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June 2020

The UK's leading manufacturer of Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple Connectors and associated Temperature Instrumentation and stockists of Thermocouple Cables. Also featured this issue:


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June 2020


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June 2020

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The UK's leading manufacturer of Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple Connectors and associated Temperature Instrumentation and stockists of Thermocouple Cables. Also featured this issue:

June 2020


Compact, High-Definition Thermal Science Cameras FLIR Systems announce the FLIR A8580 series of entry-level, cooled high-definition thermal science cameras designed for a wide range of industrial, military, science, and product research and development (R&D) applications. These 1.3-megapixel cameras record blur-free images of high-speed targets, offer a wide range of precision, manual and motorized lenses, and integrate seamlessly with the new FLIR Research Studio thermal analysis software – to provide users with a high-end experience in a compact, easy-to-use device. The A8580 series includes four midwave infrared (MWIR) models as well as a long-wave model that provides better uniformity and stability than other, similar LWIR cameras. This unique LWIR camera also offers wide temperature calibration ranges, reducing the need for repeated testing to fully measure a high dynamic scene, and fast integration times. All five models produce sharp, 1280×1024 thermal pixel imagery for a 30% improvement over previous FLIR compact science cameras. Users can maximize the number of pixels on their target through a suite of lens options, from the

200-millimeter telephoto lens to the 3x microscope lens for imaging extremely small targets. The cameras’ quick response times and advanced triggering options help users record crisply focused images of fast-moving targets or accurately measure rapid changes in temperature. An internal filter mechanism allows the user to quickly switch between standard and high temperature ranges with a click of a button instead of manually changing neutral density filters. To compliment these advanced features, FLIR designed the A8580 with simplified connections and controls so it’s easy to set-up and begin testing. The camera ramps up quickly and connects via Gigabit Ethernet or CoaXPress to a computer running FLIR Research Studio software. This included software allows users to view the live camera image,

record the image stream, and evaluate thermal data from multiple FLIR cameras and recorded sources simultaneously. FLIR A8580 series science cameras are available for purchase today globally through the FLIR authorized network of distributors. To learn more, please visit / or contact FLIR Systems on and +32-3665-5100.

MWIR Thermal Camera for Long Range and High Temperature Applications FLIR Systems has announced the FLIR RS8500 mid-wave infrared (MWIR) thermal camera designed for range tracking, science, and measurement applications. A new addition to FLIR Systems’ science camera series, the high-performance RS8500 combines a mid-wave infrared detector and telescope in a single weatherproof housing built for measurement accuracy of long-range and high-temperature targets in harsh environments.


The RS8500 allows for superior measurement accuracy through a MWIR detector, which provides high-definition, large-format thermal images with the ability to deliver data up to 180 frames per second, coupled with a high-resolution, 120-1200-millimeter continuous metric zoom lens. This provides maximum situational awareness at wider fields of view and zoom capabilities at longer focal lengths to maximize the number of pixels on a target at any distance. The camera also has the capability to image through neutral density filters, ensuring that hot targets do not look saturated. Further, the RS8500 offers 24 percent more pixels and a 46 percent faster frame speed than the previous RS8000 models.

“With higher resolution and simplified data analysis, the FLIR RS8500 is an optimal thermal camera solution for applications in industries such as outdoor research, military, aerospace, university and government labs, and film production,” said Rickard Lindvall, General Manager of the Solutions Line of Business at FLIR. “This new mid-wave camera provides the ability to accurately measure hightemperature, fast-moving targets at a greater distance and ensure operator safety.” The RS8500 also provides one graphical user interface and multiple simultaneous data outputs which allows for easy integration of the camera into existing data acquisition systems as well as FLIR Research Studio. For further information please visit or contact FLIR Systems on and +32-3665-5100.

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Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






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June 2020


Applications for Thermal Imaging Cameras Thermal Imaging has been in the spotlight recently because of the COVID19 pandemic, but measuring human temperatures is only one of a wide range of applications that benefits from Infrared cameras. This article covers a wide range of industrial applications where Thermal Imaging can be helpful in detecting faults and defects. Alrad Imaging is keen to help you find the right solution for your application, so let us look at how Thermal Imaging can help you. • • •

• •

Thermal Imaging is used in the Automotive industry as a non destructive testing tool for quality checks on every electrical system, motor assemblies and window heating elements. Industries dealing with hazardous and non-hazardous chemical materials can benefit from infrared cameras helping to detect the resulting heat flow from chemical processes. Electrical systems and electrical distribution equipment can benefit from the application of infrared cameras and thermography technology. Things like loose contacts, overheating or poor connections can be detected by thermal imagers. Inspections of mechanical components is an important area for thermal imaging detecting overheating in bearings, increased discharge temperatures, and excessive oil temperatures in pumps, compressors, fans, and blowers or detecting air leaks or overheating in many components. In the area of security thermal Imaging cameras are used by police to detect criminals. I am sure we have all seen TV pictures of the police in a helicopter locating criminals at night using Thermal Imaging cameras. But this technology can also be used by the fire fighters to locate people in smoke filled rooms or by border security personal. Infrared thermography cameras offer a powerful alternative when studying structural situations or testing materials in a non-destructive manner. If you want to improve energy efficiency and help in the fight against climate change, improving building structure to remove energy loss and resource wasting it will be greatly aided with the use of infrared cameras. As we said at the beginning Infrared cameras help in the fight against COVID 19 but this is only one of its benefits in medical applications where they can be used to help detect cancer earlier, locate the source of arthritis, and even catch circulation issues before they become too problematic as well as discover muscular and skeletal problems early on before they become a serious problem. In the world of metallurgy infrared thermography can help reduce energy consumption by detecting defects in the insulation of heating chambers, cracks in pans, or issues with similar devices. Predictive Maintenance is a large application area for Thermal imaging cameras. Plant inspections require the highest quality in monitoring to check all possible faults that may cause accidents or pose a threat to safety of its employees.

This is just a brief summary of the applications where Thermal Imaging can help you.


Alrad offer a wide range of Thermographic cameras including: Automation Cameras, Smart Cameras, Handheld cameras, explosion proof and temperature screening cameras. Thermal Industrial and Security cameras and Block cameras, Automotive and commercial vision products as well as handheld cameras for industrial inspection Want to learn more ? Then go to our website at or speak to one of technical sales staff who will be pleased to help you in selecting the right product for your specific application.

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Tempmaster PRO Precision Thermometer The Tempmaster PRO from Labfacility provides very high precision temperature measurement with Pt100 sensors.

L300 8 Zone Temperature Alarm / Controller with Pt or TC inputs The Labfacility L300 Pt100 and TC temperature alarm / on-off controller can be used in conjunction with a PC to provide accurate monitoring and alarm or on-off control of up to 8- zones simultaneously

L60 Thermocouple & Fine Wire Welder The Thermocouple Welder, manufactured by Labfacility, is a compact, simple-to-use instrument designed for thermocouple and fine wire welding.

Labcal PRO Precision Thermometer The Labcal PRO from Labfacility is fully characterised for Pt100 sensors and all major thermocouples.

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June 2020


Munters launches EC Cool – a cost effective evaporative pre-cooling solution for rooftop condensers Operators of roof top condensers are familiar with the stress caused by the summer period, with peak temperatures pushing the condensers to their limit. Munters EC Cool efficiently decreases the inlet temperature of the rooftop condenser, increasing cooling capacity and preventing unplanned breakdowns caused by high pressure alarms.

Retrofit, flexible & modular system

Thanks to the modular system design, Munters can retrofit every size of condenser even up to 2 metres high. • High capacity water system to guarantee no dry operation for Air-cooled refrigeration units are the typical form of heat rejection recirculating water systems system installed to provide air-conditioning and refrigeration. • Reinforced water tank with double wall, Obtaining adequate cooling function always has to be balanced for very high robustness and rigidity against the higher capital investment and physical installation space of • Pad guides and deflector featuring an over-dimensioned system. Moreover the running costs, comprising clip-function both life cycle system maintenance costs and energy consumption, • Front opening for flushing the entire are critical factors. Refrigeration plants account for around 10% of the system global electricity consumption and is rising. It is therefore no surprise • Pad supports with large honeycomb that cost-consciousness and energy conservation play increasingly orifices, avoids clogging or pad sitting important roles in new condenser system design and prolongation of in water the life cycles for existing installations. • Made in high quality PVC and PP materials, UV stabilized Munters retrofit solution supports ambitions on sustainability • Anti-corrosion, resistant to detergents and disinfectants To support energy efficiency and product life expectancy on these already installed condensers, Munters has developed the EC Cool solution for retrofit installation. Munters EC Cool increases the cooling 01480 432243 efficiency of a condenser system, while lowering energy consumption. It fits onto conventional single and double stage condensers and rooftop units, and can be supplied in any length up to approx. 40m of width and 2m in height. EC Cool pre-cools the air entering the condenser system, which improves condenser cooling performance, resulting in lower energy consumption. BENEFITS • More reliable cooling installation in summertime • No High Pressure alarms caused by outside conditions • No corrosion or mineral deposits on condenser • More energy efficient cooling installation (COP) • Higher cooling capacity • Easy cleaning and pad replacement • Easy and quick installation • Stock standard product, resulting in short delivery times Innovative engineering Munters is a step ahead in delivering a trouble-free and easy to install condenser pre-cooling system by introducing a glue & adhesive free solution, therefore simplifying the installation process. This new, revolutionary system guarantees long service life as it does not suffer from cracks or water leakage caused by thermal expansion or contraction. Inspection and cleaning procedures are easy. A smart clip function allows for easy access to the water pipe and for replacement of pads.



June 2020

ROBUST, FAST & ACCURATE ROBOTS IDEAL FOR PICKING, PACKING AND DISPENSING APPLICATIONS Where automation and robotic applications require high speed and accuracy the new robust, fast, horizontally articulated YASKAWA MOTOMAN SG-Series Scara Robots are ideal. Features such as a wide range of motion, compact design and internal cabling bring important benefits for when high speed and accuracy is essential in applications such as picking, packing, dispensing and handling of small components, especially in confined spaces. Automation is making an important contribution in helping manufacturing and general industry improve productivity and reduce costs and the introduction of the SG-Series of robots will help to continue this trend, particularly where demand is increasing in sectors such as food, medical and cosmetics. Two options are available, the SG400 with a payload capacity of 3kg and a maximum reach of 400mm and the SG650 offering a payload capacity of 6kg and a maximum reach of 650mm. They feature small interference contours which allow the robots to work together while the internal cabling ensures a reliable workflow and reduces maintenance. Yaskawa has a well-established range of robots for a wide range of applications including the smaller MotoMINI GP Series and the HC Series. Part of the thinking behind the design concept of the SG Series was to combine the proven features and benefits of these into an even more compact, yet robust horizontal articulated Scara SG Series. The SG Series are driven by the compact and lightweight YRC-1000 micro controller for small Motoman robots providing high performance robot control in a small footprint cabinet which is optimized for smaller pick and place, assembly applications.

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June 2020

LEMO’S NEW HARPOON: PRESS-FIT CONTACTS FOR ELBOW AND STRAIGHT PCB SOCKETS LEMO connector is well known for its Push-Pull connector. LEMO’s new harpoon earthing pins enable pre-installing easily various receptacles/socket. The advantage of these new press-fit contacts is the gain of time while doing the pre-assembly, no need to place the washers and screw 4 times the M1.6 screws. Simply align the connector and push firmly. This pre-assembly will enable the assembly house or final customer to turn the PCB board upside down and run the parts through the reflow soldering oven. This solution is planned for elbow and straight PCB sockets of 0B & 1B series. The current design works specifically with 1.6mm thickness boards.




June 2020

pressure sensors KELLER (UK) Ltd. Little Keep Gate, Barrack Road, Dorchester, DT1 1AH UK and Ireland: T. 0845 643 2855 F. 0845 643 2866 E-Mail: Web:



AND EMBEDDED SIGNAL CONDITIONING – No external components – Ranges 0…1 bar thru to 0…200 bar – Accuracy, error band +/- 0,5%, 0…50 °C – Sizes Ø 11 m, 15 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm bar – Very low power consumption

PRECISION PRESSURE TRANSMITTER 33 X – Ranges 0…0,2 bar thru to 0…1000 bar, adjustable – Output signals: 4…20 mA, 0…10 V, RS485 Digital – Mathematical on-board error correction – Accuracy, error band 0,1 %FS, 10…40 °C – Optional enhanced precision to ± 0,01 %FS


June 2020


World Magnetics and Variohm work round the clock to fulfil increased demand for ventilator pressure switches World Magnetics Inc. has for many years been actively involved in the supply of its DesignFlex brand pressure and vacuum switching products for medical markets including mechanical filtration and ventilation equipment. Recently the leading USA manufacturer has been working round the clock to fulfil large volume orders to meet the significantly increased demand for ventilator pressure control systems following the COVID-19 pandemic. As a substantial proportion of these orders have originated from medical equipment manufacturing sources outside of the USA, Variohm EuroSensor - World Magnetics’ exclusive European distributor and a global service partner - has also embraced the challenge and is now working 7 days a week to keep up with the increased demand, performing predelivery calibration and quality checks for these important components. As the seriousness of the pandemic set in during March, World Magnetics was asked to supply much-increased volumes from existing and new customers across the globe with ‘as immediate as possible’ delivery requests. The northern Michigan manufacturer’s proud workforce pulled out all the stops and rallied to the task – working extended overtime shifts and weekends to fulfil this increased demand – and to cover the flood of new orders have increased its capacity to now produce up to 3000 of these urgently needed pressure switches per day. Martin Paul the President of World Magnetics comments. "We can help the people on the front lines who deserve our respect, and our thanks for being there and treating these patients – hopefully, this is our way of making a difference. If each ventilator saves 10 lives, we can save 80-thousand lives." World Magnetics is almost 100% vertically integrated with practically all production processes being carried out in-house including moulding, pressing and calibration before final inspection and shipping. Housed in tough moulded polycarbonate casings and with a working life in excess of


10 million cycles, the full DesignFlex range includes high sensitivity pressure, vacuum and differential pressure switches from -822 to 4137 mbar across several product lines offering the widest possible installation flexibility. Customised versions are also available to meet specific electrical or mechanical interfacing needs - and application-adapted flow and pressure switching assemblies as well as pre-calibrated special switches are available from Variohm EuroSensor to facilitate straightforward commissioning in customer’s equipment. As well as wide use in medical equipment pressure switching tasks these durable and highly reliable switch components are in use for many other demanding application areas in heavy industry, agriculture, aerospace, and defence. For further information on World Magnetics pressure and flow switch products or application and pricing assistance across Variohm’s comprehensive range of position, force, pressure, load, and temperature sensor technologies, please contact Variohm EuroSensor –, email, or call +44 (0) 1327 351004.

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June 2020


New Demag chain hoist features balancer function for intuitive load control • Accurate load positioning via controller or manual guidance • Four selectable operating modes for safe and precise material handling Lifting equipment manufacturer, Demag, has launched a new range of electric chain hoists. The DCBS models feature a compact design and a smart control system, making material handling and assembly processes simpler and safer. The DCBS is a variable-speed chain hoist based on the company’s proven DCS range and incorporates the Demag D-Grip Servo control handle. Models are available with SWLs of 125 or 160 kg. The DCBS chain hoist benefits from an integrated balancer function, which has been adopted from the Demag D-BE electric balancer. It enables loads to be guided without the need to actuate the controller. The operator simply moves the load to the desired height with minimum effort and can position it much more precisely, using both hands. Depending upon choice of operator selected or automatic control mode, the DCBS unit switches between ‘grip control’ and ‘load control’ operating modes, with high-performance sensors facilitating intuitive load control. Manual force exerted by the operator is detected in the grip control system by a pressure sensor and is used to control the lifting motion. This eliminates the need for the operator to press any buttons to control the hoist. An integrated load sensor detects the weight of a load and possible weight fluctuations to determine the desired direction of movement and speed from these values in load control mode. This allows the operator to move the load to the desired position using both hands. In assembly mode, which is particularly suitable for joining components horizontally, any possible uncontrolled load movements are avoided, simplifying precision assembly processes. It also avoids potential damage due to


collisions between components and, as a result, improves productivity. The DCBS hoists also incorporate a load pick-up mode, which is useful for functions such as changing tools or removing parts from jigs or test benches. The balancer may be adjusted so that it only lifts until a predetermined force is reached. This enables load handling attachments to be lifted and pre-tensioned, allowing loads to be removed from a jig, without dropping or being suddenly pulled upwards. At the same time, the machine or jig is protected against excessive forces. The DCBS offers design features that simplify its operation, improve safety and reduce service requirements. These include its slipping clutch with automatic cutout based on speed monitoring, which prevents permanent slipping in the event of overload. Because

the brake is arranged in front of the slipping clutch in the load-bearing arrangement, any dropping of the load is prevented by applying the brake automatically, in the event of a malfunction. All operating modes are linked to additional protection functions, including adjustable load or speed limits for improved workplace safety. The gearbox, slipping clutch and brake are maintenance-free for up to 10 years. The DCBS safety-related functions satisfy Performance Level C and Category 2 to EN ISO 13849-1 as a minimum requirement. DCBS models are particularly suited for use with the Demag KBK light crane system, creating integrated solutions for mobility and horizontal load transport. The hoists can travel on KBK profile section rails, singlegirder suspension cranes or in system suspension monorails and slewing jib cranes.

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RMIG is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal and its related products. We know our customers’ requirements for price and quality and meet their demands with uncompromising service. Not only do we offer standard and bespoke perforated metal sheets, we are able to offer you a range of secondary operations as detailed below. Complete solutions With a continued investment in the latest equipment and a network of professional partners we are able to produce prime quality products and solutions – from a simple perforated sheet to the fully formed and coated custom made part.

Cutting We can cut and shape perforated sheet to meet the needs of your final application. Levelling For some applications a high degree of flatness is required, we have processes in place to ensure our perforated coils and sheets meet with your most demanding requirements. Rolling and forming We can roll, bend and form perforated sheets to match your design. Aesthetic finishes and protective coating We can offer powder coating and hot dip galvanizing solutions to meet your specifications.

For more information please contact us tel: 01925 839610 | email: |


June 2020


Protect your assets: new thermal imaging camera enables highly accurate human body temperature measurements in COVID-19 fever screening Viral epidemics such as the current coronavirus (COVID-19) have created a global demand for infrared cameras that are able to screen for a fever condition in humans. Many businesses wish to protect their most important assets, their people, by installing appropriate fever screening systems. Micro-Epsilon has responded to this demand by introducing an infrared camera specifically for this application.

Crowd-based screening In crowd-based screening, an infrared camera monitors a crowd of people simultaneously or sequentially. Assuming that the majority of the measured maximum head temperature values are coming from healthy individuals, the exceptions with an elevated body temperature can be detected by the camera. Individual screening This method is primarily used at controlled entrances and security gates. The Medial Canthus (tear duct) provides the strongest correlation between outside skin temperature and core body temperature and is measured more precisely from a close distance. This method is also best for detecting low grade fevers. For this application,

The new thermoIMAGER TIM QVGA-HD-T100 infrared

Micro-Epsilon recommends the thermoIMAGER TIM

camera is supplied with a certificate of calibration that

QVGA-HD-T100 infrared camera with 29° optics placed at

validates temperature measurements made against

a distance of 1m from the target, or the same camera but

a traceable 35°C temperature reference source (black

with 13° optics at a distance of 1.5 to 2m from the target.

body). The camera is accurate to ± 0.5°C when used with

To achieve an accuracy better than ± 0.5°C the imager

the TM-BR20AR-TIM black body source, which means

must be combined with the TM-BR20AR-TIM Black Body

it can provide reliable skin temperature measurements

Reference Source.

for fever detection systems. It is ideal for integration into an automated monitoring system which can be used in real time at point-of-entry into establishments such as

Absolute temperature measurement accuracy

factories, offices, public buildings, warehouses, airports

Most infrared cameras with 8-14µm spectral response are

and schools, to prevent people with elevated body

specified with an accuracy of ± 2°C or 2% of the reading,

temperatures entering.

whichever is greater based on deployments in industrial environments in a wide variety of ambient conditions from

Glenn Wedgbrow, Business Development Manager

0°C to +50°C. This means that many thermal imagers are

at Micro-Epsilon UK comments: “The basis for the

unable to achieve the accuracy required to detect a fever

effectiveness of thermal cameras as a fever screening

and so give false positive readings.

tool lies in the correlation of outside skin surface temperature with that of the internal or core body

Many infrared cameras are being promoted today that

temperature. As a supplier of thermal imaging cameras,

claim to offer accuracies of ± 0.5°C or better. However,

we are fielding many questions from existing and

these accuracies cannot be achieved without the use of

prospective customers with regards to their use as a

a black body reference source. This source needs to be

screening tool for COVID-19. Although our cameras do

stable, have high emissivity and should be positioned in

not detect any specific virus or condition, they can be

close proximity to the person to be scanned. It is vital to

used to detect elevated body temperatures in humans,

select a black body source with a very high stability, as

which may indicate a possible fever.”

not all black body sources are stable enough to provide a


± 0.5°C system accuracy.


June 2020

The TM-BR20AR-TIM ambient black body reference source from MicroEpsilon can be combined with the thermoIMAGER TIM QVGA-HD-T100 camera. The black body is equipped with a 16-bit digital temperature sensor with ± 0.1°C accuracy. By integrating this highly accurate reference signal to the TIM Connect software (freely provided with the camera), Micro-Epsilon can reduce camera uncertainties resulting from device adjustment, ambient temperature drift and short term stability down to a system accuracy of ± 0.5°C with a

The Medial Canthus (tear duct) provides the strongest correlation between outside skin temperature and core body temperature and is measured more precisely from a close distance.

confidence interval of 95%. As Glenn Wedgbrow adds: “Our thermoIMAGER TIM QVGA-HD-T100 infrared camera combined with our TM-BR20AR-TIM black body reference

For more information on the thermoIMAGER TIM QVGAHD-T100, please call the Micro-Epsilon sales department on 0151 355 6070 or email

source provides a highly accurate, reliable non-contact body temperature measurement system that meets the accuracy requirement of EC 80601-259:2017 for human fever detection using infrared temperature measurement.”

Micro-Epsilon’s thermoIMAGER TIM QVGA-HD thermal imaging camera can be used for individual fever screening COVID-19 applications.


June 2020


Insidious, Invisible and Everywhere And it causes big problems for your business By Chris Roberts, Versaperm’s Technical Director Water is necessary for life – but it can cause problems for just about everything everything else. As a liquid it is fine and easy to handle – but as a vapour it is impossible. It, together with vapours such as hydrocarbons, oxygen and CO2, can pass through any material or barrier, they condense back to a liquid where they causes big problems. Leakage, rust, rot, jamming, failures, short circuits, electronics faults, damage, reduced life and drug potency, quality loss, weakness, poor printing…. and the list goes on and on. Virtually every industry in the world is affected by it. The process is called vapour permeability. As an engineering example, gaskets, seals and O-rings made from silicone, cellulose, EVOH or PVOH are great at keeping liquid water out, but are virtually useless where water vapour is concerned. Numerous products have failed or been recalled for this very reason. One modern solution is multilayer, laminated coatings. Each layer can offer a different characteristic, such as tear- or rust-resistance, permeability to some, specific gases, barrier properties for others. Over the last few years the ability to understand and control vapours including hydrocarbons, aromas and water vapour, has become significantly more effective. The reason for this is a dramatic improvement in permeability testing – measurements that once took weeks, now take hours and are very precise. Versaperm is a leader in this technology and offers both the equipment to measure it and the expertise to understand. We also offer a laboratory service that does the testing for you. The right


coatings can dramatically improve the properties of many products and systems. The key lies in testing each layer along with each manufacturing process as techniques such as heating, and bending, can quadruple a vapour’s ability to pass through a material. Versaperm’s latest generation of fast vapour permeability testing equipment gives an accuracy that is typically in the Parts Per Million (PPM) range, PPB for some gasses and materials. They are ideal for

development work and quality control and can test single or multi-layer barriers as well as finished products and components. Designer materials and coatings are the way of the future and bring with them unprecedented new opportunities for both creating new products and improving existing ones. They can prevent electronics from failing, food and pharmaceuticals from spoiling and seals from leaking. They can even stop your clothes from making you sweaty!

0330 9000 247 Quantum offer 24/7 support, simply call us.

COVID-19 Drives & Motors Resilience Plan During these difficult times, we understand that your current engineering teams may be reduced due to a requirement of self-isolation. This will undoubtedly put extra stress onto you and your colleagues to keep vital production lines running. To keep your site running through these testing times, we are offering our customers a free resilience plan to cover your critical assets if they fail over the next 3 months and, of course, a plan to ensure if this does happen, we can get you back up and running with minimum fuss. We know site visits may not be an available option to you right now so we can create this plan on a conference call, a safe environment for everyone. However, if you are still happy for us to visit site, a self-certification document will be issued before we arrive. Our qualified engineers and yourselves will go through your critical drive & motor assets and any specific technical applications that are required, as well as assessing the life cycle position of the asset. We will then draw up a contingency plan based on replacement options, spares, available hire units or direct replacement availability that we can put in place to keep your site running if one of these critical assets were to breakdown.

To book your FREE Drives & Motors resilience plan, contact us: | 01661 835 566

June 2020


Confidence in Vert’s successes secures a further £720k of funding from investors Outstanding progress at Vert Technologies, the Edinburgh-based compressor manufacturer, has secured it nearly three quarters of a million pounds in new funding from a clutch of existing investors, including Par Equity, Equity Gap, Aero Den and the Scottish Investment Bank, the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise. Vert’s chief executive, Dr Phil Harris, said: “This is a highly gratifying vote of confidence from investors with intimate knowledge of the progress we have been making over the past 18 months in bringing innovation to the global compressor market. “With the additional funding we will be ramping up both sales and production, putting ourselves in a position to bring our exciting new products and technology to a wider audience”. Award-winning innovation from Vert Technologies is set to hit the market once the present Covid-19 emergency subsides. Its new A150 compressor, alongside its A100 model, incorporate a design that has been hailed as one of the biggest advances in the compressed air


industry in the last 40 years. The current Vert A150 compressor offers 150lpm flow and 10 bar pressure with a 100% duty cycle for continuous operation. The impressively quiet, compact unit is ideal for meeting air requirements at point of use during weekend or evening production shifts, removing the need to power a full air system at times of reduced demand. Installation is a quick and easy operation since the compressors can be plugged into a standard power socket and easily moved around the factory. The Vert product range will be further extended towards the end of the year with the launch of a sub-25kg compressor model which will offer a 100% duty cycle, impressively low noise level and additional portability.

A new, quiet vacuum concept product, powered by the Vert Conical Rotary Compressor (CRC) technology, has also now been developed. Dr Harris said: “We continue to accelerate sales of our compressor units. We are also excited about the potential to exploit the benefits of our technology across a variety of markets, especially refrigeration.” Founded in 2013, Vert employs 15 people at its Technology Manufacturing and Design Centre on the southern edge of Edinburgh. The CRC technology has won multiple awards since the first working prototype was produced in 2014 and led to the company securing a prestigious government grant in 2019 from the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Leaders in Surface Engineering for Critical Components


High quality surface coatings

Range of coating services:


Improve part wear life and performance


Dry film lubricants


Corrosion, chemical & environment resistance


Impingement coatings


Conformal coatings


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June 2020


Online Metallurgy support is now more important than ever Lloyd-Thomas Consultancy Ltd have been providing metallurgical solutions since 2000. For over 20 years we have helped companies to build everything from offshore structures to jet engines, and to investigate issues ranging from the corrosion of oiltool equipment to the composition of iron age deposits. Throughout all that time we have believed in working in partnership with companies, something which is now required more than ever.

Our online services will help you to meet today’s challenges Online consultancy has always been a major part of our business and in the current climate is more important than ever. Metals and Alloys are our business. They are critical to all aspects of engineering and we help people to understand and use them, this includes: • Material selection. Helping manufacturers to select the right materials to meet design requirements, reduce costs and improve weldability. • Corrosion advice and control. Working with companies to investigate and prevent corrosion in a range of alloys. • Failure Analysis. Investigating failures, identifying the causes and preventing future risks.

Training is the core to our business Lloyd-Thomas Consultancy are known for providing high quality metallurgy training and have worked with over 100 companies, including universities and professional bodies, to provide the courses they need. All our training courses are now also available to be run online. Our online courses and webinars can be run 24/7 so that no matter where you are in the world, we can give you the training you need when you need it. Our online training programme includes courses on: • Understanding Material Certificates • Oilfield Metallurgy • Material Selection • Corrosion

We specialise in bespoke training and we will work with you to provide the course you need. We can present these courses anytime day or night, so no matter where you are in we can help.

Free Webinars We regularly run FREE 60 minute webinars on subjects such as: Stainless steels, Castings and Forgings, Aerospace Materials and others, see our website for the latest subjects. For further information please contact: Lloyd-Thomas Consultancy Ltd Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK Email: Tel: 01226 321473 / 0794 0047409 We would like to thank all the key workers in the UK and around the world for their courage and professionalism during the past few months……….


Engineered to last, designed to work Our freestanding sanitiser gel dispenser

304 stainless steel, tough & built to last

Touch-free, automatic infra-red operation

Easy-clean design Portable, easy to move unit

For more information get in touch today W: T: +44 (0) 1603 788 833

June 2020


Lee Spring Employees Spring to Action in COVID-19 Fight Lee Spring is currently working around the globe playing a pivotal role in the manufacture of critical components and supporting quick lead times essential in the COVID-pandemic 19 fight.

of springs. Medical suppliers from around the globe were in need of our parts to fill the supply chain very quickly.

Lee Spring employees have sprung into action to prioritize critical products needed for medical devices. Many Lee Spring customers supply equipment needed for all areas in this fight including life-saving devices, testing and diagnostic equipment, research and development, and for the supply of hospital equipment. Steve Kempf, Lee Spring CEO stated that “our top priority has always been the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and communities. We are focused on this now more than ever. While we have always known that our customers - and in turn, our springs – play an important role in people’s daily lives, the often critical nature of this role has been starkly revealed through the


current crisis, so we are very proud to support them in every way possible right now.” As critical needs have shifted rapidly in the early stages of this pandemic, Lee Spring has been able to also shift manufacturing to meet those critical needs. Lee Spring employees have become front line hero’s in this fight as they have gone above and beyond to ensure that both the workplace is a safe environment and also by working hard to ensure on time delivery for critical components. In the earliest days, it became clear that a number of medical devices, especially ventilators, was going to be a very high priority. This is a complex device that requires many engineered components, including a number

As the weeks unfolded, the demands and needs have been shifting quickly to other components. Testing equipment has become a major priority around the globe and many also require specialized and custom springs. Lee Spring has been supporting medical customers for decades and many of those customers are at the forefront of this pandemic fight. Lee Spring engineers have worked closely with many of these critical medical products for years and in many cases have been involved in the earliest designs and R&D stages. Lee Spring often works on custom designs from inception through research and development, all the way to final long-run production supply. Lee Spring is uniquely positioned for each design and manufacturing stage by offering more than 25,000 stock springs available from inventory for immediate delivery, to custom designs to meet detailed and often challenging design parameters. Lee Spring can help to design a spring, suggest materials and finishes, plus provide working prototypes quickly. To learn more, request a catalogue or quote, visit, email or call +44 (0)118 978 1800.

June 2020


ULTRASONIC SENSORS WITH IO-LINK FOR CONTINUOUS LEVEL MEASUREMENT AND OBJECT DETECTION UP TO 8M Sensor specialist ifm electronic recognises the onward march of IO-Link technology and the important benefits it brings in helping to meet the growing demands for increasingly sophisticated control and automation applications. A good example of this is their innovative range of M30 ultrasonic position sensors, designed specifically for applications where continuous level measurement and object detection for bulk materials or liquids applications are required. The ifm M30 range includes sensors such as the UIT501, one of 6 options for continuous level measurement and object detection which are distinguished by their ability to cover a sensing distance range of up to 8 metres. Among the key features is the ability to adjust the width of sound beam via IO-Link which also helps users to prepare for Industry 4.0. They will be particularly appreciated in level measurement applications where space is very limited and where unwanted reflections on the inside of the tank results in faulty measurements. Thanks to


the IO-Link, the sound beam can be set individually depending on the application. Other features and benefits include a vibrating sound transducer which reduces the risk of dirt deposit, a robust stainless steel housing and options in the range which provide a sensing range of up to 8 metres. Settings and control for the UIT501 is via pushbutton or IO-Link, with M12 connection, output is PNP+4 / 20mA and they have a protection rating of IP67. Accessory options include stainless steel angle bracket, USB IO-Link master for parameter settings and analysis of units, along with supported communication protocols; IO-Link (4.8, 38.4 and 230 kBit/s). ENDS. Further details available at:

product-news/2018/sps/ continuous-level-measurement-andobject-detection-to-up-to-8-m Contact: Gemma Anderson, ifm electronic ltd, Efector House, Kingsway Business Park, Oldfield Road, Hampton, TW12 2HD, UK. Email: Tel: +44(0)208 2132222


Same range on any metal – inductive sensors from ifm

Reliability is key





years if m p r o d


• • • •

Reliable sensing for all metals, no reduction factors. Reliable performance over a temperature range of -40 to +85°C and in wet environments. Weld-immune versions resist spatter. Downtime costs money, don’t risk it. kplus uk/kplus ifm Telephone (020) 8213 1111

June 2020

The Machinery Management People (TMMP) is a Global Platform to connect buyers and sellers of Industrial Machinery together, giving sellers the ‘first’ real option of directly selling machinery, and receiving true market value by avoiding selling for up to 70% less in auction or to a dealer. 62% of engineering companies have machinery which is underused or unwanted, in almost all cases the machinery has been fully depreciated on their company books. Machinery sellers currently have very restricted sales routes to dispose of under used or unwanted machines, the options are selling to dealers/ trade in, or auction, both these options often result in the seller receiving up to 70% less than the true market value. The Machinery Management People offer machinery sellers an ‘Autotrader’ style trade site where they can easily advertise their machine(s) and receive true market value and pay no commission / hidden fees.


In addition, they and the buyer benefit from the interactive support services which can provide instant quotations for the machine's inspection (PUWER), shipping and relocation, and long-term support through professionally accredited service provision such as transport and engineers. The best person to interact with a potential buyer is the seller, who can provide detailed information on the history and use of the machine for sale and the buyer can see the machine running on site (or by Video) rather than a machine in storage with no access to history or serviceability. TMMP provides added value to both buyers and sellers through education and information and by providing a collaborative space for both buyers and sellers to share and discuss challenges. The company is well respected for exceptional customer service and vast machinery knowledge, creating strong credibility, this together with long trading experience provides peace of mind.


The management team and workforce have significant industry knowledge and specialist expertise. In these difficult times we recognise that having unwanted assets can a good way to free working capital so selling them makes perfect sense. However, we can also offer a range of comprehensive finance solutions including asset finance, where you can raise much needed funds using your existing assets. As a special introductory offer we are giving a 50% discount on all of our advertising packages until the end of June – Simply Quote Engineering Update when you book your package by clicking here Call us now on 0333 202 0850 to discuss your requirements Or e-mail


June 2020

Cobot Specialist VIKASO launches a Virtual Strategy to help Manufacturers Accelerating Automation in UK Manufacturing through the COVID-19 crisis. Buckinghamshire based VIKASO LTD, who specialise in implementing Collaborative Robots (Cobots) have launched a unique Virtual Strategy to accelerate Automation in UK Manufacturing. The proven method combines in-house knowledge & engineering skills with state-of-the-art Virtual tools to create an offer that allows manufacturers to kick-start projects at approximately 10% of the cost.

This accelerates the engineering & development process (Virtually) to be fully prepared when manufacturers can commit to the remaining 90% for implementation. The approach reduces the overall financial risks, shortens the lead time for implementation and reduces overall costs. The result of this process is an engineered & developed ‘Digital Twin’ of the Cobot Project that has considered critical elements like – • • • • • • •

Process Flow. Cycle Times. Product Variation. Layout. Safety Concept. Mechanical Concept. Back-up Strategy.

Having previously worked for one of UK’s Largest Automotive OEMs, Vaibhav Boricha, Director of VIKASO said: “We have applied this this strategy already and the benefits are very evident. So, the key motive behind this transformed proposition is to enable UK Manufacturers to begin or continue their Automation Journey by minimizing risks and maximizing benefits along with increasing transparency and confidence. We must achieve this keeping in mind financial and operational challenges”. As UK’s First Cobot Specialists to lead a Virtual Strategy, VIKASO aims to De-Risk Automation and provide a boost to UK Manufacturing productivity.

There are underlying benefits of this Strategy. As an example, the engineered final output includes a Holistic view of the Cobot Application as a simulated 3D animation, providing complete transparency to everyone in the end-user’s organisation.


June 2020


Croft Filters is a leading UK manufacturer of customised specified filters. Our filters can be made in any shape or size, from a variety of metallic materials, suited to your organisation's needs. We have been trading for over 30 years, providing bespoke filters to a range of sectors across Europe and beyond. The sectors we serve include the Chemical, Oil and Gas industries, Pharmaceuticals, Power Generation and the Food and Beverage sector among many others. All of our products are manufactured and fabricated in-house, using mico plasma, seam, arc, spot welding and CNC punching. We can produce the filters you need from a wide range of materials including stainless steel, brass and metal alloys.

product is our wedge wire; this profiled V wire is used to construct filter screens with strength and accuracy for a variety of sectors from food and beverage to oil.

Our Materials

Supported by 30 years of filter manufacturing, our sister company, Croft AM specialises in manufacturing 3D printed filters and components.

Croft Filters use a range of highquality materials in the production of our filters, with each material providing different benefits to the end-user. We stock a wide range of woven wire mesh styles, and can usually deliver the next day. This mesh can be used in a variety of different applications for filtration; we can also form this material into products that meet your exact specification – just ask! The extensive range of perforated plates we carry can also be manufactured to your exact specifications. We also specialise in knitted wire - a filtration application used as a coalescer filter because of its highdensity potential. Another popular


3D Printing

Additively manufactured parts have a wide range of benefits, such as part weight reduction, multi-part to single components which are more efficient and easier to maintain in situ and not to mention expanded design capabilities. What Are Croft Known For? Over the three decades we've been in business, Croft Filters have developed a reputation for the speed of our turnaround, both for standard and bespoke filters. We are also known for our ability not just to produce high-quality

customised filters, but to produce these filters in low quantities when required. Our capacity to provide small batches to our customer's requirements is what sets us apart; we can create a variety of components on a single build plate, cutting the time between your order and receiving your new filter. Enquiries For more information about our products and services, please visit our website, call us on 01925 766 265 or email


June 2020

NEW IN-SIGHT D900 AUTOMATES MORE INLINE INSPECTIONS When manufacturing processes cannot be automated and products go uninspected for whatever reason, manufacturers open themselves up to product recalls, inefficiencies, rework, and other negative business outcomes. The latest Cognex vision system In-Sight D900 now expands the types of inline inspections customers can automate and scale. The In-Sight D900 is the first vision system with embedded deep learning inspection capabilities allowing non-programmers to benefit from the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI). It solves most challenging OCR, assembly verification, and defect detection applications without the need for a PC during deployment. The In-Sight D900’s combination of power, accessibility, and ease of use will help manufacturers across diverse industries inspect the previously uninspectable, while delivering fast, consistent, and accurate results. Applications are easy to build and deploy The In-Sight ViDi deep learning software takes advantage of the intuitive In-Sight spreadsheet interface, to quickly set up and run deep learning applications without programming. This interface simplifies application development and streamlines factory integration with a full I/O and communications function set. It also allows users to combine traditional powerful Cognex rule-based vision tools and deep learning tools in the same job. Training can be done quickly and with a relativley small set of images. Deep learning is embedded on a powerful smart camera vision system Until now, the use of deep learning for factory automation inspections required deep learning software, running on a PC and connected to a GigE camera, adding to the level of complexity to bring a deep learning solution to the line. By contrast, once an application is created and the deep learning model is trained it gets deployed to the In-Sight D900 right on the line without a PC. And, like other In-Sight vision systems, it can be customized to match exact application requirements. Automate and scale the most challenging inline inspections The In-Sight D900 vision system with In-Sight ViDi software addresses three specific applications: defect detection, challenging OCR, and assembly verification, with three new inspection tools to solve a wide range of applications. Conclusion In-Sight D900 is a powerfully smart vision system capable of running deep learning inspections right on the line without a PC. For too long, deep learning has been the provenance of academic theory and big tech companies. Now, though, automation engineers and quality managers can leverage its power right on the factory floor. Read more at


June 2020


Thermal Imaging for Detecting Elevated Body Temperature Can thermal cameras be used to detect a virus or an infection? The quick answer to this question is no, but thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect Elevated Body Temperature. FLIR thermal cameras have a long history of being used in public spaces—such as airports, train terminals, businesses, factories, and concerts—as an effective tool to measure skin surface temperature and identify individuals with Elevated Body Temperature (EBT).

When screening for EBT with a FLIR thermal camera, it's important to screen one person at a time, standing no more than 1-2 meters away from the camera.

In light of the global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), which is now officially a pandemic, society is deeply concerned about the spread of infection and seeking tools to help slow and ultimately stop the spread of the virus. Although no thermal cameras can detect or diagnose the coronavirus, FLIR cameras can be used as an adjunct to other body temperature screening tools for detecting elevated skin temperature in high-traffic public places through quick individual screening. If the temperature of the skin in key areas (especially the corner of the eye and forehead) is above average temperature, then the individual may be selected for additional screening. Identifying individuals with EBT, who should then be further screened with virus-specific diagnostic tests, can help reduce or dramatically slow the spread of viruses and infections. Using thermal cameras, officials can be more discrete, efficient, and effective in identifying individuals that need further screening with virus-specific tests. A variety of institutions, including transportation agencies, businesses, factories, and first responders are using thermal screening as an EBT detection method and as part of employee health and screening (EH&S).

The thermal camera must be able to image the inner corner (tearduct) of the eye when screening for EBT. Have subjects remove glasses or any other eye obstructions before screening.

Airports in particular are actively employing FLIR thermal cameras as part of their screening measures for passengers and flight crews. The screening procedures implemented at airports and in other public places are just the first step when it comes to detecting a possible infection: it’s a quick way to screen for anyone who might be sick, and must always be followed up with further screening before authorities decide to quarantine a person. What FLIR cameras are used for thermal screening? While governments outside the United States may choose from many different cameras, FLIR has a 510(k) filing (K033967) with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for select camera models for use as an adjunct to other body temperature screening tools to detect differences in skin surface temperatures. These cameras include the FLIR Exx-Series, FLIR T-Series, FLIR A320, and Extech IR200. For more information about ordering FLIR cameras for temperature screening purposes in the United States, please call +1 866.477.3687



June 2020

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Safety Guarding •

Complies with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Clamping profiles allow different materials to be installed

Minimal effort required in construction

Smooth easy to clean outer surfaces

Comprehensive range of accessories

Quick assembly time

Profile Technology Linear Technology

Connecting Technology

01296 611 660

Tel: 0208 339 7370

Modular Technology

Fax: 0208 339 7371 Unit 5 Russell House, Molesey Road Email: Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 3PE

Competence in power transmission whatever your industry or application




Test Bench Applications


Power Generation Applications

Mobile Applications


Pump & Compressor Applications


Industrial Applications

Marine Engineering

Unit 4 Bankside Business Park Coronation Street Stockport SK5 7PG T: Office + 00 44 161 714 4191 | PLEASE VISIT WWW.REICH-UK.COM FOR MORE DETAILS


June 2020


The difference between AGVs and AMRs Until recently, AGVs (automated guided vehicles) were the only option for automating internal transport tasks. Today, a more sophisticated technology is competing with them: AMR (autonomous mobile robots). Although both AGVs and AMRs allow materials to be moved from point A to point B, the comparison ends there.

AGVs: For simple programming instructions Introduced in the 1950s, in the automotive industry, AGVs are designed to transport or tow materials. They have a major presence in logistics and allow goods to be moved within a given space without human intervention. To achieve this, AGVs can use two types of technology. 1) Wire guidance Buried wave-emitting wires, metal rails on the ground, underground electric wires… an AGV moves by following a path plotted on the ground. The robot detects the signal transmitted by the path and follows it, as if it were on a railway track. Implementing this movement technology, and modifying the path in any way, requires work. Wire guidance is therefore suitable for simple applications but does not offer any flexibility. 2) Opti-guidance Opti-guidance is a less expensive, simpler alternative to wire guidance and allows the AGV to use onboard cameras to follow a painted line on the ground. This solution also falls short of total flexibility, but it does not require structural work. With minimal onboard intelligence, the AGV, in its most basic version, can only obey basic programming instructions. With wire guidance, its movements are limited to fixed routes, and the slightest modification of these routes would involve substantial work and an interruption of production. The AGV can detect obstacles


in its path but cannot bypass them. If its path is obstructed, it will stop until the obstacle is removed. AMRs: More autonomous, more flexible robots AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) are an alternative to fixed infrastructure with high start-up costs and the relatively inflexible use of AGVs. They also rely on two more sophisticated technologies. 1) Laser guidance This system allows the AMR to move thanks to a network of reflectors integrated into its environment. The robot is equipped with a rotating laser, moves using the principle of odometry, and uses the reflectors to define its path. The combination of these two technologies allow AMRs to orient themselves with precision. In addition, it is easy to modify the robot’s path using the supervision software included in the system. Laser guidance is currently one of the most reliable technologies on the market for automated guided vehicles. Its precision makes it the favoured technology for medical applications. Click to continue reading this article

June 2020


Transforming Challenges Into Diversity And Growth Businesses can often face significant challenges brought on by a wide range of factors which may include volatility in market conditions, changes in consumer preferences and demand and competition from emerging markets. The effects from any combination of these events can result in reduced revenue and profitability, therefore diversity and growth within new sectors will be essential if a business is to both survive and thrive. In this article Paul Knight, Managing Director of CME Limited, explains how the development of a turnaround strategy has succeeded in moving the company from a 90% reliance on the tobacco industry into new and diverse markets. A core element of this strategy was capitalising on the innovative design and engineering resources within the business, leading to the development of new products which the company now supplies to the Pharmaceutical, Legal Cannabis, Food and Consumer Goods sectors world-wide. As a result, the company has seen revenue more than double whilst at the same time diversifying to just 40% reliance on the tobacco sector. When market conditions change rapidly, as is the case for many businesses in the current climate, it is clear that companies need to both plan and react swiftly if they are to mitigate the effects on the business and establish a clear vision for the future. However, when change happens more slowly, perhaps over a number of years, companies with a long established heritage within specific market sectors often focus on servicing their existing customers and try to gain more market share in a declining market. In instances such as this, the long term effects on the business may not be quite so obvious initially, however there will come a point where the reality of the situation hits, and if there is no alternative strategy in place to diversify, the future of the business could be at risk. CME Limited found itself facing a very similar scenario 5 years ago, primarily as a result of reduced demand for


tobacco, a market that the company had nurtured and serviced successfully since its inception in 1985, establishing an installed base across 132 countries. With no firm future strategy in place at the time, the company appointed Paul Knight as Managing Director with the objective of initially stabilising the business, then developing and implementing a long term strategy that would allow the company to focus its comprehensive innovative design and engineering resources to target new growing markets as well as continuing to support its valuable historic customer base. Paul Knight explains: “It was clear from the outset that the future success of the business would be dependent upon the development of a robust strategy, centred on growth through improvements and efficiencies in the methodologies attributed to the sales process, and growth through diversification into new markets, supported by new product development and cultural change.” From a sales perspective, conducting a more formal approach to lead evaluation and scoring, qualifying the sales pipeline, performing a detailed analysis of competitors and pricing, has changed the focus and enthusiasm within the sales team. In addition, as new markets would play a key role in the future growth of the company dedicated sales resources were put in place for that purpose. Paul Knight continues: “Our clear focus was on developing growth through diversification into new markets and the development of new products. Initial research identified a number of new markets where the technologies and core competences of the business were a very close, if not perfect match. Additional and extensive research was then carried out to understand the issues at the forefront of these markets, who our competitors may be, and which technologies would be required. We also identified and built

up a network of like-minded OEMs and Automation businesses to help drive enquiries to CME through referrals.” The company now applies its innovative design and engineering resource to develop both bespoke and standard automation solutions for applications within the Pharmaceutical, Legal Cannabis, Food and Consumer Goods sectors worldwide. These are all growing markets which are increasingly looking to automation to counter labour shortages, improve quality and productivity and add the flexibility they need to deliver an agile response to the changing demands of their customers. The success of the diversification process has also allowed the company to remain buoyant through the current challenging business environment brought on by COVID-19. Paul Knight concludes: “In a relatively short period CME Limited has successfully transformed and is on course for a sustained period of growth. Not only have we consolidated our position within our traditional markets, but we are now also recognised as a valued partner in a number of key projects. Amongst these are a contract to manufacture an automated clinical trial line, which will be the first major piece of equipment to be installed and developed within the new Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre in Scotland, securing a multi-machine export order for the legal cannabis sector, and the development of a precision robotic food packaging system, designed with EHEDG’s (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) exacting standards in mind. We continue to grow within our new markets, more than doubled our order intake and have reduced our reliance on the traditional tobacco sector from 90 percent to 50 percent, reducing risk.”

JOC_1098 KRUK Automation Half H-A.pdf 1 24/09/2015 18:09:43 June 2020 ENGINEERING PDATE

Setting the benchmark... Faster, compact, energy saving and affordable...

Kawasaki’s latest robots increase one of the largest robot ranges available today. They are more compact, provide smooth control and give increased all round performance. For assembly the new collaborative duAro; for palletising the CP Series; the general purpose CX Series and the high-speed spot welding BX Series. Check out the new robots and see just how affordable they can be.... +44 (0)1925 713000

Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd

> Corrosion resistant for up to 1000 hours in salt spray > Manufactured from a premium alloy with less than 0.1% copper content for corrosion resistance > IP tessng performed aaer impact tessng to verify the seal is maintained when the enclosure is treated roughly > Impact resistant up to 7 Joules > Reusable seals (Up to 200 compressions)


June 2020


ValSize – More than a program for sizing valves The ValSize software from Schubert & Salzer Control Systems allows you to determine an ideal valve size and the required flow coefficients for given operating conditions and fluid properties – and also offers a variety of practical functions and tools as well. During its development, focus was put especially on ease-of-use. Special valve characteristics that the user is probably unaware of, like the FL value (pressure recovery factor) for example, are not queried – they are stored in databases for each valve series. In the “Sizing” mode, a valve suitable for the fluid properties of

the application is calculated, and various data for the individual operating conditions is provided. This includes the particular KV values, the corresponding valve openings and the required rangeabilities. These provide an indication for the selected valve incl. its characteristic curve about the ability to handle the entire range of the mass flows to be controlled.

In addition, the flow velocities, upand downstream, are determined. If desired, ideal nominal sizes are also suggested to keep the valves in an “economic” range. Moreover, a calculation of the expected noise level and the fluid properties of the selected fluid is given. But ValSize offers many more useful tools and functions, like the ability to calculate leakage for various leak rates, or the “Flow Calculation” mode: the flow for a selected valve can be determined depending on the valve opening. The “Process Flow Characteristic” tool allows a calculation of the characteristic curve based on the installation, which means the flow as a function of the valve opening. The “Heat Exchanger Calculation” tool allows calculation of the mass flow of condensed saturated steam from the required heat exchanger output. When a vessel is filled with a gas or gas is drained from a vessel, the pressure profiles over time can be calculated using the “Vessel Pressure Calculation” tool. Standard media such as air, water, and water vapor can be selected from a fluid properties catalogue as the flow media. Implausible temperature entries are corrected automatically. In addition, databases for perfect gases and liquids can be generated, mixtures of perfect gases can be calculated, and the fluid properties of unknown media can be determined using the so-called “Fluid Properties Assistant”. The program can be operated in 12 languages and is available for free via download on the website of Schubert & Salzer Control Systems.


June 2020


ESI Technology Limited Latest USB Software Updates

ESI Technology are proud to be at the forefront of the industry leading USB Pressure Transducer technology.

Our designers and engineers are constantly updating and improving the user interface for both the standard GS4200-USB and the high speed GD4200-USB units. Our streamlined, easy to operate USB units already offer a host of outstanding features, including; • • • •


Measuring & recording up to 16 pressure inputs in one test The ability to rename sensors, making them easily identifiable during test/ monitoring conditions. Compare outputs from two (or more) connected transducers Data recovery facility in cases of power outages (inc. the ability to recover most of the data from the affected test) Option to enable “Auto Software Update “ensuring that all users will have the very latest version of the software for the life of the product.

ESI Technology regularly issue updates to the software, in some cases to eliminate bugs and glitches, but in the majority of cases to add new features to the software. We recently, at the request of customers, released a leak testing feature, to enable easy pressure leak testing for manufacturers, installers, and maintainers of pressure systems. In our latest update we further refined this feature to enable the pressure test to accept pressure drops to two decimal places. In this update we also added a feature that allows the graph screen and printed report to show the x axis (time) in elapsed time or system time. We have also introduced a popup screen to alert users when the test parameters have surpassed their set limits, meaning operators do not need to constantly monitor the screen for

pressure variances. The software now simply logs and informs users of the time and pressure level at the point of alarm. It is also now possible to move alarm levels during a test, rather than starting a new test. Markers have always been an important feature of the software as this allows users to flag times throughout the test they want to analyse further. There is now an option to remove or add markers after the test has completed, enabling more useful reports to be created. ESI Technology have a policy of constantly updating the USB software, if there is a feature you would like to see, or you feel would be a good addition to the software, please advise, and we can evaluate the feasibility of including this on future updates.

Smooth Running Assured With Error Free Laser Marking On Bearings Bearings are often unseen, yet they are an essential element of just about anything that rotates. To fulfil their intended purpose, is essential that bearings are manufactured correctly at all stages and crucially, remain error free at the point of shipment. One of the last operations during bearing manufacture is the laser marking process, and if an incorrect or defective component is marked this adds unnecessarily to the manufacturing cost of the part, with the additional risk that the part may continue to be packed and dispatched. In this article, Andy Toms – Director at TLM Laser explains how the latest technology from FOBA Laser delivers a single step solution for both bearing and laser mark inspection, ensuring that only good parts are marked and that the laser mark content is also correct. There are generally two main ways in which laser marking on components such as bearings is performed. The manual method usually involves an operator placing the part into a fixture within the laser marking system and then initiating the marking process. This relies on the operator performing both pre and post marking inspection to ensure that the correct part is being marked and that there are no defects present. In an automated environment, in addition to the laser marking system, there may be both pre and post marking inspection operations carried out by a separate machine vision system.

The camera, integrated within the marking head, enables timely error detection and prevents false marking. The marking process is both significantly simpler and faster, as there is no need to relocate the part between separate inspection and marking stations. The part remains in the marking field throughout the initial inspection, marking and subsequent code reading operations. In addition, there is no need for component fixturing as the system automatically detects the position and orientation of the part and re-positions the marking field accordingly. The laser marking and inspection technology described within this article is available from Bromsgrove based TLM Laser, FOBA Laser’s UK and Ireland distributors, and just part of the comprehensive range of laser based technologies and systems offered by the company.

This traditional three stage process can be reduced to a single-step-procedure using FOBA’s fully integrated bearing marking solution. Andy Toms explains: “Small defects in a ball bearing are often difficult to detect. For example, if single rollers are missing, incorrectly assembled, or if a component is of a different size to that expected. This technology takes care of roller inspection, checking for detects, missing or inverted rollers and rejects items with bad or marked rollers. FOBA’s camerabased marking solution offers a cost effective solution that integrates part detection, marking and validation of the marked characters in a single, safe process.”


June 2020

Forerunner. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The Sensor People have been setting technological standards in industrial automation for more than 50 years. This is how we ensure the success of our customers in an industry that is ever evolving. We have been a forerunner from the start, and we are working on standardizing industrial communication. Among other things, we make sensors that are capable of transmitting data to control systems and the cloud via IO-Link and OPC-UA.

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June 2020


SICK Switches Up its Cylindrical Inductive Safety Sensor Offering SICK has launched the SICK IME2S inductive proximity safety switch for safe and easy non-contact position and safe area monitoring to help prevent accidents and unwanted collisions in production and logistics environments up to PL d (EN ISO 13849) safety requirements.

With SICK IME2S, SICK has redeveloped its cylindrical inductive safety sensor to deliver a compact, wear-free device that is easy to integrate into machines without the need for a separate actuator. Using the inductive sensing principle to enable non-contact detection of metal objects, the IP67-rated IME2S ensures high machine availability, even in dusty and high-moisture industrial environments The SICK IME2S replaces the widely used SICK IN3000 sensor with an improved performance range up to 15mm. The SICK IME2S uses two self-monitoring OSSD outputs to ensure consistent reliable signalling to actuators and safe control systems, complying with Category 2, PL d, and SIL2. Available in a choice of three cylindrical housings, the IME2S offers a range of mountings for wide-ranging compatibility with new machinery, or to fit into existing equipment. Easy to install, it is ideal for personnel protection duties such as where metal components


must be in the correct location for safe machine tending, automated welding or painting, skid or bin positioning and wrapping. “The new SICK IME2S fulfils the increasing requirement for a safe non-contact inductive sensor in critical and hazard locations, to complement the standard proximity sensors used in many automated processes and procedures,” says Dr Martin Kidman, SICK’s UK product manager for machinery safety. “The two pulsed outputs of the IME2S offer greater performance consistency over single output sensors, with better failure detection. “Frequently, proximity sensing is the best solution for inaccessible or tight spaces or in hostile environments, so high reliability and resistance to dirt and moisture are further key benefits in maintaining high machine availability.” The SICK IME2S offer a wide field sensing range between 4mm and 15mm without a blind-zone with a working temperature range of

-25oC to +70oC. The SICK IME2S features a nickel-plated brass housing with a Vistal® protected sensing head and the sensors are available in three diameters, M12, M18 and M30, allowing installation in standard industrial mounts and with male connector, cable connector or male with cable connector variants. Flush and nonflush head variants are available. The high reliability and precise switching characteristics are ensured through SICK’s proven ASIC technology, and the twin OSSD outputs provide easy to connection to safety control systems, including Flexi Loop (the SICK proprietary cabling-saving safety device connection system). Sensor status and diagnostic messages are easily seen via onboard LED indicators. For more information on the SICK range of products, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email




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June 2020


Stay Connected with Murrelektronik Talk directly to the UK Technical Team about your application, Heavy Duty Connectors or Murrelektronik’s huge range of cables and connectors Visit the Online Technical and Sales Support Hub in the UK Murrelektronik’s new online Hub offers a full line-up of electrical automation experts available for virtual meetings – the same day or at a time to suit you in the future. So you can quickly and conveniently speak directly to the right person in a 1-to-1 meeting, or in a group scenario. Murrelektronik Online Sales Support Hub – Real time, face-to-face support for UK Customers Main Features: • Easy to book a meeting – simply book a time slot and a meeting link will be emailed to you • Book a meeting with your local Sales Representative or the Technical Team • Ipad, mobile, tablet friendly – With a video meeting you can show us an issue on your machine or system. Quickly, easily get advice from the Technical Team • 1:1 video meetings or invite other members from your team • No software needed or IT requirements. Easy access to technical support when you need it

Additional Features Join a webinar – book onto a scheduled live webinar or watch a recoded webinar at a time to suit you Visit the Murrelektronik Virtual Fair – open 365 days a year Visit Connectivity City – an interactive world of applications

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June 2020


Reich Drive Forward Through COVID-19 Challenges It is clear that the current pandemic has placed many organisations under great pressure as they adapt to the changing business and working environment. As a company dedicated to excellence in customer service, Reich UK has been able to maintain the highest levels of customer communications, support and service, through an agile approach to the various challenges presented by COVID-19. Although this current crisis has seen a number of manufacturing companies reduce their output, or in certain cases even mothball their plants, there are still a significant number of businesses operating, especially those associated with the manufacture of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, personal protective equipment and of course the power generation sector, which is key to all. These businesses all still depend upon prompt and efficient support from their suppliers if they are to continue to operate effectively in the fight against this pandemic. Reich UK’s General Manager David Proud outlines the steps taken by


the company to maintain the highest levels of service and support for their customers over recent months: “Reich is an international company, however as a third generation family owned business, we still retain the agility needed to be able to respond quickly and dynamically to events such as this recent crisis. As an example, our manufacturing plant remains in full production, and by quickly implementing staggered shift pattern working, and social distancing measures, all employees are able to operate in a safe environment.” Strategic collaborations with a number of material suppliers local to the Bochum plant in Germany has also enhanced Reich’s ability to maintain production and crucially, adhere to quoted lead times. This has also resulted in new business for Reich, as they have been able to both support and supply product to customers affected by compromises within their traditional supply chain. The UK site has also implemented changes to ensure safe working practices, and to ensure that customers can continue to receive timely responses to communications and requests for support or service. This also includes a wide range of new procedures, plus daily video conferencing to monitor and track

progress on customer focused activities. David Proud continues: “It is clear that for the forseeable future at least, the way in which businesses operate will be different in many ways. We have taken this opportunity to review our business plan and incorporate methodologies which will not only consolidate our position across the various market sectors, but also enhance the way in which we communicate and interact with our customers in the future. We will also continue to leverage from the various digital platforms and channels available to us, to further enhance our sales, customer support and marketing activities.” With a history spanning over 70 years, REICH has built up unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture of drive couplings for use across a wide range of industries and applications. The company has earned an enviable reputation not only for the quality and performance of their product range, but also for their ability to provide application and customer specific solutions through the company’s D2C (Design to Customer) philosophy.

15th International Exhibition of Railway Equipment, Systems & Services

F 1 WS


E R G 2






In 2021, Railtex will play host to Infrarail at the NEC, Birmingham from 11-13 May. The UK’s most important events in the rail calendar will come together to form the ultimate show for the rail industry. To be part of the most comprehensive rail exhibition of 2021 contact the team on +44 (0)1727 814 400 or via email


June 2020


Advanced Engineering leads the industry charge into 2021 Secure your exhibition space at Advanced Engineering today

The UK’s largest annual gathering of engineering professionals, Advanced Engineering, will return to the NEC, Birmingham on November 4 and 5, 2020. Here, the UK’s talented and vast engineering industry can come together again to begin generating business for the new year. Bringing together thousands of attendees, Advanced Engineering incorporates all aspects of engineering from design, test and measurement, to inspection, materials and production, within the aerospace, automotive, marine, medical and many more industry sectors. In 2019, over 15,000 professionals from the manufacturing sector attended Advanced Engineering. 70 per cent of visitors reported that they planned to place orders as a result of the relationships formed and an impressive 93 per cent of exhibitors reported that they achieved their objectives at the show. Advanced Engineering offers a great opportunity to meet suppliers, partners and generate business leads for the first time in several months. It’s clear that the engineering industry is keen to showcase its innovations before the year ends, with new


exhibitors still registering at an impressive pace. “With the current situation restricting how companies do business, we’re looking forward to maximising our time at Advanced Engineering as our chance to set ourselves up for a successful 2021,” commented Jonathan Archer, General Manager, Renishaw UK Sales Ltd. The show offers a diverse range of exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their expertise to a primed audience of motivated and readyto-buy attendees, interested in sourcing products and solutions. It’s more important than ever to hit the ground running in 2021. Advanced Engineering’s exhibitors will have the opportunity to pre-load their business pipelines right from the start of the year. However, it’s not just during the show that exhibitors have the chance to increase their brand awareness. Every exhibitor package includes access to Advanced Engineering’s extensive marketing tools to increase exposure pre, during and post event. Especially now, it’s important for exhibitors to feel confident that they can reach their target audience in the lead up to the show. For this reason, Advanced Engineering exhibitors will

have access to additional marketing tools, free of charge, from the moment they register, to the day of the show and beyond. This ranges from personalised postcard invites for exhibitors to send to clients or to attach to invoices or other printed communications, to personalised banners and unique links to track who has registered to visit a specific stand at the show. Free marketing support encompasses mentions on social media and promotion in show guides. Exhibitors also have the opportunity to submit their own press releases ahead of the show, which are then made available to all key media partners. On top of this, exhibitors get free access to AE Connect, the matchmaking service that allows you to arrange onsite meetings with potential customers. Last year, £320,000 of deals were secured through the platform. “To fully maximise the success of every exhibiting investment, Advanced Engineering works closely with its exhibitors to ensure that their ideal visitors attend the show,” explained Jeremy Whittingham, Head of Community and Content at Advanced Engineering. “Exhibitors will have access to Advanced Engineering’s expert telemarketing team, who can contact up to 100 of every exhibitors’ top clients by phone, inviting them to the show on their behalf.” In these unprecedented times, it’s important for the engineering industry to look to the future and continue to market themselves to ensure success following the COVID-19 crisis. Whether you’ve exhibited at Advanced Engineering before, or if you think the show could be the perfect place for you to forge new relationships and build on existing ones, get in touch with our team to discuss our exhibition options.

New Dates For TCT 3Sixty Announced As 29 June – 01 July 2021 Rapid News Group has today announced the decision to postpone TCT 3Sixty, the UK’s flagship event for 3D Printing & Additive Intelligence, to 2021. Originally scheduled for 29 September – 01 October 2020, the event will now take place from 29 June – 01 July 2021. The venue for the event, the NEC, Birmingham, UK is unchanged. The decision to postpone the event comes as a result of the unprecedented times the event industry finds itself in as a result of the global Coronavirus pandemic. The rescheduling of the show reflects the highest regard Rapid News Group places on the health, safety and wellbeing of its exhibitors and visitors. It also provides an appropriate solution to the uncertainties surrounding large events in the coming months. Commenting, Duncan Wood, CEO of Rapid News Group, said: “Clearly uncertainties around large gatherings and public events are still very much at the forefront of everyone’s minds. By rescheduling TCT 3Sixty to 2021 we are first and foremost ensuring the safety of our exhibitors and attendees whilst also striving to preserve the success of the event and the return on investment that our exhibitors deserve. “We are grateful to the NEC for working alongside us to identify a dateline which we believe will work for the great majority of our exhibitors and provide much-needed reassurance for visitors. Whilst we are disappointed that the re-imagined event will not now debut in September, we are confident the additional time we have to develop the event will result in a better experience for all involved.” Visitors to the show in 2021 can look forward to a comprehensive conference programme delivered across multiple stages, each offering innovative and interactive 360-degree insights into how to get the best from existing additive technology or how to invest and choose the most appropriate new 3D printing technology. There will also be a host of interactive features, pavilions, content and networking events including a meetings programme and learning seminars that will provide tangible value to an attendee, providing a return on investment immediately. TCT 3Sixty will be co-located alongside Rapid News Group’s other highly successful industrial events: Interplas, the UK’s no.1 plastics show; as well as Med-Tech Innovation Expo, the UK’s leading medical design and manufacturing technology event. TCT 3Sixty will take place from 29 June – 01 July in Hall 1 of the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, UK.


June 2020


New Date Announced for AEMT Awards Dinner Acknowledging the ongoing challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the possible effect this might have on the awards entry process, the AEMT Council have decided to postpone its Gala Awards Dinner to April next year. Originally scheduled for its regular slot in November, the Awards Ceremony will now take place on the evening of Thursday 22nd April 2021, at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Coventry. The associated AEMT Conference will also move to this new dateline, being staged at the same venue during the day. This, the fourth staging of the AEMT Gala Awards Dinner will once again bring together the entire electrical and mechanical trades sector in a celebration of business and professional excellence. Recognising and rewarding the achievements of both individuals and companies operating within the electrical & mechanical maintenance and repair sector, personal endeavour, product innovation, skills training, engineering advancement and commercial acumen will once again be acknowledged and celebrated.

Industry wide engagement Operated by the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT) and produced by Touchwave Media, the awards will again acknowledge the skill, effort and sheer dedication of the people and businesses serving this important sector of industry. With sponsorship provided by a host of leading industry names, which to date has included ABB, Avonmore Electrical, Axflow, Drives & Controls, EMIR Software, Fanuc UK, Fletcher Moorland, Menzel, Musk Process Services,


Plant & Works Engineering, Sulzer, TEC Motors and WEG UK, well deserved industry-wide recognition will be given to those businesses, who are excelling in their commercial endeavours.

Award categories The following seven categories make up the 2020/21 awards programme: • • • • • • •

Product of the Year Project of the Year Service Centre of the Year Supplier of the Year Contribution to Skills & Training Award Rising Star Award Lifetime Achievement Award

Call for nominations Entries are now being sought for any company, product, application or individual involved in the supply, installation, service, maintenance and repair of industrial machinery technology such as electric motors, drives, pumps, fans, gearboxes, generators, transformers, switchgear and ancillary equipment. Individuals can put forward entries for themselves and their own company, or they can nominate others that they know merit recognition. The online entry process couldn’t be easier, so anyone wishing to play their part in highlighting engineering excellence should visit the AEMT Awards website –

Closing date for entries Given the new date for the presentation ceremony, the closing date for all entries has been extended 5.00pm on Monday 1st March 2021, so for those wanting industry-wide recognition for a job well done, be it for product innovation or project management, for application know-how, or service and repair, they should make a note of this key date. It is free of charge to enter the awards, but the promotional value associated with being selected as a finalist is worth many hundreds of pounds. And for those individuals and companies fortunate enough to be announced as one of the seven winners during the charged atmosphere of the gala awards dinner, the promotional benefit is even greater.

Further details For more information, visit the website or contact the awards programme producers, Touchwave Media, by phone on 07785 290034 or by email at


WHERE PRODUCTIVITY MATTERS See the latest processing and packaging machinery, robotics and machine vision in action Network with industry peers and gain valuable insight at our must attend seminars OWNED AND ORGANISED BY

PPMA Group of Associations is a trading brand of PPMA Limited.

June 2020


Protolabs plays key role in Italy and the UK on Covid-19 Projects for testing kits and face visors GTMA supplier Protolabs, which employs over 450 people at its European headquarters in Telford, is playing a key role in supporting Italian engineers in the conversion of ‘Easybreath’ snorkelling equipment into ventilator masks for front line medical staff. 3D printed ‘Charlotte’ valves are being rapid- ly produced and shipped direct to its customer Isinnova, who are producing kits that can be used to create non-invasive ventilator masks that will help save lives.

updated and the right material specified, and production was set to be shipped by early April.

continues to be essential in equipping our front line staff with the solutions they need.”

“We’re currently working on a number of customer projects that are critical to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Bjoern Klaas, Vice President and Managing Director of Protolabs Europe.

Protolabs provides critical prototyping and manufacturing services to medical supply chains, telecommunications providers, energy companies, water treatment services and other sectors vital to keep society moving.

“With the ‘Charlotte valve’ in Italy it is already having a really positive impact on the challenge faced by medical staff and the wider society, whilst our latest involvement with AusDiagnostics is crucial in the UK’s ramp up of testing for the virus.

The company will continue to remain operational across its UK and German manufacturing facilities, ensuring that staff adhere to work from home policies where possible, and hygiene and social distancing measures.

AusDiagnostics approached Protolabs to see if it could injection mould 500 sample parts, a challenge that was immediately picked up by the Shropshire-based on- demand manufacturer.

“The tests will be used by over 20 large NHS trust hospitals in the UK, as well as medical diagnostics centres across Europe. The customer makes almost 200 kits a day, but this figure will increase rapidly to meet the demand for more testing, with our injection moulding line ready to manufacture 20,000 cassettes every quarter.

Bjoern concluded: “Protolabs employees play a vital role in helping us support the needs of our customers in what is a generationdefining moment. I am extremely proud of the commitment and expertise everyone is showing and I am humbled that, in our own way, we can contribute to saving lives across the world.”

The first CAD drawings were not fit for manufacture so were quickly

“Digital manufacturing can provide incredible speed of development and

For further information, please visit the website:

The company is also urgently working with a highly multiplexed molecular diagnostics specialist to produce a series of plastic cassettes that will help house a critical medical solution used in testing for COVID-19.


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June 2020

An increase in fastener demand to support the medical equipment manufacturing sector during the Covid-19 pandemic By Jeremy Scholefield, Director of Strategic Business, TR Fastenings Ltd For over 25 years, TR Fastenings has been working with leading healthcare organisations and their subcontractors as a total solution provider of fasteners and cat c products. With technical expertise, real time inventory availability, a wide range of fasteners and an intricate global supply chain already in place, TR has been able to accelerate time to market to support the medical technology industry during this critical time. Medical devices are playing a crucial role in the fight against Covid-19 and fasteners play an important role in the assembly, functionality and structural

L-bow Handle

Face Visor Kit


integrity of these devices. The critical products requiring fasteners and components are respiratory support and monitoring equipment such as ventilators; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and diagnostic tests. The main products TR supplies are sheet metal fasteners, high grade stainless steel fastenings, plastic and rubber products plus specially manufactured parts to be used in a range of medical equipment. This includes ventilators, medical beds & furniture, ultrasound machines, medical imaging equipment,

defibrillators, incubators, medical computer stands, volumetric pumps & infusion devices, vacuum extractors and many other vital pieces of medical equipment. New medical hardware products introduced TR has introduced two new products to its range – the L-bow Handle and a Face Visor Kit: •

The L-bow Handle can be retrofitted to an existing compatible door handle and allows the door to be opened “hands free” with your forearm, reducing the risk of direct contact with viruses and bacteria on the door handle. The door opener is made from plastic with stainless steel components and works on various door types with both horizontal and vertical handles from 19mm up to 22mm diameter. Available from stock in black and to order on any other RAL colour (minimum 1000 pcs).

The Face Visor Kit contains two Polypropylene clips and a 330mm elastic strap which is quick and easy to fit. A secure, lockable and adjustable method of attaching a strap to a face visor. The kit can be manufactured in various colours. Simple finger pressure closure and release mechanism. The standard 19mm elastic strap can also be provided in a 15mm width, and 1mm increments up to 19mm. medical

June 2020


70 GTMA suppliers join Medical Cluster to help the battle against Covid-19 Call for help is answered by supplier base

Seventy GTMA suppliers have stepped forward to help the UK's effort to manu- facture ventilators for the coronavirus pandemic.

approach for help from the University College London (UCL) which formed a consortium based around the F1 teams.

specification of the UCL's requirements and, from the outset, recognised the challenge faced by the requirement to produce at such a scale.

Several are now actively involved in a consortium based around the expertise in the UK-based Formula 1 engineering teams set up to design and develop ventilators to help patients’ breath during the Covid-19 contagion.

Its aim is to raise the UK capability/capacity to produce ventilators from the hundreds, woefully short of the government's estimated NHS requirement of 30,000.

Clear timelines

The 70 have joined a GTMA Medical Cluster formed in response to an


Professor Tim Baker at the UCL contacted GTMA on March 17. First GTMA obtained the

The timelines were clear and then began a detailed survey of GTMA suppliers to align them under the Medical Cluster. This exercise highlighted who could do what and when, and this was taken by UCL so it had a 'pick-list' source for services and products.

What started with 40 suppliers had grown to 70 by the point when the devices gained approval for manufacture. During the first week of procurement several GTMA member companies were contacted to quote for work and are now working in the manufacturing supply chain.


June 2020

Renishaw mass produces critical ventilator components to meet ‘daunting challenge’ Global engineering company, Renishaw, has been mass-producing critical com- ponents for medical ventilators, as part of the nationwide effort to support the NHS in the fight against Covid-19. The GTMA supplier dedicated a significant part of its manufacturing sites in Gloucestershire and South Wales to produce precision-machined components for two different ventilators manufactured by the VentilatorChallengeUK consortium, with pro- duction running seven days a week. It followed a huge effort from the project, manufacturing engineering and production teams which began in late March. Like many companies across the UK, Renishaw reacted to the UK government’s call to radically increase ventilator production to treat coronavirus patients suffering with respiratory complications. Tens of thousands of these complex machines were needed in just a few weeks and Marc Saunders, Director of Group Strategic Development, who led Renishaw’s response, said: “When the government called, we scrambled to respond, and immediately realised the daunting scale of the challenge. “Ventilators are sophisticated medical devices and we felt that our capabilities would be best applied to helping scale up the production of designs with existing technologies. We soon realised that many other industrial companies were thinking the same way and that we would need our combined capacity and capabilities to achieve this enormous endeavour.” Within a few days, Renishaw joined

with leading companies in the aerospace, auto- motive, medical devices and motorsport sectors to form the VentilatorChallengeUK consortium, under the leadership of Dick Elsy, CEO of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult. This diverse team began working nonstop to boost production of two proven ventilators, selected by the NHS and manufactured in the UK by Penlon and Smiths Medical. Dick Elsy said at the time: “Penlon and Smiths ordinarily have combined capacity of between 50 and 60 ventilators per week. However, thanks to the scale and resources of the wider consortium, we are targeting production of at least 1,500 units a week of the Penlon and Smiths models combined within a matter of weeks. “Ventilators are intricate and highly complex pieces of medical equipment and it is vital that we balance the twin imperatives of speed of delivery with the absolute adherence to regulatory standards that is needed to ensure patient safety.” Within this context, Renishaw’s manufacturing activities formed part of a complex net- work of suppliers that the consortium is coordinating, many of whom, like Renishaw, began making ventilator components for the first time. Mass-production of ventilators, each of which comprises hundreds of diverse

components, requires millions of parts to come together for assembly, a huge logistical operation. Gareth Hankins, Director of Group Manufacturing Services at Renishaw, said as work began: “To prepare for the important work that we are undertaking, both for the ventilator project and our global customers in critical supply chains, we temporarily closed our UK manufacturing facilities to introduce additional measures to protect the welfare of our employees.” The factories were reorganised to increase spacing, as well as zoning areas to restrict movement around the sites. Hygiene regimes were enhanced to minimise the potential risk of the spread of infection. “Our staff have responded magnificently to this challenging situation and it is wonderful to see the factories back up and running and for us to be playing our part in the national Ventilator Challenge.” Marc Saunders reflected: “It has been an extraordinary few weeks, with so many companies from different fields aligning on a single goal and pulling together so effectively and so quickly. “The VentilatorChallengeUK consortium is working together with incredible determination and energy to scale up production of much-needed ventilators and combat a virus that is affecting people around the world.”


June 2020


New ElectroStatic Separator The launch of the new Bunting ElectroStatic Separator is in response to enhanced material separation requirements in the recycling, plastics and minerals industries. The ElectroStatic Separator uses tungsten electrode wire to generate electrostatic charges to separate dry liberated particles. The new technology significantly broadens separation capabilities, opening up new opportunities for recovering materials from waste and optimising mineral reserves. Bunting is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of magnetic separators, metal detectors, magnets, magnetic assemblies and magnetising equipment. The Bunting European manufacturing facilities are in Redditch, just outside Birmingham, and Berkhamsted, both in the United Kingdom. ElectroStatic Separation exploits the difference in electrical conductivity between various materials in a feed material to produce a separation. The separation depends on a number of key material characteristics including conductivity, moisture content and size range. In many applications, often due to the fine particle size, the ElectroStatic Separator is the only technology that enables a separation (e.g. -2mm granulated cable scrap). The technology also replaces less environmentally friendly separation processes such as froth flotation in mineral processing applications (e.g. separation of rutile from silica sand). In operation, the technology utilises the difference in conductivity between insulators (e.g. plastics) and conductors (e.g. copper and


aluminium) to obtain a separation on an earthed roll. A vibratory feeder evenly feeds a material mix onto the top of a rotating earthed metal roll. The rotating roll transfers the material under an electrode bar inducing an electrostatic charge. Non-conductive materials (i.e. insulators) adhere to the earthed roll via an image force, whilst the conductors lose their charge quickly and, under centrifugal force, are discharged. This enables a separation. ElectroStatic Separators enable material segregation in plants processing minerals, producing plastics, and recycling secondary metals. Differences in conductivity found in recycled materials and minerals are sufficient to enable excellent levels of separation. Indeed, this includes the separation of metals with different conductivity. W+hen recycling wires, the technology enables the separation of plastics (insulators) from conductors (Copper and Aluminium), followed by segregation of the two metals. The same principle is used to separate aluminium from plastic when recycling shredded window frames and electric waste (WEEE).

The mineral processing industry commonly uses ElectroStatic Separators in conjunction with high intensity magnetic separators such as the Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator and Induced Magnetic Roll Separator. This combined separation process is used when processing beach sands. The Bunting ElectroStatic Separator is available as a single or double staged system in feed widths of 500mm, 1000mm and 1500mm to suit a specific application. The Bunting Centre of Excellence in the UK includes a laboratory-scale model of the new ElectroStatic Separator. Bunting invites companies to arrange for controlled tests to confirm the separation capabilities on a specific sample of material. Additional information on the ElectroStatic Separator is available on the Bunting Redditch website – ElectroStatic Separator For further information, please contact us on or visit our website

Profile Technology

Conveyor Technology

Linear Motion

Factory Equipment

CompaCt struCture for optimal integration

Belt Conveyor GUF-P 2045 Compact. Light. Inexpensive.

mk profile systems limited a company of the mk technology group Unit 2·Wolds Farm Business Park Kinoulton Lane·Kinoulton·Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ Phone +44 (0)1949 823751·Fax +44 (0)1949 81270·

June 2020


Visualisation of Highly Dynamic Laser Processes Using Thermography Lasers are regarded as extremely versatile tools in industry and manufacturing technology. Due to their flexibility, they serve as key technology for implementing the goals of Industry 4.0. Although laser cutting and welding are considered turnkey technologies today, there is still considerable need for research and development in the majority of laser applications, such as joining hybrid material pairings, 3D printing or ultra-short pulse processing. Laser processes are highly dynamic thermally induced processes. Frequently used high-speed cameras in the visible spectrum are not able to make the heat flow in the component visible. However, this is necessary for the complete understanding of this process. A contact temperature measurement of the moving material melt is not possible. In addition, the processing zone should remain free from any influences of the measurement system. This is exactly what thermographic cameras do, offering both high frame rates and geometric resolutions. Due to the non-contact and non-reactive temperature measurement, heat flows in components can be mapped to gain a complete understanding of the process. Our thermographic camera precisely controls the


heating and cooling of the materials to be processed. Defined energy inputs are monitored and thermal stress is reduced. Precise thermal control of the process due to high-speed data acquisition, high geometric resolution and delay-free triggering ensures complete acquisition, documentation and evaluation of temperature distributions to determine the optimum laser energy input. World leading supplier with great expertise The Dresden-based InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und

Messtechnik is a specialised company for products and services in the field of infrared technology. The owner-managed company was founded in 1991. Today it has its own departments for development, production, service and sales. InfraTec employs around 200 highly qualified specialists. In order to coordinate activities in the most significant economic markets of Europe, North America and Asia, InfraTec has established several international subsidiaries. Furthermore, the company runs a worldwide operating network of sales and service partners.


June 2020

Fluid Carrying



Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond.

Resurfacing of badly worn floors and new build installations

Vacuum to over 20,000psi.

Impact, abrasion and point load resistance

Stock and bespoke production.

Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant & suitable for heavy traffic plus high bay category one and two

Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

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June 2020


An increase in fastener demand to support the medical equipment manufacturing sector during the Covid-19 pandemic

By Jeremy Scholefield, Director of Strategic Business, TR Fastenings Ltd

For over 25 years, TR Fastenings has been working with leading healthcare organisations and their subcontractors as a total solution provider of fasteners and cat c products. TR has geared up its capacity to support the medical technology industry during this critical time.

critical products requiring fasteners and components are: 1.

The current landscape The outbreak of Covid-19, a major worldwide public health emergency, created an unprecedented demand for medical products, a situation never before experienced on this scale at any time in living memory. In response to the outbreak, the world turned to medical companies for vital help, which has galvanised the industry into action and to work in uncharted territories. To meet the urgent global demand and to alleviate shortages, many manufacturers from outside of healthcare are now reconfiguring their business to develop and produce medical equipment and supplies. It has been a high growth market for many years and according to the Evaluate MedTech Report produced in 2018, the global medical technology industry is expected to grow at 5.6% per year to reach worldwide sales of US$595 billion by 2024.1 It will be interesting to see how Covid-19 affects this forecast in the coming months. As the pandemic unfolded, the governments and public health services of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland established several NHS Covid-19 critical care field hospitals in various locations across the UK. These temporary hospitals, named NHS Nightingale after nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale, were set up to cope with the anticipated overflow from existing hospitals. We have also seen similar actions being replicated globally. Medical devices are playing a crucial role in the fight against Covid-19. The


2. 3.

Respiratory support and monitoring equipment such as ventilators, which help to treat hospitalised patients. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks and protective visors. Diagnostic tests which identify those infected and further limit the spread of the virus.

TR Fastenings responded to the UK Government’s urgent request to support the immediate needs of established medical equipment manufacturers and new companies diversifying into this sector. With technical expertise, real time inventory availability, a wide range of fasteners and an intricate global supply chain already in place, TR has been able to accelerate time to market. The role fasteners play in medical devices Although fasteners are typically the smallest components in medical devices, they play an important role in the assembly, functionality and structural integrity of the device. Working directly with a knowledgeable fastener manufacturer early on in the design stage mitigates the possibility of a costly redesign after the product has been launched. The challenges of working in a changing world

The main products TR supplies are sheet metal fasteners, high grade stainless steel fastenings, plastic and rubber products plus specially manufactured parts to be used in a range of medical equipment. This includes ventilators, medical beds & furniture, ultrasound machines, medical imaging equipment, defibrillators, incubators, medical computer stands, volumetric pumps & infusion devices, vacuum extractors and many other vital pieces of medical equipment. Application Engineering has proved to be key In addition to choosing a high quality fastener manufacturer and distributor with a diverse product range, it is also important to work with a company that offers application engineering expertise. TR engineers are fully engaged in the design and make critical recommendations for the interface between the fastener and the medical device. Due to Covid-19 lockdown restraints, TR engineers have fully utilised the Modern Workplace by using various methods of online virtual communication to ensure the customer receives the highest level of service and technical support. The future As the medical landscape changes, preparing for the future has never been so important. TR Fastenings is ready to meet the challenge.

TR’s fast-track approach to delivering a high volume of products, often within hours, supported the sudden acceleration of customers’ needs. TR worked through weekends and bank holidays to respond quickly and engage with various medical companies around the world.

Source: 1 Market size extrapolated from EvaluateMedTech Report,World Preview 2018, Outlook to 2024

EXPERTS IN PUMP TECHNOLOGY Our progressive cavity pumps, macerators and control systems are used across all industry sectors wherever thin to highly viscous, shear-sensitive, aggressive or abrasive media must be conveyed at low pulsation rates. SEEPEX’s portfolio also includes digital solutions, consulting, spare parts and after sales services.

“SEEPEX stands for technological leadership, excellent management and outstanding product and application expertise. Focusing on our core competencies and know-how enables us to take the best, most forward-looking course of action for each part of our business. We identify innovative approaches that bring about positive changes for the entire industry.” PETER MCGARIAN MANAGING DIRECTOR, SEEPEX UK LTD.

SEEPEX UK Ltd. | |


June 2020

More and more in every electrical installation the security of the power supply is paramount

The increasing complexity of electrical installations and the loads placed on them can lead to progressive faults, especially in the earthing. Early detection of the increased earth leakage allows the prevention of tripping events, maintains continuity of supply and a happy user of the installation, be it for the coffee machine or the critical piece of plant for your client’s order. Frer manufacture a series of earth league relays for us on Type AC, A, F and B earth fault protection applications. The X...DX3 series earth leakage relays are designed to measure the leakage or unbalanced currents caused

by conductors or appliances insulation losses and to trip the relay contact if the set limits are exceeded, switching of the power supply to the defective system. All the relays in the series for any of the installation requirements (Type AC, A, F or B earth fault protection) offer the following features, dependant on model, to provide communication and early warning of a developing fault.

Main functions: • • • • • • • • • • •

Continuous digital indication of the leakage current Logic Selectivity - Automatic retry Internal clock and storage of the last 10 events RS485 Modbus RTU, measurements, event archive, scope Selectable antifibrillation filter up to 15A for fire protection Sensitivity 30mA to 30A AC Storing of the intervention current values Measure and display of the THD Selectable 3rd harmonic filter AC measurements up to 10kHz 35mm DIN rail mounting, 48 or 72mm Panel mount

For further information please visit our website or contact us on tel: +44(0) 1206 575755 68|

Size doesn‘t matter to be a hero. Han® 1A - Compact, robust and versatile.

Space-saving connectors for mahcinery and railway vehicles ■ Compact and lightweight: Our smallest industrial connector with the necessary shielding with plastic (polyamide) housings. ■ Flexible applications (IP20 / IP65): Options for data, signals and power with a density of 12 D-Sub contacts. ■ Cost & time savings: Bulkhead surface mount and cable-to-cable with snap-in latch or lever lock mating.

One Range. No Limits:

June 2020


Han-Modular® Flexbox: Modular connectors for energy chains Reduces the associated construction and connection effort / Less space is needed. The flexible and reliable supply for fast, linearly moving components of machines and systems is made possible by the Han-Modular® Flexbox – a novel interface in the modular plastic housing system from HARTING. Longer, moving cable runs for machines and machine modules are easier to install and maintain. The Han-Modular® Flexbox makes it possible to sub-divide energy chains into flexibly manageable and easily replaceable segments. The modular housing concept replaces the previous implementation consisting of multiple individual connections and offers a single plug-in and disconnection point as a compact overall solution. This reduces the associated construction and connection effort, and less space is needed. Fastening elements can be used to join the housings together in different


configurations. As a result, the height and width of the interface can be flexibly designed. The Han-Modular® Flexbox thus fits the requirement profile of a wide variety of applications. The HanModular® Flexbox was developed in a co-engineering process with our partner igus.

HARTING has succeeded in continuing the modularity inside the housing as well. Nearly all the Han-Modular® portfolio - which features more than 100 modules for transmitting currents, signals and data, as well as compressed air and fibre-optic signals - can be used in the Flexbox.

The Flexbox’s housing and other components are made of highperformance plastic and comply with the applicable standards in terms of fire protection and resistance to environmental influences. The seals on the cable glands are designed for easy handling and are available for cable diameters from 4 to 24 mm. The system is rounded out by integrated strain relief that can withstand forces in excess of 150 Newton. The Flexbox is a standalone solution that boasts all the features of housing for industrial connectors.

This results in almost endless combination possibilities when it comes to implementing the right interface for every application. A plastic frame enables integration of the Han-Modular® modules in the Flexbox. Currently, a maximum of four modules can fit in one frame. The connections in the HanModular® Flexbox are securely protected against environmental influences such as water and dust. Screw locks in different designs ensure tightness.

Renold Gears OQSx Oil Quality Sensor

The Renold Gears OQSx Oil Quality Sensor is your ideal solution for accurate real time gearbox oil condition monitoring. Easily and quickly installed the OQSx detects all wear and contamination elements to an exceptionally high level and provides an accurate statement of oil condition second by second – in any oil type and in any application, giving you a true 360 degree view of how your oil is performing.

> Accurately reports precise condition of oil in real time > Patented technology > Independently certified for accuracy, sensitivity and reliability > Robust and reliable in the harshest conditions > Easy to install > Configurable for any oil type, in any application



June 2020


REMBE Safety Days Digital Home Edition – Success event continues via video conference In recent years, the ‘REMBE Safety Days’ series of events has repeatedly made Brilon a meeting place for global explosion safety and process safety. The content of the events was to present and discuss current topics in these areas as well as to create a platform for networking. In November 2019, 150 participants from five continents

were welcomed to the Sauerland region. Unfortunately, no live events can take place due to the current situation. In order to nevertheless enable such an important exchange

TRAINING BY EXPERTS – EXPERIENCE SAFETY (13:15 – 14:00 CEST) 03.06.2020 - The characteristics of dust – explosion indices explained What do I need? What does it says? Where can I get it? Tobias Erlmann – Project and Sales Engineer Global Sales Explosion Safety 10.06.2020 - How to protect your safety valve Claire Lloyd – Team Leader Process Safety Europe 17.06.2020 - What European OEM have to know when dealing with North American Clients Jeramy Slaunwhite – North American Explosion Safety Consultant 24.06.2020 - CPX – rupture discs with previously unheard of operational benefits Orhan Karagöz – Chief Business Development Officer Process Safety 01.07.2020 - Large Scale Explosion Testing at the REMBE Research + Technology Center Roland Bunse – Managing Director REMBE Research + Technology Center GmbH 08.07.2020 The Installation of rupture discs – Do it right or do it twice Nils Lange – Process Engineer Special Applications Technical Sales Process Safety 15.07.2020 - Explosion Isolation in the industrial practice – Why? When? How? Andreas Hansen – Senior Consultant Explosion Safety 22.07.2020 - Bad Engineering... or better: What should not be done in Process Safety Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rüsenberg – Chief Technical Officer



June 2020

of knowledge, REMBE is offering a digital version of the REMBE Safety Days. Safety is essential – especially in difficult times like this. REMBE has launched the ‘REMBE Safety Days - Digital Home Edition’ to enable experts to continue to exchange their experience in the field of safety technology. “We are proud to be able to provide a platform like this,” says Claire Lloyd (Team Leader Process Safety Europe and one of the speakers at the REMBE Safety Days – Digital Home Edition).

This format is an ideal solution to exchange up-todate expert knowledge, the latest experience and safety approaches. The presentations are aimed at operators, planners, technicians, engineers, maintenance personnel, safety officers, experts and inspectors in monitoring organisations. Once a week, every Wednesday from 1:15pm, a 45-minute presentation from the REMBE Safety Days Digital Home Edition will take place on a wide range of topics relating to explosion safety

and process safety. As the participants have always been an international audience, there will be both German and English presentations. The overview of all of the presentations can be found at: If you are interested in participating in one or more of the presentations from the REMBE Safety Days - Digital Home Edition, please register at or via the form on the website stated above.

T +49 2961 7405-0 T +1 704 716 7022 T +39 02 62033057

Your Specialist for

EXPLOSION SAFETY and © REMBE® | All rights reserved

PRESSURE RELIEF SOLUTIONS Consulting. Engineering. Products. Service.




June 2020


Navimec™ TACT Switches from Foremost Provide Joystick Functionality Soft-touch directional control and menu selection TACT switches The Navimec™ five position navigational switch is ideal for data entry and motion control devices where a joystick function is needed. The switch is available as a complete module or may be supplied as single parts for custom PCB mounting. Navimec™ TACT switches are available with standard cap colours of grey, white, black, frosted white, ultrablue, dusty blue, aqua blue, metal dark blue, metal light grey, metal dark grey and metal Bordeaux. Many standard legend options are available including, numeric, text and symbols. Legends may be pad printed or laser marked for heavy duty applications. Operating temperature range for solid cap versions is -40 to +65°C and for a transparent cap -40 to +85°C. Height above panel is 12.20mm and mounting hope required is 34.25mm. Alan Vincent, Sales Director of Foremost, comments, “While there is a continuing trend toward touchscreen HMI control systems there will always be applications for Emech switch solutions. Navimec™ TACT switches are ideal for system control in low or high ambient lighting where a tactile response is essential, in dusty or humid environments where touch screens can be unreliable and especially for directional control where operation of a Navimec™ TACT switch is instinctive, reliable and safe.”

Foremost Electronics, the engineering-led Essex based importer and specialist distributor of electromechanical components have been the primary source for MEC switches in the UK for over 25 years and have the largest stock profile of options and parts available for fast delivery. Offering a flexible solution to HMI control functionality the MEC


Navimec™ switch concept offers product designers a circular softtouch TACT switch with joystick functionality. Navimec™ switches make it possible to navigate up, down, left and right with the provision of a centre function that will typically be used as an “enter” key. Navimec™ switches are available with or without illumination and the non-illuminated versions may be over-printed with appropriate legends.

MEC Switches offer a range of illuminated and non-illuminated switches with the most comprehensive and vast range of cap options. Foremost can supply any products from this manufacturer’s extensive range. To see the Navimec™ TACT switch range available from Foremost, please visit call +44 (0)1371 811171 or email


June 2020

Ultrasonics and electromobility - a synergy for success through efficiency, reliability, connectivity and sustainability

Electromobility is transforming the way we travel, by significantly reducing emissions of carbon dioxide per kilometer when compared to vehicles powered by conventional combustion engines. In addition, the increasing levels of energy produced from renewables such as wind and solar not only supports the transition to electromobility, but also helps further reduce pollution levels overall. The increasing demand for electric vehicles is however presenting the automotive industry with new

challenges in many areas including: lightweight body construction, the manufacture of electrical and electronic components, and of course the batteries needed to power these vehicles. Innovative and economic production solutions will be required if the automotive manufacturers are to maintain the highest quality levels and retain the environmental credentials associated with electromobility. Ultrasonic-based processes are already recognised for their efficiency, performance capability, reliability, connectivity and ecofriendliness. These characteristics are also mirrored by electric vehicles, providing a close synergy between the two, and positioning ultrasonic technology as the ideal solution to many of the manufacturing tasks associated vehicle production.

Efficient - Ultrasonic sieving in battery production If the performance figures quoted for electric vehicles are to be accurate, close scrutiny needs to be applied to the efficiency of all aspects including: the battery, drive train, air resistance and the rolling resistance of the tyres. If the end product itself is to be efficient, the individual manufacturing processes also need to be conducted in the most efficient manner. This is where Telsonic’s ultrasonic sieving process plays a key role at the earliest stages of battery production. Sieves stimulated by ultrasonics reduce friction during the separation of powdered battery materials. This reliable and energy-efficient process technology improves selectivity and therefore provides the homogeneous powder consistency required for manufacturing the electrodes used in vehicle batteries. Using ultrasonically stimulated double-decker sieves, with precisely defined mesh sizes, allows the carbon for the anode and the lithium metal oxide for the cathode to be separated with a high degree of selectivity, with incorrect sizes reliably removed. These quality characteristics are essential for subsequent processes where the powder is mixed into a paste with water and solvent and must be applied to the electrode carrier films in an extremely homogeneous way. Powerful - reliable contacting of highvoltage conductors, battery films and high-performance electronics Just like the electric motors used in battery powered vehicles, which are able to provide full power from startup, ultrasonic processes are also ready to deliver the highest levels of performance exactly when you


June 2020

need them, keeping cycle times to a minimum. The cables and plugs that connect the charging station with the high-voltage battery require a reliable connection with low contact resistance to achieve rapid charging. This can often require efficient welding of copper, aluminum or any combination of the two to produce the high-voltage connections used in vehicles. Here, a cable with a cross-section of 70, 95 or 120 mm² must be securely welded to a high-current contact, with designers demanding a weld width that is as narrow as possible to save space. What was previously difficult to achieve using conventional processes can now be easily accomplished using Telsonic’s PowerWheel® technology to quickly and reliably connect the cable to the high-current contact. In other applications, the contacts between the individual aluminum and copper films of the pouch cells of a high-voltage battery, and the arresters for the external connections, are welded quickly, reliably and with consistently high quality using ultrasonics. Another of Telsonic’s ultrasonic processes, this time SONIQTWIST®, is used to produce IGBT power semiconductors, which are capable of switching electrical currents quickly with minimal losses, and a key electronic component for power converters of electrical drives


and battery charging systems. This unique torsional welding technique, which uses slim sonotrodes that approach from above, is particularly suitable for the sensitive ceramic substrates of the IGBTs onto which the contacts are welded. SONIQTWIST® is also perfect for cylindrical welding applications. Rotationally symmetrical sonotrodes can be used for round bolts, rings or screws, a technique which is not possible with any other process. For example, this process allows automotive suppliers to weld a steel bolt pressed into a coppernickel sleeve to the front end of an aluminum busbar as a contact. In this case the weld is made without any interruptions, a full 360° around the sleeve. This provides short cycle times and high productivity when

integrated into a fully automated system. Reliable: Wire splicing for electrical connections Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts, which significantly reduces maintenance costs and increases reliability. Ultrasonic welding systems are also extremely reliable and lowmaintenance. Wire splicing using ultrasonics is therefore the solution of choice whenever reliable electrical connections are required to achieve the high quality standards demanded by the automotive industry. Cable connections must be perfect in order to function reliably throughout the life of a vehicle. In applications such as this, connections produced using the


ultrasonic process deliver both financial and technical advantages. These include: a straightforward and cost effective process, low electrical contact resistance, and high strength in the area of the conductor material. A range of extremely flexible welding systems is available to support various production requirements. This means that even very thin cables with a cross-section of 0.13 mm2 and twisted cables for high data transfer rates can be welded using Telsonic’s ultrasonic technology. Connected: Integrated in a higherlevel production system Today’s electric vehicles are highly digital and make full use of their connectivity features. The optimum route can be calculated based on the battery charge level, individual driving style, traffic and other environmental conditions along the route. Ultrasonic processes can also be designed and digitally optimised to suit any specific application. The ability to adjust and monitor the relevant process parameters in an application-specific manner ensures high levels of reliability and safe operating practices when using ultrasonics for wire splicing tasks.

June 2020

The control and operating software used in Telso®Splice welding systems provides integration and networking options that are fit for the future, together with numerous functions for effective quality assurance. Telsonic’s wire splicing systems can be connected directly to production management systems, giving users a significant amount of added value. This primarily applies to 4Wire CAO by DiIT / Schleuniger, the most popular MES in the sector. However, integration with other MES systems is also simple and intuitive using the flexible Telso®CON interface. A level of automation up to 100% is possible, thanks to the OPC UA architecture, process control and parameter configuration of our intelligent benchtop systems. Eco-friendly: Joining technology for lightweight construction Ultrasonic technology is also playing an increasingly important role in lightweight automotive construction. This is an area where new materials and thin-wall technology can benefit directly from SONIQTWIST®

ultrasonic welding technology. This patented and gentle welding process makes it possible to significantly reduce the wall thickness of vehicle bumpers (to approx. 2 mm) without leaving visible marks on the opposite prepainted Class A surfaces. Ultrasonic technology is therefore making a significant contribution to reducing the weight of vehicles. The fact that no adhesives or other consumables are required eliminates any adverse impact on the environment from the joining process. The clear synergies between electromobility and ultrasonic processes mean that they will continue to be closely linked, as automotive manufacturers strive to not only increase the efficiencies of the vehicles that they produce, but also leverage from the efficiencies of the technologies used to manufacture them. The many benefits which can be derived from ultrasonic processes can be both highlighted and best realised by engaging with ultrasonic specialists at an early stage in the design process.



June 2020


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