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How to Protect your Business Against COVID-19 As the hospitality industry continues its resurgence after months of forced closure, we must do more to inject confidence into the sector. People are worried about contracting coronavirus. You can take steps to quell those fears, cultivate an environmentally safe environment and get customers and employees through your doors. Introduce the best possible cleaning practices and show people that your business is taking every preventative measure. Responsible stakeholders must go beyond the basic government guidelines, understand how cleaning processes work, and invest in the right tools to protect anybody who walks in and out of their establishments.

How to Protect your Business Against COVID-19

As the hospitality industry continues its resurgence after months of forced closure, we must do more to inject confidence into the sector. People are worried about contracting coronavirus. You can take steps to quell those fears, cultivate an environmentally safe environment and get customers and employees through your doors. Introduce the best possible cleaning practices and show people that your business is taking every preventative measure. Responsible stakeholders must go beyond the basic government guidelines, understand how cleaning processes work, and invest in the right tools to protect anybody who walks in and out of their establishments. Learn the differences between disinfection and decontamination When developing cleaning procedures that eradicate COVID-19, it’s important to understand the differences between cleaning, disinfecting and decontaminating. First, you wipe away debris and dirt with an approved detergent. Disinfectants cannot effectively reduce pathogenic organisms without direct contact. The next step is disinfection, which is the process of cleaning surfaces and objects with the help of chemical disinfectants. It eliminates most, but not all, dangerous organisms that latch onto bacterial biofilm that parade themselves as grime, dirt, dust and other organic matter. These communities of bacteria thrive under the protection of a sticky glue-like layer and kill hundreds of thousands of people annually all over the world. Finally, decontamination eradicates all microbial contamination from materials, ensuring complete safety from infection. In hotel rooms, for example, it’s important you decontaminate common touchpoints like TV remotes, handles and light switches. Once you’ve destroyed the remnants of disease inducing bacteria, you can be confident that your employees and customers are safe.

Dry Steam Vapour delivers the highest levels of cleaning OspreyDeepclean has dedicated twenty years into engineering and testing the best validated technologies on the market. We developed our dry steam vapour technology (DSV) - successfully tested to higher standards than those demanded in UK and US hospitals - to tackle bacteria and viruses on three fronts with thermal and chemical disinfection and decontamination. Our mix of super-heated dry steam has proven to destroy 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, including SARS CoV-2. Manual disinfection, especially by untrained employees, is susceptible to mistakes that can have deadly consequences during this pandemic. DSV eliminates these issues and aids the provision of the safest possible environments for employees, customers and occupants. Transform your three-step cleaning, disinfection and decontamination practices into one process that elevates your environmental hygiene to hospital standards. Fogging protects your staff Cleaners were thrust into the frontline alongside first responders and NHS, and they deserve the same duty of care that your customers expect. The simplest, most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve these standards is through disinfectant fogging. Let’s imagine that an asymptomatic occupant just left your hotel. Your cleaning team straps on their PPE and heads into the room to prepare for your next customer. Despite donning the safety gear, your employees risk infection that’s easily avoidable.

OspreyDeepclean has developed a unique fogging applicator that attaches to your DSV machine, which sprays a dry steam mist formed of water and non-toxic disinfectant. This superheated steam eradicates 99.99% of known bacteria and viruses, leaving surfaces decontaminated, safe, and touch dry within 10 minutes and safe for your staff to conduct their housekeeping function. When you destroy every dangerous organism hiding out of reach from manual cleaning, your cleaners can walk into their deserved safe workspace. Deliver healthcare standard environmental hygiene Inspiring confidence in your employees and customers during this pandemic is key to winning business. People demand and deserve the gold standard of environmental safety. You can easily access affordable technology that both hospitals and high-risk food manufacturing environments depend on. You can equip your employees with the most effective tools and create the safest environment possible for everybody who enters your establishment, breeding the confidence needed to thrive in this new normal all with the power of dry steam.

Eco-Friendly and Maintenance Free Outdoor Furniture

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EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2020

Industry News

The Waterside Inn’s invisible tech solution

Hamilton Litestat, the decorative wiring accessories company that is supporting Hotel Designs LIVE in October, was specified to create invisible technology solutions inside the award-winning The Waterside Inn, a three-Michelin-star restaurant with stunning guestrooms, located in Bray, Berkshire. Opened in 1972, the building that shelters The Waterside Inn in Bray has a unique heritage and long culinary history. Simple yet opulent, it offers a riverside haven for guests to escape the stresses of normal life in a tranquil and comfortable setting. It has retained its coveted Michelin stars for more than 30 years, with diners flocking to its picturesque setting to sample its delights and enjoy its hospitality. The Waterside Inn’s in-house designer, Laura Roux, and facilities manager, Shane Spiers, were overseeing the refurbishment of four of its unique guestrooms with en-suite bathrooms, all of which have their own distinct character, inspired by the Thameside setting.


Each room has been designed with comfort and luxury in mind, from quality beds and linens to elegant furniture and soft furnishings. The rooms’ names inform the style and theme of the décor: La Tamise, meaning ‘Thames’, features beautiful blues and a stunning mural that nods to the riverside setting; Le Jardinet, meaning ‘little garden’, has a fresh botanical theme with natural tones and beautiful textures; Le Nid Jaune, which translates as ‘yellow nest’, features elegant bird imagery and soft golden tones; La Terrasse is elegant with bold accents in a serene setting.

The main challenge of the refurbishment was to harmonise it with the overall design and décor of the restaurant and the hotel environment. With guests staying for just one or two nights, each room must have impact and make an outstanding first impression. Each item had to earn its place in the finished design, with handpicked fixtures and fittings adding memorable splashes and surprises to make each stay special. Hamilton Litestat was recommended as the preferred supplier of stylish decorative wiring accessories by Stephen Hogg of Maidenheadbased H&H Electrical Contractors. A frequent specifier and installer of Hamilton’s solutions, he was confident

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2020

Industry News

in Hamilton’s ability to deliver quality products, while finding a suitable design and finish to perfectly match each room, and provide a cohesive theme throughout. The Solution: Hamilton’s Perception CFX, a high-quality transparent design with concealed fixings, was chosen for the guest rooms. With snap-on clear front plates in a minimalist design, the solution allows for a section of the wallpaper design to be inserted so the plate discreetly blends with the interior décor. “The beautiful Perception CFX clear plates enhance rather than detract from the impact and design of the spectacular wallpapers and paint treatments we’ve used in each room,” explained Roux. “We have carefully chosen outstanding designer wallpapers to make strong statements in each room and set the theme. This is why the choice of Perception CFX and Sheer CFX sockets have been so integral, since they do not detract or spoil the impact at all.”


Opening on October 1 2020, The Point at Petite Calvigny will be the first dedicated luxury lifestyle and wellness resort on the island of Grenada in the Caribbean. Editor Hamish Kilburn writes.

September 2020


Inside the first ‘luxe lifestyle wellness resort’ in Grenada

With just three design-led villas and 12 suites nestled on an 11-acre estate on the south coast of Grenada, The Point at Petite Calvigny is the island’s new ultraluxury resort.

buildings following recommendations from a Feng Shui consultant who advised that they be aligned ‘with water in front and mountains in the background’.

The resort, which slopes down to Benji Bay, features a privately accessed secluded beach, a state of the art gym and wellness centre including The Petite Spa, five swimming pools, a beach bar and restaurant and a private marina.

As a result, all the buildings stand in an optimum location in order to capture uninterrupted views of the waters of Benji Bay, the unspoilt marine sanctuary of Woburn Bay and the private resort of Calvigny Island.

Chris Ashby, the property’s owner who, in collaboration with Adriana Hoyos Hospitality, took it upon himself to design the interiors following his extensive travel experience, fell in love with the raw, natural beauty of this part of Grenada and its stunning views. This ultimately inspired him to create the luxury ‘cloistered sanctuary’ where the outside world is left at the ‘entrance/gate’. “The Point is the first luxury resort in Grenada that is totally focussed on wellness,” Ashby explains. “We offer discerning travellers the perfect combination of luxury accommodation in a peaceful setting with the ability to design their stay exactly as they wish. I am proud to say that The Point is owned by a Grenadian, was built by Grenadians and is staffed by Grenadians.” No effort was spared in creating the perfect ambiance, which included changing the orientation of the


The Point at Petite Calvigny, which was developed by C.A.C Partners Ltd., has been built to the highest eco standards without compromising on comfort or luxury. There are many hidden eco-friendly elements such as environmentally compliant building materials; super insulated walls, UV filters on windows and doors to minimise energy consumption; rainwater harvesting to provide drinking water and a wastewater treatment system that produces water to irrigate the gardens. All toiletries are vegan friendly and free from parabens, sulphates and phosphates while the spa incorporates local products such as scrubs made using natural, local ingredients. “Designed in a contemporary West Indian style with warm wood finishes, all the rooms are spacious and bathed in natural light.”

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2020

Industry News

Reflecting the wellness focus of the resort and Grenada, all accommodation has been named after crystals such as Citrine and Blue Lace. Designed in a contemporary West Indian style with warm wood finishes, all the rooms are spacious and bathed in natural light from floor to ceiling windows that allow for magnificent, unobstructed views of the bay and nearby islands. Inside the rooms, nautical artwork further reflects the property’s unique sense of location, as does the lighting and sensitively designed furnishings. Each of the three split level villas have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a private infinity pool and deck with a grilling station. The 12 single-floor suites have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, private balconies and share two large free form swimming pools, a swim up bar and outdoor grilling station. A selection of fresh herbs are available for guests wishing to add a little extra flavour to their barbecue.

complimentary consultation with the hotel’s ‘Vibe Director’ is available to each guest in order to create a stay that is perfectly attuned to their specific needs. Places like this sanctuary within the Caribbean are highly coveted. The Point Private Residence Club is the first and only luxury residence club on the island of Grenada. In conclusion, every detail of The Point has been specially designed and curated for the discerning eye – from the location and architecture of the residences to the carefully manicured tropical gardens and exceptional experiences – it is a paradise that is naturally self-isolating in its own unique corner of the world.

Both the villas and suites have fully custom kitchens, dining and living rooms and internet-based TV. Extra touches such as oil diffusers, mood lighting, high quality hypo allergenic bedding, insulation to reduce sound and black out curtains help to enhance sleep performance. The Point is specially designed to promote rest and rejuvenation. To take this up a level, and in order for the service to match Ashby’s aim, a


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2020


Re-inventing bar and table service after Lockdown Solutions for safety, service, staff and customer welfare As the UK emerges from coronavirus lockdown, venues are beginning to announce or plan for re-opening. The biggest challenge is how to maintain social distancing and safety for customers and staff, while still delivering a great experience. The larger pub chains have announced a range of measures to ensure staff and customer safety, from changing the layout of premises to introducing screens, one-way systems and social distancing and hygiene signage. The use of apps for ordering drinks is being encouraged as it reduces contact with staff, but the problem of safely collecting or delivering multiple drinks remains. The PortaBrands range from Tri-Star Packaging is the solution, enabling the easy and safe carrying of multiple hot or cold beverages while speeding up service, saving space, and converting more sales with fewer trips to and from the bar. “Our PortaBrands solution creates the opportunity to re-invent bar and table service,” says Tri-Star Packaging Sales Director Lee Richards. “From traditional table service, to outdoor drinks with friends, the UK beverage market is facing its biggest ever change. To minimise waiting times and queues, drinks will need to be served quickly and safely with minimum contact between


staff and customers. PortaBrands is a great range of quick-service drink carrier solutions which enables safe multidrink serving under social distancing guidelines, as an individual can collect drinks for small groups of people.” PortaTray™, PortaDrink®, PortaClik®, PortaChilla™, and PortaBottle® can be fully branded and printed with additional messages such as social distancing guidelines, how to use a drinks ordering app, or how to recycle them. Sustainability is as important as ever in today’s catering environment and all PortaBrands products are 100% plastic-free and are made in the UK, from FSC® certified paper which is fully recyclable in dry mixed recycling. All PortaBrands products are safe for direct food contact, are almost waterproof and are available in white/ white, white/kraft and kraft/kraft in a range of board weights. They are flatpacked and extremely quick and easy to assemble. PortaBrands inventor Ian Bates says: “When I created PortaBrands 15 years ago, I could not have imagined how important the concept would become. The main benefit of the range was always convenience and as pubs and arenas

re-open, I am proud that the range can now also make a positive contribution to health and safety.” “Like our other foodservice packaging products, the PortaBrands range is not only convenient, hygienic and fit for purpose, but also easy to store and use, therefore speeding up service – and that’s of huge benefit to a pub or venue working with limited staff,” says Lee Richards. “At this time, it’s important to stress that we’re not just the packaging guys. We supply everything a pub, restaurant or venue needs to operate safely and efficiently – and we have become more of a one-stop shop with an adaptable product range which includes the multidrinks PortaBrands solution.” View the PortaBrands video here:

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2020

WHY RE-OPEN WITH AMERICAN CRAFT BEER Bob Pease, CEO/president of the Brewers Association, the notfor-profit trade association representing small and independent American craft brewers, suggests trying new tastes and flavours when re-opening August is normally a key month for the Brewers Association in the UK as we showcase a diverse range of innovative and super high-quality American craft beer at the Great British Beer Festival and demonstrate high-end beer and food pairings at collaborative industry events. Such events provide a good opportunity for the hospitality industry to learn more about American craft beer and experience the worldclass taste, flavour and aroma first hand. With all large events cancelled, now is the time to try new flavour combinations that may benefit the restaurant and hospitality industry as it re-opens. American craft beer and food pairings is one such example. Here’s why… •

The myriad of flavours in American craft beer make it the perfect

partner for food. Beer can be crisp and clean, hoppy and bitter, malty and sweet, rich and roasty, fruity and spicy or sour and tart giving it potential to pair with almost any food. Wine is unable to offer such a range of flavour. •

Carbonation in beer helps cleanse the palate in a way that wine with its acidity and tannins cannot

American craft brewers benefit from proximity to the freshest examples of highly sought-after hop varieties. By visiting the hop fields and selecting the hop varieties themselves brewers are able to develop flavour profiles in American craft beer that are difficult to match elsewhere.

The quality and freshness of raw materials combined with brewing expertise allows American craft brewers to produce world-class examples of beer styles which regularly win top honours at high profile international beer competitions judged by panels of beer experts American craft beer is widely perceived to be bigger, bolder and more complex in character than other nation’s making it more flavourful, more innovative and more creative. Many American

craft brewers are so successful that other brewing nations are copying them in a ‘full circle’ effect. •

New and exciting American craft beer are emulated all over the world (think juicy/hazy IPAs) and consumer demand for styles like American IPA, barrel-aged beer and well-made classics continues to grow both domestically and overseas

Restauranteurs and chefs are welcome to make use of the free resources available on including the newly updated and expanded Beer & Food Professional Course downloadable free of charge. A wide selection of world-class quality American craft beer is available from selected wholesalers in the UK.


Warwickshire’s Charlecote Pheasant Joins Vine Hotels Vine Hotels recently announced that Warwickshire’s historic hotel, the 70-bedroom Charlecote Pheasant, has joined its portfolio. The company re-opened the property on August 4, 2020. This welcome news comes after an unsettled period for the Stratford hotel, which was forced to shut in May 2020 when its previous occupier was placed into administration. Vine Hotels will now reinstate the jobs of 12 staff members who were made redundant with the closure, including general manager John McGhee and other key management positions. Additionally, they will create three new roles immediately at the Hotel and further new roles in the coming months.

Vine Hotels adds the Charlecote Pheasant to its growing portfolio of hotels and venues, which also includes five properties in Sheffield, the Best Western Cresta Court hotel in Altrincham and the Mercure Dolphin Southampton Centre hotel. More details at: Commenting on the development, Vine Hotels chief executive Garin Davies said:” I am delighted that we have added the Charlecote Pheasant Hotel to the Vine Hotels family. “It was clearly a popular local business and occupies a superb

location for visitors to Stratfordupon-Avon and the Warwickshire countryside. We see its excellent potential and have developed a comprehensive marketing and customer service strategy to secure long-term commercial success for the Hotel.” Garin added: “The last few months have also presented a difficult time for many of the Hotel’s dedicated staff members, so the fact that we can welcome so many of them back is something that I am particularly pleased about. “We are supporting them now in ensuring all the necessary Covid-19 safety measures, to allow us to welcome guests once again.”


The George pendant Designed by you, engineered by us

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2020


Node Kyoto

Where art comes to life A hotel and a hub, Node Kyoto’s charm extends far beyond its impressive accommodations. Presented to resemble the private home of an art collector — albeit one with 25 guestrooms — the Seiichiro Takeuchi-designed property stands out for its seamless amalgamation of warm hospitality, world-class art and a community spirit.

Here, collaborative exhibitions, pop-up shops and guest gallerists combine for a cultural programme that serves visitors and locals alike in a privatelyowned boutique setting. Bolstered by interiors from Indian Creek Fete Kyoto, and furniture and lighting designed by Takeuchi, the five-storey structure captures the atmosphere of an intimate gallery space, while an in-house bar and a restaurant specializing in farmto-table fare both elevate Node Kyoto to a sublime experience-focused environment. node-kyoto Japan’s cultural capital has a new draw to add to its surplus of treasures. Node Kyoto, an industrial-chic property situated in the city’s Nakagyo Ward, introduces a unique boutique hotel concept where art and hospitality comingle to great effect.


Anchored by a rolling program of events and exhibitions that frequently touch on themes of art, design, fashion and music, Node transcends the standard hotel experience and presents a cultural hub in the heart of the city. Taking its name from the word ‘node’— an intersection or a redistribution point—the hotel facilitates a crosscultural exchange between both local residents and the city’s domestic and international visitors. An impressive art collection of over 60 pieces, including work by the likes of Gerhard Richter, Barry McGee, Bernard Frize, Tomoo Gokita, Shinro Ohtake, Nobuyoshi Araki and Yukimasa Ida, is displayed in both public spaces and guestrooms for an unmatched luxury: a fully immersive modern art experience that is relaxed in its presentation, but entirely serious in its curation.

To maximize the number of guestrooms on the limited patch, Node’s blueprint incorporated a variety of room types and configurations, lending an individual and distinct air to each space while effectively utilizing the area afforded to the hotel. Along with the guestrooms this is most evident in Node’s heart, the lobby, which embodies the atmosphere of a gallery-like living area and library, thanks to the presence of both bespoke and antique furnishings, a verdant floral ceiling centrepiece and a deluge of books, sculptures and tchotchkes that encourage guests to linger and idle. It is also in the lobby that the core concept of Node Kyoto as an art collector’s residence is fully realized, with the expanse doubling up as an exhibition space during collaborative cultural events, or for the hotel’s own art.

white oak flooring and Takeuchidesigned furniture honed from marble and iron for a mood that is at once sultry, eclectic and contemporary. Additional pieces created in India and Sweden, and custom designed by Indian Creek Fete Kyoto join the studio’s tapestry of plush velvets, lighting by Kyoto-based artist Junpei Ohmori, and exquisite fittings from German brand Scarabeo. As in public spaces, each accommodation is accompanied by a unique piece of art for a final flourish and the unique opportunity for guests to engage with a series of masterpieces up close and privately. This exclusive art experience and mood of elevated luxury is further heightened in the hotel’s Junior Suites, which take on the guise of stylish apartments with all the comforts of home, including living areas, kitchens, oversized beds and open closets.

The concept continues in the 22 guestrooms and three suites, where diagonal metal-coated ceilings are matched with dark textures, aged

A popular gathering spot in the evening, Node Kyoto is rounded out with an in-house restaurant to rival the glut of eateries in the surrounding

area. Centred on a farm-to-table concept, the international bistrostyled menu is ideally matched to the hotel’s dominant style of hospitality where long lounging is actively encouraged, and provenance is paramount. A double height bar, overlooked by expansive floor-toceiling windows and a six-metre living wall, and specializing in organic wine and spirits naturally segues into the sceney lobby for a smooth continuation of the hotel’s overarching laid-back vibe. Location A short walk from the major shopping streets and department stores of the city, Node Kyoto is ideally placed for an exploration of local retail and foodie attractions. Cultural events, such as the annual Gion Matsuri festival, are within touching distance thanks to the hotel’s central location while year-round draws like Nishiki Market, a colorful narrow street known as Kyoto’s Kitchen, offer visitors an immediate and concentrated flavor of the city.


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2020


Carved from a new build designed by Seiichiro Takeuchi, a Kyoto-based architect who worked with architecture luminary Tadao Ando for a decade, Node Kyoto’s carefully plotted layout and interiors perfectly complement its in-house art concept. Architecturally, the primary challenge was the long, narrow and rectangular plot of land presented, as well as meeting the requirements of Kyoto’s strict building regulations, enforced to protect the historic city’s landscape. The result—a five storey reinforced concrete and glass construction—offers a neutral backdrop to the plethora of art on offer by way of marble-like ceilings, ashhued walls and cement finishes, while simultaneously creating a soothing ambiance.

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WiFi Gateway The Codelocks WiFi Gateway offers enhanced smart access control by providing remote locking/unlocking, programming, client management, NetCode generation and much more.

K3 Connect App Set up and operate the WiFi Gateway using the K3 Connect App. Retrieve lock audit trails and event notifications.

K3 Connect App

Multiple Lock Control Connect, manage and control up to four compatible Codelocks Smart Locks within a 5 metre range. © 2020 Codelocks Ltd. All rights reserved.

How contactless remote access control solutions can help meet new hospitality guidelines. We’ve had to adapt the way we interact when visiting hotels, rental accommodation, B&B’s, restaurants and hospitality venues, and the new processes we are following bring new challenges for access control. The hospitality sector is focused on reducing contact with guests, is required to keep track of the number of people inside a venue at any one time and has had to restrict access to some rooms. Smart access control solutions can provide different levels of security when required and flexible contactless access – reducing the need for physical contact. Smart lock technology can be used to help receptionists and hotel managers to automatically stagger check-in and check-out times, minimising crowding at the same time. This provides reassurance to guests and reduces the need for them to maintain social distancing from each other. The technology also reduces the time staff need to spend helping guests check in, allowing them to focus on other duties including more regular cleaning. With Codelocks Smart Locks staff can

simply program locks via a smartphone. The sophisticated NetCode technology enables staff to quickly generate and send time-sensitive codes for easy access. This solution is ideal for venues with conference facilities and hotels with gyms and spas. Codelocks Smart Locks allow staff to grant access to designated areas at specific times and enable them to keep track of how many people are using the facilities. Codelocks newly released WiFi Gateway offers the next level of control and convenience to smart lock users. One WiFi Gateway allows a user to control up to four compatible Codelocks Smart Locks from any WiFi connected mobile device. The new WiFi Gateway is ideal for buildings that are already using, or want to initialise using, multiple Codelocks Smart Locks and looking to unlock the next level of convenient access control. WiFi Gateway by Codelocks works in conjunction with the K3 Connect App, giving the user extended range and enhanced functionality. Remote smart access control features include locking

and unlocking, programming, client management, NetCode generation and more. Until the arrival of the WiFi Gateway, users would need to control Codelocks Smart Locks individually using the K3 Connect App on a Bluetooth enabled device. The device would therefore need to be within close range of each individual lock while performing App functions. WiFi Gateway by Codelocks offers a more convenient way to manage small numbers of Codelocks Smart Locks by connecting to them over a WiFi network. To control more than four locks, or control locks over a wider area, users can simply add additional WiFi Gateways as required. For more information on contactless solutions for your hotel, rental accommodation, restaurant or bar visit Shop the WiFi Gateway online now!

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2020

Lavazza Professional Brings The Ultimate BeanTo-Cup Coffee Service To The UK’s Workplaces Lavazza Professional is delighted to announce the arrival of a range of Lavazza Bean to Cup machines designed to bring the coffee shop experience to workplaces in the UK. The company has joined forces with industry leading machine manufacturer Coffetek to harness the potential of combining premium drinks technology, class-leading design and highperformance engineering with Lavazza coffee. Renowned for quality and innovation since it was founded in Turin in 1895, Lavazza is one of the most recognisable brand names in the world. The new Lavazza Professional Bean to Cup offer is available in both table-top or free-standing machines, ensuring that customers large and small can avail themselves of the opportunity to provide the best-possible coffee experience to visitors, customers and staff members. On the menu are up to fifteen drinks options. For popular coffee choices produced to the highest standards, the

machines are equipped with integrated grinders, nine atmospheres of pressure and a milk frothing system. Lovers of tea and hot chocolate are equally well catered for in the Lavazza Professional Bean to Cup offer. Birchall Great Rift Tea is a unique loose-leaf English Breakfast blend, deliciously strong and bursting with full flavour; whilst Cocoa Fantasy is manufactured from carefully selected, high quality, cocoa beans that are roasted and ground by skilled master craftsmen, for an exceptional hot chocolate drink. The machines are intuitive to use and feature innovative Distance Selection Technology, enabling drinks to be selected without the customer having to touch the screen. ‘With hygiene being more important than ever, the touchless operation of the Coffetek range promises to be a popular feature as businesses return to work’,

Jamie Brown, UK Sales Director at Lavazza said. ‘The safety of those in the workplace is paramount and we’re pleased to be able to help them return to work with confidence.’ ‘I’m delighted to add Bean to Cup to our range of workplace beverage solutions’, said Lavazza Professional’s UK Market Director, Ashley Weller. ‘Complete dedication to the workplace is fundamental to the solutions we offer and the unbeatable service we deliver. ‘The addition of our Bean to Cup range gives our customers more choice than ever before, backed up by the reliable service that we’re so proud to offer. ‘The global reputation of Lavazza for coffee quality and prestige has now combined with the expertise garnered by Lavazza Professional from over 40 years at the forefront of vending to ensure every detail has been considered to provide the nation’s workplaces with the ultimate Bean to Cup coffee service’, Ashley said. The new Bean to Cup offer will sit alongside Lavazza Professional’s everpopular KLIX® and FLAVIA® brands.


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2020

HOW PASTA EVANGELISTS ARE CHOOSING PLANET OVER PLASTIC Improving the way we do business to develop our CSR strategy “As a brand, Pasta Evangelists prides itself on constantly working to improve the way we do business, to ensure we meet and develop our own CSR strategy - from zero food waste through the Felix Project, to zero packaging waste through the use of BioPak Packaging” - Alessandro Savelli, Founder.

The landscape The food-subscription landscape has seen a healthy year-on-year growth, including Pasta Evangelists, a UKbased brand founded on the simple mission to evangelise fresh pasta here in Great Britain! With this vision, Pasta Evangelists founder, Italian-born Alessandro Savelli, set out to deliver home-made, fresh pasta and sauces to British kitchens. Offering a variety of options, from pasta making kits and tools, for those who want the most authentic Italian ‘pasta-making’ experience, to boxes of fresh pasta, Italian-sourced sauces and garnishes that can be turned into a 5* meal in as little as five minutes - it’s no wonder the brand has seen a whopping 570% growth year-on-year.

The solution With this level of growth comes added packaging needs, and staying true to

their values, Pasta Evangelists made a conscious decision to work with BioPak, ensuring their single-use packaging needs weren’t contributing to large CO2 emissions and landfill mass. Alongside the introduction of a ‘take back’ scheme, offering customers the opportunity to return their packaging waste directly to Pasta Evangelists for them to safely and sustainably dispose of, Pasta Evangelists wanted to provide their customers with an easy homedisposable solution. BioPak packaging solutions are designed for the circular economy, not only did Pasta Evangelists choose to work with our range of rapidly renewable biocane bowls and sauce pots, they also decided to look at customised packaging solutions to support their growth in a sustainable way.

The impact As Pasta Evangelists discovered, switching to sustainable packaging is a simple swap that can have a huge impact - especially when large quantities of deliveries are sent out every day. Here’s what happened when once Pasta Evangelists chose BioPak products:

By choosing the Biocane range, Pasta Evangelists were able to reduce their CO2 emissions by 75% in comparison to fossil-oil based plastic packaging solutions. Not only that, but in one month alone, Pasta Evangelists were able to divert 271.8kg from landfill through the use of home compostable packaging, that’s over 3 tonnes every year! By simply switching to BioPak, Pasta Evangelists are preventing the creation of harmful emissions, reducing wasteto-landfill, and removing the need for conventional plastics within food subscription services. Looking to switch from conventional plastic? Take a look at BioPak’s compostable BioCane takeaway containers:



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Novellini launch BeSafe walls to help the UK return to work safely

Workplaces around the nation are preparing for when the UK can return to a kind of normality. The Novellini Group presents a solution that will help to create safe working environments that are hygienic and adaptable. The BeSafe wall is a protective device that companies with any office, desk space, trade counters, cafe and restaurants can incorporate going forward. The primary benefit? Hygiene. Employees will feel protected with the BeSafe wall as it provides a barrier. Constructed from 6mm tempered glass, it’s easy to clean with any alcoholic disinfectant. In smaller spaces where it’s difficult to sit two meters away, the wall is a particularly helpful solution. Office teams aren’t the only ones who will be happy to see these walls put in place. BeSafe is a smart answer for all industries where contact with the public is required, such as pharmacies, retail counters, restaurants and public offices. Novellini can customise each barrier to suit the space with three versions (floor mounted, trade counter, and desks) and five different sizes. UK Sales Manager at Novellini, Stuart West says ‘We are looking to help the UK workforce where we can and these are a positive answer to those concerns about health and hygiene.’ As specialists in showers and design, Novellini are putting their skills to good use and many businesses across the UK will be pleased to find a safe and stylish solution. They are even available in several colour profiles to suit the surroundings, including white, silver, chrome PVD* and black.

- For more information contact Novellini UK on 01727 229922 or visit the website at - For brochure and advice please email - For large projects or orders, customized solutions can be evaluated. We are available to evaluate and propose BeSafe Wall solutions specific for your protection needs.

Unit 11, Caxton court, Porters Wood AL3 6XT St Albans Hertfordshire GB Phone: +44 01727 229922 Fax: +44 01727 838 232 * Not available for the floor solution.

BeSafe Walls

The safety device to return to work and social life in safety

BeSafe walls to help the UK return to work safely

MONEYPENNY LAUNCHES COVID-19 SCREENING BOT FOR HOSPITALITY SECTOR A new online Self-screening Bot has been launched to help hospitality businesses manage customers’ safety more easily, before they visit a venue. Launched by leading outsourced communication provider Moneypenny, the bot has three core functions, all of which can be customised easily. Firstly, it captures contact details securely in one place to enable track and trace should a bar, restaurant or hotel be exposed. It also communicates any on-site policies, such as the use of face coverings or handwashing on arrival and gains the visitors’ consent. Finally, it asks users a series of health-related questions to check customers are in good health before they visit. Self-screening Bot will ascertain whether any one is self-isolating, has any Covid-19 symptoms, has come into contact with anyone who has or is suspected of having the virus or if they feel unwell. It is the latest innovation to help the sector’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic from Moneypenny, which also offers telephone answering and live chat solutions. Joanna Swash, Chief Executive Officer of Moneypenny, which handles 15 million customer contacts each year, said: “The hospitality industry suffered terribly at the hands of the pandemic and with socialising finally back on the agenda, it needs as much help as possible to adapt and encourage footfall. It’s brilliant to see the government offering help via the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, but diners will still need reassurance that establishments are safe.


“By using the bot, pub landlords and venue managers can ensure that all parties are symptom-free before they come into contact with each other, and can rest assured that they’ve done as much as possible to protect their staff and punters without juggling a messy paper trail and clunky forms.” Joanna added: “This is not a substitute for observing social distancing and extra hand hygiene, but an extra layer of safety and due diligence to help the sector thrive again. With an incredibly simple set up that takes less than 24 hours and no long-term contracts, we expect Self-screening Bot to be a very welcome tool for the industry.” Users can choose to integrate the bot into their online booking system, or simply share a link to a brandcustomised page which hosts the bot. Businesses access full analytics via their own individual portal and receive a real-time response email for every completed questionnaire to their chosen email address/es. It is also possible to escalate chats (based on the answers provided) to either their own in-house staff, or to a Moneypenny receptionist, for an additional cost. To find out more about the new tool, visit: https:// Moneypenny currently supports businesses of all sizes from industries including property, legal, healthcare and finance.

Brick cladding specialists Eurobrick Systems have been supplying contractors, including Trojan Construction Management with their systems and products as part of an overall mixed palette of finishes on a number of projects. In 2019, Eurobrick provided its cladding materials to Trojan for two new drive-throughs, one at Hadley in Telford and another at Weston-superMare. Eurobrick’s popular X-Clad system was used to create decorative feature walling that could be seen both inside and outside of the new stores. At the Weston-super-Mare store Eurobrick supplied 77m² of their 17mm thick X-Clad system, along with Smooth White brick slips and corners

September 2020

Starbucks has been following an expansion programme across the UK creating a number of new drive-through restaurants.

from their Britannia Premium Selection range. Eurobrick’s specially formulated pointing mortar was chosen in white to finish the brickwork. The overall effect of the white bricks and mortar was an eyecatching contrast to the dark coloured panels used on the exterior walls. At the Hadley store in Telford, Eurobrick supplied 43m² of their 17mm thick X-Clad along with specially sourced Vandersanden Livrono and Vandersanden Zwart Mangaan slips and corners which were finished with standard grey Europoint mortar. Eurobrick has a wide selection of brick and stone slip finishes available but they are also able to specially source a wide range of brick types and colours to suit any project.

Images of Starbucks Telford provided courtesy of Trojan Construction Management.





Leading PPC Expert Claire Jarrett Urges SMEs to Take Back Control of their Google Ads

September 2020

Google Ads trainer Claire Jarrett says that in order to remain competitive and get a better ROI on their spend, small businesses feeling the pinch after the nationwide lockdown need to take back control by cutting the overhead of agency outsourcing. Manning a small business account internally is also a key step in increasing the effectiveness of Google Ads; something which has

Britain’s small businesses are being urged to cash in on Google’s free ad voucher scheme and take charge of their own campaigns rather than entrusting the health of their business to an external agency by one of the industry’s leading PPC experts. taken on new importance in the wake of COVID-19. Research[1] suggests that advertising accounts for around 83.3% of all Google revenue, with the search engine handling 37.2%[2] of all online ad spend overall – so small businesses who have entrusted their account to Google itself need to ask themselves if their best interests are really being served . One

agency[3] estimates that small business advertisers spend an average of £7446 per month on Google Ads before agency management fees are even factored in, making it a significant source of expenditure. Having used Google Ads since 2007, Jarrett believes that it’s now more critical than ever for SMEs to take on the responsibility of running their account in order to reap the best rewards. She said, “SMEs that have allowed Google to create and manage their campaigns must remember that Google’s objective is to make money. Those accounts are often “Smart” campaigns that aren’t very smart, and end up displaying ads across the web on random blogs and forums rather than in front of people actively searching for what the business actually sells – that means ad money is being wasted, rather than bringing in the sales needed to survive. “SMEs who have been paying an agency to manage their account could easily have ended up in the hands of a junior PPC executive with less than six months experience and over 20 accounts to manage. They could be paying thousands of pounds each month for something that could be


done in-house in just two or three hours each week. “Most SMEs have a far better understanding of the type of client they want to attract than a third party manager, plus are best placed to monitor when the phone rings, meaning they can quickly tell whether the advertising spend is actually working. It’s important to remember that we are facing one of the worst recessions in history which means every penny counts – yet online spend is actually booming so there is a huge opportunity to win business online. I urge all business owners to take Google’s free ad credit and take back responsibility for managing their own campaigns in order to streamline operations and work as leanly and smartly as possible.” As a Google Ads coach, Jarrett has taught more than 45,000 business owners to run their own online advertising campaigns. She has been delivered face-to-face training sessions since 2008 and published her first book on Google Ads that same year. In 2012, she sold her own successful Bristol-based digital agency to focus on coaching. To find out more, visit: www.clairejarrett 3 1 2


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2020

FIRE UP YOUR KITCHENS Dark kitchens are not the answer for the food delivery market’ says host kitchen network founder Salima Vellani •

No need for more bricks and mortar - Kbox is rethinking the commercial kitchen to help food brands to profit in the delivery-first era

Using spare capacity in restaurants, pubs, hotels and even gyms, Kbox offers all the ingredients to get an efficient kitchen up and running in tune with local demand

Kbox brands already being delivered by more than 125 kitchens - on track for 300 kitchens by December 2020

Successful restaurant owner, Salima Vellani, is countering the claim that dark kitchens are the future of food delivery, with a new model that turns the economics of the delivery market on its head. The rise of delivery platforms has revolutionised the food market, growing 40% in the last five years, before acceleration fuelled by the global pandemic. With the target demographic using their phones for everything, speed, efficiency and choice are now more important than ever. But most restaurants are static, using one kitchen and serving up one brand, leading to a world full of underutilised, unprofitable kitchens. Kbox is a host kitchen package that abandons the bricks and mortar model and instead uses spare capacity in existing kitchens. Dark kitchens have been heralded as the saviour of the restaurant industry, allowing


restaurateurs and food brands to capitalise on the growing delivery market. However, when the brand goes down, the kitchen goes too, costing time and money. Where dark kitchens have gone, Salima and Kbox are going further. In the delivery first era, Kbox helps people with a passion for serving food to make smarter use of their kitchens and provide more of the food that delivery customers want the most, with agility to change it up. KBox uses existing spare commercial kitchen capacity, in hotels, restaurants, pubs, casinos, gyms, to prepare multiple delivery brands from the same venue. By removing the investment barriers to food delivery expansion, powered by Kbox, kitchen owners can turbo charge their revenue, without additional spend on real estate, menu or customer research, or staff upskilling. The model is underpinned by a technology offering rich customer insight and

up to the minute data to make the kitchen future proofed for changes in local tastes, and hyper responsive to demand. Salima Vellani, KBox founder, said: “The post-Covid economy requires delivery first brands and a delivery first mindset. The old economics of investment in bricks and mortar and expansion of kitchen facilities is both unnecessary and increasingly unworkable. The answer isn’t new kitchens, it’s to use our existing ones better. “Restaurant owner operators are some of the hardest working and

entrepreneurial people out there but they don’t have the time or often the resources to think about technology or innovation. Kbox was born to resolve those issues so they can succeed and thrive in the delivery space. “We are rethinking the kitchen for the deliveryfirst age for the benefit of food providers, the wider industry, and consumers. The temporary VAT cut is welcome but is a short term fix. The Kbox model is supporting restaurants and food entrepreneurs to prosper for the long term, and for the benefit of the entire hospitality ecosystem”

Don’t pack your guests in like sardines, Event Profs! With nearly 60 years’ experience and more than 30,000 pieces of kit there ain’t nothing fishy about our event furniture hire advice! Europa International – delivering the stock you need that will give your delegates room to breathe. Call us today on 03454 303015 or visit us online at

hire happy @Europa_Int #HireHappy

Utilise outdoor spaces with hygienic and maintenance free furniture! NBB are a UK based company established for over 26 years specialising in manufacturing attractive and hard-wearing outdoor furniture, fencing and accessories made from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), previously destined for UK landfill sites.

With the current social distancing measures in place, making better use of outside areas within hospitality venues is an important consideration. We have a comprehensive range of picnic tables and dining sets, available on bulk discount offers. Whether you are looking for smaller two-person picnic tables, or a quantity of tables to fill out your outside space we will have the right product for you. Safe, hygienic and maintenance free Recycled plastic is extremely hygienic, the non-porous properties make it possible to simply wipe clean between uses with a damp cloth or even alcoholbased disinfectant. The material will never rot or splinter, and it is resistant to insects and bacteria. Unlike with traditional timber furniture never again will you find yourself sanding, staining and painting your furniture every year, or paying out for replacement items

Sustainability at its best Plastic pollution is a major global issue with microplastics being found in our precious oceans, as well as our limited landfills being filled with plastic waste that takes an estimated 100 years to degrade. At NBB, we have been working to reduce plastic pollution in the UK since we introduced our Recycled Furniture business in 2013. Subsequently, we have saved over 30million plastic bottles from entering UK landfill! Consideration of all your guests Our furniture range has been designed to cater for everyone. We have ensured we offer inclusive options for all your guests including a range of accessible picnic tables that have a dedicated

space for wheelchairs or pushchairs, junior tables for your little visitors, heavy-duty refectory tables for large groups and chairs with deeper seats and longer arms for easier transitioning. Bespoke options for your business Brand is important for any business, by choosing consistent brand messaging and brand colours where possible, you will be subconsciously promoting your business at every opportunity. To help you with this, we offer a selection of 12 standard colour options on most of our furniture range and can match this with recycled plastic fencing, bins and garden accessories if required. Customisable engraving can display your slogans or even logos, thus promoting your brand but also serving as a deterrent to theft. What else? On top of all of the above, we also offer you: • • • • • • • • •

Sustainable play equipment including our new Buddy Balance Trim Trail. A fantastic range of table and chair sets for your al fresco dining areas. Eco-friendly signposts and A-frame noticeboards. Memorial furniture with plaques and/or engraving options. Bins, bollards, planters and parasols. Decking, walkways and parking solutions. A bespoke design and manufacture service allowing you to create your own ideas. BUNDLE OFFERS that save up to 15% on standard pricing. FREE DELIVERY on all orders with a UK mainland delivery address*.

We would love to see you join our group of happy customers that includes Chessington World of Adventures Resort, Farmer Palmers Farm Park, Bourne Leisure and Parkstone Yacht Club, all of whom have implemented NBB Recycled Furniture products at their venues. View our full range and order your sustainable furniture this Spring at or call our friendly sales team on 0800 1777 052. *Please note free carriage excludes raw material orders. Free carriage is available to UK mainland destinations only and some locations may incur an additional supplement.



Making better use of outside space

following our great British winters. When you purchase NBB Recycled Furniture, you are provided with a guarantee that your furniture will remain free from natural defects for 25 years! Recycled plastic material will withstand the harshest of weather conditions, meaning you can leave your furniture outside with no worries year after year after year.

September 2020

Our recycled plastic furniture has a similar appearance to wood but offers many other benefits including a whopping 25-year guarantee and extensive cost savings to be made on annual maintenance.

HRC Show Preview

Thinking long term can save restaurants time during busy days By spending more time on administrative tasks and longterm planning, research suggests that you can actually free up time. Research among owners and managers of independent restaurants highlights the crucial impact time has on all aspects of running a restaurant and how learning to think more long term and make better use of resources can improve your business. As a restaurant manager, every little detail needs to work perfectly when guests are lining up, and there are things you can do to improve efficiency in your restaurant. Research shows that managers suffer from heavy workload as well as a lack of control and planning. The research found that managers risk spending time on things that are not the most efficient use of their time, for example supervising staff to make sure they prioritise the tasks they are supposed to. Restaurants are shown to benefit from prioritising time management and making sure to use the limited time of both management and staff in the best way. This helps staff to focus on giving guests the best experience, and it also frees up more time for restaurant managers to focus on the creative aspects of running a restaurant and improving their business, such as serving great food and growing sales. One way to plan longterm is for example to find the right solutions for each specific restaurant which will result in a better workflow. Taking limited time into account To ease the workload for restaurants and minimise unnecessary time-consuming tasks Tork has launched the new napkin dispenser system, Tork Xpressnap Fit®. The Tork Xpressnap® System is the number one napkin dispensing system in the world, and the new innovation was developed specifically with independent restaurants and small chains in mind.


With Tork Xpressnap Fit, Tork wants to help managers to make the most of valuable time and space, and its different features have been developed with this in mind. The Tork Xpressnap Fit table top dispenser dispenses upwards so that every inch of space on restaurant tables can be used. The one-at-a time dispensing reduces waste and cuts unused napkins thrown away by more than 50 percent*. It also serves almost twice as many guests between refills, resulting in less time spent on refills**. Tork Xpressnap Fit also has a customizable advertising panel – AD-a-Glance® – for operators to be creative, communicate with customers, and share marketing messages on the dispenser. * 2-ply napkin in Counter dispenser compared to Counter fold (Tork Dispenser: 271600 and Tork Refill: 10935); 2-ply napkin in Table top dispenser compared to Fast fold (Tork Dispenser: 271800 and Tork Refill: 10933) ** 2-ply napkin in Table top dispenser compared to Fast fold (Tork Dispenser: 271800 and Tork Refill: 10933)


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EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2020

BSI kitemark a global first for Christeyns Hand Sanitiser Warrington based Christeyns Food Hygiene, who manufacture specialist hygiene solutions, has become the first manufacturer to receive the globally recognised British Standards Institution (BSI) kitemark for hand sanitiser. Phago’rub Gel SPS and Phago’rub Solution SPS are hypoallergic, alcohol-based sanitiser products that disinfect hands in only a 30 second contact time. Already extensively tested and proven in the food and beverage industries, Phago’rub has virucidal efficacy under BS EN 14476 and kills 99.99% of germs. Both Phago’rub products contain over 70% alcohol plus the addition of an effective emollient, that helps protect the skin from dermatitis, a common side effect of frequent hand sanitisation. The products are fast drying and nonsticky so quick and easy to use in all areas of your establishment, for staff and guests. “Although Christeyns Food Hygiene has gained a reputation for innovative, quality products over the past 30 years,

this kitemark certification is global recognition of the high standards we aim for and we are delighted that our Phago’rub products are the first of their kind to obtain this,” states Peter Littleton, Technical Director.

alcohol-based hand-sanitisers have a significant role to play, particularly as they can be easily used at all public interaction points but they must be effective and meet the correct standards.

The BSI kitemark is a highly recognised mark of quality, safety and trust and according to BSI research, 67% of consumers have an awareness of the BSI kitemark.

Well known for its specialist hygiene products for the food, dairy and beverage industries, Christeyns Food Hygiene manufactures a range of surface, equipment and hand cleaning products as well as installing bespoke monitoring systems and offering hygiene training.

The BSI kitemark is not just a sign of quality in the UK but is globally recognised. Established in 1903, the BSI kitemark can be seen on a huge range of products and services and is one of the most recognised badges of quality for business around the world. Hand hygiene is and will be, a constant battle in the war against Covid-19 and virus contamination. Effective and highly developed

The introduction of this new BSI standard sets a new benchmark in hand sanitiser standards and Christeyns Food Hygiene are proud to be the first to meet this. 34

“Working on a permanent contract in London was cool at the beginning but after some time they stopped to pay my overtime, and slowed down the activity which made me very bored.”

September 2020

Unfortunately, these words from a 27-year-old chef are not an exception and we hear too often similar testimonies which reflect that the hospitality industry is struggling to retain its workforce. Four years ago, we launched Brigad, a hospitality talent platform, to provide qualified, vetted and on-demand staff to businesses. The goal was to support the industry and help restaurants, hotels and bars with their staffing issues, but we knew that our service would contribute to a freer lifestyle for those in the hospitality sector. And we were right! Since our beginning we empowered more than 10.000 independent professionals to “work their way” by offering them a response to their need for freedom and recognition. In a study conducted by Brigad in 2020, we found out that more than 30% of hospitality workers wanted to leave the industry citing three main reasons: poor work/life balance, salary, no career progression. This leads to a high turnover, poor retention and results in a shortage of skilled workers. The study also highlights the fact that more than 87% of respondents (all from hospitality) say that freelancing has improved their happiness which in turn keeps them in the industry. The opportunity to work with more flexibility is one of the top 3 factors that bring people happiness in the hospitality sector. It comes right after meeting people from different places and before having the possibility to work in different locations. At Brigad, we are convinced that freelancing will eventually compensate for the loss of workers in the hospitality industry, thanks to:


Brigad - a flexible way of working

Recognition and career evolution - the ability to work in different types of venues with a variety of professionals exponentially evolve an individual’s skill set.

More control over working hours - the opportunity to choose when and where they work will enable millions of people to find a better work-life balance.

These are important statistics to take into account especially when hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors are some of the largest employers of the country and contribute to £126.9 billion (data from 2013) of UK GDP

Fairer pay - overtime will always be paid through Brigad.

More information:



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