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Order your starter kit with free shipping +44 (0)29 20791185 Go with the flow � Non-toxic, microbes kitchen clear your starter kit with free shipping Introducing GD Ultra ultimate FOG treatment system for commercial kitchens Non-toxic, natural microbes Removes tint Keeps kitchen drains clear Order your starter kit with free shipping Go with the flow Order your starter kit with free shipping Wholesale & bulk orders +44 (0)29 20791185 Go with the flow � Non-toxic, microbes � Removes fats, oils & grease kitchen clear leaf Eliminates odours � Wall mounted & clutter-free your starter kit with free shipping Wholesale & bulk orders +44 (0)29 20791185 Introducing GD Ultra ultimate FOG treatment system for commercial kitchens Go with the flow Introducing GD Ultra The ultimate FOG treatment system for commercial kitchens Non-toxic, natural probiotics

Keep your commercial kitchen drains running smoothly

For pubs, restaurants and all other businesses with commercial kitchens there are strict regulations in place for how waste products must be disposed of, in particular fats, oils and grease (FOG). This is to prevent them from reaching water systems and contributing to the increasing fatberg problem as well as blocked pipes, bad odours and potentially flooding.

While grease traps are designed to stop FOG from entering the drainage system, regular maintenance to keep them operating efficiently and with minimal odours is essential.

Genesis Biosciences, which specialises in creating probiotic cleaning solutions, has developed a compact and effective system for easily maintaining drainage systems and grease traps. GD Ultra is a simple to use, compact dispenser system which automatically distributes a daily dose of powerful beneficial bacteria that work to break down FOG. The dispenser can easily be plumbed in to the pipe to feed the probiotics into the system.

One 310ml GD Ultra cartridge will last for three months and once installed, it eliminates the need for manual dosing and can ultimately reduce waste disposal costs for those in the hospitality industry.

So, how does it work?

Deposits of FOG can block grease traps and line waste pipes, leading to unpleasant odours and unhygienic conditions which inevitably will require chemical or mechanical treatment.

The probiotics in GD Ultra have been specially selected for their ability to break down these fatty deposits. The beneficial bacteria form a protective biofilm that thrives in the system, automatically topped up by a daily dose to maintain an efficient grease trap.

What are the benefits?

A key benefit of the GD Ultra system is the simplicity. The dispenser can be easily plumbed in to the pipe to feed the probiotics into the system. One single 310ml GD Ultra cartridge will last for 3 months – so once it is inserted, it can be left to do its job without the need for manual dosing.

The compact system is ideal for smaller kitchens where space for a large dosing system is limited.

Genesis utilise application-specific beneficial bacteria, this means they have chosen the probiotics that can release the right enzymes to target and breakdown FOG.

Below are before and after pictures, showing a grease trap at the start and then after 3 months of GD Ultra treatment. The volume of fats, oils and grease in the grease traps was significantly reduced, with the traps containing predominantly food scraps after treatment. Malodours spreading from the grease trap were also significantly reduced.

To find out more about Genesis Biosciences’ grease traps and drain maintenance range, visit

Diagram showing the multiple areas that GD Ultra tackles inside the drains of a commercial kitchen. Before using GD Ultra After using GD Ultra The GD Ultra ‘kit’ provides, 1 X dispenser and 4 X cartridges to give a full year’s protection against FOG build-up and malodours.
The ultimate treatment system for Fats, Oils and Grease Let the food do the talking Order your starter kit with free shipping � � Wholesale & bulk orders +44 (0)29 20791185 tint Keeps kitchen drains clear leaf Removes odours � Reputation protection � Non-toxic, natural microbes � Wall mounted & clutter-free � Removes fats, oils & grease with GD Ultra Non-toxic, probiotics

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Outdoor Hospitality Products

We are an independent supplier of outdoor hospitality goods based on performance, style and value. We believe in supplying goods that look good, are well made and extremely durable through season after season.

To find out more visit our website: caféculture CafeCulture Ltd, 6 Edith Road, Orpington, Kent. BR6 6JQ Call us on 0800 917 526 or drop us a line at
Our outdoor products include:
Planters with real or artificial plants
Tables and chairs • Windbreaks and barriers • Jumbo parasols • Awnings and shelters
Lighting and heating
Restaurant screens
and more!

Inception converts London Gin Club

The London Gin Club is set to join the Mr Fogg’s family in July.

The London Gin Club, owned and operated by Inception Group since 2021, is set to join the Mr Fogg’s family in July, when it will become Mr Fogg’s Hat Tavern & Gin Club.

The venue, located at 22 Great Chapel Street, is now undergoing a major refurbishment and will become a two-floored space with a traditional Victorian tavern upstairs and the gin club downstairs with a selection of juniper-based spirits alongside immersive cocktail experiences.

Mr Fogg’s Hat Tavern takes inspiration from the building opposite, which was once Henry Heath’s Hat Factory. Established in the 1822, Heath’s hats were known for their ‘quality, excellence of finish and style’, and were a firm favourite of Mr

Dalston bar partners with The Standard

Three Sheets has announced a partnership with The Standard hotel.

Fogg. Nods to the business will be illustrated through interior choices as well as vessels for cocktails.

“We are very much looking forward to the newest member of the Mr Fogg’s

Three Sheets, the acclaimed bar in London’s Dalston founded by Noel and Max Venning, has announced a partnership with The Standard hotel.

The collaboration will see Three Sheets arrive at Sweeties, the hotel’s bar, at the end of April.

Sweeties will be transformed via a new soundtrack, dress code and cocktail list, which has been developed in partnership with Sweeties and Belvedere Vodka.

The guest menu will feature new takes on modern cocktails, inspired

family, in the heart of Soho, as well as paying homage to Henry Heath’s Hat Factory,” says Charlie Gilkes, cofounder of Inception Group. “The Gin Club will continue in a new wonderful subterranean space devoted to the spirit.”

by the ‘party culture and optimism of the 90s and 00s’. The list includes a Dirty Martini, which combines vodka with vermouth, Fleur de Sel and Kosoret tea; and the Cosmo 2.0, made with vodka, fermented cranberry, Neroli, and a flamed lime zest.

Music across the two-day takeover will feature a guest pianist and vocalist performing a selection of classic 80s, 90s and 00s RnB covers in a jazz style, alongside guest DJs. Three Sheets at Sweeties will be open from 6pm until late on 28 and 29 April 2023.

4 EAT. DRINK. SLEEP May 2023

Miznon founder to open new east London restaurant

Eyal Shani, founder of the restaurant brand Miznon, has announced that his newest London eatery, Lilienblum, will open in May. Named after the street of one of Shani’s first Tel Aviv eateries, Lilienblum will be launching in east London, nestled between Shoreditch and Old Street.

The kitchen will be headed up by Oren King, also hailing from Israel, whose previous positions have seen him work at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Roka and Hide. In contrast to Miznon’s fast-casual dining approach, the restaurant will focus on theatrical family-style sharing plates. Dishes will be cooked in an interactive open kitchen, with diners able to sit at the counter and watch the magic of King’s kitchen first-hand.

The menu will be written in Shani’s quirky and tonguein-cheek style, divided by ingredients rather than starters and mains. However, the friendly team will be on hand and sit with guests and gain an understanding of their likes and preferences, allowing them to come up with a suggested menu tailored to each table.

An extensive range of vegetable-based dishes will include green asparagus arranged in a paper envelope with a slice of cabbage cake. The seafood pan will also be available, roasted in tomato ovaries and pearls swirled with farro and clams. The meat offer will include ribeye steak and a half rack of lamb with Arabic salad.

The wine list and cocktails will play an important part in the Lilienblum experience. Overseen by general manager Kitty Sparks, previously

of Fifteen and Aquavit, wines will feature an array of lesser-known Israeli varieties, as well as more classic European producers with an extensive selection from the Burgundy region. The cocktail menu will feature playful twists such as the Kittini – tequila and grapefruit martini, as well as the classics.

Lilienblum’s interior has been designed by Eric Parry Architects with longtime collaborator Yakov Turjeman. It is centred on the open kitchen and the central ceramic column and colourful painted ceiling, with the entrance leading guests to the bar, restaurant and alfresco urban terrace.

Lilienblum launches on Friday 19 May and is open Tuesday to Saturday, but available for private hire on Monday and Sunday. The opening hours are 12 pm to 3 pm and 5 pm to 11:30 pm Tuesday to Friday, and 4 pm to 11:30 pm on Saturday.

5 EAT. DRINK. SLEEP May 2023

Sweet Secrets Revealed: Q&A with Border Biscuits

We talked to Stephanie Hickford and Ben Baldwin at Border Biscuits about the importance of a complimentary in-room snack offering and how Border Biscuits can help.

How important is it for hoteliers to stock biscuits as part of their in-room offering?

Spokesperson: Stephanie Hickford – Border Biscuits Brand Manager for OOH

We know that in these tight financial times guests are looking for an enhanced experience from the moment they step into their room, so it’s important that operators go above and beyond when it comes to providing in-room refreshments. Our recent survey revealed that biscuits are the number one preferred snack that guests wanted to find in a hotel room, and 62% of hotel guests would most like to see Border Biscuits in their room 1. Therefore, offering a selection of Border Biscuits in-room will not only help hoteliers elevate a guest’s experience, it will also leave them with a long-lasting memory of their stay.

With 60% of all biscuits consumed alongside a tea or coffee2, it’s key to include a range of hot beverages and a comprehensive biscuit selection in each room. At Border Biscuits, we know how special biscuit moments can be, which is why we provide a treat that is more than just an everyday biscuit. Our variety of mouth-watering flavours including Butterscotch Crunch, Divinely Chocolatey Cookies, Light & Buttery Viennese Whirl, Golden Oat Crunch, and Light & Buttery Shortbread Rings, means our biscuits are universally liked – from children to grandparents. Our individually wrapped biscuits are available in boxes of 48 and 100, perfect for any hotel size.

1. Vypr Survey 9th August 2022

2. Market Measures - Border Consumer research 2021 - Q20 % SHAREThinking about the last 20 occasions you ate a sweet biscuit, roughly what proportion of those fell into each

3. Brakes SalesOut 52we 02.05.22; BidView 52we 02.05.22

4. Border Biscuits analysis of sales vs frequency and Kantar June 2020 data

5. Vypr Survey 9th August

How can Border Biscuits help hoteliers?


for Border Biscuits

As the UK’s number one premium biscuit brand in the OOH channel 3 , we are a go-to brand in the hospitality sector. Not only that, we’ve been operating in the channel for 30 years, which gives us a complete understanding on what flavours and formats are most popular. We know that customers want a biscuit that tastes great, especially after a long journey, so it’s key it doesn’t disappoint - which is where our biscuits can fit. Featured in 90 million occasions per year, with 40 million of these taking place in OOH 4, Border Biscuits provides operators with a trusted and well-known brand with a selection of individually wrapped packs that produce a perfect taste of pure quality that’s ideal for hotel rooms.

Our biscuits are specifically chosen in response to the most popular flavours we know guests love, whilst also holding well under different temperatures. For rooms with fridges, we also have a range of fully coated biscuit bars in three flavours: Dark Chocolate Ginger Bar, Dark Chocolate Orange Bar, and Milk Chocolate Ginger Bar – offering choices for everyone’s liking.

As well as enhancing the in-room offering, Border can also help operators increase profits across the wider business. For example, if there is a bar area or coffee lounge on-site, individually wrapped Border Biscuits can be added to beverage menus creating a package, to appeal to guests who look for a sweet treat to enjoy with a tea or coffee, increasing spend per head.

Are there any wider trends that hoteliers should be aware of?

still on the rise, it’s important that hotel operators make the most of the opportunity to create a memorable experience by providing a warm welcome – which is where offering a complimentary hot drinks and biscuit selection comes into play.

Current Climate

With budgets and finances tight, consumers are looking for quality where they can, so it’s important that hotels maintain the little touches to enhance a guest’s experience. What’s more, with the increasing demands and challenges in the hospitality industry, such as tight turnarounds and pressure on hotel staffing costs, it is even more important to ensure efficient room management. Prepacked biscuits are a quick and efficient addition to the room during the turnover time and are easy to store in a compact and organised manner.

Memorable moments

Demand for accessible premium products also remains, with many people choosing more carefully as they look for biscuits that are ‘worth the calories’ when they do indulge. So, it’s important to provide accessible premium products that create a memorable moment that matters.

What three tips would you give to hoteliers looking to enhance their in-room offering?

Spokesperson: Ben Baldwin –Foodservice Channel Manager for Border Biscuits

1. It’s important to provide a great first impression for guest upon arrival by offering a premium tea and biscuit selection in-room. You can elevate your guests’ experience by providing a quality selection of teas, coffees, and biscuits that create a lasting memory.

2. Customers are always looking for trusted brands that they know won’t disappoint. For operators, this means stocking a range of well-known products that will deliver on taste, as we know that 62% of hotel guests would rather see Border in their hotel room than other brands5.

3. Stocking a variety of popular biscuit flavours will help hoteliers cater to all taste preferences and minimise waste. At Border, our box contains the most popular biscuit flavours that span generations, meaning operators can relax knowing they have a biscuit for everyone.



We expect travel in the UK to remain prevalent for many, as an alternative to holidaying abroad. With staycations

For more details please visit

Meet the family Call us on: 01264 343777 or visit: Labouring under extreme pressure? Let Stannah do the heavy lifting.
– Stannah
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GOLDBERG & SONS launches Premium Cola

GOLDBERG & SONS, the premium filler brand, has launched its own cola taste with the introduction of GOLDBERG Premium Cola. With a careful selection of ingredients, the new Premium Cola is perfectly crafted to enhance the taste of dark premium spirits in cocktails such as Cuba Libre or Whisky Cola.

For decades, cola has been one of the most sought-after soft drink flavors globally, with a secret formula comprising carbonation, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, citrus oils, and caffeine. It’s the perfect balance of these ingredients that creates the beloved cola taste..

Despite this, GOLDBERG Premium Cola was not developed according to the classic cola formula. The brand used specially selected ingredients to achieve a harmonious blend with dark premium spirits. The new Premium Cola is pleasantly sweet, without being overpowering, and features a delicate hint of cinnamon that perfectly complements whiskey or rum. Like all GOLDBERG products, the Premium Cola has a high carbon dioxide content of 10gr/litre, providing a refreshing, effervescent taste. Additionally, the caffeine content offers a much-needed energy boost for long nights.

“Our GOLDBERG Premium Cola is the result of intensive research and development and we are proud to say that we have managed to set ourselves apart from the modern competition with GOLDBERG Premium Cola, but still offer a popular flavour profile.”


as Fri-Jado extends hot and cold MCC range Seeing double Seeing double

In a move that opens up state-of-the-art hot and cold food storage and display solutions to all, leading equipment manufacturer, Fri-Jado, has announced the expansion of the company’s popular Modular Convenience Counter (MCC) range, with a unique two-level offering.

When it comes to effective hot and cold display units, little compares to the innovative MCC range. Achieving a complete solution for operators, the units are available in hot and cold functionality, drop-in or standalone, and in a choice of 4, 3 or now, the brand new 2-shelf design. A small footprint and flexible design ensure the range is ideal for any store layout or concept, where a consistent height allows units to be easily positioned inline, either side-by-side or back-to-back.

The new 2-level MCC units offer the highest capacity in a compact footprint of just 600mm x 750mm (w/d). Taking the ultra-slim shelf design found in the larger models in the range, the new 2-level MCC units achieve up to 75% more product visibility* thanks to the transparent sides and top, and up to 30% more display surface*. In fact, the total shelf surface is as much as 1.13m2 on the MCC 120-2.

The new MCC 2-level range is available in six unique formats:

• Hot self-serve – for packaged foods

• Hot self-serve humidified with doors – for packaged and unpackaged hot food

• Hot self-serve humidified –for unpackaged hot food

• Cold self-serve – for packaged cold food

• Cold self-serve with doors – for packaged cold food

• Cold full serve – for unpackaged cold food

Available in solid back or pass-through (full serve units in pass-through only), floor-standing model or drop-in models and now in a choice of two, three or four shelves.

Delivering unlimited possibilities and combinations when used in conjunction with other MCC units, the new 2-level MCC range can help to create a complete food display solution for your business. Using the latest LED lighting, patented hot blanket technology, unique hot air recirculation (hot models only) and innovative green technology, the MCC range achieves a remarkably low total cost of ownership too.

“We are delighted to have added 2-level units to the MCC range. Representing the smallest model in the series, the 2-level units feature the same great technology and features found in the larger models, but on a truly compact footprint. Delivering maximum food safety, extending shelf life and reducing waste, the MCC 2-level can open up the possibilities of both hot and cold grab-and-go to even the most compact sites.”

For more information on the 2-level MCC units, or to find out about the full range of products and services offered by Fri-Jado, please visit or call +44 (0)189 527 2227.

10 EAT. DRINK. SLEEP May 2023
*Compared to competition according to global ISO standards – TDA ISO 23953

The device uses innovative ozone generating technology that has been developed over the last five years by Ozone Industries and ZERO2FIVE food industry experts from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Ozone is commonly used in the catering, hospitality, and healthcare industries to sanitise air and water. However, most ozone generators still rely on the use of UV or electrolysis, which are criticised for high energy consumption, limited output, excessive maintenance needs, expensive equipment and safety concerns.

HygienICE™ Technology (HIT) is based on the corona discharge method, an alternative way of generating ozone. The new CIM sanitiser is compact, easy to install, and requires constant power of just 14 Watts. It offers higher and better controlled output, longer lifespan, lower maintenance costs, and overall – higher ice making efficiency.

Hygienico’s CEO, Martyn Jutsum, sees HygienICE™ CIM as a device that is likely to revolutionise the catering and hospitality industry and re-write its standards of hygiene. Almost 40% of public liability cases in the UK insurance claims come from the catering and hospitality industry, and hygiene is the second most complained about issue with serious legal consequences. HygienICE™ is capable of producing pure, hygienic ice while ensuring clean and safe components, surfaces, and working environments. This can help businesses improve ice hygiene, save money on operational costs, and reduce risks of public liability.

Hygienico is selecting members of the food and drink sector to participate in the final stage of the Government-backed clinical trial before the product becomes widely available. The company

needs to identify 18 venues ready to operate the new device along with 9 other businesses, for comparison, using conventional ice makers and cleaning routines. Pubs, bars, clubs, hotels, hospitals, and schools located in Cardiff or nearby will be selected for the trial, giving the owners an opportunity to experience technology of the future and leave their mark in the history of catering.

Hygienico was founded in 2018 by Martyn Jutsum, a career scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur involved in research, design, development, and technical sales of products and bespoke solutions for the application of ozone as a sanitising agent since 2003.

Hygienico is the distribution and sales arm and a marketing partner of Ozone Industries Limited (OIL), whose R&D and engineering teams enable Hygienico to draw directly on their expertise.

Hygienico’s CEO, Martyn Jutsum
Hygienico, a Hampshirebased company, is making waves in the catering and hospitality industry with its novel commercial ice making machine sanitiser, HygienICE™ CIM.

As a vodka dedicated to mastering the perfect serve, Smirnoff has recently announced its partnership with The Allegra Group, purveyors of the world’s largest and most celebrated coffee festivals, to host a series of unmissable masterclasses for coffee and cocktail lovers.

The partnership includes exclusive category sponsorship across the 2023 Coffee Festival portfolio to bring the perfect Espresso Martini to life for an estimated audience of 120,000 visitors across Amsterdam, London, Paris, São Paolo, New York and Milan.

“As a global brand, we are excited that the scale of this partnership will take us across three continents, showcasing Smirnoff’s aptitude as the vodka of choice for Espresso Martinis and beyond,” said Stephanie Jacoby, global brand director at Smirnoff.

Smirnoff has brought its vibrant energy to the fore through festival-wide Espresso Martini sampling and headline sponsorship of the cocktail bars at the Amsterdam and London Coffee Festivals, and will continue to serve up perfectly shaken Smirnoff Espresso

The Espresso Martini

Martinis through the remainder of the year. A bespoke ‘City Serve’, created in collaboration with a local coffee roaster and in celebration of the unique spark each city’s culture has to offer, will also be available.

“We know the exceptional smoothness of Smirnoff No.21 serves as the perfect foundation for vodka-based cocktails, so we wanted to challenge leading local bartenders and coffee roasters to experiment with this to create each City Serve,” said Jacoby.

Four of this year’s largest festivals will also play home to Smirnoff Cocktail Masterclasses – sessions designed to bring guests together over a premiumquality cocktail-making experience. Each 45-minute session will be hosted by a local leading bartender and local coffee roaster, offering guests the opportunity to get hands-on with Smirnoff and empowering them with the skillset to create the perfect Espresso Martini and their local ‘City Serve’ at home.

“We feel an authentic connection with Smirnoff through our joint passions for

culture, flavour and craft. We’re very pleased to have them as a partner across our 2023 coffee festivals and look forward to the brand bringing its vibrant energy to our existing event formats. We’ve seen increased interest from the coffee trade in exploring coffee cocktails and we look forward to working with Smirnoff on educating and entertaining through the art of mixology at each of our worldwide events,” said Ludovic Rossignol, cofounder of The Coffee Festivals.

Masterclass tickets will be available to purchase from the ‘Tickets’ section of each festival’s website.

Upcoming Festival Dates

• 20th – 23rd April: London

• 13th – 15th May: Paris

• 23rd – 25th June: São Paulo

• 6th – 8th October: New York

• 2nd – 4th December: Milan

The Espresso Martini: a classic cocktail. And really, nothing compares to that first sip of the night - so it must taste good.

American craft beer names vary wildly from the straightforward to the outlandish and naming a new beer requires months, if not years, of brainstorming, creativity and due diligence.

What’s in a name – an exploration of american craft beer names

With so many different labels to choose from creating a brand that stands out from the crowd and looks good on shelf is increasingly important. Brewers utilise a number of naming strategies such as:

• Descriptive words (903 Brewers: White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake Slushy)

• Experiential words (Athletic Brewing Co: Run Wild IPA)

• Wordplay/beer puns (Destihl Brewery: Counter Clockweisse Berliner weisse)

• Topical words or phrases (Heretic Brewing Co: Make American Juicy Again IPA)

• Alliteration (Paradox Pilsner)

• Arbitrary words (Urban Artifact: Spyglass fruit beer)

• Made-up words (Reuben’s Brews: Hazealicious IPA)

• Music-related/lyrics of a song (Heavy Riff Brewing Co: Bohemian Rhaspberry sour)

• Culture related/Classical literature (Virginia Beer Co: I Pray You Remember the Porter! Imperial Porter)

• The straightforward ‘does what it says on the tin’ approach (Upslope Brewing Co: Craft Lager)

Some American craft brewers like to adopt the same creative, envelopepushing criteria to their beer names as they do when developing the beer itself. Even the most obscure beer names have found their way into the national psyche, eg:

I. Cigar City Brewing Co: J’ai Alai IPA (pronounced hi-a-lie’) is named after a fast and furious game native to the Basque region of Spain, but it is difficult to say and spell. Such factors have not prevented it from become a much-loved classic around the world

II. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co: Narwhal Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout is named after a mysterious creature from the depths of the Arctic Ocean

III. Alesmith Brewing Co: .394 San Diego Pale Ale pays tribute to baseball legend Tony Gwynn’s city that he loved and his career high batting average

Other breweries employ a theme that runs throughout their name choice such as DC Brau from Washington, DC who harness political connotations to name their beers such as Joint Resolution IPA or In Session IPA. However, not all beer names need to be bold to be beautiful. The beer that pioneered the American craft beer

movement around the world with its aromatic and full-flavoured Cascade hop character is the simply named Sierra Nevada Pale Ale!

American craft beer is available through national wholesalers or on line from Athletic Brewing, or the Cascade Club Chefs and restauranteurs are invited to make use of the free resources available on or


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Why innovative drinks brands in Britain are thriving, and how they can continue to grow in 2023

Despite a difficult year ahead for many drinks brands, with consumer confidence still low and inflation proving hard to overcome, the rate of drinks start-ups in the UK is predicted to continue to grow in 2023. Indeed, already this year we have seen drinks brands such as Gunner Cocktails show the world that the UK’s drinks sector is far from closed for business.

Innovation and creativity are at the core of what the UK’s drinks market has to offer and have been the main catalysts behind its growth in recent years.

However, with consumers increasingly attracted to independent brands that can quench their thirst for exciting and innovative flavours, start-up precanned cocktail companies like Gunner Cocktails are the best placed to remain resilient during the incoming recession.

Indeed, here at Gunner cocktails we are predicting a 500% growth in sales in the next year. The roaring success of brands like Gunner demonstrates how the UK’s history of being home to the world’s favourite drinks brands is still thriving.

However, if the UK is to maintain its reputation as a hub for start-ups in the drinks sector, brands must look to be trend setters rather than followers.

This includes exploring the rise of no-lo drinks, dissecting consumer demand for canned drinks, and examining the differences in demands across generations. Indeed, our own research has shown that 61% of consumers prefer buying British products, and 40% feel ‘let down’ due to the ‘lack’ of alcohol-free and low-ABV drinks.

However, whilst January has been the month of the saints, that does not mean that sinners won’t have their time in the spotlight this year. Alcoholic pre-canned cocktails such as Gunner’s Sinner which adds a generous shot of aged rum to their classic Gunner Saint are growing in popularity, with the RTD (ready to drink) canned alcoholic cocktail market growing at a +7% year-on-year.[1]

In light of this, to maximise their market share, start-ups in the drink sector should look to diversify their offering to include both alcoholfree and alcoholic offering so they can capitalise on the growing no-and-low market, which is set to be a hotbed for innovation and creativity in the coming year.


Consumers seek natural beverages to boost energy levels

Finlays has carried out proprietary new research showing the fundamental shifts in consumer drinking habits post-COVID, and which mega trends have survived the turbulence of the last few years.

Consumer demand for natural and organic has accelerated

Consumers are drinking more natural and organic beverages, Finlays research shows, compared to two years ago. It seems that these mainstream trends continue to grow in appeal and have not reached saturation point, with one in ten 25–35-year-olds further increasing their already high consumption of natural and organic beverages.

“Consumers are seeking ‘clean label products’ such as those containing organic ingredients (18%), and free of artificial flavour or sweeteners (15%)”, Sian Edwards, Group Insights Manager at Finlays, explains. “Beverage brand owners can tap into this trend by choosing ingredients that consumers perceive as naturally beneficial for their health, such as green tea, which contains naturally occurring antioxidants and catechins.”

Boost for natural caffeine

This demand for natural beverages is driving major shifts in where consumers are looking for an energy boost. A third (33%) of Europeans are drinking more traditional sources of caffeine, such as tea and coffee, demonstrating the opportunity for these ingredients within the ‘clean energy’ movement. “It’s really interesting to see, from our

research, that consumers are as likely to drink tea for an energy boost, as they are to drink energy drinks” Edwards notes.

“Supply shortages of synthetic caffeine from China, the world’s largest exporter, has driven demand for natural sources of caffeine from tea and coffee,” explains Edwards. “The ‘health halo’ around coffee and the rising interest in its health properties are paving the way for beverage brands to innovate. For example utilising cold brew coffee, a natural source of caffeine, to provide additional benefits.”

‘Hydration-Plus’ becomes major trend

Half of European consumers (48.4%) are drinking more water than they did pre-pandemic. But consumers are seeking more than just hydration, with one in five consumers (20.2%) looking for drinks with more than one benefit, increasing to nearly a quarter (24.1%) of consumers aged 35-55.

However, brand owners have to balance this with the need for good-tasting products – 16.8% of consumers are looking for healthy drinks without compromising on flavour. “Great taste is a major factor in encouraging that repeat-purchase”, Edwards explains. “Consumers are looking for new ways to enjoy water with enhanced flavours and added benefits.”

Functional beverages continue to gain momentum

Six in ten European consumers are more conscious of their physical health than pre-pandemic. “This is a major acceleration of the already well-established health and wellbeing trend,” Edwards explains, “and interestingly, this is even higher for older generations, demonstrating the broad appeal of products that tap into the health and wellbeing space.”

Consumers are looking for a wide range of functional benefits from their beverages, including energy-boosting (34%), relaxation (22%) and mood-boosting (22.6%). “This shows the huge scope for innovation in the beverage industry, relating to both physical and mental wellbeing” Edwards adds. “Tea and coffee are well-established with consumers as natural ingredients that can be positioned as energising or relaxing.”

Consumers willing to pay more for sustainability

Another major trend accelerated by the pandemic, over one in ten (13.3%) consumers have changed their drinking habits because they are more aware of the environmental impact of beverages, compared to before the pandemic. Consumers are looking for sustainably-sourced beverages with a minimal impact on the planet. “Finlays Just Add Water sachets can save up to 99% of packaging volume vs plastic bottles so are ideal for those consumers who want to avoid single use plastic but don’t want to compromise on beverage taste and added benefits,” Edwards explains.

This trend is also a major value driver, as more than 75% of European consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

Edwards concludes “the staying-power of mega trends such as health and sustainability has been tested over the last few years, but consumers have only been more engaged in these trends since the pandemic. We’ve also seen some major shifts, as consumers look for a wider range of functional benefits delivered by natural ingredients such as tea and coffee. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, offering natural, sustainable products that tap into health trends, without compromising on taste, is essential to attract modern consumers who want it all.”

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installed three new MDT-TEX TULIP UMBRELLAS on its rooftop terrace. These stylish and practical umbrellas not only protect guests from heat, rain, and sunshine but also provide wind shelter.

Each of the three tulip umbrellas was individually designed and constructed according to the hotel’s specific requirements.

With reinforced poles and frames, the umbrellas are stable and can withstand the strong winds that are sometimes present on the roof terrace.

About MDT-tex Inc:

MDT-tex, the company behind the innovative and high-quality sun protection systems, membrane constructions, and custom-made products for outdoor textile architecture, used PTFE, a material consisting of coated Teflon, for the membrane of the tulip umbrellas. This material is known for its resistance to heat and weather, making it an ideal choice for the Aman Hotel in New York.

MDT carries out the entire production process in its own cutting-edge factories at international locations in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States ensuring the highest quality for innovative products and ensuring absolute supply security. The installation of these MDTTEX TULIP UMBRELLAS is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing customers all over the world with the best in outdoor design and textile architecture.


Creating memories through fragrance

Elevate your guest experience

As experts in olfaction, Noble Isle bring the art of perfumery to each of their Bath, Body & Home collections. Their core belief that fragrance has the power to change the ambiance and aesthetic of a room comes to life in some of the most luxurious hotels across the country.

Noble Isle currently have twelve quintessentially British fragrances, from Yorkshire Rhubarb to Scottish Whisky, all created using locally sourced, authentic, sustainable natural extracts from celebrated producers around the British Isles. Their ethos that luxury shouldn’t compromise on ethics extends from the manufacturing process to the packaging, with a complete cruelty-free, vegan friendly Bath, Body & Home collection. Their hotel accessories are plastic-free,

With each luxury collection your guests will embark on a journey of discovery experiencing the natural beauty of the British Isles through fragrance. Designed to evoke poignant nostalgia and re-live moments of happiness with every scent. Noble Isle’s fragrant collections have the ability to transport you and your guests to a moment, memory or place in time that cannot be replicated by other means. Giving guests the opportunity to extend their stay by being reminded of the tranquil oasis of calm and relaxation at home.

Noble Isle has been a home-from-home brand since its inception and their partnerships span the length and breadth of the UK from the likes of Harrods and Liberty to The Guardsman, Chewton Glen and The Craigellachie to small, boutique brands in the hidden corners of the British Isles.

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Maximizing Revenue: The

Benefits of a Sheltered Outdoor Seating or Dining Area

As the weather warms up and customers flock to outdoor spaces, businesses can capitalize on the opportunity to boost their revenue with an outdoor seating or dining area. With the right shelter in place, these areas can be used year-round, allowing businesses to expand their seating capacity and offer customers a unique dining experience.

One of the biggest advantages of an outdoor seating or dining area with shelter is the ability to attract more customers. Research shows that customers are willing to pay more for outdoor dining experiences, and businesses with outdoor seating areas are perceived as more welcoming and inviting. By providing a comfortable and attractive outdoor space, businesses can draw in more customers and increase their revenue.

Moreover, an outdoor seating area with shelter can offer versatility in terms of dining options. It can serve as a space for casual drinks, a romantic dinner, or a family gathering, catering to different types of customers and occasions. The added space can also allow businesses to host events, from live music performances to private parties, further increasing revenue streams.

Having a sheltered outdoor space also means that businesses can extend their operating hours beyond the traditional indoor-only hours. Customers can enjoy outdoor dining even during less ideal weather conditions, such as rain or wind. This translates to more customers, longer operating hours, and higher revenue.

In summary, an outdoor seating or dining area with shelter can help businesses increase their revenue by attracting more customers, offering versatile dining options, and extending operating hours. By investing in an outdoor space, businesses can tap into a growing trend of outdoor dining experiences and provide customers with a unique and memorable experience.

Use the revenue calculator on our new website to find out how much extra revenue your business could be generating with a shaded, year-round use, outdoor seating area!

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Research shows that customers are willing to pay more for outdoor dining and businesses with outdoor seating areas are perceived as more welcoming

Desi Daru Wins World’s Best Flavoured Vodka Title

Launched just seven months ago, Indian-inspired and British-made ultra-premium vodka, Desi Daru has already been named World’s Best Flavoured Vodka in the prestigious, World Vodka Awards.

The vodka brand is owned by Britishborn Indians, who celebrate the best of the two countries they call home through the flavour-led spirits, using the highest quality ingredients from the Himalayan mountains to the jungles of Maharashtra and the lush English countryside.

Desi Daru’s Alphonso Mango-flavoured vodka has been making waves in the drinks world since its launch last July. And it impressed the global panel of judges so much, it claimed the top spot in the UK Flavoured Vodka category and then competed against the best from each country to win the coveted title of World’s Best Flavoured Vodka.

Desi Daru co-founder, Mohit Singh says: “It is the perfect marriage of East and West and we are thrilled the judges agree and have honoured us with such a prestigious accolade.

“The World’s Best title reflects the quality of the finest alphonso mangoes, prized for their sweetness that we sourced from India’s Ratnagiri, which are distilled rather than infused for a fuller, smooth flavour. All of our vodkas are distilled seven times from creamy, English winter wheat, grown in Oxfordshire.”

Commending excellence in the vodka industry, the awards (part of the World Drink Awards) judges spirits in four categories: Pure Neutral, Infused and Botanical, Varietal and Flavoured.

The Alphonso Mango Spirit is Crowned Global Leader at World Vodka Awards

This is the second award for the mango vodka, which has won a Spirits Business Global Vodka Masters Award and been scored 96 points by the International Drinks Specialists.

The spirit is distilled seven times to make a vodka that is smooth enough to sip as well as providing the perfect foundation for bold and memorable cocktails, which can be enjoyed at some of the UK’s top bars and restaurants, from Mayfair’s Michelin-star Benares and Fitzrovia’s Pahli Hill to the glitzy Farzi and Holborn’s luxury Colonel Saab.

The brand also produces the Desi Daru Original, distilled using English winter wheat and the purest water from the snow-capped Himalayas. This has won a Spirits Business Global Vodka Masters Gold Award and been scored 90 points by the International Drinks Specialists.

This year, the brand has ambitious expansion plans, with the recent addition of drinks industry pioneer, Ben Reed as consultant for brand strategy and activation, a new design team and PR agency Cult Media Collective to its team and plans to launch a fully bespoke bottle design this year.

Interview with Nick Reid, Co-Founder of Balearic Drinks Ltd

What was your inspiration behind founding Balearic Drinks Ltd?

My inspiration has always been to challenge the global drinks conglomerates and highlight Ibiza’s most iconic brands.

What lead to the ground-breaking luxury collaboration of Café del Mar Spirts?

We wanted to secure the most memorable and nostalgic brand that really connected and helped tell the storey of Ibiza. We approached the team at Café del Mar with The Spirit of the Sunset concept and the rest was history.

What makes your company stand out as exceptional in the marketplace?

Balearic Drinks Ltd is a unique business. We fill a niche supporting global brands with a turnkey drinks portfolio. We also give our brands the retail recognition and design investment they deserve – that’s fundamental to standing out. Our brands have developed a truly international fan base over years of trading – we understand how to convert and connect that heritage through our exceptional range of spirit collaborations.

Who do you see as your typically drinking your spirits?

It’s a lifestyle product - those who seek premium, fantastic tasting spirits that connect them back to the brands and place they love the most –Ibiza!

Who is your next collaboration with?

We are launching a beautiful trio of spirits for one of Ibiza’s most exciting and lifestyle driven beach club concepts this summer.

What principles does your company operate on to ensure it delivers a world-class offering?

In a nutshell our drinks have to be retail-ready and stay true to our brand partners. We are not your typical licensing business – we invest substantially in ensuring our products stand out on shelf and scream identity. Our global partners, from design, distilling, distributing and marketing are heavyweight, results driven and internationally focused operators and have the ability to scale fast.  With the Café del Mar collection I am in no doubt we have achieved a word class extension to product and brand.

How does Balearic Drinks Ltd help make eco-friendly brands?

We give back to where it all began – Ibiza. Through our strategic partner Ibiza Preservation, each bottle sold raises money and awareness to save the island; to protect its natural flora and fauna, to preserve the seagrasses and shoreline and to ensure everyone can visit a place of unsurpassed beauty and enjoy those famous sunsets and crystal-clear waters for generations to come. Our products are completely plastic free and our distilling operations B-CORP and carbon neutral.

Can you tell us about some of the most remarkable experiences since the start of your company?

It’s always the first sale! 12-18 months of development, design and brand work with huge investment in suppliers and stock – nothing beats the experience of knowing your products can compete and will be enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world.

Where do you see Balearic Drinks in five years’ time?

That’s impossible to say but the single most important goal is we build a competitive and exclusive drinks business that rewards both our brand partners (through licensing revenue) and their/our customers (through quality, brand connection and lifestyle).  Our operating model is scalable and our brands are globally recognised - so it’s an extremely exciting time for our business and our partners.

25 EAT. DRINK. SLEEP May 2023


The KIRA B 50 cleaning robot is a practical addition to any cleaning team.

Cleaning intelligently and autonomously, this robotic scrubber dryer takes on floor cleaning of medium to large areas efficiently, delivering consistent cleaning results every time.

When Cleaning Matters, Kärcher Delivers.

Why Kärcher’s first ever robot scrubber dryer, the KIRA B 50, is set to shine in hospitality.

Large, heavily trafficked floor areas in hospitality venues can often be a challenge for cleaning businesses. This may not come as a surprise to many since keeping these floors fit for purpose has traditionally been a labour-intensive, time-consuming affair that impacts staff hours and budgets.

The KIRA B 50 is set to change all of that. Kärcher UK’s first ever robotic cleaning machine, the KIRA B 50 is a fully autonomous scrubber dryer specifically designed to tackle medium and large floor areas.

This new product will interest cleaning operators across multiple sectors like transport hubs, shopping centres and government buildings. The KIRA B 50 is set to shine especially within hospitality venues, where time is always in short supply and cleanliness is of the utmost importance.

The key to this versatility lies in the KIRA B 50 scrubber dryer’s robot proven roller brush technique, with a presweeping function and side brush to clean up to the wall. The combination of a wide 55cm working width plus a 160 Ah lithium-ion battery also delivers an impressive area performance of up to 15,000m² per day*, even on textured or uneven floors. Essentially, the KIRA B 50 can be left to get on with its job whilst freeing up facilities managers to oversee more complex and demanding cleaning tasks.

Of course, no two venues are the same, so the water volume, detergent dosing and cleaning speed can be precisely pre-set to deliver the ideal level of cleaning quality in the shortest possible time.

The KIRA B 50 can certainly clean effectively, but just how autonomous can it really be? The answer lies in its optional docking station which allows the unit to re-fill its water tank, drain and rinse the wastewater and even recharge its battery with no human intervention whatsoever.

Care has been taken too with the robot’s functions. It is simple to operate, thanks to a large touch display complete with an intuitive menu and user guidance. It can accommodate multiple user profiles too and even offers language options for complete ease of use.

As is the case with any robot, safety is critical, and the KIRA B 50 does not disappoint. Boasting integrated laser scanners, 3D and ultrasonic sensors as well as a powerful onboard computer, the KIRA B 50 combines 360° detection of its surrounding areas with quick reactions and reliable navigation. It not only detects changes in its surroundings and launches evasive manoeuvres, it also announces its presence with integrated light modules designed to alert anyone close by when it’s turning or charging. It should come as no surprise then to learn the KIRA B 50 is fully safety certified for use in public areas according to the latest industry standards.

The support for the product, as you might expect from Kärcher UK, is as impressive as it is reassuring. There’s a comprehensive service package through KIRA Care and KIRA Care Plus, which comes complete with features like web portal access and software updates. There’s a functional guarantee too, as well as trained and experienced service technicians on-hand whenever they’re needed. Customers who invest in the Plus package get the extra peace of mind that comes with immediate machine replacement in the unlikely event their machine fails.

There’s no denying the KIRA B 50 marks a change in how large floor areas are cleaned and maintained in the hospitality sector. A change that’s set to be welcomed by cleaning businesses, their operators and venues across the country.

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*when used in conjunction with the docking station

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