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HW5: Introducing the HW5, a Qi wireless charging Bluetooth audio bedside stereo alarm clock with speakerphone. With two high-powered USB ports and a wireless charging pad, guests can charge up to three devices at once. Alarms are easy to set and the Single Day Alarm feature means they won’t be disturbed by the previous guests’ settings.

HBN22: The iHome HBN22 Bluetooth clock radio is the ultimate hotel bedside amenity. Featuring a 10W USB port for a rapid charge and 5W USB port, guests can charge two devices at once. They may stream their music wirelessly and with NFC technology, connecting to Bluetooth is a tap away. Set an alarm, listen to FM radio, and take phone calls all from this space-saving clock radio. For more information, contact: Jacob Betesh at, 888-74HOTEL, ext.235,

Space Saving Size! 5.5"W x 2.3"H x 5.4"D

STAY FULLY CHARGED… WIRELESSLY. Introducing the iHome HW2 fast wireless charging compact bedside alarm clock. With dual fast-charging USB ports and a wireless charging pad, guests can rapidly charge up to three devices at once. Alarms are easy to set and the Single Day Alarm feature means they won’t be disturbed by the previous guest’s settings. The HW2 also features a security tether and a 6-foot power cable with a right-angle plug. For more information, contact Jacob Betesh at, 888-74HOTEL, ext. 235,



Charge multiple devices via Qi Charging Pad or two USB ports



© Hotel Technologies, LLC. iHome is a registered trademark of SDI Technologies, Inc. iPhone is a trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other marks are trademarks of their respective owners.

COWHORN from £90



... for every occasion!

BUNNY CHAIR from £63



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Rockliffe Hall unveils new safety measures ahead of proposed opening date for hotels Rockliffe Hall has unveiled new measures to ensure that the property is ready for guests if the Government gives the go-ahead for hotels to reopen.

July 2020


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The luxury resort in Hurworth, near Darlington, will be introducing new procedures to ensure that everyone adheres to social distancing rules. These will include an online check-in service, temperature checks, reduced occupancy levels, heightened hygiene practices, unique signage, digital menus and online ordering. The hotel also plans to introduce virtual services


such as video calling Concierge and virtual room tours, and will also offer complimentary bike use for guests. Jason Adams, Rockliffe Hall’s managing director, said: “Whilst the hotel has been closed we’ve made the best use of the time of those who haven’t been furloughed. We’ve come up with innovative new ways to make sure our guests still get the luxury service they’d expect when

the hotel re-opens, in very different circumstances to what any of us are used to. “Of course, we’ve also introduced rigorous protocols to ensure everyone stays safe, but under our team’s PPE you can rest assured there’ll be lots of big smiles and you’ll enjoy the usual first class Rockliffe hospitality.”

When architecture and lighting design collide It all started in a garage in East London, building custom motorbikes. Buster + Punch innovates with solid metals, to transform ordinary functional fittings into extraordinary interior details for residential, hotels and commercial projects.

July 2020

The brand is deep rooted in London’s fashion, music and sub-culture scene and harnesses this energy to elevate the products.The horizontal range of products comes in a limited palette of unique finishes to help designers specify with confidence and ensure a perfect match. Exhaust is a new collection of the trailblazing interior spotlights inspired by motorbike exhaust just launched. The range features four new products; a fixed, an adjustable and a track spotlight, alongside a pendant light. Decorative yet functional, Exhaust is designed to elevate task lighting to a new level, providing directional illumination to interior surfaces and architectural detailing. Each Exhaust spotlight is fitted with a beautifully machined, solid metal baffle designed to capture and diffuse light. The unique baffle design features Buster + Punch’s unmistakable new linear knurl pattern and signature torx screws, alongside a precisioncut honeycomb grill, engineered to create a delicate metallic glow whilst also emitting a precise, non-glare, directional light. “Exhaust finally puts functional lighting back in the spotlight,” explained Massimo Buster Minale, founder and creative director. All too often forgotten as back- ground lighting, we wanted to create a compelling range of decorative task lights that would fit


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seamlessly into any home or hospitality space, whilst remaining memorable – much like the roar of a motorbikes exhaust.”

Steel leads the way in new metallics and unlike an applied finish, the cutting-edge process means that no two finishes are ever the same.

Developed by the Buster + Punch design studio, Burnt Steel is an innovative/ fashion-forward finish first launched in Spring 2020. When a motorbike exhaust runs lean, the excessive heat turns the metal into a stunning rainbow of blue, purple and yellow. Harnessing an oxide effect, when applied to marine-grade stainless steel the result is a highly original and unique metal effect. Burnt



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Hotel Indigo launches workspace packages for essential workers The bespoke packages are tailored to suit different working environment preferences Hotel Indigo is extending its support of essential workers by launching bespoke workspace packages for those who urgently require an office space during the pandemic. The Manchester site has been supporting key workers by housing NHS staff and other frontline workers, but is now looking to extend its support to essential business workers through the newly-launched deal. The bespoke, all-inclusive day packages are “designed for guests to get the best out of their day”, and a variety of bedrooms are now available for workers to book. In a statement, the hotel said: “Each


package is tailored to suit different working environment preferences, whether views of the city in a top floor suite will inspire you or simply the peace and quiet of a cosy tea room, Hotel Indigo has got you covered. “With home away from home décor, workstations, Wi-Fi and multiple charging points and an option to include breakfast, lunch and aperitif, it has all the components needed for the perfect work environment.” Its packages range from the Creative Thinker package, which provides city views, flip-charts and a working desk, to the Analytical package, which provides a “quiet space with no distractions”.

A package for two is also available, allowing multiple workers to operate in a socially-distanced space, while packages can also be upgraded to include overnight stays. Paul Upham of Hotel Indigo said: “We’re delighted to announce this new offering to our incredible essential workers. “Working from home for months on end can be challenging, especially having kids around and other many distractions, so it’s great that we can extend our offering to essential business workers to provide them a different work setting that can inspire and motivate them.”

As designers and manufacturers of wool rich bespoke carpets, we have always been in the business of creating sustainable products that enhance any space both in terms of aesthetics and quality. organic compounds (VOCs), a woolrich carpet will provide a cleaner, more comfortable space to sit back, relax and breathe in. Alongside the comfort of their guests, 1 Hotel is a brand whose focus, as with Ulster Carpets, is also on prioritising sustainability, environmental protection and community engagement. On their website, Barry Sternlicht their CEO & Chairman says: “I wanted to capture the beauty of nature in a hotel and commit to safeguarding it as best I can, a responsibility that I believe we all share. It’s 1 world. But 1 is more than a hotel – it’s a philosophy and a platform for change.” As industry pioneers we continually review our processes to find more efficient and sustainable ways to manufacture luxury carpet, helping our clients to meet their own sustainable goals. Wool is a rapidly renewable material as well as luxurious and versatile, at Ulster Carpets we use only the best wool sourced from Britain, Ireland & New Zealand. Wool fleece re-grows every 12 months providing a constant supply

of high quality raw material. Naturally stain repellent, flame resistant, non combustible and easily cleaned, wool is both sustainable and a safe choice. There are many health benefits from including wool within indoor spaces. Research shows that wool carpets effectively trap dust and allergens in its top layer. Its natural filtering effect makes it perfect for people with asthma or allergies. Naturally absorbing humidity and volatile

Organic, raw, natural and reclaimed materials are therefore an important part of any design brief they develop. From using reclaimed driftwood as wall coverings, plant walls and green spaces to details such as ditching plastic key cards in favour of recycled wooden tags & providing hangers made from 100% post consumer waste. Therefore commissioning bespoke wool rich carpets from Ulster Carpets for their 1 Hotel South Beach, Miami was an obvious choice. A retreat wholly inspired by its natural surroundings, namely the 600-feet of beach along the Atlantic Ocean, Ulster Carpet’s creative team took inspiration from these elements to create the texture and look of wood grain, echoing the driftwood and natural materials in the interior of the hotel. The bold yet calming pattern moves though the hotel pulling all the strands together of this sustainable and luxurious hotel. As a company, Ulster Carpets were delighted to be part of 1 Hotel’s vision, where our beautifully crafted product plays a role in delivering a sustainable experience without compromising on quality or artistic flair.



Carpeting 1 Hotel South Beach Miami

July 2020

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A World Without Wires... Ever since their first introduction, smartphones have been accompanied by traditional wired chargers, with a cable connected to a mains adapter. They’re simple and efficient, if at times a little impractical. But many new phones also include wireless charging options. Devices from Apple, Google, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and Xiaomi all adhere to the Qi standard. Developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, Qi (based on the Chinese word for material energy or energy flow, and pronounced ‘chee’) uses inductive charging, a system whereby an electric current creates a fluctuating magnetic field in the charging pad. This field induces an electrical current in any compatible device placed on the pad, which is then used to charge the battery. It’s a wonderfully convenient system: there are no exposed electrical connections to wear out or suffer

damage, and there are no cables strung across the room, waiting for people to walk into them. The process of charging is slightly slower – by around 15% – but this is outweighed by the general practicality and ease-of-use. Although still in its relative infancy, Qi wireless charging is rapidly growing in popularity. A recent survey by the Wireless Power Consortium saw a distinct increase in interest for wireless charging while people are out and about – most notably in airports, hotels and restaurants, where wired charging can be problematic. Wireless charging systems are perfect for hotel rooms. They are inconspicuous, easy to install and secure, and need practically zero maintenance. And as Qi is a global standard, a single pad will work with a wide range of devices, irrespective of make or brand. Google, LG and Sony adopted wireless charging in 2012; it’s been in Samsung phones since 2015; in Apple phones and smartwatches since 2017; and both Huawei and Xiaomi intro-

duced wireless charging in 2018. Indeed, 2018 proved a watershed year for the technology, when the market grew by 77%, with more than 366 million devices shipped, around 270 million of those being smartphones. There are currently more than 245 phones on the market that have Qi built in, as well as a number of phone cases that add Qi wireless charging to older models. Adding Qi wireless charging to a hotel or entertainment venue couldn’t be easier. The Brandstand CubieDot, CubiePoint and CubieSpot tabletop chargers offer a neat and elegant pad onto which guests simply place their device. The CubieDot and CubiePoint can be located anywhere near a mains outlet. For guest convenience, the CubiePoint also includes 2 USB charging ports for dual charging functionality. For the ultimate in secure, discreet charging, the CubieSpot can be flush-fitted into a desk, community (lobby) or bedside table. The Brandstand CubieDuo and CubieTrio bedside clocks, meanwhile, deliver useful multifunctionality in a stylish form

factor. Both devices provide Qi wireless pads and USB charging ports, plus an easy-to-use alarm clock with snooze and dimmer operations. The CubieTrio goes one better, boasting a pair of mains power sockets (110V) embedded in its top surface, making it ideal for any gadget-loving guest. Brandstand manufactures a successful line of power and charging products for the hospitality industry. See our full line of wireless charging products, designed for Qi compliance on our website. Qi Wireless Charging is the wireless standard adopted by most mobile devices including Samsung & Apple. Brandstand is a member of the Qi Wireless Power Consortium.




July 2020

Bob Pease, CEO/president of the Brewers Association, the not-for-profit trade association representing small and independent American craft brewers, suggests creative beer and no-cook food pairing options for reopening

With social distancing likely to remain in place for some time adopting a creative approach to your menu is one way of luring customers back through the door. One such example of a different culinary experience is a pairing menu of American craft beer with no-cook foods such as cheese, charcuterie or chocolate. Beer is the perfect partner for these foods because…. • • •

Acidity, carbonation and bitterness in beer cut through fat Malt found in beer complements creamy, nutty, earthy or caramel flavours and contrasts with salt Ingredients used in craft beer (especially carbonation and alcohol) can alter the texture of both the rind and the paste of cheese and provide complementary and/or contrasting flavours for each

Here are a few guidelines for getting started: •


Cheese, like beer, should be served at the correct temperature. Take cheese out of the fridge and let it warm to room temperature before pairing. Keep beer at the correct temperature for the style.

• •

Match intensities. Delicate, lighter American craft beers often pair well with young or mild cheeses, while stronger flavoured beer tend to work better with full-flavoured, mature cheeses. The same applies to cold meats. Look for common ground. For example, a malty craft beer pairs well with a nutty cheese, or a hoppy, bitter beer cuts through a cheese with a high fat content Think about other sensations and interactions such as acidic or salty cheese with a hop-forward beer Charcuterie refers to smoked, cured or cooked meats and generally involves salting (preserving) and air-drying, and this effects how they interact with beer

Palate balancers – nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruit, honey and pickled items all make great additions to craft beer and cheese Aim for 25g of cheese per 100ml pairing of beer

Look out for beers with speciality ingredients such as coffee, chocolate, peanut butter and many more that offer endless possibilities for pairing with chocolate. Restauranteurs and chefs are welcome to make use of the free resources available on www.brewersassociation. org including the newly updated and expanded Beer & Food Professional Course downloadable free of charge.

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP July 2020 Suggested American craft beer and Cheese Pairings CHEESE STYLE



Soft Cheese

Wheat beer, Lambic-style beer

Mascarpone, ricotta, mozzarella, goats cheese etc will match the delicate notes of the beer without overwhelming the palate

Semi-soft Cheese

Kolsch, Pilsner, Pale Ale

Cambozola, Reblochon etc can be enhanced by a high level of carbonation. Salty cheese like Feta, Caerphilly or Wensleydale needs a thirst-quenching, refreshing style to combat its dryness

Hard Cheese

Brown Ale, Imperial Stout, Bock

Cheddar, Gruyere, Emmental, Parmesan, Manchego etc echo the nutty, earthy notes of a brown ale or stout. These beers add creaminess on the palate to a hard cheese

Blue Cheese

IPA or Imperial IPA, Barley wine

Strongly flavoured cheeses such as Roquefort, Stilton, St Agur, Danish Blue etc can be successfully balanced with bolder beer styles

Natural Rind Cheeses

Golden/Blonde ale, Pale ale

Brie, camembert, gorgonzola etc have a rich creamy base that can be refreshed with a golden, blonde or pale ale.

Washed Rind Cheeses

Belgian-style ales

Vacherin, Taleggio, Port Salut, Stinking Bishop etc. Beers bring out the cheeses’ delicate sweet note and can cut through the funk of the washed rind



For cold-cuts, smoked meats and charcuterie try: TYPE OF CUT



Prosciutto di Parma (pork)

A classification of ham from the EmiliaRomagna region of Italy. Known for its umami flavour

Pilsner, Doppelbock or Saison

Bresaola (beef )

Dark red cut of beef, thinly sliced. One of the leanest cured meats

Brown Ale

Speck (pork)

Smoked, cured meat, milder and firmer in texture than prosciutto

Smoked Beer, American Pale Ale

Saucisson Sec (pork)

A French-style salami. Typically drycured and rich in flavour

Robust Porter

Chorizo (pork)

A distinctive bright red colour due to addition of smoked paprika.

Smoked Beer, Pilsner

Mortadella (pork)

Cooked sausage made from ground pork meat, garnished with pistachios and small cubes of fat for extra flavour

Belgian-style Trappist ale

Salami Piccante (pork)

Can be spicy to mild. Spiced with paprika and hot to mild red peppers known as peperoni

Imperial IPA


Usually made from ground pork, duck or chicken liver and spices


Finally, for chocolate…. •


White Chocolate – creamy texture, no cocoa solids, usually contains 20% cocoa butter, sugar and 14% milk solids. Pair with Witbier, Brown Ale, Sweet Stout, fruited Wheatbeer Milk Chocolate - usually around 35-45 cacao solids. Pair with:

American pale ale, Brown ale, Amber ale •

Dark chocolate – at least 35% cacao solids but commonly above 70%. Pair with: Robust Porter, Imperial Stout, Dubbel, Lambic style beers

Look out for beers with speciality ingredients such as coffee, chocolate,

peanut butter and many more that offer endless possibilities for pairing with chocolate. Restauranteurs and chefs are welcome to make use of the free resources available on including the newly updated and expanded Beer & Food Professional Course downloadable free of charge.


Bridgewood Manor Hotel & Spa

February 2020



Overview With stunning, panoramic views Bridgewood Manor Hotel & Spa exudes the highest standard from every aspect of this fabulous hotel. Situated in Chatham, an incredibly historical town in Medway, this resort styled hotel is one of Kent’s many treasures. Entering this building feels like stepping into another world where every attention to detail is met and even the smallest aspects are tended to with highest level of care. With an on-site spa, gym and fitness studio and heated indoor pools lists just a few of the facilities, Bridgewood Manor really is the perfect location for a short break, as well as equipping perfectly for weddings and large parties.

The Room Bridgewood Manor has many different rooms available, from standard rooms all the way up to your own private suites. I was lucky enough to be given an executive room during my stay. The room was an excellent size, with twin or king beds, both were available. The room had character and came with its very own en-suite bathroom to the left as you walk in, the freefalling showers are the perfect way to wind down after the pool. It also has an extremely large work desk and satellite TV. I found the hotel room exceptionally clean and tidy. Each room offers complimentary Wi-fi to their guest, so a perfect destination for people on their travels or working away from home.




The Food Dining within the Squires restaurant had a wonderfully secluded feel to it. Serving a wide range of comfort foods and carefully crafted dishes by the top in-house chefs. I opted for the Chicken & Chorizo press to start, with Roasted red pepper puree, garlic scented chive & chickpea salad. For the main course I went for the breast of corn fed chicken – a deliciously cooked Roasted corn fed chicken, Sundried Tomato & Spinach risotto, parmesan shards & micro watercress both of which left me both satisfied but also craving more. Full menu available here.

classic British dishes with a commitment to quality ingredients and depth of flavour, the breakfast menu consisted of a variety of cooked and continental options with a selection of pastries and fruit juices. Bridgewood Manor Hotel & Spa really has the feel of a home away from home, where the traditional look has met with the modern touches in harmony. A great place to retreat away to for Sunday afternoons with the beautiful afternoon tea option, eat with good friends or simply relax and take in the stunning history. To book your stay at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel & Spa, please click here.

Breakfast was a slightly more informal affair, showcasing a modern outlook on



Diversified Communications cancels Casual Dining & Commercial Kitchen until 2021 Diversified Communications UK has today confirmed that this year’s Casual Dining and Commercial Kitchen events, due to take place in July, have sadly been cancelled. Casual Dining will now run on 10-11 March 2021, with the dates for Commercial Kitchen to be announced.


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP July 2020 The decision follows the recent and unexpected news that ExCeL London is to become a temporary NHS ‘Nightingale’ hospital providing support for thousands of patients with coronavirus. Chris Brazier, Diversified UK’s group event director, says: “Like all businesses, we’ve been closely following the rapidly changing developments during these unprecedented and difficult times. With ExCeL, our venue, now taking on an important role to help the NHS during this national emergency, it became clear that we had no other option but to cancel the shows until next year.” “We appreciate how integral Casual Dining and Commercial Kitchen are to the industries they serve and are very sorry to disappoint the thousands of attendees that were planning on exhibiting and visiting this year. The people working in, and supplying, the foodservice, hospitality, catering and leisure industries have been hugely affected by events of the past few days and weeks and we

will continue to support these communities – our communities – in every way we can. I know that we’ll all continue to support each other in the months ahead. “The success, as well as the safety of our exhibitors, speakers and visitors, has always been our priority and I know everyone will get behind this tough but necessary decision. “The Casual Dining and Commercial Kitchen teams would like to thank everyone – our exhibitors, visitors, partners and suppliers, for their continued support and patience, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2021 for the busiest and biggest celebration of our industry yet.” Casual Dining will take place on 10-11 March 2021 at ExCeL London. For more information, please visit Commercial Kitchen 2021 will take place at ExCeL London (dates to be announced). For more information, please visit






12 ls

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Cool and Fresh SUB O ZER





Classic Ice SUB O ZER



Solid cubes of crystalline ice that cool quickly and melt slowly. Suitable for: nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, healthcare industries, educational facilities, hotels and supermarkets.







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Pyramid Ice

SUB O SUB O R nightclubs, ER quick cooling ice cubes. Suitable HighZvolume ZEfor: pubs, restaurants, healthcare industries, educational facilities, hotels and supermarkets.

Pebble Ice SUB O ZER


Compact and long lasting nuggets of ice. This versatile ice can be used in many applications including soft drinks or cocktails. Suitable for: cocktails, pubs, cafeterias, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels.






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Granular Ice

Similar to crushed ice, it’s softer than cubes and chewable, while its mouldable properties suit displays or packaging applications. Suitable for: cocktails, cafeterias, SUB O healthcare industries, care SUB O homes, fast-food outlets, educational facilities, hotels, fishmongers, ZER ZER supermarkets, transport and packaging operations.




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Hollow Ice


SUB O 2 ZER modelsle availab




Flaked Ice

SUB O SUB O SUB O R R R ZEProduced ZE1.5-3mm at subzero temperatures its flakes cool quicker than anyZE of the other ice types. Suitable for: the food industry (fish, dairy, meat cutting etc), processing and preserving, medical applications, product displays, transport and packaging operations.

SUB O SUB O R ZE ZER Full range of icemakers from DC Products Further information



Hollow cubes of crystalline ice that cool quickly and melt slowly - particularly manufacturing SUB O suited to hard water areas due SUtoBice O R R E E processes. Suitable for: nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, healthcare Z Z industries, educational facilities, hotels and supermarkets.



01749 870055



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eCatering, one of the UK’s leading low cost online catering equipment suppliers has started 2020 with a surge in sales and an influx of new stock replacing items which sold fast through the January Sale period. They have recently expanded their equipment ranges including refrigeration, cooking equipment, including their new range of stock pot range cookers, hot and cold storage displays and ware-washing equipment. In fact, it’s fair to say they have increased their stock levels massively on the same period last year and have also recently reviewed all pricing to ensure that they are providing the very best equipment at the lowest prices possible.

Their MD recently said “eCatering is going from strength to strength and we are expanding our ranges in all areas of the business. “For 2020, we want to become one of the largest online catering equipment suppliers and bring a one-stop shop to our customers and those looking for a supplier that can provide the entire kitchen range at the right price to suit their business needs. “We are also starting to stock accessory items such as our new range of high density colour coded chopping boards which have already sold out once and been re-stocked in a very short space of time.” It’s certainly true to say that eCatering is growing year on year and 2020 is set to be even better than last year ensuring that customers receive the best possible pricing. To find out more about their low cost catering equipment and to buy, simply call their sales team on 01539 234250 or visit their website at



Call us on:

01539 234 350

up to


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on list prices

Lowest Price Commercial Catering Equipment in the UK *FREE Delivery Within Mainland UK On Orders Over £75 from

Italinox Electric Griddle 400mm Wide - 16 Inch




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Top Quality Convection Ovens Quattro 57ltr - Order ref: OVC004 - £299

2 Burner - Order ref: KGN004 - £699 3 Burner - Order ref: KGN005 - £725 4 Burner - Order ref: KGN002 - £749

Stainless Steel Tables and Benches Wide range available online at

Hendi H90 57ltr - Order ref: OVC007 - £329







Gastroline Single & Double Glass Door Chillers With Canopy 375 ltr - Order ref: RUG009 - £349 600 ltr - Order ref: RUG008 - £649

Set of 5 x Insulated Fabric Polyester Pizza Bags Full 5 inch Deep

Quattro Electric Twin Tank Floor Standing 2 x 12 Litre Twin Basket Catering Fryer


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Italinox 10 inch - 250mm Blade Professional Catering Meat Slicer. Lowest Price In The UK Order ref: VGS018 - £229


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1 Door - Hinged - Black Order Ref: RRG012 - £269 2 Door - Hinged Doors - Black Order Ref: RRG013 - £299 2 Door - Sliding Doors - Black Order Ref: RRG014 - £319 3 Door - Hinged Doors - Black Order Ref: RRG015 - £399 3 Door - Sliding Doors - Black Order Ref: RRG016 - £419

Gastroline Chest Freezers With Stainless Steel Lids

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Premium Bottle Coolers

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All prices shown exclude VAT. Full terms and conditions online at All items while stocks last. *Restrictions apply see website for details.

Summer is just around the corner meaning it’s that time of the year to take advantage of the higher temperatures and blue skies ahead. If you’re thinking of redesigning or upgrading your contract furniture, why not invest in some outdoor furnishings? The cost of outdoor furniture can be significantly lower than indoor upholstered products, making it a cost effective way to add covers to your venue leading in to the warmer season. Forest Contract offers a large selection of outdoor furniture, suitable for all weather conditions. We offer an extensive range of styles by sourcing a variety of furniture to suit restaurants, hotels, country pubs, bistro cafes and more. Our outdoor furniture range includes stacking chairs, bar stools, benches, poseur tables, individual table tops and bases (suitable for both indoor and the outdoor use) and they’re made using the highest quality materials to give you long lasting satisfaction all year round. Forest Contract pride ourselves in offering quality manufactured furniture to the leisure and hospitality trade. Achieve a look which suits your design scheme and choose from products manufactured in solid wood, veneer, laminate, metal, plastic or resin. Our stackable range of furniture is a great way of adding

covers to a location at short notice, with the ability of storing the chairs away during the winter months, or to free up space for other activities around your venue. Outdoor furniture is a valuable addition, enabling you to extend your furniture to the outdoors and can help to entice new customers in to your venue during the warm summer months. Outdoor furniture is perfect for restaurants and bars, which often have patios and/or balconies, as well as cafes and pubs which have a garden or courtyard. Al fresco dining is as popular as ever and this trend looks set to continue further as UK venues place more emphasis on a continental style of service. Forest Contract can offer a lead time as quick as 48 hours on outdoor furniture, varying on the scale of your project, ensuring that you can be ready to take advantage of this upwards trend with a quick turnaround from order to delivery. If you need any more information on our furniture, please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of the team will be more than happy to help and answer any queries you may have.

Contact Forest Contract on 0161 737 6918 or email us on To download brochures of our latest products click here.


Call our award-winning team on 01685 353456. Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm, or visit to order online. Pillows and duvets made from recycled plastic bottles • 200 thread count organic cotton bed linen • Produces 70% fewer carbon dioxide emissions • Uses 70% less water and 40% less energy.

Novellini launch BeSafe walls to help the UK return to work safely

Workplaces around the nation are preparing for when the UK can return to a kind of normality. The Novellini Group presents a solution that will help to create safe working environments that are hygienic and adaptable. The BeSafe wall is a protective device that companies with any office, desk space, trade counters, cafe and restaurants can incorporate going forward. The primary benefit? Hygiene. Employees will feel protected with the BeSafe wall as it provides a barrier. Constructed from 6mm tempered glass, it’s easy to clean with any alcoholic disinfectant. In smaller spaces where it’s difficult to sit two meters away, the wall is a particularly helpful solution. Office teams aren’t the only ones who will be happy to see these walls put in place. BeSafe is a smart answer for all industries where contact with the public is required, such as pharmacies, retail counters, restaurants and public offices. Novellini can customise each barrier to suit the space with three versions (floor mounted, trade counter, and desks) and five different sizes. UK Sales Manager at Novellini, Stuart West says ‘We are looking to help the UK workforce where we can and these are a positive answer to those concerns about health and hygiene.’ As specialists in showers and design, Novellini are putting their skills to good use and many businesses across the UK will be pleased to find a safe and stylish solution. They are even available in several colours and glass finishes to suit the surroundings ‐ For more information contact Novellini UK on 01727 229922 or visit the website at ‐ For brochure and advice please email info‐ ‐ For large projects or orders, customized solutions can be evaluated. We are available to evaluate and propose BeSafe Wall solutions specific for your protection needs.

BeSafe Walls

The safety device to return to work and social life in safety

BeSafe walls to help the UK return to work safely

The Phoenix design is made-up of three horizontal rails which alternate from left to right. Creating clean, contemporary lines, the Phoenix Towel Warmer provides an innovative, all-access solution for hanging and drying your towels on both sides: say goodbye to overlapping towels!

July 2020


Commercial Bathrooms

The timeless chrome finish of Phoenix emphasises its playful, geometric design and dynamic shape, allowing its contemporary beauty to shine through and become a great addition to the family bathroom, en-suite or dressing area for the height of luxury. Steve Birch, Sales Director, Vogue (UK) explains “The trend for personalised style in the home has given us even more scope to push the boundaries of heating design and as an innovator in both design and manufacture, we are proud to combine fashion, functionality and design freedom across our entre heating portfolio. Phoenix is just one example of how statement heating design can be practical and timeless, which is ideal when faced with ever changing trends.”

‘Rise Up’

Crafted from high quality Mild Steel, the dynamically designed Phoenix Towel Warmer offers ample hanging space to warm and dry your towels with a heat output of 301/1027 Watts/BTU’s. Suitable for central heating systems, dual fuel and electric options, Phoenix measures H1200 x W500 x D118mm and is designed with alternating crossbars for optimum hanging space.

Cosy up in 2020:

Pa r t o f t h e l e a d i n g - e d g e Contemporary Collection by Vogue (UK), Phoenix comes with a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee and is priced from £363.60 including vat, Chrome finish [can be fitted with matching VL014 Piazza valves, as pictured].

Phoenix DR017 Towel Warmer, Contemporary Collection, by Vogue (UK)

For more information regarding its full range of quality heating solutions, please contact:

with Phoenix by Vogue (UK)

The UK’s leading manufacturer of designer radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK), celebrates the interiors trend of eclectic style with Phoenix: an asymmetric, wall-mounted towel warmer design with high visual impact.


Phoenix by Vogue (UK) is a sculptural heating solution, perfectly suited to a contemporary bathroom scheme where industrious shapes, mixed materials and modular design are the latest ‘go-to’ style trends.

Vogue (UK) t: 01902 387000 e: w: Vogue (UK) Ltd, Strawberry Lane, Willenhall, West Midlands WV13 3RS

DallFlex shower channels award winning designs from Europe's acknowledged leaders ENQUIRY-Card 577

Dallmer Ltd. T 01787 248244 W

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP July 2020 The Hoxton Hotel Group has recently opened a new mixed-use development comprising a 192-bed hotel with boutique style co-working office spaces above. The Hoxton, Southwark is a redevelopment of former social security offices, located on the western side of Blackfriars Road in London. The Hoxton Group already have hotels in London, Europe and The USA and this latest London offering is designed with the same ethos in mind, to create vibrant spaces that are cosy, welcoming and a home away from home. Eurobrick has been leading the brick slip cladding sector for nearly 30 years and has extensive experience of supplying I-Clad for interior fit-outs in the hospitality and leisure sector. They supplied around 1570m² of their I-Clad brick cladding system, which is specially designed for interiors. Comprising a composite of a 12mm plasterboard panel with a ribbed skin bonded to it, fixings, adhesive, brick slips and mortar, I-Clad is an easy alternative to traditional masonry. I-Clad’s slim profile means that a real brick finish can be created with less intrusion to the interior floor space. St Ives Cream Rustica slips and corners from Eurobrick’s Classic range were used, complementing the loft style concept for the interior. St Ives Cream Rustica slips are a cut brick offering a blend of cream/grey hues with a tumbled, distressed finish. Eurobrick’s specially formulated Europoint mortar was chosen in white to finish. The end result is tactile, characterful and stylish, in keeping with the desired aesthetic.


A brick finish with I-Clad at the Hoxton

Macai-Limited installed I-Clad for the main contractor Kier. Peter StauntonLambert, quantity surveyor at Macai, said, “Our team found the installation process of I-Clad simple and enjoyable and would use Eurobrick again on future projects”.

For more information on I-Clad and Eurobrick’s other systems and products please visit

COWHORN from £90



... for every occasion!

BUNNY CHAIR from £63



Contract Furniture Group Contract House, Little Tennis Street South, Nottingham NG2 4EU


0115 965 9030



HRC Show Preview

Thinking long term can save restaurants time during busy days By spending more time on administrative tasks and longterm planning, research suggests that you can actually free up time. Research among owners and managers of independent restaurants highlights the crucial impact time has on all aspects of running a restaurant and how learning to think more long term and make better use of resources can improve your business. As a restaurant manager, every little detail needs to work perfectly when guests are lining up, and there are things you can do to improve efficiency in your restaurant. Research shows that managers suffer from heavy workload as well as a lack of control and planning. The research found that managers risk spending time on things that are not the most efficient use of their time, for example supervising staff to make sure they prioritise the tasks they are supposed to. Restaurants are shown to benefit from prioritising time management and making sure to use the limited time of both management and staff in the best way. This helps staff to focus on giving guests the best experience, and it also frees up more time for restaurant managers to focus on the creative aspects of running a restaurant and improving their business, such as serving great food and growing sales. One way to plan longterm is for example to find the right solutions for each specific restaurant which will result in a better workflow. Taking limited time into account To ease the workload for restaurants and minimise unnecessary time-consuming tasks Tork has launched the new napkin dispenser system, Tork Xpressnap Fit®. The Tork Xpressnap® System is the number one napkin dispensing system in the world, and the new innovation was developed specifically with independent restaurants and small chains in mind.


With Tork Xpressnap Fit, Tork wants to help managers to make the most of valuable time and space, and its different features have been developed with this in mind. The Tork Xpressnap Fit table top dispenser dispenses upwards so that every inch of space on restaurant tables can be used. The one-at-a time dispensing reduces waste and cuts unused napkins thrown away by more than 50 percent*. It also serves almost twice as many guests between refills, resulting in less time spent on refills**. Tork Xpressnap Fit also has a customizable advertising panel – AD-a-Glance® – for operators to be creative, communicate with customers, and share marketing messages on the dispenser. * 2-ply napkin in Counter dispenser compared to Counter fold (Tork Dispenser: 271600 and Tork Refill: 10935); 2-ply napkin in Table top dispenser compared to Fast fold (Tork Dispenser: 271800 and Tork Refill: 10933) ** 2-ply napkin in Table top dispenser compared to Fast fold (Tork Dispenser: 271800 and Tork Refill: 10933)


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