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Hydrogen Compatibility tested to ISO 11114-4:2017

Design & Manufacturers of Pressure Transducers & Transmitters

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PDATE January 2022

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Hydrogen Compatibility tested to ISO 11114-4:2017

Design & Manufacturers of Pressure Transducers & Transmitters

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CONTENTS Editor’s Notes As we go into the New Year, we face uncertain times once again, with industries such as travel and tourism set to take a hit. For the engineering sector, one thing we have learnt during this pandemic is there will always be demand for our products and services and the show must always go on. The industry will face its own challenges in the next few weeks and months, not least staff absences and potential supply chain issues, and efficiency and productivity will be the key weapon in this fight. With this in mind, we hear about 123 Insight’s new event ‘how to implement an MRP system,’ and we take a look at Snap On’s asset management system, as Industry 4.0 continues to advance as the sector adapts to an ever-changing world. Automation will also continue to be at the forefront of our industry throughout 2022, and in this issue we’ll explore many different products and services needed throughout the process. We are proud to be the voice of Engineering, and we wish you a happy, safe and fruitful New Year!

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January 2022

January 2022



Setting yourself up for success in 2022


123 Insight announces online and local MRP events, with free book for attendees


Snap-on’s Level 5™ asset management system is network ready

4 essential practices to maintain health and safety in your company

In response to increased demand from manufacturers interested in...

As engineering managers cope with relentless pressure to deliver...




Rittal celebrates the one millionth VX25

2021 is a triple milestone for Rittal, this year the company is...

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Ideal for Ultra-Pure Water Applications

Designed primarily for ultra-pure water dispensing applications...

ifm takes counting out of the PLC

The versatile new DP2302 counter module is part of a growing range...



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January 2022






January 2022

Setting yourself up for success in 2022 4 essential practices to maintain health and safety in your company 3.

Focus on Control – LEV systems

Avoid one of the most common pitfalls of health and safety in engineering companies by keeping log books up to date. The log books ensure that the LEV systems are working effectively and allow action to be taken immediately rather than waiting for one of the LEV inspections to reveal it. 4.

Health and Safety in Engineering is paramount our guidance is designed to set you up for success in 2022. Making use of our 50+ years of occupational hygiene and laboratory services experience. 1.


An easy way to get ahead is to schedule all your testing and assessments from now. Knowing legal requirements are being met removes a major source of stress! Key timelines to be aware of: •

LEV Testing must be done at least every 14 months.

Respirator Face Fit testing needs to be repeated every time there is a change in RPE supplies or every 2-3 years.


Noise monitoring or air sampling should be done every 12 months.

COSHH Assessments and Risk Assessments should be reviewed and updated every 12 months.

2. Quantify Your Risk Determine the exact levels of exposure staff are subject to with accurate sampling and monitoring methods combined with laboratory analysis. Allowing you to take appropriate action. IOM provides advice on how you can reduce the risks with the most efficient and pragmatic control mechanisms. These recommendations can be used to inform your COSHH assessments and risk assessments.


Ensure the RPE and PPE you have is being used effectively so that it offers the protection it’s supposed to. Embed the right behaviours by running training sessions early in the year and holding everyone accountable to them. It will also help extend the lifespan of equipment as it is being maintained and cleaned properly. These tasks will support you in protecting the health of your workforce. For tailored advice and guidance to ensure you do not fall foul of regulators, auditors or litigators give our dedicated team a call: 0131 449 8000 Or visit our website to find out more about IOM and our legacy of improving workplaces.

     

4 Comm ports, inc Ethernet Built-in data logging to microSD Free no-limit programming Slim stackable design Multiple i/o wiring options Starter kit available +44 (0)20 3026 2670

Lamonde Automation Limited Quality Products: Expert Advice

January 2022


Large order received in South Korea Interroll reports a large order for delivery to a South Korean e-commerce company.

Interroll received a large follow-up order for more than 4.8 km of its Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) and other equipment.

Based on the customer’s specifications, Interroll will deliver a complete conveyor platform that includes Interroll MCP modules, high-performance diverters, belt conveyors and transfers as well as roller conveyors and belt curve spiral lifts. The solution covers a total length of 4.8 km of conveyor technology at one of the customer’s distribution centers in South Korea. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2022. “The installation will support the further continuous growth of this successful customer,” says Dr. Ben Xia, Interroll Executive Vice President and Head of Operations Asia. “We are proud to continue contributing to the productivity of their distribution centers with our proven material-handling solutions.”


January 2022


Compact HD Lens for Aviation Applications

Resolve Optics Ltd. has developed a new rugged High Definition (HD) lens optimised for use in Head-Up Display (HUD) systems.


enses for today’s HUD system are more likely to be used to capture images of the pilots view out of the cockpit with the symbology over laid on the final image as opposed to the lens looking through the combiner and capturing the symbology at the same time as the pilot’s view. No matter which technology is used there is still the issue of each aircraft type needing a different field of view (FOV). This has traditionally required a different optical lens design for each aircraft type which can be very costly both in terms of optical design costs and qualification of each lens/camera system.

Resolve Optics has taken the approach of designing a small compact zoom design that covers the majority of the aircraft that require HUD system recording. The zoom design can be used to set the lens at a desired FOV and locked. This means no matter what aircraft you need a HUD system for you will already have an optimised lens that can accommodate the correct FOV. Resolve Optics HD HUD lens has been designed and tested to withstand the high levels of vibration, shock typically found in aircraft.

For further information about standard resolution and high-definition HUD zoom lenses please contact Resolve Optics on +44-1494-777100 or To read a HUD camera lens development case study please visit Drawing upon nearly 30-years experience - Resolve Optics has built a strong reputation for specialist lens design and manufacture of production quantities of lenses and optical products on time to strict quality and target price guidelines.



The AZM150 solenoid interlock can be combined with three different actuators for different installation situations: a straight actuator for sliding doors, an angled actuator for large revolving doors and a movable actuator for smaller revolving doors. One of the plus points of the interlock is the rotating actuator head which can be locked simply by putting the lid on rather than a screw fitting. The rotating actuator head has two feeder slots to enable a range of installation positions and approach options. This makes the interlock really flexible to use. The AZM150 is an electromechanical design which can be combined with high safety standards. The interlock comes with a low coding level as standard but is also available with an optional high coding level. The benefit for users: In accordance with ISO 14119, a higher coding requires fewer measures to prevent the bypassing of locking mechanisms, such as fitting out of range or in a concealed position. Schmersal is the only manufacturer which can offer electromechanical safety switches and solenoid interlocks with high coding levels. Scan the QR code to see the AZM150 in action or visit our website for more information.

SCHMERSAL | Enigma Business Park Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 1GL

January 2022


Lipstick, Powder and Pick Cosmetics distribution operation sees efficiency boost after automated investment.

In the end it’s about how your bottom line will be impacted. As Intralogistics applications continue to be scrutinised in terms of efficiency: They must work more flexibly, stock a wider range of items within a smaller space and guarantee faster retrieval times. To cope with these demands, Kardex has developed a new generation of automated storage systems, which also offer high order picking performance and represent excellent value for money, while consuming little energy and occupying little space. With customer demand escalating faster than ever before, e-commerce retailers and distributors are turning to more effective ways to maintain/ increase intralogistics processes whilst keeping a keen eye on the bottom line.


or the retail industry it’s not about the technology, it’s about rem aining competitive and driving an improved customer service whilst keeping a keen eye on the bottom line. Kardex Remstar is seeing a real requirement in enabling ‘real-time’ optimisation, which is then reflected in an increase in picking accuracy and picking speeds which are increased by 400%. Being competitive and delivering a faster more accurate service at a lower TCO is still the main motivator. Mary Kay is one of the leading companies for direct sales of makeup and skin care and Lesley Cosmetics is the authorised and exclusive distributor for Mary Kay in the Nordics. The company wanted an efficient solution that reduced delivery time and increased picking speed and accuracy. By purchasing a Megamat RS350 they increased picking speeds


by 200-300%, reduced picking errors from 1.5% to 0.87% and created a better flow in the warehouse, with a more ergonomic workspace and rotation in staff work tasks. With Kardex Power Pick Global software they now deliver a fast storage and retrieval solution with 3,000 order lines easily picked in a one-day shift.

Kardex is a global industry partner for intralogistics solutions and a leading supplier of automated storage solutions and material handling systems. To learn more contact or visit our ecommerce insights.


January 2022

Series 35X


IS THE OPTION Pressure Ranges 0…0,3 to 0…1000 bar Accuracy ±0,05 %FS

Total Error Band ±0,1 %FS @ -10…80 °C Interfaces RS485, 4…20 mA, 0…10 V Operational Temperature Range -40…120 °C

we make ideas come to life

RMIG is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal and its related products. We know our customers’ requirements for price and quality and meet their demands with uncompromising service. Not only do we offer standard and bespoke perforated metal sheets, we are able to offer you a range of secondary operations as detailed below. Complete solutions With a continued investment in the latest equipment and a network of professional partners we are able to produce prime quality products and solutions – from a simple perforated sheet to the fully formed and coated custom made part.

Cutting We can cut and shape perforated sheet to meet the needs of your final application. Levelling For some applications a high degree of flatness is required, we have processes in place to ensure our perforated coils and sheets meet with your most demanding requirements. Rolling and forming We can roll, bend and form perforated sheets to match your design. Aesthetic finishes and protective coating We can offer powder coating and hot dip galvanizing solutions to meet your specifications.

For more information please contact us tel: 01925 839610 | email: |


January 2022


At Alsico we recognise the importance of quality workwear and since our conception in 1934 we have become the largest purchaser of workwear fabrics in Europe. We supply workwear to keep employees safe and protect wearers from hazards around the world. As we have such a wide reach we are aware of our environmental impact and strive to keep this to a minimum to recycle and reduce waste wherever possible. This is an integral part of our business as we are aware that because we dispatch over 18 million garments a year our business can have a negative impact on the environment. We are passionate about our industry and pour that passion into our product range. So we were honoured to be recognised within our industry and awarded two awards from the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW) in


November 2021. The PCIAW are a community of members within the workwear, corporatewear and PPE industry who communicate with one another to create new opportunities and establish new relationships for their businesses. Our Managing Director David Toon won the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award and the ‘Best Newcomer’ award went to our General Manager Greg Houlston. These awards are highly recognised in the clothing industry and are said to ‘recognise innovative individuals and businesses that are breaking boundaries in the professional clothing industry.’ (PCIAW). Customer experiences allow us to adapt our garments to suit the needs of specific professions which include but

are not limited to welders, construction workers, doctors, nurses, electricians and chefs so we encourage customers to leave reviews and reach out to us with feedback to ensure that our workwear is comfortable as well as efficient. Our passion for the industry is reflected in our customer feedback, to ensure that we provide the best quality clothing for our catered professions.



ULTRASONIC THICKNESS GAUGE WITH HIGH TEMPERATURE PROBE The Cygnus 4+ General Purpose thickness gauge is a light, tough multi-mode thickness gauge. It features a sunlight readable display with Live A-scan, intuitive menu and sequential data logging for easy reporting and analysis. Used with Cygnus High Temperature Probe, the Cygnus 4+ can measure remaining wall thickness of high-temperature, in-service assets without shutdown or isolation.






...plant maintenance, marine structures, ship inspections, oil and gas facilities, offshore platforms, wind farms, metals protected by thick/special coatings (e.g. 3 LPE and 3 LPP). Safe operation in Explosive Atmospheres: Class I, Division 2, Group D Locations only, as defined in NFPA 70, Article 500.


January 2022


123 Insight announces online and local MRP events, with free book for attendees In response to increased demand from manufacturers interested in improving efficiency, 123 Insight has announced a series of online educational MRP events for the start of 2022. There are two event types – the INFO Exchange and the Evaluation Workshop. At 50 minutes, the INFO Exchange gives a taster of what MRP should be doing for your business, while at 2 ½ hours the Evaluation Workshop goes into much more depth, including three software walkthroughs and a Q&A session at the end. Both are educational in their approach, rather than salesfocused, allowing companies to learn what MRP is and how manufacturing software can allow them to grow significantly with the same administration resources. Attendees will also receive a free paperback copy of 123 Insight’s book, ‘How to implement a manufacturing system’ by Martin Bailey, covering best practices and pitfalls of implementing any system, not just 123insight. The book takes the reader through the entire MRP selection and implementation process – from assembling the right team inhouse, through to migrating your data, the go-live process and how to measure success. It also highlights common mistakes made, and lists many case studies showing the real-world savings that can be achieved with a wellimplemented manufacturing system. Simon Badger, Managing Director, said; “Despite COVID19’s continued attempts to prevent manufacturing companies from moving forward, we’ve seen an increase demand for our online events. 2021 has been our best year ever, both in terms of attendance of online events and business growth.” Attendance is free and interested users can register at


Considering manufacturing so�ware? Two online ways to evaluate MRP

INFO Exchange

Evalua on Workshop

A �uick so�ware overview Good introduc on to MRP Typically a larger group

In-depth so�ware walkthrough Q&A session a�erwards Typically a smaller group

See what a manufacturing system should be doing for your business. Whether you are considering manufacturing so�ware for the first me or looking to replace an exis ng system, we have created two online events to help you gain a be er understanding of what MRP can do for your business, in terms of efficiencies, cost savings and traceability. The INFO Exchange gives you a taster in 50 minutes, allowing you to see the 123insight so�ware and MRP in ac on. The 2½ hour Evalua on Workshop gives you a deeper look with a Q&A session at the end, allowing you to make a decision and move forward. You will also receive a free copy of our book ‘How to implement a manufacturing system’ just for a ending. Alterna vely, register to get access to our online Demo Movies, broken down by job role, which explain what 123insight will do for each department in your business.

Book to a end at Advanced Simplicity ®

123 Insight Limited

01489 860 851

Free book on implemen ng MRP when you a end.

January 2022


Photography with soul The benefits of commissioning your own photography in preference to stock shots and phone snaps ~ Philip Ewen, Marketing Director, i3 Group Solutions Ltd

As the shutter clicks and the synchronised flash bulbs illuminate the room for milliseconds, we collectively smile and nod, recognising that what we are about to review on screen will be magical. It is midday and we are in a brightly lit factory. People are hard at work welding, metal bending, laser cutting and wiring in robotics. The screech of machinery, the bustle of people around us is unrelenting. And yet, in that instantaneous flash, the bright factory lighting is replaced by the photographer’s lights, as if by magic. Perspective, composition, scale, and the technological advancement of the machine being built, emphasised by the engineer intently focussed on the job. Intricacy, intensity, passion, and pride communicating

everything needed, within a single, powerful image. It is precisely the juxtaposition of machine and person that conveys emotion in the image. It shifts the narrative from product alone, to being about the product and its creators. As a marketeer, I’ve spent over 25 years helping companies launch brands, products, and services. We are tackling the same questions “How do we make a box look appealing?”, “How do we differentiate from the competition?”. Countless hours spent trawling stock libraries, looking for ‘the image’ that balances what you are trying to communicate yet at the same time looks unique and doesn’t have that ‘library image’ feel.

That’s not to say that decent stock photos don’t have their own place in the library – conceptual images to represent specific industries for example. However, relying on stock or even ‘snaps’ (from the increasingly brilliant phone cameras) can rarely make the real connection between what your business does and the people who do it. It is a natural assumption that your tired, dirty workshop cannot be the right backdrop for any high-quality image. But working with a talented photographer, you will be amazed at what can be done with some clever lighting, angles, shot framing and an artistic eye. And that’s what a professional photographer brings, the experienced eye to best bring your vision to life. Pictures with soul. It is easy to overlook, but you really miss a trick if you do. It is also a lot of fun doing it. The featured photographs are from an assignment with Adrian Waine at Photography for Industry. Photography: Adrian Waine Tel. 0151 356 3855



January 2022

> Corrosion resistant for up to 1000 hours in salt spray > Manufactured from a premium alloy with less than 0.1% copper content for corrosion resistance > IP tessng performed aaer impact tessng to verify the seal is maintained when the enclosure is treated roughly > Impact resistant up to 7 Joules > Reusable seals (Up to 200 compressions)

Dixon Loading Arm & Accessories Quality components, efficient design

Overcome some of the typical issues and complications faced in the transfer of liquids with Dixon’s new loading arm. • • •

+44 (0)1772 323 529 • •

Configured and built to a customer’s specification Innovative counterbalance mechanism Easily maintained and adjusted

Reques t our brochu re

©2019 Dixon Group Europe Limited

• T ECH N I C A L E X P E RT I S E • U N C O M M O N E X C E L L E N C E • D E S I G N • C U S TO M E R S E RV I C E • I N N O VAT I O N • M A N U FA C T U R I N G • Q U A L I T Y • T E C H N I C A L EXPERTISE •


January 2022


Snap-on’s Level 5™ asset management system is network ready As engineering managers cope with relentless pressure to deliver improved productivity, often with fewer skilled hands and tighter budgets, the benefits of professional tool storage and management become stronger than ever. Snap-on Industrial’s Level 5™ automated total asset management system brings order to any workplace, enabling engineers and technicians to know exactly where to find every tool they need, when they need it, saving time and easing stress.

How useful would it be if all your workshop’s valuable tools could be tracked from one central point? Snap-on’s Level 5™ system makes that possible. It provides complete reports on everything managers or supervisors need to keep an eye on. They are even informed when a tool needs to be refilled or ordered. And then there’s FOD. The threat of foreign object damage is a real and present danger in many engineering workplaces. Using Snap-on Level 5™ minimises the risk of human error, as automated tool control constantly tracks every tool and detects which tools have been removed or returned, ensuring greater protection against FOD. Engineered to track individual tools by user, without bar codes, scanners, RFID tags or other add-ons, the system works at the speed its users demand. Other systems require additional steps to scan or log activity. The Snap-on system does this automatically so users save time and don’t have to depend on other steps to ensure accurate results. Snap-on’s Level 5™ ATC boxes are network ready, using either Ethernet or wireless connection. That enables users to review activity at all Level 5 boxes in their location from one central computer, avoiding the time consuming need to inspect each box.


Major benefits of the system include: • No individual tool scanning required; • No RFID tags to install or replace; • No limitations on tool size: from ¼” screwdriver bit to just less than the size of the drawer; • Intuitive interface, with an easy to use touchscreen • Audible voice confirmation of tool removal and replacement • Automatic locking for maximum security • Errors announced and displayed to indicate incorrect tool position or advise when a drawer is not closed. Says Richard Packham, Director UK & Europe for Snap-on Industrial: “Snapon’s automated system takes asset management to an entirely new level. The ability to monitor several boxes from one central computer offers a huge advantage to engineering managers.”

For technical details visit:, call (01536) 413904 or e-mail:









+44 (0) 1844 204420 Email us at

Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd, Unit 4, Ridgeway, Crendon Industrial Area, Long Crendon, Bucks, HP18 9BF

January 2022


Vision Engineering launches its first 4K resolution digital microscope Vision Engineering Limited (Woking, UK) has announced the launch of it first 4K resolution digital microscope, Makrolite 4K.

Makrolite 4K’s superb image quality, 4K resolution and wide dynamic range is suitable for a wide range of complex and high contrast applications. It’s provides more fine detail with greater detail shadow and highlight areas, ideal for challenging inspection routines, including reflective subjects, for example solder joints, subjects in shadow, or subjects with low contrast, such as rubber and plastic. Makrolite 4K is flexible, easy to use, and provides high definition video images with a wide dynamic range and up to 330x magnification. It delivers both versatility and high performance in applications such as production, lab


research, R&D, micro assembly, quality control, inbound/outbound product checking, dissection and re-work. Available in two versions, the console configuration provides direct HDMI connection to the monitor for live display with full control of zoom and all camera settings. Connecting Makrolite 4K to a PC with our dimensioning software, ViPlus, extends its capabilities to include image capture, annotation, on-screen measurement, live overlays, data/image report generation and a range of image processing tools Additionally, the Makrolite 4K solution includes a wide range of stands and objectives, making it a flexible solution

equipped to deal with a wide range of demanding inspection tasks. Paul Newbatt, Vision Engineering Group Sales and Marketing Director said ‘’Makrolite 4K represents a step forward for Vision Engineering in terms of inspection microscope image resolution. It retains the core Vision Engineering values of superb image quality combined with ease of use, and also adds 4K resolution, a choice of console or PC versions, and range of five stands, to deliver a really flexible inspection solution. For more information:

T +49 2961 7405-0

Made in Germany

Your Specialist for



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January 2022


Large Format Optical Module for High-Speed Imaging Resolve Optics reports that it has designed and supplied new 8-channel and 16-channel beam splitter optical modules to Specialised Imaging (Pitstone, UK) for the next generation of their SIM multi-channel framing camera.


he SIM family of ultra-high-speed cameras are used in leading research laboratories around the world. They are capable of capturing up to 32 images at 1 billion frames per second and proven to be able to capture visual data from even the most fleeting of phenomena. Managing Director of Specialised Imaging – Wai Chan commented “We were looking to upgrade the design of our SIM multichannel framing camera to meet the expected higher performance demands from our customers in the next couple of years. As a part of this review, we decided a new multi-channel beam splitter optical module that could deliver better performance than the current model was a key factor. "To meet the design goals for our new SIM camera we specified that the beam splitter optical module should be compact, with a system aperture of f2.8 giving us up to 16 channels with a 17mm viewport on each channel. Added to this already challenging design specification we stated that the new beam splitter optical module should also be able to incorporate high quality, user changeable filters that would allow our next generation SIM cameras to satisfy the expanding market demand for high-speed hyperspectral imaging. "Having worked with Resolve Optics previously on design and development of key optics for our camera systems we again turned to them for this demanding project. I am very pleased to say that the Resolve Optics team has risen to the challenge and designed a beam splitter optical module that meets all of our specifications”.

To learn more about Specialised Imaging's SIM family of ultra-high-speed multi-channel framing cameras please visit


8-channel beamsplitter module for SIM camera

Specialised Imaging SIM multichannel framing camera

Drawing upon a considerable reservoir of innovative designs, Resolve Optics are able to quickly design and supply application optimised optical modules that deliver the high performance, professional look and top quality that you seek. For further information on OEM design of challenging optical systems please visit: or contact Resolve Optics on +44-1494-777100

Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






RELIABILITY Tel : +44 (0)151 356 2322 Website: Fax: +44 (0)151 356 2437 Email:

Monitoring the world

January 2022


New Pumps For High Pressure, High Temperature Applications A new positive displacement axial piston pump which offers outstanding performance in high pressure, high temperature applications has been introduced by Precision Micro-hydraulic specialists THE LEE COMPANY. The HPHT family ofpumps can generate up to 10,000 psid (690 bar) at temperatures of 400ºF (200ºC) so are ideal for critical hydraulic fluids transfer applications such as down hole oil tools and aerospace. An important benefit of the innovative axial piston design of these pumps is that they don’t contain any elastomers, which increases resistance to contamination and significantly improves reliability in the most challenging applications. Also, the 32mm pump is a simple, drop-in replacement for existing pumps which are restricted to lower temperature applications due to the inclusion of elastomeric seals. Whilst HTHP pumps are officially rated to produce pressures of 10,000psi they actually have the capability of producing even higher pressures and are qualified for over 1000 hours of operation and will withstand high levels of shock and

vibration. They are designed to be driven by a Maxon Motor, with or without a gearbox and drive couplings are available separately. The pumps are available in 22mm and 30mm diameter options for packaging flexibility, benefits which will be especially appreciated in limited space applications, such as down hole. Cylindrical Hi-Bar inlet screens which slide onto the pump body are also available as an option. The pumps can be customised to meet specific application requirements, such as altering the mounting configuration, or the inlet and outlet connections.

More at:



January 2022


Series 7L

Pressure Ranges 0…5 to 0…200 bar Accuracy ±0,5 %FS Long Term Stability ±0,25 %FS Dimensions ø 15 mm x 5 mm Operational Temperature Range -20…100°C KRUK half page page generic(2).pdf




Multi-skilled high performers.... Kawasaki robots deliver high-performance, reliably and consistantly, for the widest range of manufacturing applications. From high-speed precision assembly to taking the strain of handling ultra heavy products, there are Kawasaki robots world-wide helping businesses achieve their maximum potential.

Contact us now to discover more about practical and affordable leasing terms on all new Kawasaki robots. +44 (0)1925 713000

Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd |27

January 2022


recently Vacuum conveyor mk helped a coffee capsule for transporting manufacturer find a way to coffee capsules achieve stable transportation of lightweight products.

When coffee capsules are manufactured, they must be transported out of the filling system in such a way that they cannot tip. 16 capsules each in 2 rows are discharged by a multigripper on a linear axis with a cycle of 2.4 seconds. To clear the storage position, the capsules must be moved 860 mm in 0.9 seconds. A straight section of the track also serves as an unloading station for random sampling using an air blast. The conveying direction must be rotated by 90° at the end of the conveying path so that the capsules can be transferred to the next customer conveyor. An ideal solution was developed using two interlinking belt conveyors.


A GUF-P 2000 belt conveyor with vacuum function is used for the loading area, which is directly connected to the filling system. The belt conveyor is at a standstill while the capsule packages are placed on the conveyor. In order to move the capsules by 860 mm in 0.9 seconds in cycle operation, a servo motor was designed with a speed of approx. 75 m/min and an acceleration of approx. 3 m/s². The capsules are prevented from tilting or slipping by the constant vacuum in the conveyor frame and the rows of holes in the belt conveyor which can be adapted to the product. After the random sample has been taken, the capsules are transferred to the second conveyor for further processing. This

conveyor runs continuously without a vacuum function. A rolling knife edge on the discharge end of the vacuum conveyor ensures that the capsules are transferred smoothly. The two conveyors are also equipped with side rails that are adapted to the product geometry. To see the system is action follow this link To see the full range of mk’s conveyors please visit, email or call (01949) 823751.

Small Belt Conveyor GUF-P MINI for small products with low volume and weight

Low installation height for easy integration into complex systems Belt recirculation integrated into the conveyor frame Small tail diameters keep gaps at product transfer points narrow

mk Profile Systems Limited a company of the mk Technology Group

January 2022


Rittal celebrates the one millionth VX25 2021 is a triple milestone for Rittal, this year the company is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its founding, the 75th birthday of owner Prof. Friedhelm Loh and now also the one millionth VX25 been produced!


n the 16th August 2021 this year, the one millionth VX25 enclosure rolled off the assembly line, production of which would not have been possible, without the hard work and dedication of the 1240 employees, at the Ritterhausen site. To honour this incredible achievement Prof. Friedhelm Loh and representatives from the company’s management team, honoured this achievement with a commemorative ceremony, on the same production floor where the VX25 is manufactured day after day. How can we make the best even better? That was the question which Rittal asked itself as a starting point, for the development of the VX25 enclosure system. Three years after its initial market launch, Rittal is proud to advise that the VX25 is used by industrial and IT customers all over the world. In settings such as all automobile manufacturers, as well as in data centres for IT giants such as Facebook and Amazon, along with on cruise liners, in wind turbines and in several remote locations as well. On the 16th August 2021, the one millionth VX25 rolled off the production line, to mark this momentous occasion, it was celebrated with music and confetti, by the management and employees at the

The one millionth VX25 enclosure was gilded before it rolled off the production line at the Rittershausen location. The photo shows production technician Muhammet Akin.

Ritterhausen site. It was a memorable celebration, that celebrated the extraordinary achievements of so many Rittal employees, including the VX25 design engineers, product managers and production technicians.






January 2022

“This was all only possible with your contributions, For that I cannot thank you enough. We have always been the global technology leader and the VX25 enclosure, has sent out yet another signal to the world market. Our customers were absolutely astounded and we have now been demonstrating excellence, in enclosure manufacturing over four product generations.” Prof. Friedhelm Loh told the employees attending the ceremony. Incredible! – that is how the owner and chairman, of the Friedhelm Loh Group described the Rittal success story. He recalled that Rittershausen was not only the birthplace of large enclosures, but also the foundation of the company as a whole. “With the people of this region, we have developed a business model which has revolutionised the entire world of electrical engineering.” Without the team members, Rittal would not have been able to develop the ideas. During the time in the initial conception of Rittal, no one including its founders and management, could have imagined just a few decades later, that Rittal’s enclosures would be used around the globe. With the slogan “Enclosures available off the shelf, immediately” Rittal sparked a revolution, via the mechanical engineering sector, from there standard enclosures conquered the industry. Since its initial success, Rittal has gone on to build factories in China, India, Brazil, America and England, with Prof. Loh commenting “It is amazing when we look at

all the places where these enclosures are manufactured today, across the world, Rittal manufacturer several thousand large enclosures every day.” Many others have attempted to follow suit, including several major electrical engineering groups, but without success. Prof. Loh went on to add that one of Rittal’s greatest strengths, is its readiness to diversify from general trends, within industry and look to be innovators, which places them at the forefront of development within industry. This is shown by the expansion of Rittal’s portfolio over the years, since the initial conception of large enclosure, Rittal has gone on to be successful in areas including climate control, power distribution and subsequently IT infrastructure. In Ritterhausen Germany, thanks to Rittal’s unprecedent success Rittal, has also become the largest employer in the region. “It cannot be taken for granted that a company will develop in this way for 60 years. It is a gift. It is an unbelievable success story and ample reason to celebrate.” Said Prof. Loh as he concluded his address. Markus Asch, CEO of Rittal International, went on to emphasize the important role that the VX25 plays in Rittal’s portfolio: “The large enclosure is the essence of Rittal and an expression of our expertise.” Available in thousands of configuration variants, it meets 90 per cent of all customer requirements worldwide. “Today’s gathering was organized to celebrate the one millionth VX25, but in reality we are celebrating you, the employees who manufacturer the enclosure on a daily basis.” Said the management board chairman. Together with the Norbert Peter, Vice president of operations in Germany and the plant manager in Ritterhausen, they presented a gilded enclosure key and a commemorative certificate to all the employees, in recognition of there hard work and dedication. For more information, visit and

VX25. SYSTEM PERFECTION. There are always two versions of this enclosure - real and digital. The maximum data quality of the VX25 ensures greater flexibility for configuration, manufacturing and assembly. And with the “digital twin”, the person who knows your company best – you yourself – can plan, order, process and do much more besides.




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January 2022

Hydrogen Compatible Pressure Measurement ESI have recently launched their newest range of pressure measurement solutions. Compatible with Hydrogen based environments the range offers a general industrial, high pressure and high accuracy variant, as well as a digital transducer, available with a combination of ATEX and DNV-GL certification on selected models. Hydrogen offers a cleaner, secure and more affordable source of energy with the potential to drastically reduce and tackle CO2 emission levels. With that in mind ESI are committed to offering a product range that is not only versatile and environmentally friendly, but also offers the same outstanding performance and stability that they are known for

The Material The pressure diaphragm and threaded pressure port are machined from a specialist Titanium alloy specifically designed to withstand harsh and demanding environments. This, along with the non-oil-filled sensor and high integrity stainless steel housing results in a robust and versatile unit that offers excellent media compatibility across a range of environments.

What is Hydrogen Compatibility? Samples of the materials used in the manufacture of the range were tested based on ISO 11114-2:2017 in accordance to the European Regulations EC 79/2009 and EU 406/2010 to determine an “embrittlement index” of the material when placed in a saturated environment over extended periods of time. Results have provided a pass rating to the compatibility of the material against Hydrogen.

The Hydrogen range also benefits from the same Silicon on Sapphire (SOS) sensor technology used throughout the ESI brand, providing outstanding performance, stability and highly accurate pressure measurement.

predominant source of energy supply and usage, there are significant efforts being made to find an alternative. Applications for ESIs newest range include; • • • • • • • •

Hydrogen storage Hydrogen production Hydrogen re-fuelling Hydrogen engines Marine propulsion Hydrogen fuel cells Laboratory environments Industrial applications

For more information on Hydrogen contact ESI on 01978 262 255 or email

Applications Hydrogen is already used in a growing variety of industries, and although the Oil & Gas sector still remains the


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Ultrasonic Flow Meter Ideal for Ultra-Pure Water Applications Designed primarily for ultra-pure water dispensing applications requiring a high degree of cleanliness, clean bore flow measurement devices such as Titan Enterprises’ Metraflow® ultrasonic flowmeter, offer the ideal solution. accurately measure liquid travelling through the clear, single, clean bore measurement flow tube constructed from high performance Perfluoroalkoxy Alkane (PFA) polymer. Neil Hannay, Senior R&D Engineer with Titan Enterprises, says: “Ultra-pure water can become easily contaminated by atmosphere passing through tiny leaks or diffusing through thin wall polymer tubing used for flow measurement. PFA polymer was chosen specifically as an advanced tubing option for the Metraflow® as it offers excellent chemical inertness, is able to withstand damage by dangerous contaminants, prevents accumulation of particles and has an ultra-high grade of purity.” Ultra-pure water - water that has been purified to very strict specifications – is an important component for industries across specialist markets where impurities can cause product contamination or impact process efficiency. Ultra-pure water (UPW) systems, typically used in production and cleaning processes within the pharmaceutical, medical, semiconductor and power industries, require a selection of technologies and equipment that preserve the purity of materials. It is crucial that any flow measurement device used in UPW systems can cope with low flow rates and are constructed from ultra-pure materials that cannot contaminate the liquids being measured. Maintaining hygienic, sterile and sanitary conditions within these processes is critical. Semiconductor and microelectronic device manufacturers use UPW in the manufacture of circuit boards and as a cleaning/etching agent. It is imperative to preserve the purity of process fluids


as contaminants or particles can lodge on circuits and cause microchip failures. In the power industry, UPW is typically used as a source to make steam to drive turbine combustors and to steam boilers. The higher the boiler pressure, the higher the purity of water required. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities use UPW as a cleaning agent and a diluent for multiple-dose injections as well as an ingredient in products. Water free of endotoxins, microbes and viruses is essential in these applications and others such as inhalation therapy products, internal irrigation therapy products and bulk preparation of medicines. Even in the food and beverage industries, water purity plays an important role in production, with some beverages, such as beer, requiring specific mineral compositions for the water used. The Metraflow® uses Titan’s patented ultrasonic time of flight technology to

Titan’s Metraflow® is non-intrusive with no internal moving parts, designed to precisely monitor process flows at temperatures from 10ºC to 60ºC (140ºF) and pressures up to 27 bar. In addition, this non-invasive single tube ultrasonic flow meter gives a wide operating flow range with an accuracy of +/-0.5% FSD and repeatability across flow ranges from 20 to 5000 ml/min. Neil Hannay adds: “Whilst Metraflow® is the perfect pure water flow meter, the ultrasonic measuring device is also ideal for the flow measurement of challenging liquids and fluids, its wide flow range and PFA (FDA approved) tubing making it highly suited to aggressive chemical flow measurement.” For further information on the Metraflow® ultrasonic flowmeter please visit To discuss an optimised flow measurement device for your pure liquid dispensing application please contact Titan Enterprises on +44 (0)1935 812790 or email


January 2022

Fluid Carrying

Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond. Vacuum to over 20,000psi. Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.


Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY | UK

+44(0)1663 735003



January 2022


SICK’s Smart Light Tower Sheds Light on Efficiencies SICK has reimagined the industrial light stack as a versatile and customisable Smart Light Tower that can be easily set up with a wide range of parameters to communicate the real-time operational and maintenance status of machinery. The SICK Smart Light Tower exploits the benefits of IO-Link so that both machine builders and end users can easily program real-time displays and audible signals to support wideranging operational, maintenance, and management goals. The SICK Smart Light Tower can be easily installed via a single cable and an IO-Link Master, and programmed through an intuitive graphical interface with a standard PC. The SICK Smart Light Tower uses three operating modes: signal light, level meter, or animation to communicate the run status of machines and alert operating personnel to maintenance tasks or emergency conditions. It can be fitted to a wide variety of fixed machinery, as well as on mobile vehicles such as AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots), offering the benefit of long-distance visibility to enable a management overview of several machines over a production or logistics hall.


“Setting up a SICK Smart Light Tower is limited only by your imagination,” explains Charlie Walker, SICK’s UK Product Specialist – Presence Detection. “Where traditional light towers are restricted by a modular assembly of different colours at set positions, the SICK Smart Light Tower has 20 sets of LEDs that can be programmed to display any of 21 colours, either illuminated continuously or flashing, strobing or pulsating at user-selectable frequencies. “IO-Link connectivity offers the cost saving benefits of using unshielded cables and fewer input and output cards. The Smart Light Tower can be quickly integrated into the PLC program to display higher-level management and performance data. We have even demonstrated its ability to indicate a realtime calculation of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).” For example, when the SICK Smart Light Tower is used on a thermal printing

machine on a packaging or labelling line, teamed with a SICK photoelectric sensor (e.g. DT35) to measure the levels of the unwinding core, it provides a timely guide for operators to know when the ribbon needs replacing. The SLT can be programmed to alternate automatically between status alert and level mode, as required. A SICK Smart Light Tower can be used with presence detection sensors, for example, to display the progress of totes on a conveyor, particularly at junctions where the conveyor may become blocked. Any jams can be quickly located and easily-understood status messages tell operators how to respond. Built-in IO-link Connectivity With built-in IO-Link connectivity, the SICK Smart Light Tower can be configured to indicate real-time data from sensors and other devices and visualise changing levels such as fill, temperature, pressure, speed, item


January 2022

counts or cycle times. An optional Smart Light Buzzer can be programmed to support visual signals with audible alarms and melodies. High-brightness LEDs, positioned around the full 360° circumference of the tower, ensure the light signals can be seen from long distances. Up to five vertical segments can be configured for more straightforward status indication applications. When the optional SICK Smart Light Buzzer module is added to the top of the tower, for which no tools are necessary, users can choose from a broad range of effects to convey a wide variety of information in volumes up to 88dB. A choice of eight tone patterns ensures audibility in busy environments where one person is tending multiple machines or processes.

Intuitive Programming As an IO-Link device, installation and connection of the Smart Light Tower are both very easy, and device replacement is straightforward. The Smart Light Tower is mounted in a through-hole using a moulded M30 male thread or on a pole via an integral ½-inch NPT female thread. The electrical connection is made with an industry-standard M12 A-coded connector. SICK’s designers have ensured the Smart Light Tower will achieve a long, maintenance-free operating life. For example, LEDs never need to be changed unlike incandescent bulbs, the tough polycarbonate housing shrugs off minor knocks, the operating temperature range is from -25°C to +50°C, and the entire unit is sealed to IP65 to protect against the ingress of dust and moisture, even when the buzzer module is added. For more information about the SICK Smart Light Tower, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email


January 2022


Ceramic bearings fit for the world’s toughest rowing race SMB Bearings sponsors Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge crew

Ceramic bearing specialist SMB Bearings is sponsoring rowing team, Five in a Row, as they take on this year’s Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. The challenge sees over 30 teams of rowers travel west from La Gomera in the Canary Islands, to English Harbour in Antigua & Barbuda. Departing in December 2021, the team will row 3000 miles unsupported, battling harsh ocean conditions and up to 40-foot waves. Described as the ‘world’s toughest rowing race,’ the teams will be rowing in two-hour shift patterns, 24 hours a day, for almost two months. As the only fiveperson crew taking on the challenge, Five in a Row will also be raising money for Reverse Rett – a charity dedicated to changing the lives of those suffering with Rett Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects brain development, resulting in severe mental and physical disability.


SMB Bearings has provided the Scottish crew with full ceramic bearings for the boat’s adjustable seats. As a seasoned supporter of ocean rowing events, the company knows all too well the demands of specifying equipment for harsh marine environments. The raceways of the bearings, made of zirconium dioxide, are often used in marine environments due to their extreme water resistance properties. Combined with lighter, silicone nitride balls, these bearings can cope with higher loads and are not corroded by seawater. “This isn’t the first time we’ve been called upon to provide full ceramic bearings for a rowing boat application,” explained Chris Johnson, managing director at SMB Bearings. “We always recommend these bearings due to their suitability for marine environments, as they can operate in different temperatures and offer excellent corrosion resistance.”

“Preparation is key in a gruelling race such as this one,” commented Ian Baird, team member of Five in a Row. “This will be both a huge physical challenge and a mental feat. We’ll be consuming 10,000 calories a day during the race to fuel us. Everything from physical training to the 28-foot boat’s engineering has to be precisely planned. “Every detail matters in a race liked this, so the performance of the bearings needs to be as reliable as the preparation of the crew. The smooth movement of the seats is essential to ensure efficient energy transfer, so we are excited to see the impact of using ceramic bearings in our boat.” More information about SMB Bearings’ full ceramic bearing range can be found on the company’s website.


Precision comes as standard. Photocells with Industry 4.0 built in

OGD Precision • Distinguish 1mm objects at 300mm • Measure the distance





years if m pr od


OGD LongRange • Detect and measure over 1500mm range • Even dark objects against a light background Both with M18 thread in stainless steel with IO-Link //uk/ogd uk/ogd ifm Telephone (020) 8213 1111

January 2022


Advanced Servo Motors Transforming 3D Metal Printing The combination of the latest Servo Motor designs, extremely flexible robots and an eclectic mix of other advanced technologies are the key factors driving the rapid growth of new fabrication processes in manufacturing. Specifically, servo motors and robots are transforming additive applications and revolutionising the way prototypes, parts and products are made.


dditive and subtractive manufacturing techniques are two prime examples which have provided fabricators with the efficiency and cost-savings helping them to remain competitive. Referred to as 3D printing, additive manufacturing (AM) is a non-traditional method that utilises digital design data to create solid three-dimensional objects by fusing materials, layer by layer, from the bottom up. Often making near-netshape (NNS) parts with no waste, the use of AM for both basic and complex product designs continues to accelerate in industrial applications, such as automotive, aerospace, energy, medical, transportation and consumer products. On the contrary, the subtractive process entails removing sections from a block of material using high-precision cutting or machining to create a 3D product.

The benefits of advanced Servo Motors is an important factor in the transformation of 3D printing applications, where dimensional precision and finish quality is key and it’s why end-users are turning to 3D printers with servo systems (as opposed to stepper motors) to ensure optimal motion control.

Despite key differences, additive and subtractive processes are not always mutually exclusive because they can both be used to complement various stages of product development. For example, an early concept model or prototype is often created by the additive process and once that product is finalised larger batches may be required which opens the door to subtractive manufacturing. In time sensitive applications hybrid additive / subtractive techniques are being applied to repairing damaged or worn parts, or even creating quality parts with less lead time. 42|

For example, these robust motors incorporate vibration suppression filters as well as antiresonance and notch filters which together ensure extremely smooth motion that can eliminate visually unpleasant stepped lines caused by stepper motor torque ripple. Also, the latest speed enhancements mean print speeds of 350mm/sec are possible, more than doubling the average speed of a 3D printer using a stepper motor. Similarly, a travel speed of up to 1500 mm/sec can be achieved using rotary or up to 5 metres/sec using linear servo technology. This extremely fast acceleration

Motion control specialist YASKAWA has developed its range of servo motors which includes the SIGMA-7 series which are proving to be transformative in helping fabricators overcome the common issues via printer boosting capabilities.


January 2022

capability enables 3D print heads to be moved into their correct positions more rapidly removing the need to slow down the entire system to reach the desired finish quality. This means users can fabricate more parts per hour, without sacrificing quality. Automatic tuning on servo systems means users can independently perform their own custom-tuning so they can adapt to changes in the mechanics of a printer or variances in the process. Stepper motors don’t utilise position feedback, so it’s impossible to compensate for process changes or discrepancies in mechanics. Additional benefits of servo systems include absolute encoder feedback so users only need

to perform a homing routine once resulting in increased uptime and cost savings. Systems with stepper motors lack this feature as they need to be ‘homed’ every time they are powered-up. Servo systems also incorporate feedback sensing whereas stepper motor systems do not. The extruder of a 3D printer can cause bottlenecks and jams in the printing process which if undetected, can ruin an entire batch. With over 22 million servo systems in the field Yaskawa has the experience and technical know-how in motion and control. The result: excellent performance and outstanding reliability. |43

January 2022


5 STAR LAUNCHES NEW RANGE OF CUSTOM-DESIGNED PACKING CRATES Strength, safety and durability to protect your products, whatever the road throws at them


ou may not have heard of 5 Star, but for the past 40 years, the company has been manufacturing worldclass flight cases. Trusted by industries including entertainment, medical and motorsport, they are used to transport vital equipment for concerts, operations, and motor races around the world, safely and securely. Taking its four decades of experience and expertise, 5 Star is now producing a new range of custom-designed packing crates, which can be used as a cost-effective alternative when flight cases are not required, or as an added level of protection when they are. Using the same advanced production techniques and extensive infrastructure at its dedicated manufacturing facility in the heart of the Cambridgeshire Fens, 5 Star packing crates are constructed with strength and durability in mind. They can be used for storing and transporting a vast range of products across different industries and applications, from engineering and motor racing to medical and catering


equipment. In fact, with an optional foam lining for additional equipment protection, 5 Star’s packing crates can be used to transport almost anything, anywhere. “As with our flight cases, our packing crates are custom-designed to the specific requirements of our customers’ products,” says 5 Star’s operations director, Ingus Lasinskis. “Like all our products, they’re designed and built quickly and efficiently, but if you want something off the shelf, we also have a range of standard sizes you can choose from.” 5 Star’s packing crates are constructed from high quality 18mm durable Oriented Strand Board (OSB) which comes from sustainable sources. OSB panels are produced by bonding layers of various wood chips and strips with adhesives, which are then laminated together using pressure and heat to create exceptional strength and durability. Plywood and composite wood blocks are other materials being used, meaning Phytosanitary Certificate is not required.

“Using OSB means we are totally confident that our packing crates can handle pretty much anything that can happen during transportation, so the products inside will arrive in the same condition they left their own manufacturers,” Ingus adds. As with all its flight cases and foam inserts, 5 Star packing crates are CNC-machined for accuracy and repeatability. The crates feature specially designed sprung metal clasps to secure the individual panels to each other, making them easy to assemble and take apart. Crates can be stored flat-packed for space saving purposes and reused again and again. Each crate comes with a pallet style fork-lift or pallet truck handling feature for easy loading and unloading. They are also available with a choice of different type industrial castors for easy movement, and with most flight case customisation features such as handles, label dishes, partitions or CNC foam inserts.

January 2022


NMi acquires UK’s Young Calibration Ltd First step of buy-and-build strategy

Young Calibration, the calibration and component testing laboratory, has been acquired by NMi Certin B.V., the measurement technology and testing expert. With their expertise in thermal fluid systems testing, component cleanliness and air flow calibration, Young Calibration will be able to support NMi’s legal metrology testing and inspection services. Working together the two companies offer an international platform for bespoke testing, inspection, and certification solutions in measurement technology. Providing services for industries such renewable energy, automotive, motorsport, pharma and zero emission applications. UKAS Accreditation Young Calibration is officially recognized by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), the national accreditation body for the United Kingdom, appointed by the British Government, to assess


organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection, and calibration services (Laboratory 0604). Calibration Services Their Laboratory houses twelve specialist flow rigs – for gas flow, air flow, water flow, oil flow and fuel flow - which are complimented with calibration and testing facilities for air velocity, pressure, temperature, humidity, electrical, mass, torque and acceleration. Two ISO Class 6 cleanrooms provide critical areas for oil free, oxygen pressure calibration services and microscopic particle analysis tasks

Young Calibration Managing Director, Adrian Young, shared, “Given anticipated industry changes and the general growth of the calibration and thermal fluid systems market, NMi is a logical partner to help accelerate our growth with further accreditation services and expansion into the legal metrology field.” For further information, contact: Marina Millington-Ward Patricia Boon

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New Series Of Pressure And Vacuum Switches With Integrated Euroswitch S.P.A. Connectors Available From PVL Can be adjusted even after weatherproof potting PVL, a leading distributor of industrial automation and safety components is pleased to announce the availability of a new series of pressure and vacuum switches with integrated EUROSWITCH S.P.A. connectors. These new products not only offer a wide range of integrated connector options but also provide the opportunity to be adjusted or recalibrated even with the connector mounted and potted for rugged weatherproofing. This allows adjustments to be made at the final stage of the production process or directly at the customer's site during system commissioning. This innovative system has been developed in-house in Euroswitch laboratories and is designed to allow a fast, accurate and efficient installation of the connector chosen for the sensor. Currently these sensors can be equipped with Deutsch DT04-2P, AMP Superseal and M12x1 connector or AMPJunior Timer and bayonet according to DIN 72585,


offering protection levels between IP67 and IP69k. In common with all Euroswitch products, these pressure switches and vacuum switches are available with numerous body, diaphragm, process connection and wiring variants. They are particularly suitable for "hard" applications, where they are exposed to moisture, water ingress, dust and mud, for example, in hydraulics, pneumatics, earthmoving, agricultural machinery or public works, as well as numerous other sectors. Steve Moorey, MD of PVL, says, “This new series of sensors can not only be supplied with a wide range of integrated EUROSWITCH connectors to suit many applications but can be readjusted on site during commissioning or if system requirements later change, even when potted for protection from the environment.”

8 - 10 March 2022 Ahoy, Rotterdam

Place yourself at the heart of the leading bulk liquid storage event

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January 2022


Alphasense joins the AMETEK family Alphasense, the Essex-based gas sensor manufacturer, is delighted to announce its acquisition by AMETEK, the global leader in electronic instruments and electromechanical devices. Founded in 1996 and celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Alphasense will continue to operate from the company’s head office and manufacturing facility in Braintree, Essex. Alphasense’s product range and day-today operations will remain unchanged, with Erik Boergesen from AMETEK MOCON joining the company in the coming weeks to oversee the transition period alongside Alphasense Interim CEO Peter Saxton. “This is a significant moment in the history of Alphasense,” said Peter Saxton. “AMETEK’s operational style and growth strategy will create new opportunities for us over the coming


years to build customer relationships around the world and develop our product range across existing and new markets. On behalf of the Gotley family, I extend my sincere thanks to colleagues past and present for their contribution to Alphasense.” AMETEK consists of two operating groups: Electronic Instruments and Electromechanical. The company employs people at numerous manufacturing, sales and service locations in the United States and in many other countries around the world. Despite the new interest and opportunities generated by the acquisition, Erik Boergesen believes

Alphasense’s existing strengths will still be the key to achieving future growth. “With the business recently turning 25 years old, we’re at a pivotal point where investment, insight and expertise from a company with AMETEK’s pedigree can help us push forward to reach new heights,” said Erik Boergesen. “Having said that, we still remain fully focused on delivering excellent product performance and outstanding customer service in our pursuit of this future growth.” For more information about Alphasense, please visit or contact For further information about AMETEK, please visit

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies, Everlube products & Coating Services Protection & life extension of your critical components throughout any crisis!

COATING SERVICES: l Thermal Spray & HVOF Coatings l Dry film lubricants - MoS2, PTFE, Graphite, WS2 l Coatings for corrosion, chemical & environmental protection l Titanium anodising l Zinc rich coatings for corrosion protection l Impingment coating processes for ultra thin solid film lubricants l Nonstick/release coatings for low coefficients of friction l Primers for rubber and plastics for sound absorbing and dampening materials l High temperature resistant coatings l Rare earth magnet coatings l Coatings for EMI/RFI shielding provide highly conductive coatings and platings to control electromagnetic interference l Ultra thin conformal parylene coating to reduce friction and protect against contamination l Pre-treatments including Ti Anodising, Phosphate Conversion Coating and Chilled Iron Blasting, Aluminum Oxide Blasting and Vapour Degreasing

Coating Services and Everlube Products ®

+44 (0)1386 425758 | |

January 2022


ESAB LAUNCHES FABRICATOR SERIES OF HEAVY-DUTY, INVERTER-BASED SYSTEMS FOR MIG/MAG AND STICK WELDING For fabrication and construction firms that need reliable and efficient welding systems that can withstand rugged industrial environments, ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced its Fabricator EM 401i, EM 401iw and EM 501w inverter-based welding power sources and associated wire feeders for MIG/MAG and flux cored welding. The 401iw and 501iw feature a factory-integrated water cooler. Fabricator controls simplify operation by optimising arc performance for the wire and gas combination selected with predefined settings, and operators can independently adjust wire feed speed and voltage at the feeder. For process flexibility, Fabricator also provides an MMA welding output. These units use inverter-based technology to increase welding performance to improve mobility with lighter weight, increase energy efficiency and offer more advanced controls to boost weld quality and productivity — all at a highly affordable price. The Fabricator EM 401i and EM 401iw have an output rating of 400 amps at 60% duty cycle. The Fabricator EM 501iw has an output rating of 500 amps at 60% duty cycle. Housed in a weather-protected IP23S-rated case, the Fabricator has an air tunnel cooling design that isolates electronics from dust, oil, metal shavings and other airborne contaminants. Thick metal side panels provide impact protection, yet the design enables easy access for service and maintenance. Large feet provide ground clearance and extra protection for the chassis, while its two ergonomic handles are crane rated. Because of their rugged design, ESAB offers a 3-year warranty on the power source and wire feeder.

primary amperage requirements; this may allow using more machines on the same circuit breaker or reduce worries about nuisance trips. All machines can operate in a wide input voltage range between 342 – 456V, 3ph, 50/60 Hz. Inverter technology also provides a faster response to changing arc conditions. Coupled with microprocess controls, inverter technology enables ESAB to incorporate additional functions to enhance welding performance while simplifying operation. Using highly visible LED displays and controls with easily understood terminology and symbols, operators start welding by selecting from one of three options: solid wire, cored wire or MMA. If a wire welding process is selected, operators then select the correct wire diameter and gas type and the Fabricator will then be set for optimised performance. Users can also adjust welding wire feed speed and voltage independently at the wire feeder. The Fabricator 400-amp models are optimised for performance with 0.8 to 1.2 mm wires, and the 500-amp model is optimised for performance with wires from 1.0 to 1.6 mm diameter.

Inverter-Based Advantages Fabricator units feature inverter-based power transformation technology. They operate at 87% electrical efficiency — a 30% improvement over stepregulated power sources — so they lower primary power consumption and are more environmentally friendly. An energy save mode reduces power consumption by 35 watts when the welder sits idle. These units also have a power factor of 0.91, which lowers


Additional controls allow operators to adjust inductance, which can reduce spatter, enhance bead wetting action and create a flatter bead profile when MIG/MAG welding in the short circuit transfer mode. Users can also set crater fill voltage and amperage at the end of the weld to prevent crater cracking, with the crater fill function activated by setting the welder in the 4T or 4T repeat mode. For MMA welding, adjustable Arc Force provides additional amperage

in low voltage situations to prevent the electrode from sticking to the work piece and can provide increased penetration. Dedicated Wire Feeders ESAB offers two dedicated wire feeders, the Fabricator Feed 304 and Fabricator Feed 304w water-cooled feeder. Quick connectors at the back of the Fabricator power source make it easy to connect to the wire feeder with quick and heavy duty connectors. Water-cooled variations feature the water cooler integrated into the power source and a quick connection for the torch. The trolley features a low, easyloading platform to hold a single gas cylinder. The Fabricator Feed 304 offers voltage and amperage (wire feed speed) control at the feeder. It features a 4-wheel feed mechanism protected by a steel case and plastic cover to shield the wire spool (up to 300 mm spools). At ESAB, we exist to shape the future of welding and cutting. We connect fabricators with the widest range of products under our industryleading brand portfolio with the latest technologies to solve virtually any industry challenge — then we back it up with our knowledge, experience and passion to help them be more productive than ever before. To learn more, visit


DLM Load Cells for Catena’s Cleanroom Client Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK) Ltd. (DLM), of Southampton, UK has delivered two load cells to Catena Inspection & Engineering Services Ltd. for use at a nuclear cleanroom site where propulsion systems are developed for the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD). The load cells, of 500kg and 1,500kg capacity, were the latest products to be delivered to the undisclosed location by Catena, of Nottinghamshire, UK, which constantly provides equipment and services to the facility, principally related to proof load testing and lifting applications. Stainless steel shackles with custom engraved asset numbers were also part of this project.

Hickling said: “Using telemetry load links and compression load cells allows us to move away from using loose weights for proof load testing when used with a hydraulic set-up; we can apply smaller, incremental loads in a more controlled manner. We can also use a load link in the line to check lifts are equally distributed and not exerting excessive unknown loads.”

Tyler Hickling, lifting and fabrication sales at Catena, explained that the order initially started with a request for load monitoring technology that could, firstly, measure low weights and, secondly, do so to an extreme degree of accuracy. DLM is a renowned manufacturer of equipment that can meet such requirements, while giving the user the ability to monitor data wirelessly, which is a further requirement of such end user environments.

These Catena-branded load cells were from DLM’s TL-3.0 family, a thirdgeneration of its popular telemetry tensile link line. The lightweight wireless tension measuring unit combines a high level of performance with a robust design for harsh environments. They are made from aerospace grade aluminium and offer a range up to 800m (over 2,600 ft.) and a huge battery life of 700 hours. Hickling pointed out that the TL-3.0 can be paired with an unlimited number of displays to one load cell or 12 load cells to one handheld display.

Hickling added: “Given the nature of the facility, there wasn’t a great deal of information provided, beyond what we needed to know to source the best possible solution, which turned out to be a pair of custom telemetry tensile links. I was only privy to the maximum weight lifted and the resolution required. They will be used separately, repeatedly, for specific lifts where the weight needs to be monitored closely.” As well as utilising load cells for proof load testing contracts, Catena is increasingly providing a range of force measurement technologies for a variety of industrial applications. DLM, a specialist in the design, manufacture, repair and calibration of load cells and load monitoring equipment, is its go-to manufacturer for product and expertise.


Martin Halford, managing director at DLM, said: “We have worked successfully with Catena for many years now, especially on MOD-type contracts where off-the-shelf solutions are not suitable and something customised is required to meet the high defence standards. In this instance, we drew on our extensive experience within the marine and offshore industry to design a stainless steel version of our popular TL-3.0 telemetry load link, suitable for the maritime defence industry. It is fantastic to be able to play a small part in supporting the UK government in keeping our waters safe, and this type of work really fits in nicely with our focus on the offshore and marine sector, which is reflective in the products and services we offer.”


January 2022

The custom DLM telemetry tensile links were of 500kg and 1,500kg capacity and for use in a cleanroom environment.


January 2022


ifm takes counting out of the PLC


he versatile new DP2302 counter module is part of a growing range of modules that ifm electronic is offering to perform commonly used functions outside a plant’s main PLC. Not only do these modules simplify the PLC code, in many cases they also reduce costs by eliminating the need to use expensive special-function PLC cards. The DP2302 can, for example, often take the place of a dedicated high-speed counter card. Specifically designed for convenient on-plant installation, the DP2302 counter can be easily configured for object counting, batch counting, consumption metering and for almost any other application requiring pulse evaluation. It can control actuators and similar loads directly or pass results to a PLC via its IO-Link interface, which is also used for programming. A built-in LED display provides local confirmation of current count values and switching status. DP2302 counters can be programmed for up- or downcounting with preset target values and can be switched between these modes via IO-Link or by using an auxiliary digital input. In addition, they offer batch counting, where the batch count is incremented every time the main count reaches a user-defined preset value. Scaling is also supported, where the increment by which the counter increases for each input pulse is defined as a fraction, the numerator and denominator of which can be set by the user to any value between 1 and 1,000. Maximum count value in all modes is 1,000,000. With compact semi-cylindrical bodies that have axially mounted M12 connectors, ifm’s DP2302 counters can be readily installed in line with plant cabling, or alternatively they can be mounted conventionally using the accessory mounting clip. Their IP67 ingress protection rating and wide operating temperature range make them suitable for use in all normal industrial environments without the need for additional protection.







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01603 788 833 |

January 2022


IDS expands Ensenso 3D camera portfolio in the lower price segment Introducing Ensenso S, camera manufacturer IDS Imaging Development Systems shows that the use of industrial-grade 3D technology does not have to be expensive. The 3D camera is particularly suitable for 3D applications that require budget-friendly, easy-to-integrate and industrial-grade camera technology. The new Ensenso S10 has an ultracompact, IP65/67protected housing and generates 3D data using laser point triangulation, supported by artificial intelligence. This makes the camera suitable for a wide range of applications – and delivers robust 3D information even in low ambient light. Ensenso S10 is equipped with a 1.6 MP Sony sensor and operates on a laserbased 3D process. A narrow-band infrared laser projector creates a highcontrast dot pattern – even on objects with difficult surfaces or in low-light environments. The camera's laser point triangulation is accelerated by a neural network and enables reliable mapping of the captured pattern points to the hard-coded positions of the projection. This results in robust and geometrically


precise 3D data with high depth accuracy. At object distances of 50 cm, the maximum deviation is only 0.6 mm. At full projector power, the Ensenso S10 3D system achieves up to 20 point clouds per second with consistently high quality and resolution. With a rugged zinc die-cast housing, a 60° field of view and a working range of 0.5 to 3 metres, the 3D camera can be used universally and is suitable for industrial applications with high cost efficiency. Combined with the proven flexibility of the Ensenso SDK, it is also quickly and easily integrated into many applications where, for example, variant objects need to be safely gripped in large numbers or obstacles need to be detected for collision-free movements of robots and UAVs. The Ensenso S10 is also at home in logistics automation as well as in robotics or in the agricultural sector. Especially highvolume and price-sensitive projects can now benefit

from 3D image processing in industrial quality. Find out more about the new 3D camera: If you would like to learn even more about 3D vision technology, you can visit the IDS Vision Channel at From discussions about current developments in 3D vision to the realisation of intelligent picking solutions, you will find a lot of interesting video content in the media library, free of charge and ondemand.

Tel: 01296 611660 Email: 26 Faraday Road, Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP19 8RU

January 2022


Multitalented IO-Link Masters Murrelektronik expands its IO-Link portfolio with the IP67 rated MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro fieldbus modules. The robust modules provide on-board diagnostics and 4A per port output current. They are available in all common protocols and also can be used independent of the fieldbus. IO-Link stands for “plug-and-play” installation in automation technology. Against a backdrop of increasingly complex production processes and plants, in which more and more data is being collected and networked, the communication standard creates maximum transparency from the sensor-actuator level all the way to the cloud. Murrelektronik has expanded its IO-Link portfolio with the IP67 rated MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro fieldbus modules. The new modules have eight multifunctional class A/B master ports, two L-coded M12 ports for supplying up to 16A of power, and are available for PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT. Fieldbus independent use is possible through OPC UA, MQTT, JSON REST API – thanks to the integrated


Standardized Master Interface (SMI). All in all, these devices lower costs and increase productivity while offering new options for service and maintenance. Installation and start up times are shortened because these modules can replace complexly wired, spaceconsuming control cabinets. In addition to pure process data (I/ Os), the new MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro modules also provide additional diagnostic data (voltage, current and temperature) for each port as well as for the entire module. This enables operators to detect anomalies and optimize their processes using data analytics. Thanks to the IIOT protocols, this is standardized and does not require a controller. The integrated A/B ports are real multitalents: The function can be configured at each pin - IO-Link, DI, DO, DIO or a combination. Automatic supply voltage switching means that the correct

voltage supply, actuator supply for DOs and sensor supply for DIs, is always used. Devices with higher energy demand are also powered directly from the module. Thanks to the 4A rating on each port, the need for an external power source is eliminated for such devices. The L-coded M12 ports allow for daisy-chaining and provide up to 2 x 16 A power which simplifies installation and reduces cable runs. A plastic and a metal housing and IP67 rating make these robust master modules. The MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro fieldbus modules round out Murrelektronik's broad IO-Link portfolio that includes masters, hubs, converters, devices and connection technology. As a system provider Murrelektronik offers everything necessary to network the controller with the sensor/actuator level using IO-Link. Everything is designed to work together, is optimized for the application, and comes from a single source.



A PERFECT PARTNERSHIP Finding the right partner for your IO-Link projects. Are you looking for an easy entry into digitalization, a universal installation system or a future-proof IIoT concept? With the Murrelektronik IO-Link system you always make the best choice – and remain flexible and independent. A system made just for you. Let’s connect! 

January 2022


Microchip to Provide Silicon Carbide MOSFETs and Digital Gate Drivers for Mersen’s SiC Power Stack Reference Design Electric vehicle, commercial transportation, renewable energy and storage system designers can benefit from silicon carbide stack solution that drives performance and cost efficiencies and accelerates time to market by up to six months E-mobility and renewable energy systems require power management solutions that drive performance and cost efficiencies in addition to speeding up development time. To keep pace with these requirements, Microchip Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: MCHP) today announced the collaboration with Mersen on their 150 kilovolt-ampere (kVA) three-phase silicon carbide Power Stack Reference Design. Mersen is a global provider of power management solutions for numerous industrial sectors including e-mobility and energy storage. Mersen’s three-phase SiC Power Stack Reference Design provides system designers with a complete, compact, highpower silicon carbide solution without the


need for individual device sourcing, testing and qualification. The Power Stack Reference Design includes Microchip’s silicon carbide power modules and digital gate drivers and Mersen’s bus bar, fuses, capacitors and thermal management, optimally designed together in a single high-performance stack reference design. With Microchip’s 1200V MSCSM120AM042CD3AG silicon carbide MOSFET and AgileSwitch® 2ASC-12A1HP digital gate driver, the Power Stack Reference Design enables engineers to rapidly develop high voltage systems using kits predesigned for their applications – reducing time to market by up to six months. “Microchip customers will benefit from our collaboration with Mersen to provide silicon

carbide MOSFETs and digital gate driver solutions,” said Leon Gross, vice president of Microchip’s discrete product business unit. “When power inverter designers can source a proven solution, they can avoid sourcing individual parts and reduce risk through reliability – and that helps avoid downtime. Designers now have an all-in-one evaluation system.” The Power Stack Reference Design provides 16 kilowatts per liter (kW/l) of power density and up to 130°C Tj, peak efficiency at 98%, with up to 20 kilohertz (kHz) switching frequency. Utilizing Microchip’s rugged silicon carbide MOSFETs and AgileSwitch family of configurable digital gate drivers, the reference design enables engineers to select


January 2022 from 700V and 1200V options in currents up to 750A. Microchip also provides a choice in module construction including baseplate material, Direct Bonding Copper (DBC) ceramic material and die attach method. “We worked closely with Microchip on the design and development of this silicon carbide Power Stack Reference Design given the availability of highly robust silicon carbide MOSFETs and compatible digital gate drivers from a single source,” said Philippe Roussel, PhD, vice president, Global Strategic Marketing Executive Expert at Mersen. “Thus, we can demonstrate our ability to optimize any inverter topologies from our customers, relying on our line of highly reliable bus bars, capacitors, fuses and cooling systems. The versatile Microchip silicon carbide line-up also gives us the capacity to extend these primary specifications to higher voltage, current and switching frequency to meet every customer’s operating point needs.” In addition to the products in Mersen’s Power Stack Reference Design, Microchip is a provider of other silicon carbide power solutions including families of MOSFETs and Schottky Barrier diodes from 650V to 1700V, available in bare die and a variety of discrete and multi-chip module packages. Microchip unifies in-house silicon carbide die production with its low-inductance power packaging and digital gate drivers enabling designers to make efficient, compact and reliable end products. These devices pair well with a comprehensive portfolio of microcontrollers (MCUs), analog and MCU peripherals, plus communication, wireless and security technology, providing system designers across many applications with proven total system solutions. Development Tools Mic roc hip’ s A g ile S witch 2ASC12A1HP 1200V dual-channel digital gate driver with Augmented Switching™ technology is production qualified and fully configurable. The AgileSwitch 2ASC-12A1HP gate driver and next-generation 2ASC-12A2HP are supported by Microchip’s Intelligent Configuration Tool (ICT), an interface allowing users to configure gate driver parameters including the gate switching profiles, system critical monitors and controller interface settings. The ICT, a free-of-charge download, saves development time. Availability For additional information on stack visit Mersen Stack Optimization Assembly, or contact a Microchip sales representative or authorized worldwide distributor. More about Microchip products is at


January 2022


Winner of the 2021 LEAP Silver Award for engineering

Subminiature connectors meet highest demands on protection and flexibility Form factor, protection degree, signal integrity – these are key features of binder’s award-winning NCC series 670 (Not Connected Closed). Thanks to a special design feature, the extremely flexible, space-saving subminiature connectors can achieve IP54 protection when unmated and IP67 when mated. Thus, they are resistant to physical contact, dust and splashing water on all sides (IP54, unmated) and dust-tight as well as protected against temporary submersion (IP67), respectively. This property is beneficial, for example, in test and measurement as well as


medical applications that are subject to limited installation space and also have special requirements for protection against environmental influences. Other applications include temperature-analyzing instruments, lighting, signage and further equipment in wash-down environments. From customer development to award-winning series product Developed more than 30 years ago as a customer-specific solution, NCC

technology soon attracted a great deal of interest. The continuing high demand prompted Markus Binder, general manager of the binder group, to make the wise and forward-looking decision to introduce the initially customer-specific NCC solution as a series product. Now the connectors of the binder 670 series have received a prestigious award: the silver medal at the ‘2021 LEAP Award’ (Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program) – an annual


January 2022

competition that recognizes particularly innovative and forward-thinking products in the design and engineering space. Twelve independent judges, including recognized engineering and academic professionals, selected the most award-worthy products from more than 100. Sponsor of the LEAP Award is the US media company WTWH Media with its publications ‘Design World’, ‘Fluid Power World’, ‘EE World’ and ‘Fastener Engineering’. Closed even when unmated Permanently protecting the pins from contact, dust and moisture under all operating conditions is a challenging task for any supplier of electromechanical connectivity solutions. In general, products achieve their specified degree of protection only when mated. If they are not connected, protective flaps or covers are used as standard market measures. For users,

however, this often means restrictions in design or handling. NCC technology, a special design feature of binder’s 670 series, overcomes these disadvantages: a spring-loaded plastic cover inside the connector housing protects the contacts from the ingress of particles, dust and splash water. It also ensures that the pins are enclosed in a contactproof manner and protected against external mechanical impact. Compared to conventional competitive products, the 670-series male cable connectors and female panel mount connectors enable particularly robust, compact and cost-saving connection solutions in harsh, demanding environments. Robust connection features frequent plugging All 670-series products are housed in a 16-mm-diameter plastic enclosure. The

5-pin NCC connectors, equipped with gold-plated contacts, are specified for a rated current of 2 A at a rated voltage of 50 V. Their bayonet lock ensures a stable connection. Thus resistant to vibrations and shock, they operate reliably at -25 °C to +85 °C. The cable outlet measures 3 mm to 5 mm in diameter, and the wire gauge is 0.25 mm2 (AWG 24). All product versions are offered with solder termination, and the panel mount variants are also offered with dip solder termination. The binder series 670 is especially designed for frequent mating and unmating – up to 1000 mating cycles and beyond. To facilitate identification and organization tasks, both the male connectors and the female panel mount connectors are available in different housing colors.



January 2022


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FLEX Series Input 90-500 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 25 A Single / Dual or 3 Phase inputs


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