wheels for easy transportation to required areas. Its 4-stage filtration system is capable of disinfecting areas of up to 800m3. UVAIR 300-F This model has been designed for permanent installations in larger spaces and features high volume air exchange with a range of settings to suit your changing needs. Offering 3-stage filtration, it can be wall or ceiling mounted and provides discreet air purification over areas up to 1000m3.

and restore customer confidence in the face of today’s pandemic. UV-C technology avoids the hazards and disadvantages of chemical sprays such as damage to surfaces, high running/material costs, exposure of personnel to hazardous substances or UV-C radiation, and reduces the risk of cross contamination due to poor or inconsistent cleaning practises or accidental transmission. For more information on GOLDENSEA UV’s UVAIR products and the full range of its UV disinfection products, visit

UVAIR 72 A compact and stylish mobile model for medium-size spaces covering up to 300m3. GOLDENSEA’s UVAIR range offers the most comprehensive range of options for integrating into modern cleaning regimes in all kinds of environments. From hotels, offices, bars and restaurants to workshops, gyms, schools, banks, conference rooms, waiting rooms, class rooms, public transportation, hospitals and many other large public spaces, GOLDENSEA UV AIR has the perfect solution for your requirements. Airborne transmission of pathogens is a significant route of infections with SARS-CoV-2 in indoor spaces. Our daily routines enhance transmission of pathogens, while confined and crowded spaces lack filtered air circulation - even our HVAC systems generally only recycle dirty air. However, UVAIR disinfection, used as an addition to standard cleaning procedures, can reduce turnaround times, safe-guard staff and clients

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

GOLDENSEA UV AIR purification solutions employ multi-stage filtration technology to bring the same peace of mind and effectiveness as its Surface range, only this time combatting the virus in an aerosolized form. Products can be ceiling or wall mounted for upper air purification, or free-standing for convenience. Circulating air is taken in and purified before being returned to the room, with tests showing that 99.9% of viruses are inactivated after just one pass through the UV AIR unit. All have the advantage of continuous use, even when people are present within the space.


Cheers to a small, talented North East design team for worldwide drinks branding Raise a glass to a small Newton Aycliffe design agency in County Durham who have just gone global with their world-class creative campaigns!

The LemonTop team now works with T Warriors brewery in China, Lairgforest in Hong Kong, KHS in Germany who supply the biggest breweries in the world, and Au P’tit Brasseur D’Argentonnay, a craft brewery in France. That’s in addition to creating websites, branding, digital and point of sale material for Quantock Brewery in Somerset, 4ts Brewery in Warrington and the Molson Coors brand as well as George Samuel Brewery, Castle Eden Brewery, and The Herbal Gin Company closer to home.

LemonTop Creative is also a proud “Supplier Associate of the Year” SIBA Award winner which recognises excellence in the brewing industry from can and bottle design, to efforts taken by associates to make their business more eco-friendly and supporting local communities. So it’s “cheers” all the way for the three Directors as LemonTop Creative becomes the “go-to” agency within the national (and now international) brewery and drinks world. Creative Director Arron Stoutt explains how it happened: “Steve Gill and I had worked together on successful creative campaigns including Sainsburys and Franks Flooring for many years but LemonTop’s dominance in the hospitality and drinks sector came about almost by chance. Fellow director Andy Mogg happened to

have a lifelong passion for craft beer and had written on the subject extensively. He had friends in the brewing world, and together we took on a couple of branding and website projects for microbreweries. Once larger players in the market saw the finished creative work they immediately wanted something similar and it grew from there.” LemonTop now also works with The Co-op nationally. So what’s the secret of the trio’s creative success? Director Steve Gill says: “Putting it simply, whatever business our clients are in, we try to build a bridge from where brands are, to where they want to be. We make sure we have a very detailed brief, get right under the skin of an organisation, look far beyond the logo and always ensure a brand will stand the test of time.”

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

LemonTop Creative has quickly made a name for itself in the drinks industry and now works with major clients across the Far East and Europe, as well as breweries, distilleries, and industries closer to home.


Mitsubishi Electric launch the UK’s first lower GWP R32 Air Curtain Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new, R32 Air Curtain which is designed to improve energy efficiency and minimise heat loss from a building while allowing businesses to benefit from an open door policy. As the first manufacturer in the UK to launch an R32 Air Curtain, the new Mr Slim HP DX 2.0 Air Curtain completes the R32 offering across splits indoor units and allows customers to move to one sole refrigerant on site. R32 has a much lower global warming potential (GWP) than R410A and is now the refrigerant of choice for split systems. By using R32 throughout the system, carbon emissions are reduced and installation, service and maintenance are all simplified.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

“The new Mr Slim Air Curtain is the first in the UK, to utilise R32 which makes it the perfect choice to help buildings meet their carbon reduction plan”, said Mel Threader, Senior Product Manager. “This technology offers an energy and cost efficient solution that would benefit


all locations with public entrances including retail, hotel lobbies, office entrances, higher education, hospitals, libraries, museums and leisure facilities”. Air curtain technology minimises the amount of cold air entering a building and keeps the warm air inside, ensuring a comfortable environment is provided to the occupants. Flexible and easier installation is achieved with the R32 indoor unit as it is available in a recessed or exposed design offering. In addition, the Mr Slim HP DX 2.0 air curtains can be used as twin systems, using two identical units to serve a wide or double entrance / exit, served by a single common Mr Slim outdoor unit. Developed by Mitsubishi Electric in conjunction with air curtain

manufacturer Thermoscreens in the UK, and currently available in 1m, 1.5m or 2m lengths as a dual refrigerant solution (R32 or R410A), the units are ideal for businesses looking to future proof their buildings by running completely on R32. They offer lower run costs and carbon emissions through the flagship Mr Slim Power Inverter high efficiency outdoor units. “Overall this R32, energy efficient air curtain is the ideal solution for businesses with strong carbon reduction targets who want to be able offer an open door operation whilst ensuring a comfortable environment inside”, added Mel Threader. Further details on the system can be found on the company’s website or

How modular building can benefit the hospitality sector in a post-COVID world Coronavirus has had a dramatic effect on the hospitality sector, with restaurants, bars and hotels having to close their doors for months, and re-opening with new measures in place to keep the public safe. While the UK hospitality industry has been able to welcome customers back, the sector is still nowhere near returning to pre-lockdown normality.

Below we explore in more detail why the modular building market is an ideal alternative to traditional methods of construction. Driving a Green Recovery for the hospitality sector Before the pandemic hit, the global modular build market was set to be worth over £165bn by the middle of the next decade. Now with restaurants, bars and hotels looking to return to some kind of normality, while expanding existing space requirements, the modular building market is poised to step in. This is primarily because it offers easy, costeffective, more environmentally friendly and more rapid expansion to meet the needs of a market impacted by social distancing. Here we look at why modular could be a key vehicle to help the hospitality sector to support a sustainable Green Recovery. Support for the long-running Climate challenge It’s not just the pandemic that is acting as a driver for the growth in the modular buildings space. As citizens become more climate conscious and we are being exposed to greater awareness of our carbon footprint on a near daily basis, traditional construction has already been coming under the spotlight. Cement alone is a source of about 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions, accounting for nearly 6% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. Cement has such a large carbon footprint, if it were a country, it

would be the third largest emissions producer, behind China and the US. In comparison, the modular building market is much more efficient. Modular buildings are constructed offsite which means they can reduce 90% of the waste generated from traditional construction methods, while using 67% less energy to produce a modular building. Modular buildings are also built to the higher sustainability standards such as BREEAM, or PassivHaus. A rapid solution The virtue of being built off-site and then assembled when ready means that construction time is significantly reduced, often by as much as 50%. This means that everything from the heating, cooling and ventilation systems, to the lighting requirements and the windows can all be installed in modules off-site, ready to be fitted together once required. It can all be done to deliver a more energy efficient building as well. This means that modular buildings being built to expand restaurants or hotels can be readily equipped with the most advanced technologies whether that is air conditioning with the latest, lower global warming potential refrigerants (R32), renewable heating through modern air source heat pumps such as the advanced Ecodan range, or heat recovery ventilation units such as the Lossnay system to deliver energy efficient fresh air. A high quality, long-term solution Modular buildings can address a lot of concerns in the current environment and offer a viable, sustainable long-term

future for the hospitality sector, especially as it struggles to return to pre-COVID-19 levels of activity. Modular buildings adhere to the same building regulations and standards as traditionally constructed buildings. This means adhering to building regulations such as thermal performance (U Value), fire safety, sustainability and acoustics. Being built off-site means the modular panels are constructed in a covered, controlled environment which brings precision and quality control. Conclusion The way the world works has changed dramatically over the last few months, not least when it comes to how people socialise and enjoy leisure time. Despite this, one thing is for certain – things won’t go back to the way they were for the foreseeable future. With the UK population pushing for a green focused economic recovery from the pandemic, modular buildings go a long way to helping achieve that reality. Modular is also well positioned to quickly and conveniently create the additional space that the hospitality industry requires to adhere to social distancing. The strengths are clear to see. Isn’t it time to start making modular mainstream? Call to Action – For further information on the advanced range of heating, cooling and ventilation systems available for modular construction visit https:// end-users/application-by-sector/ modular-buildings Author - Dan Smith, Corporate Business Development Executive

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

One consideration for spaces such as hotels and restaurants is ensuring that social distancing measures can be adhered to, while being able to accommodate as many people as is safely possible. Rising to meet this challenge is a growing method of construction – modular building. As large parts of the construction can be done offsite, and with the ability to be installed quickly, the modular market is wellplaced to help the hospitality sector to welcome customers back, and overcome space and capacity issues.


ASSA ABLOY Door Group whole life approach to high performance timber doors ASSA ABLOY Door Group, a unit of ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions UK & Ireland, leads the way with its range of high performance timber doors for the public, commercial & high end residential market. Last month, Fire Door Safety Week reported that 60% of local authorities experienced delays in their fire door programmes, leaving safety to chance and impacting over 16,500 fire doors this year alone. With local authorities still playing catch-up from these delays, it is vitally important for building managers to ensure their fire doors are safe, compliant, and up to standard. ASSA ABLOY Door Group offers complete doorset solutions from one trusted single point of contact – managing the whole process from specification to maintenance. The SMARTec range of high performance timber doors has been developed to offer a complete doorset solution of high quality, high performing doors and frames, complete with all ironmongery solutions.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

With Q-mark and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certifications across all commercial timber fire doors, architects, specifiers and contractors can rest assured that doorsets from ASSA ABLOY Door Group are both fire resistant and responsibly sourced – as well as containing outstanding security and sound reduction properties.


Brian Sofley, Managing Director at ASSA ABLOY Door Group, comments: “Here at Door Group, we pride ourselves on delivering responsible and compliant doorsets to ensure maximum safety and performance in any suitable setting. “We want to assure building managers that their security values are our top priority. With the capability to deliver an entire doorset solution from start to finish – we offer a full service from initial specification and manufacture, to onsite installation, after sales inspections and maintenance of our doors.

“The high performance SMARTec range aims to help set the industry standard for timber doors, encouraging stakeholders to prioritise safety and sustainability.” For more information on the SMARTec range, please call 028 9266 2200, email or visit


The permanent hand hygiene system

Why upgrade to DispenserONE®? • 3,000 to 50,000 doses between refills • Revolutionary long-life pump design • Mains powered for continuous touchfree dosing • Remote online access facilitates maintenance • Optional screen to display advertising, promotions and information • Fully customizable with bespoke colours and logo • Small site? Choose DispenserONE® Mini

Are you still relying on “quick fix” conventional hand sanitizer dispensers to protect guests, diners and staff? These outdated systems are unhygienic, fragile, frequently need repairing or replacing and have a low capacity that means constant refilling. It’s time for a permanent solution: DispenserONE®. From a revolutionary dosing pump that delivers long life, low maintenance and smooth dispensing to a vast capacity range from 3,000 to 50,000 doses and remote access to remaining product level via your personal online dashboard, the days of empty dispensers and poor infection control are over. Plus, do away with disposable batteries thanks to DispenserONE®’s mains power connection and select a 17” screen version to unlock revenue from advertising and promotions. Choose the ultimate hand sanitizer system for a COVIDsecure future.

rpa:group to oversee significant investment programme of hampshire’s elvetham hotel The historic and elegant Elvetham was recently acquired by Jastar Capital who saw the potential to further build on and enhance this well-loved hotel, with a full refurbishment of its bedrooms, bathrooms, common areas and the formation of a new restaurant and a market- leading spa. The works will also include additional bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas. With a heritage dating back a mention in the Domesday Book, the Elvetham’s history is full of royalty, nobility and intrigue. It is set within thirty-five acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and is surrounded by the 4,000acre Elvetham Heath estate and Hampshire countryside. The original house that hosted the likes of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I was destroyed in a fire, but in 1860, Frederick, 4th Baron Calthorpe commissioned the architect Samuel Sanders Teulon to build a splendid mansion on the same site. Further additions over the years include a carriage porch, built in 1901 and the Library and Oak rooms, built a decade later in 1911. Today, this grand 19th century building is an upmarket hotel comprising 72 bedrooms and hosts


weddings and conferences within its twenty meeting spaces and ten separate buildings within the estate. The Elvetham was recently acquired by Jastar Capital , a family-owned hotels, real estate and private equity business, who saw the potential to further build on and enhance this well-loved hotel. With the benefit of Jastar Capital’s significant investment programme, the Elvetham Hotel will receive a full refurbishment of its bedrooms, bathrooms, common areas and the formation of a new restaurant and the construction of a market- leading spa. The works will also include additional bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas.

With over thirty-five years of experience in construction and hospitality, rpa:group has been requested by Jastar Capital to provide services for Project Management, Quantity Surveying and Contract Administration in connection with the refurbishment of the Stable Building. Acting as lead consultant, the brief is for a ‘turnkey’ solution to the development and scope that covers architectural stages 0-6, and management of all pre-construction and construction stages of the project. Involvement also includes the coordination of pre-appointed Architectural, M&E, Structural and other relevant subconsultants. The hotel will remain fully operational during the refurbishment works, which are being undertaken in two phases and are expected to reach completion in mid 2021.

Aston manor unveils vodka-based hard seltzer in three unique flavours New Sol Duc is a refined mix of sparkling water, pure vodka and natural fruit flavours. Available in three distinctive flavour fusions - Strawberry & Lime, Raspberry & Rose and Rhubarb & Ginger - Sol Duc delivers a superior, 95 calories drink experience. Leading UK cider maker, Aston Manor, has launched Sol Duc, a trio of low-calorie, alcoholic hard seltzers that provide a naturally fruity and delicious alternative for consumers. Sol Duc is Aston Manor’s first foray into the hard seltzer market and is part of its ongoing investment into new production capabilities and resources.

Calli O’Brien, marketing controller at Aston Manor said: “Consumers more than ever are seeking balanced options to support their lifestyle, but with this, the expectation for full flavour and no compromise still stands. They want transparency and honesty in their products, with great taste to boot. “Sol Duc is all about purity and transparency; in contrast to the fermented alcohol bases seen in some other hard seltzers. Sol Duc is simply sparkling water, a dash of vodka and natural flavouring. Why make it any more complicated than that? We also wanted to be playful with flavour. Our dual flavours

are designed to provide an initial flavour hit, followed by a lingering intensity, to spark interest and give something to discover and enjoy. This is not another ‘citrus’ flavour. Our consumers are curious, and we wanted to play up to that!

Cider Company, which is based in Washington, we have gained invaluable insight and understanding of the hard seltzer category following its phenomenal success in the US. With Sol Duc we’re aiming to emulate that success in the UK.”

“We are well-placed to diversify our product range, especially with a hard seltzer. Through our transatlantic relationship with the Seattle

Sol Duc has a recommended retail price of £2 per can. To secure a listing or to find out more, visit

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

The range, available in three delectable flavours - Strawberry & Lime, Raspberry & Rose and Rhubarb & Ginger - combine sparkling water, a dash of pure vodka and natural fruit flavours. The 330ml (5% ABV) cans contain just 95 calories, no additives or artificial sweeteners, and are suitable for anyone following a gluten-free or vegan diet.


Bell & Swift appointed to redesign the iconic Hilton Glasgow and announces new appointment Glasgow’s landmark Hilton Hotel

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

The well-loved Hilton Glasgow hotel is set to undergo a large-scale refurbishment having appointed leading Scottish commercial interior design company Bell & Swift to help transform the hotel. The hotel refurb is set to include all 319 existing guestrooms, an additional three guestrooms harvested from a redundant executive lounge on the 18th floor, and function and leisure spaces across the hotel. Bell & Swift have been working onsite, to create three model rooms for feasibility testing of the designs of the standard, deluxe and executive level suites. The function and prefunction areas are due for completion in December 2020 with the rest of the project to continue to be rolled out the following year.


The design concept is centred around Glasgow heritage, taking inspiration from the “Glasgow Style” made famous by world renowned designer and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The newly designed hotel rooms will feature bespoke furniture elements, designed in a linear style as a nod to the iconic designer. Carpets and soft furnishing selections are inspired by the work of sisters Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh and Frances Macdonald MacNair. The Ballroom and Pre-function Bar required a complete redesign and will continue the Glasgow Style but on a grander

scale, to allow suitability for functions and gatherings and help re-establish the hotel as Scotland’s premier function destination. New appointment Bell & Swift, headed up by Dawn Campbell and Craig McKie, are a leading commercial interior design agency, with over 20 years of experience in hotel design. The team, based in Glasgow, specialise in interior design for global hotel chains, boutique spaces and renovation projects which they’ve

carried out across the UK and beyond. The agency has recently expanded their team, by welcoming Colin Carswell to the team as Associate Interior Designer. With extensive experience in hotel, bar, restaurant and branding design, Colin will work alongside company directors on new client accounts and strategic business development, focusing on delivering large scale hospitality projects for the firm from concept through to completion.

Learn the step-by-step process to generate 8-10 new sales enquiries per week, with £0.00 marketing spend. Even if you're new to LinkedIn. Over 800

Full details



Octo n i s e e d tten


The Varsity Hotel, Cambridge Cambridge is famous worldwide for its stunning universities, some of the world’s greatest minds have attended the 31 prestigious colleges in the city.


ich in history Cambridge is also home to the river Cam, beautiful architecture, a vibrant energy and a bicycle or two.

Although you have an immediate feel of the historic Cambridge city centre there is also an apparent innovative vibe as you walk through the hustle and bustle of the marketplace and walk by the various coffee shops and restaurants.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

The Varsity Hotel & Spa is a 30 second walk from the cities action and is oozing with style and


elegance. As you enter the lobby you’re greeted by the wonderful staff at check-in and due to the current pandemic your temperature is taken on their automated screening system. A process that can be tiring is made ever so simple and before you know it you’re enjoying the confines of your room. Boutique Hotels are known of course for their beautiful interior but what cannot be questioned is the incredible view you have from you floor - to ceiling window of Cambridge. The Hotel opened its doors in 2010 and is sat between Magdalene and St John’s colleges. The picturesque view is paired perfectly with the modern décor throughout the room.

Oak flooring and stylish designer wallpaper really give an elegant and sophisticated ambience. After a good hour or two relaxing in the room whilst enjoying a cuppa form our very stylish cork- bottomed teapot we made way to SIX restaurant conveniently placed on the 6th floor. If you think the view from your room is amazing wait until you sit down for dinner! The panoramic view of the city is unmatchable. This really makes your dining experience complete. The 360° view will have you in awe of the beauty that Cambridge has to offer.

SIX offer variety of delicious dishes as well as plenty of well-crafted cocktails. Whether you’re after a light bite or three courses they have you covered for your culinary needs. There is of course many of the famous Cambridge Gins on offer too so you’re spoilt for choice. For me The Varsity is a must visit Hotel and Spa. Their attention to detail surpasses excellence throughout your stay. The balance is perfect between evening enjoyment and Hotel stay rejuvenation. To book your stay from December 3rd onwards visit their website here –

co-cre8 launches a unique range of sustainablysourced infrastructure to promote recycling and reuse co-cre8, one of the UK’s leading practioners in creating and implementing circular systems, has launched an innovative range of British-designed and manufactured infrastructure that will enable retailers, hospitality and foodservice operators and businesses to recycle more, provide better hygiene and encourage greater adoption of reuse. The range of modular products includes beverage cup recycling bins, recycling stations, PPE disposal and hygiene stations and beverage reuse stations. There is also an option to make the products entirely from sustainablysourced materials that co-cre8 will, at end of use, either recycle or re-purpose into new products. Everything in the range can also be custom branded, so that it both fits perfectly into the environment its intended for and carries important instructions to endusers. “The historic approach of only providing consumers with bland and hard to follow ‘binfrastructure’ has never truly worked”, says Peter Goodwin, Co-founder of co-cre8.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

“Time and again this results in lack of engagement and bins contaminated with material that has minimal value downstream to recyclers. This new range not only addresses this by designing out opportunities for contamination to occur but, because our range has been purposed for front-of-house, also makes it easier than ever to support recycling by segregating materials at source”, added Peter.


To help businesses comply with latest regulations to keep workers, customers and visitors safe, the co-cre8 offering also includes a range of Hygiene Stations. As well as following best practice for the secure disposal of PPE, the stations can also be adapted to

include automatic hand sanitisers and dispensers for gloves, masks and wipes. The co-cre8 built-environment range also supports the greater adoption of reusable bottles and cups. This will help reduce the reliance on single-use products, which can only be supported if there is sufficient infrastructure in place to allow washing and refill, particularly in ‘on-the-go’ environments. Customers can either choose from the standard range or have their own product requirements custom-made by co-cre8, within which there are also options to incorporate, within the recycling infrastructure, the actual materials that are intended to be collected. “To transition to the widespread adoption of more circular materials, we must ensure there is both a need for the product being made and that the proposed material (made from waste) is fit for purpose. Finally the product needs to meet the quality and cost of existing products. We believe that ours exceed this quality test, whilst also having the added benefit of being a catalyst to inspire further behavioural

change”, says Peter Godwin, cocre8’s Co-founder. “We are now the first company to successfully marry up aesthetically pleasing designs with functional products that will help promote the circular economy. In addition, all of our UK designed and manufactured products will display the ‘Made in Britain’ logo that will also promote local employment, local material loops and the UK green economy “, added Peter. For more information call on 03330 165 088 or email

Gaggia: Coffee As It’s Meant To Be Gaggia’s Iconic Professional Coffee Machines Are Now Available In The UK

It was during the ’30’s, amidst the unmistakable hustle and bustle of Milan, that ‘Italian Coffee’ as we know it was conceived... Achille Gaggia, a barista, has a light-bulb moment: to build a coffee machine that doesn’t use steam, but rather a revolutionary piston mechanism that pushes water through coffee at a high temperature. He worked diligently to realise his vision and ultimately create what Gaggia considered to be the perfect espresso. Little did he know that his success heralded the modern Italian espresso era.

sector of the marketplace, as Evoca UK’s Sales Director Craig Jukes explained. ‘The driving force behind our new machines is the desire to offer baristas a choice of innovative machines that not only allow them to craft an espresso that Achille Gaggia himself would be proud of, but also enable them to work with increased efficiency.’ Among, the new Gaggia machines are La Reale, La Radiosa and La Giusta. The machines are manufactured in Italy in the group’s factories and with such names, there’s no doubting that espresso coffee is still considered an Italian experience the world over.

Jumping forwards to the 2020s and the Gaggia professional range still Since that fateful day in 1938, across bears all the hallmarks of Italian Europe and from the US to Australia, style. La Reale and La Giusta were the most state-of-the-art cafés have designed by the Bonetto agency. served an infinite number of cups of Most noted for its excellence in espresso made on a Gaggia machine. automotive design, Bonetto also has a huge experience in the coffee sector. Gaggia’s process suddenly made They’ve created machines that have coffee ‘cool’. By the end of the ’40’s, a refined and charming style. They Gaggia machines were installed in look modern, but at the same time, many an Italian home. By the 1950s they pay homage to certain stylistic and 60s Gaggia machines were a elements that typify the ‘mythical’ staple in high street coffee bars, fifties, that arguably were the heydays capturing the vibrancy and energy of of Italian chic. the time. Top of the range is La Reale. It is UK coffee aficionados can choose unique; entirely designed by light. from a range consisting of both This can be seen not only in the traditional and super-automatic shimmering reflections of its copper machines, each aimed at a specific and steel bodywork, but also in the

soft light of its LED profiles and in its evocative backlighting. The machine has a touch screen and a push-button panel in connection with each brewing unit to allow complete customization of the brewing parameters and rapid, intuitive selections. It is a machine created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding market. La Giusta is more classical, reminiscent of the original company style in its use of metallic materials and its attention to detail, which combine to create a product of undisputed robustness. A backlit rear logo and front push-buttons combine elegance with functionality. La Radiosa is an innovative superautomatic professional machine, with a high-definition 10” touch screen for beverage selection. Framed by LED profiles that create unlimited combinations of colours according to the user’s wishes, La Radiosa is equipped with a brewing unit that perfectly delivers both quality espresso and those larger beverages particularly appreciated by UK consumers. A brand-new fresh milk delivery system, (EvoMilk), allows the preparation of hot and cold foamed milk-based beverages, always with excellent results. ‘The name of Gaggia carries similar international kudos to that of ‘Ferrari’ or ‘Gucci’’, Craig said. ‘As a premium brand, there can be no compromise on quality. Having said that, each of these machines offers considerable cost-savings over comparable ‘competitive’ products. Our aim was to bring the production of the best possible coffee within the reach of the typical independent coffee shop, of the sort that is constantly appraised by consumers entirely on the quality of drinks delivered. We’ve achieved that. Purchasers have compared the machines’ capabilities with other products and they’ve found that they can make considerable cost savings without any compromises on quality.’ Evoking a bygone era, but with a strong focus on contemporary needs, re-launching the brand brings Italian style and panache to cafés in the UK.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

The desire to make the perfect espresso - that is the raison d’être of one of Italy’s most iconic coffee companies.



New YOUNG bath screen collection from Novellini. Designed and manufactured in Italy. All Young bath screens are fitted with rise and fall metal hinges, double seals and chrome optional anti-splash trim for a secondary seal. Available in black, white, silver and chrome finishes. No more damaged bath panels and flooded bathrooms


adv-NOVELLINI-young-bathsceen-Luxury B&B bed breakfast-0320-2.indd 1

09/03/20 09:41

Regency Design launches external WeatherGuard to protect customers obliged to queue

The need for retailers, hospitality venues and other customerfacing establishments to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines, and enforce social distancing, has led to a challenge that many are familiar with: how to protect customers who are obliged to stand outside in a queue from being subjected to the elements such as wind and the rain.

While in the summer months this has not been such an issue, the onset of autumn is causing retailers and customers alike to rethink their strategies. Regency Design believes it has come up with the answer, with a low-cost modular tunnel that can be built as long or short as required and either bolted or weighted to the ground or on casters for ultimate portability. Zak Manhire, Chief Commercial Officer at Regency Design, says that the British-built product has been specifically designed with customer service in mind: “The weather tunnels will help to protect customers who are queuing outside and encourage them to continue shopping, eating or generally going about their business on rainy days,” he says. “Retailers, pubs and restaurants, banks and building societies, post offices and GP surgeries or indeed any environment where a customer is obliged to wait outside can benefit from our system which delivers a new definition of customer care and comes with bespoke branding.” The External Q WeatherGuard System comes with 1.5 mm

Zintec construction and 5mm PetG interchangeable inserts with predrilled holes or plates that bolt into the floor for safety and stability. The guards are 1.5m long x 1m wide x 2.1m high with gradients for run off. With optional lockable casters and a fully brandable side panel, the WeatherGuards are safe and secure and can be branded and customised to fit any customer-facing establishment. The WeatherGuard system is lightweight yet robust, they can be wheeled in/out of a venue outside of working hours to prevent them from being damaged or vandalised. Additionally, a pitched roof design prevents a build-up of surface water and associated dirt.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Regency Design, the British design and manufacturing specialist, has invented a novel way of protecting queuing customers from the elements – a modular tunnel system known as the External Q WeatherGuard System.


A true gem THDP – UK and Italian architecture and interior design multi award winning studio with expertise in hospitality and high end residential projects spanning multiple countries – is renowned for creating true gems of art and beauty.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Words: Stella Manferdini


The Hilton Frankfurt City Centre, finalist at the Sbid International Design Awards 2020 and shortlisted for the International Hotel and Property Awards, stands among the latest projects signed by THDP. The uniqueness of the project lies in the observation of the environment and cultural background of the place, thus joining and reflecting the enchanting eclecticism and modernity of Frankfurt city.

Centre’s international guests and their understanding of what luxury means. The modern design of the rooms is therefore tailored to the modern contemporary traveller, with a selection of neutral colours and warm timber panelling and flooring, thus imbuing a familiar feeling blended with smart and business touches. The rooms are also equipped with high-tech solutions, modern light fittings and carefully selected artworks that aim at giving a glimpse into the local culture.

The inspiration provided by Frankfurt city and its position as a global financial hub is combined with a particular focus on the consumers’ priorities and expectations in terms of latest technologies. Indeed, the ‘smart modern approach’ chosen by Nicholas Hickson and Manuela Mannino – co-owners and creative directors of THPD – takes into account the Hilton Frankfurt City

The Hilton Frankfurt City Centre’s modern structure also provides his guests with an exclusive space of healing and recovery: the new Hudson Yards Bar. The adaptable framework of the Hudson Yards Bar consists of a back bar having swing doors closing a ‘day’ focus section ­for coffee, afternoon teas and cakes, and a ‘night’ time set up of cocktails and spirits. Designed as a place of

refreshment for business travellers, the bar features a New York style, with brass gantry shelving, custom counter lights, brass foot stops, strong colours and natural leather details. Finally, the design project developed by THDP includes the refurbishment and modernization of the check-in area, in the sign of a style continuity with the new guests rooms and suites. The new check-in area is provided with individual checkin pods, thus ensuring the easy flow of people inside the building and maximising the comfort of the guests. The bespoke design purposely resemble a concierge desk at a New York residential high rise, with rounded shaped check-in pods incorporating natural Rosso Levanto marble, copper mesh and walnut veneer, so as to elevate the Hilton Frankfurt City Centre to the level of a modern luxury space.


Hotelier & Hospitality Design

BEPPE RASO - Photographer


An instagrammers dream arrives in Dubai this weekend Missippis rooftop bar & hub to open this Friday

December 2020

Missippi’s–the city’s brand-new pool bar and social hub–officially opened on Friday, 9th October, offering guests a social and visual escape from the hustle and bustle of Dubai, with something for everyone all week long. Book your brunch, Bae Day or spot by the pool here , at your home from home, Missippi’s–a new-age urban oasis in the heart of Dubai. The wait is almost over; Missippi’s Pool Bar & Social Hub is set to open its doors this Friday, the 9th of October. A joint venture by two industry giants, CANDYPANTS and LIVITHospitality Management– Missippi’s is a fun, accessible, newage urban oasis located in the ideal rooftop setting of Avani Ibn Battuta Dubai. Picture the colourful cafes of


Bali, throw in a touch of Tulum’s tropics, add the artistry of Miami, and top it off with a wide selection of vibrant bevvies, global bites and unique cocktails; you’ve just discovered Missippi’s: the perfect escape from the concrete jungle, without the hassle of leaving the city. Whether you’re a sun-seeking bruncher, a poolside night owl, a midweek sipper, or a family in search of a fun day out–Missippi’s is the neighbour you’ve always dreamt, with something for everyone, from 6am ‘til late, every day.

BAE DAY - Step into Missippi’s Bali-inspired poolside paradise for a day dedicated to the ladies! Dip your toes in the water, sip on free-flowing Frozé & Rosé,and soak up the sun while enjoying one of Missippi’s home-cooked food platers.Bae Day(from 13th October) Tuesdays,12pm to 5pmAED 99 for unlimited Frozé (slushies),Rosé grape&FoodPlattersFood Platter includes Chicken Wrap or veggie alternative,California Maki or veggie alternative,QuinoaSalad, Caesar Salad,Fries,& a selection ofIce-CreamsPOOL BRUNCHIt’s time to drink, dine, or dip! Leave your problemsat the door and let Missippi

Fridays, 12pm to 5pm AED 299 for unlimited brunch food and sips Food includes a variety of salads, hot and cold mezzeh, seafood, meat & veggie option. Sips include selected house spirits, hops, house grape and bubbles. NIGHT BRUNCH


Pool Brunch

Food includes a variety of salads, hot and cold mezzeh, seafood, meat, veggie & dessert optionsSips include selected house spirits, hops, house grape and bubbles FAMILY POOL BRUNCHIt’s a family fun day! Missippis’s family welcomes yours for a fun and friendly sun-soaked Saturday.

December 2020

welcome you toher little slice of poolside paradise. Dip your toes in the water, while sipping on one of her colourful cocktails or enjoying the flavours of one of her many mouth-watering homecooked favourites.

Step into her hidden urban oasis,where everyone iswelcome,and you’ll find unexpected touches of magic around every corner.

As dusk turns to dark, Missippi turns up her music. Make yourself at home in her lounge,while she whips you up ahandcrafted cocktail, before treating you to her tropics-of-Tulum-inspired evening brunch.

Family Pool Brunch Saturdays, 12pm to 5pm AED 299 for food platters &sips Food Platter includes Caesar Salad, Quinoa Salad, Grilled Salmon, Margarita, Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizzas, Fries & Sweet Potato Sips include house spirits, hops & house grape

Fridays, 8pm to 11pm AED 299 for unlimited brunch food and sips.


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP December 2020 Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Every year, millions of tonnes of food waste in the UK goes straight to landfill


Collectively, the hospitality industry is one of the main contributers to this, throwing away around 920,000 tonnes each year, totalling a cost of around £2.5bn to the hospitality and food sector.

Costing the sector billions and impacting the environment, measures must be put in place to mitigate this. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to recycle. Leading UK food waste management company, Keenan Recycling has recently expanded its network across the UK. Originally based in Scotland, the company has spent much of this year opening up new depots in south west England, as well as adding a new fleet of trucks to sites including Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Gloucester and Salisbury. Investing more than £5million into driving growth in England, the recycling company is passionate about getting companies south of the border thinking about how they can

responsibly manage food waste. Managing director, Grant Keenan explains below why the hospitality sector should be recycling their food waste and how recycling can benefit their business. Wasting money and energy by Grant Keenan, managing director, Keenan Recycling Although England is currently working towards a pledge of eliminating food waste to landfill by 2030 with legislation planned for 2023, it is already behind the likes of Scotland and Northern Ireland who are already effectively stamping out food waste. In fact, in data recently published by the Environment Agency, the

As food rots and degrades, it releases methane gases which are 28 times more harmful than carbon dioxide (CO2) in terms of trapping heat in the atmosphere. The environmental impact of preventing this is equivalent to taking one in four cars off the road. Moreover, when food is wasted we also waste all the energy and resources that went into producing, processing, transporting and cooking it while losing the money spent on all these things – meaning that businesses, like yours, are less efficient and less competitive. Turning food into fuel So, what can you do with the mountains of leftover food?

expectation for “making money whilst doing something good for the world”.

By choosing to recycle your food waste in this way, it not only reduces the emissions into the ecosystem, but also lessens the need for further use of fossil fuels and becomes a significant contributor to the circular economy.

What can you do to help?

With green energy now regarded as the second most important renewable source, ahead of wind and solar; and this year, successfully reducing the greenhouse effect by 21 per cent, recycling your food waste is a hugely important step in helping save the planet. Producers of food waste now have no excuse for not making sure that their waste is collected and recycled into renewable energy.

The new waste plant in Linwood will unpack and process the food waste collected and delivered by its fleet of collection vehicles. As a key supplier to UK anaerobic digestion plants (ADPs), Keenan is already processing more than 100,000 tonnes of organic waste a year, turning it into premium grade compost or generating electricity through waste to energy production plants.

Growing your credentials

The food recycling specialist currently partners with leading waste management companies and brokers, who work on a national scale, recycling food waste for customers including shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

As well as saving money and helping the environment, recycling your food waste can even help boost the image of your company. We understand that before legislation comes into effect and makes it law to recycle your food waste, it can be a bit of a chore. However, businesses which embed sustainability within their day-to-day operations are better placed to take advantage of the rise in customer

The world and customer bases are increasingly favouring companies that value the environment and sustainability. By showing your compassion for these matters, and implementing food waste recycling services to help, customers are more likely to trust and favour your business over others.

Keenan Recycling’s service includes an integrated approach to collecting food waste and turning it into green energy through its innovative processing facility in Scotland.

If you’re looking for a recycling partner to manage your food waste get in touch or head to our website for more information:

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

amount of waste sent to landfill in England has actually risen by 4% in 2019 to 45,859,000 tonnes. This represents an increase of around 1.8 million tonnes from 2018.

Biofuel is the product derived from recycling food waste that can then be transformed into a renewable energy source - biogas. Using anaerobic digestors, this biogas can be extracted and used for electricity, gas to grid, heating or even as biomethane for transport. Furthermore, there is absolutely no waste, as the by-product left behind, called digestate, is removed and spread to agricultural land as an organic fertiliser.


Dometic Renews Its Entire Wine Refrigerator Range Dometic is introducing a new range of wine refrigerators with improved energy performance that exceeds the requirements of the upcoming EU legislation. The new range is purpose-built and categorized for better positioning and easier selection. All new products are available both online and at retailers. Dometic today announced the total remodelling of their entire wine refrigerator portfolio and introduced new categories including: entering models and purpose-built products for things such as storing and aging wine bottles. These new variations offer the possibility for built-in and stand-alone options for both private homes and professional use. Thanks to a new cooling technology with a variable speed compressor, Dometic’s new wine refrigerator series is one of the most energy efficient lines of products available in the market. They are labelled with the top rating for wine refrigerators, Energy Class A+ and A, which complies with the future requirements of the new EU legislation which will be enforced starting in March 2021.

The Dometic Design Range The range is designed to fit in modern kitchens as fashionable décor. With a frameless 3-layer glass door, UV light filter and full-height LED light on both sides, each fridge becomes an important part of an interior. Technology featured in the range is also modern; each fridge sports an integrated air circulation system that secures homogenous temperature distribution as well as a water tank and carbon filter to create a perfect climate for storing and ageing wine. The Design Range also features almost all models with dual temperature zones to store red and white wines at the perfect serving temperature in the same cabinet. The new design requires no extra external ventilation space. The all-in-one design will not disturb the architecture of a kitchen, dining room or living room. Various models, capacity and design here. The Dometic Classic Range Dometic created a new Classic Range for those focused on performance. Their mono-zone cabinet with wooden sliding shelves are suitable for storing wines at the ideal drinking temperature between +5ºC and +22ºC.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

All new Dometic Wine Refrigerator ranges feature heating and cooling


functions which quickly achieve and reliably maintain the set temperature despite the ambient temperature in the room. Various models, capacity and design here. The Dometic Essential Range This marks the first time Dometic has designed entry model wine fridges. The range offers great value for social beverage experiences at home with wellengineered technology which allows wine storage at the ideal drinking temperature. The larger model showcases a solid door, a water tank and carbon filter to create a perfect climate for storing and ageing wine, suitable for application in a pantry and restaurants, bars and hotels, perfect for professional use. Various models, capacity and design here. The Dometic Wine Refrigerator range is available in the market as of today, both via online and in-store at select Dometic dealers.

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP December 2020

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP December 2020

JANGRO LAUNCHES DIGITAL CLEANING WALL CHARTS FOR HOSPITALITY SECTOR As lockdown restrictions continue to loosen and hospitality outlets emerge from their enforced hibernation, they must be extra vigilant when it comes to cleaning and hygiene. To assist with this enhanced focus on infection control, Jangro, the largest network of independent janitorial and cleaning distributors in the UK and Ireland, has extended its award-winning, innovative range of digital wall charts. These cleaning guides now include colour coded plans for the hospitality sector, ensuring a safe and hygienic working environment is maintained. Jangro’s digital wall chart creator has been updated to enable customers in the hospitality industry to create their own bespoke colour coded plans, featuring the products of their choice for each surface and work space within bar and catering areas. Customers can also upload their own

logo, to personalise it to their specific business. Once the chart has been created, it can be printed or downloaded for reference. The technology has also been enhanced so that the customer now also receives a QR code, enabling it to be downloaded to a mobile device quickly and easily. As well as their bespoke copy, the customer will automatically receive a full health and safety compliance pack. This comprises of the relevant safety data sheets, product user guides, and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) risk assessments of the products that feature on their chart. Essentially, this streamlines all of the health and safety documentation, making it easier for bar, café or restaurant businesses to stay compliant.

Joanne Gilliard, CEO at Jangro comments, “We launched our digital wall chart creator with colour coded plans for washrooms and kitchen areas, at The Cleaning Show last year and were thrilled to take home its Management Systems Innovation Award. Customers love the fact that this innovative technology streamlines all the relevant information, so that they can find whatever they need in one place. We are thrilled to extend this valuable service to bars, cafes and restaurants across the UK & Ireland at a time when cleaning and hygiene is of the utmost importance.” Jangro is a dynamic force in the cleaning supply industry and is the largest network of independent janitorial distributors in the UK and Ireland. For more information go to or call 01204 795 955.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

As bars, restaurants, and cafes reopen, independent janitorial and cleaning distributor extends digital wall chart collection to include the hospitality sector.


How to weather-proof your commercial outdoor space ready for the winter Since the easing of the lockdown restrictions back in July, the hospitality sector has pulled out all the stops to welcome us back with open arms.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

The ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ government scheme enabled us to dine out at a discounted rate, but as the British summer comes to an end, many temporary outdoor covers including brollies, parasols and pop-up marquees are showing the strain and are unlikely to survive the less clement weather the next few months will bring.


As the COVID-19 restrictions don’t seem to be easing any time soon, now is the ideal time for restaurants, bars and hotels to look into weatherproofing their outdoor dining areas for the long term. Investing wisely in the right terrace coverings for your outdoor space can help keep your business going through the colder months. Awnings, louvered pergolas & external blinds As we transition into autumn/winter, many commercial establishments are realising how important their outdoor space is. Due to the current social distancing rules, indoor seating options have been hugely restricted and a more robust solution for the winter period is now required.

Features The framework of any terrace covering should ideally be manufactured from powder coated aluminium, as this super-strong, corrosion resistant and highly durable material can survive the knocks and bumps of bustling environments. A minimum of two hi-tensile tear resistant stainless-steel cables that tension twin heavy duty double coiled springs are essential if using folding arms on retractable awnings. This ensures the fabric is under

optimum tension, staying crisp and taut and able to withstand gusts of wind. For exposed locations, having folding arms with double the quantity of cables will offer increased wind resistance and tension. Fabrics No matter the type of outdoor fabric canopy used within your commercial space, it is more likely to stand the test of time if manufactured from acrylic fibres – one of the highest quality materials currently available for use within these types of products. Fit for purpose and dimensionally stable, acrylic will not warp or stretch when under tension. In addition to this, the material will not fade due to the solution dye that impregnates the colour right through to the core of the yarn. Despite this, the material should still be treated with a nano tech coating such as TEXgard, an invisible protective shield embedded into the fibre that essentially generates a self-clean effect by preventing dirt and debris from settling, whilst also repelling water. The latest generation of acrylic, CBA (Clean, Brilliant Acrylic), ensures up to 50% less dirt adhesion in comparison to regular acrylic. Operation As the default mechanism within most outdoor canopies, motorised operation allows for consistent

movement as well as an effortless extension and retraction process, subsequently lengthening the lifecycle of your product as a result. Integrated motors safeguard against exposure to the elements, whilst secure rolling codes and frequency guarantees no interference. Intelligent sensors (in particular wind protection sensors) are highly recommended as once incorporated into the install, they can allow for closure of the product when left unattended. As a potentially sizeable investment, adequate research around the most suitable all-weather canopy system (as well as the installation company) goes without saying. Your chosen specialist should boast a wealth of experience within their field, provide a range of solutions for your application and finally be open to your specific requirements and budget. Wherever possible, choose a supplier that manufactures its products in the UK. Should anything go wrong, you can rest assured that it will be resolved quickly. Also, with an authentic ‘Made in Britain’ product, outstanding quality is usually guaranteed, and lead times are typically significantly shorter. Stuart Dantzic Managing Director, Caribbean Blinds

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

It is likely that the more temporary covers such as brollies and parasols won’t stand up to adverse conditions and although retractable awnings can protect and shelter customers from sun, shade and light rain showers at the touch of a button, they can be susceptible to damage from high winds. Modern pergolas with either sliding fabric or rotating aluminium louvered roofs and sides offer a more pragmatic solution, providing protection from heavy rain, gale force winds and even snow.


Hotelier &

Hospitality Design Hote

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February 2019 : Hotel

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Jermyn Street Design


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