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April 2021: Industry News, Openings & Refurbishments, Technology, Recommended Suppliers...

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Think Design Think Hom Deralam Laminates Ltd started as a family business in the Northwest of England and now operate from multiple UK sites meaning that the customer can benefit from a flexible and unrivalled nationwide distribution service. Deralam have a close relationship with all their supply partners, ensuring that they continue to add the latest innovative materials and designs to a constantly expanding portfolio. Stocking over 10000 product lines,

You can be sure that Deralam st solution to suit your latest design p together with the highest leve commitment and customer service. able to supply the correct produ extremely tight deadlines has seen De forge close relationships with companies in the shop fitting industr their products are used in the stor some of the most prestigious names i street retail.

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tock a project els of Being uct to eralam many ry and res of in high

Keen to stay ahead of the market, Deralam have sole UK distribution rights for Homapal©, that specialise in laminates of various finishes including real metal surfaces, this leaves an almost unlimited scope for creativity and customisation; meaning that this product has a multitude of applications and finds its way into cruise ships, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and high street retail stores, in fact, any vertical surface that needs to be enhanced.

Over the years, hardly any other material has proven its worth in interior design to the extent in which the laminate has done. Looks, feel and function are combined to get the interplay of elements into all-embracing spatial concepts in a way that could not be more natural. Deralam is the Architects, ideal choice for manufacturers and retailers alike.

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Artificial plants & trees for businesses At Just Artificial, we work with interior designers, decorators, set dressers, architects and more to set your premises apart from the rest. Our artificial plants, flowers and trees are highly realistic to look and touch, as well as being durable and attractive. | 01524 858888 |

Fire Retardant products and UV resistant outdoor product ranges now in stock!

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April 2021: Industry News, Openings & Refurbishments, Technology, Recommended Suppliers...

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Hotelier & Hotel Design Magazine is the leading publication and established web resource in the business. Providing comprehensive reporting on hotel industry news and exclusive coverage of the latest ecological-friendly green hotels and bar designs, HHD Magazine keeps you updated on the latest hotel trends in technology and innovative ideas.

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The perfect finish to any bathroom To make life easier, we give many of our taps and showers a flawless contemporary chrome finish. No need for chemicals. Just a quick wipe with a wet cloth and you’re done. Brilliant.

13/09/2019 15:45

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Luxury Castl – Where your Dream becomes 4

Brand Statement

Why hire a Castle?

We are a hospitality business that specializes in ensuring that our customers can enjoy a different reality to their norm, that is in the form of enjoying the luxuries that a castle has to offer.

We understand that hiring a castle may initially seem outlandish, however when there are significant life events to celebrate or the booking a company retreat to think about, something unforgettable should be considered and that is the nature of what we provide. Helping to foster greater company comradery within your organization or providing great conversation matter for attendees to your significant life event.

Background Luxury Castle Hire is committed in ensuring that we maintain a high level of service for customers who are seeking to benefit from any of the over 150 castles we have available in our portfolio. We understand the routine of life and we are passionate about making sure that your stay will be memorable.

Why Luxury Castle Hire? We have been in business since 1960 as a result we are knowledgeable about the nature of the service we provide, ensuring a demand specific service to the need our customers have.

le Hire s a Reality Amazing Rentals For Amazing Events

• • • • • • • • • • •

Luxury Properties Hire A Castle Hire A Villa Hire An Island Hire A Chalet For Special Ocassions Such As: Fathers Day Murder Mystery Experience Pamper Packages Kids Birthday Parties At Luxury Castle Hire

• • • • • • • • • • • •

All Anniversaries Halloween Events 2021 Valentine’s Day Luxury Stag Party Hen Party Baby Showers Celebrate Your Big Birthday Corporate Events Graduation In A Castle Christmas Festivities New Year 2022 Weddings

• Honeymoon

#Covid19 We Are Taking Bookings As Normal On Our Site. All properties Are Available And Taking Bookings For All Accommodation. We are also providing luxury isolation staycations in style at most of our properties worldwide. We are providing discounts for all bookings in 2021 to 2025.

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We offer:


Assured Hotels – Sales & distribution demand and operations review through to re-launch. February/ March 2021 Subscribe to our Hotel Recovery data report

At last, we have a date – 17th May 2021. While we understand it is still “no earlier than”, and it will be at least full 14 months from the first stay at home message, at least now the hard work can start. Assured Hotels continue to offer independent support and impartial advice, from our unique position unincumbered by our own assets. Thankfully with the health situation now improving to a sustainable position, backed by the vaccine program and other scientific progress we are quietly confident this will be our last period under these restrictive conditions. So we have taken the opportunity to look at a variety of initiatives we are adopting with at last a focus on sales, revenue growth and distribution. It feels like a very long time since looking at sales strategies had any worth or benefit, and we accept that the forced economic downturn and behaviour changes will mean trading conditions will be very different to just 12 months ago. There will be some markets which will bounce back quickly, whereas some will be slow to return or will not deliver prior volumes at all, so we believe creativity through a refreshed approach will be crucial.

in normal conditions, so with great uncertainty ahead the option to lean on regular & relevant 3rd party support will be a greater necessity if we are to understand and stay ahead of these shifting conditions. AH partner with various 3rd party sales channels and routes to market, we are very confident that this combined expertise can provide workable solutions in the recovery period ahead. A major focus has to be on rooms pricing and market trends, as consumers will be more particular on how and where they book. We are confident that a positive from the pandemic will be the opportunity to reduce the OTA cost and their historical market share dominance – behaviour has changed as we will all continue to seek the assurance of safe practices from businesses we visit. This safety verification is much easier to communicate direct on own websites so a massive opportunity to capture those bookings, drive repeat loyalty through brand recognition and save on commissions.

Subscribe to our Hotel Recovery data report

Location specific strategies have therefore never been more relevant, with an expected significant bounce back in leisure locations from pent up stay-cation demand. Conversely town, city and airport locations reliant on business and travel dependent markets will need a different approach, particularly where international travel is a driver – we have set out a simple case study using data freely available from SiteMinder World Hotel Index below to give an initial flavour on this market and why some hotels will need to replace income.

From late March Assured Hotels will be issuing regular market reports and analysis to highlight pricing trends as demand grows, regionally on rooms sales. We will also include pricing data and access to key supply lines. Market data and wider intel is crucial for making good decisions

International travel markets tend to be booked longer lead than domestic leisure and contracted at known volumes or high ADR, or in some cases both, plus they are high incremental spenders on F&B and attractions. That makes this a difficult segment to replace like for like, so we are

Revenue Management, Sales & Marketing refresh

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Booking Momentum by City - table below compares daily booking momentum as a % of year prior, taking three popular but very different destinations – Edinburgh, London & Bournemouth.


Observations: it seems incredible to say with confidence that London and other major cities will struggle to achieve 50% of pre-pandemic volumes, but with pressure set to remain on international travel and business markets that will likely play out to be the case, certainly in the next 6 months. As an indicative leisure dominant comparison Bournemouth fared well in summer 2020 and we can see booking momentum already lift into this February for 2021 season - as of 27th Feb Bournemouth is already at 90% of prior year compared to barely 20% in the other cities.

Forecast spring/ summer 2021 by international and domestic mix - makeup of domestic and international arrivals

Observations: February 2021 shows just 10% of hotel arrivals will be international travellers, when the same month in 2020 was just over 23%. We must also consider that the new prohibitive quarantine rules have only just started, and for how long is a big unknown. We doubt therefore that the international mix will grow back towards the 20% of the suggested mix in the summer under those conditions

• Leisure destinations - have rate strategies and routes to market been reviewed to capitalise from pent up demand and expected stay-cation boom from 17th May? • Full service hotels - is now the time to readdress the balance of facilities which may not be required, potential to improve conversion with reduced operating costs? • City/ airport business hotels - is the business demand from a shift in behaviour and restrictions on international travel going to hinder recovery growth? Do hard decisions around rationalisation of a group to exit some assets or even look at property values for change of use? This is a high-level example of the shift due to behavioural change driven by current Government quarantine policy, which will likely be in place for some time to come. With only a handful of countries mirroring the speed of the UK vaccine roll-out this could be for several months, potentially into 2022, so we need to understand how these evolving factors will influence each location and hotel type. This will need to include not only the income drivers and market mix, but also revised cost base to improve margins and therefore the serviceability of new funding levels. Subscribe to our Hotel Recovery data report

Sales Growth, Impact on Operational Structure As we emerge most businesses will look very different to the ones we shut in spring 2020. During the past year Assured Hotels have gained valuable experience on options which achieve results in some very problematic scenarios. Even on some cases where values have fallen to the extent that funding levels mean stakeholders are underwater and recapitalisation or a reasonable exit price is not viable. Options we could discuss include: 1. Recapitalisation & refinance options - AH track record of working with most of the financial institutions

and other funders, allows us to independently support relationships and solutions between lender and operator, particularly where there are performance concerns. 2. Light touch administration - an underused tool where management & directors can retain some control with the support of an insolvency process, for more details read this article by FRP Advisory on light-touchadministrations 3. Property Guardians - secure your asset while mitigating costs over a period of at least 3 months by working with us and our partner Ad Hoc Property Management. 4. Change of use - we have worked on cases where, in conjunction with Guardians in situ to buy time, land or asset value is higher than a going concern sale. We have trusted contacts in legal property teams to explore this option. Over the months of the pandemic, we have worked on other asset value preservation initiatives, please see our website for other support during the remaining lockdown or planning ahead for the recovery phase.

Supporting Stakeholders – meet with us on a no obligation basis In direct response to ongoing challenges faced by the hotel & hospitality sector Assured hotels will be offering no obligation meeting time to sector stakeholders. We will be providing access to our senior team to discuss any challenges. We have made our significant experience and resources available without charge to cover all main disciplines of finance & forecasting, procurement, sales and revenue management, plus funding and government support access. We will endeavour to answer any question raised, so please click here to book a meeting email or call 0203 205 7239.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

advocating a comprehensive business review, which could include:


In the bedroom Pair our Citrine stone washed bedlinen with a cozy cashmere wool throw in grey:

LinenMe’s Waffle Towels Demonstrate the Pantone Color Pick for 2021! Every year Pantone’s trend forecasters compile extensive research to find a color that represents or somehow embodies the design themes for that year. For their Color of the Year 2021 they chose two colors instead of the usual single selection. The chosen tones are Illuminating (a citrus yellow) and Ultimate Gray (a solid mid-gray).

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

And we were delighted to see that Frankfurt’s leading interiors and design exhibition, Ambiente, featured LinenMe’s graphite grey waffle towels as examples of this year’s Pantone color pick on their blog.


The two chosen colors work on their own but were deliberately selected as a duo. Pantone’s Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman explains why: “Together, the solid Ultimate Gray and the radiant Illuminating convey a positive message of inner strength. Practical and rock solid, but at the same time warming and optimistic – this is a colour combination for hope and resilience. Strength and confidence are nourishment for the human soul.” And as we can all do with some hope, unity and

strength in these difficult times, we’re 100% on board with this sentiment. We know you love to stay on top of interior trends whilst shopping sustainably and mindfully. It’s easy to update your home with these new color trends and stay true to your principles. Buying good quality linen textiles from family-run brands like us at LinenMe means you’re supporting small businesses who are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. But we also love bringing a fresh look and feel into spaces. It’s all about balance. Which fits perfectly with the Pantone Colors of the Year 2021, representing and encouraging harmony! Here’s how you can incorporate this hot color combo in your home using our premium European certified linen.

In the kitchen Create a simple backdrop to a special meal with our fringed Terra linen tablecloth in Graphite and add a pop of bold yellow with a set of linen napkins in Citrine:

In the living room Bring the Pantone color trend into your home quickly and easily by adding a few new cushions and a throw. Our Terra fringe cushion in Graphite and waffle linen throw in Citrine will instantly uplift and update your living room:

In the bathroom Bring a splash of 2021 harmony and hope into your bathroom with contrasting sets of super soft huckaback linen towels in grey and yellow:

However you decorate your home, here’s to hope and resilience for all of us in the coming year. We hope you are staying safe and well. Thanks for spending your time with us today. Find more tips on decorating with linen here, and ideas on using colors in your interior here

SFP launches Guide to Business Survival to support hospitality businesses Assistance on short-term/longer-term funding options available How to negotiate Time to Pay arrangements with creditors and HMRC Demystifying and explaining the Insolvency regime including CVAs, CVLs and administrations Spelling out a director’s responsibilities and the penalties for getting it wrong.

The Guide to Business Survival is set up in three clear stages of keeping or getting a business back on track. Part One explores the steps a business can take without having to resort to borrowing, and the importance of a cashflow forecast in understanding your true financial position; if the company is in need of cash, Part Two of the Guide outlines the various different funding options available, both short-term lending schemes to help businesses ‘bounce back’ from the current crisis as well funding solutions for more longer-term planning. Part Three of the Guide goes on to explore the restructuring and Insolvency processes, and how there are still ways of giving a business and its employees a future. It explains each element of the Insolvency regime, and the differences between Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs) and Creditor Voluntary Liquidations (CVLs), for example, through a series of helpful questions and answers. There is also guidance throughout on how to negotiate with creditors and HMRC with both formal and informal ‘Time to Pay’ arrangements, and how to choose a broker to help better understand the myriad of funding options available. Simon Plant, Chief Executive of the SFP Group, says that running a hospitality business can be tough, even when things are going well: “Many in the industry fail, not because they don’t have a great product or service, or

even a full order book, but more often because they’ve spent too much time ‘doing the day job’ and not enough time focusing on the cash,” he explains. “Throw in a global pandemic,” he says, “and that challenge is taken to another level. The Government has responded quickly and decisively to help small businesses with a variety of employer and employee support programmes and funding packages, and with tax breaks and payment holidays. But such support cannot go on indefinitely. “With the furlough scheme giving way to a Job Support Scheme, repayments of loans falling due, and deferred payments no longer deferred, businesses are facing a series of ‘pinch points’ that will undoubtedly impact their cash flow and their future prospects. “Our Guide equips business owners with the information and steps they need to navigate their way through this current crisis, or how best to restructure their business with the help of a licensed Insolvency Practitioner.” Throughout the guide, SFP focuses on the positive actions a hospitality business and its directors can take to recover and return to profit. It also explores a director’s fiduciary responsibilities, especially in an insolvency process, and spells out the financial and personal consequences of failing to act quickly and responsibly. Many hotels and hospitality businesses have failed within the last few months alone: International Retail UK Limited; Nuconnect Retail Limited; Liu Jo Retail Limited; Milligans Retail and Cafes Limited; and Quince and Harris Retail Limited. Similar failures have also been reported in the retail and catering businesses. The Guide is available free to download here

Hotelier & Hospitality Design


FP, the restructuring and turnaround group, has published a new free Guide to Business Survival with easy to follow practical steps which includes a number of remedies to help businesses within the hospitality sector navigate through the current crisis.


­ ­


OYO ANNOUNCES THE LAUNCH OF ITS PARTNER PROSPERITY CAMPAIGN Campaign Kicked Off in February With Updates to Proprietary Smart Pricing Tool, Giving Partners Greater Flexibility and Control OYO will enable successful revenue growth for its 300+ partners in the US through its technology products for small, independent hotelst will include monthly rollouts of new technology features to enable success for partners.

• OYO continues to witness healthy

recovery as RevPar reaches 130% (in Q4 2020) of pre-COVID levels.


YO, the leading technology and revenue growth brand for owners and operators of hotels and homes, today announced its Partner Prosperity campaign in the US. With a focus on directly addressing its asset partners’ feedback and requests, OYO will launch technology-based tools and features each month through July 2021. Each new technology-based tool and feature is unique to OYO and designed to deliver higher occupancy and revenue for its partners starting with a significant update to the Smart Pricing tool, which launched in 2020 to allow partners some modifications to room rates. Smart Pricing V2, was made available to all OYO partners on March 1, and is designed with updates that solve for OYO partner’s top request: more flexibility and control. The Smart Pricing V2 updates enable partners to adjust their room rates +/- 40% of OYO’s algorithm recommended rates (previously +/- 20%) for up to 90 days (previously 30) without automatic daily reset.

• The first launch, OYO Smart Pricing V2, incorporates feedback fromOYO partners regarding OYO’s pricing engine, giving them more control of their room rates by providing direct inputs into the algorithm.

• Each new technology will directly address feedback from OYO partners.

Partner Prosperity campaign is just one example of our commitment to their long-term success. We also believe our continuously updated technology and proprietary tools will attract new partners to the OYO family.” Each monthly release will follow a theme based on direct feedback from OYO’s partners. The new tools, features, and updates released each month represent OYO’s commitment to its partners and to the US hospitality industry. These themes include: February - Flexibility & Control March - Transparency & Togetherness April - Listening & Learning May - Partnership & Empowerment June - Revenue & Benchmarking July - OYO Pride & Rewards

“The US is an important market for OYO and we are proud of the growth we have achieved since we launched in 2019,” said Kasra Moshkani, Head of OYO US. “This initiative is designed to meet the needs of our existing partners and further bolster their success. Our dynamic pricing engine is powered by benchmark industry data, analytics, and proprietary algorithms designed to deliver higher revenue and occupancy at every OYO hotel in the US.”

The impact of the pandemic on the hospitality industry is undeniable. OYO recognized the slowdown as an opportunity for improvement and went back to basics, focusing on core strengths: its proprietary pricing engine and distribution channels, its unique hotel operating system (OYO OS), partner tools (CO-OYO), data science, and operational excellence. As a direct result of these efforts, the company’s RevPar reached over 130% of pre-COVID levels in Q4 2020 as it solidified its standing as the preferred choice of accommodation for front-line travelers getting the economy moving again.

“The indelible impact of COVID-19 drove us to focus on our core strengths—technology, data science, and operational excellence—and we are excited to leverage our learnings to improve our partner offering,” said Moshkani. “Our success as a company is directly related to the satisfaction and engagement of our partners. We take the feedback of our partners seriously and the

About OYO: Opening its doors in 2013, OYO Hotels & Homes is today the leading technology and revenue growth platform for small hotels and homeowners across 800 cities in 80 countries, including the U.S., Europe, U.K., India, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Japan. For more information, visit

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

• The six-month Partner Prosperity campaign


Hand sanitizing is here to stay So why are you using dispensers that last for months, not years?

Introducing DispenserONE®

The ‘Fit and Forget’ Dispenser

Ease of use

Low maintenance

Drip-free dispensing

Eliminate unsightly slip hazards

Large tank capcity

Nominated for

For more information visit

All round the new innovative surface solution from CTD Architecural Tiles

Versatile and contemporary, the new All Round collection from CTD Architectural Tiles provides designers, architects and specifiers with a full-coverage, striking surface solution. Offering a continuous flow from flat surface to corners and edging, the new collection is designed to make a statement whilst ensuring a flawless finish and ease of cleaning.

Part of the Saint-Gobain family, CTD Architectural Tiles specialises in the supply of high quality ceramic tile finishes

and tiling solutions across all sectors in the UK commercial specification market. With clients in a variety of sectors including the leisure, retail, hospitality industries, CTD Architectural Tiles is committed to bringing customers the latest innovations in product and in service. With unparalleled expertise and technical knowledge, the team works with industry leading, innovative manufacturers to offer a complete portfolio of ceramic and porcelain tile ranges to suit the architect, interior designer, developer and specification professional. 0800 021 4835

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Ideal for all kinds of project types - from residential kitchens and leisure facilities to restaurants and bars, All Round is available in 4 monochromatic colourways in 6 shapes in a glazed porcelain gloss finish. Allowing for total flexibility in surface design, the intelligent modular system creates a seamless continuation across all edges and corners, moulding joins and angles resulting in a smooth and uninterrupted appearance. From integrated sinks to seating areas, All Round offers a modern twist on the metro tile trend, whilst delivering on practical and aesthetic levels


SAFE AIR SPACES Providing clean indoor air with medical-grade technology

Clean air has never been more important Cutting edge Mobile Air Treatment Solutions For Leisure and Hospitality

industrial furniture Eden Furniture has a great range of commercial quality industrial, rustic, urban furniture. All ranges are UK manufactured giving flexibility on size, style and finish. Tanalised timber sections for all-weather resistance and powder coated steel frames for long lasting strength. In addition to the above ranges, instead of using tanalised timber we can use Recycled Non Wood Sections which are virtually maintenance free. All made from 100% recycled plastic, making them extremely durable and weather resistant. Ranges Shown - Truro, Harrogate, Helston and Shipley

Wobbly tables can be a thing of the past thanks to the patented StableTable technology. StableTable is a unique patented fully automated solution which is hidden with the pillar of the table base allowing the legs to adjust to uneven surfaces. Available for both indoor and outdoor use in a range of heights, shapes and sizes. Can be supplied as base only or complete with a stylish OnTop 12mm Compact Laminate top.

Call: 01527 519580 E: Warehouse & Showroom Unit 16 Padgets Lane, South Moons Moat, Redditch, Worcs B98 0RA


Toto launches new Washlet Toto aims to create a new understanding of hygiene – as something that enriches every moment of people’s everyday lives. The innovations presented at ISH 2021 include special technologies for even better cleanliness, which Toto refers to as Cleanovation or clean innovation. The Japanese sanitary ware producer’s toilets and shower toilets (Washlet) in particular are incredibly versatile and well-suited for use in all types of spaces, from hospitality to residential projects Toto Washlet RG, new toilet models and high-quality ceramic washbasins with sleek, streamlined designs that enhance the look of every bathroom.


The Japanese sanitary ware manufacturer’s Washlet is the shower toilet on the market with the most extensive hygiene features. They are easy to clean and have technologies that ensure long-lasting cleanliness. Many people who have chosen Washlet describe this experience as “lifechanging”. The latest addition to the collection is the sleek, rounded Washlet RG, which is celebrating its premiere at ISH 2021. Toto offers the RG in two different versions: The standard model and RG Lite. The Lite version offers many of Toto’s convenient functionalities, but without Premist or deodoriser – for a more affordable introduction to the world of Washlet.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

t this year’s virtual ISH 2021, Toto reveals a world designed to promote our wellbeing while addressing the urgent issues everyone faces today: How do we manage the risk of infection? And how can we effectively protect ourselves in the bathroom? In the lead up to this industry event, ISH talked about “an emerging wave of hygiene in the bathroom”. Toto has always considered hygiene to be one of its most important focus areas, as it is in Japanese culture: Personal well-being, recovery and attentive interactions all play an important role in the way Japanese society perceives hygiene.


VIGOUR & VICE International hospitality consultancy launches in the uk to enhance the performance & profitability of food & beerage venues postlockdown


igour & Vice ( is an international hospitality consultancy, which enhances the performance and profitability of new and established restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes with a proven, 100 per cent success rate. The consultancy is founded by Catherine Johnstone, a trailblazer in the hospitality industry, who has been working in the sector since the age of 16. She was one of Mitchell & Butler’s youngest GMs and has since held a number of positions, including Operations Manager at Jason Atherton’s four critically-acclaimed restaurants as part of the Unlisted Collection. The Vigour & Vice Method The Vigour & Vice method uses tried and tested financial and operational tools to give businesses the infrastructure they need to dramatically improve profitability by up to 30% on the bottom line. It reviews the five fundamental aspects of the business: from the sales and revenue, to the food, beverage and labour programmes, and finally general expenses, to improve bottom-line profitability. Crucially, it does all this without compromising on the quality of the culinary offering or consumer experience or by watering down the vision at the heart of the brand.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

Vigour & Vice can be employed by any food and beverage venue. The consultancy helps forwardthinking founders of new businesses secure success and longevity from launch. It can turnround companies facing financial challenges and is an expansion tool for organisations that want to be prepared for growth. The service is particularly well suited to the current climate, and for those venues looking to recover and grow post-Lockdown.


With a long-term, pre-pandemic proven track record as recovery experts, Vigour & Vice offers a service that is also highly relevant during this critical time of the UK hospitality industry’s disruption. It has proven the success of its model in the thriving dining scenes of Singapore and South Africa. It has already helped a number of global clients and has a 100% success rate at improving profitability, in some instances improving profits by more than 30% in three months. The Vigour & Vice method is the result of Cat’s experience trouble-shooting across a vast portfolio of brands, and identifying common problems that could be solved with a comprehensive and systematic approach.

Free Audit The consultancy invites businesses to reassess their operating model by signing up for a free audit and analysis. Supporting businesses both financially and operationally during this time is crucial. Once the Discovery Audit process is complete and Vigour & Vice confirm the project, they commit a minimum of three months to address the challenges at the heart of the business in a structured and systematic way, building additional infrastructure to improve business performance. Vigour & Vice’s Unique Three-Stage System The Vigour & Vice method is a three-stage system. It starts with the Discovery Audit, in which the business is analysed and the projected results are laid out. Next, the consultancy delivers its Strategy, outlining the tactics the business will deploy to improve profitability, before it sets out its Action Plan so the client has clear guidance on the work it needs to undertake. • Discovery Audit: An intensive two- to four-week period of observation, immersion and investigation. Clients complete a tailored questionnaire and provide supporting documents in order for the Vigour & Vice team to understand the business and make an initial assessment of whether they can help. • Strategy: Vigour & Vice will provide clear recommendations for the business to action immediately to start seeing improvements to the bottom line. The consultancy projects how much profit will improve by, giving clients the opportunity to decide whether to commence the service. • Action Plan: Vigour & Vice will tailor this into a clear step-by-step action plan, to suit the client’s specific needs and achieve their objectives within the agreed timeline. After each 30-day milestone Vigour & Vice will have a formal review meeting, identifying which recommendations were actioned and the impact on business performance. If there are any outstanding actions, Vigour & Vice will discuss and provide follow up solutions and confirm how they will help businesses execute them moving forwards. In the Final Reflection meeting, Vigour & Vice will engage in a feedback and sharing session, during which they will discuss what the future holds and how they will provide ongoing support for the life of the business.

Open pubs and restaurants on time with a digital twin James Morris-Manuel, EMEA Managing Director at Matterport

The measures that the hospitality industry will have to take in order to open up their establishments to the public one again can potentially be rather extensive. Previous lockdown data suggests that both pubs and restaurants are facing a longer route back to normality than other sectors hit

by substantial periods of closure. The anticipated long-awaited return of these establishments is at the forefront of the minds of much of society. Many pubs and restaurants are considering creating a ‘digital twin’ of their premises, to give the public and staff the much anticipated information of the practicality of safely welcoming punters back. With Matterport’s 3D scanning technology, pubs and restaurants can create a digital twin of their entire premises in a few minutes which they can use to plan how to utilise the available space, and get people back both quicker, and safer. The scans are to-scale, enabling customers and staff to check if seating is properly distanced. For customers returning to restaurants and pubs, as well as other hospitality establishments, safety is the number one priority, and the Matterport 3D scanning technology provides a time-efficient and effective way to do this, by using immersive, highly detailed digital scans.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design


hile the lockdown is still set to continue under four integrated phases, much of the nation is on the edge of their seats waiting for pubs and restaurants to finally reopen their doors. The lockdown remains dated to 8 March, with pubs and restaurants opening up for outdoor, seated service on 12 April, and all indoor hospitality opening on 17 May. The way forward is still very much dependent on a number of factors, however with the rapid highlyeffective vaccine roll-out still on schedule, and restaurants and pubs raring to open their doors again, the end date is in-sight..


UK Rental Cost

£9.95 per unit per month

One-off sign-up fee of


prices ex. VAT + PP

The CardsSafe system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab or hires a product or service.

forty UK golf resorts, including Foxhills, Silvermere and the London Golf Club, the demand for the system is increasing.

CardsSafe cost-effective technology has revolutionised how the hospitality industry manages its customer’s tabs on or off their premises. A significant deterrent for walkouts, misplacement of hotels assets and vandalism, CardsSafe also offers customers security against credit card fraud. It ensures peace of mind that their cards are secure while they enjoy the facilities.

Matthew, Director at Hilton Hotels, explains, “All our customers are pleased that we look after their cards in a more secure manner with CardsSafe”.

Now trusted by over 5000 brands in the UK, including Hilton Hotels, Lord’s – the home of cricket, and over

The technologically is also not hard-wired, which means it can sit discreetly behind reception or bar and be mobile to offer customers alfresco services.

CardsSafe helps Hilton Hotels to tackle their bar tabs, and hotel amenities hires. With thousands of guests visiting daily, keeping track of customer spending and borrowing and shift changes, CardsSafe offers the ideal solution to ensure that all tabs are up-to-date, accurate and always settled.

For more information, please visit Or contact the sales team on 0845 500 1040

A next-generation water recycling system, unveiled by water infrastructure systems specialist SDS, is promising to boost efforts to save water by offering significantly improved investment returns for developers and operators of hotels and leisure facilities.

Flagship Water Recycling Technology Delivers Cash Savings


The GWOD’s small footprint, together with its ability to provide, on-demand, quality recycled water whenever needed, makes it capable of significantly improved investment payback when compared to conventional Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) greywater systems, especially for larger-scale systems, SDS water recycling specialist Kevin Reed explains: “In the past, MBR systems have tended to be the technology of choice. Our ultrafiltration system typically processes water at about 2m3 per hour per filter, compared to an MBR system which processes at about 4m3 per day per membrane. As a result of the faster treatment, the storage volume, and therefore the tank size, is considerably smaller than for a typical MBR system. “Using ultrafiltration also makes the system responsive to demand at peak times. Unlike MBR, our system does not depend on having to build up a biomass of bacteria for peak operation. High quality water is available immediately on start up. This also means that the system can be shut down when not in use, for example in an office block at weekends or holidays. In this way the system saves energy, too.” The SDS Greywater on Demand system can pay back in as little as

seven years, although actual return on investment will depend on the size of the system and the local Water Company charges. SDS offers a full design and installation service to support Public Health Engineers, developers and commercial operators and ensure correct system sizing for maximum savings. In the GWOD system, greywater is collected and then pumped through a disk pre-filter system and dosed with a small amount of chlorine before entering the ultrafilters. The treated water is then stored, ready for use, in a separate tank and pumped, as needed, around the building. The GWOD’s ultrafiltration system is a highly-efficient membrane with automated integral backwash, that delivers treated water to near drinking water standards. The compact design can be adapted to add as many ultrafilters as required to deliver the amount of recycled water needed to service the building. When combined with SDS’s smart SYMBiotICTM cloud-based data monitoring and control, SDS GWOD can be configured to provide real-time performance measures, condition monitoring with alarms and alerts, as well as trend mapping to aid with preventative maintenance. Regular reports of water saving performance can also be output. Greywater is waste water, for example, from baths, showers and handbasins, that can be filtered, treated and then reused for non-

drinking purposes such as toilet flushing, laundry or garden irrigation. The principle is already being widely adopted, especially by hotels and large office blocks. In London, where planning laws encourage water recycling, up to 20% of new buildings include greywater reuse systems. Reed continues: “With the impact of climate change, increased periods of drought and water stress are predicted. So, it will be imperative for sustainable buildings to adapt and install water saving measures as standard. Up to 60% of the water used in commercial buildings, such as office blocks or hotels, is highlytreated drinking water that is used, wastefully, to flush toilets or irrigate gardens, where the level of treatment is simply not needed. More costefficient reuse of water will benefit water companies by decreasing the demand on an already stressed supply network.” “Any technology must first demonstrate it is commercially viable, before its environmental benefits can be exploited. New technologies like ultrafiltration and smart controls can lead the change, by making water reuse systems more accessible and attractive commercially.” The development of the SDS Greywater on Demand system follows on from its acquisition of the water recycling business of established industry leader Waterscan in 2019 For more information visit

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he SDS GWOD uses a state-ofthe-art ultrafiltration technology, unique to the UK, together with smart controls, to deliver a space-saving, low-energy and responsive water reuse system. The SDS Greywater on Demand (GWOD) system is set to be a flagship technology of the company’s water reuse product range. It is also one of the first to be equipped with SDS’s SYMBiotICTM automated smart controls incorporating cloud-based monitoring to ensure that process performance is optimised.


Kopus launches to offer the hotel industry an additional revenue stream As hotels, hostels and B&Bs prepare to open from 17th May, much of the industry will be wondering how to make their margins viable to break even, whilst travel restrictions and social distancing measures are still in place. Kopus, which launches this month, offers a lifeline: an additional income stream with minimal output, which is completely COVID compliant. Kopus is a digital platform that enables existing businesses to coexist as flexible working spaces: Kopus handles the bookings, the payments, the customer generation - and pays the venue every Friday.

Jason Allan Scott states: “ What Kopus can offer the hotel sector is an additional income stream that was there all along - and what’s more - your dedicated account manager will support, manage bookings and promote it for you. And whilst a coffee shop might suit some remote workers, without doubt, those seeking a corporate and professional flexible workspace will be excited by what hotels can offer via Kopus”.

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Instead of charging a perorder commission, Kopus operates on a SaaS model, charging venues a flat fee per month per location and or a profit share NOT revenue percentage.


Early adopting hotels have been swift to realise the potential of broadening their customer base by offering desks, wifi and great coffee to remote workers, freelancers and digital nomads and using dormant space such as function rooms as hireable meeting spaces. Kopus’ Founders: Jason Allan Scott and Sophia Giblin are passionate that their brand offers a sustainable solution and long term business growth model for the industry, but also the opportunity for local people to revive their community and support hotels in a refreshing way.

Remote working is currently advised to continue long into 2021, and many businesses have embraced the opportunity to downscale or completely obliterate the traditional office and need for presenteeism. WFH is set to be replaced by WFA, offering remote workers the freedom to roam, to detach from the kitchen table, to plug in elsewhere and connect with remote workmates. However, whilst a shared office desk costs £550/month at a Central London WeWork. Kopus charges members a PAYG fee, set by each individual venue - which could include packages such as meeting rooms, additional Wi-Fi and unlimited coffee or tea. To learn more about Kopus, please go to

Introducing Komfort Washrooms Following the pandemic, there have been huge advances made in washroom design. As part of Komfort’s ongoing commitment to meet the needs of the modern-day commercial space and using their extensive product knowledge, they have introduced their Komfort Washrooms collection. Partnering with innovative product and interior designers, this washroom range reflects Komfort’s reputation for quality and product design.

With the events of the last 12 months, there have been huge advances made with washroom design in terms of antibacterial and antimicrobial finishes, infrared, touchfree and LED technology. These elements future-proof any space and provide peace of mind to the occupants. The Komfort Washroom collection brings together the latest trends in bathroom design, materials and colour with the eco and technological credentials demanded of future washrooms. Focusing on creating efficient spaces with plenty of contemporary style, and a sense of comfort, luxury and practicality. Choice is key with this collection – the offer includes a variety of full height, individual and glass cubicle systems along with complementary bespoke vanity

units, sanitaryware and brassware. The collection includes every element needed to create stylish and individual contemporary washrooms. With a carefully selected range of completely interchangeable key finishes, colours and shapes, there is a unique solution for every project. Serving the commercial, hospitality, educational, healthcare, leisure sector and more, this collection brings together the best in washroom design to offer a complete solution. For example, reacting to increasing demand for privacy in the washroom, this collection also includes Komfort’s Solo washroom, a completely private executive washroom that reflects an upmarket en-suite with its range of design led fittings and luxury materials. This washroom brings a new quality and performance standard to the washroom market. Ultimately, the Komfort Washroom collection offers a comprehensive range of washroom products with a stylish and modern design aesthetic that would sit in any space. Please visit our website, or contact our dedicated team for any further information or enquiries via

Hotelier & Hospitality Design


ashrooms are an essential requirement for any space. More so now, the expectations have been raised, including new levels of hygiene and accommodating better wellbeing for individuals. But it’s also important to remember that washrooms can also be a great opportunity to reflect your brand and provide an escape for your employees, whilst still serving their practical purpose with long-lasting design.


Industville Reveal their Trend Predictions for 2021 The future is set to be very exciting in terms of new innovations within the lighting industry. With fresh new materials coming through based on recycled products, as well as alternative greener technologies, Marketa Rypacek, Managing Director at Industville Ltd discusses her big trend predictions for 2021.

We are finding more and more customers asking for advice about how to create a sense of wellbeing at home. I predict that human-centric design will be the next big thing in lighting. It is based around the theory of Biophilic design - a scientifically proven philosophy of our innate connection with nature and natural elements. Modern humans spend about 90% of their time indoors, which has resulted in an outcry for a deeper connection with nature. Lighting plays an important role in this and has inspired architects to use nature as the framework, allowing aspects of nature to be built into the indoor environment. Considering the placement of lights and layering different types of fixtures to create the illusion of plenty of natural light is key. Handcrafted lighting, made using raw materials, not only enhances the look and feel of a natural design scheme, but is also a durable option that is made to last; a great choice for the environment too.

Socioeconomic Factors Socioeconomic factors continue to influence consumer choices and hence the buying process as a whole. Instead of buying constantly low priced and low-quality goods, customers are searching for products that will last longer, which do not hurt the environment and that they are proud to own. At Industville we use natural and

Brooklyn Giant Dome Pendant 24 Inch - Pewter £139.00.

recycled materials such as pure brass and copper, reducing our reliance on plastic and other chemicals. When it comes to packaging our products, we always use biodegradable bubble wrap as well as paper tape so that our packaging can be easily recycled. Perhaps one positive to come out of the pandemic is that we have all had the chance to re-assess how we live and what we buy. People are more concerned over how their products are made, choosing more sustainable, natural and eco-friendly goods from companies they trust. I believe we will see a huge trend for sustainability in 2021, with people keen to save energy and use natural materials wherever possible. Where lighting is concerned this means using energy saving bulbs with good quality lights that will stand the test of time. Online shopping has also seen a huge growth and customers are now very comfortable obtaining inspiration online from company websites, blogs, apps and social media. They expect free delivery and returns as well as finance options as standard. I can see online shopping and conscious sustainable purchases becoming the norm in years to come, rather than a fleeting trend.

Statement Lighting Statement lighting is having a moment with outsized or industrial chandeliers bringing all out glamour. The latest innovations mean that you don’t have to completely overhaul a scheme in order to make a difference. 2021 will see more waterproof pendants and giant floor lamps which are ideal for those who like their lighting to make a statement We are finding that customers are really knowledgeable about interiors and what they want to achieve from the space in which they live. We often advise customers to approach

the lighting in a layered manner and embrace the full range of lighting sources available from pendants and wall lights to recessed and track lighting, which will allow them to create a space that is both practical and atmospheric. This will create little pockets and pools of light giving a calming atmosphere and also enables clients to create a focal point in every room.

Custom Designs One of the biggest trends, which is expected to continue to grow in 2021, is custom design. Customers want products that reflect their personality, and this is particularly true in their interior design choices. When considering the lighting within the home, customers want something that is unique to them and to be involved in the design itself. In order to meet this desire, we have created a lighting collection which is customisable, and with interchangeable shades, there are over 1,000 possible combinations to be created. Our latest collections also complement many of our other lighting styles, allowing customers to create a harmonious lighting scheme throughout their home. Here at Industville we are continuing to develop our lighting collection and will be working on a new product range in 2021. This new range of lighting will be versatile with a modern twist so be sure to watch this space!

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Biophilic Design

Brooklyn Dome Pendant 13 Inch - Copper £99.00.


Artificial Plants & Trees for Businesses Our master craftsmen construct each bespoke order with painstaking care and attention, to create an exceptionally ‘real’ artificial showpiece, and we offer bespoke solutions to suit the needs of your space, business and tastes.


hether you need simple plants and trees that don’t need tending to or you’re going for a full artificial landscape with turf, hedges and more, we have existing products and the capacity to create custom designs for any need and budget. We’ll offer a no obligation quote to help you plan your projects and we can tailor our service to ‘fir’ your needs. Full Support Whatever your choices, we have the design experience and knowhow needed to make you stand out. We can work with your design to make your premises look incredible, whatever the space and whatever the industry. We can even help you develop the design, drawing on years of experience.

Who Have We Supplied? Major companies in many industries including ITV, BBC, Channels 4 and 5, Mulberry, Innocent Drinks, Monsoon, Bella Italia, Tescos, Big Brother, The Only Way is Essex, Coronation Street, Dancing on Ice, Park Resorts, Volkswagen, and more.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design

We’ve also sold to house builders, zoos, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, theme parks, colleges and schools, cruise ships, theatres… the list goes on! We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers in the UK, in Europe, and across the World.


We can provide offers for procurement managers and corporate buyers on bulk orders and for trade, to help you finalise your design. Our quotes are no obligation - so call us today. We look forward to working with you! Get in Touch! Call us today on 01524 858888 or email sales@justartificial. or browse our Web Store online for our full stock range and more info on our bespoke solutions on offer.

Today’s sash windows combine durable smooth-running systems with elegant design to achieve heritage appeal If you own or are thinking about buying a heritage property, then sash windows will no doubt form part of the appeal.

But sash windows suddenly got sassy. The latest versions include curved frames and sealed double glazing units. Yorkshire based Patchett Joinery has been a family business since 1840, so understand more about sash windows than most. They have embraced the benefits of modern manufacturing to meet today’s standards for thermal insulation, draft proofing and noise reduction. They create wood sliding sash windows to any specification which stand the test of time. Their leading-edge approach means that traditional designs and operating mechanisms are vastly improved by modern smooth-running systems and durable timber frames, with extensive anti-rot guarantee periods. Sash windows don’t rely on hinges for opening. Instead they have a clever system of nylon cords and pulleys which counterbalance the weight of the opening sash. The mechanism gives you control when opening and closing the window – it’s perfectly possible to have your window slightly ajar and locked into place, allowing a draught to come through whilst also keeping your building safe with self-resetting restrictors. But the simple elegance of sash windows can be overshadowed by their reputation for being difficult to manage. Older sash windows can suffer from sashes that twist, making opening very difficult, and have no form of weather proofing.

A timber box sash window is the traditional sash that most people know. Designed to replace the originals and found in many Georgian and Victorian houses, today’s weights and pulleys systems are traditionally constructed and designed to incorporate modern technology, meeting today’s energy performance regulations. An alternative to the traditional weights and pulley system is a concealed spiral balance system. These still meet today’s high-quality standards but tend to be more cost effective and ideal for new builds where the window can be fitted in between the window reveals. Instead of the weights & pulleys system, these windows use spiral rod torsion and tension springs in a selfcontained balance for smooth and easy opening and closing. The latest timber technology is central to the manufacture of traditional windows. Accoya is the world’s leading high technology long life wood created from sustainably sourced, fast growing softwood in New Zealand. Accoya undergoes a non-toxic process that permanently modifies the wood structure to the core, so there is no need to apply additional chemical preservatives. Windows made with Accoya come with a 50year guarantee against rot.

Engineered redwood is the most used softwood timber for frames and sash. The timber is engineered to remove knots and other unsightly blemishes and defects which reduces wastage compared to natural timber and is much more environmentally friendly. Primers and microporous water-based paint finishes improve the lifetime of these frames, which are guaranteed against rot for 30 years. Red Grandis is a commonly South American hardwood sourced from sustainable and carefully managed timber plantations. Red Grandis comes with a 30-year guarantee against rot and offers a legal, sustainable and fast-growing alternative to uncertified Sapele or Meranti timber.

Hotelier & Hospitality Design


heir elegant style is pleasing on the eye and complements the qualities and simple symmetry of heritage buildings.


Kitchen owners can’t rely on Government support to succeed in our increasingly on-demand economy Salima Vellani is a serial restaurateur and food business founder available to provide an informed look ahead to the budget or immediate reactive comment post-statement. It has been a tough start to the year for the hospitality industry, with significant restrictions still in place for restaurants, pubs, bars, and hotels. The UK’s ‘roadmap’ has provided hope of reopening soon, but the lack of absolutes when it comes to the pandemic means operators are nevertheless facing many nervous months ahead. Not only that, for most operators’ overheads have remained worryingly consistent. Indeed, the reality is that, for many kitchens, it will be more cost-effective in the months ahead to remain closed up and reliant upon Government support rather than attempting to continue trading..

Sector support, but will it suffice? In last month’s Budget, several welcome measures were announced by Rishi Sunak, from the extension of hospitality VAT cut to the availability of further support grants. However, too much of the current support package is focused on bricks and mortar and doesn’t reflect the massive shift to online food delivery that has occurred in the past year. Restaurants, pubs, and cafes that have been forced to move into delivery need a level playing field if they are to compete effectively with digital competitors that have far lower property overheads. Similarly, the extended VAT reduction will do little to help thousands of SMEs, for whom rents, and business rates are the biggest drag on their profitability. 50% of these food businesses are facing closure, and the current measures do not enough to mitigate this risk and protect jobs as these businesses attempt to transition towards a delivery-first mindset.


Realising the rewards of the on-demand economy For the past 12 months, we’ve been working with kitchen operators across the country to help them branch into online food delivery in a way that’s profitable and sustainable. We’ve shown how unnecessary it is to invest in more property. For no upfront cost, by reconfiguring kitchens and using technology to run them more efficiently, it’s possible to serve up multiple, high-quality food brands for local delivery and create a vital new revenue stream, even for operators still bearing the costs of their substantial real-estate footprint. Food delivery and the on-demand economy is here to stay. And despite the lack of Government intervention to make it easier for traditional hospitality businesses to compete, with the right processes and the right technology, it is still possible for every kitchen owner and venue operator to get involved and fire up a more profitable kitchen.

About Salima Founder of six location chicken restaurant chain Absurd Bird Founded Kbox Global in 2019 – host kitchen network, empowering restaurants and pubs to move into food delivery, but avoiding the ghost kitchen route Partnered Kbox with Asda, in a UK supermarket first, to establish the first vegan butcher and deli

Best Western The Dartmouth Hotel, Golf and Spa Joins Vine Hotels Best Western The Dartmouth Hotel, Golf and Spa in Devon is the latest hotel and conference venue to join the Vine Hotels portfolio this month.

T Hotelier & Hospitality Design

he Hotel sits in 200 acres of South Devon countryside, and offers 35 bedrooms and suites, seven self-catering lodges, a nine hole and 18hole Championship Golf Course, the Dartmouth Spa and a Bar and Bistro. The Hotel’s two event spaces for wedding, meeting and conferences provide space for up to 90 guests in the Kingsbridge Suite and 100 guests in the Dartmouth Suite, which also overlooks the golf course and provides a sun terrace for outdoor drinks and dining.


Vine Hotels adds the Best Western The Dartmouth Hotel, Golf and Spa to its growing portfolio of hotels and venues under a management contract with owners. The group also includes five properties in Sheffield, the Best Western Cresta Court hotel in Altrincham, The Charlecote Pheasant in Stratford and the Mercure Dolphin Southampton Centre hotel. Greg Dyke is the majority owner of Dartmouth Hotel, Golf & Spa as well as Vine Hotels, and this announcement represents a further strategic positioning of these two companies. For more details about venues the company owns, manages and operates, visit: Vine Hotels chief executive Garin Davies commented: “The Dartmouth Hotel is an exceptional property with immense potential. Set in a beautiful rural location near to Dartmouth, the venue offers a blend of high-

quality leisure facilities with two golf courses and a luxury spa. Its location is under an hour to Exeter Airport/M5 and Plymouth, and the superb event spaces makes it ideal for corporate gatherings, management retreats and business meetings. We recognise the immediate limitation for all hoteliers on live events business, but with a long-term perspective for this Hotel, we see potential to grow this market in 2021/22.” Garin added: “This property is the latest in a series of hotels and events venues that the company operates or manages for independent owners. Bringing our considerable industry knowledge, and operational skills to properties that have development potential. And importantly, supporting owners to return a profit on their business.”

ALOFT HOTELS CHECKS INTO BIRMINGHAM Tech and Music centric Aloft Birmingham Eastside will offer 195 stylish bedrooms, a signature cocktail bar and restaurant

Guests visiting Aloft Birmingham Eastside will enjoy having legendary music venues on their doorstep including The Hippodrome and the Utilita Arena Birmingham. The UK’s largest city-centre shopping centre, The Bullring offers incredible retail experiences and foodies will enjoy dining in the city which boasts the most Michelin Star restaurants in the UK, outside of London. The hotel’s proximity to three main rail hubs and a fast connection to Birmingham International Airport makes it an ideal option for both business and leisure travellers.

The urban-inspired property nods to Birmingham’s industrial heritage while combining the brand’s philosophy to create bold, open and energetic environments. Guests can enjoy craft cocktails in the stylish W XYZ® bar, grab-and-go gourmet snacks 24 hours a day from Re:fuel by Aloft℠ or casual dinners at the vibrant Tempo! Restaurant, which will have a grill offering. All 195 modern bedrooms feature Aloft’s signature ultra-comfortable platform beds, en-suite bathrooms with powerful rainfall showers and fast, free Wi-Fi. Guestroom categories include executive rooms and suites. The hotel is conveniently connected to a brand-new, stateof-the-art conference and events venue, The Eastside Rooms, set to open in April. The venue will be home to 23 superpowered event and meeting spaces, including the largest pillar-free ballroom in Birmingham city centre.

The development forms part of Birmingham’s Big City Plan – a 20year, major city centre regeneration project which aims to transform the Eastside area into a thriving leisure and business district. Matt Huddart, General Manager at Aloft Birmingham Eastside, said: “We are thrilled to be opening the doors to Birmingham’s newest and most dynamic hotel. Home to some of the best music venues in the country to entertain domestic and international visitors, Birmingham has an incredible culture and is the perfect location for the Aloft brand which uses music, design and technology to enhance the experience of every guest.” Huddart continues, “With the Big City Plan and the construction of High Speed Two, the UK’s new high speed rail network, well underway, the city is on an exciting trajectory and we are looking forward to playing a part in enhancing its position on the map as a leading destination.” In line with the latest government guidelines, Aloft Birmingham Eastside is currently able to welcome business travellers and essential workers. The hotel will implement Marriott International’s Commitment to Clean operating standards and protocols that include enhanced health and safety standards. Aloft Birmingham Eastside will be managed by Interstate Hotels & Resorts. For more information about the hotel please visit

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loft Hotels, Marriott International’s hotel brand for music enthusiasts and techsavvy travellers debuts in Birmingham with the opening of Aloft Birmingham Eastside. Situated in Birmingham’s up-andcoming Eastside district, a new regenerated hub for the city which is home to businesses, retail, and leisure facilities, all just a short walk away from the city centre.


50 Year old product makes dramatic comeback to help beat the virus When the Melaphone Speech Unit was

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health-care environment. The current Corona Virus Pandemic had created an urgent need for all protective

The Melaphone is still available as a stand-

equipment – both for personal use and in the

alone unit for installation into walls, glass or

working environment. This is the reason the

plastic screens, windows or doors. I can easily

Melaphone has come into its own again. Its unique design, with its resonating membrane

requires no special skill to install. The range

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brushed aluminium model there is a stainless

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steel model, a white powder-coated aluminium model and the newest and highly successful Himacs acrylic-resin model, which is at a very

through a screen. Its protective credentials

popular price. is very easy to keep clean and safe with an antiseptic wipe.

All of these models are available from stock and can be purchased from Melaphone VisAudio.

and designers for use in hospitals, laboratories and cleanrooms or anywhere hygiene is of

The Melaphone has now been built into the

paramount importance. It is a simple but

new Defender Virus Screens produced by the

Even after 50 years, we’re proud to still be

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servicing, wiring or electrical supply. And it

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production facility.


• Around EUR 20 million to be invested in modernisation and maintenance measures • Upgrade to Radisson Collection hotel


he Radisson Hotel Group has secured one of the best hotel locations in Berlin’s Mitte district long term by signing a 20-year lease with Union Investment. The existing lease with Union Investment for the Radisson Blu Hotel in the DomAquarée CityQuartier complex expires at the end of 2024, but early extension until at least 2040 was agreed in December. In addition to a comprehensive modernisation programme that will deliver visible improvements, the signing of the lease also sees the hotel being rebranded from Radisson Blu to the premium Radisson Collection brand. After modernisation, the hotel will operate under the new brand in the upper upscale/ luxury segment. The Radisson Collection comprises 15 hotels worldwide. The 427-room hotel in DomAquarée CityQuartier will be the first Radisson Collection hotel in Germany and the second hotel with this branding in the UniImmo: Deutschland fund after the Radisson Collection Brussels. Radisson expects the repositioning to attract additional guests to the Berlin hotel, especially from Asia. The international hotel chain is investing in the redesign of the 427 rooms/suites and bathrooms, as well as the lobby, bar and conference areas. Union Investment, as the owner of the property, will also contribute around EUR 20 million to the modernisation and maintenance work, to include the roof and structure, which is being brought forward to refresh the building. The modernisation programme began in November 2020 and is scheduled for completion in summer 2022, with the aim of reopening before then in autumn 2021. “Strong locations and first-class properties like DomAquarée provide the basis for long-term partnerships in the hotel sector,” said Martin Schaller, head of Asset Management Hospitality at Union Investment Real Estate GmbH. “The hotel has been an integral part of DomAquarée’s successful mixed-

use concept since the complex opened in 2004. We’re delighted that we were able to convince our hotel partner to commit to this unique location for an extended period and that this early commitment by our main tenant has further strengthened the attractiveness of the complex for all tenant groups – office, residential, cafés and restaurants, and entertainment – as well as for Berliners and the many visitors to the ensemble.”

Fast comeback expected for Berlin as a travel destination Union Investment sees the re-letting to Radisson as an important signal to the hotel industry in Germany, which faces significant economic challenges due to government-imposed closures. “We believe the urban hotel industry will make a strong comeback and we’re therefore investing specifically in top locations like Berlin that are set to benefit most from the return of tourism,” said Martin Schaller. The DomAquarée CityQuartier complex was developed by Union Investment at the end of the 1990s. With its vibrant mix of uses, DomAquarée set standards and was a defining influence when it opened in 2004, embodying a wider desire to create a sophisticated blend of living, working and leisure while also engaging with the surrounding area. Enjoying a unique location in the heart of downtown Berlin, opposite the Berlin Palace and Humboldt Forum and between Museum Island and the Hackesche Höfe district, the entire complex has benefited from high tourist demand since its opening. The development project was financed by Union Investment’s open-ended real estate fund UniImmo: Deutschland, which still holds the property in its portfolio. Alongside Berlin, Union Investment’s hotel property portfolio also includes two other Radisson-branded hotels in Amsterdam and Brussels. Union Investment’s hotel real estate portfolio comprises a total of 80 properties across Europe and the USA.

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Union Investment and Radisson extend lease for premium hotel in Berlin’s DomAquarée complex until 2040


Hotelier &

Hospitality Design

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