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October 2020

Save Save time time and and money money with with a a semi-automated/automated semi-automated/automated force or torque tester force or torque tester from from Mecmesin Mecmesin

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There’s a reason Managing Safely doesn’t cut corners The consequences of rushing health and safety training can be fatal. So Managing Safely takes exactly the right amount of time to get participants up to speed. That’s why our three day health and safety course is the most popular for line managers, in any sector, worldwide.

Managing Safely Tried. Tested. Trusted.

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CBI Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Battery Chargers CB Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Power Supplies

FLEX Series Input 90-500 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 25 A Single / Dual or 3 Phase inputs


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October 2020


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October 2020

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Save time time and and money money with with a a semi-automated/automated semi-automated/automated Save force force or or torque torque tester tester from from Mecmesin Mecmesin

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October 2020


Convince new customers with virtual Trade Shows Trade shows or exhibitions often take place virtually – also due to the current situation. An impressive presentation of the exhibition stand is therefore very important in order to convince prospective customers to a virtual walk. With the new product DOSCH 3D: Trade Show & Exhibitions V2 designers have the possibility to create virtual trade shows or exhibitions and showcase their products and services perfectly in photorealistic quality. DOSCH DESIGN – Your innovative partner for a successful 3D-experience Since 1995 DOSCH DESIGN has been a fixture in quality CG products by staying on the cutting edge in 3D-design, animation, architectural visualizations or motion design. With its well-diversified product range DOSCH DESIGN supports 3D- and marketing experts in their daily work. Especially in the field of Automation, Mechanical Engineering or the automotive industry, 3D-Design has become an indispensable element. Helpful visualization tools for designers and CAD experts DOSCH DESIGN offers a variety of helpful visualization tools that make life easier for CAD experts and designers and have become an integral part of many users’ creative arsenal. Textures, HDRIs, Viz Images or High-quality 3D models - directly importable in OBJ and FBX formats - are a great enrichment. Download free samples at: samples.php


Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






RELIABILITY Tel : +44 (0)151 356 2322 Website: Fax: +44 (0)151 356 2437 Email:

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October 2020


Visible efficiency for process automation : VEGA extends its level and pressure device portfolio New compact VEGABAR pressure sensors and VEGAPOINT level switches mean VEGA is now a full-range process automation level and pressure supplier. These new lower-priced instruments are designed for standard applications – in line with the latest industry demands. New standard sensors with a focus on hygiene In many basic process areas, simple, cost-effective automation sensors for efficiency improvements are often the key requirement. To meet this, VEGA has introduced a new compact level and pressure instrument series, designed to be simple and highly efficient - without sacrificing dependability, hygiene or accuracy. Standardisation gives birth to efficiency A hygienic universal adapter

system can be flexibly selected and adapted according to individual needs and, if necessary, quickly exchanged between devices. It is fully compatible across these new pressure and level switches. They can also withstand intense CIP processes, and along with hygienic designs and surface finishes comply to industry approvals and standards.

by the master or the controller if a sensor replacement is made, reducing set-up mistakes and reducing down time. This ensures higher product quality, more optimal utilisation of the machines and increased process speed – delivering noticeable savings.

Visible all around: illuminated 360° switching status display

All these devices, like many others in the VEGA instrument range, can be set up and monitored using Bluetooth and VEGA Tools App for Android and iOS. In environments where access is difficult, distancing is in place or the environment is inhospitable, the remote communication - even in ATEX areas – enables safer, faster and easier device operation.

The sensor development focused on simple use, and this includes fast and easy indication. A 360° status display means switching states can be quickly seen on the plant, an ultra-bright LED ring, has 256 freely selectable colours and the remains clearly visible, even in daylight. This immediately and efficiently shows operators both the switch and process status. Fit for the future with IO-Link The devices all feature IO-Link options, this enables sensor parameters to be stored and re-written to devices


Bluetooth for faster set-up and adjustment

Conclusion: Future-oriented automation from a single source Hygienic design, modularisation, high availability and easy operation means greater process efficiency. Backed by decades of experience, VEGA offers groundbreaking level and pressure measurement technology for the automation and monitoring of production systems.

PRODUCT SHOWCASE – ON THE SHELF Stock items available immediately

Tempmaster PRO Precision Thermometer The Tempmaster PRO from Labfacility provides very high precision temperature measurement with Pt100 sensors.

L300 8 Zone Temperature Alarm / Controller with Pt or TC inputs The Labfacility L300 Pt100 and TC temperature alarm / on-off controller can be used in conjunction with a PC to provide accurate monitoring and alarm or on-off control of up to 8- zones simultaneously

L60 Thermocouple & Fine Wire Welder The Thermocouple Welder, manufactured by Labfacility, is a compact, simple-to-use instrument designed for thermocouple and fine wire welding.

Labcal PRO Precision Thermometer The Labcal PRO from Labfacility is fully characterised for Pt100 sensors and all major thermocouples.

Bognor Regis 01243 871280 | Sheffield 01909 569446

October 2020


System Integrators – An Important Consideration For Successful Robot Applications Robot systems have become an essential part of a growing number of production processes, as manufacturers leverage the capability of the robot to offer high levels of flexibility and reliability. A successful robot system installation will deliver the performance, productivity and quality levels required to justify the initial investment, however for this to be achieved there needs to be a close working relationship and a clear understanding of expectations between the end user, the robot supplier and importantly, a qualified system integrator. This article by Stäubli’s Simon Jenkins explores the relationship between the different project stakeholders and discusses what end users should look for when selecting a system integrator. When the industrial robot first made an appearance, although revolutionary at the time, their functionality and capability was somewhat limited. In many cases robots would be purchased directly from the manufacturer and often integrated by the end user to perform relatively simple pick and place, handling or palletising tasks. By comparison, today’s robot systems are mature, high performance production tools with a proven track record within a multitude of applications and industry sectors. The sophistication of current robot models, together with their ability to interface with other proprietary technologies such as machine vision systems and lasers etc. requires a different approach to integration if the optimum solution is to be achieved. This is where the system integrator now plays a crucial role. However, the choice of system integrator can mean the difference between a smooth and successful project, which meets all of the specific criteria in line with anticipated project costs and timescales, and a potentially difficult and costly process. Simon Jenkins comments: “It is important that end users seek to work with a system integrator with


a proven track record in their sector. This means that they will already understand the nuances of the sector and be familiar with appropriate standards and regulatory compliance measures. In addition, the integrator should ideally have previous experience of working with the robot supplier.” Jenkins continues: “Clearly, as the robot manufacturer, Stäubli engineers are the experts in understanding how to get the most from the robot in terms of programming and performance. Therefore, our part in the three way partnership of end user, robot supplier and system integrator is initially to ensure that the correct robot model is identified to meet the unique characteristics of the application and operational environment. We then continue to work with the chosen system integrator to fully understand the detail behind the application, identify robot features and functionality to enhance the application, and of course contribute to the generation of the final user requirements specification. From the end user’s perspective, it is essential that they clearly communicate the

project requirements, objectives and goals to both the robot supplier and system integrator.” Although the robot(s) will become part of a larger system to be built and installed by the system integrator, the robot supplier still has a key role to play in the training of operators and maintenance personnel to ensure that they get the most from the robot(s). Training by the robot supplier supports both the system integrator, in ensuring installation proceeds smoothly and that anticipated cycle times are achieved, and likewise the end user, by helping them to become self-sufficient in the operation and maintenance of the robot systems. Simon Jenkins concludes: “Stäubli has formed working partnerships with a number of highly respected and sector specific system integrators throughout the UK. These long term relationships mean that the integrators have in-depth experience of applying our robot systems within a broad range of often challenging and high performance applications. We will always be happy to introduce customers who may be considering the introduction of robot systems to one of our trusted partners.”

October 2020


For 50 years, Destec Engineering Ltd. has delivered high quality and innovative engineering solutions to industry challenges.


pecialising in ‘High Pressure Containment’ and ‘On-Site Machining’, the company has developed both products and services for the oil and gas and power industry. Formed in 1969, Destec now takes pride in its most versatile and a very wide range of inhouse designed and manufactured portable machine tools. With their distributors spread across the world in six continents, Destec has become indispensable to the oil and gas industry. The company is committed to the design and manufacture of portable machine tools, where accuracy is of paramount importance. Destec has a fully equipped machine workshop with a wide selection of CNC lathes, vertical boring and milling machines. Powered by an experienced design staff who are actively engaged in the design and development of their products, Destec provides

supporting calculations and stress analysis for their products and use in-house developed computer programmes. Serving clientele all across the oil, chemical and petrochemical related industries, power generation, steel, marine and others, Destec’s wellequipped team backed by the most modern design and manufacturing equipment works closely with the clients to reduce costs. Destec Engineering has designed, developed and built special purpose machines for the oil, petrochemical and nuclear industries. Their multi-disciplined trained technicians combined with the years of expertise provide the best on-site services which not only significantly reduces the personnel on the field but also is less harsh on the client’s pockets.

Known for their quality assurance, their clients are drawn to the versatility and adaptability of their products coupled with accuracy. Destec serves the client’s needs best through their cost-efficient solutions and their perfect surface finished products ensure that they hold well in-situ. Over the years, they have generated a sense of trust in their clients with their quality-assured products and onsite services. Destec stands tall as a one-stop solution for all the machinery requirements. This implies cutting down significantly on the costs of stripping down, transporting to a machine shop, returning to site, and reassembly. That is why their clients rely on trustworthy services of taking a special-purpose machine to the job instead. Destec’s products are the mosttrusted by the oil and gas industry with their years of experience on the use of high-pressure and high-temperature metalto-metal static sealing. Their engineers are driven by quality assurance and follow established codes and standards for design modifications. Destec’s onsite machining service uses portable machines to carry out those modifications and re-build on site. With their years of experience on the field and a passion-driven team of engineers, Destec has created a niche for its products and services which are unparalleled in the industry.



October 2020

pressure sensors KELLER (UK) Ltd. Little Keep Gate, Barrack Road, Dorchester, DT1 1AH UK and Ireland: T. 0845 643 2855 F. 0845 643 2866 E-Mail: Web:



AND EMBEDDED SIGNAL CONDITIONING – No external components – Ranges 0…1 bar thru to 0…200 bar – Accuracy, error band +/- 0,5%, 0…50 °C – Sizes Ø 11 m, 15 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm bar – Very low power consumption

PRECISION PRESSURE TRANSMITTER 33 X – Ranges 0…0,2 bar thru to 0…1000 bar, adjustable – Output signals: 4…20 mA, 0…10 V, RS485 Digital – Mathematical on-board error correction – Accuracy, error band 0,1 %FS, 10…40 °C – Optional enhanced precision to ± 0,01 %FS


October 2020


Focus Tracking Optical Zoom Lenses Resolve Optics is a leading international supplier of compact, high performance off-the-shelf and custom optical zoom lenses. These lenses can be supplied either motorised or non-motorised and provide focus tracking throughout their zoom range. Mark Pontin. Managing Director of Resolve Optics commented "Focus tracking zoom lens offer the benefit that once set up on your camera they will maintain sharp focus throughout the zoom range of the lens". He added "The mechanical design of a focus tracking zoom lens means that, unlike an electronic zoom lens, they can be routinely used in environments subject to radiation. Also their rugged, stable and highly reliable operating mechanism makes focus tracking zoom lenses perfect for space, aerospace and military applications. For further information on focus tracking optical zoom lenses please visit or contact Resolve Optics on +44-1494-777100 /

Application Optimised Machine Vision Lenses Resolve Optics offer a service to design, develop and supply application optimised machine vision lenses for any industrial and robotic image processing application. High quality construction, coupled with precision engineering, results in outstanding machine vision lenses that deliver sharp, high-resolution and optically precise images. Applications where off-the-shelf machine vision lenses deliver at best a compromise solution are Resolve Optics speciality. The company is highly experienced at producing application optimised machine vision lenses that provide wide fields


of view with little or no distortion, optical designs and coatings that are balanced to give best performance at a desired wavelength or waveband and compact lens designs where the target application is space limited. For demanding vision applications in particular - Resolve Optics is widely recognised as a leading OEM supplier of fixed and zoom lenses for applications including parts recognition, precise component

placement, automated alignment and placement as well as automated inspection of manufactured components. To learn more about Resolve Optics application optimised machine vision lens design, development and supply service please contact the company on +44-1494-777100 or

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CBI Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Battery Chargers CB Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Power Supplies

FLEX Series Input 90-500 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 25 A Single / Dual or 3 Phase inputs


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October 2020


Precise Flow Measurement for the Food & Beverage Sector Titan Enterprises is a leading supplier of precision flow measurement devices for the food and beverage sector. Flow measurement is widely recognised as a critical tool for food and beverage manufacturers looking to control operations including filling of vessels, measurement of liquid ingredients and controlling cleaning processes.


or these and other flow measurement operations, Titan offers a range of flow meters incorporating NSF certification for use within food and beverage production facilities. Titan Enterprises maintains certification under NSF169 as equipment for food products for their 800 Series turbine flowmeters and Beverage meters. This certification is especially important for manufacturers of food production and handling machinery who can now install these flow meters secure in the knowledge that they meet NSFstandards for food production. Carrying NSF certification, Titan Enterprises competitively priced, 800 series turbine flow meter is designed to give reliable, high performance over 6 flow ranges from 0.05 to 15 L/ min. Incorporating only non-metallic wetted components makes the 800-seies flowmeter the ideal choice


for the metering of food and beverage materials. Titan Enterprises beverage flow meter is designed specifically for precise metering of lower viscosity beverages including coffee, wine, beers, spirits and soft drinks. Based upon a unique Pelton wheel design, Titan Enterprises 800-series and beverage dispensing flow meters are inherently reliable and proven in tens of thousands of installations around the world. At the heart of each beverage flowmeter is a precision Pelton wheel turbine that rotates freely on robust sapphire bearings and contains over-moulded magnets

that are detected through the chamber wall by a Hall effect detector. The output from Titan's 800-series and beverage flow meters is a stream of NPN pulses that are directly interfaced with either PLCs or an electronic display. This combination of materials and technology ensures a longlife product with reliable operation throughout. In addition to its NSF certified flow meters, Titan Enterprises is also experienced in supplying optimised flow meters for monitoring the flow of more viscous food grade fluids such as chocolate, cream and syrups.

For further information on flow meters that carry NSF certification for food and beverage applications please visit To review a beverage industry case study please visit https://www.flowmeters.

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Tel: 0208 339 7370 Fax: 0208 339 7371 Unit 5 Russell House, Molesey Road Email: Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 3PE

Düsseldorf, Germany


Fluid Carrying

You’ll only find it at VALVE WORLD EXPO! Visit this world leading trade fair and find out about the latest products, processes and technology from leading exhibitors in three well-structured trade fair halls. Dialogue with other experts at the VALVE WORLD EXPO FORUM. Enjoy this industry meeting, knowing that you’re in safe hands during these tough times.

Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints

Find out more now at:

Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond.

Entrance tickets available from the summer through online ticket sales

Vacuum to over 20,000psi. Stock and bespoke production.

Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

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Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY | UK

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Messe Düsseldorf GmbH P.O. Box 10 10 06 _ 40001 Düsseldorf _ Germany Tel. + 49 211 4560 01 _ Fax + 49 211 4560 668


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October 2020


The Use of Laser Alignment and Measurement in Industry


s manufacturing in these industries requires tight tolerances over long distances; laser alignment is used for positioning and measuring, as it can detect small deviations from a reference line over long distances. Over the years lasers have dramatically improved manufacturing efficiency and profitability. The Positioning laser combines sturdy durability and reliable accuracy in a versatile alignment laser. Positioning laser modules consist of a laser diode, optics and driver electronics constructed in a rugged isolated housing. A wide range of applications include the positioning of tools, fixtures and materials and the alignment of instruments and machines.

Alrad provides an outstanding range of laser diode modules for many industrial, medical and imaging applications, which can provide a rapid and extremely accurate method of precision measurement and alignment allowing non-contact measurement of position, distance, motion and vibration over long distances. Laser alignment has solved some of the most difficult manufacturing problems in the aviation, shipbuilding and automotive industries, where precise measurements and positioning are often mission-critical and are needed across long spans and distances.

In the medical field ensuring that instruments are well aligned with the patient helps to ensure high quality imaging, giving clearer information and ultimately helping to achieve swift and accurate diagnoses. Patient-positioning systems typically use a laser module mounted alongside the imaging instruments, clearly showing where images will be taken and allowing the instruments and patient to align to get the best image. Usually a red (635 nm) laser line or cross is used, to give a high level of visibility. In some cases a green laser module may be used because of the human eye’s enhanced sensitivity to green and the need for clarity when projected onto the skin of patients. Co-axial alignment of the laser beam with the body of the laser housing is critical to achieve a high level of accuracy for the positioning system In the field of Machine Vision, Coherent’s highperformance StingRay laser diode modules, measuring only 19 mm in diameter, offer the user a wide variety of possibilities. With a modular design, using the industries’ premier laser diodes, the StingRay laser modules deliver best-in-class performance. High-quality glass optics and drive electronics deliver the power and control to your application to improve signal-to-noise and measurement speed. High laser line uniformity adds to the sophistication of this module series


Available in wavelengths at 405, 450, 488, 520, 639, 640, 655, 660, 685, 785, and 830 nm with output powers including 1, 5, 10, 20, 35, 50, 75, 90, 100, 150 and 200 mW. StingRay also includes the micro-focus (uFocus). For those applications that call for very compact units, we offer modules with diameters as small as 10 mm, complete with integrated optics and drive circuitry Go to our website and you will find our extensive range of laser modules for positioning and alignment applications, our talk to one of our experts on the right product for your application. ALRAD INSTRUMENTS LTD, Turnpike Road Industrial Estate, Newbury , Berkshire RG14 2NS. Tel: 01635 30345, Email; Web:

Nationwide specialists with 30 years experience in Pressure System Safety written schemes of examination for the whole system and equipment statutory examinations. What Mandate Systems provides: • Secure instant cloud portal access to all examination reports for single site or whole group • Expertly drawn written schemes of examination for the whole system • One and done single visit - no need for a 3rd party during examination • Flexible examination on day and time to suit - limiting downtime • Schemes validated by Chartered Engineer qualified to CEng MIChemE • No hidden costs - just exceptional service DENSO Marston have been using Mandate Systems for over 20 years, they are reliable, consistent and with high calibre engineers. We have complete peace of mind knowing an expert inspects our site and has our current and future operation at the forefront of his mind. The customer reports portal is excellent at storing all our examination reports and is our go to place when we have any compliance aspects to evidence Liam Hickinbotham - DENSO Marston

T: 01274 691091 E: W:

Train to become a one-stopshop for your customers PSSR compliance needs. Training and competent person support so you can offer your clients written schemes of examinations and statutory pressure system examinations. Pressure Systems Safety Training course for experienced service engineers to provide detailed understanding of PSSR. What you can expect to cover: • Pressure system safety and consequences • Understanding PSSR 2000 regulations • Practical examples and best practice guidelines • Responsibilities to the regulations • Procedures for new equipment • Use of Competent Person • Written Scheme of Examination • Statutory Examinations • Reporting & requirement for record keeping

Pre-register now for new online training course T: 01274 691091 E: W:

October 2020


The Benefits of Automated Tensile/ Compression and Torque Testing From its headquarters in West Sussex, Mecmesin has been designing and manufacturing force, materials and torque measuring solutions for over 40 years. The company’s flexible testing systems are used in R&D centres, quality control laboratories and manufacturing facilities across the globe.


n addition to standard products Mecmesin designs and manufactures bespoke semi-automated and fully automated test systems. Designed to eliminate operator error, improve test consistency and reduce costs in time and labour, Mecmesins’ test systems are combined with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and customised material handling equipment to create test systems tailored to uniquely suit your specific test application. These automated testers are particularly suited to production environments where the volume of throughput is high, where repetitive tasks can lead to operator error and inconsistent test results, and where consistency of sample mounting is important.

Benefits include: • • • • •

Increased testing throughput Reduced costs in time and labour Elimination of operator error Improved operator safety Improved accuracy, consistency and quality • High repeatability of test results

OmniTest Universal Testing Machine with VectorPro MT Software Mecmesins’ OmniTest provides the ideal solution to materials testing at a competitive price. Properties of metals, plastics, polymers, alloys, composites, wood, fabrics, glass, laminates and ceramics can be characterised in tension and compression up to 50 kN, without breaking the budget. The OmniTest range features exceptional rigidity with minimal deflection at full extension and load and ample space to accommodate most sizes of test specimen. At the heart of the OmniTest lies VectorPro MT control and acquisition software. Powerful, intuitive and touch screen friendly, VectorPro MT has been designed with ease of use at the forefront through an intuitive drag & drop test builder. It is intuitive to use with minimal training. The icon-based interface acts like a ‘wizard’ taking the user quickly step-by-step through even the most elaborate and complex

test routines, with the ability to refine as you go. Featuring built-in stress-strain calculations and powerful reporting tools, including cloud-based test reporting available on any device that supports HTML, VectorPro MT is suited to both quality assurance checks at the point of manufacture, and the QC or R&D laboratory for indepth analysis of material properties.

Mecmesin offers a range of digital contacting extensometers, enabling VectorPro MT to accurately calculate the strain for elastic, ductile and brittle materials. Customers across all industries can benefit from the quality and precision of the OmniTest UTMs. From safetycritical plastic materials used in medical devices through to metallic components used in aerospace.

For more information on how we can help you with your force, materials or torque test application visit, call +44 (0) 1403 799979 or email


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October 2020


Why using SuperCORR A for connector maintenance on portable gas generators improves electrical supplies in extreme conditions. Gas Turbine generators are used for electrical power supplies by extraction industries and manufacturing plants in remote and hostile locations. Dusty and wet environments in deserts, mines, grinding mills, pulp and paper mills and on land or sea drilling rigs for gas and oil production. Portable generators maintain aircraft services at standings are connected and disconnected many times a day in extreme weather conditions. These applications and locations test connector seals allowing dust or water to infiltrate. This with the flexing of the connecting cables allows sufficient movement between the metal surfaces of the connecting pins to produce fretting corrosion which reduces, interrupts or produces failures in electrical supply. Regular maintenance of electrical connectors and control systems is vital to be certain of uninterrupted supply. A leading manufacturer of connectors tested SuperCORR A to see what the "life" of the lubricant was in a "rub test". The typical test is 20,000 cycles, i.e. unplug, plug in is one cycle. The test results demonstrated that after 20,000 cycles there were no failures. It was decided to take it one more step and run the same tests for

200,000 cycles. The results again showed no indications of galling or scoring on the connectors at all. The connector looked and tested as good as new. This test was run under clean conditions in a laboratory but demonstrates the effectiveness of the protective lubricant in SuperCORR A. As it meets Mil- MIL-DTL-87177B (Revised MIL-L-87177A) specifications SuperCORR A is used by the U.S. Air Force to protect the intricate workings of the F-16 Fighter Jet and by the U.S. Navy on the P 3 Orion electronic surveillance aircraft. Commercial aviation aircraft manufacturers recommend it for electrical and close metal mechanical application, especially where flights are in salt fog or high humidity. Containing extremely long-lasting, proprietary anti-corrosive inhibitors SuperCORR A provides a superior lubrication coefficient and protects components against moisture, wear, general and fretting corrosion, surface static electricity, corona, and other electro migration problems. The super thin non-flammable lubricant film

is only 7 microns (0.007 mm) thick and is formulated without sulphates, chlorides or halogens to meet the RoHS directive. It is unexcelled in preventing deterioration and contamination on all surfaces of electronic equipment. The aerosols are supplied with probes allowing access to pins and connector tubes where the low surface tension repels water, dirt dust and metal particles from blind holes and surfaces to produce thoroughly clean holes before a second application applies the lubricant film. Reconnection to the supply with cleaned sections of the connector ensures reliable operation even in the most testing of environments. This easy maintenance from one can of SuperCORR A allows this essential task to be carried out in any conditions quickly, easily and securely. For more information please visit We look forward to hearing from you. supplied and supported by


Reduce unscheduled shut downs, reduce maintenance costs and improve plant safety with our Valvescan Diagnostic Monitoring System. Our revolutionary system is an end-to-end solution that captures data from every valve operation, analyses it and provides targeted alerts on the valve health without any requirement for involvement from plant personnel or any potential impact on the asset real-time control integrity. It is a true IIoT solution for automated valves. This system is not only a pioneering development in valve monitoring, it is also; ● Cost effective and easy to install ● Works with all existing valve systems ● Enables data retrieval and transmission to the cloud ● Provides a ‘real time health’ check on the valve and alerts when performance drop off is detected

Contact us to find out more:

08700 340 002

October 2020


Piping and Equipment Analysis Software for Every Engineer and Designer The PASS Suite offers smart, easy-to-use analysis, simulation, and code compliant sizing tools for every piping and equipment engineer/designer enabling new users to perform piping and related equipment analysis in days rather than months. By embedding its experience from many engineering projects into the PASS software tools and combining this embedded intelligence with powerful capabilities and unsurpassed usability, PSRE makes piping and equipment analysis practical for every engineer and designer while reducing the time, effort, and cost to perform the analysis.

PASS Suite Overview The PASS Suite is in active use by thousands of engineers at more than 2000 customers around the world for efficient analysis and design of process piping and plant utilities, district heat transfer, water and gas networks, oil and gas field gathering piping systems, and other types of pipelines. The PASS Software Suite covers all main aspects of pipeline analysis and is organized into product families to meet the broad range of piping systems analysis and design requirements. PASS/HYDROSYSTEM provides diameter selection, heat and hydraulic analysis of steady state and transient flow in piping systems of any complexity, including networks with loops, liquid surge (waterhammer) analysis and flow assurance analysis. PASS/EQUIP provides strength and stability finite element analysis using for horizontal and vertical vessels, columns, storage tanks, as well as shell, tube, and air-cooled heat exchangers under static and seismic loads in order to evaluate bearing strength. PA S S / S TA R T - P R O F provides comprehensive pipe stress, flexibility, stability, and fatigue strength analysis with related sizing calculations according to the most common codes and standards.


PA SS / I N D U S T R Y provides comprehensive piping and equipment analysis with related sizing calculations for specific industry sectors according to international and national codes and standards. PASS/INDUSTRY combines the ease of use and extensive analysis capabilities of PASS/START-PROF, PASS/ HYDROSYSTEM, and PASS/EQUIP in an organized manner to address the specific simulation requirements for Process Plants, Piping systems, and District Heating.

Please check out the PASS Suite at or contact the PASS Authorized Distributor in the UK & Ireland: Pipe design service ltd.: Email: TEL: 0208 638 5898


October 2020

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Safety Guarding •

Complies with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Clamping profiles allow different materials to be installed

Minimal effort required in construction

Smooth easy to clean outer surfaces

Comprehensive range of accessories

Quick assembly time

Profile Technology Linear Technology

Connecting Technology

01296 611 660

Tel: 0208 339 7370

Modular Technology

Fax: 0208 339 7371 Unit 5 Russell House, Molesey Road Email: Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 3PE



Experts in metal & plastic engineered fasteners • Extensive stocks available for rapid delivery! • Vast range of proven solutions to choose from • First class technical support & customer service • Bespoke design, development & manufacturing

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October 2020


SICK Launches its IntegrationSpace Digital Services Platform SICK has established a new web-based platform, SICK IntegrationSpace, to be the home for its growing data-based digital software and services portfolio. Seen as a key strategic development for the company, its aim is to align the operating efficiency goals of its customers in automated factory, process and logistics with enterprisewide business improvement systems. As the distribution channel for a modular portfolio of digital tools, services and cloud-based applications, SICK IntegrationSpace will enable users to vertically integrate sensor data from device through to the Cloud, creating transparency for users both to the sensors themselves, and the data they generate. Though SICK IntegrationSpace, data from SICK sensors and other thirdparty devices becomes a valuable raw material to be collected, represented and manipulated using the appropriate webbased service. All SICK IntegrationSpace modules are non-sector specific and are designed to work seamlessly with SICK’s sensor technology portfolio and its AppSpace software framework to serve the company’s wide-ranging customer-base across factory, process and logistics automation. A range of asset-focused digital services are among the key foundation modules included in the initial launch: • The SICK Installed Base Manager database smartphone app • The SICK AssetHub digital-twin asset management system • The SICK LiveConnect real-time access capability from sensor to cloud • The SICK Monitoring Box real-time analysis and condition monitoring tool. Neil Sandhu, SICK’s UK Product Manager for Imaging, Measurement and Ranging explains : “The modular concept of SICK IntegrationSpace allows you to


subscribe only to the services you use. You can connect your SICK devices in three simple steps: Firstly, create a virtual representation (digital twin) of your device, then pair the real device with the virtual representation. Finally, via the virtual device, manage how the data is routed and forwarded to other SICK data applications, such as individual dashboards, digital maintenance services, as well as to your third-party dashboards or business improvement systems.” Customers may choose to start their IntegrationSpace journey by using the SICK Installed Base Manager smartphone app to build a database with fingertip access to information about both SICK and third-party installed devices. By simply tagging the 2D code label on the SICK device, users can collect data on their entire installed sensor inventory. The SICK Installed Base Manager also enables non-SICK devices to be added. For every SICK device, the App will automatically detect and log the serial number and its age, assign it to the machine and plant, with the option to add photos and the exact GPS location. Individual sensors can then be located quickly using the search function, with quick access to technical data and product manuals. All stored device data can be exported for use in the customer’s own systems. A key foundation of the IntegrationSpace platform, the SICK AssetHub is a web-based enterprise asset management (EAM) that enables users to manage a digital twin of their assets along their entire life cycles. The AssetHub presents a feature-rich and interactive view of all sensors, systems and other devices. The SICK AssetHub evaluates device data so that maintenance happens at the right times, software and firmware are up to date and that inventories are well planned and optimised. The AssetHub also provides transparency for SICK

field services to support customers effectively and enables maintenance programmes to be optimised. In order to access the virtual representation of the sensor and its data, SICK uses LiveConnect to deliver a standardised connection from an edge gateway, such as the SICK SIM1012 or the TDC-E, to the SICK Asset Hub. This visualises the sensor status, thereby providing a foundation that opens up new opportunities for optimising plant availability and process efficiency. The LiveConnect service creates a digital trail linking hardware to SensorApp, and to the Cloud. The SICK Monitoring Box allows for the early detection of status changes in sensors, machines, and plants. It enables visualization of data in a browser-based dashboard for condition monitoring and real time analysis. Integration with sensors is facilitated through standard SensorApps for SICK devices and implemented via the SICK cloud, or at a customer’s premises. Process changes can be tracked directly from devices and users have realtime access to sensor parameters, for example whether pre-set limits have been exceeded. Alarms and notifications can be set up, and historical data and events are presented clearly in a log book format, so they can be used to make application-specific predictions. Guided by the principle of standardised, secure, open frameworks, and easy customisation for individual business processes, SICK IntegrationSpace promises to add value to many business processes. SICK plans to release further modules for the IntegrationSpace platform at a rapid pace supporting asset-focused digital value adding services, as well as cloud-based processes and applications. For more information please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email

October 2020


MUTING REINVENTED - Smart Process Gating


onveyor systems often contain danger zones which must be protected against unauthorized access. However, goods/ product must be able to enter and exit the danger zone. Examples of systems such as this can be found in intralogistics and in the automotive and packaging industries. In practice, the safety requirements are met using optoelectronic protective devices. These protective devices must be designed so that they detect the approach of the goods/ product and then temporarily bridge the protective field to allow the good/product to pass through but detect a person and emergency stop the system should they try to access the danger zone. Until now, additional sensors were required for distinguishing between goods/product and people. These are referred to as ‘muting sensors’. The "Smart Process Gating" (SPG) principle meets the abovementioned requirements without the need for additional sensors and therefore saves installation space. The risk of misalignment or damage to the sensors is eliminated as is the costs for their installation and maintenance.


The "Smart Process Gating" muting process is based on the MLC safety light curtains from Leuze electronic and is integrated in the MLC 530 SPG model. The MLC 530 SPG safety light curtain specification is designed in accordance with the safetyrelevant, international standards and is type 4 (IEC/EN 61496), performance level PL e/ category 4 (EN ISO 13849-1) and SIL 3 (IEC 61508). For more information click here.

Intelligent Drivesystems, Worldwide Services



The next generation of frequency inverters with on-board PLC, positioning software and seemless connectivity to industrial ethernet-based bus systems.


We‘ll talk to anyone... Integrated multi-comms ethernet interface, parameter selectable, with no hardware changes.

NORD Gear Limited | Tel +44 1235 534404 |

October 2020


Trotec Laser Makes the Cut at Printed Electronics Device Manufacturer The team at M-Solv has recognised additional uses for the laser cutter, also using it to create jigs and templates for use elsewhere in the production plant. Dr Rumsby said: "M-Solv has over 10 years of experience and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation and technology, providing our customers with reliable and innovative products and services. We chose Trotec because we'd seen one of our partner companies using a Trotec machine for a similar application, the build-quality and local support has been infallible. "The laser cutter has integrated well into our already established production line and as a result we have seen significant improvements in the accuracy and speed of this part of the production process."

Oxford-based equipment manufacturer and innovation leaders, M-Solv choose Trotec for precision laser cutting of polymers during printed electronic devices manufacture.


nitially specialising in the production of high-end laser and inkjet printing tools, M-Solv has gone on to develop a number of specialist production processes and now manufactures printed electronic devices, such as biomedical sensors and capacitive touch screens, for businesses who prefer to outsource this activity. During the production of capacitive touch sensors it is necessary to laminate the sensor to the cover lens with a layer of transparent polymer. It is at this stage of the complex production process that M-Solv relies on the Trotec Speedy 360 laser cutter. Although M-Solv has a suite of laser and printing tools in its arsenal, the process of cutting these polymer sheets had always been a manual process; M-Solv needed to find a more accurate, reliable and faster method.


David Brunt, manager of M-Solv’s Printed Electronics Device Fab said: "We make Industrial grade capacitive touch sensor modules with sizes from a few inches up to over 24 inches. The process of laminating the cover lenses to the sensors for critical display applications requires high precision as the polymer sheets have to be handled carefully and cut with intricate contours and are often very large. "We have added the Speedy 360 to our production line and haven't been disappointed by its ability to precisely laser cut the materials with minimal wastage. It increases yield and also saves us time compared to the manual method we'd previously been relying upon, so we are capable of producing higher volumes."

The Speedy 360 is a flatbed laser with a bed size of 813mm x 508mm, highspeed processing up to 3.55m/sec and a superior product build for dust protection; making it a versatile option for integration in to production lines where cutting, engraving and marking of materials, parts or components is required. Trotec manufacture and supply a range of flatbed, galvo and largeformat laser machines as well as a range of sheet materials. Contact James Hutton – Marketing Executive Tel. 0191 495 7907 Email.


60 Y E A R S


BÜLTE Plastics (UK) LTD 8 Basepoint Centre, Harts Farm Way Havant - Hampshire PO9 1HS United Kingdom Tel. : (+44) 023 9244 9606 /

October 2020


Heavy Duty Vacuums for Industry Quirepace have been manufacturing BVC heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners since 2008 when they took over the BVC business from Barloworld. However, the machine designs have a long pedigree stretching back to when British Vacuum Cleaners were part of the Goblin Empire, and are still manufactured using some of the castings and metal pressings that have stood the test of time. In 2016 Quirepace brought the metal pressings in-house and now operate their own pressshop with two new 30 tonne and 55 tonne presses. The largest range of BVC machines is designated “Centurion” and consists of two models; the Ti60 and Ti80 both of which are available with several choices and variations of motor size, capacity, filtration and hoses/tools. The range spans from 4kW up to 15kW. All units require a 3 phase supply, although petrol and diesel variations can also be supplied. The power of Centurion Industrial Vacuum Cleaners is required primarily when heavy aggregates and materials have to been cleaned and recovered or the machines have to run continuously in a production environment, so customers come typically from manufacturing, heavy engineering, and construction. Ti60 and Ti80 have 60 litre and 80 litre collection tanks, but for heavier materials it is often appropriate to use an intermediate interceptor skip which can be both manoeuvred on its own wheels or picked up and carried by FLT. Similarly Centurion Ti80 is equipped with fork lugs. Using a separate skip interceptor provides several advantages; a single vacuum unit can be shared between several interceptors, for emptying the vacuum unit


does not have to be detached from the power supply, and having the vacuum plant separate from the collector reduces the weight to be carried from the work place to the disposal point. The motive power for Centurion Industrial Vacuum Cleaners is a combination unit consisting of a continuously rated 3 phase electric motor of a rating suitable for the application combined with a BVC multistage vacuum pump designed for heavy duty use. The BVC multistage design is much more forgiving in an industrial application than typical side channel exhausters and vacuum pumps found on competitor machines. Side channel units are very efficient at handling air, but the tight internal tolerances are rapidly destroyed should anything else find its way into the unit. BVC multistage vacuum pumps operate with much wider tolerances between Impellers and casings and in most cases are not affected by accidental ingress of material or liquid, giving the units a very high durability in the toughest environments. As in all Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, filtration is as important as the machine power in determining the overall efficiency of the unit. Filters must not blind easily, or performance quickly degrades, and must also be robust enough to handle continual operation with aggressive materials. All BVC Centurion vacuum cleaners may be specified with either standard bag filters or, for finer materials, the unique BVC Clearflow filter which naturally agitates continually in use helping to prevent filter blinding. All standard filters may be combined with HEPA secondary filters for enhanced filtration where required.

BVC Centurion machines are available with 38mm, 51mm and 76mm hoses and various combinations and lengths of hose may be used depending on the application. Additionally, the larger machines are capable of operating multiple users simultaneously through either Y pieces or fixed pipework systems. Similarly heavy-duty tools are available in several different designs depending on the application. For some materials special aerating tools are necessary to mix the material with air to enable it to flow easily If materials to be cleaned are organic such as wood or plastic products and where fine material dusts may create an explosive atmosphere, it is necessary to use ATEX rated vacuum cleaners. Both Ti60 and Ti80 are available in ATEX rated versions with similarly rated hoses and tools. Whilst the BVC range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners manufactured by Quirepace is available in a wide range of standard configurations, it is also possible to manufacture

special units for particular applications. For example, it is possible to equip machines with PLC interfaces so that the equipment starts and stops automatically determined by external signals and processes. This is particularly of interest where the Industrial Vacuum is integrated in to the production line. BVC Centurion Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are manufactured for durability in the most aggressive environments, and have stood the test of time in many diverse industries. Machines used in the UK are provided with a 5 year parts warranty against manufacturing defect, and spare parts are available for all units from a comprehensive warehouse in Fareham. Quirepace also provide spare parts for many older units up to 30 or more years old, and it is not unusual to find BVC vacuum cleaners still in use after several decades. BVC from Quirepace – Tough Machines for Tough Jobs. 023 9260 3700


SAFETY LIGHT CURTAIN APP MAKES COMMISSIONING AND SERVICE EASY The first safety light curtain from Schmersal with a built-in Bluetooth interface. The SLC440/COM with Bluetooth BLE is an active optoelectronic protective device that makes all status and diagnostic data on the operating status of the device available on smartphones or tablets via a Bluetooth interface on a real-time basis. In combination with the Schmersal App "SLC Assist" the operator uses this diagnosis tool for a safe operation, setup and documentation of a Schmersal AOPD by using a smartphone or tablet. THE "SLC ASSIST" APP


The “SLC Assist” App gives information about:

The light curtain with Bluetooth interface and the Schmersal App gives optimal support for:

• • • • • • •

Operating mode Beam signal level OSSD status Status of the protective field Number of OSSD switches Supply voltage Operating time

• • • •

Condition monitoring Optimal alignment Preventive maintenance Documentation according to industrial safety regulations

The App "SLC Assist" is available for Android and iOS devices. Scan the QR code below for info, videos and App downloads.

October 2020


A new LEMO production site is inaugurated! The new REDEL 2 production site, at 400m from the main site (St-Croix, Switzerland), was officially inaugurated on 3rd September 2020. +34% REDEL production surface area, 7038m2 +16% REDEL staff, 157, of which 44 people at REDEL 2. The REDEL factory is part of the LEMO group and is specialised in manufacturing connectors for the REDEL brand, as well as components in various materials such as copper, aluminium and stainless steel. As of now, this additional production capacity will help to better serve our customers around the world and to meet their requests with better lead-times, which will strengthen LEMO’s competitive position. For more information visit 34|


October 2020

Introducing CWM Automation’s Latest Innovation: CWM 240i This month marks one year since CWM Automation unveiled their latest innovation: the CWM 240i, at the 2019 PPMA Show. Designed to provide you with a more efficient pot filling and sealing solution, the 240i allows for significantly higher speeds and up to 30% more control than a traditional inline machine, combined with the flexibility of a rotary.


ncorporating Rockwell Automation’s iTRAK independent cart technology, the CWM 240i provides continuous motion and dwelling on the same frame bed. This eliminates the need for traditional chains and sprockets, which can experience frequent wear and tear and, in turn, high maintenance costs. As opposed to traditional conveyer systems, the CWM 240i has only got 14 platens in groups of 2. These platens are quick release, allowing for swift product changeovers and use of a number of different packaging formats on one machine. Increased speeds on the CWM 240i mean you can expect higher throughputs. In fact, the 240i provides a 75% rise in product throughput versus a linear machine, delivering you a financial payback up to 23% quicker. While the 240i’s footprint is considerably smaller than a standard linear machine, the output capacity is much greater. On a fourlane machine, the 240i can fill up to 240 pots per minute. Connectivity is another noteworthy element of the CWM 240i: it is fully networked, which means that real-time operational

information can be shared with your ERP systems. Each individual slat movement can be recorded for data analysis, giving you a full insight into how effectively your machine is operating. This connectivity also enables CWM to deliver remote maintenance and real-time diagnostics, minimising the risk of any costly down-time. Through combining CWM Automation’s vast design capabilities and

Rockwell Automation’s technological expertise, CWM have created a revolutionary piece of equipment which boasts speed, flexibility, reduced footprint and 3A hygiene standards. CWM Automation are specialists in providing customers with a wide range of filling, heat sealing and lidding machinery, as well as fully automatic end of line solutions. Catering for applications in the dairy, convenience foods, bakery, pharmaceutical and many other industries, CWM are also able to offer bespoke solutions that meet exact customer requirements. If you would like to learn more about what CWM Automation can offer your business, then give their experienced sales team a call on 01427 614 222 or email


October 2020


RS Components stocks Bluetooth®-enabled Smart Torque Wrenches from FACOM® for faster and more precise tightening The new torque wrenches leverage Bluetooth connectivity and digital interface for accurate and efficient fastening and full traceability RS Components (RS), a trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE: ECM), a global omni-channel solutions partner for industrial customers and suppliers, is now stocking the FACOM® E.516ST range of Smart Torque Wrenches for greater precision and safety in critical fastening applications. The digital tools leverage Bluetooth® connectivity, enabling fast and accurate torque tightening and a transparent audit trail across a variety of workshop and maintenance applications. The Smart Torque Wrenches can be paired to any mobile device in seconds thanks to a dedicated FACOM app. Torque values can be entered into the tool via the app, enabling users to make all necessary tightening adjustments quickly and accurately. To speed the process further, favourites can be recalled from the app database for recurring tasks where required torque values are repeated throughout the day. Another key feature is the haptic sensory warning that is emitted through the handle whenever a user is nearing the required torque level. A positive audible and tactile ‘click’ then notifies the user when the maximum permitted torque is reached, reducing the risk of over-torque. Users can also monitor, at a glance, how tightening is progressing thanks to four LEDs that change from amber to green to a red flashing light. The fastening status is also displayed on an OLED screen and on the connected device through the app. The LED light, screen and app also alert users when calibration is required and provide updates on battery level and memory status. Full traceability is another key benefit that the Smart Torque Wrench range brings to users. All values entered throughout the day are recorded and synced via the FACOM app database, generating a log of tightening tasks


with related applied torque figures. In this way, workshop, garage, or production managers can count on accurate activity analysis and a reliable audit of the work completed for the end customer. Other features include a robust charging dock that can be installed horizontally, or wall mounted for greater flexibility and resistance to water and dust ingress in line with IP54 requirements. The Smart Torque Wrench is ideal for a variety of applications including fastening of cylinder head nuts, vehicle, aviation parts production, railway maintenance, and industrial repair in workshops and small-tomedium production lines. The FACOM® E.516ST Smart Torque Wrench range is now available exclusively from RS in the UK.

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Setting the benchmark... Faster, compact, energy saving and affordable...

Kawasaki’s latest robots increase one of the largest robot ranges available today. They are more compact, provide smooth control and give increased all round performance. For assembly the new collaborative duAro; for palletising the CP Series; the general purpose CX Series and the high-speed spot welding BX Series. Check out the new robots and see just how affordable they can be.... +44 (0)1925 713000

Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd

> Corrosion resistant for up to 1000 hours in salt spray > Manufactured from a premium alloy with less than 0.1% copper content for corrosion resistance > IP tessng performed aaer impact tessng to verify the seal is maintained when the enclosure is treated roughly > Impact resistant up to 7 Joules > Reusable seals (Up to 200 compressions)


October 2020


MetLase launches ‘smart’ products to connect and increase speed of manufacturing processes One of the UK’s leading specialists in tooling, intelligent fixturing and components is launching a new range of ‘digital’ solutions that will connect manufacturing processes and enable easier, faster automation. MetLase, a joint venture between Unipart and Roll-Royce, commissioned a dedicated team to develop ‘smart’ products, including the Digital Gauge (conducting a digital dimensional inspection process), Smart Bench (ensures nofault forward in the assembly process as well as connecting up-front supply chains) and Smart Cell. The latter covers multiple manufacturing processes and can enable human interaction with cobots and robots. This means tasks, including stock control and direct-tobench supply of components, can be more easily automated. Engineers at the Rotherham-based firm haven’t stopped there, taking a similar approach to Smart Machining by creating a smart fixture that can gather critical data from a component such as clamping forces, vibration, temperature, and dimensional measurement. This provides better process control and ongoing improvements. Richard Gould, Business Development Manager at MetLase, commented: “Our digital products have to deliver bottom-line benefits to our clients, who operate in the automotive, aerospace, construction and renewables sectors.

He continued: “With these new products, we have been able to demonstrate how easily and cost effectively data can be harvested, automatically digested and analysed, and then put to use immediately, in order to get the maximum benefit from it.” MetLase’s digital products are already having an impact on industry, with one of the most striking examples being a project with Kautex Unipart Ltd and a leading supercar manufacturer to support in-line composite pre-form measurement. Digital gauges are being used to support the inspection of blowmoulded plastic fuel tanks in just four seconds, replacing an inspection system that would usually take 45 minutes, during which time the line would churn out parts. If a fault was found at this stage, all the components made in that period would be destined for the scrap pile. In addition, it also allows data to be collected that is ‘actionable’ for process improvement and machine learning. Richard added: “This is just the start. More and more customers are switching on to the benefits of digital manufacturing in the overall process.

“This involves taking traditional manufacturing principles focusing on assembly, bonding, measuring, workholding and assembly workstations, and exploring how we could digitise them in a way that would allow them to provide their core function whilst also gathering data.

“And we’re not just talking about impact on shopfloor. One project we’re currently exploring is the introduction of a Smart Bench to support a maritime application, where a global business has won a contract that includes an element of regenerating a region’s manufacturing sector.

“For us, digital manufacturing is not a standalone entity. Instead, it should be a critical aspect of the process and operation, and it should revolve around data and, specifically, digestible, actionable data.”

“The bench potentially helps in that it instructs and inspects so well that operators, who are not highly skilled engineers, can now carry out a complex operation, providing more people with employment


opportunities and a vital start in manufacturing.” He concluded: “This goes back to the point about making the benefits of digital manufacturing easy to understand. If done correctly, it will help companies improve their operations, become more productive, and create employment and commercial opportunities for UK manufacturers.” MetLase is hosting a number of Manufacturing Masterclasses to help UK industry embrace new processes and technology. All of the webinars are free to attend and can be found here Click here. For further information, please visit or follow @metlase on twitter

October 2020


Siemens Mobility’s first Goole apprentices start college •

12 apprentices embark on a three-year Siemens Mobility engineering training programme Onboarding marks a major milestone for the Goole facility

Selby College, Siemens Mobility Limited’s training partner for its planned rail facility in Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire, has welcomed its first cohort of apprentices. The 12 apprentices are the first of up to 700 employees who will work at the pioneering rail facility when it opens in 2023. The new starters are undertaking a Level 3 Rail Technician Apprenticeship programme, spending their first year at the college developing core engineering knowledge and competencies. In their second year, they will spend one day a week at college and four days a week on placement at Siemens Mobility traincare facilities, building up their practical skills and experience.

Their third year will be split between working full-time at the Goole facility and a six-month placement at the company’s rolling stock factory in Vienna, Austria. This will enable expert knowledge transfer from colleagues in a well-established, global manufacturing operation. The 12 apprentices were selected by Siemens Mobility after receiving over 200 applications, with the majority of applicants from East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. They join Selby College two months after construction work began at the nearby Goole site in July 2020, following a visit from Prime Minister Boris Johnson. When complete, the state-of-the-art factory will manufacture and commission trains –

the first of which will be new Tube trains for London’s Piccadilly line with plans for additional train manufacture in the future. This could include additional vehicles for the Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo & City line Tube trains, plus mainline suburban and intercity trains. Siemens Mobility’s Goole plant will be complemented by research and development, digital innovation and supplier facilities, together forming a unique “rail village”. Phil Sayles, Principal and Chief Executive of Selby College, said: “We were delighted to welcome Siemens Mobility’s first 12 apprentices to Selby College. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to be a part of an incredibly exciting project and develop the engineering skills which are so vital to the UK’s future. “Our significant engineering facilities and partnerships with industry mean that we offer unparalleled training opportunities for apprentices in the sector,


and we hope our new joiners gain maximum experience and knowledge from the programme during their time with us.” Sambit Banerjee, Managing Director, Siemens Mobility Limited, said: “The onboarding of our first apprentices at Selby College represents another major milestone for our Goole facility and our plans to create and develop local jobs. With an outstanding track record of delivering apprenticeships and excellent facilities, Selby College is a brilliant place for these ambitious people to train and grow their skillset in engineering. “The government has a clear commitment to ‘levelling up” and rebuilding the nation’s economy following COVID-19 and employing and training local people is key to this. As supporters of this ambition, we are committed to upskilling the next generation of engineering talent, so they can play a key role in delivering important UK infrastructure projects, like TfL’s new underground trains.”



Guaranteed lead generation for your business In our Covid19-impacted world, many engineering and manufacturing companies are slowly returning to a new normal and developing strategies that will work for them in the short to medium term. As part of this process, you need a marketing strategy that will take advantage of what you can do right now, to promote your business and generate leads for your sales pipeline. Working with a specialist marketing agency to develop that strategy is not a new concept. However, at The Collective, we have taken everything we have learnt over 10+ years of working with B2B companies and developed the GrowthEngineTM philosophy, that will deliver sales leads to your door and raises your company profile in your key market sectors. Your marketing partner Flexibility, cost effectiveness and transparency are all key factors when determining your marketing partner. How often do you need to change direction to react to unforeseen events? How many times do you get caught out by those extra costs that are an inevitable result of larger marketing projects? GrowthEngineTM tackles each of these head-on and provides a unique solution, that allows companies to monitor their ROI and follow a clear marketing plan with bespoke goals that apply specifically to their business. So how does it work? GrowthEngineTM is dedicated to your business – so everything is tailored to helping you to grow. In practical terms, we provide marketing support via a support package, over the course of 12 months.

To determine exactly what type of marketing is required, we produce a growth plan for you, that identifies your marketing objectives and a series of key messages to be used in your marketing material. Why is this different? The unique differentiator for our packages is that they consist of credits rather than a monetary value. So you receive an allocation of credits at the start of the contract and you have the flexibility to decide how and where those credits are spent. This ensures you know exactly what you are getting, and can, if necessary, pivot your marketing to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. In addition, because the cost is spread across 12 months, GrowthEngineTM is an extremely costeffective route to receiving professional marketing support. What do we do? For over 10 years, we have been providing B2B engineering companies with a whole suite of marketing support, including video and media production, website design and build, other design services and content marketing, including all digital marketing. Contact us today to see how GrowthEngineTM can transform your business. To find out more please contact us: tel: 01202 682322 email: visit :



October 2020

> Corrosion resistant for up to 1000 hours in salt spray > Manufactured from a premium alloy with less than 0.1% copper content for corrosion resistance > IP tessng performed aaer impact tessng to verify the seal is maintained when the enclosure is treated roughly > Impact resistant up to 7 Joules > Reusable seals (Up to 200 compressions)


October 2020


FURTHER INVESTMENT IN POST PROCESSING EQUIPMENT AT 3DPRINTUK EXPANDS COLOUR PALETTE OPTIONS 3DPRINTUK, a leading service provider of polymer powder bed fusion (PBF) 3D printing processes for manufacturing applications, continues its impressive investment in post processing equipment that allows it to increase its range of services and materials for its customers. Hot on the heels of its recent announcement introducing the PrimePartST flexible PEBA material, and the announcement of a shot peening service for low, medium, and high volume parts to enhance surface finish, today 3DPRINTUK unveils multiple new colour options through its £50K investment in another DM60 machine from DyeMansion. Nick Allen, CEO at 3DPRINTUK says, “During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, 3DPRINTUK made a pragmatic decision that we would use this time to reach out to our community to find out what they wanted from us. The feedback was extensive and highly informative, and we reacted by further refining our 3D printing services in order to offer an expanded and versatile palette of options for our customers. Introducing PEBA means we can now provide a flexible, rubber-like material in addition to nylon 12 and shot peening means we can provide a superior surface finish than ever before to our nylon parts. Our investment in the new DyeMansion machine, and our traditional exhaustive testing, means that we can now provide parts in blue, green, red and yellow, with more colours to follow. We have


now invested over £100K in dying systems, ensuring that we respond to customer demand and continue to provide the most comprehensive PBF production capabilities in the UK and further afield.” The Dyemansion DM60 machine completely automates what has until recently been a manual, uncontrollable colouring process for 3D printed parts. The dyes used penetrate to a depth of 200

microns, and the process is totally reproducible, traceable, and works for every part geometry. Constant R&D at 3DPRINTUK is focussed on increasing the numbers of colours available, having been fully tested at the company’s London facility. Initially the new colour options will only be available via 3DPRINTUK’s economy service, but will be extended to express delivery later in the year.




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October 2020


New laser triangulation sensor offers unique combination of size, speed and accuracy for a wide range of control and automation tasks Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon continues the development of its comprehensive laser triangulation sensor range with the addition of the optoNCDT 1900. Ideally suited for both dynamic and high resolution measurement tasks, it features a completely new compact sensor housing with innovative mounting sleeves that ensures a repeatable sensor position and alignment to the target. This new performance class of laser sensor is perfect for high speed distance, displacement and position measurements in a wide range of automation tasks, including machine building, robotics, automotive production, 3D printing and coordinate measuring machines. The new optoNCDT 1900 laser triangulation sensor offers a unique combination of speed, size and performance. The sensor itself has dimensions of 70 x 31 x 45mm and weighs just 185g. The measuring rate is continuously adjustable up to 10kHz and can be individually adapted to suit each measurement task. Newly developed, high performance optics create a small spot size onto the target, which enables tiny objects and surface details to be measured. A new larger aperture for the receiver ensures greater accuracy and repeatability when compared to other sensors of similar measurement range. The sensor itself is also extremely robust with the ability to withstand high shock and vibrations, like those seen in vehicle testing, as standard. Two-stage averaging For the first time, a two-stage measurement average is available for signal optimisation. This enables the sensor to provide a clean signal output at edges and steps. The high performance averaging ensures a stable, precise signal output and is particularly suitable for high speed measurements of fast moving parts. The sensor uses the newly developed Advanced Surface Compensation (ASC) algorithm that allows it to operate almost regardless of the target material and colour. The


exposure time or amount of light produced by the laser sensor is optimally matched to the reflection characteristics of the target surface, which enables reliable measurements even of difficult, changing surfaces. The sensor is extremely resistant to ambient light interference and so can be used in high illumination environments including those situations where lasers are combined with Vision Systems and their associated LED lighting. The new software algorithms compensate for ambient light up to 50,000 lux, which means operation in direct sunlight is also improved. Mounting sleeves and highly flexible cables Mounting the sensor is also fast and easy, with new fitting sleeves provided that automatically align the sensor in the correct position. This enables both easy sensor replacement and ensures continued high precision measurements to be taken with confidence that the new sensor is looking at the same point on the target. Highly flexible cables and a robust IP67 protected aluminium die cast housing make the sensor ideal for industrial use. Using the now familiar Micro-Epsilon web interface, the optoNCDT 1900 is incredibly easy to set up and use without requiring any installed operating software. The settings for the measurement task can be quickly selected using applicationspecific, predefined presets. These are available to suit a wide variety of materials and surface types, including metals, plastics and organics. These presets enable rapid, straightforward set up and help to optimise the sensor for specific tasks. New advanced features for peak separation and peak width determination enable reliable measurements on coated materials, measurement objects located behind glass and on film-sealed

components. Data output is via analogue or digital RS422 interface. By using the Micro-Epsilon IF2030 interface module, EtherNet/IP and PROFINET are also available. Glenn Wedgbrow, Business Development Manager at Micro-Epsilon UK comments: “The combination of enhanced performance, compactness and wide range of new features result in a laser sensor that sets new benchmarks for advanced automation tasks. Due to its compact design, integral controller, flexible mounting options and advanced surface compensation features, the optoNCDT 1900 is extremely versatile and will solve a wide variety of applications on industrial plant, machines, automated production lines and robots.” The optoNCDT 1900 series is available in measuring ranges from 10mm up to 50mm (with higher ranges from 100mm up to 500mm planned for launch in 2021). Linearity is from <± 2.0 microns. For more information on the optoNCDT 1900, please call the Micro-Epsilon sales department on 0151 355 6070 or email

October 2020


Bright Green Plastics Creates Next Generation of Engineers with Apprenticeship Roles The Yorkshire-based plastic reprocessing firm, which employs 104 people at its Castleford site and recycles over 40,000 tonnes of household and commercial waste into reusable material each year, has taken on its first two new apprentices as part of the firm’s mission to develop the next generation of engineers through an ongoing training scheme. Lewis Davison, 17, has just completed his studies at Campsmount Academy, Doncaster, where he received a distinction in engineering and technology, and Callum Levantiz, 21, switched from a business studies course at Castleford Academy to this apprenticeship opportunity when he realised he was drawn to a career in engineering. The pair, who began their training at Bright Green Plastics on 1st Sep, will initially shadow Bright Green Plastic’s current team of six established engineers across the full range of requirements within the business, from breakdowns and preventative maintenance to fabrication, with Lewis focusing more on the electrical side of engineering, whilst Callum concentrates on mechanical aspects. The ultimate objective is to develop Lewis and Callum to become highly qualified engineers, capable of leading a team within Bright Green Plastics’ business within the next five to six years. Their new line manager, Bright Green Plastics’ Head of Facilities and Maintenance, Danny Cookson, who started his own career as an apprentice, comments on their appointment: “When I first met them, Lewis and Callum demonstrated maturity in their approach and I could see immediately that they would be a great fit for us, both technically and culturally. They both expressed a desire to study up to HNC level, which is exactly the type of attitude and drive we want to see at the firm”. Steve Spencer, managing director at Bright green Plastics, believes the manufacturing and reprocessing sectors must invest more in young people: “With evolving technology continuing to drive growth in the field of engineering, young people must be


encouraged to join and help build a lasting legacy for UK industry, whilst driving our economy in the long term.” Bright Green Plastics has a history of successful apprenticeships, with line manager, Danny Cook, joining the business as an apprentice 20 years ago. Danny adds: “Engineering is an exciting, thriving industry, rife with innovation and new technology, and the perfect career for any young person who enjoys fixing things and possesses a natural curiosity to know how things work. Apprenticeships are a tried and tested route to establishing a long and varied career - without the thousands of pounds of university debt." “It’s an honour to pick-up the baton as line manager to our new apprentices, and I’m excited to see what the coming years bring as we invite more young men and women onto our site to become the next generation of British engineering talent.” Apprenticeships at Bright Green Plastics were already part of

the firm's long-term business strategy. However, it welcomes the introduction of the Government’s Plan for Jobs scheme, where employers are being offered support to develop emerging talent in the UK, particularly in-light of the recent shortage in hands on apprentices and the requirement for more trainees in the UK’s engineering workforce. Steve Spencer elaborates: “We need younger people in our business to develop them to become future managers. The addition of youthful energy, fresh eyes and new ideas can only add value to any organisation, and we are fully behind the government’s drive to up-the-ante on apprenticeships.” This move is part of Bright Green Plastics long-term strategy to upgrade and grow the business and follows its recent £750,000 investment into the development of its new plastics sorting plant, which has been fully operational since July 2020.

15th International Exhibition of Railway Equipment, Systems & Services

F 1 WS


E R G 2






In 2021, Railtex will play host to Infrarail at the NEC, Birmingham from 11-13 May. The UK’s most important events in the rail calendar will come together to form the ultimate show for the rail industry. To be part of the most comprehensive rail exhibition of 2021 contact the team on +44 (0)1727 814 400 or via email

T H R E E S H O W S | T W O D AY S


Sensors & Instrumentation live


29-30 JUNE 2021




In June 2021, the NEC Birmingham will host an industry event like never before as three leading exhibitions Sensors & Instrumentation Live, Electronics Industry Live (formerly known as What’s New In Electronics Live) and Future Robotics Live - join forces for the first time. This exciting new partnership will also offer a one ticket policy with co-located events, Interplas, Med-Tech Innovation Expo and TCT 3Sixty opening the doors to thousands of visitors and potential clients for your business. Get in touch to find out how your business could benefit from exhibiting and secure your bespoke package today!

DESIGN, EMBEDDED, ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Contact Harriet Campbell on T: 0844 381 4235 or at E:


Sensors & Instrumentation live


WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Contact Louise Pudney on T: 01622 699 104 or at E:

October 2020


Atlas Copco introduces SMARTCLAMP performance monitoring solution for compressors under 30 kW Atlas Copco has launched SMARTCLAMP, a solution for compressor and vacuum pump performance monitoring where no built-in controller is fitted. The easy-to-install SMARTCLAMP gathers valuable insights on the running hours and service status of equipment rated up to 30 kW. Paul Clark, Business Line Manager of Atlas Copco Compressor Technique Service Sales & Marketing commented: “With SMARTCLAMP, no extra energy source is needed for operation, as it is simply attached to the incoming power cord to harvest energy from the machine while it is running.” SMARTCLAMP has been developed to operate with specific types of equipment that feature an electrical cubicle and nominal power ratings of 2-30 kW but operate without a controller. The SMARTCLAMP function is particularly suited to small to medium compressed air users, such as garages and workshops. Supported machine types include fixed-speed compressors – to monitor running hours and loaded hours – and for monitoring the running hours of VSD compressors, as well as dryers and vacuum pumps. Installation and commissioning is a quick and easy procedure. It comprises the simple steps of checking the machine power of the installation and the suitable SMARTCLAMP configuration for the equipment. This is followed by adjusting the clamp-on unit’s rotary switch to match the right value, scanning the QR code, then simply clamping to the incoming power cord. An in-built permanent SIM chip allows remote performance data monitoring via 3G smartphone connection to the equipment installation. This enables the SMARTCLAMP to upload the running hours from the compressor/dryer/pump at specified intervals. This data can then be used to identify when the next service is imminent. Furthermore, the option of signing up to a monthly report revealing the total running hours over a given period helps to highlight which type of regular service best suits individual operators’ needs. SMARTCLAMP is the latest addition to Atlas Copco’s suite of SMARTLINK data monitoring and remote connectivity solutions that include SMARTLINK Service, Uptime or Energy program software, the SMARTBOX compressor monitoring internet modem, and the SMARTLINK SPM which allows users to analyse the condition of main rotating components, compensate for speed variation and maximise operational life. For more information please contact: Joanna Canton Long, Marketing Communications Manager, Atlas Copco Compressors +44 (0)1442 222240 or Chris Butcher, Account Director, Publitek +44 (0)1582 390980 or



October 2020

WEG supplies electric motor for REPSOL hyper compressor Motor and drive manufacturer, WEG partnered with REPSOL to replace a 40-year-old ABB machine with an electric motor for the activation of REPSOL’s hyper compressor. Replacing old machines present several challenges, but WEG successfully supplied an electric motor and an excitation panel to REPSOL’s unit in Sines, Portugal. The project, which involved the development and implementation of a synchronous motor (Exp, 7.2mW, 30 pole) and an excitation panel, was required to provide an interconnected and protected automation solution for REPSOL’s hyper compressor. The new SEL 2000, 7.2mW, 200rpm, 6kV, 50Hz motor, was supplied for a line 2-PEBD Ethylene hyper compressor, triggering maximum pressure (2000 bar). The project required the design, manufacture and supply of an electric motor and the removal of the old machine. This involved a series of procedures, starting with the removal, packaging and storage of the existing motor.

Replacing an older motor, which was installed more than 40 years ago, does not come without its challenges. WEG initiated a detailed analysis of the motor’s dimension, protection, wiring and pressurisation system, to ensure the new WEG motor could be installed with existing certification standards.

WEG’s motors are developed for the most diverse market segments, adhering to the quality and performance requirements of any given application. In this case, the unique requirements of replacing a motor which has been in place for over 40 years.

“WEG intends to leverage and expand its know-how to fulfil any customer requirement — regardless of the complications,” explained Patricia Guedes of WEG Portugal. “The new automation system for REPSOL was difficult to implement, but will integrate the excitation system, auxiliary systems to protect the synchronous motor for safe operation.”

For more information on WEG and the service it provides in Portugal and the rest of the world, please visit the WEG website.


October 2020


Optimise your R&D processes and avoid wasted resources with PatBase Express The European Patent Office estimates that 30% of all R&D spending is wasted on redeveloping existing solutions, in the UK alone this means that over £11 billion is wasted annually! One way to minimise wasted time, effort and money is to start any project with some preliminary patent research. R&D departments benefit from an in-depth analysis of technological developments in their field of expertise and identification of opportunities for new product development in low-risk areas to avoid wasted R&D resources. This is why innovation-driven companies around the world provide their researchers and engineers with access to patent search and analysis tools, like PatBase Express, to allow them to explore the technology landscape on their own. Patents contain a lot of technical information that will never be published in scientific journals or other literature. Therefore, it is a tremendously valuable resource for R&D professionals to find technical details of existing inventions in any field of interest and build on the ideas of others. PatBase Express, Minesoft’s userfriendly international patent search engine, simplifies finding, reviewing, saving, sharing and analysing patent documents.

jurisdictions based on your search! See only what is relevant by optimising your search each step along the way using the filtering options and clickable-interactive charts to narrow down and dive deeper into data. Unearth quality information not available outside of patent documents.

PatBase Express enables Users, including corporations such as Audi and Siemens, to protect their designs by checking novelty against existing patents and to solve technical dilemmas by studying patent texts, patent drawings and non-patent literature. Users can access and understand the most up-to-date scientific research, new ideas and competitor information contained in patent documents with a range of search and display functionalities, including text and diagrams, semantic searching, translations and PatBase Analytics V3.

pic 2. PatBase Analytics V3 Dashboard for recent UK inventions

All the data available on PatBase Express can be shared with your colleagues – even if they aren’t a PatBase Express subscriber themselves! The fully web-based platform simplifies sharing data via published links or as exported files in various formats. Collaborate on your research and share the knowledge!

pic 1. Example of a record in PatBase, view the full technical details and drawings in just one click

PatBase Analytics V3 generates easy to understand trend charts based on any set of patent documents so you can quickly identify key players, technologies, or


Minesoft’s suite of patent solutions make it easier to search and identify patents for a range of technologies and processes. SMEs, academic institutions and big corporations can gain insight into how others are tackling an issue to help inform their own responses. With over 70 full text collections, including non-Latin data, PatBase provides access to patent literature generated from key countries around the world.

October 2020


Bart Houben, VP of sales and marketing, Pickit (left) and Samuel Bouchard, CEO Robotiq (right).

Robotiq teams up with industry leaders to build high-performance cobot application solutions Collaboration will help manufacturers automate their production faster and increase ROI Robotiq is making the world of collaborative robots even more... collaborative – by joining forces with 3D vision pioneer Pickit and industrial linear motion specialist Festo. “Collaboration is not just for robots,” said Annie Giguère, VP of product management and marketing at Robotiq. “Working together with other industry leaders, namely Pickit and Festo, will help us provide manufacturers with better application solutions for their production floor.” Pickit and Robotiq technologies have previously been used together in bin-picking applications, leveraging Pickit’s renowned 3D vision and Robotiq’s quick-to-production


grippers. With the new strategic partnership, Robotiq and Pickit will develop even better application solutions for the manufacturing world. “At Pickit, we share Robotiq’s positive impact and creative values,” said Bart Houben, VP of sales and marketing. “We’ve worked together in the past and we are excited to launch what we’re creating together.” “Festo Canada and Robotiq worked closely together to make this partnership a success,” said Achim Kottmann, product manager at Festo. “We are looking forward to launching joint products that will

widen access to cobot applications for even more manufacturers.” Festo is bringing its world-class industrial automation product range to the table. Combined with Robotiq’s philosophy of ease of use and quick integration, manufacturers will benefit from a new range of allin-one solutions to start production faster. “We are proud to be working with Pickit and Festo, both industry leaders in their respective fields of 3D vision and industrial linear motion. Our shared commitment to getting factories automated quickly, easily and efficiently will be multiplied by combining our expertise,” said Samuel Bouchard, CEO of Robotiq.


October 2020

Automation specialist Sewtec completes move to 75,000 SQ FT design and manufacturing facility in Wakefield, West Yorkshire Industrial automation specialist Sewtec has completed its move to a multi-million-pound state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. As part of the company’s ongoing growth and transformation strategy, Sewtec Automation has signed a 15-year lease for its new 75,000 sq ft headquarters, situated at Silkwood Park near junction 40 of the M1. The new location is more than double the total size of its seven previous sites in Dewsbury and design office in Wakefield combined, with all 120 of the company’s employees now based under the same roof for the first time. There is also adjacent land available for extending the building should growth exceed expectations. Sewtec Automation invents, designs, manufactures, installs, and supports complex industrial automation systems for global blue-chip clients in the pharmaceutical and medical devices, cosmetics and personal care, pet care, food and beverage and tobacco industries. More than 85 per cent of the company’s sales are exports and its customers include Nestlé, AstraZeneca, Tata, Mars, Greencore, McVities, Twinings, Huhtamaki, Proctor & Gamble and Imperial Brands. The new facility includes modern R&D and office spaces, with breakout areas to further enhance the business’s inventive approach to problem-solving. It also provides new production and quality control offices whilst significantly increasing the sizes of the company’s assembly area, machine shop, fabrication bays and stores, creating space for future expansion. This project received investment from the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP), delivered by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, through the Leeds City Region Growth Deal – a £1 billion package of Government investment to accelerate growth and create jobs across Leeds City Region. As part of the move, the company

estimates the new location will eventually create up to an additional 70 high skilled jobs. Commenting on the move, Sewtec managing director, Mark Cook, said: “The move to our new facility is hugely significant as it provides the launch pad for the continued implementation of our ambitious growth plans. “By moving to this new location, we’ve been able to bring all our people together under one roof in an excellent design and manufacturing environment, increase our capacity and improve our operational efficiencies. Just as importantly, we now have a facility which showcases our capabilities and has created an immensely positive impression on existing and potential customers, partners and suppliers, and future employees who have visited us. We plan to build on this by hosting open house events, and customer and supplier days which will enhance the understanding of our capabilities. “Despite the challenges of Covid-19, we’re experiencing growing demand for our inventive approach to automation, both here in the UK and overseas. Our new facility will enable us to maximise our potential and meet that growing demand.” Roger Marsh OBE DL, chair of LEP and NP11, added: “Investment is a key factor in helping our businesses to grow, improve productivity and ultimately create new jobs. “I’d encourage all businesses to get in touch with the LEP Business Support Service and access the support available for growing businesses.” For further information and to arrange a visit to Sewtec Automation’s design and manufacturing facility, visit


October 2020


SICK’s on the Level with its CQF Capacitive Sensor Compact, economic and quick to install, SICK’s CQF16 capacitive level sensor has been developed to provide a universal, non-contact solution wherever the fill level of water-based liquids must be detected in non-metallic vessels, tanks or pipes.

The robust, ECOLAB-certified SICK CQF16 level sensor is supplied with a one-clip mounting bracket that can be fastened securely to the wall of any pipe or container. Using the capacitive measurement principle, it accurately detects water-based media regardless of foam, moisture or deposit build-up on the inside of the vessel. The SICK CQF16 is a cost-effective alternative to continuous analogue measurement with a diverse range of fill-level detection uses. For example, it is ideal for detecting levels of oils, milk or honey in food processing machinery, or for checking condensate water in freezers. It will prove useful for detection of ink-cartridge levels in printing and packaging machinery. In medical and pharmaceutical machinery, it could be


used to monitor levels in the storage vessels for filling vials or processing blood products.

assured thanks to the two on-device LEDs showing power-on and output status.”

Said David Hannaby, SICK’s UK Product Manager for presence detection: “The CQF offers an economical new alternative for a wide range of level sensing duties. Wherever there is a requirement for on/off or low/high switching, for example, the CQF offers all the reliability and flexibility you would expect from a SICK device.

The compact CQF16 measures just 16 mm x 34 mm x 8 mm and has a sensing range up to 6 mm. With a robust housing rated up to IP69K, and the option of M8 male connector or integral cable connection, the rugged CQF16 level sensors avoid the risk of fluid penetration in process environments. With a 100mA signal, the sensors offer a flexible choice of PNP/NPN or NO/NC switching outputs.

“For most applications, the factorycalibrated version is all you need to get started. Just clip the sensor into the bracket supplied and you are ready to go. For more demanding applications, the sensor can be simply taught-in via the cable connection. Easy commissioning is

For more information please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email

Hygiene and safety are top priorities.

Han® F+B - Hygienic and robust.

Connectors for the food industry ■ ■ ■ ■

Easy-to-clean design especially for the spray zone Reliable connections ensured, even with daily cleaning Protection against water jets and aggressive cleaning agents IP69K rated, Ecolab approved and complies with EHEDG guidelines

One Range. No Limits:

October 2020


New "Intelligent Guided Vehicle" (IGV): Autonomous counterbalanced forklift is guided by swarm intelligence After the “ONE” comes the “OCF”: AGILOX expands their line of intelligent guided vehicles by introducing a new autonomous omnidirectional counterbalanced forklift, operating with swarm intelligence. In doing so, AGILOX has entered a new area of ​​application: classic intralogistics in inbound/outbound warehousing and storage. With the ONE, AGILOX's ultralight, high-efficiency forklift product line, the company has reshaped the concept of AGVs. The fleets operate without a central control system, meaning the vehicles navigate the production facility or warehouse in a truly autonomous fashion. The exceptionally compact AGILOX IGVs organize their routes according to the decentralized principles of swarm intelligence, making them much more flexible than traditional AGVs. Additionally, programming or “teaching” the vehicles becomes significantly easier, while central software programs including maintenance, updates, etc. are rendered obsolete—an innovation that lowers operating costs. AGILOX is now expanding its range of IGVs to include the OCF—an abbreviation for “Omnidirectional Counterbalanced Forklift”. While the ONE is equipped with a scissor lift to function as a load handling device (and thus transports the load within the vehicle contour), the OCF is designed according to the principles of the counterbalanced forklift. Hence, it can pick up pallets, lattice boxes, and other load carriers with a maximum weight of 1500 kg (3300 lbs), transport them to the destination, and set them down at a height of up to 1600 mm (63 in). AGILOX’s intelligent and costsaving IGV concept opens up new application areas. While the


ONE vehicles are mainly used for material supply in production, the OCF enables classic intralogistics tasks in incoming and outgoing goods, order picking and storage, as well as in production— provided that the transport is palletbound. Just like the ONE, the OCF uses an omnidirectional drive concept. It can therefore also drive sideways through narrow aisles, turn on the spot, and maneuver in the tightest of spaces. The same lithium-ion (LiFePO4) battery technology ensures short charging and long operating times - just three minutes of charging allows for up to one hour of operating time. The IGV fleets can be connected to customer software systems (LVR, ERP, WMS, MES, etc.) via an open API interface. An optional IO box enables the integration of external infrastructure, such as rolling gates and stationary conveyor systems, in the intelligent control system. An analytics module provides the user with all relevant operating data and KPIs. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Franz Humer, M.A. Co-Founder and CEO of AGILOX, notes “The OCF is a logical

addition to round out our product portfolio. With it, we open up opportunities in storage and order picking technology, and thus, a large market in which the IGVs can showcase their advantages over both AGVs and manoperated forklifts.” The combined operation of the ONE and OCF in a “swarm” also provides a great advantage. For instance, while the smaller vehicles carry out delivery services to assembly workstations or tend to e-Kanban shelves, the OCF can, using the same control system and WiFi infrastructure, take over pallet transport. The OCF pilot series has already been successfully tested in Vorchdorf, Austria. Series production will begin shortly, with the first OCFs set to be delivered to customers in the first quarter of 2021.


October 2020


Rittal's LCP Industry – Liquid Cooling for the Industrial Space By Karl Lycett – Rittal UK’s Product Manager for Climate Control Rittal’s Liquid Cooling Package Industry (LCP Industry) has been protecting critical equipment in industrial spaces for many years, ensuring sensitive electrical components are kept within their optimal operating conditions. It’s been so successful that, as part of our programme of continuous improvement, the unit has now been updated to make it fully compatible with Rittal’s recently launched, marketleading, VX25 enclosure system. But why and how is liquid cooling so effective and what benefits does the LCP Industry offer for installers?

Water vs Air Cooling It’s often the case that due to factors such as the location of industrial equipment, the amount of equipment involved, or physical space restrictions, traditional cooling methods are unviable or simply not especially effective. Liquid cooling, however, is an option open to all, and one that is much more effective than air at removing waste heat and reducing the temperature within the enclosure. Rittal’s LCP Industry is a scaledup Air to Water Heat Exchanger which connects seamlessly to the end of, or within, a suite of enclosures. It can provide up to 10kW of cooling power with a minimal width of 300mm and a low overall footprint (0.24m²). If it is installed within a suite, the unit can be configured to supply 10kW of cooling in one direction only, or 5kW in either direction, to fit with the enclosure design. This amount of power means that even the most challenging installation can be protected, ensuring that the equipment operates within an acceptable


environment. This protection allows it to work at maximum output and helps extend its operating life thereby reducing annual spares and maintenance costs. The LCP Industry is designed to avoid any equipment jutting into the gangway, which can be a concern on mezzanine floors or tight spaces in terms of both practicality and worker safety.

Flexibility in Installation The LCP Industry has in-built recesses for routing busbar systems and cables. It has a space for the busbar system at the top of the climate control enclosure and there is room for the N/PE rails below. Additional cabling can be addedin to both positions, making the LCP Industry extremely flexible, notably in large switchgear units with full-length busbar systems. Many industrial sites already have an operational chilled water supply to service other procedures and equipment. Where this is the case, it can be tapped off and used for the LCP Industry. If not, Rittal can provide advice and quotations to supply a standalone chiller to supply the LCP. Depending on the source, the water supply can be channelled into the unit via connections located at the top and back, to help make installation easier. Further information at,, and on twitter: @rittal_ltd.

October 2020

Cognex Introduces Next Generation of High-Performance Handheld Barcode Readers Cognex Corporation announces the launch of its DataMan® 8700 Series of handheld barcode readers. Built on a completely redesigned platform, this next generation of handheld readers delivers cutting-edge performance and ease of use with no tuning or operator training required. “Cognex specializes in reading the most difficult barcodes at the highest speed and accuracy,” said Carl Gerst, Cognex Senior Vice President and Business Unit Manager of Identification Products. “With the 8700 series, we’ve developed the world’s fastest line of industrial handheld readers, offering unprecedented response times and durability right out of the box.” Featuring advanced image formation and quick processing, the 8700 Series can instantly read challenging direct part mark (DPM) and label-based codes, even when vital elements of the code are missing or damaged. Designed with oil-resistant and waterproof plastics, the readers are built to last in the harshest manufacturing environments. The new readers include built-in OLED display screens to enable quick setup and operator feedback, such as wireless signal strength, read string data, and remaining battery life. They also support



DataMan 8700 Series instantly reads the most challenging codes

a broad range of industrial protocols and wireless communication options to connect seamlessly and operate efficiently in any facility. The 8700 Series is ideal for improving factory efficiency, productivity, and component traceability across a range of industries, including automotive, medical devices, electronics, and aerospace. For more information, visit or call +44 121 296 5163.


October 2020

Fluid Carrying



Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond.

Resurfacing of badly worn floors and new build installations

Vacuum to over 20,000psi.

Impact, abrasion and point load resistance

Stock and bespoke production.

Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant & suitable for heavy traffic plus high bay category one and two

Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

Fast installation for minimum downtime Integrate corporate colour schemes, colour matching and corporate logos into the same hardwearing and durable flooring For a complete Nationwide service from FREE survey and recommendations, to preparation and installation with single source, uncomplicated warranties…

Call 01952

740400 or visit us online.

RESPOL - innovative flooring solutions GUARANTEED! Tel:

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+44(0)1663 735003



Accredited Contractor


October 2020


V-817 linear stages deliver cost-effective precision automation for industrial applications Physik Instrumente (PI) has launched the V-817 high load linear stage series for the semiconductor, electronics and laser industries, setting a new standard of price-toperformance for highly dynamic and precise processing, testing and inspection tasks. These stages are suitable for applications such as sensor and camera positioning, laser welding, and optical and tactile testing, as well as wafer processing and inspection. The V-817 linear stages are specifically designed for applications with high operating cycles, offering constant loads up to 600 N, high accelerations and velocities up to 3,000 mm/s. Friction-free, three-phase magnetic direct drives use no mechanical components in the drivetrain, instead transmitting the drive force is transmitted directly to the motion platform. These ironless motors are particularly suited for highly demanding positioning tasks requiring exceptional precision, as they do not give rise to undesirable interactions with the permanent magnets, ensuring smooth running even at the slowest velocities, and eliminating vibration at high velocities. Incremental linear encoders offer a resolution down to 0.3 nm, for high path accuracy, minimum tracking errors and short settling times. The calibrated positioning accuracy of the linear stages is up to ±2.5 µm, and the travel range extends to 813 mm.

PI’s high performance, cost-effective V-817 linear stages are ideal for precision industrial automation. The space-saving, flat design allows them to be integrated into compact machine assemblies as single axes or XY structures.


When easy machine integration and flexibility are required, the V-817 product range is the answer. These flat linear stages are only 63 mm in height, minimizing moving mass and tilting errors, and enabling easy integration in compact machine assemblies. An optional motion platform, with a triple M6 hole pattern, allows the axes to be used individually, or two stages can

easily be combined to create XY assemblies for multi-axis applications. The V-817 linear stages are suitable for use in clean working environments, as their movement does not loosen any particles. They can be easily and quickly aligned during installation, thanks to a specially-formed edge with a parallelism better than 30 μm to the guides or direction of motion. Industry-compatible connectors with a high degree of ingress protection offer secure connectivity. The V-817 linear stages can be controlled by PI’s G-901 electronics solution, which combines an ACS Motion Controller and drivers for up to four axes, as well as an integrated STO (Safe-TorqueOff) module. Alternatively, individual ACS drivers – such as udmHP/BA, udmPM or udmPA – can be combined with the ACS Motion Controller for single and multi-axis applications.

For more information about the V-817 series, visit linear-stages/stages-with-pimag-magnetic-direct-drivelinear-motor/v-817-high-load-linear-stage-412418502

EXPERTS IN PUMP TECHNOLOGY Our progressive cavity pumps, macerators and control systems are used across all industry sectors wherever thin to highly viscous, shear-sensitive, aggressive or abrasive media must be conveyed at low pulsation rates. SEEPEX’s portfolio also includes digital solutions, consulting, spare parts and after sales services.

“SEEPEX stands for technological leadership, excellent management and outstanding product and application expertise. Focusing on our core competencies and know-how enables us to take the best, most forward-looking course of action for each part of our business. We identify innovative approaches that bring about positive changes for the entire industry.” PETER MCGARIAN MANAGING DIRECTOR, SEEPEX UK LTD.

SEEPEX UK Ltd. | |

October 2020

EGV HYP – EHEDG certified vent panel for production facilities with highly elevated hygienic requirements

Fig.1: Certified in accordance with EHEDG: EGV HYP with patented, bevelled sealing concept for absolute hygiene.



Meeting safety and process requirements at the same time is sometimes a challenge, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Dust-handling equipment has to be equipped with explosion protective systems, which must also comply with all hygiene and sanitary requirements in production. The solution: Vent panels that can be used to produce hygienically sensitive powders. The EGV HYP vent panel is an economical solution to the problem described, according to the strict criteria of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group). Specially designed for hygienically demanding processes, it protects the vessel in the event of an explosion by releasing flame and pressure. The smooth surface with the patented, full-flat, chamfered gasket system prevents deposits during the production process and during the cleaning of the system and thereby cross-contamination between batch processes. The EGV HYP can be used without hesitation in critical systems such as spray dryers with / without CIP cleaning, fluid bed dryers and mixers and therefore offers a cost-effective safety solution according to the requirements of hygienic design.


October 2020

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About REMBE - the REMBE Alliance introduces itself REMBE is mostly associated with REMBE GmbH Safety and Control - the specialists for explosion safety and pressure relief worldwide. The company offers customers cross-industry safety concepts for systems and equipment. All products are manufactured in Germany and meet the demands of national and international regulations. The customers who purchase REMBE products are among the market leaders of various industries, including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical oil and gas as well as wood industries. The technical engineering expertise is based on more than 45 years of application and project experience. As an independent, owner-managed family company, REMBE combines expertise with highest degree of quality, and is also actively engaged in various professional bodies worldwide. Short alignment routes enable the achievement of quick responses and customer-specific solutions for any kind of application: from standard products, all the way up to high-tech special designs. In addition to REMBE GmbH Safety + Control ( with approx. 250 employees worldwide, headquarter in Brilon (Germany) and numerous subsidiaries worldwide (Italy, Finland, Brazil, USA, China, Dubai, Singapore, South Africa, Japan), four other companies are also engaged under the REMBE family brand: REMBE Research & Technology Center GmbH REMBE Advanced Services + Solutions GmbH REMBE Kersting GmbH REMBE FibreForce GmbH


October 2020


Physik Instrumente’s ACS Laser Control Module the ideal add-on Fast shuttering and accurate firing of laser pulses is essential to ensure consistent, high quality processing. One option is to link laser power to pulse rate and modulation; if the power is fixed, then the motion system will need to run at a constant speed to ensure that the correct level is delivered across the surface. This suits operations such as raster scans, where the laser is fired following the motion in one direction, or during the constant velocity phase between acceleration and deceleration phases. However, cutting and welding applications may also need the laser pulses to overlap at a consistent ratio, even when the motion path speed is not constant, and laser pulses occur at a fixed frequency; nonuniform pulse delivery could create heat-affected zones, weak regions or breaks in the cut or weld path. One of the simplest methods of controlling laser power is to link it to the velocity of the motion path, by connecting the analogue output in the controller to the power input of the laser. Most controllers will allow you to do this, but jerky motion may result in bad processing, and poor placement accuracy can lead to low quality parts. Another approach is to precisely control the laser by pulse placement along the motion path, regardless of the vector velocity. It is also possible to combine these two methods to control scaling of the power output, which overcomes undesired features of the laser electronics or optic path. Physik Instrumente’s ACS Laser Control Module (LCM) offers a reliable, modular way to construct motion systems. Based on EtherCAT industrial network technology, it does not rely on encoder data, and allows drives to select specified axis requirements. The simple architecture of this add-on module is ideal for laser control: there is no need to change the drive types, which greatly simplifies the cabinet design; there are no changes to the existing hardware, which reduces stock requirements for spare parts; and there is no additional wiring except a simple Ethernet cable. Combined with graphical script creation in SPiiPlusSPC – which automatically generates the code necessary to overcome language issues – this makes it really quick, easy and extremely cost effective to construct a universal drive offering high performance laser control for virtually any application. For more information about the LCM, visit 70|

Renold Gears OQSx Oil Quality Sensor

The Renold Gears OQSx Oil Quality Sensor is your ideal solution for accurate real time gearbox oil condition monitoring. Easily and quickly installed the OQSx detects all wear and contamination elements to an exceptionally high level and provides an accurate statement of oil condition second by second – in any oil type and in any application, giving you a true 360 degree view of how your oil is performing.

> Accurately reports precise condition of oil in real time > Patented technology > Independently certified for accuracy, sensitivity and reliability > Robust and reliable in the harshest conditions > Easy to install > Configurable for any oil type, in any application




October 2020


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We bring colour into view! Compact pressure sensors and switches with 360° custom-colour status display

256 colours Individually selectable: Measurement in progress Sensor switching Process malfunction

15 cm

Compact design

Hygienic adapter system

Adjustment via smartphone

£262 VEGABAR 39 G½"

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