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MP 420 and MP 560 EVOCHAIN® See inside pages 54 & 55...

July 2021



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Thermal Management for Electrical Enclosures

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instruments ltd

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MP 420 and MP 560 EVOCHAIN® See inside pages 54 & 55...

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July 2021


QUALITY : Why it should be the principal consideration when specifying cables Reliability is the golden ticket for any electrical engineering project that requires critical power, control and monitoring cables. Every project is unique with its own set of challenges alongside the constant drive for cost-efficiencies, but if the alternative is unplanned maintenance and downtime how can an unnecessary risk be justified? Where do you start? Interrogate the Specification: Essentially, start at the beginning. Does the cable you’re specifying match the demands of the installation, stand up to the installation environment, and meet the geo-specific regulatory requirements? Can you make gains or improvements to the overall profile of the installation through the cables used? And if an off-the-shelf cable isn’t quite what you need then look at custom cable consultancy services and have one designed bespoke. Look for Independent Testing: Before it reaches you on site has it been subject to rigorous testing in an accredited cable laboratory? The Lab will test both the completed cable and the individual constructional layers against relevant cable standards to give an assurance of compliance (and quality). Tests including insulation resistance would identify microscopic faults in the materials – elements unseen by the eye but potentially impacting on both the immediate and long-term suitability of the cable. Conduct your own visual inspection: It’s an obvious one but does the cable look like it’s of good quality? Is the reel intact, the drum flanges secure and undamaged, do the cables have end-caps to prevent water ingress? Does it strip easily or have the layers stuck together adding extra time onsite when terminating? What about how it’s been delivered - has it been wrapped and packaged securely so it arrives in good condition? Was it handles properly during offload? If it looks uncared for then perhaps it warrants a second thought. Expect comprehensive paperwork: Do you have the technical datasheets, the compliance documentation, test reports, certificates of conformity – whatever information you need. And was it readily available and quickly supplied on request?


Take advantage of technical and industry expertise: Let’s be honest, it’s rare for a project to run without a hiccup. Having access to specialists who can provide technical answers and best practice industry guidance can swiftly steer a project back on course. Make sure you’re working with a cable supplier that works with you from specification through to installation and commissioning. Quality and Compliance aren’t just boxes to tick and move on – they’re fundamental to the long-term efficacy of an installation, whatever the size or scope. Whilst there’s always a degree of compromise and flex in a project, it shouldn’t come here. Eland Cables, including its IEC/ISO 17025 UKAS accredited testing facility, works with consultants and electrical engineers to deliver high-profile projects around the world, supplying LV & MV power, data, control and instrumentation cables and accessories. Talk to our team about your project and it’s unique challenges, and learn more about how we can help. Visit for more information.

     

4 Comm ports, inc Ethernet Built-in data logging to microSD Free no-limit programming Slim stackable design Multiple i/o wiring options Starter kit available +44 (0)20 3026 2670

Lamonde Automation Limited Quality Products: Expert Advice

July 2021


Abacus Flooring Solutions – The UK’s number one for commercial and industrial flooring. There are several factors to consider when resurfacing your industrial / commercial flooring. Three major aspects to take into consideration is quality of product, professionalism of installer and experience of the company you choose to take on the job. Abacus flooring solutions are well equipped in all of these areas. With over 30 years’ experience there is not much Abacus have not seen and overcome. From complete installs of resin floors on commercial/ industrial buildings to meeting the strict requirements of warehouse and factory flooring regulations. Abacus pride each job to be as pristine and professional as the last. This is evident in their abundance of testimonials from their ever-growing client base.

coloured with the aggregate and done all in one go. There have been several occasions where Abacus will visit the site on a Sunday and then the flooring is good to go for the start of the working week.

Nick Megson and his dedicated installation team have been trusted by businesses across varied sectors to carry out not only flooring solutions but also important health and safety measures throughout your workspace environment. To coincide with their decades of experience Abacus flooring adhere to the latest in technology and products when installing industrial flooring. Innovation is at the forefront of every job they undertake. Whether it is using sustainable materials to ensure that not only are the installs long lasting they also take in consideration “environmental impact” on each project.

Looking for a new resin floor for your industrial workspace? Abacus – You can trust their experience.

Anti-slip flooring is crucial to all the warehouse and factories that Abacus work with. There is always a worry that this process can be lengthily. However, with their “onehit” application this is not the case. In fact, the flooring is


Abacus Flooring Solutions also pride themselves in high levels of aftercare. Their ethos is their clients are customers for life and happily provide free advice well over the date of installation.

07904 396962 or email or visit

Leaders in temperature measurement

Hand Held Instrumentation Heading 3

A selection of hand held instruments for many applications including a large range of digital thermometers, light level meter and a range of great value handheld sensors.

IR Industrial IR Medical Infrared Thermometers Thermometers

Pressure Manometers

Digital Light Meters


Temperature & Wood Moisture Meter Humidity Meter

Grain Moisture Meter Bognor Regis tel: +44 (0)1243 871280 Sheffield tel: +44 (0)1909 569446

July 2021


Contract Awarded for High Performance Electric Motors Test Stand Heinrich Georg (UK) Limited has been awarded a contract by the University of Nottingham to design and build an innovative Test Stand that houses five dynamometer test beds as part of the UK Electrification of Aerospace Propulsion Facility (UKEAPF) based within the new Power Electronics and Electrical Machines Centre.


he facility aims to support Research and Development work at the University on future electrified transport platforms. It will also be made open access for industry and other academic institutions to use. The contract involves the design of a flexible and reconfigurable set of high performance motor-drives which are able to dynamically emulate different loading conditions. The facility can either be set to test motors individually or as part of a sub-system. A special machine mounting system will allow flexibility in the mounting of test articles by enabling the coupling and alignment on different shafts and will be finished to a high tolerance to ensure accuracy in motor alignment. The test bed will also allow for flange and foot mounted machines under test. The test stands can act as a motor (emulating a prime mover) or generator (emulating a propulsion / traction load). The power and speed nodes specified are met without the use of gearing (ie a direct drive). The facility will be able to cover a wide power-speed range; up to 500kW from 1,500 to 20,000 rpm.


Clive Beese, Sales Director at Georg UK, explains: “We've been successful with a number of enquiries for dynamometer testing from organisations interested in testing the performance of engines, particularly electric motors, under loads. This project is one of a number of Test Rigs we are currently working on. “The Georg team have designed an active front end (AFE) which is sized to allow for the operation of the connected drives and power supplies. Given it has an AFE, the test bed is four quadrant allowing for the regeneration of power as well as power delivery from all attached drives/systems. It also has a user-friendly interface for programming profiles and collecting data.” The University of Nottingham’s test bed is currently being built and, following rigorous testing, will be installed later this year.

3 & 4 November 2021, NEC Birmingham The UK’s leading annual gathering of engineering supply chain professionals

SAVE THE DATE I found the event a great networking opportunity to meet industrial professionals from different backgrounds with different products. Kat Clarke, Wing Manufacturing Engineer, Airbus

10,000+ engineering professionals in attendance


exhibitors showcasing their products/services


hours of free-to-attend industry content

Benefit from co-location with: AERO ENGINEERING







REGISTER YOUR INTEREST +44 (0)20 3196 4358 |

July 2021


he return of office workers presents a new challenge to businesses seeking to protect their staff and visitors from the risks posed by SARSCoV-2, its variants, and other microbiological hazards. “It’s not as simple as turning up the ventilation, or installing new ventilation,” claims indoor air quality expert Keith Esdon. “Viruses are spread by infected, possibly asymptomatic, people, so it will be necessary to remove infectious particles from expired air when people meet, and that is why we developed Meeting-Air™, a lowcost but high-specification air filtration device that sits in the middle of a meeting room table, drawing air from meeting participants and removing potentially hazardous particles.” Coronaviruses, and other airborne pathogens, spread when people either inhale infectious particles or touch infected surfaces and then touch their face. Contact transmission can be reduced by frequent hand washing and by treating surfaces with wipes or fogging with disinfectant. Airborne transmission can be reduced by ventilation, but even if these measures are in place, an infected person can quickly contaminate the air in a meeting room. Following the Covid pandemic it is likely that office staff with cold or flu-like symptoms will stay away from work, so the main risk will be from asymptomatic people. Instead of coughing larger particles, it is likely that these infectious individuals will unknowingly exhale small viral aerosols. Studies of cough aerosols have shown striking similarities


in aerosol size distributions, with a predominance of pathogens in small particles (<5 μm), which settle less readily and are easily inhaled. Meeting-Air has a 360-degree inlet at the base which draws air through 2.8m2 of medical grade (H14) pleated HEPA filter which removes all particles over 0.3µm. There are three speed settings – the two lower speeds are designed to minimise disturbance during a meeting, and a third ‘boost’ speed (up to 250m3/ hour) is available for removing excess aerosols before or after a meeting. Summarising, Keith says: “The Covid pandemic has highlighted the need for microbiological risks to be included in Health & Safety policies, and whilst new disinfection procedures, including hand washing, decontamination routines, ventilation and social distancing will all play important roles; meeting rooms and offices represent an ideal opportunity for disease transmission, unless technology such as Meeting-Air™ is deployed."

For more information, visit

Innovative technology for face-to-face meetings



July 2021

Series 35X


IS THE OPTION Pressure Ranges 0…0,3 to 0…1000 bar Accuracy ±0,05 %FS

Total Error Band ±0,1 %FS @ -10…80 °C Interfaces RS485, 4…20 mA, 0…10 V Operational Temperature Range -40…120 °C

we make ideas come to life

RMIG is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal and its related products. We know our customers’ requirements for price and quality and meet their demands with uncompromising service. Not only do we offer standard and bespoke perforated metal sheets, we are able to offer you a range of secondary operations as detailed below. Complete solutions With a continued investment in the latest equipment and a network of professional partners we are able to produce prime quality products and solutions – from a simple perforated sheet to the fully formed and coated custom made part.

Cutting We can cut and shape perforated sheet to meet the needs of your final application. Levelling For some applications a high degree of flatness is required, we have processes in place to ensure our perforated coils and sheets meet with your most demanding requirements. Rolling and forming We can roll, bend and form perforated sheets to match your design. Aesthetic finishes and protective coating We can offer powder coating and hot dip galvanizing solutions to meet your specifications.

For more information please contact us tel: 01925 839610 | email: |


July 2021


Quality Engineered Steam and Hot Water Boiler Solutions CFB Boilers is a 125-year-old boiler company that offers a complete range of specialist steam products and services. From steam, electric, hot water boilers and ancillaries to fully bespoke plant room design and installation, these suppliers are the experts that hundreds of companies across dozens of industries turn to for quality engineered, high performance, reliable and efficient steam and hot water solutions. The reason these specialists are so sought after is not just because of their technical excellence and engineering expertise, but also for the emphasis they place on customer service and satisfaction. Manufacturing class-leading high-quality products has been the mainstay of CFB Boilers for generations.

They were the first and only steam boiler specialist to manufacture an energy-saving, superior four-pass steam boiler and design and patent an additional boiler to the range to accommodate smaller spaces and they also lead the market with their reverse osmosis unit. An innovative unit that delivers high performance at around half the cost of alternative products in that industry. Reverse osmosis units are not just used in the healthcare and food industry, they are used far more widely in different sectors, mainly the brewing industry due to the new demand for alcohol free beverages. As an independent company, they have complete control over their product range, ensuring the highest standards of equipment manufacturing. Their client list consists of, nuclear power stations, the NHS & private health care companies, high street supermarkets, global breweries, the national portrait gallery, military equipment suppliers, medical research facilities, and special effects film companies to the local dry cleaners. Each client has their own specific need for steam and CFB Boilers meets all their demands with ease. CFB Boilers pride themselves on a fast quotation response, quick order turnarounds and competitive pricing as standard.





The Cygnus 4+ General Purpose thickness gauge is a light, tough multi-mode thickness gauge. It features a sunlight readable LCD display with Live A-scan, intuitive menu and sequential data logging for easy reporting & analysis.



...plant maintenance, civil engineering, marine structures, ship inspections, oil and gas facilities, offshore platforms, wind farms, rail infrastructure, metals protected by thick/special coatings.


July 2021


With proper knowledge of encoder functionality and the ability to use them, it is possible to increase the company's productivity

- in other words, encoders save time and money and improve company results.


ritish Encoder Products Company’s new LCX Series draw wire units work with other encoders to accurately measure position and provide motion feedback in motion control applications. The LCX Series of Draw Wire solutions is manufactured for BEPC/EPC by our German technology partner and offers wire lengths from 1 to 42.5 meters in length. “The maintenance-free draw wires are particularly quick and easy to install,” says Dave Wilson, National Sales Manager for EPC. “Draw wires are used for motion feedback because of their reliability. Coupled with a BEPC encoder, the highly flexible steel wire of the LCX is an excellent choice for motion control in robotics, extrusion presses, textile machinery, control gate positioning, theatre stages, elevators, gantries, boom cranes, forklift booms, and motion control applications across all industries.” The LCX is available in 3 housing sizes:

For linear displacement applications that require absolute position data, combine a draw wire with an absolute encoder. With multiturn absolute feedback, your controller knows exactly what the cable position is, at all times and even in the absence of power. Our new Model A58SB easily connects to the LCX draw-wire and offers serial communications with all draw wire length. Apply this assembly in crane towers, overhead gantries, industrial sliding doors - anywhere you require precision position information without the need for re-homing. The Model A58SB Absolute Encoder offers a highperformance solution for your absolute feedback needs. It provides maintenance-free feedback thanks to its innovative battery-free and gear-free multi-turn technology. Its rugged magnetic technology and high IP rating make the Model A58SB an excellent choice, even in tough industrial environments. Available with two shaft sizes, 6 mm or 10 mm, and two mounting options, the Model A58SB is easily designed for a variety of applications.

• The LCX80 comes in an 80 mm casing and offers 1, 2, and 3-meter wire length options

Contact BECo today to get right encoder for your motion feedback application

• The LCX120 comes in a 120 mm casing and offers a 4 or 5-meter wire length option

Tel: (44) 01978 262100 Email:

• The LCX135 comes in a 135 mm casing and offers wire lengths from 6 m to 42.5 meters



July 2021

Series 35X


IS THE OPTION Pressure Ranges 0…0,3 to 0…1000 bar Accuracy ±0,05 %FS

Total Error Band ±0,1 %FS @ -10…80 °C Interfaces RS485, 4…20 mA, 0…10 V Operational Temperature Range -40…120 °C

Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to

Rotary Torque Transducers • 10mNm up to 13,000Nm • Analog & Digital Outputs • ±0.1% Accuracy

• Non-contact digital strain gauge torque measurement





Fluid Carrying


pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond. Vacuum to over 20,000psi. Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.


Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY | UK

+44(0)1663 735003



Tel: +44 (0)1869 238400 Web:


July 2021


SuperCORR A protects USB contacts on the ultimate charge / sync cable from Lifedge. SuperCORR A lubricant and protective coating widely used by the military, electronics and aerospace industries for critical applications is used to protect contacts on the Lifedge lightning connector to USB cable to offer the protection needed in extreme conditions. SuperCORR A deposits a dry protective film with excellent corrosion protection and lubricant properties plus the added advantage of a hydrophobic surface rejecting water that ensures the easiest and best connection for the very close spaced connectors.

SuperCORR A dry lubricant widely used for critical applications in military, electronics and avionics industries proved to offer the protection needed. SuperCORR A prevents or delays corrosion and possible failures.

Lifedge is the world’s first 100% waterproof, rugged Lightning to USB cable for charging and mobile connections whatever the weather or conditions. Developed for use in all outdoor activities including sailing, hiking, military, naval, surveying or other challenging uses. With an ultradurable outer coating that will never fray and double-moulded, super-tough plugs, charging, downloading and data transfer is improved even in the most extreme and difficult conditions.

Testing by a major electronics connector manufacturer recognized that SuperCORR A is a lubricant formulated with corrosion preventive compounds, and as is the case with all "lubricants" will be worn off over time. SuperCORR A was tested to see what the "life" of the lubricant was in a "rub test". The typical test is 20,000 cycles, i.e., unplug/plug in is one cycle. The test results demonstrated that after 20,000 cycles there were no failures. It was decided to take it one more step and run the same tests for 200,000 cycles. The results again showed no indications of galling or scoring on the USB connectors which looked and performed as good as new.

During the design of this new cable an extensive test programme, by Scanstrut, manufacturer of the Lifedge cable, was carried out to ensure the contacts were protected from corrosion in the salty and hostile environments in which the Lifedge connectors are used.

The extensive testing during the design of the Lifedge connectors validated the original tests and confirmed SuperCORR A will ensure the customer has the most reliable and easy to use connector, in often demanding circumstances.

SuperCORR A patented anticorrosion treatment for complete protection against the elements, whilst an integrated O-ring ensures IP66 waterproofing when charging with the Lifedge iPhone case. The cable is also compatible with protective cases from other leading manufacturers. Officially approved by Apple for use with iPhone, iPad and iPods SuperCORR A helps to bring new freedom and reliability with the Lifedge Ultimate Charge/ Sync Cable. SuperCORR A is available as an aerosol spray and in bulk containers for brush and dip coating. Please visit our website

for information about other uses and applications. For more advice, please telephone us on +44 (0) 20 8281 6370 or use our website contact form.

supplied and supported by

The robust Lightning and USB metal connectors are coated with 16|

July 2021


Read all about the latest advances in Imaging Cameras

Quantum Design launch a new Imaging magazine jam packed with application notes, articles and case studies from their partners plus a free to enter Competition ! Quantum Design UK and Ireland have recently launched their first bumper issue of their new Imaging Cameras magazine, drawing on case studies, articles and applications notes from leading manufacturers: • Specim • Raptor Photonics

• InfraTec • Cordin Scientific

Download your free copy of the magazine

With a foreword by their new Camera Sales Engineer, Luke Nicholls, other highlights of the magazine include:

QD-UKI are also really excited to be able to offer their readers ‘try before you buy’ on two great products: the InfraTec ImageIR and the Specim IQ.

• Advancing Geology with Hyperspectral Imaging

Read the magazine to learn more – check out pages 31 and 37.

• Avoiding Contamination in the Food Industry

Plus, there’s information on a newly launched Imaging Competition #HappyToBeBackInTheLabQD – a fun and easy Twitter photo competition

• Infrared Cameras for Temperature Scanning in the Fight Against Covid-19 • SWIR Cameras for Telecommunications Applications • Streak Cameras in Action (videos) • Avoiding Contamination in the Food Industry. • Thermography for Optimisation of Installed Wind Turbines • Scientific Cameras for Microscopy • Analysis of the Thermal Conductivity in Nano- and Mesostructured Polymer Systems • Remote sensing of Vegetation using SWIR cameras on a UAV • Aerial Thermography

And much, much more….


Send in your happiest photo of you back in the lab – with or without colleagues. Four great prizes are

QD-UKI will be running an Imaging Cameras Roadshow this Autumn and you can add your university or lab to the itinerary. Find out more on page 19 of the magazine. up for grabs – top prize a Thermal Imaging Camera (Seek Thermal CompactPro). Our panel of expert judges will adjudicate based on happy faces, funny captions and use of lab mascots. To enter, join our mailing list and post your happy lab photo on Twitter with the hashtag #HappyToBeBackInTheLabQD. Full details, how to enter and Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Visit for more information.









+44 (0) 1844 204420 Email us at

Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd, Unit 4, Ridgeway, Crendon Industrial Area, Long Crendon, Bucks, HP18 9BF

July 2021



or over 50 years Tony Laithwaite and the team at Laithwaites wines have been providing their valued customers access to the very best quality wine from around the world, having uniquely developed personal relationships with over 450 passionate growers and wine makers.

CKF ENABLE LAITHWAITES TO REACH 98% PRODUCTIVITY CKF have recently designed, installed and commissioned an extensive new case feed and palletising system for Laithwaites wine, an established, thriving ecommerce and retail business based in Gloucester. The new system enabled Laithwaites to handle a 50% increase in demand during 2020 and improve productivity from 65% to a phenomenal 98%.

An increase in customer demand for online purchasing meant the ageing plant at their Gloucester facility, which had served them well, was no longer fully supporting their needs. Towards the end of 2019 CKF were approached by the Laithwaites team to develop and deliver a new automated palletising solution to meet their current and projected future requirements. CKF are leaders in automated palletising and case handling with more than 30 years’ experience supporting different industries including Food & Beverage, Logistics, Pharmaceutical and Automotive. The engineering team at CKF gained a comprehensive understanding of Laithwaites operations through detailed analysis of the available product data and key review meetings with the Laithwaites ops team. CKF proposed a new fully automated layer palletising system with a multi-lane accumulation feed system mounted on a new mezzanine floor. Laithwaites wine distribution from the Gloucester facility is defined by online and retail sales, delivery routes, carriers, regions and time to consumer. This requires the filled cases of wine to be automatically sorted and placed onto the correct pallet to be shipped through the correct carrier. Laithwaites Gloucester facility is a high-bay warehouse with a large demand on floor area. The new CKF installed system maximises the use of the ground floor by moving the accumulation and handling of cases to a new high-level mezzanine. The new fully automated solution uses multiple lanes of low friction conveyors which accumulate full pallet loads of cases (weighing up to 25kg per case) prior to releasing them to two layer palletisers. The new CKF fully automated system was installed and commissioned in two phases through 2020 working closely with the Laithwaites team to eliminate any operational disruption. Providing a significant increase in productivity to 98%, the benefits of the new system configuration have also enabled Laithwaites Wine to handle a substantial increase in throughput, reduce excessive manual handling and relocate the remaining manual processes into the area below the mezzanine floor and away from busy trucking routes, providing increased safety for their employees.


July 2021


Error Free Retrieval of SMD Reels Rhode and Schwarz an electronics group working across 70+ countries needed to improve their setup processes for populating electronic assembly groups for Surface Mounted Devices (SMDs) with an average of 200 setup processes per hour.

The focus was on the availability of the SMD reels to ensure that the changeover went smoothly on populating lines with buffering times avoided during production. To ensure flexibility in the production process they installed automated vertical carousels that were able to ensure fast, simple, and error-free automatic storage and retrieval of the SMD reels for production. This allowed the company maximum flexibility in the production process, which is necessary for the wide range of products and changing batch sizes during production. The vertical carousels allow them to quickly react to changing market needs without any downtime. A total of twelve automated vertical carousels were installed to help organise SMD reel logistics and ensure the smooth set up and removal of the assembly groups during the production process. Two or three employees work on the units at the same time and put the SMD reels into storage i.e. retrieved and returned them after use. As an added benefit, the process was


completely paperless because of the pick-by-voice system. Each operator works at their own pace through individual items of an order. The total fill level of the automated vertical carousels is 90-95%, which is achieved by the flexible way that storage space is allocated depending on space availability.

storage space fill level at 90-95% storage density and permanent, realtime inventory they achieved their goal.

This high-density storage method made it possible to supply four production lines with 10,000 reels per day and populate around 441 million components per year. The automated carousels also connect their warehouse management system software to the company's inventory management of SMD reels in real time to maintain a permanent inventory without stopping production.

Based on the paternoster principle the Kardex Megamat RS is an automated vertical carousel that provides quick and precise access to stored goods and is especially suitable for frequently accessed goods, because it conveys the right carrier to the access opening via the shortest possible path. The design of the Megamat RS offers maximum storage space on a minimal footprint. This facilitates efficiently designed work processes and also significantly raises productivity.

The advantages were clear for Rhode and Schwarz with a simple, clearly structured picking process and their throughput increased by more than 50% with same number of employees. With 100% error-free retrieval of SMD reels for setup and removal process,

Read the case study or if you want to learn more about the MegaMat Vertical carousel go to our website or contact us locally at

Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






RELIABILITY Tel : +44 (0)151 356 2322 Website: Fax: +44 (0)151 356 2437 Email:

Monitoring the world

July 2021


KEEPING A COOL HEAD WITH DATA STORAGE Titan Enterprises’ reliable flow monitoring of refrigerant liquids using its 900 and 1000 series turbine flow sensor devices helps keep data storage cool. A leading manufacturer and supplier of precision cold liquid flow-measurement devices, Titan’s standard and OEM custom flowmeter designs meet the demands of specialist coolant flow applications, where reliable and effective cooling arrangements are vital to prevent critical equipment from overheating. Reliable flow monitoring of refrigerant liquids is a vital requirement for cooling equipment used in data centre facilities. Big data storage and electricity production centres need to mitigate against serious problems caused by over-heating, such as degradation of operational performance, damage to critical equipment and shutdowns. Refrigerants in cooling systems are widely used by big data centres and electricity production facilities to keep equipment running efficiently. Using steel reinforced polymer components, the low inertia turbines of Titan’s 900 and 1000 Series turbine flow sensors are ideal for measuring the low viscosities (0.3 to 0.4 centipoises) encountered with volatile refrigerant fluids measured in liquid form. Employing selected sensors, the pressure drop through the turbine flow meter has been designed to be low enough to prevent gas break-out and ensure reliable flow measurement. Both the 900 and 1000 series turbine flowmeters are designed to give high performance (+/- 0.1% repeatability) across 6 flow ranges from 0.05 to 15 litres per minute – and up to 30 litres per minute in the 1000 series. The competitive price and chemically resistant components make these the ideal choice for flow metering a wide range of liquid temperatures (-25°C to +125°C). To ensure the highest degree of inertness to flow metered liquids, the polymer components of the 900 and 1000 Series flow meters are moulded in an FDA approved grade of PVDF and mounted in a 316 stainless steel body. Enabling innovation in key sectors, Titan partners with OEM customers to develop bespoke cool liquid flow meters outside of our standard range of flow sensors.


Alongside the precision turbine that rotates freely on robust sapphire bearings, adaptations of fittings, seals and totally non-metallic options, Titan produces custom flow measurement solutions that work within customer-specific equipment and/or applications, meeting customer needs precisely. The combination of materials and technology ensures consistently highly reliable and precision flow meter devices. For further information on the 900 Series please click here and for the 1000 Series Refrigerant Flow Sensor please click here or or contact Titan Enterprises on +44 (0)1935 812790 or



DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND, LIFTEX - THE LEADING NETWORKING EXHIBITION DEDICATED TO THE LIFTING INDUSTRY - IS COMING TO THE MIDDLE EAST! The 2-day exhibition will be hosted by LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association), the global representative body for the lifting industry worldwide, under the patronage of Bahrain’s Ministry of Labor at the Gulf Hotel & Convention Centre, Bahrain on 27-28 September 2021.

If you work in the lifting and rigging industry or you want to learn about the latest solutions in the local marketplace, then you can’t afford to miss LiftEx 2021. Network with other like-minded professionals, gain advice on the latest regulations and best practice to save you time and money.

To find out how you can get involved as a Sponsor, Exhibitor or Visitor, please email or call on +44 20 3488 2865. Follow us @LiftEx2021 #LiftEx21 |

July 2021


90 Percent Reduction in Mounting Time All Schaeffler monorail guidance systems are now available with ADE steel cover strip The biggest advantage of our monorail guidance systems with ADE steel cover strip is that they enable enormous assembly time savings of up to 90 percent to be achieved during commissioning and maintenance work. This is why Schaeffler's linear recirculating ball or roller bearing and guideway assemblies now offer this innovative solution in all sizes. At a glance: Added value provided by Schaeffler guide rails with ADE cover strip • The ADE steel cover strip can be slotted into the guide rail’s groove even when the carriage is mounted. • A countersunk fixing screw allows the full length of the guide rail to be used. • ADE cover strips are available for single- and multi-piece rail systems.


f you use linear axes with standard mounting hole covers, you are certainly fully aware of how time-consuming installation work on monorail guidance systems can be. This is especially the case with multi-part systems, often many meters long, or with guide rails that are mounted overhead. Additionally, the carriages must often be dismantled first and then pushed back on again. Innovative sealing technology available for all Schaeffler monorail guidance systems With the introduction of the new ADE steel cover strip, Schaeffler offers a technologically leading solution for sealing the mounting holes of monorail guidance systems that has left all previously common options trailing behind. Therefore, this standard has now been rolled out further. Whereas it was previously only available for RUE 35, 45 and 55 linear recirculating roller bearing and guideway assemblies, the ADE steel cover strip can now be fitted on all Schaeffler monorail guidance systems. Schaeffler’s ADE steel cover strip is simply slotted into the guide rail’s integrated groove – without the need for any special tools and in just a tenth of the time.


• The innovative solution prevents damage to the guide carriage seals. • Our ADE cover strip is extremely robust and proves its worth even in adverse operating environments. • Good for operators, good for the environment: ADE cover strips are easily reusable. • Fast commissioning, fast maintenance: Mounting in just a tenth of the time. Conclusion Our monorail guidance systems with ADE steel cover strip offer distinct mounting benefits for our customers. All Schaeffler linear recirculating ball or roller bearing and guideway assemblies can now be equipped with them. For more information please contact us at To download our brochure please click here.

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies, Everlube products & Coating Services Protection & life extension of your critical components throughout any crisis!

COATING SERVICES: l Thermal Spray & HVOF Coatings l Dry film lubricants - MoS2, PTFE, Graphite, WS2 l Coatings for corrosion, chemical & environmental protection l Titanium anodising l Zinc rich coatings for corrosion protection l Impingment coating processes for ultra thin solid film lubricants l Nonstick/release coatings for low coefficients of friction l Primers for rubber and plastics for sound absorbing and dampening materials l High temperature resistant coatings l Rare earth magnet coatings l Coatings for EMI/RFI shielding provide highly conductive coatings and platings to control electromagnetic interference l Ultra thin conformal parylene coating to reduce friction and protect against contamination l Pre-treatments including Ti Anodising, Phosphate Conversion Coating and Chilled Iron Blasting, Aluminum Oxide Blasting and Vapour Degreasing

Coating Services and Everlube Products ®

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July 2021


Exporting to the EU? You may need an Authorised Representative If you export to the European Union, you may need to appoint an authorised representative (AR) to comply with a new Regulation that comes into force on 16 July. European Union (EU) Regulation 2019/1020 on market surveillance and compliance aims to improve the ‘policing’ of markets to ensure products comply with Regulations and Directives. 70 product Directives are covered, including: •

2006/42/EC Machinery Directive

2014/30/EU Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive

2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

2014/29/EU Simple Pressure Vessels Directive (SPVD)

2014/68/EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

94/9/EC ATEX Equipment

Other product Directives are as diverse as personal protective equipment (PPE), toys and recreational craft. Regulation 2019/1020 places new obligations on Member States and market authorities, and also has important implications for manufacturers exporting to the EU, which includes those in the UK. Specifically, R e g u l a t i o n 2019/1020 prohibits goods from being placed on the market unless there is an ‘economic operator’ established in the EU. Economic operators are responsible for ensuring conformity documentation is available, co-operating with market surveillance authorities and informing authorities if a product presents a risk.


Without an economic operator, goods being exported to the EU could be held at customs. Resolving this would be costly and time-consuming. Non-EU manufacturers are restricted to using an importer, AR or fulfilment service provider as the economic operator. For engineering products or those with complex compliance requirements, it is unlikely that many importers or fulfilment service providers would be competent or willing to take on the responsibilities. Furthermore, appointing an importer could entail sharing commercially sensitive intellectual property contained in technical files. Consequently, an AR is often the only viable option. An AR is a natural or legal person established within the EU who has a written mandate from a manufacturer to act on its behalf under the terms of Regulation 2019/1020. However, the AR needs to be competent to understand the conformity documentation and ensure it is suitable for purpose. The AR must also be ready to respond to enquiries from market surveillance authorities. Hold Tech Files Ltd is based in the Republic of Ireland and is therefore established in the EU as required by Regulation 2019/1020. The company’s specialists are familiar with regulatory compliance, enabling it to offer a cost-effective service whereby it acts as an AR for any applicable products. To find out more about appointing an authorised representative or to download a white paper about Regulation 2019/1020, visit or email

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Whether you are visiting or exhibiting, you can experience being part of the latest Super HD 3D exhibition at IndustryExpo. The show is open 24/7 and features the latest products from a range of the world’s leading brands. Book now to reserve your stand or find out about our exclusive offers for online product launches, seminars and conference packages. IndustryExpo, reaching a wider industry audience…

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July 2021



The automotive giant has revolutionised the fabrication of jigs, tools and fixtures across its Barcelona manufacturing line, reducing costs by 95% and lead times from one week to just one day. The car manufacturer could roll out the technology to create parts and prototypes at other sites after a successful introduction in Europe.

Nissan has printed 700 parts inhouse so far, with some costing as little as 3.45€ to manufacture.

It is one of the world’s first users of the BCN3D Smart Cabinet, which has been developed to protect and maintain 3D printing filaments within optimal conditions.

Having successfully integrated 3D printing into its production process in its Barcelona factory, automotive giant Nissan now has the proven capability to expand its use of the technology in the UK. The car manufacturer has been using 3D FFF (fused filament fabrication) technology from BCN3D – a world leading developer and manufacturer of integrated 3D desktop solutions – to create tools, jigs and fixtures for its manufacturing line in Spain and the time and cost savings have been so impressive that it could soon roll it out to more manufacturing sites. It has created 700 parts so far, with some costing as little as 3.45€ to manufacture. Previously Nissan outsourced all of its prototypes and jigs to mechanical suppliers who used traditional manufacturing methods, such as CNC and drilling. Although the quality of the finished product was good, the lead times were long and inflexible and the costs were high. Even simple tools could cost in the region of 400€ for machining. By printing some of these parts in-house with 3D printers, Nissan


has cut the time of designing, refining and producing parts from one week to just one day and slashed costs by 95%. Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is becoming more popular in the automotive sector, helping manufacturers to shorten development cycles and get vehicles into production quicker. 3D printing also helps to significantly reduce component production times without compromising on their quality. Nissan’s additive manufacturing laboratory is equipped with a farm of four BCN3D printers, which offer proven reliability and are capable of running 24/7 to meet Nissan’s intense production schedule. The printers incorporate an Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) system, which means that Nissan can print two identical components at the same time, thus crucially doubling productivity. Nissan is also using the recently launched BCN3D Smart Cabinet – a groundbreaking new solution that has been developed to preserve filament printability, extend its shelf life, reduce aesthetic defects and avoid costly reprints. Using CAD applications, including Autodesk Inventor and Siemens NX, the Nissan team has adapted its entire design process to integrate 3D printing and has found it to be easier than a mechanical one. Carlos Rellán Martínez, manager of maintenance & engineering facilities at Nissan Motor Ibérica Zona Franca, Barcelona, says: “The performance achieved in terms of reliability has been excellent. Our printer runs nearly 24 hours a day and every year we’re printing around 100 different jigs and tools for specific use in our processes. “Outsourcing tools to a mechanical supplier was 20 times more expensive than 3D printing the same parts, while the wait for tools went from a week down to one day. By introducing 3D printing, we have increased added

value and generated low costs, without high delivery times. We have paid off the investment in the printers very quickly.” The Nissan team has used BCN printers to produce a multitude of products, including a tool to fix a windshield centering gauge, a lower drill positioning tool and a jig to position and cure the model name on the vehicle. The fixing tool was made of TPU, cost 8€ and took a total of 14 hours to print, the positioning tool was made of ABS, took 15 hours to print and cost 21.50€ and the jig was created from ABS, took 12 hours to print and cost just 3.45€. Nissan is currently printing 3D materials in plastic and is trialing metal. It recently invited video cameras into its Barcelona factory for a rare glimpse of how Nissan is using 3D printing to manufacture final parts and prototypes on its assembly line for vehicles, including the Nissan Navara 4x4 pickup truck. Eric Pallarés, chief technical officer at BCN3D, adds: "The automotive industry is probably the best example of scaling up a complex product with the demands of meeting highest quality standards. It’s fascinating to see how the assembly process of a car - where many individual parts are put together in an assembly line - relies on FFF printed parts at virtually every stage. Having assembled thousands of cars, Nissan has found that using BCN3D 3D printing technology to make jigs and fixtures for complex assembly operations delivers consistently high quality components at a reduced time and lower cost". For more information, please visit


July 2021

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RMIG is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal and its related products. We know our customers’ requirements for price and quality and meet their demands with uncompromising service. Not only do we offer standard and bespoke perforated metal sheets, we are able to offer you a range of secondary operations as detailed below. Complete solutions With a continued investment in the latest equipment and a network of professional partners we are able to produce prime quality products and solutions – from a simple perforated sheet to the fully formed and coated custom made part.

Cutting We can cut and shape perforated sheet to meet the needs of your final application. Levelling For some applications a high degree of flatness is required, we have processes in place to ensure our perforated coils and sheets meet with your most demanding requirements. Rolling and forming We can roll, bend and form perforated sheets to match your design. Aesthetic finishes and protective coating We can offer powder coating and hot dip galvanizing solutions to meet your specifications.

For more information please contact us tel: 01925 839610 | email: |


July 2021


Pick & Place with Linear Motors Modular Robotics Linear Motors have greatly simplified fast precision linear motion and Linmot® has been the main pioneer of the tubular type of motor. This form is much simpler to implement and allow for the direct replacement of pneumatic cylinders without need additional encoders and switches.


inmot has taken this easy to use approach and has extended it by offering ready built Linear modules that can be used individually or linked together to form multi-axes systems. A common application is the manipulation of parts, products and components used in many industrial production processes. Products are collected from certain positions and deposited in others, sometimes because this product is being transferred between two cells that perform different jobs on the product, or to handle the product itself. Here is a simple example of using 2 linear guide modules simply bolted together to form a Pick and Place Robot (X, Z), with a Linmot MagSpring® added to the vertical (Z) to compensate for the moving mass. This reduces the power needed and automatically handles power loss. Most of the pick and place units demanded by the industry require high productivity (that they are fast) and quality (that they are reliable). These two parameters are now joined by flexibility (flexible manufacturing: adaptable to changes in the product to be handled), traceability (Industry 4.0: tracing, recording and making decisions based on process data) and amortisation (energy costs and maintenance). Direct drive linear motors are the most suitable way to achieve this and provide the feedback needed. A further attraction is that with Linmot, you can also add their range of new combined Linear/Rotary


motors to the mix. It is thus very easy to integrate linear and rotary motion into a Pick & Place application. Such a Pick and Place application is shown right. Three standard Linmot Linear motor modules are connected to form a high-speed (X,Y) gantry and a PR02 Linear/Rotary motor is attached to the bridging linear module, so that a Z and rotary motion is available for a capping or assembly operation. Both simple or more complex applications can be configured from the wide range of Linmot modules. Using high-quality materials with options of FDA approval, IP69 and stainless steel construction, most types of industrial environment can be catered for. A great advantage with LinMot products is that most of the main PLC networks are available on the drives such as EtherCAT, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink and many others. This allows flexibility of

control and information feedback to be integrated very easily into almost any control system. For more information, please contact Quin Systems, the UK LinMot distributor on 0118 977 1077 or Website:

In these challenging and volatile times, you need tough and reliable partners.

ATP Industrial SSDs: Engineered for Total Reliability Always available at Simms, the UK’s leading distributor of industrial-grade SSDs.



Advanced Power Loss Protection (PLP)

Industrial Operating Temperature





Firmware and/or hardware-based PLP to keep your data safe even in sudden power loss events.

SED SSDs use AES-256, the toughest encryption standard available, to protect your data.

Better sustained performance in extreme temperatures from −40°C to 85°C.

By request, our SSDs may be tailor-fitted for your specific application needs.

• Features may vary by product and project support. +44 (0)1622 852 800

July 2021


ATP NVMe/SATA SSDs Use Programmable Microcontrollers for Intelligent Power Loss Protection When power is terminated before a shutdown notification is completed, an “unsafe shutdown occurs,” preventing data in the temporary buffers from being safely flushed onto the nonvolatile NAND. This causes data to be corrupted or lost, and may render the storage device unusable. Examples of unsafe shutdowns include unexpected power outages, accidental removal of the SSD from the computer, unplugging the storage device while power is still on, or battery power loss. Such occurrences can potentially damage a storage device and corrupt data unless there is an effective power loss protection (PLP) mechanism.


are particularly vulnerable to power-loss events. Unlike HDDs, SSDs do not have mechanical parts, so every component is electronic. The internal data management of an SSD involves many operations that occur in the background, and every power failure can mean undue interruption of those operations, which could affect drive performance.

ATP Introduces MCU-based PLP in Latest NVMe/SATA SSDs ATP N600 Series M.2 2280 NVMe and A600 Series Serial ATA (SATA) SSDs feature a completely new design of the power loss protection (PLP) array, which utilizes a new power management IC (PMIC) and new firmwareprogrammable MCU (microcontroller unit). The new MCU design is integrated into ATP’s latest PLP technology, which allows the PLP array to perform intelligently in various temperatures, power glitches and charge states. In addition to the MCU-based PLP array, the M.2 2280 NVMe N600 Series modules combine the speed and performance of PCIe NVMe with the reliability and endurance features of 3D NAND flash, the high capacity of triple level flash (TLC), high-performance 8-channel controllers, and end-to-end data protection.


How MCUs Enhance the PLP Mechanism Here are the ways that MCUs enhance the PLP mechanism: •

The MCU intelligently monitors de-glitch power failure conditions and checks the health status of capacitors through the I2C interface.

Polymer tantalum capacitors provide sufficient sustaining power for data cache flushing if a surprise power-loss condition occurs.

The MCU can keep detecting power failure conditions; for example, for a 2.5” SSD, if input voltage drops down to less than 4.0V for several consecutive milliseconds (de-glitch), the MCU will notify the controller to start cache flushing and at the same time, the capacitors will be activated to provide the sustaining power for cache flushing.

ATP’s new PLP array with PMIC and firmwareprogrammable MCU


July 2021

Features and Benefits Enhanced Device Protection

Customization Options

Suppression of power-up inrush current according to customer request.

Input over-voltage protection to prevent damage to the SSD circuitry.

Fast Power On/Off Control •

Cuts the time required from poweroff to re-power on the SSD.

ECC Engine / RAID Support •

Precise Control of Reset Signal Generation and Power Up/Down Sequences

The new MCU-based design allows PLP capabilities to be tailor-fitted according to unique customer requirements, application-specific needs, or use cases.

Prevents potential issues in the power up/down of the SSD.

Error detection and correction with redundant backup algorithm to eliminate the possibility of uncorrectable errors.

Better Data Integrity •

Input power noise de-glitch to prevent incorrect cache flushing caused by false triggers such as noisy or unstable host input voltage.

Under-charge/over-charge protection for hold-up power capacitors.

End-to-End Data Path Protection •

Prevents unauthorized access to data while it is being transferred from one storage device to another.

The following table illustrates the advantages of SSDs with MCUbased control compared with SSDs that do not: SSDs without MCU

SSDs with MCU

PLP capacitors need to discharge/reset before power-on

Immediate power-on initiated regardless of residual voltage on PLP capacitors

If power-off state is extremely short: • PLP might discharge incompletely • Controller reset might fail • SSD might not be recognized and will not be able to reboot

If the power-off state is extremely short: • No need for the PLP to discharge completely • MCU resets the controller • SSD can be recognized and will reboot correctly

SSD power on-off with/without MCU

Conclusion The new MCU-based design combines hardware and firmware solutions that safeguard data as well as the storage device for higher levels of integrity and reliability. ATP SSD with MCU -based PLP include mSATA, 2.5” SSDs, M.2 2242/2280 and NVMe modules with both I-Temp and C-Temp support. ATP’s industrial memory and storage solutions undergo stringent testing and validation to meet the high-reliability, high-performance and high-endurance requirements of mission-critical applications to deliver the best total cost of ownership (TCO) value. For more information on ATP’s MCU-based industrial flash storage products, visit the ATP website or contact Simms International.


July 2021


JET PRESS is all set to work with EV Charging Point makers There are increasing numbers of electric vehicles on British roads, and this is great news for the environment. But can the supply of EV charging points keep up with the increasing demand? Ofgem, the government regulator for gas and electricity markets in the UK, recently conducted a survey. They found 36% of households that don’t intend to get an EV say they are put off by the lack of access to charging.


any more EV charging points are needed. They are currently being installed in motorway service stations, railway service stations and city centres. The government subsidises homeowners who install a charging point in their home and are looking to introduce legislation to make sure all new homes have parking spaces with charging points.

ENGINEERING BETTER CHARGING POINTS This shift in the automotive industry means there will be a huge demand for charging points - and better charging points. This is where JET PRESS believe they can play a role – working with Design Engineers and Production Engineers to improve the design, manufacture and maintenance of these essential items. JET PRESS stock over 20,000 standard parts. If they don’t have the engineered fastener or component a customer needs, they can source it from suppliers around the world. If they can’t source it, they can design, prototype and manufacture it. They can provide samples, CAD drawings, 3D printed protypes of new parts then go on to manufacture injection moulded plastic parts.

Sub-assemblies, where JET PRESS provide a series of parts pre-assembled, can help to cut manufacturing time and reduce overheads. Kitting, where JET PRESS supply all the parts and fasteners for a particular assembly, is also a good way to avoid errors and cut overheads. Again, JET PRESS can supply this service. Consignment stock allows customers to be invoiced on stock usage which is held at the customer’s premises. JET PRESS will deliver part orders as required and only invoice for the items delivered. There are many ways that the JET PRESS team can help their customers to design and develop new EV charging points in a cost-effective way.


BUILDING A BETTER BUSINESS With many customer relationships that stretch over decades, JET PRESS clearly knows how to provide what their customers need. For EV charging point manufacturers there are several ways JET PRESS believe they can help to improve production and cut overheads.


Of course, the drive behind increased EV usage is the need to cut emissions to reduce global warming. The move towards a Circular Economy is also led by the need to reduce emissions. Choosing the right parts and fasteners can help. For instance, when it comes to repairing and recycling products you can unscrew but can you unglue? So engineered fasteners are often the greenest choice. Even plastic and nylon parts can often be recycled. In fact, many of the nylon parts supplied by JET PRESS are already partly made from recycled materials. JET PRESS can supply details of the content of many items, this can help with the end of life handling of finished products.

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22/02/2021 July 2021



Multi-skilled high performers.... Kawasaki robots deliver high-performance, reliably and consistantly, for the widest range of manufacturing applications. From high-speed precision assembly to taking the strain of handling ultra heavy products, there are Kawasaki robots world-wide helping businesses achieve their maximum potential.

Contact us now to discover more about practical and affordable leasing terms on all new Kawasaki robots. +44 (0)1925 713000

Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd

> Corrosion resistant for up to 1000 hours in salt spray > Manufactured from a premium alloy with less than 0.1% copper content for corrosion resistance > IP tessng performed aaer impact tessng to verify the seal is maintained when the enclosure is treated roughly > Impact resistant up to 7 Joules > Reusable seals (Up to 200 compressions)


July 2021


COMPOSITE PIPE REPAIR EXTENDS PIPE LIFE BY 20 YEARS & CUTS COSTS FOR EDF The decision by power generation company EDF to repair, rather than replace, leaking pipework at its nuclear power plant in Bugey has proved hugely beneficial both practically and financially. Maintenance engineers used Henkel’s LOCTITE® Composite Pipe Repair System to restore the integrity of 170m of fresh water pipes, a process that was undertaken without the need to stop production and at a cost that was 35% less than the replacement value. The LOCTITE Composite Pipe Repair System is a sustainable solution that has already proven its cost-effectiveness across many industrial sectors including energy and petrochemical production, paper converting, water treatment and chemical processing. And in common with other users, it has enabled EDF to extend the service life of its damaged steel pipes by up to 20 years with a repair that is certified to the global quality standard, ISO 24817. Located around 75km from the Swiss border, the EDF plant occupies 100 hectares and currently houses four, pressurised water reactors. A network of pipes supplying raw water to the demineralisation station date from the plant’s original construction and, after 40 years of service, some sections required multiple and complex repairs. The renewal of the DN168 and DN508 sections would have required a complete by-pass system to be installed to ensure the continuity of the cooling process. So, engineers from EDF’s Valves and Boilers Department sought a repair solution that would not only avoid the high cost of pipe replacement but also the expense and time involved in installing the temporary by-pass. EDF chose the LOCTITE Composite Pipe Repair System because it is an all-in-one solution designed to repair damaged or corroded elements where high impact resistance and protection against corrosion and external attack are required. All system elements, from the effectiveness of the product and process to the way the system is applied and managed in the field, are covered by the certification process.


Central to the system is a resin-based composite material reinforced with fibres. It is similar to materials developed by Henkel under its LOCTITE brand that are successfully serving manufacturers of rotor blades for wind power generation or lightweight components for the automotive industry. Applied at ambient temperature, it is suitable for repairing punctures and other wall defects and, depending on the type of fault, the process can generally be carried out under pressure to eliminate downtime. As well as metal pipes, the system is also suitable for repairing conduits, tanks and components with complex geometries such as bends, tees, reducers and flanges.

The process Every repair is different but, typically, the first step in the process is to clean and sandblast the surface of the damaged area. As this treatment exposes the site to flash rust, the corrosion inhibitor LOCTITE SF 7515 is applied to provide immediate, temporary protection. As appropriate, the original outer pipe diameters are then restored by filling the cavities with LOCTITE EA 3478, a proven ferro-silicone filled epoxy compound that provides outstanding compression strength. This product was specifically developed for renewing surfaces subject to compression, thrust, impact and harsh environments. The pipe is then wrapped with highstrength, glass carbon-fibre tape,


July 2021

LOCTITE PC 5085, that has been impregnated with the temperatureresistant, two-part epoxy resin LOCTITE PC 7210; this product is designed for bonding steel substrates and exhibits exceptionally high adhesion. The final step is to seal the repaired section with the sprayable ceramic topcoat, LOCTITE PC 7255, a two-part epoxy that is also WRAS approved. The resultant composite repair effectively reinforces steel pipes for continued duty under high pressure and thermal cycling while increasing their resistance to internal and external attack. As part of the solution package Henkel provided EDF with calculations of the proposed repair designs. These differ from project to project depending on a range of parameters such as the forces acting on the pipeline, temperature, pressure and extent of damage. Specially developed software then determined how the repair should be executed. This too is covered by ISO 24817 certification so EDF could be certain of the safety and efficiency of the process. Huge potential Steel pipes and pipelines are extremely capital intensive, irrespective of whether they are used to transport gas, water, crude oil, waste water or any other medium. So, the lifetime of these transport systems is a critical factor for

any operator; it pays to extend their service life for as long as possible beyond their planned amortisation and depreciation period. The LOCTITE Composite Repair System brings together a series of products that have been field proven over many years. Their combined attributes create a method of pipe repair that is attracting a lot of attention across the processing,

petrochemical and power generation sectors because it can increase pipe lifetime by up to 20 years. This benefit in combination with the fact that the repair can be undertaken without stopping production, represents huge operational cost savings. For more information go



July 2021


Wolf Safety’s Markerlite LED indicators improve safety in potentially explosive atmospheres Safety conscious petrochemical engineers in Denmark fix them to their bikes, while others attach them to their protective workwear or helmets.


n darkness they can be seen from half a mile away, emitting a choice of white, amber or red beam. In flashing mode their lithium cells last for 65 hours. This remarkable, highly versatile product is the Wolf Safety Markerlite. It fully meets the ATEX directive and is IECeX certified for safe use in potentially explosive Zone 1 gas and Zone 21 dust atmospheres, as well as meeting the IP67 standard to combat dust and water ingress. In darkness or reduced visibility the Markerlite is ideal for use in hazardous areas, clearly indicating the location of individuals, vehicles, equipment or escape routes. Powered by two ‘coin’ primary cells the product’s ultra bright, fitted-for-


life LED light provides a choice of flashing mode with up to 65 hours’ output or static mode for up to 25 hours output, delivering an excellent, wide angle beam of 180 degree light visible from the front and sides. The Markerlite can be securely fixed and left in position for extended periods, continuously highlighting dangers and obstacles to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries. It’s easily mounted on a headband strap or fixed to a tube using the cable tie supplied. Small in size, less than 37mm diameter, it weighs just 23 grams with batteries fitted, make it ideal for wearing or carrying. Built for long life and total reliability, the Wolf Markerlite has robust single handed switching for operation and

function selection and is protected by a drop and impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure. “Our customers love Wolf Markerlites,” says Slavik Røjtburg, Sales and Marketing Director of Wolf’s partner in Denmark, Alf Jarl Thurøe. “They are small and weigh next to nothing but they’re also tough, very bright and the batteries seem to last for ever. They attach them to their workwear and equipment, as well as putting a few in their pockets to use when needed.” Wolf Safety’s Marketing Manager, Martyn Lee, adds: ‘Engineers and technicians working in hazardous, potentially explosive atmospheres know they can trust Wolf Safety products. They feel confident that they can switch them on without risk and leave them operating for long periods if required.” For technical details visit:

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22/02/2021 July 2021



Multi-skilled high performers.... Kawasaki robots deliver high-performance, reliably and consistantly, for the widest range of manufacturing applications. From high-speed precision assembly to taking the strain of handling ultra heavy products, there are Kawasaki robots world-wide helping businesses achieve their maximum potential.

Contact us now to discover more about practical and affordable leasing terms on all new Kawasaki robots. +44 (0)1925 713000

Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd


July 2021


Raptor OWL 640 T VIS-SWIR Camera The World’s First SWaP Optimised ½” / VGA InGaAs Sensor with VIS-SWIR Response The Owl 640 T is the latest variant of the Owl 640 family, being the world’s first SWaP optimised ½” / VGA InGaAs sensor with a 10µm x 10µm pixel pitch. The Owl 640 T offers a spectral response from 0.6µm to 1.7µm and has less than 50 electrons readout noise, with a high intra-scene dynamic range of 69dB that enables simultaneous capture of bright and dark portions of a scene. Available with a 12 bit Camera Link output, the Owl 640 T runs from 10 to 60Hz. The camera features an on-board Automated Gain Control (AGC) which enables the best contrast imaging from a dark to bright imaging scene, as well as an on-board intelligent 3 point Non Uniform Correction (NUC), providing the highest quality images. The Owl 640 T offers ½” optical design, taking advantage of a smaller and lighter lens. The camera is the ideal solution for the Mini UAV and Gimbal market and hand-held integrated systems.

FEATURES • ½” Sensor Format – Better for optical design, ideal for OEM integration into Electro-Optic systems. • 10μm x 10μm Pixel Pitch – Compatible with VIS-SWIR illuminators, markers & pointers • <50 Electrons Readout Noise – Enables a high VIS-SWIR detection limit • On-board Automated Gain Control (AGC) – Enables clear video in all light conditions • On-board Intelligent 3-point NUC – Enables highest quality photos The Owl 640T camera was recognized among the best in machine vision by the judges of the Vision Systems Design 2021 Innovators Awards program. The judging panel consisted of esteemed experts from system integrator and end-user companies. As with all Raptor cameras, the Owl 640 T is ultra-compact and rugged. The camera uses a Thermometric cooler to stabilise the sensor temperature with no fan being used. For more information please click here



July 2021

Quantum Controls’ Altivar Process Modular Hire Panels These new Hire Panels are completely weatherproof for outdoor use and suitable for indoor too, up to 500KW/880A rating at 400V. The new unique design allows for additional modules, each at 160KW rating. So your power requirements can be matched using the same panel design by simply adding the number of modules to obtain your required design power output. This panel is unique at this power rating as it is small enough (with the rain hood removed) to fit through a standard doorway! Enabling access to areas which would have previously been unreachable! This is the first design of its kind in the UK VSD rental market but also first for having an outdoor rated unit, up to 500KW and without the need for an additional enclosure or container to house it in. They come with our previous easy to install, cable and set up options and with a genuine 24/7/365 engineer support throughout the whole of the UK. This truly is a market leading design, with added features created by our in-house Control Panel manufacturers which no other hire VSD has:

Built in 3 phase line choke. • Each drive module has a 3-phase line choke built in for harmonic mitigation, this allows for operation on either the customers own mains supply or mains supply from a diesel generator source without the need for further harmonic filtering. Built in dv/dt filter. Each drive module has a dv/dt filter built in allowing up to 300m motor cables without any external components required, this allows for not only long cable runs but also offers further motor winding protection. Variable Gland Plate Options Hire panel available with either plain gland plate, brush or quick connects depending on your requirements: •

Quick Connect – suitable for indoor or outdoor use with appropriate cables, simple plug and play type connections to allow for ease and time saving connections. Brush – suitable for indoor use with

flexible single type cables Plain Aluminium – suitable for indoor or outdoor use with armoured or flexible single cables and appropriate glands. Aluminium to prevent induced circulating currents and associated heating of the gland plate with single core cables.

The different gland plates are all the same size so can be interchanged as required. They can also be mixed and matched as required so you could have quick connect for the mains and a plain gland plate for an armoured motor cable, as an example. We also have cable entries at the top, side and bottom of the panel for both mains and motor connections. The top ones would be for indoor use only as the rain hood needs to be removed to access these. Door mounted controls with lockable transparent cover All door mounted controls located behind a lockable transparent cover (except E-Stop). This gives added security when operating on site and allows for authorised only access to door controls. The cover allows for a water / weatherproof option whilst maintaining a clear view to the variable speed drive keypad for operating data. Recessed door mounted controls All door mounted equipment is recessed to reduce the overall depth of the panel and reduce the risk of damage during transport or whilst in situ on site. These Hire Panels are available now, get in touch at for your no obligation quote and receive a FREE 60 Minute Drive Guide.


July 2021


Complete System for Filling Cardboard Boxes with High-Level Hygiene Requirements Task mk were challenged to design and create a carton filling machine for different tube shapes in the cosmetics industry. This included interlinking of carton erectors, from filling to further packaging. The design had to account for a box filling machine for different tube formats with a capacity of 200 tubes per minute and 4 boxes per min. Counting of the specified tubes per box was done via vision cameras. Chaining of upstream filling stations and integration of the provided scale with NOK (Not OK) sorting of tubes was also required.

Solution The solution was a complete system with T-slots that are open on the inside for maximum flexibility and closed on the outside for a smooth and clean surface. Tubes and cartons are fed with mk belt conveyors. Index belt stations with timing belt conveyor have a swivelled bearing for lowering items to be weighed. A funnel is used for receiving the whole carton fill quantity in the event of a malfunction. During nominal operation, this would only be pneumatically closed to change cartons.


This comprehensive modular system meets hygiene requirements and was from a single source ensuring an optimum solution for the client.

ModuLeS and Much More

Packing machine with safety enclosure constructed from clean room profiles Load and unload removal transportation via belt conveyor, timing belt and gravity roller conveyers Transport and filling of cartons, weight measurement via integrated scales Accumulating run with separating function and cyclical operation mk Profile Systems Limited a company of the mk Technology Group Unit 11-12·Wolds Farm Business Park Kinoulton Lane·Kinoulton·Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ Phone +44 (0)1949 823751··

Robots, Cobots & Ultrasonic Machines Choosing The Right Solution “The growing interest in collaborative robots has opened up a wider discussion on the whole topic of robots and automation. Changes in the industrial landscape as a consequence of the pandemic, combined with renewed interest in re-shoring and shortening supply chains has opened up multiple new opportunities for the introduction of robotics and automation.”

This article from Telsonic UK’s Martin Frost looks at the options available to system integrators and manufacturers when considering how best to incorporate the company’s ultrasonic technology and offers guidance on whether using robots or cobots as an alternative to more traditional machine concepts really adds value to the process. Flexibility is the watch word in many manufacturing environments today as companies strive to offer an agile response to what is fast becoming a dynamic marketplace. For many, the words flexibility and robot are inextricably linked as the general perception is that the best way to achieve flexibility is through the use of robots. Whilst this is true in certain cases, cleverly designed bespoke machines can also offer a degree of flexibility. Another train of thought is to integrate robots or cobots as part of a bespoke solution to achieve the best of both worlds. Martin Frost comments: “There are certain criteria which will influence the decision on how best to use our ultrasonic technology. If cycle times are short and there are also multiple staking / weld points then a bespoke machine with multiple sonotrodes will provide the highest levels of throughput. It is also worth pointing out

that flexibility can be designed into this type of system by either manually or automatically re-positioning sonotrodes and changing part fixtures to allow the machine to handle multiple part variants.” The drive towards increasing personalisation in a growing number of products, especially automotive parts, and the resultant need for more flexibility, have been key factors in the decision by some manufacturers companies to introduce robot mounted ultrasonic technology for both welding and cutting processes. It is easy to see why these two technologies have become natural partners in certain applications. The dexterity of a 6 axis robot or collaborative variant combined with the compact nature of ultrasonic technology, and the ease with which it can be mounted to the robot arm, makes for a highly flexible system capable of processing 3D components. The use of coded part fixtures allows automatic robot programme selection for the range of part types to be processed by the system. The single sonotrode concept of a system such as this, although highly flexible, does have some limitations as explained by Martin Frost. “With just one weld executed at a time, cycle times per part will obviously be dictated by the number of welds required


on individual components. The high levels of flexibility offered by this type of solution has to be balanced with the throughput required, and this may mean that the system needs to run for longer periods to achieve the required output. Another consideration will be the type and size of robot proposed, with a specific focus on the payload capability of the intended robot.”

These compact and powerful 35 kHz units are often used in automotive applications and with the AC350 or AC450 weighing around 2-3kg, these variants are ideally suited to integration with a robot system. Higher force / power AC750, AC1200 and AC1900 20kHz based heavier actuator based systems are also available from Telsonic

Robot or Cobot? – How to Choose

Process heat management - Keeping things cool

The first consideration here is the way in which the system will operate. If human interaction is required as part of the process, then following a risk assessment, the collaborative robot option will probably be the most likely. If high speeds or higher payloads are required then the industrial robot will probably offer the most effective solution, albeit behind interlocked safety guarding or light-guards.

A major topic in robot ultrasonic welding and cutting is process heat management. Ambient air-cooled converters & chilled air-cooled tooling are mandatory in fast multi point welded part cycles. This is especially important for materials and parts that require high ultrasonic amplitude and repetitive immersion of the tool in the melt pool. These measures serve to control the ultrasonic converter temperature and prevent stringing of molten polymer as the tool leaves the welding point. The cooling must be efficient, preferably around and through the tool via cooling channels, and on full wavelength tools used on booster-less mounts, to control the heat conducting up towards the converter. To address these requirements Telsonic has developed a patent pending vortex booster. This is an integrated design that sits between the converter and the tool, pre-cooling compressed dry air which in turn assists the cooling process, keeping the tool cool, especially during the hold stage of the process.

Although traditional industrial robots and collaborative robots both offer 6 axes of movement, thought should be given to the way in which the ultrasonic technology is to be configured on the robot arm, the payload capacity of the robot or Cobot, whether the robot is to be used to provide the movement required to complete the weld or if the robot will be used to carry a fully integrated actuator system such as Telsonic’s AC350 or 450 variants, commonly used in automotive applications.

Martin Frost explains: “Using the robot to provide the movement required to compete the weld, although a weight saving concept, requires precision robot programming for speed and distance to take account of the melt rate of the material and achieve a consistent weld collapse profile on each weld. In addition, if the weld is to be achieved through force applied by the robot then consideration needs to be given to the capability of the robot to apply such force. When swaging, staking or spot welding, the amplitude of the ultrasonic system influences the force required. Initially there will be a higher force at the point of contact, this then naturally reduces as the material reaches melt point and begins to form a melt pool. However, if the rate of weld is fast enough, maintained through robot velocity, the force will be maintained.” A further option is to use one of Telsonic’s AC series of actuator based systems, which offer a wide range of force and power options. These can be easily mounted to the robot arm and in this scenario, the robot is used solely to position the actuator at the various weld points and the actuator uses fine pressure regulation to act as a pneumatic spring and complete the weld.

Martin Frost summarises: “We are delivering a diverse selection of solutions to our customers. Of course, where multiple welds need to be produced within the shortest cycle time, the optimum solution is still the bespoke machine with multiple sonotrodes. For applications on lower volume or complex components, taking the process to the part, or even taking the part to the process, using a robot or Cobot is definitely growing in popularity. We have also seen the combination of a bespoke system with multiple sonotrodes combined with a collaborative Cobot, which is used to weld the hard to reach areas. We are always happy to discuss options with customers to ensure that the optimum solution is found for their individual applications.” Telsonic UK offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonic modules and systems for a variety of , plastic welding, cutting, sealing, cut’n’seal, food cutting, metal welding, packaging, sieving, and cleaning applications within a wide range of industries.

July 2021


Demag extends the scope of its KBK light crane system • Increased capacity of up to 2,000 kg for single-girder cranes • Compact design for optimum use of available workspace • KBK Aluline’s stronger suspension greater distances between suspension points Material handling specialist, Demag, has added new components to its universal KBK crane construction kit, allowing users to create even more versatile lifting systems with higher load capacities, improved use of the available space and reduced installation work. The Demag KBK modular light crane system is a proven construction kit, designed to create bespoke solutions for lifting, moving and handling operations. KBK may be configured to meet the needs of specific working processes, the loads to be transported and the operational environment. The ergonomic system is suitable for standalone workstations, as well as integrated production and assembly lines with loads weighing from 80 kg to 3.2 t. Single-girder cranes for up to 2,000 kg New components include stronger suspensions and improved trolleys, which can be used for KBK singlegirder cranes with load capacities of up to 2,000 kg. Previously, such load capacities required double-girder cranes. The singlegirder, space saving design offers the benefits of lighter and more compact crane configurations, due to the new improved trolley which can hold greater loads, resulting in a single trolley configuration, whereas previously a double trolley arrangement would have been required. Reduced approach dimensions may be achieved with single-girder cranes from the KBK Aluline range, using the KBK A22 single-girder, which is


now available with a load capacity of 2,000 kg. Since the KBK light crane system allows several cranes to travel on the same crane runway, double crane trolleys will still be used to prevent collisions, but a more compact design can be implemented for the cross-travel unit: The single trolley configuration permits reduced hook dimensions and, therefore, improved use of the available space. Larger distances between suspensions – greater flexibility Another new feature in the KBK Aluline range is a suspension with a higher load capacity of up to 2,400 kg for the largest A22 crane runway rail section, allowing distances between suspensions to be increased from 1.84 m up to 3.57 m. This facilitates greater system design flexibility, less installation work and a significant

reduction in componentry and assembly costs. Double-girder KBK cranes with a raised bridge and an internal conductor line for electrically powered long-travel motions may be specified for applications with limited headroom and a larger lifting path. This raised crane bridge design with a maximum useful hook path is also available for the KBK Aluline system Simple installation of travel path limits A further new feature allows a travel path limit to be installed in any position, allowing operators to limit the travel motions quickly and easily. If required, this enables the crane and trolley travel motions to be limited for safer operation of the lifting system.

July 2021


Farmers’ Rice Cooperative turn to AutoCoding Systems to improve their coding and labelling processes Exclusive manufacturer of California rice products, Farmers’ Rice Cooperative (FRC), produce on average 750,000 packs of rice per month in 26 different variations, 51 different packaging options and 43 different size options. It’s not surprising, therefore, that the potential to make mistakes with regard to date coding, labelling and packaging is high. With so many different variants come a multitude of different date formats and labelling requirements. Add to this a legal obligation to add special markings and/ or foreign language markings to products, Farmers’ Rice Cooperative was faced with a challenge to mitigate risks of coding and labelling errors by streamlining processes, removing human intervention as much as possible. Farmers’ Rice Cooperative set out to find a supplier to assist them in automating their coding and labelling processes. They were looking for a solution that would comply with their operational goals and suit their needs. They specifically didn’t want to be bound to one brand of hardware, and they needed to find a partner that would be willing to work on unique customisations as well as a solution that would integrate into their ERP. AutoCoding Systems’ coding and packaging verification solution ticked all the boxes. Brad Lint, of Farmers’ Rice Cooperative said, “We found AutoCoding Systems’ product to be exactly what we were looking for; it met all our operational requirements and gave us flexibility on our hardware choices. Ultimately, however, our final decision was based on the people; their knowledge, service and willingness to understand our issues and work with us to solve these issues made AutoCoding Systems our preferred supplier.” Obviously, other competitive solutions were considered but these were proprietary solutions, working with a single brand of printer and, therefore, didn’t offer Farmers’ Rice Cooperative the flexibility they needed. Since implementation of the AutoCoding solution, Farmers’ Rice Cooperative has seen a significant improvement with coding accuracy. Previously, Supervisors or Maintenance Staff were required to set-up the printing equipment, but now line operators are self-sufficient. They have been trained to use the AutoCoding system which automatically sets-up and controls the printers, leaving Supervisors and Maintenance staff to continue with other tasks. Additionally, due to the integration of AutoCoding into their ERP System, QA personnel can more easily confirm the accuracy of the markings during the compliance inspection process. When asked if they were happy with the service received from AutoCoding Systems, Brad Lint commented, “Absolutely – without question! The AutoCoding team was very knowledgeable and attentive to our requirements. We have been so impressed with both the service and software, we intend to roll the solution out across our other lines.”



July 2021

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Safety Guarding •

Complies with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Clamping profiles allow different materials to be installed

Minimal effort required in construction

Smooth easy to clean outer surfaces

Comprehensive range of accessories

Quick assembly time

Profile Technology Linear Technology

Connecting Technology

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Tel: 0208 339 7370

Modular Technology

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Experts in metal & plastic engineered fasteners • Extensive stocks available for rapid delivery! • Vast range of proven solutions to choose from • First class technical support & customer service • Bespoke design, development & manufacturing

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The evolution of the Energy Chain - EVOCHAIN® Murrplastik has developed a new energy chain series that is low noise and extremely stable. In these 5 short videos, Murrplastik explains the features that made EVOCHAIN winner of the German Innovation Award 2020


EVOLOCK®: Time-saving crossbar lock system

EVOLOCK®: Time-saving crossbar lock system


July 2021

Murrplastik is represented in the UK by Murrelektronik. We have a specialist Technical Team for all your Cable Drag Chain enquiries. We can help with identifying the most suitable chain for your application based on your individual requirements. We can supply cable layout drawings, 3D CAD files, the chain can be supplied fully assembled along with a single assembly number to make ordering quick and simple. We can also help identify existing Murrplastik chains if replacement links or components are required. Contact Tel: 0161 728 3133

EVOSHOX®: Damping shoe (external damper)

EVORACK®: Shelf support system hinged on both sides

EVOCONTROL®: Gliding shoe with wear control system


July 2021


T&M Continues Industrial Bulk Water Supply Horsham-based T&M Bowser Solutions (T&M) is utilising its 10,000-litre and 30,000-litre capacity trucks for bulk water supply to the railway, highway, and construction sectors. The manufacturer of custom-built bowsers (tankers) draws water from the mains, using licensed pipes, before transferring it to site-based tanks or directly into machines for multiple end use requirements. Where railway projects might use water principally for embankment and stabilisation projects, other sites have more varied needs. Terry Beasley, managing director at T&M, said: “Unlike dust suppression, which is generally isolated to the summer season, the wider requirement for water is year-round. The other difference is, while dust poses a health risk, other demand for water is really associated with a specific application and / or use of plant and equipment that we feed.” The volume consumed by waterbased works is demonstrated by hydro-demolition, which is a method of removing concrete with high-pressure application of water. It can be used to remove deteriorated concrete and can also be used in advance of new coating applications. Beasley estimates that a single hydro-demolition machine might get through between 10,000 and 40,000 litres in a single shift, depending on its size and capacity. Hydro-seeding, meanwhile, is a planting technique involving a slurry of seed and mulch. It is often used as an erosion control technique on construction sites, as an alternative to sowing dry seed, which might not take as easily or be disturbed by the elements. Beasley said that T&M feeds water into a mixing machine before the contents is spread by truck- or trailer-mounted plant. Water is also used in a mixing application at batching plants, often called concrete plants, where the various ingredients required are stored offsite to limit the costs associated with buying it in already mixed as it is required. Water is also integral to sub base


compaction; when laying a base for an area of paving for foot traffic, contractors must first lay the sub base. Soak-away testing is another ground- or soil-based application, as large sites need to prove soil permutation. “That’s without talking about welfare units or wheel washes,” said Beasley. “Welfare units, or towable / mobile canteens and toilets, require a constant supply of fresh water, especially on busy sites where footfall and usage is high.

Wheel-washing is a more important requirement in some places than others. If many large, heavy-duty trucks are working off-road in inclement weather, water consumption will be higher than a few lower-duty vehicles on a dry site. In every instance, we need to provide the appropriate level of water—not too much, or too little. And always on time.” He added: “Our vehicles are versatile so they can be driven to site and then drive off-road to complete their work.”

The new Interroll Split-Tray Sorter Fast, flexible sortation for everyone Interroll introduces the new Split-Tray Sorter: the perfect solution for small and mid-sized items. Efficiency and low maintenance make this new sorter attractive for those looking for lower operating costs and quicker return on investment. It is an ideal solution for the 3PL , E-Commerce, Fashion and CEP industries. Easy to install and reliable with its proven mechanical components & integrated control solution Lightweight and energy-efficient - with a single motor every 40 meters Compact but dense footprint with plenty of destinations Extremely quiet with only <70 dB(A) noise levels

Interroll Limited Unit 1a Orion Way Kettering, Northants NN15 6NL Tel. +44 / 15 36 31 27 70 Email:

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TEMPERATURE VS EQUIPMENT – WHO WILL WIN? Karl Lycett – Rittal UK’s Product Manager for Climate Control

Every year, there is a battle of two forces. The immovable object comes upon the unstoppable force in a war of attrition. The rising temperature vs your Electrical Equipment… Who will win?

Check the heat of your enclosures - source Rittal GmbH & Co. KG.

Are you COOL about the internal temperature of your enclosures? 58|





July 2021


ell, the answer to that one is easy I’m afraid, Temperature will always win out in the long run. PLC’s, Drives and Transformers are built to work under stressful conditions, but they have their limits. If you take a step back and analyse your install, you can really cut them some slack and reap the benefits for years to come with just some simple changes in many instances. Why is temperature so bad for equipment? It actually affects it in multiple ways –

Performance Dependant on the temperature inside your enclosure, this can make a drastic difference to the performance of your equipment. If you check the manual of any PLC or Drive etc.. there should be a chart which shows you the rated output compared to the current operating temperature. The trend tends to go like this, as the temperature rises, the maximum output of the gear in question reduces, and very quickly it drops off a cliff. This means that even if you install brand new equipment into your enclosure, it could actually never be able to achieve it maximum designed output because of the environment you are putting it into. This means is you have specific performance goals you require; you would have to over spec your equipment, which results in higher costs and wasted budget!

There may be instances where your equipment toughs it out for a few extra years, coughing and struggling in the heat, but what happens on the day it finally snaps? It’s the middle of summer and your production is in full flow to meet demand and suddenly everything grinds to a halt! Suddenly, the costs are piling up and everyone is scrambling to find the issue before they can even begin to consider fixing it. The production meeting the next day is going to be an awkward one… So, I’ve painted that happy picture of a time bomb ready to go off at any instant, what can I do to prevent this I hear you ask? That’s simple, this is where Rittal can help you, we are the world leaders in enclosure climate control products and pride ourselves on being your trusted advisor. With our RiAssure service, one of our trained staff can visit you and provide a FREE Cooling Review. This review is a short visual inspection of your existing enclosures and cooling equipment; from this we can ascertain the next best step for your equipment and also provide ongoing, best practice, suggestions so that your operations benefit from increased longevity, life and profit.


Don’t put it out of your mind, thinking it will be ok and leaving it until it’s too late. Deal with this head on and you can rest easy during the summer knowing your equipment is happy and working to its full potential and you can put your focus on other important tasks.

There is also a strong correlation between the lifespan of an electrical component compared to its living conditions. As you’ve probably guessed, as the temperature rises, the lifetime reduces.

For more information on the entire Rittal range visit you can also check out our linkedin page @rittal-ltd-uk or call our customer service team on 01709 704000 or E-Mail

We’re offering users of Rittal enclosure cooling equipment the opportunity to receive a FREE inspection survey*

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SICK’s Miniature Safety Inductive is a Snug Fit SICK has launched the IQB2S family of inductive safety switches to provide designers and operators with a unique, cuboid-shaped non-contact device - as small as a matchbox - that can be fitted easily into the smallest machine spaces. The SICK IQB2S inductive safety switch uses non-contact activation by metallic machine parts to achieve reliable, safe position, presence and area monitoring in common production and logistics safety applications.

enables direct connection to safe control systems including SICK Flexi Soft and the SICK Flexi Loop cablesaving connection system, allowing for applications up to PLd /SIL2 (BS EN ISO 13849).

The SICK IQB2S is therefore ideal for many applications including, for example, checking the safe position of the axes of rotating tables to ensure safe conveying of the goods, or for the safe presence monitoring of a load on an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV).

Says Dr Martin Kidman, safety specialist at SICK UK: “By using the inductive sensing principle to detect metal parts, the SICK IQB2S offers an opportunity to provide safe proximity or position sensing to a high safety rating where space is tight in either new or existing machines. The non-contact principle also means the sensors are not subject to wear and need little maintenance over a long service life, ensuring high reliability and machine availability, even in environments subject to high levels of dust or moisture.”

SICK has developed the IQB2S to measure just 12mm x 26mm x 40mm, with a sensing range of 4mm. Easy to align, it can be screwed directly into place, and does not need a separate actuator. With twin self-monitoring OSSD outputs, the SICK IQB 2S


Setting up the SICK IQB 2S is quick and straightforward. Its precise switching point means there is no blind zone, allowing for rapid alignment and adjustment. The on-board 270° LED enables operators to monitor the sensor status and a display of diagnostic messages minimises unforeseen machine stoppages. With a IP67-rated enclosure, and a wide temperature range from -25°C to 70°C, the SICK IQB2S ensures high machine availability in the toughest of industrial conditions. For more information on the SICK range of products, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email

Weidmiiller More productivity in your workplace with our THM MultiMark printer Let’s Connect

MultiMark: the smart all-in-one solution In Weidmüller, you have a trusted and reliable partner with years of experience in cable preparation, processing and systemised marking. Our THM thermal transfer printer integrates cutting and perforation tasks into the printing process; it can divide endless materials into arbitrary lengths. The result is a noticeably simpler production of custom cuts with a respective inscription assignment. Using the Mulitmark printer, you reduce the potential sources of error with complete data consistency. You will streamline timeconsuming work processes and increase your productivity.

£995 RRP*

Order 1 THM MultiMark Printer (2599430000) for £995 and you will receive £1400 worth of list price marking materials FREE!

Click here to order your THM MultiMark printer! Weidmüller UK Klippon House, Centurion Court Office Park Meridian Business Park, Leicester, LE19 1TP Tel: +44 1162 823470 Fax:+44 1162 893582

* This action is limited to 1 printer per customer and valid until 30th September 2021 Terms and Conditions apply

July 2021


Space Drive: Steer-by-wire revolutionises DTM • • •

Audi, BMW, Mercedes-AMG: Steer-by-wire technology Space Drive installed in three DTM race cars Matthias Zink: “Using the technology under extreme conditions proves its maturity and brings the development a step closer to large-scale production.” Steering without a steering column: Space Drive is a key technology for autonomous driving

The DTM 2021 season opener will be in Monza, Italy. Leading automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler is the official “Series and Innovation Partner” to the racing series and will bring the steer-by-wire technology, Space Drive, to the starting grid in three DTM cars from different German car makers: in the Audi R8 LMS GT3 driven by Schaeffler brand ambassador Sophia Flörsch, in Gary Paffett’s Mercedes-AMG and in Timo Glock’s BMW M6 GT3. In Space Drive technology there is no mechanical steering column and the steering commands are transmitted purely digitally via cable. “As a series partner to the DTM, Schaeffler is demonstrating innovative strength and pioneering spirit,” says Matthias Zink, CEO Automotive Technologies at Schaeffler. “Using the technology under extreme conditions proves its maturity and brings the development a step closer to large-scale production. Space Drive is a thoroughly tried and tested key technology for autonomous driving with more than a billion kilometres driven on public roads.” Roland Arnold, CEO of Schaeffler Paravan Technologie GmbH & Co. KG, says: “Motorsport has always been seen as a development accelerator. In this environment, the Space Drive system is subjected to extreme stresses, making it an ideal test environment for generating important functionalities for the ongoing development of Space Drive 3 for large-scale production.” Preferred technology partner for chassis systems Autonomous driving is an important component of Schaeffler’s Roadmap 2025. In its “Vision Chassis 2035” the company has developed a basic scenario for the level of automation of cars and light commercial vehicles.


Accordingly, Schaeffler predicts that by 2035, around 30 per cent of all new cars and light commercial vehicles produced worldwide will be at least partially automated, while half of them will offer the capability for highly automated driving. “The increasing automation of driving functions on the road to autonomous vehicles also imposes more rigorous requirements on chassis applications in respect of reliability and safety,” says Viktor Molnar, President Chassis Systems business division at Schaeffler. “We are continuing to ramp up our activities at component and system level and are well on track to becoming a preferred technology partner for intelligent drive and chassis solutions.” Two partnerships for the first time As well as the use of Space Drive, Schaeffler is celebrating another premiere. This season, the automotive

and industrial supplier will be partnering with two teams for the first time: Marco Wittmann will be driving for Walkenhorst Motorsport and Sophia Flörsch for Abt Sportsline. At the same time, Schaeffler is also actively promoting technological developments for the future of the DTM and is in the process of developing the electric drive system for its electrification, which is set to become a reality in 2023 with the DTM Electric, where Space Drive technology will also be used. The DTM’s programme of supporting events for 2021 will include appearances by the highly innovative DTM Electric demonstrator car. You can find a press photo of Matthias Zink here: executive-board


July 2021

Fluid Carrying



Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond.

Resurfacing of badly worn floors and new build installations

Vacuum to over 20,000psi.

Impact, abrasion and point load resistance

Stock and bespoke production.

Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant & suitable for heavy traffic plus high bay category one and two

Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

Fast installation for minimum downtime Integrate corporate colour schemes, colour matching and corporate logos into the same hardwearing and durable flooring For a complete Nationwide service from FREE survey and recommendations, to preparation and installation with single source, uncomplicated warranties…

Call 01952

740400 or visit us online.

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Accredited Contractor

Petrochemical Products

Fluid transfer products for upstream, downstream and refining • Hoses and hose assemblies • Hose & pipe fittings • No-spill couplings • Safety breakaway fittings • Blow-Out prevention couplings • Global inventory and locations • Sales and technical support • In-house engineering & design • Pressure Equipment Directive • ISO 9001 accredited

• Hydraulic Fracturing: Low Pressure Systems • Loading arms • Liquid level sensing • Zero emission valves

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July 2021


New PULS 20A DIN-Rail power supply features integrated LED display Provides reliable and inexpensive integrated system condition monitoring PULS Power, the specialist manufacturer of high reliability DIN-Rail power supplies, announces the availability of their latest addition to the CP20 series of high efficiency and compact 24V, 20A 1-phase DIN-Rail power supplies. The new CP20.248 extends PULS’s portfolio by adding a power supply with an integrated display. The LED display means a reliable and inexpensive condition monitoring feature can be integrated into almost any system allowing users to benefit immediately from faster fault diagnosis and increased system availability. The display shows important status information about the power supply for commissioning and maintenance and can display real-time information and recorded data. The real-time data supplied by the CP20.248 includes the input and output voltage, output current, operating hours and temperature inside the device. The recorded data gives users insight into the number of transients on the input side as well as minimum and maximum voltage and temperature values fand more. This information can help the system engineer optimise an entire application in terms of reliability and to identify the


cause of faults or errors more efficiently. The display and data storage have an independent power source ensuring that all the information is still available, even if the power supply fails. For remote status monitoring two relay contacts for DC-OK and alarm signals are provided. Two additional inputs allow the power supply to be put into an energy-saving standby mode using the remote ON / OFF function and automatic load sharing in parallel operation for greater power output can be realised. Parallel operation ensures an optimised temperature balance between the connected power supplies, prolonging the service life of the devices. All CP20 versions share the same compact housing with dimensions of 48x124x127mm (WxHxD) which includes the space required for the integrated display. This is made possible by a very high efficiency of 95.6%. As a result of the low power losses, less heat is generated in the housing and the clearance and creepage distances can be reduced. The PULS CP20has an operating temperature range from -25°C to +70°C,

50% extra output power for up to 5s, has fully international safety agency approvals and a 3-year warranty. Applications for the PULS CP20 include industrial systems and machine building, SMART buildings and factories, Industry 4.0, security and CCTV, instrumentation and measuring systems. Marco van der Linden, UK Country Manager for PULS Power, comments, ”The display on our new CP20 20A DIN-Rail power supply provides panel builders, system designers and integrators with a unique system monitoring tool without having to find extra space to add additional measuring or monitoring equipment to a system. Secure power for the data store ensures all measurements are available in the event of a system failure. A further model in the series, a 24V, 10A version will also be available soon.” For more information on the PULS UB40.241 DIN-Rail power supply with system monitoring display click cp20-248.html call +44 1525 841001, email or visit

July 2021


– A Permanent Flexible Solution


he warehousing and distribution industry is an ever-changing monster. We hear it countless times from customers new and old, the stories of system specifications that are impossible to tie down or requirements that never seem to stop shifting. This has led to a lot of wasted resource in the industry, but also a tremendous wave of growth and improvements that are paving the way for its success - long into the future. At FMH, we have spent the last 25 years aiming to stay on top of this wave. The constantly fluctuating requirements of vehicle loading and unloading could never be solved with a fixed piece of equipment. In general, by the time a company has signed off the installation of their new generic conveyor equipment, its already too small, cannot adapt to new requirements or it is in the way of another expanding area of the warehouse. In other words, the system is too rigid - too permanent for today’s environment. At FMH we solved this issue years ago, we became ‘flexible’. We have an array of flexible material handling solutions in our catalogue, none more famous than our BestFlex and PowerFlex models. Renowned throughout the world, these conveyors solve the



issues discussed above, in a very flexible way. Simply extend and curve your conveyor into whatever form you need it to take. What if you need something like a sortation system or full conveyor application though? Our solution, BestConnect. The BestConnect platform is based around the principle that it does not matter how definite you are of your conveyor systems requirements, it will change. Our BestConnect modules offer infinite options to arrange and rearrange sortation lines depending on the needs of our growing customers. It is this architecture that makes BestConnect as appealing as it is for today’s industry - everything is modularised. The system is designed to provide rapid assembly of conveyor solutions for a changing workplace. Any style of system can be easily configured and re-configured as required. With a simple 230v power supply and our renowned ‘lift and latch’ connections, the engineering input is minimal. Simple wheel your desired modules into place, plug them in and start your operation. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our globally interacting Sales Team. FMH would be delighted to help improve and resolve your material handing requirements.


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July 2021


3D Printing & Digital Inventory — Accelerating Satellite Manufacturing For manufacturing companies looking to revolutionise their responsiveness to customer spare parts demand, 3D printing opens up compelling opportunities. 3DPRINTUK is promoting its ability to act as a satellite manufacturing facility for any overseas manufacturers to service UK spare part demand by curating their digital inventory. The advantages of 3D printing — promoting design freedom, attainment of hitherto impossible geometric complexity, no tooling (saving time and money), speedy and cost-effective production, and mass customisation — are now well-known and accepted throughout industry. However, the impact that 3D printing can have on inventory is less well rehearsed, as are the ways that manufacturers can use digital inventory to enhance their responsiveness to customer demands wherever in the world their customers are. The key is that 3D printing means that parts can be made on demand and delivered to customers in any geography from anywhere in the world. In general terms, spare parts management benefits from the agility, cost-effectiveness, and increasingly material agnostic nature of 3D printing, and also the fact that the technology is cost-effective for producing single items or low volume runs. The same cannot be said of traditional manufacturing processes, where production runs are only cost-effective in high volumes. Generally speaking companies do not like to hold large volumes of stock. 3D printing of spare parts can cut costs, increase the functionality of parts, add a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness in service, and reduce risks. It also means that spare parts can be printed on demand, slashing the costs associated with having to hold high stocks levels of all spare parts, and also reducing the reliance on supply chains (often international supply chains) meaning spare parts can be printed locally in the numbers required. Nick Allen, Managing Director at 3DPRINTUK says, “At 3DPRINTUK, we hold digital files — effectively digital inventory — on behalf of customers,


and our customers also hold digital inventories stored in-house on local computers or in the cloud. This means that these customers can drastically reduce stock levels, and can activate the production of any spare parts in any volume required at the click of a mouse. This is true just-in-time manufacturing and is possible using 3D printing, as production is direct from design files and does not require timeconsuming and costly production of tools. As such, at 3DPRINTUK we are a critical part of a truly digital workflow, completely revolutionising the ways that manufacturers view the need for warehousing and associated logistical costs, and taking an enormous strain off the balance sheet." Another advantage is that 3D printing from a digital inventory can localise production. Multi-national companies with production facilities in various geographies can print the spare parts needed as close to the customer as possible, therefore reducing the time and cost associated with international and often long-haul shipping. With this in mind, expert 3D printing service suppliers such as 3DPUK act as satellite production facilities for international manufacturers with customers they want to service in the United Kingdom.

Allen continues, “Consider a manufacturer based in the United States, with sales offices and customers across the world, but only one large manufacturing facility in New Jersey. Before the digital workflow possibilities that exist via 3D printing, this company would either have to hold large stocks of spare parts in costly and extensive warehouse facilities, and take on the expense of shipping them all over the world, or would just not provide a spare parts service which would have a significant impact on customer retention. Today, that company can hold an array of spare part design files in the cloud, make amends to them over time to enhance their look, feel, or effectiveness, have them printedon-demand by 3DPRINTUK for all UK customers (and by equivalent 3DP service suppliers in other countries), and they can be delivered in the hands of a customer in as little as 3 working days.” 3DPRINTUK welcomes the opportunity to discuss how it can help to streamline the approach of manufacturers to inventory, and at the same time enhance their agility and responsiveness to customer demand.


Precise process monitoring

Hygienic pressure transmitter with IO-Link Interface





years if m pr od


Whether food or beverage industry, milk production or meat processing: The ifm pressure transmitter, PM, reliably monitors your process, with a high accuracy of 0.2 percent! The excellent temperature compensation allows for rapid temperature changes in the process, eg. In CIP / SIP up to 150° C. This makes the pressure transmitter ideal for demanding applications in the food industry. A free factory calibration certificate for each sensor is available as a download. Interested? ifm - close to you!

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July 2021


Versatile remote monitoring for cathodic protection systems PowerView iREF8 allows businesses to add remote monitoring to existing CP systems

Remote monitoring specialist Omniflex has released the iREF8 cathodic protection (CP) monitoring module to its PowerView cathodic protection range, also providing a convenient and cost-effective way of adding remote monitoring capabilities to existing CP systems without the need for a complete overhaul. The iREF8 has eight isolated inputs and can monitor reference half-cells and other inputs like transformer/ rectifier (T/R) voltages and currents. Unlike previous systems, the iREF8 also provides the ability to read all reference electrodes in a CP system simultaneously. Previously, CP systems cycled through the references taking readings sequentially. In an Instant Off test, this could require the system to be turned on and off multiple times while each reading was taken. Eventually, this can impact the polarisation of the structure being protected while the test is in progress. “The new iREF8 module is a completely new design, allowing all the references in a PowerView CP system to be read at the same time,” explained David Celine, managing director of Omniflex. “This means that, regardless of the size, the PowerView CP system only needs to


be cycled on and off once to read all the references in an Instant Off test. “The new PowerView iREF8 module has eight fully isolated inputs that can be used to read reference potentials from -3 to +3 volts DC with an accuracy of 0.2 per cent and an input impedance of greater than 100 Mohm. This versatile module can also monitor current shunts as low as 50mV and T/R voltages as high as 60V making this an ideal module for monitoring existing CP systems with minimal intervention. Each input has surge protection to protect the inputs to surges in excess of 60 V.” Traditionally, site managers have relied on physical site inspections, where engineers undertake time-consuming and costly surveys of CP systems that are often housed in hazardous or difficult-to-access locations, to tell them if their systems are working as intended. Because of the infrequent nature of this approach, asset managers are left for long periods of time hoping, rather than knowing, that their systems are working as intended and that structures are protected against corrosion. “We regularly come across applications where one Transformer/Rectifier is connected to a series of anodes and no monitoring systems are in place, meaning operators cannot tell if the T/R

is distributing current and voltage equally between them,” continued Celine. “The iREF8 module allows operators to monitor current and voltage distribution, providing peace of mind that all anodes are connected and working as intended. With the world still suffering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, site visits and manual system inspections cannot proceed as normal. Businesses that rely on these to check system status have struggled to gather operational data over the last year and are left hoping that nothing has gone wrong. Remote monitoring is no longer just the most cost-effective way of gathering system data, it is now the only way to do so in many cases. If you’re a consultant working from home and you’re responsible for monitoring CP systems fitted with an iREF8 monitoring module, you can continue to monitor system performance 24/7, despite the disruption caused by the pandemic. For more information on the iREF8 CP monitoring module and how Omniflex can help you overcome any challenges your business is facing in terms of remote monitoring CP systems, visit or call Omniflex on +44 (0) 161 491 4144.

Reduce unscheduled shut downs, reduce maintenance costs and improve plant safety with our Valvescan Diagnostic Monitoring System. Our revolutionary system is an end-to-end solution that captures data from every valve operation, analyses it and provides targeted alerts on the valve health without any requirement for involvement from plant personnel or any potential impact on the asset real-time control integrity. It is a true IIoT solution for automated valves. This system is not only a pioneering development in valve monitoring, it is also; ● Cost effective and easy to install ● Works with all existing valve systems ● Enables data retrieval and transmission to the cloud ● Provides a ‘real time health’ check on the valve and alerts when performance drop off is detected

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July 2021


Yokogawa launches new AC energy calibration service • Accreditation to ISO17025 opens new calibration options for manufacturers concerned with energy efficiency and measurement.

Yokogawa has again extended its leadership in calibration by launching a new AC energy calibration service. The launch of the new service follows Yokogawa’s accreditation (K164) to ISO17025, allowing the calibration of AC energy measuring devices at up to 40 MWh at a maximum time of 1000 hours. This is ideal for manufacturers of products, equipment, or appliances where the measurement of energy efficiency is critical to meet efficiency goals, for proving product specifications or meeting regulatory requirements such as energy labelling of consumer products. It is also vital for applications for usagebased billing of electrical energy between supplier and user, not only for houses and offices but also for other applications, for example charging of


electrical vehicles. Other uses include renewable energy projects such as photovoltaic and wind installations and end tests and type rating where energy is involved. With the new service, Yokogawa’s European Standards Laboratory, based at the company’s European Headquarters in Amersfoort, Netherlands, now offers comprehensive energy and power calibration, customized to meet the needs of specific applications. Erik Kroon, Yokogawa’s European Standards Laboratory Manager, says: “We are one of a few laboratories able to calibrate in the frequency range 40 Hz to 1 kHz. “This makes us particularly attractive for engineers working on applications in Automotive, Aviation and Marine

and who can now more easily source ISO17025 accredited energy measurements for 400 Hz systems. Using our precise and accurate energy and power calibration services ensures that their designs and instruments meet engineering and quality control requirements.” “We are proud to be able to extend our calibration services to include AC energy,” says Terry Marrinan, Yokogawa’s Vice President, Global Marketing. Test & Measurement, “and now also support customers that need to maintain the accuracy and trusted repeatability of their testing instruments to meet regulatory needs for their application.” For further information about the Calibration Laboratory visit: Accredited Calibration | Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation

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July 2021


This one’s for the road – reporting system adapted to testing highways

Software firm CoreRFID is delivering a new tailored reporting system for BHP, which specialises in testing the weight bearing loads of roads. Based on CoreRFID’s market leading CheckedOK solution, the new system automates the results of on-site California Bearing Ratio tests, which find out the load bearing characteristics of roads and pavements. The CBR test data is collected on site by a tablet, uploaded and transferred to BHP’s SQL database. Reports can be generated in minutes, via a browser, after data collection is complete. The solution includes an interface tailored to BHP‘s requirements and new calculation and work schedule functionality, which shows when jobs are completed onsite. The integration between data collection and the back-end


processes enables speedier invoice generation. CheckedOK is a market leading reporting system in the UK and Irish lifting and cranes industry. It is also used for asset management by organisations as diverse as Vp Hire Station, East Midlands Ambulance Service and health and safety tech firm Reactec. BHP, which has a 60-strong team, is a multi-discipline testing centre for engineering and scientific organisations. The Limerickbased firm has over 40 years’ experience in serving industries including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, manufacturing and construction as well as government agencies and local authorities

BHP’s field services operations manager Enda Quinlan says: ‘The new solution will give us massive time-saving benefits, while improving the customer experience.’ CoreRFID’s technical director Munzi Ali says: ‘BHP’s requirements were challenging, with the new interface, capabilities and smooth integration of CheckedOK with BHP’s backend system. But the proven versatility and functionality CheckedOK, combined with our team’s innovative approach, has delivered again. ‘This successful delivery of this latest project opens up new possibilities to help improve reporting processes for firms offering testing and monitoring services.’

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July 2021


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FLEX Series Input 90-500 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 25 A Single / Dual or 3 Phase inputs


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