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PDATE February 2022

Meet DSS Pro. The next level of dehumidification.

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PDATE February 2022

Meet DSS Pro.

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The next level of dehumidification.

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Welcome to the February issue of Engineering Update! Things are looking a lot rosier compared to last month for businesses across the UK and the US, and there are positive signs for most of Europe too. With industry everywhere still getting back on its feet, I speak to Chris Slay, Director of Skill Provision, about the continuous issue of skill shortages within the Engineering sector, and Distribution Centres speak to us about their new approach aimed at tackling increased labour problems. A continuous buzzword of the last decade has been digitisation, something we focus on regularly in one form or another, and this month we look at a number of the products facilitating this ever more demanding task. We hope you enjoy!

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February 2022



What’s trending for Distribution Centres in 2022


Boost efficiency, performance and profit with humidity control


New educational MRP videos launched

UK Distribution Centres have some major challenges if they want to keep up with demand and unprecedented rapid e-commerce growth.

Stable and reliable humidity control significantly increases efficiency, productivity, and profits in commercial and industrial environments.

Bite-sized videos covering fundamentals of MRP




Skills Provision - Experts in Recruitment

This month Engineering Update editor Taylor Owens sits down with Chris Slay, Director of Skill Provision.

Flowmeter Solutions for High-Speed Batch Dosing

Titan Enterprises has published a white paper reporting on an investigation into the use of electronic flow meters in high-speed batching processes.


Claim your FREE copy of HARTING’s User’s Guide Transportation

As a leading supplier of connectivity technology for data, signals, and power, HARTING have built strong working relationships across the rail transportation market in the UK.



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February 2022 ENGINEERING


4Sight Granted UK Patent AutoCoding Systems are delighted to announce that they have received a Certificate of Grant of Patent for their automatic print inspection solution, 4Sight.

the print is of adequate quality for the specific application. The user can decide using print quality tolerance thresholds to define what is considered a good read, bad read and poor read on a per product basis. The deeper the inspection depth, the greater the processing time, but even at the highest inspection depth with the lowest tolerances, delivering exceptional results both in terms of quality and accuracy, the speed of inspection is faster and more reliable than conventional OCR. I asked Robin why he felt there was a need for a different method for print inspection. He responded, “Having spent many years seeing vision systems at trade shows demonstrating OCR on high quality, high contrast laser printed samples, I wanted to find a different way to handle printed codes that were not so easily "readable", such as those produced by CIJ printers. After all, the majority of FMCG production lines controlled by AutoCoding Systems use inkjet printers, and these are the ones that suffer from slow degradation of print and other readability issues. I wanted to develop a system that detected printed codes that was much more than a simple presence detection and did not suffer from the usual issues associated with classical OCR.”


he innovation in print inspection was invented by Technical Director, Robin Eatch, after considering alternatives to OCR (optical character recognition) technology as a method of inspecting printed codes. Robin worked directly with SICK to develop the application which resides on the Inspector P range of SICK cameras. With AutoCoding System’s intimate knowledge of coding equipment acquired through the development of their coding management software, AutoCoding, Robin was able to build 4Sight, an application powered by SICK


AppSpace, which directly connects the SICK camera to the printer. The UK Patent Office recognised the merits of the innovation and granted the patent for Systems and Methods for Printed Code Inspection, identifying the unique aspects of the application which differentiates it from other print inspection methods. The unique feature of 4Sight is Inspection Depth which gives users the ability to define the level of quality required for their inspection. The objective is to determine, with a high level of confidence, that

So why is the patent important? Robin went on to explain, “Having developed such a system, it seemed appropriate to protect the method with a patent. The granting of the UK patent is a very important step to safeguarding the time, effort and ingenuity in the method and is a true endorsement of the originality in the process. It makes me very proud to be the named inventor of 4Sight and hope we can go on to secure worldwide patents to further protect the product.” As well as a commemorative patent plaque in recognition of his achievement, Robin received a personal letter of thanks from Brian Deck, Chairman and CEO of JBT.

Features Include:        

PLC Web Browser OPC UA Server WebView In Excess of 300 Communication Drivers Event Bar Chart Database Server SQL Query Energy Demand Display/Setting +44 (0)20 3026 2670

Lamonde Automation Limited Quality Products: Expert Advice

February 2022 ENGINEERING



reparing DCs for the coming year means understanding the onslaught of potential new business. Online sales are expected to exceed $1 trillion in 2022, according to eMarketer, which is a milestone that was not originally projected to be reached until 2024... This unprecedented growth and the labour shortage, DCs must address the management of their processes now going forward...

What’s trending for Distribution Centres in 2022

As customers continue to demand faster delivery, DCs are forced to have more inventory on hand than ever have before. “Just in time” inventory strategies no longer cut it. In 2022, DCs will pivot to “just in case” inventory strategies that will help reduce or prevent future supply chain disruptions. By holding more inventory, DCs will attempt to avoid inventory shortages faced in 2020 and 2021 due to global supply chain interruptions. Once the supply chain begins to return to normalcy, DCs will slowly transition back to typical “just in time” inventory strategies.

UK Distribution Centres (DCs) in 2022 have some major challenges if they want to keep up with demand and unprecedented rapid e-commerce growth, plus Covid-19 and Brexit has increased labour problems, which is leaving DCs struggling to find qualified workers.

Many DCs were built to pick cases of goods, place them on pallets and ship them to retailers. But now, DCs must not only fill retail shop orders, but also send out – one item, rather than a case of items – directly to a consumer. To successfully fill online, in person and phone customer orders, as well as orders for retail shops - all at once and as quickly as possible – DCs are seeking new fulfilment strategies in an effort to pivot from a classic distribution model to omni-channel distribution. More and more retailers will be utilising existing brick and mortar shop locations for fulfilment. DCs will leverage existing retail shops (or locations that have recently closed) into micro-distribution centers that are closer to customers, resulting in quicker delivery. This does come with a unique set of challenges – inventory visibility across locations, order fulfilment routing and disrupting the in-store customer experience. By 2023, same-day delivery is expected to be the standard for most e-commerce purchases, a direct result of customers who prefer to use their mobile devices for purchases and expect immediate delivery.


In the meantime, you need to figure out how to accommodate more inventory in the short-term – and automated storage and retrieval solutions can be a great solution.

footprint. For older buildings with shorter ceiling heights, these solutions can be built within an outside enclosure and accessed from within the building to create more space.

A consequence often overlooked are returns. As e-commerce retail sales are expected to increase yet again this year, so will returns. In response, DCs will be forced to focus on growing returns, particularly by streamlining the returns process to be more efficient. In 2022, DCs will look to implement automated returns processes (also known as reverse logistics) to help them identify returned items quickly, assess the items for restocking and return the value of the item to the customer.

As evidenced by each of these trends there is no doubt about it – DCs need to evolve to survive. Embracing innovation while creating a more flexible fulfilment strategy is going to help overcome the labour shortage, supply chain disruption and rapid e-commerce growth in 2022. As you prepare for the year to come, consider implementing automation to modernise your operations. Kardex Remstar offers automated storage and retrieval systems to enhance throughput and expand storage space. Kardex Remstar solutions will help overcome these challenges and provide the flexibility you need in the future.

All of this is impacted by the demand for space, DCs will look to utilise automated storage and retrieval systems to “build up” existing facilities – utilising ceiling height to get more space in the same

To download the free Distrubition Centres white paper please click here

February 2022 ENGINEERING


Toyota Material Handling and Interroll automate Imnasa’s distribution center in Spain Sant'Antonino, Switzerland/Girona, Spain, October 5, 2021. Toyota Material Handling and Interroll, have installed a powerful and efficient conveyor system for Imnasa in Campllong near Girona, Spain. Core components of the new materialhandling solution are the Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP), the RollerDrive EC 5000 and the MultiControl from Interroll. The state-of-the-art system, which spans around 360 meters, automates the flow of goods between two buildings, increases productivity, and improves customer service as well as the working environment of the personnel deployed.

The automated conveyor system for Imnasa was fully designed and installed by Toyota Material Handling. Imnasa manufactures and distributes nautical equipment from numerous brand manufacturers to businesses and private customers. With a range of over 30,000 different products, it is one of the leading players in its sector in Europe. The starting point for the new solution was the construction of a new building complex of 9,000 square meters expanding the capacity of Imnasa’s distribution center. To seamlessly integrate the different work processes within the already existing and new buildings, the two sites were connected by a 360-meter-long conveyor system in a tunnel. Using a zero-pressure-accumulation materialhandling solution, the diverse goods are thereby automatically routed between the picking area in the existing building via the respective packing stations to the shipment area in the new building. "The new solution has not only enabled us to significantly increase the capacity and productivity of our distibution center. We have also succeeded in further increasing customer satisfaction


through faster and more reliable deliveries. In addition, the new solution now offers our employees significantly improved work ergonomics," explains Pol Revuelta, Project Manager at Imnasa. A total of around 250 EC 5000 RollerDrive and 120 MultiControl from Interroll are used for the energy-saving transport of boxes and totes via driven roller and belt conveyors. "Thanks to the excellent and smooth cooperation of all parties involved, the entire project—from planning to commissioning—was realized in a short time. The quality and modular flexibility of the Interroll products as well as the commitment of the Interroll experts involved played a key role in this success," reports Ana Lorente, Project Manager at Toyota Material Handling. Contact: Martin Regnet Interroll (Switzerland) AG Head of Communications & Investor Relations Via Gorelle 3 | 6592 Sant'Antonino | Switzerland


The AZM150 solenoid interlock can be combined with three different actuators for different installation situations: a straight actuator for sliding doors, an angled actuator for large revolving doors and a movable actuator for smaller revolving doors. One of the plus points of the interlock is the rotating actuator head which can be locked simply by putting the lid on rather than a screw fitting. The rotating actuator head has two feeder slots to enable a range of installation positions and approach options. This makes the interlock really flexible to use. The AZM150 is an electromechanical design which can be combined with high safety standards. The interlock comes with a low coding level as standard but is also available with an optional high coding level. The benefit for users: In accordance with ISO 14119, a higher coding requires fewer measures to prevent the bypassing of locking mechanisms, such as fitting out of range or in a concealed position. Schmersal is the only manufacturer which can offer electromechanical safety switches and solenoid interlocks with high coding levels. Scan the QR code to see the AZM150 in action or visit our website for more information.

SCHMERSAL | Enigma Business Park Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 1GL

February 2022 ENGINEERING


FP Smooth Flow Pumps – Low in Pulsation, High in Efficiency KNF is bringing some much-needed calm to the world with its family of Smooth Flow liquid pumps. The FP product family combines the established strengths of KNF diaphragm pump technology – self-priming and dry-running ability, gentle and clean liquid transfer, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance – with the smooth flow normally associated with gear and centrifugal pump technologies. This unique combination makes the FP family of pumps a tempting all round package for customers in all markets, where reliable and gentle transfer of precious liquids is key.

Another benefit is the reduced risk of bubble formation and foaming, which helps to keep the liquid in a stable state and therefore increases the reliability of the customer’s processes.

The integrated low-pulsation technology generates customer value in many ways.

Integrating a pump into a system with additional pulsation damping elements and extra fittings and tubing can be challenging where space is limited, and the extra components add cost and complexity. The FP family solves these problems by having all the necessary damping technology integrated.

First and foremost, it improves the efficiency of the pump and the customer’s fluidic system. Due to the smooth and steady flow, the impedance of the customer’s fluid system is greatly reduced and therefore flow performance is significantly improved. This can be a crucial factor if small bore tubing is used in the customer’s system.


Most fluid systems incorporate other components, such as filters and sensors, which are also positively affected by the low pulsation. Lower pressure means less stress on these parts, which results in a longer lifetime.

To match the customer’s control and lifetime requirements, the FP pumps can be equipped with motors ranging from high-end programmable BLDC motors to lower-end brushed DC motors. Furthermore, our programmable BLDC motors can be configured to provide customerspecific control behaviour and individual pump calibration, delivering precise and consistent performance from every pump. Along with a wide selection of elastomers such as EPDM, PTFE, FFKM and FKM, different hydraulic connectors such as compression fittings, push-in fittings, inside threads or hose barbs, the pump may be further customised according to the customer’s needs.

To learn more about our Smooth Flow pump solutions please visit


Series 35X


IS THE OPTION Pressure Ranges 0…0,3 to 0…1000 bar Accuracy ±0,05 %FS

Total Error Band ±0,1 %FS @ -10…80 °C Interfaces RS485, 4…20 mA, 0…10 V Operational Temperature Range -40…120 °C

we make ideas come to life

RMIG is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal and its related products. We know our customers’ requirements for price and quality and meet their demands with uncompromising service. Not only do we offer standard and bespoke perforated metal sheets, we are able to offer you a range of secondary operations as detailed below. Complete solutions With a continued investment in the latest equipment and a network of professional partners we are able to produce prime quality products and solutions – from a simple perforated sheet to the fully formed and coated custom made part.

Cutting We can cut and shape perforated sheet to meet the needs of your final application. Levelling For some applications a high degree of flatness is required, we have processes in place to ensure our perforated coils and sheets meet with your most demanding requirements. Rolling and forming We can roll, bend and form perforated sheets to match your design. Aesthetic finishes and protective coating We can offer powder coating and hot dip galvanizing solutions to meet your specifications.

For more information please contact us tel: 01925 839610 | email: |


February 2022 ENGINEERING


Boost efficiency, performance and profit with humidity control By John Barker, Managing Director at Humidity Solutions Stable and reliable humidity control significantly increases efficiency, productivity, and profits in commercial and industrial environments. It has been scientifically proven that relative humidity levels between 40-60% improves mechanical, electrical and human performance. Industrial processes like manufacturing rely on stable humidity levels to ensure optimal performance of machinery, improve running speeds, glue curing, anti-static and reduce breakdowns. Manufacturing is a delicate process, often with a lot of tight specifications to work to, but depending on what is being manufactured, a lot of the issues faced will depend on individual specialisms. In many commercial and industrial environments, a balance of both humidification and cooling may be required, particularly for applications which generate excess heat and have a negative impact on occupants, production or materials. The environmental demands and regulations vary widely for different applications

and depend on the precise nature of the building or facility. There are clear benefits to working with specialists in this field who have experience in each type of application and are not tied to a particular manufacturer – to be able to recommend tailored solutions that use the most appropriate products in the best way.

Humidity Solutions is the UK’s leading independent specialist in humidity control, offering a range of humidifiers and dehumidifiers from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of sales and aftersales engineers who can design a bespoke solution for each unique application, and supply, install and maintain the equipment throughout its life. This end-to-end solution offers unbiased advice, streamlining the process and helping customers to protect their greatest assets: be that people or equipment – or both. Contact us to discuss your requirements today. 01372571200






• Multi-mode accurate measuring including heavily • • • •

corroded metals with a thin or no coating Light, intuitive, reliable material thickness gauge Large sunlight readable display with Live A-scan Sequential data-logging for easy reporting/analysis Safe operation in explosive atmospheres: Class 1, Division 2, Group D locations only, as defined in NFPA 70, Article 500




February 2022 ENGINEERING


Munters DSS Pro offers the next level of dehumidification Munters DSS Pro represents an evolutionary leap forward from the market-leading Munters DSS dehumidification system, with performance upgrades that make a real difference. It will provide users the right climate more efficiently than ever before.


uitable for indoor or outdoor installation, Munters DSS Pro is designed for a wide range of industries that demand dehumidification efficiencies such as pharmaceutical, food, and battery applications. Equipped with the Munters custom configured control system, the DSS Pro offers full function integration, delivering the perfect climate whenever and wherever it´s needed. It comes in twenty configurable sizes with three different desiccant rotor types. The DSS Pro offers key energy-saving features. It consumes up to 30% less energy with its Green PowerPurge™

and when it’s time to transition to renewable energy the DSS Pro is ready for a seamless switch. Another positive energy saving feature is the new AirPro casing, an innovative enclosure that significantly improves durability, reduces air leakage, and reduces energy consumption. When it comes to size, the DSS Pro offers a reduced physical footprint, which makes the system more convenient to install and can free up much-needed space that can be used to generate revenue. Munters offers more than a benchmark dehumidification system

with the DSS Pro. As a partner with the knowledge and expertise to ensure indoor climate is always exactly as it needs to be, Munters provides support from design and quotation to ongoing service from our offices all over the world. “DSS Pro provides reliable and consistent operations, reduced system footprint and a positive effect on the bottom line”, says Sander Hielkema, Product Manager Systems EMEA, Munters. “Our innovative and intuitive selection tool Genesys ensures you get the right Munters solution for your specific needs. It delivers all the technical specifications for installation, start-up and lifecycle of the product, right from the start. Changes are easily made with this smart tool, and we can serve our customers better and more efficiently. Developed for Europe and Asia, the system is the result of a true team effort with the world’s best climate control engineers partnering with our customers to make this a reality,” concludes Sander Hielkema.


Meet DSS Pro.

The next level of dehumidification Munters DSS Pro is an evolutionary leap forward from the marketleading DSS dehumidification system. Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, the DSS Pro is equipped with a range of improvements inside and out to ensure that it can provide you with the perfect climate whenever and wherever it´s needed. More efficiently than ever before. Our new AirPro casing offers significantly improved durability and reduced air leakage, while consuming up to 30% less energy with its Green PowerPurge™.

Munters / +44 1480 432243 /

February 2022 ENGINEERING


Crystal Display Systems agrees European Distribution Agreement with General Touch Crystal Display Systems, the displays specialist, have teamed up with General Touch to supply their range of touchscreen monitors in the UK and other territories. Crystal Display Systems is proud to announce that it has agreed a significant distribution agreement with China based General Touch, the touchscreen monitor, curved monitor, and Halo LED edge lit monitor manufacturer. CDS, with its excellent displays’ knowledge, technical support and stockholding facilities will focus on the General Touch range of touchscreen monitors, curved monitors, Halo LED edge lit monitors including sample availability, stockholding and full after sales support directly from its UK Headquarters in the historical UK city of Rochester. CDS has a global footprint and can unfold many opportunities for the General Touch products and the Chinese partner also appreciates this which is why it has partnered directly with the UK based displays specialist and will support CDS and its customers in every way possible. Mike Leary from General Touch adds “with many years of knowledge, focus and experience in the field of Touch Display Solutions, I am confident that CDS will assist General Touch in generating a solid market presence. Together, we offer a very diverse and competitive range of Touch Display Monitors. With our customer focused approach to offer a good level of flexibility, when it comes to customisation, we aim to provide our customers with the best service and Touch Display options across many markets.”


CDS will prioritise specific product ranges and solutions to get the required focus and information available which gives CDS customer base a solution for 99% of their applications. For more information including data sheets and pricing etc. please email CDS at or call the headquarters on +44 (0) 1634 791 600 but more details can be found at


> Corrosion resistant for up to 1000 hours in salt spray > Manufactured from a premium alloy with less than 0.1% copper content for corrosion resistance > IP tessng performed aaer impact tessng to verify the seal is maintained when the enclosure is treated roughly > Impact resistant up to 7 Joules > Reusable seals (Up to 200 compressions)

Dixon Loading Arm & Accessories Quality components, efficient design

Overcome some of the typical issues and complications faced in the transfer of liquids with Dixon’s new loading arm. • • •

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Configured and built to a customer’s specification Innovative counterbalance mechanism Easily maintained and adjusted

Reques t our brochu re

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February 2022 ENGINEERING


New educational MRP videos launched Bite-sized videos covering the fundamentals of MRP 123 Insight has released a series of educational videos covering the fundamentals of MRP, aimed at companies looking to understand more about what manufacturing software can do for their business.

Initially launching with eight videos, topics covered range from covering a short history of MRP, common implementation mistakes, how MRP and lean manufacturing can work hand in hand, elements of an MRP system and bringing structure to your MRP system. Simon Badger, Managing Director, said; “The thought of either implementing MRP for the first time or replacing an existing system can leave many feeling in the dark. These videos are designed to give viewers a ‘quick hit’ of information, giving them a basic understanding of each video’s subject matter and shining a light on where they can find out more


information in order to take the next step. They can then either request access to our free MRP demo movies or attend one of our online or local educational events.” The videos can be viewed at More videos will be released each month, all with the aim of making MRP more accessible to those that have either yet to implement MRP or that are struggling with an existing sytem. Users can also subscribe to the 123insight YouTube channel to be notified automatically when new videos are released.

Considering manufacturing so�ware? Two online ways to evaluate MRP

INFO Exchange

Evalua on Workshop

A �uick so�ware overview Good introduc on to MRP Typically a larger group

In-depth so�ware walkthrough Q&A session a�erwards Typically a smaller group

See what a manufacturing system should be doing for your business. Whether you are considering manufacturing so�ware for the first me or looking to replace an exis ng system, we have created two online events to help you gain a be er understanding of what MRP can do for your business, in terms of efficiencies, cost savings and traceability. The INFO Exchange gives you a taster in 50 minutes, allowing you to see the 123insight so�ware and MRP in ac on. The 2½ hour Evalua on Workshop gives you a deeper look with a Q&A session at the end, allowing you to make a decision and move forward. You will also receive a free copy of our book ‘How to implement a manufacturing system’ just for a ending. Alterna vely, register to get access to our online Demo Movies, broken down by job role, which explain what 123insight will do for each department in your business.

Book to a end at Advanced Simplicity ®

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Free book on implemen ng MRP when you a end.

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Engineering the future Celebrating the best in UK engineering excellence and innovation

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Inspiring keynotes, exclusive interviews and debates on digital transformation, automation, skills gap, brexit, cyber security and more CPD accredited case study led workshops Showcase of Britain’s market leading suppliers of the latest products and services

There has never been a more important time for our sector to pull together, to create a shared agenda, help promote and encourage manufacturing and engineering innovation and see our sectors grow. Manufacturing and Engineering Week will do exactly that and I am delighted that MAKE UK are a partner for this groundbreaking event.” _ Stephen Phipson, CBE, Chief Executive, MAKE UK

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February 2022 ENGINEERING


Reed switches, relays, and sensors from Coto Technology American manufacturer’s products are now available from TME’s catalogue. Regular magnets are an irreplaceable solution in many applications in the field of electromechanics. They are used in simple automation (door closing sensors), as well as in more elaborate systems, for objects positioning or as a part of rotational speed sensors (and all kinds of tachometers). For detection of a magnetic field, reed switches are most often used. Their design is really simple: contacts are placed in a hermetically sealed glass bubble – the presence of a magnet causes one of the contacts to move and to close the circuit. Both reed switches and reed relays related to them take advantage of this technology. Thanks to the tight sealing and the small distance between the contacts, these components have a great longevity and work very fast. Their semiconductor equivalent are magnetoresistive sensors, in which the resistances changes depending on the strength of the magnetic field. All of the aforementioned solutions – widely applied in industry as well as in everyday use devices – are made with the use of elaborate and precise manufacturing processes. That is why suppliers of reed switches, reed relays, and similar products are usually highly specialised companies. One of such manufacturers is Coto Technology, whose solutions are the newest addition to TME’s catalogue.


Reed Relays

2211-05-301 COTO reed relays are closed in a steel package

The brand and range of Coto Technology products Coto Technology is an American company that has been operating for more than 100 years. It offers, among other things, semiconductor magnetic field sensors and many products based on reed switches. Below, you can see the manufacturer’s first products in our offer. We invite you to read the text and browse through the range of these products in our catalogue:

Coto Technology Products Reed relays The reed relays have plenty of assets – great longevity, fast switching, and tightness. They can work in high voltage circuits (for Coto Technology components it is up to 3.5kV AC or 7.5kV DC). The only downside, when compared to the electromagnetic solutions, is lower maximum current, which can’t exceed 5A in the case of this... Continues on page 26

WHAT’S MORE IMPORTANT THAN A MILLION RADAR SENSORS? ONE MILLION SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. After 30 very successful years in radar measurement technology and 1 million sensors sold, an exciting new chapter is about to begin. Watch this space, so you don’t miss out as we write the next pages in this best-selling story.

February 2022 ENGINEERING


The range of Coto Technology sensors available from the TME’s catalogue includes components that are designed to work with frequencies up to 10kHz, these components are unipolar, bipolar and omnipolar. Additionally, they have an excellent thermal tolerance – from -40°C to 85°C.

Magnetic Sensors

Reed switches Standard reed switches by Coto Technology are adapted to work with a voltage of up to 200V DC and 140V AC, and the maximum switched power equals 5W or 10W (depending on the model). These are components with normally open contacts (SPST-NO), adapted for automated installation in SMT processes. They are known for their hard casing and great longevity.

RR132-2E32-551 Magnetic sensor in the SOT23-3 package.

range of products. To protect the contacts from the influence of outside magnetic radiation, the casings of the relays are made out of stainless steel and they act as a screen. Coto Technology products are available in many sizes – with the length from 9.77mm to 71.12mm. They are also available in variants for through-hole mounting with a pin pitch from 1.02mm to 5.08mm (also in single-row SIP packages) . These components are characterised by low contact resistance, even 80mΩ. The devices can be controlled by voltage from 5V to 24V DC, while the coil resistance is from 110Ω to 1.5kV. It is also worth mentioning that all Coto Technology relays are factory-tested individually, which significantly lowers the possibility of the occurrence of defective products.

Reed relay with the approx. dimensions of 2x3x12mm. operate in logic circuits and in common instruments such as tachometers, proximity sensors, liquid level sensor, open/close sensors and many more. Since their average power consumption doesn’t exceed 1µA with the power supply from 1.7V to 5.5V (selected models), they will work great with mobile applications, for example those related to IoT.

Reed Switches

Magnetic sensors Coto Technology magnetic sensors are miniature components designed for surface mounting (SMD). They have a linear voltage characteristic (magnetoresistive operation). They are perfect for all kinds of devices: medical, consumer and industrial ones, and even for circuits used in the automotive industry. They can be easily adapted to

CT10-1530-G1 Reed relay with the approx. dimensions of 2x3x12mm. 26|

Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






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Monitoring the world

February 2022 ENGINEERING


The optimum installation torque – challenges and opportunities of virtual engineering Achieving the right installation torque with a virtual calculation


etermining the required installation torque for a tight flange system is a daily challenge for industrial valve manufacturers and plant operators alike. All of the components in the flange system have their own individual installation requirements. Environmental requirements, such as evidence according to TA Luft, add further difficulty to the project. The collaboration between manufacturers of individual components and the plant operator for a holistic approach is crucial to bring everything into harmony. The German rupture disc manufacturer REMBE already recognised this task at an early stage and has long been committed to complying with its customers’ installation requirements. What exactly this challenge entails and what possible solutions are available are described in this article. There are generally different approaches when it comes to selecting the required installation torque. Alongside manufacturer information for individual components, there are calculation standards such as DIN EN 1591-1 or the AD 2000 set of rules, with which conventional flange systems can be calculated analytically. A conventional flange system (see figure 1, left) according to the stated calculation standards is defined as a flange inlet (flange I), flange outlet (flange O), gasket and connecting elements (e.g. bolts). In practice, a

flange system is often expanded by additional components (cf. figure 1, right). This can be a pressure protection mechanism, such as a rupture disc. A rupture disc is usually installed with a mounting unit (hereinafter called a holder), consisting of a holder inlet (holder I) and holder outlet (holder O). A second gasket (gasket I) is also required. In this case, four additional components must be taken into account at once. The conventional/stated calculation standards become invalid for these expanded flange systems as the equations underlying these standards do not take any additional components into account. All of the required calculations stated above for configuring the installation torque cannot currently be performed with sufficient precision using analytical calculation principles. In order to take into account, the complexity and the ever greater challenges on the configuration of the installation torque, REMBE makes use of virtual engineering with the finite elements method. This makes it possible to depict the flange system including all (additional) components as a digital twin and thus simulate its mechanical behaviour before manufacture and commissioning. With this digital twin, the mutual influences of all of the components are thus taken into account in advance before being brought together in reality.

Fig. 1: Comparison of conventional flange system (left) and flange system with rupture disc and holder (right)


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HellermannTyton Heat Shrink Tubing available from stock at market beating prices from Lane Electronics High Performance Heat Shrink Tubing for Motorsport, Aerospace and more

Lane Electronics, a leading franchised distributor for many of the industry’s major electrical and electronic connector manufacturers, can offer a wide range of high-performance HellermannTyton heat shrink tubing products for immediate shipment from stock at highly competitive prices. Developed for demanding applications the SE28 Series is increasingly being used by designers across the motorsport, aerospace, defence and railway sectors. Customers can order HellermannTyton SE28 heat shrink tubing, by the reel or metre online 24/7 with same day shipping from stock, depending on time order is received. Nick Wheeler, Sales Director of Lane Electronics says, “Our current stock holding means we are in a strong position to offer our customers immediate delivery and attractive prices that have not risen in


a materials supply environment that is typically seeing long lead-times and high price increases.” HellermannTyton’s SE28 Series heat shrink tubing is designed to protect cable and cable harnesses from mechanical damage such as abrasion and resist a wide range of destructive fluids including diesel and aviation fuels, and fluids found in hydraulic systems. Made from crosslinked elastomer with an operating temperature range of -75ºC to +150ºC the ultra-wide temperature range makes the tubing ideal for applications across most motorsport platforms, and as with DR-25, SE28 tubing is qualified to VG95343T05D. The SE28 high performance elastomeric 2:1 heat-shrink tubing is available from Lane Motorsport, a specialist division of Lane Electronics,

and is a direct equivalent to the popular DR25 tubing. It is currently available from stock in sizes 3.2/1.6, 4.8/2.4, 6.4/3.2, 9.5/4.8, 12.7/6.4, 19.0/9.5, 24.4/12.7, 38.0/19.0 and 51.0/24.4mm. To see the complete range of products for the Motorsport sector please visit products/market-sector/motorsport With a multi-million-pound connector and piece-part stockholding and nextday delivery, Lane Electronics are the preferred source across many industry sectors including motorsport, defence, avionics, marine, communications, medical, test and measurement, general industrial and geophysical. For more information call +44 (0) 1403 790 661, email or visit



Series 7L

Pressure Ranges 0…5 to 0…200 bar Accuracy ±0,5 %FS Long Term Stability ±0,25 %FS Dimensions ø 15 mm x 5 mm Operational Temperature Range -20…100°C KRUK half page page generic(2).pdf




Multi-skilled high performers.... Kawasaki robots deliver high-performance, reliably and consistantly, for the widest range of manufacturing applications. From high-speed precision assembly to taking the strain of handling ultra heavy products, there are Kawasaki robots world-wide helping businesses achieve their maximum potential.

Contact us now to discover more about practical and affordable leasing terms on all new Kawasaki robots. +44 (0)1925 713000

Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd |31

February 2022 ENGINEERING

This month Engineering Update editor Taylor Owens sits down with Chris Slay, Director of Skill Provision. We discussed the continuous issue regarding skill shortages within the engineering sector. Hi Chris, thank you so much for taking the time out to sit with us today. I would like to firstly ask for a brief introduction to Skills Provision. Can you give our readers an insight into what you do as a business?

heavy so many clients chose to outsource. Again, we can introduce you to specialist lawyers that will undertake the work for you, but original documentation must come from the employer.

A – We are a global recruiter. Through our network we currently cover 187 countries which is about 95% of the world. If a client needs to move very quickly into a new territory, we can get this underway within days in most sectors using “employers of record”. Whilst partners manage this aspect we get stuck into the recruitment once we have been fully briefed by the client and we are confident they are ready to recruit.

Couple this with a recruitment contract and the search for new talent can start but realistically from the date of signature of a contract and getting the license underway you need to allow 60-90 days for delivery. Reinforcing the need for proper corporate planning.

Q - We are aware there has been a shortage for some time within the engineering sector here in the UK. Can you let our readers know what your mission is to bridge the gap? A – Largely education. The government has provided tools that cover virtually every job description within in the engineering sector but there are processes that are unavoidable that have to be followed and costs that need to be paid but it is a clear pathway to tackling skills shortages here in the UK but it needs detailed corporate planning and commitment which is something UK PLC has not had to do previously when there was visa free access to European Union nationals. Put simply as an Engineering company leader you need to get in an application into the government for a license as soon as possible if you see hiring challenges ahead. None of it is complicated but it is paperwork


Secondly automation. In business every time you touch something it costs you money. Are processes necessary? Do they add value? Can they be automated reducing or changing the workforce need? Q – Aren’t you shooting yourself in the foot here? If processes are automated will recruitment services be required? A – At Skills Provision we play the long game. Ultimately the stronger our clients are the better it is for us. Requirements will change as routines are changed and lower-level jobs are eliminated raising the quality of people needed. This helps both our clients and Skills Provision, but the full benefits cannot be covered in a short interview. Q. What are the costs? A – It is not cheap, and it isn’t fast. Let me provide you will a table that you can share with readers. This we will try to simplify, but it takes some comprehension even if you are dealing with this on a daily basis. This is why we offer a cost-free consultation, but definitive numbers can not be given


until a client decides on the offer they wish to make. What employers need to think about is that without the right employees the business future is grim, especially with an aging workforce and a lack of local skills. Do employers really have an option? Even with full government support it will take at least a decade to replace lost skills let alone developing those needed into the future. We all now live in a global village and UKPLC is competing for skills internationally and contract offers need to be internationally competitive. Skilled employees have free choice and will understandably chose the best overall package available to them. We are here to help and aim to grow our businesses together with our clients. Q - We are now two months in to 2022. What changes would you like to see from government to entice young people to start a career in engineering? A – It would be lovely to think that the government is some kind of fairy godmother with an answer to everything but there is one thing they should do in my opinion and that is to look at the STEM shortages (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) + healthcare and say that if graduates work for British industry for a set period their student loans would be written off over say 5-10 years. We seriously need to grow our own talent. Q - Do Employers need to engage with an immigration expert on visa processes immigration ?


Sponsor Licence - Licence validity for 4 years Stage 1 – Licence

Fees / disbursements

Who you paying to

Who is responsible

1. Sponsor licence Fee

£536 – Small companies Fees for the Govt – £1476 – Medium and Large companies* UKVI

Company /Sponsor

2. Priority service fees

£500 – to process the application within 10 days

Fees for the Govt – UKVI

Company / Sponsor

3. Legal fee

£3000 + VAT - Small companies £4000 + VAT - Medium and Large companies*

Fees for SRL

Company / Sponsor

4. Admin fee

£30 + VAT

Fees for SRL

Company / Sponsor

Fees for the Govt – UKVI

Company /Sponsor

Stage 2 – Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) 1. COS fee

£199 per COS per candidate

2. Immigration Skill Surcharge

£364 for a year £1000 for a year –Medium / Large companies *

Fees for the Govt – UKVI

Company /Sponsor • You can have the option of employee paying this at the time of the application but employer to refund on an annual basis, OR • Employer could pay and have the option to deduct from his salary if the employee decides to leave

3. Legal fee

£200 + VAT or reduced the annual retainer –* Please request details

Fees for SRL

Company / Sponsor

Stage 3 – Visa application process 1. Visa application fees

£650 for up to 3 years £1250 over 3 years and up to 5 years

Fees for the Govt – UKVI

The candidate/employee

2. NHS Surcharge

£624 for a year

Fees for the Govt – UKVI

The candidate/employee

3. Legal fee

£1200 + VAT or reduced the annual retainer – Please request details

Fees for SRL

Company /Sponsor

It is a complex area and we work with specialist partners such as Silk Route Legal which provide the table for this article. Immigration is a legal process and professional advice, whilst optional, is recommended. Q - One thing we are an advocate for here is women in engineering, are there any initiatives to look out for in the industry to get more women involved? A – With the use of technology this will come. Again, employers should hire the bast candidate irrespective of gender. Q - At Skills Provision we know that you and the team work tirelessly to involve as many people as possible to learn new skills, do you have anything for the engineering sector that our readers should be looking out for?

Also, what is the best way to get in contact? A – There are about 1.2 million businesses in the UK but less than 50,000 hold licences either through a lack of awareness of the Skills Shortage list or the unwillingness to roll up their sleeves and to get on board a process that will solve their skills shortages. A strange statement to make but that is the reality as we approach Spring 2022. Fastest way to make contact is to use the chat facility or a contact form at

you send a message to young people who are aspiring to join the world of engineering? A – The UK lead the industrial revolution. Brits are some of the most creative innovators in the world of Engineering, but historically the UK Government has been slow to support British entrepreneurialism. Getting Engineering skills will set you up for life whether you want to work in the UK or globally. Use your time well at university and look at future fields like automation and robotics which are the future of engineering.

Thank you very much for your time today, Chris, it has been a pleasure speaking with you. In summary, can


February 2022 ENGINEERING


Advanced Engineering returns to the NEC in November 2022 The UK’s leading annual gathering of engineering and manufacturing supply chain professionals will return to the NEC, Birmingham on November 2 and 3 2022.


ringing together thousands of attendees from OEMs, tier 1 manufacturers, and supply chain partners, Advanced Engineering is the UK’s leading annual advanced engineering and manufacturing event, promoting supply chain business and technology transfer across any sector that involves high-value manufacturing, R & D and innovation.

Building on the recent success of the 2021 show, which attracted over 7,000 professionals, Advanced Engineering is the place to present exciting products, services, and systems to a collective audience of decision-makers from all industries. Over 75% of exhibitors said they would return for 2022, and 83% of exhibitors would recommend the event. “We’ve had a brilliant show,” said Lisa Bingley, Operations Director at MIRA Technology Institute at the 2021 event; “it’s been busy and it’s great to get back to a live event. We’ve had some really good quality interest whilst we’ve been here, and we’ve already booked for next year!”

The show focuses on all aspects of engineering across a wide range of sectors including space and satellite, aerospace, automotive, composites, marine, medical and more. Advanced Engineering also hosts the Enabling Innovation zone, dedicated to start-ups displaying the newest and most innovative technologies. Advanced Engineering will again be co-located with its sister show, Lab Innovations, allowing visitors to move freely between the two shows and exhibitors from both shows can benefit from the merging of two relevant audiences. This year also sees the addition of the new Product Testing and Quality Control zone on the show floor. With networking opportunities as a key focus of the event, the Connect matchmaking service is available to all exhibitors, allowing them to pre-arrange meetings with key visitors at the show to make the most of the two days. Stand space is fast filling up – to enquire to exhibit or to be the first to hear when registration opens visit


2 & 3 November 2022 | NEC Birmingham

The UK’s LEADING annual gathering of OEMs and engineering and manufacturing supply chain professionals An absolutely outstanding event! We’ve met many great people who we will be looking to work with in the future, and overall it has been a very successful couple of days.. Matt Travis, Engineering Manager, JCB

Scan the QR code to discover the event

Association partners Composites


Trade Association | +44 (0)20 3196 4300

Co-located with

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recommended suppliers WWW.HONE-ALL.CO.UK









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Flowmeter Solutions for High-Speed Batch Dosing Titan Enterprises has published a white paper reporting on an investigation into the use of electronic flow meters in high-speed batching processes.


igh-speed batch dosing in filling lines, typically seen within the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, is a modern process that increases production throughput and efficiency, as well as saving on cleaning costs associated with traditional batching processes. Historically, small turbine flowmeters have satisfied markets where reasonable volume batching is used, such as beer wall dispensing or ultra-pure water dispensing. These flow measurement devices have excellent response times and are highly effective for low viscosity dosing systems. However, turbine flowmeters do have moving parts within the flow line which can limit the life of the flow device due to mechanical wear and tear. Mechanical devices also require hygienic cleaning which adds to downtime and associated cost implications. For processes requiring high-speed integrated batch dosing, ultrasonic flow meters, such as Titan’s Atrato® flow meter, provide an easy-toclean system with no moving parts. However, as with all electronic flow devices, there is a trade-off between response time and affordability.


Titan’s white paper highlights some of the issues raised when using electronic flow meters for high-speed batching. The aim of the investigative trials was to determine the optimum results for high-speed (at sub three second) batching using an electronic flow meter that can be achieved with an accuracy higher than ±0.5%. Titan worked with their ultrasonic device, the Atrato®, to resolve these and achieve a cost-effective solution for high accuracy, rapid batch control.


Significant increases in high-speed batching performance were shown using the Atrato® ultrasonic flowmeter, together with bespoke AI learning software, and an appropriate system set-up in laboratory conditions. Neil Hannay, Titan’s Senior R&D Engineer, said “Our Research and Development is driven by helping our customers address challenges within their process systems. This could be enhancing existing technology and performance, trialling different materials and characteristics, or designing new flow measurement devices to meet specific customer needs and liquid flow conditions.” Through its on-going customer-focused R&D, Titan is optimising its flow meter product line to develop solutions for OEM customer applications and general industry systems. To read the full article on High-Speed Batching, visit flowmeter-solutions-for-high-speed-batchdosing/. For further information on the Atrato® ultrasonic flowmeter please visit To discuss an optimised flow measurement device for your liquid dispensing application please contact Titan Enterprises on +44 (0)1935 812790 or email

White Paper:


Fluid Carrying

Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond. Vacuum to over 20,000psi. Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.


Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY | UK

+44(0)1663 735003



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has recently launched the brand new E2CF and Pro3 Series! E2CF E2CF is an industrial desktop 3D printer developed by Raise3D for carbon fiber-reinforced filaments and other composite materials. This IDEX equipped 3D printer is enhanced for 3D printing carbon fiber reinforced filaments through the use of new silicon carbide nozzles and Raise3D’s Dual direct Drive Extrusion system which includes a custom gear tooth profile which will firmly hold the filament. These


enhancements ensure increased print stability and a more durable and long lasting, reliable solution for filled composite thermo polymer 3Dprinting. Carbon fiber filament has low density, high strength, and it is resistant to corrosion, static electricity and high temperature. It has a wide potential for application in industries that need considerable strength-to-weight ratio in their solutions.


Pro 3 Series Forged from the Pro2 Series, Raise3D’s newly launched Pro3 Series 3D printers meet the needs of both production and multi-sized rapid prototyping, with high precision and round-the-clock stable operation, fulfilling the requirements of large-scale production and multi-sized rapid prototyping. A high-quality printer design that includes enhanced features and a smart assistant system known as EVE, all of which make the Pro3 Series an excellent option for professional 3D printing. With new and improved features such as: •

Independent Modular Extruder with Detachable Hot End

Flexible build plate

Auto bed leveling

Lightweight cable with digital temperature measurement

Air flow manager & HEPA Air Filter

EVE Smart Assistant

3DGBIRE aims to provide a 360-degree service, we don’t just supply the most innovative 3DGBIRE certified Additive Manufacturing equipment we offer personalised consultations, application design consultations, advanced AM training, lifetime technical support and even a print bureau service to support in peak times, to enable you and your business to get the most from these groundbreaking technologies!

Book a free consultation to see how you can adopt additive manufacturing into your business: Website: Email: Telephone: 01257 228411


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BPMA’s e-Learning – the first and still the best Some years ago, the British Pump Manufacturers’ Association – the organisation which represents the interests of UK and Irish suppliers of liquid pumps - launched an initiative in e-learning for the pump industry. It was the first suite of truly independent pumping technology training, which is still revered worldwide today.


ndependently accredited and qualitycontrolled by the NOCN these courses are offered in accordance with Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examination’s Regulation). It is thought to be the first such accreditation for the pump sector globally. The initiative also forms part of the UK government's educational framework.

Who are the NOCN and the RQF? NOCN is a market-leading international Awarding Organisation (AO) and Government-approved End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) that has been creating opportunities for 30 years. NOCN Group includes NOCN, NOCN India Skills Foundation, C Skills Awards and One Awards. For more information, go to

Key Features • Industry recognised courses • Professionally voiced, easy to follow • Accessed from anywhere through a Web Browser • Easy registration and secure payment Overall, a comprehensive foundation in all aspects of pumps and pumping technology which allows a wider range of learners to obtain the qualifications they need, in a way that suits them. Those passing the final tests can take forward the credits they earn into apprenticeships, continuing professional development (CPD), and further education such as university entrance, enhancing CVs and aiding career progression. There is a suite of two industrially and nationally recognised courses designed to raise the knowledge


and awareness of technical pumping issues. NOCN certificates are awarded upon successful course completion and to address the wider issues covered by the courses, the BPMA also award their own graded certificate where a successful candidate can pass with a Credit or Distinction. For more information, please visit the BPMA website


Independent Pump Training from E-learning Classroom based “Live” webinars On-site courses Tailored options For more information call

0121 601 6691

or scan code for the training guide


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5 Star Packing Crates – Tried and Trusted for Vault-like Protection “5-Star have designed some fantastically simple yet innovative systems for our sometimes very awkward requests, and they’ve stood the test of time perfectly.”


or 40 years, 5 Star Cases has been manufacturing world-class flight cases that are already trusted by many industries, ensuring the safe transport of vital equipment around the world, even in the most challenging of environments, safely and securely. Taking this expertise, the company has produced a new range of wooden packing crates that are a cost-effective alternative to its highly popular flight cases that will give your products vault-like protection for shipping and storage. “Having worked with 5 Star Cases for a number of years, there’s no-one else we would trust when ordering our flight cases and storage solutions,” says Si McNally from Power Maxed Racing. “At the level we race at, we need to carry multiple sets of delicate spare parts, and have them easily accessible but well protected during transit. 5 Star have designed some fantastically simple yet innovative systems for our sometimes very awkward requests, and they’ve stood the test of time perfectly.”

They have specially designed sprung metal clasps to secure the individual panels to each other, making them easy to put together and take apart, and their smooth surface means no snagging.

5 Star packing crates are custom designed to fit your product perfectly, but if you want something off the shelf, there is also a range of standard sizes to choose from.

5 Star packing crates can be stored flat-packed to save space and they can be used again and again. Assembly is quick and easy: simply lay out the pieces in the right order, place them in position and secure them with the custom-designed metal clasps. To take your crate apart, remove the claps by inserting the with the supplied tool.

Made from 18mm durable Oriented Strand Board, each panel is processed by bonding layers of various wood chips and strips with adhesives, and then laminated together using pressure and heat. This what makes them so tough and durable and makes 5 Star sure they can handle pretty much anything the road can throw at them.

To make things easier, each crate comes with a pallet style fork-lift or pallet truck handling feature for easy loading and unloading. They are also available with a choice of different type industrial castors for easy movement, and with most flight case customisation features such as handles, label dishes, partitions or CNC foam inserts.

Like its flight cases, 5 Star’s packing crates are CNCmachined at its UK facility for accuracy and repeatability.

For more information, visit


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ARTING has delivered connectors and rail accessories to the railway industry for many years, a successful partnership marked by a long tradition of trust and cooperation. The technical expertise and data gathered over these many years of collaboration has provided the foundation for numerous innovations, including Ethernet network systems, current measurement, and the Han® HPR (High Pressure Railway) VarioShell, a housing system which has been specially designed for jumper applications. Thanks to a circumferential internal seal and mounting frame, the two-piece VarioShell housing/hood achieves IP69K rating. As the cover is removable, the housing/hood can be installed from both inside and outside the rail vehicle. This also simplifies servicing and maintenance, meaning faulty conductors or contacts can be replaced without disconnecting all the connections. The contours of the VarioShell allow dirt deposits to slide off while channels guide water away from the housing screws so that rust does not form. Special curvatures on the upper side ensure that ice and snow slide off without exerting pressure on the wall and housing, increasing the service life of the interface. The VarioShell is an open system that also houses mounting frames, cable managers and shielding plates to route and hold cables with different diameters. It can be used as a surface or panel mounted housing and is a robust alternative to distribution boxes for installation on the roof, outer wall, or bogie.



Claim your FREE copy of HARTING’s User’s Guide Transportation As a leading supplier of connectivity technology for data, signals, and power, HARTING have built strong working relationships across the rail transportation market in the UK. Alongside these new innovations, HARTING have also launched the latest edition of their reference manual, the User’s Guide Transportation, which gives in-depth technical analysis of HARTING products used in the rail industry along with assembly manuals, best practices, and application examples. The User’s Guide for Transportation explains how to use HARTING products and solutions in railway vehicles and stationary rail applications, bringing together information that will make the user’s job easier, whether that job

is in construction, development, or production. As well as assembly instructions, you’ll also find descriptions of the certifications, regulations and directives that are relevant to the railway industry and how HARTING products comply with these standards. To get your free copy of the User’s Guide Transportation, simply click below and complete the simple form.

User's Guide Transportation

Standardisation is the key. Han® HPR VarioShell – The next dimension of flexibility.

The next level of inter-car jumper solutions ■ Longer lifetime due to optimised design against water, dust and ice ■ Time savings during the whole installation process due to free access from all directions ■ Weight savings due to the replacement of distribution boxes and shorter cable runs ■ High flexibility due to full compatibility with the whole Han® HPR portfolio (retrofit) One Range. No Limits:



The WL safer product anaerobic range offers exceptional bonding performance without hazardous, carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic ingredients. Fully compliant with the latest EU health and safety regulations with no hazard symbols, reduced safety phrases and no costly COSHH assessments. Furthermore, they are safer for the environment and safer for you.




Bondloc has manufactured industrial adhesives in the UK for over 28 years.




















For more information contact or call 01299 269269 |


Discover the new easy way to control CIP processes.

For more efficient cleaning and higher system availability





years if m p r o d


The new compact conductivity sensors LDL100 and LDL200 from ifm impress with their fast and precise media differentiation. This helps you to control CIP processes efficiently and to increase the availability of your system. The new LDLs are also simple to commission: They are ready for use out-of-the-box and transmit the conductivity and temperature of the medium via a single M12 connection - digitally and loss-free thanks to IO-Link. As there is no additional evaluation unit required, you also save system costs. So easy, so good. ifm – close to you!

Go ifmonline uk

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Agenda updated for PROFINET, PROFIBUS and IO-Link Scotland seminar INCHINNAN, 24TH MARCH. This free-to-attend seminar addresses the key practical issues arising from the use of digital communications technologies in automated manufacturing and process industry applications, with particular attention being paid to Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


overing key application areas such as control systems and energy management, pulp & paper, chemical, utilities, pharmaceutical, packaging and printing, mechanical handling and logistics, robotics, automotive engineering, electrical and electronics assembly, it focuses on the practical aspects of using PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and IO-Link, from system design and safety & security considerations through to fault-finding and maintenance.


Live Demonstrations Supported by an exhibition with demonstrations of actual tools used in configuration and maintenance, the seminar will be of great value to Designers, Production/System Engineers, Instrument Technicians/Engineers and C&I Engineers involved in the design, operation and maintenance of modern automated factories and process plant. If you would like to reserve a place and be kept updated, please do register now.

09:00 – 09:15 Welcome and introduction to exhibitors

Chris McComb, iTech

09:15 – 09:35

Introduction to PI Group – including highlights of new supported technologies

Mark Freeman, Siemens

09:35 – 10:20

PROFINET Network Design

Andy Gilbert, Siemens

10:20 – 10:50

Coffee and exhibition

10:50 – 11:35

Industrial network commissioning and testing (focus on PROFINET)

Dave Tomlin, Hitex

11:35 – 12:20

EMC for Industrial Networks

Peter Thomas, Control Specialists

12:20 – 13:05

IO Link Case Study, benefits and practical application

Spirit Aerospace & iTech

13:05 – 14:00

Lunch and Exhibition

14:00 – 14:45

Industrial networks safety & security

Peter Brown, CSA Group

14:45 – 15:30

Ethernet APL – PROFINET PA over Ethernet

Phil Waterworth, Endress & Hauser

15:30 – 15:35

Questions & close


Sign up here for more information and to be kept updated:

Introduction to PI Group – including highlights of new supported technologies

Scotland, 24 March 2022-

Mark Freeman – Siemens Ltd Note: all dates are of necessity provisional, but registered delegates will be kept informed of changes and will be assured of a place at the event of their choice.



Places are limited so don’t delay – book today!

An overview of the Group’s structure and global representation, taking a look at the protocol basics and their differences, plus showing the progress of the number of installed devices from the group’s supported technologies and relating these figures to their market share.

PROFINET Network Design Andy Gilbert, Siemens It is widely accepted that the most important decisions are made at the design stage of a project. This presentation examines the fundamental principles of good network design for PROFINET systems, although many of the ideas are applicable to PROFIBUS and other networking systems. The presentation will discuss the main factors that must be considered at the design stage of an automation system. Practical examples will show how facilities for health checking, fault-finding and maintenance can have a crucial impact on

ENGINEERING PDATE February 2022 plant availability. The presentation will also examine how properly thought out network monitoring and redundancy can drastically affect plant up-time and thus profitability.

ethernet networks are not always suitable. This section will provide an overview of what APL is, its benefits for process plants and timelines for availability.

Important Information re: COVID precautions at PROFINET, PROFIBUS and IO-Link Seminar

Industrial network commissioning & testing

PI’s Technologies

In order to minimise risk, we are putting in place the following arrangements:

Dave Tomlin, Hitex Take a walk through the process of certifying a new PROFINET (or any other industrial Ethernet) against the standards and see how easy it can be, then look at a few gotchas that can easily be avoided by careful planning. Learn how to simplify the process of testing both cabling and networks in Industrial Ethernet networks that utilise the PROFINET protocol, how to prevent network failures and resolve cable and network issues faster.

Industrial networks safety & security Peter Brown, CSA Group The concept of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing has gained plenty of traction in the marketplace. What does this greater acceptance of Industry 4.0 mean for Functional Safety and Cybersecurity in Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS)? In this presentation, we will quickly discuss the basics of Functional Safety and Cybersecurity for PROFI-based applications and then we will consider the impact on these areas from Industry 4.0 in the short and mediumterm. What should System Integrators and Product Manufacturers be doing now and what can you expect to be seeing from PI in the not too distant future. We will also consider the impact of open architectures/systems, common technology, international standards and last but not least trust in technology.

Ethernet APL – PROFINET PA over Ethernet

With over 80 million nodes installed worldwide, PROFINET, PROFIBUS and IO-Link are truly market leaders, providing state of the art digital communications addressing all the needs of manufacturing and process industries, significantly lowering capital expenditure on installation, commissioning and maintenance. They offer unprecedented integration of automation, control, monitoring and safety systems using standardised and widely supported communications and networking solutions. This seminar is ably presented by specialists from PI UK member companies. Attendance is free of charge to pre-registered delegates from the User community, i.e. companies that own, operate, design, build or maintain automated process plant and manufacturing facilities. The event will provide delegates with an excellent networking opportunity and the ability to speak to experts.

More information and online Registration Scotland, 24 March 2022

Ventilation, cleanliness and social distancing We providing hand sanitisers in the reception area, on the exhibition tables and around the room. In addition, we will encourage delegates to consider: • Wearing a face covering when moving around • Maintaining reasonable social distancing • Using the hand sanitisers provided regularly throughout the day. Food and refreshments The venue’s catering staff will be wearing masks and gloves when they deliver food and refreshments to the self-serve buffet area. The staff will then only return to the buffet / refreshments for replenishment purposes. In order to avoid queues, we are planning on calling delegates up to the buffet in limited groups. General

Note: all dates are of necessity provisional, but registered delegates will be kept informed of changes and will be assured of a place at the event of their choice.

The venue management has assured us that they are following Government guidelines closely and will apply any new instructions that may have come into effect by the time of our event.

Places are limited so don’t delay – book today!

At the present time, there are no plans to cancel the event, but with the situation changing daily, we may have to postpone it, in which case we will let you know as soon as we know.

In case of difficulty contact Ann on tel: 00 44 207 193 8018 or email

Phil Waterworth – Endress+Hauser Ltd Ethernet APL brings Ethernet technology and ethernet protocols, like Profinet, to the field of process plants, where topics like explosive environments, loop powered devices and longer cable runs all have to be considered, meaning traditional


February 2022 ENGINEERING


SEEPEX SAI Technology enables Veolia’s sludge cake handling system upgrade at Osberstown STF The modernisation project for Osberstown STF managed by Veolia involved the upgrade from a very energy intensive thermal drying plant to advanced anaerobic digestion using their Exelys™ thermal hydrolysis process. The scope of supply also included a new dewatering plant with three belt presses and three sludge cake pumps to transfer the dewatered sludge into the THP feed silos. Compact, energy-efficient and flexible system for complex process The upgrade project presented an immediate challenge: how to fit the new THP and dewatering plant into the restricted space of the existing building. The compact design of Veolia’s Exelys™ process significantly reduced the installation space required for the THP. However, due to the space restraints, using a conventional multi-stage pumping system required to transfer 18-27% DS sludge cake through a total of 50m including vertical pipework with long-radius 90° bends would not be possible. The dewatered sludge handling system needed to have the operational flexibility to accommodate a fully automated 24/7 operation with one, two or all three presses in operation at the same time, discharging into either of the two existing sludge cake silos through common discharge pipework. Low energy and low discharge pressure solution for sludge cake transfer Having worked together on many projects over the years, Veolia engaged with SEEPEX to explore how to install a sludge cake handling system within the reduced footprint. Upon consultation, SEEPEX’s Smart Air Injection (SAI) was selected: a highly efficient system involving a progressive cavity pump and pneumatic dense phase conveying technology, able to transport 16-40% DS dewatered sludge with a significantly lower operating pressure requirement.


Discharge pipework from three sludge cake pumps joining a single common pipe

ENGINEERING PDATE February 2022 SAI technology is an energy efficient solution for long distance pumping, proven to significantly reduce operational and total investment costs.

SEEPEX supplied and commissioned three sludge cake pumps with 2.5m custommade hoppers to suit the dimensions of the dewatered belt presses, the associated BLI pumps as well as the SAI controls. The compact SAI system of fered considerable savings by allowing the new plant to be installed within the existing sludge dryer building. By using dense phase conveying, Veolia was able to lower the discharge pressure from 16-18 bar to 3-4 bar, enabling smaller cake pumps compared to the 4-stage pumps otherwise required for a conventional system. The robust SAI system requires nearly 50% lower power compared to conventional pumping with subsequent energy cost savings. SAI has proven to have the operational flexibility required by the process and enables the pipework to be emptied when idle, eliminating the risk of cake line blockages; it is easy to operate and extremely reliable. SEEPEX’s engineered solution using SAI technology and their proven cake pumping expertise have enabled Veolia to upgrade their sludge cake handling system which feeds their THP process at Osberstown STF. Customer’s Quote: “I have worked with sludge cake pumping systems for 17 years, but I have never seen anything like the SAI installation at Osberstown – I am extremely impressed with it!”

SEEPEX open hopper pumps sit under the belt presses

“…I would have to say that the SAI installation has fundamentally changed how I would approach sludge cake transfer design / plant layout in future.” Alan Whitty, Principal Mechanical Engineer at Veolia. |53

February 2022 ENGINEERING

ifm measures air gaps with micro-metre precision When a workpiece must be positioned accurately to within a fraction of a millimetre, or when it’s necessary to measure the surface roughness of an item, the new SDP110 air-gap sensor from ifm electronic provides an effective and easily implemented solution. This novel sensor, which uses air flowing through a nozzle to measure the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece, has a resolution of 5µm, which is just one-tenth of the thickness of a typical human hair. Maximum measuring range is 400 µm. Despite its exceptionally high resolution and measuring accuracy, the SDP110 is easy to set up either using the built in ‘teach’ buttons, or the IO-Link interface. Automatic compensation for changes in air supply pressure over the full operating range (1 to 3 bar) is provided to ensure measurement consistency, and the nozzle is designed to be selfcleaning to eliminate the build-up of contaminants that might otherwise affect long-term stability and the accuracy of the results.


An integral display provides visual confirmation of all key operating parameters, including the gap size, which is shown directly in micrometres, air pressure and flow rate. The same information is available via IO-


Link, allowing easy interfacing with process control systems. In addition, the sensor has a conventional analogue output and a digital output that can be programmed to switch on or off at a user-defined sensing distance. Although it is designed to deliver optimum measuring accuracy at pressures up to 3 bar, the SDP110 airgap sensor can withstand pressures up to 6 bar without damage. This is an important benefit, as it means purge air used, for example, to clean dust and swarf from a workpiece before a measurement is carried out, can be delivered through the sensor, which eliminates the need for a separate purge air delivery system.

Fluregiene 200™ provides protection for hygiene conscious parts and surfaces • Excellent corrosion resistance • Low friction anti-fouling and anti-stick properties

• Permanently applied to metals, alloys and plastics • Built-in antimicrobial technology actively reduces microbes on the surface of the coating. • Reduces fungal growth and surfaces stay fresh longer

For more information about Fluregiene 200™ call us now on +44 01386 425755 or email

Easy cleaning of hygiene conscious parts

Protecting your surfaces for longer.

Fluregiene 200™

• Durable and easy to clean/wipe down

Low friction PTFE based coating containing BioCote® antimicrobial technology

Reduces microbial growth

Permanent coating protection

February 2022 ENGINEERING


SICK Releases All-in-One Muting Sets for its deTem4 Active/Passive Light Curtains



SICK has released ‘allin-one’, plug-and-play muting systems for its deTem4 Active/Passive range of safety light curtains, providing a fast-track to improved productivity for safe entry/exit applications. The compact SICK deTem4 LT Muting Active/Passive multiple light beam safety systems are supplied as complete muting sets designed for rapid mounting, connection and commissioning. Customers can choose between a ‘T’-shaped system for bidirectional muting, or a left- or right-handed ‘L’-shaped system for exit-only muting. Each set has premounted and pre-aligned SICK GL6 retro-reflective muting sensors for ‘plug and play’ integration.

pre-assembled prior to delivery. Standard M12 connectors, simple brackets with alignment aid and autoconfiguration ensure that mechanical and electrical connections are simple and cut commissioning time dramatically. The simplicity of this system ensures that muting works as it should, allowing movement of, say, palletised goods but preventing personnel from accessing hazardous areas.”

The SICK deTem4 LT Muting A/P systems are ideal for many safety applications in material handling or logistics applications where access protection is required with muting for automated flow of material to safely protect operators from hazardous areas.

Smart Safety Diagnostics The SICK deTem4 LT Muting A/P systems are smart, with IO-Link connectivity to enable remote access to status and diagnostic data. Using NFC (near-field communication), diagnostic data can be viewed on a smartphone using the SICK Safety Assistant app. This means that maintenance engineers can react rapidly and accelerate fault-finding. As a result, machine downtime can be minimised, while plant efficiency and availability are protected. The integrated top LED status indicator is also a popular feature of the SICK deTem4 light curtains. With a compact design, the SICK deTem4 LT Muting A/P systems minimise wiring effort and machine space and the auto-configuration, premounted aligned sensors, simplicity and optional restart interlock all support maximum uptime of the safety system to optimise productivity.

Minimum Commissioning Time The SICK deTem4 A/P safety light beam systems are Type 4 devices (EN 61496), enabling compliance in applications with requirements up to PLe (EN ISO 13849) and SIL3 (EN 62061). Commissioning time is minimised thanks to automatic parameter setup, with integrated status LEDs and alignment aids. Easy adjustment of the muting arms is also possible if required.

Easy Set Up of Muting “With the deTem4 LT Muting A/P systems, SICK is enabling quick and easy implementation of muting,” states Dr Martin Kidman, Product Manager (UK & Ireland) – Safety Solutions at SICK UK Ltd. “One part number covers the complete kit of parts, which is partly

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February 2022 ENGINEERING


UPGRADED TRANSMITTERS IDEAL FOR MONITORING SMALLER PUMPS, MOTORS & COMPRESSORS IN HAZARDOUS AREAS Machine protection and condition monitoring specialists SENSONICS has added IECEx and UKEx intrinsically safe certification, alongside ATEX certification, for their range of Senturion X DNX803 series of transmitters. These upgraded shaft vibration and axial position transmitters are approved for installation and use in hazardous areas with potentially explosive atmospheres (gases) or dusts. The DNX8031 (shaft vibration) and DNX8033 (shaft position) proximity probe transmitters are suitable for above ground applications when used in conjunction with Sensonics intrinsically safe range of XPR eddy current type proximity probes and XEC cables. These 4-20mA loop powered modules provide easy integration with either the local machine PLC or a plant wide DCS since it’s powered through the safety barrier measurement loop. All signal processing is carried out within the unit providing an output current proportional to either peak-to-peak shaft vibration or relative position to the probe face. The module permits the adjustment of both gain and offset for ease of calibration to suit the application. Smaller pumps, centrifugal air compressors, motors and fans will particularly benefit from the upgraded DNX803 series. When combined with Sensonics range of compact machine mounted housings, the upgraded transmitters provide a very cost-effective solution for critical operational measurements, with the benefits of a straightforward interface that requires no local power supply. The transmitter offers selectable system lengths of 5m, 7m or 9m, with a front panel green LED for indicating the selected option. A gap voltage monitoring socket is also provided. The cable system incorporates snap lock connectors which require no torqueing and provide a shake-proof solution which is important for heavy industrial applications. The double screened cable offers robustness combined with high immunity to interference while the option of stainless steel convoluted armour is available for applications and environments where cable protection is paramount. Ideal for many OEM applications, the transmitter also provides a raw buffered output of the vibration signal that can be utilised through portable analysis equipment for a more detailed picture of the dynamic performance of the machine.


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February 2022 ENGINEERING


ARE YOU READY FOR THE FUTURE OF COMPOSITES MANUFACTURING? At JEC World 2022, one of the largest global composites shows, held 8th to 10th March, at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, CGTech will demonstrate how advanced programming strategies and simulation can lead to the production of better composite parts. Throughout the show, CGTech (Hall 5 Stand P30) will showcase its Composites focused applications, including VERICUT Composite Programming (VCP) and VERICUT Composite Simulation (VCS), as well as delivering a presentation on its SMART-TAPE project, that will transform the way components are manufactured. VCP gives composite part designers complete control over their part and can be used to program any number of machines. The latest version of VCP delivers enhanced collision checking performance, such that it can now use more detailed models, and a new path generation scheme for wrapping material following a variable angle.

efficiency essential. During the event, CGTech will present its SMART-TAPE project, that aims to overcome any barriers to efficiency and throughput by delivering novel multi-material (hybrid) processes, using carbon fibrereinforced thermoplastic tapes in conjunction with low-cost metallic and polymeric substrates, for volume applications.

VCS gives an entire organization the confidence needed to run composite NC machines correctly the first time. Version 9.2 of VCS features a new Laminate Collison Detection functionality that reports any collision between machine components and the tapes being laydown, while a new function for laminate core-sampling analysis can find program errors in the ply layup sequence, excess material and missing material.

Further details about the project and registration details for the presentation can be found on the CGTech website.

As the demand for lightweight, affordable structural components across transportation industries increases so does the need to develop technologies for producing these parts, thereby making manufacturing speed and


Finally, CGTech will also exhibit its latest version of VERICUT software. Version 9.2 is the very latest release of VERICUT, an industry leading independent CNC machine simulation, verification and optimization software platform that enables users to eliminate the process of manually proving-out NC programs. VERICUT simulates all types of CNC machining, including drilling and trimming of composite parts, water jet, riveting, robotics, mill/turn and parallel kinematics. VERICUT runs standalone but can also be integrated with leading CAM systems.

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February 2022 ENGINEERING


Protolabs’ new vapour smoothing produces 3D printed parts with enhanced surface finish Protolabs, the world’s leading digital manufacturer, has announced a major breakthrough with the launch of vapour smoothing for 3D printed parts.

The post-processing automated technology is a significant advancement for additive manufacturing because it further enhances a plastic part’s surface finish on even the most complex geometries. It is currently available for the commonly used nylon material PA-12, plus the elastic material TPU-01. Andrea Landoni, Protolabs EMEA’s 3D Printing Product Manager, commented: “Whilst 3D printing allows an engineer to design and produce complex parts and is ideal for low production runs when compared to injection moulding, the surface finish of the latter is far smoother. Now, using vapour smoothing, we can bridge that gap for additive manufactured parts to smooth and seal even the smallest cavities on the surface.” He continued: “This allows parts in these materials to be used for a wider range of applications that demand a very fine smooth finish for aesthetic and functional reasons.” The process also improves a part’s mechanical properties with increased


elongation at break and impact strength, whilst the sealed and smoother surfaces are also water/ airtight and are easier to clean. Andrea went on to add: “Because the finishing process is automated, it can be used for far more geometries than a manual smoothing process, which can be limited due to reaching difficult to access areas. This means that you can have all the advantages of additive manufacturing for parts and achieve a surface finish that is comparable to injection moulding.” Improved water tightness opens up a number of applications, including tanks, fluid bearing pipes and ducts, valve covers and oil sumps, with the medical sector and other industrial applications set to benefit from ease of cleaning due to a smoother surface. Following production of the parts using selective laser sintering (SLS) or Multi Jet Fusion (MJF), the team at Protolabs transfer the parts into a smoothing chamber which heats them and introduces a finishing agent.

Under carefully controlled conditions, this agent evaporates and the vapour spreads across all surfaces of the part. This causes them to melt, liquify and redistribute material to even out any peaks and troughs and seal even the smallest cavity. Andrea concluded: “Currently this process is available for PA-12 and TPU-01, which covers many potential applications. However, we are also currently testing the process for more materials so watch this space for additions. “This new service forms only part of the complete Protolabs offering. We manage the entire process, from initial upload of a customer’s CAD to the shipping of finished parts. And with our teams of Application Engineers - engineering experts who provide support and advice along the way - we believe we offer a service that adds real value to our global customers.” For further information, please visit or follow @protolabs_emea on twitter.






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February 2022 ENGINEERING


MIMO Technik Qualifies Additive Manufacturing Process for Boeing Using Multiple SLM®500s from SLM Solutions The qualification has resulted in the immediate flight insertion of hundreds of certified space and defense components for Boeing.


dditive Manufacturing pioneer SLM Solutions and manufacturing solutions provider MIMO Technik jointly announce their huge strides in quickly qualifying additive manufacturing (AM) for parts and processes for the aerospace industry. Using SLM® machine technology, MIMO Technik has successfully met the material spec performance for ALSi10Mg aluminum powder for Boeing and has done so at increased productivity rates, increasing the value proposition for AM design solutions. MIMO Technik credits SLM Solutions’ open architecture philosophy for enabling them to grow from designing and manufacturing motorsport and racing parts to producing and qualifying AM components for some of the aerospace industry’s biggest players. They can now qualify materials, processes, and parts for aerospace flight faster than ever before. Thanks to SLM® technology, MIMO Technik’s process is five to ten times more productive than the industry benchmark. Next up on MIMO Technik’s roadmap is the qualification of high-strength aluminum alloys on SLM Solutions machines for Boeing. “SLM Solutions technology enables us to create parts and design processes that are just not possible on any other platform. Their open parameters, open architecture system,


and engineering spirit let us refine our processes and create parts to the highest standards in critical systems. From structures to electronics, the entire system is customizable to achieve the needed results. SLM®’s open architecture has been a key component in our success,” comments Jonathan Cohen, CEO & Co-founder at MIMO Technik. Dr. Simon Merkt-Schippers, EVP of Product Management at SLM Solutions, comments: “This major qualification proves that MIMO Technik is a leading part manufacturer for the aerospace industry. It is almost unreal what Jonathan is getting out of our machines, resulting in incredible competitive advantages to MIMO Technik. On top of our open architecture, our extensive support for certified serial production comes along with the IQ, OQ, and PQ qualification process. These were key advantages for this joint success and for MIMO Technik’s overall accelerated adaption of SLM® technology for aerospace.” SLM Solutions’ unique technology was the basis for MIMO Technik’s pivot from previously manufacturing polymers to direct metal printing. What started with one SLM® 280 in 2014 has evolved into a game-changing AM Center, outfitted with one SLM® 125, three SLM® 280s, and three SLM® 500s.

One IO-Link system for all Whether digital, analog, or IO-Link signals, these perfectly matched components offer simple plug & play solutions for every signal. Preconfigured devices such as hubs, converters and lights make it easy to switch to IO-Link installations. They work immediately – without having to be configured.

IO-Link Master 8x multifunctional IO-Link master ports (synchronized), with intelligent supply voltage switching and power management for setting current values Provides additional data for preventive diagnostics via integrated sensors for energy and condition monitoring IIoT connectivity via OPC UA, JSON over REST API and JSON over MQTT L-coded M12 power supply connectors with up to 2x 16 A – output currents up to 2 A per pin / 4 A per port

IO-Link Hubs IO-Link Class A or Class B with electrical isolation – COM3, according to V1.1.3 and Common Profile Identification & Diagnosis (I&D) M8 and M12 I/O variants with up to 16x multifunctional DIO channels with automatic signal detection (input or output) or manual parameterization – up to 2 A per output Preconfigured plug & play variants for fast commissioning or multifunctional variants with extended parameter range for flexible use

IO-Link Analog Converter Converts any conventional analog signal to IO-Link – current, voltage, resistance and temperature Interference-free transmission of measured values thanks to digital data communication via unshielded M12 standard cordset Preconfigured plug & play variants for fast commissioning or multifunctional variants for flexible use

IO-Link Power Supply Moves power from the control cabinet to the field – with up to 93.8% efficiency Integrated IO-Link interface enables extensive and transparent communication as well as remote configuration and monitoring L-coded M12 power supply voltage output. Two integrated channels with up to 10 A for 24 V DC and load circuit monitoring (MICO)

IO-Link Stack Lights LED stack lights for signaling process states Integrated IO-Link interface enables simple connection with an M12 standard cordset Plug & Play models for fast commissioning and control via the process data

Ethernet Switches IP67 Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet switches as managed and PROFINET managed variants – with integrated web server DHCP, SNMP (v1, v2c, v3), RSTP, STP, LLDP, NTP, RMON, SSH (CLI) Syslog, Port Mirroring, VLAN (QoS), IEEE 802.1q L-coded M12 power supply voltage connections

IIoT Protocols Using the IIoT protocols OPC UA, JSON REST API and MQTT, the IO-Link masters and connected devices can be parameterized in a completely standardized, fieldbus-independent manner and thus across systems Fieldbus and IIoT communication run in parallel over one cable

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Battery Chargers CB Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Power Supplies

FLEX Series Input 90-500 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 25 A Single / Dual or 3 Phase inputs


h r A

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