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T: 01257 478540 E:

T: 01257 478540 E:

Think Design Think Hom Deralam Laminates Ltd started as a family business in the Northwest of England and now operate from multiple UK sites meaning that the customer can benefit from a flexible and unrivalled nationwide distribution service. Deralam have a close relationship with all their supply partners, ensuring that they continue to add the latest innovative materials and designs to a constantly expanding portfolio. Stocking over 10000 product lines,

You can be sure that Deralam st solution to suit your latest design p together with the highest leve commitment and customer service. able to supply the correct produ extremely tight deadlines has seen De forge close relationships with companies in the shop fitting industr their products are used in the stor some of the most prestigious names i street retail.

W: T: 01257 478540 E: s


tock a project els of Being uct to eralam many ry and res of in high

Keen to stay ahead of the market, Deralam have sole UK distribution rights for Homapal©, that specialise in laminates of various finishes including real metal surfaces, this leaves an almost unlimited scope for creativity and customisation; meaning that this product has a multitude of applications and finds its way into cruise ships, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and high street retail stores, in fact, any vertical surface that needs to be enhanced.

Over the years, hardly any other material has proven its worth in interior design to the extent in which the laminate has done. Looks, feel and function are combined to get the interplay of elements into all-embracing spatial concepts in a way that could not be more natural. Deralam is the Architects, ideal choice for manufacturers and retailers alike.


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Outdoor Hospitality Products

Our outdoor products include:

We are an independent supplier of outdoor hospitality goods based on performance, style and value. We believe in supplying goods that look good, are well made and extremely durable through season after season.

• Planters with real or artificial plants • Tables and chairs • Windbreaks and barriers • Jumbo parasols • Awnings and shelters • Lighting and heating • Restaurant screens • and more!


Call us on 0800 917 526 or drop us a line at CafeCulture Ltd, 6 Edith Road, Orpington, Kent. BR6 6JQ


February 2022


Industry News

Non-alcoholic distilled spirit brand, Amplify, shares the top five things Brits can do with money saved from participating in Dry January On average, those that participate in Dry January – 86% of UK adults save money. That’s why Amplify is giving its top alternatives on how to make the most of your saved money from simply ditching the booze for one month! The year 2021 was the biggest Dry January yet, with a whopping 130,000 Brits signing up to the official website – and thousands more participating from their own accord. It’s believed around four million adults give their hand at Dry January each year, and it’s only growing, as data found by Amplify showed the Google search term ‘Dry January’


increased by 16.7% in 2021 vs 2020.*

utilise your “hard earned” savings:

A typical couple who’ve opted to cut out the drink for a five week period in January could stand to save over £200 – money that would have otherwise been thrown away on a hangover. Even single moderate drinkers will reportedly save £65.


Over a prolonged period of time, some pension savers, for example, could find themselves up to £20,000 better off as a result of drying out their Januaries – resulting in a huge £1000 extra throughout the retirement years.


That’s why Amplify is giving its top five ways to

Why not treat yourself and your partner to a weekend or evening away in the UK? Or, even a budgetweekend break abroad!

If you’re thinking of your future, add your savings to your retirement pot – you’ll thank yourself later. Doing Dry January over a course of a few years could have you racking up thousands extra.

3. PAY OFF SOME BILLS Feeling the pinch after Christmas? Even more of an incentive to try Dry January by paying off some of those festive finances!

4. TREAT YOURSELF If you’ve managed not to overstretch at Christmas and are feeling pretty financially sound in January – treat yourself! Whether it be a new outfit, a fancy meal, put it towards a new car, something for your January health kick (a smoothie maker, maybe?), the opportunities are endless! You could even

Put your savings aside – whether it’s for something major (a house), or something you’ve had your eye on for a while, or even if it’s for a family or friend’s big birthday, save it for something worthwhile. The leading non-alcoholic spirit brand also has a range of delectable alcohol-free cocktails to save you from having to reach for an orange squash when you’re really craving a classic cocktail.

Lavender Field • • • • •

75ml Amplify 20ml Lavender syrup 2 pipettes butterfly pea extract 5ml citric acid solution 1 dash saline solution

Shake all ingredients hard with ice, double strain into Nick and Nora glass (or coupe) and garnish with orange twist. To make lavender syrup, add 3g lavender to 150ml

To make your turmeric juice, place turmeric root or whole cucumber through a juicer and refrigerate.

Amplified Cosmo

Rock the Kasbah

A low-alcohol twist on the classic Cosmopolitan

• • •

• • • • •

70ml Amplify 30ml Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice 20ml Belvoir Lime & Lemongrass Cordial 5ml Lime Juice 3 Dashes Peach Bitters (optional)

Shake all ingredients hard with 4 cubes of ice, double strain into Nick & Nora glass (or coupe) and float a mint sprig. If you’re after a zero-alcohol cocktail, simply omit Peach Bitters!

Turmeric Rocks • • • • • •

70ml Amplify 1ml Fresh Pressed Turmeric Juice 3ml Cucumber Juice 15ml Sugar Syrup Half a passionfruit 1 dash Cardamom bitters (optional)

Shake all ingredients hard with ice, strain into a rocks glass filled with ice and garnish with mint sprig and passionfruit wedge.

• •

50ml Amplify 50ml Pineapple juice 40ml Blood orange, grapefruit & cardamom sherbet 10ml Belvoir ginger cordial 2 dashes of rose water

Shake all ingredients hard with ice, double strain into a couple glass and enjoy. To make the blood orange, grapefruit & cardamon sherbet: • • • •

3 blood oranges; peeled 2 pink grapefruits; peeled 50g Caster sugar 5 cardamom, lightly crushed

Jasmine Cooler

Amplify’s take on a refreshing iced tea! • • • •

70ml Amplify 40ml jasmine green tea syrup 15ml lemon juice 75ml soda

Method: Build all ingredients into a highball glass with cubed ice. Stir and garnish with a mint sprig and passion fruit wedge. To make the tea syrup, brew jasmine green tea with 100ml of water. Add 40g sugar and stir until dissolved. Allow to cool and stick in the fridge before use. To switch up the recipe, swap jasmine green tea for any other tea of your choice.

In a bowl combine citrus peels, with pith removed, with the caster sugar. Rub the sugar into peels and leave covered overnight in the fridge. Juice the peeled citrus fruit, strain off bits and add to the bowl of sugar and peel. Stir ingredients together until all the sugar is dissolved, strain, bottle and refrigerate.




boiling water, remove from heat and allow to cool. Once tepid, strain off lavender, add 150g sugar and stir until dissolved.

February 2022

kick off the new year with a wellness spa break – start as you mean to go on, and all that.

Industry News

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP February 2022

Industry News

NEW YEAR NEW MIND New research shows Gamers refocusing on their mental performance and brain health for 2022 •

• •

Nearly four in five (78%) would improve their brain function at the same time as their bodily health if they could Two thirds (66%) think that brain training is just as important as fitness training Over half (57%) would like to improve their concentration but don’t know how

function the same way it can assist with improving your bodily health, while over half (57%) would love to improve their concentration levels but didn’t know how to go about it.

THREE QUARTERS of Gamers (75%) will have overindulged in seasonal rich food this Christmas – and while nearly two thirds (61%) will be taking part in the classic ‘New Year New You’ health and fitness regimes this January, nearly four in five (78%) are putting mental performance and brain health at the forefront of their lifestyle overhaul. The nationwide study conducted by Beyond NRG revealed that two thirds (66%) of gamers believe that brain training and fitness training are equally important, indicating members of the public are becoming more aware of the importance of mental health than ever before. The research, conducted this month, reported that over three quarters (78%) of respondents hoped that a healthy and balanced diet can help improve your brain 6

The results have been released amid a wave of new high street listings for Beyond NRG (which uses nootropics, vitamins, minerals and clean green caffeine to kickstart the functionality of the brain during creative work and gaming) who will see an entire new category created for their product dubbed ‘functional drinks’ this month. Their products will soon be listed at high street mega chain Superdrug, in addition to Holland & Barrett, and Belong

arenas nationwide, as the UK’s interest in improving mental performance with the use of supplements, grows. Billy Webb, Founder and CEO of Beyond NRG explains “We have seen a shift in how people are viewing mental performance and overall brain health in the past year – our customer base has gone from mainly esports enthusiasts to a variety of creatives and the wider general public in less than 12 months. High street stores and all kinds of entertainment platforms are also taking a keen interest in listing our products, and we will be the first on the scene to be awarded our very own ‘functional drinks category’. There isn’t a great deal of understanding about mental performance and concentration, but our scientists have developed a product which can assist with this in a healthy and safe way, and people can’t get enough of it.” All Beyond NRG products are sugar free, have less than 20 calories per serving, contain no artificial colours and are suitable for vegetarians. 400g tubs (40 servings) for £34.99 are now available online at and and in store at Superdrug, Holland & Barrett and Belong Arenas from January 2022.

February 2022



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SAME PRODUCTS. SAME QUALITY. LOWER COSTS. We think that you should be able to source your products without over-paying for them. Which is why we have created – a no-cash outlay sourcing solution. If you think like us, head over to to find out how you really could lower your costs and improve your profitability in just four weeks.

WHY SPEND MORE? 01908 222 678

Reco Air

Recirculating kitchen extract Reco-Air manufacture recirculating kitchen extract units that require no duct route to atmosphere. Patented technology removes steam, moisture, smoke, grease and odour from canopy exhaust, returning independently certified clean air. We offer a range of Reco-Air models to suit all kitchen sizes and layouts. Units can be retro-fitted to expand cooklines and menu offers. Significantly reducing fire risk, simplifying design and planning, eliminating ductwork to atmosphere, enabling internal layout flexibility and ensuring no nuisance emissions. Reco-Air is the industry approved and fully compliant recirculation solution, UL Listed and available globally.

Reco-Air is

UL Listed


DW 172 DW172 Approved

CE Compliant

Reco-Air removes





Reco-Air can be YOUR commercial advantage!

No planning

Cost saving

Emissions control

Unlock new locations

How Reco-Air works >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Reduce fire risk

Catering equipment

Reco-Air unit

Reduced duct route

No planning

Convert retail to F&B

No route to atmosphere Reduce costs

Reduce fire risk

Expand existing menus Cleaned air

Retro fit

Cut emissions

Get in touch with us:

+44 (0) 333 305 2978

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP February 2022

SALTO introduces paper and wooden key cards to reduce plastic use and waste

SALTO Systems, a leading manufacturer of electronic access control solutions, is proud to announce the latest addition to its family of carriers: Eco Key Card – a paper-based and wooden alternative carrier to single-use plastic key cards.


oteliers are increasingly moving toward more environmentally friendly guest services in an effort to reduce their carbon-footprint and to accommodate guests who are also becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. Made from wood fibre, SALTO’s naturally textured paper card is lightweight yet incredibly durable. Wooden key cards have proven to be equally durable when compared with the traditional plastic key card, but, unlike plastic, wood is a renewable and biodegradable resource. Besides being a green option in sustainability, wooden or paper key cards can also impress hotel guests with their aesthetic appeal.


Made to the same thickness as an existing key card, SALTO’s environmentally friendlier card looks and feels the same as a plastic card. SALTO wooden key cards are made of bamboo, which is durable and ecologically sustainable, and birch, an ultra-flat wood ideal for offering a plastic-free solution to key cards. Zero Plastic: Made entirely from recycled FSC-certified paper or bamboo, SALTO’s eco-friendly key cards contain 0% plastic while maintaining 100% of their structural integrity. Biodegradable cards: The quality, size and durability is so similar to a PVC carrier, the paper-based key cards are an excellent option for hospitality.

Dimensions: Size: 85.5mm x 54mm, Thickness: 0.76mm - 0.85mm Fully Compatible: The wooden key cards are durable, reusable, and easy to use. Just like traditional PVC key cards, the SALTO eco-friendly key cards have a top-quality NXP Ultralight C RFID chip embedded within the card that is fully compatible with SALTO smart locks. Customizable option: The wooden key cards are available in 3 different bamboo finishes, from light to dark, and the paper key cards can be branded with your logo if required.

Not Just a Water Ioniser - an Effective Molecular Hydrogen Generator. Molecular Hydrogen is important for Immune Support and to counteract Accelerated Aging.

Over the last decade there has been a significant amount of research published on the health benefits of molecular hydrogen. Much of that research has been on the usage of molecular hydrogen dissolved in water. Therapeutic benefits have been found in concentrations as low as 200 parts per billion.* There is now increasing scientific interest throughout the world on this powerful antioxidant, since oxidative stress is a major component of degenerative disease and accelerated aging. There are several reasons why people get benefit from molecular hydrogen. It helps to counteract oxidative stress, which is believed to be the underlying cause of much of our plague of degenerative diseases and also contributes to accelerated aging. It is known to help boost energy levels and has been appreciated this past year for those struggling to recover from Covid infection.

The Energy Ion-H2 is a premium water ioniser, purification and molecular hydrogen water generator for your kitchen. It produces alkaline, antioxidant water with a molecular hydrogen content of up to 1,500 parts per billion and maximises the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) down to -530mV. The ORP is an indication of antioxidant value. The system has 5 settings of increasing alkalinity which correlates with increasing molecular hydrogen concentration. At the highest level you will be able to generate approximately 1,500ppb of molecular hydrogen which

is a great infusion of this tiny and powerful antioxidant. “Research has now confirmed that the primary benefit is due to the release of molecular hydrogen rather than purely increases in alkalinity. In fact the research on molecular hydrogen is becoming particularly interesting for a whole raft of health issues. Over the last few years Water for Health has trialled many products that did not meet the criteria they were looking for.” Says Roddy McDonald founder and director of Water for Health UK and UK distributor of Energy - ION H2.

Some years ago Water For Health supplied electronic water ionisers, however they stopped. They felt a lot of the benefits that were being extolled could not be fully justified by the science. Secondly the prices rocketed, largely due to many of the suppliers moving towards multi level marketing models. Roddy adds: “One of our concerns was to get a system which was more affordable in comparison to what is currently available and without any compromise in quality. We believe we have achieved that. It is built in Korea (not China) by a company that has invested significantly in the development of molecular hydrogen products.” See more details here:



Energy-ION H2

February 2022

Just Launched...

Join our research panel, make extra income Get a behind the scenes look at what the best companies in the world are testing. Participate in research studies, get paid for your feedback and comments. ‍ e’re looking for professionals from all walks of life W to join our research panel. Answer research questions (1 to 10 minutes per survey), get paid. It’s a way for you to give to the community while having a low-key side hustle.

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Penderyn Distillery (The Welsh Whisky Company) have released their special Hiraeth whisky, with £1 from the sale of every bottle going towards the Hiraeth.Live campaign for Welsh homelessness and mental health issues.

The initial issue is in the UK with global distribution to follow. This longawaited release delayed by supply chain issues is finally being released in limited quantities. Hiraeth is the 8th in Penderyn’s Icons of Wales series, which has previously included bottlings celebrating Dylan Thomas, Sir Bryn Terfel and Rhiannon from medieval Welsh literature. The whisky is an Ex-Bourbon cask finish, at 46%, and is a milestone release for Penderyn as it is the first time they’ve released a core range expression single malt mostly based on the spirit from the more traditional double distillation still they introduced in 2014. The Welsh language is one of the oldest in Europe and one of the most evocative Welsh words is ‘Hiraeth’ - a powerful word, especially to the Welsh people around the world. Hiraeth can mean ‘yearning’ or ‘homesickness’ and is often considered by many to be untranslatable. BBC broadcaster Roy Noble, and one of our directors summed it up very well as, “a longing for your homeland, your heritage and your very being”.

money for two Welsh charities, Hafal and Llamau. Hafal works with people across Wales who live with mental illness, or care for someone who does. Llamau’s mission is to end youth homelessness and homelessness for women in Wales. Penderyn will contribute towards this project donating £1 from every bottle of Hiraeth sold. The project has been asking Welsh celebrities and the public to send in videos, paintings, writings about Hiraeth and a selection of videos, including Sir Bryn Terfel, footballer Aaron Ramsey and singer Bonnie Tyler, can be seen here: watch?v=E8q0rnx9ZZo

Penderyn were among a number of Welsh businesses who set up a campaign: - raising


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP February 2022

Penderyn Distillery Release ‘Hiraeth’ Icons of Wales Whisky Edition - With £1 From The Sale Of Every Bottle Going To Hiraeth.Live Campaign For Welsh Homelessness, Mental Health Issues

1 3 5

ENHANCE THE ENVIRONMENT Music could help set the tone, boost the mood and create a more upbeat atmosphere.


SUPPORT THE FUTURE OF MUSIC By purchasing TheMusicLicence, you are supporting the future of music by helping to ensure that its creators are fairly paid for their work.

2 4 6


EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Music could help to engage your staff with your business, promote engagement and collaboration and improve morale.


10 benefits music can have on your business You can discover our final four reasons on how music could benefit your start-up by visiting our website. Put the power of music into your business with TheMusicLicence. If you are going to introduce music, or if you are already using music in your business, you’ll usually need a music licence. By purchasing TheMusicLicence you are supporting the future of music by helping to ensure its creators are fairly rewarded for their work. TheMusicLicence covers virtually all commercially released music available – millions of songs & recordings, including the most popular & well-loved music, not just from the UK, but globally, allowing you to choose the music that reflects you and your customers in your new venture.

0808 134 8364 8am – 6pm, Monday – Friday


THINK HOMAPAL Over the years, hardly any other material has proven its worth in interior design to the extent in which the laminate has done. Looks, feel and function are combined to get the interplay of elements into all-embracing spatial concepts in a way that couldnt be more natural

Above all, it has always been the genuine- metal coated laminates and magnetic boards that are associated with the HOMAPAL name. Yet behind the scenes in Herzberg, many more variations of this modern material are created and produced.

It provides architects, carpenters and joiners in furniture-making and interior designs with the basis for producing the last word in creative design - in doctors' surgeries, bars, hotels, clubs and restaurants, on cruise ships and in shop fitting. Southern Depot:

Exclusive Distribution in the UK:

Deralam Laminates Limited Head Office: West Coast Park, Bradley Lane, Standish, Wigan WN6 0YR


01257 478540


01257 478550

T 01257 478540

All images provided by HOMAPAL©

F 01257

Units 10 + 10a, Foster Avenue, Woodsite Park , Dunstable Beds LU5 5TA

Midlands Depot: Crowcrofts Road, Newstead Industrial Estate, Trentham, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire 478550 E ST4 8JA


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP February 2022 As we enter 2022, we look at what’s happening in the States as a harbinger of what may impact the UK’s hospitality industry this year.

The Beer Drinker

more than 400,000 total jobs, with nearly 140,000 jobs directly at breweries and brewpubs, including serving staff.

Supply Chain Disruption

Many craft brewers pivoted to packaging their product to bring in much-needed income when their primary sales platforms disappeared (tasting rooms, bars and restaurants) during the pandemic. In addition, breweries showed innovation across styles and flavour, as the category continued to innovate and create new beers that would return them to prepandemic growth levels. Sour or sweet, low or no alcohol, fresh and fruity or barrel-aged and stout – there’s a beer Record Brewery Count style and flavour for everyone, and despite the challenges and disruptions In the States, the sales tide swung back toward breweries, bars, and restaurants, of 2021 American craft brewers sold new and many American craft brewers began beers to new customers in new ways. to see the path back to their former 2022 Beer Predictions production volumes, if not new growth. 2021 was a disruptive year and not just in hospitality. Consumers are also changing; the American beverage alcohol consumer is increasingly diverse and female. The shift is ongoing and will likely continue going forward, eg. female drinkers under 25 now outnumber male drinkers under 25. For craft beer to continue growing it will need to connect better with that diverse customer base.

Despite the pandemic, more than 9,000 breweries operated in the United States in 2021, a 6% increase from 2020. Even in a challenging year small and independent American craft breweries are a powerful, economic force contributing $62.1 billion to the U.S. economy in 2020 The industry provided


Given learnings from 2021, the Brewers Association predicts that in 2022: • Comparable craft production will exceed 2019 levels once again. • On-premise sales will improve, but draught will still not be back to 2019 levels.

• At the brewery, sales will hit all-time highs. • Operating brewery numbers will continue to climb, but at a lower rate than in previous years. • Inflation will come to craft: brewing and manufacturing cost increases will lead to a hike in average beer prices over recent years. American craft beers are available in the UK from national wholesalers or direct from or

Double deflection grilles from the Blackpool-based ventilation manufacturer have been fixed into the distinctive oval ducting running the length of the main food hall in the Metquarter. The grilles ensure a consistent flow of fresh air without draughts nor transfer of aromas from one zone to another from the 12 independent kitchens in the converted former General Post Office.

for the ventilation, to ensure the dining experience was pleasurable and not diluted by an influx of potentially conflicting aromas from other areas. The constraint in ceiling height added a further dimension to address. Gilberts’ grilles matched the requirements in terms of the requisite throw and air distribution we needed, and provided the quality and appearance requirements.”

The strategy has been designed and installed by JD Engineering M&E contractor to the brief from development management company Queensberry and restauranteurs The Milestone Group.

Matt Bigland, Founder and Director at The Milestone Group, added, “GPO will be a hub for Liverpool’s emerging food scene and will showcase the best in up-and-coming food and drink talent in the heart of Liverpool. It was critical

therefore that we got the internal atmosphere right, and the ventilation has been a crucial component in creating a vibrant environment for diners.” Founded 55 years ago, Gilberts is Britain’s leading independent air movement specialist, and is unique in its ability to develop components. Be it ‘mainstream’ or bespoke - entirely in-house, from initial design through tooling, production, testing and supply, at its 85,000 ft2 manufacturing facility. Its state of the art test centre, designed and built in-house, is one of the most technically advanced in the country.

The open plan 11,000 sq ft food hall with exposed building services limited available space into which to install the ventilation to ensure compliance with the diverse mix of needs.To balance ventilation, extraction and odour control requirements within the space constraints, JD Engineering proposed flat oval ducting to run the length of the retail area, with Gilberts GHV double deflection grilles strategically positioned along the sides. Adjustable blade dampers, fixed horizontally to the front and vertically to the rear of the grilles circulate the conditioned air. The design delivers 70% free ventilation area, deflecting incoming air vertically and horizontally to optimise rapid mixing and entrainment without draughts. The separate dishwash area is addressed via Gilberts GECA removeable core eggcrate grille. The WCs are served by Gilberts’ GX extract valves specifically designed for removing stale air from washrooms. Explained a spokesperson for JD Engineering, “Having 12 kitchens on one area, all providing very different styles of cuisine, was a challenge



Whether wanting American chicken and burgers to the delicacy of Asian cuisine, visitors to Liverpool’s newest and biggest food hall- GPO at Liverpool’s Metquarter- will be assured of a great atmosphere, thanks to the local air movement specialist with an international reputation, Gilberts.

February 2022

Gilberts helps create the right ambience at the Metquarter

regardless of where they’re based. The development of remote managers is too important to be left to chance. The Leading Remote Teams programme has been designed to upskill managers, developing their ability to stay connected and to deliver tangible benefits; from enhancing team effectiveness and productivity, to improving performance and results”.

February 2022


Supercharge your ability to lead your team from a distance in 2022

Even though many of our team members still work in person, in one location, increasingly the reality is that more of our workforce are working from home and other locations, with teams spread across the country and even across different time zones. But managing team members from a distance, especially when we’re not on-site with them every week, let alone every day, can be tough. Working remotely can be challenging for team members too. It’s harder to understand goals, particularly as tasks evolve and circumstances

change. Working for hours or days with fewer human interactions is isolating, damages morale and reduces connection to colleagues. And there’s a host of new technologies and techniques to master to communicate and collaborate well. Mastering Multi-Units (MMU) wants to help and is launching the Leading Remote Teams programme (five weekly two-hour virtual modules) starting 22 February 2022. Lee Sheldon, Founder and Director of MMU explains: “We believe that everyone deserves to have a great manager,

Leading Virtually Model™

Leading Remote Teams includes the complete Leading Virtually course, developed by The Ken Blanchard Companies, the global training organisation responsible for content such as The One-Minute Manager and SLII. Lee continues: “As a recognised Blanchard Channel Partner, MMU has added to this powerful core content with two bonus modules, created alongside experts from Redefining Communications and Luminate”. The bonus modules are on the topics of: • Communication – reinforcing Blanchard’s Leading Virtually model with hybrid teams, helping participants better understand their communication style, how it impacts others and how to ensure they’re communicating effectively. • Wellbeing – understanding how stress may be affecting team members (and the remote leader) and learn strategies to ensure that stress is not turning into overwhelm or burnout. The Leading Remote Teams programme dates for the five modules can be viewed and booked via Eventbrite. MMU has created an early bird offer of £349 per participant (saving £50 on a standard participant ticket of £399. Prices exclude VAT and 1st class postage costs). This offer is available until 31 January 2022 and includes full access to five, two-hour live modules, alongside participant materials to embed learning.


The changing shape of the hospitality workforce has been revealed in new research from workforce management app, Deputy. The Rebuilding Hospitality: The Changing Shape of the UK Workforce report reveals that nearly a quarter of a million workers aged 25-40 (Millennials) are estimated to have left the industry between December 2019 and October 2021. This has accelerated a trend of replacing these workers with under 25s (Gen Z) and the need for training and development to address lost knowledge and management capability. Conducted by independent economist Shashi Karunanethy, the research analysed 1,528,542 shifts from Deputy’s rostering systems worked by more than 14,000 UK hospitality workers in the past 22 months. Examining bars & pubs, accommodation, cafes & coffee shops, fast food & takeaways, and restaurants – it reveals a significant shift in industry staffing. The proportion of Millennials working in the sector has declined from 49% to 42%, equating to a loss of around 210,000 workers. At the same time, the proportion of workers from Gen Z has risen by 5%, which equates to around 150,000 workers. On the transition, Shashi Karunanethy, said: “Half a year since Covid restrictions began to ease, hospitality employment levels are still well below pre-pandemic levels. They’ve lost a huge proportion of their workforce and are more reliant on young staff than ever before.

According to the report, the exodus of those aged 25 to 40 and growth in those 24 and under could be seen across: • Fast food & takeaways (Gen Z grew from 26% to 38% of the workforce, Millennials declined from 51% to 43%) • Bars & pubs (Gen Z grew from 31% to 35%, Millennials declined from 51% to 48%) • Accommodation (Gen Z grew from 26% to 29%, Millennials declined from 45% to 41% • Cafes & coffee shops (Gen Z grew from 31% to 33%, Millennials declined from 55% to 50%) David Kelly, General Manager for EMEA at Deputy added: “In the long term, the surge in young people joining the industry is really good news for the future. However, right now, it’s a particularly testing time for business owners and managers who are already grappling with supply-chain disruption, utility cost inflation, VAT rises to come in April, caps on business relief rates, and staff shortages. Many business owners are having to vary their opening hours in

line with staff availability. Managing that process is a huge challenge, even with a staff of industry veterans, let alone new starters. Upskilling the next generation of staff will be vital to long-term success.” The report highlights a number of considerations and recommendations for hospitality businesses to help them navigate the new hospitality landscape: • Focus on aptitude and attitude rather than experience when recruiting - Bringing young people into the workforce is crucial for a successful recovery to take place. There are over half a million unemployed or under-employed young people (16-24) in the UK. • Offer more flexibility / familyfriendly working patterns - There is a major opportunity to employ and promote experienced workers through the provision of more flexible and predictable working hours. Forward thinking employers have an opportunity to offer a range of working patterns such as ‘some time’, ‘part time’, ‘full time’ and ‘any time’ to appeal to a variety of potential workers. • Use technology to automate some tasks - Allow staff to focus on delivering great customer experience by using technologies like online booking, automated check-in and check-out, ordering and payment apps and self-serve kiosks. Streamline customer booking, ordering and payment and automate mundane staff management such as building a rota, tracking time and error free payroll. By implementing these technologies forward thinking hospitality businesses can focus scarce staff resources on delivering the best customer experience. • A reason to be optimistic Accommodation and food is forecast to be the largest contributor of future jobs in the UK over the next 5 years. The industry is projected to support over 180,000 new jobs over the next 5 years or a quarter of total new jobs by 2024.



“Looking at the Millennial age group, it’s understandable that some of those with young families and with more bills to pay may have moved into roles that flourished during lockdowns, such as supermarket work and delivery driving. We also lost a huge number of Millennial workers who originated from outside of the UK, due to the timing of Covid and Brexit. Many of them worked in the restaurant, hotel and pub sectors in the UK and they simply haven’t returned since the Covid restrictions eased.”

February 2022

Exodus of 25-40 year-olds puts emphasis on younger workers

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Dettol® Pro Solutions partners with UKHospitality to help build confidence in hygiene and aid sector recovery post-COVID Reckitt’s Dettol Pro Solutions - Dettol’s business-to-business offering - has announced it is partnering with the UK’s leading hospitality trade association, UKHospitality (UKH), in a bid to restore consumer confidence in the hospitality sector in the wake of the pandemic.

February 2022


ettol Pro Solutions aims to help educate and inform businesses on advanced disinfection protocols that will help renew consumer confidence. The newly launched offering will provide hygiene product delivery and training to businesses, and has already partnered in the UK with Hilton hotels, British Airways and Avis Budget Group. The partnership with UKH will see Dettol Pro Solutions leveraging science-based research and thought leadership to support awareness, training and education around hygiene standards for businesses, as well as product delivery and cleaning guidelines. The partnership comes as the hospitality sector - hit hard by COVID-19 restrictions begins to welcome consumers to its venues to celebrate the Christmas period, after a rocky festive trading period in 2020. With a 23% forecasted profit increase across the industry by 2022[1], it is anticipated that this year’s Christmas trading period will be more crucial than ever in helping to revive the sector. Fears around germs and increased hygiene expectations from consumers - 78% of people[2] are ‘concerned’ about germs while away from home - can be allayed by the brand positioning of Dettol, with 72% of people[3] indicating that they are more confident to be in public places where Dettol partnership is in place. Kate Nicholls, chief executive at UKHospitality, commented: “Dettol is a well-recognised brand, and as such we welcome this partnership with Dettol Pro Solutions to help rebuild and bolster confidence across the industry and, crucially, consumers. We look forward to collaborating and helping both businesses and their customers to feel safer in leisure spaces through this key trading period and moving into 2022 - with practical guidance, actionable insights, and physical products that can help protect hospitality environments of all types.” Dr. Lisa Ackerley, director of medical and scientific engagement, hygiene in research and development at Reckitt Global Business Solutions, explained: “I have long collaborated with UKH on food safety and hygiene issues and am thrilled to now be lending my expertise on behalf of Dettol Pro Solutions to drive education on


targeted hygiene. I’m excited to continue my work with UKH, supporting guidance and education and driving positive change for businesses and patrons in the sector through a science-led approach to hygiene.” Jonathan Weiss, commercial director at Reckitt Global Business Solutions, added: “The pandemic has been particularly hard for the hospitality industry, so we’re very pleased to partner with the leading representatives[4] of a sector that employs over 3.2m people to deliver our effective protocols, extending our expertise in breaking the chain of infection to the UK’s unified voice for hospitality. Dettol Pro Solutions offers science-based disinfectant and training protocols tailored to our partners’ businesses to ensure they have a specific solution for hygiene targeting their environment, staff and customers - and so we hope equipping UKH with our insight and recommendations will help restore confidence for consumers as they begin to fully re-engage with coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and more.” Dettol Pro Solutions has launched in the UK implementing its expertise across four

key areas: tailored training and hygiene protocols for businesses; creating effective products that help to kill bacteria and enveloped viruses; innovative global logistics and servicing; and leveraging Dettol’s brand power to help businesses clearly communicate the steps they’re taking to help make their spaces cleaner. Shortly after its launch in the market, it was announced that the brand was the official hygiene partner of UN climate change summit COP26 - implementing protocols and procedures that helped to keep over 25,000 delegates hygienically clean UKHospitality represents nearly 800 operator companies across the hospitality industry and organises a range of events throughout the year, giving the partner the opportunity to network with a wide audience. Dettol Pro Solutions will be present at the UKH Christmas lunch on 14 December - attended by 1,200 representatives - as the official hygiene partner, providing hand sanitiser and hygiene guidance to help create a protected environment.

Card Games to Play with a Standard Deck to Develop Strategy Skills Playing cards have been around for centuries with reporting that the earliest accounts were found in 9th century China In the western world, card decks found their way to Europe in the 1370s, and by the 1500s, it was a common pastime. And since their creation they have been continuously used to invent sophisticated games.

number and suit. The more you play this game, the better you will be at it and the more strategic your plays will become.

One reason that card games have remained so popular is that they almost always include forming a strategy. This helps promote cognitive skills, as well as a skillset that can be used in other areas of life. Below we’ve listed 3 card games that aren’t only fun to play, but will also help you develop strategy skills.

Poker is another game that requires a lot of strategic thinking and it will help you develop problem-solving and judgement skills. The objective of the game is to win as much money as possible through either having the best possible hand or tricking your opponents into thinking you do.

Hearts defines hearts as a tricking game. This is best played with four people, but you can have up to seven participants. To win the game, you must have the least number of points recorded. You have to strategically give up cards at the start and learn when to play each


In order to win,’s beginner’s guide details that you must develop a strategy through knowing the value of your hand, learning the card rankings, and reading your opponents. All of these strategic skills can be used in real world situations, which is why poker is often used by entrepreneurial websites as an effective way to teach business skills.

Euchre As identifies, the goal of euchre is to win more tricks. It follows mostly standard rules when it comes to the value of each card except for the trump suit. Here, the highest card is the suit’s Jack. When playing this game, you are paired with a partner who will help you win the game. The more you play off each other’s strengths the greater the chance of winning the game. Not only does it help with strategy building, but it also helps you become a better team player. If you are looking for a fun way to develop your strategy skills the above card games are perfect. For more information on how to relax do read our post on ‘Ideas for Keeping Yourself Entertained on the Weekends’. It highlights some fun activities you can do after a long week of work such as heading to the beach, going to dinner with friends, or starting a home improvement project.


Restore the Rhythm Music is a power, Music is a gift. Music stops the clock, it’s a change, a shift. Whether it’s up front and live. In the background inside. The music had been silenced but now it’s time to revive. It keeps you going on a long day. It can be the centre of your short day. It can fill that gap when there is nothing… more to say. Whether you’re the butchers, the bakers or the future innovators. If music is a drive. Makes you want to strive. Then surely, music helps bring your business to life.

Music could help your business get back to its best.

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